I Was Wrong

A while back, I said the “deep state” stuff was wildly overdone. There is no deep state secretly pulling the strings. Well, I may have been mistaken. This IBD story makes me look ridiculously naive.

A 1979 column confirms our 2008 editorial positing that the 44th president might owe his meteoric rise to an education funded by Israeli-hating adviser to a Saudi billionaire.

On Sept. 9, 2008, we published an editorial as part of our attempt to properly vet the then junior senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, whose past was somewhat foggy. We pointed out the connection between one Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour, born Donald Warden, an Israeli-hating Islamist supporter and top adviser to radical Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, and a college student .

That college student, a young Obama, found al-Mansour’s favor and would one day be president as Israel was abandoned by America and the Middle East burst into flames amid a sea of presidential apologies, including one for our freedom of speech.

In a televised interview in 2008 on New York’s all news cable channel, NY1, 88-year-old Percy Sutton, a former borough president of Manhattan and a credible mayoral candidate in 1977, made some interesting revelations about his links to the young Obama.

Sutton told NY1 reporter Dominic Carter on the show “Inside City Hall”: “I was introduced to (Obama) by a friend who was raising money for him.” He asked Sutton to write a letter in support of Obama’s application to Harvard Law School.

“The friend’s name is Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, from Texas,” Sutton said. “He is the principal adviser to one of the world’s richest men. He told me about Obama.”

Sutton recalled that al-Mansour said that “there is a young man that has applied to Harvard. I know that you have a few friends up there because you used to go up there to speak. Would you please write a letter in support of him?” Sutton did.

According to Newsmax columnist Kenneth Timmerman, “At the time, Percy Sutton, a former lawyer for Malcolm X and a former business partner of al-Mansour, says he (al-Mansour) was raising money for Obama’s graduate school education, al-Mansour was representing top members of the Saudi Royal family seeking to do business and exert influence in the United States.”

Steve Sailer has written a lot about Obama’s spooky family connections to Indonesian potentates and US intelligence people.  Here’s one of his posts on the subject. Here’s another one. What’s always been remarkable about Obama is that no one ever looked too closely at his background. That IBD story has been kicking around for years, but is just getting attention now. It’s almost like the major news organizations all agreed to not cover any stories about Obama’s past that would complicate the narrative.

My default explanation for this wall of silence about Obama’s dodgy past was that the mass media is both lazy and biased. They report what the Democrats deliver to them. The small portion of the media that is not Progressive gets its stuff from the GOP, but the Republicans are always careful not to upset their friends on the Left. I still think there is a fair amount of that, but most of it is probably the people at the top agreeing to put their thumb on the scales. They thought a black president was a good idea.

That’s all fine, but how is it the Saudis saw Obama as a good investment all those years ago? By his own account, Obama was not looking like a good bet as an undergrad. It was only after he got into Harvard Law that he started to develop the personality to get into politics. As the IBD story notes, the Saudis were sponsoring lots of minorities, hoping to build a class of policy makers and politicians that were pro-Arab. The story mentions their plan was to sponsor up to 10,000 students at $20 million per year.

What the story does not mention is how they would make it work. The story mentions the now imprisoned Prince Alwaleed bin Talal interceding on Obama’s behalf to get him into Harvard. Again, how could he know Obama was a keeper? How could these guys know about any of the students they were sponsoring? As a skeptic of the deep state stuff, that’s a question that I can’t easily answer. I know they were not stopping random blacks, asking for their GPA and whether they hated Jews. It must have been more sophisticated.

I’m not ready to start listening to InfoWars. I’m going to need a lot more than a president with a dodgy back story before I start talking about chem trails and conspiracies. But, I think I was too hasty in dismissing the deep state claims. There’s a level of coordination done out of site that shapes our politics and the coverage of our politics. Foreign powers look for people in the empire to bribe, and those people help grease the wheels and coordinate efforts like the Saudis were apparently running for the last forty years.

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  1. I could go on and on about the Dunham/0bama family connections to US intelligence agencies, but rather than put on my tinfoil hat, I’ll just quote Angelo Codevilla:

    “Consistent with the Barack Obama we know, however, are his real family, his real upbringing, and his real choices of profession and associates. His mother’s parents, who raised him, seem to have been cogs in the U.S. government’s well-heeled, well-connected machine for influencing the world, whether openly (“gray influence”) or covertly (“black operations”). His mother spent her life and marriages, and birthed her children, working in that machine. For paradigms of young Barack’s demeanor, proclivities, opinions, language, and attitudes one need look no further than the persons who ran the institutions that his mother and grandparents served—e.g., the Ford Foundation, the United States Information Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency—as well as his chosen mentors and colleagues. It is here, with these people and institutions, that one should begin to unravel the unknowns surrounding him.”


    People think it’s odd how Barry Soetero just magically seemed to get the breaks at every turn, and there’s no denying it. But really, it all started with his mom, Stanley Anne Dunham. In what world does a young woman with no more than a BA in Anthropology from the University of Hawaii start scoring big money grants from the Ford Foundation to “study” the natives in Indonesia? The kind of grants that PhDs on real faculties would kill for? Only in a world in which Stanley is actually working for the company.

  2. This is the Manchurian Candidate narrative, and it’s the only one that makes sense to me, given Obama’s nearly total lack of record and credentials at the time of his campaign. Hell, we still don’t know his GPA, nor do we have an admission from him, even in the face of multiple contemporaneous witnesses who knew him at the time, that he was enrolled at Occidental as a foreign student.

  3. I’ve been reading this 150-year-old account of a white Brit in Africa, describing the different tribes and the ways of Africans. Can’t believe how it resonates with the society we see around us. Our leaders seem to be on the path of decriminalizing criminal behavior as way to appease the savages among us. This will hasten our turning 3rd world.

    “The history of the negro has proved the correctness of this theory. In no instance has he evinced other than a retrogression, when once freed from restraint. Like a horse without harness, he runs wild, but, if harnessed, no animal is more useful. Unfortunately, this is contrary to public opinion in England, where the vox populi assumes the right of dictation upon matters and men in which it has had no experience. The English insist upon their own weights and measures as the scales for human excellence, and it has been decreed by the multitude, inexperienced in the negro personally, that he has been a badly-treated brother; that he is a worthy member of the human family, placed in an inferior position through the prejudice and ignorance of the white man, with whom he should be upon equality.”

    “In his state of slavery the negro was compelled to work, and, through his labour, every country prospered where he had been introduced. He was suddenly freed; and from that moment he refused to work, and instead of being a useful member of society, he not only became a useless burden to the community, but a plotter and intriguer, imbued with a deadly hatred to the white man who had generously declared him free.

    “Now, as the negro was originally imported as a labourer, but now refuses to labour, it is self-evident that he is a lamentable failure. Either he must be compelled to work, by some stringent law against vagrancy, or those beautiful countries that prospered under the conditions of negro forced industry must yield to ruin, under negro freedom and idle independence. For an example of the results look to St. Domingo!”

    “It was amusing to watch the change that took place in a slave that had been civilized (?) by the slave-traders. Among their parties there were many blacks who had been captured, and who enjoyed the life of slave-hunting — nothing appeared so easy as to become professional in cattle razzias and kidnapping human beings, and the first act of the slave was to procure a slave for himself! All the best slave-hunters, and the boldest and most energetic scoundrels, were the negroes who had at one time themselves been kidnapped. These fellows aped a great and ridiculous importance. On the march they would seldom condescend to carry their own guns; a little slave boy invariably attended to his master, keeping close to his heels, and trotting along on foot during a long march, carrying a musket much longer than himself: a woman generally carried a basket with a cooking-pot, and a gourd of water and provisions, while a hired native carried the soldier’s change of clothes and oxhide upon which he slept. Thus the man who had been kidnapped became the kidnapper, and the slave became the master, the only difference between him and the Arab being an absurd notion of his own dignity. It was in vain that I attempted to reason with them against the principles of slavery: they thought it wrong when they were themselves the sufferers, but were always ready to indulge in it when the preponderance of power lay upon their side.

    “Among Ibrahim’s people, there was a black named Ibrahimawa. This fellow was a native of Bornu, and had been taken when a boy of twelve years old and sold at Constantinople; he formerly belonged to Mehemet Ali Pasha; he had been to London and Paris, and during the Crimean war he was at Kertch. Altogether he was a great traveller, and he had a natural taste for geography and botany, that marked him as a wonderful exception to the average of the party. He had run away from his master in Egypt, and had been vagabondizing about in Khartoum in handsome clothes, negro-like, persuading himself that the public admired him, and thought that he was a Bey. Having soon run through his money, he had engaged himself to Koorshid Aga to serve in his White Nile expedition.

    “He was an excellent example of the natural instincts of the negro remaining intact under all circumstances. Although remarkably superior to his associates, his small stock of knowledge was combined with such an exaggerated conceit, that he was to me a perpetual source of amusement, while he was positively hated by his comrades, both by Arabs and blacks, for his overbearing behaviour. Having seen many countries, he was excessively fond of recounting his adventures, all of which had so strong a colouring of the “Arabian Nights,” that he might have been the original “Sinbad the Sailor.” His natural talent for geography was really extraordinary; he would frequently pay me a visit, and spend hours in drawing maps with a stick upon the sand, of the countries he had visited, and especially of the Mediterranean, and the course from Egypt and Constantinople to England. Unfortunately, some long story was attached to every principal point of the voyage. The descriptions most interesting to me were those connected with the west bank of the White Nile, as he had served some years with the trading party, and had penetrated through the Makkarika, a cannibal tribe, to about two hundred miles west of Gondokoro. Both he and many of Ibrahim’s party had been frequent witnesses to acts of cannibalism, during their residence among the Makkarikas. They described these cannibals as remarkably good people, but possessing a peculiar taste for dogs and human flesh. They accompanied the trading party in their razzias, and invariably ate the bodies of the slain. The traders complained that they were bad associates, as they insisted upon killing and eating the children which the party wished to secure as slaves: their custom was to catch a child by its ankles, and to dash its head against the ground; thus killed, they opened the abdomen, extracted the stomach and intestines, and tying the two ankles to the neck they carried the body by slinging it over the shoulder, and thus returned to camp, where they divided it by quartering, and boiled it in a large pot. Another man in my own service had been a witness to a horrible act of cannibalism at Gondokoro.

    “The traders had arrived with their ivory from the West, together with a great number of slaves; the porters who carried the ivory being Makkarikas. One of the slave girls attempted to escape, and her proprietor immediately fired at her with his musket, and she fell wounded; the ball had struck her in the side. The girl was remarkably fat, and from the wound, a large lump of yellow fat exuded. No sooner had she fallen, than the Makkarikas rushed upon her in a crowd, and seizing the fat, they tore it from the wound in handfuls, the girl being still alive, while the crowd were quarrelling for the disgusting prize. Others killed her with a lance, and at once divided her by cutting off the head, and splitting the body with their lances, used as knives, cutting longitudinally from between the legs along the spine to the neck.

    “Many slave women and their children who witnessed this scene, rushed panic-stricken from the spot and took refuge in the trees. The Makkarikas seeing them in flight, were excited to give chase, and pulling the children from their refuge among the branches, they killed several, and in a short time a great feast was prepared for the whole party. My man, Mahommed, who was an eyewitness, declared that he could not eat his dinner for three days, so great was his disgust at this horrible feast.”

    – Sir Samuel W. Baker, “The Albert N’yanza. Great Basin of the Nile, and Explorations of the Nile Sources.” 1868

    Fascinating read! http://catalog.lambertvillelibrary.org/texts/English/baker/albert/albert_i.htm

  4. I started listening to InfoWars last year, now too much makes sense. Scary sense it’s not for those that want to cling to their illusions. The social veneer gets very thin, cya.

  5. TL;DR There surely is an awful lot of coordination going on. I’d love to explain why I believe that, but I cannot. Let me demonstrate:

    “The eigenvectors of the inverse of the covariance matrix agree with you.”

    I’m a math snob. I don’t think it’s possible to have a conversation about statistical inference with anyone who can’t parse the above.

  6. It is becoming more and more obvious, the more I have read and heard over the past couple years, that American culture, including political culture, has been controlled and influenced in a way that is more top-down and planned than is commonly believed. The whole history from 1950 to the present has to be re-written if we want to know the full story.

  7. My realization that suboptical skullduggery was real was when Nancy Pelosi used the word “AstroTurf” with such unconscious facility when talking about the Tea Party. I knew right away that if there was a lexicon used out of the public eye about political theater, that there were likely other activities using their own language at other levels that we never see. I’m not saying that I know what these are. It’s just that when you find a fossilized bone it’s a good assumption that there’s a beast of which it is a part.

  8. how could any sane person have believed a word of the obama biography. he was clearly shady from the start
    now because of self hating white people and a corrupt press and federal government, the Republic is much worse shape than it was

    • The real damage was done by Bush the lesser.

      it was he who passed the Patriot Act, created the Department of Homeland Security, The TSA, Militarized the civilian police, removed the protection of bankruptcy from Student Loans, made ordinary checking and savings accounts the last debts to be paid in a re-organization: way behind the derivative obligations of the Investment Banks, pissed away at least $6 trillions in subsidies to the financial sector and started (at least 3) wars that are costing trillions.

      If Barry the Kenyan can see bigger fuck-ups it’s because he’s standing on the shoulders of a Giant.

      • But his war inflation made oil prices and those sweet mortgages rise, and rise, and rise… until Pappy pulled off the capstone of his career. 30 years to set up those tranches, and one day, September 17, 2008 to pull the ABX trigger.

        43 Trillion dollars… disappeared.
        Even got a nice pump-n-dump on the oil, too!

  9. Two separate books were written detailing President Obama’s very peculiar past and were published prior to his being elected for the first time. Unfortunately, I seem to be one of the few people who read them.

  10. Where this breaks down is if you look at the totality of Obama’s actions they favor the Shia over the Sunnis.

    What hypothesis explains that?

    • Good point. Still, you can make an inbred Arab rich and ambitious but you can’t make him smart. And Persians are not Arabs, better at the long game. CIA is also very involved in placing and moving pieces, and facilitating others that do. Their fingerprints are all over the Dunhams. We are raised to believe CIA is right wing but in fact they are the of the same minds as State.

      • Even wierder, both the embassy takeover and susequent placement of a British/Indian agent, Khomeini, were engineered by the head of the CIA- Pappy Bush- as revenge for Carter’s firing 800 Agency cowboys.

        • Oh, and the Agency is a subset of State, not Defense.

          That’s why Hill had global immunity and a free hand- her Foundation is a front serving in the same fashion as Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, etc.

    • It is a real puzzle, as one can identify both Persian Shia and Saudi Sunni threads through many of the people and events of the last fifty years. For example, Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran and seemed to steer the Iran deal that vexes both the U.S. and the Saudis. Yet the Saudis, through Jarrett’s relatives and network, greased the way for Obama to rise through the system. At the end of the day, the Shia and Sunni probably hate each other with more passion than they hate Israel or the U.S.

      I sense that the Saudi Sunnis are turning more fratricidal in an intramural way, and Trump’s people are putting the screws to them from the outside. The oil reserves are running out. And here comes an angry and powerful Iran armed with nukes and a big bankroll, with lots of oil left. Trump is offering the Saudis an out and U.S. backing that is conditional, the condition being that terms are very good for the U.S. if Trump is going to play ball.

      This makes the current Saudi coup/countercoup/whatever-it-is a real hail-mary event for them. In a few years, we will look back on it as either an event that precipitated a lot of bad news, or something that headed off a bad situation.

    • Matt, that’s a very good question, one I have pondered as well…
      For what they’re worth, here are the possible explanations I’ve developed.

      I have satisfied myself from the evidence available that Obama is a Muslim, and de facto (if not actually de jure) a member of the most-influential pan-Islamic organization on earth, the Muslim Brotherhood. I won’t debate the pros/cons of my conclusion; I merely state it as one of the premises of my arguments.

      We know that the Sunni and Shi’ite sects of Islam have been quarreling with one another for centuries, and that their favorite thing to do – when they aren’t slaying infidels, that is – consists of fighting with one another about Islamic doctrine and many other things as well.

      We also know that the Sunni Arabs, in particular the House of Saud, are deeply-concerned, even frightened, by the prospect of losing their status as the hegemons of Islam and the keepers of its holy places in Mecca and Medina. Why, the Saudis are so concerned that they formed a strategic alliance with the hated Israelis in order to oppose Iran. Who saw that one coming – the Jews and the Arabs as allies?

      The Iranians, who are not only Shi’ites, but non-Arabs as well (they are Persians), despise the Arabs and resent their second class status within the Islamic world.

      These sectarian conflicts are quite enough to keep tensions high, but layered on top of them are the rivalries in the energy development trade. The Arabs and their coalition allies, including the U.S., NATO, Israel and Turkey, have pipeline development projects of their own which exclude the Shi’ites and their allies the Russians, Chinese and Syrians – just as their opposite numbers have projects of their own which would exclude the Arabs. Billions, perhaps trillions, in revenues are at stake.

      The Arabs bought-and-paid for Obama, believing in him they would possess a hole card with which to trump (no pun intended!) any unfavorable action by Iran. However, Obama ended up siding with Tehran as much as he did with Riyadh. Obama himself is probably a Sunni, given his lineage – so why would he side with Iran?

      The key is the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization Obama obviously favors and favored during his time in the White House. The Ikhwan have long-opposed the Saudi monarchy as corrupt, too westernized, and decadent – poor Muslims if not apostates. The Ikhwan have wanted them removed from power for a long time, and a Muslim Brotherhood ruler put in place, someone more favorable to their fundamentalist strain of Islamic doctrine.

      So, one possibility for Obama’s “flip” to the Iranians is that he is supporting the MB. Having milked his Saudi connections for all they’re worth, he is free to discard them and show his true colors.

      Another possibility is that Obama simply doesn’t like being attached to anyone’s puppet-strings, Saudi or otherwise, and acted in a contrary manner simply to prove his independence. A narcissist like Obama would want to prove to himself that he could “be great” without outside help.

      Recently, it has come to light that Osama Bin Laden was on friendly terms with Iran and the mullahs in the years and months before his death. This raises the intriguing and I believe plausible possibility that all of the “Sunnis vs. Shi’ites” conflict is widely-exaggerated, a form of strategic taqiyya waged to dupe the foolish infidels into believing that they could trust Muslims.

      Make no mistake – the Sunni-Shi’ite divide exists and is real – but history shows that one of the few things capable of getting these sects to cooperate is the chance to slaughter some infidels. Viewed in this context, Obama’s flip-flopping from Sunni to Shi’ite and back again can be seen for what it is – taqiyya designed to fool uninformed observers as his true intentions and the true intentions of his allies, Sunni and Shi’ite alike.

      My point, one supposes, is that to a devout Muslim, an infidel is an infidel, whereas a fellow believer, even one belonging to another sect, is a fellow member of the umma.

      • Very, very well done.
        Shias and Sunnis work together frequently; their families intermarry frequently as well.

        An Iraqi soldier said he couldn’t understand the American insistence on the split, as families, such as his own, (a Shia wife), married across the Iran border and were constantly crossing for visits.

        The Brotherhood. Their Project 2020.
        We had forgotten about them after Egypt. And Obama’s narcissism.

        • Which leads to another difficult conclusion. If Saudi Arabia manages to reconstitute itself as a somewhat milder and more forward thinking version of itself, and gets back on its feet again, what is to stop them from co-ordinating with Iran to start putting the screws to the West again?

  11. For a level headed discourse on the “Shadow Government” and “Deep State” I recommend listening to former CIA agent Kevin Shipp. As he says of himself, “I come from the belly of the beast”. He knows what he is talking about because he walked the walk.

    Recently, he was a guest on the Hagmann and Hagmann report. Good interview on 16 August 2017 and they had him back on on September 2, 2017 where he gave an outstanding PP presentation. I highly recommend both, worth your time. Both on H&H You Tube channel.

    Z Man – welcome to the Dark Side. I knew you’d hop over the fence sooner or later!

  12. The rumors at Harvard, of which I am an alum, have consistently said that the Saudis bought Obama’s way into Harvard Law, despite his nonexistent qualifications. Nor was he the first…

  13. Yep, we were real upstanding human beings, paying the Saudis for their oil instead of just taking it. How could something evil come of such good intentions?

  14. Barry Soetoro was a “resident” of Indonesia for many years after his adoptive father took him there. Indonesian law only allowed Indonesian citizens the ability to live and school there. Soetoro, aka obama,was and may still be an Indonesian citizen. Not only was the scoundrel NOT a natural born citizen he was an Indonesian moslem citizen. He was ineligible to be POTUS. But, the Deep State protected the truth. Many lawsuits were attempted to make Barry and the Deep State accountable.
    But, every federal, black-robed bandit ruled the plaintiff had “no standing” to challenge soetoro’s legitimacy or lack thereof !

    Barry, the federal judiciary and Barry’s handlers should be swinging from a short rope and a tall tree.

    Th bloodless coup d’etat installing soetoro was executed by the Deep State. Almost every Amerikan is clueless as to what was done and is continuing to this day.

    • As I mentioned in my comment above, I really believe Frank Marshall Davis is Barack Obama’s biological father. The photographic evidence nails it! This is Obama’s ace-in-the hole — that he is indeed a “Natural-Born Citizen,” per the requirements of the US Constitution. Did you ever notice how unconcerned he was about the subject of his birth? He was openly mocking of people like Donald Trump who wanted to investigate this matter. However, no one in the press/Democrat Party had the stomach to call the first African-American man to be elected President of the USA, a bastard, which truly was the case, so they left it lie there and never could bring themselves to pursue this. Also, he was a “good” candidate and won handily both times.

      Remember how no one went out to Hawai’i when Barack’s grandmother was ill during the first campaign? No recent pictures of him with her, or any stories from his upbringing from locals who might have known him. All very blurry. In the White House he was surrounded by women who doted on him: Valerie, Susan Rice, Michelle. No straight white males could break into that little coven. Protecting lots of secrets, that crew would literally die for him.

      • If the Democrats manage to make a clean break, free of both the Clinton and Obama crime organizations, the revelations that will be forthcoming about those two clans are going to be epic. The files used to buy political omertà, held by Bill, Hill, and Barack, are likely thorough and damning on everyone. But as we careen into full disclosure and full accusation on sex lives, personal abuse, and other nasty habits, the willingness to face the potential personal destruction consequences of whistleblowing appears to be rising. It is now “cool” to disclose and “uncool” to retaliate. The worm is turning.

      • And his grandmother dying the night before the election. How… strange.
        The last witness.

        His gran and parents were Agency.
        Having sheltered such children, I believe he was…sold…for access or diplomacy.

        It’s like a bloody glaring spotlight to us who’ve seen it before. Thus his endless rage at the world that made him.

        A perfect weapon, highly motivated and self-propelled, like any bacha bazi.

        • That look on his face in the family picture in Indonesia- a frightened, powerless little boy- damn near broke my heart.

          Just an asset. Just a casualty.
          Poor, poor little guy!
          Damn this wicked world!

      • Barry is also the spitting image of the Indonesian founder of Subud. Do a image search on the founder and you can see it.

        • Puzzles on top of other puzzles. The childhood photo of Obama does not look at all Indonesian, and is indeed a spitting image of Frank Marshall Davis. But the Obama we see as an adult looks exactly like many dark skinned Indonesians, and not very African at all. What gives?

      • Dr. Dre,

        “….the first African-American man to be elected President of the USA….”

        Well, well, well….you chime right in with the language of the Amerikan left. As the story goes barry soetoro, aka obama, was the product of a caucasian female and a negro male. 50/50, white/dark. Neither a negro or a caucasian. A mulatto. A half-breed and a bastard to boot !

        HTF is it barry happens to be, in the language of the Amerikan Left, “African-American” ? Why don’t you and your pals on the Left refer to the moslem, Taqiyaa-practicing, communist as a white male, a caucasian ? If half-negro can be “African-American”, how is it that same half-breed, half caucasian not be “white – Amerikan” ? It wouldn’t fit the meme of the Marxist Left, would it ? And you in your collectivist, do-as-they-say mentality, join right in using the propaganda and Lies of the Left !

        Oh, and you conveniently omit any reference to soetoro-obama’s Indonesian years as an Indonesian citizen and moslem. Thus, you can argue the Frank Davis fatherhood crap all you want. The fact is he was and still is, an Indonesian citizen. In turn, again not eligible for POTUS.

        Hell, you make arguments supporting the Amerikan Left. Imagine that !

        • African-American is the current, socially acceptable way to refer to someone of black African descent, more or less light or dark. I did not invent this term but have noticed how it has achieved common usage since the 1980s. The term “Black” was OK starting in the 60s; I remember as a child that “Colored” was considered a polite way to speak of Negro people. It is still in use, e. g. the NAACP, and I have heard the phrase “people of color” in high-toned venues, such as PBS. So, we defer to the AA-B-Cs to determine what is permitted, otherwise there’s a terrible fuss, and we can’t have that, can we? Everyone turns flip-flops to avoid using the awful n-word, even in private conversation, so we palefaces eager not to offend do require occasional updating on the approved lingo. Lots of Mitch McConnell Republicans hope that if they simply use the correct word black people might actually vote for them. I guess my post’s sarcasm went over your head DAN III. You are quite wrong in thinking me a leftist. Your spittle-flecked fulminations will hardly win you adherents on the Right. No one enjoys being around an gasbag, gnomesayin?

          By the way, Obama’s Indonesian sojourn did not raise too much concern in his American political progress; sort of the way that Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth didn’t slow him up too much either. Other factors brought Cruz down. These observations most certainly do not mean I endorse ignoring America’s rather simple ground rules for public officials to follow to serve under the U. S. Constitution. What was done by those in power to advance Barack Obama’s
          case was truly evil, IMO, and should not go unpunished.

      • If Frank Marshall Davis is indeed Barack Obama’s actual father, then Obama is qualified to be POTUS under the NBC clause of the constitution. However, would not Obama then be guilty of misrepresenting himself to the public during the certification process of the nomination, as well as during the campaign proper?

        Obama is accomplished at very few things, but we know the man lies as naturally as he breathes. Fraud on this scale is truly breath-taking; Obama and his handlers were nothing if not skilled grifters in pulling off the biggest political con-job in American political history. However, the “audacity” of the thing – to use one of his favorite words – makes it no less illegal.

        Of course, I am engaged in wishful thinking, for men like Barack Obama have the enormous and unaccountable clout of the deep-state behind them, a sort of perpetual “get out of jail ‘free’ card” in their back pockets. Barry O. – or whatever his real name is – won’t do time for his enormous crimes. Far from it; the man has already gotten rich off of them and stands to get even wealthier when his memoirs are published.

        • It is/was a terrible con-job. Dreadful. I remember getting a creepy feeling that the fix was in and we were being set-up for this way back in 2004, I think it was, the Democrat National Convention, when John F’ing Kerry became the candidate vs. President GWB. Obama gave the “keynote” address and the press etc. all had a collective orgasm at his wonderfulness. This just built with Bush barely defeating Kerry, who fought in Vietnam, ya know. Bush’s 2nd term bit the dust in a hurry, to no one’s great disappointment, ending in the bank bailout mess in Sept 2008. All this energy directed to an Obama candidacy also did in Mrs. Clinton’s first attempt at seeking the Presidency. And awful candidate John McCain did a lousy job advocating for the Republican cause. It was weird how McCain selected Sarah Palin, though. The one bright spot in his sour slog to defeat.

          Anyway, something/someone behind the scenes carefully placed the marionette Barack Hussein Obama on the stage to dance, posture and charm us for 8 long years. That’s it —
          Barack IS Pinocchio — the lying little boy. So, who IS Geppetto?

  15. So what, you were wrong.
    It does nothing to change
    the reality, that the Constitutional Republic
    of America is overthrown and ruled by
    a communist dictatorship.
    The rule of law and equality of justice
    is long dead, and was so long before
    the arrival of the illegal alien muslim
    bathhouse barry.
    You and yours are slaves.
    But you were wrong.
    Yeah focus on that.

  16. I have an buddy whose father taught Obama at the Punahou school. He described Obama as a lazy, unmotivated stoner, not particularly bright, and arrogant.

    • I believe it. He was playing a role even then. Don’t forget that his unusual family background would make him a target, even in a place like Hawai’i, so he became the class “show off.” His mother was far away, re-married to an Indonesian guy; his namesake father was supposedly an African government functionary, but more likely he was sired by a creepy Communist Party news reporter (Frank Marshall Davis) sent from Chicago to keep an eye on the docks, along with Harry Bridges. I have always thought that his white grandparents, the Dunhams, were in league with Communists also. They had been acquainted with Davis in Kansas, where they all originally hailed from. Definitely difficult for a young half-black kid to navigate the social minefields at his private school, where the old-timer haole (white) families ran the place. These rich folks produced lots of loser-kids, too, as the 70s were pretty icky with drugs so available, but it gave Barry the “golden” opportunity to learn the M. O. and social mores of the upper crust which has stood him in very good stead thru the years.

      That’s why he sounds and looks like such a phony when he tries to “get down” with the urban jargon and be-bops around snapping his fingers. And it’s why Michelle never learned how to act as she was ghetto all the way — and it shows. I think Barack is embarrassed by her, but it was she that enabled his success as a candidate. If he had pulled a Tiger Woods/OJ Simpson and married a silky-haired blonde, he would have led a nice suburban life someplace, but would never have risen to be President. Also, he’s gay, so the attractiveness–or lack of–displayed by his bride matters not at all to him, obviously;-)

      • The Kenyan Dad thing gave him a more interesting back story, and allowed him to game the education system and the media, which was much more willing to speak generously of an exotic half-black with Kenyan blood. Being the son of a commie Chicago sleaze bag does not get you the educational goodies, and it leads the outside observer to distrust what statements Obama might have been making.

        Speaking of Obama’s statements, away from the script and the teleprompter, he cannot make a coherent argument. He also feels the need to stray from his scripts, knowing full well that his extemporaneous statements will betray him. He just feels the need to do so. I think it is a combination of his desire to be seen as more than a talking head, and also the deep need to get out the anger that he carries with him, every day. He is not a happy or fulfilled person, that much is obvious.

  17. A lot of power players (including foreign governments) have engaged in this sort of machination throughout history. Most European aristocracies of yesteryear were interconnected via marriage (talk about planting the seed early). Sounds like you’ve only just begun to become aware of the Obama backstory. You have some catching up to do.

  18. I wonder if 9/11 was a group of Saudis gone rogue, blowing the cover of what they had been workings towards in the long run, all along. Or was it a natural progression from earlier incidents?

    • Dutch, I think that it was one faction* within what I call the “movement” jumping the gun. The second Intifada was perceived as enormously successful. Hezb’allah had kicked the Israelis out of Lebanon, and the Pakistanis had set off a few A-bombs a couple of years earlier (the A.Q. Khan network seemed to have the support of insiders from Mauretania to Malaysia). There was open source data of good provenance (I have started to save that sort of thing in last six months or so… I never did in those days) showing the the amount of “zakat” (charity) going to the radical jihadi faction had started to increase exponentially (not a term I use imprecisely) starting in the late 1990s.

      There was a certain sense of inevitability in the movement at the time. The radical jihadis had installed a Salafist state in Afghanistan and had made inroads elsewhere, especially in Sudan and Somalia. The Institutionalists were building Wahhabi mosques all over Dar al Islam and Europe and putting Saudi-trained imams in them; they were breaking the back of Sufi Islam. The Dawists, building on the successes of the Institutionalists, were making many converts to the one, true Wahhabi faith.

      Sunni organizations are not hierarchical. They are networked, almost feudal. My guess is that someone that one of the big donors on the Arabian peninsula thought the time was right and green lighted Bin Laden. Sixteen years later we are still fighting these fuxors in this weird, Islamic war where one hand clasps yours in friendship while the other slips in the dagger. Our biggest mistake continues to be to fight them by their rules.

      * The movement factions:
      • The Intitutionalists. Religious Sunni princes who believe in the triumph of Islam. They fund the various Wahhabi outreach programs like the mosque building and imam training efforts. Another example would be the magazine that Huma Abedin’s mother (and formerly her late father) runs.
      • The Dawists. A more conservative faction seeking to spread Islam via conversion and emigration. Less is known about it. Includes groups like the Tablighi.
      • The Radical Jihadis. We all know who these guys are. Al Qaeda and IS are two front organizations.

      • I think your key statement is that “Sunni organizations are not hierarchical”. So different factions are doing different things, which is why you see counterproductive (for them) movements and events. But it also makes it almost impossible to either organize them or cut off the head of the snake (see Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan).

        The Saudis are giving it a try, now. It will be interesting to see how effective they are at it. I assume they are getting help from Israel behind the scenes. As for help from the U.S., who knows?

    • Bush needed his own “Pearl Harbor” as an excuse for invading Iraq!

      His Saudi buddies providing the executing crew of fundamentalist Wahhabis to fly the planes and Larry Sliverstein leased the “Potemkin” target in the form of the failing business venture known as the WTC, which he immediately insured against destruction by terrorism, for billions of dollars! (The WTC couldn’t have been lawfully and inexpensively demolished or re-habbed since it was full of asbestos.)

      In a masterful piece of kabuki theatre, the planes crashed into the WTC Twin Towers, previously rigged for implosion. Miraculously, the Twin Towers became the “first” high rise buildings to ever fall due to “fires” and n minor structural damage. Not only that, but they fell neatly into a confined space making for easy clean-up and removal of debris(Evidence).

      Voila! Bush got his war. Silverstein got $14 billion and the right to own and construct brand new NYC office space and the Bush Crime Family profited by solidifying their ties to the Sauds, whom Bush helped evacuate form the US, at whatever profit to the Bush coffers.

      Don’t believe it? Then explain what happened to all the bodies, office equipment, computers, toilets and other debris normally associated with explosion and collapse of a large building! There was none!

      • Odd how Marvin was the buildings’ manager, the pilots trained in Jeb’s Florida, and Dubya’s first act was to shut down data mining and 23 ongoing prosecutions of that network.

        Kudos to el Baboso, for watching what the other side was doing. We do indeed now play by their rules.

  19. IBD also published a series exposing the Clintons as China’s number one spies.
    1000 Chinese front companies were operating unnoticed in provincial, backwater Arkansas, spreading influence.

    Now, under which Administration did a 1950’s Communist economy vault forward 50 years to missle, satellite, and nuclear tech?

    Under which Administration did CALPERS, and most other state pension funds, invest one-fifth of public pension funds in ‘Red Chip’ companies in a non-capitalist nation?

    Funding said vault, with a big promo by Republican investment houses to jump on the sellout gravy train of outsized return?

  20. I’m not sure the “how” is all that hard – it’s plainly a numbers game, where you hope that a few of the ones you fund wind up coming to prominence a few decades hence.

    If you are in the prince’s position back in the 80s, you likely know professors at a couple dozen top universities who are already in your debt or in ideological agreement. You ask each for the most promising students they’ve seen in the last couple years. You meet the kids and decide if you want to place a bet on each one. It seems pretty straightforward.

    The bigger mystery is why nobody else is playing this game. $20M is not a lot of money. Maybe some conservative rich guys should look into this instead of blowing a wad on their favorite college football team.

    • One conservative looked into it!
      Beginning with Pappy Bush, the Saudis now own up to a third of university chairs.
      Bush and Adnan Khashoggi ran the notorious BCCI until he bought the Presidency.

      Mellon-Scaife’s Creationists were doing business with Turkey’s armsdealer Fellah Gul in New Jersey, while Oral Roberts was running phone card scams in Nigeria (as was done by the Black Caucus in the Carribean and Carlos Saleem/Slim- in Mexico. This is the same kind of crap actor G. Clooney pulled as he got control of Juba coffee with his ‘Save Darfur’ campaign.)

  21. Sometime around 2000 or 2001 when I had my first PC I stumbled onto a video of Obama walking a college campus and been exalted as the coming first black president. The video is the source of the black and white photos you see of Obama wearing a fedora. In the video you see afro wearing blacks playing dominos and smoking weed. These other brothers do things like obligatory black power first and tell you the star of the video will be the first black president.

    I didn’t think much of it and would never had even remembered it probably except years later here is this same guy being worshiped on his charge to the Whitehouse. All seemed contrived and curious to me so I went “vetting” myself in search of who/what this Obama was/is.

    It’s said the internet is forever but I challenge anyone to find the video.

  22. You can’t dismiss conspiracy theory any longer. Too much of it has turned into conspiracy fact. I remember when people were poo-poo-ing ECHELON as conspiracy theory. WRONG, it was conspiracy fact.

    There are ghosts and monsters out there. And they do move the world.

    • Conspiracy is just legal jargon for “agreement to commit an illegal act”.

      It does not require “ghosts and monsters” any more than a simple pact between a gunman and a driver to rob a bank does! Its a simple human endeavor.

      Only those who wish to discredit the obvious, give supernatural connotations to the word “conspiracy”; mostly as a means of hiding the crime!

  23. No wonder Bush 43 went into his dormouse act once Obama was elected. If he was a Saudi protege he was part of the club. The Bushes see themselves as oil royalty, and the Saudis as sort of kin. How we still fell for his all-American everyman schtick even after he evacuated his Saudi pals after 9/11 is incredible. Just goes to show how disoriented everyone was back then.

    • I think GWB was like an atomic red pill that made things clear (or at least clear enough to figure out that a con was on) for millions of Trump supporters.

    • Just because Babs Bush refers to Saudi Prince Bandar as “Bandar Bush,” and crazy old H.W. calls Bill Clinton a “son” doesn’t mean they’re kin! 😉

      It means the Bush Crime Family is re-affirming their “capos” within the organization.

    • Agreed. The near total silence on the Bush admin connections to Saudi Arabia, the Bin Laden family itself was unreal!

      Maybe Obama wasn’t such a long shot after all. Others have thrown out numbers like 10,000, which, were this a situation akin to playing the lottery would still be a gamble. But the list of suitable candidates shrinks immensely if each must be blood related to certain families.

      Come to think of it, Bill Clinton’s true lineage is suddenly more interesting.

  24. If you are old enough to remember just how much in petrodollars was sloshing around in those days, why not invest a fraction in those that might prove sympathetic and useful later on. Went to a very similar school to Obama at exactly the same time. Finding candidates would not have been hard. Elite schools + minorities sympathetic to the “cause” was not exactly a screamingly large cohort. My working theory on the transcripts at Columbia and Occidental was always that they wished to hide the courses he took, not the grades. The removal of meaningful distribution requirements plus the rise in pablum level black studies and Marxist based courses that infested political “science”, economics and history departments, meant a guy like Obama could take steady diet of “Why White Colonialists Are Really Really Bad People” courses and get a degree. Saw that up close when I took a “Third World Literature” course. Professor was visiting from Oxford. Was probably one of three whites in the class. Problem was, being from Oxford, this guy actually expected people to read the books, write their papers and discuss the material with a decent working knowledge. This came a real shock to all the Black Studies (it was called that back then) who enrolled expecting another easy “A” for groupthink. The one positive was back then, whitey would still raise his/her/zhir hand and have a comment, question or observation without being shouted down for privilege or some such bullshit.

    • every jew i know loves obama,my understanding the rulers of saudi are blood kin,,and are in lockstep with each other,,

        • Big Jew vs Small Jew.
          The American ones were furious when the ones from the Pale got all uppity and independent, after all that funding and promotion. So we got the Cold War.

          • Remember, FDR and (the unmentionable’s) terrible vision was Oceania (FDR), Eurasia (Stalin), and Eastasia (Mao).

            Orwell wasn’t kidding. He died not long after writing 1984.

          • Thank you. To add perspective on Orwell, 1984 was originally titled 1949 and his name (before becoming a journalist and wartime propagandist) was originally Eric Blaire.

  25. The Left, as well as the Right, but the Left is much, much better at it, has for quite some time devoted a lot of effort into developing “bench strength.” Money from Leftist-supporting sources is quietly funneled to potential candidates who may support their ideology. It’s worth it to sink a few bucks into the campaign of the county councilman who may wind up as a state legislator and potentially advance to Congress and maybe to the Presidency.

    Yes, it’s a very long game with no guarantee of success; in fact, I’m sure there are way more losers than winners,but the Left has vast financial resources to invest (Ex: see: Soros, George; Arabia, Saudi; et al). So does the Right, actually, but is either too selfish to copy the Left, just not bright enough to understand the Long Game process, of simply focused on the immediate. Probably a combination of the three. And, while only one, or two, out of multiple years of 10K/year may ever get to be President, that doesn’t mean the potential payoff from investing in county officials, state legislators, Congressmen and Senators is zero.

    The odds on winning the Powerball lottery is 275 million to one, but millions of people still buy tickets.

    Investing $20 million/year is couch-cushion-change if it pays off in billions (it takes 50 years for $20M/year to reach $1B), and I’d wager the payoff on Obama was much, much greater than $1 billion. Plus, even if the Saudis were writing those $20M checks, we don’t know if all the $20M was coming from their accounts, nor do we know where all that $20M went, or how much more than $20M might have been invested, from any other sources. Could any have gone to Hollywood for use in movies and TV shows to change American attitudes? How much was invested in “scholarships” which wound up benefiting, say, some who wound up working in network news?

    • No different than the venture capital game. Of twenty investments you expect fifteen to go to zero, four to have enough success that you extract your investment via an early sale or liquidation of the IP (depending on how clever you are at getting senior rights to the company IP) and one is a blockbuster. The political pyramid is no different. They all meet your screening criteria at the outset, but only a few have the right combo of right idea and right time to really succeed.

    • Let’s be brutally honest. The “right” has done this in your country for just as long. They were just cultivating cucks.

    • The Chinese had no way of knowing that an Arkansas lieutenant attorney general in 1979 would be the jackpot, either.

    • Investigate the Castro Brothers from San Antonio. They have been groomed and awaiting for commie greatness. Bill Clinton is another. How did his single, waitress, mother send him through Harvard? There have been others during my lifetime and I am sure there are many waiting for their chance

      • Bill Clinton attended Georgetown University in Washington DC, not Harvard. US Senator Wm Fulbright from AR was his patron there. Bill got a Rhodes Scholarship and went to England (forget if it was Oxford or Cambridge U.) and hung out with other Rhodes Scholars like Strobe Talbott from Yale and whats-his-name Reich, both of whom served during the Clinton Presidential Administrations. Bill Clinton got back from Europe w/o finishing a Master’s degree, and went to Yale Law School. That’s where he met Hillary. Bill’s mother was a private duty nurse, not sure if she was R.N. Her 2nd husband was a reasonably well-to-do car dealer in Hot Springs. She had enough money to gamble in that sin-hole and got to take care of some very important men.

  26. Oh, and the Soviets worked that system to a degree far more sophisticated than any Arabs or Persians for seventy years. The Saudi road was already paved with Soviet asphalt.

  27. Power hates a vacuum. Democracy is a vacuum awaiting a conspiracy, because power must go to the trouble of shaping the thoughts of people it does not respect. The Saudis did not imagine they would bag a President, or need to. No one needs to that is working against the interests of the country. Executive leadership is essential for preserving the interest of the country.
    The FBI, CIA, Justice, and State have revealed themselves to be zealously Deep State in committing to crippling a watershed election. Like ants, they do not need direction, but understand what must be done because that is what they were always doing.

    • Add the media, Hollywood, and much of Congress to that list. Perhaps not consciously Deep State, but traveling the path.

  28. I don’t think it is a conspiracy …it’s an ecosystem….those at the top of society select carriers of information (propaganda) in order to use them to influence the culture, to shape the culture so that the culture suits them…this is a process of domestication…just as mankind domesticated livestock by selecting certain animals for their traits…mankind, over thousands of years, selected meaty animals with mild dispositions…and eventually we wound up with domestic livestock…this was a deliberate process, requiring coordinated action….but it was not a conspiracy…

    this is a known process…

    from wikipedia:
    Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War (U.S. title The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters) is a 1999 book by Frances Stonor Saunders. The book discusses the mid-20th century Central Intelligence Agency efforts to infiltrate and co-opt artistic movements in order to combat political influence from the Soviet Union and expand American political influence,[1] with much funding going through the Congress for Cultural Freedom….

    that book details how the american govt, acting in collusion with large nonprofit foundations, selected certain people to act as propaganda carriers in order to shape the culture and politics of other nations…the same thing happened in america…feminism and the new version of Leftism were both deeply influenced by big money from large nonprofit foundations (see the book by dr joan roelofs called Foundations and Public Policy: The Mask of Pluralism)….those at top of society use organizations and people to disseminate propaganda/information that is used to shape the culture so as to benefit those at the top.

    This is not conspiracy theory stuff. …this is the way the world works…been that way for many decades….mankind is inherently susceptible to propaganda…those at the top of society know this….

    mankind’s vulnerability to propaganda stems from his unique evolutionary background…sociobiologist EO Wilson called mankind the primate that adopted the ant/bee/termite model of social organization….and like those creatures we are highly regimented animals that depend on passing information along to each other and using that information…

    see for example the nectar dance of bees…they work together by passing information on to each other…they have a high degree of trust…when a bee comes back from a nectar hunt with information on a trove of flowers, the bee dances to tell the other bees where the flowers are:

    the ants/termites use pheromones to pass along information about food etc to other ants…the ants, bees and termites TRUST the information from other ants, bees, termites. …they would never lie to each other….likewise, mankind, living in small tribes trusted each other. They would never lie to each other.

    So when the leaders of the tribes told the members of the tribe the best plan to capture some prey animal, or how to defeat an opposing tribe, whatever, the other members of the tribe listened, internalized that transmitted information, and used it to survive and pass on their genes…the transmission of that complex information helped mankind survive, so we evolved to be able to receive complex information from tribal leaders and then internalize that information and use it to survive and pass on our genes.

    So, now that mankind has left the tribal milieu, we are now vulnerable to propaganda (information) passed down to us from those at the top. Those at the top of society are no longer part of the tribe. We still trust those at the top. But our trust is misplaced….

    Those at the top of society, the elite are actually more like predators, and we are their prey. They are no longer of the tribe. They prey on us by exploiting our vulnerability to information passed down to us from those at the top. Propaganda is generated by the elite…the elite use their money to fund propaganda generators (the media, nonprofit foundations, academia, hollywood etc), and the propaganda generated and disseminated to society is propaganda that will benefit those at the top….like what, for example?

    Ok, a Fortune 500 CEO makes millions of dollars. He likes that. He wants to keep on making millions. He knows that if the economy tanks, he will not make millions. He will lose money. He knows that the economy is 75% consumer demand. So he thinks, how can i ensure that consumer demand stays high? Hmm..let’s get more consumers into america…how can I do that?

    Ah, immigration! Let’s lure more immigrants here, and they will work or go on welfare and thus consume. How can I lure immigrants here? Well, he uses his money to donate to politicians. And he asks the politicians to help make sure more immigrants get here…the politician then passes immigration-friendly laws and laws that give welfare to immigrants. Immigrants already here then get welfare, and they tell their friends and family back in the third world to come to america.

    The CEO also gives money to professors and tells them to generate bogus studies that show that immigration helps americans. The CEO also tells media management to write stories about how immigration helps americans and stories about how white americans who dislike immigration are evil racists. …the media organizations go along with it because the CEO’s large company funds the media via advertising purchases….

    the pro-immigration propaganda thus generated on behalf of the CEO from academia and media) is thus disseminated through society….multiply this scenario by hundreds of times over decades and we see how society and culture is shaped and molded by information disseminated from those at the top of society. A process of domestication. But NOT a conspiracy. Instead, it’s an ecosystem.

    • Just finished Attkisson’s new book “Smear”. Quite a good look into how much of journalism has become “transactional”. Rather like the ants, not a far reaching conspiracy, but each acting by a combination of basic ideology x greed x laziness x desire to be in the “in” crowd. And bingo, you get the reason the Fusion GPS people are terrified to releasing the records of who they paid for what.

    • Ecosystems are more difficult to break than conspiracies. That is a problem. But they can be attacked from many different angles.

      • dutch wrote:
        “Ecosystems are more difficult to break than conspiracies. That is a problem. But they can be attacked from many different angles.”

        -social ecosystem collapse may be the only avenue…

    • It is important not to draw too many unnecessary distinctions between conspiracy and environment (ecosystem). Both are impacted by things outside of anyone’s control; however, both also involve people and planning. The line between these things blur.

  29. 20 million a year? Man, that is CHEAP if it gets you a president for 8 years. (Not to mention the slew of other high level operatives)

    But it makes me wonder how this ties in with ‘drain the swamp’ and the current upheaval in S.A.

    • That’s what I noticed. We weren’t watching Trump’s pimp hand- he is attacking the Royal allies of the two cojoined crime families that have nearly destroyeed this nation, the Bush/Clinton marriage of the Dixie and Gulf mafias (thanks again, LBJ).
      Jared Kushner and Mnuchkin visited SA the week before Salman Jr’s coup.

      Trump’s tax plan attacks the main funding sources of the Cloud mafia economy- ‘redevelopment’, ‘foundations’, ‘nonprofits’, ‘redistribution’, etc.

      The fiefdoms contending in the game of thrones are money laundry centers fed by smuggler’s ports: Chicago-SanFran/Seattle (DSA, Democrat Socialist Alliance), NYC-Florida (Hillary, Jeb, Zetas), Los Angeles-Laredo TX (DSA, Bush/Salinas, Sinaloa).

      This guy really means it.
      Their nuclear salvo, the Mortgage Meltown, was a declaration of war. Their SJW colonels entered the field with weaponized immigrants and minorities.

      Trump is the retaliation, the counterstrike.
      White Right, Unite! General Washington is here (and making the same necessary compromises with the Colonies).

      • Oh, and the Arab Spring, Ukraine Maidan, Venezuela collapse, and Greek default were other theater operations.
        It’s becoming a World war.

        • Strike Venezuela collapse- that was VZ and Cuban stupidity while Obama slow-walked the Gulf oil spill so his pal Soros could play games with Brazil’s PDVsA state oil company. So, ok, it was another part part and parcel.

          This is, after, financial war.
          War in a financialized world.
          Why blow up the assets?

      • Great observation. I am curious where Sessions and Pence fit in the scenario. Are they placeholders, or are they part of the “left hand doing things while people are paying attention to the bright shiny things in the right hand”.

        • With Sessions, what you see is what you get. He belongs in a retirement community with a snazzy Scooter to ride around in.

      • The Bush family is of Connecticut and New Jersey origin. The Clinton connection to power comes from the Rockefellers in New York.

        The Dixie mafia are subcontractors for Yankee power.

        • Yes, ever since Lucky Luciano moved to Hot Springs, AR in 1943.

          Bush and Mexico’s Salinas hit it off as partners in the oil patch in the 70s.

          The spook saw the power of the drug trade. Today’s Cartels are an extension of the oil/banking Great Game, and goes back as far.

          Wish I could trim some of that up a bit, sorry about the sloppy 4am posting, folks. I so overdo this.

  30. Is this not also related to Valerie Jarrett, whose father-in-law was a close confidant of the attorney that administered the Saudi sponsorship of minorities? The plan was to sponsor thousands of students, but it appears that Obama was one of the few who were actually sponsored. I recall that an obscure St. Petersburg Florida newspaper article from decades ago laid all of this out as it was beginning to be implemented. The article was authored by Vernon Jarrett, Valerie’s father-in-law. References linking the Saudis, Vernon Jarrett, and Obama were supposed to have been scrubbed from the record, but because this small Florida newspaper was not included in the digitization of the historical record, it was overlooked. A copy of the physical newspaper, citing the sponsorship, was discovered and publicized some years back, then it was all quickly dropped.

    • al-Mansour (real name Donald Warden), an associate of Bobby Seale and the Black Panther Party, was the attorney representing the Saudis, Vernon Jarrett was a friend of his and the father-in-law of Valerie Jarrrett, and another of Vernon Jarrett’s close circle of friends was Frank Marshall Davis, a friend of Obama’s mother and grandparents. Davis and the Jarretts operated out of Chicago. Davis is rumored to have been Obama’s real father, and was Obama’s father figure during his teenage years.

      Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Vernon Jarrett, al-Mansour, the Saudis, Frank Davis, Chicago, the Black Panthers, it’s all a closed loop.

      Perhaps some of the Saudi arrests going on now is a breaking up of that closed loop, well after the fact.

      • When Obama was trying to sell Chicago as a site for the Olympics, he was asking a billion dollars for the slum Projects he had ‘organized’ when young.

        Valerie Jarrett owned those. The other half, already sold off for redevelopment, were owned by Michelle’s father, John Robinson.

        The Russians have a word for Deep State. That word is ‘biznis’.

        What we’re seeing is an unacknowldged economy. Examples are Mafia or Cartel business- or Cayman Islands havens, nonprofit foundations, shell companies, equity/hedge funds, governmental interagency finance, black budgets.

        The lack of transparency- their books aren’t public- doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It means we keep getting blindsided.

  31. I had heard something a long while back about Saudis bankrolling a number of young Americans. I figured it was planting lots of seeds and betting that a few would successfully take root.

    My question has always been, if someone was doing that, how many other potential Obamas are out there?

    • This. For every Obama or other semi-successful Saudi-sponsored politician walking the streets, there are a thousand other Saudi-sponsored losers who took the money and ran. It’s the cost of doing business.

      Most of your writing on the deep state has been focused at the level of civil servants. This story in no way invalidates your position.

      • I agree, losses are to be expected. They hit the jackpot with Obama. However, did the Saudis foresee him siding with Iran against them? That could not have been part of their plan as Iran is now so much a threat to the Saudis existence that they are aligned with Israel against them. This kind of unintended and sometimes disastrous consequence is what happens when you interfere at the micro and macro level in human relations, especially when hate is your prime motivation.

    • Yes – shotgun approach. Even if they don’t hit the target directly (as noted below, they kind of hit the jackpot but for ValJar) they’d get a lot of sympathetic people. Target degrees in the legal/social/educational/management classes and build ground level support.

      Given the recent Islamophilia in education in very Christian Southern states, I wonder how many early education degrees have been funded by similar programs

    • I reckon that Abedin is a Saudi plant … and that she was being groomed to be the natural successor to Clinton, as the 2nd Female POTUS. She ticked all the right boxes.

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