A Dark Episode

In addition to being low energy this week, I have been in a dark mood. Maybe it is the season. Maybe it is my breakneck schedule. Tough to know. I’m overdue for some time off, but the demands of building a media career do not permit it. That and the day job, which pays the bills, has been keeping me busy, so I have been burning the candle at both ends. That means this week’s show is a bit low energy and bit dark.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. The precision at hitting the mark on each segment is astonishing now. That brings me unlimited joy, bordering on bliss. There is also a bonus track on Gab, where I ramble about stuff after having come home from a bourbon tasting. If you are not on Gab, you should be. Despite their flaws, they are the good guys fighting to keep the lamps from going out in the West.

For this week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the four longer segments from the show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android phone commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

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63 thoughts on “A Dark Episode

    • That is an excellent point. Audacious Epigone has also pointed out the race gap. I think that will be a segment on the next podcast.

  1. I approve of this blogCast PowerHour of Honkiness. Good article about how evil Lenin was at Unz.com today. After your Girl!Science AnD BlacketyBlackSci dismantlings, the same disturbing trend was easily found in Lenin’s Commie Proclamations. Stuff and abominable nonsense. Bureaucratic word salad. The High art of awful language in pursuit of genuine evil terror.

    The Black & Grrl gang are but pikers compared to the Monstrous Maestro that was Lenin. A real wackjob who had real “Impact”. Measured in perhaps Millions.

    In addition to the prodigious Crime Stat production of our BlackityBlack achievers there are also the high HIV/AIDS ‘production’ in Black women. Came to mind watching a strange BigPharma drug commercial. The gay and gayer HIV/AIds adsmen prospering due to modern Pharma’s efforts were sandwiched around a Black woman. Then I recalled that outside of gay men & IV drug junkies the other sad growth demo was (as of a few years ago) Black women. Why? Because of all the Bi-black-Guys …. on the “Down’lo”. Bringing the disease Increase back home to the Sistahs…

    So keep preaching that “Truth to Hour” time limit format.

    Honk On My Friend. Honk On….

      • I know where you can get a Beale hand puppet to pleasure yourself with. Be careful though, a few of your brethren have had seizures due to the intense religious rapture they experience. Suitable for all devoted bottoms…like yourself.

  2. For amusement purposes only. Thanks Z, I learn so many new words here.

    Assemblage theory is an ontological framework developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, originally presented in their book A Thousand Plateaus (1980). Assemblage theory provides a bottom-up framework for analyzing social complexity by emphasizing fluidity, exchangeability, and multiple functionalities.[1] Assemblage theory asserts that, within a body, the relationships of component parts are not stable and fixed; rather, they can be displaced and replaced within and among other bodies, thus approaching systems through relations of exteriority [1

    • Sounds like a recipe for unchallenged Narrative. If nothing is true, um, fixed, then only Authority can explicate today’s configuratIon of fluidity. See also ‘PartY Line’.

  3. In Mencken Club Diary Part II Zman mentioned:
    ”Preston reminds me of Fred Reed, before Fred went crazy.” actually more like ‘went native’, as in hardcore pro-Mexico/Mexicans. But if you want ‘ol Fred can supply:
    Just a taste: ”It may be that legal kid porn would absorb molestational energies and thus protect real children. Might it be worth while to find out?”
    RTWT, and he does do the ”The stuff is nasty.” disclaimer.

    • In fairness to Reed, I was never much of a fan. His corn pone style feels forced to me. That’s a bias on my part. He also made jihad against Derb for no reason and that sort of thing bugs me. It’s one thing to disagree, but randomly attacking people is just attention whoring. But, I may be too biased.

      Regarding the post, I think child porn is one of those things a society opposes because it is wrong, not because it can be eliminated. Banning drugs is about trade-offs. Banning child porn is about what kind of society you want.

      • Banning drugs was about black people. Many politicians back in the early to mid 20th c have gone on record saying this is to keep black people away. At one point I would’ve said “dass raciss” and that’s wrong, but these days I wonder if they didn’t have a point, albeit a misguided point.

        • Gun control was also about blacks. When Reagan was governor of California he passed legislation in response to the original Black Panthers brandishing guns outside of polling places in the late 60’s.

    • The problem I had with Reed’s article about child porn was that he brings his proposal of “digital” kids to the normies, like it’s up to us. Even though he martyrs himself in the article title, pushback in the comments was predictably pretty mild. Take this idea straight to the source, meaning the kiddie diddlers themselves, and see if those animals don’t try to burn you at the stake.

  4. Good luck building the media empire! When you hit the big time and they all want a piece of you, don’t forget us little people (maybe send us a care package in the reeducation center or something). Seriously though, good luck and feel better.

    • Voice broadcasting has its own rhythms and paces, as you are discovering, Z. Take a time block and a clock, and you learn how to bring your monologue to a tidy and timely resolution. It is quite satisfying! It supports being measured in your speaking, and going from here to there in a disciplined fashion. A good verbal version of jazz, is what it is.

      Rush, for his part, is a master at working the thing. It is fun to listen to him work the blocks of time.

      • I use a software called Audacity. It lets me see how much time has elapsed. I’m getting better at filling the space I want to fill without rushing to finish or stretching to fill the time. I’m really trying to avoid working from a script or being too prepared. It’s a matter of taste, but I really hate listening to someone speak from a prepared text. I want to keep it conversational.

        I never expect to be good at it, but I can be good enough to be tolerable.

        • Booswash- you’re a bloody natural.

          Rush will retire someday along with the Boomers, the kiddies (Vox, Spencer) will never be ready, and here we already have someone adept at introducing us to the strange new world that’s forming.

          (Hint- terrestrial radio is where the real money is. TV and youtube is for paupers.)

  5. Vox Daycare is super butthurt; just can’t let it go that someone mocked his Wylie Coyote like “genius”. If you aren’t careful you might end up as a villain in one of his puerile comics.

    • I have to say, his reaction when I said he had the same IQ as Obama was hilarious. I thought the little guy was going to have a stroke.

      • Jeez, where was this? I don’t have a dog in the fight, but I do get tired of hearing “I am the most uber-mega-ultra-genius who ever lived.” The guy’s out there fighting the good fight, I wish him well in his endeavors, but he’s first, last, and always a troll.

  6. The whole concept of global warming was conceived by the UN as racket to shift even more money (read: power) from the United States to the the UN itself, who had plenty of ethics deficient scientists lined up, desperate for grant money, willing to say anything in order to get it. As a fortunate coincidence for them, the fall of the USSR and the related death of the Church of Western Communism left a massive spiritual vacuum for hard leftists desperate for a new god to worship.

    It was quite obvious to me, even by the late 90’s, that this was a complete scam. That conclusion was based mostly on the fact that the only way to stop global warming, was by paying even more money in taxes and giving that money to an international organization with a history of zero accountability.

    • Can’t stand the ignorant ghetto culture that has been absorbed by mainstream American culture. Sorry to be a snob, but it is so coarse and ugly and just plain stupid. This is the influence it has on kids who should be occupied with more constructive things:
      Palos Verdes High senior charged in South LA gang killing
      This is what happens when we lose morals and traditions that came with a culture that embraced Christianity. Now Christians are mocked and vilified. See the fruits of moral relativism, blind science and degenerate secularism. So depressing.

      • I watched a vid of Japanese kids offering their (favorable) opinions of America. Most thought that blacks were 30 to 50 percent of the population, the low estimate was 20. Mission control has made great progress everywhere but China.

        • James, a while back, a few of us got into a back and forth on the idea of women voting and I was in the camp of maintaining the vote for women if only for the reason that it would be difficult to take away that privilege. Though I’ve been fortunate to have some people close to me convert from Leftist and SJW types to pro-Trump, alt right, dissident right, I’ve had a bunch of online and real-life encounters since our discussion that has moved me into your camp of 19th Amendment modification. I am distressed to see the extent of female activism that is pushing our nation’s collective hysteria forward and can see how eliminating the vote for these people would aid significantly in restoring our nation to a place more in keeping with our founders’ original intent. Just want you and the others to know that I see now where you’re coming from and agree. As someone suggested, maybe married women with 2 kids or more could vote. Or maybe no women at all. At least until our nation is on a better track.

          • The reason I am not surprised is that your commentary is incisive and curious. If a thing is true you are bound to come to it. Democracy is not sweetness, or kindness, or enlightenment, it is a beast to be avoided or, if ridden, carefully. Restricted suffrage should by no means extend only to women. But it is disrespectful to women to expect them to do something which twists their virtues into vice.
            Your original observation is likely true. It is not practical to do the right thing. What follows democracy, if it represents progress, will not likely be democratic. I don’t advocate anything. I’m waiting on Lord Z. As a man said, you can’t find the right answers before you ask the right questions.

      • Just guessing, but I’ll bet he’s not white.

        Christianity seems a medium for us to express Whiteness. What is in us.

        The Others want to emulate us, rightly.

        Christianity can greatly soften their rough edges- Good King Jesus, King of Kings, is a wonderful archetype- but it will degenerate into Voudoun, Santeria, Phalangist, Hate Krishna, or Falun Gong once non-whites adopt it.

        We’ve qualified ourselves to be on top.
        Terror and pain will rule this world if we don’t.

        • He’s a white kid. That made me even sadder. White with wealthy parents and a promising future in front of him. But he was attracted to thug crap and chose that way. Now his future options may be quite limited. Ultimately, yes, his actions were his own responsibility and, maybe to some degree, the fruits of his parents’ parenting. But the scummy ghetto culture is now prevalent in white mainstream America. You see a video of a group of white kids out on some church event and they’re all making stupid ghetto gestures with their hands and talking idiotic ebonics from degenerate black music. My neighbor’s daughter used to be a decent little kid in girl scouts, wholesome, now she goes to middle school with a bunch of rough bussed-in blacks and listens to modern black crap music and wears tight spandex shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out and spaghetti-strapped thin tight tank tops without a bra. She’s something like 13 years old and looks like a common ho. It’s gross and sad. That’s what our culture is now.

          • Heartbreaking. And to think, rap is the first truly global music, as English is the first global language.

    • ” how all whites under 40 act today Just clueless and awkward”

      Then tell the ones you happen upon that it is OK to be white.

    • And that’s why Compton is now schwartze-frei. La Raza Cosmica has conquered and occupied that turf by force of arms.

      Wake up Blackman! Your hope of survival is with YT!

      Esta rirar!

  7. Climate. It’s gotten so politicized at this point, the truth does not matter, whatever the truth is. Only your political alignment matters and like all things political, that becomes rather stable and rigid. So there’s no real point in debating or discussing it, because you already know what someone’s going to say about it based on their other political affiliations.

    • That’s the genesis of the Vox Cult’s jihad against science. That and evolution. In the case of climate, one side misused science to further the green agenda. The other side responded by attacking science and reason. I’m probably closer to Derb’s point of view. The climate is changing. That’s interesting, but there’s nothing to be done about it. Humans will adapt or die out.

      • Ok, the climate is changing. It has always changed. No one that i know of denies that. What people are skeptical of is that humans are responsible for it, even to a miniscule degree. What pisses most of those people off is the fact that governments use faulty science and sensationalist doom saying as an excuse to tax dirt people to an even further extent in order to “combat climate change” or whatever TF that means. It should be as much an insult as any of the blank slate nonsense that is used as an excuse to flush even more billions of dollars into a bowl of turds who are by nature less equipped to be educated in the first place.

        • My gripe with AGW is that is give science a bad name. The soft sciences have done similar damage. It’s another aspect of the erosion of public trust.

          • Well, the scam was responsible for my looking into the philosophy of science, I didn’t initially have the concepts or vocabulary to have an opinion. And, I knew it. I started out with just some incredulity, and that led me into contrasting credulity vs warranted or unwarranted belief, and so forth.

            AGW is just a hypothesis. It’s crooks trimmers and frauds who have given the profession of science a bad name.

            The body of well supported theories and the technology that flows from them has never been better.

            The scientific method will come back into fashion one day.

        • It’s always the Cloud People yelling the loudest about How We Must Do Something and the proposals they make almost inevitably screw the Dirt People in some way or another. And the Cloud People are amusingly hypocritical too. If they really cared about what they were yelling out, they wouldn’t fly on the airplanes or drive cars or even take the bus – they’d do the responsible thing and use their own human power or animal power to get around.

          When it comes down to it, they have a set of political interests and agendas they want to further and they want to dress it up in the makeup and evening dress of morality. But everyone can see right through it to the underlying selfishness underneath.

          I think like truthiness, there probably needs to be a word about something that looks like science but how did that one physicist put it? It’s not even wrong? Scienciness? I’m not a wordsmith. Anyway, there’s a lot of scienciness that goes on around the politics of Climate Whatever.

      • Are Messers Hauser, Yang, Berwick, Tatersall, Ryan, Watmull, Lewotin, and Chomsky- FN Noam CHOMSKY also part of the vox cult against evolution?

        O, and if you are building a media empire, you are going to have to deal with the charge you are a plagiarist- noted on Vox Day’s blog today

        • Personally, I can’t see that not citing a source for a quote on a response to a blog comment really rises to the status of plagiarism, and I think that the whole business is absurd. There are too many of these slapfights on the Alt-Right – after all, it’s not like we don’t have enough real enemies baying for our blood…

          Anyway, I like and respect Vox and admire a lot of what he is doing, and I am actually much closer to his position on the “scientific” community than I am Z’s or Derbyshire’s. But turning this into some major point of contention is just silly.

          And by the way, I can’t vouch for any of the other guys on that list, but Lewontin and Chomsky are buffoons.

          • I finally looked at the post in question. Yeah, I did not cite Stove in a couple of comments, but I did in another so I should probably be more careful. Pedantic ankle biters like Beale always look for those sorts of nits to pick in order to get some attention for themselves. Then again, my audience is not middle aged men who play with dolls and read comic books.

          • Vox Day is a first rate buffoon. My god he is a klown, and his sycophantic followers are all world class ball washers. They have to be the world’s largest circle jerk.

          • Vox has to grow up. He’s done some good stuff but he’s getting conceited and arrogant. If you read him long enough you will see that he lies, doubles down, projects, and exhibits the traits of the gamma male that he so loathes.
            He’s bang on the money with his comics though. If he does it right (and it’s looking like he is) – he is going to reach young people that old farts like Derb, Yours Truly, and possibly our host – never will. Gawd, I would love to be the point man for marketing that! Kicking Stan Lee in the balls and eating his lunch? And making a buck? And making kids think and question proggie BS? Life doesn’t get much better than that!

          • The people he reaches are chronic masturbators living in their mothers’ basements. Not really useful for much, other than conning them out of money so you can live well.

          • Yeah, you’re probably more right than wrong on that, Karl. I think he appeals to that crowd by rebelling against the leaders of certain organizations and giving its marginal members an alternate figurehead to speak for them. He stirs up shit wherever he goes. In fairness though, some of those organizations NEEDED to be stirred up and divided and others needed to be burnt to the ground. Others, like the new emerging Right – need all the unity, good press and teamwork we can get. I would like to be charitable and say Vox MIGHT have a place on the team, but he certainly can’t be its Captain.

            The problem is that he’s probably going to try that with the Alt Right – as he has with his attacks on Gab and other reputable conservative bloggers. I’ve been watching him for some time and he has a fascinating set of skills and liabilities. He’s smart enough to know when he’s beat – witness how he backed down after he got spanked for the Gab incident. Now, prominent spokesmen of the emerging Right are openly laughing at him and the message is clear: if he wants a place at the table it’s there for him – but he’ll have to grow up and play nice or the adults will kick him out and make him wait out in the car.

            I think we need to appeal to others right across generational lines. Vox can help us with the younger crowd where we definitely are not strong.

          • Scratch that.

            He needs to wait out in the car, and he has no place at the adult’s table. He’s a performance artist past his date and he’s probably going to implode like Milo or Cernovich.

            It’s too bad.

          • Glen, you are far more likely to contribute something useful and real to changing minds and habits, then Theodore “Beaver” Beale 🙂

  8. I really like the phrase “Hitler phone”, and not just because I currently use an iPhone. In a parallel world’s media environment, I suppose that “Hitler phone” could have been the basis of “brand kitsch”, with a suitably goofy ad campaign:

    “It doesn’t take a Triumph of the Will to make a call on a Hitlerphone!”

    “Port a Hitlerphone over any major carrier. It will be your Final Solution for dropped calls!”

    “Hitlerphone: make the Reich choice!”

    • Smartphones in general are cancer. But at least with the Commiephone, you can de-Googlefy it, blow away the factory OS and turn it into something that’s pretty close to what the old Treo was than the turbo-spy NSA cancer they’ve become today.

      The Hitlerphone? Not really. You’re pretty much stuck with iOS no matter what. And Apple doesn’t want you popping the hood and doing any service work yourself, they want you to pay them (and pay them), sink deep into their strong manly arms and let them hold and protect you. And screw you from behind, but they also want you to enjoy that too.

  9. The guy who coined the generational names, he was on one of Kunstler’s podcasts, and he made the remark that in the Democrats, there are almost NO GenXer politicians/candidates. It’s all decrepit Boomers and clueless Millenials. So for the next 10 or so years, there’s no new blood in the D’s

    • The clueless Millennials are also girls.

      I’m not a big fan of generational politics. It’s mostly a way to not think too hard about what’s happening. But, it is not entirely worthless.

  10. The irony of blacks being mediocre even in the area of nonsense “science”. I would have bet money they would have tons of really funny papers to choose from, but I can also see how they mostly would skip writing all together.

    Re: The blackety-black song (which I love); I always picture this negro dwarf dressed in leather, singing it.

  11. Started listening at your final segment- “now we have lots of diversity, one of every kind of queer” on a city council-

    tranny judges, Womyn administrators, lesbian admirals, and nonwhite proxy armies-

    My gods, my gods, this is not looking good

  12. Zman, can’t you do your media career building while “on the clock” at work? That way you won’t feel so rushed.

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