The New Romantics

One of the forces pushing the alt-right along is a rejection of the modern, sterile aesthetic that is the technological age. This seems to be especially true of the younger millennials and Gen Z. They grew up in a world of glass and stainless steel, smooth edges and shades of gray. This is also an age that rejects spontaneity. It is why popular culture is so dull and feminine. There is a drugged dullness to our age. It is not a rational age, for sure, more like an unromantic age.

That is part of the appeal of the new dissident politics. There is a danger to showing up at alt-right rallies or associating with hate thinkers on social media. Men, especially young men, like adventure. For the generations raised by helicopter parents, thought police and sensitivity training, the danger of the alt-right is attractive. Breaking taboos and standing outside the herd is exhilarating, but the associated brotherhood fills a void the custodial state created in young men. It is not just fun to be bad, it is liberating.

We seem to be at the confluence of two forces acting on our societies. One is the hyper-feminization we see everywhere. There are few public places where men can be themselves or hold a dominant place. In fact, any sphere of life that is male oriented is under pressure to bring in girls. Even things like sports are forcibly integrated. We live in an age where elites want to put girls on football teams and in the boxing ring. Modern life is covered in a wool blanket, drenched with the fetid waters of feminism.

The other force is mass media. If you examine modern movies, one of the odd things is that many are in celebration of old weird America. Boston, for example, became a popular setting for movies, but almost always the old Boston of ethnic neighborhoods. Mass media allows young people a glimpse of the old lost age. They can see a time where the South was still rural and mysterious, the Northeast had tribal ethnics and Los Angeles still had Americans. For the young, old America feels like a foreign country.

The point here is that we are now at a time, at least from the perspective of a young male, where America is a feminine and deracinated society. For those of us who have lived through this transformation, it may be depressing, but it is not jarring. We saw the changes over time. We heard the warnings of those commentators on the Old Right and we saw those warnings ignored. It is like driving a new car for ten years. You know it is old and you remember when it was new, but you also remember everything in between.

Young people lack that middle part. They came into a world disconnected from the old world they can still see on TV or in movies. For young white males, increasingly alienated from the modern culture, it is not a big surprise that they would look backward for examples of how to move forward. Spend time following alt-right social media, and you see lots of references to the fact that the current culture is degraded and ugly. The past had true diversity, while present is a homogenized, degenerate slurry of nothingness.

This interesting story from the Guardian UK, about something similar happening in Germany, suggests this could be a pan-Western phenomenon. The difference is that it is still possible to be a famous intellectual in Europe. You can also be famous as a writer of fiction, read by men. In the US, public intellectuals are chattering skulls on cable TV, who spit out vapid platitudes approved by the people in charge. Literature, of course, is now dominated by women, so it has no point and no audience, outside the academy.

That said, Europe and America have something in common. Young males, disconnected from the culture, are searching for something to give purpose to their lives. A common refrain on the alt-right is about the uselessness of being a wage slave in a cubicle farm, just so you can buy useless crap from global corporations. That seems to be a theme of the new romanticism bubbling up in Europe. It is young people, particularly young males, reaching back to an age before they were born, for inspiration and purpose.

The Guardian piece is quick to point out the connections between German Romanticism and you know who. That brings up a big difference between the US and Europe. Germans are not about to become minorities in their own country. The same is true of the rest of Europe. In the US, whites will be a minority in a generation. The cultural phenomenon may have many parallels today, but in the fullness of time they will head off in different directions. It is why the alt-right is less artsy than the new European romantics.

All in all, what we are seeing is validation of an age old truth. One of the top-level duties of a ruling class is to keep its young men busy. Too many alienated and idle young men always spell trouble. What has happened in the West is the ruling elite has deliberately pushed men out of the social order. The follow on act was to invite in millions of foreigners to gloat over the deracinated male population. There are only so many mixed race couples you can see on TV before you get the message.

This will not end well

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  3. “Germans are not about to become minorities in their own country.”

    Not so fast.

    Check out the immigration figures and the demographics.

    Germans WILL be a minority in their own country, probably some time this century.

  4. ‘In the west, whites will be a minority in a generation.”

    Only in the urban areas. I travel extensively around the country, and am currently in the rural heart of the Keystone State. Out here, old America is alive and kicking. Men lined up at the gun and hunting counter at the small, general store, buying hunting licenses and wearing camo clothing. Their young male children similarly attired, with short hair, no tattoos and muddy boots. And the women look …. normal.

    American flags abound, along with their yellow, Gadsden counterparts. Farms, rural homesteads and the yards of closely packed, urban houses in the few dingy, post-industrial towns and hamlets I passed through yesterday displayed a variety of new, proudly worn Trump signs. America is still out there, and waiting.

    Bustling American Legion of VFW halls serving as cultural centers of countless communities; protestant churches with full parking lots on Sunday in small towns and rural areas; civic groups with still active and vital programs and heavy participation. All this is there, still.

    Whether in rural Montana, mountainous Arizona, Virginia or Tennessee, I see the same thing. So it’s only certain areas, this rot …. the question is, can this great swath of traditional America remain in such close proximity with the urban centers, when they have little or nothing in common? And if not, what’s to be done?

    Yes, our losses have been staggering, and the power of these cultural destructors nearly unchecked by our own (Republican?, conservative?, rightist elites). But there is hope … if we step outside of the old, failed tactics predominating on “our” side.

    I just get the feeling that people are tired of backing up. So yes, overall and statistically, we might be facing a “majority-minority” future (as well as a cultural divide independent of just racial identity). However, that future exists only if this nation so dearly won continues to exist as now structured, or if the vision of our elites is fully realized.

    And if the past shows any one thing clearly, it’s that we can just never tell what’s coming around the next corner.

  5. Los Angeles still had Americans

    The Los Angeles Municipal Code states that Los Angeles shall be considered American territory until such time as Steve Sailer permanently moves out of the city or dies. At such time the city shall be relinquished to the Mexican government.

  6. Not to sound like the old geezer but if they label fits I guess . . . . . . .
    Haven’t seen anything in this latest batch of up-and-coming young males to inspire me about any sort of reversal of fortune for the white race.

    They’ve been bludgeoned by big media to be never ending apologists for the savages that infest the cities. Now big brother is promoting mating with these animals. Until these young white males grow a backbone and defend their women against the onslaught of urban and third world filth we will very likely be an extinct race.

    Wish I could share your optimism Z. An old-timer once told me to think of all the serial killers and mass murderers . They’re all white he said and believed White’s would again be the dominant race.

    My old friend has been gone for many years and would no doubt be very disappointed at the current events.

  7. Make fash fash.

    Know the battlefield. Women, drawn to cities and urban jobs, eventually outnumber the men. They are starved for mates, and dominate urban industry such as academia, bureaucracy, and media.

    We hear their cacaphony of signaling as they use the shifting fads of enforcement as they try to one-up each other for position, for mates, for pension.

    When good males are in shortage, opportunists adopt the plumage to attract them.

    It’s a fashion war. Females in media are driving a fashion war.

    The good guys were over there getting killed in Vietnam. So the seducers became bad boy revolutionaries, dressing like Che Guevara or the Indians in a TV western.

    Now we have those same urban media women pushing the fantasy of the tamed jungle beast. Devil-may-care rappers, flashing bling, fast cars, glam parties.
    Who cares about building civilization, baby, I’m gonna hop on you like the last chopper outta Nam.
    Obama, the smooth James Bond subversive.
    Fantasy lovers.

    Fash must become fash.
    The badthinkers must become too sexy for their shirts. Not the clods and losers of Charlottesville. Conquerors, winners.

    Swing the women to our side.
    Have them chanting for us.

  8. Glen Filthie wrote: “We have to figure out what to do with our women. Putting them back in the kitchen isn’t an option; they need work, they need to feel useful and appreciated, and they need something to do…just like us. If we don’t answer that soon – well, we know how that goes, right? “

    Here’s an idea:
    Women get chance to ‘one-up’ the men in mixed infantry units
    “I want to be one of the females to prove to everybody else that just because you’re a female, doesn’t mean you can’t do the same things as a male,” she said, describing her brother — an infantry soldier — as motivation. “I also wanted to one-up him.”'one-up'-the-men-in-mixed-infantry-units

  9. We can’t fix things or make them right until we understand how they got broken in the first place. Women didn’t go nuts of their own accord. Back in the day they the would have rejected feminism and proggie liberalism en masse – and embraced the Alt-Right in droves. Back in the good ol’ days, they lived in a man’s world. Consider:

    House work used to be a 24/7/365 proposition. Being a mother and home maker was a wholesome and respected profession. The perfect woman of the 40’s ran her home with the precision of a Swiss watch. Her home was always tidy and clean; guests were treated like visiting royalty and she earned respect and admiration by raising good kids in a good home. She worked damned hard for it too.

    Then in the 50’s, electrical appliances happened. Her workload was cut in half overnight. What could she do with half her time free? Drink? Smoke? She had to have something besides that or she would go nuts… and most women DID go nuts! The 60’s and 70’s came and went. Home appliances became more efficient, cheaper, and refined. Today, un-culinary bumblers like me can open a few cans, unwrap some frozen dinners – nuke them in the microwave and prepare a feast in a few minutes. Back in the day that would have taken Grandma all day.

    Women are not invading our spaces to be mean – they want to be with us; they want to live in a man’s world and they want to be a valued part of our teams – but there is precious little room here for them because they are not biologically hard wired to operate in our environs – another development to drive them batchit crazy. When they fail in our world, it makes them bitter and angry and sometimes they blame us. And we point fingers right back at them and laugh and jeer like arses.

    We have to figure out what to do with our women. Putting them back in the kitchen isn’t an option; they need work, they need to feel useful and appreciated, and they need something to do…just like us. If we don’t answer that soon – well, we know how that goes, right? Not to slag our gracious host – but every Friday we get amusing lectures on ‘girl science’ and we laugh and chortle amongst ourselves – when maybe we should be thinking about how we can keep our women from ending up like that. Unless we do something – more ‘girl scientists’ are on the way, and they will pull the roof down on us.

    • Historically and universally, the family was an economic unit of production: Husbands and wives, parents and children, perhaps other family members and employees worked on the family farm or in the family business. Being a housewife was hard work and required a great deal of skill. A man married not just because he wanted someone to wash and iron his pants, but someone to make his pants to begin with, possibly starting with wool from his own sheep. Women earned a great deal of self-respect and the respect of others.

      With industrialization, urbanization and affluence, the family gradually shifted from being a unit of economic production to a unit of economic consumption. People bought what they needed instead of made, raised or grew and women became economically dependent on their husbands. In post-WWII society, labor-saving devices eased the load of housework and it required little in the way of skill. How many women were complimented on their dusting technique or vacuuming skill? The only tasks that required real skill and gained praise were cooking and childrearing.

      It’s been said that feminism was an attempt by women to regain lost self-respect and the respect of others.

    • There is plenty a woman can do around the house and farm. My wife and daughter homeschool our grandchildren and nieces. They manage some of our breeding program, organize family get togethers, and holidays, and a bunch of other stuff.

      They’re happier than when they were in the man’s world and twice as engaged with each other and the family.

  10. There is a movement back to the land. Young American men are operating small farms again. (No, they’re not all libertarians.) The internet is allowing rugged individualists to actualize their visions without isolation. The moronic chattering skulls of MSM inside the Overton Bubble are driving others out of the bubble. It’s all good.

  11. “Young males, disconnected from the culture, are searching for something to give purpose to their lives.”

    Indeed they are. Having a family used to be the number one answer to this – that is, taking on the big bad world and creating a safe and happy little universe for oneself and the wife of his youth to raise some decent future citizens – but as long as so many young men bounce around from one “relationship” to another and waste their lives working on “game” then the cultural Marxists have won.

  12. I completely lost it when I heard the Marine Corps commissioned a female infantry officer. That’s when I knew feminism reached peak stupidity and peak destructiveness.

  13. I disagree with Zman in just one respect. It is not just milennial males that are unhappy with the modern American culture.
    One reason I was not TOO surprised Trump won was that, before the election, I found out that the most popular non-news cable channel was The Hallmark Channel. I never watch it, but my wife, Chinese, born in Shanghai and raised in Hong Kong, was always watching the Halllmark channel when I got home from work. I watched a few times and what I saw was programming that seemed to want to bring back Leave It To Beaver, or Ozzie and Harriet. The characters were largely white, without tattoos or piercings, the kids were well behaved, no vulgar language and no people jumping in an out of bed with persons not their spouses. It was almost a call to Make America Great (or at least Moral) Again.
    There are a lot of people unhappy about conditions in society today, and it is not just young males.

    • The Progs have screwed the pooch in recent years. But if they ever do get back the levers of power, because they have been so frightened by the Trumpiness going on, they are going to throw the hammer down any way they can find. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

      • See Tykebomb’s note above. Who has more guns and ammo than anybody on the planet? It’s not the folk pushing unisex bathrooms.

        • True. But the Progs are so hungry for scalps, they aren’t thinking about that. Plus, they subscribe to magical thinking. Ban guns, and they all disappear, just like that. Still ain’t gonna be pretty, even if it comes out right in the end. It’ll be what it’ll be.

    • There was a piece on Drudge a few days ago that said the Hallmark Channel’s ratings were up 10% from this time last year.
      The movies on Hallmark are sugary sweet, you could probably get diabetes watching them. You could certainly tell they’re geared towards a female audience. They can seem a bit cucky with a lot of “single mom finds love with a stunningly handsome and well to do man” plots.
      That said they are sweet, romantic and largely wholesome. At Thanksgiving dinner a couple days ago my mom asked her nephew’s 17 year old daughter how things were going with her new boyfriend.
      “We went out on a date last night!”, she gushed. “It was just like a Hallmark movie.”

      • I like Hallmark channel movies sometimes, Yes they are a bit treacly but they are kind of what the world would be like if most people were White and decent

        My take is almost all Liberal to Conservative Whites would secretly like to love to live in that kind of society with the rest of us reactionaries wanting The Shire

        The Leftists all Chaos Worshipers , Slaneesh and Tzeench mostly if you’ll forgive a 40K reference and thus don’t count and the foreigners mostly just to it to be just like home only richer.

        Frankly the first leader who can articulate that and has a plan that might actually make something like that happen will be able to raise an army because something like that is worth killing for.

        Right now though its all Deus Volt which might surprise certain people since it is much less popular than they think and various Rednecks clamoring for war but loathing it and other sort of Neo Reactionary eggheads.

        We need a movement that incorporates a better civic and healthy small town life even for the poor.

        • I occasionally post on Vox Day’s blog (under a different nom de plume) and read your friendly disagreements with him regarding Christianity. Right now, there is a thread devoted to bashing Mr. Rational and atheists in general.

    • To give my 8th-grade history students an idea of what life was like in post-WWII America, I showed them a promotional short film made by a propane company. It depicted a day in the life of “Timmy,” a typical American boy whose life was made wondrous by the modern convenience and comfort of propane. Leave It to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, and Lassie all rolled into one.

      I thought they would find it rather corny (I did), but they were entranced. Timmy had a dad with a good job. Timmy’s mom stayed home and fixed him real meals that were not McDonald’s. Timmy lived on a tree-lined, safe street. He went to church, he went to Cub Scouts. His school was filled with students like himself: white and middle class.

      They loved that damn film. They all wanted to be Timmy.

      • The liberals would say that post-WWII society was racist and sexist and homophobic and whatever other offense against the gods of our own age: Equality, Inclusion and Diversity.

        They also lacked the exotic restaurants that proliferate today. Pizza was only becoming popular then.

  14. Here in the rural south, redneck culture still holds sway with young males.

    They play video games, but they also hunt, fish, chew tobacco, drink beer, and drive big, loud trucks that sit about 5 feet off the ground. And they all like guns and know how to use them.

    They also get married young and have children. In the country, it’s not so easy to go out every night and chase girls. So guys end up marrying, so they won’t have to go home to an empty doublewide with nothing to do every night.

    There’s not much cubicle life around here, so these guys join the army, or work driving logging trucks, doing construction, and cooking in fast food restaurants.

    These ain’t much, but they’re not a coddled bunch of metrosexuals, and they don’t have their heads filled with a lot of rot from higher so-called education. Every time one of them irritates me by roaring past in his lifted truck with no apparent muffler, I remind myself they’re the last hope this country has.

      • I live in a university town and spend a lot of time out in Redneck country. Many of the druggies are either dead or in prison. Used to see them driving like maniacs on narrow, winding country roads even just a couple of years ago. Not so much now. Properties where they lived either sold or abandoned.

    • I was walking around the Winston-Salem (NC) Mall for The Black Friday sales. It was bad. Hindu, Mandarin and Spanish dominated. Even the chubby pale children would turn to their parents and speak Spanish. There were maybe five white children the whole night. I spent most of the day getting more and more depressed. I ended the night at Dick’s sporting goods. It was more of the same Spanish and obese Blacks.

      Except the gun section. The entire white population had formed a line to buy firearms, including all the young families with multiple small children. There wasn’t a single ethnic in the section.

      This is going to be interesting.

      • Last night I too contemplated el futuro de Los Estados Unidos on Black Friday as my wife and I walked around the mall. Malls are currently the bottom of the barrel of retail so they attract the bottom of the barrel. The type of people who go to malls are now third worlders who are used to trampling one-another in a stampede for a religious festival such as they have around the kabbah in Mecca or basically any Hindu festival. The Latin Americans get a lot of free money from the government they use to buy crap at the mall.

        Still, these third-worlders have kids. Whites don’t, and they don’t raise the ones they have. SIr John Glubb said Rome was almost devoid of Romans before its fall and was full instead of people from the empire’s fringes. So it is with our major cities. I expect widespread unrest or financial problems (the Four Horsemen always ride in succession) would result in some sort of LIFO phenomenon. Whites have nowhere else to go, so we’re staying. The first and second generation immigrants will self-deport. I would expect that any final rending of our social fabric would affect the immigrants – most of whom are hear for the consumerism and free stuff – as much as anyone else.

        Still, there’s nothing to suggest we will prevail. Who today remembers the Rhodesians? The experiment was repeated in South Africa and whites still didn’t learn from their immediate neighbors to the North. We should get our act together but I’m not optimistic. We will likely die with our religion.

  15. I don’t pay attention to the alt-right; maybe I should, but I don’t.
    I see them as insignificant in the whole scheme of things; I will admit that I can be totally wrong about this and that I am missing the forest for the trees.

    I DO pay attention to the likes of Occupy, BLM, ANTIFA , ANSWER, Socialist Workers Party, Soros, Steyer and other left wing radical and very violent loonie groups and their big money (billionaire) supporters.

    These lefty wackos – like all leftist groups – are expert propagandists. They tailor their public message into reasonable sounding objectives (social justice, equality, end racism, etc), while actually seeking to impose – by force – upon the citizenry a totalitarian, communist govt.
    The scary part is their public message resonates with many (totally stupid and ignorant) college age kids (these morons vote) and their “allies” in media and the democratic party. It also resonates with most black and hispanic “leadership” groups,
    This is really dangerous.
    Just look at how many of these morons supported the communist pig, Bernie Sanders, and the lesbian bull dyke, Hillary.

    Note that not one influential democrat or mainstream media outlet has condemned the violence of these groups or has mentioned what are the true objectives of these leftist groups (i.e, the VIOLENT overthrow of our system of govt. and the imposition, by force and terror) of a communist government.
    And why is that?
    Because the democrats and the mainstream media really do support the actual goals of these groups. They will deny this, but the idea of a government of, by the for the (self anointed) ruling elites looks very good to them.
    And that is the scary part.

    I am in the middle of a truly frightening book; “The Whisperers – Private Life in Stalin’s Russia,” by Orlando Figues.
    Essentially, a significant percentage of the Russian population was totally brainwashed (literally speaking) into believing that Stalin (who exterminated more people than Hitler) was a great guy.

    Oh, your father was arrested and shot by Stalin !! Well then, he must have been guilty of something or otherwise he never would have been arrested. Maybe it was just a mistake. Clearly, there had to be a reason why he was sent of to a Siberian gulag and then shot. After all, our dear leader Stalin would not have done this unless he had a good reason.

    And so it went.

    By the way, 46% of present day Russians have a positive view of Stalin. Thus is the power of propaganda. (It is highly probable that many of the ancestors of this 46% were murdered by Stalin; think about that).

    When the propaganda is interminable, everywhere, persistent, organized, etc. the sheeple will believe ANYTHING. And they do (especially if it is pounded into your brain beginning in elementary school).

    As far as I can tell, the alt-right does not have the capability to bamboozle a significant percentage of the citizenry. Not yet, anyway.
    Yep, I could be totally wrong. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places.

    But the leftist message is very compelling and influential, and is supported by billionaires like Soros, Steyer and a host of foundations that have millions of $$$ to disburse.

    The alt-right, IMHO, most likely will remain a sort of fringe element in our society.
    I wish I was as optimistic about the left wing message.

    • Soros, Steyer, and their cronies fear the Scots-Irish based culture (as described by Bad Guest below) so much. You can’t buy your way into it, and those guys are used to buying their way in to whatever they want to do.

      So they would rather crush it. They fear the Scots-Irish more than they fear any sort of totalitarianism—of course they plan to call the totalitarian shots. They might be in for a surprise on that one.

    • Rereading the article, I note the coming Purge and Great Terror: we now have political officers from top to bottom, relentlessly enforcing Correct Thought.

  16. As history amply demonstrates, rule by women, or even just major influence by them, ensures doom. Their emotions overwhelm what intellect they have, and their short time horizons are those of children…

    • Women are sometimes capable executants of national power: the Byzantine Empress Irene comes naturally to mind, as does Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, Maria Theresa of Austria, even (in our own time) Margaret Thatcher. It was a girl, Joan of Arc, who donned the armor of a warrior and led her armies to victory over the English.

      Sometimes women have more balls than men do. But that’s just it: To have balls, in the metaphorical sense.

      Of course these were exceptions: Women who led in fealty to a masculine code, though often shrewd enough to use their ‘femininity’, when the gallantry of fools could be exploited, to advance national goals.

      Rather than pitting “men” versus “women”, let’s stick to “masculine” versus “feminine” styles of rule. Zenobia was ten times the “man” that (for example) Justin Trudeau is, or Obama was, etc. My guess is that she would have had the authoress of ‘the Vagina Monologues’ buried alive.

  17. Those “mixed race couples” aren’t there by chance. Pushed hard by that fountain of evil called Hollywood, there is something faintly pornographic about them.

    • There are reports that Prince Harry is engaged to Megan Markle, an American mulatta (white dad, black mom) divorcee.

    • Great point. That same fountain spews forth lesbian and gay “love” stories that pass the Hallmark Hall of Fame wholesomeness test as regards nudity and stuff, yet is still porn, by being a celebration of what is unnatural and debased. You can’t argue against it, without bringing odium upon yourself: For who can be against “love”?

  18. It is the ‘genius’ (so to speak) of The System of Islam that it is structured to constantly produce a surplus of unneeded, idle young men via polygamy, etc. They are a constant aid to jihad, hence Islamic expansion, since they can be easily diverted via Islamic doctrine into things young men instinctively like to do such as fight, rape and plunder.

    But can Romanticism serve in the place of Islamist supremacy as an organizing force for the trouble the Prog loons at The Guardian say they fear_? Having been forced to study German Romanticism in German class, I’m pretty dubious. With it’s long-winded, overbearing emphasis on feeellzzz rather than deeds, it seemed to me much more like the precursor to the stifling dominance of feminism that we suffer under now.

    I’d say that *if* there is a resurgence of ‘the other N word’ it will spring from a young male reaction against female supremacy rather than via romanticism. It was the ‘genius’ (so to speak) of ‘you know who’ to divert unfocused German Romanticism into focused, mystic German nationalism as an outlet for the depression idled, Weimar-degeneracy-alienated young German men, after all.

    Seems to me that the Progs. have it just exactly backwards (like usual). They should be so lucky to have the alienated, idle young men of the West slide into romanticism rather then be mobilized against them by a ‘genius’ demagog in the near future. Trump is The Cloud’s safety valve and not their nemesis if he can put young American men to work in a revitalized economy. It is another mark of their madness that they seek to stifle him at every turn.

    • None of the young men of my family or acquaintance like to ” fight, rape and plunder. ”
      They seem to be disposed to create, provide and protect.
      But I guess you and yours are deeply fucked up.

      • You haven’t the faintest idea what young men want… When you were that age, you were still pre-op.

        • By the time they are “young men” parents have had close on a couple of decades to socialize and civilize their boys, at least, that’s how it works in the West.

          It’s obviously different in your native Somalia.

      • It seems that you’ve never been in the military, I’d guess, as indicated by your Christmas-letter style humble bragging. Still, if true, I congratulate you on your family’s success in channeling young male energies and inclinations in constructive directions.

        I was taking about what happens when such socialization breaks down, as it must in the female imperative culture we have now emerging where not only is the game rigged against young males but there are no longer many prizes with winning

    • The Chinese have a huge surplus of youngish males. It will be interesting to see them interact with islam as they expand in that direction. Ethnic Chinese are at least as racist as any arabs or blacks.

      • The Chinese have culled females from their herd, so unless they can build a sex robot that can bear children, they will have to expand their boundaries to remain in the gene pool.

        • Islam force breeds soldiers.
          Its pillars and system work to this end.
          Fund the fighters, feed their orphans, create beserkers with molestation and break females’ will with FGM.

          Vladistovok was a Chinese city a century ago. They want Khazakstan and Siberia back. China’s cultural borders used to extend to Turkey, til the relentless centuries of Islamic push.

          That half of the world may get very interesting indeed. Will Atilla take Rome this time?

  19. Like most of you, I imagine, for the better part of two decades I’ve been telling all my Proggie acquaintances: Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it. Proggies really truly madly deeply think they’d love to “punch a Nazi.” Problem is, there are no Nazis… so they went all-in on creating the conditions in which Nazis could arise. The first PR genius who figures out how to Nazi-LARP without actually calling it Nazi will have every wannabe-Chad on campus putting on an armband. Brown and black are out as uniform colors, but Confederate gray has a nice throwback look to it….

    • You really think the people who desperately want to punch nazis are even remotely close to smart enough to actually create the conditions under which Naziism will reform?

      • Leftism creates those conditions automatically, comrade (almost as if it’s a “historical necessity”). We call it “Weimar America” for a reason. 🙂

    • Sev;
      Hmm. Another Wide-Awake movement, this time with rebel flag armbands_? Already got the torches.

  20. The social conditions of the western world are ripe for the return of an atavistic arch type whose romantic appeal of an older order will be his way forward .

    The morality of this person is yet undecided .

  21. You are right that the U.S. is much farther along than Europe. A few weeks ago, I applied for a residence permit in Austria. I introduced myself to the female bureaucrat by saying, “ I am English but I can speak German.” She responded by saying, “ That is good because in Austria we speak German.”

    I really believe that an equivalent statement about English made by a bureaucrat in the U.S. (probably also in the U.K.) would result in summary termination. And in many parts of the U.S., such a statement would not even be true.

  22. In at least one city in Germany migrants outnumber native Germans. It made international news in groups I follow. The whole idea of the migrant invasion is so that ethnic citizens become minorities in their own countries. And Germans more than any other country are afraid to speak up due to the intergenerational guilt with which they have been indoctrinated. When Germany finally has marches like Poland and Hungary just did in celebration of their own nation and culture we’ll know the end of 3rd wave feminism is near. What happens at that point is not pleasant to contemplate at all.

  23. Boys will be boys. That is evolutionary biology. Those traits were formed over a few hundred thousand years and will not go quietly into that good night, despite the nagging of the Left. You say it will not end well, but rather it will end exactly as it should. Basic nature will re-assert itself. One side will wail and cast forth it’s lame words in a vain attempt to push back the tide. The coming wave is deaf.

  24. Yes, we Germans will be a minority in our own Country.
    According to the representative for foreigners of Saxonia in the year 2035 the original biological Germans will be the minority in Germany.
    This was published in the Newsletter 6/2012 by the then Representative Dr Martin Gillo. He is a member of Ms Merkel CDU (Christian Democratic Union)

    • How do you feel about that? How many male Germans are totally cucked, how many are ready to put the muslims to the sword? Appreciate your personal insights on the country…

      • Tamara of “view from the porch” made a statement to the effect that the Germans could go from wimp to full Hun in nothing flat. Will be interesting for sure.

        • Can’t remember who said that the Germans are either at your throat or at your feet. Many Americans and Europeans, too, have some degree of German ancestry. My Russian grandmother had German and Norwegian forebears (19th c.). Perhaps the German error in the 1930s was worrying so much about proving racial “purity.” You would think that after the horrible disaster for Europe that WWI was, they would have learned to treat each other more kindly, with Christian forgiveness in the forefront. Instead of looking into their own sinful hearts, they assigned blame on uniquely ‘evil’ scapegoats, and found themselves at war all over again a short time later.

      • I am beyond angry. But I can do nothing.
        We Germans have no 2nd Amendment, so getting a gun is a impossible. When I was a member of a Martial Arts Club (95% of members were coming from Turkey or descendants of Turkish people) you just needed to ask them and they could get you anything. But I would not support it.

        We feel helpless and our Spirit is broken, thanks to WWII. You see, all in Schools history lesson is the Shoah, and the Germans crime and that we have it in our genetic code. And that is repeated again and again.

        We are told that there is no Chance at redemption for us, as Mr Michel Friedman (who used the alias Paolo Pinkel while ordering cocaine – Pinkel means Snob or City slicker), who used to be a member of the National board of the CDU (political Party of Merkel) and deputy chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany said: Atonement is an absolute senseless Notion. The inheritors of the jew-killing National Socialist state have no choice but to carry the burden of the heavy historical responsibility. For Generations, Forever.

        If you think that is still anti-semitism, then remember that whenever someone tries to make good policies, like restricting the flow of (unwanted) immigrants than the Central Council of the Jews are the first to scream NAZI.

        And during the election of 2002 if I remember correctly, the Council said that no Party should use Immigration during the election. While a few parties used Immigration in the election, one hour after this anouncement only the rightwing parties used it. The other parties dropped it like a hot potato.

        We Germans have been totally brainwashed. Remember JCS 1067?
        Yes, this means we are cucked and only a few still have some of the fire of our ancestors. But we stand no Chance as even the slightest movement is infiltrated and everybody would betray the next Person if this would give him some Advantage in a courtroom if said movement is criminalized.
        So my personal opinion is: Better an end with Terror than terror without end.
        Meaning: If I had a red button before me that would make Germany inhospitable for all eternity while killing all Germans I would push it.
        For the Antifa, reds, marxists, greens and other betrayers I would consider this to be the justified punishment.
        For the remaining patriots a mercy-killing so that we dont see Germany turned into Islam-istan.

        And one last Thing:
        They are not immigrants. They are settlers.
        Immigrants follow the law, but´settlers just come and take what they want. And they even say it out load. They are there to stay (regardless what we Germans want) and everything will be theirs.

        • They’re not settlers, they’re invaders. You are the eternal Jew killers, but we are the eternal slaveholding racists. No atonement is possible for us either, but we still have guns, which, as the liberals like to say, is “problematic” for those who would rule us.

        • You can get a gun by joining a hunting club, right? You can also make them. Go onto Scribd and search “professor parabellum” or “practical scrap metal firearms.” You can also buy PA Luty’s book. Make friends with some bikers like the Mongols and you can get ammo and firearms.

          • I disagree with your description of them as invaders.
            Let me explain:

            An invader comes with weapons and storms your country.
            And he kills you.
            And in an invasion the state mobilises the armed forces.
            And in an invasion it is the invaders that throw the people out of their flats and not the mayor.
            In an invasion the invaders take what they want. But now the people entering Europe are supplied and given everything by the state.

            It is not Immigration.
            Because immigration is like: Do you have a job, you may come.
            If you go to South Korea and tell them that you dont have a job, dont want to work and that the South Koreans have to give you money, a flat, then the South Koreans will ask you if you are ill / insane.

            Those two do not apply to our countries.
            What is happening is a settlers policy.
            Just look at the US. Long ago the country belonged to the natives but not today.
            A lot of Europeans were sent to the US and then they gave up their identities as German, British etc and instead became Americans.

            The reason why the EU wants those many foreigners to come to Europe is because they want to do the same as the US did.
            You see, Europe will break apart if the people still think of themselves as German, British etc. But if you put a lot of other people in the countries then you have a melting pot and the people will adopt a new identity as Europeans.
            And as the foreigners have a higher rate of children than the native Germans, British they will replace the Germans, British etc.
            They SETTLE Europe. They will be the new Europeans.
            We, the old Germans, British, etc will die out.
            It is a reverse colonization.

            Yes, I can join a gun club.
            But before you can own a gun it takes a few years and if you are considered politically unreliable you loose the permission to own a gun.
            And every patriot is considered unreliable.
            And yes, I know of these books.
            But who has the skills to build them without killing themselves.

  25. I don’t think we’re as bad off as many think. We may be seeing an influx of refugees from Canada as things accelerate there. They will be woke.

    • I see the white shitlibs getting forced out of the dem party (happening already) and taking up white identity with a vengeance. The black population will be isolated geographically and politically, shrinking steadily over time as welfare benefits are withdrawn. Asians will pretty much align with the whites, and the Mexicans will be repatriated or assimilated. Equilibrium will be restored, there will not be a race war or any large blood letting. The white lower and working classes will be rejuvenated by Trump’s America first manufacturing policy.

  26. I have thought the same Z – basically how stereotypical Feminine the prevailing culture has become. The government can’t manage or even understand basic money management, the lurching from hot fashion to the next (think homosexuals to blacks to trannies to illegal immigrants), the emotional meltdowns (trump, Hillary, Russia). Many men who have been married have lived through the same things in microcosm, a bit of security and the feminine mind seeks out the next conflict/drama to feel alive. Shoot they can’t even let boys have the Boy Scouts- how far they will go for those adrenaline rushes is amazing.
    Difference may be that men can get their adrenaline fix through physical activity or difficult technical/business challenges, doesn’t have to be emotional.

  27. I remember reading, decades and decades ago, country assessments of third world holes like Egypt, that noted the coming instability that would be caused by too many ill-prepared male “college” graduates, with no prospective jobs.

    Say hello to living in a third world hole.

    • Though unlike the 3rd world the US is heavily armed. we have more per capita guns than Yemen where everyone is armed.

      Its going to be interesting in that Chinese curse sense.

  28. What is the alt-right?
    White males who resist their ethnic cleansing. Who resist their castration.

    The girls need and want their boys back.
    They will come. So more boys will follow…

    • Oh, and the dusky heartthrob?
      A fad. A media creation that soon loses its cachet with closer examination.

      Girls marry up.

      • Girls don’t want to MARRY them, they just want to ride their fish as long as possible.

        Then they want to trade up to a high-status beta cuck to ‘marry’ after they have blown their beauty and best years and health riding the exoticock carousel.

        It’s a shame that so many high status males are brainwashed to buy these used cars that carefully hide their carfax.

        The only white girls MARRYING as mudsharks are trailer trash. Marrying exoticock is actually a Step UP from their local boys.

        • Very true. The one white woman I know who married a Black guy, mainly I think to get even with a Neo Nazi daddy married way , way up.

          The Black guy holds down a job and is generally decent, good looking and loyal . She is a total bipolar nut job with low impulse control.

          Not loss the White gene pool at all.

          Problem with Black/White relations is mostly do to the collapse of the Black family anyway along with the grievance peddlers

          My neighbors are Black folk. married, stable, working and polite. I quite like them even though they aren’t ‘my people” they are my countrymen and pretty decent neighbors.

          Has we kept intact families, had work and low immigration along with freedom to not associate, most of our Black White troubles would have long passed

          To get back there we’ll have to be nasty and if we kick out the foreigners and we restore the Black family and have work , the what 7% of the population after the mess will be fine

      • “Jungle fever” is intriguing to young women on the C*** Carousel, until they approach the Wall. As a woman’s youth and beauty fade, provisioning becomes of utmost importance and the Dindus, with their evolutionary-induced lagging IQ’s, just don’t measure up!

  29. I think this will end beautifully. This country has never really had an ethnic cleansing or a bloodbath of truly epic proportions.

    The death toll that is to come will finally give us the chops to compare ourselves to the great old countries of the past.

    • The Civil War wasn’t a bloodbath of epic proportions? It’ll do until the real thing comes along.

      • Nah! The vast bulk of Civil War “casualties” (including deaths), reported, were from such “non-bloody” means as mumps, measles chicken pox, diarrhea and malaria!

        Battles were sporadically bloody, but casualties were made worse by old-style tactics used in the face of new weapons, compounded by primitive battlefield medical practices.

  30. My point (and I did have one) was that it’s unclear to me to what extent video games will be a distraction for the young men of this generation. I see it being at least as bad as sportsball.

    • The SJWs are busy ruining video games. Pretty soon the only thing left for young men will be the real world. It’s not going to end well, as Z said.

  31. I’m the same age as ZMan, and unusual among my acquaintance in that I never played video games. Never saw the attraction, just seemed like a waste of time. It upsets me to see grown men today blowing money on game systems. Recently a co-worker showed me a picture of her new granddaughter – her son was lying back on the couch, cradling his infant under his chin like an old phone handset, both his hands occupied with a video game. There was something so wrong about the spectacle that it stuck with me.

    • Almost three years ago my wife and I splurged on a WII and a few titles.
      Over the week following it I Played the ‘Bowling’ sports simulation exclusively. The other titles were mind-numbing.

      Since that week, it has sat behind the television gathering dust. It has been used exactly once since, to play a DVD that was scratched enough that our regular DVD couldn’t play it (Mary Poppins).

      We play tabletop RPG’s three times a week (Have for 30 years) and I go bowling once a week. With a real ball.

    • One reason I was able to adjust to the revolution in minimally invasive surgery better and faster than many of my colleagues was because I played video games. I had a higher level of hand-eye coordination than almost anyone around me when I went to the courses. There was nothing more pathetic and saddening than to see guys that you knew had very slick hands in the OR unable to make the transition. Some very good surgeons ended up retiring because they were unable to make it. And some guys who should have retired fumbled on.

      The reason I got started was because when my kids were little and they got to parts of games where they were scared or had difficulties they would ask me to take over. Later when we had a baby later in life I used to entertain him by playing Zelda on the N64. Now doing the same in retirement with the Switch.

    • It is interesting the way that video games have become imbued with such hoodoo to the Boomers, in much the same way that rock and roll was once viewed by their parents.
      As an X-er, I wonder what new fad, popular amongst my Zyklon children will end up filling me with a similar “get off my lawn” syndrome, as I feel neither R&R or video games are anything particularly malignant in the way of the older generations.

      • They aren’t (malignant). There is a certain kind of stiff necked boor who feels compelled to piss on anything they personally don’t enjoy. Typically they will start off with “I haven’t watched TV for 25 years” or some such statement. Not sure why they think anyone else cares what they like or don’t like.

        • Well Karl, I haven’t watched TV for 25 years. I think the compulsion to tell folks about it is perhaps due to weariness from the assumptions people make that I am up to my eyeballs in the same entertainments that they themselves choose. I don’t know how many conversations begin with “Hey, did you see that commercial where blah blah blah? but it happens a lot. I see it as a way of letting others know that I am not really up on pop culture and, though I would love to chat with them, they’ll have to refrain from referencing movies, tv, games, etc, as of way of communicating their ideas. If they can tell me about what they have been reading lately, well, I’m all ears.

  32. It would follow that we’re due for a new era in the endless cycle of things. Before Modernism, before even Postmodernism – there was Romanticism. I guess you can put the whole steampunk vibe into that strain of culture. I think it’s too early to tell which way things are going to wiggle but your educated guess is as good as any.

    • Steampunk was spawned by anime, it had a very brief existence limited to a very small demographic, mainly escapist fantasy drama queens centered in a few specific areas tied to the ‘artistic left’ the alt right rejects what Steampunk represents and sees it as part of the PROBLEM.

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