Warring With The Cult

Last weekend, Richard Spencer tried to hold his annual conference. The vehicle Spencer uses to run his alt-right thing is the National Policy Institute, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit based in Montana. This is a standard thing to do these days, for any sort of activism. It allows rich people to quietly fund activities and take a tax deduction for it. It also gives solo acts a way to fund their activities, without having to keep a day job. Once a year, Spencer has a conference and dinner for the people interested in his efforts.

Last year was the infamous Heil-gate episode, where Spencer’s imprudence got himself in trouble. Since then, Progressives have been working hard to un-person him and anything he touches. That linked video has 2.8 million views for a reason. As a result, he was unable to book the Reagan Building for his event, which is a violation of Federal law, but the people in charge think the law is for suckers. They do what they want. As a result, Spencer was forced to find another venue for the event.

A weekend conference organized by white nationalist Richard Spencer was shut down after the owners of the Maryland farm he rented discovered he was behind the event.

The think tank that Spencer leads, the National Policy Institute, hosted the conference for about 100 people at Rocklands Farm, a winery and events venue in Montgomery County. Spencer said in an interview that a third-party logistics company contacted Rocklands Farm on behalf of the National Policy Institute this month and didn’t reveal that white nationalists were affiliated with the event when they booked it. The company told the farm’s management only that it was a “corporate” gathering, according to Spencer.

The conference started about 11 a.m. Sunday and was scheduled to continue until 8 p.m. Caterers at Rocklands Farm served brunch, and participants recapped 2017. At about 4 p.m., Spencer said, someone working the event learned that Spencer was there, and management told everyone to leave.

“We didn’t lie, we didn’t deceive, and we certainly did not break any rules while we were there,” Spencer said. “We had sharp words and were obviously disappointed, but there was no confrontation of any kind.”

The farm refunded the group’s money after asking it to leave.

The owners of Rocklands Farm didn’t comment on the incident beyond a statement on their website Monday, which says it proudly does “business according to family values, including welcoming people of all backgrounds, race, ethnicities, cultures, and religions.”

If you go to the source article, the picture of Spencer they use is from his thing at the University of Florida. OK. Stock photos are standard stuff in the news business. Then they use a picture of a black protester from that Florida event. That has no place in a story about something entirely different and 3,000 miles to the north. It is an important lesson that no one on our side can seem to get through their thick skulls. The people in charge are perfectly willing to lie, cheat and steal to win. They are not bound by any rules.

Putting that aside, the highlighted portion of the story is illustrative. This is the sort of the stuff Gentry Conservatives wave around claiming they have their principles, while the winning side is riddled with hypocrisy. The winning side, however, just shrugs, because as far as they are concerned, that quote is the model of logic. That is the nature of cults and the people inside them. The rules and tactics of the cult are the model of moral perfection and timeless logic. You not getting this is proof that the adherents are anointed.

Cults have an internal language that only the members fully understand. The zombie who issued that statement knows that “family values” means the cult’s definition of family values. By “people of all backgrounds” they just assume it excludes people outside the cult. The people outside the walls are not really people. They do not exist as a flesh and blood humans. It is the same reason the Puritans had no trouble burning Indians and chasing Anglicans off into the wilderness. They did not see them as human.

I will also note that the Washington Post story is not an actual news story. The Five W’s could have been done in a paragraph, which by the conventions of news reporting make it not worth doing. It was a non-event. That is why the bulk of the story is folklore and legend now popular with the cult. There is the Charlottesville reference, the preening and pleading of the fearful restaurant owners and so on. This is written as a cautionary tale for other cult members. “Beware! If you are not vigilant, the Nazis will show up at your door!”

It is why it is useless to bother engaging with these people at any level. It is better to imagine them as a colonizing tribe of aliens. There is no middle ground, no room for agreement, because their reason to exists, their core identity, is based on wiping out all non-believers. Anything that even hints at compromise, is seen by the cult as a direct threat to its very existence. That is why they take so much pleasure in stalking guys like Spencer around and preventing him from living a normal life. It is what defines them.

49 thoughts on “Warring With The Cult

  1. Spencer has his purposes.

    Understand this: their basic reaction is fear.

    Now get back to work

    Each one teach one:


  2. What you say is perfectly reasonable. But it begs the question: why does Spencer reflexively crave the attention of the Legacy Libmedia? He tries to outwit them at a game which is rigged in their favor.
    I say he should try again, but for gawdsakes, anticipate that there is going to be at least 1 of 10, maybe 1 of 5 people in a Blue State could be a nutcase SJW, or at least an SJW-sympathizer. Have someone else meet the caterer. Have the food in a separate room. Keep it simple so it is mostly just dropped off in a buffet format with no waiters. Hire caterers who are Trump supporters. No more whining.

  3. I’ve noticed that, when you hit a nerve with a cult member on something they believe that is easily dis-proven, their eyes change, literally getting wider. It’s as if they’re saying, “I am only on broadcast mode, now, not receive, so even though you’re showing me something empirical about say, Muslim violence or immigration’s negative effects, I will not process it.” You talked about this with Bill Maher, his physical reaction to hearing things he doesn’t want to hear. Say something these people don’t like that’s true, and watch them literally squirm and do weird things with their hands and posture.

  4. OT: this was a blind item on “Crazy Days and Nights”
    There was a political candidate who had all the backing and money in the world last year on the Republican side. He was then shown a video of himself with two college guys engaged in several hours of sex. After that, the candidate just kind of gave up. He went through the motions, but that was about it. He was given a consolation prize to make sure he is there if they need him.

    who does this sound like? i think Jeb!

    • If I was a betting man I’d say Ben Carson. He was appointed to the Cabinet. I was going to guess Marco Rubio but he wasn’t really given a consolation prize, he already had a Senate seat.

  5. Spencer has more in common with progressives than they care to know . He should focus on their militant segregationist policies and violation of the civil rights of whites (who they believe are excluded from civil rights laws).

    He should be feeding on the carcass of their lack of political situational awareness in order to integrate his views into mainstream media and give the impression he is playing to win. Otherwise, he’s heavy on optics, low on substance.

  6. Reminds me of that space alien flick with Will Smith as the hotshot fighter pilot. The POTUS ( Bill Paxton?) asks the captured alien what it wants “ us”to do: simple reply: “ We want you to die.”

  7. Who could have imagined that the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” would be so relevant today?

  8. OT of course but just read about the hijab Barbie available for Christmas. About how long before we start seeing hijab Barbie with a suicide belt on the intertubes?

    Spencer doesn’t seem that bright in turning the progs back on themselves, but then, he really does have all the media lined up against him. You really do need to start with the assumption that none of these people are honorable. He doesn’t seem to look a move ahead and anticipate the reaction against him, and be prepared to deal with that.

    • Doesn’t matter. Anyone connected with the “alt right”, however tenuously, will get the same treatment.

      It won’t be long before even the NRA will have trouble finding a place for their gatherings.

  9. Seems as if Spencer isn’t giving much thought to planning his events or how they are carried out. He should sub this out.

  10. My only question is why in the world do people still hold events at public venues?

    You mean to tell me not one person has a farm, or private land that can be controlled and monitored?

    Honest to God, it’s like stepping on a rake; over and over again.

    • Exactly. Spencer is still working from a script that lost it’s effectiveness at least a generation ago.
      Spencer himself comes from a family with money. He can’t hold his conference on family property in Whitefish ?
      They’re still stuck on the supper club model of networking.

      • Agreed, he needs to go digital. hold the conference via the internet like smart people do.

        I’m sure he could buy a old farm property to hold his conference on. But how many people want to be tagged as associated with Spencer?

        Spencer has just made way too many mistakes, Charlotsville was his Waterloo. He let that Democratic plant organize a event with KKK’ers and Neo-Nazis and every loon and plant he could find. And it blew up in Spencer’s face.

        The man makes one bad decision after another. The movement has outgrown this lightweight. We need smarter more media saavy people nowadays. Not mindless bomb throwers like Spencer.

        Take Trump, he understood the media and beat them like a bongo drum. He played by his rules and got inside their OODA loop and started living in their heads rent free. Trump didn’t care what the MSM thought of him. He bypassed them and made them them irrelevant and the enemy at the same time.

        • Kudos to the younger guys like Spencer et al for giving it a go.
          But public events, the seminar and conference circuit, is as old and well established as the brothel circuit in Nevada.

          Trump is a natural. A force of nature, really.
          The newbies trying to carve out a target niche need to watch him and bone up on basic marketing.

          I’m wonder if they merely aim to be the next Conservative Inc.- pitching for the income, while dodging the acid attacks.

          How many harpies on MSNBC screech, “George Will is a hateful hater!”

          What’s it gonna take to find some decent talent, a casting couch and a shower?

      • He should look into the “Boomershoot” site, comes complete with a range and tannerite, though the owners might be too truly conservative for the alt right.

    • Ma Spencer’s basement has limited accommodations, especially when the ping-ping table is setup.

  11. Puritans burnt Indians and ran Anglicans off into the woods???

    You’re having problems with the truth in your own little way aren’t you.

    Try reading the book “The Light and The Glory.” by Peter Marshall and David Manuel. It will help you get over your left leaning bias. And it’s a very good historical read.

    • The Puritans were the ISIS of their age. The world would have been better off if the Mayflower had sunk in the North Atlantic.

      • Why do you hate Puritans, Zman? Aren’t you glad Europeans conquered the continent? Did they not do what they had to do to win? They won their own ethno theocracy. If it’s okay to have an ethnostate, why not a theocracy? I don’t understand.

        • True, unfortunately.
          Once their external enemies, others, are conquered, they then turn their energies on internal enemies- their own.

          The Pilgrims were fleeing the Puritans.
          The Puritans followed. Hunters follow the game.

          • The sects among “Puritans” were complex enough to make mapping out the Ultra-Orthodox look like a simply matter.

          • There is that tendency to lump “Puritans” together into a single amorphous mass. Things were rather more complicated, even at the earliest days of the Bay Colony. And those that never left the MA were distinctly different from those that pushed into the interior. I’d agree the “leave behinds” were humorless busybodies. But the ones that pushed out the frontier were quite a different lot.

          • Agreed. It took early Christianity 400 years of street battles to congeal.

            It took Islam 300 years- the final version of Quran was compiled by Uvalve in 333 After Hijira. No mention of Mohammed for the first 160 years, and none in the Quran on display in Cairo. His tomb in Mecca is dusty and unvisited, unlike Calgary.

            The Prots took a Hundred Years War to segregate, and never did unify.

            Complicated indeed. Reminds me of India.

        • We tried it hard- Rhodesia; we tried it nice- South Africa.

          Neither to any avail. The natives were too germ resistant.

          Perhaps Z is right. Once hardened and unified- indeed, hardened by that very unification- would we have hunkered down?

          Instead, we found new farmlands and ended up feeding the locust hordes.

      • The homeland of Fortress Europe was too crowded, and reeling from the opportunists spawned by the long Muslim wars.

        Thus, innovation in travel.
        The Euro navies were waging a science war, sending exploratory teams all over the world.

        • The competion to measure longitude- guys lugging sensitive, 300 pound iron instruments thru the jungles and up the Andean mountainsides, in order to guage distances- led to the discovery of quinoa bark and quinine water, the only anti-malaria remedy for 400 years.
          Innovation piled on innovation.

          Euros are the explorers- the Chinese kept killing theirs at regular intervals.
          Usually at Year Zeros, the latest dynasty Emperor.

      • Agree. Calvinist Puritans were the White version of Semitic Islam.

        I suspect the Prots cultivated by the same funding, as a further attack on the sundered Roman State and it’s official religion of Jesus Invictus.

        • (Sorry, folks. I read the Book very differently, and keep coming back to the same theme.

          Revenge. Revenge for lost Israel.)

      • That’s what’s bugging me about what’s been going on in Saudi the last month or so. OK, you “soften” Wahhabism and maybe in 75 years you have the Wahhabi version of Unitarian mosques. You get rid of the sword and bloodshed, but you still have the need to purify and control. Luckily, I will be moldering in the grave long before we have Salafism without Allah.

  12. When people post old clips of politicians railing against some policy they now support as some sort of gotcha, I wonder if they ever notice that this stuff is completely ineffective against the cult. Now if the cult uses this tactic, it works just fine, especially against muh principles.

    Truth as they know it changes from one day to the next as needed. We have always been at war with eastasia.

  13. “Muh principles” folk drive me nuts. You and Proggie agree to a duel. The rules are, you take three steps, then turn and fire. You both take one step… then Proggie wheels around and shoots you in the back. Then pisses on your corpse and laughs at you for being such a sucker. You can’t reason with the unreasonable, nor shame the shameless. The only thing they learn from is pain. Make this stuff as painful for them as it is for us, and then we can have principles again.

    • The thing is, when the “principled conservatives” are behind you, and the progs are in front of you, there is always a gun pointed at your back.

  14. At least, it needs to be made widely known that the place has politicized its operation, and that any bookings have big political overtones and associations. That should do ‘er. Look what it did for the NFL.

  15. Indeed. Things are rapidly evolving toward all-out war between real Americans and the Globalist anti-white Hivemind and its treasonous servants…Though I don’t expect a lot of violence until the next and final financial collapse.

  16. Spencer should organize a few thousand homeless persons, load them up with left over food, and then have them shit all over the farm. Non-violent protest at its best. Or sue them into BK. Also stage huge protests and fights every time the farm tries to hold an event.

    • Opie and Anthony used to do something similar on their radio show (in terms of logistics, though not politics). They would raise a ton of money for a homeless shopping spree, then load busses up with homeless people and drive them to department stores. The department stores that turned them away shot themselves in the foot, since when the homeless were actually admitted to a store, they were civil, bought some coats and other expensive items, and then left in an orderly fashion. Anthony used to also send “the shit monster” (a guy with a spastic bowel problem) to things like the Occupy protests with his pants filled with a dump. I believe Saul Alinsky used a similar “fart blitzkrieg” tactic.

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