Days Of Estrogen Fueled Rage

Like most normal men, I’m enjoying the hell out of seeing the girls go crazy, accusing every liberal man in sight of being a predator. When it comes to the media, I’m firmly in the camp that says, “burn, baby, burn.”  When it comes to cretins like Al Franken and John Conyers, well, there is no torment that would be too monstrous for them. Of course, the Hollywood stuff is manna from heaven. The only thing that would make it better is if they actually start burning men at the stake in the Hollywood hills. That would be awesome.

As others have been enthusiastic to point out, this is almost exclusively a Progressive problem. The men being hauled off to pervert’s island are mostly the male feminist types, who used to delight in accusing normal men of bad behavior. The Fox News scandal that kicked this off is the notable exception, but that’s beginning to look like a special case as the great panic rolls forward. I’ll get back to this in a minute, but I think the Fox stuff fits into all of this, as does the Roy Moore hoax. It’s all part of the larger pattern.

As far as the dominant side of this, liberal career women accusing liberal men of playing grab ass in the workplace, the one thing that jumps out so far is that no black men have been accused. In fact, no black women are at the center of these things either. This whole thing is white women versus white men. If what the Left tells us about the plight of black folks was true, we would see a lot of black women coming forward, claiming to be this era’s Sally Hemings. It turns out that liberal men are just not down with the swirl.

Of course, the “white” men getting jammed up are almost all Jewish men. Thanks to Seinfeld, the goyim know something about the shiksa fetish, but now the world is learning that Jewish men have lots of strange appetites. I’ve had a few Jewish men point this out to me whenever these stories come up in conversation. As the Larry David kerfuffle revealed, this is something known to Jews. It does explain the strange fact that the pornography industry was dominated by Jewish men who looked like The Hedgehog.

This raises an interesting possibility. Maybe this is well-plowed land, but many of the famous second wave feminists were Jewish. Modern gender studies are also heavy on the Jewish gals. Perhaps the root of feminism is Jewish women demanding better treatment from their Jewish men. After all, the description of the patriarchy by feminists sounds a lot like the HR department at a typical media company. Maybe feminism all along has been a primal scream for Irv to stop whacking off into the shrubbery.

Anyway, the charges against conservatives in this are worth considering. They are unique in that they are vague and non-specific, while the charges against liberal men are pretty clear and often pretty weird. One of the things that got Bill O’Reilly canned was that he called a black woman “hot chocolate.” That’s pretty tame compared to installing a button in your office to lock the door, so you can trap women. The Roy Moore claims have fallen apart, as most were obviously fake and the rest are impossible to substantiate.

What this looks like is the Left set out to accuse their rivals of the things popular on the Left. All of these Prog-men being jammed up by the girls were happy to accuse Trump of being bad for women. Meanwhile, guys like Matt Lauer were planning to build a sex dungeon at 30 Rock. Al Franken was entertaining his buddies with stories about how he wanted to drug and rape Leslie Stahl. The Opposite Rule of Liberalism says that whatever Lefty is hooting about, you can be sure he is the guiltiest.

Of course, these estrogen fueled rages tend to indicate the death of a business or industry. The fact is, conventional mass media is an old person habit. The actuarial tables say that most of what we have come to describe as mass media is headed for the dustbin of history. Young people don’t watch any of this stuff. Even not-so-young people have unplugged from television. The smart money is leaving old media and heading for the new platforms. That means the girls are free to feed on the carcass of legacy media.

Another angle to this is that the Prog women are directing their anger over the election to the only target available to them – their men. We are a year into the Trumpening and it is clear to even the most deranged Hillary supporter that there will be no do-over. Trump will be President and there’s nothing to be done about it. I don’t think sane people fully appreciate how traumatic it was for the feminists to see everything they believe invalidated in one night. They’ll never recover, but for now they lash out at their men.

Of course, all of this validates something normal men have known for a long time and that is “career women” are a cancer on society. Women should only work outside the home out of extreme necessity or as a hobby, maybe to save for a nice dress or better sandwich making implements for the kitchen. Men and women evolved for different roles in human societies. Putting girls into roles better suited for men is always going to end in tears, usually for the women, but also for society as a whole. Feminism is lunacy.

In a way though, this panic will be good for women and for men. If you are a man, you now know you can easily be victimized by a gold digger at the office. Even innocent flirting, outside of work in a social setting, can get you fired. That means men will stop socializing with women at work. They will no longer put themselves in a position to be accused by the harpy down the hall. This is already happening in college, where males have a buddy bear witness to their private time with the girl down the hall. Mike Pence is the model now.

This new awareness by men, particularly successful men, will create a real glass ceiling as well as glass walls and a kitted-out glass basement, where the bros can be themselves without getting jammed up by the gals. Men in the workplace will respond to this threat by walling themselves off from the female staff. Sure, there will be dummies who can’t control themselves, but they will be fed to the lionesses and serve as a reminder to the other men that it is bad business to have anything by token dealings with professional women.

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  1. Yes then, you are unwittingly playing directly into “their” game as just another proponent of division, derision and segregation of every being placed in category after separating category, walling all of ourselves off from each other, effectively, (by affectively), doing the job FOR the Human Farmers!

  2. Spot on. I spotted this trend several years ago and have walled myself off completely from women in the workplace.

  3. I’m an IT executive and I learned long ago not to associate with women in any capacity at a social level. And never meet with a woman 1-on-1, ever.

  4. My training for all of this was 13 years of family court. I learned to record what I said, account for where I was, get receipts, log mileage, (later: turn on Google’s locate feature,) know where cameras were, have friendly and unimpeachable witnesses whenever possible, and never, ever, be alone with a woman, especially when you cannot account for 100% of what happens.

    Seriously, getting divorced in this day and age makes this widespread witch hunt look like ameteur hour.

    It made dating virtually impossible, but, meh, I’m 50+ with the custody of my two girls. What the hell do I need any of that other grief for, anyway?

    My boss was pretty impressed with how I kept my distance from female employees and dealt with my exes’ frequent allegations, and we shared strategies for reducing exposure.

    If you had any idea what director level “harassment prevention training” was, you’d be shocked. Aside from the “Every snowflake is special” stuff you’d expect, (that’s the basic company proving they’ve done their due diligence to tell all of the icky menz that ugly dudes shouldn’t talk to the wyminz at work, but still “include” them, somehow), there’s a fair amount of risk avoidance strategy, like “FFS, don’t ever be alone with an employee of the opposite sex, *especially* if they’re a protected class and potential litigant!” and “Our ‘Open door policy means: ‘always keep your door open whenever there’s a woman or LGBTBBQWTF in your office, preferably with you standing on the other side of it.’

  5. Geez. Zman’s post is interesting and spot-on, but reading the extensive *comments* is just exhausting. They illustrate and emphasize just how much feminism and its victories have fucked up our society. We’re going down, folks. No two ways about it.

  6. I think the original feminist wave was a necessary correction to some serious wrongs in society. It wasn’t voiced, but the Muslim view that women are only 3/5 human compared to the men’s fully human, seemed to be assumed in many places here in Western society and supported by the church.

    I distinctly remember my mother getting beaten by my adopted father on many occasions. I remember her wearing dark sunglasses in the grocery store, putting concealer on the bruises on her neck and face, and wearing long sleeves in the summer to hide all the bruises and black eyes. No one intervened, no one tried to help her. After all, she was his property. It was a wrong that should never been allowed to go on.

    I also think it’s wrong that predatory women go after men.

    Both sexes can be abusive but that shouldn’t be the norm, it shouldn’t be tolerated from either sex, and by building better connections and community we should be able to help each other more.

    I would have preferred to stay at home and raise my children and keep house. It didn’t work out that way. I have grandchildren now and I still work 6 days a week though now it’s for myself instead of for someone else and at two jobs.

  7. Interesting thoughts about males shunning one-on-one encounters with females in the office. I wonder if the old “men’s club” will make a comeback in some form?

  8. I have been thinking along the same lines, “woman rights” will be set back 25 years. Using women in staff positions only when necessary. I would not hire a woman unless I could not find a man to do the job. It’s not worth the headaches. There’s a reason it was traditionally considered bad luck to have a woman aboard ship.

  9. Remember a great quote from John D. MacDonald in one of his books…”Never hump the help. They get uppity”. Always stuck by that. And it worked just fine. But Z is spot on at the end. I’ve mentored a lot of women over the years that have gone on to be highly successful. But, like bowling, “there are rules” you need to stick to. What can see happening in the corp environment is guys decide it is simply not worth the risk since we’ve decided to throw due process out the window.

  10. The inevitable ending to this ongoing shit-test, is women finally saying, “Man Up and rape us already.” The newest cautions professional men are exercising, such as open door meetings, never traveling alone in a vehicle w/females, limited social time, and early exits from social events – a la Pence, is already causing women to lash out and cry sexism. Boo hoo, ‘can’t effectively “strategize” and provide confidential input to assist decision-makers….’ This is yet another shit-test, tempting men to put themselves in vulnerable positions, ripe for female accusations. The weak will be weeded out. Don’t be weak, shut the ho’s out.

    • In Reagan’s White House unescorted women were never permitted to see Reagan alone. I’m sure that was not unique to his administration, but rather an understanding for centuries that this was bad form and asking for trouble. Then in the age of equality we suddenly knew better.

  11. I was relentlessly pursued by a woman at work 20 years my junior. 30 ish. Total SJW type as I would discover. No power play. We were essentially equals. I had told her no several times, but eventually decided to ask her out for coffee.
    She laughed in my face. Gave me several excuses for why it wouldn’t happen, she had finals, was learning her new position at work after a promotion and kind of had a boyfriend. I apologized for my misunderstanding and assured her it wouldn’t happen again. (We had a common social circle). It took her 5 minutes to start trying to get me fired. It was hell. Fortunately for me our HR department was aware of her MO and supported me through the ordeal.

    My point is that the SJWs of the world want to drive men out of industry, entertainment, university, and media at which point they will have won by creating products that no one will buy, education no one value, movies no one will watch and news no one will deem credible.
    They will be lonely, cold and starving. But they will have won.

    • Had a similar experience. Female was super flirty, dressed up sexy just for me, gave me gifts, demanded my attention, badmouthed her husband, complimented my physique, plus a thousand other green lights. When I finally made a move, she crucified me to HR. It was worse than hell. I barely survived.

      • One aspect of all of this will be to use the HR system to drive the oldsters out of the workplace. There is a reason why Conyers and Keillor are being run out, but Franken gets to stay.

  12. 20 years ago women started showing up in my industry. The camaraderie just died. It is only fun to go to work if there are no women around.

  13. Leftist women turning on elite leftist men probably also indicates that in their female guts leftism and high status don’t go together well any longer.

    It’s the age of Trump.

  14. An estrogen sh*t storm of this scale could be a cause and effect phenomenon spurred by an overpopulation of beta males. This looks like boundary testing creating reassurance that the alphas are in charge and protecting the safe spaces.

    • It’s bullfrogs.

      Instead of males croaking, bonobo females screech.

      That mating call invites a male to come perform a dominance display.

      It may be on a competitor male (lets you and him fight), a competitor female (he picked me over you), or the female herself (emotional hyperstimulation, negativity creates meaning- he conquers, she surrenders. Loveplay with ‘the right amount of pain’, like a tiger clawing the female’s shoulders. The scent of blood excites the female tiger.)

      • In the cities, in urban industries, females outnumber males; their forlorn screeching is becoming a deafening cacaphony, an echo chamber driving all mad in the desperate call for mates

  15. In terms of Shiksappeal, all you have to do is see the typical ball busting strong independent Jewish woman and it becomes clearer.

  16. the great battle, looming on the near horizon, regarding “sex bots” is going to be gigantic & furiously fought. The self-same feminists will go all out to ban sex bots when even their dullard brains wrap themselves around the truth of the notion that coupled with The Microwave, the coming generations of sex bots will obviate the need of any human males to interact with any human females. Reproduction will be a test tube deal & hopefully a high price will be paid for sperm donations

  17. As a man, I feel sorry for anyone that some woman accuses of looking at her against her will. Don’t misinterpret. I’m glad to see jewish and gay scum shot down along with castrating the left and the genital mutilation of feminism. But, men are taught such conflicting opinions about women that it is a minor miracle that anyone ever gets married. Pre-pubescent boys know the truth about females. They’re nuts! It is the hormonal trick that God uses to populate his Earth that leads men to find something useful about women. Of course, after X number of years of marriage, men return to their childhood wisdom….women are nuts!

    Let’s say that you were not an alpha male growing up. What was one of the first realizations about pubescent girls you discovered? How about, that the boys/men they wanted treated them like shit, which made the females want them even more? Of course, you were disabused of that notion by female apologists. “No, we don’t like being shit on! Its just that male pigs are such lying scum!” Men, lying scum? We are amateurs compared to the average female. Females wake up in the morning and slap makeup on their face so they don’t look like they really do and their honesty goes downhill from there. Which is why more enlightened men tended to ignore most of what they said.

    So, if you didn’t have parents with money, weren’t above average in looks, didn’t play sports ball or had an uncle that would tell you the truth about females, you were left with trying to intellectually figure out the sex that doesn’t usually operate on an intellectual level. Did movies and TV tell you the truth about females? Sometimes between the lines, but these revelations decreased and were replaced by deliberate lies after the 1960’s. We were told that women were better than men. God is a woman. We should let women rule since they would do such a much better job than men, who only want to eat, fuck, make war, and watch TV. Women’s roles in movies and TV used to consist mostly of being a helpless piece of ass. And face it: women’s lives aren’t interesting for men. Compare that to now, where women are the superior sex that makes all the important discoveries, occupies most of the leadership roles, makes all the right decisions, and if it weren’t for them and magic negroes, this world would have collapsed a long time ago.

    Women do not always want you to understand them. They know they are limited. But, they are the way they were designed. They were designed to be the gateways into this universe, to raise the offspring, and to be a helpmate to their man. Today, they still serve 3 main functions. They are the gateways into this universe, they raise the offspring, and they make life as unnecessarily difficult as possible. They act like dogs. Dogs have a rigid hierarchy. There is one alpha dog, and he constantly has to defend that position. If he doesn’t act like the alpha, there is always a dog waiting to take his place. If you do not act like her leader, a woman will usurp your position. So, basically, men have failed at being men and women think they can take their place. This leads to social collapse because women are not designed to be men.

    How do we get back to sexual reality? What we are seeing is part of the process. All the lies about women, gender, and sexual roles have to be shown as the lies they are. This is not a quick process. Normally, I think it would take generations, but there are economic factors that will come in to play that will speed things up. Once the herd, both male and female, have been shown that the “progressive” agenda is morally bankrupt and the most vocal proponents of its acceptance are shown to be liars and hypocrites, AND life becomes a matter of survival, men will start acting like men again and women will start acting like wives and mothers. Apocalypse, here we come!

    • I will suggest one small amendment there. Men are hierarchical, and respect the social pecking order (most of the time). As dogs do. Women are more like cats, self-centered and they consistently see themselves as the equal or superior of everyone around them. They look for opportunities to express that equality/superiority, and absolutely hate the hierarchical and largely merit-based nature of a male-oriented culture, which “holds them down” under a “glass ceiling”. The weird thing, and perhaps a source of cognitive dissonance for the woman, is that while she despises the social hierarchy, she is determined to place herself at the top of one. Which might explain why women seem constantly frustrated and on edge, and why Dennis’ wife has “overbearing” tendencies. So, as a male, recognize the dilemma faced by your significant other, accommodate it within reason, but with strict boundaries. Smack a cat now and again, and while she will continue to test the boundaries (while a dog will always respect them), things do generally work out in the long run.

      • The wife just ran a re-run of “Grease” ’80’s?
        In the first 4 minutes the guys all talked about the the cars they would build, the girls about how they would, as seniors, now “Rule the School”

  18. Sure. There are some intelligent & capable individual women.
    However. Whenever women are added to an organization, the list of goals of that organization is changed to add “make women feel okay”.
    If that means changing the entire way that the organization & all the people working in it function, so be it.
    Unfortunately, the way that women’s brains are wired, they cannot feel okay for very long. No matter what changes have been made, women will eventually find the situation unbearable & demand more changes.
    Over time, this process continues until “make women feel okay” becomes the first, most important & effectively only goal of that organization.
    I’m not sure what the solution is, but we should at least recognize the problem.

  19. “The Hedgehog” Ron Jeremy was just an actor and minor malefactor. Look at some of the Jews actually making the porn (though a lot do star in it, as well). Al Goldstein (of “Screw” fame) used to say that not only did he kill Christ, but he wished Jesus would come down off the cross so he could have sex with the holes in his hands. I used to think the anti-semites who went on about the Jewish obsession with feces were crazy, but they’re not. I’ll spare you the details, but the truth is worse than the worst blood libel.

  20. From the days of Serving and Bar tending to my current office cubical, co-workers all agree the incredibly notable difference on days with limited female staff. Overwhelming calm and productivity flood the area in their absence.

    Went to a chain sports/beer/all female skirted staff place for the first time in many years and was immediately reminded why I stopped going. Disinterest in sports aside the service is atrocious. We all agreed that we would rather go to an all male staffed TV-less restaurant/bar than wait ten minutes to be asked if I wanted a second drink that will have to be tracked down.

    I imagine private male clubs (not gay bars) will be gaining in popularity. I’m just old enough to remember bars that contained only working men in attendance with a grumpy old male bartender. “chorus- those were the days…”

    • Most people know this and women will admit at some point it also. Bad day with the female coworkers and she will be begging for some assertive male to fix it.
      Schools used to acknowledge this by separating the boys and the girls. That and newly emerging hormonal activity.

  21. Whenever a woman comes on to you keep in mind that it is a power play in which she plans to come out with the power, not you.

    • She’s got half the money and all the p*ssy, which means she’ll soon have all the money too.

      Eureka! I found it- the difference!

      What they have are female minds.

      Not sexual preference, but thinking.
      After the unfortunate, inevitable Thanksgiving argument, I noticed: this person is using all the bitch techniques.
      It’s like I pinched him on the ass.

      Moral preening
      Never wrong nor did wrong
      Teddy bears (pulling in others..’what about your wife… the kids…’)
      Changing subject…(what about…)
      Then accusing you of changing subject (but you said… you hypocrite)
      Words mean nothing
      Tone is everything
      Hidden meanings
      Tearful tantrum
      Remembers every single word
      Fainting couch, vapors, pearl clutching

      Liberals, anti-racists, negroes, muslims, females- they have female minds and reactions.

      They act like 56-year-old tatooed Riot Grrrls- “how dare you impugn my chastity!!”

      • Beta men want to live in a feminine world because women never get punched in the nose when they act like jerks. The biggest physical risk is one of those crazy slap fights that look and sound like a bunch of angry cats in a sack.

  22. Z Man;
    I think we’re ignoring the ‘princess’ angle. An under-noticed aspect is that we’re mostly talking about elite, white female accusers here, You know, the sort of over-entitled elite females who expect men to hand them prizes and resources just because they’re them.

    What’s that got to do with the purvnado, you ask_? Well, I may be leaning too far over my ski’s here, but I recall Portnoy’s Complaints centered around *mom*. So, who was Portnoy’s mom_? A JAP I’d venture.

    I don’t know if Jewish American Princesses are still ‘a thing’, but they most definitely were when I was a young man during Portnoy’s time. That is, dating a JAP was a good idea if crazy sex, but mostly crazy, was your thing. But never marry one ’cause only the crazy lasted past the honeymoon. At least that was the folklore: Never fished in those waters myself but a friend or two did, to their eventual regret after the divorce.

    Now, if you’re a smart, nerdy Jewish guy messed up by a crazy Jewish princess mom, wouldn’t humiliating princesses be an almost unbearable temptation_?

    Unified field theory, baby.

      • Al;
        Thanks, but sadly not original. i think reading Steven Hayward’s not-to-be-missed This Week in Pictures weekly Friday/Saturday feature at was the first time I saw it.

  23. I really feel like women are ruining the left and this is coming from a former leftist who still subscribes to some leftism.

    But the question is – why can’t the left just rely on being run by males? The overwhelmingly democratic congresses of 1937-1938, 1975-1978 and 1965-1966 were 95% male.

  24. Great minds think alike, Z! I could have written that word for word, or maybe not as well.

    I don’t think I am being premature with this: the left will go into full collapse soon. Only the loons and their lickspittles are taking them seriously now. Try to say anything you just did – and they will have to bring out the big guns and take big steps to silence you. If they succeed, the result is anger and fury. If they fail, it’s derisive laughter.

    The only question is this: when they fall – are we ready to take over and offer intelligent alternatives? And what are we gonna do with all the nutters, loons, and crazies they’ve left behind in their wake?

  25. “Like most normal men, I’m enjoying the hell out of seeing the girls go crazy, accusing every liberal man in sight of being a predator.”

    I am absolutely enjoying the hell out of this latest moral panic; probably though what it boils down to is Gen Y and Millennials shuffling the Boomers out of door. If there were still money available for everyone, they’d probably tolerate the old guys until they died or retired on their own but given the economy, this is a very entertaining way to clear the decks and make sure they can’t come back.

    “Thanks to Seinfeld, the goyim know something about the shiksa fetish, but now the world is learning that Jewish men have lots of strange appetites.”

    Is this really something new? Didn’t Philip Roth make a fortune churning out books basically covering this back in the 1960s? Wasn’t ever Woody Allen movie in the 1970s basically built around this idea?

    ” Perhaps the root of feminism is Jewish women demanding better treatment from their Jewish men.”

    I’m not so sure about that; I get the feeling that a lot of it has to do with middle and upper class boredom and inadequacy. Those Jewish feminists tended to boil down to girls who either felt like they were wasting their lives doing nothing they personally considered important or who didn’t feel like they looked the part of the class they belonged to. You don’t see a lot of Orthodox Jewish women lining the feminist protest lines mainly because they’re too busy for that sort of thing.

    “Maybe feminism all along has been a primal scream for Irv to stop whacking off into the shrubbery.”

    If that’s all it was (and this line made me laugh), I don’t know if it would have been possible for it to be exported the way it was. Jewish women making vague and general complaints against Jewish men would probably have petered out decades ago. Feminism itself was kicking around a long time before the Jewish feminists of the 1960s jumped on board. What really changed in the more recent wave was that the progressive government saw it as a vehicle they could use and threw its weight behind it in a way it didn’t in the previous waves.

    “The fact is, conventional mass media is an old person habit. The actuarial tables say that most of what we have come to describe as mass media is headed for the dustbin of history.”

    I agree that we are watching a transformation going on and that mass media as it was is losing power but I still think that television still has a bigger hold than people online might want to admit. I cut the cord a long time ago but most of the ordinary people I know have not.

    ” If you are a man, you now know you can easily be victimized by a gold digger at the office.”

    Was this not common knowledge before now? Or is it that the higher ups thought that they were exempt until now? I don’t know anyone who works in any sort of an environment with an HR who thinks they have any leeway whatsoever. At this point in time when every person has a smartphone in their pocket, I’d record every single conversation where its not possible to have a witness present.

    • In my experience, the American Jewish men are either completely cucked betas, or they are alphas who have turned their backs on their Jewish wives and are out looking for shiksa conquests. Not much in between.

      The big problem, across the board, is that some women have the sexual market value to own any room they walk into, but most do not. For the ones who don’t, well, there you go. As women are not fundamentally hierarchical in their relationships like men are, everything with them is a cat fight rather than a pecking order.

      • The Jewish issue in the US is super weird.

        Rootless Cosmopolitan Globalists are the cause of almost all the problems in the US now with pathological greed coming in second place and technology in third

        Its not mainly a Jewish thing like some WN types think. I’d argue its mostly a WASP issue though obviously the Jewish diaspora has a lot of influence too.

        The US is chock-a-bloc with Jews and its pretty philosemitic but in fact most people with Jewish blood in this country are mischlings .

        58% of all Jews, 71% of secular ones are intermarried as of 2012 its probably more than this now.

        Given most of these are Ashkenazim which are already a good part European, a lot of these folks are nearly indistinguishable from the rest of the White people in the modern US

        Complicating it further, some Jews like Billy Joel were baptized Christians but are culturally Jewish Atheists or some actually are good Christians.

        Patty Sanger the Jewish millionaire matchmaker (early episodes were a guilt pleasure of mine) called the super White looking Jews jewpacobra I’ve met a ton of these guys myself.

        Older White lines in the US looked like their European forbears but many modern Whites do not as they have a lot of different European mixtures and sometimes a bit of something else.

        They are still culturally White and driven by White political instincts good and bad but they often aren’t UK and German but can be any of a hundred other European ethnic groups blended into a White race

        This is why what that opportunistic doofus Richard Spencer says makes some sense in the US but none in Europe.

        In the US you are White, a race but in Europe you have an ethnicity . You see “Its OK to be White signs’ in the but its “Its OK to be German’ signs in Germany

        Heck a huge chunk of the European immigration problem is other Europeans and all these differences is why the .alt right and its European counterparts while friendly often talk across each other. Similar goals, very different situations

  26. “Thanks to Seinfeld, the goyim know something about the shiksa fetish…”

    Let’s not forget Billy Joel, and his quests for underage Catholic girls as narrated in the song “Only the Good Die Young”.

    • Yeah.

      I”ll note this is common in different forms to White people (c.f Aerosmith’s Crazy and Hot Topic) Jews and Japanese alike (Sailor suits) . It only barely qualifies as a perversion, subject to age of course

      Also most people until recently didn’t know Billy Joel was Jewish

  27. The dysfunction wrought by feminism is far worse than just workplace effects. It distorts traditional dating rituals, forcing participants to the extremes of either whoring or abstinent isolation. It undermines military effectiveness, which then identifies a nation as ripe for overthrow. It reduces family life to endless debate over even the most trivial of matters. And it has turned the legal system into a thugocracy. As bad as Islam is, at least it understands where this danger leads and fiercely adheres to it’s patriarchy.

    • Women screw up the workplace dynamics where ever they go. They just introduce too many new and anti-strategic variables into whatever it is the men are trying to accomplish.

      Women KNOW that they have this power and work to exploit it. ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE.

      This is the reason that parochial schools used to separate the boys and the girls in classrooms. It is part of the common sense knowledge of the human species that was passed down through the ages to the 1970s and 1980s, where feminists tore it up into tiny pieces and dumped them in the trash.

      I have recently considered the wisdom of Islam with respect to the woman problem, in much the way that you present it. I think clitorodectimy and periodic beatings is going a little too far, but the Mooslims do seem to have the right instincts, generally speaking, when it comes to the role of women in a society.

      Interestingly, many of their women profess to like their roles, and of course there is a contingent of western libs who seek to join up so they can serve some Mooslim man.

      • Down votes pretty harsh on this observation. I simply couldn’t understand how women tolerated polygamy until I understood that your average woman would rather have sme fraction of an alpha than 100% of a beta. DNA’s a bitch. You ride it or it rides you.

        • Why don’t Islamic females revolt?
          Perhaps kids, kids, kids screams success to feminine psyches in a way that overrides personal unhappiness.

          This may be related to Zman’s “people in aggregate are different from individuals.”

          Plus, it is as often that the females perform the clitoridectomy on little girls- too horrific for details, as I’ve known these women and their sad, angry husbands- another monstrous mystery. Women!

          • Really, you’re asking that question? You’re being facetious. They don’t know anything else. Plus, they’ll get smacked around or killed if they revolt. They have absolutely no power and no redress in Islamic society. Did they make the rules? Women!

          • Women in that environment have no ability to speak up. Beyond that, the culture does encourage them to build the family nest and nurture the young, which are the two big female biological imperatives. Their men protect and provide, for the most part, which is the biological role the women expect of the men.

            As for the freedoms, opportunities, and rights, remember that Islam is in many ways a glorified gang culture, and the gangs don’t generally give their women much personal freedom at all.

    • Who would ever want to overthrow the US? What are you going to get for your trouble? Over 50% of our population is on some form of government aid. Almost 50% pay no income tax, and another 30% pay very little. We are $20 trillion dollars in debt.

      The raw truth is that about 20% of the population of this country carries the other 80% of the population, and that 20% will simply stop working under an oppressive regime.

      Plus, why bother to overthrow the US when you can just take advantage of our lax immigration laws and flood the country with immigrants from your own country. Hell, California has been de facto colonized by Mexico without firing a shot.

      • Guest;
        You describe a classic, business-takeover-bustout opportunity writ large. The kind of situation that made Mitt Romney rich on an individual firm level.

        It is a classic mistake that many folk who ought to know better make: Supposing that the elite/top management actually care about the rest in a globalist, atomized society.

        • Fortune 500 CEOs get paid to the point where 5 good years and done works for them. They get paid each year on stock price metrics (options and/or bonuses), so they pump the stock for a few years, come what may for the company after that.

          Either that or Mitt comes in and strips the walls bare. Go into a Staples and try to find anyone in the joint who has any more skin in the game other than their hourly wage.

      • If the US were taken over, probably the top 20% producers would be forced to channel their profits to the new leaders, hand over their businesses or die. And the rest of us could provide slave labor or die. There’s no shortage of humans on the earth that would be happy to reap the resources of our lands for whoever is boss.

  28. There are the exceptions, and it doesn’t disprove the general rule, however there have been gays and blacks involved. Conyers, Cosby, Spacey, Takei. But noticing that is nothing compared to noticing the overwhelming number of Jewish men accused. It’s another Shoah!

  29. Zman, I am a big fan of your commentary, and you make some good points here. However, I think you go too far by suggesting that women should not generally work. In the information age, women are as intelligent as men, and should not be precluded from a career. I have worked in corporate America for 30 years, and know full well how careful you have to be around women. Generally it involves acting like a gentleman, but you also have to go beyond that to be safe. I have also seen false allegations against men. But the overwhelming problem is still one of men acting crudely. But even that is exaggerated due to the high profile cases.

    Also, there have been blacks involved from Cosby to Conyers. The reason it is mostly white is because very few black men have positions of power. You have provided a lot of good analysis on why this is so. In addition, white men in power are less likely to harass black women, because the risk is doubled. I appreciate your fearlessness, but you may have outkicked your coverage on this post.

    • Men in power generally target the white women because white women are the “prize”. Remember, all this stuff is about exercising power as much as it is sex. Taking a woman who is not white is not as full an exercise in power.

      • Come on Dutch, if you have functional eyes you have likely noticed that black women are generally fat and ugly or just ugly and unpleasant. I avoid any interactions with blacks and I know I am not the only one. They have ugly, unpleasant armor.

        • For me, it’s always been “nope”, no real reason, that direction just doesn’t interest me in the least. Never has, from day one. I figure it is a personal quirk, but maybe not.

          • I’ve always found Black women with white features (Halle Berry, for example) to be attractive. The fat Negress at the RMV, not so much.

    • I remain puzzled as to why we keep trying to alter the realities of male biology just so women can be less useful to society? What’s the point?

      • The point is to emasculate western culture so that the self-hating betas can make the rest of us suffer. The self-haters don’t want to live in a better world, they want to deliver the rest of us into the misery that they experience. The elites are happy to assist them in their efforts.

      • I really don’t think it’s “white knighting” or altering male biology to ask men to behave with basic decency. Biology and macroeconomics would say that if women have identical abilities for a certain task, they should not be prohibited from doing that task. I am not advocating for lowering standards so the girls can keep up, e.g. military, police, construction, etc. I also do not favor affirmative action or any of the other denials of biology. I am not opposed to the thought that women are better biologically suited to child rearing. But that only covers a short portion of their lives. There is no biological argument that women cannot be excellent accountants, doctors, etc., just because men enjoy crude jokes and aggressive competition (myself included). The point of work is the improvement of society’s material well being. Having intellectual capabilities sit idle for most of their lives hurts a society’s economic advancement.

        • There are many things and many times when having a woman’s presence among men improves men. Work is generally not one of them. Since scads of women are now at work we have no easy examples to compare, like ChiefIlliniCake above.

          • I dunno. I have worked in both settings. I am currently a 53 year old controller for an internet startup with an equal proportion of men and women. All millennials. They are very delicate, but very nice.
            And the women are smart and pleasant to look at. In my early career, a crusty old boss and all male setting had it’s charms. But I prefer the current arrangement.

        • > Biology and macroeconomics would say that if women have identical abilities for a certain task, they should not be prohibited from doing that task.

          Isn’t that macroeconomics stuff says that your best bet is your comparative advantage? There is a massive comparative advantage that women have: they can give birth. There is another one: nurturing. Definitely during infancy, and for the first seven years in general.

          Four kids, separated by a year, raised to be teenagers? That’s 20 years of her life, from 22 to 42. She’ll never catch up with men career-wise, and her education will be wasted.

          Her options: 1) stay childlessness or 2) have one or two tops at her mid-30s (when she already paid out her degree and can allow a one-year gap in career) and drop them to daycare after infancy (not much different from number-1 really).

          But why any smart woman will ever do that, if there are good men who are ready to provide available to her? Because they don’t. 1% of hyper-ambitious women flipped the default script for all the womenkind, and men “adapted,” and now women have to adapt as well. But it’s a shitty deal for most of them. They do it out of necessity, or due to indoctrination.

          > Having intellectual capabilities sit idle for most of their lives hurts a society’s economic advancement.

          Is society merely a system of economic agents with the aim to optimise their output? Your logic only stands if you assume consumerism to be the most desired outcome. Is it? Is eudaimonia working hard to consume more?

          Women can work as good as men. That doesn’t mean they should. And if they have to, that means their men failed them.

          I am Russian. In the 1950s, after the two World Wars with an intermedia of Civil War, Red Terror and Gulags, we were left with four men per ten women. Russian women had to work in mines, in the factories, laying rails, etc. They managed it. They hated every moment of it. And they hated the world that forced them to do that. Hard work turns women into psychotic husks with colorless eyes by their 30s. That was the generation of our grandmothers.

          It’s all about unintended consequences. “Let’s allow women to work” always ends up with “all women now have to work because men and the state expect that.” And it’s not a good thing, man. It’s an ugly thing. It will not end well.

          • I can’t speak for Russia, but the average child per family in the US is two. So in your example that means the mother is raising kids for 6-7 years before they go to school. So you want them sitting around for the next 50 years of their lives, producing nothing? This isn’t the 1950s during war, where they have to work in mines. I agree that people are not mere economic agents, but the economics are specifically what we are talking about here. The premise of the article is that women’s productivity is not worth men needing to act civilized in the workplace. Might have been true in the 50s, but not in the information age. It sounds like men commenting on this site are more worried about competing with capable women, than they are of the change in work environment.

          • > So you want them sitting around for the next 50 years of their lives, producing nothing?

            They are not cows. I do not expect them to produce anything, at least not out of necessity. Are you?

            My wife is 32; I am a year older. She was 20 when we married, and gave birth to our first same year. She never worked a day in her life until she decided to start a house bakery. She loves baking, and posting photos, and organising events, and meeting new people. There’s not much money in that (although it provides excellent connections, as she’s baking for wealthy Russian diaspora in Europe), but she genuinely enjoys it. Her journo degree is collecting dust.

            Her friends back in Russia are busting their assess providing for themselves, but she has an IQ of 132, so she found a more natural way to success.

            > It sounds like men commenting on this site are more worried about competing with capable women

            It sounds like you are not man enough to be a sole breadwinner for the family, and want for your woman to be your mom.

            Should she also practice boxing to keep your ass safe in case of a physical danger?

          • I did not mean “produce” in a purely financial sense, but in the sense of accomplishing things in life. If your wife wants to use her 132 IQ to bake and post photos, that is her free will. If she wants to use it to research a cure for cancer, that should be her option as well. You seem to be saying she can’t because that’s for the men to do. I am man enough to not be afraid of my wife’s success. Project your Mom fantasies elsewhere. I was a state champion wrestler, and could kick your scrawny Russian ass all the way to Moscow and back.

          • > You seem to be saying she can’t because that’s for the men to do.

            I stated my point clearly: “Women can work as good as men. That doesn’t mean they should. And if they have to, that means their men failed them.”

            As for your wrestler past – good for you! I did self-defence since the age of seven, thanks to my dad, but I always prefered punching to grappling. Every man should know how to throw a punch and how not to fold after receiving one.

            Training did not protect me from a mix of the stab and shot wounds life during the Russian 90s awarded me with though. But it certainly helped to build a character.

            And I am not from Moscow. Most of my life I was far-far away from it – Russia is humongous.

          • I believe a man has failed his wife if she has a genius level IQ and he actively discourages her from pursuing all the good that can be done in the world with that rare gift. Again, if it’s her choice, fine. But if you would forcefully block her from developing her talent, or block other talented women by refusing to hire them, that is the act of a small coward.

            My experience with boxers is that they can get in one punch to the top of the head, and then they are on their back with a broken hand. Mayweather can beat McGregor as long as he can dance and back up. I would love to see how that goes in a street fight.

          • > I believe a man has failed his wife if she has a genius level IQ and he actively discourages her from pursuing all the good that can be done in the world with that rare gift.

            I say it one more time: I do not think that women must be prevented from work. I believe that women must never be forced to work for a living by society/circumstances. All too often shitty men use “equality” as an excuse to keep being shitty. I see it all around. I consider this to be the default stance every time a man speaks about “equality”.

            In my case, classic role separation motivated me to push much higher than I otherwise would, to a very comfortable place in top income percentile.

            As for my wife, she uses her intelligence and creativity to create Michelene-level deserts and sell it to some of the wealthiest people in Europe for their private parties. She will hate the cubicle or a daily corporate grind – and those are at the best end of the spectrum! You can do much worse. I would never want this for a woman I care about – not for my wife, not for my daughter.

            What prevents her from a full-scale dive-in for profit is a mix of progressive taxation/welfare state and the realisation that the results of her labour will be stripped away from her and passed to the lazy paupers. Why employ your talent, if the state will rob you to feed a mob?

            > I would love to see how that goes in a street fight.

            I did a few times. They dive, almost instinctively; they get uppercut in the chin; they get knocked out. Grapplers do excellent in the ring, but boxing is probably the best in cases of sudden violence (although with any martial arts the chances against an armed group that wants to harm you are quite grim).

          • It’s great that some of you are very happy with a very traditional lifestyle. However, the devil is in the details. If women only stayed home, what happens during a divorce? Many marriages are financially OK when together but are devastated when divorcing. Or the husband dies and, therefore, there is no breadwinner? Or the husband is very low income and the wife has to work?

            I’m an atypical female who prefers typical male pursuits and professions and dislikes most contemporary women. We work well with men. There needs to be a place at work for us that is more than a hobby. Your viewpoint of the sexes is too close to Islam’s in my opinion.

          • The first phrase in the post you replied to is: “I do not think that women must be prevented from work.” That’s the difference between Western traditionalism and the Sharia. I do not think that women are lesser creatures like Arabs do, and hence should be patronised. I don’t think that women are inherently worse at what they do and therefore should leave the public sphere to men.

            Instead, I believe that women are creatures of beauty, and men are creatures of duty. A woman in work is a potential for a beautiful care-free exotic flower wasted. I feel myself a failure when I see it. This world would be a better place with more beauty in it. It badly needs some. As Dostoevsky said, “Beauty will save the world”.

            If one of us will decide to divorce, I’ll provide a decent lifestyle for my now ex- until she gets back on her feet. Both of us being Russian citizens, I am not legally obliged to (no alimonies in Russia; we do have the word, but it means child support only), but as a decent man, I will. That’s part of my upbringing. Another one was “поломал – женись”, roughly translated as “you slept with her – you marry her”. Time changes though, and not for the better.

            Of course, traditional marriage is not a universal recipe. On the contrary, in this day in age, in your country (the USA I presume? I am based in the UK), among your people – it’s a receipt for disaster – for both. It’s 50/50 at best. Even worse, it’s 80/20 unless you are wealthy.

            And even if we somehow manage to change that back to “the 1950s” (or rather a sunshine image of it, that only includes the best parts), it would still not work for everyone. Power dynamics between men and women is complicated. Some people are psychotic. Some people are unlucky. Some marriages are prisons; others are torture chambers.

            As I posted in one of the newer thread, regarding the no-fault divorce:

            Women can no longer trust men (and they’re right – I wouldn’t). So they need a backup. An income source. A career. That means a higher education and at least ten years of continuous employment (and a lot of debt). That means her fertile years wasted.

            Worse, once the majority of women of a certain social strata start doing it, men change their behaviour as well, because – well, you can’t change just one sex. They begin to expect from her to pull her weight. So getting pregnant to stay at home no longer works. “Drop the kid to daycare and go back to the cubicle, dear”.

            Of course, a lot of women hate it. But what choice do they have? A blind leap of faith? A happy traditional family is an exception in such a system.

            We no longer trust each other, men and women. Divorce is a part of it, but there are other things to that.

            For centuries, every woman used to have a father. Almost everyone used to have brothers. She used to marry early and have some sons. Here experience with the opposite sex was complete: kid-parent, siblings, lovers/spouses and parent-kid. Same was true for men.

            Now, with no fathers around, with mothers spending their days outside of the house, with hardly any siblings (an IVF twin is the most common case here), with parenting delayed all the way into the 40s – the bond reduced to the experience of casual mating.

            We no longer know each other, and we no longer trust each other. We are indeed in the trenches of sexual warfare.

            And me? Or, I just got lucky, and so does my missus. We saw some crazy shit in Russia in the 90s, we don’t trust the state, we know that family is the only thing that lasts when the world turns to chaos, I am ready to be a man, she’s ready to be a woman, and we trust each other.

          • Your problem is, you presume that housewives are idle citizens. That they produce nothing.

            They produce sane, happy and content husnabds and kids and run local community.

          • Sergey: Concur, sir. As the oldy Glen Campbell song goes…. ” the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.”

          • No, that isn’t the premise, no matter how many times you keep saying it.

            The premise is: the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

            That goes for men and women, at and away from work. Yes, it can be worthwhile and there have always been talented women who can and do deliver at work. But overall, there is probably less happiness, healthiness, contentedness, children, investment in communities, accountability to each other and far less stability in marriages (more divorce).

            You throw that all away at the alter of equal access. I’m exchange for what? More money. More obesity. More striving. More divorce. More behavioral problems in children. And Lord knows more desperate 35 yo women who have realized that a career is no substitute for the family that they put off.

        • Shouldn’t stop them, but we need not force it. Forcing it in several ways is today’s cultural conquest problem.

          Really, we can adjust work hours.

      • Z Man;
        The point of Feminism, aka Cultural Marxism is to overthrow ‘the sssysstuum’ (I’m bad at Brooklyn accents in print).

        Then utopia comes, only smart people will run things, art will be everywhere, the lazy will prosper and the unattractive can sexually satiate themselves.

      • It’s puzzling to me why so many dudes have so willingly ceded control of their patriarchal birthright. I absolutely love being The Man for my wife and kids.

        Who in their right mind, what man, would will that opportunity away to find themselves in the beta role, relegated to sharing laundry duty or washing dishes so she could go out into the shitty “real world”, get her guts kicked in too, all for what? A few extra bucks?

        Watching your kids be raised by some hourly worker at a day-care center?

        Listening to her drone on endlessly about her shitty boss, or the latest office harpy that she’s warring with?

        Wake up, brethren. I get up and do it for my clan every damn day. Yes, I sometimes get my teeth kicked in, and there have been some years that were truly grueling (Obama era, I’m looking at YOU).

        But I come home every night to a clean house, great kids, a mowed lawn, a divine dinner on the stove, and sometimes a Rye Manhattan waiting for me on the laundry room counter.

        I haven’t washed a dish in 25 years, or paid a bill, or folded underwear.

        Or heard about her shitty day.

        Feminism needs to die, boys. By fire, if necessary.

        • That’s fine if your wife is into the subservient role. To each their own. Good luck repealing the 19th amendment and the 1964 civil rights act (that’s not sarcasm. Seriously, good luck). But it’s a little ridiculous to dramatize sitting in front of a computer manipulating characters all day (which is what most jobs are now), as getting “my teeth kicked in.” Once your kids are over the age of 7, it’s time for them to take care of themselves. And without kids, the rest of your wife’s “duties” take at most a few hours per day. It actually sounds more like she has tricked you into a beta role. She pushes the buttons on the dishwasher, does online bill pay, and do you really need folded underwear? So there’s about ten minutes. Mowing the lawn? 30 minutes. Dinner? Maybe an hour. What does she do the rest of the day while you are slaving away?

          • > What does she do the rest of the day while you are slaving away?

            Having a life. Don’t you think women deserve it?

          • A good wife would also see to the education of said children instead of turning them over to the Marxist indoctrination camps masquerading as an “education system” and finding “fulfillment” in a cubicle…
            The power dynamic is totally screwed in society right now and its why most people are miserable. The building block of society is the family unit. Our priority as men is to provide for a stable family unit, guide our children, and lead our wives. Women’s priority should be to support her husband, give him a comfortable,loving place to which to come home, and nurture and educate the next generation.

            The Prog lies of the Long March are deep and insidious.

          • Subservient role? What’s your fucking deal, you beta cuck? She’s my equal, the yin to my yang. It’s a package deal. We’re equally happy doing what nature intended us to do, and when we get together at the end of the day, magic happens pretty much every night. No, pervmeister, not necessarily sex, but I’d bet my lower jaw that I’m scoring more than a self-loather like you.

            And I BUILD SHIT. Like churches, hospitals, factories, schools, and meat prosessing plants. I’m not on FakeBook, because I’ve got a REAL FUCKING LIFE, dipshit.

            And if you’re of the opinion that kids are done with MOMs when they’re 7, don’t come whining to me when yours or others you know are cutting themselves at 12, or whacked out on crystal meth when they’re 17, or overdosing and dying when they’re 22.

            We just buried a friend’s child three weeks ago who was 22. He was a beautiful kid who lost his way. As a parent YOU’RE NEVER DONE!

            Jesus, I don’t normally bite on troll bait, but you’re a such a fucking LOSER that I wrote myself a pass this time.

            Sorry about the language, Z, but WTF?

          • Wow, such an angry rant for such a happy person. All because I think women should not be discriminated against. You’re obviously afraid to compete with women or you wouldn’t care if they want to do jobs they are qualified for. Your mommy/wife still folds your underwear and cooks all your meals and you’re an alpha? Got it.

          • There are almost no well-paying jobs that women are equally suited to as a man. Off the top of my head, the exceptions to the rule are nursing and teaching, but even teachers used to be mostly headmasters (notice the masculine noun). Nursing was a male-dominated profession until post-WWII when female entry made it female. This is now changing.

            Even in the case where women are as suited to a job as men, it’s still not worth destroying the male environment that allows men to flourish. Males change their way of speaking and thiking when women are around. It comes from our natural desire to provide for them and protect them. Further, it comes from the fact that we can lose our jobs saying the wrong things around them. All of the women I know left over from the old days preferred when men acted like men in the workplace.

            I doubt you’re a man since this isn’t obvious to you and your writing screams of penis envy.

          • Why’s she do it?
            Cuz SHE FRICKING LIKES TO, dipstick

            She Likes Her Life
            and you want to take that freedom away
            to make her and society…”better”

          • Actually Chief, I thought through your comments in more detail, and realized I was being way too harsh and judgmental on you. Easy to do on an anonymous comment board. If your wife is happy in her role, you are both intellectually stimulated by each other, you don’t need her income to help you retire early, and your sex life is great, you are living the dream. I have most of that. My wife works, which will help me retire next year at 54. She is intellectually stimulating, a good mother and great in bed. But she can be pretty overbearing in other aspects. I’m not sure if that’s because she works, or she works because she has that trait. But still a pretty good life. I see the appeal of a submissive wife, but pulling that off without it getting boring is not easy, and I would miss the income. But congrats for balancing it all so well.

          • It’s cool. We “alphas” tend to go big when our women are insulted.

            And if you got the impression that my wife is “submissive”, that too would be incorrect. That’s funny, actually.

            My point is that we males allowed the gals to roll us (they used our good nature against us, frankly) and mutually for the sexes, something has been lost that will be difficult to recover.

          • There is a lot of truth to that. But I have also seen wives of friends who who take advantage of hardworking husbands. Oprah, Ellen and the View are the most popular daytime shows for a reason. I pay bills, do my own laundry and mow the lawn with about 60 minutes of effort a week. But I unfairly took your limited examples and jumped to a conclusion about your situation. I apologize. Here is the part of the article I had a problem with: “Women should only work outside the home out of extreme necessity or as a hobby, maybe to save for a nice dress or better sandwich making implements for the kitchen.” It would be interesting to hear your wife’s reaction to that. It sounds like she loves her role, which is great, but I doubt she would appreciate being told she has no choice in the matter. Or that if she wanted to work in a business or charity and was told “no” because she’s not as good as men, and would ruin the environment with her craziness.

          • Dennis L,
            We’ve tried it the way you’re describing for the last 40 years and it’s destroyed what used to be a nice country to live in. Most Americans are medicated, many for psychological issues. Something is wrong when so many people are that miserable. It’s no longer futuristic thinking that women and men will both work office jobs, leaving the children lost and alone, free to get in trouble or have their minds be molded by minimum-wage paid low-IQ workers. The future is now about reclaiming the best (not all, but the best) of our past traditions, like Dad working for the money and Mom working at home, raising the children to be well-rounded, mentally sound people. Yeah, home-schooling is a big part of that. Protect the children from the indoctrinating schools. Raise them to think and act and be enterprising, engaged, responsible citizens and future excellent Dads and Moms.

        • God bless you, Chief. And your wife.

          Actually, God has blessed you. Now bless Him. Publicly acknowledge your white Anglo-Saxon Israel heritage by honoring our God and His law… In other words, keep doing what you’re doing.

          PS: I might steal your “perfect mousetrap” business idea. Love it.

          • Tekton,

            I’ll take you’re blessings and offer you my own as well.

            I’ve been mightily blessed to be able to support my wife and kids, get both of the kids out of college without any student loans, and come home daily to a woman who’s been able to achieve her own dream of being a kick-ass wife and mother.

            The point of all of this is that I really believe (know, actually) that far too many of us were sold the lie that the America of the pre-1960’s had it wrong, somehow. What’s come after the dawn of feminism has left men, women, children, marriages, families, and society vastly poorer.

            No, I won’t be retiring early, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

      • Given the growing scarcity of jobs and given the degeneracy of our current society, it would be nice if we encouraged our women to get married and apply themselves to raising children well, and to make sure women are schooled in the ways to do that well. I’m not saying motherhood is for all women, but it is for most. For those women more suited to work in jobs outside the home, have at it. But it would be a beautiful thing to see some tradition restored in male and female roles and some real parenting happening with stay-at-home moms bringing up their children to be intelligent and productive citizens — really the most important work there is.

        • My hat’s off to you, Ursula. Women play a hugely critical role in our society and the Elites have done their best to destroy that. It makes the masses easier to control. My wife homeschooled our two boys. Both are good, critical thinkers. One makes good decisions and the other…well, knows what he should be doing but keeps make the “feel good” decisions. Interesting cases in inborn traits. But the point is this shaping of children to be good, capable citizens is critical from the mother. That role is the most noble one that society has next to being a stable, involved father.

    • DL wrote:
      “white men in power are less likely to harass black women, because the risk is doubled”

      Er, no. White men generally find black women unattractive. Take a gander at the number of black male on white female rapes vs white male on black female rapes.

      • true, very few whites other than fetishists find black females even remotely attractive…which means that all the shuck’n’jive about white massa sex with da’Slab ghurlz is just more of the never ending anti-white racism that is now totally incorporated into our corrupt & corroded culture

        • Methinks the black slave women actually welcomed a night in Massa’s arms as it would pretty much guarantee the resultant offspring (and herself) a much higher social status, white men being the sentimental softies that she as a woman recognized them to be, than merely popping out another field hand. These women weren’t stupid;-) The master’s wife was aware of this canoodling and it drove them crazy, knowing that their children and the slave woman’s kids were kin. Read Mary Chestnut’s diary from the ante-bellum era. Where do you think the Lena Hornes came from? She was a Calhoun!! This talented tenth of Black Society prized its pale skin, relatively straight hair and academic achievement, and took every precaution to maintain this standard of beauty and brains. Look at who our immediate past President surrounded himself with — Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice — as his closest advisors. A few shadowy male friends who would never question Barack’s status as half-white chieftain made up the rest of the posse. He is gay so Michelle’s (un)attractiveness was of no moment and served convincingly to prove to the average Black woman voter that Barack was down with the struggle.

      • Look at the number of black male on white male rapes. 98.4% in Florida prisons is why Aryan Brotherhood was formed.

    • In the information age, women are as intelligent as men

      You are wrong. The bell curve distribution of female IQ is more concentrated on the mean, with skinny tails. The distribution for males has fatter tails. There are more men that are below or above average. Intelligence-dependent information age jobs realistically require people at least one SD above the mean, which means that they will tend to be filled by men.

      In the interest of trying to keep the conversation coherent, I’ll respond here to your post below in the same thread:

      I am not advocating for lowering standards so the girls can keep up, e.g. military, police, construction, etc. I also do not favor affirmative action or any of the other denials of biology

      To advocate for women in these positions at all is to advocate for lowered standards. If you think that the military, to pick the example you gave with which I am most familiar, will not lower standards to accommodate its political masters then you clearly know nothing of the military. Virtually all military standards are fudged constantly; it is delusional to think physical fitness standards for women will be treated differently. Activists on this issue always point to female professional athletes and other outliers as examples of women that can run circles around most men, but the exception proves the rule. The military by and large does not get outliers, it gets average. Have you ever carried a 120 lb rucksack? The average man can get by painfully. The average woman though?

      But it goes beyond physical standards. There are logistical issues: if a female infantryman’s platoon is operating out of a patrol base in Afghanistan for a month, living in the dirt, there are sanitary issues for women that male soldiers do not have to deal with. Then there are less quantifiable things, like morale. The military has always been a place for boys to be boys, without having some humorless schoolmarm watching over their shoulders. This is an important part of the dynamic of a combat unit, and it is fundamentally altered for the worse with the addition of even one woman.

      The point of work is the improvement of society’s material well being. Having intellectual capabilities sit idle for most of their lives hurts a society’s economic advancement.

      Everything has trade-offs. Do the intellectual capabilities contributed to the workforce by most women outweigh the detrimental effects on society?

      I see systemic cost increases from administrative/HR bloat, 25% of women in their 40s or 50s on antidepressants, and the grossly inflated cost of college education and concomitant student debt bubble, and I have to wonder. You seem convinced the trade-offs are worth it, but I’m less optimistic.

      • I am aware of, and agree with, the IQ bell curve differential studies. This is also true of Asians, which is why they are great engineers, but don’t invent anything. That means there are more white male geniuses to invent things and run companies. I completely agree with you on jobs requiring physical labor, which is what I meant by not advocating for lower standards. I’m not sure why you think I disagree.

        However, the great majority of professional jobs in the country are in the 100-110 IQ range where white women are clustered. These jobs primarily involve sitting in front of a computer, moving three fingers all day. They also fill the nurse and teacher jobs that men don’t want. I agree with women raising children until they enter school. After that point, however, there is no good economic or biological reason for excluding them from the workforce.

        Welfare policies aside, people are assets to society, and must produce more than they consume, or they die. Having productive people sitting at home dragging out worthless chores to keep busy does us no good. Now if you want to argue that giving women the vote turned us into a bloated welfare state, I am right there with you. But I don’t know how that can be changed. The college bubble is due to worthless politicians and bureaucrats of both sexes.

        • I completely agree with you on jobs requiring physical labor, which is what I meant by not advocating for lower standards. I’m not sure why you think I disagree.

          My mistake. Typically, the equality jihadis shoving women down the military’s throat, as well as their enablers in the military’s leadership, make a point to claim disingenuously that standards will not change. I read what you said and saw an implied “… but if they can meet the standards, why not let them?” Confirmation bias, I suppose.

          However, the great majority of professional jobs in the country are in the 100-110 IQ range where white women are clustered. These jobs primarily involve sitting in front of a computer, moving three fingers all day. They also fill the nurse and teacher jobs that men don’t want. I agree with women raising children until they enter school. After that point, however, there is no good economic or biological reason for excluding them from the workforce.

          True. I think we were talking past each other here. I’ll take the blame for that – the lens through which I view discussions of women in the workplace is darkly tinted. I spend my days on a very liberal college campus being constantly bombarded with “more women in STEM!” and “women are paid 79 cents on the dollar compared to men!” propaganda. I’m old enough that I see these girls, excited to become career women, and I picture the bitter, man-hating, Prozac-gulping husks they’re going to be a decade or two from now, because that’s what I’ve seen happen with many women my age.

          It’s sad, and it’s bad for society because it creates a feedback loop in which these embittered harpies, unable to pin down why it is they’re so miserable use politics as a way to salve their wounds/lash out at men, and the policies they promote set younger women down the same path.

          If “women in the workforce” almost exclusively meant younger, unmarried (but looking!) women working to support themselves until they were married and raising children and middle-aged women whose children no longer need Mommy around all the time, then sure, no problem there.

          Professional fields I see as more of a mixed bag. It’s pretty common for nurses whose husbands make decent money to take significant breaks from working to raise children, and to become an RN doesn’t take years of extra schooling. Doctors and lawyers, you’re looking at a pretty much inevitable delay in family formation. Many women make for very good doctors, especially in the expected specialties such as pediatrics and palliative care. Lawyers… well I think Z has said this country would benefit from a 20 year moratorium on law school admittance and I’m inclined to agree.

          • Well said. To have women in the military, you have to lower the standards so much to reach a critical mass that justifies separate facilities. It’s simply not feasible. The military is there to break things and kill people, not to force equality beyond biology. If women were better at STEM there would be more women in STEM. I also agree the 79% figure is bullshit that does not equalize for experience and market value of profession.

        • So if it doesn’t show up on a balance sheet somewhere, it’s not productive, worthless.

          Please see Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds com blog, on the extensive perils and alternate solutions to a financialized world. You’ll like the intellect.

    • Re women’s IQ: their average is close to that of men, but the outliers are predominantly male. If the morons are removed from a group, the remaining men will average higher IQ than the women. Oh, and at the 160 IQ level, there are practically no women.

  30. “As far as the dominant side of this, liberal career women accusing liberal men of playing grab ass in the workplace, the one thing that jumps out so far is that no black men have been accused. ”

    Da fuq?
    – John Conyers

  31. I agree, it’s like Christmas came a little early this year. This video talks about Weinstein being a scapegoat for the perverted hollywood industry. It gets good at minute 24 onward – it discusses Roth’s ‘Portnoy’s Complaint’ and that lust for the shiksa.

    I always thought they desired shiksas because it was something that was at one point unattainable to the tribe. Centuries pass and they get their chance to shag a few and they treat them like dogs. The Weinstein behavior is part of a larger social disorder. And remember Dov Chaney at American Apparal pulling out his Anthony Weiner to the girls in the photo shoot. It’s a bunch over oversexed Weimar nerds.

    • The male urge to capture and subdue the women of another tribe goes way back. As the Jews still have deep ties to their tribe, they tend to act tribally. Same with the different Muslim tribes and many other groups.

    • Beginning to wonder if the rape of Dinah in Genesis 34 wasn’t a case of projection followed by making the other guys pay for something the sons of Abraham had done.

      Screwed up world.

      • I just read a very engaging ‘The Red Tent’- Jacob’s story from the daughter Dinah’s point of view.

        Old Testament as if the women had written it. Jewess author, she agrees with you.

  32. I think you are right about the Jewish influence. Their Eastern culture is patriarchal compared to our Western one, with specifically male things esteemed to such a degree that the women want to aspire to them too, because they agree with their culture that male things are first rate and female things are second rate.

  33. Re: Jewish men being sex perverts. If you read one Phillip Roth book it is plain to see this. Hollywood where Jewish men go to achieve American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of shiksas.

    I am fortunate to have dark Sephardi skin and pale eyes from Ashkenazi side. I am not the most handsome man on earth but many women like this mixture. I would see response of women I’d flirt with in office versus less attractive or less dominant men and feel sorry for them. Reminds me of comedy skit where the rule 1 of sexual harrassment was “be good looking”. If you aren’t, you are f****ed for your career if you try to screw co-workers.

    I now work in factory where female workers all weigh more than me, built like rugby forwards.

    • One of the reasons I love academia. My colleagues are all hypersensitive to anything that might possibly be construed as flirtation… but there’s not enough booze in the world to be tempted. That’s probably the only reason we haven’t heard more about this stuff in the ivory tower yet — undergrads are far too apathetic to go to a professor’s office hours, which means the only targets of opportunity are fellow faculty members. Which…ewwww.

  34. No black men have been accused… and no homosexuals either. Show of hands: Who here really believes Rachel Maddow hasn’t done more than play footsie with an intern? Anyone? Beuller? They must be shitting bricks in the ivory tower, figuring out how to rewrite The Victim Hierarchy ™.

    • They signaled that homos were fair game with the Spacey take down, which was pretty dramatic. The dykes are pretty aggressive recruiting women, but women may find the experience too icky to advertise much. And since even white rapists won’t rape black women there can’t be much harassment going on there, depending on what qualifies as black. Maybe Mariah Carey was harassed before she got fat. Black guys of course go after everything, or black women would never get harassed, but that’s their job because, slavery.

      • po’po sub-saharan gashes. Only about 1 in 10 ever gets legally married & now only about 1 in 10 can even get harassed…face it, except for the exceptions like Lena Horne they just ain’t desirable, nobody wants them, no body even pesters them. Don’t even have human hair…As far as Conyers or Russellinkshy goes, they don’t even grope black girls…Always an “Uncle Overnite” never a Husband ,,,, unpleasant but pretty much true

        • Lena was no Sub-Saharan! More like an octoroon at worst!
          But you are correct.

          Every one of the dusky brahs has asked
          that Cleavon Little question from Blazing Saddles:
          ” Hey! Wherer da wite wimmin at?”

      • All women start out bisexual anyway and stay that way or at least bi-curious, throughout their lives. Watch little girls: they’re always hugging, kissing and stroking each other’s hair. Even well-known lesbians switch teams frequently. So the Maddcows of the world are unlikely take-down targets Besides, what real man doesn’t mind seeing two women munching each other’s carpet?

    • Gay culture is naturally as exploitative as what we are seeing – with all participants being in it to mutually use then discard all the other participants.

      So we will have to wait a bit. The gays will get smashed when the people abused as kids start coming forward.

  35. CNN is reporting a fifth accuser for Al Franken. Military woman on active duty. Franken allegedly “cupped” her breast during a photo session.

    Don’t see how Franken can survive this. Pass the popcorn!

  36. This issue boils down to one simple concept – treating all people with respect. No man, and no woman, should ever put another person in an awkward or uncomfortable position. This is isn’t left vs right, liberals vs conservatives, Jews vs. Christians – it’s about treating others as they themselves would be treated. No more, no less.

    You actually summed it up quite well…”Sure, there will be dummies who can’t control themselves”. Exactly! It’s about self control. And every man should act like a gentleman, and every woman, a lady.

    Self control, common decency and good manners apply across the board matter who you are.

    • ” This is isn’t left vs right, liberals vs conservatives, Jews vs. Christians – it’s about treating others as they themselves would be treated.”

      Buuuut that very phrase descends from these two religions, and Jesus Christ himself said “Do unto others as you would have done to you.” (Full disclosure: I work for the latter.)

      • There is no judeo-Christ. Christ said those words. The Jews practiced “eye for an eye,” blood debts, and other lovely things.

        As to the topic at hand, always “cover your @ss,” period. Sexual harassment has been a social justice vogue since Anita Hill. The harpies are in overdrive. Perhaps it’s like Z-man says and the knives have come out since the MSM is slowly dying. If we want to indulge in theories, I rather like the one regarding the Chinese Intel dirt being used to take over much of the entertainment industry. Either way, it really is popcorn time for now. I just want to see the Clinton machine wrecked. Frankly let the coalition of the lunatic fringe crank it up to 11 and destroy the ability of the Progs to project any power beyond their uran and academic enclaves for hopefully a decade or two.

    • Karl;
      These are excellent aspirations that pretty well describe the desired middle and upper middle class Western standards that prevailed until the Marxist tsunami of the late ’60s. In fact the last sentence of your 2nd paragraph is an exact paraphrase from my 1967 edition of the Air Officer’s Guide.*

      IIRC, it said that the air officer must act as though all his fellow officers were gentlemen and all females were ladies. If course, the realities of a garrison town were otherwise. But, it was never-the-less an ideal that one disrespected publicly at the peril of being removed for ‘conduct unbecoming an officer’.

      But this offense is now only a quaint, almost impossible to prove, anachronism. That’s why there are so many previously unnecessary regulations governing sexual conduct in all organizations.

      That ideal ship sadly sailed two generations ago. As others have stated elsewhere, now any male is a fool not to minimize and record any one-on-one contacts with women in the workplace.

      * A how-to guide to the official line for the green butter-bar.

    • One problem – women don’t understand the concept of earned respect. It’s a male trait. Women are all about putting people in awkward situations – it’s how they establish the pecking order.

      Men and women should never be in any organization together, unless the function requires both sexes. Men and women use completely different methods of establishing social dominance hierarchies. The problem comes in where males aren’t allowed to use their dominance techniques against women – they’re too fragile, physically and emotionally. So in a mixed group, women can be catty and evil to men, but men can’t punch them back. It’s like putting a declawed cat in a room full of dogs.

    • I know. HR has several references to “inappropriate sexual conduct” in the work place. So the question remains, what is “appropriate sexual conduct” in the workplace?

    • “Exactly! It’s about self control. And every man should act like a gentleman, and every woman, a lady.

      Self control, common decency and good manners apply across the board matter who you are.”

      We used to have a culture that operated on that precept. But it went away sometime in the late 1960s.

      Now it’s every cis-man, cis-woman and everything inbetween those two poles for itself, and its group.

      Anyone quaint enough to abide by the old rules is just lunch for one of the other more aggressive demographics.

  37. Russell Simmons is accussed of raping Sidney Lumets daughter who is Lena Hornes Granddaughter. Also Harvey Weinstein is accused of raoinfg a very Black actress.

    • I just saw that. What’s most shocking about the tale is that the women who wrote this is a paid screenwriter. My goodness. It’s middle school quality work.

      Frankly, it sounds like bullshit to me. The only thing missing is the claim that he has a micropenis. But, Russell Simmons has pumped sewage into the culture for decades so I hope he gets the death penalty for it.

      • Sounds made-up to me, too. She’s not unattractive, but nowhere near her grandmother’s standard. Guys like Simmons don’t hook up with 6s and 7s, it seems to me. On another note P J O’Rourke, back when he used to be funny, was her brother-in-law, for three years, at least.

      • I disagree. I read her account today as well. Sounded very frighteningly real to me. The dude had been priming her for some time and she thought it was “cute” but essentially ignored him. Then he saw her that night, drank a little gin and juice and got a little angry over her ‘re-buff’… Saw and took his opportunity to take what rightfully was his. Her account is exactly as I would expect it to go down.

        Meanwhile, the negro at large has now admitted it occurred but that their “memories of it differ”. No doubt they do…

        Also, I suspect he does in fact have micro-penis syndrome.

        • Btw, excellent post, Zman. Pure gold. Your observations therein are more than sufficient penance for your prior sins of ignorance…Maybe even your future ones as well.

  38. I’ve written about this a few times over at my place, but I think the direction of travel is that smart, ambitious men will form their own companies with 2-3 of their mates doing useful stuff, and feed off the carcasses of lumbering corporations stuffed full of feminist power-skirts and beta men. Why on earth would a smart, ambitious young man want to join a large organisation these days?

    • Big companies are already risk averse, feminism is going to make sure that none of them take any risk no matter how small ever again. Boxes full of stagnation and gossiping and busywork.

      • And offshoring! Oh, the offshoring! Modern corporate culture has become so laced with feminine dialect and feeling as to make male conversation impossible.

        • If they aren’t bitching about how they ‘feel’, they are telling y ou what you are supposed to.

          • Tell me about it. At one of my “peer conferences” girl coworker came out and so and so should have apologized for being curt the other day. My response was “oh, I didn’t notice, but I understand.” And girl coworker #2 said “you’re a guy, and her curt response is a girl thing that ‘we’ noticed, and she should not have treated you like that.” But I’m thinking to myself ” bitches are gonna bitch.

  39. when I worked for the USAF flight test program, it was almost all male in the 1980’s by the 90’s women had wormed their way into all male shops and caused nothing but problems. Men learned real fast to keep their distance from them.

    On the military side it was sheer hell for the senior officers. When they talked to women in their office, they always had a witness there as well. And the door was always kept open. Junior officers were stuck in quad cubes with other workers so when they talked to female enlisted there were always people around.

    Generally they hated dealing with women because at the slightest inconvenience they could scream sexual harassment and there goes the officers career. So they left certain issues slide since the females were part of the protected class.

    With the test pilots it was bad as well. I remember when the AF forced a female pilot on a test pilot group for the B-2, it went over like a lead balloon. When she was present, all casual conversation stopped. They always had to wait until the “oompa loompa” as they called her left.

    • Working stiffs should apply the received wisdom, e.g. Potiphar’s wife in the Bible or, as my father-in-law used to say, “don’t sh*t in your mess kit.” Old, old story.

    • I did a short stint as the XO in an AF medical group. The medical side is borderline insane in many areas and disciplines. We had an O5 there who I nicknamed “Eve” (The Three Faces of Eve). She would be borderline lovey-dovey one minute (in a creepy way, because she wasn’t attractive). But then, she’d switch and go full Mommie Dearest without warning. Other times, she looked like she was on serious drugs. Scariest woman I ever met in uniform.

      When I got back from Turkey (honeymoon), I handed out Medusa’s Eye talismans to all of the staff. I bought a shitload of them in after the Turks told me they warded off evil spirits. After about a week, I started seeing them hanging all around the Medical Group in the secretaries’ office spaces, and many of the mid-grade officers and docs.

      I still remember the First Sergeant pulling me aside once telling me to keep my door open, and to sit in a visible location, whenever meeting with her. If she walked in unannounced, I always got up to greet her, and we would stand in the hallway and talk.

      Medusa Eye:

  40. You made me burst out laughing on this one with the sandwich making comment. I am sixty years old and have been doing government work for the last 17 years. Fortunately, my radar for dangerous women in the workplace has been pretty good, but, I stopped socializing with woman at work 40 years ago. A few years back, I had a female employee, who was a known problem, dropped on me, with the mission of fixing her or firing her. Immediately after my initial meeting with her to set objectives, she went straight to HR and claimed that I had physically assaulted her. Despite the fact that she was a known whack job, I think the only thing that saved my job was the fact that my office had a window facing down the hallway to the only bathrooms on that floor. That meant that every person who went to the bathroom during that hour was looking straight into my office on the return trip. They interviewed every person who went to the can during that hour and no one reported seeing anything but the two of us sitting at a table facing each other. There is no telling when the next landmine will be put under our feet, so all we can do is establish standard behaviors and practices that protect us when the next inevitable accusation. Part of that protection is thinking very hard about hiring candidates from “protected classes” and evaluating the risks in the event that things go south for whatever reason.

    • I know I wouldn’t hire a woman who wasn’t family. I don’t care what the discrimination rules are, there’s a million bullshit excuses you can give for turning someone down.

      • I run a medium-sized electrical contracting company here in sunny Chicagoland and I have built the near- perfect business mousetrap.

        No females. Not even a receptionist. The whole office now, and the whole field staff, even my drivers, are hale, hearty, well-adjusted pink-colored dudes. We’ve been through the crazy. Fuck the crazy.

        I even had one Mestizo with me for 26 years, but he started cheating on his Mrs. and lost his shit, he then defrauded us, lost us a shit-ton of dough through malfeasance, and even stole our office furniture after I pushed him out the door. A painful lesson, but it’s a lesson learned well.

        No sir, from here on out, it’s all pink-colored dudes around here. We’ve self-segregated, we’re Estrogen-free, and we’re loving it!

        • Stories like this make me repent of getting an engineering degree. Tech seems filled to the brim with effeminate men, butch women, and everything in between. There’s never-ending whining about dieversity. Meanwhile, my friends in the trades post pinup girls in the outhouses and make politically incorrect jokes all day. Sometimes, they even get into fist fights. Sounds like freaking heaven to me. IDK if I should/could start over as a journeyman at this point though. Still, I’m not sure how much more electronic junk society needs (my guess is zero), so maybe I should get onto something useful.

          • I’m an engineer myself, but I made the decision years ago to go to “the Dark Side:…contracting.

            I’m so glad I’m not sitting in a Dilbert cube farm at a consulting firm!

            PRCD…come to the Dark Side!

          • I think I’d have to move to a low COL/red state first.

            I’m < 40.

            I think I'm interested in leveraging my skillset because it does pay well but somewhere rural. I'd like to start a small business where I could hire my sons and local kids, I just don't know what it should be.

            Do you have any way of putting us in contact with one-another: me, the lineman, and the electrician?

          • How old are you Brother we have guys as old as in their 50s coming through as apprentice’s most don’t make it but some do so there is always a chance all depends on how bad you want it…

          • And the kicker is the tradesman can make as much or significantly more than we “professional” engineers!

          • Some guys in my line of work are making close to half of a million a year…I only cleared 250k because I like my time off to much;)

    • I see a boom in personal body cameras and/or personal drones that hover and film everything. Fakebook addicts will use it to post more worthless mundane details about their day. Men will use it to guard their freedom.

    • Sandwich making? Many of the comments on this piece (and perhaps Zman himself) sound like beta males who expect a woman to say “Men only want two things. If he doesn’t have an erection, make him a sandwich”. If a woman says “If he doesn’t have an erection, he can make his own damn sandwich” it scares hell out of them.

    • A friend who owns a small consulting biz is expanding, and found it unavoidable to hire females – there just weren’t enough qualified males. Their new quarters include 2 new conference rooms – one large, one small – both of which are glass walled on 2 sides, positioned on heavily-trafficked hallways and in full view of security cameras. He will not meet with any employee anywhere but in one of those conference rooms.

      • Glass wall “fishbowl” conference rooms have become popular in recent years. The newest fashion is open seating and adjustable height tables instead of traditional desks. Sigh.

  41. My wife works with me in my business, should I be worried?

    The big elephant in the room still is Bubba, is it ever going to happen. Probably when that fellow partner in crime gets indicted which means never.

  42. “Well plowed land?” Okay, then!
    Pessimists like me tend to think this culture is in a permanent downward spiral. But, looking at this, kids and teens have to be watching and thinking that this is just totally f-ed up, and maybe things should be different. So it will be interesting to see, before I shuffle off, that is, if there is a reaction in the direction of sanity.

  43. I might be wading into tin foil hat territory but it occurs to me that all this sex scandal business is a clever way to soften our society up to adopt one of the tenets of Sharia law. As Z-man notes, the sexes are already seperating from each other in social, academic, and business settings. This would be in keeping with Islam. Nowadays nothing is as it appears to be and the Progs are masters of advancing their agenda in subtle and sneaky ways. It bears watching.

    • Yes, you see feminist saying how headscarf covering is “liberating” and modesty dress is against patriarchy. Said Khan ban scantily cald female ads from London tube. It is coming.

      Thank god bikini is smallest than ever now! I just learn of American spring break this year, a freedom worth dying for! I prefer it to Majorca even though European beaches topless.

    • How about colleges and universities returning to their original existence as single sex institutions, such as the Ivy League and the Seven Sisters which not too long ago — nearly 50 yrs. — had been fashioned just that way by direction of their 18th and 19th c. founders? However, and this just occurred to me, male transgendered-to-female students can attend as female at a couple of the women’s schools, like Smith College. Let’s bring back “parietals” — the hours that the gals had to be in residence in their dorms, after late sign-outs etc. were on the books. All men out of the dorms. Not a lot of campus rapes taking place back then. Not one that I’ve ever heard of. Weeknights we girls would stumble back from the local beer joint just off-campus at exactly midnight, singing all the way. There are still more than a few women’s colleges, but only one or two all men’s institutions, sad to say. The road trips between all these swell places were terrific and the memories of events like Dartmouth Winter Carnival, Brown Spring Weekend and Princeton ‘Bicker’ just too fabulous for words;-)

      • It’s been found that students in single-sex in both school and college tend to take their studies more seriously than in students coed schools do. Socializing tends to be more important in coeducational institutions than studying.

    • Don’t forget, jews opened the gates of Spanish cities to invading Moors.

      The jew is a desert creature. He hates Aryans.

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