Atheists Are Terrible People

This story is yet another example of why atheists are terrible people. If Christianity folded up shop tomorrow, they would re-invent it, just so they could cause problems for the Christians.

A humanist advocacy group has filed a federal lawsuit to remove a cross-shaped World War I memorial in Prince George’s County, alleging the display violates the First Amendment.

The American Humanist Association says it does not object to the fact that the Bladensburg Cross memorializes soldiers, but rather the placement of the Christian symbol on property owned by a government agency, The Daily Record reported.

“We are certainly recommending coming up with a monument inclusive of all religious groups,” said Monica Miller, a lawyer with the association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center.

In 2012, the group sent a letter to the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission demanding that the cross be removed from the war memorial. The group said it would have no objection if the cross was on private land, reported.

John Moss, the town’s administrator, said the Bladensburg Cross is not endorsing any faith.

“The cross memorializes our veterans,” he told The Daily Record. “It was never meant to be a religious icon.”

The 40-foot-tall concrete memorial was erected in 1925 by the American Legion to commemorate the 49 men of Prince George’s County who died during World War I.

Look, I’m not a religious guy. The last time I was in church was a couple of years ago for a friend’s ordination. Before that was probably Christmas mass at the insistence of friends, but when that was I don’t recall. Left to my own, I’m not going to church or thinking much about the existence of God. I’m an empirically minded guy which means I don’t dwell on what I can never possibly know. I’m not much of a joiner either so church is not offering much to a guy like me.

Religion does, however, bring joy and happiness to tens of millions of my fellow citizens, so if they want to put up crosses all over the country, good for them. Their expression of their faith is not harming anyone. In fact, I think America was probably better run when most people attended services. It kept the cultural rot at bay and it kept the lunatics under control. An aggressively Christian population would probably be a good antidote to Progressivism, as long as the women are not permitted to vote.

This monument has been up since 1925. No one complained since 1925. Then this collection of dick heads comes along and forces the public to spend tax money to defend normalcy. Here’s the staff list of the Anti-Humanist Society. If you have a chance to make their life a living hell in some way, please take it. With any luck, all of them will come down with an excruciating disease.

Anyway, you’ll notice they steer clear of Jews and Muslims. The former runs the country and has plenty of resources to crush these people. The latter has no qualms about killing for the faith. You can be sure the “humanists” will not be posting Mohamed cartoons on their web page. Christians have foolishly forgotten their roots and let themselves get pushed around by these people. My advice to Christianity is get back to your roots. Kill a few humanists the old fashioned way and the rest will run for cover.