All Sex Is Porn Or Rape

For those interested in the demographic struggle, Japan is the place to watch for clues about what comes next. From time to time, the news will report that the Japanese are no longer having sex. By that they mean the young people are no long reporting a high interest in sex. The Japanese stopped having children in the 1970’s. Their total fertility rate fell below replacement in that decade and has remained well below replacement for going on five decades now.

That does not mean they stopped having sex in the 1970’s. It’s juts a good starting point for exploiting why it is they are apparently the first asexual population. According the story, young Japanese have moved from not having children to not getting married to now not bothering with sex. Of course, this corresponds with the explosion of pornography and a porn culture in Japan. The causal relationship between the two may or may not exist, but the bet is they are connected.

Anyway, the West may be headed down the same path. At least the European portion of the Occident. You have moves to ban sex in states like California. The point is justice or vengeance, it is hard tell the difference, for male privilege. The University of California has raced ahead with a policy of their own requiring affirmative consent, not just for sex, but to every form of “physical sexual activity.” The goal is to invert the normal sexual relationship, which will make normal sex criminal.

This is lunacy, of course, but it is related, most likely, to what is happening in Japan. The collapse of maleness, probably due to a collapse in testosterone, has upset the normal balance. Women, like dogs, need to be on a leash held firmly by a confident male. Off the leash, the women go crazy. The low-T males respond by investing their time into porn and video games, thus making themselves less attractive to women. The result is a world where all sex is either porn or rape.