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I decided to do the very first New Year’s podcast while stinking drunk and staggering around outside with strangers. It is the tradition, after all, to get obliterated on December 31st, waiting for the calendar to change. Well, I can only assume, as I have not been outside, much less partying, on New Year’s Eve in decades.

In fact, I don’t recall the last time I was up past midnight on the big night. I’m not really sure why I have no interest in the custom. I like drinking and I like staying up late, but I never got into ringing in the new year. In my youth it just seemed like a lot of work to accomplish very little, so I was never interested in it. Instead, I’d watch some Three Stooges reruns and make it an early night..

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the four longer segments from the show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Corruption Timeline (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Xirl Science (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: The Hedge Fund State (Link)
  • 32:00: George Lincoln Rockwell (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: Health Care (Link)
  • 47:00: The War On White (Link)
  • 52:00: Bodymore, Murderland (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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11 thoughts on “Happy New Year Podcast

  1. I wasn’t aware that anyone “venerated” Benedict Arnold, though it’s no big surprise, but I wouldn’t put him in the same category as Hitler. He was a traitor, for sure, but before that he was a patriot, and a great field commander. What led to his betrayal is interesting to consider.

    The bit about the water lily: sad! Water lilies are lovely, and we should just enjoy them. People often project poetic/literary/romantic notions onto plants (and animals), and that’s fine, but to use a plant as a proxy for twisted thinking is too much. Plants have behaviors and activities – lives, if you will – largely invisible to humans who don’t make plants their study, and it’s bizarre to state that water lilies have no “unequal or unfair habits in its natural behavior”. Also untrue; all creatures fight for their own survival as best they can. What’s unfair is using the water lily to force a mirror of your own tortured psyche. A lily is a lily is a lily. Poor lily!

    Happy New Year! Whatever you think of New Year’s eve, New Year’s day is lovely, imo. So best wishes for a good 2018.

  2. Would it be possible to post a transcript of your podcasts? I believe there are free APIs that will do audio to text.

  3. The George Lincoln Rockwell saga is even stranger than you think. Look up “Dan Burros” or E. Michael Jones’ “Jewish Nazis.” There was actually a Jew in the American Nazi Party (also a Kleagle in the Klan). Rockwell was actually softer on the JQ than most people probably think or know. Also, he coined the term “white power,” only after a debate with Stokely Carmichael, in which Michael kept talking about “black power.” Rockwell finally responded, “You say black power. I say white power.” More counter-punching than spoiling for a fight.

    • The JQ tends to draw a lot of wackos. That’s not to say all JQ’ers are kooks, but a lot of kooks are attracted to conspiracy stuff, so the JQ is like catnip.

      • They’re really reaching with the Nazi crap now. It’s descending well-beyond the level of parody. I saw a “news” story on AOL about an intern at the White House giving a “white power gesture.” He was doing the “okay” thing with thumb and forefinger. I think there’s a difference between what Kevin MacDonald does versus someone like Alex Linder. Hunter Wallace makes fun of these types (calls them “Vantards”) and he once linked to a conspiracy site that explained how the Jews killed all the buffalo in the American west.

  4. Great podcast, Z.
    I personally came here via Vox Day. He had linked to your site in one of his more lucid moments. 🙂

    From here I’ve been able to access the others you mention. I like the Epigone and the Woodpile. I used to run across the other guys at Taki Mag.

    Have a great New Year Z.

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