Somewhere To Run

One of the themes of this post at American Renaissance, was that there is no where for the race aware white person to go in America. The war on whiteness is happening at every point on the social structure and in every town in the country, even the rural areas where whites dominate. Wherever white people congregate, a cosmopolitan wrecker will be there to try and brown the place. Therefore, there is no running away from the slow moving white genocide being perpetrated on us by our rulers.

The generally accepted view of this process is it will play out in one of two ways. One version has Team Brown, which is the coalition of blacks, Hispanics, miscellaneous foreigners, Jews and white feminists, will become the new ruling class. The alternative, the Alt-Right version, holds that whites will become race aware and unite against the dusky hordes to form an ethno-state. In fairness, there is a CivNat version, which argues in favor of unicorn riding leprechauns, but no adult takes them seriously.

Looking at the current fight over immigration, it is not hard to argue with either vision of the future. Team Brown is unwilling to give an inch on their plans for unlimited non-white immigration. The only justification for this is they are seeking to replace whites in America via the miracle of open borders. Logic further dictates that even the dumbest tricorn hat wearing BoomerCon will eventually wake up to this reality. Think about how many people you know who were CivNat a decade ago but are race realists today.

Neither of those scenarios sound appealing and that is an important thing to keep in mind when looking down the road. Given enough time, human organizations faced with two bad choices will evolve alternatives. It is a natural result of seeking to mitigate the costs of each choice by addressing the underlying premises. In the case of American racial conflict, the underlying premise is that the future is a transcendent, winner take all, fight that will be decided in Washington and imposed on the rest of us.

That is not the only future and probably not the likely one. Look at what is happening in the states. The other day I wrote about one of the consequences of the marijuana legalization efforts at the state level. Here we have, for the first time in generations, the states forcing policy changes on the Federal government. In fact, the most likely result is the states will force the Feds to retreat from this area of civic life. The regulation of recreational drugs will be a local issue. Replace “marijuana” with “discrimination” and the enormity is clear.

Another thing going on in the states is the idea of disaggregation. When you look closely at the CalExit thing, what you see is not a secessionist movement, but a reductionist movement. California is too big to manage as a whole, so the culturally homogeneous areas will be broken off from the culturally Progressive zones, to form at least two states, but there is no reason the concept could not result in three or four states. California has forty million people. Rhode Island has a little over one million people.

What is going on in California is possible because of something that has been going on with Progressives for the past thirty years. They have been self-ghettoizing. The ethnic cleansing we see going on in coastal cities is so Progressives can have swanky urban centers in which they can live. When you look at the last electoral map, at the county level, you see the slow re-segregation of the country between Team Brown in urban areas and Team America everywhere else. The blues will get bluer while the reds get redder.

This cultural reorganization of America is undermining the premise of a unified national culture dictated by our coastal elites. Therefore, that winner take all fight is becoming less and less likely. Further, the Progressive instinct to leave, unless they can dominate all others, an instinct they inherited from their Puritan forebears, is one cause of this reorganization. It is why Progressives are talking about abandoning the national model in favor of the smaller, local, more autonomous model. Peaceful separation, so to speak.

It is important to keep in mind that Team Brown seized on open borders and mass immigration when they began to lose the support of white ethnics. Progressives controlled the national government from the Civil War forward but had to rely on urban white ethnics for building a coalition. Once those voters started joining Team America, Team Brown needed new voters and we got the 1965 Immigration Act. Then twenty years later they built on it with the 1986 amnesty. Open borders are a defensive strategy.

If Trump is able to strong arm Republicans into ending wholesale immigration, Team Brown’s strategy for dominating the nation is foreclosed. When even minor setbacks, like the 2016 election, results in calls for retreat, it is reasonable to wonder if the Progressive pendulum is about to swing the other way, away from national dominance back toward local autonomy. It has been a little over two hundred years since the Hartford Convention. Perhaps this is the end of a long cycle and the return to normalcy.

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  1. We southern nationalists plan to make progressives, aka communists, so uncomfortable in our southern lands they will leave all of it to us.

    We have work to do, yet we can do it.

  2. “Peaceful separation, so to speak.”

    That’s just as feasible as the unicorn riding leprechaun. Progs are incapable of supporting themselves, they need a host to leech off of. Every government jurisdiction they control is broke or about to be, and desperate for infusions of cash from somewhere.

      • Surely it’s an acceptable outcome if the progs all essentially relocate to their own “country” (or indeed actual country)?

        Plausible outcome? No. Excellent outcome? Self evidently yes by my reckoning.

  3. There’s other choices than the ones you gave us. It’s very likely, almost a given that Whites will become a minority. It’s held that they will gang on Whites with Jew media, power and money. I suggest that none of these immigrants have any love for Jews at all. Maybe we will not see eye to eye on everything but I bet that it would not throw the immigrants into a tizzy if we got rid of the Jews. Let them all move to Israel. Get them away from us.

    There’s no doubt at all that the biggest reason by far that we have all these immigrants is the Jews. There’s also no doubt that the reason that we have all these wars are the Jews. There’s also no doubt that the immense Federal Debt is because of the Jews. (All money is debt doesn’t have to be this way).

    I say this is a golden opportunity to get rid of them. I want this to happen peacefully but we need to get rid them no matter what.

    We should all band together, Right, Left, immigrants, heritage and whoever to get rid of the Jews.

    If we do this the children will be happier. The Sun will shine more and life will better and full of Love!

    If we don’t do this the big blaring constant hate Whitey megaphone of the Jews will put us in constant peril of being murdered. It’s a matter of survival.

  4. Progressives will never give up on their quest for a utopian work-free drug place. Self-annihilation is their end game.

  5. The really sad part of this whole “Browning of America” issue is that most White people have been so totally brainwashed and over/under educated by both our liberal media and our socially progressive Universities that they either refuse to see a problem or simply can’t see a problem with unbridled immigration.

    • The latest polls show 75% of people want a reduction in immigration and nearly half want repatriation

      Our rulers however want reliable votes and cheap labor and don’t want us.

      Right now we are still trying to make the political process work instead of forcing our leaders to comply. Understandable, when the US goes down, it likely won’t get up and the level of suffering caused by such a war would be immense

      There is still some hope so people are clinging to it

      The hell of it is , the divisions are so great that if a magic comet seeded the US spores that only White people were immune to , ending race matters forever odds are good the nation would still have no reason to exist

      The cultural divide is vast and truth be known, people as close as upstate New York shouldn’t be ruled by people from the City much less say people from New York City having any say to someone in Wyoming

      We don’t have an easy way to end the empire and rightsize the US in I don’t know 11 or more nations

      It what we need to d though and long long term it will happen. Few nations these days are within natural boundaries and these things have a way or self correcting

  6. A lot of this immigration BS is driven by women. They vote and legislate according to their emotions rather than common sense. Sure, the coloured minorities are driving this – but they wouldn’t have been able to succeed without the Liberal American Shrew supporting them all the way. I’ve tried to debate with women; anyone else who has knows how they roll too – appeals to common sense and logic just don’t fly for a healthy majority of women. Women are fascists and socialists by nature as well – and although a minority of them can rise above that – most can’t.

    The problem now is that they are meeting the consequences of their actions and they’re getting what they voted for, good and hard: their husbands, fathers, and brothers are getting screwed in the ear with political correctness, social justice, and affirmative action. All of a sudden, diversity and inclusion is biting THEM on the arse. Reality is facing quite a few American women in the face, and they don’t like the colour of it – and who can blame them? I know you find the term ‘red pill’ amusing, Z – but this is what it is. Women have overwhelmingly chosen to take that pill as a suppository and they don’t like it any more than their men do. Trump’s election and his success since is testament to it.

    Trump has effectively divided the Donks against each other: there is no room over there for sane white men, and only the battiest of the femcnuts, race whores, and SJW’s can thrive there. The Democrats have a choice now: social justice and obscurity – or burn down their own party and rebuild it in a way that aligns with working Americans.

    • Glen, you are correct. Women act from emotion. But when the real world slaps them (or their men) across the face, they double down. If only the world would listen to them and do things their way, unicorns and sparkles would ensue. If a dark-complected person attacks someone, it is because the dark one was discriminated against. See how this works?

      • They will double down if they can, Dutch. Notice the vagina hat crowd that still protests for rights and freedoms they already have. But – what happens if doubling down only results in more bitch slapping? Once women understand that, they become more compliant with reality – or at least, most will. And – if their matriarchal instincts still work they will act to defend their families too. I’ve always held that women will do the right thing once all the alternatives are exhausted. They are seriously running out of alternatives fast.
        Of course, I could be full of beans and you may be correct. Lord knows you have more than enough ammo for your argument.

        • Such a generalization, guys. Don’t be so taken in by the media’s idea/picture of what women think (and yes, we think, not just feel). By a good margin, married women are conservative. You are seeing on your tv screens (having one of those in your house greatly distorts reality), what the media WANTS men to think women are like. It’s as if you believed all blacks ae scientists and doctors because that’s what you see on TV.

          If you are married, think of your own wife. Would she be caught dead marching for abortions in a pussy hat? If you’re not married yet, wait until you are to decide what women are really like. Put in “Deplorable” on Twitter, and you’ll see that a good half of those happily supporting the prez are female…and they have nothing in common with the stereotype shown on cable TV.

          From a Christian, conservative, dissident-right, nationalist, Midlandia female who — yes, as a kid — was a leftist feminist….but who grew up.

          P.S. If I can add one more thing — it hurts the “movement,” “cause,” or whatever you want to call it when you write off half the population as mindless men-haters when we are just as distressed about places like CA and just as determined as you are to create a traditional living space where Western civilization is protected and treasured. MAGA.

  7. Yeah, defensive! People creating Empires is proof of their weakness and insecurity. The Globalists are thus the weakest of all.

    • Black Panther is the story of an isolationist ethnostate. The alt-right couldn’t ask for better propaganda.

      • True this. if there was a Wakanda every .Alt Right person would have many positive things to say about them especially as its an ethnic state, advanced nation with smart people and a monarchy

        They drool over authoritarian Singapore after all

        Race wouldn’t really matter

        Alas its pure fiction

        And while there are some very smart Igbo an others out there, there are not enough for a nation and those people and the other African folk with good brains are swamped by their much lower IQ/High time preference cousins

        Brains matter but a society is driven by its averages and on average Africa just isn’t smart.

        Also re Black Panther early sales pumped by hype, Leftist hive mind or Soros Bucks for all I know doesn’t indicate long term success

        I head similar claptrap about the Last Jedi and it did poorly and as kicked out of China

        B.P could fail in a week or prove to be amazing.

        Somehow though I I don’t think the Right White or Hispanics or Asians will be lining up to see this any more than the next Medea movie . There might be enough superhero junkies, Leftists and others to buoy it to success though . If so good on them

        As Mama Prosper always told me “Consider the source.” and the hype is tainted

        All that aside some sense Tiny Duck in his current incarnation is correct. The future will be diverse but it will probably be real diversity with a myriad of nations with separate ethnic and cultural boundaries and identities

        This is better for everyone because what the Left calls diversity is poison .

        It creates a gulag shopping mall culture with the outside trappings of diversity and while its there obliterates indigenous peoples and real diversity

        Good for profits for a while, bad for humanity and if you love diversity, you support boundaries

    • The fantasy won’t hold up next to the hilarious, WorldStarHipHop reality. “Black Panther” starts its run as a joke. There will be felonious assaults at the theaters the opening weekend.

  8. About a dozen years ago, a headhunter told me he had to drop me. Reason? I lived in the mid-west, his clients were all on the coasts, and they’d have to pay me 50% more than a local just so I could afford the housing. That was an alarm bell ringing in my head that the low-interest rates coupled with gov’t guarantees of loans via Fannie/Freddy/etc… was helping drive the “ghettoization”. The question I have is whether the gov’t is creating housing bubbles, at least partially, because it helps keep the bad thinkers out of the coastal trendy areas.

    • Partially

      Also the economy in a global sense is really whack.

      There is suppression of wages by automation, population aging in areas with functional economies and globalism lowering demand but increasing profits

      A lack of innovative products anyone wants or can afford (c.f the poor sales on the new I-Phone) and vast levels of government debt

      The debt forces lower interest rates as well

      So you have tons of money out there with nowhere to go but housing and not even enough demand for solid inflation

      Thus much higher housing prices which of course reduces non housing income (i.e discretionary spending )and longer term family formation in high cost areas and you get a vicious spiral

      They way you fix it is to reverse migration and force banks, foreigners and the like to divest but this would have other effects in terms of wiping out bank profits and creating a housing crisis

      It won’t happen and the government will keep kicking the can until it collapses

      How long that will take, no one knows, As the old saw goes markets can stay irrational longer than you and I can stay solvent.

  9. When it comes to the sanctuary state of california, why doesn’t the President just announce that no immigration laws will be enforced in California but will be throughout the rest of the country, thereby allowing California to be a magnet for all illegal immigrants. At that point the rest of us can demand that California secede.

    • Bad idea.
      Once the illegals enter Ca., they then will find it very easy to migrate into the rest of the USA. So instead of patrolling and shuttering the USA/Mexico border, which is tough enough, the entire eastern border of Ca. would also need to be controlled.
      And that would be impossible.

      • John;
        I agree completely that allowing a ‘Free Cali’ is a very bad idea, just not mainly for the reason you cite. It’s true enough that the ‘Free Cali’ border would be long, hence difficult to patrol. OTOH, most of it is difficult mobility terrain, mostly desert, hostile to casual crossers even where it’s not desert (e.g. the Donner Party).

        Now, one can argue that the *existing* Mexican border is mostly desert and yet leaks like a sieve. The counter-arguments would be that up until now we had only pretended to enforce it (border security theater). The Israelis have recently demonstrated how to effectively seal a desert border against casual crossers using not much manpower. It would be easy enough to follow their example. All we lack is the will to break the backs of our current elites, politically if possible.

        But the real geo-strategic danger to allowing a ‘Free Cali’ is that, because their elite are stupid and weak-minded, they would early on be looking for an outside major power protector* so that their lotus-eating could continue unabated. And it’s pretty clear that they’d do it because living at the sufferance of the rest of us would be insufferable to their SJW Feminist natures: They have gotten used to demanding that others do things for them, after all.

        Mexico, had they any brains, would reject that role for the simple reason that they would be at least doubling the border that *they* would then have to defend against a now-hostile ‘Remaining 49’ with not much addition to their already very limited military strength.**

        That would leave only China or Russia since they have some of the sea power needed to send and maintain forces across the Pacific.*** And they would certainly welcome the chance to become the super-power in our place. And hubris might well get in the way of prudence for them.

        If they did try it, one could foresee a rerun of the Cuban Missile Crisis in some form or other. Then as now, a powerful foreign nuclear-armed power intervening on or near CONUS creates an existential threat to the ‘Remaining 49’. It’s hard to imagine even our feckless Cloud Folk permitting this.^ That the likely result of ‘Free Cali’ could be coastal Cali glowing in the dark following a nuclear exchange would be small consolation.

        The other likely scenario is that we would find out about it first and crush Free Cali with conventional forces. That long border would be much harder for them to control than it would be for us. And why should we have to control it_? The question answers itself.

        * Every global empire has grown largely by being invited to intervene in favor of one side or another in a neighbor’s factional dispute. They simply never leave after that, and the inviting faction is lucky if they live to rue their folly.

        ** This logic applies double to Canada which has a *very* long US border and almost no strategic depth behind any of it. It would take *marching* (much less road mobile) troops less than a week to cut their lateral communications at almost any point. Earlier, smarter US leaders allowed Canada to exist because it had little potential to turn into a major threat and it was a useful hostage against the then-dangerous British Empire’s good conduct after 1814.

        ***With great logistical difficulty, I might add, even without hostilities from the ‘Remaining 49’: Hence my mentioning ‘prudence’.

        ^Allowing a foreign power onto the US mainland is practically guaranteed to result in their overthrow ‘with extreme prejudice’.

  10. Escape from New York is one of my favorite all time movies. We don’t really see, in the movie, how and why those walls were built. Perhaps we are watching that in real time.

  11. Z Man;
    Re white Prog. ethnic cleansing of the urban centers: It will be interesting to see who wins the ‘Battle of Chicago’. On one side you have the ‘gentrifying’ SWPL faction led by Rahm Emmanuel and on the other you have the ‘Drugs & Thugs’ faction, right now seemingly disorganized, voiceless but violent.

    One might suppose that the millennial yuppie SWPL’s, being stupid, rich, lazy and crazy, would be easy prey for the D&T-er’s. But so far almost all the shooting and looting has been confined to the brown zone. I’m not sure how that’s being done now but sooner or later this uneasy equilibrium is going to break down. Maybe the much maligned ‘blue wall’ will break (or give up and move out).

    The sad-a**ed remnant of the Chicago Machine had been kicking the can down the road by Obama and his minion’s exporting the D&T overflow that somehow escaped Planned Parenthood via Section 8 housing vouchers into the exurbs. This is very likely coming to an end if it has not already. Moreover, the ability to buy out potential D&T agitators is near its end because IL is running out of money. Obama & Co may well have been among the last to ride that money train.

    • Funny you should mention this. Someone just told me yesterday about her daughter telling her about a murder that took place right in front of her gentrified townhouse a couple of blocks from the worst part of her city. And the kid was surprised.

      The mom told me that the cops usually keep things pretty well cordoned off.

      Seems to be breaking down already.

    • I was thinking this thought riding to work on the EL this morning but along different lines. This city is as blue as it gets but there are many red-pilled guys here and country conservatives. Not to mention the red suburbs who are mostly armed. You saw it when Trump tried to speak at UIC.

      If some sort of civil strife occurs, I believe Chicago will be a flash point. Perhaps the Trump riot will be considered the first signs of struggle.

      • Agree. Chicago still has a big population of the Red-diaper types that thirst for this kind of conflict. Funny, but happen to be writing this from the Palmer House this morning. Noticed last when I got here and went wandering out for a quick dinner that the bum population seems up from last year and more aggressive.

    • That’s the issue with calling them team brown. While the base is brown, and like in most brown counties south of the US border, the leadership is not.

      • ‘Team Brown’ will have a white coaching staff and white ownership for decades to come.

    • This was obviously a leftie boomer idea. No one my age or younger gives the tiniest rat’s behind about the Kennedy legacy. And I’m middle aged. Definitely no one aged 35 or younger even has a clear idea of who the Kennedys are or what their legacy might be.

  12. Team Brown has managed to permanently alter the composition of the country in any case. Stanching the flow is a good first step, but stanching the flow will be a permanent chore going forward. I like to say we’ve been importing Yugoslavia for the past half-century, by which I mean the conditions for tribal warfare are being brought here deliberately, but perhaps I’m just getting a little excited. I don’t see the way to restoring the country without terrifying bloodshed.

    • We can only escape this multicultural cul-de-sac by the same route we entered: war. One can observe the acceleration of liberalism after each war beginning in 1865. We keep upping the ante with every conflict and with every wave of immigration. When it comes apart, it will do so in a horrifying conflagration. It seems to be the lot of every civilization to either go down in a smoking heap of ruins, or to crawl out of said ruins and rebuild a new civilization. There is no “reforming” the kind of society we have become. Progressivism either prevails, or we destroy it completely and start over.

      • I don’t think this is necessary and I don’t want a large civil war. The only way to make this work is to get rid of the Jews and their 24 hour none stop appeal to hate against Whites. We can work out something amicable with all the new immigrants if we don’t have the Jews pushing for genocide constantly.

        • But you corroborate my thesis. Getting rid of those parasites will inevitably do grave harm to the host. Think of your otherwise reasonable gentile neighbors who will oppose ANY action against The Tribe. That gives you an idea of how nasty this will get. And the The Tribe knows it.

  13. The decentralization arguments will dry up the moment they return to power, which while unlikely in 2020, isn’t so far fetched in 2024. Progressive power has puritan and hacid themes, but it is machivellian in nature.

  14. The key is ending chain migration. Last year I was invited to a birthday party in Canada. There were so many people it was held in a hotel ballroom. They were all from the same Asian family and had started with one immigrant about 15 years ago. These are all nice, productive people with a western mindset, but I can just about guarantee you that the ones with citizen status voted for Trudeau’s party because of their cosmopolitan prejudices.

    Just because I like these people is no reason to agree with the fact that this form of immigration is a good thing. Many of them have government jobs. Some told us that the government preferred them over native Canadians because of their superior work ethic, lack of absenteeism, and unquestioningly doing their jobs, which they love having. They are there to displace native Canadians. The problem for the Canadian government is that the kids all go to Canadian schools and learn the mores of native Canadians as taught by socialist unionized teachers. The benefit to Canada of these imports is only 1-1.5 generations. Then what are they going to do? Import more to take their place?

    This is insanity.

    • First become aware of the chain issue several years ago when invited to a dinner where Kevin Hassett and Andrew Biggs were speaking and happened to get seated with Biggs for the meal. The table topic was how to keep Social Security solvent. Biggs brought up several issues, but one was chain migration–and bringing elderly parents over that would immediately file for SSI, Medicare, or the SS program that allows work credits from the home country system to be applied to SS eligibility here. While no one was drawing a full benefit, cumulatively, it was bleeding out the system. Had never heard of it before. Then saw what I assume was this “in action” a couple months ago at an opthamalic surgery center in NY where the waiting room was literally nothing but elderly, completely non English speaking Chinese, all getting cataract surgeries on Medicare/Medicaid. I have nothing against people getting needed medical care, but it seemed to be the fulfillment of what Biggs was talking about back in 2012.

  15. One lingering issue in a localist future: Immigration and naturalization must remain federally enforced and restrictive. Otherwise you would have a situation where California (of course) would be super liberal (granting citizenship even) then turning the “new Americans” loose on the rest of the country much the way the EU works.

    • My hope, and it is hope at this point, is that we are seeing the Overton Window swing quickly. We now see Republicans (up for election) getting to the right of Trump on immigration. The midterms will be a referendum on immigration. If it goes well, I suspect we see the GOP push forward with restrictionist polices. This combined with the decline of the national Democrat party would accelerate the localist impulse of the Left.

      This probably would have happened much sooner if not for the Cold War.

      • Years ago I would have thought the left would never agree to local control because they would be afraid of Red states instituting bigotry (as they see it). But now the lefties are indeed talking separation themselves, so I do think this might happen. If they could grudgingly admit that conservative states have a right to be conservative, I could actually see the necessary Constitutional Amendments passing.

        When you see that no president from this point forward is going to get out of the 40s or low 50s in approval ratings you realize we are turning into two countries, but not (yet) geographically

        • “Years ago I would have thought the left would never agree to local control …”

          You can bet that the lefties will do everything they can to ensure they are the only ones to benefit from whatever local control comes about. Freedom for me, but not for thee.

        • Lefties will do anything to attain and retain power. Anything at all including mass murder, gulags, etc.
          Just scratch their surface and they are all Joe Stalin clones. As someone else said, “inside every liberal progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”

          For lefties, the ends justifies the means; it always has and always will.

          Nothing they do, absolutely nothing, surprises me. And it should not surprise any carbon based life form either.

      • Republicans up for re-election only think they are to Trump’s right on immigration. Trump is running game on Democrats and Republocrats because he can and because he has to. One dog is herding sheep and ducks together, and he knows where the gate is.

      • I think you are overly optimistic, yet I also hope you are right. Locally, the two Republican contenders for the state legislature seat both mention immigration, but the female (endorsed, of course, by our senile outgoing House Rep) lists her first qualification in her mailings as being an “educator” and pro-life. Yes, she also claims to be pro 2nd amendment and against sanctuary cities, but she’s still the boilerplate churchian conservatard GOPe. The businessman running against her, in contrast, lists numerous different anti-immigration and pro-border policies in his much more aggressively-worded campaign mailings. It will be interesting to see who the locals choose. If the past is anything to go by, it will be the “nice lady.”

  16. Did you see David Brook’s hate piece on rural and working white American on Sailer’s Blog today? Total honesty is the new norm for these traitors, they don’t even disguise their plans or hatred.

    The East Germans of the 21st Century
    David Brooks JAN. 29, 2018

    Every few years I try to write a column staking out a reasonable middle ground on immigration. ….

    The case for restricting immigration seems superficially plausible. …

    Every few years I try to write this moderate column. And every few years I fail. That’s because when you wade into the evidence you find that the case for restricting immigration is pathetically weak.

    … Get in your car. If you start in rural New England and drive down into Appalachia or across into the Upper Midwest you will be driving through county after county with few immigrants. These rural places are often 95 percent white. These places lack the diversity restrictionists say is straining the social fabric.

    Are these counties marked by high social cohesion, economic dynamism, surging wages and healthy family values? No. Quite the opposite. They are often marked by economic stagnation, social isolation, family breakdown and high opioid addiction. Charles Murray wrote a whole book, “Coming Apart,” on the social breakdown among working-class whites, many of whom live in these low immigrant areas.

    … Of course they react with defensive animosity to the immigrants who out-hustle and out-build them. You’d react negatively, too, if confronted with people who are better versions of what you wish you were yourself.

    • Whew! Purely anecdotal, but as one who was brought up in those rural areas, spent much of my adult life in diversified, urban areas, and now have come back to the heartland, I’d say that the opiods, the stagnation. the same ennui is found in the cities, unless you’re in the gated communities — there, the economics are better and the opiods come from friendly doctors instead of the street.

      Only as a female, I can walk down the road or Main St. without fear, while in the cities, I was fair game for all kinds of “Hey, how are ya, what’s the matter don’t you like black/Hispanic/Egyptian/whatever guys?” So I’ll take the nationalist, rural working classes over the globalist, urban working classes anytime.

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