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I spent many hears in Boston and I come back regularly. Even so, I am always surprised to see some unexpected change. Even in a sclerotic culture like New England, life does not stand still. New buildings are built to replace old ones. Roads get redesigned. The general look and feel of the place changes over time. To paraphrase Heraclitus, you never visit the same city twice. Perhaps it is just a function of age, but when I travel now, I am much more aware of what has changed, rather than what is familiar.

The biggest thing that has changed since my last trip here is me. There used to be a time when Boston was famous for the worst drivers in America. Tourists would bring back their rental cars and take cabs, because after a short dose of Boston drivers, they were too afraid to be on the road here. Now, Boston drivers are nothing special. Having spent the last decade driving the Imperial Capital, my standards have adjusted. Nowhere has traffic like Washington. Los Angeles is a motoring paradise by comparison….

At the airport in Lagos, I saw what I thought was the ugliest women I had seen to this point in my life. I mean so hideous my instinct was to look away. Then as it approached where I was sitting, I realized it was a tranny. Everyone else had the same reaction. Of course, the tranny was on my plane, but luckily, I boarded in the early group so it was sent to the back of the plane. But as luck would have it, the tranny was on the same shuttle to the rental car facility. The looks from the counter agents were priceless.

Driving out of Logan, I could not help but think about what Theodore Dalrymple said about communist societies. Perhaps these efforts to force the rest of us to accept cross-dressing loonies as normal is a push to turn us into emasculated liars. Maybe that’s part of it, but my sense watching the tranny parade around the airport is that this is just wanton decadence. You see this on campus with the vulgar displays of every conceivable sexual prediction. I think we are ruled by a class of Caligula’s now, for now…

I had an interesting conversation with friends at dinner on Thursday night. One friend I would describe as between CivNat and Dissident Right. A year ago, he was listening to Ben Shapiro, thinking he was radical. Today, he listens to me. It is a trip the ferryman has seen many times. His sister, the other person at dinner, is a lifelong feminist Progressive, but having doubts as she reaches her middle years. Over dinner, we talked about race, sex, ethnicity, quirks of evolutionary biology. All the stuff popular on the Dissident Right.

I have gotten better at talking about these things with normies and reality-curious Progressives. I have a library of pithy stories and examples to make it easy for them to accept biological reality on their terms. In the case of reality-curious Progressives, I frame things in moral terms. It does not always work, but it keeps them from shrieking “Witch! Witch!” and notifying the authorities. Her brother thinks I red-pilled her, but we will see. It is a long road from there to the water’s edge. Still, it is another green shoot…

Boston did not fare the previous Progressive Awakening very well. The cultural upheavals of the 60’s and 70’s broke the working class structure of most American cities and Boston was not an exception. As a result, the city was in decline into the 80’s, but then it righted itself in the late 80’s and 90’s. Like New York, rich people started demanding better policing and better schools. The city started knocking down slums and opening up the housing market to developers. By the late-90’s, Boston was in a renaissance.

When the ululating started again in the late Clinton years, the city was not destroyed by Progressive wreckers seeking to make a point, Instead, it was filled with neo-liberal globalists, investing in the city. The colleges exploded with money, as college kids poured in toting government loans and financial aid packages. Boston became a technology hub, with great tech firms ringing the city and biotech startups growing like warts on the college campuses. Eastern Mass as a whole is nothing like it was at its nadir

Locals here are gearing up for another Super Bowl. I moved here the year the Patriots made their first big game, where they were destroyed by the Bears. I was here when they won their first one back in 2002. That would have been the 2001 season. The difference in atmosphere between now and then is stark. The Patriots have been great for close to two decades now. Winning is not as fun for the fans. There is also the melancholy of knowing that the great run is nearing an end. Both Belichick and Brady are close to done…

Something I forget about until I get here is just how crappy the service is in Boston. In Lagos, the retail shops are run by Koreans and South Asians, so they are super polite to honkies. The businesses staffed with blacks are a riot of inefficiency, but they are polite about it. Here, lots of white people work retail and they act like they are doing you a favor by waiting on you. At the Dunkin Donuts the other morning, the pram-face who served me coffee had a look on her face like she was thinking about sticking a shiv in my ribs…

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  1. Great article Z. Proper Bostonians must be rolling over in their graves! My, my, how did the Boston Brahmins lose control of the culture? I grew up in the suburb of Watertown and the 60’s trashing of American culture never spared Beantown.

    Anyways, Boston has some great history.

    My husband takes me up to Boston for a weekend during December. Fun and Christmassy. This year we changed over to stay at the Parker House where I learned some bit of history. The hotel is now Omni Parker House and there is a display of hotel history.

    The door to the suite where Charles Dickens set up home base for his tour of America.

    Also, Ho Chi Minh, Malcolm X, and Emeril Lagasse all worked at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston before rising to fame (or notoriety). Ho Chi Minh worked as a baker in the hotel’s kitchen in the early 20th century, decades before becoming involved in politics and revolution in his native Vietnam. Malcolm X worked as a busboy in the 1940s.

    Plus, this, the Big Dig made for a lovely long park, but jacked up the home prices in the North End.

    And I believe it was when my oldest brother moved to Rhode Island some 15 or so years ago that it became safe to drive in Boston. Heh.

  2. “At the airport in Lagos, I saw what I thought was the ugliest women I’d seen to this point in my life.”

    I don’t understand this reference. Lagos in Africa? I’m missing something. Please explain.

    Thank you.

  3. “I’ve gotten better at talking about these things with normies and reality-curious Progressives. I have a library of pithy stories and examples to make it easy for them to accept biological reality on their terms. ”

    I’d really like to hear more of this. Even a how-to guide.

  4. you imply above that we are living in a communist society.


    Not even close.

    Our policies and the propaganda from the establishment are evolved/engineered to increase corporate profits.

    Clue: when national policies are geared toward increasing corporate profits, then that is a Capitalist society, not communist or socialist society.

    Not communism.
    Not socialism.

    Please point me to the chapter in Das Kapital that talks about pushing multiculturalist propaganda on white people.

    Can’t find it?
    Neither could I.

    Please point me to the chapter in Das Kapital that talks about pushing mass immigration on white people against their will.

    Can’t find it?
    Neither could I.

    This is not a communist society. It is a society run by big corporations and plutocrat shareholders for the benefit of big corporations and plutocrat shareholders. And really that is the way america started out–the founding plutocrats discarded the articles of confederation and installed the constitution so that they could keep their wealth out of the grubby paws of the white masses.

    The reason the establish crams mass immigration down our throat (and propaganda to facilitate said mass immigration) is because the rich get richer via the economy. And mass immigration grows the economy.

    Wealth. Profits.
    Does that sound like communism?
    Try capitalism….comrade…

  5. Learned to drive on Long Island, was stationed in Boston in the CG. The only difference between a NY driver and a Boston driver, is the NY’er will look you in the eye when the cut you off. Also realized, that Bostonian’s think Boston is the center of the universe, I’m from NY, so I know better.

    • So true. The rest of New England calls them “Masshole” drivers.

      All over New England, I saw this driving pattern where the guy next to you (on either side) will pull up to where his rear bumper is even with the back edge of your front wheel, moving ever so slightly faster than you, and then come over on you, expecting you to get out of his way. If you held your lane and speed on the multi-lane highways, you could take one of them out every mile or two. It’s not that there is no big gap ahead of you, it’s just how they drive. I (thankfully) don’t see it much in other places.

  6. It should also be said of Boston that it contains many pockets of magic dirt. Rents and real estate double by crossing the street, then double again a block deeper into the magic. Coincidentally there are magic people and people without magic, and everybody seems to know who’s who. In Boston I know homosexuals who volunteer 80% of their income to live in magic so it must be better than it looks.

  7. Boston traffic is a more like carrier operations, if you haven’t flown off the deck for too long then you have to re-qualify. I wish I had remembered that before I drove back in for a pre-op with my doctor. Especially in the Longwood medical area, six years since I retired and worked (and drove) in that area everyday. At the Landsmark intersection (a charming four road meeting point, one road at a 45 degree angle and gets the green light simultaneously) a Gnoumeous Ford pickup truck came up quickly from behind and slammed into the right side passenger doors. I never saw him coming.

    Though the insurance company found him at fault I know he rightly blames me, the light changes and there I am sitting there like a magic beanstalk planted in the middle of the intersection barely doing the legal 25 mph speed limit. If I had had my old Boston Driver reflexes I’d have been zipping through the intersection doing at least fifty so I could stand on my brakes three hundred yards further down the road at the next light, As God Ordained.
    Motto of the Boston Driver: Get out of my way or Die!

    The reason that lots of young and middle aged whites are working the dunk’in dounuts is that the blacks in Boston (the ones with the bare minimum of skills) were all snapped up by the preferential hiring mandates by the various state agencies. Especially the DMV. Whites all around Boston play the Black Clerk Roulette game every time we have to renew our driver licenses.
    I went into one DMV with my late aunt to get her a State ID Card, a form of identification for those that don’t drive but necessary for the new (mandated of course) picture ID requirement for making a medical appointment.
    About 75 at the time, sweet but a ward of my family all her life, never married or gone to high school or worked at a regular job. But she changed my diaper when I was a baby so she lived with me until she passed.
    But today the automated system that assigns clerks by matching the numbered slip you take from the machine on arriving with the letter above the window of the next available clerk finally paired our ticket number with a window. Therewithin, a black and scowling face.
    In the end I had to give up, the queen of the DMV demanded a picture ID first to identify Aunt Mary before she would issue a picture ID; any recent high school, or college student ID would do. That was not what the online page said but a glance at that malevolent face and I realized she itched to scream for the uniformed statie waiting nearby.
    So you go back and just keep pulling numbers out of the machine until the face at the window you draw isn’t black. Any other color will do.

    And that’s Boston today.

  8. Maybe I’m off-base, but I think the transgender stuff (as well as the #metoo stuff) is just designed (consciously or not) to make everything from procreation to courtship verboten or taboo for normal people who like to abide by the rules and not be socially ostracized. Bring in a bunch of men from the southern hemisphere who are rabid barbarians who don’t care about even baseline rules, and you get your Brazilification (sic) in one generation or so, without having to wait for Cheerios commercials or Kim and Kanye tabloids and rap music to wear down working and middle class whites into (to paraphrase Jared Taylor) making sure their grandchildren look more like Whoopi Goldberg than their grandparents.

    Matt Forney says feminists want to be raped at some level (which could explain the feminist-muslim alliance) but I take the more moderate view that feminists want either to be slapped and called on their shit-test, or, barring that merciful intervention, they’ll take rape. Actually it’s probably too late to slap sense into the feminists, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

  9. I really want Zman to expound on his technique.

    The cuck brother called me today after synagogue and my near-loose lips almost sank some ships.

  10. Interesting post. I’ve only been to Boston once, I was ten, it was 1990 and we were visiting Dad’s cousins in the Boston suburbs.
    It’s embarrassing I haven’t been back.
    What struck me at the time was just how friendly people were. In pop culture Northeasterners are often portrayed as uptight smooty WASPs or crude ethnics (Ayy!!! Fuggedaboutit!). But we thought people were actually quite friendly

    • Used to work one of the Padres baseball food/beer stands. The fans of each visiting team have their own personality. Fans of visiting teams like to come to San Diego for a series when their team is in town. There was an inter league series some years back, when the Red Sox came to town. The Sox fans were the loudest, happiest, most exuberant, most friendly fans of all. They loved their team, they loved San Diego, they loved spending a night at the ballpark. The whole night was one big park-wide party. We could only sell 2 beers, per person, per visit to the stand. They quickly engineered a solution, instead of complaining about it like the others. Round robins of beer purchases across the park. They gave us huge tips, consistently. The best baseball fans of all, not even close. BTW, the SF Giants fans are awful. It’s like they hate life or something.

  11. Your many “hears” in Boston sound interesting. Do you hear anything about the sweat hog Liz Warren when zhe was in the sweat lodge?

  12. Your doughnut clerk must have been college educated. I don;t recall the working class behaving that way in Bahston. Rude, but in an engaging way. There are actual real old-time Yankees still out and about in the western end of the sate if you know where to look.

    • Probably currently going to college. My work takes me to Boston often; The Zman’s DD experience is par for the course. Downtown Boston is full of college kids living on either their parents dime or deferred student loans. Colleges are fully in the grip of the “hate the white male” paradigm; rest assured that there are plenty of “adult children” who are full of both resentment and entitlement.

      It’s an amazing walking city though. The local stock strike me as brash, bold, cocky-funny, and fun to be around.

      • That’s why Nashville, Raleigh, Atlanta, and DC are so impossible. They’re planned on the Roman cartwheel design.

        Not one straight road anywhere in the South. As soon as you start to pull out, here comes some redneck on two wheels round the curve and “Oh my gawwwd!!…”

    • Just for laffs, I went and looked up world traffic fatality rates. I found that the best scale to use was fatalities per 100,000 vehicles. Guinea is the world leader. I found myself staring at that stat for a while since if true and if you drive in a car there for a year, you have a 1 in 10 chance of buying the farm. I’m sure they have a lot of buses going over cliffs and random check point massacres, but holy chowder. Just collect dashcam videos and you have your next Mad Max movie!

      The U.S. is roughly in the upper half of the European range. I don’t feel bad about driving in any U.S. city now.

  13. Welcome back to Boston Z !

    A lot has changed. It’s funny to hear the young kids all hyped up about the Patriots but I remember them when they were the “patsies”.

    Poor Steve Grogan used to try and hide behind Hog Hannah , But ultimately would take some of the most brutal hits I’ve ever seen.

    Lots of new buildings going up downtown and of course The Big Dig is finally finished although doesn’t seem to have helped the traffic. Road rage seems to be on the uptick.

    Even after moving out of the city a couple years ago to the Irish Riviera ( south shore ) commuting to work can be shall we say interesting.

    Crime wise Boston doesn’t seem to have gotten any worse over the years.
    Although that doesn’t stop the Roxbury kids from shooting up the place. Wonder if they got letters demanding to turn in their bump stocks ?

    Most people say I’ll never leave Boston, but don’t know. The old town is overrun with yuppies. The old saying is true, “you can never go back home”

      • We lived there from 1971-1973, after my husband got out of the Navy and went to B-School. I got a job at the State House. We lived in a 5th floor walk-up on Beacon St. I remember a lot of bad stuff, like the beginnings of school busing from Roxbury (black kids) to Southy (white Irish kids). Everyone hated Judge Garrity who lived in Wellesley. Also remember the last days of the Irish mafia and tales of Whitey Bulger and other colorful crooks. Kevin White was Mayor. Francis Sargent was Governor. And Edward M. Kennedy was a U. S. Senator. Trivia question: who was the other U. S. Senator? Clue–he was a Republican. That’s right, kids. Edward Brooke, the first black man elected to the U. S. Senator since Reconstruction!

  14. The fact that you can get a word in edge-wise with a proggie or femcnut speaks volumes. 5 or some years ago I had my last holiday dinner with my in laws who are all leftists, feminists, and proggies and NOTHING was said that wasn’t on the script and according to the narrative. If somebody sane tried to say anything, the screams quickly drowned him out.
    It’s been a long time… I wonder if those a-holes ever learned anything since? I can’t see how they couldn’t, as their failures and collisions with reality pile up and get ever more severe and dire.

    • I think the ZMAN is popular with the ladies, so they let him talk. Femcunts are women who’ve been disappointed my men over and over again, starting with their fathers. They really just want a strong man to come into their life and tell them what to do. Even when they manage to marry, it’s usually to weak men who make them unhappy. It has been said that feminism is just a massive sh1t-test of WEstern men, and we fail it.

      • My response must have gotten lost.

        PRCD, in my experience, raised in proximity to four feminists – no. Feminists hate men and most hate themselves too. The only time I saw the ones in my family being actually happy was when they made their men angry or hurt them. My observations are totally anecdotal, but:

        – My mother in law: a loud, uninformed and domineering woman, she ruled her family with an iron fist for years. Once, in deer camp over whisky and cigars, my father in law confided that he wished he’d divorced her years earlier.

        – My brother in law married a feminist – pretty enough gal to look at, but straight vacuum between the ears. My brother in law is an assertive man and one day had enough of her crap and gave her the punt. Their two kids are feral trainwrecks. Both are public school teachers. He re-married; she is hitting the wall hard and would probably be willing to listen to Z without her head exploding.

        – My brother’s wife was borderline. She was a career girl and divorced my big bro to marry an effete millionaire. She would be as close to a poster girl for feminism: she’s now wealthy, a vegan, and spends winters in sunnier climes.

        – My daughter. She went to university, dropped out of sciences to take fine arts at a mickey mouse no-name college, and is now a militant lesbian SJW and feminist. Yup, she hates men, her father first and foremost, and otherwise is a bitter and unhappy woman. We rejected each other 5 or 6 years ago and no longer speak.

        Families with proggies and feminists in them don’t work and ours fractured along several lines. I don’t think a good rodgering will do anything for them – I think they’d be better served by going to church, cracking a bible and maybe studying up a bit.

        • Thanks. Why do they hate men? Is it what they learned in school? Why does your daughter hate you?

          IDK in college I hated women but have always been attracted to them. I started hating them because I realized even Christian women were not the virtuous fair sex I had put on a pedestal and my mom taught me to respect women or some crap like that. Shortly thereafter, I met my wife at church and realized not all women were lying bitches and have been married happily for 12 years. So I guess maybe now my opinion of women has gotten a little too high because of my wife. I have no daughters. I pray my sons all choose wisely.

          • For militant lesbian SJW’s, parental issues are a hobby, and ‘daddy issues’ are an outright fetish. My daughter will tell you that I was a physically and psychologically abusive parent that tortured and traumatized her just for fun. From my perspective, I spanked her in grade 3 for bringing angry notes home from the teacher at school for being a monkey in class. She had to get good marks and keep her nose clean. When I heard she was saying this vile stuff about me, I dispensed with her and her narrative.

            Just as my daughter blames me for all her problems and issues with life – feminists blame men. That’s why you’ll see thousands of women in pink vagina hats taking to the street and protesting for civil rights and freedoms they already have. If you listen to our host’s podcasts on Girl Science, it becomes clear that the women themselves don’t know why they’re unhappy, but by God, they know exactly WHO is responsible!

            If your sons approach courtship in the traditional Christian way with the values ethics that go along with that – they will do fine. Classical Christianity and marriage are a good deal for men and women which is why we tend to have better marriages: we can pool resources, divide labour, and approach life’s problems as a team. The modern feminist has only herself and maybe a couple cats. Lesbians have parodies of marriage that ultimately fail because they both struggle to play the roles of husband AND wife and fail at both.

            Modern feminist womyn and xirls may not be rational creatures, but they are rationalizing creatures. If you can stay objective and calm in your dealings with them, and not get drawn into their BS… discerning their motivations and predicting their behaviour becomes much easier.

          • If a virile, alpha young man turned one of those young uber feminists over his knees & paddled her bare bottom until it had raised welts, & then told her to straighten up & fly right if she wanted to see him again, he would have her practically stalking him.

            That’s the kind of truth that the feminists hate the most. 😁

          • This is what I was getting at. Women are biologically attracted to this sort of behavior from men, whether they’re feminists or not

          • It’s funny that these ostensible feminists still blame men for all their problems. I thought women needed men like fish need a bicycle? Regardless of how men act, women are there own moral agents. I’ve seen these fat women in vagina hats with their biracial sons in tow – it’s not pretty. I still think that men and women deserve each other at all points in history. Martin Van Creveld and John Glubb have both written that in collapsing civilizations, men fail to lead their women. Still, like you, I’ve seen plenty of women who look like they had great fathers and they still went bonkers. This is a feature of collapse.

            I’m not on board with courtship. There are numerous problems with it that have been discussed elsewhere. Even Joshua Harris is somewhat repentant about “Why I kissed dating good bye.” It’s hard to know what to think since so many balls have been thrown into the air nowadays.

    • Try as I might, I could no longer stand get-togethers around the holidays with my cuck brother and his politically correct, feminazi wife. It was too much work trying not to slap him around verbally or physically. I often wondered if his wife was a closet lesbian or if he was secretly gay, or both. Either way, it was obvious she ruled their relationship, and that his gonads had been sliced off at their wedding.

      Life is too short to spend time with people who do nothing but annoy you. These days I avoid progressives as if they have a form of Ebola.

      • That makes two of us RR. There’s nothing you can do for them, and there is nothing they can do for you except drive you bonkers.

      • They sound like a really unhappy couple. Half of marriages might be a nightmare.

        I don’t know of any happy couples where the roles are reversed at least in the home. I know of men who stay home with the kids who are happily married and they still wear the pants.

    • I can’t fully picture what the scenario you describe would even look like, other than just guesswork, based off of what I’ve seen online.
      As I was reading that, all I could think was, why didn’t you just calmly slide your handgun out of its holster, & place it beside your plate, & continue eating?
      Wouldn’t that have worked perfectly as a silent signal, that they’d all best mind their P’s & Q’s?
      I just don’t have very many ideas how to deal with these type of ppl, tbh.

  15. Having driven most of my life as you say around the “Imperial Capital” I can whole hardily agree with you. Whenever I go to other cities and drive in their rush hours it is almost refreshing. When ever I have tried to explain about the traffic in this area one get’s the looks as if you are speaking Ionic Greek. On former coworker who lives in Pa traveled through the area on the way to Florida. We had a Previous conversation about the traffic. After his trip he had to tell about how he now understands about our version of NASCAR. When he told me which way he went, that was through a construction area, I asked him how long it took. He spent three hours to travel four miles.
    A friend from North Carolina who travels up this way on occasion says it best. He describes this as the only area he has ever driven in that drivers will regularly make a hard right hand turn from the far left lane of a four-lane highway to get on the exit ramp.

      • I haven’t been to Manila since 1984. Driving in the city was certainly interesting. However driving on the two lane concrete roads between cities, that had one lane blocked for drying rice every so often, had it’s own form of adventure.

    • Heh—hard right turn from the left lane, hard left turn from the right lane…standard operating procedure south of San Diego, when the cars with Frontera Baja California license plates are rolling through town.

      • Mexico driving rules: a turn signal means “pass me on this side.” Not kidding.

        Brake lights means “making a turn.” Maybe.

    • Heh. Rented a car in the Imperial Capitol.
      Ended up driving across lawns and the wrong way (lanes are one way half the day, then they switch to one-way the other direction for half a day).

      But next I got a long taxi ride through Boston. Flaming red Irish driver, talking a mile a minute, foot flat to the floor, while LOOKING AT US. I don’t think he glanced back at the road more than three times.

      Exhilirating, to say the least.
      Love those southies.

    • I recently drove in the Imperial Capital and, while there was lots of traffic, overall I was surprised at how slow people drove. In most urban shitlib cities, you floor it any chance you get. I wasn’t seeing that, but perhaps it was an anomaly.

  16. I grew up in the Boston area and to my eyes the renaissance began in the early 80’s with the opening of Copley Place, the building of the skyscrapers in the financial district, and overall yuppification. You could trace the beginnings back to the opening of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in 1977. But a massive change happened with the completion of the Big Dig in 2003. It was hugely expensive and made a mess of the city for many years, but it needed to be done and led to a huge improvement of the downtown and waterfront area. I moved away many years ago, it’s tremendously different from the Boston of my youth, and rather disorienting every time I visit.

    • Not all in:

      Boston appears to be a blight on the entire state though. The ZMAN mentioned a tech boom. I have come to realize working in tech that it’s anything but a renaissance. It’s more like a spreading cancer of banal false promises, fake Americans and “Americans 2.0” and idolatry of whimsical and useless electronic gadgets. I met an engineer from Bawston one time and his mind was basically empty except for the ability to write software and understand algorithms.

      • Ha, I remember that condom store with big glass windows and bright rainbows of condoms prominently displayed downtown.
        “CondomNation”, wasn’t it?

        Never imagined that we would go from full Sodomy to fuller Gomorrahy!

        • Still, I did meet the One that got away at Faneuil Hall.
          Lynn Micki was her name.
          Took me to the Black Rose.
          Forever fond of Boston, my first trip to the Great Cities of the East Coast.

    • The weird thing about the trannies is that after men make the change, they seem strangely more masculine and obviously men. This is what happened with Bruce Jenner. I think he creeps out even people who want to be on-board with this stuff. He has a Buffalo Bill vibe (the serial killer, not the man of the Wild West) as if he’s looking for female skins to lotion up so he can pupate from Wheaties box decathlon guy to woman. They looked trapped in some interstitial land between man and woman. Trannies just don’t look like women, period. They look like what they are: screwed up men.

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