The Long Play Episode

This week’s show is T-rated. That means it covers taboo subjects that may not be appropriate for all audiences. Listener discretion advised. That means I’m tackling one of the most taboo subjects in our age and that is the JQ. Specifically, I’m breaking down the alt-right argument with regards to Jews in America. Since I want to be fair and it is a big subject, this episode is twice the normal length. Think of it like a double album.

The reason for getting into this is a debate I saw between Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff and a person calling himself Halsey English. The debate itself was terrible, but it got me thinking about the arguments these guys make about Jews and white identity. In fairness to them, I had never seriously thought about their arguments, so I thought I should and that’s why it is in this week’s podcast. I look forward to correction if I made any mistakes.

This week I have the usual variety of items not in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. Of course, the Hitler Phones are so slow now, you may never finish. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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68 thoughts on “The Long Play Episode

  1. Hey guys, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are harbingers of a rising black conservatism and soon there will be no problem with blacks.

  2. “Not all Jews” and “A lot of Jews are against multiculturalism” are fundamentally weak arguments. I can think of only 3 prominent Jews that are actually opposed to it; Steven Miller, Murray Rothbard, and Brother Nathaniel; but could easily put together a list hundreds of names long that are leading the charge for it, thousands given a few days. And sure there are white progressives, aka neo-Marxists, but few of them have thought of the ideologies themselves, they’ve just seen what the Jews put in front of them and it makes them feel good. Not to say they aren’t problematic, but they are our problem, the Jewish leaders are not.

    • The “Not-all-Jews” thing is just as cretinous as the “Not-all-Blacks” and the “Not-All-Muslims” thing. It’s hillarious to see people who have made a career in talking about the social pathologies of non whites suddenly deciding that you shouldnt see patterns when it comes to Jews.

  3. Despite never having an issue with Jews in the past i can not ignore the fact they control the media and have created an environment detrimental to whites.

    Said it before but hoping my fellow Americans wake up to this fact and try to save the country we grew up in before it’s too late.

    P,S. Great podcast as always.

    Grateful we can at least have these forums to discuss matters that remain the ” 3rd rail of politics”

  4. Just as a small number of smart, well-behaved blacks doesn’t mean that blacks as a whole aren’t corrosive to society, a small number of alt-Jews doesn’t mean that Jews as a whole aren’t motivated by ethnic hostility towards whites. Z Man, like Derb, can’t get past the fact that he knows a small number of right wing Jews. Well, just because you know a law abiding black guy doesn’t mean that blacks are much more criminal.

  5. JQ is basically a fight over who gets the authority to police the ranks of the other tribe. I don’t see how the alt right jews can square that circle. Today is the renegade bill Kristol, tomorrow schlomo from amren.

  6. Good educational segment. In 20 years of teaching I’ve seen at least 20 educational initiatives to create better learning in my district, insert money-making scams here. Couple new curriculum boondoggles with bloated administration costs and you get a colossal waste of resources. I’ve come to realize that I make some pretty good dough baby-sitting bored teenagers. Heaven forbid that I push a kid with anything challenging, it may send my little cherubs running for safe spaces and furry bunnies! I was asked the other day why I couldn’t motivate Shanequa to make more progress in her grade, uh, because she has about as much ability as a rump-roast maybe. I’m in the belly of the educational beast and its the end of the world……and I feel fine…..sort of?

  7. Got through the whole episode before realizing… no Xirl Science??

    Despite that, this was a strong offering, your best yet IMO.

    • That sounds terrible until I try to imagine what I would do with faster internet speed. Higher resolution Netflix? More video games?

      Hardly seems worthy of large amounts of my tax-dollars.

    • it’s from ignoring the rural areas, isn’t it? I never knew till I moved to this area, how some are stuck with the very expensive, relatively slow and easy-to-crash satellite internet. Move a few miles in either direction to one town of 11,000 or another of 4,000, and you get the full, fiber-optic treatment for a reasonable price, but just because we’re between the two, it’s not worth stretching out/installing the equipment? Wonder what the total population of those stuck with this internet is, in the U.S.(I never even knew some people were limited as to speed and broadband usage before moving here.)

  8. Z –

    Talking about what you mention @55:45 – I’m a death penalty supporter but here’s sort of a devil’s advocate question – do you think Life Without Parole have the same effect as the death penalty? Because people serving LWOP sentences typically aren’t going to reproduce and there criminality will die with them.

    • Ideally, I’m against the death penalty on basic logic grounds. The state gets its rights and privileges from the people and the people can never have the right to kill defenseless people. But, we don’t live ideally. As a matter of self-defense, the people have to make exceptions. As the saying goes, some men need killing.

      As far as the eugenic benefit of the death penalty, here in Wakanda, black inmates often impregnate female guards. There’s also the corrupting influence of keeping men in cages. That’s why I favor penal colonies. Jails are fine for small time criminals, but serious deviants should be sent away to a penal colony for good.

      • Given the rampant criminality and incompetence of the US’s organ’s of justice I’ve switched to being very Anti State Murder programs.

      • One of HBD Chick’s threads or links claimed that of the many things people were executed for in Olde England murder wasn’t one of them because murderers were quickly dealt with by friends and family. Bad seed on the other hand might be friends or family.

  9. I was hoping Zman would explore the Jewish influence in shaping immigration policy in the 20th century, specifically the alt-right claim that there was Jewish opposition to the 1921 and 1924 laws restricting immigration and their push to open the doors to the third world in 1965.

  10. I tend to think VDare, Steve Sailer, and AmRen (and Zman) have a good take on the JQ. They don’t consider it taboo, but they don’t tend to harp on it like the TRS boys (Enoch and others) do. Like Zman says, if you got rid of the Jews in media and academia there are plenty of WASP SJWs ready to take their place. One might say: That’s because those WASPs were propagandized by Jewish professors! But American higher education has had a reputation for breeding left-leaning people even before the Jews became so over-represented among professors.

    • “American higher education has had a reputation for breeding left-leaning people even before the Jews became so over-represented among professors.”

      The paradigm shift from paternal fabianism to hostile neoliberalism; however, does coincide with diaspora take-over. I doubt anyone, even the TRS proles, believes that leftism is purely Jewish phenomenon. Their salient argument distills to roughly: the sort of leftism you get with a diaspora elite is comparatively malignant and genocidal. All things considered, I believe that is a reasonable hypothesis. That having been said, the true rebuttal in my mind would be: assuming this is true, they’ve signed off on the death pact. You are, for all intents and purposes, waiting for the undertaker or a military coup. If the diaspora elite do not see fit to change their minds, no Trumpian incremental change will be able to save white Americans from Boer status in New Brazil.

      • no, I don’t think there is going to be a military coup…what we will get is a civil war …between the establishment vs the white working class plus the rural whites…on the side of the establishment and the urbanized elites are the white yuppie cucks, plus the minorities…all the powerful institutions of course will side with the elites…but I do think the white working class + rural whites can win that war…you see, the cities are vulnerable to guerrilla warfare waged by the white working class…how? Well, the water system can be poisoned…and the establishment depends on the economy to provide its fuel…and the economy depends on urban commuters…and the freeways and mass transit in big cities…but a few well-placed bombs can massively disrupt the commuter system…thus starving the establishment of the tax revenue it would need to wage war against the white working class and and the rural states….the white urban cucks will panic and pressure the establishment to concede, to leave the white exurbs and rural states alone…so the establishment will thus be forced to allow secession of white states and white exurbs and rural areas, which would comprise most of the american nation, area-wise…the big cities will be a separate nation–New York, Washington, Boston, LA, SF, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, atlanta, seattle, portland, denver, Salt Lake, st louis, philly, DC, charlotte, san antonio, etc etc…this establishment nation will continue on, and the rest of america will be more or less autonomous…a mostly white nation…the blacks of the south will be given their own strip of land running from virginia down through the south–the former slave belt…the black belt of good soil where the plantations once existed…, the mexicans will get the mexican strip from south texas into new mexico…

        • Not feasible in my opinion. He who controls a functional US military has the power to eliminate the other in short order if it came to civil conflict. Any significant fracture of the US military would call in a foreign dog-pile to prevent an unknown quantity from obtaining the launch capacity of the American nuclear arsenal at their whim.

          While low level conflicts approximating a civil war already exist, their expansion has the aforementioned upper limit of scale. Those on the dissident right who await the true collapse or decent into null central power are simply excusing themselves from what they know must be done in the present tense. Escapism for the redpilled.

      • Agree. Beginning with Bill Gates, the first of the “modern day Billionaires who want to run the world” (and like others, started with getting his product into the schools), it is the elitist part, nay, the globalist part, that is the primary objection the rest of us have to them. And those people, like Hillary, to name another one (of that disposition, even if not of that level of wealth yet) are not Jewish, but are just as worrisome. Carlos Slim…well, we could all name many of different ethnicities just as influential, just as determined, and just as dangerous. We don’t want to miss the forest burning down because we’re all concentrating on the trees.

        • Bill Gates pours billions of dollars into things like fighting malaria in Africa while people like (((Soros))) pours billions into very different causes — like into pro open borders NGOs in America and Europe.

      • Prove what you’re saying. Where’s the gentile George Soros? Where’s the gentile Sheldon Adelson? Where’s the gentile ADL?

        Obviously the fury, the passion, the intensity and the most of the money for all these causes are not coming from the gentiles.

    • “ if you got rid of the Jews in media and academia there are plenty of WASP SJWs ready to take their place.“

      A liberal could as well say that if you got rid of blacks you’d still have crime and that if you got rid of Muslims you’d still have terrorism — and that’s all objectively true and all beside the point. The point is: why on Earth do we need to import other people’s pathologies to our midst?

  11. OT: This article inches perilously close to HBD for a mainstream publication:

    “You can predict trust by where people’s ancestors come from,” Bjornskov told me.

    I asked Bjornskov if there was some way the U.S. could make itself more trusting. Unfortunately, he told me, the literature is better at showing us how to destroy trust than to build it.

    Actually, we know exactly how to increase trust. The answer simply is offensive, if not incomprehensible, to leftist and even mainstream brains: homogeneity.

  12. Regarding the jews and immigration. I live in Denmark and we also have these liberal progressive jews speaking pro-immigration. They are almost al very secular and not married with jews. A friend i had knew a had often spoke to a jewish friend that had a central position in the jewish community. He knew everthing. He had said that the majority of jews in Denmark was extremely concerned but didn’t expressed it publicly because of the outspoken secular “media-jews” that almost had made this moralising as a part of their identity. The should be more jews voting for the anti-immigration party than danes. This is also seen among homosexuals. You seen the same tendency in France. This post-modern idea that minorities are in alliance against an intolerant majority that the left has said has been broken. Many, minorities sees that they are tolerated, free and safe in the current society and those who come are highly intolerant towards them. I also think that a majority of the jews in England votes for Brexit due to immigration. It is a minority with the minority that makes this picture of pro-migration.

    • “ It is a minority with the minority that makes this picture of pro-migration.”

      Muslim terrorists and black criminals are also a minority within their communities. VIRTUALLY ALL BAD APPLES IN A GROUP ARE A MINORITY. If you want to give a pass to the Jews because most Jews are not bad Jews, give a pass to all non white groups and stop moaning about Islamic terrorism and black criminality.

  13. Song at the end: “Ode To a Dying People” as performed by Saga


    Eyes shining bright with unspilt tears,
    Thinking about all these wasted years.
    Everything worth living for is gone,
    Brother, I find it hard to keep fighting on.
    Falling down towards the abyss,
    The reaper embraces me with his kiss;
    It makes me want to refuse to care,
    To watch this all unfold – too much to bear.

    If this is the way it ends –
    If this is the way my race ends…
    If this is the way it ends – I can’t bear to witness

    Disease encroaching on all I hold dear,
    Somehow I gotta get my soul outta here.
    Heart of agony, faint burning hope,
    I’m finding it hard to try to cope…

    Because liars own the world with conquering poise,
    In a wasteland of meaningless noise;
    We don’t stand a chance with dormant pride,
    The heroes of our race have already died…

    If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends…
    If this is the way it ends – I can’t bear to witness…

    To imagine it has all come down to this,
    Apathy and suicidal bliss…

    It’s all over except for the cryin’,
    With a whimper instead of the roar of a lion…

    The greatest race to ever walk the earth,
    Dying a slow death with insane mirth,
    The tomb has been prepared, our race betrayed,
    White man, fight the flight towards the grave…

    If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends…
    If this is the way it ends – I can’t bear to witness…
    If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends…
    If this is the way it ends – I can’t bear to witness…

    Don’t let it end this way,
    Don’t let it end this way,
    Don’t let it end this way, I can’t bear to witness…

    • I suspect he’s heard the Stormfront Radio podcasts. Before ASCAP did a DMCA on Rense the show featured a Johnny Cash cover of Tom Petty’s ”Won’t back down” as the opener, the song above at the half hour and ”White Boy/Hump ‘n get it” towards the end of the hour. Now I’ve heard 2 out 3 of those songs on Zman’s podcasts.

  14. So the 2 negative affects of extended time in space are due to lack of gravity and exposure to cosmic rays.

    Both can be overcome. With a fast enough ship, the acceleration will substitute for gravity. Otherwise, spin the ship like Clark did in 2001.

    The cosmic ray problem is tougher. Put a whole lot of water around the passengers is the crudest solution. In a really fast ship, most of the water can be put in the front. Other solutions might be magnetic fields and / or some kind of hibernation or stasis – which would require some big advances in technology.

    Your thoughts on the danger of a malevolent AI is captured pretty well by Charles Pellegrino in his book “The Killing Star”.

    • The problem of speed is tougher than it looks. The energy required to achieve the speed required to travel the stars is double, because you need the same energy to slow down. Basically it means a propulsion system that does not exist even in theory.

      • Have you learned nothing from Star Trek? It’s all in there, get the full dvd set. You know, food conjured (materialized from nothing) sailing ships on the Holodeck, and so on.
        It’s not magical it’s science.

      • The old nuclear pusher designs like the Orion could also get to very high speeds.

        The idea is pretty simple – build a giant metal bowl, attach some shock absorbers, bolt on a space habit – then start lighting off nuclear explosions behind you.

          • Yes – and the locals would prefer it be assembled and launched from orbit – although Niven and Pournelle had a very cool one in “Footfall”. (spoiler alert)

            You can dial the acceleration up or down by varying the distance of the explosion and / or the yield of the nuke.

    • Unless you’re traveling light speed or close enough as makes no difference, putting most of the water in the front does nothing to protect you. And moving that fast requires a near infinite amount of energy for an object with mass.

  15. Listening to your podcast about Fermi’s paradox. Long before the ISS flew, a friend working for NASA told me about the IQ decrease during long missions. He told be that it was the real reason we stopped after the moon missions. He stated that anyone coming back from a three-year Mars mission would be a retard. He said it was cosmic rays that caused the IQ loss.

    This is not a secret, just space program Mokita. I’ve seen the rare article from time to time discussing the problem and how to shield against it (apparently tens of meters of water ice shielding to attenuate the cosmic rays and the secondaries).

    • It’s one of those things that goes into the box labeled “something magical happens” when figuring out interstellar travel. I suspect the bigger issue would be the damage to the genome. The spacemen would get weird cancers and brain disorders by the time they got out of the solar system. Then you have the effect on bone density and muscle density. They make it to some distant planet, but their bodies have lost the ability to function in gravity.

      • I find it somewhat amusing that, by the time we have the technology to implement interstellar travel, that people think the vessels would be crewed by meat puppets. Human equivalent AI is expected around mid century if our technology continues to advance. If it doesn’t continue to advance we’re probably (almost) all dead from malthusian overpopulation and foldback, and/or headed back to the stone age.

        • heh…was just thinking along the same lines…the Fermi paradox is based on the idea that ‘aliens” will be visible, or noticeable in any way, to us. There is absolutely no reason to believe that, other than lack of imagination…or just lack of thought. They ARE ‘aliens”..

          Those nifty stories like “Flatland’ point out the impossibility of realizing that creatures who live in a different reality from ours, are here, and could be all around us.

      • I read a paper on this effect. The symptoms are consistent with mild hypothyroidism, which is probably to be expected given the effects of radiation on the thyroid gland. But far as I’ve seen, that angle has not been examined.

  16. @3:40 ”Jews act in their self-interest, the interest of their people, with nationalism, patriotism, and often that collides the interests of White people”
    ”The Jewish groups objected to the proposed change in a letter sent Friday to Wilbur Ross, the secretary of commerce, the department that administers the census every 10 years.
    “From the ban on entry of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries to the termination of DACA, America’s immigrant communities feel increasingly vulnerable,” said the letter. “A new Census question about citizenship will raise fears about such information now or in the future being used against them or their loved one.
    “This will potentially lower Census response rates and undermine the Census’s accuracy.”
    Signing the letter are the Anti-Defamation League, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Central Conference of American Rabbis, Hadassah, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Jewish Federations of North America, Jewish Women International, MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, National Council of Jewish Women and Union for Reform Judaism.”
    And water is wet.

    • Jewish over representation in Progressive causes is just another aspect of Jewish exceptionalism. As Paul Gottfried has pointed out, German Jews who emigrated to America in the 19th century, wound up in the South, West and Midwest. They blended into the local population and tend to be conservative today. Eastern Europeans Jews, who settled in major cities like New York, became hyper-Progressive. In Britain, Jews have mostly voted Tory and remain, in general, very conservative.

      • Halsey makes a very strong case that the assimilated conservative diaspora isn’t very conservative or assimilated.

        • I had never heard of Halsey English until I stumbled upon that video debate. I’m not sure how he weaseled his way into it, as he has no audience of his own. The funny thing to me is he made some wild claims that are easily disputed. He said Jews were among the signers of the Declaration of Independence. That’s false. He also claimed Haym Salomon bankrolled the revolution. That’s not true either. He was a patriot, but Robert Morris was the financial wheeler dealer, who brought Haym Salomon in to help raise money. Haym Salomon was an interesting guy and a patriot, but he was not the man bankrolling the revolt.

          He said his family dates back to the founding. The colonists and the British were rather meticulous in documenting the Jews they allowed to settle in the colonies. The Puritans really hated Jews so very few settled into New England until after the founding. My bet is Halsey is lying about this too.

          • I might be wrong, but I believe Halsey said his father’s side (non-Jewish) dates back to pre-founding times. He says he’s half-Jewish. I think he said this in his debate on Warski Live with young (19 yrs old) Nick Fuentes, who went after Halsey pretty hard. A lot of fireworks in that debate. By the way, Fuentes, for being so young, is very talented at thinking on his feet and hammering a point home. He’s one to watch….

          • That’s actually worse when you think about. He’s making a claim about Jews at the Founding by employing some retroactive transitive property. Not that it matters, but my sense is the guy salts his arguments with lots of whoppers. He’s one part blowhard and one part shyster.

      • There is a huge difference between Israeli Jews and American Jews. I spent a lot of time in Israel during the Obama Administration, and could not find anyone that would say a nice word about him. His approval rating was in the single digits. Also, they built a big, beautiful wall with great results, and had no problem kicking out a bunch of African squatters.

        • Israelis are have an outsider’s view of America. American Jews who go to Israel often comeback very hostile to the place. The extreme ethnocentrism that is required of people in the Levant is my best guess. To Americans, it is jarring.

          • I agree. I have read a lot of anthropology about the middle east and the israeli prof in arab literature and culture, Morderchai Kedar knows a lot about arab culture that can’t be found elsewhere. There are some interviews and lectures with him from the US with american jews. One gets the impression from him that they know absolutely nothing about the arab world and have very simpel answers to the problems that simply will not work because of culture. He can tell many stories in relation to the american interventions in the arab world and how ignorant they are. Some talk he have given can be recommend like;”Terror Unmasked: Why Is the Middle East Such a Violent Area?”-about tribalism and “The muslim mind”-how islam resonates with tribal mentality.

          • All Americans are naive about the rest of the world. We really struggle with the Middle East. Europeans face the reality of tribal difference all the time. European history is the story of tribal struggle. The American story is us buggering off on our own, wiping out the Indians and building our own paradise.

            It’s why most Europeans think we are provincial rubes. They are mostly correct.

          • Yes, and they are naive about lots of little things. Overall they have little sense of just how chaotic and violent so much of the world is. Not just outright murder, but also constant petty crime, “sexual harassment” (from our POV), flouting of traffic laws (look for videos of “Cairo traffic” on YouTube for a taste of it) public defecation, etc. I think this is a big part of why many Americans in big city bubbles are naive about immigration. Joe Six Pack doesn’t know that much about the rest of the world either, but he starts to learn once “the rest of the world” starts moving into his neighborhood.

          • I came to enlightenment when I finished school and actually started teaching black students (50% of the school) instead of just reading other people’s views of them.

          • I think the reasons americans have such a different perspective is that they have been brainwashed longer than any other peoples (with the possible exception of the germans)…
            this brainwashing comes in the form of formal schooling and TV.
            We americans have been subject to more formal schooling propaganda and more TV propaganda than other peoples… (with the possible exception of germans, who have been guilted about the holocaust to an enormous degree)

          • Amy on The Big Bang Theory: “Indiana Jones plays no role in the outcome of the story. If he weren’t in the film it would turn out exactly the same…If he weren’t in the movie the Nazis would have still found the Ark, taken it to the island, opened it up and all died… just like they did.”

            This perfectly describes the US impact on the Middle East. Trillions of dollars and thousands of lives lost, and if we pulled out today, you would never know we were there. Some of the tribes might be living in different areas, but it would still be a 7th century $hithole.

          • Very true, Zman. American Jews are intelligent and successful, but otherwise fit in the spectrum somewhere between hispanics and blacks. Israeli Jews don’t have the luxury of all the SJW virtue signaling. Yet another example of Robert Conquest’s first law of politics: Everyone is conservative about what he knows best.

      • You’re engaging in wildly false equivalences and that’s perhaps the primary reason why you don’t get the true essence of the JQ: Jews are not vastly disproportionately engaged in movements that strengthen the Western civilisation, to the contrary, they’ve always been vastly disproportionately involved in movements and practices that weaken our civilization.

        Tell us about the right wing equivalents of Karl Marx and Freud, tell us about the conservative equivalents of the Frankfurt and the Boasian Schools, tell us about the right wing George Soros, tell us about the conservative ADL, tell us about the right wing equivalent of the (((1965))) Immigration Act.

        Moreover, the JQ goes right to the core of any supposedly pro-white(ish) set of ideas: why should it be in the long-term collective interest of whites to have a hostile non-white elite like the Jews in their midst? If the Jews get a pass, why not the others? If muh based MAGA Jews get to stay why not muh based MAGA blacks, hispanics, gypses, etc, too?

        I’m a fan of your work much in the way that I’m a fan of John Derbyshire and Jared Taylor’s. A shame that the three of you, so loquacious when it comes to expounding on the collective depredations of low class non whites against whites, suddenly feel reluctant to talk when it comes to an elite non white group like the Jews. It must be the vestigial Normie Boomer in each of you.

        • In short: JQ denialism (or JQ downplayism if you will) is only defensible if you’re coming from a civic nationalist perspective.The JQ, just like the Female Question and Race Realism, is part and parcel of the broader Biological Realism Complex. So you can’t honestly be red-pilled about the collective red flags of all groups but then decide to go full blue pill on the Jews of all people because who’s more deleterious, the BLM or the George Soroses who have engineered and bank rolled the black movement since the beginning? And so how can you notice and denounce all bad patterns except for (((certain bad patterns))) ?

      • Yeah, basically the problem of intellectuals being more readily seduced by utopian BS. More intellectuals, more seduced.

        As to those who whine that “Jews rule over us” — my response is… Would you prefer Somalis? and are you admitting Jews are so much smarter that they got the better of you?

        And a salient quote:

        “As far as the Jewish Question is concerned, I think that whites need to take responsibility for what they do themselves. I think that it’s not useful to blame our failure on the machinations of others. People who are constantly talking about and complaining about Jewish influence remind me of blacks who think everything that’s ever gone wrong for blacks in the past or ever will go wrong for blacks in the future is because of white racism. I think that blacks need to be responsible for their successes and their own failure, and I think that the whites have to as well.

        At the same time, I think that although many Jews are on the wrong side of questions of nationality and questions of race, I think that some Jews are on the right side. And I think that it would be wrong simply to exclude them from the efforts of any kind of racial sanity in this country simply because they’re Jews.”

        — Jared Taylor

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