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Everyone is vexed with me for bailing on Trump. It is perfectly understandable. Sensible white Americans have been conditioned to defend their guy against all attacks. It’s how we ended up with the thoroughly rotten George Bush and his neocon henchmen. Everyone was so busy defending Bush from the liberal loonies, no one noticed that he was actually worse than the liberal loonies. It is probably a lesson the American honky will never learn.

That’s why this episode is dedicated to bashing Trump. Just 60 minutes of over the top Trump trashing. OK, that’s not true. In fact, this episode is certified 100% free of Trump bashing. Still, I have been very black pilled this week, so it is not my normal light hearted effort. I probably should have called it “The Black Pill Podcast” but I wanted to do the Frampton bit for some reason. That and I did the episode with a sherman in my hand.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. Of course, the Hitler Phones are so slow now, you may never finish. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Goodbye Neocons (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: The Return of Xirl Science (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: Managerial Sportsball (Link)
  • 32:00: Bushie and the African (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: The Black Guy Problem (Link)
  • 47:00: Noticing (Link)
  • 52:00: Die Schwarze Pille (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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31 thoughts on “The Z-Man Comes Alive

  1. Trump is just bush 2.0 but with some token populism thrown in, which was obvious as far back as 12 months ago when he promised more defense spending. but ppl ignored that part . confirmation bias it’s called

  2. Oh, so *that’s* what’s happened to the comments at NRO! I seldom go there, except to follow a link deriding their latest cuckishness, but the last time I looked everywhere for the comments section and couldn’t find it. Subscribers only, eh? I thought they’d just closed everything to comments, and it sounds like they might as well have.

  3. One observation I had about backstabbing or betrayal is that it’s become somewhat of a virtue on the left. The way intersectionality works is that one of the various intersecting identities (almost always some kind of queer sexuality) comes to surpass the in the subject, which in turn allows them call out the nonqueer members of their race or creed for bigotry. The act of denouncement itself is seen as virtuous.

  4. I should probably be offended by your Deutschbag-bashing, but I always end up finding it humorous. The truth is German identity was always (as the leftists like to say) “a social construct.” The guy who tried to present himself as the most “verdeutscht” was an Austrian, not even a German. The best way to understand Western Europe up until recently is in terms of “Houses.” (For the Sci-fi fans, and especially fans of “Dune” you’re already quite familiar with this). Your confessional orientation came after your house loyalty, and then your regional loyalty came after that. Being Hohenzollern/Hapsburg or Lutheran or Roman Catholic always said who you were. Germany now is a Turkish colony, but I’m not surprised. They were aligned with the “sick man of Europe” and they invited in a Trojan horse’s worth of “Gastarbeiter” during the “Wirtschaftswunder” years. The only thing they had going for them (“German engineering”) is now being sold off to the Chinese, and aside from their cars and their clocks, their technical prowess was overrated (Colt and Patterson beat Luger any day of the week). The Poles have a long memory, so hopefully when those nihilistic black metal-head couch potatoes (as you put it) come banging on the door, they ignore them or use their heads to decorate their ramparts.

  5. Thanks for bringing ‘xirl science’ back into the rotation.

    I was subjected to an ‘education’ masters program in the 1990s, because I just wanted to get certification to teach mathematics in my home state; it was part of the deal. I read doctoral theses of women who went on to administer public schools and make substantial incomes whose minds were every bit as diseased as the ones portrayed in your sampling. What strikes me most is how the deliberate rape of normal language was as evident then as now: These “transgressors” of the patriarchy have been re-writing the same babble for thirty years. Alan Sokol wrote his memorable satire on this shit back in 1985; it could have been written last week. Nothing changes among the “transgressors” – though the porn obsession strikes an even more decadent chord than what I remember of this ‘genre’…

    There was a particular day, when in this “graduate” “program” – at a distinguished school – I was told that I had failed one course or another for failing to turn in a final paper. Well, I had done nothing of the kind; the “professor” – whose office was a miasma of “learned materials” stacked to the ceiling – had never read it, because it was buried somewhere among the rubbish. After a bit of chat, she confessed that she might have mislaid my paper, and agreed to give me an A for the course.

    From such soil the certified teachers and school administrators of my state advance to permanent positions in the system. with good pay and awesome pension plans.

    It’s all lunacy. But it is out there, it is the meat and drink of our children’s public school teachers, and it imperils human sanity.

  6. I think Trump is baiting the Dems in the gun issue, he is basically telling them to go all out with the gun grabbing in the 2018 elections and see how this works out for them, if the GOP remains the majority both in the Senate and Congress it means Mueller is fired immediately.

    • This seems plausible. I hope you are right. Trump suffers a bit of “pushback” from his supporters to lure the enemy into territory – on a surviving core issue – that even the GOP can’t fail to hold; he retains a GOP majority in 2018, then swivels back to the agenda, with a freer hand.

      Of course none of us really know what DJT is all about; that’s part of the fun.

      It’s going to be one hell of a year.

  7. All right Z-man, I just have one question. If not Trump then who? You abandon him for who? Jeb, or Mittens? You’ll get over this and will come around when he does something you agree with that those two would never do. You will because he’s the only game in town and you’re smart enough to know this.

  8. I am getting what I wanted out of a Trump presidency. The Bitch is not sitting in the Big Chair and she and her supporters are still crying about it. Sweet.

  9. Your political/historical analysis continues to be very informative.

    Hey! Trade War!

    What was that other thing we were worrying about the other day? Something about guns or something?

  10. Your mention of cloud people this week on the podcast brought to mind an amusing observation. It goes back to Star Trek, the original series. There was an episode called, I believe, “The Cloud Minders.“ Briefly, the globalist Federation’s Enterprise visits a planet where the elites literally live in the clouds, upon a floating city, living a life of extreme leisure and luxury. All of the dirty work is performed by troglodytes living on the surface working in caves and mining minerals. The cloud people rule over the troglodytes with cruelty and disdain. This is because the assumption is the troglodytes are brutish animals with low intelligence. Naturally, the good liberals from the Federation must correct this injustice. They discover that the reason the troglodytes are so mentally inferior is that the minerals in the mines exude some kind of debilitating gas that makes them stupid. Once the good liberal Federation provides them with gas masks, they suddenly become as intelligent as the cloud people. In other words, the culprit is literally magic dirt! Failing to recognize magic dirt is the cause of all this society’s troubles. As far back as the 1960s, magic dirt theory and the blank slate were already so deeply sublimated in cultural consciousness that they show up in goofy science fiction. All people can and must be the same, even in imaginary worlds.

  11. Very good one today. Your take down on NeoCons should be transcribed and distributed everywhere. Maybe send to National Review 🙂
    Ok, Chronicles would be better.

  12. Another stellar podcast. You’re getting better, Z.

    I wouldn’t dream about ripping on you for throwing Trump under the bus. I think it’s a mistake, and that you may be premature. (You may be right too, time will tell). Trump makes mistakes like anyone else. Unlike most, though, he learns from them. Anything can happen – in the meantime, NOW is a good time to pick up a good AR and stock up on high cap mags. Chances are we may all need them soon.

    I am mad that my little kraut buddy didn’t finish up the show with his rousing ‘Tormorrow belongs to me’ – but you did redeem yourself with the Seven Spanish Angels. That is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

  13. This was a showpiece episode, one to direct newbies to!

    fyi there’s still no link to:

    There’s room right next to My Theory of Everything on top:

    Essential Knowledge
    My Theory of Everything

    It’s not a trade secret your pod’ or is it? (we say pod in the biz)

  14. I understand your reaction about Trump, though I don’t completely share it. But that is irrelevant. The most important thing is that white people have to realize this is not their country anymore. Some New York billionaire who had nothing in common with them before 2016 is not suddenly going to be ‘our’ guy. The quicker we get black pilled the quicker we will realize that we must take our own side, and start supporting people like Paul Nehlen, who might seem right now he has gone off the deep end a little bit, but has the courage to be who he is and stand for his own. We are going to go through periods of sifting out the weirdos and bad actors from the serious and competent, but that is a process every group goes through. Fortunately for me I probably won’t be alive to see most of this, but good luck to the rest of you.

    • How has Nehlen gone off the deep end? I heard an interview with him on FTN a couple months ago and he was totally red-pilled. Probably the most Dissident Right candidate that I have ever heard. Hardcore anti-immigration and all about ending the Prog-directed silencing on social media.

      Sorry to go OT. I’ll post on the podcast if I get a chance to listen to it today.

      • Simply being on a TRS podcast is absolutely “off the deep end,” nevermind opinions expressed there, with respect to the political status quo. Having said that, there is a non-trivial constituency for his policy and his white christian defender shtick. I think the jury is still out on whether he jumped the gun or noticed a trend just in time.

        • He was posting pics of Culture of Critique on his twitter feed. Regardless of how you feel about that issue, CoC is more symbol than substance today. For hardcore JQ types, it is their bible. For Progressives, it is the handbook of antisemitism. The only way he could have made things worse for himself would be to start quoting Hitler.

      • Should have clarified. In the current paradigm, Paul Nehlen seems to have gone off the deep end. as the overton window shifts, he will suddenly become rational to many who formerly mocked him. Be he has gone a little jew crazy like TDS has, hopefully he will reign it back in.

        • Thanks for the responses. Yeah I realize TRS podcasts are a bit on the more extreme end. FTN is a more intelligent cast than the TDS clown show.I will honestly say that I hadn’t researched Nehlen beyond knowing he was running for Ryan’s seat. My opinion was wholly formed on listening to an interview where he was very well informed on issues we hold dear. The Tribe never really came up except for who one of the driving forces for the immigrant invasion were and it wasn’t the usual “OMG, (((they’re))) the whole problem!!!!.”

      • Nobody can beat Oprah. She will activate Obama’s coalition and many, many, more but if Oprah is elected she will be the last President of the United States. The country would not survive her.

        • George Clooney would be an excellent choice for the Dems – he would sweep away all challengers. If I were a Dem, I would be touting him. He’s handsome, has a good voice, is accustomed to reading scripts, would attract some of the ambivalent white vote, and, while hopelessly beyond the life experience of real people, isn’t fundamentally stupid, and comes from a family with some political experience.

          Oprah is a black woman, in cultural terms the female LeBron James, who has known nothing but adulation and the mega-wealth that follows; like LeBron she only knows the rewards and the resentments of being a black in America; the actual suffering of her ancestors means no more to Oprah than it does to me — perhaps even less.

          I believe that Oprah would betray her sense of entitlement, and lose her shit, if confronted with anything remotely ‘skeptical’ over the hard months of campaigning and accepting interviews.

          Clooney, I think, would stay cool, crack rehearsed and vetted jokes with his natural charm, bag the women like flies, and win in a landslide.

          Ergo: Bring on Oprah!

          • What does any of that claptrap have to do with turning out the minority vote, which is the Democratic path to victory. I’m also not sure why you think the media would be critical of her. Were they critical of Obama ever? Clooney being a white male has even less chance of activating Obama’s coalition than Hillary did, and you can forget him expanding it.

          • If the Dems want to reclaim the WH, they could do worse than pick Clooney. That’s all I’m saying. And Oprah would be worse.

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