Compassionate Racism

Imagine if science stumbled upon a set of genes that are almost always present in the criminal population. After testing thousands of prisoners, they find a set of genes in more than 90% of them. In the rest of the population, the genes appear almost only in those who have a criminal record. In other words, the correlation between the presence of these genes and criminality is so high, there has to be a relationship. That would be an enormous breakthrough and lead to a rethinking of criminal justice in the West.

Now, we know the racial makeup of the prison population. We know blacks commit an enormous amount of crime relative to other races. The likely result of that genetic breakthrough would be the end of nonsense like this. The debate over black crime would quickly move from magic spells and evil spirits to biology. Crime would be a biological thing, not a moral thing. The question facing public policy makers would be how to use this information to reduce crime.

Now, this is unlikely to happen, but it is a useful way to think about how reality can be useful in forming public policy. In the fanciful example above, the result would be changes in how we view crime. Just as people have to accept the fact homosexuals cannot help themselves, that they are driven by biology, people would come to accept that some people are born bad. The difference would be that efforts to address this genetic “defect” would seem completely moral.

Compassion does not have a universal and timeless definition. A century ago, the compassionate response to poverty was discipline from the upper classes, along with highly conditional charity. Even New Dealers thought paying people to loaf around was monstrously immoral. Today, asking a man to work for his gourmet coffee and Xbox subscription is considered heartless. Public morality changes and it usually changes in response to new generations.

The reason America has urban reservations full of black people is the rich people ran out of ways to fix things like black crime and poverty. They simply got tired of shoveling the sand of egalitarianism, against the tide of biological reality. The great cultural revolution that started in the middle of the last century was not the liberation of blacks and women, as is always claimed. It was the liberation of rich people from their duties to the lower classes and society as a whole.

Slowly but surely, reality is creeping back into view. There’s a reason that columns like this one are written by people with no math or science. Gavin Evans is an aging cleric for a church with empty pews. No serious person embraces the blank slate, even though it remains taboo to discuss in public the realities of biology. In fact, the shrillness of the vinegar drinking scolds is entirely due to the fact they are on the wane. They have to shriek in order to get attention.

Stories like this are becoming more common and as such people are increasingly comfortable with biological explanations to social phenomenon. Progressives still recoil in horror at the mention of science. The actuarial tables are not on the side of biology deniers. The younger generations are increasingly comfortable with genetic and statistical reality and that means the ruling class will become increasingly comfortable talking about public policy based on reality.

This does not mean that the ruling class is going to suddenly swing in the direction of race realism. That is not how culture changes. Instead, morality moves like an infectious disease. A new challenge to an old moral code spreads slowly at first and then reaches critical mass. Similarly, the antibodies react in a defensive effort to ward off the new challenge. Right now, science is viewed as a mortal threat by the Progressive host, so their reaction is extreme. That means ruining careers as a way to scare dissenters.

In time though, the new generation takes up their positions and they have adapted to the new morality. All the boys are girls following sportsball through statistics and figuring out how to sell more stuff to left-handed cross-dressers on-line will have no problem thinking about crime as a biology problem. Using mouth swabs to determine that little Jamaal has less than 2% chance of going to college will sound smart. Designing an education system for little Jamaal so he can be a warehouse worker will be compassionate.

Ultimately, it will be compassionate, relative to the benign neglect we see today. Take a ghetto tour through a place like Baltimore and you see a world that should never exist in a Western country. Less than a long lifetime ago, it did not exist. It was not allowed to exist by the people in charge. The black ghetto is loud, chaotic and sadder than anything you will see in modern America. It should never have been allowed to get this way and it should not be allowed to persist. It will never be fixed, but it can be better.

The only way it gets better is to start where this post started – biology. Poor people of all races are poor because they make bad decisions, they have poor impulse control and they have lower IQ’s than the rest of the population. You cannot fix nature, but you can put structure around it to mitigate it. Poor people, especially poor black people, need rules, not choices. Allowing people to suffer at their own hands is no more compassionate than allowing a depressed person to jump off a bridge. It is indifference, not compassion.

Once you accept the fact that biology is real, things like mandatory birth control for poor people on government assistance makes a lot more sense. Shaniqua cannot figure out that she should not have ten babies. She lacks the intelligence to think through these things. She can figure out that getting her EBT card charged up means not getting pregnant, so she will willingly sign off on Norplant. By the morality of the legacy generation, which seems monstrous. To the morality of the next generation, which will be the height of compassion.

Similarly, “fixing the schools” will always be an easy racket for grifters, but in a world of biological realism, it will be impossible to pretend that Jonquarius will one day be a computer programmer. The education reform of tomorrow will be about training 85-IQ blacks how to do something useful and avoid the obvious pitfalls of life. More important, no one is going to be deluded into thinking the black underclass will join the middle class. It is that compassionate racism will set different objectives for the moral reformer.

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  1. Forced birth control administered to blacks will never happen in the USA.

    Ridiculous post. The end.

  2. When you live and work with black people reality has a funny way of hitting you in the face.

    It’s so easy to be magnanimous from a distance.

  3. The future will also be about finding or creating something more-or-less productive for 85 IQ people to do. Before 1960 or so, most blacks were productive. They picked cotton, they ran elevators, they shined shoes, they washed dishes in restaurants, they cleaned middle-class peoples’ houses. Most of those jobs have been mechanized or automated, have ceased to be economical, or have been given over to Third World immigrants. There’s no solution to the black problem that doesn’t give them something useful to do.

    • There goes that messy real world crowding out my beautifully ordered numbers on the screen again.

      Wait, wait, I got it… maybe we could use them as batteries…?

  4. In the context of “the warrior gene” – I suspect this used to be prevalent in Europe as well. However in warfare, over time, soldiers defeated warriors. The ability to learn how to soldier, and the practices of armies of soldiers, wiped out the warrior genes from the population.

  5. And while we’re at it, fellow white people, let’s STFU about abortion and recognize it for the boon that it truly is. A few aborted white babies are a small price to pay for the 30 million black ones that have been aborted in the last 40 years. That’s 30 million we don’t have to feed or incarcerate and feed or incarcerate their offspring.

    • Freakonomics. The drop in crime is directly tied to black abortion rates, thanks to St. Margaret. I really hate to do this, but I have to point out the ethnicity of most abortion providers. Good money in tissue/organs, too.

      In the Rape Isles, foreign doctors will happily provide such services to bonny Irish and English lasses without a twinge of remorse.
      Frees up a council house for family reunification, you know. High health care costs are such an unfortunate accident.
      The Shire is being overrun by orcs. Randomly.

      Expedience becomes the new morality when spaying, in famine, or in wartime conditions.
      So glad there’s not a war on.

    • Ah Porgy,
      How right you are. And is there anyone on this blog old enough tocatch the reference? Poorgy Tirebiter_he’s a friend and a girl delighter!

  6. IQ is overblown as an indicator of societal success. Conscientiousness and industriousness are more important than IQ. I don’t think the dudes hanging out in the local Home Depot parking lot looking for day work study high-energy physics in their spare time–they simply have a work ethic, which is learned, and Shaniqua can learn to keep her legs together with the right parents and the right societal pressure. End welfare, end affirmative action and stop rationalizing the pathological behaviors that cause poverty. Obsessing over genetic differences in IQ is like urinating into a moving air mass.

    • Spud – One of the noticeable underlying themes in MENSA publications is “If we’re so smart, why aren’t we rich?” Same theme permeates academia, the profs resent the successful businessmen. Society can’t be just in their view.

  7. The reasons we have so much Black crime aren’t genetic as much as cultural. American black folks are different than White in temperament and average intelligence but they are perfectly capable of raising decent kids and working and staying away from a life of crime

    The problem lies mostly in two areas,

    1st Easy divorce and a baby daddy culture leads to people without any mooring in society . Single Moms are the Ebola of civilization

    2nd Technology. We have fewer and fewer jobs that pay a dignified wage with minimal skills and that don’t require a Soy Boy type of personality or are better suited to women and/or require years spend in education . Most White people aren’t like that by nature and its even rarer among Blacks

    Solve those and your massive Black crime problem will decline to a very manageable level

  8. Zman is really talking about the MAOA “warrior” gene, two copies of which are associated with very violent people….The gene is 50x more common in black people than in white people…”Coincidentally”, blacks commit 20x more murders per capita than white people…but talking about this correlation is a hate thought.

  9. Science will save us. Perhaps an engineered virus to sterilize the proper genetic carriers?

    Even crazy cat ladies support spay and neuter.

  10. I’m a Gen X-er who listened to alot of rap in the 90s. One of the themes you hear from even the more thoughtful guys like Ice-Cube, Tupac, etc. is that society has ignored them, abandoned them, don’t care about them, etc. (usually as a justification for slangin and bangin). Cube’s character at the end of Boyz in The Hood famously said “Either they don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about what’s going on in the hood:” You hear alot of rappers talk about how the pigs or the judge ain’t give a shit about US!

    I always chalked this up to a sort of projection: their fathers abandoned them or were in jail, the mothers were dysfunctional, and they just blamed society. But Z Man’s post today puts it in a bit of a new light. In some ways, these rappers had a point. The elite HAVE basically given up on their duty to the poor and the less able (cognitively or otherwise). Benign neglect indeed. And many ghetto blacks don’t/can’t understand the larger whys or the currents of history. All they know is that the world the live in (e.g. Baltimore) is a hellscape and nothing seems to be happening to improve it. Their own role in perpetuating the hellscape is lost on them, but still.

    We see this same theme (elites abandoning even the pretense of noblesse oblige) with deinstitutionalization of the insane. One Flew over A Cuckoo’s Nest apparently justifies leaving scores of schizophrenics to die in their own excrement, or worse, shoot up a theater.

    I think alot of this comes back to the Blank Slate, but as applied to the elites. There used to be a recognition that There But for the X, go I. That one was lucky to be born wealthy/comfortable, smart/capable. That even one’s own intellect and temperament didn’t come FROM you, so to speak, but that you were lucky enough to inherit the raw materials to be successful and well-adjusted. And that you had an obligation to help look after the insane, or less able persons.

    Nowadays every high IQ asshole thinks that they got where they did by their own moxie/awesomeness, so why should he care about anyone else’s plight? They obviously could’ve avoided their fate but chose not to.

    • I always chalked it up to narcissism. Did Cube care about farmers in Nebraska, coal miners, fishermen, or steel workers? Why should they care any more about him?

    • “And that you had an obligation to help look after the insane, or less able persons.” I had an obligation? Convince me, Eleanor…

    • Don’t know who downvoted you, but you are spot on. The elites no longer identify with the natives, their messaging is no longer speaking to us; it’s like we are no longer their countrymen.

      Darn tootin’ the blacks are abandoned kids, so they gangsta up. Whites and Latinos too, now.

      A strange thought though: their liberators came from the original ghettos, and made ghettos for them.
      Blacks have different ancestral memories, and are converting those ghettos into African matriarchal villages.
      If we were ever to make a seperate homeland, we could call it the Pale of Wakanda…

      • Dammit, tried to erase that last bit.
        Sorry Tully, but I really am such a broken record it’s pathetic.

        How da fudge do I pull my mind out of this rut? Got other things to do.

    • Someone else has probably already said this, but maybe that’s part of what liberalized abortion laws are about. We don’t know what to do with you, so the best – and most compassionate – solution we have is to help you stop propagating your kind.

  11. Z Man. Did you decide to post on this topic after your JQ loon fans went berserk yesterday? I’m sure they’re all perfectly happy now. I happen to agree with you on this matter, but I still won’t give a rabid antisemite the time of day. They can go kiss Farakahn’s black ass.

    • The post is actually about the effect of your worshipped (((elites))).

      Blacks were the first vehicle ditched by the roadside.

      • Had to upvote ya for that.
        It’s sad, ain’t it?

        That’s why I had to cheer Rosie and Al d’ Nort yesterday. Such a relief to see comparative models of the same mechanism. Better, without the goggle-eyed spittle flying. Maybe this race realism thingie will become normal common sense again.

        Are we done with the guilt here?
        Cuz I’ve got some lampshades and soap to make before retiring to a comfy dinner and Brahms.

        Booking you a ticket, though, to go help the Rabbi wish mitzvah upon Ramaphosa.
        Maybe it’ll keep things from just happening without any reason at all.

  12. Just listened to a Molyneaux about this topic. 51 Million Americans with an IQ less than 85, 40 Million Americans in permanent poverty. The policy is meant to breed an army of angry victims they can use to end protestant rejection of Earthly authorities. They don’t care about them as people.

    • No they don’t care about those 40-50 million but they do fear their capacity for random violence. Hence, the white elite’s anxious solicitousness towards the black and hispanic leadership class they perceive to be able to manage underclass violence.

      • Te white elite’s solicitousness is also a way to demonstrate that they are “better” than the rest of us, and thus more deserving of standing at the front of the line to the feeding trough. From that perspective, which is part of the whole thing, the fact of the Black and Hispanic underclasses is incidental and irrelevant to their daily lives, other than as tools.

  13. Race Realism sounds oh, so very mean! to the modern ear, which has been inculcated since birth with prog bullshit to the point that realism isn’t considered real.

  14. I agree with the general thrust of this argument and making EBT cards dependent on taking Norplant is just eminent good sense. But the problem isn’t in persuading Shaniqua that this is a good idea (she would likely be copasetic).

    The problem is with the black “leadership class” with IQs in the 100-110 range. They understand their political power and influence comes from their perceived ability to steer the votes (and prevent the riots) of the mass of blacks with IQs <95.

    Roughly 25-30 years ago, the Philadelphia Inquirer (a liberal paper) editorialized in favor of making welfare payments contingent on Norplant acceptance.

    This produced an absolute shitstorm of black leadership protest in Philadelphia. The Inquirer backed off instantly and no mainatream media organ has refloated the Norplant proposal since.

    • Addendum: The black leadership class understands their influence with white elites comes from their perceived ability to manage random black violence. The more stupid and impulsive blacks are born, the more elite whites believe they need to assuage black leaders in order to protect their FIRE investments.

  15. Two quotes to support the overwhelming practical evidence of heritable IQs:

    Life is an IQ test. – John Derbyshire
    Who is the Tolstoy of the Zulus? – Saul Bellow

    In America, it’s hard to imagine any other race struggling as much as blacks, with all the equal opportunity that has been put in place for the last 50 years. In Sub-Saharan Africa, there is no white on black racism. Yet without the importation of white technology, it would barely be above caveman levels of subsistence.

  16. I recently heard about some interesting numbers:

    You need an IQ of 90 to understand and follow written instructions.
    The US military have no use for people with an IQ of 83 or lower: they cost more in effort than can be expected in return.

    If we extrapolate the experiences of the military to society as a whole it becomes clear why an IQ of 85 is the ‘crime’ IQ. These people have no other way of getting ahead in the world.

    They are unemployable because an employer cannot get more value out of them than they need in effort to maintain.

    No switch to the blacks: they have an average IQ of just below 90. Lets give them some slack and raise that to just over 90 so that they could get ahead in society.

    But: your IQ level will start to rise from birth until age 50-60 where it will hit its genetic pre-determined maximum.
    However the curve in which it approaches this maximum depends on the environment. Grow up in a single-mother environment subtracts 5 IQ points. Growing up in a violent area subtracts another few points. Before you know it the IQ of young blacks is below 83, unable to make it on their own. As their IQ rises with age, they have to pass through the ‘crime’ IQ, guess what happens?

    • Rein;
      Many of the difficulties you raise have to do with the legal and regulatory structure of work today. Some of these could and should be changed.

      In the more patriarchal times I was raised in the ’50s, it was pretty common to see a few mentally deficient people, such as the higher-functioning Down’s Syndrome afflicted, employed at menial jobs such as floor sweeping, snow shoveling, keeping an eye on the place at night, etc. at low wages (basically just ‘cigarette money’ as it was known then) + meals and a place to sleep.

      Sometimes they were shirt-tail relatives of the proprietor and sometimes just local unfortunates. Often these jobs were put together for them, tailored to their abilities. Mostly they did them with pride. They never got a raise but never froze or starved either. There was a cousin like this ’employed’ at grandpa’s small business that I vaguely recall from that time.

      But try this now and the state or the fed regulators would be all over you. You’d be in the papers as a monster, exploiting the handicapped, etc., on your way to prison.

      This is the kind of thing that must be fixed to realize ‘The Z Vision’, which I salute as a better, more humane situation than we have now for the mentally handicapped, IMO.

      • Yes, agreed.

        We should also try to ensure that low IQ people can grow up in a IQ-stmulating environment (two-parents household) such that they are not pushed below the crime-IQ for the start of their life.

    • Depending upon who you ask, the average IQ required to maintain a modern economy is around 93. This assumes a normal distribution. So, lets pretend our talented ten are really smart, like invent peanut butter smart. We can cheat a bit and put the figure at 90. That means about 40% of American blacks can function in a modern society, without a wild amount of effort from the rest of the population. The other 60% need, at the minimum, supervision of some sort, ranging from incarceration to firm social structures.

      The thing about the Civil Rights Movement is it worked a bit like modern open borders policy. The white ruling class skimmed off the talented ten from the black community. That made the whites feel good, but it took away the one thing that imposed some order on the bottom 60%. That’s why all the metrics have gone the wrong way for blacks in the last fifty years. The talented ten did great. The middling thirty stayed about the same. The bottom sixty dropped out of civilization.

      • Interesting theory. Desegregation as the cause of contemporary black social dysfunction from a perspective other than the lingering racism model

      • I hope you mean “talented ten” sarcastically, rather than talented tenth. “Gee, I can only come up with talented 8. Where did you find the other two?”

    • The establishment of the minimum wage is what has and continues to prevent low productivity workers from finding and keeping employment, and prevents these sorts of workers from gaining experience – becoming more productive – which would allow them to move onto higher paying and better jobs.
      As the minimum wage increases, it makes it more cost effective to bring in robots or other automated devices..
      Witness the “hamburger flipper” robot now being brought out by a west coast fast food/hamburger chain. They intend to install these in every one of their restaurants.

      There is no doubt we all will be seeing more kiosks and other labor saving devices as the minimum wage increase and more unemployment at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum.

      • Another solution, adding to what Al d’North rightly says above, is to bring the young back into apprenticeship years into adult society.

        We basically made puberty (young marriage) illegal and youth work overpriced, while training them to be paperpushers pointed to college instead of trained in trade and homemaking skills.

        After cutting them off, we expect them to spring forth, fully formed, like Venus.

  17. “There’s a reason that columns like this one are written by people with no math or science. Gavin Evans is an aging cleric for a church with empty pews.”

    Not to pick the fly chit out of the pepper – but religion and science are old enemies. Galileo didn’t get arrested for discovering that the sun was not the centre of the universe, he got busted because he went public with it before the clerics could reconcile the info with the scriptures.

    People misunderstand the relationship between modern science and modern religion. The scientist says ‘Hey! Can we do this?’ The cleric says, ‘Wait a minute… SHOULD we do that…?’ When we dispense with clerics and ignore them – we wind up with vinegar drinking sluts scolding us and telling us the tax payer should be paying for their ‘free’ abortions and contraception. I think that old boy in the article is driven by the worry of the misapplication of race science. I hate feral blacks as much as the next guy – but we have to be damned careful with stuff like this. Stats don’t always tell the whole story and often mislead; we don’t understand how the human mind works – IMO, that cleric’s posturing aside – he has some valid reservations. The margin for error here can be measured in light years.

    I personally think that our ancestors were not haters, rubes, and dummies. They understood the black man and put him to work to keep him out of trouble. Even in Roman times, blacks were servants, slaves or criminals. We’re smart enough to today to discriminate between smart and stupid (which is entirely legal) – we should just put the black man back to work and accept him as he is. Or – ship him back to Africa, and let Darwin and Murphy deal with him.

    • But now we have quite a few clerics saying that the taxpayers should be paying for the ‘free’ abortions and contraception of the vinegar drinking sluts…

      • True. The reality of that is – that the clerics are trying to stay relevant, and they’ve let Lefty goad them into doubting themselves. It’s so bad now, that even the Vatican has become a parody of itself. The cleric Z refers to is virtue signalling because in the current political climate, that is what pays the most dividends. Classical morals and ethics are a tough sell nowadays.

        I think my wife’s chapel is what they call ‘non-denominational’ – they aren’t catholic, Lutheran or Baptists. They believe the bible says what it means and means what it says. Our numbers are steady and even upticking a smidge – there’s a lot of emotional wreckage from three generations of intellectual and ethical rot. People are rightfully suspicious of the church.

        • Many of the current ministers have been marinated in the multi-culti from childhood, with a double-extra dose in seminary. Not hard to figure out why it goes down as it does, as they know no different.

    • I think it was more of a convenience thing. Once Europe started fighting back and the flow of whites into the North African and Middle Eastern slave markets dried up, Arabs established the sub-Saharan slave trade.

      Europeans colonizing the new world faced tremendous labor shortages and the locals proved uncooperative and ill-suited for slavery. So they tapped into the already existing African slave market. And it was a good fit since the Arabs wanted mostly women and the colonist wanted mostly men.

      • Indian slaves in Brazil lasted about 2 years before dying. Hardy Africans, inured to tropical disease and smallpox, lasted 7.

  18. The future is feudalism with a government middleman.

    There is little use in actually teaching a permanent (colored) underclass anything, rather its simpler to bribe them with an UBI and cheap entertainment.

  19. “The education reform of tomorrow will be about training 85-IQ blacks how to do something useful and avoid the obvious pitfalls of life.” How does this square with the coming Robot Revolution, though? As you have pointed out many times, AI is about to put a lot of 100 IQ whites out of work. What will they all do? Pick cotton? Build Soros’s pyramid? Cannon fodder in bush wars? (that would be the ChiCom solution). Absent a command economy preserving a whole lot of warehouse jobs from the robots, “something useful” will have to be almost entirely cultural…

    • Sev;
      Want to derail the robot revolution in one ‘easy’ move to preserve jobs for the less fortunate_? Abolish the minimum wage.

      Why would that work_? A: Simple business strategy considerations and basic microeconomics. Automation is expensive, time consuming and pretty inflexible if/when it finally works. When (not if) your competitors change the market dynamic on you, you’re dangerously tempted to stay with the old paradigm and the complex software that took so long to optimize that supports it. Pull out one module and the whole thing can and will crash. The tighter the modules are integrated, the more likely that is.

      Human workers, OTOH, can be retrained in a matter of days. They can be furloughed when business ticks down and called back when it ticks up. Robots can’t, especially if you were so short-sighted as to lease them. Congratulations, You’ve just converted most of your variable production costs to fixed. Warren Buffet will be buying you out of receivership for his usual fifty cents on the dollar come the next cyclic down-turn.

      As evidence, look at the burger-flipping robots we’re started hear about in fast food chains. They’re only going in CA and other ‘fight for fifteen’ locales. At $10/hour they make no economic sense besides being a strategic danger as outlined above

    • When I read this, I immediately thought of the Georgia Guidestones. The very first commandment is to “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”. According to some sources, occult ceremonies are performed there. Take that with a salt lick, but the elite have often indulged in such cosplay. Anyway, since the world is approaching 8 billion people, that’s going to require a lot of organ harvesting. Maybe they were thinking about the coming robot revolution when they projected that number?

  20. You need to include evolutionary realism in this analysis. Evolution has adapted the Black races for the environment of sub Saharan Africa. That is where they can function best, and this process took place over about 200,000 years, so expecting it to change in a few centuries is absurd. High crime propensity may well be a natural response to living in a mismatched environment.

    Second, Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society legislation was not about the altruism of helping lift Blacks out of poverty. It was explicitly intended to destroy the Black family unit, drive fathers out of the home, and replace them with Federal paternalism. This program had many nefarious objectives. Eliminate the male role model in the home (thereby ensuring adolescent black men would run wild), ensure lifelong welfare dependence, and guarantee Blacks would vote Democrat in order to keep the welfare spigot flowing. This program is just slavery by proxy.

  21. “Designing an education system for little Jamaal so he can be a warehouse worker will be compassionate.”

    There won’t be any warehouse jobs in the future due to automation. That goes for Jamaal and Jaden (3(!) white Jadens in my younger boys class). If autonomous driving trucks really do come online in the next 10-15 years, there goes several hundred thousand more jobs.

    • Actually, we’ll all be lucky if we’re not hunting wild dog for food in the near future, given the slide towards anarchy we’re seeing right now. On the upside, Jamaal and Jaden will probably do very well at that…

    • I think the robot future will exist in theory for a very long time. I’m old enough to remember when the same sorts were promising a paperless world. Per capita paper consumption is higher now than at the dawn of the “computer revolution.”

      • To be clear, I’m pro-jobs and anti-Optimus Prime (even though his voice is really cool).

        You hear so much from both sides about when the robot future is going to happen (Tomorrow ! vs. 50 years/not even close!) you don’t know who to believe. Boston Dynamics is doing some really worrisome things at the moment though.

        Ah, yes, the paper-less office. Our new(ish) EMR was supposed to achieve that 7 years ago. Now we’re having to implement a new secure printing suite to track the thousands of print-outs that happen daily.

    • I always find the topic of self-driving trucks somewhat comical. To think that someone is going send an 80-thousand-pound vehicle on the road with no one behind the wheel is fanciful. Even trains have someone at the controls, and they are on tracks. The people espousing this have obviously never driven a truck. And since most of our betters are chauffer driven would anyone expect otherwise. All it would take is driving on the beltway around the imperial capitol during rush hour to expunge that view. Rush hour by the way is 24/7.

      • An increasing amount of freight moved by trucks is being shifted to trains. Also, some companies are slowly coming back to the realization that RIVER travel is still cheaper than any other travel, if it’s possible for your purpose.

        • Trucking companies have moved freight by rail for quite some time. It is called trailer on flat car (TOFC). Company driver on east coast takes trailer to local rail yard, rail personal load trailer on car, train goes to west coast, loading process is reversed. That works well for coast to coast, not practical for short runs.
          In fact, more companies are taking loads off the rail and putting it back on the road because people want their stuff faster, it adds a day in transit when on the rail.

      • Self-driving trucks will work great on dedicated, segregated long-haul highways. When California is done throwing money at bullet trains, they can repurpose the right-of-way to self-driving trucks by paving it over. Then the trucks can be driven by humans to one end of the thing, sent on their automated way in a controlled environment, and get a new driver at the other end. Outside of such an application, I don’t know how self-driving trucks will be able to function.

        • It is hard enough to get the funding for the roads we have. The likelihood of having dedicated segregated highways built will be next to impossible.

        • Coors or Budweiser in Colorado did the first trials last year: 2 robot trucks slaved to a lead truck with a human driver. Short, straight runs in open country. A land train similar to produce haulers in Australia. (There, as here, farms on one coast ship across a great desert divide to the cities.)
          Limited application, as are some trailer combinations. Akin to the 22-axle steel trucks allowed only in the area of Motor City (Detroit-Windsor).

          Jerry’s Bridge is almost certainly part of China’s One Belt Initiative. We will see it linking West coast ports to a huge duty-free port complex being built in Baja. That port has been servicing Laredo, Brownsville (TX), and Nogales (AZ) for a while now. (Incuding sealed-trailer Mafia shipments to KC and St.Louis too.)

          Maersk was building 8 of the world’s largest container ships when the Baltic Dry Index of shipping collapsed during the Meltdown- the large carriers, land and sea, viewed that collapse as an opportunity to grab more market share.

          When Xi began consolidating power by nailing his spy chief, Bo Xilai, the corrupt generals took their money and ran for the Pacific Coast and Oz. Suddenly, senior water and oil rights were rediscovered here in Calipha while housing in Vancouver and the Bay ignited.

          Mexican Narco money is gentrifying “a Los” (SoCal), paving the way for a steady supply of lower middle class Latino warehousers and Asian developers, like the Koreans did after the South Central riots.

          The infrastructure bonds on such projects tend to the 25-to-40 year range.

          This points us to the heart of Zman’s thesis. Since FDI, foreign direct investment, is long range planning that takes demographic features into account, could not better social structure be designed for Amercan Blacks?

          The many black drivers I work with every day are hard working, solid values family men with their minds on money and investment. Many, most, are veterans, another point to Z that rule-based systems work for blacks.

          Instead, they are sold on dreams to industries dominated by a certain unmentionable elite. Hollywood and music. Ball teams. Bureaucracy and the NEA.

          The smart money behind Civil Rights and Model Cities has led them down the primrose path. Both White and Black America have been abandoned by our globalist occupiers.

      • Have you heard nteracted with many Professional Drivers? With some of them the AI is a huge improvement. But if you would feel better with a pulse behind the wheel we could always train up a bunch of south Asian women…
        That might actually make money as a reality show, too.

  22. Regardless of whether or not the social pathologies of the black inner cities originate in biology/genetics or culture, there is no doubt that people, irrespective of ethnicity, respond to incentives.
    The welfare state – directed by a liberal progressive establishment that reside far removed from those they are “helping,” – financed and encouraged teen and single parent motherhood, broken families, the worst schools on planet earth and total lack of personal responsibility.

    In fact there are white only areas here in the USA (and the UK) where the pervasive welfare culture produces EXACTLY the same social dysfunction one observes in black inner cities.
    Are these white areas also composed of low IQ hominids?

    Theodore Dalrymple describes in detail the destructive affects on the WHITE British underclass of welfare policies and welfare ideology – imposed by elites seeking victims – in “Life At The Bottom – The Worldview That Makes The Underclass.” The white welfare class there exhibits the same exact social pathologies one sees in American black inner cities.
    Are all these white, underclass members in the UK cretins?
    I will speculate that given an IQ test, these folks would test out as idiots.
    But would that be a manifestation of genetics or their culture (with its disdain for education and learning)?
    Are these white folks and their (very numerous) offspring doomed forever regardless of incentives presented to them?

    Thomas Sowell describes a PUBLIC all black high school in Washington, DC (I forget in which of his books) that academically compared most favorably with any all white high school there (and many of its graduates went on to professional careers , doctors, law, etc. ) .
    This high school literally went to hell when the black progressives (i.e., house ni**ers of wealthy, white, politically powerful liberals) took charge of the school.

    Today’s blacks are encouraged to blame whitey for all their ills, are paid via welfare to blame whitey, are taught that getting pregnant at 13 years of age and and snorting crack is whitey’s fault, and, if they get into a college (and they are typically not prepared for college work) are herded into either hate majors (black/women/LGBT studies, etc. ), or the starvation/social “science” majors (sociology, social work, etc.) where they graduate knowing less than when they entered college (astrology is more of a science than sociology).

    You will note that very successful blacks – in STEM, medicine, etc., – are rarely or ever presented as role models for blacks (yes, they do exist !!) Those blacks that are presented are rappers (criminal or otherwise), sports figures, entertainers (but NEVER conservative ones – listen to Denzel Washington) , and of course, the prominent, liberal progressive, very wealthy , plantation house ni**ers like Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, et. al.

    Check out the cover photo of “The Warmth of Other Suns – The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration,” by Isabel Wilkerson.” I have not read this book – and most likely will not – but what struck me was how well dressed the ordinary black folks were. Nothing showy, nothing amazing- just everyday normal wear – but you can see they had enough “self -worth” not to be seen amongst their peers dressed like a bunch of plantation field hands, or worse, like many of today’s inner city blacks dress themselves.

    Imagine a similar photo taken today in a black inner city; the guys would all look like gang bangers and the females like hookers.

    And let’s face it; if biology/genes where “proven” to be the cause of the persistent inability of many blacks to conform to societal norms, rest assured white progressives would be the first to proclaim, “it’s not the fault of blacks they commit crimes; it’s because …….(just fill in here whatever progressives believe will give them the higher moral ground).

    As for today’s younger generation being more accepting of statistical/biological data, well, don’t forget, they think Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton can save the USA, planet earth, our entire solar system and beyond.

    Today’s younger folks may be more tech savvy, but so far they have demonstrated their inability to think beyond the last line of code they have written; their brains power down when they hit the off button on their computers.

    The definition of stupidity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Unless incentives are radically changed, the dysfunctional black (and white) underclass will remain dysfunctional.

  23. What you propose is better than what we have now, but overcoming black resentment will be tough. Blacks have cast-iron self esteem. They’ll refuse to believe that the glittering upper reaches of modern technological civilization are unattainable to them. They think Wakanda is real. They won’t accept that they can’t handle the coursework and get the prestige jobs, or even the ones demanding middling competency. Few would have any idea what it meant, but “The Marching Morons” came true, for them.

  24. I went to a professional basketball game last week and along with a little sports play was a whole bunch of indoctrinating, virtue signaling and a lot of preaching of false hope to the blacks.

    Quick,” you can be great videos”, reach for the stars and celebrity blacks with affirmations constantly being shown.

    Always pointing to college and great professional careers and never to the local trade colleges with more modest goals. Nope, you can be great or a star!

    • Just watching NBA games on TV, or NFL football, for that matter, I feel rather out of place. Kind of like, “why was I invited to this party”? It is happening to me more often when I watch movies or read new books as well. TV programming, too.

      At church, I am taught that this is all good, and I am a better person by exposing myself to, and advocating for, all this stuff that has nothing to do with me, and, personally, tastes a lot like a shit sandwich.

      I am turning into a grumpy old coot, aren’t I?

  25. One easy fix is to restrict voting rights to net taxpayers only. If you receive more in benefits than you pay in taxes you don’t get to vote. As the saying goes, “If you want to rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on the support of Paul.”

    It will never happen of course.

    • The first rule when thinking about public policy is to ask yourself what is you fall back position for when you great idea is rejected. I pose this to libertarians and they usually just leave the room.

      • Hello everyone, my name is Guzalot and I’m a libertarian. I’m working on it though and if I take it day by day I can get better. The first step is recognizing I have a problem.

        OK, I’m only half joking. I’m not really a libertarian anymore but I have an inherent distrust of government that I doubt I’ll ever get past.

        • I’ve never called myself or considered myself a libertarian, but I cannot imagine anyone with two brain cells to rub together, ever trusting the government. Why would you do that? Why would anyone?

    • We sort of do this already with voting restrictions on felons. The cover story is that it is about committing the crime, but it’s probably using crime as a proxy for other things. And of course the Left is obsessed with doing away with voting restrictions for criminals. (Voter suppression! they say) If this concept could be expanded to where people primarily living off the gov’t dole had no vote or half a vote…

      • 70% of welfare expenditures goes to the administrators of the funds. Do they get a vote?

    • Sure. Although when we talk about averages or medians, no.

      And, most black people in the U.S. are around 20% European so they don’t have quite the disastrously low IQ levels of some African countries.

        • Yeah, some. He probably could have said “all” though. Africa is the worst continent on earth, no progress whatsoever to speak of. Little to no contribution to world progress. To say that American blacks are above that is not some badge of honor.

        • With the exception of NORTH African countries, where blacks aren’t the majority population. There. Fixed that for you.

        • Well, the three outliers you earlier mentioned make using “all” a technical falsehood. Which you were poised to exploit as well.
          Tell you what, we want forward thinking high functionals like you. Variety is the spice of life, you know. Be sure to cross the fence, you’ll know when it’s time.

        • If that was the case, then they wouldn’t put down black kids for trying educate themselves by accusing them of trying to be “white”.

          If that was the case, then they wouldn’t attack successful black conservative leaders as Uncle Tom’s and sell outs while at the same time telling their children that they will never get ahead in life because “whitey” is out to get em.

          If that was the case, then you’d stop voting Democrat over and over again. The same Democrats who tell black folks they can’t have school vouchers to get their kids out of run down inner city schools into better schools, yet these same Democrat leaders are sending their kids to the best and brightest schools.

          If that was really, really the case, then somebody like Maxine Waters, a national embarassment, would never have been elected or reelected to her position.

        • You might tell Black Lives Matter or the the people pushing a stifling level of anti intellectual conformity in the Black community that and see of they agree.

          I’ve spent a fair amount for time around Black folks including smart nerdy Black /Mixed Race people and in general as bad as say being a nerd in the 70’s or 80’s was , it was 10x worse for Black people at any time, anywhere.

          And the hell of it, its not Whites doing it. A little causal “credit to your people” racism comes up sometimes among Liberals but in general White folks treat all Smart disciplined people the same way. If anything Black folks get a bit of slack for the shear novelty

          Where the hurt comes down ? its Blacks who think reading or liking science makes you and Uncle Tom

          Until Black folks can get past that, #smartblacklivesmatter won’t matter jack to anyone who isn’t White

          Now how many smart folks there are is up for debate, its not even important. Fact is until Black folks stop hating smart Black folks any of them born outside the Middle /Upper are screwed

      • Actually, it is difficult to disagree that lots of black people are not bright and make a lot of bad decisions. The problem with this blog is that it doesn’t analyse the effect of such a drastic policy on the relationship between daft white people and clever black people that will pass the gene test. Or the ceiling such policies would put on some black people.

        For Africans, that is a different conversation. The smart ones have to stop running away and take/own their continent. I guess this sort of policy also includes a complete return to Pre-15th century interaction with the continent for everyone else. No sales of automatic rifles, access to cheap raw materials from stooges and foreign aid (medical and so on).

        • Would you by a stock that only has a 10% chance of making money? Would you bet the farm on an affirmative action gibsmedat? You do not base public policy on the exception to the rules. Clever black people are an exception. They may exist, but you make them earn their position by proving their superiority. Only a fool would place a random negro in a position that requires high intelligence, competence, and initiative. Just because they exist is no reason to assume the best of them.

        • Funny, but you touch on something this blog discusses often – negative black identity. Black identity is entirely exogenous. You see it in your reply. The top concern is not improving the lives of your co-ethnics. Instead, you are most concerned with the relationship between “daft white people and clever black people” which naturally assumes is the most important thing ever and this blog is failing in not addressing it.

          To be clear about it, my preferred solution is the creation of a black homeland.

          • I actually agree with most of this article and black people haven’t contributed a lot to the global economy besides living on a place where useful stuff exists beneath it. Where I disagree is the corralling of blacks into menial jobs just because they fail a gene test.

            Now I was concerned with some decent citizens getting stereotyped as morons just because they’re black and you are well aware what daft people can do. This isn’t insisting smart black people must live near white people but just that this idea can have a real negative effect on the Jamal who isn’t the typical Jamal.

            A black homeland in USA for black Americans is perfect and of course you and I know how it will look like BUT it is certainly a way forward. The premise of that article rather than the suggestion in this article is one I agree with.

          • I would be against corralling blacks into menial jobs too. I’m just realistic about the distribution of skills. Preparing Jamaal with his 85 IQ for a job in a factory is a lot better for him than pretending he could go to college one day. The same is true of Bubba from the Ozarks. One of the funny things about this is exactly no one proposes turning Bubba and Jethro into college boys. We simply accept that some percentage of whites are meant for manual labor. We should apply that universally.

            No one has paid a higher price for white virtue signalling than poor blacks.

          • So true, Z. We all accept the fact that low IQ whites will not be rocket scientists, but the left insists that all low IQ blacks can be.

          • “This isn’t insisting smart black people must live near white people but just that this idea can have a real negative effect on the Jamal who isn’t the typical Jamal.”

            Do black parents not understand the concept of “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Apparently not, because blacks let words like the “n-word” cripple them. And they actually expect Whites to bow down and use the “n-word” instead of more amusing appellations. Have you ever seen a White person get upset about being called honky, or cracker, or white devil? We just laugh. It looks like what you’re saying is that blacks are snowflake level of susceptible to reality. Saying that Jamal might not be a candidate for something crushes his spirit? Isn’t Jamal responsible for realizing that life’s not fair and, if he wants something, he has to earn it? White people understand this. You think Whites actually have a privilege that let’s them achieve everything they ever wanted? I guess I missed out on that memo about White affirmative action.

          • I’m a woman who thinks only a small percentage of women vote sensibly, and would be willing to give up my voting rights to prevent the larger precentage of bad women voters from screwing up elections.
            Unfortunately, outliers like me don’t get to call the shots.
            I also support an all black homeland on the N American continent, as well.

        • My boss’ boss is a very smart black gentleman. And while he makes no apologies for being a black man, he also makes no apologies for leaving the negative aspects of black American culture far behind.

    • That’s true. But there aren’t enough of them to make a difference. And I’m guessing that you’re not one of them.

    • There are 7 billion people on the planet. Odds are you’re going to probably find a few people with higher IQs. Some blacks, some whites, some Asians, some spanish etc. Never seen Zman or any poster claim to be among the mental giants of the Earth. So exactly how is this zinging them, like you think you just did?

  26. What about the Crime Chromosomal Syndrome. Being XY, or XYY in rare cases. How many XX v.s XY are in prison?

    That said, we have to choose what to do about immorality. Right now we are subsidizing bastardy. Ostracism, combined with forcing women to give up their children or support them without government aid worked before.

    Also on a historical basis, I think you are wrong. In the 1920, black families were more stable than whilte famlies. In the 1960s there was segregation, but the blacks lived in nice neighborhoods. But they and whites were held to the same standards.

    There may be something r/K or epigenetic going on here. But in any case, Blacks can hit 90% of White rates of virtue, maybe even go over 100% under the right circumstances.

    But note how we’ve destroyed the family – even whites are having children out of wedlock, or the “I’m not emotionally fulfilled” divorces. This harms whites. It destroys blacks.

    Your solution is not to demand behavior be changed – and it is capable of changing, and it isn’t hopeless. Shaniqua can see her friends in misery and can decide to find a man and settle down too. They aren’t that stupid. And we used to have families that controled the impulses (government can’t even when it doesn’t directly subsidize bad behavior).

    Shaniqua and her offspring who are like her will never vote to place any restrictions on benefits, and there are the liberal judges that will say there is a right to EBT and a right to her body.

    Instead of developing Virtue, which is what Christendom has been perfecting for centuries, you just say stay broken as long as you take Norplant. Or perhaps we need to go China forced abortions?

    We used to “select” for, that is reward virtue. Now we select for vice. Mitigating the effects of the selection is the bandaid on the cancer.

    • There has always been segregation whether overt or covert. The “phrase birds of a feather flock together” has a basis in biology. One of the changes that occurred during the sixties is the black leaders in the black community stopped policing the less productive. And make no mistake about it, they were harder on their own. Back in the day there were consequences for being stupid. The reality is some people are only qualified to push a broom. The sooner we recognize that as a society the better for everyone.

    • “By the morality of the legacy generation, that seems monstrous. To the morality of the next generation, that will be the height of compassion.”
      What is truly moral does not change, or perhaps more accurately, the foundation of morality does not change. Morality is not a fashion. You are advocating expedience.

  27. “Fixing the schools” is a jobs program for people with mediocre abilities. The political class has funded these government boondoggles for so long, they dare not do anything to jeopardize the “employment opportunities” in the education racket. What else are these doofuses going to do? Go to work on farms or factories? Finding work for low IQ types has become a permanent government obsession.

  28. Over time common sense has become uncommon. For many reasons what was known by most about the differences of people has been driven from public discussion. The economic growth of the United States after WWII allowed for large “social” programs to provide cover from the reality of many things. There is now a generation that in the years to come, that as our host has most eloquently stated are comfortable with technology. They are also on the hook to pay for the excesses of the past and current social programs. Those things will most certainly force the hard decisions that will have to be made.

    • Those social programs you refer to didn’t start after WW2. They started during the Depression when the FDR administration used the Federal government to start forcing local charities and churches out of the “welfare” business.

      Bad money drives out good is a basic economic principle.

      One of the ways you can track the lie that underlies the whole of the “progressive” experiment – is to look at the value of the US dollar over time :

      Look at the chart “Buying power of US dollar” on the right hand side of the page.

      1774 equivalent buying power = $1.00
      1850 equivalent buying power = $1.03
      1900 equivalent buying power = $0.96

      The value of the dollar fluctuated up and down during the 126 year period from 1774 to 1900 – but after those 126 years – the value was at 96 cents.

      Now follow the value going from 1900 to 2012. It goes nowhere but down. Down down down down.

      1910 equivalent buying power = $0.85
      1960 equivalent buying power = $0.26
      2012 equivalent buying power = $0.03

      Where did all that wealth go that was confiscated by money printing? Who or what did it get spent on? Looking at the different between the first 126 years and the second 112 years is the true measure of what the “progressive” experiment has truly cost this country.

      And even then – they STILl couldn’t pay for it all – they had to rack up a debt. Which I don’t even bother to pay attention to any more other than to know that it’s in the Trillions of dollars.

  29. “Poor people of all races are poor because they make bad decisions, they have poor impulse control and they have lower IQ’s than the rest of the population.”

    I say things like this at family/holiday events. I might begin saying them in public.

    • I’ve been saying things like that in public and online using my real name for decades. Come join me in the say whatever you want community. We’re always happy to have new members.

  30. The point being, public morality changes and it usually changes in response to new generations.

    Crucially, public morality changes when a society gets wealthier. We’re now so wealthy we don’t appear to have any public morality left.

    • One of our modern-day problems is that, as money is so easy to print as well as create electronically, then wealth is apparently so abundant it is the panacea for all ills. In other words, just throw more money at the problem.

      If the ‘do-gooders’ actually had to fund all this generosity themselves out of their own pocket, there would be a lot less willingness to use money to solve ‘issues.’

      I would echo the decline in public morality because of this: there’s no need to even notice a relationship between poverty and poor decisions (and criminality in some cases) when you can pay someone to distribute, from comfortable offices, more money to the needy. You don’t actually have to care that way.

      Years ago I understood that benefits and welfare was nothing more than anti-riot limitation. While the ill-educated and criminally-inclined are busy playing ‘Whack-a-Mole Death Crusader XVI’ in 3D on their state-funded consoles they have less time to smash up society.

      At least they are bright enough to work out how to cheat and win in another reality.

      • Printing money = spreading a lie.

        When everything is “free” (which they essentially can be if you just print the money – at least to the person who printed the money) – then everything is worth nothing.

        People impute value into things (wealth) – because they “cost” something. They either cost something because hard labor actually went into their creation, because they are rare and everybody wants a limited resource – or because they were acquired thru sacrifice (often the same as hard labor).

        Money is just a modern efficient way of transferring labor value.

        If you can just print money – then you are in effect stealing value of other people’s labor when you pay them with that “fake” money.

        Once you get a society to embrace fake money – then you can start to convince them of all sorts of other fakery and immorality.

        People can’t even define what wealth is any more. They define it as “money” – which you just pointed out – can just be printed.

        Whenever I get into it with leftists about taxes and money and welfare and how the “rich” are stealing from us – one of my standard go-to’s is to say: ” define what wealth is ”

        In 20 years I haven’t had a single one even attempt to come up with an answer. In fact during internet debates it’s a very reliable way to make them just give up and leave the conversation.

  31. Blacks are stupid and violent. There is no avoiding this truth. Leftists deny it, as they daily deny the existence of reality.

    Black schools, taught by black teachers, are not failing due to a lack of funding. They are failing due to a lack of ability and interest. In an era where learning to read is “acting white,” blacks either cannot or will not learn. The distinction is academic.

    • You may as well disregard the “acting white,” phenomenon as it is well attested that even the most assimilated mulatto scholars are super-majority militant anti-whites. For every one Walter Williams or Marcus Garvey there are and were millions of Kamala Harris and Tenesi Coates.

      At the bottom of race relations is incongruence. Black and Mulatto individuals are simply at a level of lived incongruence with the rest of the population. This occurs to some extent with every divergent human population, but with the Africans this divergence is extremely pronounced. They have scarcely a tenth of their population fit to participate in a society advanced beyond the stone age. The racist recognizes that this is biological in essence and cannot be overcome by education or training. But it does not end there.

      The diffirence between the liberal racist and the rational racist is that the latter wouldn’t dare suggest that a European or Asian society should permit such a population to fester in their midst, corralled and managed or not. Garvey knew this. He above all else realized there to be only one way for the negro to attain humanity on part with the rest of the world. The return to Africa and the cessation of all foreign aid and humanitarian intervention is the necessary but insufficient condition with a mighty evolutionary struggle being the other half.

      The penultimate solution to the black race problem is Africa and the Prime Directive. Anything less than that will ensure either their dominance, and a necessary return to stone age society, or total destruction.

    • When black schools were taught by black teachers, in the old days, the discipline was severe, and bad actors were expelled. Those black teachers knew very well what they were dealing with…

      • The good old days also precipitated rioting and the beginning of the end. While it’s perfectly defensible to suggest blacks are worse off today, the fact they demanded to take such a path is indicative that they should not be on the same continent as more civilized peoples. As Garvey said, the negro must stand on his own two feet. Living near white crutches prone to guilt is an untenable situation for both.

      • Racism is good because you can come down 10x harder on your own if they’re bringing shame to your ‘skin’. Non-whites agree with me every time on this.

        I can beat kin like a rented mule, but you better not lay a finger on ’em or I’ll kill ya.
        They agree on this, too.

        What is traumatic abuse to one is what another listens to. Many black men have chuckled and explained to me that “beating the little n*ggas is the only thing that works.”

        Doesn’t faze them, or turn into soft pedo attracting beta pervs like it did in the white schools. So different.

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