A while back, there was a post on Unz about creating a black homeland. The piece was not very well done so there is no point in linking it. It was about how efforts to make race relations work had failed so a two-state solution was the only option. The plan was to turn a few states in the South into the new black homeland. Again, itt was not very well done so the particulars are not important.

What is striking about the idea of a black homeland, is it is an idea you never hear mentioned, even by racists. Lincoln wanted to send the freed slaves to Haiti or other Caribbean islands, but that’s forbidden knowledge these days. Yankee abolitionists would never have gone along with that as they wanted the freed slaves to riot and murder the bad whites in the defeated South. A dream they still nurse.

The American Colonization Society tried to create a black homeland for freed slaves, which eventually became Liberia. This probably would have worked if the demand for cotton had not made slavery so wildly profitable in the American South. By the end of the 18th century, Southern elites saw slavery as a dismal and dying institution, but the spike in the demand cotton changed those attitudes and killed any hope of ridding the nation of slaves and slavery through peaceful means.

The 20th century had some black nationalist movements that wanted to bring the former slaves back to Africa. Marcus Garvey is probably the most notable, but those efforts never went anywhere. The Nation of Islam guys are essentially black separatists arguing for blacks to withdraw from white society whenever and wherever possible, but they stop short of decamping for another land.

It’s not a crazy idea, if you think that blacks and whites can never truly live peaceably in a color blind society. If you’re black and assume the white majority will always have you under their thumb, a separate homeland should be attractive, as long as it does not mean going to Africa or the Caribbean. Those places are terrible and unfixable. A black homeland could only work if it is a part of the Anglosphere.

Some Basic Principles of Blacktopia

If you’re going to set up a black homeland, you have to start from some basic principles. The whole point of the endeavor to arrange things so that blacks can run their own shop and avoid the pernicious racism they must contend with in modern America. It is a form of reparations, just with a more logical end. The trouble with the TN Coates brand of reparations is it is really just a childish tantrum so that a middle-aged man-boy can pay his rent. Real reparations repair the damage and closes the books.

With that in mind, the first rule of Blacktopia is it has to have the promise of making black lives better. No one can know the future so the results of Blacktopia cannot be known in advance. All we can reasonably achieve is an arrangement where blacks are given every chance to succeed, and the results are in their hands. That means the land carved out for the new nation has to have all the natural resources you need for a successful country. It also has to have enough existing capital to provide for a strong start.

Carving out a new nation and moving millions of people into it is no small endeavor. It has to involve the least amount of harm in order to work. Money has to be allocated so the new citizens of Blacktopia can start their new lives with the least amount of hardship. Similarly, the people already living in Blacktopia need to be compensated where necessary. It’s not going to be cheap, but this is about trade-offs and the trade-offs need to be a consideration when creating this new nation.

Finally, it has to be sustainable and by that, I mean it has to settle the issue of race in the long term. Whites from Yankeedom have been making war on the bad whites over race for centuries. The point of Blacktopia is not just to provide closure for black victims of white racism. It has to close out the cold civil war between Yankeedom and the rest of America. That means the final configuration of this new nation has to be such that Yankeedom can no longer complain about the racism of whites.


Finding a habitable spot that can support roughly 40 million people is not so obvious. The temptation is to find the least populated states and use those or maybe carve out part of Canada, but Blacktopia is not going to survive in a tundra or desert. Again, the first principle here is it has to have a chance to thrive. At the minimum, that means a decent climate, access to the sea and usable land.

The most obvious choice is California and maybe Oregon and Washington. Despite the massive flow of Mexicans into the state, California still has a low population density of 246 per square mile. New Jersey, by comparison, is 1210 per square mile. Washington state is 105 and Oregon just 41 souls per square mile. Without moving anyone out and just relocating black people to those states, the population density climbs to 311, which somewhere between Pennsylvania and Florida.

The trouble is Hispanics are not very friendly to blacks. Compton, which was made famous by the hip-hop group NWA, has slowly turned Hispanic, pushing out the blacks in a slow motion ethnic cleansing. This is a pattern seen all over America, one that liberals are fond of using to gentrify their strongholds. Washington DC imported Salvadorans, for example, as a way to freshen up the city.

That’s going to be a problem in the other lightly populated coastal area, the American South. Geographically, it is about perfect. You have mild climate, great agricultural areas, access to the sea and many good ports. There’s also the long history of blacks in the South, good and bad. In many respects, turning the South into Blacktopia would close the books on the Civil War. After all, the Abolitionists hoped the freed slaves would murder all of the white Southerners.

But, there’s a big problem. Southern whites have always been awful to blacks and there’s no reason to think that will change. Blacktopia would quickly look like South Africa circa 1975. One of the rules here is to make sure the new nation can survive. In theory the blacks could overwhelm the whites, but it is not a given and history says it is not the way to bet. The whites from Yankeedom would never tolerate it so this would lead to another civil war. Therefore, this option fails the basic principles outlined above.

That leaves New England. The population density of the six New England states is around 200 so there’s room for a lot more people. If you throw in New York, you have loads of room. The population of those seven states is roughly 35 million. Add in 40 million new people and you have a population density of Pennsylvania. Given that there are big cities like Boston and New York City, the density in the hinterlands would be quite low.

This region also is blessed with two world class cities and several smaller vibrant cities like Providence and Hartford. The current population is educated and productive. Most important, they have been lecturing the rest of us about race for 300 years. They fought a bloody war to help black people and fought a legal war to end segregation. Today, no people on earth fret over racism like the old Yankees of New England. They love black people!


Now that we have the perfect location for Blacktopia, there are a few things that will need to be done. One is the current population of these states, and anyone born in these states are automatically citizens of the new nation. If you were born in New Hampshire, but now live in California, you are immediately a citizen of Blacktopia, but will be issued a visa for one year so you can decide to move back to your new country.

The reason for this is the new nation needs more than natural resources. The indigenous population is educated, rich and resourceful. They have built out the social organizations that a new nation will need in order to thrive. There’s also the goal of separating the old Yankees from everyone else as that has been a source of problems for 300 years. By keeping the current population in Blacktopia, we satisfy the core goals of the project.

Now, moving 35 million people to New England is no easy trick. The way to do this is to pay these folks $50,000 per head for relocation expenses. That’s well more than necessary, but there’s a hassle factor involved. The cost of that will be roughly $2 trillion, but in a big economy like ours that’s very manageable. There are trade-offs to everything and continued racial strife has costs well above this figure, I’m guessing.

The one last bit here is what to do with the people now living in New England and New York who were born elsewhere and wish to remain Americans. They would be allowed a year to move back to their home state. You can’t let this go on forever, so after a year, they either become a citizen of Blacktopia or they remain in the new nation. This solves the long term problem of people claiming rights in America, despite not having lived in America for decades. No more anchor babies either.


This little exercise has turned out better than I imagined. My instinct was to assume it was economically and logistically impossible, but once you think it through, it is very workable. Not only does it solve the problem of black people being treated poorly by whites, but it also solves the problem of whites warring on each other over the issue of race. The good whites are separated from the bad whites and that long running feud can be ended.

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  1. My mom is from yankeeland (the northeastmost state…) and back in the Selma days she explained the difference between the goodthink and badthink whites to me as “In the north the people love the race but hate the individuals while in the south they love the individual and hate the race.” I was too young to understand what she meant at the time but I have since learned the truth of what she meant.

  2. Zman’d proposal is almost perfect! But the “natural borders” idea makes so much sense too. I say we annex Cuba, and put all the blacks and the New Englanders there together. Then they can marinate together in there very own socialist Paradise!

    All existing Cubans will be allowed to move to either Vermont or Miami, their choice. But if they pick Miami, they must man the south-facing machine gun nests for at least 3 years each. Unlimited ammo, and a small bounty for each waterlogged head.

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  4. The piece may be more satirical than it is satire. Syllogistic?

    Idealism increases in direct proportion to one’s distance from the problem. Zman dreams of closing the distance. Put a needy family in the basement of every Yankee home. The old Yankee put his hands on a problem, not a distance.

  5. Your funny Mr. Z man.
    That is a great yarn too. You must have a blister on the inside of your cheek from your tongue.

    No mater how its sliced, it still depends on welfare from the white world.
    Break that chain, anything is possible.
    Personally, I think the whole thing has to burn before anything resembling a remedy is possible. Kind of like the tyranny breathing down our necks. Its remedy through generational movement, our total redue.

  6. Satire? I think not. After all, a two state solution has been posited as the answer to all the problems in the middle east.

  7. This is an intriguing issue. Here in the much smaller UK (and about to get smaller components if the Scots Nationalists ever get their way) we have less land to give to our future problem, the muslims. As Europe takes in more and more non-whites (and hands them passports that allow free passage through any EU border) then they will want to settle in their own areas in — probably –southern England. It could be said we are already giving them big parts of London as well as some northern towns like Rotherham, Bradford and Rochdale and so on but the muslim issue is one of converting all us infidels, so they will want to spill out of their enclaves and spread the good word. Nope, our issue can’t be so easily settled with creating yet more muslim states.

    I mean, what’s the good of flying the green flag of islam over Downing Street if there are places still in the British Isles that won’t bow down to it?

    Privately I think what will happen is borders will disintegrate and towns will become fortified strongholds again with their own ways of stopping anyone they don’t want coming through the gates. Soon no one will want to have barbarians inside the gates ever again. we may have to go back to tribes, and that would mean I am with my tribespeople in Elmete or any Brigantes area.

    I imagine that in the States your traditional boundaries will have to be dissolved if you are setting up areas for black people, in order for them to be truly fulfilled and happy once free of the baleful influence of whites. The old borders and divisions will not do. If these happy places have to protected it would mean natural boundaries, or places where fences can be built easily. One caveat would be that any white person who, in identifying with blacks and their ways, isre free to go there (subject to the laws of the black-ruled societies there, of course) but not free to leave. If so many white people love other races they are free to join them and help them out, but it is a one way ticket.

    That should make a good few people think twice about how much love of diversity they have in their hearts.

  8. This piece is so wrong on so many levels.
    New England and the Pacific Northwest, as well as California and much of flyover country, are historic Whitopias. Leave them alone. On the East Coast, Whitopia extends through Virginia into North Carolina.
    I say Atlanta, Georgia makes the perfect ground zero for Blacktopia, which would radiate outwards to envelope South Carolina, and Alabama.
    Displaced whites could make a painless move to Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina for the more civilized, and Louisiana for the more adventurous. Mississippi would serve as a kind of amorphous border zone, and there might be some blending in southern NC.

    • But then Blacktopia would be subject to white racism from bad whites. The only way this can work is to make sure there is separation from the bad whites and protection from good whites.

      • Of course. It won’t be Blacktopia if there are whites there. Native Whites will have to be pushed out of Blacktopia, much as ethnic Germans were pushed out of Eastern Europe after WWII. That’s the price you pay for progress. But I think it will be relatively easy for displaced Whites to settle in the surrounding Whitopian territories.

  9. You are an evil jester, Zman.

    Blactopia needs defensible borders. Or perhaps containable is a better word. That leaves…Florida. I’d cut if off at the panhandle though, in the interest of containment. Everything east of Tallahassee and south of Georgia. That leaves every Aferican an acre, if not a mule. And !5 million non –Afericans to be compensated. I know my son would take 80k for his paid off home in paradise and a bus ticket north, but you have to figure in an average of a quarter million payoff to make people happy, so maybe three trillion for the move-out plus your original two trillion for the move in. Sounds like another stimulous package to me.

    When the air conditioning stops working it’s not like they really need it, judging by my brother’s wife, who actually hails from the dark continent. And they can live like Jamaicans in all ways, where they may be poor but life is easy. Lotsa natural resources. The mulatto’s can take over ruling the joint like Jamaica too. Nobody seems to object to the natural order of things as long as there are no white people to stir it up.

    • But, that brings Blacktopia into contact with bad whites. The only way this can work is if Yankeedom and Blacktopia are one.

  10. We’ll take the blacks here in New England if we can swap out our quota of Moslems. Call it an even swap. Long-term, we in New England just made out like bandits.

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  12. Zman wrote: Today, no people on earth fret over racism like the old Yankees of New England. They love black people!

    To those nattering nabobs of negativism who claim that satire is dead, I say: Behold Zman!

    Although, wouldn’t a better title to this post be, “A Modest Proposal”? Or would that reference tip the joke too soon?

    • Government employees also fret about things like racism and income inequality a lot.

      In order to boost the economy of Blacktopia, we should also make all government pensions payable only to those who live full time in one of the Blacktopia areas.

  13. We already have blacktopias in Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Chicago. Starting some more of them in New England would be a hoot. How about in San Francisco and Austin?

    Seriously, people already self-segregate. The problems come in when people move to a different neighborhood, and fail to adopt the reigning ethos, courtesies, and behaviors of the existing community that they moved in to. And that goes for members of any ethnic group or economic class moving to any new community.

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