A Big Mess

Some weeks, putting together this podcast is a pleasure. The topics are easy and the process is smooth. Other weeks, it is a grind. This week it was a grind. This is not my full-time job, so events can conspire against me. That’s to be expected. Some weeks, the material is the problem. That was an issue this week. The news was either depressing or dull and I just could not come up with alternative material that I found interesting.

Put the two together and it was pushing a rock up a hill. Every segment took longer than it should and the result was something less than inspiring. That’s why we have five short segments and three long ones this week. I was tempted to just throw in the towel and skip this week, but there’s something to be learned from struggle. You learn some things about yourself or the process that you would not learn otherwise. That and life is struggle.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. Of course, the Hitler Phones are so slow now, you may never finish. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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49 thoughts on “A Big Mess

  1. I didn’t notice that the podcast was labored. It’s plain and to the point quite like Cicero, the main difference being you allow for more optimism than he did, generally.

  2. You should read this Z if you haven’t already:


    It really is Nationalism vs Globalism, it pretty much say that Globalist GOPers and Dems are in this together, the Neoliberals and Neocons are the same people after all, the EU is the Globalist dream and their plan is to crush the Nationalists, be “Left” or Right”.

    It’s really a war.

  3. Seeing as it’s not your job, and you found it difficult to find any interesting topics, why do you feel you must produce a podcast? I don’t see you monitizing your sites, so I wonder at your commitment to publish nearly every day.

    A friend and I who are both long time readers have both noticed is that as frequency has increased your output has become a lot more hit-and-miss. I’m always on the lookout for quality content with high signal-to-noise ratio.

    You used to provide that, but now? Not so much. I used to eagerly look forward to Zman as a blogging treat, now I feel the drudgery of your work. And, the more angry tone and lashing out from your position of superiority at many former allies or at least other rational rightists.

    I seriously think you need a vacation, maybe a month off to recharge and maybe re-write some of the top level position statements above, as you incorporate your newer “white nationalist with a different name” philosophy.

  4. So when you say America is a Socialist State, to what degree? Do you see the USA on par with England, Germany or Sweden or just as much as Europe generally speaking?

    • Less than the Nordic countries, but about the same as Britain. Government controls most of lives and dictates how business conducts itself. One life’s great ironies is we beat the Fascists and then adopted their economic and cultural polices, with the later modified to different ends. We regularly force march children from their schools to government sponsored ceremonies so they can hear the latest state propaganda. How is that different than what you know who did 80 years ago?

      • Judging only from the k-6 activity in our public schools, I’d say we’re closer to North Korea than to the USA of 1975. And we don’t do anything about it because we’re too comfortable and civilized to take up arms and start shooting.

        It’s not like history offers no examples of endangered and cornered peoples lashing out with bombs and weaponry; quite the contrary. History is dense with doomed bravery. But no, not us.

        We deserve to die; not morally, but historically.

        You just can’t start a revolution when you have a new pickup in the driveway and are cooking steaks on the gas grill on your deck.

      • Actually our Austrian chancellor did very good things for Germany in the beginning of his chancellorship. Specifically getting us out of our own depression after 1932 thanks to Hjalmar Schacht’s economic policies. By 1938 no one cared about Poland, or the Jews, least of all the British.

        While capitalism has benefited all industrialized countries and raised the standard of living, America politics and business practices have consistently abused the average American worker. Everything is about the bottom line, the quarterly return and executive bonuses. If any of these three are not realized, layoffs and off-shoring jobs are a way of life for American workers.

        It amazes me Americans still don’t have affordable, private health care and no “safety net” for long term unemployed workers. Even India has General Hospitals where anyone can receive health care. In fact the situation in the US has become so desperate, that Americans are seeking health care in India. India! Unbelievable.


        The fact so many Americans live below the poverty level and that you have such a poor standard of general education is shocking. Few Americans have any real savings, little if any retirement but massive personal debt. Growing homeless camps are appearing across your country that pale in comparison to the immigrant camps in Calais.

        But yes, I would agree from here it seems America intentionally trying to become a Fascist state. Just as disenfranchised Germans once did, Americans seem to be following lock-step in the very same direction. But when freedom and democracy are lost, there’s not much left to turn to except Fascism, especially when you have such a massive government bureaucracy intent on keeping power at all costs.

    • Socialism has both active and passive forms. Russia and China were subjected to the ‘active’ form – a program, an agenda, a set of hard principles.

      The West is suffering from the ‘passive’ form. Its source is not from Marx and Engels, but a decaying social memory of Christianity.

      Socialism is an attitude and, inevitably, a policy; its roots are in the host country. Its specific character follows from the history and nature of its host.


      Ironically, Russia and China (from what I gather by reading about them) are indifferent to socialism; oligarchs have rarely had the kinds of opportunity for unlimited wealth that they enjoy in these corrupt countries.

      A poor slob with a drinking problem and six undifferentiated kids from four mothers is way better off in ‘capitalist’ America than in ‘socialist’ China.

  5. This grumpy boomer finds this week’s offering appealingly cranky. Let me be the last to welcome our new millennial executioners.

  6. Derb, Sailer and Z. 300,000,000,000-ish primate neurons between them. I effusively recommend their writing to others, but very few people seem to get it here in the great white north. Z, thanks for grinding it out.

  7. Late baby boomer here. Several thoughts:

    – As a 1958er, I have more in common with a 1952er (earlier boomer) than a Gen Xer. Part of this was because families were bigger then and we had older siblings. We grew up with early boomer shows/movies. Both early and late boomers had no cable, no DVDs, VCRs, cellphones, computers. We had a common experience for the most part. Music was a bit different and fashion changed, but the difference between my older sister’s growing up experience and mine wasn’t really that vast.

    – Whut on the clothes? Come on…1970s fashion were awful, but FUN. Some of them even came around for a second go in the 1990s.

    – Pretty much, each generation, at least for a while, turns up its nose at the older generation. Over time, they grow up and mellow out.

    – Pretty much, the older ones will think the younger ones are messed up/not as good/lazy/fill-in-the-blank. But if truth be told, this is nothing new. Each generation seems to do it.

    Sign me a disco-hating, mid-1960s-early 1970s music loving boomer.

    Gen Xers are fine. Millennials are in their annoying phase but that will change over time. Nothing is new under the sun.

  8. Regarding “No Rules”, the elites at one time at least used to pretend (for public appearance sake) to follow the laws and rules. but now their disdain for the masses is so intense that they openly flaunt their disregard, just to rub our noses in it. When I got my high-level security clearances back in the 80’s I had to sign a stack of papers like a pile of mortgage documents acknowledging what would happen to me if I disclosed or mishandled anything classified. Now we have had a Secretary of State who funneled her classified communications through her unsecure private email server so as to hide her dealings from official scrutiny. Then her assistant Huma takes thousands of these classified messages home and puts them on her degenerate pervert husband’s laptop, again unsecured. If I had done 1/1000th of this I’d be sent to federal prison and no one would ever see me again.

  9. Zman, you sound depressed. Join the club.

    The “American experiment” has petered out, after a nice run of 200 years; I am grateful that I caught the tail end of it. A happy people living free in a beautiful land, seized by our tough-minded ancestors.

    Sadly but inevitably, regression to the mean applies to us as to all human conglomerations.

    I’m 57, a “boomer”, aka an asshole, a widower, two children morphed into quasi-government functionaries, living in faraway states, making quality dough. I sit in a house built in a town that rests on old Seneca hunting ground.

    The Seneca had their day; I’m living out my day; God knows what comes next.

  10. Regarding your estimates of the size of the US social programs, etc., you’re way off. Per here:
    social security, medicare/medicaid/etc., veterans benefits and welfare account for $2.75 trillion of our $4.17 trillion budget, or almost exactly 66%. So WAY more socialist than you estimated. (Also, actual military spending i.e., not including veterans benefits and foreign aid, which is for some reason listed under military, is well less than a trillion dollars — it’s $643 billion. Still a lot, and we could argue about where the veteran’s benefits belong, but either way it is dwarfed by the civilian social programs…)

  11. That Miley Cyrus girl gets invoked by a lot of the Alt-Right guys as the instantiation of Western Woman’s decline, and they may be right in general, but her version of Dolly’s song you played at the end of this program is better than Dolly’s.

    Regarding experts, the writer Charles Bukowski went to the horse and dog tracks for decades, and talked about a strange and terrifying phenomenon he observed: the lifetime players, those who had devoted their lives to understanding the track and beating the odds, were, in the end, less successful than they would have been had they randomly selected a number (say “Six”) and bet that horse every time.

    Our elite, especially the foreign policy elite, and especially the neocon cohort, is making a grave and irreversible error. By putting all of their energy into Russophobic conspiracy theories and sanctions, they’re forcing Russia to have no choice but to do even more business with China at a moment where the Chinese are moving into total autocracy, bolstering the Silk Road until it’s going to be more formidable than the Iron Curtain and giving the anti-Atlanticist/Tellurocratic types like Alexander Dugin exactly what they wanted and prophesied. I’d rather be a cavalryman in a game of Risk played between two kids with Down’s Syndrome than take any more advice from Kristol, Frum, Feith, Boot, Wolfowitz, etc.

    • I remember seeing Miley’s daddy playing at the fairgrounds in Gilbert at the Pocono fair in Eastern PA about 18 years ago. I’m sure that him allowing his daughter to become a whore makes his life much more pleasant.

      • Until she turned 18 she made her parents quite a sum I’m told – especially with daddy’s music career fizzling out. All you have to do is look at her Vanity Fair pictorial to see that daddy did indeed whore her out. Complete with the parents saying they didn’t realize what they did until they saw the magazine. Which of course, is BS because at her being 15 at least one parent was required to sign the model release to allow publication.

    • An awesome and learned comment, as usual. Just one question: What does ‘Tellurocratic’ mean?

        • Thank you. I’m on it.

          (a) tellurocratic = land-based power; think Russia, China, the Mongols.

          (b) thalassocratic = maritime-based power; think Great Britain in its heyday, or Phoenicia.

          FInal question: Is the USA a tellurocratic or indeed a thalassocratic nation? It’s a fair question; our people – our ancestors – swept across a 3500 mile continent without the least interest in the seacoasts, the whale trade, or anything else that interfered with growing crops: A people of prairie schooners and axes.

          Yet also America was a people of the sea; the mariners out of Bedford and Providence, and the dozens of coastal towns like them, made famous by Melville and Dana, whose descendants – allied to the farmboys with a taste for adventure – seized and then ruled the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans without rival for thirty years…

          Do the Greeks give us some intermediate term that is hard to spell that names these people?

  12. I certainly don’t mean to excuse the ignorance of the Post’s nitwit millennial socialist wannabe, but her opinion piece didn’t end up in print simply because she wanted it to do so.It is the baby-boomer gatekeepers (my people, I suppose, I’m 1961) at the Post that are encouraging/demanding this sort of silliness: The birth years of the opinion editors on the masthead are 1955 (((Fred Hiatt))), 1956 (Jackson Diehl), 1958 (((Ruth Marcus))), and ~1951 (Jo-ann Armao). Others listed online include 1967 (Jonathan Capehart — you Xers gave us this one!), ~1960 (Lee Hockstader), 1961 (Charles Lane), ~1983 (Stephen Stromberg — a youngster!), and 1951 (Tom Toles — the cartoonist). Is she a bad person for wanting a career in mainstream journalism? Meh. Are her views essential if she wants such a career? OH yeah, and she has been learning that her entire life. Well, of course, she could go the “conservative firebrand” route like (((Max Boot))) and (((Jennifer Rubin))) and end up writing opinions for the Post. Or she could have made sure he was born in 1941, like George Will, though the #NeverTrump requirement would still apply… The piper will be paid….

  13. The reason many of us Boomers don’t have a sense of humor about ”Boomer Hatred”” is because we have had to put up with the bullshit and nonsense of the Stereotypical Boomers far longer than anyone else and now, with the end in sight, we have to put up with it from young people with no more historical sense than gnats. “Grin and bear it” will only go so far and you will find, when you actually do get old that you will suffer fools less and less gladly.

    So grump, grump, grump, pah, pah PAH!

    • There is Harvey Weinstein, Bill Gates, Bill and Hillary, Bill Kristol, George Bush, on and on and on.
      Then there is me, lumped right in there with them as a Boomer.

      Group identity goes only so far, especially generational.

    • I was nine when Woodstock happened, but I am a ‘boomer’, just like Hillary Clinton and Bill Ayres!

      To a current year 18-year-old, being born in 1960 as opposed to 1950 is just quibbling about numbers. I’ll be in the boxcars with the rest of the pensioners en route to the gashouses when they decide they’ve had enough of “us”.

      • No shit, right? I’m two years older but it would be the same for me.

        Older boomers were luckier than those of us born later. Times were better, money-wise.

        That’s how it goes.

    • The thing the Boomer haters miss is that a lot of the crap that poisoned our culture came from the Left-PoMo-Marxist set that took over our institutions starting in the 60’s and then proceeded to poison the rest of society through them.

      The economic damage was purely done by the elites and we have no say so whatsoever since they control both political parties and the MSM.

      The Faux conservatives under Buckely ensured those of all who saw what was going on were short stopped. and couldn’t organize politically. It wasn’t until the internet that we had a method of communication that wasn’t controlled by the elite.

      There were tentative efforts to get around the political class like Prop 13 and Prop 187. Though the political class figured out how to ruin that channel for change.

      To me blaming middle-class Boomer folks is falling for a diversion set by our boss class.

      • I’d have to agree with that. I generally use WWII as the marker. I was born in 1957, and even when I was a kid, I noticed my grandparents were circumspect about keeping their mouths shut when certain topics came up, particularly matters of race. They’d already been bludgeoned into submission by their children, the so-called “greatest generation”. The boomers were the logical conclusion of a process that was already in motion before they were even born.

        Not that that lets the boomers off the hook, they still have a good deal to answer for. But the boomers didn’t come out of nowhere. They were as they were in a large measure because they were tolerated, as no previous generation would have tolerated them.

        While the boomers were generally viewed, and considered themselves, as being anti-establishment, in retrospect it’s easy to see they were not only tolerated, but actively encouraged, by the same establishment they were supposedly in rebellion against. They existed because it had finally become possible for them to exist.

  14. Would you go mainstream, Z, if the opportunity presented itself?

    I’m serious – If I were a mainstream media slob I would tell you to shut up and take my money and do what you do on camera – working for me! Your stuff is like a balm for those of us that don’t live in trailer parks and have triple digit IQ’s. That market demographic is currently untouched with the exception of a handful of guys – who are doing it mostly for free! Cripes, you could fly totally hands off too – even the jooos and the blackety blacks would tune in just to rant and rave and rebut your viewpoints. It would be a gold mine for everyone. Why doesn’t somebody jump on this? So far the only guy I’ve seen that actually understands that market and utilizes it effectively is Trump. There’s all this fun and profit there and nobody is taking advantage of it.

    • I’ve been encouraged to set up funding mechanisms, but I’ve been too lazy to do it. Maybe I’m missing out on a big windfall, but I doubt it.

      • I’m sure you’ll monetize it at some point.

        If your fellow Baltimorons don’t get you first.

        • The market is right: the mainstream is getting so bad that it is even insulting Lefty’s intelligence. They aren’t tuning in anymore and the ratings, readership and rankings show it. Hell – the Oscars are down 20% this year! The few intelligent liberals left do not appreciate propaganda anymore than we do. I think the first guy into the fray with a forum for honest, intelligent debate – is gonna clean up and kick ass.

    • Z is doing a wise thing staying just under the radar. There are a lot of dissident right shoes waiting to drop in the near future. The TWP Springer show was just the beginning. Wading into public pro-white politics will become a lot easier and more profitable if the broader cast of bad actors are cleared away in like fashion.

      • Zman is old school anonymous blogger, though famous. He is staying under the radar. Monitizing greatly increases the chance of being doxed, that’s how Enoch was outed.

        So there is probably that too. No one knows much about Zman’s IRL existence, but he hints at having some sort of normal job, which presumably includes an employer who might not be thrilled with what could be built by bad-actors using their usual selective quotation and out of context framing.

        • Enoch was actually doxxed long before they monetized. In fact a lot of people knew his identity and that he was married to a Jewish woman before TRS was started. Most of TRS came out of a Facebook group where everyone was using real names.

  15. Z, Still thinking of the Muzak. Your title today made me think of Devo, their song of the same title was gtg.

  16. Z, you may as well just go ahead and provide a list of the music you play in each episode. You won’t have to answer so many emails.

    • I think one of these days I’ll just do a DJ hour, playing songs with some commentary mixed in.

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