Public Acts Of Piety

Scipio Africanus was a great Roman general. He was the man who bested Hannibal, the great Carthaginian general, at the Battle of Zama. In addition to being a great general, Scipio was a great politician. Then as a now, you did not get a chance to be a great general unless you were good at politics. Politics being what it is, even the great Scipio had his enemies. For example, the warmongering lunatic Cato the Elder, the neocon of his day, accused Scipio of corruption, after he had retired from public life.

One of the ways Scipio navigated his way through the political system was by showing the Roman public he was a man of great piety. He showed his filial piety by risking his life to save his father’s life, when he was wounded and surrounded by enemies at the battle of Ticinus. Later, he volunteered to take command of the army of Spain, even though it was not a glamorous position, in order to follow in his father’s path. Scipio also made sure the public saw him making sacrifices to the gods and conducting himself with great probity.

The point of this, is that it is a natural part of civic life, for the rulers to make a big show of their honor and morality. As in the case of Scipio, public acts of piety are an important part of the political process. They signal to the public and the political class, that the person supports and defends the codes of society. There is the civic code, which defines the political life of society. Then there is the moral code, usually religion, that defines the daily life of the people. The shrewd politician is careful to make sure he is good at both.

This works out well when there is a commonly held religion, even in a very general sense like Christianity. A century ago, an American politician was expected to be seen going to church, for example. He would salt his language with references to the Bible and religious teaching, in order to signal that he was a good Christian. Of course, it was also important to have a unifying set of civil customs. A century ago, most Americans agreed on a set of beliefs, which constituted being a good citizen, Politicians signaled them as well.

Today, we live in a post-Christian age, where most of ruling class is unfamiliar with traditional religion and often hostile to it. Instead, our rulers believe in a grab bag of fads that define multiculturalism. Political correctness is the enforcement arm of this amorphous new faith, so signaling agreement with the current PC causes is how our rulers try to tell us they are moral people. People hoping to rise into the upper ranks, invest all of their time in public acts of piety, often on-line, to prove they are worthy of admission.

Similarly, there is no agreed upon civics. Instead, it is a collection of mystical chants based loosely around the concept of democracy. In the cosmopolitan globalism of our age, there is no longer the concept of citizenship, so it is impossible to appeal to our patriotism and civic duty. Instead, our rulers invest their time worshiping undefined things like “our democracy” often using the same language of the prior era. The difference is, “our way of life” meant something, while “our democracy” means pretty much nothing.

The thing is those old sets of codes had limits built into their definitions. One was pious, in the Christian sense, as long as you lacked the sins common to most men. There was no level beyond pious and even the most faithful man was always tempted. Perfection was not an option. Similarly, civic pride had a natural limit. You were a good citizen, as long as you lacked the things associated with being a bad citizen. In other words, piety was not about what you had, it was about what you lacked, with zero being the natural limit.

In the new religion, there is no limiting principle. It is utopian nature encourages the adherent to seek the next step, the next higher plane of piety. Twenty years ago, being nice to homosexuals was a sign of goodness. Then embracing the homosexual lifestyle was the next level of piety. Then civil marriage then marriage and now we have people demanding schoolboys wear sundresses. Since multiculturalism is, by definition, the nullification of culture, there is no limit to how much one can hate their own society.

That is the other thing that makes the new religion so bizarre and erratic. There is no well defined promised land to this utopian cult. They talk about equality, but in the vaguest terms. There is no standard of equality against which we can measure progress. There is just the demand for more equal. The same is true of justice. There is no definition of the concept, which is why it most often sounds like vengeance. No matter how much the despised group does, it is never enough. “We can always do more” is the only rule.

Reality is the natural barrier between the fanatics and their desired utopia. Their inability to reach the promised land, however, does not cause them to reconsider the project. Instead, they re-double their efforts, staking out even more bizarre positions. Thirty years ago, homosexual marriage was a punch line for popular comics. Today, laughing at those jokes gets you thrown in jail. Just take a moment and consider what comes after the compulsory acceptance of transvestites. The new religion moves quickly.

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  1. Odd times promote odd behavior. During the decline of Rome the use of adoption was used to manipulate and preserve inheritances, as well as to enable unconventional relationships. Men would adopt younger men, not only to confer their legacy upon them but in order to give an official legitimacy to homosexual conduct.

    In the French Revolution there was an instance of a man, Jacques-Rose Recamier, marrying his own illegitimate daughter in order to have a means of preserving his own legacy. That particular marriage was never physically consumated, but I suspect that if such an arrangement were to happen today the chief intent would have been physical, rather than monetary, incest.

    When the SCOTUS mandated queer marriage I had a conversation with an expert in constitutional law who told me that in the future the use of such a statute would end up being used primarily as a vehicle for odd financial arrangements. After reading a bunch of history I think he was on the right track. The one thing I would add is that such madness is a sign that a civilization has gone beyond its peak, or is in a state of rapid decline. The western Roman Empire had another 300 years to go when things changed. The Ancien Regime in western Europe was crashing like a meteorite.

    Once the civilization crashes and burns more natural manifestations of family formation return to the fore and it becomes normal to ostracize and kill those outside the natural norm, which is as it should be.

    What we see today will pass. Our grandchildren will be free to kill these perverted sacks of shit and will probably be rewarded for doing so.

  2. “That’s the other thing that makes the new religion so bizarre and erratic.”

    It is only bizarre and erratic to those who reject the Jewish Question, because they are afraid of losing status.

    Those of us who aren’t too cowardly to publicly notice patterns find the new religion perfectly consistent & steadfast.

    It uniformly disparages all traditional white practices, norms & institutions as low-status & immoral. And praises as high status & moral any anti-white practices, norms & institutions developed by the largely Jewish intelligentsia clustered in our elite universities. This indoctrinates the upper & middle class that rely on the educational system to achieve or maintain high social status.

    These anti-White edicts are then disseminated by the largely Jewish media. This indoctrinates the middle & lower classes who rely on media for information about the wider world.

  3. Matthew 12:25 New International Version (NIV)
    25 Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.

    • that shirley jackson story haunts me to this day – required reading in high school, probably of no account to anyone anymore.

  4. Post modernism won. The Left won,

    The Left won in that they have infiltrated and own every institution in America: Christian churches, corporations, local and State government agencies, news media, Hollywood, Wall Street, banking, primary education, secondary education, Sports, Inc., the Democratic Party, big chunks of the Republican party, and on and on. They set the narrative, they set the terms of debate, they set the rules that get you kicked out of things.

    So, what is needed is a true Resistance movement to VOID, undo, reject and replace the left, and all their systems. . This probably can not include the entire USA land mass, or people.

    Further endless description of the stupidity and depravity of the latest Leftist outrage isn’t particularly enlightening. If you’ve read 100 Zman columns, number 101 isn’t going to change anything. It’s may add a tidbit in some corner of your knowledge, but it’s not going to change that you are already a red-pilled based motherfucker.

    What is needed is a strategy, a goal, and then a plan to get there. With all due respect, I’ don’t think we can expect that from you, Zman. Emotionally, you, Zman, are a watcher-type, a natural born commentator. There is a sense of aloof condensation in your writing. Few are your equals in knowledge or insight, and you love showing that off. This column’s somewhat gratuitous Roman introduction is a perfect example.

    You are quick to dissect the faults of everyone else on the right: Richard Spencer, Cernovich, Jordan Peterson. And movements: alt-right, white nationalist, alt light, manosphere, NRx: you know more than all of them, they are all mistaken. You are the King of your self-titled “dissident right”, even if no one else acknowledges your nobility. Because your smarter, your criticism is more insightful, and piercing., You win the debate.

    You have no allies, because you have no cause, just readers and fan-boys. US: the others who enjoy a finely crafted essay, the historical anecdote, the clever rejoinder,

    A few other old crotchety types like Jared Taylor and John Derbieshire escape your all powerful pen-of-correction. Perhaps out of an inborn graciousness and old-fashioned respect for your elders, or maybe you just haven’t gotten to them yet.

    What you are struggling with is relevance. But then, you are over 50, that’s always an issue for older people of your age.

    I think, increasingly, the field belongs to those who will dare to provide a strategy and a goal, even if they lack your skills as a writer and narrator. Even if they miss things your exceptional critical intellect finds, as the old SAS motto says: Those Who Dare, Win.

    That’s a young man’s game. It takes recklessness, and perhaps naive beliefs, uncomplicated by decades of critique. I find myself a lot more interested in that side of the “dissident right” these days. I expect many others are starting to, too.

    Thanks for all your thoughtful columns, see you around.

    • It’s time to stop observing and start fixing. What’s the z-man strategy to get out of this mess?

      • I am not sure this is the place for what you are looking for. This blog still has value, in that those of us red-pilled types find that we are not alone, that others share our views and outlook, more or less. Given the media-approved assault on all of our cognitive senses, 24/7, it is good to know we are not alone. We are all living in the belly of the cultural beast, so to speak. Where, when, and how we accomplish anything is an open question, but a good first step is knowing what you stand for. Z-man’s site is clarifying. Accept it for what it is. Or not.

      • hogwash. words. words. words. all you guys complaining about too many words and not enough action, yet NO ONE so far has come up with an action plan! i’m on board guys, just clue me in on the plan!

    • “Richard Spencer, Cernovich, Jordan Peterson. And movements: alt-right, white nationalist, alt light, manosphere, NRx: you know more than all of them, they are all mistaken.”

      We call this constructive criticism.

    • ok, action jackson, sounds good. you’re right. we need foot soldiers and generals. sooo, what’s your plan? “I think, increasingly, the field belongs to those who will dare to provide a strategy and a goal”.

    • Jackson;
      You write a pretty mean critique for someone so critical of them. But you’re right about one thing: The need for consistent effort directed by strategy. Absent strategy, enthusiasm alone would be like being the bull charging The Cloud’s cape.

      So what’s your strategy_? There are a number of avenues open. Given what we have recently learned about the Deep State’s all-pervasive surveillance capabilities I’d say direct action in the streets like Antifa is a bad choice.

      Since The Cloud aims for a re-run of the USSR this time run by cultural Marxism instead of economic Marxism, we ought to know what brought down the last USSR. I’d say it was economic pressure + delegitimization. So how could that be done here and now_?

      What’s one of The Cloud’s strategic centers of gravity that can be undone by economic pressure and delegitimization today_? I’d say that it’s Big U or NGO World, pick one or nominate another of your choice.

      BTW, I’m not sayin I got the answers. I am saying that some serious thought adopting the lessons of the past to today’s circumstances would be a good start.

      • So many of the Left’s institutions simply assume away human nature, and offer things that have no fundamental value. Without value, there is no demand. Starve ‘em out.

    • Wow what an insightful comment! I’ve been starting to feel the same thing about this blog. This is a young man’s game in the battle is being fought while the Z-man seems to sit in a chair above us all and pontificate and criticize, while offering no solutions and refusing to get his hands dirty. I too am now leaving this blog -And will be joining with some of the more vociferous and dissident types on our side. ( the types this blog frequently seems to criticize unfortunately)

      • with honest respect to Z and all, i’ve had the same sense and agree with jackson mostly. i will come back occasionally for an insight – for instance, i did print one recent article on morality to illustrate for my not yet red pilled daughter struggling with her morality class.

        but by and large, i note Z is unwilling or unable to put his contributions in a fuller historical context and note where the deficiency in action needs rectifying, if we are going to have this culture survive. i suspect the bipolar divergence will soon enough bring a reckoning – what cannot continue will not continue. i’m also realizing the my own habitual furtiveness is of no service, but that the destroyers have now gone far enough that my own new willingness to speak the truth openly will have shameless consequences; i will not cede the moral high ground – let fall what may – none of us live forever, but what we think about chains may well.

  5. Alternatively: If we look at recent history, the just-as-likely answer is that it’s not Weimar without end, it’s you-know-who. IOW, at some point the social order snaps, often suddenly. Then comes authoritarianism (or foreign conquest) usually by popular request.

    Oversimplified version: Defeat -> Degeneracy -> Depravity -> Disorder -> Desperation -> Dictatorship.

    The early D’s may occur in different sequence, but key point is however a society gets to Disorder, some group will restore order to the gratitude of (most of) the survivors. Progs. are incapable of doing this

    It’s the movie that ran in Russia right after the fall of the USSR. A new experiment is under way in Venezuela as we speak. It seems that they are well into the Disorder phase.

    It appears we’re at degeneracy & depravity ourselves right now…

    We can and should pray to God for a revival.

    • Authoritarianism finds a ready place in a wounded host. Civilizations collapse from the inside out. The cultural gyre is a widening one that has no possibility of finding its way back, IMHO.

      • Dutch;
        Ah, but in nature and in human history, any entity that gives off waves of weakness inevitably attracts predators. The banal motivation posters in the coffee room are not always wrong. The slowest gazelle *does* have to outrun the fastest lion to stay in the gene pool.

        Likewise the sickest culture *does* have to be able to hold off its strongest neighbor in order to ‘persist’.

        So sources for the wounding of a disease-weakened host abound and watch the widening gyre for an opening. Maybe it’s even Canada once the Chinese take over 😉

  6. I have a hunch that Sports will be the Sampson that tears down the Temple.
    My wife’s cousin is an upper-mid level tennis player and if he could overcome the embarrassment and start putting on the party frocks He’d enjoy a sizable increase in income.
    Roger Federer a Swiss chap who reputedly knows how to hold a racket, is on record as saying that any man who plays full-time will beat any woman, even the Williams “sisters”.
    A couple of years ago the Australian nation women’s soccer team were humiliated by a boys under 17 team 6-0. In towns like Liverpool and Manchester there are half a dozen Ale-house teams that would thrash any women’s team on the planet (And that’s after the customary eight pints).

    I think that’s the harsh reality that the SJW’s are going to get their faces rubbed into, One with beacoup de Bucks attached to it.

    • It is impossible to rub the face of a person into reality when his head is up his ass, and I do not make a joke. The SJW cannot be embarrassed by other than his hive. The need to feel oneself part of something is especially overwhelming in people who have no self. If you were to talk them out of what is false they would be a hostile act because they would be left with nothing.

      • “The SJW cannot be embarrassed by other than his hive.”

        This is true. It is also evidence that the collectivists groupies are in fact mostly a cult. They believe contradictory and irrational things, and they can’t see it, or more correctly they will not see it. You cannot reason with a cult.

  7. Modern ‘piety’ of this sort is driven less by a desire to conform to the sacred expectation of society and more driven by fear. It’s fear of being on the wrong side of the inquisitors.

    There is another kind of ‘piety’ common mostly on the right, which is a kind of slavish dutifulness among some sons to follow their father’s path exactly. I’m talking specifically about the Bush and Romney dynasties (the Kennedys had a similar thing but they appear to have descended into the kind of inbred New England depravity you find in HP Lovecraft stories).

  8. -Looks at gender-random walk biased towards social gender privilege level -9

    -wonders if it is trisexual interested in non-binary exchange of gametes, nods politely

    -GRW -9 wags non-conforming menta-physical tail acknowledging my advance

    -Robosexual borg mediator asks both parties to consent to non-asexual banter

    -Eye contact made

    – KLAXON SOUNDS, robosexual borg uses metal arm to distance me and GRW -9

    – Levels of oppression incompatible

    – Sighs of relief as safety of all parties ensured by robosexual borg

    – Obama be praised

  9. The accepted and defended depraved morality of today is no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention.

    Matthew 24:37-51 King James Version (KJV)

    37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark,

    39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

  10. I’ve not gotten much traction here in the past, but I believe that the era most like this one is the period between the Macabean revolt and the Second Jewish revolt. Greek and Roman sophisticates were telling Jewish rustics that it was OK to expose their unwanted babies, sell their daughters into prostitution, and let their sons study at the academy and get buggered by some wannabe Socrates. When the Jewish rustics wouldn’t do those things, the Gentiles tried to force them. The Jews would rather fight than switch. The Christians chose martyrdom and subversion instead.

  11. The Reds are already discussing pedophilia as being normal. So, we know where they’re going.

    • I agree. Just like “Will and Grace” made homosexuals lovable, there will be a similar show about pederasts. Specifically, there will be a hip show about an older gay man who wants to plow an adolescent boy. They will make the older man a sort of charming Elton John and they will present it like he has a chaste crush on a 14 year old boy. The producers of the show will adorn the dialog with sentimental treacle but the end result will be that progressive women viewers will be crying at the beauty of the fact that a 45 year old man just got to f*ck a 14 year old boy. Eventually, my dear liberal mother will be telling me that it’s a civil right for old queers to pork adolescent boys.

      • We’re already seeing that. During this year’s Oscar’s, one of the movies up for multiple nominations centered on a homosexual relationship between an adult male and a boy still in his teens. The boy was in that age range where he is technically an adult but looks like a junior high student.

  12. >Multiculturalism is, by definition, the nullification of culture, there’s no limit to how much one can hate their own society.

    That’s gold Z, gold! But i can do you one better: Diversity is like death, everything it touches withers away. Hence the death cult moniker, because it always ends in a death march, our deplorable souls have to be saved from eternal damnation even against, or especially against our will!

  13. It’s pretty classic “Opposite Rule” Liberalism: take the opposite of what normal people think, say, and do, and then adopt the opposite while calling it “progressive”.

    If a normal person has an instinct about something, whether it’s a personal decision or a matter of public policy, just assume they are actively working to advance the exact opposite.

    That’s why it does no good to say their impulses and ideas are unConstitutional. They are anti-Constitutional, which is a big difference.

    That’s how you get the first generation in American history protesting to have their rights taken away from them by the government.

    • “The first generation in American history protesting to have their rights taken away from them by the government”. Good one, so true.

  14. What comes next is forced diversity, via a lottery. We need more transvestites so they won’t feel like an oppressed minority? We pick fifty thousand men’s names at random and force them to start taking estrogen, wearing dresses and having surgery. We need less Asians because they’re too smart? We pick fifty thousand names from a hat and gas them. White men, we round up, put in camps and make them slave labor. The lotteries will of course be rigged. Can’t have any Clinton or Kennedy men changed into women or made slaves.

  15. Oh ye of little faith. The reformation is coming. For me it started already.

    7 years ago my daughter came home and proudly announced that she was gay. Not only that, we were all going to live under the rainbow where she and her ugly love partner would tell us all what to say and think. My in laws made a big show of accepting this. My mother claimed that times were changed and we were different and better people now. My dad, afraid to speak against his idiot wife, stayed silent. I lost all respect or him.

    I asked them if they were all nuts and/or stupid? The response was predictable – submit or be hurled into the void! I told them to FOAD and hit the void. I told my wife she could come with me or go with them but she couldn’t do both. We floated around in the void for a few years – and saw a lot of folks like you fellas out there. The void wasn’t half bad.

    We ended up attending a small church out in the country where lunacy is not permitted. I learned the faith was not what I was taught. The people were wonderful. Morals and ethics hold even when they hurt and make us feel bad. But we have our sanity and souls. Every month a few more trickle in and a few stay. Most are young couples. If any of you boys want to come back from the void, check out a good church and give it a shot.

    What’s next for those we left behind? Loneliness. I am thinking pedophilia is next on their list of societal improvement. I also think that will be the catalyst that will set off the reformation. Most parents will not tolerate the depravity and degeneracy any longer and the blow back will send the queers back to the closets and the more virulent degenerates to the asylum or prison.

    • Glen – good for you! I believe you’re onto something here. The sane people who have been biting their tongues for at least a decade or two (like me) will have to find their balls, join you and finally have the nerve to tell these turds to FOAD. My default mode for quite some time has been to avoid in-laws and their ilk entirely and simply not attend family functions. If I did attend, I would either have to listen to their horseshit or flat out start arguing with them. Wish I could be like Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces when he tells a bunch of pompous smug assholes that they are all full of shit. Alas, I remain outnumbered.

      But the good news is that I honestly believe there are millions of tongue biters out there who are starting to find their voices and consider overt push back. In any event, the 2016 election proved there was a lot of covert push-back since the polling booth still offers a secret ballot. Hope that never changes…….

      • Yup. I did the same for years. And it’s just as you say: most of those turds do it and keep getting incrementally worse – because nobody says anything. You will know your time when it comes. If your family is like mine, eventually they WILL back you into that corner – and you will have to make a choice.
        Things may not always be like this either. This summer, I may drop in on the relatives and see if they want to think differently about things and start acting like adults. If not – we’ll head on back out into deep space, and maybe come back again in 2 or 3 years and ask again. If they’re both still alive and wanting to be reasonable – we’ll talk. I haven’t rejected the people in my family, I rejected their lunacy. If everything is a social construct to those people – now would be a good time for THEM to re-construct themselves… preferably like rational adults.

    • I think the perverts are going to find normalizing pedophilia to be a bridge too far. I have my doubts we’ll be able to roll back the depravity that’s already taken hold, but I hope we can stop them here.

    • Respect to you brother. I haven’t been hit as hard as you but my sister won’t speak to me because I’m not a feminist.

      • It’s the shits, LIS – but there’s nothing you can do. Us guys tend to take this stuff hard because we are genetically programmed to protect our families and be responsible for them. But until she sees reason – you’re both better off.

  16. The end-state of Progressive conversion is total hive-mindedness. All members of the proletariat must act and behave according to diktat from on-high. No deviation of approved thought may be permitted under penalty of incarceration or death. Individuality is a disease that must be stamped out at all cost. This is no trivial dichotomy of core belief, this is about basic survival.

  17. I think this will all burn out…after it has been nuked from orbit….Then the Remnant can start over with Christian family life…

    • We wouldn’t have to nuke from orbit. The regressives almost seem to be begging for a civil war. If they get it, they will get routed to such a degree you’d think Gen Custer had better odds against the Sioux.

      • We right wingers always say we’d win a civil war because we have the guns or they have the soyboys, but they also have an endless supply of third world mercenaries, er immigrants to do their fighting for them.

        • Yeah but I think the military and police forces would overwhemlingly lean right in such a scenario. Sure the Urban centers would be non-stop chaos, but just lay siege to them.

          • Also, let’s just say that in your scenario, the 3rd world mercaneries (ISIS, Taliban, AlQueda, etc) come and fight on behalf of the left and help them win. They are not going to pack up and go back home. With the main opposition to them defeated, they will stay and wipe out their regressive hosts with barely a sweat and take over the country.

            So for the left, that scenario is a Lose-Lose unless they are perverted enough to think that its okay to get their heads chopped off since we got ours chopped off first.

          • The Islamics are mainly concerned about their own lands and getting the NATO thugs out of them.
            Our primary concens should be two fold.
            1, Beaners
            2. Churches: Catholics, Baptist, Lutherans etc and the charitable arms they have set up to promote immigration from such bastions of tranquility as Somalia.
            A few of these fuckers dying wouldn’t be a bad thing.

          • CAIR and similar groups follow the Islamic demand that they infiltrate and convert non-Muslim cultures, like ours, to their cause. It is “God’s will”, according to them. Their incessant caterwauling about islamophobia (a mostly nonexistent crime that is an invented fiction) is their tool of choice, because the snowflakes fall for it every time.

            So while I agree that the Muslims over there are not exactly in control of things any more, they continue to exercise a form of brainwashing of the gullible over here.

          • Have you missed the Trump/Milo/Spencer rallies where the police stand down as antifa riots? Most of the military and police will follow the orders of the politically-appointed generals/chiefs to ensure their pensions. Also, have you looked at the ethnic composition of many armed forces and police forces?

        • We have your nom de blog. No corn, no populous third world. No urban vote gardens.
          A few walking skeletons to pile up and burn.

          The Quitzak Haderach (so) will control the starch!

        • don’t think the brown brigades are going to be fighting for ole mr lefty. am thinking they are planning on mr lefty going in the cooking pot…

        • Not an endless supply of food to feed them with though.

          The food supply is brittle and if it goes hot, heaven forfend famine will be a primary weapon if not by the rebels than the state.

  18. “They talk about equality, but in the vaguest terms.”

    It’s the only way the regressive PC Utopians can talk about equality. Well that and out and out lies like the fictious gender pay gap but I digress.

    Ask a regressive who believes in the Utopian fairytale about a place where everybody is equal. Ask them if affirmative action will still be necessary to insure equality. Ask them how will they find equality for the fat, ugly girl who can’t get a boyfriend and the hot thin model who scores all the rich, attractive males. Will there be a law mandating who can date and marry who? Will abortions be mandatory to ensure all children are born equal without defects or disorders? Will the elitest leaders also be required to live in “affordable housing” and eating the same slop and wearing the same rags the dirt people wear?

    Will they force the end of all competive sports and gaming events. If everybody has to be equal, then we can’t have winners and losers can we? Will children with super intelligence be required to have mandatory brain surgery to stunt their intellect so they won’t be more advanced than the kids whose best career goal will be asking “Would you like fries with your order?”? If not, then there is no equality. Will we be like the old Soviet Union where the nuclear scientist and the lady mopping floors in the Kremlin got paid the same amount of rubles? After all we have to have that equal pay.

    It’s why its all a shell game of lies and deceit to mask the nasty truth, there is no such thing as equality. Ask those questions and watch your quarry’s head explode.

  19. We should always fight on even though the cause probably is lost. Something to be gained personally and maybe give some extra time for a decent life for those we love.

    BUT, all this insanity is not the cause of our problems but the result of our decadence and sinful ways for generations. (Yeah, I got religious there)
    Birth Control, heinous war crimes, prosperity and you name it brought us here. We are not the first.

    James Burnham was the first of many modern writers on the right to take notice. I would take the world he lamented 50 or 60 years ago.

      • Ol’ Jordan believes we can talk our way out of this because talking is his tool and he is good at it. I got talked into moving a piano downstairs one day a long time ago and wound up getting chased by it, slowly at first and then I just ran for my life. I enjoy listening to Peterson talk but I don’t take him too seriously. The piano is gaining on us.

        • Actually professor Peterson does not believe we can talk our way out of this. And he laments on this point quite often. His goal is to make more people aware of it-and elucidates that quite often if you’d actually listen to him speak.

  20. I predict the next big frontier is going to be animal rights. In a few years, eating a cheeseburger is going to be considered a heinous act of unimaginable cruelty.

      • Or both! yes, you are correct. animal rights is the next big thing.
        they will leave agriculture alone for a while , and use it to drive control of the rural areas of the country. they want us all in the cities where they can keep a closer eye on us.

      • You guys aren’t paying attention.

        It’s going to be polygamy and sex with minors.

        The trial balloons have already been floated.

        Special rights for Muslims and other minorities are probably a close second choice. It’s plainly obvious the the lunatic left also have that one on the agenda seeing as how muslim “leaders” keep showing in places like the pussy hat marches and other venues where there really shouldn’t be any common ground.

  21. Trudeau is a perfect example of your description of a post-modern politician employing fad-speak such as “Humankind”. A Orwellian politician who can easily shift in mid-sentence to say “We’ve had always been at war with Eurasia” after just fulsomely praising Eurasia as being one of their most stalwart and faithful allies without breaking his facial expression.

    • Turdo La Doo is largely (and correctly) regarded as an idiot. His mother was laterally a bipolar whore, and his father was a closet twink. The only reason he got elected was his looks that appeal to women.
      The good news is he will get the liberals kicked to he curb in the next election.

      • In the Anglosphere, there has always been an accepted balance between personal virtue and public accomplishment. Churchill was a dunk, but he was a man of great civic talent. A guy like Trudeau has to over do it on the virtue signalling, because he has no accomplishments.

    • Total doofus. Is his father really Fidel Castro? His mother, Margaret, was doing the dirty with just about every guy out there. Let’s get a DNA check ASAP.

  22. All this public insanity will burn itself out, and sooner rather than later. Important to keep track of the names of those who promoted it, to keep them out of anything new.

    • I’ve been hearing that for 30 years. I just hope, at this point, I’m alive to see it happen.

      • I sadly have faith in our further ability to plunge to new uncharted depths of insanity/depravity for a good while yet.

      • It happened in the 70’s which is how Reagan got in. Clinton was supposedly this new style dem in response to the crazies from the 60’s and 70’s. We never go all the way back to normal, but the pendulum does swing both directions.

        • It’s the ratchet effect. Reagan was a brief respite, but then the crazies got their second wind. Since their second wind has made the first effort seem mild in comparison, what comes after Trump will most likely involve human sacrifice.

          • Human sacrifice was encoded in Roe v Wade. Baal got nuthin’ on Planned Parenthood.

          • Infanticide is common in many probably most cultures and even was common in the Middle Ages in Christendom

            Some Western European cultures consider it disgusting as do some Christian ones of course but far more cultures are fine with some form of it it than not.

            In Christendom if the historians are correct was officially discouraged by church writing but abandonment was ignored since they knew some babies were defective, some people were poor and some people could not parent

            Now there is a lot of virtue signaling involved with the abortion issue in the US on both sides and this can take on a religious character but pro choice or even pro abortion people are not Baal or Moloch worshipers or practicing human sacrifice on religious grounds

            The only people with a religious axe to grind are the Christians who have a religious assumption, not backed by Scripture than I know of when life begins

            A last point, on a practical level , I’ve yet to see the pro life crowd address two big facts

            #1 abortion is declining and is an all time low

            #2 since you can’t seem to change the marriage code or make people what on earth are you going to do with around a 2/3 a million unwanted babies born almost entirely to poor people.

            The same Christians typically dislike welfare and don’t want to address low wages for low skilled workers with some exceptions (Hobby Lobby, Chick-Fil-A)

            #3 Its mostly not “scared White kids” ala 1980 or something . Its 2/3 Urban Latino and Black. That means 400,000 more unwanted kids in the cities, I’d love to see someone address the policy concerns there other than “ignore them, its a child not a choice” and ranting about Baal or Moloch

            At that last point I glaze out since they are behaving in the same stupid emotional way and an SJW

            The pro choice or pro abortion people at least are consistent and mostly rational (caveat late term abortions) even if the solution is a little Stalinesque , no person, no problem

          • A.B. Prosper, your ignorance level is high. You state: “Christians who have a religious assumption, not backed by Scripture”

            The Bible:
            “Now the word of the Lord came to me, saying, Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you.”

            “And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb”

            “He will be filled with the Holy Spirit, even before his birth.”

            You also state: “The pro choice or pro abortion people at least are consistent and mostly rational.”

            Pro-Life position: It’s human life from conception to natural death. Please consult any high school or college textbook on DNA and fetal development.

            Pro-choice position: It could be human, maybe in late term, but only if the mother wants it, because abortion is decreasing, so it’s not really taking innocent life, and partial birth abortion doesn’t matter because it only numbers in the thousands per year, and women never use abortion as birth control, despite surveys showing over 40% are repeat abortions, and abortion clinics don’t need to follow the same regulatory standards as hospitals because that might burden women. So, let’s arbitrarily divide the pregnancy into trimesters and assign different rules for each, though we don’t really have any scientific support for that, and let’s fake everyone out with a health exception that basically permits any abortion for any reason, but women would only use it for serious health issues (trust us, and ignore the 40% figure above), and if you disagree, you hate women.

          • Note my choice of words, that I know of.

            So I happily stand corrected. Thanks.

            That said and in line with the original post, pieties that make sense for the Christian Right are meaningless to people who don’t follow the same creed.

            More importantly Christians are a distinct minority in the developed White World and while that may change do to differential fertility rates, it may also not.

            All religions have their day and if Western Christianity is nearing its end and it seems to be a key pillar of our social order we have a fooking big problem

            We cannot sit around hoping for a revival which could turn out to be nothing but ghost dancing and we’d better find a workable alternative before either Cultural Marxism and/or Islam devours us or we get a much deserved and possibly much needed dose of barbarism.

            if we cannot the only option is separation by any means necessary so that people who make abortion policy based in ancient texts and ban eugenic abortion because “We don’t have enough Down’s Syndrome babies” don’t have to share a polity with people have have utterly different views

            I have no idea how to do this since neither side would be willing to compromise nor is either to use a Russian expression “agreement capable” on the matter

            Basically its going to come down to the Left doing something stupid like door to door guns searches or arresting enough Christians, somebody starts shooting , it spreads and and the system implodes into ACW2 electric bugaloo or we just slide a bit ,more Left

            Frankly the latter has gone to far, coherent Liberalism is fine I’m not bothered by gay marriage or ungendred bathrooms but again as the article notes, these people don’t know where to stop

            Given a choice between Soc-Jus and actual Christendom I’d take the latter any day.

            Lastly, in general there still remains a bit of taboo against infanticide which is why Abortion policy is incoherent. This may end up changing at some point

            This isn’t something I much like, I’m actually vaguely anti abortion but don’t think it needs to be stopped until the fetus can live outside the womb with ordinary care.

            The conveniently starts around the so called 3rd trimester (6th months) or so which maps to most abortion laws quite well.

            There are “any time” nutters but late term abortions basically don’t happen except in extreme cases and typically for life of mother or severe deformity as far as I can tell. Partial birth abortions are basically illegal

          • The West replacement rate is way below the minimum. We are so sophisticated by practicing abortion, same sex marriage, and eliminating marriage altogether that we are breeding ourselves out of existence. Iceland’s agenda to abort all children based on testing to remove any child with birth defects seems like great idea–Until you realize it will cull out geniuses like Stephen Hawking who have defective bodies but brilliant minds.

          • The responsible American is likely paying 40-45% in taxes when you add up federal, state, local, property, and sales taxes. I don’t even know how to factor all the QE into it but taxation through inflation is a real thing. They just can’t afford another kid, or a first kid.
            Why are they taxed so high? To pay bottom feeder women to mass produce halfwit thugs who grow up without a father. Even if a man wants to raise one of these children the state keeps him at bay at the mother’s behest, so she can get more child support. She wants money and bad boys, not a husband/father for her children.
            Did you ever wonder why these nasty women always seem to have a boyfriend? It’s because they grant access to their 12-18 year old sons and daughters. Would a biological father allow that? Most usually Hell no. Then these damaged and brutalized kids grow up and perpetuate the cycle and all on the dimes of anyone functional enough to make enough to pay taxes. This is the devil’s breeding program and we’re living in it.

          • And Rachael Carlson, whose “Silent Spring ” led to the banning of DDT pisses all over both.

            There are some 60 million deaths from Malaria that she can claim credit for.

            2016 btw was the first year when more Negroes were aborted in NYC than born alive.
            It’s important to get an early start on the killing.

          • The last two bits sound a lot like the Lefts racial virtue signaling to me which is not a surprise since Soc Jus and Leftism are mutant Protestant strands

            In any case why should I be bothered if someone who is not my race, culture or tribe and who is with near certitude going to be a problem in my society either ideologically or via crime is never born by the choices of members of his own tribe ?

          • “In any case why should I be bothered if someone who is not my race, culture or tribe and who is with near certitude going to be a problem in my society either ideologically or via crime is never born by the choices of members of his own tribe ?”

            1. Abortion is immoral. Margret Sanger’s promotion for it in the US was based on the desire to remove undesirables, including blacks. That is a bait and switch method of subtle genocide, not “pro-choice”, hence immoral also.

            2. You and I are being forced to pay for it via our taxes to support someone else’s bad choices and consequences.

            3. To stand by and watch ourselves become out bred and replaced with more fertile cultures and people will make see our minority descendants curse us for allowing this nation to lose all the blessings we enjoyed by a new majority that will revert our country into 7th barbarism. You can only hope you will be long dead and gone by then so you will not reap the consequences of not caring to be bothered now about the issue.

          • At this point it may be more accurate to say we’re seeing a oscillating wave function heading to a collapse. Jerry Brown (yes that guy) described it well recently when he said what follows Trump is an even more rabid left taking power, which will be followed by an equal shift the other way and so on. The end result of that is the bridge going down with all aboard. Don’t know if I want to be around for that.

          • that is exactly correct. gay marriage failed on every ballot initiative they put forth . every “defense of marriage ” ballot proposal passed. But now here we are. When it really matters, the press,courts, and media rule with impunity. elections do not change that. they are the mechanism that drives the ratchet.

          • Good. Just make sure you’re not the person getting caught in the net to be burnt at the stake.

            I don’t think a lot of people really comprehend human behavior very well.

            Yes – the behavior next time around will likely involve human sacrifice or legalizing child rape or some such other crazy shit.

            The thing is – once they do that – they suddenly incentivize a whole bunch more people to oppose them.

            As an example of how these things go – I always go back to a story I read in the advice column of one of those women’s magazines like Redbook or something like that – while sitting in my doctor’s waiting room.

            This woman wrote in because her “friend” was leaving her high earning husband of 20 years – because he was cheating. The thing was this: the guy had been cheating forever. Everybody knew it – the wife knew it – it was just one of those things that seemed to be “known” – while at the same time pretty much unprovable because there was never anything obvious going on. So the wife accepted the high end lifestyle he paid for – and just subsumed the whole thing.

            That is until one day one of her friends saw the husband out at a local restaurant with a woman who was not the wife – in a situation that was obviously not a business lunch.

            So now the friends all KNOW – for SURE – that the husband was screwing around. That was the final straw. He had always done it out of town before so everybody could tell themselves they had plausible deniability. The fact that her friends now KNEW – was the tipping point. The humiliation was what tipped it over the edge.

            From what I remember of the article ( this was like 15 years ago) – the whole thing turned into a major shitshow.

            Point of a long story: there is ALWAYS a tipping point. You just have to get there – and sometimes it’s not obvious exactly when you might hit it.

            This is why I keep telling all my conservative friends that they are somewhat stupid for standing in the way of dumb shit that lefties want to do. You’re much better off just letting them go full retard in the end than acting as brake on their impulses.

            Stop trying to save them – and let them self destruct. Convince yourself it’s fun to watch – and then sit back and enjoy the show.

          • You think the facts are incorrect?

            Please give me the numbers (and cite sources please) that refute the ones in the Mises article.

            You are, of course, doing the low IQ SJW knee-jerk reaction of denying reality because it’s presented from a source to which you are ideologicaly opposed.

          • I don’t live in a world of autistic spergs. Sorry. I remember the 80’s. It was a good time. People enjoyed it. The lolbertarians can suck on all the lemons they like, but every white man in America would give his left nut to go back to 1984.

          • I think you mean 1954. My mother (83) was just telling me how the country went to hell at the end of the 50s and has been getting worse faster and faster. Hard to argue with her on that one.

          • I can remember the (late) 60’s and the (early) 80’s and the latter were hands down more fun — for everyone. Listen to the music “walking on sunshine” for cryin’ out loud 🙂

          • So would a lot of Black people. The 80’s were the last White decade (counting 80’s as ending eh 1992 or so)

            That said Reagan made a lot of mistakes, Amnesty was the biggest I think and maybe his selection of Bush Senior for V.P. which dragged us into GW 1 and sent the decades to follow into a tale spin.

            As for spending, Money seems to be the only thing the Libertarian fucktards care much about and its the least important issue facing America period since our currency is sovereign and our economy is 80% domestic

          • Oh, no question Reagan squandered the last chance to right the ship. Immigration was the obvious disaster. Still, the 80’s were a good time to be alive.

          • I’m a tad younger than you but I was there, It was a very good time to be alive for Americans especially.

          • bilejones, Most of the government growth under Reagan was in SSN/Medicare. Dems controlled the House for all 8 years of his term. I know libertarians are all theory, but honestly how much do you think was possible? You really think the economy was better under Ford and Carter? You prefer stagflation, 18% mortgage rates and double digit inflation? Reagan was not perfect, but get real.

          • Not human sacrifice so much as repression of dissenters. It probably won’t get all the way to ‘re-education’ camps and firing squads but these are well known options.

          • As I tell my IRL friends, Trump is at least 4, perhaps 8 years of breathing room. Use this time to get out of debt and buy things you need (not want).

      • Personally, I hope to live long enough to look out my window and see an Enlightened™ corpse swinging from every lamppost.

      • The “I’ve been hearing that for a while” response is typically what I get out of so-called conservatives I deal with when I tell them : “let the lefties go full retard – sooner or later they’ll burn down their own house”.

        Now – I will admit that going back in time I really thought this whole thing would have burned out before it reached the current levels of insanity – but, I still think the same underlying dynamics exist, namely that “society” will only tolerate insanity up to a certain level before it punches back.

        It seems we are at least getting closer to some kind of breaking point – as you always say ‘ it won’t end well ‘ , because there are signs people are all done with all the insanity coming out of the left.

        I know a number of women who just get pissed off whenever the topic of #metoo comes up. I never thought I’d see young right wingers go all Based Stickman on the Antifah turds. Used to be that Tea Party rallies would get attacked – and nobody would do much of anything about it. The 4Chan’ers chased Shia Lebouf around the whole damn globe just to fuck with him.

        The lefties may well force the issue on all of us – hard to tell. Seems like an awful lot of pent up rage out there though just looking for a leftie face to smash in if you ask me. I know a lot of guys who WANT things to go to shit just so they have an excuse to go after people. They all might just be talking trash – which most people do, but running thru the scenario in your head of beating the living hell out of some leftie is at minimum mental training for doing the same thing in the real world.

        As all the top sportsball players will tell you ” visualize what you want to achieve”.

        Sooner or later there really is hell to pay for your bad decisions. Most people seem to think the payment should come sooner than it ever does in reality. That is just the way of things IMHO.

        But don’t delude yourself into thinking that payback is NEVER coming just because it hasn’t come yet.

        • Agreed, sir. We just haven’t had an Eligabilus or Commodus yet, few more swings of that pendulum and up is go. It took Rome five of them, in a row even, right?
          Society has a vested interest in keeping the mathWhiteys vested. You think a magical ethnic woman can screw up a walkway?
          Pshaw! That was just raw ineptitude. Purposeful destruction is an art, intellect and experience reforged with the fires of injustice and fury and hopelessness.
          They know not what they do.

      • And I have been hearing that for at least 50 years. I know I will not live to see it happen. Perhaps I can look down from the next world and see it.

    • It won’t, it will just get worse. Trump slowed it down a bit, but it’s getting progressively worse. However identity politics(tribalism) is only going to get worse as the Dems have fully embraced it.

      And they have targeted whites for extinction. Even the cuckGOP wants us gone. When Trump leaves office, the progs and cucks are going to pull out the stops to make sure we never elect another Trump type politician. IOW we will be punished.

      • Doubtful

        Even so that side has hundreds of millions of firearms , tens of millions of veterans and if you/they can’t figure out how to fight, extinction was well earned.

        If to paraphrase Adams people have gotten so comfortable with their chains , they get what’s coming to them

    • I certainly don’t see it burning out. If anything it burns brighter and more intensely with each new absurdity.

      • Our technology can extend the life of this insanity long after it would have burned out otherwise. To use a financial concept as a metaphor for society at large: “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”

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