March For Our Masters

When I was a kid, I wondered why the people in the Soviet Union just put up with being ruled by the commies. Even discounting for the propaganda, the evidence was clear that Russia was remarkably poorer than the West. There were too many stories from defectors about how Western goods were smuggled into the Iron Curtain countries to claim they did not know it. Even if that did not matter, the thuggery should have pushed people into revolt, but it never happened.

Later in life, I got to know an Iranian guy. Iranians with some money would get their kids student visas in Europe and then they would come to the US. He had served in the Iranian army as a conscript during the Iran-Iraq War. He told me a story about how they cleared a minefield near Basra. They asked for volunteers from the Revolutionary Guard, who then ran through the field exploding the mines so the unit could follow them through the field.

Over the years, I have met other people who had lived in totalitarian countries or in the more fanatical Muslim ones. They always have these sorts of stories. Most of the time they are not as colorful as the one my Persian friend told me, but they usually have the same sort of matter of fact way of telling them. I always get the sense that the people telling the story don’t think these events are all that interesting, but its better than talking about the weather or what they had for lunch last week.

The question that always comes to mind, is whether ideological societies produce an excess of fanatics or evolve to use them like an energy source. The Bolsheviks figured out quickly that communist economics were nonsense. There was no amount of tinkering to make it work, but the supply of true believers made it possible to keep the system running, long after the people in charge knew it was hopeless. Without the zealots, the Soviet system would have collapsed after Stalin died.

The same thing is true of the Iranian theocracy. The energy of the revolution kept it going through the difficult early years, but that energy is long gone. The students who sacked the American embassy are in their late fifties and early sixties now. Many died in the Iraq War. The regime itself long ago descended into petty corruption. Still, there are plenty of fanatics willing to spy on a neighbor, in the name of the revolution. The supply of zealots is never exhausted.

When I look at what is happening with the latest round of gun grabbing in America, I wonder if we are simply overflowing with rogue fanatics, looking for a cause, or is the cultural revolution creating them, like batteries to fuel their latest push to slam the cage door on us? When you see bizarre posts like this from old men of the revolution, slobbering over the children now running around promising more revolution, the causal relationship is not all that obvious. It is a snake eating its tail.

Of course, these public events are not organic or spontaneous. Daniel Greenfield has tracked down the money and it is clear this latest spasm of gun grabbing is financed by the same radical ideologues behind the Womyn’s March last year. Still, are these people financing the new fanatics because they need them or are the fanatics just always there, ready to run into the nearest minefield? Maybe natural selection plays some role, where the rewards for zealotry slowly increases the supply each generation.

I wonder what people in Iran or maybe Russia think about this stuff. There are plenty of people in Eastern Europe, who lived through the Soviets, so they probably recognize these organized propaganda riots. Instead of the state marching the children off to reeducation camps to train for the next parade, the camps are sponsored by Global Mega Corp and the parade is financed by a sports team. Is the fact the system is run by corporate ideologues rather, than religious or political ideologues a big difference?

Theodore Dalrymple famously said that communist propaganda was intended to humiliate and degrade the people repeating it in public. That may be true and it may simply have been a byproduct. Similarly, ideological authoritarianism like we see in America and Iran, may not set out to create fanatics, but it is a natural result. The zealotry that animated the regime in the early stages, becomes its sole purpose. It lives to create a new generation of fanatics, who push aside the old ones and start the process all over again.

In this regard, radicalism is like a pathogen. If it kills the host too quickly, it can not spread to new hosts, but it must always spread to new hosts. This is why radicals, since the French Revolution, have obsessed over children. The sight of ridiculous twinks like David Hogg promising a revolutionary bloodbath fills the Boomer radicals with joy, as they know the disease has been transmitted to the next generation. The radical pathos lives on, even as it kills the host. Radicalism feeds on the cancer of zealotry, until it kills the host society.

That gets back to where we started. Most Americans know the people behind the weekend’s orchestrated proselytizing are crazy. Parading children out to lecture the adults is creepy and weird. The last ten years has been an endless freak show of degeneracy and depravity. Yet, the public goes along with it. Those who speak out against it are hurled into the void, and the so-called conservatives mutter about hypocrisy, but otherwise, the radical orgy of depravity staggers on undeterred. The nut-job army serves its purpose.

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  1. This is your thousandth post about THE LEFT.


    How does it feel to be a “right wing” CRYPTO JEW who obsesses about the THE LEFT while denouncing as unhinged swivel-eyed loons everyone who asks questions about Jews, uh?

    Trashing THE LEFT is ok, cryicizing jews NOT OK, goys — said the “right wing” jew. 😂😂😂

    You’re only fooling the fools here, ZIMMERMAN 😉

  2. Jordan Peterson starts Maps of Meaning with this question of why wouldn’t people just drop their ideology. I cannot recommend that lecture enough. Greetings from Poland

  3. “Yet, the public goes along with it.” Meh. Pink Floyd sang about the “comfortably numb”. I, as a ’46 first-year “Boomer” [now] see said as the “conveniently complacent” – at least a [still] large segment. The proceeding “gens”, perhaps a result of more [corp/gov] “dumbing-down distraction/socialization” – especially now with the likes of “google/twatter/faKebook” etal, just mention a few of the more “alCIAda” subliminally-introduced psy-ops – will continue to “amp-up the blame game”. What’s interesting to monitor – at this point – is the “awakening” of the “gen Zs”. Hopeful? No. But at this point, in this reprobate’s life here on this “rock”, sure is exciting when tomorrow is just another day “closer to Home”.

  4. “…communist propaganda was intended to humiliate and degrade the people repeating it in public.”

    Hmm, more than a little reminiscent of when a very powerful Jewish director/producer acts out a Phillip Rothian style revenge fantasy by forcing Skiksas to perform degrading sexual acts, (or at least witness lewd acts), in order to get film roles.

  5. What is amazing and scary is the longevity of repressive governments.

    The Bolsheviks endured 70 years despite having destroyed Russia within the first 10 years of their tyrannical rule and murdering 20 to 50 MILLION !! of their own citizens (this is more ruskies than Hitler’s invading armies killed and way more than were tossed into Herr Hitler’s gas chambers).

    Cuba is still going strong 60 years after Castro destroyed that nation.
    N.Korea 70 years or so.
    Commie Eastern Europe lasted about 45 years and they finally rid themselves of their murderous regimes only when the USSR fell apart.
    (And yea, Reagan, Thatcher, Lech Walesa, and the Polish Pope John Paul helped Poland dump their commie thug leaders. Compare Pope Paul to today’s anti-christ Pope Francis- who apparently worships Che Guevara).

    I keep seeing online articles predicting the demise of the Chavista/Maduro commie scum who ruined and still run Venezuela.

    Of course, Maduro and his thugs may soon wind up, a la Mussolini, on meat hooks, but history shows there is a good chance that 50 years hence, we will STILL be reading about the “imminent demise” of that totalitarian govt.

    Venezuela is a very good lesson in how a free citizenry – via free elections – voted for a national suicide in electing Hugo Chavez (the hero of Hollywood, the democrat party, the Congressional black caucus, Jesse Jackson, and of course, that great free market, Nobel Prize winning economist, Joe Stiglitz. )

    The lesson of Venezuela is that a free people, in their stupidity and ignorance, can vote in or allow a demagogue to rule them and destroy their nation. This, of course, is perfect reason why the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is so important (especially when the voters here in the USA voted TWICE !!!!! for Obama and came within a hair’s breadth of voting in the bull dyke lesbo should-have-been-a-convicted-felon, Hillary).

    We here in the USA should not think we are immune to what has occurred in Venezuela, Cuba, Russian, etc.. Recall how great things were going in Germany in 1910 – one of the most advanced, educated and wealthiest nations on earth at that time.

    If you have the chance, check out “The Whisperer’s – Private Lives in Stalin’s Russia,” by Orlando Figues. The depth and extent of the citizen’s brainwashing was absolutely astonishing . It shows how omnipresent propaganda, delivered to the masses everywhere – along with copious quantities of mass terror and murder, can render a citizenry emotionally and intellectually impotent.
    It is a placid citizenry that allows a tyrannical government to sustain its rule irrespective of the hardships they impose upon the people.

    • You can fool enough of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, an that’s pretty much all you need to do.

  6. The crazy may seem overwhelming, and their intent is certainly to sow despair among the remaining sane element of the population, but all of this has been modeled and studied. Modern technology has been co-opted in order to hyper-accelerate mass indoctrination, but technology is a two-edge sword. The push-back won’t look like anything ever seen before and therein lies salvation.

  7. A society swirling down the drain trots out brainwashed little pod children with the wisdom and self awareness of a clump of dirt. Meanwhile, wretched out lefties cheer from the sidelines remembering Woodstock or the convention in Chicago or some other ludicrous highlight of their pathetic lives. As one of their own who committed suicide , Phil Ochs, wrote:
    Feeble, aged, people almost to their knees
    Complain about the present using memories
    Never found their pot of gold
    Wrinkled hands pound weary holes
    Each line screams out you’re old, you’re old, you’re old
    But nobody’s buying flowers from the flower lady

  8. As came up in another thread, Progressivism is a cult that became a religion. It was born out of the Leninists/CPUSA/Maoist doctrines and behaviors. Little has changed from the 20s. Mohammedanism is a political ideology masquerading as a religion. Progressivism is in the converse. Look at all of the Gaia cults and the rapid wise of Wicca. One guess which way those folks lean. Just a few examples of the coalition of the fringes. In the end, every religion has True Believers. These are always the cannon fodder like the SA or even Antifa now. They’ll be efficiently disposed of while the chattering class will be in gulags. This is one rhyme that remains unbroken.

    Somehow we need to reclaim our culture and all that flows downstream from it. We’ll never win any political battles without reframing our culture and claiming what roots remain of Western Civilization and all of it’s rich variants. Right now we’re trying to control frame through the imposed paradigm of the left and have little chance of truly injecting realism into our politocal discourse. Everything should be done to discredit the MSM. I have no problem complaining about the news around others. It’s fascinating to say, “meh, what crap! They’re leaving out most of the story,” and watch a room full of coworkers have a slight look of the light awakening, however dim, while a third nod their heads and smile (I got to watch the news for a bit while it snowed at work). Anecdotal perhaps but a glimmer of hope for me. “Camera Hogg” had everyone in the room snickering.

  9. FWIW, I once ran Dalrymple’s claim about Soviet propaganda — that the people who wrote it knew it was nonsense, and that the purpose was to humiliate and dishearten the population — past a co-worker who grew up in Soviet Russia. He totally disagreed, and insisted that the people who wrote it believed it absolutely, and that you were supposed to believe it too.

    I have no way of judging one way or the other; all I know is that I have never in my life met anyone who sounded more like Boris Badenov than this guy. 🙂

    • I worked in the former East Germany for some years, starting just after reunification. The former party members made halfhearted defenses of what had gone on, and some apparatchiks and informers bought into the racket. But the majority of ordinary folks knew the whole thing was a sham. They had plenty of stories and jokes about the system. Nobody was fooled. Although they had to keep their heads down, the population full of healthy cynicism.

  10. To quote the Z man:

    “Our public debates in the West are not about finding the right trade-offs to arrive at a sensible set of public polices. It is about public piety and defending the dominant moral framework.”

    And further:

    “I’m fond of pointing out that the main reason Progressives win every fight is that their opponents make the mistake of thinking it is a debate over facts and reasons. The people calling themselves conservative right now are sure that all they have to do is round up the facts and present them to the other side and the Left will throw down their weapons and embrace them as brothers.

    Progressives don’t care about guns. They care about who they imagine are the gun owners. Neo-Puritan fanatics associate guns with southerners in particular and bad whites in general. It’s the tool of the sinful. They believe this with the intensity of a zealot because it is wrapped up in how they define themselves as the anointed. Therefore, facts and reason have no impact on the believers, the statistics of crime have been explained for half a century.

    Gun control has always been a proxy-debate that is more signalling than a debate. Good whites from Yankeedom see guns as a stand in for southerners in particular, but all bad whites in general. After these shootings, the good whites get to have their day for acts of public piety. It’s why they say the same things over and over. Rituals are like that. The illogical of gun control has been detailed for as long as I have been alive. Yet, the true believers belied ever more intensely.

    Facts like how the homicide rate declined by nearly half since 1992, despite multiple surges in gun purchases, never enter the debate.”

  11. Most people like to believe they are “individuals”, however that is not the case. When it comes down to it most people want to be accepted by their peers, even when it makes no sense. Most of the participants of this weekend’s activities would best be described as useful idiots. They have no real knowledge of the topic and simply are following the crowd.
    There is a large group that has money to fund these things and are ready and wait for the right opportunity. One can ascribe the various the various motives that one wishes, the point being is that it happens.
    Personally, my thinking is most of these “marches” are being used for a distraction from the criminal activities of our betters and to keep the masses in check. How many times have you heard “what, you don’t want to protect the children” or something along those lines. Try pointing out crime statistics and be accused of racism. Things are getting to the point even voicing what use to be common knowledge will result in one losing your job.
    There is a dangerous undercurrent in this country. It seems that a large segment of the population has disengaged from political concerns from a combination of disgust and apathy. What is most dangerous is those that have disengaged are the ones that are usually doing the real work in this country and have no time for such foolishness. They are the ones that are most self-reliant. They realize that a steak comes from a cow and not the grocery store. If that group ever gets motivated to fix things it will not end well.

  12. Want to see the transmission of radicalism from generation to generation? Watch the 1968 movie ‘Wild In The Streets.’ It’s uncannily prescient.

  13. Want to go to a dark place? When Anders Breivik decided he was going to carry out a massacre over Muslims in Norway, he chose to target a summer camp hosting the Workers Youth League, upcoming generation of leaders of the Norwegian Labor party.

    Moldbug put it:

    We can note the only thing he didn’t screw up. At least he shot communists, not Muslims. He gored the matador and not the cape. While still basically animal behavior (especially when it comes to the 15-year-olds – is there a 15-year-old in the world who isn’t a communist?), it’s more than I’d expect from a rogue Gates of Vienna commenter. We should also praise ABB for his spectacular stupidity, which I’d like to think can be a learning experience for the entire right – from Instapundit to Stormfront. You can relax now, because we won’t be praising him again.

  14. “Most Americans know the people behind the weekend’s orchestrated proselytizing are crazy.”

    Beg to differ. The people behind the orchestrated proselytizing are not crazy. They know exactly what they are doing. They are evil, but not crazy. Unless crazy = evil. The participants aren’t really crazy in the mad, insane, demented way,either. Only in the extremely enthusiastic way (*I’m just crazy about Attention Hogg!”). It’s just that they belong to the Church of Self-Righteous Virtue Signaling. Now, they may be stupid and have never had an intelligent thought of their own, but not crazy. Unless crazy = the-ability-to-ignore-reality-so-that-they-can-remain-in-the-safe-space-of-the-herd.

  15. Anarcho-Tyranny. Check out BPS’ newest entitled, “The UK: Rise of the Anarcho-Tyranny State”, posted to YouTube on March 23, 2018. Excerpt from the video:

    “ ‘Anarcho-Tyranny’ is a concept used in critiquing modern social democracy. Samuel Francis argued that the problems of managerial states extend to issues of crime and justice. In 1992 he introduced the word “Anarcho-Tyranny” and he once defined it this way: “We refuse to control real criminals, that’s the anarchy, so we control the innocent, that’s the tyranny.”

    Parkland: The real criminals = Runcie, Israel, the coward RSO (and some of his cohorts, apparently) and others in the Broward county education, law enforcement and political system. The innocent = regular ole gun owners across the USA. Who is under attack? Not the real criminals.

    Another excerpt from the video (which BPS took straight from Francis):

    “The result of “Anarcho-Tyranny” is that the government swells in power, criminals and their ilk are not controlled, and law abiding citizens wind-up being repressed by the state and attacked by thugs with impunity.”

    Gov’t swells in power, criminals not controlled, state thugs = FISA Court abuse, Lerner IRS scandal, Holder/Obama Fast and Furious and the entity generally referred to as “the Swamp”. The law abiding citizens being repressed = regular ole gun owners across the USA, and many, many more who don’t chose to own guns but who are, none the less, great Constitution loving Americans.

    Over the past three+ years I’ve been searching for an overarching concept to quantify what the hell is going on around here. This “Anarcho-Tyranny” seems to accurately define the political and social condition. Thoughts?

    • Yup, pretty much. The criminals inadvertently serve the cause of the elites (which is to strip the normies of power and influence), and the normies inhibit it. So it plays out like it does. It is likely not a strategy overtly directed from above, it is simply the hive mind of the elites put into action at the granular level. Which is why it is so hard to fight, because it is a whack-a-mole sort of thing to go up against.

    • It’s the direct result of identity politics. And you have to relax the laws to allow the victims to win.

      Watching the gun grabbing media, it finally hit me after being called a racist bigot for decades; they truly are afraid of us.

  16. Let me give you a perspective far from the lunacies of the coast, here in Near Redneckistan

    Connecticut recently had a ban on EvilBlackRifles and the compliance rate was less than ten percent. If those soy infused boat shoe and chinos combover wearing progressives can front that much resistance then I’m comfortable stating that any gun “ban” is just a bunch of virtue signaling chatter.

    Talk is easy. It’s why it gets so much credence in the circles of the weak. Just physically lifting five million rifles and loading them on trucks would net you a fourth pyramid at Giza.

    Doing is real work boys and it’s hard and icky and sweaty when it’s something we all agree is essential and necessary. Throw in any sort of resistance, even with moderate participation by semi apt players and it’s a losing effort. See also flip flop man dress wearing boy screwing savages in a dusty shithole.

    Counter to the counter rebuttal: bump stocks are a mechanical device to convert money into noise. That’s not my quote but a hat tip to the individual that penned it first. Nobody gives a fuck about bump stocks because they’re useless and we’re already sufficiently out upon those dread slippery slopes.

    So, the problem remains as Solve For:
    N has a rifle and therefore is ungovernable past point Y.
    Factor something about Strong Men, Armed and kiss my ass then Roll 3d8 for damage.
    For next: N.

    That pseudo code is ugly just talking about it. And remember covetous soibois, talk is the easy part. And the funniest part: that robot minded military that you’ve witnessed on TeeVee is staffed by people just like me. Because I did, Gandolf, I did. And my kids are there now. Doing.

    I choose black for now. Your move.

    His honor
    The Mayor of The Lunatic Fringe.

    • Oh Mayor of the Lunatic Fringe. Here my pitiful lament for one moment please. I implore you to think about the “long game” here. The bans in places like Connecticut or New York are all important. Even if the compliance rates are low. They have the effect of destroying the culture of firearms ownership. Young people cannot properly learn how to use those EBRs when they are buried in the ground or otherwise cached away. Without being too smarmy “the youth are the future”.

      Go to that liberal paragon Australia where said weapons were all rounded up 21 years ago. The compliance rate was extraordinarily low…Hovering around NY or CT. So literally a generation has passed where such once fairly accessible weaponry was taken away and in the eyes of normies vilified.

      Talk to a rural Australian of about 30 years old. He will have no knowledge of said weaponry and will likely view them unkindly. Repeat that same dialogue in a place like CA with its onerous gun laws and weapons restrictions that started in the late 80’s-90’s…I guess what I’m trying to say is that this isn’t just about the physical objects themselves but also about the transfer of culture and mindset which will inevitably perish when driven underground or otherwise obstructed.

      Don’t know if I’d be clamoring for things to get sporty either. .gov has all manner of ways to suppress dissent. Just sayin.

      • So raise your children and you nieces and nephews and help raise your friends children correctly. It’s not fucking rocket science. Be available and be involved. You may have to miss some fantasy football sessions along the way, great are the sacrifices.
        This isn’t Australia. It’s a cuck Island much like its parent UK
        Burying (all) is defeatist and therefore useless. Luke 11:21 doesn’t mention any goddamn shovels.
        And especially, don’t get all weak and ghae with that tut tutting people about how Big Brother is listening and will come swooping in. That shame/scare reflex has been worn thin. We use all the former naughty words and concepts now and don’t even hush our voices to conspirital tones.

        Get a rifle and learn how to use it. Don’t give it up. The rest is up to you. If you wish to lead your family to the depot with one packed bag each, then we probably didn’t need you anyway.

        • And balls, forgot a point. I fully agree with you about the point of talismans. The mind is the primary weapon, the body it’s transport. Sharpen the mind, harden the body. But buy some guns too because they are much better at their task than cutting rhetoric or even well placed blows.

        • I left my fantasies of “Wolverines!!!!” and Red Dawn shoot em’ ups sometime in middle school…Just trying to be a pragmatist when it comes to these matters. Emulate the Chinese or the Amish. The only way we will survive in the future is by using their method of building strong communities that happen in real time in real places. Entertaining fantastic notions of fighting the Blue Helmets, FEMA camps etc. isn’t helping anyone…

          Civil War Dos will make the 1st one look like an amateur boxing match.

  17. In saying this I know I open myself to scorn from other commenters in betraying such naiveté, but how is it that we cannot or do not effectively fight back against these vile humans?

    We know the broad outlines of who these people are; we know the horrific endstate they propose; we know their intent for our nation, our culture, our constitution and our people; we know their method; we know that the Republican party is a wholly incompetent, ineffective, self-interested and corrupt instrument, and we know what works, as best anything can, in any organization that involves humans.

    They know what we know, too, and see that as an existential threat. They’ve developed and fielded a whole system to neutralize the opposition we represent, and that system is, at present, working.

    They are working to plow us under, and are in fact doing just that. We are many, but disconnected. We see the danger, and fret, or go out and buy some ammunition, or plan to move to a red state. And they keep moving forward to “fundamentally transform” our society. We cannot escape them, because they play the system so well.

    Interestingly, the only large-scale thing we’ve done recently that threatens their organization was to elect Donald Trump. I read posts and comments across many sites daily. I see the hatred that the LEFT(?) has for Trump, along with the great variety of perspectives on him that come from our side. It’s interesting that the former are nearly uniform in their hatred and in their reasons, while the latter range from devotion to hatred, or disgust with the man. And this is why we lose — not because he’s an imperfect instrument. He is. But because we doing align behind him. And we don’t have a plan outside of that fielded by the Administration (to augment them) nor does the Republican Party.

    Anyway …

    If we do not coalesce into a broad-based movement, based on some baseline, generally-accepted precepts. We will lose. And I fear that soon we will be past the point where we can contain this human sickness, and push them back. They are fighting with all they have — all their arms and functions are employed against us — and all the while they are probing for the schwerpunkt … they point they can focus their forces to break our lines. I believe they think they’ve found it in the 2nd Amdt.

    They are beating us because better than our side, they understand the intangible workings of the human mind and of human groups — they’ve studied these things consciously for over a century (and before, of course). It seems to me that they have the advantage there — they intentionally inhabit world of the mind. They know how to bend to their advantage those ancient human procivities that allowed us soft meat sacks to survive. And when those forces are all hammered together into one focused effort, they are hard to beat, except with the one really ancient, dark thing — violence. And going there will be a horror.

    So they are desperate to strip of of that option, and will go to any extreme now to make that happen.

    And they might succeed, as we are not organized; we don’t have a real plan, and those on our side are isolated, unsure of what’s really happening or what they can do, and completely demoralized. That is a prescription for failure.

    Looking out over the activities of our side, I see many who are knowledgeable, articulate, accomplished and dedicated. We have made some great strides in understanding the threat we face, and in identifying just who the bad actors are.

    Unfortunately, we can do nothing with that until we are all working together toward some common objectives. And I just don’t see that happening now.

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that a culture that’s being systematically destroyed has a right to defend itself, with any means necessary.

    • “how is it that we cannot or do not effectively fight back against these vile humans?”

      The short answer is that you will become unemployable if you disagree with the Progressive consensus. The Progressive consensus is propagated and enforced by those who control the media and academia.

      It is common knowledge in White Nationalist and Alt-Right circles that we have to find a way to support people who become unemployable due to their political beliefs, but that is easier said than done. Solving that problem is a game-changer.

      (Personal aside: I remember walking into my job at a normie conservative investment firm the day after Bruce Jenner announced he was a chick. Many of the women were sniffling about how beautiful and brave Jenner was and everyone nodded. I realized that I would endanger my job if I criticized Jenner.)

    • To quote our Host; “It’s going to end badly.”
      Coming after the 2nd Amendment with any success could be the match that lights the fuse. I have two young children, I’d prefer we get it over with now, than have them try to deal with what will come if we just keep endlessly knuckling under to the Progressive Managerial State. (PMS for short). Eric A. Blair didn’t see the half of it.

    • We shouldn’t describe the Republican Party as incompetent any more. Pretty sure they mean to do this. The Republican voter is more likely to be incompetent than the party is. Republicans have been doing the same job they have been elected not to do for generations. Impressive, really.

      • And yet, tens of millions of Americans are going to go out and vote for Republicans. Sheep willingly being led to the slaughter.

  18. I used to work for Disney and me and my friends used to laugh so hard at the similarities between Disney corporate culture and rules and the Communism we (naively at first) thought to have left behind.

    • Those lines at the Peter Pan ride, and the way they corral you into a tight place where you cannot do anything but move along, doesn’t look much different than what you see at the cattle ramps into the slaughterhouses, frankly.

  19. That little guy all over the TV is just a Hitler Youth wannabe, and anyone with eyes and a brain can see that. The creepiness is big with that guy. Turn the sound off and watch him, he’s a psycho.

    I wonder how much of all of this is people who are basically dead and numb to all the ordinary pleasures of life, getting their unconscious pleasure centers tickled by all the kids and “ban guns” excitement. Any halfway rational look at things sees all sorts of problems with all of this, pretty much whatever direction you approach it from.

  20. The Bill of Rights is a product of Enlightenment era thought, which was uniquely European, and even more uniquely English and Scottish. The defining central principal that sovereignty lies with the individual provides the basis for elected, representative government. The Bill of Rights, and especially the Second Amendment, provide the citizenry with the mechanisms to maintain their sovereignty.

    These values are not universal. Different cultures have completely different understandings of the relationship of the Citizen to his/her government. That understanding does not change just because they drop onto US soil. There is simply no reason to believe that the freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights will survive the mass immigration wrought by the 1965 Immigration Act. I don’t know much about Emma Gonzalez, but I suspect her knowledge of Enlightenment era values is near zero.

    The Courts are well on their way to dismantling the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Religion is in many ways dead letter law. Freedom of speech will be the next casualty, let by the thought police of the Academy, Government, and Internet oligarchs. The rights protected by the Second Amendment will fall in the course of time too.

    I wish I had a solution but I don’t. The demographic changes are baked into the cake now. The only mechanism to address it now is dissolution of the US, which IMO should begin with the eviction of California from the Union.

    • Here’s one solution: continue to practice the Second Amendment to the extreme until the time comes to use it to protect the First Amendment.

      • If you don’t control demographics you lose your amendments when you’re outvoted.

  21. Not long ago, but before this Parkland fiasco got in a convo, with two of my long time colleagues about the “Young Pioneers”. One emigrated from Russian in the Brezhnev days, the other from China in the mid-90s. Funny thing, their experiences were exactly the same and worse, both, with the perspective of time in the US, had the same realization of how creepy the experience was.

  22. You don’t have kids, I take it.

    Years ago, I went to a PTA meeting. I fully expected to meet rational adults. When I was a kid going through school myself, I was taught to respect adults and abide by their authority. When I went to that meeting I was the only adult there.

    Most were single mommies that expected the school to throw all the other kids under the bus in order to babysit theirs. I seriously couldn’t believe it – three women there dominated the meeting that night, badgering and hectoring the school officials without a care in the world for details like budgets, personnel, logistics or even the other kids in the school that had needs of their own. Nobody else could get a word in. Half way through it I got up and went out for a smoke and tried to get control of myself. That is how public education works. I was going to go back in, maybe attempt to speak – but dispensed with the idea. No wonder my kid was having big problems in school – the teachers, never mind the parents of the other kids – were all children themselves. They were worse – kids being stupid is one thing – adults that should have grown up long ago is another.

    I went home, and began to tutor my own kid. I failed of course. Academically she did very well – while she lived under my roof she got great marks, kept her nose clean and behaved herself. When she moved out for college everything changed. When she got out she was a militant lesbian social justice warrior.

    I would like to blame that all on the schools and the muppets running them. But somewhere I know I failed; whether it was genetics or environment… something at home didn’t work. I still look back on it today and wonder. I swear to God – I thought I had raised her better than that. I wonder, Z, if zealots and useful fools aren’t made… but born…?

    • I say its not your fault. Children–And I include college students as being children too, as most will not mature till at least they reach 25–care more about their peers opinions and acceptance than they do their parents. Few parents can win against a combination of a culture that has lost its moral bearings, and proactive, aggressive professors teaching false narratives to them. Those are tough odds to beat.

    • Sounds like you did what you could . Homeschooling is a serious commitment and I salute your efforts. Usually it works to fight the POZ. All of culture, media, and social pressure are against you. you can only do so much in this environment .

    • There may be a statistic that says home schooling helps prevent looniness, but you didn’t deal with probabilities, you dealt with a single iteration, that didn’t work out (roughly the same outcome here, in my life. One marginal success out of two tries.). A single outcome may not be representative, but it is the one you got. Don’t hold it against yourself, you did what you could do.

      • be glad for the one success. You should have the satisfaction that you did what you could , and did not spare your time and energy. I am older than most here . I have seen whole families of kids POZZED by the govt schools. It is getting worse by the year too.

    • Jordan Peterson considers college a waste of time. Same with public schooling. He says the moment you find them teaching any of the SJW stuff, pull them out.

      Public school was always problematical, the elites never sent their kids to them for good reason. Mass schooling was set up by the elites to produce factory workers, not thinking citizens. Not to mention having to deal with all the social deviants, thugs and freaks. This won’t socialize kid but ruin them.

      As far as higher ed goes – keep them away from college and send them to a trade school. It’s less costly than them getting a useless liberal arts degree and being radicalized in the process.

    • I’ve known homeschooled kids who turned out politically and culturally retarded as well – even ones who didn’t go to college. It’s no guarantee. I do think we could make great strides if we simply purged the universities of toxic ideologues and banned women from attending them. Of course that would pretty much take a literal revolution.

        • The home schooled kid I have seen are, on average, much better prepared to do. They suffer much less self guilt , POZZED sexuality, and minority worship than the gvt schooled . Clearly not in all cases, but the numbers go that way.

      • No great strides will be made by any lawful means! Oh,wait a minute, in war, all means are lawful.

      • please. realize folks, that women and “young girls” are not the same. You’re hurting the whole bunch of us when you demean whose of us who are on the same side. no reason to give delusional leftists ammunition with stereotypes of traditional males OR females. Thanks, brothers.

    • Ah, yes, remember the day we told a mom we had 25 other kids in that sped room, and she said, ‘But I only care about my kid.” She insisted he sit in a tiny hallway and play video games about dinosaurs all day; that it was all that kept him from flipping out autistically.

      I’m serious, parents will work that stuff out with admin and counselors for sped kids and insist it be put in their ed plans and insist it be DONE. (Yeah, we — husband and I both teachers — moved elsewhere, but after 2002, it slowly turned that way everywhere. Screw the pension — I got out early.)

  23. The people running this stuff aren’t fanatics, they are bloodless self-serving careerists. The whole gun grab Is a totally potemkin show, paid for by the money guys and all the people involved know they are set up for life as long as they play the game.

    I rarely turn on the TV except to watch cooking or nature shows on PBS but I flipped around the channels over the weekend and the gun grab show was on both the regular fox channel and the Spanish channel like it was the Macy’s parade or something. Hundreds of thousands show up in Washington every year for pro life and you might see an online blurb showing pro aborts who show up to get their picture taken.

    So the message I get isn’t sincerity, it’s insincerity. It’s all a set up.

    • People with money always fear free people with guns. They can’t control them, ’cause bullets can trump cash. As the Brits found out in 1776 at Concord and Lexington.

    • I’m hoping it’s a setup for another round of the gun buying sprees that we saw happen multiple times during Obama’s terms in office. I’ve got a few rifles I’d like to offload and the reloading equipment is sitting ready to make some cash on selling processed brass when the price of ammo goes thru the roof.

      • have we all seen the meme going around where o-bama says he’s the best gun saleman ever, and hogg says ‘hold my beer.”

  24. Hogg being a twink is a plus. Women love love love gays. He probably will lead gun confiscation so Dindus can Reginald Denny every White man. Most White women seem to be well on board disarming White men. Certainly at work.

      • He does look creepy…and psychotic. Hoping some interesting tidbits come out to make all his patrons look foolish.

      • Yes. There is something so odd about him. It’s like he came right out of central casting. Progressives think he looks convincing and serious. But he is a cartoon. Nothing but a cartoon.

    • Regardless of his politics Hogg is just off putting to look at: he’s almost emaciated skinny and his head looks too big for his body. Like a living bobblehead but there’s nothing funny about him.
      Then you have his comrade, the poor man’s Sinead O’Connor with the shaved head.

    • I dunno. I look at that boy and feel pity. I think most of his issues stem from the fact that he isn’t being raised right. I would bet I could straighten out half those kids with a weekend at the range or on the farm and a couple boxes of .22 shells. He’s being manipulated, and doesn’t have the maturity or smarts to see it.

      • Glen: Don’t bet. I’m trying to straighten out a snowflake by his own admission, and their indoctrination runs deep.
        Scary. He will miss out on the fire arm segment of the course however, as I told him that training the enemy is off the table.

    • You’re confusing “women” with “young girls.” There’s a big difference. Young girls lean left, love gays, and believe in disarmament. Women know better.

  25. When you mentioned volunteers running through minefields, the thought came to me that these individuals were so sunk in despair and nihilism that they hated existence and wanted to die. Perhaps some wanted their 15 minutes/seconds of fame, to be noticed among the faceless socialized masses and treated, even for a moment, as an individual whose name and photo will be posted on a wall or in a parade as a “Hero of the People.” Only in death will they be loved and respected, and have meaning.

    That is what all tyrannies aim for. To mix you into a collective group and strip you of your individuality, then promise immortality and individually for a brief moment if you will die for some specious act in the name of the movement or state. Only through dying to you truly get to live for a moment and be recognized as something more than another brick in the wall.

    • Or maybe they ran through the mine field because they were just flat done with dealing with things. For them, it was just time to check out, and an opportunity to do so showed up.

    • They were probably loaded up with some drug, before hand. Japs used to do that all the time; Bushido in a bottle.

  26. Even if the material stuff did not matter, the thuggery should have pushed people into revolt, but it never happened.

    Insofar as the USSR is concerned, that’s easy to answer: the biggest thugs ran the joint, and did a reasonable job of murdering anyone who didn’t toe the line. A few million corpses and a few decades in the Gulag later, and those that are left don’t want to take on the thugs again.

    • Quite so. My late mother lived under Stalin and later Hitler and she could attest to the totalitarian police states they both instituted even for their own people. It didn’t take much for a German to end up at a Death camp or a Russian to end up in a gulag or with a bullet in their head.

      This is also why the people didn’t revolt. Not that they could because they had no guns.

      The only reason we haven’t went down that road is because the government and elites are afraid we’ll bite back since we have the means.

  27. Our public schools are the reeducation camps.
    To Hell with parents who know better but allow this.

    • “In 2014, the Obama administration issued a “Dear Colleague” guidance that threatened school districts…” Am I the only one who missed this idiocy back in 2014? Truman said you can’t have a “Government by the people” if the people don’t know what the government is doing.

      • Trust me, it was already in vogue before he sent the letter and when he did, it filtered down to the proles, realll quick.

  28. Hard to believe many in Russia still pine for Stalin. I hear Tito is still romanticized by many in the former Yugoslavia. (What is it now, Bosnia, Croatia?)

    As far as that little twit Hogg, there is a German word for my feelings for him: backfeifengesicht.

    • The people pining for Stalin in Russia know little about the man; all they know is he “saved Russia”, they’re not clamouring for a return of the Gulags. Tito is still popular in Yugoslavia because he stood up to both the Nazis and Stalin, and their brand of Communism was at least vaguely tolerable (in comparison to that of the USSR). I did an interesting Communist Tour when I was in Ljubljana a couple of years back, and noted the differences between their version and the Soviets.

      • It comes down to some people wanting easy answers, and not forced to think thoughts that make them responsible for their own lives and actions.They want someone else to think and decide for them, because they view existence too huge and awful in its implications to deal with.

  29. I completely agree with your assessment of this weekend’s vomit-inducing March to Stop Eating Tide Pods for a Moment and Protest Stuff. It does elicit a bit of nostalgia for those kooky Soviet-era marches that were so phony, they were funny, like late night D-level Hong Kong kung fu movies. “March For Our Lives” was more choreographed than a professional wrestling match, with the money shot being the unsurprising revelation that the whole spectacle was financed by dark money ( Once again … one wonders, why is George Soros still being allowed to draw breath?

    But I’m also wondering how you square the circle with your previous comment, that many Wacky-Left behaviors, which seem highly coordinated and choreographed, are instead actually spontaneous outpourings of zealotry from SJW’s eager to out-signal each other. You seem to agree that March For Our Whatevers is 100% astroturf. What’s the tell?

    Side Note: I’m constantly baffled why this isn’t pointed out more openly. All President Cheeto has to do is fire off a few tweet-rants, which would, if nothing else, inject some chaos into the proceedings and disrupt the narrative.

    • Re: Speculation on Trump

      He either believes in much more gun control than he lets on (distinct possibility) or he wagers the dog and pony show, explicitly naming all semi-autos, a gaffe he shouldn’t interrupt. Either way, the omnibus trainwreck has clearly illustrated that he isn’t going to the mat for prole concerns. He reserves the hard fighting for the military and his nation-in-law.

  30. I think the audience for the political side of the freak show is pretty isolated from society at large. I never hear the normies talking about things like the hogg parade, or Soros, or the JQ. The great herd munches contentedly until startled, then they bolt in unpredictable directions. Right now the herd is happy, so all the msm generated noise is going to waste.

    One interesting development is that the attempt by the progs to build homeless tent cities in OC, has boomeranged badly. Huge protests have started up against the move, and the people behind it are back-pedaling like crazy (the attempt has been shelved). My sense is that Cali has reached peak insanity and the herd in this state is definitely not happy, and starting to move away from (i.e. against) the dems in charge.

    • The trouble is the Californians move to nearby states and immediately start voting for Progressive lunatics. It’s why after the revolution, the next constitution makes it so you vote where you are born. No exceptions.

      • Absolutely..Our biggest worry in this quiet mountainous area of Southern Arizona is that a lot of Californians will move into the area. Although Easterners are almost as big a problem….

      • Blue voters moving to red counties and states and turning them blue actually has a name: The Locust Effect.

      • Oh I agree about that phenomena completely. Although to be historically complete, it was wave after wave of east coast shit heads that turned Cali into an asylum. But the people protesting the homeless bs are not your usual suspects for that kind of thing; it is a genuine recognition by the herd, that the loonys are dangerous.

        • Here in California, the loonies own the press. I am curious how things will play out from here. My guess is that there is a big backlash coming, but I could be wrong. The LA Times just did a hit piece on Orange County’s reaction to the invasion of the homeless there. It was supposed to elicit a firestorm of condemnation of the OC locals. When I read it, it was more like “damn right, get those sorry butts out of town, ASAP”. Of course, nobody but the loonies read the LAT any more in any case.

          • I fear that in 10 years or less, blue tarp and cardboard tent cities will just become another unremarkable feature of Southern California. Brasilia or bust.

          • What disturbs me about Californians are just how oblivious they are to the house burning down around them.

            “You know working class wages are stagnant, housing keeps getting more expensive and people are now crapping in the streets?”

            California Democrat: “But we have beaches, and diversity and gun control!”

          • You know why they are oblivious? Because a lot of them are doing pretty good and think the party will go on forever.

            Seriously they do. I remember prior to the last RE bubble bursting in 2007. I knew realtors who thought housing prices would hit a million dollars. Then when the market crashed they were totally shocked as it wiped out a lot of flippers and wannabes. And put others upside down on their mortgages.

            That day is coming again and there will be no bailout because we’re far more leveraged this time. Until then the party will go on.

      • This certainly is true in Florida which gets northeastern retirees who move for the weather and lower cost of living but expect all those wonderful services they’re used to getting. I’m from Sarasota FL which is a retirement destination for what I call “semi-retarded millionaires”.

      • Absolutely. They’ve infested my little corner of the SW. They come here, a rural area rich with ranching and traditional agriculture, and promptly try to legislate against livestock because they don’t like the smells or the noise. They’ve instituted HOA type legislation at the county level regarding how you can keep your own land. And now they have successfully begun a county program where someone is paid money to merely drive around and leave threatening letters over “infractions” and I put that in quotations because we got one for the field fence I put up – even though it’s legal to install/have fencing that is up to 4 feet high without a permit. We’re not allowed to have “building materials” stored in the yard. We’re not allowed to have gardening supplies out where they can be seen. We’re not allowed to have them anywhere where they can be seen from the road – which means if you live on the down slope of a hill you can’t even have them in your back yard. It’s getting truly ridiculous and I wish they would just go somewhere else.

      • Better to have property owners have the vote like in 1789. People with stake in the outcome.
        Even better, privatize everything, so everybody has a stake. In property, labor, family.
        Start with making it illegal for anybody who gets a government salary, or does ANY kind of work for government, to have a vote. To include government employees, contractors, welfare recipients, government medical benefit recipients.
        Even better yet, none of the above beneficiaries of government money, can EVER have a vote. Take a benefit, lose the vote.

        • Have to privatize the schools then, so as not to punish (traditionalist) teachers (don’t care about the rest.) And that’s an excellent idea, indeed.

    • Here’s what I think. I think the attention span of the normal American is so small that this hysteria is going to fade away quicker than you can say false flag. I’m pretty sure not one politician of note was at that astroturfing rally on Saturday. That speaks volumes on where this is going in the end. Hint: Nowhere.

      • Yeah – when there’s no politicians running around fellating the crowd…… it’s probably a good indication that what you’re dealing with is all Sturm and Drang.

        • If only. LA Mayor, Presidential “hopeful” and all-around dingbat Eric Garcetti was seen wiping the corners of his mouth with the sleeve of his suit jacket while stepping down from the podium…..LOL…….I didn’t follow too closely, but I believe there were a number of others who took up the mantle as well…….all Usual Suspects, of course

    • I remember meeting a woman from Colorado in the late 80’s . I asked her why she moved to Michigan from such a beautiful state. she said ” the Californians are ruining it ” .
      she said “they move here to get away from California , and then want to change everything here to the way it was there” . And thus is the virus spread. my experience with immigrants form Canada and England is similar. they leave the “situation” and bring their liberalism with them .
      If we don’t find a cure, the prognosis I poor.

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