Day Walkers

In the novel I Am Legend. the hero finds himself as the lone survivor of a pandemic that turns people into a form of zombie-vampire. The infected get a fever, appear to die, but then come back to life turned into a blood thirsty monster. The book is credited with starting the genre that remains a popular concept for movies and TV series. The book is a little more realistic, in that the monsters are not un-dead. They are merely infected with some sort of virus.

Unlike most Hollywood versions, the book sets up an interesting set of conditions that makes the hero’s story plausible. Again, the infected are not rotting corpses running around randomly looking for brains. Instead, the infected have a degree of awareness and sentience. They coordinate their efforts, plan ahead and seem to understand what is happening to them. They are also strictly limited to nighttime activity. That means they come out well past sunset and retreat before dawn.

This sets up the bulk of the book. The hero has about fourteen hours per day to operate without fearing the vampires. The story is set in Los Angeles, so weather is not an element of the story. He uses his time to make his home impenetrable, scavenge for supplies and research the cause of the pandemic. Because he has nothing but time, he eventually figures out that some sort of a virus has infected everyone and he uses this information to get better at killing the vampires as they sleep .

The book is worth reading, even if you have seen all of the zombie shows. The purpose here though is the math of the situation. The surviving humans in such a situation, where society is slowly being conquered by a weird rage virus, would be faced with a simple problem. They own the daylight hours and therefore must use that time to overcome their disadvantage at night, when the infected come out to hunt. Put another way, they must win more in the daytime than they lose at night.

Let us assume a scale of zero to ten. The infected have the maximum ability at night, so they are a ten for the ten hours a total darkness, because their senses are tuned for it by the virus. Humans, in contrast, usually sleep at night. We can still operate, using artificial light and other contrivances, but at best we are maybe a three. Some people will be better than others, but over all, the human effectiveness is a three. Simple math gives the vampires a 100-to-30 edge at night.

Now, things change in the daylight. The ten ours when the sun is clearly in the sky gives the humans their best advantage. It is the ultimate advantage because the vampires are in their sleep phase. The humans are at a ten in the daytime, while the vampires are a zero, so this changes the math to humans 130, vampires 100. If we take the in between hours around dusk and dawn, and give the vampires a five and the humans an eight, then the overall math is humans 132, vampires 120.

The thing is though, the humans have a period of unrestricted movement. This unlimited advantage during the day means they can reset the battlefield every day, giving themselves a little edge in the nighttime. They could vampire-proof their compounds and expand their safe area by going around and clearing the vampires out from their hiding places. This is what happens in the book. The hero gets so good at killing vampires in the daytime, that their numbers rapidly diminish.

This makes for a bad movie, so the script writers make the humans extra stupid so they never take advantage of their assets. They also make the infected super-human or able to defy the laws of physics in some way. They know the audience will side with the humans and they know people like being in the underdog role. The long running television series, The Walking Dead, has the infected magically animated, even as their flesh is long past the point of being useful.

This is the mistake outsider political movements often make. They see themselves as the humans, fighting some evil, rather than viewing themselves as the virus infected zombies looking to overthrow the natural order. What makes the Matheson book so good, is he looked at the situation from the point of view of the infected. In the book, some of the infected begin to figure out how to operate in the daytime hours. This completely changes the math.

When Richard Spencer walks onto a college campus to give a speech, he is no different from an infected zombie vampire showing up in a camp of humans, to sell the benefits of vampirism. It is no wonder they set upon him with a fury. More important, he is operating in their space, where they have an infinite advantage. It’s a fight that the infected cannot win, because they have no ability to operate in that environment. The same is true of planned public protests.

Just as the vampires in the novel carried the day by adapting to the daytime, the alt-right needs to become day walkers. If instead of a Spencer strolling on campus to get killed, imagine an alt-right guy getting an IT job at the NY Times. Imagine if Pax Dickinson was still operating as a CTO at a major media company. It is the reason the Left is obsessed with doxing people. They lie awake at night thinking about day walkers getting inside the wire.

The alt-right and affiliated groups need to forget about confrontation. Sure, some of their members and supporters are there just so they can brawl with Antifa, but an army of Chris Cantwells is an army of vampires that are useless in the daytime. There’s nothing to gain from losing by playing by their rules. The alt-right needs to go underground, in order to become day walkers, with the ability to walk among the Left in their own areas, learning how to turn their advantages into liabilities.

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  1. “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” John 9:4

  2. That drug resistant AIDS they have in the Philippines can’t spread to the West fast enough for my liking.

  3. Basically this is the TRS method. Start by building communities and offering funds to whites who birth babies. That’s where the Alt Right is at. This is a 50 year project. Street confrontation should realistically be thought of as something that might happen in the last decades of this century. Right now we are simply building White Consciousness, end of.

  4. Bingo.

    Another thing to do is to form anodyne organizations based on some benign rather boring interest and have them operate clandestinely. Masonic lodges had a great deal to do with the success of both the American and French revolutions. They were non-political, but helped in familiarizing future revolutionaries with each other.

  5. Charlottesville was a disaster that should never have happened. If the alt-right wants to survive it has to jettison the goons and neo-Nazis because you’re never getting anywhere otherwise.

      • You know how it goes, Doc. Best laid plans of mice & men. In hindsight yes, you’re right, but no one could foresee what extreme forces would be brought to bear.
        Lesson learned, that’s the reason everyone has gone full-on into regroup mode.
        We will be sitting out the inevitable riots to come when Trump starts holding mid term rallies and the Antifa won’t, leaving them to attack the eternal normie.
        If the sight of regular blue collar Americans being attacked for just showing up to a rally held by the sitting president doesn’t get them shut down for good, nothing will.

    • Cville would have been quite different if the police had not stood down and let antifa attack. The speakers didn’t even get a chance to speak before a state of emergency was declared and we were forced into the crowds of antifa. After Berkeley, Cville, and MSU we have established that the police are on antifa’s side, but that wasn’t clear before.

  6. Do we have 30+ years to gaslight SJW’s and convert normies? I don’t t think so. We’re maybe 2-6 years away from being labeled outright criminals and go the way of England should Kamala or someone like becomes potus.

    In addition we don’t have real organization or national/local support of any kind.Gun owners have the NRA, we don’t even have that for our side. We have no form of local support, etc. We lack the ability to help out those who have been harmed by SJW types.

    Shouldn’t we be concentrating on developing a support network at this time? I know it’s not sexy but it’s needed. I’d hate to see alt-right go the way of the anti-social prepper types like those at Westernrigleshooters who just collect guns for their doombunkers and

  7. The thing is though, the humans have a period of unrestricted movement. This unlimited advantage during the day means they can reset the battlefield every day, giving themselves a little edge in the nighttime. They could vampire-proof their compounds and expand their safe area by going around and clearing the vampires out from their hiding places.

    This is essentially the scenario in The Passage by Justin Cronin. Instead of making the humans stupid, he kept the zampires intelligent.

  8. I mentioned the Ricky Vaughcast with Vendetta earlier, but didn’t have time to elaborate. Vendetta explained that the alt right was very effective when they were allied with the alt-light and the MAGA/America First crowd during the Trump campaign.

    Shortly after Trump’s triumph, the alt right split from those groups by pointing out their differences, frequently sneering at them as cucks for being civic nationalists compared to the alt right’s ethno-nationalist stance.

    Vendetta and Vaughn believe the alt right needs to mend those differences and focus on their common beliefs in order to appeal to a wider audience. Most Americans, including many traditional Democrats turned off by the wacky far left, hold favorable views to policies that put American interests first, a strategy that focuses on 1. Reducing legal and illegal immigration, 2. Protecting American jobs and halt de-industrialization, and 3.Staying out of stupid wars.

    Vendetta also provided an example where Ben Shapiro has been very vocal about protecting gun rights, a popular issue, which makes ordinary Americans more favorable to Little Ben’s views because they see him as being “on their side.” In contrast, the alt right figures tend not to concentrate on an issue like gun control. So that’s a missed opportunity where they have a chance to be perceived favorably by normies.

    Uniting by emphasizing these issues, is a better strategy than sending out Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch to the streets and college campuses to talk about organizing an ethno-state. That kind of talk turns off too many Americans, or at least can’t get them rallied to fight compared to the popular America First issues like Immigration, jobs, and avoiding war.

  9. Don’t think so. The Prog is following his nature, the man of the Right would be violating his. Scissors Paper Rock. The paper is cellophane, suffocating everything. I don’t know how to become a scissor but we’ll not paper this over. Having spies in high levels of Progdom would be great but taking back corrupted institutions is always a bad plan.

    • Yes … There’s no way I or most of the normal Americans I know could fit in without ultimately betraying ourselves or finally just giving up due to revulsion. And most of us on this side just don’t want to do that to ourselves. We’re not zealots, after all. That is one of the markers of their side … assymetrical sorting into different camps, and all that.

  10. It is absolutely true that we need to rack up wins on battlefields that we control. And avoid losses on battlefields that the enemy controls.
    However. The “We need to stop doing A and start doing B” articles miss the point.
    Some of us need to do A and some of us need to do B, and others of us need to do C through Z. None of us need to be lecturing anyone else about what to do or not do.
    1) Different demographics will respond to different aesthetics & styles. White activism for the proles is going to have to look & feel differently than White activism for the middle & upper classes.
    2) Constant experimentation is how we will evolve strategies & tactics that work.
    3) A wide range of simultaneous activities forces the enemy to engage in multiple fronts. While giving foes & supporters alike the impression of a large, broad movement.
    We should not be debating shitposting vs day walking vs street marching vs college speaking. We should be thinking about how & when to use all of the above in ways that get us wins.

  11. ‘The Omega Man’ (1971) with Charlton Heston, is so much better than ‘I Am Legend’ (2007) with Will Smith. No amount of CGI can make up for bad acting.

    But to your point, there’s a global infection of stupidity around the world when it comes to leadership. And not just government. Universities and private corporations are just as bad.

    I suspect when the One World Leader does show up, his brilliance will be so incredible, it will be no wonder the world population gives him full control. THAT won’t end well!

  12. Whatever the method I don’t think “alt-right,” can do it. The label is irreversibly tarred with the indiscretions of naieve men and the purposeful subversion bad actors. The right all together has an optics problem that is unlikely to be resolved by current leadership. The only men doing honest to goodness pro-white work today are those like Jared Taylor who make it a point to avoid anything else remotely controversial.

    • If anything, I believe success will come in reverse. It won’t come from the alt-right being successful, but from liberals wearing out the racism accusations to the point where nobody cares anymore.

      • It looks like the normies are already looking at our new little gun control Hitler Youth and starting to giggle about it, just a bit. Zuckerberg isn’t getting much sympathy either.

      • >wearing out the racism accusations to the point where nobody cares anymore
        It’s already happening. I’m an academic researcher in Boston, and pretty much surrounded by progressives. I have never bothered to conceal my preferences and politics (nor did I make a point of waving them in people’s faces), and increasingly even progs and GoodWhites are saying to me that they are fed up with race baiting and all that goes with it. Admittedly this is with the furtive looks over each shoulder, but still it’s, er, progress.

    • It doesn’t matter what label or name you use. The left will find some reason to tar it up. That’s not how things work.

  13. but what is the end game? Your post here implies some sort of political solution once numbers are sufficient. But how can there be a political solution when this entire mass immigration/multiculturalism regime is based on increasing corporate profits, especially seeing as how congress is getting so rich off of insider trading tips from Big Business…the same Big Business that increases profits via mass immigration/multiculturalism ….given that dynamic, how can positive change occur? You might say “throw the bums out!”…but why would the new bums do anything different from the old bums?

  14. You’ve described me perfectly, Zman. I’m a daywalker. I move among them unrecognized. I poison their intellectual food supply and they don’t even know it.

  15. I just don’t think the left is terribly afraid of infiltration any more. They own the institutions, and they have armies of the faithful who are there standing by to ferret out any of the heretics. The mechanisms are in place to expose, isolate and dispose, and they are constantly vigilant for any signs of the rebellion. Those on our side who would undertake such a mission consciously would have to be aware that they were likely to be taken down, horribly.

    I think this is why the vast resources were focused on the “March for our Lives”, and why the anti-gun efforts are stepping up their OPTEMPO. That is one thing they are afraid of — violent push back. Even if they were able to suppress it, it would be a horror for them, and one from which they might not be able to recover.

    Take a look at the FBI instant check stats …. 2.3 million checks in Feb 18 alone. Checks per month have risen from mid-500K monthly five years ago to 2.0M plus or minus and holding over the past couple of years. They are afraid of what’s percolating out here.

    Also, take a look at the numbers of huntilg licenses still purchased: 1.1M in Texas; 984K in PA; over 700K each in WI, MI and TN; 200-300K not unusual in many other states. There are a lot of people out here who still shoot, and presumptively adhere to an older ethic they (ie., “normies”) don’t want to see eradicated.

    Thiese statistics likely keep them up at night, and they want to manage their risk by dramatically paring back those numbers.

      • OOPS … I was typing too fast this morning getting ready for a time commitment and made that mistake. Yes, I had the FBI stats in front of me but condensed several thoughts in my haste.

        For those wanting a summary on NICS #s:

        Mid-500Ks +some from 20 yrs back even up into 2005;

        1.0M become common in 2008;

        None less than 1.0M after 2009;

        First 2.0M in NOV ’12;

        3.3M in Dec ’15, nothing less than 1.7M/mon since then.

        And those numbers don’t even include states like NV, where a state system is used.

        Sorry for the error.

      • Obama may go down as the greatest firearms salesman the US has ever seen, 180 million in his 8 years.
        This is also how you know that it’s a lie when they say that Americans own 300 million firearms. They’ve been using that number for like the last decade, along with the “11 million illegals,” line.
        Neither are real.
        There are a lot more guns and a lot more illegals than the media claim.

  16. In the history of evolution, species either adapt to their environment and prevail, or eventually die off as the better adapted species succeed. In our current environment of extreme affluence and excess, parasitic species have the advantage. We are losing the math in this current environment.

  17. Any tips on lawfare Z?

    I mean liberals are seeking out lawsuits, seeking out bakeries until one doesn’t want to bake a vulva shaped cake, meanwhile conservatives suffer real discrimination, and there’s nothing, where are the lawsuits?

  18. “imagine an alt-right guy getting an IT job at the NYTimes”

    Any tips for what such a person should do? Asking for a friend.

  19. Excellent post as usual. It’s a great thought, Z. In fact, I tried it myself years ago. I understood how old school proggie/shitlibs worked – but I didn’t understand lesbians, 4th wave feminists, SJW’s, millennial snowflakes or any of the newer varieties. Couple years back, I befriended a big, fat, lunatic bull dyke at work just to see how her mind worked, in hopes that I could use that knowledge dealing with my own daughter – who had just come out of the closet as a militant lesbian SJW. Every day I would make a point of stopping to chit chat, and sound out this animal by asking xer what xhe thought about things.

    There was nothing to learn. Basically she was a sexually disturbed child with an utterly childish outlook on the world and life in general. My studies were cut short when she got in a fist fight with a vibrant truck driver out in the warehouse. (How you can get in a fight with a fella that can’t speak English is beyond me – but she managed it). She got canned and that was the last I saw of her.

    What I DID find was this: There are no ‘Achilles heels’ or weak points. There are no easy kill shots. For those people, their perception is their reality, and they will use any means (up to and including violence) to enforce that reality on others. They will sacrifice themselves, their families and their well being for it too.

    Long term, I think the only way to free ourselves of them is to change our tactics. Instead of sending nutters and faggots like Spencer and Milo Yabbadabbadopolis in to debate with the infected – we will need to go in there ourselves with flame throwers and burn them out. Any rational or reasonable effort at a negotiated compromise will fail. At this point I don’t know if I have the stomach for that. Somewhere out there in that pestilent horde is my daughter. Another option might be to let them do it. Let them burn the house down, and they will turn on each other once all the bad thinkers are gone. Their motivations are based in degeneracy and lunacy so they have to fall at some point.

    That’s going to be a decision for you boys to make though. As for me, I am going take them straight on whenever they try me. When they find my corpse, it will be surrounded by the bodies of my enemies, and piles of spent brass and the machine gun bolts locked back on empty. I’m too old for a war – but I am still good for a quick, bloody battle if they’re offering. 😉

    (I suppose I shouldn’t joke – but I see why people sometimes go to work or school with AK47’s sometimes).

    • “Another option might be to let them do it.”

      I’ve pondered that tactic over the years. Should we maybe be voting for the Hillary’s, the Bernies, et al., in an attempt to hasten the Coming of the Lord (so to speak). Thing is, you’d have to watch everything you’ve spent your entire life building be burned to the ground. I, like you, am too old for that shit. I suspect it would take a collection of folks with nothing left to lose to want to walk through that hell, even with the promise of green pastures on the other side.

      • “I suspect it would take a collection of folks with nothing left to lose to want to walk through that hell, even with the promise of green pastures on the other side.”

        That’s why they say you can’t get people to act until not acting is more unbearable. Our standard of living has increased so much. The colonists revolted over a few small, minor taxes. Man, now we’re taxed up to our eyeballs. But we can’t stand losing what we have, so we bear it.

      • There is value in an Obama, a Venezuela, or a California sanctuary state. They demonstrate that our side actually does have a point. Many don’t see the point, though, even if they are starving. Humans are odd creatures.

    • Social Justice Warriors Always Double Down has some useful tactics for stopping SJW’s you encounter.

    • The internet has shown the best way: troll them. Poke them where they are vulnerable and provoke them into overreacting and self-destruction. They are naturally self-destructive, it’s on us to help speed up the process.

    • The zombies of “Walking Dead” are apt here, in that they just roll on, because that is what they do. There is no reason, no goal, they just hunt, kill, and eat. In my experience, lefties aren’t much different than that. Looking for more to it is a wasted effort. They just follow directions. As is pointed out elsewhere on this thread, they will also simply double down, that is what they do. You need to create situations where when they double down, it takes them out.

  20. spencer is controlled opposition. he is the judas goat of the right. a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. . In “heilgate” , Charlottesville, and on other occasions, he leads the faithful into the jaw of their enemies.
    Yet somehow always escapes the ensuing melee unscathed . Odd , ya know .
    He seems to have a penchant for organizing things where the left is in absolute complete control. Berkley, ann arbor mi, terry McAuliffe’s Virginia.

    • I have many criticisms(1) of Spencer, but this one is ludicrous. He did not organize Charlottesville or Berkeley. He did organize U Florida and Michigan. UF was harmless & ineffectual. Michigan has taught him the error of that approach. I have seen video of Spencer recovering from OC spray, as well as in the scrum. Whatever my criticisms, he has put his safety on the line and gotten hit a few times. More than 99.99% can say.

      (1) Naive trust-fund baby with too much philosophy and not enough infantry under his belt. Personal hygiene so well-attended to I have doubts.

      • I’ll take you at your word on the rest, but ” Heilgate”. he invited the press and then started giving ” roman salutes ” from the podium . setting up a number of people there to be fired and Doxxed. It was complete spencer affair. He may not have had top billing , and he was up to his neck in it at Charlottesville.

        I find His tear gas and scrumming almost theatrical. But then again that’s my point.
        He is also the goof that brings in the Nazi LARPers. Like that is helpful.
        you look at this and tell me that isn’t what’s going on:

        BTW, did you read Z’s post? SS larping and Roman salutes may not be helpful

        • Spencer not only didn’t give any Roman salutes, it caused a fairly large fight internally because he was so upset by it happening.
          If you want to know the truth, an inebriated & pumped up Mike Enoch was the first person to do it, and another 4 ppl did it after they saw Mike. Everyone was a little lit, having a good time celebrating & goofing around.
          None of them knew there were any media left in the room, they had been sent out earlier, but one slipped by detection.
          Yet again, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Everyone that did it, esp Mike, apologized profusely to Spencer for quite a while afterward. I thought Richard was going to stroke out, at first, tbh.
          It took him a good while to get over it.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about and just sound silly. If you were more “inside” you’d know that Spencer has not escaped any melees, you’d understand the piles of lawsuits he’s dealing with, day in and day out & wouldn’t repeat ludicrous 4chan talking points like a child.
      There’s plenty to criticize Spencer over, (he’s arrogant and naive, being the biggest complaints), but this tired talking point you’re using is just unneeded by everyone.
      Stop calling people Feds or shills, ffs. It’s embarrassing.

  21. We can’t infiltrate institutions so long as our politics is persecuted within those institutions to the level it is now. Look at James Damore. Before this happens, the left pointing “racist” at people needs to lose its power, and I think we’re getting there slowly but surely. Another angle that could be used is the law. Set up a non-profit whose dual purpose is to litigate first amendment lawsuits against the left and pressure republican lawmakers to stand up for the first amendment rights of the alt-right. Richard Spencers would not be the ends, they would be the means to the real end which is the lawsuit for the university denying his 1st amendment rights. I think this can work, because it really makes the left look bad when they fight against this. It’s kind of like the Ghandi strategy. Nonviolent opposition to erode the resolve and public support of the powers that be.

    • You infiltrate by masking up as a normie, and once you are in power, begin the process of subversion. Forget the silly White Shariah meme..we’ll win with White Taqqiya

      • Sure, but this won’t be a limited operation, like some sort of Dirty Dozen endeavor. Those guys knew they only had to do it for a few weeks, months, or – worst case scenario – a few years. Here we’re talking about decades of thankless service, living one’s life among those one hates, presumably even spending down time among them to keep up the charade. Most people just want to get a decent-paying job to finance what they think of as their “real” life – i.e., after hours, weekends, and holidays.

        • So be it. What we need to create is a mindset of subversion and infiltration. The left was willing to mask up for a century and now they are in the position where they can remove the mask. If they could do it, so can we.

          • People like badass underdogs. When you do saddle up, however it plays out, saddle up like you mean it.

      • That succeeded for the progressives because they were infiltrating liberal cucks. I don’t think infiltrating left-wing fanatics will have the same effect.

  22. Good analogy. I always think in terms of three phase insurgencies.

    In Phase 1 you are organising safe bases, distributing propaganda, and raising consciousness. You are also conducting small scale attacks to build experience and morale. This is the phase were you learn by doing.

    In Phase 2 the insurgency begins to expand its safe bases. It has gained the resources and experience to conduct larger scale operations to degrade the enemies capabilities.

    In Phase 3 an insurgency is moving towards decision, It has built up a force capable to meeting and defeating the enemy in conventional battles and is actively moving into and conquering enemy safe bases.

    The alt right is early Phase 1. Our safe bases are in the internet. Our hit and run attacks are memes, trolling, flashmob demonstrations and banner drops. Charlottesville was the result of an early phase 1 insurgency attempting to prematurely move into phase 2. In military terms we tried to project strength by fighting a set piece battle against a superior and prepared enemy stronghold.

    Of course it failed. And when it failed the counterattack smashed our networks and wiped out many safebases. We conducted what was basically a Long March and began to reorganise.

    Here’s the thing..You dont gain power from hold demonstrations because you have power. Going onto enemy strongholds and expecting to accomplish anything is stupid.

    Street brawling and mass rallies are a losing proposition for us because we simply cannot project the strength we need against a superior enemy. Do we need street cadre? yes. But their job should be to mask up and defend normies or flash disruptions of enemy events. People wont care if NaziLarpers get bashed trying to hold a rally. But if a bunch of masked up guys put themselves between a Normies and AntiFa at a Trump Rally they will gain sympathy.

    Leave the rallies to the normies who have the institutional infrastructure to hold them. Your job is to infiltrate normie institutions (both left and right!), generate sympathy and create value by supporting normies from thier enemies.

  23. “I Am Legend” was made into 3 movies: “The Last Man On Earth”(1964 – starred Vincent Price), “The Omega Man”(1971- starred Charlton Heston), and “I Am Legend” (2007- starred Will Smith).

  24. This is the way forward, active monkey wrenching (and spying on) the progs. Everyone can do it on their own, without forming cells or anything.

  25. This is an excellent analysis, and if nothing else it’s persuaded me to read the book. I hope I’ll still enjoy it even though (I think) I now know the ending!

      • Agreed.He was a legend himself. One of the few writers that truly understood human behavior under stress.

    • Join the It has been a while since I read it, guess it is time again. For those who like movies, besides the Will Smith version, two other movies were made of it. One the Omega Man, and the one closest to the book, The Last man on Earth with Vincent Price.

  26. You are right that we need to infiltrate their communications institutions the way the left has infiltrated and destroyed so many traditional institutions.

    On the other hand, the right, alt-right, whatever, are deeply embedded in the organizations that will matter when it becomes a shooting war. The combat arms of the military, engineers in utilities, food production and transportation. All the stuff smug urbanites take for granted are supplied by us.

    • They are embedded until the PTB figure they are Our Guys(1) when they refuse to slaughter or otherwise oppress normal Americans. Then they will be fired, punished to the fullest extent of the law/UCMJ, and replacements will be found to do the killing. Oppressive regimes never lack for manpower as long as the pay keeps coming and the regime looks strong.

      (1) Not necessarily *-right, but merely not willing to murder regular folks.

    • That’s a good point. Our side (various flavors of the right) has some key advantages if it comes to violence and everyone’s forced to pick a side. The problem is that our side is currently outside the leftist-dominated institutions whose actions are rapidly leading us into violence.

  27. I really love this analogy and it’s suggested tactics.

    I still don’t believe we can stem the tide in the long term. It’s not just our enemies but the potential allies who can’t be red pilled. For sure, Boomers (I am one) are no good for this.

    Still the fight must be pursued. Individualism is all well and good but when you are thrown into a prison you will pick your tribe. You have to.

  28. This is the topic of a recent Ricky Vaughn podcast (Ricky Vaughncast, episode 4) with Vendetta, who explains in detail, a battle plan for converting normies.

    • I was hoping someone would catch it. They used to hold that thing here and I was talking to someone about this morning. Talk about a freak show.

        • The alt-fur thing cracks me up. When I was writing this and wrote “with a furry” that’s what came to mind. Cracks me up, which is why I left it. The whole furry thing is so absurd, I can’t help but laugh whenever I think about it.

          Someone should have done some memes with the Fury Road movie or the movie Fury.

          • They collect on Secondlife using animal avatars. It’s fun to go in there and shit talk them. yes, a “Furry Road” movie would be a real hoot. If only someone could con Mitt into putting on a furry costume, that would rock>

          • A few years was looking at colleges with my son over Easter and stayed the weekend at the Marriott connected to the old convention center in Boston. Unbeknown to us it was Comic Con weekend. JF Christ it was bizarre. These people live in these costumes. Highlight of the weekend was my son leaning over the mezzanine railing and bellowing in Shrek voice “all you fairy tale creatures get outta mah swamp”. Froze the place for a good thirty seconds.

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