The Hater’s Diary I

The Jaguar is quite comfortable at 100, as long as the road is smooth and straight. In the turns, it is a little twitchy, so you don’t have confidence in it. I’m not sure why the car rental place gave me a Jaguar, but if you’re going to the Hater’s Ball, there’s no reason not to go in style. That said, I did not find the car all that special. The interior is not much better than a high-option Toyota and the media control center is baffling. The car also turns itself off when you stop at a light. This is to save energy, but it is very annoying in traffic.

The secret lair of American Renaissance is about an hour outside of Nashville, so it is a pleasant drive if you like thinking about the diversity of America. The hills of Tennessee are nothing like what you see along the along the coast and the people are just as different. I got off the highway for a stretch and drove some of the back roads. Tennessee is a blend of the old south and Chechnya. You have the gentility and sophistication everyone associates with the South, but there is that crazy hill people element too….

Pulling into the park, I was confronted with a team of armed men. The authorities had set up a mobile command center at the entrance to the park and the place was swarming with park rangers in tactical gear. I saw at least one K-9 unit and everyone was questioned before they could enter the area of the park where the conference center, villas and restaurant are located. To get inside, you had to submit to a scan and pat down. The park police are taking things seriously this year, which means the lunatics are in trouble…

I caught up with the great J’Onquarious Williams at the reception. I introduced him to F. Roger Devlin. Both seemed flattered to be on the company of the other, which amused me greatly. AE’s graphs and charts have touched millions of eyes on social media and Devlin’s essay Sexual Utopia in Power pretty much started the whole man-o-sphere thing. The two of them have done more to influence people than all the e-celebs combined, yet both are oblivious to it. They just enjoy doing what they do…

There are a lot of new people here again. That’s always a good sign. It’s not cheap to attend and it is a hassle to get here. There’s also the risk factor. I would expect people to come once every few years, so it is a positive sign to see lots of new faces. That means there is increasing interest. The room is once again packed and there are lots of young people. Even better, there are more women this year, mostly spouses of attendees. That’s another sign that more and more people see this as important and worth their effort…

One person not here is Richard Spencer. Despite his absence, he is a topic of conversation. I’ve been querying people about their opinions of him. The general feeling is he probably needs to take a break and regroup. Even among the sorts of people who attend these things, the alt-right has lost a lot of its luster. There’s no disavowing or anything like that. It’s just that the missteps have not gone unnoticed. As I wrote the other day, people judge leaders by their results. The last year the results have been poor…

I had a long conversation with Greg Johnson and his crew. Some on the alt-right don’t like Greg, but that’s to be expected. He’s been involved with this stuff for a long time and that inevitably means turning off some people. It’s human nature. There’s no doubting his intelligence. He is a very smart and a very well-read guy. He’s also committed to this thing. He travels all over the world doing events and giving talks. Make no mistake. No one is getting rich warning European people of the looming demographic disaster.

What recommends Greg Johnson is the fact he does think about the mistakes that have been made of late, including his own errors. It’s easy to pluck the mote from the eye of others, but most of us struggle with the beam in our own. As J’Onquarious noted, I offered my unsolicited opinions. Many people would have told me to perform an unnatural act, but Greg was polite and engaged my arguments. Whether or not it will make any difference is unknown, but it speaks well of him that he was interested enough to listen…

Today is the long day. There are half a dozen speakers, including Nick Fuentes. I’m not all that interested in what children have to say about anything, but I am curious to see how the young people respond to him. Fuentes is one of those guys who was born old, but he is still a kid speaking mostly to kids. The future of this thing is not geezers like me, but young guys prepared for the world as it will be in the coming decades. The youth movement will need respectable faces to help educate a skeptical public..

More tomorrow…

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  1. It was my first AmRen, and I want to thank Z for helping a relative nobody get to listen in on some of these conversations. Again and again, even when Z wasn’t around, I was able to engage with some great thinkers and personalities. The truth of things is a tonic for the soul and best imbibed in the company of good men like these.

  2. I keep conflating Greg Johnson and Greg Hood. Hood’s “Waking up from the American Dream” is the best letter to normal white people I’ve ever read. If his book can’t slap them conscious, nothing can. Related: Today I was reading a triumphalist article in the back issues of “The Shofar” (a Jewish journal) about the Neocon eclipse of the Paleos, called “It’s Splendid when the Town Whore gets Religion.” The meat of the piece was that because 9-11 happened, the isolationist old guard (re: actual conservatives) would never be relevant again, while the Jewish activist element would be in the driver’s seat from now on. The smarmy, victorious tone of the piece is familiar to anyone who reads mainstream articles about demographic change, but it was also worth reading because that sense of inevitability that the left loves and cloaks themselves in doesn’t mean a damn thing in reality. Upsets happen; events, as James Kunstler likes to say, are in the driver’s seat. It’s nice to know there are young white people getting involved, and that they know who Sobran, Francis, and Buchanan are.

  3. “The Jaguar is quite comfortable at 100, as long as the road is smooth and straight. In the turns, it is a little twitchy, so you don’t have confidence in it. I’m not sure why the car rental place gave me a Jaguar, but if you’re going to the Hater’s Ball, there’s no reason not to go in style. That said, I did not find the car all that special. The interior is not much better than a high-option Toyota and the media control center is baffling. The car also turns itself off when you stop at a light. This is to save energy, but it is very annoying in traffic.”
    The Jag is not what it once was, and British cars still have electrics done by the Prince of Darkness. I assume you have not found a car to suit you, you might try a BMW M3 from the 2008-2013 vintage, or a Range Rover Sport (subtle but very entertaining if properly equipped), I speak from experience and present ownership, and nothing new entertains anymore unless you are into “Smart” phone type of amusement, but I missed that boat, bus-man’s holiday. One warning, please take care in Virginia, they have mandatory incarceration for anything over 15 above the posted limit, and are serious about it, a Car and Driver tester suffered that fate, doubt it was fun.

  4. The Chechnya comment . . . nothing could be more true.

    Several years ago we moved to a pretty, nice area surrounded by “Chechnya.” We were not fully aware of that of course. Shortly thereafter we went for a drive and within five minutes we found ourselves deep in the woods on a tiny gravel/mud road that required you to cross through actual creeks. It was a sunny day and almost no sunlight pierced those woods. The shacks we passed were ramshackle. Junk everywhere. Awful dogs. I remember telling my husband I felt like we were driving through the ghetto. I was a bit fearful. And the crazy thing was that only white people were there.

    Something about the country side in areas of the south – just so different than northern country.

  5. “park rangers in tactical gear”- Holy shit they rolling out the red carpet! You are in my stomping grounds. Rest assured 90% of troopers are sympathetic. If antifa show up… haha.. beatdown. BLM? massacre.
    That’s not say that a few anal cavity searches might be in order for Yankees because..’d just be funny. All teasing aside, have FUN.

    • Meh. I’m sympathetic to a lot of things as well. As we saw in Charlottesville, what matters – at lest in the moment – is what they do (and don’t do) when ze orders come down ze line.

  6. “The Jaguar is quite comfortable at 100, as long as the road is smooth and straight.”

    This is some kind of code-speak. We need to figure out what Zman is trying to tell us. He may be in trouble.

  7. Interesting and sad as well. Sad that a public get together requires a large armed presence to prevent anti-fa types showing up for a rumble. That tells me how bad things are getting, it’s bad.

    It makes me wonder about the viability of the alt-right having a physical presence in most states say in the form of a club like the old time Elks and Moose lodges. Because once the progs find out there’s a place where the enemy meets it would become a magnet for every white hating POS within a hundred miles.

    • All true, but. Antifa does not show up for a fight, and wouldn’t. They show up to bully civil people and expect the police to protect them if somebody fights back. The new Bolsheviks are not the old Bolsheviks.

      • Sounds good, but I’ve seen them fight. Just because they’re squids doesn’t mean they’re pussies.

        • Anti Fa has lost nearly every fight they’ve been in. I’ve even known them to lose a fight with actual Nazis, the Christian Traditionalists Youth Workers Party when they caught them in an armed ambush in California

          The story is the Nazis disarmed them and sent several to the hospital. I suspect the CTYWP guys were armed with knives at the time but its anyone’s guess

          This doesn’t mean anyone should get cocky, they can learn and Commies can be very good killers

          Also re: Richard Spencer, I almost wanted to ALL CAPS this

          He is not .Alt Right .

          While he was tolerated for a while, he is persona non grata . now and he and his clowns will stay that way . They lack message discipline and are a liability

          To use a weak analogy, the Cathedral that runs things is Decadent Rome and the .Alt Right are various Germanic Barbarians

          Its turns out the Seig Heil tribe doesn’t get along with the others like the 3% , the Deus Volters and others and is an unreliable ally . As such while they are not enemies and even have similar goals they aren’t welcome at all.

          Far too many guys like Amren are a bit stuck on the leader/institution principle and have trouble seeing the .Alt Right as an alliance of tribes not an actual institution.

          This set up makes it harder to subvert though it makes it less effective at times

          The thing is what people fear is .Alt Right victory might not be a “rotation of the elite” but everyone taking a piece for themselves , a series of say homogeneous tribe lands instead of a restoration of the empire

          No one wants this outcome in full but the .Alt Right save its Civic Nat component understands it may happen anyway and so long as the land is homogeneous and sane, its fine

      • The thing about Anti-Fa is that they are the unofficial army of the political class and the establishment for use against us.

        Lets be clear the GOP and DNC have zero interest in letting us have a say politically. We all saw that the way the GOP refused to support Trump during the election and before that with Perot(those that are old enough to live through it). In both cases the political-media complex went nuts.

        Face it as Carlin pointed out. Our political system is a club and we’re not in it.

        Now we could get a seat at the table, but it won’t be their rules. We have to work around them and destroy them where possible. We need to undercut and sabotage their elites and the pukes in the smoke filled rooms. destroying our country before we can do anything else.

    • What bothers me is that attendees apparently cannot carry to this event. The additional security is understandable, but i don’t like to be anywhere that I am required to disarm and thus cannot defend myself.

  8. Will be interested to hear more on “lessons learned” from that past year.

    Coming from the Kentucky version of those hill people, it’s more “be friendly, be polite, but have a plan to kill any stranger that ventures onto the homestead”.

  9. The car also turns itself off when you stop at a light. This is to save energy, but it is very annoying in traffic.

    Jesus, you don’t buy a Jaguar to save energy. Do they not understand their core demographic at all?

    Aside from that, I got to ride in a Jaguar owned by a customer of mine a number of years back and I was similarly unimpressed. It was all very generic and lackluster in the interior. I had visions of early ’60s handcrafted sports cars and was pretty disappointed.

    • IIRC Jaguar was owned by Ford for several years, then Ford spun it off to Tata, a locomotive maker headquartered in Bombay. Says all the shopper needs to know.

    • Worse, assuming you were the owner of the car, ”stop-start” is hard on two key components: Obviously, the starter and the battery – neither of which were designed for such heavy use. It’s not an issue with hybrids such as the Prius due to the drive motor doubling as the starter and the battery pack both designed to power the car itself. But for a Jag (especially with it’s long and well deserved reputation for, to put it nicely, funky electrical systems) it’s just ridiculous.

    • I was in Japan last year for a few weeks. Buses and late-model sedans have the same feature. Very odd but you get used to it, as a rider, after about 20 times. Nearly all cars have automatic transmissions, so engines re-start as soon as the driver takes his foot off the brake pedal when a traffic light turns green.

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