The Hater’s Diary II

I have only caught Nick Fuentes online, here and there, so I had not formed an opinion of him prior to the conference. To be perfectly candid, I tend to not pay much attention to young people. Never trust anyone under thirty is a good policy. On the other hand, sensible people I know say he is a bright young prospect with a lot of talent. I was most curious to see how the younger people reacted to him. Old people tend to think positively of young people who sound like old people, but young people often hate those guys.

For starters, he is a slight fellow. I am always surprised by this as everyone on video tends to look average size to me. More important, he is a natural speaker. You can be trained to be a good public speaker, but you will always look like you were trained to be a good public speaker. For some people, it comes naturally. Fuentes is a natural. How he stands, how he scans the audience as he speaks, his hand gestures all work to support the content of his speech. It is easy to see why he has become an on-line star.

I am not sure if I got an answer on his appeal to his generations. His speech was on the utility of gassing the boomers, so half the crowd was not particularly happy with him. The millennials seemed to be the most engaged, which I found interesting. Maybe they still feel young so they can relate to him but appreciate his maturity. The young guys were engaged, but it was hard to tell if they were listening. It was not like he was mobbed by the young people seeking a selfie, but the ones I asked said nice things about him….

The protest was a dud. At the peak, they had between 30 and 40 people, but it was a late arriving crowd and they left early. My guess is the ban on masks and the ban on backpacks had the biggest impact on turnout. That and they were put into a pen that was too far away for anyone to notice them. That left them to mill around and signal to one another, which meant no drama. There was no way to interfere with people coming and going and no real way for them to provoke law enforcement into doing anything to them…

I ran into a reporterette from NBC. At least she claimed to be from NBC. I did not see her credentials. She tried using her feminine wiles to cozy up to me and dig for information about the financing of American Renaissance. Later, J’Onquarious suggested I should have told her the man behind the event was George Soros. That would have been some great 5-D chess, but I could not have pulled it off without laughing. It is another reminder that the people in liberal media are all soulless dirtbags who lie on spec…

One group that I have praised in the past is Identity Evropa. I got to spend some time talking with the head of that group, Patrick Casey. He is a very sensible young man without a lot of ego. He just wants to build up the group and avoid unnecessary confrontations and publicity. It is basically a Dissident Right social club for young college age males. It is the kind of organic organization that is required to build a foundation for the future. If you have a few bucks to spare, they could use it and they will use it wisely…

I met Greg Hood, who writes for American Renaissance. Most people in this thing consider him the best writer going and that is probably right. He is very much on board with the notion of dialing back the e-celebs and focusing on organization building. Something he pointed out that I did not consider is that the cycle of provocation and response we see with the e-celebs is addicting. That and it inevitably means the liberal media picks our leaders. They ignore Jared Taylor and instead focus on some internet personality.

That has been a theme here thus far in the casual conversations I have had with the prominent alt-right/Dissident Right people. The lesson of the last year is that too many supposedly responsible people have gone out of their way to court attention. The result is bad publicity, lawsuits and lots of public feuds. That is encouraging. It means the right people are learning the right lessons. As I am fond of pointing out, this is a social war where the battlefield is public morality. It is not about changing facts. It is about changing attitudes…

Of course, the great John Derbyshire was in attendance. I must admit that I still find it odd for someone of his stature to compliment my work. He took the time to chat with J’Onquarious and me and said something to the effect, “I want to thank both of you for the work you do.” He does not have to do that, but that is why he is one of the giants in this thing. The fact is, Derb and Sailer have done more for our cause than anyone. Jared Taylor does great work, but those two cast very long shadows…

During a break, someone handed me a Rebel flag decal. In my youth, Rebel flags were common, and no one really thought much of it. They were a symbol of Southern pride, but no one felt that strongly about it. In a time of universal deceit —having a Rebel flag is a revolutionary act. I think I will affix my decal to the bumper of the Jaguar. That seems like the right thing to do for some reason. Perhaps after the cocktail hour. Now, I go to drink and socialize with the rest of the haters…

34 thoughts on “The Hater’s Diary II

  1. Your description of Pat Casey, Greg hood, nick Fuentes perfectly illustrates three different types that a movement needs. Leaders, intellectuals, content creators. Totally different skillsets.

    Our thing has accidentally combined those roles in many cases.

    If everybody stays in their lane, good things can get done.

  2. One excellent insight that Spencer has shared since he went into semi-hiatus is that the identity movement can’t be led by anonymous people.

    That has always resulted in disaster. Leaders need to be known and public. They need to be vetted for skeletons and fake resumes. They need to work up to leadership.

    I think if you decide to make the move you could possibly be a speaker at a future AmRen conference.

    Until then we’ll enjoy the blog, but take your criticisms of the public figures in the movement with many grains of salt.

    Derby is a great writer, but he’s still not operating at Jared’s level. Who organized the conference? How many has he held now?

    Epigone is still a man of mystery, like you. That’s the A league, not the bigs.

    • I don’t know if anyone ever thought otherwise. Spencer’s troubles have nothing to do with anonymity or the lack of it.

      As far as myself, I do what I do, because I can do it well and it needs to be done.

  3. “His speech was on the utility of gassing the boomers”

    This might have been an in-joke, as some people tease him by saying he is a 19 year old boomer due to some of his normie conservative views.

  4. It was a common idea, not so long ago, that there would have been many (more) notable women artists, and scientists, etc from the past — if men hadn’t kept them from doing their thing. Then all of the so called restraints on female creativity and entrepreneurial energy were “removed” (i.e. acknowledged as having never existed in the first place) we still don’t get anything meaningful from the ladies. Why is that Zman?

  5. As in any war, there are many campaigns and methodologies of opposition that typically come to bear during the course of events. The organizing campaign is indeed necessary and fundamental, but ultimately it may not be determinative because of macro issues. Some of us are working the problem from a different perspective (think skunk works) and there is robustness in this diversity of opposition.

  6. Mr. Derbyshire was quite complimentary about your output/quality ratio when I had the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago. Good to see a focus on de-emphasizing the e-drama queens. Success depends on depth and breadth of organization. Having a couple of those college age offspring, its interesting to see how they are managing the dissonance of having grown up in a “color blind” world, yet now increasingly find that race and gender are increasingly the only thing that matters. Seeing things like Google’s “purge all the white, cis-gendered, male” candidates from the pool (regardless of qualification) has been shocking to them.

  7. 1) on the addictive nature of e-celeb infighting. I’ve been realizing this myself lately. For months now I’ve been strangely proud to have given up TV almost entirely since there have been so many YouTube things to watch every night. But lately I’m getting exhausted, and realize I don’t care about the drama and it’s not even really that entertaining. Also, even the more content-driven creators don’t really excite me that much. So much of it is repetitive. The live streams are perhaps something like talk radio used to be–a way for people to vicariously “socialize” by listening to like-minded hosts gab about stuff. Considering how socially dangerous it is to be “out” as a red-pilled citizen, I can understand the impulse to assuage loneliness this way (and I do it myself). But I still wonder what “the next step” is.

    2) On the Confederate battle flag. I remember a State Fair I went to as a kid in the 1980s where they sold mini (maybe 12 inch) US and Confederate flags, and no one batted an eye. Lots of people could be seen carrying around the CSA flags. (this was around the time The Dukes of Hazzard was on in prime time TV)

  8. I’m not one of the old guard, though I’m not young enough to be considered of the same generation as the kids in this thing, but I tend to think people beating up on Taylor for his approach just don’t understand what it will take to get the “Chad/Stacy” normals involved, and grow the movement. I’ve played a couple of Jared Taylor videos for people I know (center-left and center-right boomers) and their reaction is to be attentive, and to come away with a good opinion of this guy and his ideas, even though he is cast as a devil by CNN and the SPLC. That kind of thing is worth its weight in gold to our movement. The younger kids with the sweep undercut hairstyles and the fascination with Italian futurism, etc., are harder-edged and harder for the normies to digest, but in their defense the young kids of the left are much more psychotic and vicious than their older Great Society counterparts, so I can’t blame the kids on the dissident right for their attraction to types like Evola or even Hitler. They’re facing a future that may be an annihilating abyss, not a debate. Fire can’t be met with anything but fire.

    • If the goal is to build a white identity movement it’s necessary to recognize that there are whites with a wide range of views and attitudes and that a wide range of approaches is required to reach them.

  9. I get virtue-signaled for my Avatar on a pretty regular basis. Today it was some obviously cucked mainstream conservative. Warms my heart every time that happens. They see the flag and it just starts them foaming at the mouth and spewing crazy non sequiturs.

  10. I’d be most appreciative z if you could expand and comment on the apparent contentious generational debate in the q and a Fuentes presentation in a future post.

  11. The people that are doing the quiet ground work now will be the ones to rely on for leadership in the future. The e-celebs are going to be flashes in the pan.

  12. Fuentes is obviously sharp, too sharp for his age. Eventually, with his talents he will end up with a good paying safe gig. God knows where if we aren’t all gulaged soon. Of course he touched the third rail repeatedly,so who knows.

    Still would like to know about Sailer’s absense on Taki. His only full article appeared there.

  13. Don’t sell yourself short, Z. You are my favorite blogger on the intrawebz, and I read just about everybody within a stone’s throw of Alt-rightism. Sailer does make me laugh the most though, the snarky bastard.
    I’m moving up to the DelMarVa next month to do my part to help the .gov spend itself into oblivion. I’d be honored to buy you a drink sometime.

    • Yeah …hope it doesn’t go to his head, but Z’s always one of my first 5 stops of the morning. (From there usually over to SS, then I skim Maggie’s for Outrage d’jour. Catch Derb @ Takis. I know I am only skimming the surface, but it’s enough to red-pill me for the rest of the day….LOL LOL) Z’s output is prodigious, considering he has a life to live as well. A national treasure, right up there with our (hopefully-soon-slimmed-down) National Monument system…=)

  14. Fuentes is…..NINETEEN? Holy moly. He’s a lot more confident and assured than I was at that age, and by a long shot, when my thoughts were mostly occupied by my bong and mostly elusive (at the time) fafuna.

    • If recall 19 i only had one objective – pussy, and not of the hat variety either. These youngsters, with their easy internet porn and their abnormal interest in politics sicken me:)

    • Information-wise Sailer is tops. But he’s not a natural writer. Far from it. I’d even say that he has difficulty writing.

      • It may be Sailer’s IQ is too high for most people to follow his thoughts. Irony drips from his pen. His mind sprouts spontaneously myriad insights and corralling them is not easy for readers to do hence he is blamed as being a poor writer.

        Dan Kurt

    • Sailer is great, but sometimes his bemused reaction, his arch in the face of tragedy, wears on my nerves. I understand you need a sense of humor to survive these times, but I always keep waiting for him to break bad, and he never does. He’s aware (very aware) for instance of the JQ, but he always tiptoes, and a cynical part of me thinks he is still holding out hope that one of the larger media organs may eventually come calling if there’s ever a big enough shift in the culture in our direction. All those shitbags like Ross Douthat read him (and steal liberally from him) though they’ll never admit it, so I guess I can’t blame Steve for hoping to get some credit or an invite from the people who constantly crib from him.

      • Sailer is radioactive to big media. His support of Eugenics and using genetic tech to create superior humans alone makes him a pariah.

        Then there’s the JQ that he’s always banging on. Again another reason why no one in the old media will acknowledge him.

  15. It would be amusing to see the rebel flag as the “x” in a larger “coexist” sticker on the Jag.

    • That could be a fun little geurrilla action. Make a bunch of little confederate flag stickers sized to just cover the (((x))) on your typical coexist bumper sticker, stick them on Prius’ and Subarus all over town, hang back and watch the freakout.

      • No chit. Today on the bike I fell in behind an econo-chitbox with bumper stickers that informed me that the vehicle was powered by b*tchdust, and that strong was the new sexy. I didn’t get a look at that swamp mamma driving it as I passed, but I did wish I still chewed tobacco and spit a lot.
        Putting the Stars And Bars on a car like that would be entertaining for the hysteria it would create… but it would also be a mockery of the men that fought under that flag too.
        If we don’t take our history and symbols seriously we can hardly complain when others don’t either.

    • It would be more fun to make a Trump bumper sticker that sort of looked like the “coexist” one, and put it on cars with the latter….

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