Bad Seeds

In a few years, the majority of children in the United States will be non-white. That means in a generation, the majority of adults will be non-white. Most white Americans do not understand this, but slowly they are starting to wake up to this reality. Whether or not our rulers fully grasp this or the implication of it is a mystery. It is entirely possible that their hatred for bad whites is so all-consuming that they have not thought it through. Or perhaps, as some people argue, the great replacement is the point of the project.

Regardless, the darkening of America will have consequences. This story on the 2017 NAEP test scores is a good example. The results, unsurprisingly, are not positive, but they are predictable. The race gap that has allegedly haunted the ruling class for generations has not changed a bit. Of course, that’s not in the press coverage, but you can easily find it by going to the source. The only change in the race gap happened when they added a category for mixed race, thus moving some blacks out of that group.


The comparison between whites and mixed race students is interesting.


Whenever these sorts of results are published, we get two predictable reactions. One is the Progressive lament about the schools. Left-wing Progressives will demand more money for the schools in order to fix all these terrible gaps. Right-wing Progressives will claim it is the fault of public schools and maybe unions. You can see some of that in the comments to the news story. The other response will be from the remaining stalwarts on our side of the divide, pointing out that biology refuses to yield to wishful thinking.

The thing is though, no one thinks much about what is going to happen as the the mix of students gets more swarthy. We are probably seeing that in these numbers. The gaps did not change, but the mix of students is changing. That means the results will continue to decline going forward. Maybe our rulers will keep yelping about the schools, but at some point, they will probably change the standards or start faking the data so the obvious is less obvious. That’s the thing about diversity. It can only work in a no-trust society.

Of course, it’s going to mean schools start competing with one another for white and Asian students. Since the foolish decision to desegregate schools, it has been a game of Old Maid, as school districts and municipalities employ clever ways to dump their unwanted blacks onto some other sucker. The future will have that plus rules to keep the children of ice people trapped in their schools. In time, a Democrat administration will create rules that prevent whites from moving away from blacks in order to “balance the schools.”

The state and city break down tells a familiar story. The test results track closely with demographics. A city like Detroit finishes at the bottom, because it is a black city, while Austin finishes at the top, because the black population is eight percent. The state breakdown is also familiar. It reveals that not all whites are the same, but the non-white population is very consistent. I took a look at the top-10 and bottom-10, along with the white population for each state. West Virginia is letting white people down.

The two outliers in the top-10 are states with high numbers of South Asians, as well as more blacks from the talented ten percent. The financial capital and the political capital of the world warp everything around them. Even Maryland feels some of it. Otherwise, the results track closely with the white population. That means if you want your state’s test score to improve, you need to attract Asian migrants and figure out how to encourage blacks to move to another state. You may want to pass on Hispanics too.

This is just one example of what happens when you get more diversity, but it is a good one. High quality public schools are largely an Anglo thing. It spread to the Continent, along with other liberal ideas, but is not a big deal in the rest of the world. East Asian societies are an exception. As America moves to majority-minority status and becomes a low-trust society, the very idea of public schools will probably disappear. How long before the people in charge figure out that testing is largely pointless and put an end to it?

Look around South America, that’s a pattern you see. The white population simply does not care all that much about the non-white population, beyond making sure they are not around them. A very similar pattern has existed in the Levant for centuries. Every hill and village is its own country. That’s the other thing about diversity. It breeds a callousness between different tribes of citizens. In one of life’s ironies, one of the first things that will die in the diversity paradise is civic nationalism. Ben Shapiro should plan accordingly.

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  1. Nuclear fusion is around the corner and the West is continuing to push renewables. Oil demand will weaken. What happens in the Mid East ,Africa ? They are forcing African immigration in the West and the Chinese are starting to take over East Africa. These different cultures will start to merge and eventually move IQs, hopefully, closing the race gap.

  2. No offense but you should probably leave the graph interpretation to Audacious E. I looked at the cited sources and there is a narrowing of gap since the 80s, and the mixed race data comparison is interesting, as is the gap between asians and whites.

  3. “People must see clearly the futility of maintaining the fight for social goals within the framework of civil debate … Where a government has come into power through some form of popular vote, fraudulent or not, and maintains at least an appearance of constitutional legality, the guerrilla outbreak cannot be promoted, since the possibilities of peaceful struggle have not yet been exhausted.”
    —Che Guevara wrote

  4. There’s a black swan on the horizon that I believe will sort out most of our demographic fears: Grand solar minimum, and the resulting global famine. The rules of the game are about to change dramatically.

    • A few years ago, I read a book called “Twilight of Abundance” by David Archibald predicting global famine due to global cooling. He also predicated a rise in food prices due to marginal farm land falling out of production and a mass die off in a band of Moslem countries running from Morocco to Pakistan due to food becoming unaffordable.

      Unfortunately, the liberals, cucks and pious Christians would send food shipments and import refugees in the case of a famine.

  5. It is true that African-Americans have lower average IQs than whites, but they land halfway between Africans and whites. So in another 400 years, they could rise another 15 points and make the sweet 100 average.

    That said, they’re not on the right trajectory. Broken families, not IQ, are to blame for their violent neighborhoods and social problems, but these also have a tendency to self-replicate. The only way to fix it is to apply the same fix applied to the Irish (i.e., smash the mob with gunfire, Kent State-style), and then help repair their family culture.

    Having worked with both Africans and African-Americans, the latter don’t think of Africans as blood brothers. They’d sooner rub shoulders with white Americans than Africans, and have a familiar working-class mentality and attitudes. If not for their broken families, they’d be on the right trajectory to become successful.

    The Browning of America is solely due to immigration. The African-Americans’ grandparents were born here, and they don’t want them, either.

    • Plenty of white broken families out there too. I know, I come from one. So where is the violence?

  6. Standing around on part of the Google campus right now. The future is Asian. And weird fat white chicks on Google bikes.

  7. It seems to me that the “Blank Slate” folks control not only the education establishment but the public purse and public policy. This is madness. Blank Slate-ism might have made sense (and been the virtuous position) fifty or so years ago, but it has no evidence to back it up now. Does anyone remember the 80s/90s trend of a very wealthy person “adopting” an inner city classroom, promising to pay their way through college? These children had mentors/tutors and every sort of enrichment possible. What happened to them? Can anybody point me towards a follow-up?

  8. 1. the wall will be built, and the inflow from the south will stop
    2. illegals will go back (some willingly, some not)
    3. blacks will be penned up in the deep south
    4. latinos here legally are almost white
    5. asian inflow will also be halted
    6. whites will mix with some asians, and some latinos
    7. overall things will settle down and start improving
    8. public school system, along with unis, will be replaced
    9. democratic party will be banned
    10. china implodes, leaving the US as lone top dog

    • You know, I miss the days when the Apaches and Commanches squeezed the territory.

      Fookin barbarians. Everyone was way afraid, Mexicans and Texicans alike.

      Not so much talk. And not so much becoming bitches to the new anglo overclass. Died with honor.

      I guess the people here probably never have grown old or warred or bore children. That is just sad.

  9. While I’m sympathetic to the spirit of the post, the designation of Mexicans as non-white is somewhat arbitrary. The Left considers them non-white so as to create a larger “oppressed” minority eligible for diversity Pokemon points and political favors. I’m all for cutting off immigration from south of the border, but it has nothing to do with genetic inferiority of the people down there, and the Alt-right or Dissident-right or whatever you want to call it will never, ever get any traction with arguments around genetic inferiority. You don’t need to go there to make your case for closing the borders.

    • The average IQ of Mexico is 88. The US is at 98, after being weighted down with non-whites. As Derbyshire says, life is an IQ test. Mexico’s disfunction, despite the geographic luck of being bordered by two oceans and the the most prosperous nation in history, is all you need to know.

      • “The average IQ of Mexico is 88.”

        We have a better education system; it’s part of our culture.

        And since you’re so hung up on IQ, I imagine you will be emigrating to make room for more Asians and Jews…

        • 83 IQ is the bottom of “trainable” (as determined by the USMC), so 88 is still useful. With a cadre (~5%) of 100+ IQ managers to make things keep working, a civilization can be kept going in Mexico.

      • USA 98, Mexico 88. Hooray!

        Meanwhile, as we bathe in ten-point advantages in IQ tests, Mexico reclaims much of its old pre-1848 territory.


    • The main reason that Mexico has the problems it has is mostly because it’s full of Mexicans. Are you Fred Reed?

      • >Are you Fred Reed?

        So, a mud dipper who uses the rest of his career to advocate immigration and racemixing to show that he didn’t throw his heritage down the drain?

    • You’re wrong. I’d go into the reasons why, but if you’re stupid enough to deny the reality that’s staring you in the face you’ll never accept them.

    • It’s the movie “Repo Man”.
      Below Baja, modern factories and hospitals- along with corpses hanging from overpasses.

    • You’re right – but keep in kind that the white elites of Mexico aren’t the folks pouring over our border. They’re doing fine, exporting social chaos with the sub-castes to the USA, ensuring that they’ll be fine for years to come.

  10. Hmm. I can see the downside of these demographic changes, as did astronaut George Taylor (“it’s a madhouse! A MADHOUSE!”). But then there’s the more optimistic view: “……… six months, we’ll be running this planet.” Maybe that’s how we look at things…………….

    • The downside is this. Once the whites are driven out of law enforcement, public utilities like water and power you will end up like Juarez or TJ. Corrupt and dangerous cops working for the gangs, dirty water and intermittent power. Roads and bridges that are falling apart.

      It won’t matter if you live in a exclusive zip code or gated community like Bob(Meathead) Reiner in Malibu when you have rolling blackouts, dangerous water on tap and are afraid to call the police.

      Business wise it will be a disaster, no company would dare set up shop in such a environment.

      That’s the end result of this. The stupid good whites and elites haven’t thought this through at all.

  11. I’m glad that my grandfather and my father didn’t live to see what’s coming. I’m old enough that I’ll be dead before the worst of it hits, but I will leave this world with a heavy heart.

    • Privileged enough, perhaps, to see the same things they saw. A man of the Golden Age!

  12. Nitpicking:

    Tax-funded compulsory state-controlled education is in fact a Prussian thing, established by decree of Frederick the Great in 1763.

    There were earlier public schools in Germany, Scotland, and Massachusetts but their purpose was to teach Protestant theology and were not always compulsory, tax-funded, or controlled by the state.

    Massachusetts adopted the Prussian education system in the 1840s to stick it to the Irish, and then it spread throughout America.

    Modern higher education is another Prussian innovation. Graduate degrees, actual research, and footnotes (technically ancient, but first standardized and required in Prussia) are all Prussian.

    • But WHERE do they become a minority? largely in tightly defined urban areas. Been staying up at night looking county by county as I work the next and final move. Much of America is still … America. Perhaps that’s a place to start.

  13. I should probably ask this on another alt-right forum but I’m not on one yet. Question, what do you guys think about those American flags with the blue stripe? (or is it purple, I can’t tell the difference) I still have the urge to be patriotic. And the blue stripe signifies that I still love the America that wants to protect me and my kind. On the other hand, I’ve always felt it’s wrong to mess with the design of the flag.

    • That’s the Thin Blue Line Flag which means you adore those who enforce the elites dictates if you fly one…No Thanks…

    • That’s for cops. They aren’t on your side. They are on the side of a paycheck. If the local government is still capable of rule of law (read red state like Tennessee). Sure. But, if you live in a blue state or a blue city, they aren’t on your side and if the order comes down they will fuck you over.

      This is not our country anymore. America is dead, just quit cold turkey.

      • Respectfully, it IS our country anymore. That’s the point we have to pound home. We have to return again and again to that fact. They (our betters) left us; we did not leave them, and we should neither move aside, or let their intellectual game stand. To do so is to go the way of the Wampanoag, the Delaware, the Mandan et al. Mental exercise: If these peoples had killed every European who landed, and banded together into an effective confederation, what might have happened? We took the place, built a civilization, and we’re now letting it be taken from us, largely by forces from within. We need to hold our ground — By Any Means Necessary (to borrow the LEFT’s own standard).

        Look up Fundamental and Transformation — if that’s not a clear indication of intent and the threat, and if it doesn’t suggest how dire our situation is from our own (once) family and what our few remaining courses of action must be (and if we cannot act), then I don’t think we have any hope.

      • Nuh Uh. Its our nation just occupied.

        We are right now word guerrillas if you’ll forgive such a clumsy construction not actual one but that may have to change.

        We won’t though and don’t deserve too until we can answer “What is our society going to be like, why is it better and how does it run”

        When we can do that, we’ll be worth

        As the Chinese say The Mandate of Heaven is

        Become Worthy

        Take Power

        Use Power

        and while the other side is unworthy, we are not yet worthy and so cannot win.

    • I should probably revisit the patriotism issue. What our side lacks is the emotional tug that you see with patriotism. Normie wants to feel like he is part of something bigger than himself. Flag waving does that, which is why ball games now resemble a Nuremberg rally. Our rulers are not dumb. It’s also why they freaked over the blacks kneeling during the anthem.

      • “Nuremberg rally” 🙂
        I do love that one. Of course they didn’t have the kiss cam at those rallies.

      • At least when pro-wrestling was doing it, it was kind of ironic and silly. Now the B2 Bomber flies over and you feel like bloody heads are rolling down steep steps.

      • Flag schmlag. The 3 nations in which I have lived; VA, SC and NC; were invaded, occupied and oppressed (still) by US flag cucks led by the biggest US flag cuck of all – Abe “lets send em back to Africa” Lincoln.

        The South is overrun with carpetbaggers and scalywags.

        Keep your dirty rag with the stars and stripes out of Dixie.

        How the liberty/alt-right community can get weepy for “old glory” or when eveyone stands for the “national” anthem and not gag on the hypocrisy – puhleez

        • No. I disagree. Our flag is great. It’s been hijacked. You’re letting them take it from us with your defeatist attitude. Fight, and it’ll be ours again one day. Giving in to abject cynicism is surrender. Despite everything, our flag STILL signifies freedom to most of the world. The red white and blue declares bravado like no other flag. On good looks alone it defies these fucking losers.

    • Frip; Fly the Gadsen[Don’t tread on me].Be forewarned that it has already been subject to censure. Perhaps a sure sign that this may be the banner that the alt-right needs.

      • Thanks for the suggestion Paw. I just never liked the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. In looks or words. The phrase is defensive. Literally emanating from a position of vulnerability–a skinny snake in the road fearful of being easily squashed under the big tire of government. I’d rather it be some fearsome mustelid with the moto “I WILL fuck you up.”

  14. I’m sorry, but who at this point hasn’t received the memo that public schools are cancer and sending your child to one consistutes child abuse? At best, in white suburbs, your kids will be learning about trans rights and putting condoms on bananas. That will be intermixed by screeds from truly stupid and lazy young Marxist harpes. At worst, you live in a majority minority (read black) where your kid will be subjected to daily rounds of violence, as Colin flaherty has so aptly demonstrated. Forget just moving away, you must opt out of the system altogether. Otherwise you are really codependent in a system of child abuse and sadism.

    • Been homeschooling for quite some time now but I think a better way is to go back to one room schoolhouses with 10 minimum and 30 maximum students of varying grade levels 1-8th and then another of 9-12th where you get into where you want your life to head and focusing on that…JMHO

      • One per neighborhood.
        The old neighborhood order would apply when kids can walk to school.
        But then, stampeding the cattle is the order of the day, innit?

        • Amen Brother… They want to keep them milling around and running into each other instead of busting down the gate…Sad that so many supposedly awake people fall for it…

    • Some of the public schools are okay. I live in a good school district in a St. Louis suburb. My my son has a Trump sticker and confederate flag on the back of his cell phone, and he once accidentally had a hunting knife in his backpack, and they have tolerated all this pretty well. He did have a dust up with a lesbian SJW teacher. He felt she was grading him unfairly, so he found an online picture of her in handcuffs at some protest, and circulated it throughout the school.
      The administration got us all together and resolved it pretty fairly. Unfortunately they do have some inner city transfer students, which has made my kids racial realists at an early age. If we lived in most public school districts, they would be in private school.

  15. In time, a Democrat administration will create rules that prevent whites from moving away from blacks in order to “balance the schools.”

    How can the government legally prevent people from moving?

    • You mean, how will they?

      The Obama administration started the ball rolling. In the future, the federal government will link federal aid to diversity levels. Housing construction will have to follow strict quotas. When you sell your house you will need to prove you made a good faith effort to sell to non-whites. In 20 years, the diversity consultant haunting corporations will be another mouth to feed at settlement.

      • New Jersey already has a departure tax if you own multiple homes. It’s relatively easy to avoid, but the precedent has been set.

      • I know about the obama administration efforts to link federal aid to diversity levels. What about if counties/communities decide to forgo federal aid?

        • A very few have, or have tried, to avoid some programs.
          But there are many, many programs.

          We really are becoming a nation where one half is employed watching the other.
          Compliance may be our biggest industry.

      • It’s already started. I have a friend in Charlotte, NC who had to move mountains to pull his kid from a mediocre, “diverse”, public school to a charter school more suited to the kid’s special needs.
        He was flat out told he couldn’t move his kid out because a) their test scores would plunge and b) it would make their racial balance sheets look bad.

        • I guess in such situations the choice is private school, home school, or one simply relocates to an entirely different city.

          • one simply relocates to an entirely different location preferably rural/small community…
            That’s your best option and then when you get there be the voice against it happening there…Its hard for the sheep to recognize the wolf(dressed like a sheep) when they haven’t seen the mask come off…

          • Banker told me you are whatever race you put down on your loan application. He is delighted if you put down a minority.

          • What if I identify as a transgender vulcan? Can I put that down on the loan application?

        • Home school or lose your children.

          For what its worth, public schools have been pulling this shit since the 70’s at least and haven’t been interested in education only political conditioning since the 60’s

      • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the thin edge of the wedge which eventually destroyed the right of Americans to choose with whom they wish to associate. Senator Barry Goldwater, who was no bigot, voted against the measure on that basis – and was roundly condemned for it. Time and events have proven him correct.

      • Already if u develop a subdivision and want hud money 10 percent of it or so has to go to apartments. The locals raise hell about it, so developers put in elderly facilities instead as a loophole.

        • Yeah, I’m seeing assisted living and other kinds of retirement facilities being built in my area of the city. Now that you mentioned it, this may well be the dodge around standard apartments or, worse, section ape housing.

      • Yep.

        Back in the 70’s the government bussed kids all around town to make it diverse and to integrate schools

        The backlash was intense though a backlash intense enough to deal with future USA will not be at the ballot or soap box level

  16. Getting rid of public schools will be very difficult given that their main goal is to provide cushy union jobs for those who reliably vote Democrat. It’s the same reason why the Dems push for nationalized health care–its workers would represent millions of permanent Democrat voters.

    • All those schools cost a lot of money. They don’t have the money. The money is borrowed. In Chicago, they now borrow the money to pay off past loans. Sooner or later they’ll be unable to keep all the balls in the air and the whole rotten edifice will collapse.

      • This is the whole point – the ‘edifice’ is the USA itself, at any rate all those inhabitants who have wealth. It’s the beauty of democracy, that all those 1500-page spending bills passed without debate are owned by ‘the representatives of the people’ – i.e., us.

        Our electoral system itself ‘legalizes’ the total appropriation of public wealth. It’s why at every turn ‘public apathy’ can be blamed for every catastrophe. I can watch Paul Ryan lecture me on how wrong I am to have any doubtful thought in my mind. And he’s on “my team”.

        Democracy: Whatever happens, “we” voted for it, so it’s our wallet and our rights that get rifled. Ignorance of the law is no excuse: If you didn’t take a six-month leave from work to contemplate a 5000 page omnibus spending package, then who are you to comment?

        I never cared for Voltaire – a self-righteous prig – but his final message in ‘Candide’ makes sense to me: Ignore all of the ‘big picture’ shit, and plant a garden. Of course here in NY, our cretin governor may at any moment declare unapproved tomato plants ‘illegal’, with heavy fines, while overlooking acres of pot in the more obscure counties…

        It’s been called ‘anarcho-tyranny’. For fun I propose ‘anarcho-kafkaism.’

    • Good call. Never saw that.
      The UK’s NHS is one of the largest employers in the world, up there with the Chinese Army and Indian Rail.

      Heh. So that’s what they mean by “a necessary transition to a service economy”:
      A government economy, a political economy, a soviet socialist republic.
      Viva Brasyl, Viva Mexico, Viva Venezuela!

  17. you wrote: “Or perhaps, as some people argue, the great replacement is the point of the project.”

    I don’t think replacement is the point of the project…more like augmentation…or perhaps replacing the white babies that white parents no longer have in great numbers…
    those at the top of society like money…and they want more money…they run america (and the West) like a livestock operation…more livestock, more money…
    the economy is at least 70% consumer demand…they want more consumers so the GDP will and corporate profits will grow …more $$$ for them…

    they increase the population via immigration…all those vibrant brown bodies that consume and make babies…hey, so what if some european females get raped? ….more babies–>more human livestock–>more consumer demand–>more profits–>asset prices increase…

    • to expound–one big reason our elites love immigrants is that immigrants have nothing to lose by having sex and making babies…western whites are trying to get the big house and the nice car…they are chasing social status…having a big family is not social status…having a big house and a nice car is social status…and whites know they have a chance at getting it…if they can avoid being held down by kids…so they go to college and chase careers and put off kids…
      now immigrants come here and have little to lose by having kids…their job choices are usually janitor, laborer, etc…or go on welfare…and to get welfare you have to have kids in america, usually…so what do they have to lose by having kids? In fact in most of america if you have a lousy job but have kids, you can get welfare…
      so they go nothing to lose…

      now the establishment knows this…those at the top make money off of the economy–the economy is 70% or more consumer demand…so the elites at the top of our institutions love immigrants because immigrants bring the increase in their herds…not only via sheer numbers of immigrants brought into the country, but also via the increase in the size of the herd via the babies they are willing to have…that whites are NOT willing to have…

        • we definitely headed for a reckoning…as the grateful dead song says, “trouble ahead, trouble behind, and you know that notion just crossed my mind”

      • I don’t care about “chasing a career”. Myself and a lot of other whites just don’t want a bunch of screaming kids. And I don’t want, and surely couldn’t handle, the tremendous responsibility. I feel loyal to the alt-right but I’m not going to start making babies for the cause. For fuck’s sake!

      • Your overuse of the ellipsis breaks up the continuity of your writing and is quite distracting.

      • The immigrants are also generally content to live in their neighborhoods and do their thing. The multi-generation locals ask too many questions, and do things like demand accountability, force people to play by the rules, and then they go and elect Trump. The elites have had enough of all that.

        • The elites look at the uniformly white ruling families of Latin America, and they are jealous.

          A brown America is a stupid America, a giant version of Peru, with lots of cash and treasure to be squeezed out of the middle class. After that? – who cares? Ask Alaric what he intended to do after sacking Rome.

  18. We had peace as a long as whites could simply move away from black aggression and dysfunction.

    What is going to happen if this is no longer an option?

    I predict white kids will begin to form gangs to protect themselves. it wont happen right away, but it will happen.

    • “I predict white kids will begin to form gangs to protect themselves.” – This would not be allowed to stand. The police know who and where the Crips/Bloods/Gangs are and have gang crime units. Job security. In the city closest to me, years ago, the police accidently published the names and addresses of gang members. Uproar and apologies ensued. White gangs would be treated differently. Oppressed not only by police(more shot cops) and not tolerated by the good whites. Technology and resources would be brought to bear. Back(1984) to the future(1984).

      • That just means that the police and the legal system are part of the problem. Eventually, whites will either revolt against the system, take hostages, make demands, find a way to force the police to back off — or die out.

      • Police everywhere think only of going home at night, When they take casualties every time they enter certain areas they stop going into those areas.

        This happens in the US, in Europe, parts of Asia, South America everywhere

        Cops also aren’t much above average in smarts, they can use tech but they aren’t going to making it

        There are plenty of ways to deal with them and political handlers

        The Left has already done this and while we shouldn’t now , I’m not advocating for it but we know it works

        Fear of Assassination, Left Wing Violence Lead GOP Lawmakers to Quit, Republican Congressman Says

        This was Newsweek Headline BTW not Alex Jones

        Problem here is simple. The Right White at this time are cowardly, comfortable and so individualistic that the very idea of collective anything causes them soil their pants

        Training? Yes

        Guns? Hell yes

        Will ? Fuck No.

        Once they get past the mental hurdles the blood will tell and they can deal with the people who stand in their way with aplomb .

        I think everyone knows that as each day passes the chances for repatriation and peace declines and the only hope for a future is going Fash.

        I don’t want it, you don’t want but unless Trump and others like him are wildly successful you’ll need it

        Or you can die in the camps. Up to you and you alone

        In case anyone thinks I’m calling for war, I’m not .Take advantage of the Trump reprieve , Trumprive ?

        Buying another AR or some supplies is easy. Do the hard stuff, learn to cooperate without being infiltrated, get fit and get dangerous

        Even if we win on all counts, you still are better off for it.

    • The alt right is one such gang, when their members meet locally. The reason the alt right became a phenomenon around 2015 is because a critical mass of young men realized they faced a bleak future and and they couldn’t “move one more exit down the freeway” to escape it.

      • Its how things will start. I think the white youth gangs will be something quite different..they will combine politics and crime in a very different way. I can foresee them becoming unbelievably vicious. in the same way white prison gangs are.

        • Asian youth gangs are the most ruthless and vicious of all. High IQ crosses with “don’t give a f***”. Nice.

          • Or the Rollerboys who almost sterilized the entire drug addict population of dystopia L.A. in the under appreciated movie Prayer of the Rollerboys

            Or even better a high functioning model like the Cajun Navy or Militia of Michigan or hell a Union or a Grange Hall

            Before TV the US population was rather good at this kind of organization and Y/T can be again.

  19. With one or two black kids in the class, the blacks do well. The teacher still maintains high standards for the class, the other kids around them ask smart questions and the white girls are worth keeping in line for. When there is a majority black, it becomes a shit show of status showing among the boys which turns the girls into a rabble.

  20. So what this means for the future is that those nations that remain majority White/Asian will thrive while the West crumbles, i.e. Eastern Europe, Russia and East Asia. It means a massive shift of the world’s economic and intellectual power.

    I hold out a sliver of hope that Americans, who already know this on some level, will start to act in a way that reflects the need to preserve our culture but that sliver of hope grows slimmer every day.

    • I hold out a sliver of hope that Americans, who already know this on some level, will start to act in a way that reflects the need to preserve our culture but that sliver of hope grows slimmer every day.

      Most people don’t know how to act to save their culture… That’s the main problem facing even the alt-right…

      • Three words.

        Low Asian Fertility

        The future belongs to those who show up for it and fertility rates are on par or lower than the West in all of South Asia

        For the next few year demographic momentum will keep China on top but its not the Chinese century. Its nobodies simply because every society with a high two digit IQ and impulse control is on or starting to reach its social carrying capacity even the Middle East

    • All of of the Far East and Slavland is either a Shithole or doomed to dysfunction. Aside from the already mentioned birth issue there’s how Russia with Slavland has a growing population of Achmeds, hate speech laws, HIV, and a president who’s no less of a pozmonger than Trump is. Have you SEEN Russia Times?

      China’s century is nothing other than a meme. No less than India’s. Peddled by Pajeets and Wangs with delusions of grandeur. Japan is one of the few shining jewels but alas it’s in a demographic danger. Singapore’s highest growing population is Muslim. There is no paradise to retreat to. Stop being a damn coward and stand in your home.

    • Milo is a self-correcting problem. Shapiro is a real enemy of white people and he knows it. He works hard to keep everyone talking about pointless bullshit, so the great replacement can continue unabated.

      • Zman, I would be interested to hear more details on your dislike of Shapiro. I respect your intellect, and view you as brutally honest, but I generally have had a favorable view of Shapiro. He is on campuses defending pro-life positions, and appears to disagree with the blank slate theories. After being a life-long NR reader, I did a 180 when I saw how fake they were, so I am open to new data. I am not defending Shapiro, but I just don’t know enough about him to know what the problems with him are.

        • Shaprio was forced to leave Breitbart along with a sue happy female reporter who claimed Corey Landowski attacked her. Shapiro wrote a bunch of fake stores falsely accusing Landowski. It blew up in his face. He thought he could take down Trump with that.

          Nobody missed him when he left Breitbart. Everyone knew he had a agenda.

          • Thanks, good to know. I don’t want to get suckered into wasting time on posers and liars like I did with NR. It’s a shame, because he does seem to be talented, but those are the ones you have to watch out for.

        • You are correct to focus on Ben Shapiro as an important case to study because he is representative of many socially conservative civic nationalists. On many issues he is a valuable ally. However, he insists that we not acknowledge race, and if you believe race is central to the problems we face then he is an obstruction to the solution to our problems. He uses his considerable intelligence and speaking ability to direct his followers away from the truth we must face.

          In summary, if you believe race blind civic nationalism leads to disaster, Ben Shapiro is your opponent.

          • Ben Shapiro tweeted on 6-17-17:

            And by the way, I don’t give a good damn about the so-called “browning of America.” Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.

            Really, how many browns agreed with your ideology. How many members of your own tribe do?

        • Shapiro is one of the conservative types who’s willing to follow the evidence to any solution as long as it remains in the current Overton window. Because of that he serves as a guard of acceptable thought on the right.

          If you ask him what’s caused Detroit to become Detroit you’ll get “the war on drugs” or “bad taxation policies.” Sure, a case could be mad for either of those as suboptimal, but those policies are the same in Seattle, SF and thousands of other cities. Then he’ll search for a black guy to agree with him to prove he’s not racist.

          You won’t get the real answer. By maintaining the high crime of racism is more important than the truth he is limited to solutions within a leftist moral paradigm. A moral Paradigm that has to change.

          • “Sure, a case could be mad for either of those as suboptimal, but those policies are the same in Seattle, SF and thousands of other cities.”

            Doesn’t that prove Ben’s point? SF and Seattle are hell holes with no blacks. Liberal policies, plain and simple.

          • You’ll never find a White area in America like Detroit. And San Fancisco is infested with Beaners, Yellows, and fags.

  21. I finally decided to leave my sweet spot in coastal California when I learned that many of the elementary schools in my county were close to half Hispanic and rapidly climbing. The white fools in that beautiful area are being demographically conquered by their gardeners and nannies and they’re congratulating themselves on their unrivaled virtue the whole way.

    Before I decided to leave, I was active in local anti-illegal immigration politics and received mostly scorn from the good whites there. They are going to have to learn the hard way, if they learn at all.

    • As has been said before around here, minority white populations in Latin countries behave quite differently than the shrinking white majority populations of Europe and America. One race realist, one cucked. Before that change can happen, if it does, our Third Republic has to fail rather spectacularly. Lots of cracks appearing in that damn. Bankruptcy is the beginning of reason.

  22. The world is going to shit. It sucks because it’s not really the POCs fault, the toxicity is inside them. No matter how hard they run, they can’t escape their genes.

      • Lost faith in each other I would say and trust that they would have people in their corner when they stood up and said no…

      • We may have tripped, but we were also pushed. We have two problems to solve.

      • The culture decided to value the trappings of the tribal and violent black gang subculture, from clothes to language to “bring a gun to a knife fight” gangbanging to living in a simulacrum of poverty at the upper end of things (graffiti as art and “pimp my ride”). With the trappings came the subculture for real. Imagine that, who could have expected it?

        • Why do you think that “the culture decided to value the trappings of the tribal and violent black gang subculture?” Who wields effective control over the mass media and the recording industry?

          • Sucked the kids right in, didn’t they?

            Personally, I think the biggest motivation there was to score an easy bunch of big bucks out of it, societal damage be damned, but I could be wrong.

          • Lyor Cohen, the guy in the middle of the Kanye photo.

            (Described as the “Henry Ford of rap”, even though Grandmaster Hebe, a black producer, started it.)

      • Yes!!!! Hard ‘up-vote’. Specifically, American males lost the will to be men. I think it started in earnest post-WWII, and accelerated under the incessant attacks of our own intellectual and creative classes. Perhaps some did maintain the will in their own families and lives, but the lost it relative to the culture at large. This failure of American men is, I believe, directly related to the loss of will to maintain our culture. You can see this wobbling become apparent once the propaganda supporting “the good war” was no longer needed. By the 60s, Hollywood and our Eastern intelligensia had completely vacated the myth of an America founded on Euro-Western primacy and belonging.

        • My very conservative Millenial friend’s 16 y.o. daughter says that half- literally half- of her high school’s boys are gay.

          • I notice that in my smallish Western city — now under an unremitting onslaught of transplants from over the hill in California. So many effeminate young males now. It’s as if the entire masculine ethic has been damaged beyond repair for them, and they’ve decided it’s best to retreat into sterile, foppish girlhood — no threats, all is light, fun and drama-filled. Forty years ago, a strong manly ethic prevailed here. Gone.

  23. Great post, Zman. It touches on a lot of the areas I comment on here. Writing from the perspective of a white person in the American Southwest, all I can say is that the demographic battle is already lost. The future belongs to those who show up, and they will be Hispanic and Asian. Not so sure about the East Coast.

    Everything else you touched on in this post is already happening. The coming reality is that we will go through a process of gradually lowering standards to accommodate a lower IQ population. Many colleges are dropping SAT or ACT requirements in order to increase diversity. Soon your lawyer will be named Frito and you will see Dr. Lexis.

    Brazil is probably the right model. The elite population will be mixed race, but largely white and Asian. In my business, which is very high IQ, I am in the minority as a white male. I hold no ill will toward my non-white peers, and value their contributions and friendship greatly. We white people are simply going to have to learn how to operate in a pluralistic society.

    We didn’t vote for this, but here it is anyway. Vox Day keeps saying that we need to send them home, but that will never happen. Best to learn to live in the world made for us.

    • Yeah. Ask the Boers how that’s going for them. It’s so nice that you treasure your non white friends, I sure they feel the same way about you and would never think about harming you or your family when the S hits the F. Good luck to you sir, you’re going to need it.

    • We white people are simply going to have to learn how to operate in a pluralistic society.

      This could also be said as, “White people just need to lie back and take it.”

      The reality is, there is no such thing as a pluralistic society. Instead, it will be a war of all against all, tribe against tribe, because there will be no rich uncle to smooth things over with gobs of cash.

        • It’s hard to have big slums like Brazil n the USA north of Memphis or so, too cold. Imagine living in a corrugated shed in north Dakota. I assume south Brazil is colder too.

        • Brazil is a very weird county in a lot of ways.

          On the upside for them, they were able to transition to below replacement fertility in an incredibly short time frame moving from like 7 to 1.78 , less than the US !

          Puerto Rico in some ways is like Brazil with many resident there being mixed race. Its TFR is like 1.5

          All the other societies embracing multiculturalism seem to be on the same low fertility trajectory which makes me wonder if the side effect of all that mixing is so little attachment to society people simply stop having kids.

      • NO, we do not have to just lie back and take it…yes, we are beyond the point where we can fix america…but we can still carve out large sections of america as white homelands…but in order to get that concession from the establishment, whites are are gonna have to hurt them in the wallet really bad…whites are gonna have to take down the economy…guerrilla warfare would do it…

    • So we should be a bunch of pillow biters and mentally go somewhere else while this happens to us?

      • I think my point was that, at least in the Southwest, it has already happened. The battle is lost, the horse left the barn, the water is under the bridge, the cake is already baked–pick your metaphor. The time to “do something” about it was 20-30 years ago. We failed. Now we have to live with the consequences, many of which will not be pleasant. But hey, at least we have good ethnic restaurants!

    • We white people are simply going to have to learn how to operate in a pluralistic society.

      I think it’s more accurate to say we are going to have to listen and obey as we are told how to operate in a pluralistic society.

    • Like Zman says there is no thing as a pluralistic society. Especially where whites are the despised minority. you are mistaken. The brown skins and Asians are highly tribal, nepotistic and corrupt and when they see they have the political and economic clout on their side they will step on us. Even you so called professionals will be fair game. It doesn’t matter if you wear a suit and tie. You’re white, you’re a minority with no rights and hence fair game.

      You really think a race warrior like Kamala or those like her give a rats ass about plurality and rule of tlaw? They don’t, they are thugs cut from the same cloth as those 3rd world kleptocrats south of the border.

      • Nail meet Hammer…Look at all the examples we have throughout the world but since this is America(Majic Dirt intentionally misspelled) it will somehow be different and we will all be just one big happy family…Think about it, who in the first place way back when told us that it’s a good idea to do this…Give you a hint the same people that want you killed or in slavery today…Glad some people get it…

    • Best to learn to live in the world made for us.

      I guess for beta types with families, obligations, and passive natures that will be the best policy. Perhaps that’s the majority of the white population now. But don’t expect any of the promises and understandings under the old system to be honored in the new accommodated world. It’s like Z has said numerous times, the institutions of high trust societies, i.e. societies based on the rule of law, don’t tend to work the way whitey expected them to in the new browner world.

    • “Pluralistic society” – don’t make me laugh. The term “pluralism” comes from Isaiah Berlin as far as I know. (A good historian of ideas by the way. He should be read by everyone.) But these people we’re letting in don’t have the IQ to understand Berlin or pluralism, so we’re getting tribalism instead. Big difference.

      If they’re not tribal enough to begin with, identity politics will make sure they are.

    • Vox Day is an American Indian mix, and lives in Italy. He’s already fled America, he’s really not a trusted source for strategy, but his blog is otherwise excellent. Lately he’s been taking the piss out of Jordan Peterson. He’s good at that sort of thing, but it’s a parlor game.

      • “Vox Day is an American Indian mix, and lives in Italy…Lately he’s been taking the piss out of Jordan Peterson.”

        VD is a petulant little prick with a Napoleon complex who has to beg people on the internet for money. Not surprising he’s attacking Jordan Peterson, a wise man who’s actually successful at the new medium of internet video. His blog is an amen chorus; he and his minions will savagely attack anyone who dares to express a contrary opinion. Oh, and he’ll spam you with Jewish propaganda if you’re stupid enough to put an email address up there. Haven’t visited his shit show of a blog in months.

        • “VD is a petulant little prick with a Napoleon complex…His blog is an amen chorus; he and his minions will savagely attack anyone who dares to express a contrary opinion.”

          Writes the Peterson fanboy of Vox Day.

  24. Z: “That’s the thing about diversity. It can only work in a no-trust society.”

    Well put, albeit depressing. I’m familiar with the phrases “high-trust” and “low-trust”, but I’ve never read “no-trust”. Funny in a sad way.

    No trust. Yes. I feel that way. I’m new to the alt-right. This spring is the first time that I haven’t hoisted the American flag on my house. I saw it in my garage the other day and just thought, yeah right. No thanks.

    • In a “no trust” society, people go out to simply strip the joint of anything that is not tied down or guarded by big guys with weapons. The elites have been doing it for years, and it is spreading to big parts of the rest of our culture now.

      • South African “Kill the Boer, Bring Me My Machinegun” style of cultural improvement. Resulting in expensive food, bad money, Chinese investment & control.

  25. I think the Brazilification model makes a lot of sense, and also explains why Trump is so adamant about that Wall. I’ve heard everyone from Noam Chomsky to Jared Taylor talk about how the elite have to literally helicopter above the teeming brown and black masses (with something like twenty castes based on skin color?) in these Third World countries. But the portion of the elite that doesn’t want to feel like they’re living in hiding (or have their limo turned over in the streets when they opt out of air travel) knows there must be some checks on the browning and blackening. Pretty much all good cops and good soldiers come from the ranks of badwhites. You get rid of badwhites, and what you have is what you had with these phony black law schools and grade fudging in Atlanta, only without the outside bodies coming in to break the scandals. Black and brown people policing other black and brown people is like Marion Berry being Bill Cosby’s wing-man on a double date.

  26. Tribalism is making a comeback. The country is already splintering. You can see it even in the legal system, with judges trying to block the President’s initiatives and NOT being impeached. You CANNOT rely on justice from the justice system; you CANNOT rely on representatives in Congress to represent you; you CANNOT rely on the police to “protect and serve” in many places. Conservatives have lost completely; the old institutions are jumping the shark.

    As if that wasn’t enough, nonwhites are trying to destroy the culture and history of Whites, while screaming “cultural appropriation” if Whites dare to partake in anybody else’s culture. Well, guess what? You do away with a race’s nation, laws, and culture, then the only thing left is race. After all, the blacks and the Hispanics are all about their own race before everyone else; it makes no sense for Whites to go on trying to carry on as if “equality before the law” was still something to take for granted. So good old-fashioned race segregation will come roaring back no matter how loudly the blue-haired Carrie Nations of the modern university system scream “racism” and “white supremacy.”

    All the liberals will have accomplished, in the long run, is to remind Whites of all the reasons why they needed to be “bigoted” in previous centuries in the first place.

    • Too many whites are still delusional, and clinging to that delusion so closely that I’m afraid some of them may be lost causes. Scott Adams, Ben Shapiro, and other alt-lite types think the cavalry is coming to the rescue and we’re experiencing a paradigm shift…because the rapper that mud-shark Kim Kardashian is fucking has tweeted some nice things about Trump. The prospects are not as dark as the future of Africa, but sometimes I think it’s dim.

      • Far too many are afraid of not being part of the in crowd. One of the results has been “good thinking and bad thinking”. Even if what is said makes no sense, people are afraid to point it out. Perhaps they haven’t read about Emperors clothing.

        What comes to mind is the saying of the difference between a liberal and a conservative is a mugging. Slowly a portion of the population is waking up to what is happening. One can look at the number of home schooled children to get an indication.

        We already have a certain amount of segregation in this country, it is just not overt. One can look at certain housing areas around the Imperial Capitol and see that the prices are kept at a level to keep out the riff raff.

        What will being interesting is when more white people are “mugged” will they start acting on the behalf of their children or not.

  27. White people can at least get revenge. Jews pushed Mass Invasion by Diversity and filled newcomers with anti-white hatred.

    So, what whites must do for revenge is spread the word to non-whites that Jews got the most wealth, most privilege, most power, and control media, foreign policy, and etc.

    Whites should side with Muslims and Arabs against Jews. Why not? Jews incite whites to invade and kill Muslims OVER THERE and then incite Muslims to hate whites OVER HERE.

    So, if it’s a given that whites will face demographic demise, they can at the very least get even with Jews by siding with Diversity to bring down Judeo-Nazi Power.

    • So what happened in the 60s?
      Why did we go crazy?

      The you-know-whos got involved.

      Juice casualties in Vietnam: 270, or .046%.

      While the rest died, they avoided the draft in college, leaving a well educated cohort in place to dominate in political science, legal/judicial, financial, academic, and media sectors.

      Their community organizers stirred up civil rights campaigns, creating demand for givernment intervention in society.

      The war itself was an Opium War, a bid to wrest control of the Golden Triangle from the (((Soviets))), and from Mao, who’s (((advisors))) had expanded the HSBC empire.
      The privateers of the CIA East India Company conducted a concurrent operation in Indonesia, warring for control of the gateway banks for money laundering.

      As with Afghanistan today, we gained an opioid (heroin) crisis and gangs- creating yet more demand for government expansion.

      Sending your competitors to die fighting wars for you, while you take their place at the top, was a repeat.

      It had already given us Balfour’s Declaration to Lord Rothschild along with the Federal Reserve and income tax, and then the war to save puppet frontmen Stalin and Mao.

      As well as a dumping ground for nationalists in Israel, and razzia raiding bases in Rothschild Britain’s Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Pakistan (the former Raj).

      Meanwhile, the WASPs were steadily being replaced in the USA.

      • What next for us, then?
        You bet it’s Greater Brazil.

        (((Tenner))) has ousted Lula and Dilma in a coup, once they revived Brasyl’s economy.
        Soros now controls PetroBras.

        A neat detail- Tenner’s beauty pageant wife has a neck tatoo, a ‘brand’- meaning she is owned, literal chattel.

      • My apologies to the Z-host and the Z-audience, I think belaboring the JQ is a distraction from what Z is trying to cultivate.

        Triggered. Not an excuse.
        It seems that the rabbis are quietly beginning to normalize their relationship with their Muslim enforcers in Europe.

        We used to wonder why the (((Left))) and Islam seemed to recognise each other, the Red-Green alliance.

        Trying to be quiet, but started yapping again today. Again, my apologies.

  28. This is light posting? Thanks for whipping out your ” . . . first foray into the world of sloth”, then. Enjoy your rest, thank you, my hat is off.

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