The Death of Sportsball

Down at the Hater’s Ball, we were joking around at the banquet about the things you stop enjoying when you become race aware. Pop culture is an obvious one, given the absurd levels of anti-white vitriol we see on TV and in movies. I mentioned that sports stop being fun, as you spend all your time noticing the propaganda and lose track of the games. I am not the first guy to notice this. At Mencken last year, I was hanging out with a couple of people who despised sportsball because of the endless racial agitation in it.

Back in Lagos, I am enjoying my free evenings by watching some television and catching up on some movies. I happened to catch about five minutes of a basketball game. It was Cleveland versus Toronto. The announcers were carrying on like LeBron James had just cured cancer, whenever he put the ball in the hoop. Some famous black guy was on the sidelines doing back flips for some reason. It was like watching a bizarre African circus, but the stands were packed with whites. I lasted about five minutes and turned it off.

The NBA has always been an odd business. The people who own the teams are the types who do business from card tables and folding chairs. They keep a bug-out bag ready and leave their car idling in the parking lot, just in case. The owners are all Jewish. The players are all black. The fans are all white. The NBA is pretty much a long running advertisement for upside down world, where blacks are the elite and whites are at the bottom. It is, in many respects, a metaphor for where we are as a society in the current age.

Anyway, it got me wondering how these sportsball leagues remain in business, despite their hostility toward their customers. Going to sporting events is a civic nationalist sort of thing if you think about it. It is the last place we have where people from the community can meet in public and enjoy something together. The downtown shopping area is dead. Malls are dying off. The movie theater has been replaced by the home theater system. A sportsball game is one of the last public gathering places we have now.

As with so much of our society, the sportsball model assumes the sorts of social arrangements that come with an 80% white society, where people trust one another and take pride in their place. You have an emotional attachment to the local teams because they represent local pride, even if the players are mercenaries. In a world where all relationships are transactional and one place is as good as another, what is the point of following the local team? That seems to be showing up in surveys like this about the NBA.

Another tell that sportsball is headed for a bad time is what is happening with college sports. There, fan loyalty has the added hook of attendance. Alabama football not only plays on state loyalty, they have tens of thousands of graduates who can show their pride by supporting the football team. That means donations. Talk to the people who fund raise for athletic departments and they will tell you that the younger graduates are far less willing to give than previous generations. The “culture of giving” is not there with millennials.

It is not just the changing demographics of America; it is the berserk impulse by the people running the sportsball leagues to destroy what makes sports appealing. Here is a story about how NASCAR is trying to grovel at the altar of multiculturalism. I can guarantee you that not a single racing fan in the South has said to his friend, “You know what would make NASCAR perfect? More blacks.” Sports used to be an escape and a celebration. Today, even NASCAR is a sermon and warning. How is that sustainable?

The funny thing is the sportsball leagues appear to understand that their model depends on fooling whitey about their intentions. I went to opening day for the Lagos baseball team and the pre-game ceremonies would have made Leni Riefenstahl blush. I enjoy some flag waving still, but I was offended by the volume and intensity of it. There were calls to hero worship the military, the cops, some civic group they trotted out. I went to see a baseball game and instead I got an Orwellian rally to celebrate the great leader and his works.

The reason they lay it on so thick is they feel they have to. They say flag waving is the last refuge of a scoundrel, so a sport worried about its appeal will resort to claiming it is your patriotic duty to love baseball. Looking around at the crowd that day, I saw very few non-white faces. It was all white families and white businesspeople skipping out of work. Baltimore is a 70% black city that has to import its sports fans. When America is 70% non-white, from where will they import their fans then? Will it matter?

Given what has happened with the NFL ratings the last few years and the drop in live attendance for all sports, sportsball is in for a rough time. Professional sportsball is not the same business as selling cheap junk from China. For sportsball to work, there has to be an emotional bond between customer and team. That means the fan has to trust the owners of the team are on their side. In our deracinated, low-trust society, which cannot happen. Therefore, it is hard to see how the sportsball model holds up much longer.

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  1. Take a Friday evening and head out to the local high school football game. Or an evening and go to the baseball game. Sit in the baseball stands with about 10 rows. Sit by the band. Go to the concession stand and buy something and support the band (ticket sales go to the team). Go to Dairy Queen after the game. Go have some real fun!

  2. I’m not sure if many people know this or not but NASCAR is run out of NYC by Jews.

  3. In my big, brown country the biggest game in town is run by cucked bugmen. They are trying to work out how to balance the old boys club they smooched so much arse to inherit with the screeching corporations they sold the game out to. Now the clubs are getting very worried as their game and the players are being sacrificed on the alter of transexualism, homosexualism and multiculturalism.

  4. One quibble: The reason the “culture of giving” is dying at universities has little to do with the whims of younger grads and more to do with their bank accounts.

    This is another way the student loan racket is eating the schools’ own seed corn. Graduates stuck in low-paying jobs, paying off ruinous debt for years and years, aren’t going to be writing a whole lot of checks to support the old alma mater.

    It’s funny when you think of it. Schools are repeating the same dumb mistakes as their students. The students take out ruinous debt in the expectation that they’ll be able to pay it all off with big paychecks in the future. Then they’re shocked and confused when those big paychecks don’t arrive. Schools make a lot of big plans based on the assumption of drawing in more suckers in the future while also collecting checks from their alumni. Then they’re shocked and confused when fewer suckers show up, and fewer alumni are willing to cut them checks.

  5. Most people know by now that pro athletes are physically dependent on heavy steroid abuse and their genitals often stop working in their 40’s. What is less known is that many of them abuse hard drugs to help them have gay sex with the officials for more favorable judging and refereeing. They ruin their health and they eventually need organ transplants from political prisoners in Cuba, Palestine, North Korea, etc.

    Sports are a moral cesspool. Boomer cucks were naive about what they were watching, but there’s no excuse for young people to look up to athletes. Ultimately, exposure to nasty rigged competitions that make a mockery of merit is the lifeblood of leftism. Sports are a mass ritual degradation of legitimate healthful physicality, analogous to what an orgy is to sexuality.

  6. younger graduates are far less willing to give than previous generations. The “culture of giving” is not there with millennials.

    Well, yeah. Every time I turn around on campus I’m reminded that while the university is happy to take my money, they’d prefer if I stayed home.

    As far as I can tell, my tuition pays for a football team, legal support for DACA students, gender transition surgeries, and scientific research, in that order.

    When I start getting letters from my university looking for donations, I’ll be sure to wipe my ass with them before sending them back.

  7. Off topic: In some local news, crabs are rotting in the pots. Maryland doesn’t seem to have any unskilled labor sitting around.

    “Federal immigration officials have agreed to approve 15,000 new guest worker visas for seasonal work, including in a Maryland crab industry grappling with a significant labor shortage, U.S. Rep. Andy Harris said Thursday.”

    Harris is your typical businesscuck.

    • 25% black unemployment in Baltimore. I’d volunteer to drive them to the shore.

      • One bad government decision piles upon another. The unemployed Blacks in Baltimore are probably absolutely useless workers at any price, because they’re shielded from the consequences of their bad choices by a plethora of government programs. Subject them to a little “work or starve” and the ones worth having alive would start hauling crab pots pretty damn quickly.

        • Subject them to a little “work or starve” and the ones worth having alive would start hauling crab pots pretty damn quickly.
          Ah Brother I wish it would be that way but it wouldn’t go down that way… What would happen (you can look to Africa to see many examples) is the stealing, looting, and killings would go off the charts and World War Z would look tame in comparison…If you’re anywhere close to that demographic better be prepared and thats all I have to say about that..

          • I’ll gladly take that outcome, so long as the offenders are punished to the fullest extent of the law. Good trade in exchange for the end of the welfare state.

          • Problem is there would be no rule of law it would be might makes right…You think you have the numbers of trained men with hard hearts to keep you on the right side of that equation? I know I’m lacking in that department but I’m working on rectifying it so I hope I can be ready when that time comes…

          • Blacks are about 12 percent of the population. Open violence isn’t going to end well for them.

          • You think if they kick something off the war is going to stay in-house or do you think just maybe in the mayhem someone else might get an idea of trying something…And of course it won’t end well for them but it won’t be any picnic for us either especially those stuck in the city…

        • “…The unemployed Blacks in Baltimore are probably absolutely useless workers at any price…”

          I don’t believe that. I’m about as racist a guy as you can find but lots of Black people work. If they were going to use them as crabbers they would have trouble at first but if they let it be known exactly what was expected Black people will learn.

          I saw a show where they added up the money low level drug dealers made and it only added up to around or less than minimum wage. If they paid decent wages I bet they would have people lining up.

    • As with all labor “shortages” Maryland doesn’t have any unskilled labor around at the price the crabbers want to pay

  8. Btw, the most fun I ever had at a game was when a buddy of mine got us courtside seats for a Nuggets game maybe 20 years ago. I have to say that was pretty cool. Anyway, we’re sitting there during a timeout or something, and all the cheerleaders run out to do some sort of dance routine. One of them stayed behind, and she had a knee brace. Total hottie. Two guys behind me made a lewd comment, were joking about getting her name, and my buddy said something about wanting to ask her out.

    So, I got up, walked down ONTO THE WOOD, knelt down, asked her what her name was (Anna, I think). Turns out she was a paralegal in Denver somewhere, and I asked her out, got her phone number.

    I walked back up to my seat and you coulda heard a pin drop. I just winked at them and said, “She’s nice. Her name’s Anna.”

    We went out a couple of times, but it didn’t work out. Nobody said anything to me, no security, no hassles, and I was super chill about it like I belonged there. I was tempted to try and get a photo with the whole squad, but didn’t want to push my luck.

    I’ve never been a NBA fan, never will be, but that was a great experience.

  9. Bread & circuses isn’t all bad. It’s better that the regular person be drawn to sports-as-entertainment, than politics-as-entertainment. Single women took to following politics, because they had so few competing interests (or distractions). With that in mind, we should think twice about wanting men give up their fandom.

    Also male bonding over sports reinforces conservative, masculine thinking.

  10. Jerry Seinfeld once described pro sports as essentially rooting for laundry or words to that effect.

    I don’t know that the NFL can recover from their self immolation last year. Am I a lifelong Eagles fan? Yes. Did I watch the Super Bowl? Yes. Was I happy for Eagles fans? Yes.

    But I watched JUST TWO regular season games last year, and only one for the entire game. I watched only one playoff game…the aforementioned SB.

    Football on Sunday around here used to be like church. Now we go to church, and spend our afternoon out and about.

    I don’t see how the NFL recovers.

    Baseball is better on the radio so I don’t care much who is in the stands.

  11. It can’t die too quickly for me. My sportsball fanatic friends are simply addicts looking for the next adrenaline rush.

  12. Went to see Liverpool F.C. last sat, sell out crowd of 52k, 95%+ white local working class and no matter what the authorities do or try to do that’s the way it will remain.It is very tribal in feeling….the right kind of tribe.

  13. The only sport I follow and am knowledgeable about is baseball which I played until the age of 46 (hardball). Having spent a few formative years at Fenway, the first in ’67, I can’t help my Sox addiction. The SJW “journalist” that cover the team, like Pete Abraham, are so relentless that I decided to give back a little bit, which got me blocked from his twitter account. The dagger to his heart was apparently “virtue signalling”. White people have a duty to sympathize with the less fortunate, which is anyone who is not white, other than Asians. That’s not how they tell it but that is what grips their shriveled souls.

  14. When bankrupted Detroit was emptying out, the city council somehow found half a billion taxpayer dollars to build out commuter rail to the stadium and city center.

    We’ll be importing our white, suburban fans now!

    I can imagine how they marketed that package to the investors- plus, all the wonderful opportunities for skim as friendly corporations and unions build, supply, and staff this vibrant rejuvenation.

    Perhaps we can all watch futbol as they do in ethnically homogenous Mexico?

  15. I am new to this blog so a quick thank you for creating it – and that I am enjoying it over the last few days since first visiting.

    This is probably the right article to make a first post. Big sports fan here – from former Little League coach, current youth baseball coach, AAU, blah-blah. All the way to sending kids to play college sports, full ride, to tailgating ++ NFL games, $pend plenty on attending. I mean, used to $pend plenty.

    So I figure me and mine are the fans you reference in your article. For what it’s worth here’s where I am at. And was at.

    Long before the left soiled the den that was that form of escapism known as professional sports, personal sports always, always trumped TV-watching and being in the stands. After work today I will play my latest tennis singles match (we have a great weather day here in NY). I have a kid that just wrapped up a college sports season, and another child that had a playoff game last night in organized sports action. I coach a baseball game this weekend, and so it goes.

    That’s the personal sports life. Fun, stay in shape, compete. Good stuff IMO.

    As for the pro sports life, for me the NBA is dead. They self-KIA’d, and yes, their shenanigans ripped the veil from my eyes and certainly helped to red pill me and mine. From LeBrain-loving that female crook that lives down the road a ways from me, to the slowly-losing-his-mind coach in San Antonio – a place I have sat and enjoyed their small city crowd enthusiasm while visiting The Alamo. Once a huge Knicks fan now … could name anyone outside of the Latvian kid and don’t attend or watch.

    The NFL? Heck, been to many games, Giants season ticket holder married in to the family, but he died at just about the same time the NFL died to me, mine and him BTW – and his widow has no interest in keeping the seats, originally owned by his father. Games, gear, tailgating … all done with my sons … who have joined me in … saying goodbye. And my sons are well employed and represent a loss to the fan base as we have talked about the WHY WE FIGHT aspect of kissing off the NFL.

    So that’s like $6 grand not being spent between us – a mere one family. Sure a drop in the bucket to the millionaires of pro sports. But still six grand.

    And what we collectively discovered … during things like a family XC ski trip, winter hiking on the Adirondack Trail, D-Day paintball massive scenario play, hitting sessions on the tennis court with my daughters … is that once you say goodbye, you discover something better.

    The gaze, broken, is not returned. We marvel at how much more fun we are having and say things like, “I can’t believe we used to…”

    And all that.

    As for the “value” of sports. I sent a child of mine on a full sports scholarship that then inured to the benefit of my others – so that while not a rich guy, my kids got their college credential-ism behind them – their degrees — without having to resort to the serfdom known as the “college loan” experience. No debt, working young human beings can live like freemen. And I just now flipped the bird to the people that reside near me that benefit from said debt slavery, just down a ways in the Financial District.

    In the final accounting, me and mine love sports. We have benefited from the athletic gifts we have had bestowed upon us by our Creator. I have to remember to put on sunscreen today when I play.

    Pro sports, not so much. Are they still on TV?

    • Thanks for pointing out the scholarship aspect.
      Another affirmative action program failing upwards.

    • Good on you Brother…That’s the problem with being raised in the city and then raising your kids there as well thats what you did to have fun and get some exercise…Us guys that were raised in the country had to much to do work wise(planting, harvesting, and everything in between to playing( fishing, hunting, shooting, trapping, hiking, camping, blowing stuff up etc,etc) to ever even think of getting into sports…That’s one of the things that has contributed to the decline not enough country raised kids…

      • I hear you there. Me and mine are no ‘city kids’ – camping was our #1 family activity. On the other reply, if you are going to get your kids that degree – and not see them buried in debt – getting after every cent is like having a second job. A lot of work and research. And fighting with the drools ensconced in academia.

        But if you are in a demographic where they are not HANDING it to yours, then you have to get after it. Or go the ‘easy route’ – like ‘everyone else’ and lard your children – and yourself – with debt up to the eyeballs.

        Sure, if you are a parent you can raise your fist to the sky. I would rather plant my fist in a face, and BEAT the system – as it exists now. If you don’t have kids you might not understand – I was young once too and never hold youth against the young.

        What I do consider ass backwards are affluent people know that STILL have their kids getting the ‘normal’ $40-60k of debt for that Bachelor’s credential. While they enjoy the annual cruise…

        • I have 4 kids and wouldn’t subject them to that kind of cruelty(sending them to college to be brainwashed by the commies)…My kids will be going into the trades probably more likely than not be following my footsteps into Utility LineWork and going through an apprenticeship…And I meant no disrespect on the city boy comment I was just stating fact on how boys in the city don’t have the opportunity for outdoor activities on a daily basis that boys raised in the country do so they often turn to sports to fill that need…Hope your well…

    • The black women where I worked then- good, hardworking people- were furious at Jimmy the Greek.
      The whites and latinas had no idea why.

      (A large claims office, hundreds, 95% female; my unit was 1/3 each- and a wonderful place to observe group differences. Different groups really do display very different behavoirs.)

  16. Odd. I read through all these comments and not once did I read that anyone’s enjoyment of sports derives from the fact that they played sports as a boy. My enjoyment of professional sports (while admittedly diminishing, for all the reasons mentioned here) comes from having spent many falls, winters and summers playing football, basketball and baseball from the time I was about 8 to well into my HS years. The fact that fewer and fewer young men play sports will spell the death of these leagues more quickly than many imagine. Professional sports (like listenable popular music) already has a “20th century” feel to it, a feeling of belonging to the past. The NFL, in particular, has entered a death spiral as it rushes to conform the game to the dictates of the current year: I read last week that the league is trying to devise some way to rid the game of the kickoff, one of the game’s iconic moments and most exciting plays. The PR department said – in the obfuscating way endemic to PR departments – that they want to “enhance” the kickoff. They’ll do so, and another 20-25% of the dwindling audience will disappear.

    • I enjoy watching my son’s High School sports because he’s playing as I did. Pro sports seemed much farther removed from that experience than it was when I was younger.

  17. I don’t want to come off as rude, but being surprised that people aren’t watching football and basketball on TV anymore is like being surprised that people aren’t listening to baseball on the radio anymore. The internet is the new form of mass media, and young men who are into sports are watching League of Legends.

    I’m not joking:

    “The final was held in front of a crowd of nearly 100,000 fans at the Staples Center in Los Angeles…”

    “The final was followed by 43 million unique viewers, with a peak concurrent viewership of 14.7 million.”

    Last year’s super bowl had 98.7 million viewers. LOL will pass it in time.

  18. Reference White Americans and their vestigial desire for shared experience: I think that the connections, shared culture and desire for commonality still exist strongly out there. Large landmass, technological interventions, importation of non-participating/affiliated persons and focused intent of our elites make the problem seem worse, and incline us to diffusion. Certainly this is the calculated intent of those same elites … break up our connecting bonds; destroy our mythology, stories and traditions … and we are easier to re-make and control.

    If only we could effectively leverage the technology to unite those of us of the old culture.

  19. The NFL draft one week ago is a great example of Sportsball absurdity. It was held in Dallas, and I don’t know the final attendance numbers, but they expected around 400,000 to attend it or the events around it. The fans typically wear their favorite teams’ jersey, with another man’s name on it, or dress in some outrageous costume, all for “supporting their team,” and then cheer or boo depending on which college kid their favorite team drafts.

    The draft is also broadcast in its entirety over three days by both the NFL Network and also ESPN. It also dominates sports-talk radio for at least two months leading up to it, trying to figure out which team will draft what player, along with countless mock drafts and player analysis. And then for a few days after the draft, there will be endless experts’ analysis of how each team did, with each team receiving a letter grade, even though the new players haven’t even suited up to play in the NFL yet!

    All this attention for an event that’s not even a game, but picking a bunch of 20-23 year olds. It’s also comical to see how the black players dress as they walk up to the stage to shake hands—-no, these days it’s always a hug….with the NFL commissioner. Flashy, ridiculous-looking suits, looking like a ghetto pimp straight out of central casting for a 70’s Superfly movie, as their mostly white adoring fans cheer wildly! What a spectacle.

  20. I never really understood the attraction whites have towards pro sports dominated by blacks that are juiced up on PED’s. First off we whites have nothing in common with these creatures who often barely put a sentence together and haven’t read a book since grade school. It’s a freak show.

    Secondly a lot of games are fixed. I’ve talked to a lot of hard core white sports fans at work and many of them think the games are fixed especially in the NBA.

    • Everyone here is missing the meta-analysis. You’ve touched upon it…

      American sports today is nothing more than a jobs and status program for Black people. The whole reason we invented/guided the development of football and basketball was as sports that black people can uniquely excel at. Notice how kicking is being phased out of FOOTball because the kickers are never black.

      Black people can jump high and run fast and those two sports are entirely built around those feats. How is running while carrying a ball a sport? How is being tall and jumping high a skilled sport? They’re not sports, they’re jobs programs.

      Sports is a metaphor for warfare, and the purpose of blacks in sports is to convince you black people are noble warriors of a high class caste. It’s the same reason they constantly talk about the Tuskeegee airmen but never mention how poorly Black units performed in ground combat. There are multiple accounts of all black units breaking and retreating after a single shelling during WW2.

      Americans are conditioned to love anything that black people do disproportionately well. That’s how I know Americans well never give a fuck about swimming or soccer, black people are simply not good at them.

      • Good point, Ivan. Conversely, we saw the death of our space program during the Obunghole years possibly because there just were’nt enough faces of Diversity that could qualify for the job, and the sight of all those palefaced astronauts was unnerving to the multi-culti crowd. Can’t have whitey showing any innate superiority in this day and age!

  21. I have a friend who will actually decline social invitations from me if it interferes with one of “his games.” It’s really sad. He’ll do that whole “we” won bullshit and gets rabid about supporting “his” teams. He’s a good friend in many ways, but he’s a wholly cucked zombie for mainstream media and entertainment. He bought into that whole Starbucks shitshow hook, line and sinker. He thinks everything CNN says is the unvarnished truth.

    Naturally, he likes to think of himself as extremely enlightened. He’s a perpetually unemployed White guy (living off his wife) with a number of health problems, a long series of bad life decisions and basically supports whoever is going to give him “free” healthcare, while carrying on about compassion, and how evil Republicans want people to die in the street. He thinks he’s very patriotic and supports the first amendment, second amendment, you name it. Believes government is full of crooks (but those crooks should be trusted to take my money and use it to pay for his healthcare). He hasn’t thought at all about the most important issue: immigration. Has no particular opinion on it, because the mainstream media doesn’t want him to have one: if his brain has to go that direction, random memes pop out: “nation of immigrants.” “Immigrants should have to follow our laws” is about as radical as he’s likely to get. Clearly he’s been programmed to not consider the national question. He thinks being a racist is about the worst thing a person can be.

    He hates Muslims (but I get the feeling it’s almost in a sportsball “My Team/Your Team” kind of way), thinks most Whites are racist, and supports unions as if he was living in the first part of the last century and evil guys with monocles were sending downtrodden workers into the salt mines to die.

    A lot of people I encounter are like this. An incoherent stew of conflicting sentimentalities and self-serving rationalizations. They get the same vote I do.

      • I still try to hold to some long-standing friendships that transcend politics. He’s the sort of friend with whom I can at least get into a political argument with and we don’t hate each other when it’s done.

  22. As I said back during the whole Kaepernick Anthem thing, the elites will regret this. Channelling white pride, team spirit, and combativeness into team sports and gelding it was one of the great triumphs of the managerial state in the second half of the twentieth century, but they blew it, because they just couldn’t help rubbing Whitey’s nose in it, and now the jig is up. Bad news for them, but very, very good news for us.

    • NFL players are mostly black, and prior NFL experiences with striking players and replacement squads showed that the strike scenario totally destroys the long-term profit skimming operation of the ownership cartel, which is the value of the broadcasting rights. That’s why Rozelle gets his contract renewed and Jerry Jones takes a knee with his players. The players have the owners between a rock and a hard place. Too much owner pushback and the players are outta there. So the owners are toeing a fine line here, to appease the players and not lose the broadcast contracts (fans in the stands are mostly irrelevant to their equation). As the fans leave, the teams will give out free game tickets in the poorer, duskier parts of town to fill the stands. Or tarp off the higher-up seats and work the camera angles to avoid those parts of the stadiums, which is Nascar’s trick. But as long as the owners can continue to shake down the broadcasters, the cartel is happy.

      • ”Sportsball” is headed for a reckoning when it comes to broadcast contracts. Many expire from 2020-2022. The NFL’s ratings have been declining. ESPN overpaid for the NBA and it’s ratings and cable subscriber base are shrinking. When they expire I doubt media companies will be so generous.

  23. Z: “For sportsball to work, there has to be an emotional bond between customer and team. That means the fan has to trust the owners of the team are on their side. In our deracinated, low-trust society, that can’t happen. Therefore, it is hard to see how the sportsball model holds up much longer.”

    Not to be a contrarian, but I feel the above is ideological circle squaring. (You are prone to this when it comes to sports, no biggy). Granted, the trust thing may apply to many fans on the farther Right. But that’s not going to bring down a sport. And you ARE talking about the viability of mass sportsball.

    The model you describe has been in place for a very long time and is still going strong. The bond/trust relationships you mention don’t have to be strong at all. In fact they hardly exist. Fans hate many owners already, and the fans remain. Players have been free agent mercenary millionaires for a very long time, and the fans remain. Blacks have been dominant for freaking ever and the fans remain.

    They’ve lost some viewers but the critical mass remains strong.

    Sports will stay profitable/popular because 1) many people are bored and it’s an easy distraction. 2) people will give their “loyalty” because it feels good to be a part of something. the loyalty is usually superficial but that hardly matters. 3) complicated team economics, quick trades, free agency, salary caps, etc. give everyone the chance to play assistant owner. smart guys love this. it’s what half the sports conversations are about. 4) sports are games and games are interesting. 5) married couples love getting out of the house.

    Sometimes things are as simple as they seem.

    How many fans are saying, “I like the Dolphins ’cause the owner’s got my back”?

    In-game annoyances turn off fans more than any kind of trust aspect. I’d suggest sports cut the pre-game antics and cut commercials by a third. And hurry up the instant replay.

    • Fans want to believe the owner is a fan too. if the owner is just some faceless corporate entity harvesting cash from suckers, the fans no longer have an emotional attachment to the team.

      • The NFL Chargers wanted a shiny new stadium or “screw you”. Pretty much everyone here in San Diego wrote them off, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”, before they even left. A few years ago, the Chargers, never as good of a team as they pretended to be (and we all knew that) owned this town. L.A. couldn’t seem to care less about them either.

        In the meantime, our little “nobody” minor league hockey club fills the arena.

      • People don’t have to “trust” in their teams or owners. At a minimum they only require a human face to go with it, which is why corporations aren’t allowed to be the face…your “faceless corporate entity”. But you’re now moving the goal posts from a trust requirement to a merely human requirement.

        Anyway, no one cares about the human owner, and big ball isn’t going away. The numbers (reality) bear this out:

        Since 2000, for the 4 big leagues, 68 teams have doubled their value. 18 have tripled their value.

        Or this: (If graph doesn’t show up, it shows all 4 leagues’ value greatly increasing since 2007.)

        I’d like our liberal sports institutions to be punished by people turning away too, but it’s not happening. Or not nearly to the extent you wish or portray.

      • For a related reason, this might be why the only sportsball event I have any interest in watching is a Green Bay Packers game. Reason 1a is that I grew up there and became a fan as a kid. Reason 1b is they have no owner other than the fan base itself.

    • In the four major sports, white fans generally do not hate the owners. They may despise their decisions not to bring back a certain player, or for several losing seasons. The social arrangement through professional sports is derived by a society who values hard work and competition, which are human qualities. Millennials in particular are invested in their college and pro teams, so the notion that they are unwilling to tap into their savings to support their alma mater or their local franchise is other than accurate.

      White people are not going to give up their sports. There will be ebbs and flows for certain sports, but it remains enjoyable entertainment, one that decidedly breeds trust. Among those teams who have consistently won, those fans in particular realize that their owners “have their backs”. There will the occasional alienation, but those to assume that owners are hostile to the interests of their customers simply has no clue of the current and future trends of our society.

  24. I was never a sports fan, but used to have the TV on the football games on rainy weekend afternoons, or NBA on for background “noise” in the evenings. Now I don’t because I no longer have TV “Service” (I cut the cable a few years back).

    Cable cutting is also a part of the decline of sportsball. I think another factor is the feminization of guys. Millennials do not watch sports. A lot of Gen X do not either. sportsball is mainly a boomer and older thing, which means the market to slowly dying off.

    I don’t care. I say good riddance to the billionaires and their tax subsidized stadiums and the spoiled millionaire brat athletes. Sportsball could not end soon enough for me.

    For 10 years I lived in Japan and other east Asian countries. They have essentially no spectator sports and not much of an entertainment industry of their own. I got along fine enough and was able to live a happy life without this things. As a matter of fact, I do the same here in the U.S. as well.

  25. The Red Pill kills sports. Return of Kings has many articles about it. Wearing another dudes name on your back, the hours wasted not bettering yourself, the mindless jingoism for people who hate you but love your money.

    Once you wake up you can’t go back to sleep. As Glen Filthie said, Rhodesian style shooting clubs will be the future of community sporting events.

    • Exactly right Brother…Sad it took what it did to wake people out of their slumber…

    • Shifted from sports to right-wing politics during Bush II. All the decades that I (and many others) were cheering for ‘our teams,’ the progressive jerks were stealing our country from us.

  26. I no longer watch pro sports. Because I’m white. I am giving up on base bool because I’m not Latino.
    Reading walking and well you know BOOM

  27. Football has turned into a bunch of SJWs giving each other brain damage. The NBA is the endless repetition of about 5 different play patterns. I still love hockey for its blue collar ethic, and baseball for its strategy and ties to the past. But leave it to an effeminate Jew to capture the absurdity:

  28. I attended an NHL game last night. I think there was one black player on the ice and virtually no blacks in the stands. What kind of music did they blare at concert levels every moment the puck was not in play? Rap, hip hop and other shit that can best be described as jungle music. You just can’t escape it.

    By the way, my spell checker and I have never heard the term “sportsball”.

    • When I recently attended a Chicago Bulls game, I was annoyed at that same music played during timeouts. The pulsating beat of hip hop, dance music, along with two energetic-types, a man and a woman, prancing around the court and stands, trying to manufacture excitement and fun by shouting into their microphones at the fans.

      I had not attended an NBA game for about 15 years, so the contrast between the way it used to be and now was rather jarring. It made me think black culture is taking over, even though at least 80 percent of the fans were white.

    • Hockey is a “huwhite” sport because the barrier to entry is pretty high at a young age.
      – equipment is expensive and needs to be constantly replaced as chad gets older
      – rinks are expensive to build and maintain.
      – mom and dad have to put a ton of work in to keep up with practice twice a week and games on the weekend, driving from rink to rink.

      – team discipline and friendship is a requirement, otherwise you will probably get a ‘accidental’ elbow to the face on day on the ice.

      A super time intensive, expensive sport that requires dedication from a family that includes a dad? Might as well be black kryptonite.

      • Fro, you’ve nailed the essence of “hawkey” as a white sport. Genius summary. And it happens on ice, perfect for Ice people.

      • It’s also why you see less and less Africans in baseball. Baseball fields are time and labor intensive to keep in playable shape. And with the destructiveness of ”da hood” much more so. Keeping the facilities clear of debris (don’t want an outfielder stepping on a discarded needle for example) and in good repair (look at Baltimore, Africans can be quite destructive) can be difficult and expensive.
        In comparison, outdoor basketball courts require much less maintenance (and require less space).

    • No surprise, the term ”sportsball” (my spellcheck flags it too) is a fairly recent invention. Zman uses it ironically, but most use it as a slur against pro sports in general.

      • live audiences aside, most White men

        still spend their weekends

        sitting in front of the Jewbox

        watching monkeyball

        while the Jew billionaire team-owners

        enjoy a good horselaugh.

  29. Never understood the why of people wasting their time to watch something they have no vested interest in…I don’t have the time to waste 2 to 3 hrs watching it on TV or 4 to 5 hrs going to it live…Bread and Circuses… Amazing how many (woke) people are still foolishly wasting time…Sad That…

    • Totally agree. Years ago I saw a part of some indie movie. A straight man/free spirited gal opposites attract thing. The man told the woman he watched baseball, she replied, “Why don’t you play baseball?”
      I don’t see the need for pro sports, I say them let them die. Sports should be what they were before the late 19th century: fun games for players in town and likeminded hobbyists. People shouldn’t be paid millions to play, and cities and states shouldn’t be paying millions for arenas and stadiums.

      • You know sometimes I wonder if the games every kind weren’t invented to keep men stuck in the city or suburbs from killing each other or hanging their slavemasters…I don’t see a need for sports at all at this point because to much is at stake to be wasting your time on frivolous things…

  30. David Burge‏@iowahawkblog

    1. Identify a respected institution.
    2. kill it.
    3. gut it.
    4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

    see also “boy scouts”

  31. Went to a local NBA game with my brother who is a big sports fan. My first for this sport and was surprised to see a fair amount of blacks there. Probably employer or organizational complimentary tickets.

    The amount of diversity propaganda was overwhelming. Academic monetary awards for non achievers at half time and what not.

    As for baseball and hockey, my God, the assault you will endure. You are going to get caught with that pizza all over your face by the kiss cam at some point. It is really a sideshow attached to a sporting event.

    As with you Z, my caring for sports is about gone. Aging does this to some, but the culture and branding and for me, the athletes who I have no affinity for seal the deal for my detachment.

  32. I remember 20.years ago that a dane living in Kenya had found a fast running Kenyan that might brake the world record in some distances. He was quickly send to Denmark and made a danish citizen. On TV he said in bad danish he was a dane. He won some World championships and had some world record. On could see him running around with the danish national flag. TV showed him coming back in the airport after his records and very few people showed up-5% of those if he had been a dane people had associated with. He in reality never lived in Denmark but moved to Monaco to avoid paying taxes in Danmark. He was truly a danish civic nationlist.

  33. NASCAR’s getting clobbered too:
    Admittedly, I not a fan of motorsports, but several of my friends are. I can tell they’ve lost interest much the same way NFL fans have gone cold. But unlike the NFL there really isn’t obvious things to point to like the rampant negrophilia. But one thing’s for sure, ”outreach” to non-Whites is falling on deaf ears, non-Whites don’t relate to auto racing (with Japan being an exception).

    • I wonder if making all the cars the same is the issue. Part of the drama was the teams finding new ways to goose the rules and get an edge. Every backwoods engineer could relate. Now the drivers look and sound the same and they drive spaceships around a track. Something similar happened to F1. You can’t relate to the cars or the drivers.

      • That’s the dilemma for car racing. If you let the engineers loose, cars will be going 350 mph. Drivers and fans will be dying regularly. But clamping down hard on the technology makes it feel like watching a marathon.

      • Agree. I grew up watching NASCAR and Formula One racing during the 70’s when both were real popular among whites.

        Then something happened is right. People lost interest. I think the race organizers did it by making racing so safe and generic it became as interesting to watch as the Monday morning traffic report.

        They basically Nerf’ed racing out of existence. Part of it’s attraction was men racing at the razor’s edge and fans within feet of the action, knowing if things went wrong on the track they could end up being part of the crash.

        Now it’s “lets watch the cars go round and round while drinking beer”.

        • Asphalt racing, especially at high speeds, has become a technical driving exercise akin to playing a video game. The disciplined twitch skill rules above all. The corporate aspect, with cars as billboards and interminably long races (to squeeze in lots of commercials and endorsements during the event), along with programmed and scripted responses from the drivers (alongside thuggish behaviors when the script goes haywire), and “why bother”?

          High school stick and ball sports (for now), hockey, rodeo (RFD-TV cable network is the place to go if you are not there in person) and local dirt short track racing are where the action is. Unpredictable results, a bit less of all the corporate scripting of the players and presentation, and a modicum of actual honorable behaviors and attitudes (genuine respect for the other players and a general happiness about participating in the first place) go a long way.

          • The best racing I ever saw was at the Big E out in Springfield MA probably about 25 years ago when a friend and I went to a racing exposition out there.

            They had quarter midgets racing inside one of the older buildings (looked like it might have been built in the late 1800’s – the seating was all old looking wood). They had a roundy round track setup in the display area. The sound and fury was awesome. The biggest problem was that it was such tight quarters that the “race” didn’t last more than 5 minutes at a time before there was a crash. When they were running though – the sound was deafening – but we were both laughing our asses off like we had smoked too much weed because the whole thing was such great fun.

      • It all goes together. The cars were often constructed in small shops using local talent, all the way up to the Indy 500. The drivers rode herd on brightly painted and beautifully handcrafted “specials”, in which driver skills and risk-taking decisions were critical to the outcome. (Contingency) sponsors got tiny stickers on the flanks of the car, not paint jobs. Car owners were often prominent locals, or the cars were sponsored by the city or town itself. Attending the races were social events for the cities and towns. Drivers were poor and scrappy, and often raced seven days a week, living mostly on their shares of event purses and probably some GI veteran’s benefits. They were like horse racing jockeys, and might drive a different car every night. Many of them did not live long. The races were a cross between traditional stick-and-ball sports and the circus coming to town. Motorized gladiator races.

        Now the whole thing is a 3-D video game.

      • That happened in the old USAC Championship cars in the early 70s. Engine output got ahead of chassis design and you had a couple years of carnage at Indy (remember Swede Savage?). Then they clamped down and started the long march to uniformity.

      • Amen to that. As a former motorcycle racer for 17 years, I am an avid fan of most forms of racing, except for NASCAR. Watching F1 become an EU run community has ruined it for me. Some unelected body decides each year what motors they are going to run, how much fuel they are allowed to burn, what their minimum mileage can be. Shortly they will be putting catalytic converters on them then forcing them to run all electric. The sound of F1 used to be hair raising. Now, with the 6 cylinder turbo engines, red line limiters, etc. etc. and the rediculous electronic complexity, it is like you are watching the California EPA regs being enacted every new season. They already destroyed the US version of it with massive regulations, the same motors, etc. etc. Now they get to chose their front wing and they vote on how many times they can use their push to pass button that allows them to get 200 more RPM for 45 seconds or something. F1 is a perfect example of how EU like controls can destroy everything. Also, BTW, no more umbrella girls next year because that apparently makes the dyke running Germany feel fat or something.

  34. I’ve never seen the attraction myself. And I come from a family where the men are glued to the tube to watch it, and have spilt their drinks cheering for “their” team. The next day they’ll talk about it as if they played on the game personally. I committed my first thought crime in my teens when I embarrassed them by noticing it was all fixed. The fact that Africans won’t watch that crap while whites will – speaks well of their intellect and ill of ours, actually.

    But, going forward, what will replace it? I think we’ll see gated white communities where white people carry guns, and express their camaraderie by shooting blacks and browns that are trying to genocide them.

    • “But, going forward, what will replace it? I think we’ll see gated white communities where white people carry guns, and express their camaraderie by shooting blacks and browns that are trying to genocide them.”

      I don’t know if you realize what a turn off that kind of thing is for a normal person to read. If that were the first comment I read on this site I’d probably never come back.

      • Lies, a normal person would bookmark the page and come back for more after that

      • God knows having the right try to seem safe and appealing to the mainstream has been tremendously successful in halting the cultural slide to oblivion so far. /s

    • Of course, we will. Amend to “shooting anyone trying to genocide them”. GoodWhites want you dead, too.

      Gated communities will be insufficient; It will take “zones” to get some physical security.

      ” I think we’ll see gated white communities where white people carry guns, and express their camaraderie by shooting blacks and browns that are trying to genocide them.”

  35. 30 years ago I was an avid NBA and NFL fan. Now I rarely watch the NFL and never tune it to the NBA.

    Part of my tun-off with basketball is that they no longer enforce the rules. Maybe that’s a white guy hang-up but talking with other guys at work, I’m not the only one that feels that way.

    The other night at the gym, the Celtics-Sixers game was on. Having been a huge Celtics fan in the 80’s, I started to watch while doing cardio. At one point a guy from the Sixers ran down the floor carrying the ball, turning it over every few steps, then stopped dribbling altogether, ran 3 more steps and dunked the ball. The refs seemed okay with it. I couldn’t be bothered to glance back at the TV.

    • The NBA essentially operates like a variant of the WWE. It’s definitely scripted for certain outcomes, which is why a player like Lebron James can stiff arm when going to the basket on every drive. In general it’s stars get preferential treatment to further the illusion that they are all the next coming of Jordan. We know it’s an illusion when these stars play in international competition with international rules and generally look very human.

      The league has also basically eliminated hard nosed defense against these chosen ones to further the illusion. The playoffs are a bit different in that a little more defense is allowed against the “stars”, but not too much, especially regarding James.

      I really only find it watchable in a negative sense. In other words I like to watch James, in particular, fail miserably even as he gets all the calls his way. Of course it goes without saying the whole ghetto vibe saturating the product will surely in the end lead to its eventual demise. That demise has been somewhat muted with the rise of the Eastern European alphas dotting many of the teams landscapes. Not enough of them to overcome the rot, however. I also think a collective Kaepernick moment will ensue at some point. That and the super team inorganic concentration will be a stake in its heart. Good. I’ll watch women’s golf instead.

    • “a guy from the Sixers ran down the floor carrying the ball, turning it over every few steps, then stopped dribbling altogether, ran 3 more steps and dunked the ball.” Sounds like Lacrosse.

  36. The followers of football (soccer) in England – and perhaps much of Europe – are an odd lot. For example, Tottenham Hotspur are a club from North London. Many of their supporters are Jewish. So the supporters sometimes refer to themselves collectively as “yids”, in a spirit of cheerful exaggeration.

    I suppose you might say that British Jews have a British sense of humour; as far as I know they join in the joke.

  37. Had a variant of this theme last night during a dinner in downtown San Jose. Turns out the Sharks were playing (so a parking cluster-fuck) But after a half day of the multicultural comic con, first thought was “where the hell did they find enough normal white guys to fill an arena around here?”

    • I wonder if hockey is different. I know that it does not have the national popularity of the other sports, and the in-game environment is as awful as the others, including the over-the top patriotic rituals, etc. (that’s a post for another day); but, the occasional PK Subban and JT Brown notwithstanding, the sport is overwhelmingly white. Even the few black players act pretty white.

      • Even the few black players act pretty white

        That’s because hockey is a shockingly expensive sport. There aren’t too many parents in the hood paying for ice time plus a new set of skates, pads, and a stick every year or two.

        Honestly, the flag-waving stuff is pretty minimal in the NHL. I don’t follow it too closely these days, but I really can’t remember ever having seen anything at all like the jingoistic nonsense the NFL subjects its fans to. I assume the league knows that stuff doesn’t sit right with the fans in Canuckistan.

      • There is no more exciting team sport on earth than NHL hockey – and there is no championship tournament which compares with the Stanley Cup playoffs for skill, excitement, drama, and all of the other qualities which make team sport compelling.

        NHL hockey is perhaps the ultimate team game, and thus the kind of showboating, look-at-me nonsense which seems to infect so many other sports is largely absent in hockey, even at the NHL level.

        The players, for the most part, strike a nice balance between professionalism and being approachable and friendly, between reserve and emotion, between seriousness and humor and goofiness.

        We should all be so fortunate to live in a moral and physical universe which made as much sense as that of the NHL and hockey worlds. Hockey really is a community, and those within the community take care of one another.

        There are periodic breakouts of PC that get a bit cloying at times, but for the most part, the NHL sticks to what it does best and leaves the activism and SJW-ism to others.

        But steer clear of the “Hockey News,” one of the industry publications; if those guys got any more PC, they’d have to work for Justin Trudeau.

        • If an NBA , NFL or MLB player brought the house next door to you you’d be well advised to put yours on the market. If an NHL guy lived next door he’d come over and help you shovel out your driveway.
          I don’t think it’s money per se that keeps blacks out of hockey- maybe today it does, but historically a lot of high level players came from places like Charlestown , MA, Hibbing, MN, and Smooth Butt Falls, ONT. Gretzky’s hometown of Branford, ONT strikes me as being pretty blue collar. My entirely self serving theory is that hockey is so fast moving that you can’t be stupid and good.

  38. Where I live, sportsball takes a back seat to a more wholesome (and white) organized activity, namely Rodeo. It’s not a bad mix of competition, individual skill, teamwork, risk, and sportsmanship. It even involves harmless exploitation of farm animals. What’s not to like?

    • I tell people all the time that going to the rodeo is the best family activity you can do. It truly is fun for all ages and it is relatively cheap.

      • Unless you’re a rodeo clown in an Obummer mask, then all hell breaks loose. Wonder what would have happened if that guy held a severed Obummer head?

      • When I was a little kid our mum and dad took us to the rodeo at Suffolk Downs (of all places)!

        • I ought to have made clear that The Rodeo in no way involved the nags from Suffolk Downs. It was a genuine Bull Riding/Calf Roping/Barrel Riding rodeo. I regret any confusion I may have caused. 😉

      • As a rancher and someone who’s done a little casual barrel racing and pole bending, I always have tremendously mixed feelings about rodeos. They are, indeed, great fun, but the higher the level of competition (and the bigger the purses), just like thoroughbred racing and trotting/pacing, the more there’s a very seamy underbelly, and the ones who suffer the most are the horses.

        ETA: I’m not to the point where I won’t go and enjoy, though. It’s a lot more wholesome and exciting than most sporting events.

        • In the smaller towns near here, one can find whole families doing barrel racing. Mom, dad, and the kids all go at it. It is so wholesome to watch that your teeth ache. They compete within their age groups for a ribbon or something.

          Mind you, a family needs to be able to afford an F-350, a 4-horse trailer, and someplace to keep the horses.

    • Visiting family in Utah every summer we never miss Spanish fork rodeo….as Z said fantastic for the whole family.

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