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I’m back! Honestly, I missed doing the show last week. I’ve started to grow fond of hearing my own voice. All joking aside, there were things that came up in the news last week and I thought, “I should put that in the podcast”, but there was no show. This has turned out to be a fun hobby for me, so taking a week off was like giving up heroin for a week. I was looking forward to getting back on the horse. That’s a reference for the old guys out there.

I am now up on iHeart Radio, which is something I know nothing about, but I’m putting a link to it. I think it is a service like Pandora and it is available on the media systems in newer cars. There’s a phone app for it too. I may be on Spotify soon as well, but that process takes longer for some reason. People tell me it is a good thing to be on all of these platforms, so I’m doing what they say works. My media empire is growing!

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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73 thoughts on “Back In White

  1. Regarding how South Africa is a harbinger for the USA’s future: I say to normies, “Which was worse, apartheid or slavery? Obviously, slavery. If the whites in South Africa get this treatment for apartheid, what can we expect?”

  2. Z-man, I have a question. I wonder if there is some way for you to automate the transcribing of your podcast into text. I would like to read some of them. Due to certain personal issues, I can not listen to podcasts.

    Just a thought.

    • I don’t mean to be bad company here Mark, but if you listen to the wind, you can still hear what Zman has to say. It’s a kind of spiritual phenomenon.

    • New Zealand response to white genocide was to close the Pretoria immigration Office. If I was living there [ NZ} I would use violence on the Minister’s physical office to make the point.

  3. Sorry guys leftism will win as it has proven a better system

    Look at California it has the worked fifth largest economy and has a billion dollar surplus

    As to South Africa the whites deserve everything they get for their brutality and racism. They have boarded their wealth and now it’s time to lay the piper

    • Hi Tiny, upping your game now eh? You mean hoarded right?
      bs on the surplus you troll.
      Still thinking you are some spergy right winger with social disorders.

      • Yes, that’s Tiny, but he’s a pure right wing troll, spiking the most atrocious arguments of the left. Why that would amuse anybody enough to go to the trouble is another matter.

    • I live in SoCal. It is a basket case. The roads are all beat to hell, all the money goes to paying for illegals. Take the Santa Ana Unified School District. It is 98% Latino and so many kids are from families below the poverty line that the District got a waiver from the Dept. of Agriculture to provide free meals for all students, no income check needed.

      That vast labor pool of Latinos, mostly illegal? They are all heavily subsidized by taxes, and a huge liability. Almost all tax revenue in California is based on highly volatile Silicon Valley and Hollywood revenue, there are literally no other operations that generate much tax revenue. And the place is a mess, the LAT did a story about a month ago on the Metro lines, every seat soaked in urine and the cars and stations littered with needles and feces. The homeless bunk there, cannot be dealt with given PC, and make a mess. Orange County just recently purged the twenty year infestation of the homeless along the Santa Ana River Trail but the homeless have already moved back– I’ve seen it with my own eyes on my daily commute (Chapman Avenue offramp on the 5 Fwy Northbound).

      Orange County is a mess too — filled with empty apartments build with Chinese money to stick cash into non-seizeable assets the way London is awash with Russian money. Irvine is essentially a Chinese/Indian colony now. Homeless are all over the place (mostly White btw) with various vibrant gang bangers moving in.

      Antonio Villaraigosa is running against Gavin Newsome for Governor (they are both Dems) on an explicit anti-White, Open Borders policy targeting the majority Latino population. Xavier Becerra is running for AG on the platform of Illegals don’t have to obey the law and offical Open borders anti-White policy as well.

      In five years this place is likely to be annexed by Mexico officially, with Whites/Gringos as discriminated foreigners who have all their property seized. Already there is little to distinguish Downtown Tijuana with Downtown LA — I’ve been to both recently and both are a corrupt pit of literal feces and urine everywhere.

      • I left SF. Why do you stay? Are you Spengler’s last Roman sentry at Pompeii?

  4. Zman,

    I think you should monetize the moniker “Lagos on the Chesapeake” by selling some tee shirts or coffee mugs. “Greetings from Lagos on the Chesapeake” with a nice graphic.

  5. Zman, You’re 52 and don’t have any grey hair? Bite me, whatever … Dude, it’s clear to me that this Samantha Chick at AmRen was into you. Younger gals with daddy issues, man – they’re out there. Call her.

    • I have a little hear and there, but not much. All of my friends hate me for it, except the bald ones. They just hate the hair god.

  6. It is strange how different the first generation neocons were from their descendants (who were sometimes literally their kids). Some of it could just be that the wider American culture wasn’t quite so poisoned in the past (though it was on its way), but if you read Norman Podhoretz (especially his response to James Baldwin in “Our Negro Problem”) you realize this is a guy who at least understood reality and grew up in an organic community and thought about practical things like physical safety and not getting Mau-Mau’d by race hustlers. I had the misfortune to see his son John somewhere and even before he opens his mouth you can just see what a hideous sociopath he is. He also has the most unpleasantly semitic-looking face I’ve ever seen. Where was he when Mel was casting for “Passion”?

    • True about the early Neos.

      “I had the misfortune to see his son John somewhere and even before he opens his mouth you can just see what a hideous sociopath he is.” LOL

  7. z – listening to your first segment about the sort of elite class of people involved in espionage – this made me think of a current example. You ever heard of Maggie Brennan on face the nation? I think she might be a secret deep state apparatchik. She’s a CFR member and her husband I think is in the CIA or something approximating it.

    • Along those lines, Amanda Lang has turned up (“washed up?”) on Bloomberg. She is notorious in Canada for using her clout as a big-time newsreader on the Canadian TV, to block a “60 Minutes” style hit piece on a big bank, in which her husband served on the board.

      Perfect for Bloomberg, as Big Mike knows she will sell out, if it is in her selfish best interest to do so. All Bloomberg has to do is to align his preferences with her perception of her own mercenary best choices. I’m sure he likes his newsroom to be populated with such people.

      I am thinking that much of journalism works this way. Hire compromised people, through their own work history, or through the career paths of their family members. It is good to have a pliable workforce. Principled and stubborn employees are such a pain in the ass for those who own the media.

  8. I am of several minds about the Suidlanders. Essentially, they are organizing a retreat. I do have great sympathy for the farmers, many multigenerational. They are trapped by their ties to the land and will be the group that fights, if anyone does. I may be deluded, and am definitely ignorant of the tactical situation in SA- but there are still 4million whites in SA. If the white tribe got together and decided to fight they could do exceptionally well. Many coloured would likely side with the whites.

    Some evidence exists that Roche may be sketch. He was heavily involved in the ANC, a project manager even. He lives in the maids house of the home occupied by the daughters of top ANC leadership. The hardcore white militant groups in SA definitely do not trust the suidlanders and they do not belong to a loose umbrella coalition of these groups. Many suspect them of being a government controlled opposition group.
    Food for thought:

    • Problem is, out of that 4 million South African whites,, there are probably only about 100,000 who are fighting-age men, and of those only a fraction have any real training. I don’t see getting overrun and killed one farm and one city block at a time as better than retreating en masse to a defensible position. The Voertrekkers (sp?) survived Zulu attacks because they stuck together and forted up. As solo trekkers, they’d have been wiped out.

      • 100k? Perhaps you are thinking too conventionally? It is, or will soon be, crunch time. Men in their 30, 40 and 50s can fight if they are in reasonable shape. Make it 700K. Women can fight too. Read roman accounts of the Anglo and Celtic women. Add 100k. My view, admittedly naive, is if the white tribe can seize a port, and control, or least deny control of the mineral stores of SA to the gov – they can cut a transactional deal with some country (china russia, indonesia iran?) for military support.
        Then they have fighting chance. Part of me wishes ill of the stolid, stupid Boers. They made this bed let em lie in it; no visas! But will admit i am wobbly, and go back and forth.

        • yes that was wobbly Sidvic, we need a massive international airlift for all white farmers wanting to leave. New Zealanders and Australians must be prepared to attack our Governments and force the issue.

          • You will give them farms in NZ and OZ? What are they gonna do? Better to help them fight in SA.

  9. Ha! Yes – Shikha is a complete, utter, total moron. Before the great exodus of the commetariat from Reason, she was mocked mercilessly in the comments. I believe she is a formerly Hindu atheist Indian immigrant who thinks having borders makes us mean.

    Reason turned themselves into cultural Marxists who want slightly less government and unregulated marijuana.

  10. by the way, has anyone read Christopher de Groot?

    His recent article was disappointing in its safe condemnation (although with limited enthusiasm) of the alt-right, he is generally excellent for the Right Nietzscheans amongst us.

    Sometimes I wonder of all these Jordan Peterson cowards…they are just looking for permission and they shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. I myself remain elitist and think we will need intellectuals, even the cowardly ones.

    After all, let’s be brutally honest about our position, strategic, public “cowardice” is not necessarily an unalloyed evil..or is it?

      • Fair enough…

        This haunts me though – must we disown all public personalities that promote so many of our ideas (in de Groots case the emphasis on ressentiment as the philosophical underpinning of the left)?

        We have no public political champions at the moment…must we all be lining up to denounce those that are moving the Overton Window? Are the de Groot’s of the world alt-rightists waiting for the vanguard or simply traitors?

        I legitimately don’t know the answer to that question, but my instinct is must we constantly disown our modern day Buchanan’s because they won’t take risks none of us (including Z himself) will publicly take?

        • That is a topic I’ve been thinking about of late. If Johnny Milquetoast attacks the Prog on some issue like free speech, but is allergic to our issues, is Johnny Milquetoast a friend, enemy or non-aligned? How about the edgytarian who will make sure to stay out of our world, but get right up to the line? My view is a Ben Shapiro is an enemy because he puts more effort into keeping people from coming our way than he does fighting the Left. Jordan Peterson? I He seems harmless, but he has managed to drive certain segments insane. Is that a problem?

          • Thank you for your typically sane response.

            I like your work on libertarianism and the neocons. I myself see them as kind of empty suits. Libertarianism has a gaping hole at its centre, I am, yes, a Moldbuggian I suppose and see Libertarianism as not incorrect as such, but hopelessly incomplete.

            This gaping hole has been filled, as all vacuums of the intellect must today, by poz, by the horrific anti-white, anti-intellectual culture we find ourselves mired in.

            You are right to mock Reason, their cowardice is of an entirely different breed to the garden variety cuckservative.

            Neocons too, have seen their ideology fall into this vacuum absent an obvious enemy (as you have so often pointed out, Russia). It’s like this giant black hole in intellectual culture that sucks everything into it with seemingly no possible escape.

            But where are the boundaries? We cannot throw every public figure remotely sympathetic to our cause into the void. Obviously something seperates the Kristols from the de Groots…something surely must be worth saving…


          • Allow me to put it this way – Christopher de Groot is a helluva lot closer to alt right than Donald Trump

          • Z: “My view is [that our enemy is someone who] puts more effort into keeping people from coming our way than he does fighting the Left.”

            That’s been your theme for a while. Nicely put. Good angle to keep in mind. Thanks.

          • You’re not supposed to fight these guys heads on.
            You’re supposed to engage his audience and beat them. The audience will leave the guy for you instead.

        • “I legitimately don’t know the answer to that question, but my instinct is must we constantly disown our modern day Buchanan’s because they won’t take risks none of us will publicly take?”

          Your instinct is a question?

          • Poorly phrased following several drinks but hopefully drift got.

            I’m also suddenly unable to access this site (and only this site) from the IP address I used last night.

            Weird…has this happened to anyone else?

          • I think Z downplays it. But I kinda think someone is making it hard to access this site. It’s happened to too many people.

            As for the overall state of our movement. It’s hard not to be impatient. But as Z says, it’s going to take a while for change. A LONG time. Meanwhile we’ll just simultaneously bore and entertain each other with words.

        • First off the alt-right better make up it’s mind. Does it want to be a replacement for the GOP or just something the cool white kids do?

          If it’s the former, then our side better grow the f**k up. First off you don’t shank people like Buchanan who was pointing out unPC stuff when Sailer was a nobody and most here were in grade school.

          Men like Peterson are allies as well, they understand the enemy better than most of us. And so what if they aren’t budding eugenicists or white segregationists. Both are non-starters for now.

          The fact is alt-right at a political movement has to become relevant to white working class and middle-class folks. So far I see none of that. Look you got a massive chunk of MAGA people who are looking for a home. The GOP isn’t it. They hate the MAGA people.

          If alt-right just wants to be a club, well continue on the way we are.

    • What’s the title of DeGroot’s article? I can’t find anything specifically on the Alt-Right in your link. I really like DeGroot.

      Re. your question. I’m not going to type out the three hundredth philosophical response to our strategic division of labor. Grunts, front liners, signal callers, etc.

      Just want to say that I want to remain me. I don’t want to go full ideological, no matter how much I love the Alt/Dissident Right. I’m not going to stop reading or listening to anyone. I’ll always read Krauthammer and Will et al. They’re fine writers…AND top thinkers on many subjects. I hate them half the time. So what? Zman has written things I find startlingly cruel. But I’m not going deprive myself of all the great he offers. Taki removes the comments section and everyone becomes the neurotic lady who boycotts her favorite grocery store ’cause the manager was rude once. Get a grip.

      I understand that sides have to be taken and the phonies called out. I just don’t have the makeup to get hardcore about it. I guess I’m just an alt light faggot.

      • Not in my view. It is incredibly difficult to get ones intellectual bearings in this environment.

        One of the difficulties I have is knowing if I’m wrong. I obviously can’t trust my culture, but I am a very flawed human being. It helps having this community but we are all finding our way amidst a fog of lies.

        Humility is still an important value I think. But I am no enemy of any readers here, I am finding my way and appreciate the challenging of my views here.

        Or I try to.

        • It can be really hard to hold fast to things you believe to be true, when there is so much that comes at you, from so many directions, that shames or completely ignores your basis for understanding. It would be so much easier to “go along to get along”. I try to treat all the skepticism and denigration of my understanding of things as a personal challenge, as an opportunity to review my thinking and make sure it is on the correct path. I am sure it makes me stubborn and obstinate in my relationships with others. So be it.

          • How to reach them?
            That’s the question, innit.

            My conservative friend urged me to “choose” for many years.
            I thought I should refine my stances that I might argue them better.

            Then a black mechanic in Mississipi asked a simple question that cut through the bull. In 2004, talking about Iraq, he asked, “so, why are we there?” I tied myself into a pretzel trying to “explain”.

            As I listened to all sides, I realized they all sounded the same. Opinions came in incoherent camps of unrelated subjects.
            Yet if I heard one opinion held, I could usually guess five more.

            I asked myself, “why do we disagree? Why do we have opinions at all? Why should I persuade?”

            What was coherent was the call-and-response, the instinctive structure.
            The details morph and change.
            The groups form using differing signal sets. They think differently, but use the same social mechanisms.

            We’re seeing social instincts at work.
            We’re not as rational as we’ve been told.
            We don’t choose using reason.
            Can we persuade?
            How to win the crowd?
            Hell yes we’re Right- it WAS better, and they’re nuts.

            I hope delineating these instincts would help, but so far my clumsy efforts make me sound wierd and strange- and I’m afraid I repel truly good talent like Al d’North. That is so not helpful.
            I wish I’d shut up and let the adults talk.

            (80 hour work weeks and desperate repairs in home, business, and for family don’t help either. Major improvements under Trump- damn near lost every meager thing under the Obama Democrat economy.)

          • See? I should’ve been gone an hour ago.
            Zman is Agent #9 in the world conspiracy- the world conspiracy against ME.

          • “I try to treat all the skepticism and denigration of my understanding of things as a personal challenge, as an opportunity to review my thinking and make sure it is on the correct path.”

            On the one hand, this is a very reasonable, open-minded approach to getting and maintaining your bearings. On the other, consider that most of the people who attack your point of view either don’t know what the hell is going on, or else want to neutralize your political agency and effectiveness. Or both.

            You can spend a lot of time and energy debating, in your own mind or person-to-person, people like this — people whose opinions are unreasonable and against your interests — and who will never change their minds.

          • I have long given up trying to change other people’s minds on anything. Instead I am always testing my own understanding. But, as you point out, many of the tests of ideas come from people who are not really interested in what I think, they are just spoiling for a fight.

        • “Humility is still an important value I think.”

          So true. We reflexively reject opinions that don’t sound right to us. We don’t merely accept them as differing but equally valid. (Though as Westerners we pay lip service to open mindedness).

          There’s a natural yet ignorant arrogance to quick rejection. So like you say, humility is crucial. I’m speaking mostly of hearing for the first time, opinions from one’s own side that seem either too tolerant or very intolerant.

          Keeping our reflexive juvenile arrogance in check is easier once you realize how much our thought leaders have contemplated the world and the current battle, compared to sub-literate bratty me.

          I’m sure many of us newly red-pilled have been through this. You’re driving along listening to Zman or one of our guys, and think “what the fuck did he just say? This guy’s a wackjob.” Then months later as the puzzle starts to form in your mind, you begin to understand why they said that crazy thing you once rejected out of hand.

          • We do try, don’t we? We really do.
            They don’t seem to at all- just attack, attack, attack.
            Never letting up. Never re-considering.

        • “our strategic division of labor. Grunts, front liners, signal callers, etc.”

          Great call by Frip. Sure helps since we’re fighting a war in that fog of lies.

          Benedict Shapiro is easy- he just got a gig with his gatekeeper buddy Mark Levin on talk radio on WABC-NYC and KABC-LA.
          Terrestrial radio is where the big money is; they make multiples of what any TV face does.
          Savage had most of his stations yanked after getting Trump elected, certainly an act of revenge.

        • Jimmy: “Not in my view. It is incredibly difficult to get ones intellectual bearings in this environment.”

          Thanks, but I really must own the fact that I’m pretty much just Alt-Light at this point. However, what I’ve learned through life is that the tough guys who take a harder line than me, usually end up having been right all along. So I expect to be legitimately Dissident Right in a few years. Temperamentally it doesn’t come naturally to me. It takes a hard man.

          For instance, I used to wish Sobran would just go along with the program A BIT more so he could keep his job at NR and fulfil his destiny as a prominent conservative…perhaps THE prominent true conservative.

          Now I see he was right to not sell-out even A BIT*. I wouldn’t have had that toughness. Dude died poor. A poor badass. But all of that makes him an eternal hero.

          (*I think it was dumb and bullheaded of him to speak at that holocaust denial conference, knowing it’d cost him a high position job at The American Conservative. A tremendous break for him and his family after the NR thing. There’s brave, and then there’s pointlessly stupid.)

    • What I like about Peterson is that he’s a good speaker, intelligent, hold his own in a debate and has a lot of interesting things to say. He also brings up issues that our luminaries like Sailer won;’t touch at all. He also can reach out to those normies that are repulsed by some out more alt-right crackpot ideas like eugenics. That is not a selling point. you win them on issues like immigration, ending AA and social engineering.

      Lastly he never made any pretensions of being a alt-right even though he reaches more whites then our big dogs like the artist known as Vox Day or that clown Spencer.

      It would be nice to have someone of Peterson’s caliber on our side but we don’t. Joining our side is career suicide for any intellectual to openly side with us. This is why we get clowns like Spencer.

  11. I assume you know this Z but the white couple referred to with the six black kids were a lesbian couple. Of course, not that it matters.

  12. The American Spectator started out as a college newspaper called The Alternative, then when people started talking about alternative lifestyles the name was changed to The Alternative An American Spectator, moving to a national magazine format, finally the American Spectator, and then they moved to DC. Has nothing to do with UK Spectator.

  13. Children of the Grave, oh man, best metal intro ever. Was driving when I heard it and blew a stop sign in Z’s honor. Beyond my control. The power of the riff to subvert traffic laws cannot be overestimated.

    • To the best of my knowledge, this is the first proto-metal song in 12/8 time, a time signature that evokes galloping horses and regality. Also, this is the first album where Iommi tuned down to C#, which introduced a new level of sonic brutality.

        • I’m so glad you cleared that up, I was worried sick about it. (Just playin’. You’re alright. A brother in Sabbath is a brother indeed.)

  14. Weird thing happening. This site has suddenly been blocked by Comcast and/or my router it appears but I can access via my 4G connection. What to do?

      • Yesterday I went to Amren and both browsers paused the launch until Cloud DDOS reviewed my request. I know very little about this but I assume it something Amren uses for protection and not the other way around.
        Now that I think of it Counter Currents had the same thing but today both go right to the site.

    • Someone else had this happen and found that their browser was the issue. Try different browsers whenever you find a site blocked. Chrome used to block some site I visit that were not political. Just some weird stuff.

      • It happens on all my browsers. I’m able to comment now because I switched from WiFi to 4G.

        • It’s my router. I’m at my girlfriend’s place and I’m able to access the site although she has Comcast also.

  15. Great show as usual, Z.

    One of the few things Vox Day gets right, is that eventually we will win. It won’t be by the activism by tools like him, of course – we’ll win by forfeit. Sure, social institutions have power, but Lefty cannot handle it and is running them into the ground. The mass media is a joke and newspapers can’t even sell 99 cent subscriptions. Even the more intelligent lefties are fed up with them. The courts are held in contempt and secretly defied by anyone with a triple digit IQ. The schools have become bad jokes and intellectual wastelands. People call me a nutter – but I cannot see how are nations can continue like this. Something is going to give – and then it will be game on as the struggle for control starts. If we are to have a civil war – that is when it will start. And yes, it will be dirty, nasty and incoherent. What comes of it may or may not be good. I see a balkanization of the US where States like California become self governing – and you’ll have Venezuela on the mainland in your own former borders. A lot of our former traditional values like charity, chivalry, family and community are going to have to change if we are going to survive. As a race we’ve done it before, we’ll do it again, and we’ll probably feel guilty about it afterward when we succeed I suppose.

    Bah – such melancholy on a Friday! Yes, Asian women do have sideways gash – and some of them have 12 teats too! Have a good weekend fellas!

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