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Way back before the 2016 election really got started, I recall watching National Review’s David French learn on twitter what the word “cuckservative” meant. It was an amusing thing to watch as he went back and forth with some alt-right types. I could tell he was feeling like a cool kid picking up slang from the in-crowd on the playground. Then he realized that the “cuck” they were referring to was him. He then set off blocking half the internet. It was an amusing example of just how isolated these people are from us.

The chattering classes are supposed to be the interface between the Cloud People and the Dirt People. Before the explosion of mass media, the chattering skulls would go on the three Sunday chat shows to tell us what to think, while pretending to tell us what our rulers were thinking. Usually, these people had a column in one of the big city broadsheets or they were a “reporter” in Washington. This worked as the Dirt People had nothing against which to compare it and we never got to see these people outside of their roles.

Mass media has some unexpected consequences. For example, we get to learn much more about the commentariat. A super cuck like David French has put his whole life out on the internet, so he’s not fooling anyone. They say familiarity breeds contempt and the general hatred of the media is most likely due to the exposure that comes in the mass media age. That and their lies are much more easily exposed. When some popinjay goes on a rant about something, we can easily find where he said the opposite in the past.

Another result is the strange isolation of the media from the rest of us. Read biographies of old newspaper guys and one of the things that stands out is their working class lives. It was not just that they were the sons of toil, they remained in that world. In 1934, it was not weird for a big city newspaper reporter to live in the same building as a plumber or bus driver. Carl Bernstein never went to college but worked his way up from the copy boy at the Washington Star. Today, no newspaper in America would hire a guy like him.

This isolation has a another facet to it. The volume of media means the number of people thinking of themselves in that world is massive as well. Then there is the overlap between the academy, government and the media. When Obama took office, over 100 media members quit and went to work for the new administration. As the managerial state has grown and matured, it has absorbed the mass media with it. Look at the major chat shows and you often see people who have been in government, media and the academy.

These blurred lines mean the sense of community has grown. The people covering the Imperial Capital no longer see themselves as natural adversaries of the people they cover, unless those people are seen as a threat. The fawning over Obama by the press corp even embarrassed Obama. Contrast that with Trump, who is viewed as an outsider. The conspiracy to rig the last election by the CIA/FBI/DOJ has largely been ignored by the media, because they see the principles as their neighbors, allies and friends.

A more amusing reminder of this great divide between them and us was the heavy breathing last week about the so-called “intellectual dark web.” Someone from alt-right central casting, name Bari Weiss, wrote a piece declaring a group of old warhorses the new radicals of the internet. Like all women writers of her age, Mx Weis employs the autoethnographic style, popular with the womyn in gender studies. It’s mostly a feeble attempt to cast herself as edgy, because she knows people who think they are edgy.

That was the point though. This was not written for the broader audience, if it even exists for publications like the New York Times. It was written for people in the media. It was the sort of self-adulation you see on award shows. From the perspective of someone like Mx. Weis, Ben Shapiro is super-edgy. Anyone inside the managerial class, offering the slightest resistance to the prevailing orthodoxy, is a rebel. It’s not a lot different from the guys at prep school who cut class to smoke weed. To their peers, they are bad boys.

The old paleos were able to see the managerial state forming up. They were surprisingly prescient about what would happen to the politics of both liberalism and conservatism, as practiced thirty years ago. What they did not anticipate is the merging of corporate culture, multiculturalism and the mass media into the managerial state. They can’t be faulted for it, as no one could really anticipate how new technology would accelerate the growth and evolution of the American ruling class. In the 90’s, the smart people predicted the opposite.

The managerial class has achieved class consciousness. If you are working at the New York Times, the American Enterprise Institute or a government agency, you see the people in these roles as your colleagues. They are the people with whom you socialize and gossip. Their kids go to school with your kids. You live in the same exclusive neighborhoods. Not only are the people outside that world strangers, they vaguely feel like a threat, with their inability to vote correctly and complaints about diversity.

Unlike ruling classes of prior ages, this one is not entirely endogamous or closed off to outsiders. Like the Chinese imperial exam system, Dirt People with something on the ball can test into this world. But also like the exam system, the American managerial class is becoming immune from new ideas and innovation. What passes for creativity is simply neologism filled recitations of the one true faith. If Jordan Peterson is your idea of a radical thinker, you’re living in an intellectual waste land. A world where Bari Weiss makes sense.

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  1. Right bloggers (ostensible intellectuals anyway) like Z-Man and Vox (and derp commenters) love to pick on Ben and Jordan but it looks to me it is out of jealousy, as in: “I can’t believe numbnuts like those guys get so much attention – more than me”. And not so many of us plebs GAF about being “edgy”. More people are intrigued and energized that Ben, Faith Goldy, and Jordan are appearing on mainstream airwaves taking the fight directly to the enemy on the battlefield, sometimes taking physical damage like Faith did last week. Who else is? Z-Man, Vox, Remus, Heartiste talk a good game and pontificate in their own retreats and circles. Some carefully hiding their identities while calling for revolution and the guillotine, like Heartiste does, while eschewing making white babies they so adore. Vox is going so overboard against Jordan it’s clear he is insanely jealous of Jordan’s popularity. Cernovich is taken seriously by exactly NO ONE anymore, even Drudge dropped his link (was his site yanked?). So fuck those of you who sneer at the normies (dirt people amiright?), not cool and not edgy enough in the right circles. People become popular for intelligent reasons you may not understand, probably in a utilitarian statistical way. You cannot judge why because you can’t understand it, your perspectives stuck in your own strata.

  2. It’s Jordan peterson’s desire and ability to stand up for men and Western culture that is edgy for many dirt people. He is a teacher , not a radical thinker. His mistreatment by cloud people over pronoun usuage was revelatory for this once left leaning academic . Don’t be so hard headed .

    • He’s a mentally ill, globalist shill, that acts as a useful idiot gatekeeper in his role as a BS snake oil salesman.

  3. Well, looks like outcome of the powwow today with Trump etal was that all documents come out to Congress unredacted and John Kelly is hosting the reveal party. What was that Praetorian comment?

  4. “The managerial class has achieved class consciousness. If you are working at the New York Times, the American Enterprise Institute or a government agency, you see the people in these roles as your colleagues. They are the people with whom you socialize and gossip. Their kids go to school with your kids. You live in the same exclusive neighborhoods. Not only are the people outside that world strangers, they vaguely feel like a threat, with their inability to vote correctly and complaints about diversity.”

    …and they ALL live in large urban centers. Hint Hint.

  5. That class consciousness has been there for along time. I mean how many working or hall middle class people play Jai Lai or Water Polo and would be accepted at a club without a lawsuit?

    This was well known in the past and part of the media structure well into the 80’s and 90’s

    the rich are not like us but back than they mostly left the Middle and Working classes their own devices only manipulating them from time to time while hating ion the poor

    They seems to have grown to hate and resent those people though, maybe because the smarter people in those classes are better than them and they know it or maybe because the they know that one slip up and most of them would be working at Wal Mart

    The thing is they can’t let people know that, even the most foolish person isn’t going to trust people they know hate them.

    What they hate though is driving them to make policy choices that will destroy the rest or replace them. Soft Genocide on a Slow Roll

    The very good thing about all this is that the mask is torn off and everyone is realizing the game is up . Where it goes from here no one knows but the election of President Trump was very much an awakening

    As an aside, all this reminds me of the intense government and media hatred of Juagglos who are mostly White Poor Working and some Middle class people (with a smattering of others)

    Truth is the rap duo Insane Clown Posse who BTW are Christian and no worse than gangster rap lyrically.

    The fear is that Juggalo could become a kind of substitute identity and a Family of sorts

    The system only wants atomized, fearful passive deracinated good Whites not aggressive men with a class and race rareness who don’t mind a fight for a good cause

    Now ICP has crept a little out of that ghetto through crazy levels of work but the implicit message is still there, organized Whites unless the serve the people in charge are a threat

    • Are you a Juggalo or have ties to them? I wasn’t expecting to read a defense of them on this blog.

      • The Dissident Right is better in nearly every way that the Left but we mostly come from the Middle and low end of the Upper Class and can be snobbish and have our own ideological bubblse too

        The kind of people ICP are talking to kind of get overlooked maybe ignored. Big difference is we don’t hate them and aren’t are condescending . We want them to be like us or have the choice to be anyway, economically more than anything

        This is a good thing though I suspect the Dissident Right doesn’t understand these people or the Rednecks much either

        These people are a huge percentage of Whites though , arguably the bare majority of us and brought into our circle and well lead with honor, most of them could be an incredibly formidable part of the movement

        ICP’s Juggalo Island is crude (food, sex, fun, rough language but watch the video

        The people in it though are real, no much one is pretty , just plain folks with plain dreams. I place to have fun with people like you.

        Its not complicated but it doesn’t have to be. It just has to work.

        Now I’m not a Juggalo and am not connected to them but its not a denial of them. I even like Faygo.

        I’ve listened to a fair amount of ICP over the last few years and its actually pretty good music if you don’t mind horror core and rap music.

        in all honesty IC doesn’t require much defense

        TV and music is filled with equally bad imagery and despite the lyrics, ICP actually has a core of Christian faith kind of po’ boy jail house Christianity there but its real

        I see the Devil is a Recent Song by them and its crude and uses rough language, like the poor and working class I’ve been part of actually talk sometimes

        There are lots of more negative songs too and some positive one . These folks sometimes live shitty lives and ICP gets that.

        That the band is very much the American dream in action, work hard do well and David against Goliath, two crazy clowns succeeding again a record industry that wants them to fail

        I’ve respected them long before I ever heard their music

        • In contrast to aligning politically, anyone in that genre lost me when they made “b—” into a synonym for “female.” That’s the kind of unconscious slam I can’t get past — and don’t want to.

    • The ICP are very *explicitly* anti-white identity, as well as promoters of degenerate, white trash, Wiggery, Anarcho-capitalist behavior. If that’s what passes as “Christianity” today, count me out.
      Their past statements against white Identititarians and trad nationalists are mind-bogglingly facile, in addition to being globalistic.

  6. Dear Z:

    You have not spoken much about Trump since he made his disappointing comments on the Second Amendment. Any new thoughts?

  7. Looking like either the FBI or CIA – or both – started a “whisper campaign” against Papadapolous and Page by getting these two British professors to whisper in their ears about the Russians and the emails. A few months later, those two guys mention Russia/emails to other people, and those later meetings are used as evidence justifying wire taps and spying on the Trump campaign.

    The latest media phrasing on this is that when Trump says something, they start off with “offering no evidence, Trump said…”. Increasingly, Trump is looking like the target of a coup led by the CIA with help from the FBI. They say things like “offering no evidence” because there is TONS of evidence, but only if you decide to look it or listen to it…and only if it fits your desired political outcome.

    Remember, tying a so-called unpopular elected leader to Putin, and then claim the election was illegitimate, is the basic strategy the CIA used to overthrow the Ukrainian government and launch a civil war. This was largely done because the CIA/Obama/EU didn’t like the new Ukranian president’s stance on natural gas pipelines to Europe. So, with Trump, pick your policy difference, but the basic strategy is the same.

    • Halper was a paid agent provocateur working for both the CIA and MI6, and his assignment was to entrap/manipulate/incriminate Trump Campaign members using standard spy-craft deception techniques. This was an act of overt sedition, which is why the British are so nervous.

      • If he was paid with tax dollars, then I think the odds of Brennan and Comey going to prison goes way up. That changes the nature of the thing. There’s simply no way for the guy approving the payments to deny the charge.

          • I think Brennan is telling Ryan and McConnell that he will take them down with him in the event that Trump begins to hit paydirt, so they’d better stop him first.

          • I think they’re more worried about Nunes and Grassley. This is a 3-pronged attack right now. Congress is getting all these guys under oath. The DOJ IG is clearing the decks at FBI/DOJ. The White House is in full-on Trump-mode.

            The role Congress has been playing has been very important because they’ve taken a lot of the yard darts for Trump, but have also uncovered a lot of the particulars of how this scam was carried out. I mean, 8 months ago, it was only rumored that the Clinton Campaign had paid for Steele…but the Congress proved it 100% and now it is accepted as fact. Over a year ago, Trump said his phones were tapped. Today? We know his aides phones were tapped either through the FISA court or via unmasking of intel intercepts. It’s not a long walk over to Trump’s phones from there. Kinda like when you go to the grocery store to buy some eggs, but hey, while I’m here I might as well pick up this and that and the other thing.

            That Brennan tweet, though, was a gift from Heaven.

          • Brennan just realized he’s got his dick caught in the corn shelller and the crank only turns one way. I’m going to enjoy this.

        • You have more faith than I do, Zman, in our justice system. Brennan, like Hillary and many others, could literally shoot Trump on national TV, and not be indicted for it. Billy Boy proved how a walk on the runway to visit Ms. Lynch in her plane makes such justice “Go away”.

        • “For work completed between Sept. 24, 2015 and Sept. 27, 2016, Halper was paid $244,960 for a “Russia-China relationship study.”
          For work completed between July 26, 2016 and March 29, 2018, Halper was paid $411,575 for more “direct labor.””

          Maybe Halper’s approach to Carter Page — at an event in Cambridge a couple of days after Page’s Moscow speeches, and almost 3 weeks before the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane operation was authorized — was him trying to earn future payments on spec, but it seems more likely that the CIA sicced one of their Cambridge assets on Page.

  8. “When Obama took office, over 100 media members quit and went to work for the new administration.”

    GWB speech writer David Frum is also a “journalist” and his working on The Atlantic the last time I checked.

  9. Read that article and laughed. Those guys are “dark web”? Derb an Z man are ultra alt-dark web I guess, barely seen or heard except for a small society with secret handshakes.
    It’s a clown show!

  10. The cognitive elite who make up the Deep$tate/”academia”Wall$treet/Enemedia-Pravda/managerial class includes both “progressives” and “cuckservatives” – the Uniparty – who are well-practiced at performing kabuki to distract us from, and at discharging squid ink to conceal from us, the true core issues that impact us ordinary Americans, all while the Uniparty does, of course, nothing that doesn’t benefit its own class.

  11. What a joke, the intellectual dark web. Just a way of saying, this far and no farther. Mr. Overton says no.

  12. “Where have you gone Michael Royko…our nation turns as slowly…” Back in college one of my roommates decided to interview him for a J-School project. Wouldn’t return his calls, so finally he goes downtown to stake him out at the Billy Goat. Finally shows up. Royko then “Gunny Hartmans” him in front of the entire bar (he had no respect for Medill) , but then tells him to grab a barstool and gives him the interview. What he got were the war stories of a tough Polack who could give a shit whose eye his thumb landed in and wrote it as he saw it. And got plenty of leg breaking and other threats from the denizens of Daley’s Chicago. Don’t see a shred of that in the current crop of “journalists”.

  13. The common denominator of the media, academia, and bureaucratic elite is a parasitic dependence on a productive host for sustenance and survival. These people simply could not have survived in the environment of our ancestral evolution, in which basic fitness was a life or death matter. These people are, at best, dead-weight and, at worse, a degenerative disease that is killing our robustness.

    • Journalists are still the front-row-seat college kids writing essays to please their professors, but who get to pretend they are the cool, tough kids, who sit in the back of the room and carve epithets into the desks with switchblades.

      Edit—Saml Adams, hadn’t continued to read down to your post. Didn’t mean to poach.

    • The overclass and the underclass vs. the middle class producers and achievers. They think that the middle class is a well that will never run dry.

  14. I stopped reading at Carl Bernstein. In fact Bernstein did attend U.Maryland and he wrote for its student newspaper prior to dropping out.

    Now that nit has been picked at, I shall resume your excellent commentary.

  15. Zman, What do you think is the best way forward against the MS? Sometimes I worry that it’s too late, but then I think we never had the internet (and then I think that we never had mass surveillance of normal people either.) Blech. I really don’t know what to think anymore.

    • My honest opinion is that we are slowly moving to a very bad end. Increasingly, the people in charge are no longer able to perform their basic functions. That’s fine as long as the people have full bellies and plenty of entertainments. Eventually though, bad times come. My guess is we see a series of crises that either lead to some sort of dissolution or the rise of an autocrat, maybe an autocratic party.

      I’m not optimistic.

      • Nor am I. What I most object to at this point is “social media’s” treating all dissidents from the proscribed narrative as threats undeserving of a platform. It happened to you, but before that it happened to Milo, Tommy Robinson, and many, many others.

      • Not only are they incapable of performing their basic functions. They are threatened by those of us who can perform ours. They will push things over the side to protect themselves from us. Any “bad end” will not just eventually happen, it will be a “burn down the house to save themselves” hail-mary maneuver on their part, well before the end of the line. More like the Mao or Khmer Rouge purges than the Venezuela breakdown.

        • Agreed. Anyone doing the right thing shows them up in high relief to how catastrophically bad they are performing.

          Think Michael Scott from the office, of whom common sense bounces off his bullet proof vanity, and who dismisses, or even punishes those who try to point out the obvious flaws in his logic. And what does Michael Scott to deflect from his unmitigated disasters his decisions bring about? Throw an office party! In Media terms, serve bread and circuses to the masses to keep them from focusing on the catastrophe about to engulf them, akin to the knacker man that talks softly into the horse’s ear to soothe it, before he shoots it brains out.

      • I’m optimistic as hell! We are — right now — passing through peak idiocy and starting the return journey to a more sane polity. California has finally reached its limit with progressive rule. The homeless coddling, and the sanctuary city shenanigans have pushed the non-suicidal voters to start moving right with their votes. If we get a GOP governor this Fall, then you will know I am right.

        • I tried an experiment this weekend. I went to a bunch of local news stories from around the country on Hillary’s speeches, gun issues, homeless issues, and so on. The comments sections, where they allowed comments, simply torched the lefties on all of them. The only defenders of any of it were the few snarky comments that addressed the issues not at all, and only sought to “burn” the other commenters in juvenile fashion. From the bottom up, I am encouraged. The average person gets it. The top down, that is another story. Their minions may be incompetent, but I get the feeling the elites will not be messing around soon.

      • A close friend of mine, a retired money manager and an extraordinarily observant person (not to the same degree as you, Zman), predicts that there will a new form of government around the year 2032. She doesn’t know what it will be She said that she would like to split the country in two.

        Elsewhere, I’ve seen 2032 pegged as Year Zero for a breakup of the US, as well.

      • I’d be surprised if a global depression of 1930s magnitude isn’t in the offing in the intermediate future. But even if that doesn’t happen, greedy Western elites have handed so much economic and potential geopolitical power to the Chinese that it’s hard to imagine that the Chinese won’t soon be cracking the whip. Our elites may escape with their booty relatively unscathed, but, then again, they may not.

  16. Well then who is a radical enough thinker, Z Man? Sailer? Jared Taylor? The Derb? Mike Enoch? Ted “Vox Day” Beale? Yourself? It seems to me that many alt-righters have their own form of political correctness and those who don’t meet it are to be dismissed as cucks. You could call them gateway drugs but people like Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson are helping many people question the assumptions of our “Cathedral”, or “Synagogue” for the Jew-obsessed. But for those who insist on ideological purity it’s not good enough.

    • I’m not seeing how this has much to do with my post. My point is calling Peterson or a Dave Rubin “radicals operating in the shadows” is delusional. They operate well within the mainstream and there is nothing all that radical about them. It’s just that the center of gravity inside the mass media has rocketed off into crazy land.

      • Say what you will about Trump but ultimately he is buying us 4-8 years of time. Whoever will take his place, Republican or Democrat, is going to pick up right where Obama left off. The decline is going to accelerate and when the government can’t afford to fund social programs for the coalition of the ascendant, that is where things are going to get very interesting.

        Edit: LOL, that was meant for your reply to BestGuest. Looks like I don’t know how to read.

        • Stumbled into an early 2016 piece about the impoverishment process of Venezuela, then well underway, authored by Joel Hirst. Fascinating to me was the series of comments, repeated by the dozens, “there goes us in a few years”. No thought of how to fight back, or of any alternative ending.

          Trump, mostly singlehandly, has offered up some time, and also some sort of vague template, for fighting back. A consciousness has been rising in the wake of his election, and I don’t think that genie goes back in the bottle. Things have gotten a lot more interesting in the last couple of years.

      • It is an interesting point though. Why not address it?

        First, we don’t need ‘radicals’. Vox Day is a radical and he alienates the hell out 75% of the people he interacts with. Of the remaining 25% – they laugh at him. Ditto for the other grandstanding performance artists and hucksters that are out to sell their books or themselves.

        In my opinion we need honest thinkers and speakers that can think for themselves AND address opposing viewpoints with candor and integrity. Derb will do, as will Sailer and Z. Jordan Perderson is another – say what you want about him – he represents a massive crack in the foundation of progressive liberalism. He will stand up to the SJW’s that Sloppy, Goldberg and Fwench suck up to.

        There’s a lot of real talent out there, and the only thing that needs to be done is take those guys and mainstream them instead of the dreary old stand-by’s.

        • Standing up to SJW’s has value for newbs but Peterson is just just a slightly saner Leftist.if he’s not wolf in sheep’s clothing

          Hell Pew Die Pie has red pilled people but we aren’t lifting him up as a leader

          Look into the depper stuff about Peterson , the cannibal dreams about his cousin, his ties to Podesta and the UN , collects Soviet Art

          These things scream danger to me and they are all in his own words, It would not surprise me if he was in onsome nasty things

          Peterson is not on our side in any case, He’s a stalling action

          And Glen we need radicals more than anything , radicals backed by patient men are how the Left won and how we’ll win

          I know everyone is desperate to avoid chaos but you can’t do that, There are no easy outs.

          Yes the system is shaking itself apart but a weak approach will not suffice in tough times . Hard men to take power will

          and whatever to stay about radicals whether physical like Nathan Domingo or intellectual like Vox Day , they have tremendous value

          The Derb and the Sailers of the world only talk to the high minded, they are both great men but only people who are already there, who live for dialectic and stats will be persuaded

          The bulk of people live by feelings and care no more about Saller’s stats work than a Pygmy does about Milton Friedman

          Deus Volt, Maga , They Have to Go Back

          That works .

          The rest is for the smart kids in class

      • Jordan Peterson is not a radical and it’s a good point that if you view him as such, you are living in a bubble. But by the same token he is not mainstream. He might have gained mainstream popularity, but he is not mainstream.

    • People who are right wingers & think they are “getting help” from liberals like (((Dave “I fit into any container I’m poured into” Rubin))), and DOCTOR “self-medicating” Jordy, need to see a psychiatrist.

      • It’s great if a normie watches a few Rubin or Peterson videos and feels excited by the new vistas. I am concerned about the guy who has watched 10 Peterson videos and not radicalized. The worst is the guy who internalizes Peterson’s arguments against identity politics.

  17. I buy into the theory that Bari Weiss was trying to funnel young white men away from the alt right and to these low-middlebrow bloggers and personalities. If they tried to make Ben Shapiro edgy, then that might work in getting them away from actual dissident right writers. The positive is that the overton window is shifting enough to where even they have to admit that the NRO or The Weekly Standard is no longer the avant garde of right wing discussion.

  18. I personally think we have to stop obsessing with the mass media. Everyone knows what the deal is with Sloppy Williamson, David Fwench, Mix Weiss and all the other cretins of the mainstream media. We lost it decades ago, it ain’t coming back, and all there is to do is sit around until it dies of it’s own accord – or we kill it ourselves. I don’t want ‘edgy’, I want informed opinion. I don’t have to agree with it – I’d be happy to just to know the guy wasting oxygen, electrons and my time – knows what he’s talking about. We aren’t getting that from the media, they can’t be bothered to inform themselves, how are they going to inform us?

    We need to replace the chattering class. (Congratulations on that, by the way, and keep up the good work). We need intelligent platforms with intelligent hosts. Speaking for myself, this is the problem I had with the Alt-Right: it’s spokespeople were showboating cretins using the movement to promote themselves, (Vox, Cerno, Milo, et al) – if you disagree with them with informed dissent – their fanboys and glee clubs are all over you. Here – the adults can TALK.

    The chattering class can always chatter – but it’s places like this where the real thinking will be done.

    • Vox is the only one of three ppl you named, that’s vaguely Alt-right, though, and he spends much of his time purity spiraling and calling people in the Alt-right names like Alt-retard and leftists.
      It’s amazing to me how he constantly tries to “read” Richard Spencer & the TRS guys out of a movement that he didn’t form, had nothing to do with as far as organizing, does not
      deliver speeches, nor attends events, in support of, in addition to not living in the country for over a decade.
      He also seems to think he makes up the rules regarding who can, and can’t be, considered part of the movement, based on their religious beliefs, or lack thereof.
      Kinda nutty, tbh.

      • I happen to agree with you re: Vox Day and religion. The Deus Volt crowd as I like to call them has a cognitive blind spot when it comes to Christianity and would be shocked by how many people in the dissident right and .alt right aren’t Christian and don’t think its mandatory for a Western social order

        That said the people he’s attacked are not of the Right, Jordan Peterson is the UN’s pet shrink, Podesta’s employee and hates nationalism , Ben Shapiro is Neo Con and Spencer is a Neo Nazi more or less

        I don’t care if Spencer invented the term .alt right, he’s still part of the Left like the rest of the Nazis, Neo Nazis and the vast majority of White Nationalists . About the only actually Right wing ones are a few Odinists and Asatru who mostly look and act like normal people

        These Lefty Hitler fans are not people the dissident right needs, aren’t right wing . I mean really guys democratic, workers and socialism are not right wing ideas how hard is that to see ?

        Its a shitty failed ideology that lasted about a decade and killed millions of White people and would have subjugated the rest . Let it die.

        Vox is right to want to police the movement and kicking out people that draw problems those guys do is not purity spiraling . Its just good sense and i the media didn’t have the Spencer’s and others of the world, they’d have to invent them

        And yeah you are right to say its not his job and he doesn’t run the show, Well I don’t see anyone else stepping up .

        Pretty much no one else is trying to build a foundation or fighting the culture war on several levels .

        At least the 16 points as stupid as some of them sound count as a foundation for an ideology that’s actually Right Wing

        Almost every Right Winger has been mind poisoned by Libertarian bullshit and wants to be king of his little castle and forget the world exists

        That’s not how life works, winners rule other men .

        And sure you can give them more freedom than most , you are still going go have to do all the hard work of governing , you still have to right the laws that stop child labor, regulate pollution and make sure the millions of sociopaths in business and finance don’t turn the US into a private fiefdom /sewer /hell

        You will have to regulate trade, commerce, banks, porn, weapons divorce laws an a ton of things, no opting out, no avoiding taxes , no running away

        Somebody leads, others follow or else.

        Vox Day gets this and until the movement does, either its gets authoritative or fashy it will fail every time. . It deserves failure since or all its numerous flaws the cathedral knows how to actually do stuff and will do stuff.

        Once you understand that modern technology precludes the 1776 style society, just the presence of things like CRISPR means cops will be sniffing up peoples asses just to keep the next moron from mutating people for kicks or trying to wipe out a company (already happened BTW to Chipotle Grill)

        Now of you think you and your have a better idea than go for it . But until you do, you’ll cede the high ground to the Deus Volt guys

        Don’t like what Vox Day does? Do better

        • The alt-right contains many, many Christians, Pagans, Agnostics, and Atheists.
          You called Richard fucking Spencer a neo-nazi, so I’m discounting pretty much everything you said past that, because you can’t be trusted to make sound judgment calls if your that ridiculous.
          Vox Day trying to “read” people out a movement THEY started is no different than what the Neocons did to nationalists, populists, and paleocons.
          There is no real such thing as “left” or “right” wing. You’re either a part of the big machine or not.
          You also don’t get to decide who’s “left” wing or who’s “right” wing.
          The whole idea of the Alt-right in the beginning, as it is still, was to take ideas from wherever they came from, and synthesize them into a new ideology.
          If you don’t agree w/that-that’s fine. You are probably not an Alt-righter, but rather a part of the neo-reactionaries, the HBDers, Christians, the dissident dark enlightment, the paleos, or some combo of the above, much like what seems to be the situation regarding Vox & his acolytes.

  19. “Like the Chinese imperial exam system, Dirt People with something on the ball can test into this world.”

    The whole point of affirmative action its descendants is to entrench vagueness and subjectivity into selection systems. This is how you end up with the current wave of nepotism and favoritism going on in professional and post graduate schools. Sure, a few outsider whites make it every now and again, but the vast majority of picks are minorities, women, and legacies.

    These guys aren’t stupid enough to put their own kids in their own programs, though, they get their buddy or cousin in another state to admit them.

    The system is more corrupt than anyone realizes.

      • Not sure what you’re looking for, but it’s pretty obvious that unofficial AA is taking place, despite what laws states pass. Universities consider themselves above the law, and AA basically serves as cover for underground nepotism, and exchanges of favors.

        I have not seen any conversations take place, if that’s what you’re asking. However, certain patterns indicate what must be going on.

        Diseases are diagnosed by the behavior that you can see. They don’t announce themselves like arrivals at a ball.

  20. So we have a form of singularity in which the Administrative State achieves Skynet status, and is finally in a position to tell Congress, the Courts and the President to go take a hike.

  21. (((Ms. Weis))) I think her name alone says most of what needed to be said.
    Regarding testing into that sphere, most of the actually intelligent and perceptive Dirt People really want nothing to do with those in the “intellectual” classes. They see right through them.

  22. And it’s not only the Anointed Commentariat who live in a parallel universe — they are just more numerous than the Cucktarians. The media’s licensed cucks have their own shared script, one which projects a vague tone of rebellion against the leftist status quo without challenging its premises.

    Cucktarians can be identified by their own brand of virtue signaling: “Democrats are the real racists”; “African Americans inhabit a dysfunctional culture because the welfare state plantation keeps them down”; “I don’t care whether immigrants are white, brown, purple, or polka dotted as long as they enter legally,” etc.

    With a few honorable exceptions, Cucktarians have dominated the so-called right for half a century. I’d like to think their time is up.

  23. Ben Shapiro, edgy? It is to laugh. Dark Web? He’s had his mug all over conventional media. Nothing mysterious about him. For a true shock, let Mx Weiss read John Q. Publius at Anatomically Correct Banana… if she can find a handy fainting couch.

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