In early December of 1241, the great Mongol army was camped on the Hungarian plain, poised to invade Europe “all the way to the Great Sea.” In the spring, they had defeated the Hungarian army at the battle of Mohi and spent the summer and fall ravaging eastern Europe. By autumn, all of the lands east of what is now modern Germany had been subdued by the Mongols. There was no army between the Mongols and the Atlantic Ocean capable of stopping them from ravaging the rest of the continent.

Then, in the middle of December, Ogedei Khan, the Great Khan, died on a hunting trip, most likely drunk. He was well known as a drunkard and the legend is he fell of his horse while drunk. Regardless of the reason, his death required all of the Mongol leaders to return home and select a new Great Khan. That meant the Mongol Army, instead of sacking Europe, returned home. It was one of the strange, fortunate events that probably made it possible for Europe to be Europe. The Mongols were not known for their mercy.

To put this into some perspective, the Mongols invaded what is now Iraq, known in the 13th century as the Abbasid Caliphate. This was the third caliphate, whose rulers were descended from Abbas, the uncle of Muhammad. Baghdad was the capital and at the time, one of the most advanced cities in the world.  The Mongols sacked the city in 1258, putting anywhere from 200,000 to one million people to the sword. They destroyed the city, filled the canals and stole or burned everything of value. It was an annihilation.

At the time, Baghdad was the center of the Islamic world.The Grand Library of Baghdad may have been the most important center of knowledge on earth at the time. It had books ranging from medicine to astronomy. The 36 public libraries in the city were also burned. Of course, the scholars and learned people who used those books and libraries were murdered. What was once the center of Islamic learning was destroyed. The population of the city and surrounding areas did not recover until the 19th century.

The point of this is that serendipity often plays a definitive role in humans affairs. At the dawn of the 13th century, there was no reason to think Europe was about to rocket ahead of the rest of the world. Through the Middle Ages, Europe slowly began to develop more advanced societies and develop a high culture, but they were still playing catch-up with Asia and the Middle East. Yet, the totally unexpected and unpredictable events of the Mongol invasions, radically changed the trajectory of Europe and the Middle East.

In retrospect, it is easy to look at a singular event like the Great Khan dropping dead just when his armies are about to sack Europe and see the significance. Once you read the story of the Mongol invasions, you know the West dodged something close to a meteor strike. The Siege of Baghdad, and its subsequent obliteration, is probably the great inflection point in the history of Islam. There’s no doubt that Islamic intellectual curve bent sharply downward because of the Mongol invasions and destruction of Baghdad.

The thing is, serendipity can also be the result of great stupidity. The Mongols initially tried to establish trade relations with the Khwarezmid Shah, who ruled the lands between the Mongols and the Abbasid Caliphate. The trouble was the caliph and shah hated one another and conspired to keep each other from making a deal with the Mongols. It’s a matter of dispute, but some historians argue that the Mongols never would have invaded if they could have struck a deal. They took the rejection as an insult and invaded.

This brings us to some rather interesting serendipity of our own age. In 2015, there was no reason to think the 2016 election was going to be anything but more of the same. The smart money said it would be Bush versus Clinton to decide the title. If not Bush, then one of the Bush family flunkies. Then like the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, Trump entered the race and altered the political trajectory of the empire. Not only has this event extinguished the Bush wing of the GOP, it is threatening the neo-liberal world order.

How did this happen? Mostly it is due to Trump getting angry about how the political class has treated him. Like all rich guys, he had spread his money around to buy friends in the political class. He never had any respect for them, but if you want to do business in the world you have to do business with the people who run it. According to people who know him, what got Trump interested in running is being disrespected by the people in the chattering classes. The political class simply ticked off the wrong guy.

How this improbable event happened is going to be debated for a long time, but there is no debate about the consequences. Imagine if Clinton were president. The CIA meddling in our politics would only have accelerated. The corruption of the FBI would never have been revealed. In fact, it would have metastasized. People like to focus on the policy issues that would have been different with Clinton in power, but without the miracle of Trump, Washington would be ruled today by a dumpy old Caligula in a muumuu.

Here’s another bit of serendipity. Even if Trump won, much of this would never have come to light if not for two wholly unnecessary actions taken by the Democrats. One is the nonsense about Russian hacking. For no other reason than spite, the Left embraced this ridiculous narrative. The demands for an IG investigation of the FBI’s handling of the Clinton e-mail stuff came from liberal Democrats. They were the ones who demanded it, after blaming Comey for the election loss. Two dumb decisions have changed the world.

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      Brennan sends his regards

  1. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I’m a foreigner. If the powers that be were so convinced the Hillary was a shoo in why did they go to such illegal lengths to infiltrate a campaign they saw as clownish and doomed?

    • The Nixon campaign made the same mistake in 1972. There was no need for the Watergate break-in. He won in a landslide. In his case there were rogue elements in his cabal who engaged in these activities seemingly out of hubris– they thought they could get away with anything because they always had.

      It was also an instance of the deep state telling on itself. Mark Felt had been passed over in choosing a new FBI director and his revenge against Nixon was to talk selectively to Wapo reporters about what had happened. Because the reporters were primarily out to unseat Nixon, the natural questions that would have led to asking about why this kind of activity took place and whether it had been common for decades and whether Felt himself had participated in such things were not of interest to them.

      In other words, the even was viewed as an aberration, and an opportunity to alter the way things worked was missed.

    • The Doc is spot on. Would also add that, with Hillary a “shoo-in”, likely there was a lot of virtue signaling going on among the DoJ bureaucracy. Absent the black swan of Trumps election, jumping on the bandwagon was a way of advancing your chances in the incoming administration. In the mass of Obama era sycophants it was a way to stand out. “See, Madame President, I gladly helped bury your email problem in an unmarked grave”. The game in DC is to get to a very senior level in the bureaucracy, trigger off early retirement and then trade on your insider knowledge at a law or lobbying firm. Eight years of Hillary was going to be Sutters Mill, 1848 all over again. Until it wasn’t.

    • Dan in Oz: Hillary being a shoo-in was all propaganda. In truth, she was the world’s worst candidate and dragging this old girl to the finish line required a Defcon 1 “All Hands on Deck” operation: all facets of the establishment — media, social media, Hollywood, government, institutions, intelligence community — were pulling hard for Hillary. Because of her years of service to the elite, it was Hillary’s turn to be President and by God they were going to help her achieve this, and just imagine the spoils that awaited!

      Per the Podesta emails published by Wikileaks, three Republicans were encouraged to run for President as “pied-piper” candidates: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson.

      “In its self-described “pied piper” strategy, the Clinton campaign proposed intentionally cultivating extreme right-wing presidential candidates, hoping to turn them into the new ‘mainstream of the Republican Party’ in order to try to increase Clinton’s chances of winning.”*

      Turns out Donald Trump’s nationalist platform took off like wildfire, as did Bernie Sander’s Socialist platform. Bernie was the only candidate that might have beaten Trump. First Hillary stole the Democratic primary from Bernie, with all kinds of shenanigans+, some of which were caught on video but were not investigated or widely reported on by the servile mainstream press.

      After Trump won the Republican primary, team Hillary (aka the Establishment) cheated like hell and had the entire world establishment pulling for her and she still lost, because she had no message other than more of the same Obama nightmare would continue and that Trump is bad. Even in heavily blue (Democratic) southern California, there was evidence of cheating, such as stacks of election ballots being delivered to an apartment address in San Pedro:

      “Authorities are investigating the story behind more than 80 unused ballots — all with different names but all addressed to the same single-unit apartment — that landed at their mailboxes.”^

      If they felt the need to cheat in southern California, just imagine what went on in swing states! Even President Obama was mobilized, out doing interviews that hinted it’s OK for illegals to vote:

      Gina Rodriguez: “Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented, uh, citizens — and I call them ‘citizens’ because they contribute to this country — are fearful of voting. So if I vote, will Immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?”
      Obummer: “Not true. And the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself. And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating et cetera. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential in terms of who you voted for. …”>

      Because there was so much criminality done by so many people in bringing along the dud Hillary, it was critical that she win so that the misdeeds could be covered up. The elite wanted badly for Hillary to get in office and finish what Obama started because of the vast power and money at stake, they were banking on her corruption. That’s why we saw the press destroy their own credibility with their wacko and extremely pro-Hillary, anti-Trump reporting in a Consequences Be Damned, We Need To Get This Done, Whatever It Takes! attitude, because they were desperate for her to win and keep the whole gravy train going. After she lost, the press insults our intelligence by asking, How did we get that so wrong? Hmmm…




      > Gina Rodriguez Interviews President Obama –> at 3:22

    • Dan;
      Also there was fear: Let me add to the others’ excellent explanations that the Clinton Machine was well known for playing very dirty against anyone beholden to The Swamp. At the very least, your phony, do-nothing job was at stake if you crossed them. Hillary *started* Bubba’s first term by getting kompromat on everybody possible there via the 800 or so FBI files she grabbed up.

      And then there’s the well rumored matter of ‘Arkancide’ wherein many people inconvenient to the Clintons were mysteriously died, were murdered or committed ‘suicide’ under dubious circumstances. I recall that this amounts to some 40 – 50 cases. Most people don’t know even one person who was murdered or died mysteriously but the Clintons knew over 40. Draw your own conclusions.

  2. While the point about serendipity and how unforeseen events can completely change the outcome of history is fascinating in regards to current events, the Horde concept reminded me of something much more local.

    Yesterday a neighborhood, about a mile or so from my house, was locked down due to the killing of a policewoman. Apparently a group of fine, upstanding youths from a project in West Baltimore decided to roll out into the ‘burbs for a little free shit acquisition. 16yo Shitavious was on house arrest for 4 previous GTAs while he was 15. He was the lookout/getaway driver and objected to the policewoman obstructing their shopping trip.

    Get out while you can; this won’t end well. Lagos may be an understatement before it’s all said and dobr.

  3. Yes. Three things the idiots did:

    1. Piss off Trump.
    2. Russia that made muumuu lose.
    3. Dems force IG to investigate Clinton emails.

    Never underestimate the importance of idiots.

  4. One lesson from a career in the global insurance/re-insurance business is those pesky outlier events will always surprise. So don’t get too full of yourself and keep your capital dry. liquid and flexible. Progressives just can’t seem to accept they were wrong and the quicker you correct and incorporate the new reality into your “models” the better. We had to do that with terrorism risk. It is more than just spite, it is a thought system that simply can’t incorporate and integrate new information very well. Democrats can’t process Trump. Remember Marxism trying to come to grips with a revolution in the last country it was supposed to happen in and failure in all the developed European countries?

    • The assumption, laying off, and transfer of risk and of assets, in a contractual fashion, in an unpredictable and complex real world, is a fascinating subject. I think, what you are saying, is beware of the tables being toppled and the ordinary (contractual and legal) norms being discarded. Unexpected outcomes.

      • Two things. Expect the unexpected. And when things shift around you, update your thinking and adapt. Funny thing, after ’93 WTC…(which I narrowly missed being in the middle of–ditto for ’01) all the thinking went into preventing truck bombs from getting into critical locations. We never blue skied scenarios like planes as weapons. The people I did business with in the south tower who were around in 93, immediately hit the stairs when the plane hit the north–lesson they learned was get the fuck out of Dodge when things go wrong–lot of others listened to the safety director and stuck around to watch the spectacle across the plaza. They all died.

        • Saml;
          You’re right about the truck fixation. But that wasn’t unreasonable. If explosives are your weapon you need to be able to move a large enough quantity to take out your target, And you need to get them into position fast enough before being detected so that the defenders have not enough time to act. Hence trucks.

          The 9/11 jihadis depended on the well-known civilian aircraft hijacking protocol at that time.* Specifically, all previous events were (loosely) under Russian/USSR control and the idea was that the hijackers were recruited as future revolutionary heroes. So they mainly wanted to go somewhere safe (for them) and hold a press conference. Consequently, it was thought better to just go along for the ride and come back alive later, you hoped. And they were infrequent and only one aircraft was ever involved.

          The missing pieces of logic that caused the mistake was multiple, simultaneous hijackings by suicide attackers. In all previous terrorist attacks (save the Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing of 1984) the attackers sought to survive.

          Flight 93 showed just how little time it took for thinking to be updated once it was known that this was a suicide mission.
          * On military missions, the crew knew they had to fight back instantly since the rest of the military would very soon be doing its very best to blow them out of the air *particularly* if nuclear weapons were involved in any way. I recall that a Staff Sergeant hijacked a C 130 in the UK and started heading East. He didn’t even make across the English Channel.

  5. Being of Austrian descent, I take a bit of issue with the “no army between the Mongols and the Atlantic Ocean capable of stopping them from ravaging the rest of the continent”…

    The Austrians and their allies stopped the Mongol invasion, as well as two later Ottoman invasions, at the ‘Gates of Vienna’, the natural passageway into the European heartland.
    [See ‘Invasion of Austria’]

  6. “A dumpy old Caligula in a muumuu…” Jesus, that is a brilliant turn of phrase. I look forward to reading your book.

    • Cold anger, right there. On Trump’s part. I am so glad Obama did that. It ended up maybe saving the Republic.

  7. But how much has “come to light”?
    I still can’t talk to anyone outside my family about this without “But the Russians! The Russians!
    I go anywhere toward the MSM and it’s still “The Russians, The Russians!
    When will the unholy and completely dismantled MSM fall apart? Most of the idiots out there think that the thought of “Fake News” is a Trump thing and an Alt-Right thing.

    • They are not going to fall apart, not MSM or academia or all the institutions dominated by sniveling pseudo intellectuals. Trump is an anomaly, as was Reagan, who straightened the country enough to afford two Bushes, a Clinton, Obama, and the continued corruption of every institution. There is no reason to think that the machine that has been running since 1866 is going to actually change direction. and 150 years of experience to deduce that it will not. We are grateful for the reprieve, but the “Republic” will not be changed by a vote. The vote is what changed us.

  8. Speaking of wholly unnecessary actions by the Democrats, what about the alleged Russian hack of the DNC server? That server was given to Crowdstrike, not the FBI. Therefore, it was never proven to be a Russian hack. In fact, it appears that the data was downloaded through a USB device. An inside job, in other words. Serendipity sometimes walks very close to Disaster. The Dems were willing to frame a superpower and cause a serious meltdown in diplomatic relations to cover their a**. What if this all went terribly wrong?

    • Yes, these sick globalist progressives believe the end justifies the means as they seek to satisfy their quest for power by any means necessary. While they use their lawlessness to get ahead politically, Trump must use their lawlessness against them and prosecute the hell out of these criminals. Plenty of crimes to go after. As the criminals run out of civilized avenues to get rid of President Trump, will they move on to ways involving physical force? I pray not! Here’s where Trump’s military men come in to play, God bless them.

      • If it goes to force in scale (i.e more than a few guys security can mop up) it may be where the people come into play.

        The militia as noted in the 2nd amendment serves the Constitution and the Nation and a junta against a President even one that is under the guise of a false impeachment is what the militia is made to prevent

        That would be a very weird war in recent times but quite common historically as different factions supporters fight to put their man in power.

        The assumption that all peasants were down trodden and didn’t care who ruled them is false. Many would fight for their rulers gladly out of duty or because said ruler was deserving of power, a known commodity or better than the other guy

        My guess is President Trump being historically aware is very careful of his physical security and as such once the swamp runs out of options , he will finish a term maybe two and that will be that

        After If President Trump has drained the swamp enough and enough populists are in office, things will normalize and slowly improve if the Right and Populists keep it up.

        Otherwise that is when the reprisals against the populists start and every odious thing the swamp can cram down will be .

        Expect elections to be outright fixed if possible

        That ties nicely with the 2032-2033 unraveling notion as well

        Its roughly 2 Trump terms +8-10 years of Prog Rule if they get it .

        The best case is that we can manage our polite little bourgeois revolution and make America work with a few policy tweaks m some arrests and probably a few other nastier things while leaving the economy and nation intact

        I’m not sanguine about that outcome and while I hope not its unfortunately all out war to the knife ethnic warfare and wood chippers all the way down

      • There will be no prosecutions until Sessions and Rosenstein are fired and they won’t be.

        The IG Report is a joke as long the DOJ is compromised.

        Please pay attention to the GOP senators, none of them are calling on Trump to fire these two felons. Oh they bloviate about another special counsel that would take 2-3 years to look into the matter. THEY DO NOT WANT a proper DOJ investigation and a cleaned up FBI. It is kabuki theater.

        Watch FoxNews, their main talking head – Hannity is pushing the same stalling tactic. He is no friend of the American people. Before Trump he was a cuck and globalist cheerleader.

        If the GOP senate was serious they would back Trump if he were to fire Sessions and Rosenstein but they are not. This says it all.

        • Rod, I take your points, but if POTUS were to fire Sessions, who would he replace him with, given that Congressional committee needs to approve? I imagine a good man being appointed AG, someone not afraid to go after the cabal, but Congress refusing to confirm.

          Though I can hardly bear to see the stupid Mueller investigation go on and on (now more than $20 Million spent, I understand!), I can’t imagine Trump firing either Mueller or Rosenstein because it would be used against him by the media as obstruction or some such. Instead, Trump is letting the fellas hang themselves by going on and on to ridiculous lengths trying to pin something on the President. I don’t believe POTUS has anything they can use against him, though the risk in letting them go on is that they may happen upon something that could be twisted in to an impeachable offense. In the meantime, hopefully, more reasonable lefties see all this going on and continue to peel away from the left, hopefully into Trump’s camp.

    • Yeah, and this frame job moved Obo to force 35 Russian diplomats from the US, within 72 hours, or else!! As if there was such a rush to get them out. To my knowledge, no nuke power’s diplomats have ever been dissed so provocatively. Unless the point was to start WWIII.

    • I would say that they never really thought about it that far down the line. Russia has had the reputation of being a spent force for a couple of decades at this point, and while its arguably pulled itself up since then, I guess there aren’t any big events that have happened yet to make the people who still think of it as it was after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

      If there had been something to match Drake and the Spanish Armada for example things might be different, but as it is it just hasn’t had the reputation to alter the way people think about it.

  9. The serendipitous death of Ogedei explains a lot of things. It’s too bad that it’s not the real explanation, because it’s a great story.

    Ogedei DID die, of course, and right when history says he did. But Batu, the overall military leader in Europe (Ogedei was back in Mongolia), had already resolved to withdraw from Hungary before he ever heard of the Khan’s death. A combination of heavy casualties, bitter rivalries among the Mongol leaders, and a serious rebellion in the army’s rear (the Cumans, in the Caucasus) all conspired to force the Mongol withdrawal. Truth be told, the Mongols were simply suffering from the same problem that eventually defeats every empire: they’d run up against the limits of their resources. They were stretched too thin, militarily, politically, and logistically.

    It took another couple generations for Europe to be truly safe from the Mongols; but the invasion of Hungary was their high-water mark, just as the Obama presidency was the high-water mark of Progressivism. Whatever happens at about the same time as the tide recedes — for instance, the death of Ogedei, or the election of Trump — is likely to be put down as the reason for the eventual defeat; but that’s just an illusion. Ogedei wasn’t immortal; eventually, the high-ranking rivals for the head job would leave off their campaigning and return to Mongolia to duke it out for the crown, giving Europe time in which to regroup. Eventually, the Democrats would be unable to hide the fact that they hated normal people and wanted them enslaved, and that their policies were insane and didn’t work. Both systems carried within them the seeds of their own failure (much like another seemingly-invincible force, communism).

    Trump plays an important role in all this; but the role was written before it was cast. What will defeat Progressivism is the same thing that defeated the Mongols: they’ve reached the limits of their strength.

    That is: if they have yet. Even if the tide has truly turned, we’re still facing decades of pitched battles, skirmishes, and raids, until finally it all turns into a story of long-ago that our great-grandkids yawn at.

    • Yeah, Frank McLynn pooh-poohs the Ogodei’s-death-saved-Europe legend in Ch. 17 of his fine book about the Mongols “The sober truth was that by 1242 the Mongol empire was hopelessly divided by faction fighting, that civil war loomed and that anything so momentous as an invasion of Western Europe was not remotely conceivable. Batu, in short, withdrew from Europe because of manpower shortages and the looming conflict with Guyuk…” etc.

      It’s a great story, though; just not a true one.

      • I like the image of Ogodei toppling off his horse after a day of drinking and his attendants realizing the world just changed.

        As far as the significance, well, that’s debatable. I’ll conceded that, but that’s as far as I’ll go.

        • Poisoned by his aunt, most likely, says McLynn. He’s fair-minded though, and allows that all these issues are murky and much debated. “From that day to this the question of why they [=the Mongol armies] turned back has exercised historians.”

          Being a historian of the Mongols sounds like a lot of fun. My favorite tale about the Sack of Baghdad is that so many scrolls & volumes from the great library were tossed into the Tigris, the water of the river turned dark from all the ink. Prob. that’s not true either, but it’s a great story.

          • My favorite Mongol story is how Subutai gave the Russian princes a bloodless death. He had a large wooden platform constructed and the Russian princes were put under this platform and crushed to death as Subutai and his generals had a banquet on it.

            I imagine that happening on the Washington Mall.

          • Never heard this story, but I like the way the Mongols thought, if true.
            I think we should give it a tryout, we could use alphabet agency folks as test “dummies.”

          • And if I recall correctly, rolled the last Abbasid caliph, a total figurehead by that time, up in a carpet and beat him to death.

          • Mr. D;

            Serious question: *Why* did the Mongols utterly destroy Baghdad_? They didn’t do that in China when they conquered it, IIRC. Why not keep Mesopotamia as a lucrative fief like they did China _?

            I’m not saying that they did not kill a few 10’s of thousands or so in China but they kept the canals and paddy dikes, for example.

    • The mongol army suffered at mohi against a 3rd rate power. In western Europe against France,England etc in country not suitable to cavalry and with heavy fixed defences they would have been crushed.

  10. re: “According to people who know him, what got Trump interested in running is being disrespected by the people in the chattering classes. The political class simply ticked off the wrong guy.”

    Check out some of the videos of a young Trump telegraphing his interest in the presidency on YouTube.

    Dan Kurt

    • If you watch those videos, what’s also fascinating is that Trump’s world-view about what ails this country has been largely the same for a few decades now. He’s also long suggested that he might have to run if nobody else was able to get it done. The odious anti-American Obama was clearly the final straw for him.

      So what we’ve got is a shrewd guy who has (mostly) rightly diagnosed the decades of idiocy that’s knee-capped the USA, but has also been logistically and strategically working out in his mind how to set things straight, creating an action plan, for 30+ years now.

      And it’s clear that he won’t stop until he decides he’s done.

      They’v clearly screwed with the wrong guy. Because for Trump, everything is personal, and his memory is very long. They will be made to pay.

  11. I’m so grateful President Trump took it as a challenge when the political class dumped on him. He even said that he viewed running for the presidency as his ultimate personal challenge (I think it was an interview with Bill O’Reilly during campaign season, before he was canned due to harpies attack at Fox). I love our alpha POTUS and how he finishes what others start. Though I recall there are Trump interviews from decades ago where he touches on the possibility of running for president if certain issues weren’t corrected, like trade. And now he’s doing it, God bless him.

  12. Islam still did pretty well after that, but instead of taking Constantinople 200 yrs later, it might have been earlier. I’ve been reading an economic history of the middle ages, and this is mentioned as one of the factors in reopening markets in the east, facilitating the reintroduction of gold into the western European economy, which strengthened the centralization efforts of the kings vis a vis the barons, ultimately leading to the royal ability to bypass the estates by instituting direct taxation.

    In other words, this event had the indirect effect of helping to establish regal absolutism.

    One has to wonder if similar motivations aren’t involved whenever our “leaders” want to meddle more in that area.

    • There is an excellent series of lectures available from the Collège de France on the diplomatic history of the West with the Ottomans; what we learn from it is (a) the Ottomans were less interested in ‘advancing Islam’ than in consolidating and governing their haphazard empire, and (b) learning western methods in a variety of situations.

      Our methods failed them, because we – the ‘evil white people’ that Goerge Soros, at 87, is out to destroy – could not explain civili society to them. Fort-design and the like; yep, we have people for that. But that isn’t why you can’t defeat us…

  13. If the media, celebrities and the Left in general had treated Trump with even a modicum of respect and decency throughout the campaign, he would have lost.

    When I’m in need of some light entertainment, I go back and watch the 2016 pre-election predictions and the election returns. My favorite is watching Cenk Uygur and his panel of ignorant Leftists’s heads explode as Hillary loses swing state after swing state. It never gets old.

    • I know, it is my favorite pick me up too. Watching the whole timeline is like an opiate for me.

      Once in a while we have to pause when discouraged and imagine what it would be like now if Hillary had won.

      • It’s like an energy drink, Mr Wright. 2016 told me that ‘America’ is still out there, slowly buried under mass immigration and systemic leftism, yet shooting a hand up through the soil like a zombie to grab the throat of our enemies.

    • That’s favourite viewing in our house too! Time Magazine has a video up on YouTube of election night, and it doesn’t start off that promising: mostly a lot of set-piece “reports” played over and over. But at some point, they abandon all commentary and analysis, and just play, side-by-side, live footage of the unfolding scene in the respective campaign headquarters. It’s fascinating to watch in real time the air go out of the Clinton supporters, while the excitement starts to build among the Trump people.

      They even show the crowd at the Javits Center dispersing after Podesta’s speech. My favourite is a couple of young guys preparing to leave, and I can lip-read one fellow saying “Now. Where’s a bathroom?” as he looks around. Then, it just fades…to…black… as the party continues on the other side of the screen.

    • Splendid observation. A related one; if Hillary had just pretended – as all winning politicians must – that she “cared” about the people who were preparing to vote against her, she would have won.

      Her husband, Bill, a man who figured out how to win elections, “felt our pain”. Obvious bullshit, but that’s part of the game. He never said, “die, fucker!” which is what his woman, HRC, in effect did when she blew off the concerns of half the electorate by calling them ‘deplorable’.

      Ah, the 2016 election. Whatever darkness awaits, I’ll never forget the joy of seeing Hillary and her entourage in tears, surrounded with the unlit fireworks at their ‘victory gala’.

      Doom beckons, but I’ll always have that wonderful, wonderful night to remember and cherish.

  14. If Clinton had won, then it is very likely that DC corruption would have gone through the roof. Not only organized institutional theft of public funds (standard corruption), but also unfettered blackmail, evolution into a true police state, and consolidation of absolute power within a very small cabal. At it’s worse, think Seth Rich’s murder. This acceleration into the abyss may actually have triggered a much needed hot revolution and a cleansing that is way overdue.

  15. There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and the United States of America. Bismarck

    I chuckle ever time i think of these guys realizing that Trump actually won and that the jig was up.

  16. “The political class simply ticked off the wrong guy.”

    And thank God for that. A couple nights ago I had to listen to a rino I know tick off all the ways that Trump is doing well but not before they delivered a five-minute Soliloquy on what an idiot Trump is. I’m so sick of these people

    • Next time you find yourself being yammered at like that, tell them to go fukk themselves.

    • Yep. Their favorite is to say “I don’t like Trump, but” before saying good stuff about him. Just to be sure they’re not take for one of “those people.”

  17. He got his reality check….or peek behind the curtain during the Romney campaign.

  18. I like to think of dramatic historical turns as proof of devine intervention, that the universe has a guiding hand. But thats just me

  19. a dumpy old Caligula in a muumuu

    Caligula would refer to his great-grandmother Livia as Ulixes stolatus/”Odysseus in a dress”.

    Is the similarity of your expression and his intentional or just serendipity?

  20. Too bad the Mongols didn’t push on to Mecca and leave it a smoking wreck…

    As for the next few years, if Trump can purge the political class using the clubs handed to him by the coup plotters, we might see some real rollback of the revolutionary left. What we must do is start placing our own ideologues within the institutions now, to ensure that Trump’s effect lasts beyond his term (or two) in office. I’d start with disbanding the FBI, and breaking up its function and personnel among other agencies, and each former FBI agent assigned a politically reliable “mentor” to watch over them.

    • Trump can’t do anything since he has little authority in such matters, he has no control over the DOJ, FBI or any other law enforcement organization. None of them answer to him in case you haven’t noticed.

      Congress? It’s toothless and corrupt. ,

      Trump could fire Sessions and Rosenstein but won’t. The Senate has threatened to stomp on him if he does. I think they would impeach him if he did.

      You want to fix this shit? Get a million whites to march on D.C. and get into the f**king faces of every House and Senate committee chairmen and leaders and do it every day for a month and you watch those SOBs move. But we won’t.

      So it will all end up like the Benghazi hearings, lots of noise signifying nothing. White Americans too indifferent and selfish to care to notice that the lunatics in charge are leading us into a bloody civil war or worse a race war.

      • Problem with a million whites march is that those are the people who go to work everyday, trying to keep their families fed. If you wanted to get a million dindus to march, just cancel their EBT cards.

  21. Read Turchin’s competition among elites bring down society? Spencer’s upward mobility in the pundit world was blocked by mediocre jews, who monopolize such positions, so he decided to go out on his own, probably much of the ar is like this.

  22. I watched the video where they savaged Trump at the Correspondents Dinner. It was simply a bizarre act. What was the point of going after him? Trump was never considered a serious candidate. Instead they made him furious and you could see it on his face.

    • Because many people are small, insecure, and never learned any manners. They sense that they are in a pack of like minded people, and use that support and protection to savage others. They say and do things that they would never support other people doing, in general. They say and do things they would be afraid to say and do on their own, without the protection of the herd. They say and do things that, if done to them, would provoke outrage and declarations of “how could you say such things”? Tells you all you need to know about the aggressors, not the target. Payback on these small, angry jerks is sweet.

    • Well, you beat me to the comment I was going to make- that correspondents dinner was what I believe finally inflamed Trump enough to run- especially the “mic-drop” bit that was written for Obama. Now, I think Trump had some of that coming to him for the birth certificate nonsense, but that still didn’t fully excuse the treatment that given him at that event- it really was all kind of like a bad version of high school popular kids ganging up on an outsider.

      • I don’t know where Obama was born, it is a moot issue anyway at this point, but the “birth certificate” offered as proof was a “cut and paste” job of crude quality. There are reports that information on all of the historical records of people entering Hawaii from abroad are still on file, except for a blank gap for the week surrounding Obama’s birth, which is an interesting tidbit. I’m willing to keep the question open, purely as an intellectual exercise, and possibly as supporting evidence of how the reality we are told to accept is at least partially manufactured for our consumption.

        • One other thing that has proven out to be true over time. When Trump makes a statement, the facts may be twisted around a bit to fit his argument, but they haven’t been found to be wrong. He is very good at vetting his own statements before they are made, especially the provocative ones.

          • An MS-13 thug just got 40 years for murder. His gang nickname? “Animal”. Trump does his homework, this may not be a blind coincidence.

          • Dutch, concerning the cut and paste birth certificate did your b******* alarm go off when the State Health Department official was the only death in the plane crash off Molokai? She was the official who supposedly authenticated and released the birth certificate. Such an untimely demise!

          • What I heard was that she survived the crash (as did the others), and then succumbed to a heart attack during the rescue.

            Well, Arkancides happen in Arkansas because Billy Boy is from there. Is this a Hawaiicide? Who the heck do we know from Hawaii?

        • Thanks. Always a touch annoying when people have to add something like “nonsense” after a thought, to show they’re not one of those “conspiracy-believing” people. That’s exactly why the term “conspiracy theory” was created by the CIA.

        • My take-away from all the sturm and drang around Obama’s birth is pretty simple.

          If you were trying to make the point that a black man can be President of the U.S. and do just as good a job as a white man – then why not pick a black man who’s heritage UNEQUIVOCALLY shows him to be an American?

          For better or worse there have been black people in North America since before the United States was even founded as a nation , and there has to be prominent successful black men out there as qualified to be President as any of the white idiots they offered up to us on the last election cycle. There’s also plenty of black men out there who leftist a-holes like Obama – and were b born in the US, without any drama around their birth certificates.

          If you were trying to make the point that ” a black man in America can be President” – why not pick one who is TRULY American?

          Since they didn’t even try very hard to do that ( I don’t think they tried at all) – then Obama’s presidency had to be about something else. He’s part of the cult – and all the cultists were willing to ignore any law and any sort of logic that might apply towards picking a black man who’s heritage shows him as REALLY being American – to get their cult member into office.

          As such – I believe all the accusations around the birth certificate are entirely DESERVED. If they weren’t screwing around with shit – then people wouldn’t be asking so many questions in the first place. The fact that they worked overtime to bury parts of Obama’s past – just lends credence to the birth certificate questions.

          In a nation of 320 odd million people – why the hell did they have to use mystery meat as a candidate? There wasn’t one goddam black guy in the entire freaking country with impeccable credentials to become President?

          Bitch (Nancy Pelosi) please………

    • The original birther is Obama. A bio for his book said he was born in Kenya. He claims not to know how that happened.

      • The whole “birther” discussion is a moot point. Unless Obama admits Frank Marshall Davis is his father, he does not qualify as natural-born according to Black’s. Obama, Sr. was a subject of the Crown. It’s the same way that Rubio, Cruz, and Romney aren’t qualified. The captured courts refused to hear any case that brought up the subject.

      • He is a ,Kenyan.If you read the Kenyan constitution ( I did) if
        either parent is Kenyan so are you. There was no provision for renunciation.

  23. The third thing was and continues to be the left’s so-called “resistance movement” including their open support of scumbags like Antifa and BLM. It appears that they hate Trump (and the Dirt People) so much that they are committing progicide.

    • I look forward to a ‘national Jonestown event’ yielding several million dead progressives. The thing is, we need a Jimmy Jones, or a Hale-Bopp comet – on Facebook – to set off the necessary self-removal.

      I salute progicide. What’s needed is some kind of all-embracing meme that makes them leap off cliffs, as lemmings do, and clear the area so that normal people can go about the business of keeping life on the rails, which is all we can do.

      • RE: Progicide

        It might already be happening.

        My father spends a few months in Florida over the winter and just came back a week ago. I hadn’t talked to him much in the last month because I was just so busy. When I talked to him a couple of days ago – he told me that his second wife’s sister – had been “hospitalized” – because she was “depressed” , and had apparently been muttering things like “there’s just no use going on” and ” it’s all falling apart” and other similar things.

        This woman is in her late 60’s – and lives in one of the leftist hive towns that surround Boston. Her apartment was subsidized, her boyfriend is a Harvard grad who works with wayward yutes, she spends time working with “disadvantaged” prison inmates – it’s the usual script. I didn’t think much about it when my father told me – but then yesterday I realized, she might be another victim of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

        She’s the perfect candidate for it. And from what I know of her I’m sure Trump’s election has caused no end of heartache on her part.

        The revolution will not be televised. Neither will the progicide. Watch the obituary sections carefully for volume and who exactly ends up going earlier than their time.

        This whole thing may turn out to be a self-solving problem after all.

      • Progressives, a herd of lemmings in the act of flinging themselves over a cliff who are primed to discuss the importance of teamwork, the need to stay focused on the task at hand, and the necessity of [m]aintaining a positive attitude. 😆

  24. Now THAT’S how ya start a Monday! Well done Z.

    If we are going to draw historical parallels, the version I read was that Europe was save from the golden horde because all their best leaders went back home to fight for control and replace the Khan.

    We need to start thinking past Trump now. There needs to be an order of succession, and the next guy has gotta be on the ball. Hillary may be a syphallitic dumpy old derelict in a muumuu … but she almost won… and would have too, had not your Founding Fathers built in checks and balances to keep States from victimizing others through the abuse of the democratic process.

    Trump needs a successor with a plan and the courage that he himself has. Illegal democrats are flooding into the country daily, and they are smuggling their stupidity in with them. The Horde is still there, and we are granted a reprieve and that’s it. They will destroy us and themselves unless we do something about it. Defending our borders would be a great start.

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