Voting Your Skin

Way back in the olden thymes, when Pat Buchanan was challenging Bush the Elder in the GOP primary, I found myself in a working class Irish bar talking politics. The TV in the bar was on the local news and they were doing a segment on the race. A male and female were beside me at the bar, chatting about the race. The woman said something like, “I can’t vote for Buchanan. He’s a racist and I can’t vote for a racist.” The male sort of nodded along, hoping to score some points.

I think that was the point when I began to realize politics, at least for me, was only going to be for entertainment purposes. I did not fully comprehend the implications of what was happening, but in retrospect, Buchanan’s run was the beginning of the great unraveling of the Reagan coalition. The ruling class had managed to convince working class whites that their interests must come second to the new religion. Antiracism is who we are now.

Of course, the managerial class was built on a lie. The managerial elite, particularly the corporate side of the house, hate working class Americans. They developed a particularly healthy disdain for normal white people, as seen in their jihad against companies like Walmart. This was the heart of the Sailer Strategy for Republicans to regain the edge in elections. Now it appears the Progressives are beginning to come to terms with it too.

With the 2018 midterms months away and the 2020 presidential election cycle approaching rapidly, Democrats are considering how to improve their poor showings in 2014 and 2016. The party has been debating — sometimes heatedly — how to do this. Which voters should they target? How should Democrats target them?

But here’s what’s clear: White voters have been fleeing the Democratic Party, and that’s a big reason Democrats are looking to rebound from back-to-back losses.

Whites have slowly but consistently moved away from the Democratic Party. These recent losses are on top of Democrats’ losses among Southern whites during the 1960s and 1970s after Democrats’ support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Bill Clinton won 49 percent of the white two-party vote in 1996. Al Gore won 43 percent in 2000. John F. Kerry won 41 percent in 2004. Barack Obama won a slightly larger share in 2008, but then dropped to only 39 percent in his 2012 reelection bid. Hillary Clinton got the same percentage as Obama.

Obama was able to mask the Democratic Party’s weakness among whites by prompting record-high turnout among African Americans, as well as strong turnout from other Democratic-leaning minority groups. Hillary Clinton was unable to generate the same level of enthusiasm from racial and ethnic minorities.

What some on the Left are beginning to notice is called math. If you increase your share of a large voting block, like say white people, you get more votes that if you increase your share of a small voting block, like Hispanics. This was the point Sailer made a long time ago, one that Donald Trump took to heart in his 2016 campaign. There’s also the fact that the black vote is maxed out and the Hispanic vote has proven to be quite fickle. It takes a massive effort for the Democrats to get that vote out in strong numbers.

I used the American National Election Study data to show that many whites view the Democratic Party as moving further away from their own positions. This is true both when whites are asked to assess the positions of the parties generally and on a variety of specific issues such as government-sponsored health care and the government’s role in providing employment.

My research suggests this combination of political “sorting” and changing white perceptions of the Democratic Party has resulted in an almost eight-point swing in white vote choice. That lines up well with actual vote returns. White votes were split between the two parties about 50-50 in the 1970s — but in elections since 2000, that has become closer to 60-40 in favor of the Republican Party. Democrats might be gaining more votes from Latinos, Asians and other emerging demographic groups, but they are losing whites as a result.

Furthermore, the demographics of the white voters who are likely to support Democrats are different from the white voters who supported the Democratic Party in previous decades.

Most notably, while the Democratic Party is winning a lower percentage of whites overall, a greater proportion of college-educated whites are voting for Democrats. Attitudes on social issues in particular have become stronger predictors of voting behavior in recent elections; economic attitudes have become more important, too, but were already quite a strong predictor to start with.

The reason for this phenomenon is another temporary factor. College educated whites can afford to avoid many of the realities of multiculturalism. At least they think they can, by moving to ex-urban enclaves. That is something this study missed. The suburban white boy vote started to move toward Trump in the last election. Despite the hand-waving from the Left, these voters are waking up to the reality of the demographic age as well. It’s playing out in their neighborhoods now and they are responding accordingly.

There is also something else that left-wing analysts do not get and that is the intensity of the white response. In the South, whites are much more keenly aware of race and therefore more attuned to voting on racial lines. When it matters, whites will come out hard for their team. The white vote is much harder to split using the normal subversive tricks. This is starting to play out on the national level as even areas close to the Canadian border are seeing violent African and Hispanic migrants dumped into their communities.

As an aside, take a look at the comments of that Post story. You see many of the usual auto-responses from people who think it is still 1968. You also see many more normal responses from people who get it. It takes time for this type of culture changes to seep into all the nooks and crannies of a society, but people are slowly waking up to the demographic reality of our age. While we still bother having elections, white people will increasingly choose to vote their skin over all other considerations.

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  1. [blockquote]these voters are waking up to the reality of the demographic age as well. It’s playing out in their neighborhoods now and they are responding accordingly.[\blockquote]

    Yup. I’ve been red-pilled for a while, but I recently decamped my big blue city for the suburbs. I grew up in the suburbs of said city, so I am familiar with the general character, reputation, etc. of most suburbs of this city. But I was astounded by just how non-white UPSCALE suburbs have become.

    For fun I decided to look at the demographics of 5 of the most elite high schools in the area. These are schools that 20 or 30 years ago would’ve been 95%+ white. I purposely chose a geographically diverse sample of elite high schools to avoid a clustering effect. The percentage of white students ranged from 60% – 84% at these 5 elite schools. And remember, that is high school—elementary schools have even lower percentages.

    Sure, most of the “diversity” at these schools is Asian, but still, these numbers are astounding. Typical family income for students at these schools would be $200k – $1M a year. These are not white proles trapped in slums. Of course, the demographics of these towns as a whole are much whiter due to the legacy Boomers still living there.

    I think a good way to convert people is to simply show them the numbers. I came into this research pessimistic, but the real numbers exceeded my red-pillled expectations.

  2. Respectfully, Z, that’s not really math. It’s just arithmetic. Progressives have been caught living in the future while forgetting about the present.

    Imagine that. Even us normies can see that clearly. Interesting times ahead.

  3. To get away from it all, I watch ‘Me TV’ – Gomer Pyle, Hogan’s Heroes, Carol Burnett, Perry Mason, Andy and Barney, etc.

    But not without a remote. The ads – targeted to us old people who enjoy such programming – are filled with black people, middle-aged white-haired lesbians; ok, sure, the ads show some guy walking away from his tractor or his barn, a white guy with twenty pounds more weight than is good for him.

    The controllers can’t leave us alone even when we’re “out of it”.

    • I hate those Blue Cross/Blue Shield advertisements, too. Always happy-clappy light-skinned black couples with “natural” silver hair, skipping along on some nature trail. This has never happened. The ads refuse to show giant pubescent gorilla girls like the ones you see at Wal-Mart wearing flourescent leggings and sandals revealing their horrible flat feet, or the dusky skinny “yout” with the falling-down pants, orange socks and soccer sandals, and the latest “flowerpot” haircut, carrying his 10 month old offspring while he picks up something for dinner. Why don’t the insurance companies feature these very real folks?

  4. Buchanan posting always welcome. If we ever “win” this thing we will need to find the next, better, Buchanan. Maybe his name is Fuentes. I don’t want to wait that long.

  5. The DNC and GOP still haven’t got enough policy delta between them to fill a shoe. I read this sort of agonizing as prolefeed for the old DNC reader who wants some kind of a nod to their unease. The GOP on its current trajectory can take as much power as they want and still deliver multicultural america to the DNC on a silver platter come 2024.

  6. People will continue to vote their interests. For whites, it’s less about skin color than things like basic law and order…which do happen to coincide with race, but most white people wouldn’t put it that way even if deep down it’s what they think.

    Hispanics are going to get neutralized because it’s a phony, made up, Government category. There are black people who are “Hispanic”. There are white people who are “Hispanic”. There are the Mexican dirt farmers who are “Hispanic”. From a political polling point of view, “Hispanic” simply means “people with a Spanish language heritage or surname WHO SUPPORT DEMOCRATS. You’re not “Hispanic” if you vote Republican. See also, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, George Zimmerman, etc. Those are just white people. I would wager that the polls do not pick up on the number of people who the Government would consider Hispanic vs. the number who DECLARE that they are Hispanic…which is a much smaller number. I would wager that 90% or more of people who say “I’m Hispanic” also vote Democrat. Those that don’t vote some other way.

    The worry the Democrats have isn’t simply whites increasingly voting as a bloc. The worry Democrats have is that Trump – because of his media stature over the last 40 years – starts to peel off core Democrat constituencies like blacks and “Hispanics”. Hence the really bizarre over-the-top reaction they had towards that rapper/pop singer a couple of weeks ago. They know they are losing whites…but what terrifies them is that an improving economy led by a President that everybody and their mother knows IS NOT A RACIST will cause them to lose votes among their base.

    Like I’ve said a few times and gotten beaten up about it in the last year, the things that white people generally believe are not limited to white people. Not even all white people believe those things (like Jews who vote for the party of Hamas). The future, I think, belongs to the person/party that breaks up the current order, mixes things up, and then everything breaks down into two groups:

    Those who think the United States of America is a real place whose citizens are unique and possess real rights and real self government.
    Those who think the area known as the USA is simply another borderless trade zone to be managed out of Brussels to be carved up and sold off to the highest bidder.

    • This, all of it … except for failing to mention that the reality is that whites are the only racial group where the clear majority falls into category #1.

      You’re right that the Pubs don’t need to identify as the “white party,” and that they can pull off meaningful fractions from other groups … but it’ll never be more than a fraction.

      • I agree, but if you really want to just torture the Progs, start stripping away their core voters. That would just tear them up and drive them crazy. Plenty of “Hispanics”, Asians, and Blacks willing to vote to put their country ahead of the plutocrats.

    • You make one mistake. Whites have no real political representation. Prior to Trump the GOP was ready to pass amnesty and TPP and roll out the red carpet for Hilary. Basically slit our collective throats.

      Trump is the only thing holding the GOP from reverting back to the open border, free trading mega-cucks they were before. When he’s gone. They will revert and collapse as a party.

      Look the GOP has always been hostile to white blue collars and the middle-class. This is why the Democrats had a lock on their votes up until NAFTA.

      Look at the way the GOP elite treated Reagan. When he got the nomination they ran John Anderson to derail his shot at the White House. With Goldwater they had Romney Sr. to f**k him over. They hate populists. They hate pols who represent the people. Look how they have treated Trump – like shit.

      Their ideal voter is a upper middle-class professional or employed in the FIRE industry who pulls down mid six figures or more.

  7. “Whites have slowly but consistently moved away from the Democratic Party. These recent losses are on top of Democrats’ losses among Southern whites during the 1960s and 1970s after Democrats’ support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

    One problem; that is factually incorrect. Republicans voted in higher percentages for these bills than the Dems.


    When the bill came before the full Senate for debate on March 30, 1964, the “Southern Bloc” of 18 southern Democratic Senators and one Republican Senator led by Richard Russell (D-GA) launched a filibuster to prevent its passage.[16] Said Russell: “We will resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingling and amalgamation of the races in our (Southern) states.”[17]

    Strong opposition to the bill also came from Senator Strom Thurmond (D-SC): “This so-called Civil Rights Proposals, which the President has sent to Capitol Hill for enactment into law, are unconstitutional, unnecessary, unwise and extend beyond the realm of reason. This is the worst civil-rights package ever presented to the Congress and is reminiscent of the Reconstruction proposals and actions of the radical Republican Congress.”

    • But LBJ pushed it and signed it, and the old Dixiecrats died off or renounced their past. The next 30 years were slow southern bleed to GOP white.

      • LBJ signed it, then is quoted as saying, “I’ll have those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years”.

        Al Gore Jr. claimed his father lost reelection because he voted for the act, when in fact Gore Sr. voted against.

        It’s the Dems and the media and academia (pardon the redundancy) gas lighting to change history.

  8. The GOP should outreach to Asians by individual ethnic group. “Asians” is a particularly ridiculous grouping of people in the USA, it’s designed to make high IQ 3rd generation Japanese Americans, who are all professionals feel that they have something in common with Samoans who are FOB.

    Each of the main groups should be wooed independently. There is a lot of anti-Chinese feeling among many other Asians, a strategy that points out that China is trying to take over Taiwan, invading Philippine waters, threatening South Korea with their proxy the Norks, and dis-respecting Thailand – and the Dems are a tool of the Chinese might be a useful strategy.

    By all means the GOP needs to prevent Asians from coalescing into a large synthetic grievance groups like “Hispanics”.

    • Yes, the high-IQ East Asians are in a similar situation to whites in that affirmative action for blacks/Latinos hurts them. That’s at least one angle. Also I suspect the old “law and order” dog whistles might work in that most Asian groups have very low crime rates and are generally quiet and self-effacing in public. Make sure the Democrats are represented by the loudest most obnoxious black activist types (the Dems do a good job of this anyway).

    • I find exhortations for more GOP racial outreach tiresome. Republicans have been saying this at least since Reagan and failed. Is there really some undiscovered magic pitch for getting non-whites to vote GOP? Perhaps non-whites are generally ethnocentric and the GOP isn’t a vehicle for that.

      The Asians are one of the best examples of this. They are smart people who have every reason to vote GOP but they vote like Hispanics. They don’t mind the higher taxes and crime that come with voting Democrat if it furthers the dismantling of the dominant white group’s political power.

      • Bingo!!! Yes they are ethnocentric and most whites don’t understand this because they aren’t ethnocentric themselves.

        Asians have no use for Sailer’s Civicism or Civic nationalism. They don’t see themselves as Americans, but Chinese, Korean, etc.

      • Asians voting record-
        2008- 62% D 35% R
        2012- 73% D 26% R
        2016- 65% D 27% R

        Communists love big gov.

    • Excuse me, why in the hell should the GOP cater to a bunch of tribalists when they still routinely tell white blue collars and middle-class folks to FOAD with their anti-American policies that decimate the lower class whites and are responsible for many of our economic and social problems by catering to the top 5% at the expense of the rest of the country.

  9. I appreciate the positive outlook of your posts this week, but until whites start makin lurve for having babies again, it’s all lost anyway. Maths of demographics don’t lie.

    • More white births is a good thing, however its not the be-all end-all. Without a radical change, white birth rates only lighten up the color of a future mulatto America. And what happens as the nation fills up? If you think racial problems are bad now, wait until the US population is a billion+.

  10. Another part of this that was foreseen by the right but not the left is that as nonwhites increasingly dominate the Democratic Party, even whites who are liberal are going to start feeling excluded. Just this morning there was a thing in the paper about “students of color” at Georgetown holding an event and ordering their “white allies” not to attend. That kind of thing is happening more and more, and it’s not hard to see how even the most perfectly progressive soyboys are going to start understanding that no matter what they say or do they will always be the bad guy.

    There’s only so much self-loathing a normal human being can take, and only so many masochisic white people willing to vote Democratic. Moreover, and this is the real power of Sailer’s idea of labeling Democrats as the “black party,” even Hispanics and Asians are going to come to understand that on the left they are second-class victims, and thus second-class citizens.

    This is why Republicans do not need to overtly identify/label themselves as “the white party,” the Democrats are doing it for them.

    • It will get to the point soon that the Democrats won’t be able to run a white male for president. It’s going to have to be a minority or a woman. And then eventually when it’s all minorities, they’ll squabble among themselves. Asian vs. Black vs. HIspanic vs. Muslim. The Democrats have rapid demographic change in their favor, but at the same time, anti-whiteness and tribal chaos is working against them.

      • First, the Republicans will be pushed out of power and then the white Democrats. For example, the last Republican mayor of Newark, NJ, left office on 1/1/53, the last white Democrat on 7/1/70, and since then all of the mayors of Newark were black and a light-skinned Puerto Rican.

        In diverse Democratic areas, they’ll split according to race, ethnicity and religion.

    • You just have to watch the antics that guys like Schiff and Swalwell have to engage in to even have a shot of advancing in the party. Schiff will even commit potential felonies to virtue signal how down he is with the cause. But in the end, when Feinstein croaks, he’ll get bupkis.

  11. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” (Mark Twain)

    Whichever “tribe” has the most “fight” in the end, will win in the end.

    • I think WW2 disproved that one. Who, besides Lycurgus’ Sparta, had more fight in them than Axis Germany and Japan?

      • This country, in addition to an incredible industrial plant, had a solid ruling class and a tough minded working class. Not so much now. A war of any extended nature, and this country is a grease mark on the pavement.

  12. ” While we still bother having elections, white people will increasingly choose to vote their skin over all other considerations.”

    Lee Kuan Yew nailed it years ago: in a multicultural society, everyone votes either their race, or their religion.

    • My daughter had a more extensive education graduating from sixth grade than the average 18 y.o. black college applicant in Georgia, and her education was solid, not extraordinary. It is cruel to shine people on about their ambitions and talent. Ironically, my daughters entire twenty something generation is now dealing with that issue themselves. The world is not at their feet and they are not special.

      • The intended recipient would have to provide some form of proof. Good luck with that!

        • Wait a minute. Proof of ID for reparations is discriminatory to the black communiteh.

      • Anyone wanting to move from the U.S. to Africa should be given reparations, stripped of U.S. citizenship and sent away. Why tell anyone no? Think of the types who’d like to live there. Bye bye!

      • One trillion in reparations has already been paid since 1965, but the interest is apparently running ahead of the debt.

    • I think the woman is spot-on with the idea of reparations. The US government grants a tax-free, lump-sum amount to every black family in the US, only on the condition that the recipient immediately renounce US citizenship and leave the US within a a year. And at least 50% of black citizens have to participate or nobody gets any money. Hell, as a taxpayer, I’d even be in favor of building settlements all over West Africa for the recipients to move to.
      In the long run, the white taxpayer would save a lot of money.

    • I was born in Atlanta, but I can’t wait to leave GA. The GOP is clueless to the fact GA is on the tipping point of permanently turning blue. My best guess is 2024.

  13. Democrats are the party of open borders, affirmative action and suffrage for anyone who can fog a mirror–all anti-white policies. I hope more whites wake up to this fact.

  14. Democrats scratching their heads and wondering why they are losing whites votes is pretty funny.

    They constantly tell white people they hate them, can’t stop droning on about White Privilege (maybe the most annoying subject in the world to working-class whites), attack every institution whites value, and are actively importing their replacements.

    Gee, I wonder why whitey won’t vote for you?

  15. I would like to see a in depth analysis of South carolina voring patterns. 30% AA but consistently red. I’m not sure if the blacks fail to vote as a block or the whites vote their skin. When i examine south africa and see that many whites are still voting liberal, i lose hope. But if things flip along the lines of SC then maybe…. Not sure if there is enuf good whites to sink this ship.

    • A big part of it is that blacks & hispanics have horrible voter turnout. Most pandering to blacks in elections is really pandering to guilty middle class whites.

    • Not expert on SA, but I have read now and again that aside from the obvious exceptions, like farmers, the white SA who understand perfectly what is coming have already left, leaving the people who are natural prey, the appeasers.

      • Financial Times had a big piece last weekend on high end homes in Cape Town and what a nice place it is. These people (elites and wannabes) have no idea what is coming. They are blind to the obvious (and they are in charge of things).

    • The thing that I have not gotten anout SC is that they re-elect Lindsay Graham. What kind of person does that?

  16. I think the diversity über alles crowd made a mistake when they turned the corner from attempting to redress historical wrongs against the descendants of slaves to actively promoting the displacement of white people in favor of any non-white person, even recent arrivals and those in the country illegally. That caused people to “notice.”

    • “I think the diversity über alles crowd made a mistake when they turned the corner from attempting to redress historical wrongs against the descendants of slaves”

      What historical WRONGS and why were they WRONG? Was White America, which had been stabbed in the back with the 14th Amendment, WRONG because they wanted to prevent blacks from being part of the body politic? How did including them BENEFIT Whites? And is that any different than what any other culture that has promoted their own ethnicity has done throughout the History of Mankind? Please discuss.

      • Okay. I believe that the capturing, transporting, and extracting the labor of people without their consent or remunerating them (i.e., Slavery) is a moral wrong. What happened in the 19th century–the 14th and the offer of return to Africa–is a done deal. The “should have picked your own d*mn cotton” argument is irrelevant. Nobody gets to know what might have been. Many waves of immigration have not benefited the descendants of the founders or their wish to bequeath this country to “our posterity.”
        There was and is no immigrant metropolitan area that’s embraced the constitution. So what’s your big idea?

        • You completely avoided the question. This is what you said:

          “I think the diversity über alles crowd made a mistake when they turned the corner from attempting to redress historical wrongs against the descendants of slaves”

          What you referred to was WRONGS against the DESCENDANTS of slaves. And yet, the only WRONG you can point to in response to my question was a WRONG done to the original Africans that were brought over here. A WRONG, I might add, that only a minority of individuals in the entire world considered a moral wrong when it happened. Try again, this time, tell us about the wrongs done to the descendants of slaves.

        • What about all the white slaves to the Americas, well before the Africans? Some of my ancestors came here unwillingly, as well.

    • The problem for them is that the black hand is forever outstretched, always asking for more. In order to continue appealing to coloreds, the bribe has to constantly be increased.

  17. I think the DNC is aware that they’re losing White votes, some Left-wing sites have been whining that a good part of the Dems running are coming from the CIA/Military and not the Bernie wing.

    • The irony is a Pro White Bernie immigration restrictionist wing would mop up the votes among Liberal Boomers and Gen Y Whites as well

      Even a lot of the diversity would like a break from more diversity for while.

      It won’t happen because the Democrats went corporate and are arguably more tied to lobbying money from cheap labor than the Republicans are

      The perils of having mostly poor people as your baseI guess

  18. Europe is still the bellwether indicator of how this will all play out. My guess is that some of those nations will regroup in time to save themselves and others will succumb to eventual disintegration and chaos. We should be able to observe and learn from their leading edge experience. A rebound from disaster can only occur if the society still possesses a core of able-bodied males with which to fight back. You need fitness selection to produce studs.

    • I think of the EU/Western Europe as collaborationists with the Iranian mullahs, simply for their own financial benefits. “Collaborationists” with all of the ugly connotations intact and emphasized.

    • Following a trip to Ukraine, Herder wrote a prediction in his diary («Journal meiner Reise im Jahre 1769») that Slavic nations would one day be the real power in Europe, as the western Europeans would reject Christianity and rot away, while the eastern European nations would stick to their religion and their idealism, and would this way become the power in Europe

    • Agree. The object of the EU was to obliterate nations and their separate cultures. But a dozen cultures speaking different languages remain as a laboratory for rebellion from the plans of their masters. It is a form of federalism that we have lost. Once a single avenue of escape is demonstrated the dam will burst. If there is a first one. That’s the game.

  19. I seriously doubt it. In England, the white working class are still voting Labour, who sold them out to their leftist lunacy and mass immigration 40+ years ago.
    Whitey, at least here, is too tribal to vote another way and too scared to be labelled a racist to vote for their skin.
    Also, the main parties will lie that they will represent Whitey and once elected, favour the immigrants and minorities after the vote.

    • England is 85% white. In 1965, America was 85% white and working class whites voted for our version of labor.

      • I watched the Irish loudly suffer African troops invading their public schools in yellow buses and then turn around and vote for Teddy. Every ethnic group has its distinguishing characteristics, or their wouldn’t be ethnic groups, but there is something hidden in Irish DNA that eludes me.

        • I saw that too in Boston in the 1970s. It was sickening. Louise Day Hicks vs. Ted Kennedy. She was lower class and he wasn’t (although you could have fooled me with his behavior). Anyway, Southie got beaten down — helped in good part by thugs like Whitey Bulger sending in boatloads of drugs, ruining a generation of kids there. Awful Robert Mueller was on the scene, too, and made sure the FBI framed the wrong people and kept them in jail, and had on the lam Whitey as an FBI informant vs. the Italian mafia. Weird how Uber-WASPy Mueller was mixing it up with this crew. I am sure there are people/big name attorneys in Boston who absolutely hate his guts. Alan Dershowitz is one. Fed. Judge Mark Wolf is probably another. Harvey Silverglate, too. I hope they get his ass someday soon.

        • They’re not all bad. The potato ni&&ers on my mother’s side have been in this country since the 1600s, fought in every war, and have always reliably voted correctly.
          Some of them were drunks, though, I will admit.

    • Voting is (supposed to be) secret. I wonder if people feel free to vote their conscience, or if their conscience is so pickled that they’re looking over their shoulder, even in the voting booth.

      I’d vote differently if people could figure out my vote. In my state, people can look up what party you voted for in particular local and state elections. So, as a Republican, if as a protest, I voted for a Democrat, the entire R apparatus knows about it.

    • Sometimes I think we need to see a western country fall for people to wake up. My money’s on Sweden.

    • I read the link. One sentence stands out, encapsulates Prog thought. “,,,boys considered at-risk — that is, at risk of committing a crime or at risk of being the victim of one”. At risk of committing a crime.

  20. A danish conservative journalist and author, MJ wrote a few days ago about an episode. He should be in a debat on danish national radio on immigration and multiculturalism.In the reception at the national radio he rans into a leftist he knew. The leftist spontaneously said; “Oh, fucking hell, MJ- you have been right all the time”. MJ wrote that some of the left is waking up to realise that they have seen the world as chronic teenagers .

  21. Upper class Whites particularly women view themselves as honorary non Whites. Add in female disgust at men their equal and mass Third World immavasion and you get California.

    This state used to be special. Now it a public restroom.

    • The problem is that they see wealth and prosperity as simply something that is, and has not been earned or worked for. It is also seen as relatively bottomless, so it can be spread around and divvied up. There is a part of me that would like to see no inheritance, 100% estate tax. That would hurt the whites the most, as they are the ones who save and pass wealth on most reliably. But it would be good revenge for the sorts you are talking about. And since no one else should get my tax, stack it up on the boat around my dead body, send the boat off from shore, and light the whole thing up. Yeah, I could go for that.

  22. PJBuchanan was accused of being Anti-JOO, not anti-black. Like Sobran, he was read out of Polite Society for that–and all PJB did was ask the question “Do US and Israeli national interests ALWAYS co-incide”??

    Also notable: he was running against G H W Bush, who was probably using his CIA (and yes, it was “his” CIA) to spy on PJB. GHW Bush was a Platinum-Card Member of the Deep State and most likely one of its top consiglieres.

  23. The Progressives plan of dumping POC immigrants across the country is backfiring. They figured it would swing the vote for them in elections. Instead it is solidifying the white vote against them as people realize what multiculturalism means in reality.

    • Time is the white man’s enemy. They’re helping us out by going too fast with their POC immigration plan, along with the white privilege crusade, and race-mixed couples everywhere on TV and ads. The anti-whiteness has increased since 2016, meaning even more awakened whites voting for Trump in 2020.

    • I read a shitlib study recently which found that when counties receive non-white immigrants they suddenly start voting more Republican. The authors attributed this to racism, of course.

    • The White guilt vote peaked in 2004 with Obama’s election. The internet has exposed the violence of the black race that the MSM hid for years, and still obscures. The worm has turned.

  24. The turning point for me was talking to a normal looking white girl in college, so she hadnt gone full hair all over body except her head feminist. Somehow, we got to talking about race and the welfare state in a round about way. We kept it cordial. At some point, she looked me in the eye and completely innocently said, “The more I talk about it, the more I realize white people need to die off so we can get socialism.”

    I was expected to nod along to this realization. All the Hispanics and the one black woman nodded. She didn’t think this was insane at all.

    We are in this together.

  25. How ironic will it be if social justice tyranny turns whites into a monolithic voting bloc with 45% of the population.

    The antiwhite coalition will eventually break up. The liberal whites and secular jews that hold it together are dying off and no one else will be able to hold it together.

    Once that happens the tribal confederation will break up, and one of the factions will see this huge, seething mass of people and start to mobilise them.

  26. Except for LBJ, which was a special case, FDR was the last democrat to get the majority of the white vote.

  27. I’ve had a couple ‘conservative’ people say to me how happy they are about that PC wedding in England and how the little black babies in the royal family will be so cute. It completely bizarre to me that these white people are gleefully advocating for the destruction of the white race and for the harm to their own white children. I don’t understand. I don’t have any children so I don’t have any skin in the game but these people do. I can’t really chalk it up to anything except really effective brainwashing

    • Yes, you do have skin in the game. You have other Caucasian kith and kin, some of whom must have children.

      I assume that you do not want to see the destruction of the white race.

      Therefore, let your voice be a bulwark against the brainwashing.

        • What was the response to your speaking? My guess is that they either tried to burn you at the stake or they ran away screaming.

      • Also, it would help if you found a nice girl to marry and have some children with. Get some skin in the game, brother!! Your country is calling you to do your part. No excuses.

    • I recently ran into a retired British couple who were taken aback because I predicted Harry and Meghan would split in a year or so, three at the most. These people are idiots. They really believe all the gush they see on TV. I’m glad my ancestors left that fog beshrouded isle centuries ago.

    • The British royal family is not exactly a shining light of the white thing, once you get beyond Elizabeth and Philip’s generation. A lost cause, actually.

      • I don’t care about the royal family but white people gushing about non-white people marrying into it is symptomatic of a larger problem.
        Sometimes I think the self sacrifice of Christ is being manifest the secular descendants of Christendom but, of course, they are not divine

      • Lilibet is regal. Philip played his part spot on. How their children turned out to be such losers is a mystery. That said, there were quite a few losers in the House of Windsor.

    • What is wrong with Harry? Marrying a low grade mulatto of all things is stupid. Did anyone even talk to the fool about this?

      He pretty much could have had the pick of the little and instead went for gutter trash,. His kids won’t look like him and will not identify with his side of the family. He doesn’t get Markel went out her way to make herself look white. When the babies come they will have afros and Harry will be going WTF?

      And yeah I agree with the other poster, the marriage won’t last long either. Big culture clash. Blacks are not whites and she is not even a upper class black. She’s just a social climber.

      • If Harry responds to the birth of nappy headed issue borne by his negress spouse by asking WTF, perhaps a wiser, probably elder, friend or relative will, in turn, ask Harry, “WTF did you expect?”

      • Isn’t she a bit too old to have kids anyway? They could remain childless, the best case scenario.

        • If Barry and Michael Obama managed to have kids, I’m sure these 2 will figure out a way.

      • Meghan also did a lot of escort work, so poor Harry is marrying a prostitute!

        • A *strong * rumor I heard from one of my few powerful contacts, assures me that (((Steve Mnuchin))) had a go with Miss Markle, some yrs ago.

      • I was in a buffet at Las Vegas. At a table close to me was a slightly bewildered-looking white guy in his 30’s sitting next to a decent-looking black gal. The rest of the table of six was taken up by her relatives, all of whom were both large and loud. I’m thinking he didn’t bother to meet her family before the wedding. I wonder if the Prince has met his in-laws….

    • I understand it. Many white people truly believe the answer to racial problems is for everyone to inter-marry into one “happy human race.” I actually used to believe that, (a long, long time ago) so I understand the mindset. So you take that mindset and help it along with nonstop We-are-the-world/I’d-like-to-teach-the-world-to-sing propaganda, along with making it taboo or Nazi to be pro-white, and here we are.

      It’s hard to break through that conditioning, although the left piling on with their evils of whiteness campaign is helping us out. So we’ve got that going for us….

      • Reminds me of Ursula LeGuin’s The Lathe of Heaven. Solving racism by making everyone light gray.

    • She’s no more than an octoroon. Thinking her children will “destroy the white race” is what is bizarre.

      • The fact that the words that have come pouring out of her mouth, as well as her commitment to racial grievance,
        sounds like she considers herself to be just as black as a pure bred African when it comes to which side she’s identified with- just like mulatto Barry.

        • My wife watched the BBC broadcast. I tuned it out as I usually do when she has the remote. Every nattering nabob on there just spouted on and on about diversity and inclusion. My “favorite” was a coal black blondie who said, “that could be me!!”

    • Why don’t you have any children? Other than a medical condition, I can’t think of a good reason an adult white person wouldn’t have procreated.

  28. Yes whites will increasingly vote their skin color. The response by the Democrats has been and will continue to be bringing more dark skins into the country and out to the polls. I know I’m not saying anything new here but that is basically still it.

    Oh, and corruption at the polling booth, that’s worth a few million votes.
    In actuality Hillary probably lost big in the popular vote also,

    • There will be a steady reduction in dark skinned parasites, as they leave for greener pastures ) or are just repatriated to their own shit holes. Watch for white immigration to sky rocket too.

      • Who is going to repatriate dark skinned parasites. There is plenty of USA blood to suck out of us before we expire. I don’t see any sign of recent immigrants leaving the USA. Much less the original dark-skinned residents. The “back to Africa” movement ended with the 1960s.

        The Rastafarians had it right: Marcus Garvey is prophet. All blacks should join his cult and return to Africa, as he preached.

        Well, that would be nice, but it’s not happening. I bet a million Jamaicans have arrived here since 1980. What’s gonna make them go back to their shithole?

        Certainly nothing Trump is doing. In fact, in so far as the economy is booming, it’s a great time to be a no-skills immigrant.

        • I think you are wrong, the Wakandans regretted coming here and would gladly go back.

    • The NSA (yes, “the” NSA) vote count showed Trump winning the popular vote by 12 million, unlike the Cook County (Chicago) count used by the MSM.

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