A Honkey In Newark

The first thing you notice about the ghetto is the sound. It is loud. The black ghettos of America are urban, so you have the traffic noises, but that’s overlayered with the ever-present sound of the music. The steady thumping of hip-hop, urban, and soul music coming from every car, apartment window and the retail store. Then, of course, you have the people. Black people are loud, preferring to yell across a street at a friend than walk across and have a normal conversation. They even talk loudly into their cell phones.

Walking down Broad Street in Newark, I was reminded of my first trip to Mexico. Walking the streets of Nogales, I was struck by the energy. People were scurrying in all directions and music blared from the store fronts in an effort to lure in the tourists. Newark does not have tourists, but it has that same sort of frenetic, pointless energy to it. The downtown is also festooned with garish retail signs advertising the sorts of things you normally associate with a ghetto. There is a lot of money to be made off of the poor in America.

On my walk around downtown, I saw almost all blacks, but there were a few Asians and Hispanics. According to government statistics, 50% of the city is black and 36% is Hispanic, but they must be quartered elsewhere. I was the only member of the master race on the street, but no one seemed to notice. I have strolled through plenty of towns being the only white guy, so I probably have figured out how to make it look natural. I got some food at Haggar’s Halal Kitchen, and no one seemed to think it odd that I was white.

The funny thing about retail commerce in the ghetto is that it is free of the inhibitions you see in the outer world, with regards to the habits of minorities. Walking around Newark, every other shop seemed to be a nail salon. Black women love having exotic nails, so it makes sense to have a lot of nail shops, with lots of over-the-top signage. They are usually next to a shop that braids hair. Black women love their weaves, as much as they love their nails. In the ghetto, no one pretends this is something other than true.

Underneath a giant sign of Ras J. Baraka, the Mayor of Newark, is a store calling itself the Source of Knowledge. It must have started as an Afrocentric bookshop, but figured out why there are no bookstores in the ghetto. They added on African hair braiding and picture framing. Still, the shop is full of books, all of which are the blackety-black stuff you would associate with black nationalism. The shop fits in well with the 1970’s vibe you get walking around Newark. I was disappointed to learn that Big Mustafa was no longer around.

Speaking of Ras Baraka, I knew nothing about him until I saw the sign and decided to look him up. City Hall is on Broad Street, so I went down to have a look. They had a big banner up for Ramadan and some smaller banners for an African music festival. The building itself is quite imposing. It is not far from the Old First Presbyterian Church, where some of the state founders are buried. When I look at these old buildings, created in a different age by different people, I feel a twinge of sadness. Newark is a foreign country now.

As far as Baraka, he was not in, but going by his CV, I suspect he was at a poetry slam or maybe as a local hip-hop studio. He is an example of just how terrible this age has been for the black population. His father, a talented tenth, did real things and tried to make his race proud. Ras is a ridiculous person who would rather spend his time organizing hip-hop concerts than doing something for his people. Today, the talented tenth bolt for the white suburbs or they find ways make money reinforcing their peoples’ worst habits.

Walking around the city, I could not help but notice some nice early 20th century architecture. Even with the grime of ghettoization, you can still feel the grandeur of these old buildings. In the first half of the last century, Newark was a booming industrial town with a flourishing downtown. This is something you see in Baltimore, as well. If you tour Detroit’s bombed out districts, you see the same thing. It is like there are ghosts rising from the rubble to remind those who look, that it was not always the way it is today.

The truth is it does not have to be this way. It would not take a whole lot of will to fix a place like Newark. It has a great location. Install a strong man with authority to clean up the bad elements and crime could be cut in half within a year or two. The morgues would be busy, but it would solve the problem. Then you could bring in urban pioneers to gentrify the downtown and make it attractive to business. But that would mean facing up to realities about the human condition that our rulers simply cannot face.

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  1. Having grown up in Britain’s second city, going to school with the children of Jamaicans, I thought I was inured to the loudness of blacks, but I had not yet encountered Africans. Where I now live is being colonized by sub-Saharans at a truly terrifying rate. A decade ago nationalists came within a whisker of being elected to the council; now the local Catholic primary school has a handful of non-Bantu pupils. Apparently affable interactions are conducted at a volume barely quieter than a pneumatic drill. It’s unbearable.

    • I put a large shed in my back garden where I imagined I could paint in peace (the place was dubbed the ‘shedio’) but I found it near impossible to work or relax there. My many non-British neighbours around that garden not only argued vociferously, but they came out of their houses to do it.

      As I did not speak those languages, I had no idea what they were arguing about but it was loud and it was grating and it was often.

  2. Just an aside comment. I’ve lived in Utah for the past dozen years and one thing I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of hair salons. Do these also do nails? I always figured it was because there were few jobs for women to do part time while raising their families. Maybe it’s the same cause in black areas?

    • Often hair salons employ beauty consultants who do manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, bleaching, etc. Yes, I believe you’re spot on. Except white women don’t do hair weaves to the extent black women do or do such long crazy ghetto nails like the blacks prefer. They have that horrible dry kinky hair, not soft and silky and sometimes flaxen, like white women. And they have hard bodies, often with bowed legs, with hard, thick hairs, unlike white women. With legs where the thick thigh goes straight in to the butt, not the beautiful white woman’s curved leg/thigh that leads to a joint where the fanny then starts, which you see with white women. Just sayin.

  3. The white elite created the black problem and still perpetuate it to this day. Not only that, they created a vast bureaucracy employing millions that is dependent on the status quo. Welfare case workers, admins, CPS minions, HUD employees. And lets not forget all the people employed in inner city public schools.

    Because of this, IMO the system cannot be reformed short of revolution or a mass economic disruption that sets the Dindus to rampage mode and they burn down the cities and we have to kill them off.

    • If I ever feel like an extremist around my peers in my daily life, it’s comforting to know that I can come here and feel kinda moderate by comparison.

  4. Several people have talked about how to “fix” this city Newark in particular and American cities in general. I would like to take a shot at it. (yes, there is a pun there someplace)

    First, do away with all welfare, entitlements, “affirmative action”, quotas, and all government assistance to anyone of any color. This makes coming here much less attractive to the sorts of people that we all know are destroying the country.

    Second, the death penalty to anyone found to be in the USA illegally. They are committing treason and we should have the death penalty carried out by the military in firing squads. However, a normal police officer should not be questioned if he feels it necessary to kill an illegal. Just part of the penalty for being in a country illegally.

    Third, bring back freedom of association. If a given area does not want any blacks to live there, then discriminate against them in the real estate market and be sure that it is totally legal. Citizens and companies should be allowed to discriminate against any group. It was legal at the beginning of the country.

    Fourth, set aside some state or area as a separate country for all non-whites to move to if they want to leave the white areas. (they should be encouraged perhaps)

    I am sure I am leaving out some things that would help, but I think the above would do the job and a civil war would not be necessary. I am not advocating a blood bath. (it could happen of course — think of blacks without the welfare check)

    • Five – Stop pouring unlimited funds into Newark. New Jersey has the highest combined taxes of any state, partly because they keep spending more and more on schools in Camden, Trenton, and Newark.

      Remember when Zuckerberg gave the Newark schools $100 million? The money went poof and nothing changed.

  5. I think it does have to be this way. It is the natural outcome of higher Black extroversion and a female led consumerism that rewards said extraversion and confuses loud dominance with value.

    Watching the CW is instructive on what the writers think appeal to the core 18-34 White female audience.

    My view is unless and until most White men create an even greater level of physical fear there will be only more of the same. Western lands are the prize, and parenthetically forced White labor if you do the math, of whatever men dominate White women the most as they are the Schwepunkt or decisive hinge now of Western culture. Given how female mass consumerism really is now.

    • My full beard and the a hearty “assalamu alaikum” probably explains why they were so nice.

  6. And people say the Iraq war was a failure? It’s nothing compared to the utter catastrophe of the so-called Civil Rights movement. It destroyed the Constitution and several major US cities and has wasted treasure untold, all in an effort to reform, educate, civilize a large number of black people who are beyond reach. And because this failure can never be admitted it must perforce poison our politics every day in every way, since the blame can never be laid at the feet of those responsible, but must of necessity be assigned to whites by alleging an ancestral guilt that operates mysteriously like a kind of witchcraft forever holding blacks down – despite all the advantages lavished on blacks by the very people accused of wishing them ill. This is the central issue of our domestic politics for going on six decades now, and until the truth about this most sacred of cows can be uttered openly (and not just on dissident right blogs) our political and cultural life will continue to fester. The prognosis is not optimistic.

  7. The truth is, it does not have to be this way. It would not take a whole lot of will to fix a place like Newark. It has a great location. Install a strong man with authority to clean up the bad elements and crime could be cut in half within a year or two. The morgues would be busy, but it would solve the problem.

    C’mon, Zman, you’re not being serious here. The latter half of the 20th and the early part of the 21st centuries are littered with the failed legacies of people who thought fixing up ghettos was a simple problem.

    Any plan that includes “the morgues would be busy” requires a LOT of will.

    • Newark can be fixed but it would require a 10 MT airburst at 10,000 feet. Otherwise TNB (typical nigger behavior) would be unchanged

  8. Gandalf: “We must face the long dark of Moria. Be on your guard. There are older and fouler things than Orcs, in the deep places of the world. Quietly now. It’s a four-day journey to the other side. Let us hope that our presence may go unnoticed.”

    I just had to laugh at the post because it reminded me of this.

    Anyway, the fact that nobody seemed to notice you or think you out of place goes to the fact that 90% of human beings are not assholes. Most of the race baiting stuff has been layered over the top of the cake, and resides mainly at the political level. At an individual level, most people don’t give a shit about that stuff. Stick to the main roads and public spaces and nobody’s gonna hassle you…the math is still on your side, even if the probabilities aren’t what they’d be in downtown Mayberry.

  9. “There’s a lot of money to be made off the poor”.

    Yes sir, there is! Why just think, most of them have two, (count them!) two kidneys.

  10. I worked in Newark for a few years. That downtown ghetto always made me feel like I was in the somewhere in the Third World. You are right – they drop all pretenses and embrace what they like when whitey isn’t around. I found it refreshingly honest.

    Route 280 was the White-Flight highway. Blacks and whites coexisted for decades in that area until Democratic race politics kicked in. That’s when whitey packed his bags and jumped on 280 West for the suburbs.

  11. The first thing you notice about the ghetto is the sound.

    I curse the man who invented stereos and high decibel output bass speakers for automobiles daily.

    Also you forgot the horns. Black people don’t like to get out of their cars so when they are picking people up they will frequently stop outside their apartments and honk the horn a few times to signal their charge that their ride has arrived.

    You weren’t there at the right time of day to appreciate this.

    • In the smaller city I grew up in, not far from Newark, horn honking to summon someone from inside a residence was called a “Puerto Rican doorbell.”

  12. I think the thing we all need to keep in mind is that these transformed communities are still devolving. Right now, Newark is a different nation from the one the pioneers founded. By the time this is over it will be a different planet – ironically it will most likely come to resemble the Planet Of The Apes.

    Our ancestors were not hateful, heartless racists. They understood the coloured man and put him to work so that he could feed himself and his family and live in a civilized manner. People forget that.

  13. You were not in the “Ghetto”, you were in Downtown Newark, safely surrounded by both Federal and Essex County courts, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Prudential Corporate HQ, numerous NJ state offices under State Police protection, Penn Station which is patrolled by Homeland Security with real assault weapons, the campuses of Rutgers, Essex County College, NJIT, and UMDNJ- all heavily policed. Every step you took was in view of the first CCTV in the U.S.A., which is actually monitored by live viewers, and in range of the first acoustic gunfire detection system.

    While you were within walking distance, say twenty or thirty minutes, from some of the most dangerous places in this country, you were probably as safe as you can be in the urban tri-state area.

    • Goshdammit. You’ve just described our future. Everybody in Jersey- no, heck the whole hard-assed East Coast- looks so frayed, so worn out, so exhausted.
      Gotta love that sense of humor, though. They really don’t give a shit.

    • I agree. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Newark. We left two years before the riots of 1967 (26 dead, hundreds injured, snipers shooting at cops from rooftops, etc.) and later tried cases at the Essex County Courthouse. You are in great peril outside the downtown area.

  14. “It would not take a whole lot of will to fix a place like Newark.”

    So I’m looking at Scott Adams tweets.
    He and a buddy are proposing to raze the abandoned houses in blighted areas and rebuild with new, super-cheap, super-quick, eco-friendly units!

    Why, ffs? They trashed the first ones!

    Yeah, this is part of the Master Persuader’s “How to Solve Racism” outreach.
    (Be nice! Be respectful! Listen!)

    • Funny. The white brain truly thinks if you fix something up, it will stay fixed, because everyone has pride of place. Whites are truly naive dreamers. If you ask blacks if they think Adam’s proposal will work, they’d say, “fuck naw man, you stupid?”

    • Yes his anti racis’ virtue signaling is getting out of hand lately, i swear he talks about it every other day now, it’s embarrassing really.

        • #DayOfThePillow

          (A meme right now on alt-Twitter is #DayOfTheBrick.
          Some journalista thought somebody threw a brick at them.
          That glorious Day will come for doxxers.)

      • There are a large number of people, always white, who cannot believe blacks are not very like them given similar circumstances. He has no grasp of the measure of his own unique peculiarities, which are glaringly obvious to the feral man, like the junkyard dog who sizes him up straight away as prey. Even hard experience is no cure for this affliction.


        • That steady gaze, unblinking and uncaring, exactly like the junkyard dog. Could not have said it better.

    • Yeah, but at least it’ll look nice for 5-10 years until it’s time to tear it all down and rebuild it again. The problem with Adams’ “tweets” is that the US Government has been shipping minorities out into the suburbs in a big way for the last 10 years (especially under Obama). Result? Formerly nice suburban neighborhoods devolving into crap holes. This happened to some family of mine outside Philly. Things got worse and worse.

      They moved.

      • I live in a nice suburb about 20 miles outside of Boston. One of the things that attracted me to this town – besides the fact that I’ve lived in the area my whole life and knew the town well – was the fact that it’s been stable population-wise for 30 years or more. The racial makeup was also something like 97% white. I think there might have been one or two black families in town – and I never saw them.

        Now – over the last 4-5 years – I’ve noticed a stead increase in black faces around town. Young black kids walking down the streets – teen and twenty something blacks using the bike trail…. black families at the supermarket, stuff like that.

        I mention this to the wife – and she tells me I’m paranoid. Sorry – I pay attention to these things. I watch the environment. Quite frankly I think this is probably one of those differences that accounts for the loud talking blacks vs the soft talking whites. Keep your mouth shut – and pay attention vs. keep running your mouth and drowning out everything around you.

        • >she tells me I’m paranoid. Sorry – I pay attention to these things. I watch the environment.

          Heh. I too have been called “paranoid” to which my response has always been, “If you say so. But the real question is, am I paranoid ENOUGH?” And fortunately for me the ladyfriend actually appreciates the “paranoia”. Now I’m working on getting her to think like that 24/7 on her own instead of outsourcing it my way.

    • Adams is in that weird place, soft and weak like a rabbit but with a core of sanity and a residual mental muscle. He very conflict adverse though and not like the kind of people here who would given good leadership crank up Sympathy for the Devil (Stones or Skrewdriver , take your pick) and man a flamer during the pogrom

    • “Scary Movie”: the Theater Scene

      A loud black lady is yammering on her phone at the cinema. The mysterious killer lifts his knife to stab her, but everyone in the audience rushes forward to start stabbing her instead

  15. Blacks are amazingly different than the rest of humanity in very good and very bad ways.

  16. But for Prudential, Newark would have dried up and blown away. But for sheer entertaining devastation, nothing beat the few years commuting from Grosse Pointe to downtown Detroit via E. Jefferson. Now if you get into the city, happy to pick up the beer or brown liquor of your choice. Have fun and watch your six.

    • Oh gawd. Here come the adventure tours, elderly tourists in loud shirts and straw hats demanding margaritas, gawping at the exotic wildlife.

  17. If you’re still up in Newark, find your way to the Ironbound district and try one of the Portuguese restaurants.

    Other than that, I’d avoid Newark.

    • I grew up not far from Newark, had lots of friends from there, Italians, Germans and Poles – none of them called it the Ironbound section, all of them called it Down Neck. The district is now inhabited chiefly by various strains of LaRazatino and by Portuguese, and the latter do run mostly nondescript restaurants in many of which the Portuguese fare is excellent.

      • I’m invited to a Portuguese restauraunt when I go to Elizabeth.

        Portuguese farmwives, moms with kids in my grade school, made our lunch.
        I thought I’d never taste that delicious food again. I still dream about it.

        I hope to gosh they have blood sausage!

      • Thanks, I live way out in the suburbs. We use made up marketing terms from the chamber of commerce like “Ironbound” because we don’t live there.

        The same sort of tourist marketing calls the area I live in the “Skylands,” but no one out here calls it that.

  18. The local mau-maus probably thought you were some kind of pale muslim, and steered clear of you because of ancestral run ins with muslims (with big nets).

  19. oh for a new version of Marcus Garvey. wouldn t be surprised to learn that they killed the original.

  20. Gentrification and increased rents bring hope. In Chicago we’re losing population fast. Which is terrific news insofar as most folks departing are ghetto blacks who cannot afford to live here any longer and they’re relocating to Dixie. Eventually our brutal winters will cull the Mexicans. I would be genuinely inspired if somebody triggered mass aliyah because Chicago would experience dramatic resurgence.

    • yeah, one possible way to thwart the foreign invasion is by using the tools of the elite–propaganda….people are not going to move far away to a foreign land if they think they are going to be unwelcome …that is one big reason the establishment hates trump, despite his actions that are quite cuckish, at least compared to his rhetoric…but it trump’s that they fear…his rhetoric is not welcoming to potential immigrants…

      imagine if white americans created lots of propaganda and dispensed it into the third world…what sort of propaganda? Well, propaganda that might make potential immigrants believe that america is no longer welcoming to immigrants…

      now that would be taking the tactics of the elite and using them to our purposes.

      • Well, we already try to pay them to stay home and make something of themselves.
        Feeding the stray cats isn’t working out so well.

    • Nice to hear some optimism about my native land. I do have some reservations, however. Many of the blacks are being Section 8ed to the suburbs. Gets them out of the city but they’re still a burden on the taxpayers (as well as up to their old destructive tricks). Mexicans have been in Chicago for a century, and they’re increasing in number. Entire regions of Cook County are now majority or near-majority Mexican. Did you see the article in the Sunday Trib about Mexicans in Carpentersville?

      • Blacks here are convincing themselves they need a return to the southland and not just the suburbs. We’re loading up with relatively wealthy whites and asians.

        Section 8s were popular with the condo crowd until they discovered AirBnB or the like maintained the mortgage payments without the damage repair costs. And then Barry Soetoro left office and things have only improved despite what the Rahmster says publicly.
        Chicago Mexicans are generally beneficial once distributed, although most everybody does tend to hate on them, unless they’re drunk or in school or drunk and in school. They make lousy neighbors due to their loud noises, slop, fighting dogs and poultry kept in cruel conditions with attendant roostering say 2am to 7am and beyond.

        But our winters will get them. Mexicans do not suffer Chicago winters well.

        I’ve seldom read physical newspapers or watched TV in decades except for my beloved Wolverines or when they’re not winning my beloved Wildcats. So no Trib although my wife has handled Trib/Tronc/Et al. for years in her business and my best friend puts on the morning tv show.

        It’s beginning to warm up here. Come by sometime.

  21. yeah, biology & genetics will make their effects known…eventually…but by the time most whites wake up it will be too late…probably already is too late…we are being out-reproduced and will fall…just as like the neanderthals..
    the multiculturalist propaganda narrative pushes into our faces the fact that there are plenty of black that are capable, responsible, smart etc…yes, certainly there are…but the bell curve, like the law of supply & demand, never goes away…like rust, it never sleeps…yes, there are good blacks…but that is the right hand side of the bell curve…the ruination of baltimore, newark et al is not the fault of the right hand side of the black bell curve…the left side…ah, that is the business end of african genetics…

    • spare us the black pill. Its an easily solvable problem, stop being nice and be not nice

      • And spare us the ellipses instead of standard punctuation and capitalization. They break up the continuity of your writing and make it difficult to read.

    • Nonsense. Some districts in the slave South were 80% black. A few white men with the will to be masters kept them where they belonged with a minimum of violence. (But violence when necessary was always ready to be used as an object lesson)

      The British Empire ruled India, the Caribbean, and Africa for well over 200 years with a few regiments of redcoats and the will to impose their power over the far more numerous natives.

      White Europeans once conquered the world. Properly led, with a resurgence of our cultural confidence, we can reconquer our homelands again.

      • Not unless the money cucks are reigned in.

        Cheap labor is why we had slavery and why we have immigration

        Cheap labor is social poison and it has to go.

        • *corporate libertarian gasp*

          So? Our traditions destroyed, our families scattered, but we got a 1% increase in the GDP!

        • The Boers are willing to admit that, ultimately, it was the “sugar high” of cheap African labor which led to the undoing of their society. And, certainly, the British helped.

      • 200 British ruled the Sudan, a place larger than Texas.

        Not with an iron fist. Impossible.
        Instead, they were only ones you could trust.

      • yes, you and others pointed out that in the past relatively small numbers of whites were able to control and manage large numbers of blacks…great…sounds super…but you dispense with reality there…there is a vast reservoir of white guilt out there…millions of white minds have been warped by anti-white/pro-nonwhite propaganda dispensed by the elite…those white minds are already shaped…you cannot easily change those minds…you are talking about cultural momentum here….the elites engaged in a decades-long propaganda campaign..the effects of that campaign are not just going to magically disappear…

        just as surely as newton’s laws of force reign over the realities of our physical world, so too do the laws of cultural momentum and inertia reign…your statement implies that we can easily return to those halycon days of yore…what color is the sky in your world?

        Must be nice to retreat into a comforting world of fantasy…

        our homelands are lost…there is a verse in the bible:

        Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go,
        And when he is old he will not depart from it.

        That is timeless folk wisdom. And so true.. ..the training of our childhood stays with us…a few of us were able to escape the iron grip of elite propaganda….but please do not project your own personal situation onto the majority…there are tens of millions of whites that are prisoners of elite propaganda…those neuronal walls are as real as stone and iron…

        • Bringing up good points here, as a diagnostician should.

          We won’t erase the Narrative.
          We can’t unmix mixed race children.
          Deportation? That would be Annudah Shoah!

          Is that our only option?
          To become a competing Rootless?
          Or latifundium- small srongholds against a wild wilderness of desperate bands.

          If our history is erased, will the young follow what they are taught is right?
          Will the surveillance State work if lessers are turning the gears?

          Maybe the Master race hopes to contain us until automation saves them from the planned Purge of depopulation.

          We are a bus that lifted them to where they wanted. They could not Own the world without what we built.
          Soon it may be time to stop the bus.

          • We are a bus that lifted them to where they wanted. They could not Own the world without what we built.
            Soon it may be time to stop the bus.
            If I’m understanding you correctly and correct me if I’m wrong but stopping the bus will cause us a lot more pain than them because they have alternate plans and most of us do not… Which is why we need to be building communities… Maybe if I repeat it enough people will wake up to that fact…

          • Mexico is to the South. Take some land there to make wall building easy and throw everyone you don’t like that won’t voluntarily beat feat over that.

            Think of it as returning the favor of all that diversity and cheap labor

          • More like some insane black dude will grab the wheel of the bus and drive us all over the cliff.

        • Just because you’re a pussy doesn’t mean the rest of us are. Take your defeatism and shove it

    • South Africa easily kept order with only 10% of the population. We conquered them in their home nations with under 1% of their populations.
      Pretty sure on our home ground we can exterminate them easily, all we need is the will. Shutting off the EBT and putting up armed roadblocks around the big cities would kill 90% of them w/o us having to do most of the work.

      • That would work on a continental scale as well. I don’t see how it can be avoided, now.

      • “…exterminate them easily…”
        This is not a viable option, as far too many people absolutely will not abide by any kind organized extermination of other human beings. Too much like the Nazis and other regimes.
        If the goal is a white, Christian nation, then extermination of other human beings cannot be a part of the founding of that nation. Not in this day and age.

        • Far too many? Do you have some numbers or percentages to show?

          As pressures and stressors grow stronger, the organism molts and a transformation takes place. The Red Neck metamorphoses into the Red Ass. Astonishing violence follows.

        • Well, there seems to be a lot of disagreement about what makes a “Christian” nation. Many “Christians” have embraced leftist ideology, which is the antithesis of Christian. This take it in the poop chute for Jesus, sacrificial lamb, throw away your birthright type of Christianity does not correspond with Christianity as taught by the Messiah and his disciples. When you study the Old Testament, you realize that God blessed those that obeyed him, as when he commanded them to exterminate entire populations. Even the animals. This is a blind spot for most Christians, and until they come to terms with their cognitive dissonance, they will continue to follow “false gods”.

          • Well said sir. This is a point that my friends and I like to make to the freshly awakened.
            Jesus was a carpenter in the age when they hand shaped beams as large as the average neck-bearded flip flop wearing tattoos vaping autists waistline. He physically threw men and their tables of beanie babies and other shit out into the street, while cutting stripes on their asses with a rawhide goad. He told those dumbasses to sell their fashy north face windbreakers and buy some ARs.
            The bumper sticker about Him is correct: He fiiddenbe Pist.
            Be sure and dress for your day!

          • I see no problem with associating welfare/section8 transfer payments with a temporary form of birth control, such as those matchstick-looking things they put in a woman’s arm that provide birth control for several months. Presumably, a male equivalent exists.

            As long as you’re on the dole — black or white or any other color — you’re temporarily sterilized.

          • Completely agree. I say it somewhat jokingly, but it would be really good for our species, no? How much outrage will make us angry enough to change things? Here’s a pretty-boy millennial wearing a rainbow pin who’s personally gotten burned (red-pilled) from Leftist policies:

            Go to 1:10 to hear this man:


            Let’s be here to welcome the disenchanted to our movement.

          • Note: The young blond man speaking references himself and his parents/family as working “middle class” who struggle to pay their bills. Have we all noticed how just a decade or two ago, “Middle Class” implied people who were *not* struggling to pay bills, but rather Dad was making ample salary to support his wife and three kids, go on vacation every year and sock away money for colleges and retirement. That is all gone now. “Middle Class” now means what “Working Class”, “Low Class”, or “Blue Collar” used to mean. In fact, the income U.S. workers now make that are considered Middle Class used to be solidly Lower or Working Class. The younger generations have no idea. They think this is just how “Capitalism” works. Step one in U.S. downgrade to Latin American economic model has been accomplished.

          • You put “compassion” in quotes as though you are being ironic. But actually your plan is compassionate in the truest sense: best for civilized people, and best for those who act like a subspecies. They can have all the sex they want, just no offspring to keep the decadence ball in play.

        • Extermination or mass deportation to places where they’ll likely die anyway is the only way to preserve white, Western culture. To desire the ends is to desire the means.

          Anyone who actively opposes this can join the monkeys.

        • Not “easily”. I do believe it could happen if the current path is traveled. I don’t dislike Blacks, but I won’t be ruled by them.

      • I’d really prefer another option. I’m White and will roll with my people when it goes jail house rules no matter what but there are a lot of fine folk among the other races, even the Blacks and if there is some way to not hurt decent people

    • Whites will survive in areas with low taxes, very-low payments for welfare recipients reluctantly given (charity ought to be handled by churches and family), and harsh cold weather. Long cold winters without a superintendent (& “MUY CHEECK!” earned by placement and reproduction) to provide steam heat does a great job on individuals lacking forward time preference and good cooperative skills. Cold kills and shoos away grasshoppers, making a fine place for a society of good people.

  22. One of my ancestors was a founder of Newark. New Haven, CT as well. Those Puritan immigrants would be rolling over in their graves seeing 400 years of “progress”. Well, 300 hundred of progress, and 100 of devolution.

  23. If you push them out of Newark they’ll go to Bethlehem or someplace. Flava can neither be created nor destroyed.

    If they all took it in mind to up stakes for greener pastures in Gabon or Kamchatka, I wouldn’t complain. In fact, I’d experience a great upwelling of civic-minded generosity and make a donation. But they seem to have a pretty keen sense of which pastures they’ll do best in.

    • Unfortunately, flava can be created. Its a lot more difficult to destroy it. Think of it as Hoyles’ steady state theory with flava replacing the Hydrogen atoms.

  24. And shoe stores. Shoe stores seem to survive.

    I was in the local gas station jip joint the other night, and there was this black woman talking to the cashier so loudly that it hurt my ears. She was using her normal speaking voice, but it literally hurt my ears to the point of vexation. I am an old man with subperfect auditory receptors!

      • Oh you’re right! Thanks! this blog teaches One all sorts of stuff! From “gypsy” I guess—I would never have been so unPC had I known!

    • Blacks have big voices without even trying. That’s why all those 60’s white British blues bands sounded like little boys next to them. With a few exceptions, as a general rule, if you’re a white singer, NEVER share the stage with a black. In his early days, Plant came closest to matching the black shout. But after a few years the black Viking thing tore up his cords.

      We do our own type of singing well, don’t get me wrong. But just as an example of their sheer ability and tonal richness compared to ours, check out this live performance of U2’s “One” with M.J. Blige. Bono has a pretty attractive voice. But the second she opens her mouth he sounds thin and flat by comparison. Start at 2:10 to get the gist.


      • ‘Sup widda downvotes? Blacks can have remarkable, resonant voices. And heck yes are they LOUD.

        They’ll never be Celtic Women though.
        I don’t sob profusely when blacks sing.

        • Speaking as a potato nigger, based on our referendum results on May 25th that tendency towards melancholy and dignity has been replaced by entitlement, delusion, ugly tattoos, facial piercings and a beam sized chip on the shoulder, topped off with oompa loompa levels of fake tan. Its really bizarre, but I think Z has mentioned it in the Eurocast post about modernity and people, Irish working class names were always traditional solid names, John, James, with ethnic variants Sean, Seamus etc. But now you get the Jordan, Nicky, Alix, Jay (never a pet name). No traditon or a concept of any sort of history and identity. My wifes from a large housing estate in Dublin. Formerly a good,solid working class area, then the city corporation, as the liberal elite tend to do decided to dump all the cities degenerates on top of those who can’t lawyer up. All of her family and neighbours left. The crowning glory for me was one of her class mates, single mother on two occassions, obviously not the sharpest tool, has two girls. Shakira and Rihanna.
          You can’t write this shit As an aside, have you ever noticed that black American culture is the universal language of scum. Across the entire world, the same music, gestures, and ugly ostentation, macho posturing and victim chic, lots and lots of victim chic. I lived in New Zealand for a while and the Maori’s for the most part were the perfect example. Any pop music chart, any talent show, the same big loud noise and vocal gymnastics, or nignastics if you want to channel your inner Anglin. I do think there’s an amoral capitalist reasoning behind part of it. Black Americans are the perfect consumers, no taste no forethought, slap a label on some product and encrust it in jewels and the amorphous stupid masses will lap that shit up. The fuckers’ll max out their cards to acquire that shite and if things go pear shaped Gubmint will foot the tab. In Ireland the three most heavily taxed things are booze, cigarettes and the lottery, which is an indirect tax. What do degenerates spend their dole on primarily? All the above.

          • I call it blackness. Just as whiteness is being the majority and historical population of a nation, blackness is globalist decay. Thus, they all act the same.

          • This posting and several comments are describing the life and times of the Untalented Nine-Tenth, raised and supported in perpetuity by pre-genocided whites.

          • not naming children after family members is another Marxist strategy to destroy the family. wouldn’t want the kid to have a connection to someone.

      • Paul Butterfield managed to sing the blues pretty well for a white boy. But no white guy can touch a Muddy Waters or Howlin’ Wolf.

      • They do have powerful voices. Somebody put a sound meter in front of an Atlanta black street preacher once and got maybe 130 dB at some points in his sermon. They can get EXTREMELY loud as a group. I was once briefly in a large room where there was a black family having a reunion and it was unreal. It may have been one of the loudest experiences of my life, and I used to go to loud rock concerts with people throwing firecrackers on top of that.

      • For some reason WKCR was playing some Rev. Gary Davis and Howlin’ Wolf last night and you are correct. Oddly, though, Savoy Brown originally had an actual black singer, on their first, UK-only Lp, one Bryce Porteus, and he was rather bad. His white replacement, Chris Youlden, had a pretty awesome voice.

    • “Shoe stores seem to survive.”

      But you may not if’n you be wearing a pair they want.

  25. This reads like a British explorer in Papua New Guinea years ago.
    They rebuilt Japan’s and Germany’s cities quickly after the war so I suppose with the right people my progeny can reclaim Detroit. All of it.

    • I know a kid, about 32 years of age, a “non-profiteer.” After graduating with a fluff degree from Stanford, all eager and idealistic, he’s been in Detroit the last few years. Haven’t spoken with him in a long time, but I do wonder if he’s had a reality check yet.
      The leftist mind is a hard thing to crack. Z-man’s prior post — progressivism as religion — made me despondent.

      What to do?

      1. Reeducation camps as the Chinese do to their own Muslims? They left has done this to our good children in public schools and just about all universities — should we return the favor?
      2. How about a fifth great awakening? Replace their false religion with a true(r) one? This is a tried and true approach requiring much faith on our part.
      3. Partition. Put them in containment camps and seal the borders. Seriously, give them a liberal state to avoid military action.
      4. Civil war. Blood and soil, guys.

      What else?

      • I grew up in Maine when it was around 99% white. I got to live the dream that black people were just like whites since my interactions with them occurred through sit coms. Then I moved south and got a dose of reality. It took a couple years for reality to hit. I guess I’m a slow learner.

        My mother moved to Florida a couple years ago and got her first real world experience with the diversity she thought was so great. I’m curious if reality has hit. I’ve had other family move there but they live in monochromatic gated communities (of course their walls are better than a Trump wall I guess). My mother cannot afford those accomodations and lives in low-mid income apartments. She’s mentioned the bizarre antics of the neighbors, drugs, and neglected children. Not sure is she’s figured out that it’s to some anomaly, it’s standard vibrancy.

        • Thanks Mark, your post PERFECTLY illustrates a point I often make about people from lily white geography getting the fantasy black experience on TV and movies, then when they move to black cities, they get a good dose of the real black person.

        • BINGO! I grew up in the 50s in a tiny Minnesota farming community. I didn’t learn how to be a racist until I moved to Little Rock and was trained by the locals (of all races).

      • Destructive labor camps > re-education camps

        The trouble with the latter is that there is likely some genetic reason behind liberalism, at least in part relating to the ability to internalize abstractions. We must purge them the same as we purge others who possess destructive genetics. After due process and in accord with the laws of the times, of course.

        • Do unto others as they dream of doing to you?

          Hate to tell ya, but they’re ahead of you on this, on the cultural enforcement front, and on the brain scanning tech and psychiatric front. Ominous ain’t the word.

      • Did a tour of duty in Detroit just a year out of school…in the old Coleman Young days. Was conservative, but it was a non stop education on just what a rabble rousing kleptocracy could do a formerly vital economy. If you ever saw “Gran Torino”, used to loop by the setting for the “Spooks” scene at 4:45 every morning going over to Belle Isle to row. Most of the commercial businesses along Charlevoix were still boarded up from the 68 riots. Even then pheasants used to flush out of overgrown lots on Grand. Thing about Detroit, even then, the kleptocrats didn’t even bother to try and cover what they were doing. Knew teachers in the DPS, where the administrators would simply sell the newly arrived school supplies right off the loading docks–nobody gave a shit and saying anything would get you torched car or worse. What happened was anybody, including the black middle class got the fuck out of Dodge. What his left are the absolute dregs.

      • 1. Reeducation camps as the Chinese do to their own Muslims?

        I read about those. The Chinese really know how to do reeducation. They’ve had a lot of practice at it. We should think seriously about just writing up outcome based specifications and outsourcing the whole project to them.

      • There’s no delusion about race that can’t be cured with busing. Few know that SJWs backed off that project once they realized the education white kids were really getting.

        I was bused in the 70s to ghetto school and thus made 100% immune to equality nonsense. On the rare occasion I run into others of the ‘busing’ crowd it is like a reunion of a secret society. We know the secret the other knows that the world doesn’t want to hear. Meeting South African whites produces a similar effect.

        For years I thought the program absurd and to be avoided at all costs. Now I think immersive education like busing may be the only lasting solution.

        • Yes. My experience in Seattle 1st grade 1973 exactly. Criminal waste of my precious early life in school busses for the purpose of making me feel bad about being White and smart (improving slow Black kids by proximity?).

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