An Empire of Midgets

Way back in the olden thymes, conservatives in Washington would argue with liberals about the realities of Federal spending and regulation. Liberals argued that if you spent more, people had more, while conservatives would point out that the money had to come from someone, as the government had no money, other than what it taxed. Similarly, when Washington put rules on business, conservatives argued, businesses would figure out ways around them, often making things worse than if there were no regulations.

While it was all for show, there was an important truth in the critique of liberals by conservatives. Not only are there trade-offs to all government policy, but every change also sets off a series of reactions to those changes. Pass a regulation and the mere act of passing it changes the conditions you are attempting to regulate. As businesspeople will tell you, even observing or measuring something can change people’s conduct. People act differently when they are watched. Liberals have never understood this basic truth.

The “war on hate” being waged by the Left is another one of those times where their extreme simple-mindedness is undermining the alleged point of their efforts. The lawsuit against Andrew Anglin by the terrorist groups SPLC has no basis in law, but it goes forward anyway. Similarly, the lawsuit by billionaire lesbian, Roberta Kaplan, against the Unite the Right people is another effort to pervert the law. These cases are nonsense, and the lawyers should be censured. They undermine the rule of law by making it arbitrary.

That is the theme of all of the Left’s recent efforts to shut down their critics. Take a look at the women claiming to have been “sexually assaulted” by famous men. In some cases, rare cases, the facts support the charge. In most cases, the facts suggest boorish behavior common to men since the dawn of time. In other words, the very meaning of the words used to govern male-female relations are losing their meaning. Instead of appeals to reason, these cases turn on appeals to mob rule played out in the media.

You see the same thing playing out in the workplace. That poor Starbucks employee who called the cops on two troublemakers lost his job and had to worry about his safety, for following the rules. These bakery employees are also fired because they did the prudent thing and refused to open up the shop after closing. Unbeknownst to them, there was an unwritten rule regarding blacks in the store’s policies. If they had opened the store and the black had robbed the place, they would have been fired for that too.

In the quest for social justice, the Left is obliterating all of the rules, even the rules that govern the language. Instead of having objective standards like an employee handbook or the courts, the rules are arbitrary and in a state of flux. In the short term, this works for them because the final arbiters are people from the cult. Corporate elites and the legal system are brimming with Progressive loons. The normal people who are the victims have yet to figure it out, so they keep acting as if the rules still apply as written.

This is, of course, an inevitable result of proportionalism. This is where the costs of violating laws and principles are weighed against the perceived benefits from violating those laws and principles. For instance, legal discrimination is wrong as a principle, but quotas and set asides allegedly have benefits that are too valuable to pass up, so the elite demands active racism in hiring. It is the belief that the smart people in charge can extract all the benefits of taking shortcuts, without suffering any consequences for it.

This depends on everyone else not changing their behavior when the rules no longer have meaning. That is obviously not happening. The rise of white identity politics is the direct result of this growing awareness. Whites are slowly figuring out that the prohibitions against identity politics only apply to them, so they are joining the party. Steve Sailer’s famous war on noticing only works if people do not notice. Once they do, then it becomes completely counterproductive. Political correctness is now driving white identity politics.

What the Left is doing with their lurch into lawlessness is destroying the conditions that make it possible for them to dominate. The short-term benefit of having angry broads rampaging through the corporate suites has the long-term cost of undermining everyone’s respect for the rules. The same is true of lawfare projects. Their success undermines the public’s respect for the law. The Left has been able to dominate because they slyly played by one set of rules, while everyone was encouraged to play by a another set of rules.

It is funny in a way. The managerial class has embraced multiculturalism as a religion, while claiming to have advanced beyond the “rule by man” sorts of governance that have been the rule since forever. Yet, in order to make multiculturalism work, the managerial class has to transform itself into the bureaucratic elite of every empire that existed on earth. That is, in order to keep all the tribes, cults and clans from killing one another, the people in charge have to administer ad hoc rules and arbitrary justice to keep the peace.

The trouble with this is the empire had the authority of the emperor and usually an aristocratic class. Even today, it is hard not to be impressed by the image of a Roman Emperor or French monarch. When the guys making stuff up as they go along live in castles and have a retinue of cool looking knights, it is easy to go along with the arbitrariness. When the people in charge have the majesty of a postal clerk, even the lowest orders think they can do better. Ours is becoming an empire ruled by midgets.

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  1. It’s funny to hear a lot about the impending doom, yet it never materializes. Friends and family got me on board back during Y2K. Since then it’s been one potential disaster after another always promising to be the match that lights off the powder keg.

    It’s easy to see the level of nastiness that’s going on today and if it does finally come down to a civil war perhaps this will be the only thing severe enough to unite whites for a common cause.

  2. All I know for sure (gut/instincts – that have not let me down in 50+ years, if I listen and heed), is that a good bit of violence is about to visit this country… the likes of which have not been seen since the 1860’s. This time, I believe that it’ll be a real CIVIL war.

  3. The Right has always been a foil for the Left’s shenanigans. As long as they could define the Right as “anyone who gets in the way of what we want” this sorta worked, but that definition gets pretty fuzzy when they all start getting in one another’s way. Got to admit it’s fun to watch.

  4. the ZOG Empire is not ruled by “midgets”

    it is ruled by filthy rich Jews like

    (((Roberta Kaplan))) and filthy rich Jewish aggregates like the


  5. Hopefully to get us back on topic of today’s blog, whites need to consider themselves a tribe in a hostile tribe just as ‘they’ do.

    Team up again. Don’t get distracted.

    • Great link. Thanks.
      I knew Shapiro was a poseur since he first surfaced in the professional commentariat at the age of 22. It’s good to see someone got the better of the weasel.

    • Not big on black celebrity conservatives, but she’s the perfect foil to counter a lot of Shapiro’s crap.

  6. Tell them to come to miami and try to pull that crap on a cuban american owned business, we don’t give a s$@%× about that, we know communism and we don’t take it well when this “we all deserve free stuff” crowd comes makin trouble.
    Way back the usual people made one their usual burning riots and they were going to cross a bridge into hialeah and the police told them them ” if you cross we are not responsible for what is going to happen, the cubans are waiting for you armed and ready”.
    They did not come

  7. “Voters in California’s 29th State Senate district recalled freshman Democrat Josh Newman in Tuesady’s California primary over his vote for Governor Jerry Brown’s 12-cent-per-gallon gas tax hike, replacing him with Republican Ling Ling Chang and definitively denying Democrats a supermajority in the upper house. Election results showed Newman being recalled by a margin of 59.5% to 40.5%, despite the fact that saving his seat was the top priority of California Democrats on Tuesday. Newman was, of course, not the only state senator to vote for the gas tax hike. He was, however, the most vulnerable”

    as I reported a couple of weeks ago. the progs are in deep shit…

  8. Many great points about how the Lollipop Guild is not to be trusted at the wheel.
    Followers, schoolmarms, mail clerks leading us to destruction. Ware the shorties.
    It appears that the best chance I’ll get of a fair fight is something along the lines of Mad Max. I welcome the chaos, I wish more smolderings like #MeToo would flash and grow.
    I will either be allowed to create or I will destroy, then create.

    • I will either be allowed to create or I will destroy, then create…
      Brother if we wait until the destroy, then create phase we will have waited to long and the possibility of us not being around to create is of high probability…Front line guys have the odds stacked against them…I’m not saying we wouldn’t make it or to give up hope all I’m saying is let’s create now so our odds are better that’s all…Hope your doing good Brother…

      • Doing well sir and I hope you are the same. Still doing push ups and planting bad thoughts when it’s possible. I’ve been cheered lately when looking around the Web. More and more things are openly discussed while ammo prices are the best in years.
        We’ll play the cards we have.
        The Mayor of the Lunatic Fringe

  9. “Whites are slowly figuring out that the prohibitions against identity politics only apply to them, so they are joining the party. Steve Sailer’s famous war on noticing only works if people don’t notice. Once they do, then it becomes completely counter-productive. Political correctness is now driving white identity politics.”

    This is exactly how I arrived here. Thanks for expressing it better than I could have.

  10. For all the white built cities, centers of life, prosperity, education, culture, joy, destroyed by liberal enabled blacks, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Toledo, Flint, Newark, I demand reparations! And if they don’t have any money to cough over, send them them back to Wakanda along with their SJW ebablers.

  11. It’s the left trying to rework the tactics of the French Revolution again. The revolution became dependent on the Paris mob, sometimes led by women, but always having the backing of some monied individuals, creating a havoc that whatever authority was in place was forced to deal with. The players are always a right made up of an elite, whether it be noble or not, which was divided by accomodators and reactionaries, and a left that was closer to the moderate right in league with a radical left. The moderate left ises the radical left in order to acquire power and govern, but once they are in power, the responsibilities of governing distance them from those who they used to get that power and reaction sets in resulting in a loss of that power.

    The key question asked by all leftist historians is how is it possible to keep the radical power harnessed and under the control of the moderate left in order to keep the right out of power.

    I think that they thought Obama had the answer to this question, and their tactics since his election bear this out. That is why instead of continuing to act conciliatory on race issues he went all blackety black with BLM, etc. The ensuing chaos was supposed to keep the backing of the radical left while suppressing the right, thus maintaining the left in power indefinitely. This is why the utter shock when Trump won. They thought they had it all figured out.

    This me too movement is a return to the tactic of women marching on Versailles chanting for bread. It is a variation of the same tactic. And the reason it is being used is because this is the only game they know. Race didn’t work, let’s try sex. Or gender. There has to be some class-driven wedge we can use to get back into power.

    When I read the analysis these dudes go through it is amazing the amount of card counting that has been done to try and establish some calculus to politics. A book I am reading now is a history of the FR in a single section of Paris, The French Revolution in Miniature where the author takes a microscope to the section Droits des Hommes, the old Saint Antoine, taking it down to the level of the individuals living there, and classifying them like an entomologist would ants.

    This all goes back to ratio vs intellectus thinking. Can you figure out Christmas by doing chemical analysis of tree ornaments?

    • The Left is remarkably consistent through all of the variations and permutations. It all comes down to “gimme your stuff”.

      • Yet the leftist, socialist Scandinavian countries were great places to live before the immigrant invasion. I suggest that there are deeper problems than just “gimme your stuff” and that ending all income redistribution will not solve them.

        • Agreed. Leftism is about power. Redistributing stuff is only a way to get and keep it.

      • In one word, you reproach us with intending to do away with your property. Precisely so: that is just what we intend.”
        ― Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

        • Nuffin: your Marx quote rejoinder is only relevant if you object to all taxation. Otherwise, you’ve already acceded to “intending to do away with your property.” Do you pay your income tax and agree that the concept of income tax is not our basic problem?

          Taxation is not the source of our problems. Very few of you would enjoy the libertarian utopia you seem to believe is our salvation.

          • Taxation per se is not the problem – the form of taxation is. Taxing labor and capital is counterproductive. Taxing consumption is far better.

          • Exactly Right… National sales tax and tariffs, and still on the fence about a corporation tax for national needs get rid of income tax… States could have a sales tax also and get rid of income and property taxes…

  12. You only have to work in government or around government for a few years to understand how low the bar is set.

    That’s why the Government Party fears “shutdowns” so much. It’s not that bad things will happen in their absence. It’s that the public won’t notice, nor miss, their absence.

  13. Yes, indeed. “Blackrobe” used to signify Jesuits, after whom “Jesuitical” became a term.

    Now, “Jesuitical” applies to the NEW Blackrobes–the ones sitting on a bench. Either way, it’s ugly.

  14. It’s all interesting to see how it will play out. The left lured a lot of people in by promises of money, power, sex, and hedonism. However there is an increasingly large group of people who are being left out of the patronage system created by them. They decided to put everything in the demographic change basket but if that doesn’t come to fruition, then they are utterly spent as a political force.

  15. What Left are you taking about?
    The REAL Left is all about labor vs capital, about unions, about wages, about vacation time, about workers’ rights?
    I don’t see these people talking about those things?
    I see the Fake-Left to which you refer talking about other things–about political correctness, about the dominance of nonwhites and immigrants over native whites…
    I see how this so-called Left pushes multiculturalist propaganda which just so happens to facilitate mass immigration. This multiculturalist ideology pushed by the “Left” just so happens to be the lubricant that greases the mass immigration machine that just so happens to prop up the ponzi economy, the same ponzi economy that makes the upper class richer…
    I see the judges that perpetuate the lawfare lawsuits as members of the rich upper class, the same upper class that benefits from mass immigration…

    You see liberals.

    I see the upper class.

    I see an upper class that uses their power to push propaganda that furthers their own financial interests. I see an upper class made richer by mass immigration. I see an upper class that pushes political correctness, an ideology which facilitates mass immigration. I see mass immigration depressing wages, increasing consumer demand, thus increasing asset prices of assets owned primarily by the upper class.

    I see a “Left” that is actually the embodiment of Capital itself.

    I see political correctness as an ideological tool of the upper class, of Capital.

    A True Left is set against Capital.

    The Left YOU see is …well, I am not sure what you see.

    • Where are those on the left denouncing the “fake left?” Because I see people on the left from Hillary to media talking heads to citizen activists to the CEO of Starbucks gleefully promoting all the “fake left” points you mention. By your standard, I’m pretty sure the “fake left” vastly outnumbers and outpowers the “real left.” True Communists have always made up a tiny minority of the left. They don’t get to claim sole ownership of the term “left.” If our terms were used equally, they’d be “far left extremists.” Nobody gives a damn about unions anymore except government employees, and nobody who knows anything about economics is worried about capital.

      To be fair, I suppose the “fake right” — the mainstream right outpowers the “real right” or the “far right” (not sure it outnumbers them any more). But from the far right we criticize the fake right mostly for holding positions on the left — globalism, pro-immigration, anti-identity politics. You can claim those aren’t leftist positions, but those are the positions the vast majority of the left of all classes are lining up to fight for.

      • I ask zman to quit demonzing white liberals who are the victims of propaganda poisoning starting in their childhood…these are victims…the predators he should be attacking are the upper class that preys upon white children using anti-white propaganda…

        and here is the most important thing–when you attack the Left, you alienate millions of potential white converts…these are working class whites who are counting on social security and medicare to help them in their old age…and when they hear these Dissident Right attacks on the “left,” they see that as a threat to the senior citizen welfare state that they paid into for decades…

        to these dissident right pundits, I ask this question: are you trying to win more followers using word-association ploys (attacking commies, the Left, liberals etc etc), or are you trying to save white america?

        One of those tasks is relatively easy, and one is harder, but far more worthwhile, at least for the white americans…

    • Active;
      Well, I agree with you about one thing, namely that it was stupid for the whatever_Right to accept and defend the term ‘Capital’. I also agree that it’s really just a deflection word for ‘Ruling Class that used to be’. ‘Capital’ sounds so remote and instrumental, no human face (unlike, say, ‘The Crown’), so easy to vilify. Paradoxically, it bears no innate menace to promote respect.

      To illustrate, the phrase ‘Barry O and his minions in the Deep State’ has an air of menace regardless of how you feel about them. It personalizes ‘The Left’ (or ‘Liberals’) who now *are* the ruling class, as you say.

      In any event, It’s almost always a mistake to let your enemies define and characterize you. Do I have a better one word aphorism for the whatever_Right to use_? Sadly no: Better minds than mine have been struggling at this for some years. How about God and Country_?

    • “The REAL Left is all about labor vs capital, about unions, about wages, about vacation time, about workers’ rights?…”

      THAT Left disappeared starting with the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention and the 1970 Hard Hat Riot. The proletarians are too white, too religious, too patriotic, and too armed. They disagreed with the Left’s thought leaders on integration, socialism, and sexual libertinism, so the Left ditched them for identity politics. Now, the proles either don’t vote or vote Republican out of tribal solidarity.

      If the Democrats rejected gun control or the Republicans proposed national medical insurance, either one would have a shot at being the majority party for the next couple of generations. Trump isn’t proposing national health care but the next best thing: favorable trade policy and the military subsidy for white prole families. That’s the way forward for the Republicans if they can pull their pants up and stop bending over for the Chamber of Commerce types.

    • Constantly getting yourself worked up over policy positions and left vs. right semantics serves no purpose. Political factions and government officials have been stealing each other’s proposals and ideas for millennia and whining about who is championing populist positions of fair trade/immigration and main street economics isn’t going to make the old, defunct Democrat party of FDR any more relevant than the new progressive Democrat party of the purple haired harpies and muslims today. We are beyond that now.

      Your classic “Liberals” and “Conservatives” – all peas in a pod. Nether side has ever embraced or championed the core cultural foundations that promote a positive White Identity critical to our future, but have rather insulated and defended our enemies, from the invading foreign horde to the cloud elite. To defend ether is to take ownership of their betrayal to the noble aspirations of our sires to the survival of our posterity.

      Your skin is your party. Everything else is debatable.

    • The Old Left that you are talking about is just that, the Old Left. By the 1960s it had become clear that the actually existing working class was not going to fulfill the role that socialist theorists had mapped out for it, so the Leftist intellectuals jettisoned class from their arsenal and focused on race and sex difference to undermine Western civilization.

  16. I agree with this analysis. I have seen a lot of my own positions change more in response to the extremely egregious behavior of the left and the obvious exploitation of rules systems than by the mere adovacy of dissident right positions alone.

    I remember that back before the left got so obvious (at least, to me), I considered a number of dissident right positions “too far” that I now hold whole-heartedly — the arguments for them didn’t change, but the glaring dishonesty and pernicious results of opposing policies pushed me toward them.

  17. To a certain degree, success breeds success, and the early lower level successes have blinded the practitioners to the limits of the process.

    The End Game to all this is approaching, more rapidly than those in the game realize, and when it arrives it will be decidely not pretty.

  18. This rule by schoolmarms/mail clerks is part of the reason why I sometimes don’t entirely dread the possibly-imminent collapse that a lot of smart and reasonable people not inclined to conspiracy theorizing seem to think is looming in our near-future. The cute girl wielding a broadsword that weighs as much as her against five large men is a fantasy, but because most people live in a fantasy, it’s taken as a reality. If we go back to a world where reality reigns, where we reap what we sow (instead of what we steal through conning and shaming and scamming) then the link between positive law and natural law gets reestablished. Fences do make good neighbors, but that becomes more obvious when people have their own literal farms to plow and animals to herd on their land. And in a world where women are forced to acknowledge they need men to defend them from other, hostile outsider men, the building of walls would not just be tolerated, but welcomed with gratitude.

      • It would be a long time in coming back because of the fragility of all the systems in place right now that give us the quality of life we enjoy…Once that goes it would take a lot of effort and trust to get it restarted and then a long time to get back to where we are now…But if we had a parallel system already in place when it goes tits up then the odds go way up of us coming out on top…That’s why I advocate the way I do for forming Community’s…

      • You never can tell.

        Several hundred years of violent readjustment, following collapse and chaos, isn’t unprecedented. It’s true that there will not be another industrial revolution – the resources for that are all gone, and they aren’t coming back in human-scaled time – but one has a feeling that a new day will dawn, that the hardy remnant of the approaching collapse will produce YET ANOTHER ‘civilization’, with art and learning, a (necessarily) agrarian society, and – perhaps – some grasp of limits, which has been lost by all parties in the present.

        Biological realism means that we – humans – are developed to live on this specific planet, that we think we’ve outgrown, that has come to bore us. It could well be that we’re stuck here – marooned on a planet we find tiresome. So – what to do? Could it be that we’re just “stuck here”, like Napoleon on Elba, a relative paradise, but we still want more, even in defeat?

        It’s my hope that after the catastrophes that are closing in on us, humans will (a) survive, (b) recover a sense of place, and (c) rediscover the joy of living on the planet that they are engineered to live on.

        • I hope too Brother but I like increasing my odds wherever possible so my hope has a chance…

    • Media Matters? Are you serious? Do you look up to your portrait of Obama or Hillary on the wall before you log on? Sorry, these days it’s the portrait of Comey you gaze at so longingly.

  19. I’ll make this point again: this insanity is financed entirely by the fiat dollar. It’s amusing to poke fun at third-world countries, but it’s not clear to me that the US would be in a different situation than Mexico or Brazil without the financial leverage provided by the printing press. When the US Dollar loses its status as the reserve currency all this lefty lunacy will come crashing down. Hard. Until then, best to keep a low profile if you are a white male.

    • It’s amusing to poke fun at third-world countries, but it’s not clear to me that the US would be in a different situation than Mexico or Brazil without the financial leverage provided by the printing press.
      Are you stoned or just not thinking clearly…Have you read any history about America…Sad That…

      • Have you checked recent demographic data in America? America 2018 is not America of 1980, much less America of 1944, when Bretton Woods was established. Static thinking is stupid.

        • So without the printing press we would be just another third world shithole like Mexico…I disagree and you should be ashamed of yourself unless of course you are part of a third world shithole and then I can see why you would make that argument…

          • You are permitting an exaggeration in time to obscure a point. The fiat dollar is the fuel midgets use to impose their will on ex-America. It is lethal because it is silent, and because it is silent it is unopposed. Metastasized government cannot exist without imaginary money.

    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with a fiat dollar per se. After all, third world shit-holes as well as first world countries have had fiat dollars for as long as I can remember. It is what backs the fiat dollar that matters. And what backs it can be natural resources/commodities, power and the credibility/stability of the issuing government, and/or a combination thereof. The strength of the fiat currency fluctuates as those components fluctuate. Thus, a relatively powerless country such as Switzerland could have a strong fiat currency because of its credibility/stability (and gold reserves), even though it does not have much power per se. The US, even though it has nothing really backing the dollar, can still have relatively strong fiat currency because of the power it currently enjoys, and perhaps its stability (if not so much “credibility”). China, on the other hand, and Russia as well, have some power and Russia at least, some resources, but the “credibility” gap keeps their currencies riskier for the moment. That is, an investor in China/Russia is not so sure what may become of his investment if the government turns on him. For now, the US has been very clear that it will protect its oligarchs even unto the ruin of its citizens.

  20. We are led by followers.

    Women and effeminate men who take their orders directly from the people giving them money. This is one of the reasons for the seething Trump hatred. He didn’t lie, cheat and steal to get his place at the table, he actually earned it. His authenticity reminds them of who and what they really are.

    • I would argue that he very much did lie, cheat, and steal in order to earn his place at the table. It’s that he’s unapologetic about it, upfront about it, and continues to do it that drives them stark raving mad. I would love to tell my students that the honest and most ethical guy wins the day, gets rich, gets the girl, but that just isn’t how the world works.

  21. Zman, have you ever read “A Confederacy of Dunces”? For some reason, some of the phrases in the comments remind me of this book.

  22. “The short term benefit of having angry broads rampaging through the corporate suites has the long term cost of undermining everyone’s respect for the rules.”

    Mmmmm…. Speaking for myself, it undermines respect for women in the workplace. Whenever I see a minority or woman in the C-Suite, I now question whether it’s merit or affirmative action. Maybe it’s good to be suspicious of everyone, but I don’t think that was the goal.

  23. There are no logical principles that define leftism just as their is no law that dictates progressive ideology. When distilled to its base, leftism is nothing greater than the collective feelings of illogical people yearning for spiritual meaning and a purpose in life.

    Post-Rational Progressivism has quickly replaced Christianity as the state religion and its life purpose is the inquisition of non-believers. It’s only a matter of time before they harness Google/Facebook/Etc to implement a reign of terror against the heathens in ways we cannot yet fathom.

    ZMan’s is correct that they look like total fags but they have the Immense power behind them. They would love the opportunity to destroy every single person who disagrees with their gospel. Do what’s necessary to protect yourself until the time comes to stand up.

    • The logical principle that defines leftism is to dispossess the traditional white American people. Almost all leftist actions are explained by this, including those of white leftists. Leftism in a homogeneous white country is different, but in multiracial America, the actions of leftists are towards the goal of overthrowing whitey.

  24. It was mentioned on a doggy blog that an alpha female will kill the newborn pups of a subordinate b*tch. She will look guilty doing it, but still do it anyways.

    I believe that’s what Whiskey keeps trying to point out- that women are more driven by intimate instinct than men, and disregard the outer world.

    Older women kill their competition in various ways: supporting abortion, FGM, anti-beauty campaigns (fat acceptance, tatooing), drag imitators, HR tyranny, encouraging miscegenation with lower value mates, lowering the value of their competitor’s picks (soyboys and gays).

    Women proliferating in management means more arbitrary manipulation. They don’t soil their hands with producing real things, preferring to offload that work on their lessers.

    Appeals to “the sisterhood” are calls to submit and follow the alpha females.

    • I can’t speak to the veracity of MeToo allegations everywhere, but in the ’90s I worked for a media org that was roughly 80% female, you could cut the estrogen with a knife, and every guy I talked to lived by what are now termed the Pence Rules. Never take an elevator, never be behind closed doors with a woman, etc. Supposedly, that joint is to this day a hotbed of sexism, but I tend to doubt it.

      Women who shriek reeee ought to learn from history, though. In the ’60s, a top career for ladies was “switchboard operator.” Lot of the bra-burning stuff was financed by that profession, and they won some major labor concessions (the Equal Pay Act). But then, after Woodstock, the first generation of neural networks and packet switching came along, and by 1970, the profession of switchboard operator had ceased to exist.

      In the ’80s, the big two careers for women were secretarial and data entry. Then the second generation of neural networks comes along, plus word processing and outsourcing, and though the careers haven’t gone away completely, it ain’t the force it used to be. Could also add bank teller there, replaced by ATMs.

      Cut too, these days, the big careers for women are education, healthcare and government, where management/administrative ranks are generally considered five times their proper size. During the dotcom bust, the surviving IT firms adopted agile processes, slashing middle management and becoming ridiculously profitable. Same thing happened with the auto companies, albeit to a lesser extent, after the crash of ’07. And the finance companies…

      Now we’re on the third generation of neural networks. And touchscreen technology (like at McDonald’s or Olive Garden) was perfected for restaurants 20 years ago at places like Sheetz and Wawa. Healthcare is in a death spiral unless some dramatic policy change are being made. And women are coming out of college ready to reee on anything.

      I mean, nursing will be fine, but midgets only run things for so long.

  25. Am Empire Ruled by Midgets. I will smile all night long and likely well into tomorrow.

  26. Z: ” Take a look at the women claiming to have been “sexually assaulted” by famous men. In some cases, rare cases, the facts support the charge.” That’s a judgement call.
    I think men really have taken sexual advantage of women in the workplace throughout the decades. I think about 90% aren’t making it up. Though it probably didn’t bother them nearly as much as they’re acting like presently. And it’s now an obvious herd-rage-revenge thing, and political weapon.

    • Maybe way back it was a problem, but now it’s mostly women harpies setting up and destroying men. Lawfare, as they say. Just like blacks with the police. Never lose sight of the fact that it is White Men who create the world’s most desirable civilizations to live in. And now the forces that be are killing off our white men in all ways, spiritually, mentally, physically, our white men who are the most talented humans among us. If all were right in the world, all of our resources and energy would be directed toward our best, those who have the most to offer the world: White Men. Instead, we piss it all away on feral blacks and third world savages, the sickening pozzed culture.

    • Just out of curiosity Frip, why are you even on this blog? Virtually all of your comments are some version of “muh feels” leftist hysteria about how the the words of Zman or some commenter have given you the vapors. You do realize there are lot’s of blogs out there right?

      On the subject of the metoo thing, it seems like it’s just another feminist “we deserve equality but we also don’t have any agency so we can’t be held responsible for our actions.” Many women have used their position as the sex in charge of gatekeeping sexual activity as a means to personal enrichment, and have been doing so for millenia.

      Since so much of this crap is just “he said, she said” accusations, it is equally possible to envision that many of these accusations are the result of deals made in youth to exchange sexual access for material benefit from men in positions of power, which then become regret when the money and fame fade away. The timelines certainly support this view, plenty of women who were raped brought it to the authorities, police investigating rape isn’t something that only started since 2016. In reality, there is probably an element to both sides in many of these cases, where sleazy men in positions of power used the power to push women of low morality into deals right around the edge of what they were willing to consent to.

      • On the subject of the metoo thing, it seems like it’s just another feminist “we deserve equality but we also don’t have any agency so we can’t be held responsible for our actions.”
        No it’s not it’s a very carefully planned objective and that is to destroy the Patriarchy…The right has to learn that we are at war and nothing is done by the commies on a whim or because of feelz… Everything they do has an objective and if the right doesn’t wrap their heads around that fact we are going to be crushed…

      • I don’t want to fight with you. I’ll just say that I really disagree with your view of me.

        Re. #MeToo, I think on the celebrity level it’s very petty-political. But in the everyday workplace, I think it’s a real problem for women. And I’m glad #MeToo will styme the behavior of dishonorable men going forward.

        • American women sadly dress like sluts, act like harpies and then sue because they feelz they’re not respected enough.

        • What Frip does betrays its extreme leftist behavior instantly. The opposite of a proposition is asserted and sustained without data.
          Frip is a process and not an individual. This must be understood by all of us dissidents. Replying to the “frips” just grants them another round of influence when they offer nothing discrete. You endanger us as a dissident collective if and when you bother with the phenomenon.

          • “Frip…without data”. No. I don’t use phrases that purport to have mathematically calculated reality. As Zman likes to do with is pet counter-arguments of, “no evidence”, “no proof” or “the facts show/don’t show…” I’m much more humble. I simply say “I think”, as in, “it’s my hunch”.

            No one can really know what these women have been through. We can only go on intuition.

            “You endanger us as a dissident collective.” I’m not some subversive creep. I’m just talking. I don’t think a lot of you realize how ideological you sound.

            Can any of you name one good Leftist idea? Or one good thing they’ve done? If you can’t, then you’re just as much an ideological zealot as they are.

            Most of the comments here are predictable. Predictable is predictable. And that’s a bad sign.

          • Frip, don’t leave, debate on. The commenters here are the best, I’ve learned so much from so many really fine minds here. I’m bottom of totem pole here in terms of historical knowledge and experience that commenters here have under their belt, yet they put up with me. Stay with us and let’s move forward all together but yet not in rigid lockstep. I spent my life around leftists until more recent years so I hear the world you’re coming from. Take heart.

          • With almost every site that revolves around a single person with strong opinions, you get a certain number of sycophants who attack any perceived disagreement with the author, often even regarding completely reasonable disagreements.

            I’ve seen it here, Vox Day’s site, Sarah Hoyt’s and many others and I have seen said sycophancy drive away people who eniriched the discussion and challenged people to think more deeply about topics common in the group.

            Sometimes these were people who were broadly sympathetic to the views popular on the site, but who simply didn’t regard the owner of the site as immune to criticism.

          • I don’t see Frip being attacked solely on the basis of questioning what the host says, I see Frip getting downvoted and attacked because they are constantly trying to engage in concern trolling with completely baseless crap to derail conversations.

            For example “I think men really have taken sexual advantage of women in the workplace throughout the decades. I think about 90% aren’t making it up” . If 90% aren’t making it up, then why is it that only the cases that actually seems to have evidence supporting criminal prosecution are being prosecuted? And the ones that are being prosecuted involve some of the men with the best resources to fight back yet they are still being indicted/convicted, whereas the rest of this alleged 90% who dont have the money to hire johnny Cochran aren’t being charged? Let me guess in advance the response I expect, which is that these men aren’t important enough, since we never convict unimportant people of rape.

            I don’t know, maybe Frip works on a open set which colors his view of the workplace, but I am guessing that for the bulk of the people here, who collectively have centuries in the workforce, the idea that the workplace is a place where men are dragging women into the bathroom to rape them isn’t something that is going to comport with those many years of experience.

            I will stop responding to this thread of discussion now, Ive already derailed enough myself responding to the concern troll, but will finish with a repeat of the idea that there are reasons that one might not like concern trolling that aren’t just some sort of kissassery to blog hosts, most well moderated forums drop banhammers on concern trolls 2nd only to flamers.

          • I’m not enough of a student of any individual poster on this board to say what Frip “constantly” does, but I saw the conversation go immediately to personal attacks and suggestions that Frip doesn’t belong here. I can’t speak to history. I vaguely remember both disagreeing with and agreeing with posts I’ve seen by Frip, but couldn’t even tell you the topic.

          • The thing about choosing a distinctive avatar is that it makes you much more recognizable, for good and bad. It certainly hasn’t taken any “studying” to be able to recognize for the last month or two virtually every time a “when did you stop beating your wife” comment pops up on this blog, it will have a little black and white rabbit next to it.

            Generally on boards without much moderation I try and just track which commenters tend to say things that make sense and ignore those who just tryand derail threads and engage in trolling, and I apologize for being the one to get trolled today and derail it myself. I just got “triggered” by the first comment basically implying that we should accept uncritically that these metoo women are on the up and up, reminded me a little too much of “1in 4 women will be raped at college”

          • Sub, I think you only remember things that strike you as negative. I compliment the host and commenters almost as much as I disagree. And out of respect for the host I only post disagreement with him about 1/5th of the time I actually want to.

            My 90% female complaints being true, OPINION, was about subtle sexual manipulation in the workplace. Not sexual assault or things provable in court. So I’ve no stats to back it up. It’s not a thing you can have legit stats on. (Though I’m sure feminists have taken surveys that “prove” my high estimate).

            I’m not “concern trolling” about sexual harrassment, I just have a thing for fair play. I think it’s wrong to use underhanded leverage. And that’s what too many men in the workplace have done. I don’t care how many centuries you guys say it’s been going on for (a perverse appeal to tradition?). Wrong is wrong and it should stop. Women can make it stop and that’s what they’re doing.

            I’ve had this argument about steroids in baseball back in the day. Lots of you use the same faulty argument that “everyone’s doing it”. I.e. “They’re all sluts”. Well, a crucial point is that NOT every baseball player was juicing. In fact MOST weren’t. Yet the honest players were disadvantaged or corrupted by the dishonest players. We didn’t speak up for the honest guys. Instead we excused the dishonest guys, as being “everyone”. You guys are doing the same thing to the honest women of the workplace. It’s not about “the sluts”. It’s about the good ones, who also happen to be the majority of them. If we help them, the sluts and the bad guys lose. Merit and ability wins. That’s the Right position, right?

          • This post is exactly what I meant by concern trolling. Won’t anybody think of the poor women and their suffering at the hands of “subtle sexual manipulation?

            Of course you can’t support this position,I doubt you can even define what “subtle sexual manipulation” is in a way that draws a distinct line between normal human sexual behaviors and the kinds of unethical things that people should expect society to crack down on.

            Did you ever consider that maybe this oppressive sexual manipulation you see everywhere is a personal issue rather than there being this widespread menace of men who are only prevented from rape by lack of opportunity?

          • Sorry … I’ll run down this rabbit hole for a few paras — Frip, you are not factoring in the power, irrationality and changeability of relations between the sexes. It just isn’t amenable to rational controls.

            As a retired military officer who served in command positions for 20 years, I can assure you that my most pervasive problem, once females were were assigned to the units, was driven by relations between men and women. The hardwired behaviors overwhelm traditional rules of heirarchy and interaction, regardless of what the regulations say. And our PC DoD structure is doing all it can to make the environment even worse.

            I watched with my own eyes as male behavior changed when females showed up. And I lived and worked in a field of better-educated, more highly trained personnel — aviators (OK, some may question that claim …). But the men began to act like fools, that fact notwithstanding.

            And the females …. many would set their cap on one of my officers and put their wiles to work , regardless of rank differences and clearly elucidated fraternization guidance from on high. Now, the guys would often willingly comply, so they weren’t hapless victims.

            And all this even though that same guidance was backed up by me routinely during officer and NCO professional development sessions, pushed down to my subordinate leaders and reinforced in individual counseling sessions. Games were rampant, and people of both sexes regularly jeopardized or destroyed their careers by foolish, biologically driven behaviors.

            I can’t even recall how many sullen males, and tearful, accusative females I had standing before my desk over the years.

            It’s easy to pin it on the males, because that’s now politically mandated … and because their behaviour is often so glaringly stupid. But the ladies are right in there pitching too. The only real difference is, that if things would go south, and they found out he really didn’t love the her, she would and could make a stink — and if she claimed “unequal power” caused the relationship, the stink would be accepted (or in fact heightened) by the system.

          • So my take away after all those years of watching this was that, in fact, men and women ARE materially different in ways we can’t even really fully grasp. And the behaviors that characterize our (2) different sexes are more powerful than any controlling structures we emplace, or delusions about men and women that our betters concoct. And that putting them together will ALWAYS result in the game being played …. even as many of our young males are permanently damaged by the left’s efforts to turn them into eunuchs. The game will still go on, unfazed by the human mind’s delusional ideas. And I say this as one who reached the age of independence in the mid-late 1970s; who was raised on that period’s lunatic new ideas of male-female interchangeability, and who was only able to shed my erroneous constructs after repeated, bruising contacts with reality.

          • When I was young and somewhat stupid – I bought the line that “men have all the power”. That was before I gained age – and a relationship with a female for the last 22 years. One of the best learning experiences I have had is not MY personal relationship – but rather the window into the relationships of *all of her friends* – that I have gained access to. Basically I’ve heard about all the dirty laundry – all the scheming, manipulating, bad behavior and other assorted bullshit that all these women have engaged in. I am not talking about 20 or even 30 year olds here – I’m talking about women in their 40’s and 50’s – who can’t seem to grow the hell up.

            In my experience when you’re a young male all manner of bad behavior on the part of females gets glossed over because of boobs, ass – and an attractive face. Women – unfortunately – think this is going to last forever, and cement their behavior accordingly.

            One of the most insightful things I learned in my life – came from a guy I went to high school with, who later went on to play major league baseball ( I believe he’s in the Hall of Fame now – I don’t follow sportsball very much). Up until he got married and permanently moved away – he would come back to town and hang out with his childhood friends. During one of these times he talked about what it was like being on the road. The story basically was: Wake up in your hotel in the middle of the night – want something to drink. Go out of your room and down the hall to find the soda machine. In the hall would be random women sleeping on the floor – hoping to catch one of the players when they woke up in the morning. At the field – warming up in the bullpen – you would get pelted in the head with rolled up women’s underwear with their name and phone number written on them.

            Now take that little story – and think about the tales of people like Gene Simmons and Wilt Chamberlain allegedly sleeping with thousands of women? Do these guys have some sort of ultra magical power – or is the REAL story somewhat different? Are they just taking advantage of what was offered to them OVER AND OVER AND OVER again?

            I says if you think of this practically – then you’d have to come to the conclusion that there is NO man on the face of the planet who has the time and energy to convince thousand (or even hundreds) of women to sleep with him – if they weren’t already willing partners to the whole affair. Once you hear stories like the one I described above – you realize that this isn’t a “male taking advantage of women” problem – this is a female offering up what’s she’s got to CERTAIN men issue.

            I think the truth of the behavior between the sexes is quite a bit different than that which gets thrown out there by the mass media and our “rulers”. It’s quite a bit more seedy – and doesn’t reflect well on women – AT ALL.

          • Military, Police and Fire Departments are worlds that belong to Men. Women do not belong in those worlds — women in those domains are weak links that emasculate men and jeopardize everyone’s being by their presence.

          • Sarah Hoyt, really?

            The “American born in Portugal?”

            The one who thinks we can live in a wonderful multi-cultural society and us bad thinking whites will ruin it?

          • Your point? Seriously, I have no idea what you mean. Are you suggesting that because I mention the name of someone’s blog I am endorsing all the opinions and contents thereof? Especially in a post that’s about criticizing blog owners?

          • What!?! You mean people naturally sort themselves into teams?
            My good man, were all the lessons of The Superfriends lost on you?
            Hell, in 1978 even the bad guys team was diverse. Brainiac was obviously an Oxford educated Mediterranean and they even had a large ginger woman. The Good Guys were markedly more diverse though, and this afforded them victory. Every Time.

          • Frip you got me curious when you challenged us to ” name one good Leftist idea? Or one good thing they’ve done?”. Frankly, I can’t. I can’t think of one single solitary leftist idea or policy I agree with or thought is good. Can you name a couple that are on your mind so I can try and see where you’re coming from?

          • You asked “name one good Leftist idea.” Here’s one: the rich can impose their will on the rest of society and that should be opposed. The best example is cheap labor lobbies buying our political leaders and enforcing mass immigration. Although open borders was originally and exclusively championed by a certain subversive tribe, that cause was taken up by the plutocrats who used their money to impose mass immigration. The leftist idea that the interests of the wealthy are sometimes in opposition to everyone else’s interests seems sound.

          • Rev, off the top of my head, the Left got it right about bullying, starting way back in the 90’s. When all the Right could say was the predictable, “centuries” or “nothing can be done”. And no smoking in public places. I.e. smokers not being able to force you to inhale/smell their garbage. You can thank Lefty for you being able to go to a bar without having to wash your clothes the next day.

          • I appreciate all of the well-designed & carefully explained responses to Frip’s posts, it’s nice that there are so many good, decent folk here.

            That said-
            Frip, I may be the first grandmother you’ve encountered who has wished we could meet in person, just long enough for me to sock you in the nose as hard as I can, in the vain hope of knocking all of the willful stupidity,clean right out of you,
            for your own good.


          • Eugenics, from my understanding it was the progs pushing it at first. It’s a damn fine idea.

          • Good leftist idea? Toss out some contenders and I’ll consider them. The problem with most leftist (and to be fair, even rightist) ideas is that they are too general, and as they say, the devil is in the details. Universal healthcare for instance. Sure, it would be great if none of us had to worry about getting healthcare when needed, but how do you pay for it? How do you avoid lowering its quality or avoid its rationing?

          • How do you avoid lowering its quality or avoid its rationing?
            You can’t it’s inevitable if you have a system that has no competition and is paid for by coercion…Why would any strive to do better when there is no benefit…It would start out wonderful and end in a burning wreckage…

        • #MeToo is the worst kind of pozzed lie.

          Take Bill Cosby, for example. Not that he didn’t act terribly. But harpy after harpy comes forward, shamelessly admitting they go drinking with the married Bill Cosby, go back to his place, have drinks and then take a pill he offers them on top of the alcohol. Exactly what is it these women think will happen under the circumstances? They act like sluts and then come charging back with a vengeance 20 years later to take Cosby for everything he’s got. Disgusting. It’s a racket. Only suckers could believe such a shakedown was actually based on some kind of grievous offence. Men, on behalf of all these bitches, I am truly sorry.

          • All those women are after one thing – money. They slept with Cosby in the hopes he’d make them a star. All of them were just talent-less tramps who never made anything of their lives(like Stormy Daniels) and once they reached their expiration date without a husband and family they decided to extort money out of Cosby.

            The thing that makes this so bad. Is our society is so PC and terrified of offending a bunch of man hating harpies the truth about what happened can’t be told.

          • Ditto. Everything Ursula said.

            Even though I know she thinks women should be allowed to vote, (terrible decision), and I don’t, we are in total agreement on this subject of #MeTooism.

          • Zeroth, I changed my mind about women being allowed to vote, having come to see the light…

        • The fact that you believe this about the everyday workplace speaks much more about you than about any real phenomenon. Once upon a time workplaces were a place where people who hadn’t paired up permanently by college/trade school had an opportunity to meet members of the opposite sex with little risk for either party. Post-metoo I have a feeling there will be a lot fewer marriages that began as secretary/accountant chatting over their morning coffee, and a lot more spinsters with cats, but maybe that’s what we deserve to get.

          In my decades of working I have had exactly one sleazeball boss like those being hounded by metoo, and the only woman he dishonored that I’m aware of was his wife. He never had a shortage of women who wanted to play little Ms. Charming for a ride in his Ferrari, just waiting outside his open corner office door(note to Matt Lauer: If you have even a single redeeming quality, you don’t need a rape room with a locking door, just Clintonian sexual mores)

          • For some of us older chaps, the workplace was a largely a male space with perhaps a couple of female secretaries or clerks. Amongst themselves, the men might make comments about the physical conformation of the women, but there was not a lot of interaction between the men and women. Then women were forced upon the workplace and the conflict began.

        • You think that way but I contend #metoo is no less than a lynch mob of vipers. There are laws and women can use those laws to attain justice but when a mans reputation, family, career and wealth are precariously based on the demands of a mob all semblance of justice is out the window.

        • Frip,

          NO, absolutely not. I’m assuming you’re some overly-empathetic sort of nu-male that’s been brain-washed by your cultural upbringing here in POZ-world, and just don’t know any better, but the reality is the polar opposite of what you’ve perceived.
          Women are treated like the Faberge eggs of the working world, and men are forced to live in terror that their interactions with these delicate beings might somehow be misconstrued, landing them a trip to the HR dept, where they’ll have to grovel at the feet of some bitter & bitchy old catlady, in order to stay employed.
          If women were where they should be, (at home, raising children), the possibility of being harrassed, or whatever you seem to think is occurring, wouldn’t present itself, now would it?
          This would allow men to get on with their job of running Western Civilization, unencumbered.

      • I would miss Frip. His contributions are in good faith. He’s sometimes a gadfly and he’s not wrong when he observes that some commenters here are sycophantic towards Z Man.

      • The metoo is a mix of true claims, and then just simple quid pro quos. I would be surprised if no abused occurred, just as I would be surprised if it was all non-consensual abuse. We aren’t talking about the ’50s, and some naive deer-in-the-headlights farm girl looking for dreams in the big city. A lot of the complainers got pretty good deals for their . . . services . . . and seem to be complaining only after they have cashed the check. And the ones that got (both figuratively and literally) screwed over by offering their services and then being denied a starring role may have a breach of contract claim/fraud claim, but not much else.

    • Especially with the Hollywood incidents, an awful lot of the women were knowingly using their sexuality to advance their careers. They took a path that was not open to less-attractive women. Now they are complaining about a system that benefited them.

    • The casting couch was around well before Hollywood.
      I can’t imagine any woman not sleeping their way to the top if presented with the opportunity; they’re just using their natural assets.
      And nature rules. Always will.

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