President BoomerCon

In his most recent podcast, John Derbyshire made the point that there is little hope of getting any sensible immigration reform out of the current Congress. Paul Ryan is an open borders sock puppet, determined to undermine any effort at reform. Even if the House managed to pass something, the Senate is unlikely to take it up. They have no interest in the topic, beyond amnesty. Just as important, President Trump has largely lost interest, other than the occasional tough talk his promised wall.

This reality is vexing to immigration patriots, who correctly see this as a betrayal, as well as a supreme act of stupidity. Cracking down on illegal immigration is extremely popular and most voters now support curbs on legal immigration. A big reason Trump is in the White House is his tough talk on immigration. This is what set him apart for the dullards in the GOP primary. In theory, at least, the failure to follow through on immigration should be bad for Trump and the GOP.

That is not the case. Trump has a higher approval than Obama and Reagan at the same point in their terms. That is not entirely a fair comparison, as both inherited economies in severe recession, as well as massive reform projects. On the other hand, both came in with a massive mandate to push through their reform agendas. Trump, in contrast, entered office with a hostile uniparty and a divided public. Throw in a berserk mass media and it is remarkable that his polling is so strong.

It turns out that despite what the cool kids of the alt-right have to say about the Boomers, pleasing that generation turns out to be good politics. Trump is of that generation, born in 1946, so it is not surprising that he would be good at appealing to those voters. He is also a guy who understands the math of politics. Boomers are a third of the adult population, but close to half the voting population. Older people vote in higher numbers than young people.

Boomer politics, of course, are close to civic nationalism. Even those on the liberal end of the spectrum tend toward the orderly and law abiding, even though they embrace big government solutions. Baby boomers came of age in a prosperous and orderly age when America was still close to 90% white. That means they continue to have a high trust in political and social institutions. Despite what his critics say, Trump has operated like a good government conservative who believes in the system.

Take a look at his two big achievements thus far. One has been the systematic dismantling of the regulatory regime that had built up under George Bush and Barak Obama. This is one of those civic nationalist things that appeals to people who believe in the fundamentals of the country. Similarly, his tax bill fits in with the general sense that Americans need to keep some of their own money. Put the two together and Trump’s big achievements are right out of the CivNat playbook.

Of course, Trump’s growing obsession with the black vote is right in the wheelhouse of the baby boomer voter. Despite 70 years of failure on race relations, the boomers still believe blacks can be fully integrated into white America. More important, they still seek the approval of blacks, which is why getting a selfie with one of the three blacks at CPAC is a phenomenon on Twitter every year. Trump getting the seal of approval from Kanye West resonated with his base.

So far, the best way to describe Trump’s presidency is as a rollback of the past three administrations to something closer to Reaganism. In fact, Trump seems to be using Reagan as a model. Look at his approach to North Korea. Rather than the bellicose approach of the neocons or the appeasement of the neolibs, Trump has brought back Reagan’s peace through strength doctrine. Different facts and players, but the same approach as under Reagan.

Getting back to the immigration issue, what Trump seems to understand, and what immigration hawks have missed, is that baby boomers have not abandoned their immigration romanticism. They still think it is groovy that people come to America “yearning to be free” just as long as they do it legally. There has been no change in attitudes with regards to immigration as a cultural. Boomers still think immigration works, as long as you have the right laws.

Trump appears to have figured this out, so he has modulated his immigration approach to be heavy on the illegal side, but supportive of the legal side. That explains his strange obsession with giving the DACA people amnesty. It is not just an effort to drive a wedge into the Democrat coalition. Trump wants to be seen as supporting the immigrants “who have followed the rules” because he knows his voters get weak in the knees over that stuff.

The lesson here is that American politics is still controlled by baby boomers, whose politics are rooted in an America that is fading away with them. While this cohort dominates elections, their attitudes will be the center of gravity for our politics. As a politician, Trump has figured that out, so he has adjusted to it. What that means is the Overton Window has not moved all that much. The actuarial tables need more time to make that happen.

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  1. Let’s be fair, Z. What has Trump actually done on the DACA issue, not the blather that has come out of his pie hole, but what has he actually done? He ended the program just as he said he would. Did he get lucky or was it 4D chess? I don’t know and I don’t care.

  2. Zman, if you turn out to be spectacularly wrong about Trump, how does that affect the validity of your opinion on any serious subject? More specifically, will you have disqualified yourself from being read as anything but mild entertainment?

  3. All this may be true, but enough boomers get disgusted with the antics of the left, and who knows. Listening to a relative, a northeastern republican type, lay it out that “they have to leave, they’re here illegally” was astounding. Enough single data points like that start happening, and it’s no longer anecdotal evidence. Tim

    • The problem is that the Boomers are obscenely submissive to non-whites. Their greatest happiness is to get their picture taken with the only black guy at the Tea Party rally.

      “Oh please validate me, non-white person!”

      • Ask a boomer conservative about Sheriff Clark and they break into a big smile and enthusiastically say how much they “love that guy!”

        • Its tangential tot he immigration debate since Clark isn’t an immigrant or the child of one AFAIK

          While its grates many Blacks have been Americans longer than the families of Boomer Whites have been

          I’m partially old line stock myself (Colonial Era and Revolution) but many White people are immigrants from the European diaspora and have no more of a pedigree than many Blacks descended from slaves many less.

          They are Americans and Boomers who grew up in a less complex era in which the nation problem was 2 colored finding someone like Clark who validates the political struggle of that era in some ways makes them feel good

          Given they are like 65 and up, let them enjoy the decline

          All that aside I like Sheriff Clark and Candace Owens and Diamond and Silk too. They are good role models for Black folk and seem to be good people but alas the world of my childhood the Fat Albert ideal where Blacks and Whites get along fine and share a 85/10/5 other nation was killed off by Mexican and other immigration and the multi ethnic society did itself in

          I was shopping in So Cal not long ago and saw the future, consumer hell where its safe enough till it isn’t, there is an economy but there is no culture,

          Its a gulag mall with a few screaming children and no future , a dystopain hell

          And if I could trade the demography of the 50’s or 80’s but had to take the economy. I’d do it and unless massive life extension comes about all this prosperity will be of no meaning and forgotten

  4. Trump’s G-7 meeting pointed out something else. Most of the other people there behave and think as children do. The same with many of Obama’s people and Hillary’s minions. Trump deals with adult matters as an adult. Japan’s Prime Minister Abe, in that famous photo of a couple of days ago, can be seen sizing up the situation. Everything can be told from that photo. The Europeans (and Trudeau) childishly gang up on Trump to stomp their feet and clamor for their supper. Trump is the big “no” in the room.

    Kim Jong Un (maybe), Netanyahu, Putin, Xi, and Abe act and think like adults. Trump is much more comfortable dealing with adults; he doesn’t have time for childish things and people who behave like children. Not that it will do us much good, in the long run, if the infantilization of our culture continues.

    • Yep which is why the globalist put children in power because they are easier to control and they love candy…

      • This also explains the phenomena of the likes of Mumbles Menino and Marty Walsh elected as mayors of Boston. They’re the easily manipulated “cognitively impaired” who do their masters’ bidding because they know it’s by far and away the best gig a dope will ever get.

  5. As a Boomer, circa ’55, for me it feels right now just like the transition from Carter to Reagan. I remember the tremendous pride we all felt and displayed in 1976 during the BiCentennial celebrations, Then Peanut Man got elected, primarily in a backlash from Ford pardoning Nixon. The next 4 years were a slow downward spiral emotionally. It felt like Carter couldn’t see America’s potential and gave up on us. That led to the Reagan Landslide in 1980. He made us feel great again. Reagan knew we were the greatest nation on the planet and set out to allow us to break free again. And we did. Trump tapped into this Boomer desire to do this all again after the 8 years of Obama. Make America Great Again. Of course. It’s so very simple. Everything needed is already here. Just allow it to break free and it will happen again. It will. I’m very proud to be an American again. No apology tours anymore. Get on the USA train and come with us or get run over. That is Trump’s message to the world. I love it.

  6. I’m almost as old as Trump and I can assure you there are plenty of baby boomers like me who are ready to dismantle LBJ’s legacy. We’ve waited a long time for a man like Trump to emerge. He’s better than Reagan and is teachable.

    • As a very proud Texan, I have to admit that my state has spawned two of the worst presidents ever – Johnson & Bush II. Both of their legacies are still biting this country in the ass – Johnson’s “Great Society’ legislation and Bush II’s ‘remaking’ of the Middle East and our endless wars therein.

    • There’s a lot of boomer bashing going around. It looks to me like the boomers are the best generation around, overall, on the topic. Take a look at the bar chart toward the beginning of …

      Just as younger people often believe they are the first generation to have discovered sex, I think some of them think they are the first generation to have become alarmed about illegal immigration.

      As for Trump, he tried right out of the box to clamp down on border-jumping. Result: judges, governors and attorneys-general put the kibosh on his efforts. I think he figures it’s not going to happen with the current crop of politicians.

  7. The weird things is that Boomers voted for Trump at a rate of about 53% where as Xers and Millennials were only 43% and 37%, respectively.

    If only Millennials had voted the electoral college map for the country would have been solid blue, and President Hillary would be implementing her policies.

    Which does make it a little odd for a smart political commentator like you to continually focus on the failures of the boomers to be conservative enough.

    OK, I it is a valid criticism: mostly Conservatism since WW2 has failed to conserve much. But I’m not seeing much sign of hope from the X and M generations, which seem to have be intoxicated on liberal kool-aid in much larger numbers and to a higher degree than the even their much maligned Boomer parents and elders.

    • And if they don’t shape up their voting as they get older, they’ll get it good and hard, Mencken style. That’s always the risk.

      Maybe when California, NY, NJ, and Illinois melt down, some people will start to figure it out.

    • The difference can be explained by the racial differences of the generations. Boomers are almost all white, so of course they vote right wing. The younger a generation, the more non-white it is & so the more left wing it votes. White gen Z would have voted massively for Trump if they were old enough (see link in above post), but their gen is only barely white majority.

      • I guess that’s why the age-cohort or generational analysis doesn’t work well for me.

        Anyone who is based and wanting to preserve our race, culture and civilization is my ally, and I’m not going to blame them for the current situation, in fact they may have opposed it longer than I have, at perhaps a higher personal cost. They are my ally whether they are 18 or 88.

        Anyone who is arguing for rainbow Americanism, liberalism, progressivism, deconstructing all social norms in the name of “civil rights”, believing in blank-slate-ism, supporting leftist politicians, teaching kids that “Socialism is the best system, it just hasn’t been implemented correctly” is my foe, whether they are 14 or 84.

        To blame a generation that was split roughly 50/50 between the former and the latter seems counter-productive.

        I sort of expect it from 25 year old writers. It’s eternal. My parents suck.

        I’m more disapointed when I see 50 year-old commentators still investing in the generational-jive.

        There are certainly many more important lines dividing us. In fact the main overwhelming thread connecting the diverse elements of the AltRight is the focus on the two most important: race and tribal affiliation.

        To slide back into tired boomer vs Xer stuff is, itself, like a tired parody of the worst of boomer “political science”.

  8. Worth pointing out Z, that Boomer voter block you mention is showing cracks in the armor ( While it might serve Trump’s political aspirations in the short term, the boomer’s power grip on the political stage will continue to weaken. We are in for some wild, unexpected outcomes over the next decade.

    Also, the hubris from some of these johnny-come-lately CivNat Trumpsters about their ‘rosy fall predictions’ is incredibly premature, particularly with PA redistricting blue and in incumbent GOP races in leftist strongholds of NY, CA, NJ and MN. As republican cucks seem hellbent on committing political suicide, should the dems actually end up claiming a few scalps no tears will be shed for these people. They have betrayed us in every way imaginable. Voters know it. Nothing from this point on is certain.

  9. First…I am a boomer. Solidly in the demographic. Second…I generally agree with this blogs positions. But I am calling this one be a “swing and a miss”. The true powers that be are your enemy. Not the boomers. The powers that be handle each generation differently. They have and still do manage to maintain power by distracting demographic groups, one against the other. Black against white. Right against left. Christian against Muslim. Evil is smart. It is complex. Far more complex than a simple dichotomy or bifurcation. Look for the Bilderberg type group for the source of human misery and enslavement. Evil is absolutely personal. Not generational or racial.

    • Semi-agree. The PTB have looted the social structure of the Western Civ with an end-game about the same time as the end of global easy conventional oil and plan to be in-charge of the 2nd world remnant. This is not Jews-in-general, but there does seem to be a tendency for the criminal sociopaths who are running the show to be intelligent and often ethnic Jewish. The left will scream “ANTI_SEMITIC natzi!”, but that’s how it looks to me. I am in favor of prosecuting my people who misbehave, even when the Book tells me to look away and conceal their crimes for the good of the Tribe. Jews like me are not very effective as solo-adventurers because we have physical limits due to inbreeding for intelligence. We depend on our host culture, and should be cooperative and helpful to extend the lifespan and range of the host rather than consuming it to fuel a large clutch of eggs for the next victim.

    • When I find myself bitching too much about Trump, I bring myself back to your words. If Hillary was President, some of my friends may be in custody and some of my emails might be legally actionable.

  10. So, if the Boomers would just hurry up and die off, the Dissident Right can finally assume its rightful place at the political center? Wrong. The Boomers are the only thing preventing the U.S. from descending into full-blown socialism.

    • The boomers voted for socialism though…
      The Dissident Right has no illusions that politics will solve our problems. The Boomers constantly trying to moderate everything so the whole shit house doesn’t blow up till after they die in bed is whats dragging out the agony of getting to the Final Resolution.

    • Boomers probably are beginning to understand that the “benefits” that they voted themselves are unpayable without 25% FICA withholding on the last suckers working non-cash jobs. All of the 20-somethings I know have EBT cards and work 70+ hours a week for cash and goodies. They want to get married and have kids they can support, but with few exceptions, they are up to their eyeballs in debt and car-free with few visible options. The ones with a few bucks due to man and woman working 70+ hours a week are dealing with regret/confusion/self-loathing over the abortions justified by lack of finances in their 20’s. They are nodding when I tell them about Marxists/Maoists and the Federal Reserve Bank. Zappa was correct on how the children feel about their sleeping parents.

      • Boomers don’t live in a vacuum, we have children and grandchildren of who rely on us for help. We see how things are getting hopeless, (some or many). Then there are the selfish pricks who will vote for anyone or thing that only seems to protect their 401k or stuff. A few in my family that only think like that, if they think at all.

    • I’m happy to live in a socialist white country. Economics is trivial compared to demographics. Sure, the USSR and East Germany were suboptimal but these were not ruled by whites.

  11. Of course we want immigration reform. But how the hell can doing Reagan-like stuff like getting rid of government regulation and reducing taxes be a bad thing?

    • For example, the previous administration was prodded into putting more regulations on the EB-5 visa, which allows rich Chinese to buy their way into a green card. The current administration hasn’t enacted this proposed regulation, because the Kushners make lots of money via EB-5.

      Equalizing capital gains income with regular income would go a long way to reducing the dominance of the FIRE sector of the economy. It would also peel off Bernie voters. No one wanted a tax cut, except woke capital.

    • It’s not a bad thing. It’s just not the number one thing. Severely restricting legal and illegal immigration should be the number one thing.

      • @Wolf
        Without a doubt because that’s going to be the death of America if it’s not stopped…

    • Tax cuts and regulation cutting makes all the conservatards think they’ve accomplished something. These issues are harmful by themselves because they make conservatards feel like they’ve achieved a victory. Demography is destiny and nothing else matters. If you want low taxes, move to Somalia.

      If we don’t drastically cut immigration, nothing else matters.

      A mostly white country can have any ideology and it will still be a nice place to live. Low taxes and regulation cutting by themselves are bait for fools.

  12. I too was born in 1946. I consider Trump’s caving on immigration not just “a bit of a betrayal” but a Himalayan-scale betrayal. I’d be very surprised if that betrayal doesn’t result in defeats in 2018 and 2020 (not that those elections would have been cakewalks had he held firm).

    These generational tags can be useful rough categories, but one is soon led into gibberish if one puts very much weight on them. I know quite Lefty boomers and I know quite Righty booners. I know Lefty 20 somethings. I can’t say that I know any Righty 20 somethings. That’s doubtless because I don’t know a lot of 20 somethings. Race, class, and sex (NOT gender) are better political predictors than age cohort, and even they are not much better than 60/40.

  13. One of the major problems of our culture, in this time, is that the normalcy bias suggests that there is no threat from other countries, or other cultures, or from our own leaders, and that things will simply roll along with minor adjustments along the way. This is where Bernie Sanders comes in, because he positions himself as the guy who can bend the minor adjustments in the favor of his voters, here and there, with freebies.

    The idea that one day the power will be out, or that the local grocery store will be stripped bare and maybe permanently closed, or that no water will come out of the tap, these things just don’t register as possibilities.

    The freedoms we have and the wealth we share in were hard fought for and expensively won. Our culture is like the trust fund child that simply runs through the accumulated wealth without thought as to how it got there or what comes along after the funds run out. That is the legacy of the Boomer generation, eagerly perpetuated by many of those who have come along after the Boomers.

    • Amen on that Dutch…We have known no adversity as a country, we never had to worry about where our next meal was coming from, or where we were going to get clean drinking water… We have grown soft as a people and we think this will last forever…It’s enable those who want us dead to do all sorts of nastiness to us while we sit complacently…Will we wake up as a people in time to fight off those who seek our death or enslavement that is the 64 dollar question…

    • One of the ways I think the world breaks down is the division between the people who think that there is NOTHING free in the world – and those who seem to think that there’s all sorts of stuff out there just free for the taking.

      I know an awful lot of people who think that we are a “society full of abundance” – and they also seem to believe that they only reason why they’re not getting their universal income check in the mail already – is because the rich have stolen all the money.

      There’s a number of things that exist in our current day and age that allow people to believe these things – and get away with it. Easy credit is one of them. Far too many people are apparently raised with absolutely no moral standards or restrictions on their behavior – and this manifests in their adult lives in the shit-shows that I see amongst a number of people I know who are in their mid-40’s and into their 50’s and even their 60’s.

      My take on this – and it’s something that the Lew Rockwell type libertarians also advocate for – is to cut out ALL of the “free shit”. Cut the welfare, get rid of the Federal Reserve – ALL OF IT. Get rid of the entire financial structure that enables all of this foolishness. I know the civ-nat types aren’t big on economics. But to me this is just a foretelling of their ultimate failure. The reality behind the current day foolishness displayed by the left and a good part of our society is encapsulated by that famous Thatcher comment: ” Socialism works until it runs out of other people’s money”.

      The fact of the matter is that ALL social and political movements NEED MONEY TO SURVIVE. They work to get it by hook or crook. The current day leftist elite has set up an entire money vacuuming system encompassing the federal and state governments – and the financial sector – to siphon money from your pockets and feed it into their’s and the their cronies’ pockets.

      The commies in the Soviet Union were financed by Western interests. The Nazis knew they had to survive economically somehow – and went looking for land and riches in the east. The American revolution almost went under because of lack of money to finance it. The Revolution largely got started because the Crown was plundering the colonies to support itself and it’s empire.

      I don’t think people really fully grasp the depth and breadth of the “free shit ” belief system. One of my coworkers actually believed that his children’s public school was “free”. When myself and one of my buddies said “your kid’s school is paid for by property taxes – it’s not free” – his response was ” yes it is – I don’t get a bill”.

      We repeated: ” do you pay property taxes – yes? …. well then you’re paying for public schools – it’s not free. In fact the majority of most town’s budgets around here go for the school system. It’s something like 60% of a town’s budget is spent on schools – it’s definitely not ‘ free ‘ “.

      His response was: ” I don’t get a bill. Therefore it’s free. ”

      You see – this is the kind of ignorant stupidity I see coming from people ALL THE TIME. They’ll ARGUE about things like this. Ask them if the pay property taxes – they’ll admit they do. Ask them how much – they’ll say thousands every year. Ask them where the money goes – they’ll say “town expenses” or – ” I don’t know” Tell them it pays for school – and they will KEEP insisting that the schools are “free”. It’s just farking stupid. People get dumb shit lodged in their head – and they absolutely refuse to pry it out.

      Thinking you’re going to somehow adjust a few dials on a system that has been tweaked and turned and designed to support progressive leftist goals for at least a century now – and you’re going to fix all the problems – is just farking retarded.

      • Thinking you’re going to somehow adjust a few dials on a system that has been tweaked and turned and designed to support progressive leftist goals for at least a century now – and you’re going to fix all the problems – is just farking retarded.
        I agree people are farking retarded…Its like walking into a Casino and telling them they have to change the games so the player wins more money…Not going to happen…You can’t fix government by asking it to fix itself…Its high time we set up a parallel system but like you said people are farking retarded and they just don’t see the need to…

      • No, the ultimate problem is not the free rider problem. The deepest problem is tribalism. Because you are (presumably) of European derivation, you can’t imagine how ethnocentric all other races are, especially J*ws. They want to be ruled by people who serve their tribe, even if they are poorer for it. They want to suppress the groups they perceive as their racial enemies.

        Even if you had your libertarian paradise, non-whites would still be pushing for white genocide.

        • True. But if we got rid of the free rider problem I WOULDN’T BE PAYING FOR MY OWN DESTRUCTION.

          The free rider problem is what attracts a lot of these other tribes here. It seems there are very few tribes in the world that can live under the philosophy of self responsibility that Anglo-Saxon whites and maybe a few other Euro-centric “tribes” have been able to.

          Get rid of the free shit – and the Free Shit Army suddenly finds itself without a benefactor. The lefties use tribalism AGAINST YOU – while making you pay for it all.

          It seems like all you guys want to ignore that whole century of progressive manipulation of the structure of the Republic that we USED TO live under – a social and political structure that worked pretty damn well for the Anglo-Saxons who were largely the people that founded this country (and you are correct – I am of Euro descent – about 80% Scottish to be precise – with no muddying of the waters)…….. you want to ignore all that – and you seem to think that enhanced tribalism on the part of whites is going to “fix” all the problems.

          You remind me of all the boomers who were “Tea Party” members out there protesting during the Obama era because they felt their Social Security was threatened. They bitched back and forth and up and down about Obama being a “socialist” – then they complained about him going after their Social(ist) Security. It’s really hard to come to grips with the level of retard displayed by some of these people.

          If the spigot somehow miraculousy got shut off tomorrow – how many of these other “tribes” do you think would still be here? Do you think the Jews would still be trying to turn the country upside and shaking it to see how many coins fell out for Israel? Do you think the BLM types would still be protesting in the streets talking about reparations when whitey started shooting at their dumb asses every time they marched because there was no more money left – for anybody?

          Imagine a world where EBT, WIC, Welfare of all forms, racial set asides – all of that – just suddenly go “poof!” and disappear.

          Who stays – and who leaves?

          In the end – it’s a MONEY PROBLEM. It ALWAYS IS.

          Free money pays for an awful lot of bullshit. That’s the piece of the puzzle you guys can’t see to get thru your thick heads.

  14. Among the MAGA boomers I talk to, there’s 100 percent support for cracking down on illegal immigration. When I mention legal immigration, I get a different response. They’re not opposed to stopping it, but rather not used to talking about it. Slowing down legal immigration is never talked about on mainstream news. It’s never discussed in debates. They mostly have no understanding of the 1965 Hart-Cellar law, and when I explain that it allowed the third world to immigrate, I usually see a look like a light bulb just went on in their heads, like the world suddenly makes sense. There would be more support for restricting legal immigration if more understood it.

    • In a lot of ways, uncontrolled illegal immigration has been the perpetual “squirrel” that has helped the Left dodge any scrutiny of the ’65 legislation. People still actually think that if illegals were stopped that our immigrants would all be lily white Europeans…have to explain to them that the vast majority of legal immigration has been 3rd world for decades. And the light bulb does go off.

      • If they are all about the numbers, start with European fertility rates (low) and note that according to the 2016 census only 93 Norweigans immigrated to the US out of one million immigrants

        Note 93 thousand, 93

        That usually does it.

  15. Mid boomer here. Many of my generation are absolute idiots on the subject. Immigration must be severely curtailed or the U.S. will not survive. Legal immigration is actually more damaging than legal immigration. Note that Microsoft is basically an Indian concern at this point due to legal immigration. This is one reason Washington state is going full California.

    Trump had better do what he can to keep his promises on immigration or be prepared to outline the reasons he can’t in specific detail and name the names.

    • Trump had better do what he can to keep his promises on immigration or be prepared to outline the reasons he can’t in specific detail and name the names.
      The thing is Trump can only do so much it’s up to Congress to get a bill passed so Trump can sign it…He can’t write bills all he can do is make recommendations and hope he has enough clout to get Congress moving in that direction… Problem you have a Congress that is actively working against him and is hostile towards him so his Agenda moves slowly…

    • E-Verify is the quickest way to slash illegal immigration, but agribusiness controls enough GOP votes to stop this. The bill likeliest to pass in the current Congress trades E-Verify for a new ag visa “H-2C” that the left correctly referred to as “helots”.

      The pathology against unions has prevented any attempt to remove illegals in construction, the highest paying job they usually occupy. The unions, once a reliable voice against immigration, now dream of signing up leftist minded foreigners. Certain union contracts have actually BANNED the employer from using E-Verify.

      • I think the quickest way would be for the government to go after SSN fraud. They know who is filing under the SSNs of both living and deceased citizens. But they refuse to do anything about it. And if you’re the unfortunate victim of identity fraud (as I am) they don’t care and won’t lift a finger to stop it.

        • Yea and you don’t even want to know how much SS Disability fraud is going on which is draining that empty account even faster…Makes your blood pressure go up seeing how many illegal f*:”;ks come in get a job, get hurt, go on it and then go work for cash somewhere else…Made me think about doing very unpleasant things…

          • Lineman, I discovered that the “persons” who stole my identity and went on a spree were from Salinas, CA. They set up fake credit and spent thousands upon thousands (on porn and pimping out their low-rider. Who knew that there was such a thing as $11K rims?) at places that had CCTV and were willing to help me. Who wouldn’t help me? The Police. They literally refused to look at the footage.

          • Well you see the police aren’t really there to help you unless it benefits the State in some way…They are there to enforce the edicts of the State and kill you if you don’t comply…You have my sympathy man its why I advocate for Community…So when shit like that happens you have support locally…

  16. I’m either a leading edge Xer or tail-end Boomer depending on who defines the terms. I am right on board with you folks on immigration. Illegal immigration MUST stop. We need to seriously start talking about legal immigration too.

    But – we have to understand something. Timing is everything. You are asking him, Z, to go from A to Z and skip all the letters in between. That just isn’t politically possible. People are going to have to be a whole lot madder than they are now to make this happen. The kind of ‘mad’ where if some pastey faced millennial SJW starts beaking off about diversity – he gets punched into silence and submission at the hands of his fellows.

    There is no doubt this will change. Look at Europe – they’re shutting down 6 mosques and packing the yodelling mudflaps AND their families to the chit hole they came from. It’s a done deal. Off the coasts of Italy and Malta, there is a boatload of chit skinned human trash that is not being allowed to dock and is being turned away.

    I would like it if every last beaner was rounded up and sent south along with idiots like Stretch Pelosi that enable and support them. But we have to wait for the slow kids to catch up – and they only learn things the hard way.

    • And when they catch up, what then? Even if they came around now, it’s too late to solve the problem through politics.

      The Brookings Institute estimates that the last year Republicans have any hope of winning the presidency is 2028. This is due to changing demographics that are already baked in; 0 immigration + 100% enforcement wouldn’t change this.

      pg 35 summary graph

      I think that their historical analysis will be off a bit due to ahistorical trends, but the fact remains that inevitably a Democrat will win the presidency, and at that point they’ll close all the loopholes (like ID requirements to vote) that allowed a Trump to win, ushering in permanent Democratic rule.

      • The changing demographics are an enormous problem for us winning future elections, and the boomer-conservative dream of winning over blacks and hispanics is delusional.

        But there is hope. As the anti-white crusade from the left continues, (and will probably get more extreme) the Democrats will be increasingly seen as the party of color, causing more of their whites to make their way over to the “white party,” the Republican Party.

        Whether it’s enough to hold off the flood of immigrants and their high birth rates remains to be seen.

      • I didn’t notice Glen mentioning voting, did you?

        What part of “punched in the face” (and more and better besides) don’t you understand?

        “People are going to have to be a whole lot madder than they are now to make this happen. The kind of ‘mad’ where if some pastey faced millennial SJW starts beaking off about diversity – he gets punched into silence and submission at the hands of his fellows.”

        Voting is, as so many have ably pointed out, How We Got Here.

        Since, as you have made clear, further “voting” will not avail, what do think will be left for us to do?

    • Both illegal and legal can be discussed right now. Maybe the American public isn’t ready to talk about limits on the ethnicity of newcomers, but it can be talked about from a numbers angle. Most don’t realize that the number of legal immigrants annually is much more than the average annual figure of the 20th century. ( Well over one million per year compared to last century’s average of less than 200,000.) When Trump talked about restricting H1b workers, it seemed to be popular with the MAGA folks.

      • That’s because nearly every Boomer has a child or grandchild, or knows of one, who either lost a job to H1B visa holders, or can’t get a job that will actually pay the bills, because of them.

  17. There are a whole bunch of working class and even middle class Boomers who do not fit well with your analysis. You know, the ones that voted him in and right now still aren’t happy about the lack of movement on immigration reform.

    • There’s always a NAXALT argument. Sure, there are 60 year old steamfitters who want all the foreigners deported, but on average, Boomers are the most sentimental about immigration. First wave boomers are the most romantic. Gen X people in my age range and late Boomers will be the least romantic about immigration, as our granny was not from the old country, most likely, but there’s still a lot of weepy-eyed romantics in my cohort.

      Millennials, in contrast, are pro-immigration for ideological reasons. That’s probably a tougher nut to crack.

        • Downvote Dan all you want, but he’s right about painting the boomers with too wide a brush. Speaking as a Boomer, we kept voting for the politicos who spoke to our interests, like Nixon, like Reagan, like Bush I, like Bush II. It’s not entirely our fault we kept getting shafted by every one of them, including by Reagan.

          • You do understand that doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result is the definition of insanity right…I hear you though you did the best you could with the information you had at that time…Focus needs to be on what we are going to do now not who to blame…JMHO

          • Have to agree with you, the scope of the current problem wasn’t manifest 20-30 years ago. And, speaking from personal experience, as we mainly relied on the 3 networks for info, it took quite awhile to discover we were being ‘shaded’.

        • Still not on board with the whole hypothesis Z. TRS does this quite a bit on the Boomer blasting. Yeah, McNab and such can fuck themselves and truly enter the world and fight this. Enoch is good, one with brains and understanding.

          I only know what I know and the Boomer divide is truly that. My son came kind of late only through his woke buddy who I enjoy hashing all of this with. Maybe I am wrong, he says I am not like most Boomers but bascially I am the same Paleo I always was. Sam Francis, Pat Buchanan, Chronicles.

          • I am not like most Boomers but bascially I “… am the same Paleo I always was. Sam Francis, Pat Buchanan, Chronicles.”

            There are a lot of us, despite what some of the younger guys think.

        • no amount of derision is enough for the boomers. they are deserving of it all. so quit your whining . this NAXALT junk is just an attempt to divert an accurate statement into a semantic debate of meaningless linguistic absolutes. baby boomers do that all the time.

          • Well…if you really want to blame a generation for today’s mess, you have to go back to the Greatest Generation. Sure, they helped win WWII, but they also gave us food stamps (’64), they ruined the american health care system with Medicare/Medicaid (’65), they changed the composition of legal immigration to the US with the Hart-Celler act (’65) and they greatly expanded the welfare system through other provisions of Johnson’s Great Society legislation (’65). There weren’t any Boomers serving in Congress in ’64 & ’65, and most of the Boomers weren’t even voting.

          • This cop out is so incredibly common, and so incredibly full of shit. Yea, it’s pretty hard to roll back political programs started by previous generations(though not impossible), but that doesn’t excuse the boomers for the things they have done with power.

            Some examples that come to mind include rolling back Glass-Steagal, selling America’s manufacturing seed corn to Asia for what amounts to pennies on the dollar(but at least they got a Porshe out of it), 18 years of pointless wars that don’t even seem to have goals to say nothing of exit points, World War G and T, etc.

            Boomers would get far less grief if they would own their fuck ups instead of constantly pointing the finger at the generation before them, and blaming their children for being fucked up by the world they grew up in.

          • Maybe things are strained between you and your dad. Boomers are just a scape goat.

          • By the same logic the Greatest Generation are equally blameless, which is probably accurate to the extent that it is a very small section of each generation putting these policies in place. However, as long as the larger population has funded and tolerated the “hold your nose and vote Bush” strategy instead of the pitchforks and torches strategy, we are all responsible.

            No need to project the dynamics between you and your son on to me either.

      • I suspect there’s (at least) a couple of divides opinion-wise. Descendants of the settlers/founders (“for ourselves and our posterity”) and the post-founding immigrants from other backgrounds. And the pre-welfare state/Hart-Celler immigrants and the diversity visa/illegal alien crowd. But doesn’t it always boil down to those who believe in the “Blank Slate” vs. those who believe in the inheritance of traits?

  18. The risk, of course, is that the working class whites who swung the election in MI, WI, & PA will become less motivated to turn out this time. On the other hand, their problems were not just immigration but also the trade structure and especially the regulatory burden. It turns out, Prescott was basically entirely right when he was saying that the economy would never get well while under the Obama/Buch levels of regulation.

    My guess is Z is right about immigration under Trump, and that Trump is hoping the trade and regulation elements of his agenda are sufficient to help white working class voters and give them reason to turn out in 2020.

  19. Boomer immigration romanticism has to take two interrelated factors into account- in the Northeast and Midwest, boomers grandparents were part of the second wave of Southern and Eastern European immigrants. It’s living memories to them of older relatives coming from the “old country” -so reflexively, they think Consuela and Paco are just tanned versions of their grandparents.

    Second, the school curriculum these boomers were marinated in all the way back to elementary school pushed the “melting pot” which was explicitly assimilationist, and also assumed that the immigrants also wanted to shed the Old World and become Americans. Boomers can’t conceive that the new immigrants don’t want to, and aren’t forced to, become part of the established culture of Anglo-America. They’re still locked into the mindset that they were taught in 1957 as impressionable children.

    • You are spot on. My grandparents were Italian immigrants and that is how I used to think until red-pilled by the current post-1965 immigration wave

      • Have an old Italian barber that have known for years. Tells great stories of watching the Allies enter Messina from across the strait and of sleeping the fields since the Germans would park their convoys in town next the houses to try and avoid being bombed. But he makes me look positively Leftist. All he wanted to do after the war was quit Europe, come here and become an American. Every one of his boys served in the military. The most printable thing he will say about the current wave of immigrants is “filthy criminal scum”. Like my Polish great aunt who survived six years of slave labor under the Germans, he saw Europe as a dead end.

  20. Z wrote:
    “This reality is vexing to immigration patriots, who correctly see this as a bit of a betrayal, as well as a supreme act of stupidity.”

    a BIT of a betrayal? LOL…more like a betrayal for the ages…straight-up treason…and the GOP politicians betrayed us for money, not because they are stupid…actually, they are quite smart…they are getting millions in insider trading tips and access to IPOs…and they get these riches because they are betraying us on immigration…Big Business is using immigration to increase population and increase consumer demand and thus prop up the ponzi economy and propping up asset prices…have you checked the net wealth of the congressmen/senators? They are getting rich by betraying us…that aint stupid…it’s SMART to betray whites in return for riches….because white thought leaders are not telling the truth about this betrayal and are instead just saying it is the stupidity of the GOP party…

    Z wrote:
    “In his most recent podcast, John Derbyshire makes the point that there is little hope of getting any sensible immigration reform out of the current Congress.”

    Little hope? yes, that’s a bit of an understatement…the politicians are getting paid off to help Big Business prop up the economy via immigration…but the GOP voters are too stupid to see how their politicians and thought leaders are betraying them….there is no political solution…

    Z wrote:
    “Trump wants to be seen as supporting the immigrants “who have followed the rules” because he knows his voters get weak in the knees over that stuff. ”

    Somewhat…but more importantly, by betraying us on immigration, Trump hopes to curry favor with the media so that he can get more favorable approval poll numbers–he mostly wants to go out as a popular president…he is cucking for approval…same thing reagan did…

  21. I know this is slightly off topic but baby boomer Ann Coulter seems to have a soft spot for blacks. She has aimed her rhetorical guns at every group that opposes her views including gays, white liberals, immigrants, Muslims, but not blacks. I think she thinks blacks can be appealed to from the right.

    • That’s because she knows if she did that her following would abandon her…She is just good at playing the game…

    • Hispanics have awful voter turnout rates. Blacks had record turnout in 2012, some of it fraudulent. Black turnout cratered in Midwestern states in 2016. If the economy is doing good in 2020, a marginal amount of blacks would go into the GOP column, a significant amount won’t show up at all.

      Pandering to blacks isn’t so much about getting blacks to vote R, but reducing their tribalist incentive to turnout. Pandering also assuages the white guilt of moderates, making them feel OK about voting GOP. Roy Moore learned this to his detriment, after he said something retarded about slavery, not to mention the higher incidence of sexual assault among black women.

  22. Kind of pathetic so many people still living in such denial. Then again growing up in the city and working LE give you a front row seat to reality.

    Spot on with your assessment Z. Our fellow Boomers have no idea just how bad immigration and race relations really are. Wishing the stuff away just plays right into the hands of liberals. Then again we’ve been fed their garbage through the media and education institutions for so many years it’s no wonder.

    Living here in the north-east there’s just too many damn people. Really don’t want to see this thing go to hell. It will be very, very messy.

    • Speaking as a boomer, the most staunch Trumpers I have met are fellow boomers. Despite all our flaws we love the country we grew up in, hate political correctness, remember a more homogenous America, support First Amendment, and are opposed to demographic transformation. If you think things are bad now just wait until the milleniials are running things. I am not sure the generation that follows them will be any better as they have been marinating in multiculturalism in the schools.

      • Yeah, that’s what I’ve read too. The genx and millennials are much more liberal than boomers. Those are the people supporting sanders. Moreover they have virtually no education or understanding of the real world(excepting present company of course.). They really believe all this stuff about egalitarianism. I think it’s because the education system has been degraded to make us appear “equal.” In those cases where there is excellence, it’s cordoned into STEM subjects, which have practical utility, but no bearing on the real world.

        • I mean to say that history and verbal topics are useful to me on an hourly basis, but even as a working engineer, I haven’t solved an integral since college!

        • GenX & millenial whites aren’t necessarily more liberal. Its because their generations have a lot more non-whites in them, skewing stats leftward. By some estimates, under-5 is already majority non-white.

          According to at least 1 study, white GenZ is extremely pro-Trump:

          From what I’ve seen & heard, its not so much the % of left/right that is different but rather the degree to which they are left/right. There are a lot more radical leftists & radical rightists among the young than the old. One of many reasons that we are likely to see things get more polarized as the years go by.

        • It’s always so amusing to hear boomers complain about millenials, while ignoring who was largely responsible for raising them(ie boomers).

          This is the generation who pioneered the idea that “poor daycare by minimum-wage migrants=parenting” in order to afford their McMansions and foreign luxury cars, yet they are surprised that by delegating their parenting responsibilities the kids aren’t alright. When your children are taught about Bert and Ernie’s gay marriage on the daycare TV, followed by “whitey is the root of all evil” in public school, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they turn out completely pozzed.

          I have long thought there to be much poetic justice in the fact that the people who had their kids raised by Esmerelda from Guatemala will wind up spending their twilight years with her, and they will be lucky if their bedpans get changed, much less receiving any true care.

      • I know a lot of boomers that are patriot Trump supporters, but all of them get uncomfortable around race, & love showing pictures of themselves with that 1 black guy from the Tea Party rally back in ’11.

        If boomers are so opposed to demo transformation, why has it been allowed to happen virtually unimpeded for 50+ years? Why did Buchanan only get 20% of the 1996 primary vote? Against Bob Dole of all people.

    • Sir…Its not just boomers that grew up in 90%+ White America that don’t see reality for what it is. There are many younger Whites in flyover country and in Whitetopias like Portland and Seattle that do not realize and/or see the consequences of demographic change and the direct effect that it will have on their lives and those of their offspring. These people couldn’t be more oblivious. The forty million dollar question is “How do we get this cohort to wake up?”

      • They have psychological “antibodies” against any kind of “far-right” thoughts. Mass media has inculcated liberal views on social matter after decades of a drip-by-drip. Nazis/Russians have been the featured villains decades after the respective wars ended. Alleged Neo-Nazis are about the only enemy that the white liberals would actually pick up guns to fight against. I dunno how to wake them up, have Presidente AMLO larp as a fascist?

      • +10 from GenX’er born in pdx/raised in sea. Without some US-Mil travel, I would be as leftist confused as my brother who stayed home.

  23. The question will be what the current generation will do. Starting around the mid 80’s till the meltdown of 2007 could mostly be described as let the good times roll. There were and have been several generations that didn’t know what hard times meant.

    The current crowd has seen what can go wrong. Also, don’t forget we have had quite a few people in combat zones for far too long. This group if given the right incentive, whether it is good or bad will be critical in the years to come.

    • Fascinating. Back in the late 80s/early 90s used to cover several bank clients up that stretch, including one in Hazelton (and Shamokin–famous for the “burning mountain”). The towns were poor-ish after the coal/steel decline. But virtually all were figuring out how to survive. This just reads like a kick in the teeth.

      • Man. What a bummer. Seems like all of Eastern and now Central PA has fallen prey to the Nuyorican horde. For working class whitey it is a trifecta of no work, opiates, and the aforementioned invasion. In many regards PA outside of the major cities is a ghost of “Christmas Future” for much of White America. Allow me to quote an old Irishman I knew from the Bronx in a galaxy far far away. “Son…the Dominicans, everything they touch….turns to shit.”

        • We are our own worst enemy when it comes to drugs. Upper-middle class cocaine consumers are the largest contributor to cartel profits and the subsequent destabilization of LatAm. Working class meth/opiate users destroy their labor market value, which increases displacement by foreigners. It took China 100 years to drive out the foreigners after the Opium War, but at least they survived. We might not.

          • The opiates are in the upper middle too. Did almost two decades in volunteer Fire/EMS in a very wealthy district. Our guys that did extra shifts in the cities first saw opiods hitting poorer demographics in the early 2000s, but pills brought it into our area. I’m out now, but the last few years our guys are regularly Narcan’ing Muffy’s and Chad’s. Usually they are still in the snorting stage, but get a hot shot laced with fentanyl. This shit is bad.

          • Rust Belt employers are frequently in the media complaining they can’t find workers. What they rarely say is that the employer can’t find workers that don’t fail drug tests, most of these employers also got used to never giving raises after the 2008 recession. Around 2015 we started seeing this story appear about every other week in the news.

          • The US was founded on the core principle of never paying for anything if you could help it.

            The chickens from that ideology are coming home to roost and the current mix of cheap labor and immigration is so toxic that even immigrants aren’t having kids at much of a rate, Super Natal Mexican fertility bricked and its now around 2, just a shade above the nations average, somewhat above Leftist and way below religiously zealous Christians

            TWorse we have an opportunity to deal a little with one problem plummeting wages and of course the chamber of commerce starts screaming “we must have amnesty for a million workers or wages will go up.”

            On those grounds I hate those guys worse than the Left. The CoC is pure Evil where the Left is also Evil but mostly mean well

            In the end if someone doe manage to take over the US and run the show for the common good which is not guaranteed he is going to have to do a lot of economic regulation on top of using his police powers to keep the Ayn Rand Jihad, money cucks, looters and grifters in check

            I’m guessing here but the model of the future is going to be State Run Capitalism or will resemble the Middle Ages in some ways where markets are there but its all subservient to the needs of society

            Otherwise the combination of global surplus and automation will render society unable to sustain itself

            2.0, 1.8 or 1.5 forever is extinction and if regulation is what it takes to get birth rates up than if society wants to live, its going to be regulated a lot.

            well or modernity goes away with the society becomes to complex to continue which will be a blessing in some ways

            If it does die back and after the slow decline to a post industrial society the remaining White areas if there are any will be heavily Christian and the stock will look like the past having come from Evangelicals,L.D.S and Amish the latter have a huge fertility rate , five and up with high retention

            And note the Amish fertility is so high that in theory in a couple of centuries we’ll all be Amish! Obviously stats don’t work that way but 150% increase in 30 years is incredibly fast

        • Used to hunt up in NE PA about 20 miles south of Binghamton on the PA side. Back then it was Appalachia-North. One bright spot is fracking has made a that old marginal farmland valuable and put skilled trades back to work. But yes the problem of former denizens of NYC, Paterson etc, discovering their EBT and Section 8 dollars go further in the hinterlands is devastating.

  24. I agree 100% that the real reform won’t start till after the Boomers die off, its why so many people think 2033 or thereabouts the US will end either in implosion or war . This is around the 250 year mark for a modern nation and the old civic nationalists will be basically all dead

    I don’t think anyone on the .alt right or the dissident right thought President Trump, a 70+ year old New York business Democrat was going to be able to fix anything though God Emperor memes aside, they are willing to let him try and take Lotto odds while they prepare

    The dirty truth is the system is beyond salvage

    The President has done the things expected of him, bought more time (call it 4-8 years) to prepare pushed the Overton Window in our direction (c.f his comments on Mexicans) on immigration and taught albeit indirectly, the Right to use modern and Rules for Radicals tactics to win.

    If he sends a few illegals back and slows illegal immigration some its all good but no one expects someone who is a huge user of migrant labor and active internationally to go full nationalist

    That time is especially valuable since the Dissident Right struggles with ideology and the remaining chaos taint of Libertarian/Classic Liberalism and its not easy to work around that. 200 years of that rubbish can’t be dumped that easily

    The Right has to be rid of most all of that and be willing to rule in order to get power and while int theory they have the power of nearly so just not the will yet

    No matter.

    Once the splat kicks in all that will remain will ethnically focused and the middle ages people will be ex 4Chan trolls and the like with Gen Z making up the younger

    And note while its possible that the US will go full Brazil, Cali is already there only still rich I am fairly optimistic it will go boom

    • It will go boom. The elites have damaged the country so bad and have such a lock on power there is no reform possible. Trump ran into that with McConnell and Ryan.

      We won’t get Brazil, The fact is we already have Brazil. At least here om CA(where I live) if you read Victor Davis Hansen. Sailer for whatever reason won’t touch what’s happening in his state. I think the guy is deluding himself. We’re gonna go beyond that. We’re in phase 2.

      We’re gonna get Juarez and the cartels. The cartels are already in Chicago, Los Angeles, Colorado, North Cali, NYC, etc. Wait what happens when the Dems and GOP pass amnesty and open the borders. Entire parts of our cities will become “no go zones” and ruled by gangs and cartels. This is just a logical extension of what is a ongoing process in most cities.

      Those swanky parts of the East and West coast will simply be viewed as places to rob.

      When Trump leaves, whites better be ready to throw down because hell will be coming when he goes. The Democrats and the elites will see to it.

      • rod wrote:
        “Sailer for whatever reason won’t touch what’s happening in his state. I think the guy is deluding himself. We’re gonna go beyond that. We’re in phase 2.”

        immigration increases demand for housing, increasing home prices…sailer is probably sitting on millions in home equity….

        rod wrote:
        “Entire parts of our cities will become “no go zones” and ruled by gangs and cartels. This is just a logical extension of what is a ongoing process in most cities.”

        silver lining–maybe the Brazilifiation of america will lead to a less powerful police state…maybe americans can once again build their own cheap homes…yes, perhaps many will be locating favelas, but at least they will not have to go into massive debt and work for decades in order to have shelter

    • Good post.

      I think the Magic Year will be shortly after the next Democrat is elected president. They’ll do things to make sure a ‘Trump’ will never happen again. Much of that is already in the works, by both parties. Changing primary rules for Reps, increasing immigration by Leftist voters, Soros-funded voting machines, etc. The Brookings Institute already estimates that 2028 is the last year a Rep can win the presidency (its based on demo change & history; I think ahistorical trends will be appearing to change that year, but it will still happen.)

      Once they no longer have to worry about re-election the gloves will come off.

    • What I expect after the Boomers die off (53% Trump voting) and are replaced by the Millennials (37% Trump voting) is that the Democrats will clean the floor with the Republicans for many election cycles, both locally and nationally.

      And, they will do so while moving to the far-Left and embracing Bernie/Obama/Kamala style Leftism, and rejecting the more center-left Boomer liberalism of Boomer era Democrats like DiFi / Biden / Lieberman,

      We won’t be seeing Democratic Presidents like Carter and Clinton (both of whom had as central themes of their campaigns rejecting far-leftism) elected or nominated, we’ll be seeing:

      Kamala Harris — leading candidate for 2020 Dem POTUS nomination (mixed race identifies as black);

      ​Stacey Abrams — 2018 Dem Georgia Gov. nominee (black);

      ​Julián Castro — possible VP nominee 2020 (Hispanic, former cabinet member),

      Tulsi Gabbard – current House member and future Senator (Hawaiian mixed race, Bernie supporter)

      …and others of their ilk.

      It won’t be completely the Boomers fault when these people get elected, many more Xers and Millenials (including white Xers and Millenials) will be supporting them, than Boomers. (though there will stlil be some of those too).

      The big Boomer cohort in the middle of the population has prevented these sorts from gaining power in American (until the Obama deception).

      Those people cheer-leading for the death of the Boomers will rue the day the last Boomer dies, and the Millennials have full power in FUSA. There will be no stopping the final victory laps of the Left at that point.

      Unless, the dream of Generation Z comes true, that is. It certainly will not be cucked cynical Xers and SJW infested Milennials who will return America to a healthy, sane society.

  25. Speaking like the cool kids, if you wanted boomerbros to turn into sieg heiling monsters, just have them attend public school for a few weeks.

    Make sure it a inner city s”’hole. Then have them attend a mandatory homo pride day in school, complete with demented trannys and crossdressers.

    Then turn to them and say, “When you are too old to take care of yourself, these are the people who will be taking care of you.”

    • LMAO… Exactly but with the way things are headed it will be more like these are the ones that will be giving you your euthanasia shot…

  26. ” What that means is the Overton Window has not moved all that much, with regards to the big issues facing our society.”

    I’ll reserve judgement until the elections in Nov. 2018. The “window” may have already moved quite a bit.

    • I seams to me that on Immigration the OW hasn’t moved much in the last twenty years, but that dems and the media assume that it has shifted dramatically to the left. They are going to find out that they are completely mistaken in that assumption in five months.

  27. For all the talk of the “God-Emperor” from the alt-right (or of being a Nazi racist tyrant from the left), Trump is the master of normie appeal. That’s bad because we’ll get less than we want out of him, but good because he’ll keep the genuine lunatics out of power for eight years. What comes at the end of that is anybody’s guess. Democracies typically have a shelf life of about 250 years. We’re in year 242 counting from the Declaration of Independence (or 231 from the ratification of the Constitution).

    A wise man would, I think, take this interlude as an opportunity to stock up on AR-15s and ammo, and perhaps to buy a place far out in the countryside.

    • A wise man would, I think, take this interlude as an opportunity to stock up on AR-15s and ammo, and perhaps to buy a place far out in the countryside.
      You are going to need Community though so I would add buy a place in the countryside near a small village…Also a Ar15 and ammo is a start but don’t stop there…

    • If it’s true that race matters as much as the alt-right believes it does then Trump going soft and abandoning the immigration issue is ruinous.

  28. My immediate instinct is to say that it’s like the advancement of science which requires the old generation to die off, but I don’t think we’re going to be given the chance to wait for all the Boomers to croak it. Hopefully they will live to really see what they have wrought.

    • Now hold on there sonny boy, in my day there were no pussy hat wearing vile female demonstrations. There were no school shootings. Grown men were not allowed to pee next to little girls. Men slobbering over each other in public was unheard of. Teaching little kids that deviant lifestyle is just as normal as breathing would have resulted in jail, now its the other way around and normal wholesome hardworking Christians are persecuted for their beliefs. In my day if you didn’t work, if you just sat on your ass and lived off of someone else, you were a leech. In my day the right to defend yourself, your family, and your property was unquestionable. Now if you don’t gladly give your stuff to the free shit army when they come to take it you’re probably going to jail. Yeah, just keep on wishing for all of us old boomers to die, then you can have your great society ruled by Obama, Harris, Ellison, Sanders, Waters, Pelosi, and everyone can eat twinkies and rest in the shade all day long, tra la la….dope.

      • Yep, America used to be great, and then your generation destroyed it by inviting 100 million third-worlders.

        In past generations, once the elders died, the next generation could take power and live as they wish. The Boomers stole that from us. We’ll be a minority in our own country due to your generation’s vanity and greed. Because that’s what immigration policy has been all about for the last 50 years: vanity (“I’m so enlightened, invite the world, I love vibrant neighborhoods” etc.) and greed (cheap labor and servants! my housing equity up 10x since the flood of immigrants! Etc.).

        Your “day” was great. Why the fuck did you blow it up for the rest of us?

        • Oh you sniveling little shit, gotta have someone to blame for your pink pussy hat wearing domanitrix masters. Blame, blame, blame, cry, cry, cry. Yeah, my generation screwed up plenty, but I’m not blaming the hippy free love culture sorry rat bastards that screwed up this country, I just take it as it is. Whine all you want to, life ain’t fair. And yeah I hope to rectify some of that “progressive” b.s. before I die. And there is only one way that will happen, at the end of my 556. Where will you be when it comes about, and hopefully it will, crying under moms bed? BFYTW.

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