The Reality Gap

In the old days, a popular gag was to comment about the Soviet media’s disconnect from observable reality. Every schoolboy learned that the name of the main party newspaper, Pravda, meant “truth” in Russian. Unlike America, with its free-wheeling adversarial press, the Soviets had one newspaper that published the official truth. It is right out of Orwell! It was all mostly nonsense, of course, but it was a useful bit of propaganda that served the interests of the liberal American media.

Our library had copies of the English version of communist publications. I no longer recall if Pravda was one of them, but there were others from Soviet Bloc countries, along with publications from Western communist organizations, like the Daily Worker and Mother Jones. I enjoyed reading them, especially the news articles, because it was like experiencing an alternate reality. Even allowing for the gross bias of the New York Times, the commie rags were hilariously delusional.

As a result, I have often thought that there should be an index that measures the distance between a society’s official dogma, and observable reality. Every human society has its pretty lies. This is the grease that keeps the gears moving. There are also the things everyone knows are true, but everyone agrees to not discuss. Then there is official dogma, the prevailing orthodoxy, that exists because the people in charge demand that it exists. This is where we see the reality gap.

In the case of the Soviets, they often made claims about their material prosperity, relative to the West, which were everyone knew was nonsense. These were less obviously false in the 1950’s, as Europe dug out from the war and Stalin forced modernization on his country. The gap grew larger after Stalin, as the West slowly passed the Soviets in material prosperity. By the 1980’s, the gap between East and West was too large to hide.

You can see this gap on a smaller scale in cities like Newark and Baltimore. While in Newark, I looked up the local politicians, expecting the usual suspects. The funny part was the talk about the city, as if everything is coming together and the boom years are just around the corner. The pols in Baltimore talk the same way. They claim that young people are flocking to the city, when in reality people are fleeing. In fact, the worse things get, the more they talk about how the city is turning the corner.

The question that naturally arises is whether necessity drives this growing gap between reality and orthodoxy or does delusion drive the decline? In business, management will address falling sales with more marketing, not accepting that it is their poor management and products. The marketing efforts will exacerbate the decline, as the gap between the promise and reality grows. On the other hand, maybe lying is the last resort, when there is simply no way to address the true causes.

The other question is at what point does the gap between reality and official orthodoxy get so wide that the strain collapses the orthodoxy. In the case of the Soviet Union, it was not a bloody revolution or violent civil war that ended the system. It was mostly the fact that the system had grown so absurd, not even the people in charge could accept it any longer. That gap between official orthodoxy and obvious reality was too large to maintain, so the system collapsed.

The challenge, of course, is quantifying this gap between official orthodoxy and observable reality. For example, is the reality gap in America today bigger than the gap was in 1980’s Russia? We are required to pretend there are fifty-seven genders, which seems a click nuttier than pretending the Lada was a nice car. There has never been a time or place where humans came in more than two sexes. The Lada was crap, but it beat walking.

Does it matter if lots of people are willing to believe the nonsense? Today, lots of liberal women buy into the unlimited gender stuff. In fact, it is quite remarkable just how fast so many people in modern America are willing to accept this crazy stuff. For there to be a reality gap, the public has to know it exists. No one in the Soviet Union thought the Lada was a good car. You were even allowed to complain about the poor state of consumer goods, just as long as you kept it to a minimum.

All that said, it seems that a society can tolerate only so large a gap between reality and its official truth. Whether or not we are reaching some sort of breaking point is probably impossible to know. No one saw Trump on the horizon. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, no one saw it coming. Maybe people just get used to the disconnect until one day, the number of people who notice it reaches critical mass. Then like a precipitate falling out of solution, the whole thing collapses.

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  1. Does it matter if lots of people are willing to believe the nonsense?

    I guess it depends on the nonsense – what real world effect does the nonsense have? Believing the nonsense that the US has the world’s greatest cuisine probably won’t matter much in real world consequences. Believing the US is the world’s “shining light” or some other messiah complex delusion could have much worse consequences. The gay marriage thing is an interesting one – not even many gays are that interested in it, and it probably hasn’t done as much damage to real marriage as no fault frivorce has. On the other hand, it conditions the populace to buy into the State’s power to declare 2+2=5, and the State’s power to enforce that belief. Will it cause things to collapse? Who knows. I think the nonsense that the government and business can keep deficit spending their ways to prosperity or that a menial service/financial speculation based economy is sustainable are more likely the kind of nonsense to cause a sudden collapse, as you say, “like a precipitate falling out of solution.”

  2. Have to agree with the last post. As ” herd animals ” it could take quite some time before we reach a breaking point. Think of the prisons where a handful of guards with rifles keep hundreds of inmates at bay.

    On occasion there are riots but these are hardened criminals with nothing to lose. We’ve all stood by as co-workers and neighbors get sacrificed on the altar of political correctness even mocking them saying they should have known better.

    The left has dictated the rules and we all follow them obediently. Perhaps when enough of us have been victimized by this insanity it will stop.

  3. I believe the reality disconnect/Reality perception ratio is what determines how long a charade can last. This is the ratio that exists in all our minds to some degree, no matter how educated smart we are. What determines its impact is the fulcrum between practical reality and spiritual reality. Spiritual belief systems are most often based upon faith and unreal. Practical beliefs concern the day to day running of life and human combat against nature and are usually empirical. Energy extraction.
    In the Middle Ages, most people firmly believed in a primitive pietistic version of Christianity. For the most part, however, practical technology was unmolested and civilization advanced steadily throughout the Middle Ages. There were the occasional witch burnings and crusades, but these were small and had relatively little impact. Occasionally, during the reformation small millenarian sects would form that took spiritual belief into the practical sphere with disastrous consequences—mass suicides, bloody captures of cities, etc.
    In communist east, a fundamentally spiritual belief, that Karl Marx was a superhuman genius and could order society, was placed at the heart of the civilization. Communism only lasted about 78 years. Consider that some of the crusader states lasted well over 100 years to get an idea what a blip on the scale of history ussr was!
    Egalitarianism is a spiritual belief that has negative real world consequences. But how great is the disconnect? Where does the fulcrum lay? I think it’s somewhere on the practical side. Sure there is local pain, like in Baltimore are all the other Lagoses across the east, but the productive elements relocate to the burbs. The net productivity of geographic area is still good. For that reason, I theorize that the delusion/deception could go on for quite a while, on the scale of centuries.
    I don’t mean to completely dis spiritual belief mind you. In some ways these beliefs are the most precious of all. As niezche said, give me the why and I can endure most any how. That’s why fundamentalist religions have positive birth rates, while swipple yuppie demographics are cratering.

  4. The analogy with the old Soviet Union is meritorious. The philosophies that underpin the modern Western managerial state require people to believe in things that are just not true i.e. global warming, a man becomes a woman just by putting on a dress, Islam is a religion of peace, all cultures are equal, Wakanda is real etc. Furthermore, these mantras must be, repeated publicly and often by everyone; social ostracism (or worse) awaits any dissenter. They know that their giant brocade of lies (erected to cloak observable reality) is threadbare and very fragile and must be guarded zealously from anyone who might poke their finger through it.

    Hence the unhinged hatred of Donald Trump. he didn’t just poke his finger through it, he ripped a long strip of it away and now more and more people everyday are observing the reality.

    This will (and perhaps sooner than we think) reach a tipping point whereby a critical mass of people no longer subscribe to the lies and are willing to say so publicly. That’s when the House of Cards collapses.

  5. RE: does delusion drive the decline?

    YES – it absolutely does.

    You can’t fix a problem that you can’t acknowledge. So it makes logical sense that refusal to deal with reality precipitates collapse. There are copious examples of this in military history. When I was in university many decades ago – one more enjoyable parts of the education was studying business cases about companies that had collapsed (and a few that saved themselves).

    The common thread was that refusal to deal with reality was a red flag indicator of inevitable bankruptcy.

    I see this quote attributed to Albert Einstein out on the intarwebs:

    ” We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them ”

    That would seem to indicate that the current denizens of the clouds ARE the problem – that they just keep trying the same stupid bullshit they’ve already been trying – and that something drastic is going to have to happen to right the sinking ship.

    The current progressive left has created a LOT of problems. Instead of changing their thinking when challenged – they just double down. I see collapse of some form coming because of this.

    • They’ve given us:

      Freud — tremendously negative impact of psychoanalysis during 20th Century, enabling acceleration of their project, acknowledged now as discredited but damage done;

      Marx — injection the most destructive refined aspects of the human intellect into our reality, setting the structure to destroy western culture;

      Gramasci — laying out the program to enact Marx;

      Alynski — providing the step by step instructions;

      Creative Classes Inc — Hollywood, the Arts and People of Letters … in all forms and endless numbers packaging their malignant ideas for entertainment and ease of assimilation by the unwary.

      The Academy — grinding out the endless stream of propaganda and mind-warping material needed to fully reprogram humanity. And on and on and on …..

      Looking at it coldly, one must gape in admiration at what they’ve done. Taken together, it’s a crime of nearly incomprehensible magnitude they’ve successfully perpetuated against us, our culture, our nation and our reality. And the results have been devastating.

      Just to mention a few:

      Suicide increase — See the recent pop culture chatter … Note the states with the greatest percentage increase …. middle America. Of course they’re killing themselves, with their world destroyed.

      Gender madness –Destruction of a fundamental reality of human existence. Absolute madness masquerading as “Woken-ness”

      War on Masculinity — gracile males everywhere now; young boys dressing as drag queens; males in general less assertive, confident, accomplished (look at the failure rate in the Navy of recent proficiency tests of junior officers during deck officer / ship handling evaluations; in a world run by men, they would have shaped up, or been gone). Just look at the Boy Scouts — Allowed female leaders in 1970; participation begins to flag; many troops predominately female led (asst scoutmasters, troop committee etc); knuckled under to leftist pressure finally on gays and girls — 11 Oct 17 made decision finally to commit organizational suicide.

      Gotta stop real manliness … it’s just too dangerous to their project. Of course, the failure of men in the mid and late 20th century is a prime contributing factor to this mess.

      Our elites are dangerous, malicious, un-stinting in their mad drives and animus, and have a record of un-broken failure, except in one key objective — they are plowing us under.

      So remind me of why we don’t put a stop to it …

  6. Zman: I’d love to see you write a scathing essay tearing down the socialist idol Pretty Sox (now Magic Eyebrows) Trudeau.

    • He’s a symptom of the political and ideological rot permeating the West. The majority of it’s leaders are either barren cat ladies (May. Merkel) or pretty boys-empty suits (Macron, Trudeau, Pedro).

      The rest of the PM’s(Sweden, Norway) never worked a real job in their life, never did anything but politics.

      None of them have any real world accomplishments. Trump is the only one who actually accomplished something in real life. To the rest of them he must be viewed as a space alien.

      God help their people if the Muslims ever go full jihad on them. There is no competent leadership left in the West. No one even remotely grounded in reality.

      Just highly educated clowns.

  7. Yesterday I wathched the movie “The Box Trolls” with my kids. Wanting to read a few things about it afterward, I found the movie was about:
    – The holocaust and Hitler’s rise to power (one site)
    – Class war struggles (another site)
    – The movie was trans-mysoginistic (yet another site)

    I spent some time on that last site ( and I tell ya, I gotta get out of my bubble. Not only is every article and post in some way about gender/feminism/women it is supported by multiple commenters!
    The horror!
    I actually scares me how these weirdings think – I wish I could be amused.

  8. In continued media misdirection re: immigration from yesterday

    Joe Schill, president of Green Impressions in Sheffield near Cleveland, didn’t get any of the 18 foreign workers he had been counting on this year, forcing him to turn down jobs that cost his business about $300,000 in just April and May.

    Trying to find replacements has proved futile, he said. Five new hires quit last week, and “what’s left out there can’t pass a drug test.”

    “I don’t want to hire illegal guys. We’ve got too much to risk,” he said. “But trust me, I can see why guys would want to go that way. I can totally understand these guys who might think they can beat the system.”

    No mention is how much he is paying per hour. It is certainly less than 15. No sense of civic duty in rehabilitating the impoverished and recovering addicts, despite the existence of both the WOTC and EITC

  9. At the same time the lies are increasing and becoming more preposterous, there are more bannings and censorship on twitter, youtube, paypal, comments sections, etc.

  10. And speaking of Baltimore…
    I doubt Z lived here when Willy Don was mayor. Schaefer’s big contribution was revitalizing Downtown with the Inner Harbor and it’s attendant attractions. It managed to be a nice place for about 10 years. Since then it has been in a state of decline. This is the story of the whole city. Neighborhoods like Hamden, Canton, etc are “gentrifying” but it’s lipstick on a pig. It’s a way for SWPLs to virtue signal and be tax farms for the remainder of the city.

    Murder numbers would probably be higher but if the victim dies on the way to the hospital, at the hospital, or later, it is not counted (not sure if this practice was corrected or not). The sheer insanity of it all is mind-boggling. Only recently did the City regain control of the school system and teachers are caught changing answers for standardized tests. Not to hawk another blog here but Paul Kersey’s blog does a decent job of chronicling the insanity of majority dindu cities.

    Z is dead on that we all know the truth but to voice it publicly is to invite unpersonning and a struggle session. A lot of “wink and nod” and indirect references goes on amongst the working class whites with whom I associate. I couldn’t say whether it’s too late or not for white Americans but Trump will be mild by comparison to what is likely to come as people get more and more pissed. Gallows humor is a coping mechanism.

  11. We have to keep piling on the ridicule. Logically and carefully explaining why their ideas are loony isn’t as effective as outright ridicule. The crazy leftists don’t care about logic and reason, but do care what the crowd thinks. Z’s “xirl science” segments on his podcast are a good example. Our side needs more of that. We’re certainly not lacking for material to work with.

    • Absolutely. It’s fun and easy to turn their “weaned on a pickle” demeanor back on them and drives ’em crazy.

  12. Two years ago, the Europeans couldn’t have imagined the U.S. withdrawing from the sucker trade deals with them – or pulling back on the military protection of Europe.

    It just never occurs to them that they aren’t that important in the post-Cold War world and we really don’t need them.

    • The military/socialist umbrella is intended to keep Europeans in a state of perpetual adolescence. It’s why the left goes hysterical whenever the discussion comes around to disengaging from NATO. They fully realize NATO is there for unspoken reasons.

      • Or are the Europeans simply perpetual adolescents, and the military/socialist umbrella is used to keep them under control?

    • The future is Asia, and Europe is the past. Once they are fully immersed in windmills and the multicultural primordial ooze, the rest of the world can quietly step away and let things go where they will go.

      • Global poz is Western juche.

        They’ve taken the on/off and volume knobs off the radio, just like North Korea. Can’t turn it off or turn it down.

  13. So what you’re simply saying is that the tipping point is when enough people tired of the lie(s) and have the nerve to actually state that the Emperor has no clothes, correct? Hope that time is upon us because there are a lot of naked emperors running around America today.

  14. “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
    ― Theodore Dalrymple

  15. I believe the term “cognitive dissonance” is useful somewhere in this article. Once that gets to a certain level, the political power behind the sustaining force begins to crumble. I keep seeing this in regard to the radical egalitarian/multicultural efforts. They are fraying around the edges in direct proportion to the shrillness of their proponents. God, let me see this thing collapse before I die.

    • This will draw fire, but one point Jordan Peterson makes very loudly is the whole problem with intersectionality is, it never stops until you get to groups of one. Once you add 32 genders, real and made up races and every other interest group…you have chaos. But sure as shit is fun to watch the transgender males that ID as lesbian duking it out with the black cisgender gay pedophiles over who tops who in the grievance hierarchy.

  16. There’s difference between believing a thing and pretending to believe a thing in order not to become the target of a SJW pogrom. Ask Peter Thiel, James D’amore, or a Christian business.

  17. kind of like how the GOP stalwarts push the propaganda line that the GOP is “the stupid party,” hiding the fact that the GOP party establishment is getting rich by letting big business cram america full of third worlders? That sort of Big Propaganda Lie?

    • I thought it was Sam Francis that coined the phrase “Stupid Party” and “Evil Party”.

      The GOP in Congress is the stupid party, several times they were handed an opportunity to slash immigration (1994) (2002) (2010) (2016) and they did not. They cut income taxes on 1% of the population, rather than slashing the FICA tax for the bottom 50% and removing the SS FICA CAP.

      • The Republicans have been owned by Finance and Industry (i.e. “big business”) since their founding. Any noises they might make in support of states’ rights, freedom of association, and personal morality are just gestures to pull in votes from the rubes in Flyover Country.

        Today’s Democrats, of course, don’t even make such gestures…

  18. There was old joke during the Cold War. American general meets Soviet general. Soviet proudly boasts “my men are fed 2,500 calories a day when in the field”. American general looks non-plussed and replies “our standard field ration is 4,000 calories per day”. Soviet: “you lie, no man can eat that many potatoes”.

    • Every Communist society has a version of this one: The world’s intelligence services decide to have a competition, to see once and for all who’s the best. The objective is simple: A rabbit is released into a field, and each agency has 24 hours to find it. The fastest wins.

      So the rabbit is loosed, and MI-6 goes to work. They send in their suavest super-spy to get close to the neighboring farmers. 20 hours later, he comes back with the rabbit. The rabbit is loosed again, and the Japanese send a special robotic dog after it — they get it in 18 hours. The US team launches a high-tech drone and finds the rabbit in 16 hours; the Mossad steals the info from the Americans and finds the rabbit in 12 hours.

      Finally it’s the KGB’s turn. The rabbit is loosed, and all the KGB team does is light cigarettes and stand around…. then they calmly stroll off to the nearest farm house. An hour later, they come back dragging a terrified peasant between them. “I confess! I confess!” the peasant shouts. “I’m a rabbit!”

    • American: In my country we have freedom of speech. I can stand out on a street corner and shout “Reagan stinks!” and nobody will stop me!
      Soviet: Is the same in Soviet Union. I can stand on street corner and shout “Reagan stinks!” and nobody will stop me, either!

  19. I listen to NPR classical music station in my car, all music no talk, and the other day they had a nice white lady from Baltimore who’s teaches classical-music to inner city youths. She brought her star student with her. She talked about the real Baltimore which was full of love and hope and then her student played Frere Jacques,badly, on the viola. Lies.

    • Soviet Party Leader 1: It’s impossible to get the outside world to trust the integrity of our elections!

      Soviet Party Leader 2: I know! Next time, let’s create two parties like the Americans!

  20. We all live in the same reality, but some of us see it differently. The farther one vision gets away from it, the greater the adjustment will be for a correction to take place. I know of two terms used to describe this adjustment, Thermidor, and preference cascade, both of which describe the collapse of the ability of a prevailing order to subsist, but with different triggers. The preference cascade describes a change brought about because an accepted truth becomes more detached from what people see to a point where they cannot accept it, only they keep mouthing the accepted truth long past the point at which they ceased to believe it because they are afraid of doing otherwise. At some point that fear gives way to a new confidence in the new opinion and it looks like a sea change has taken place, when in actuality it was taking place over a longer period. Emperor’s new clothes drawn out.

    A Thermidor is a reaction led by a vanguard. The prevalent belief is being forced through by political power that has become further separated from those it leads than has been apparent to that leadership. The term comes from the collapse of the regime of terror brought on by the revolutionary government in the French Revolution and took the name from the month in the revolutionary calendar that the reaction took place. Leftists are always on the lookout for this whenever they are having some success. It’s as if they know that they are operating outside reality, but don’t want to admit it to themselves.

    I think that there can be admixtures and combinations of these phenomena in how reality is confronted in the aggregate. The current lefty nuttiness is led by a political elite and powerful interests, but it also has a more grassroots component. At the grassroots level, it will begin to play out when a critical mass of normies have been adequately adversely affected. At the elite level, there will be a point at which some in the leadership realize that it is playing out and basically stop giving it active support. How far things swing back depends on the how much will there is in the opposition to push back and how far. Some of this will depend on the pllitical climate at the time and how much power the reactionaries have. Note that I am not using reactionary as a derogative term.

    • Tipping points have always been hard or near impossible to calculate. But Spidey-sense tells me we’re not that far away. Even here in Progressive la-la land I keep running into people that are simply refusing, whereas, like the Jacobins, the true believers are becoming whackier and whackier.

      • >>> the true believers are becoming whackier and whackier.

        This is why I find the whole “57 genders” mantra to be perversely laudable: it utterly destroy the credibility of its promoters, at least among 90% of the actual voting population. I’ll take 90%

  21. I have no idea what people in North Korea are required to believe, or more precisesly pretend to believe. So I’ll have to take your word that the system is absurd. But at first glance, it does not look at all absurd. There is a leader who holds absolute power; pretty common in history, such guys used to be called kings. A North Korean woman has more than two children, which is a lot less absurd than fertility rates in Japan, China, USA or Europe. North Koreans form families in the traditional sense, man, woman and children of which the man is the father and the woman the mother – that’s becoming rare in the USA and Europe.

    • The Norks are controlled through a philosophy called Jueche (sp?). As much as I hate to give NatGeo props, they have a couple documentaries where they were allowed an inside look. It’s rather “eye opening” to see people thank and praise Kim Jong-Il instead of the doctor that restored their sight. They only have traditional families so long as they’re slavishly devoted to the Kim family. Any dissidents are sent off to reeducation camps where they and their families are worked to death and the children often remain imprisoned until they die as well. Sounds like paradise, eh?

      • Nobody mentioned paradise except you. They mentioned sustainable, which of course, is not equal to “pleasant”.

        Keep your snark to yourself; it’s unbecoming.

        • The problem is that it is not sustainable. Only the fanatically devoted get something approaching proper nutrition and that is provided by the Chicoms. Children in North Korea are nearly a foot shorter than their South Korean counterparts and suffer from diseases like Rickets and Vitamin A deficient blindness. The Kim regime is a sock puppet for the Chicoms. This is the only reason Un is still in power.

          Globalist poz is endemic to First World countries. Perhaps it’s merely the result of abundance but it is present in Korea and Japan as much as it is in the West. The poz just varies a bit based on culture.

        • Turn the libs into Soylent Green. Make it taste like Popeye’s chicken.

          And in a delicious twist, only feed it to people on welfare.

  22. Soviet humor served a subversive purpose. It kept people connected to reality, that they lived under an incompetent tyranny. It could serve the same purpose in showing up the cultural marxists who are running our culture into the ground. So…anyone heard a good one lately?

  23. Taboos grow up around truths which can’t be publicly addressed but neither can be totally suppressed. I live in a city with a massive Civil Rights Museum that takes up several city blocks. I call it “The Ministry of Civil Rights”, and sometimes when I pass it I think, “This is our pyramid (albeit poorly built compared to the real ones), where we worship our strange gods, like Martin Luther King.” A holiday for a plagiarist storefront preacher who was a puppet for the communists is probably a lot more destructive than pretending that cats are gods, though, or that dead people can take their material wealth with them into the next life. Much as the “Ossies” and West Germans knew the Trabant car was a joke, we know our emperors are fools. The Japanese and Chinese find our delusions especially amusing and curious

    • Well, not a “storefront preacher”. He had actual churches in Atlanta (Daddy King’s church) and Montgomery. He was a plagiarist, a pervert, and a Communist. But not a “storefront preacher”.

  24. It will boil down to whether people will admit their mistakes.

    I had a conversation the other day with a former coworker. This person has made and continues to make personal mistakes and will not admit them. When the obvious is pointed out it is always blame someone else.

    There are a lot of people like that. They continue to vote for the Socialists because they can’t admit they are wrong. When it collapses they will still refuse to admit they were wrong.

    The only hope is for some of them realize their mistakes.

    • This is the whole point of committee… there’s no personal accountability and therefore no mistakes that cause those awful personal guilt feelings and stresses.
      Feminism, distilled and supplied as a delicate skin cream. Because RealMenMoisturize, don’t ya know.

    • Unfortunately for most, people have to be kicked in the asses with their wrong ideas before they realize they’re wrong.

    • Rome was unsustainable. The USSR was unsustainable. America is unsustainable. It’s just Q of which year.

    • If you listen to most of the Korea experts in the media they make NK look like a impervious state that is no danger of collapsing, etc.

      Before Trump met with Kim, these experts all predicted a disaster

      Even now they are ripping Trump a new one on the summit with rocket man saying Trump caved.

      Here’s the thing, these “experts” mostly pasty faced white guys and barbie girls in their early 30’s and some in their 50’s have a vested financial interest in the status quo. Also none of them ever negotiated anything in their lives. They are basically midgets.

      These are also the same sorts who lied to us about the Soviet Union and Iraq.

  25. “We’re required to pretend there are 57 genders, which seems a click more nutty than pretending the Lada was a nice car… Does it matter if lots of people are willing to believe the nonsense? Today, lots of liberal women buy into the unlimited gender stuff.”

    This reminds me of something equally nonsensical and delusional regarding how we decide whether someone is “gay.” If a man can have sex with his wife often enough to produce one or more children, raise them and stay married, but eventually hangs out at West Hollywood leather clubs, we say he is gay, not bisexual. The commonest trope is “so and so was married and had nice kids but now he’s out of the closet.” It’s as if the heterosexual parts of his life were mere dirt to be scrubbed away to reveal the shining sodomy within. There seems to be a sort of “one drop rule” regarding homosexuality, at least for males. This, along with “gay pride,” is symptomatic of more “let’s pretend this isn’t absurd,” Soviet-style mendacity. The very notion of a “straight pride” parade sounds ridiculous on its face, yet here we are—living in a culture that celebrates an explicit civic pride in only one form of sexual orientation: a sterile one.

    • It’s the “one dick rule”…suck one dick, and you’re a cocksucker the rest of your life.

        • I won’t respond in kind, knowing you suffer PTSD on account of your family.

          I was asking a serious question.

          • The mental retardation doesn’t help much either. I dunno Frip. If there was anything good about queers I think I would have found it. I am on my Hitler phone so I dunno if it is still there , but Z does a fair job addressing queers in the Mokita section. Those people are only making their lives worse is the way I see it.

      • Probably not. Alt right is premised on recognizing the true order of things. The true order of marriage rules out gay “marriage,” so you would be at least apathetic to the true order of things, and thus apathetic to an Alt Right premise.

    • I know a couple of gay men. One in his early 50’s and the other one in his mid 60’s. Both left their wives after having families. The older one managed to be “straight” for a while – until he met the younger one. The younger one only was with a woman long enough to marry her – and have two kids. It only took a few short years after the kids were present for him to “go gay”.

      I don’t think there is any bisexing going on with either one of them. They’re now all gay all the time. The with a woman thing was simply a way to have kids on their parts. So what they are in the end – is massive liars. Lying is one very consistent behavior I’ve seen out of the gay community since I started paying any attention at all way back in the 1980’s. Back then it was constant lying on the part of “gay activists” in regards to the whole AIDS epidemic thing. They expended huge amounts of energy trying to point the finger anywhere and everywhere except where it should be pointed – which was right back at them.

      If the “gay community” had decided to act responsibly way back in the 1980’s in regards to the AIDS thing – I think you would have seen a little bit more respect thrown their way as a result. Instead they obfuscated, lied, and deflected, that only made the problem worse. This same behavior I saw out of the gay community back then – is the same behavior I see out of these people that I know now here in 2018. It’s pretty consistent.

      The gay community persists in propogating a lie every single time it brings up the “homophobia” thing. Not liking something doesn’t make it a phobia.

      • Frip, I certainly do not speak for the Dissident Right, but it is possible not to be “anti-gay”and still be firmly opposed to gay marriage. There is simply no equivalence between heterosexual and homosexual marriage and they cannot logically be treated as the same thing. Best explanation below.
        Some thoughts about marriage and natural law theory.
        It would be difficult for any proponent of biological reality to square that circle, I think.

    • In the acclaimed film “Brokeback Mountain,” when Anne Hathaway’s male relatives killed her husband in punishment for his homosexual activity, I was completely sympathetic to her and her family, though I felt shocked and sad for the death of her closet-fag husband. I’d like to see a film that sympathetically shows a Christian, decent loving mother being betrayed by her philandering gay husband, whose spawn she has carried and birthed at some risk, only to be betrayed by someone not actually attracted to her or that life, but rather the degenerate homosexual lifestyle.

    • Well, in your example, the “gay” vs “bi” label would seem to stick because it seems he has dropped the “wife and kids charade”. “Bi” would probably still stick for a male who remains an equal opportunity freak.

  26. My friend’s fiancée is enough of a cradle-to-grave socialism Lefty to have been a Bernie-Gal, and even she knows that the whole “transgender” thing is nuts.

    • I actually LOVE the whole 57 flavors of gender thing.

      I became especially delicious when they started opening up the women’s bathrooms to men in dresses.


      Because women have been the ones driving all this bullshit – that’s why. And when they start complaining about some guy with back hair and strapless dress tinkling in the stall next to their daughter – because it’s largely their fault this has gone as far as it has – I get to tell them that.

      They opened Pandora’s box. They should have known better what was in there before they opened it.

      Last year when the bathroom stuff started getting a lot of press – my father’s second wife , her sister, and couple of other early to mid 60’s women were at a family get together at my father’s house. They started complaining about the bathroom thing.

      I told them – ” this is women’s fault – you should really take it up with your fellow women”.

      They got all pissed off . ” Why is this women’s fault!?!?”.

      “Because” I said : ” when was the last time you saw any STRAIGHT men marching in the streets with pink vagina hats on their heads or walking hand in hand with gay rights activists looking for ‘equal rights’ – that’s ALWAYS a female thing and has been since the 1960’s. You NEVER see straight men out there participating in this kind of thing – at least not ones who live outside places like Cambridge MA. – therefore – women are largely to blame for all of this……….. ”

      That pretty much shut them up.

  27. Right now there is a large vein in DeNiro’s head about to burst. Another win for Trump will be just too much for that idiot and his friends.

    • Well said sir. I’m anxiously waiting for one of them to expire, live feed and flopping like Michael J stepping over a two mile box cow wire. Truly a Magnus Opus, deserving a hat trick of a Tony, an Oscar and a Darwin Award.
      Old Nancy might be the first contestant, she’s had some calls close enough to make me catch my breath and get a tingle in my leg.

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