The Sacred Immigrant

For a long time, I’ve made the point that the Republican Party is not really a political party, in the sense that it is a coalition held together by common interests. Instead, it is more like a dumping ground for politicians, who no longer fit in with the Democrats. About a third of Republican office holders would prefer to be huddling with the Democrats, but the voters of their home district or state have decided the Democrats are too crazy, so ambitious politicians run as Republicans. The result is a party held together by convenience.

You see that with the immigration disaster brewing in the House. As it stands the GOP could simply do nothing on immigration and ride the wave of popular support into the election. That would be the smart thing. Instead, they are trying to pass an immigration bill, that has no chance of making it through the Senate. Now, this could be good politics, if it is popular with their voters. Instead, they are about to pass a bill highly unpopular with their voters and sure to remind Trump supporters why they hate the GOP.

A leaked draft of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) amnesty deal could lead to the “biggest” amnesty for illegal aliens in United States history, experts tell Breitbart News.
Ryan’s immigration deal would go beyond giving amnesty to only the nearly 800,000 illegal aliens who are enrolled in the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

According to a leaked draft of the amnesty deal, obtained by Breitbart News, Ryan’s plan would allow the entire “DACA population” to be eligible for amnesty so long as they meet low educational, work and criminal requirements, prompting the amnesty to explode in size.

That DACA population could include the nearly 3.5 million DACA-enrolled and DACA-eligible illegal aliens, and even more illegal aliens who arrive in the U.S. to fraudulently obtain the amnesty.

NumbersUSA Governmental Affairs Director Rosemary Jenks told Breitbart News that Ryan’s amnesty will — at the least — allow 1.8 million illegal aliens to stay in the U.S.

“This has the potential to turn into the biggest amnesty we’ve ever had,” Jenks said.

The leaked amnesty deal reveals that Ryan and the Republican establishment may even be considering going beyond giving amnesty to DACA illegal aliens.

A second amnesty is included in the leaked draft, one that would allow the children of temporary foreign guest workers and “anyone who has a ‘contingent nonimmigrant status’” to apply for the amnesty.

This amnesty for the children of temporary foreign workers does not have a numerical cap, allowing for an endless amount of foreign nationals to obtain amnesty through this avenue known as “Pathway Concept B.”

“The winners are the DREAMers cause they get their amnesty, Democrats because they don’t have to concede much to get the amnesty and donor-class Republicans who are interested in perpetuating the current system,” Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Jessica Vaughan told Breitbart News of Ryan’s leaked amnesty deal.

It is tempting to blame this on the secret “donor party” that allegedly manipulates the inner party, like some sort of Turkish conspiracy. There’s no doubt that agriculture lobbies and the tech industry push hard for unlimited “guest worker” visas. No matter how many indentured servants they are granted, it is never enough. But, who is pushing for amnesty? In whose interests is it to hand a ballot to millions of foreigners? That actually hurts the cheap labor lobby, as it removes exploitable people from the labor pool.

This is an example of why so-called conservatives lost every fight over the last thirty years. They start with the assumption that the other team is working from facts and reason, motivated by a desire for some tangible goal. In this case, immigration patriots will demand everyone believe Paul Ryan is getting sacks of cash to push this ridiculous amnesty bill through the House. Sure, some of the provisions are bought by lobbyists, but the amnesty stuff has no obvious constituency in the Republican Party.

The fact is, people are more often motivated by a desire to be seen as on the side of angels, even if it brings personal risk. Just look at the number of pols who have driven a hole into their career opposing Trump. As they go under for the last time, they are smugly certain they are doing the Lord’s work. For many in our political class, open borders is entirely a moral issue now. They want to grant the blessing of your town to the world, because they feel righteous as they watch it play out from their guarded communities.

This suicidal altruism is not just confined to the political class. Any time the immigration question comes up, there are people who will blurt out “I’m not opposed to legal immigration. it is illegal immigration I oppose.” That’s why the political class is working to legalize every conceivable form of immigration. If there are literally no laws against coming here, then there can be no illegal immigration and everyone is happy. It’s the natural result of sacralizing the immigrant. The only question is about how best to worship him.

It’s why arguments from facts and reason about immigration have had no impact on the political class. Even as the public begins to get serious about the issue, the politicians are unresponsive, because they correctly see the immigrant remains a magical figure in the mind of the public. Until a large majority of the voters become hostile to immigration in the spiritual sense, the political class will continue to worship migrants. Yeah, the cheap labor lobbies play into this and exploit it, but the root problem here is immigrant worship.

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  1. PC Republicans act as though they’re the righteous, but I think this is about genocidal class war. The white upper classes hate their white social inferiors, and can act on that hatred, through this proxy war.

    Early on they can starve out their class enemies, by cutting them out of work. Later on, their brown and black enforcers can slaughter the remainder.

    The virtue-signaling is just the socially acceptable expression of murderous hatred.

  2. The immigration racket is a classic exemplar of how the deep-state – big government and its appurtenances – work, i.e., by privatizing whatever gains are to be had, whether moral, electoral or fiscal, and by socializing (off-loading) the costs onto the electorate, a.k.a. the dirt people.

    In the ultra-exclusive, high-dollar gated communities where so many of the so-called “elites” live, how many of those immigrants are to be found as neighbors, rather than simply menial laborers to do the work the wealthy privileged won’t do? Probably not many at all, for statistical purposes, nearly none.

    The cloud people have no intention of living with the “new arrivals;” that’s not their kind of job. They mean for ordinary Americans to tackle that particular problem.

    Open borders are indeed suicidal altruism, but an altruism that allows the self-destructive, delusional left to drag the rest of us down with them, as they smile smugly all the while. It’s the virtue-signaling that matters; copping that dopamine high off their own neurotransmitters as they congratulate themselves on how much better than others they really are.

    The real-world destruction wrought by their policies is of no importance whatsoever – collateral damage on the road to that utopian future the left is always telling us so much about.

    In the case of political gains, our would-be lords and masters are A-OK with a dumbed-down electorate whose aggregate IQ is moving in the wrong direction, as it is much-easier to control dumbed-down and docile de facto farm animals than actual people with intelligence and agency of their own.

    The Hart-Celler Act of 1965 sealed the deal by flipping America’s traditional immigration policies, which had favored Europeans and European civilization, in favor of third-world peoples and other non-Europeans.

    For the Democrats, the answer to the question: “How do we win elections in traditional America?” was answered by a single word: “Cheat!” – and the GOP, being the gutless placeholders and designated losers that they are – let them get away with it!

    The fact that the deep-state – Cultural Marxism, Inc. – profits enormously from the massed flowed of people in and out of this country (and many others besides) is just icing on the cake.

  3. After all is said and done, one just has to quit talking about all of this. This is another Dead Horse issue which has been thoroughly beaten. The corrupt political hacks at all levels have abandoned principles, ethics, justice, and morality.
    The Brown Tidal Wave started years ago and will not be stemmed as long as the Dead Elephants(POTUS included) can have their cheap labor, and the Marxist Jackasses can have their voters. They care not a fig about the sheeple who continue to put them in office.
    At my advanced age, all that is left to do is watch it all disintegrate and prepare myself and my tribe for impact. As it has been stated on WRSA many times: Harden your hearts. This will not end well. Bleib ubrig.

    • Frankly, the white voters have only themselves to blame. They are the ones who keep voting for snakes like Ryan, McConnell and McCain. If White America really wants to stop immigration all they have to do is toss whores like Ryan and McConnell out. But they keep voting for the same losers and sellouts time and again and blame them “furren darkies” for the sorry state.

      Really, maybe Ethnic Nationalism should be defined as the art of blaming others for your failures.

      • I agree to a point. A big problem is whites simply by and large do not give that much of a damn about whites. “Is it good for the Whites?” Huh? Race and common American heritage, and Western civilization, it’s not enough for them to unite. It’ll take whites becoming a minority, but they might do what our elites want and almost entirely mix away the DNA.

  4. They are merely doing the bidding of their owners – the Koch brothers and the REST of the Rove Republican Davos and Bilderberg swill. BOTH parties have the same goal – One World Government. The only difference is that the Rove Republicans want to go there at a slightly slower rate, and they have different sets of cronies to slop at the government trough whilst en route.

  5. We ARE doomed, as Derbyshire put it. The Blackest of the black pills. There is nothing.

  6. Don’t agree that political class is simply following the voters immigrant worship. Polling shows voters generally want far less (approaching zero) legal immmigration too.

  7. We don’t need any more immigrants from any where. I’ll tell the gop their days are numbered.
    I really hate these democracy loons. They can all speak their piece in the town square while the vandals knock down their front doors. Oh its already happened. Too late.
    Hope you all have a prepared position with your backs to a blue line and you are stacking magazines.
    There will be no extraction for us this time.

    • and why is it that you think the replacements for the gop politicians are gonna do anything different?

  8. My comment is obvious and well known. Corporations want cheap labor. They do not want to be saddled with all the additional expenses of employing uneducated, low IQ immigrants from third world countries. The taxpayers pickup all additional expenses and the Corporations keep the profit. I was in the Corp world for 20 years and have operated my own business since the late 80’s. Corporate welfare and money handed out to political lackeys to facilitate the continuance of the public cash cow is the order of the day. This has nothing to do with politics. Graft and corruption at its finest for the very few. The taxpayer is granted the privilege of whoring daily in order to provide luxury status to multinationals.

    • That’s maybe half of it.

      The also want legions of new dummies to buy their products and services. With their paychecks or with EBT cards and welfare checks – makes no difference to them.

      • exactly, drake…the economy is 70% consumer demand…and immigration props up the ponzi economy via population increase….and that allows the rich to keep getting rich, and some of that money goes to gop politicians who are gonna pass amnesty…there is no political solution to this mess

  9. is why a wise man said 2500 years ago. most ppl would prefer to be thought good, than to be good.

  10. There is no real immigrant worship among the electorate according to some of the latest polling. Something like 70% want it stopped and and more than half want a outright moratorium.

    It is only found in crazy white liberals and associated lunatics who are socially and economically isolated from immigration.

    That said the GOP should have died in 2016 but was given a new lease on life by Trump. Because at that point the party was indistinguishable from the Democrats on all major issues. Hell the party leaders openly campaigned against Trump and to this day work against him.

    That said, the Democrats are nuts. They are what you get when you cross Barney Frank, Farrakhan and Maduro.

  11. Z Man;
    So, are you saying Amnesty is the new Prohibition_? I’d say there is a case to be made.

    Parallels: A policy obviously contrary to basic human nature clothed in elite feminist self-righteousness that male elites, for some unfathomable reason, dare not question. Any mention of the highly predictable negative consequences is waived away as unspeakable bad think. A pseudo-religious movement pushed forward by unhappy hysterics seeking personal redemption without, you know, actually being willing to bend the knee to God.

    Differences: Alcoholism really *is* destructive to individuals in its grip and their (mostly) innocent families. Anti-immigration (legal and illegal) attitudes are not self-destructive nor bad for anyone’s kin who are here now.

  12. The descendants of the Frankfurt School have promulgated a narrative where whites are uniquely evil due to the Inquisition, the American Indian genocide, slavery, and the Holocaust. These descendants have incentivized the sociopathic, high IQ gentiles to join them. This coalition desires a future where a high IQ elite rule over a low IQ brown mass.

    This coalition believes that the extermination of badwhites will inaugurate their glorious future. Massive immigration into white countries is crucial to this vision. Either the badwhites or their attackers will prevail. It is that simple. Make your plans accordingly.

    • I don’t know if Franz Fanon had links with the Frankfurt School, but he and Edward Said were the Pablo Escobar and El Chapo of white guilt.

  13. Mexico will soon elect their version of Hugo Chavez and begin it’s descent into economic hell on earth. Misery loves company, so they are most anxious to help the USA join them at the bottom by exporting their poor across the border and ensuring that all future elected representatives in DC will be closet Marxists. Ryan is not a noble idealist, he is a fifth columnist working tirelessly to legalize national suicide by proxy. If we were in an actual hot war, no one would hesitate to empty the magazine.

  14. Why, given the century+ head start by the Spanish and Portuguese in colonizing the new world, are their former colonies still unable to form and maintain the kind of societies their own people wish to live in? How many of these countries are reliant on remittances and drug money from the US to stay afloat? How many immigrants from these countries live off welfare in one form or another? In a culturally confident society we would be asking and debating these questions.

    • The combination of Spanish and Catholic is enough to freeze a nation in the amber of it’s worst qualities, like Argentina and to a lesser degree Uruguay. Chile opted out of that fate, temporarily at least, at the point of a gun. Add low IQ to that mix and you have the rest of Latin America. Brazil is a special case, really two nations and two people. Soon enough it will be two nations.

    • Oh, this was an excellent find! Everyone should go read this public declaration of cuckoldry principles and morality, lol.
      I went to archive it, but someone had beaten me to it, over a year ago, lolol.
      I’ve bookmarked the site, I want to see his progressive meltdowns.

  15. Immigrant worship has been around for a long time. You see it in the great prewar movies of Frank Capra. In one of them there is a scene – at the Lincoln Memorial (!) – where two quintessential movie WASPs (I think it was James Stewart and Jean Arthur) symbolically hand the reins over to a nonthreatening, small, lovably eccentric Italian fellow (played by a jewish actor) who is proud of his enormous family. Needless to say, the Stewart and Arthur characters are childless.

  16. “The fact is, people are more often motivated by a desire to be seen as on the side of angels, even if it brings personal risk.“

    True. And how do Americans in 2018 know what the “moral” side is?

    My theory is that they are informed by the moral framework developed at our elite universities. Then that moral framework is:
    1) inculcated to every student who passes through those universities, making it a perceived marker of intelligence & status. and;
    2) Disseminated by all forms of mass media including press, radio, film, TV & Internet.
    So if you want to understand who is responsible for imposing the moral framework that causes white people to make suicidal choices, you need to look at who is most influential at elite universities & in mass media.

  17. We would never welcome the white South Africans. I’m tired of boomer sentimentality being used against our race.

    • Seeing as the white south africans already gave *their* country to the nigs, it probably isn’t going to be a good idea to bring them here. That’s why Oz is a good destination for them — they are already pozzed there.

      My biggest enemies are all pozzed whites.

  18. Ok – let’s get real – Do the elites see immigration as a means to be among the righteous – like they’re doing the humane thing? No they do not. There may be some fourteen year old girls, along with the rest of the Marxist masses, that have been indoctrinated with suicidal altruism tendencies, but the masters know what they’re doing. With what people like Merkel have done, they’re aware there will be these many more thousands of rapes, murders, and other crimes. They understand they’re ripping their countries apart and they’re fine with that. No – we’re witnessing intentional destruction of Western society.

    • Yes, but why? Short term gain? I suppose they don’t have kids so they don’t care about their pain they’re inflicting on our kids, but I don’t think think this is the answer.

      I think they hate Americans. Simply hate us. Again, but why?

      • The elitists hate the Dirt People because they represent what the elitists would be if they weren’t elitists. Yuk! No helicopters, no yachts, no summers on the Riviera! After society is in ruins and the elitists retreat to their fortified compounds – even better! Yet more confirmation of their elitism, “See, I just KNEW we were better than the troglodytes. And we’re going to Soros’ party tonight!”

        • The elites hate flyover people because after several generations they have failed to come to heel with everybody else. This is vexing so cleansing is called for. This is the first revolution of an upper class against a middle class.

      • Do you really need to know why evil hates you? How about instead be focusing on how you can defeat the evil…

  19. There are probably more middle-class people who advocate amnesty, etc., than we would like to believe.

    I imagine a big part of the reason is that serious discussion of the issues is suppressed by the media, academia, religious organizations, the political class — and, increasingly, employers. The enforcement of political correctness in and by these institutions is crucial to keeping as many normies as possible in line. And so deviations from the narrative are increasingly punished.

    A lesson for our side is that having a serious, credible, sizeable presence in influencing public opinion is vitally important. It makes ordinary people start thinking and talking about their own interests.

    • Because the media only admits “immigrant” if the story fits their narrative. If the illegal alien tortures and throws kittens on the barbecue “for fun” they become a “Milford man.”

  20. They really are playing with fire on this one. I don’t know that Gavrilo Princip’s bullet really spiraled the continent into war, but I do know that it only takes one incident sometimes to set off a chain. The Kate Steinle shooting recently pissed off a lot of normies who usually just grin and bear it every day. In Germany, refugee rape and crime is a constant, but for some reason the rape and murder of a 14 year-old girl by a Kurd Turd who fled back to Iraq is really turning into a powder keg. It all reminds me of the final chapters of Herbert Sulzbach’s “With the German Guns,” as the defeated German army is marching home and being pelted with rotten fruit and insults by the locals: “How much of this are we to endure before something breaks?”

    • Speaking of powder kegs, Tommy Robinson was just moved to a prison filled with many Muslims who want Robinson dead. Thousands of British citizens are in the streets protesting. Imagine the eruption of rage if Tommy is killed.

    • You don’t know why the rape and murder of the (((14 yr old girl))) set off such a firestorm? OYYYYYY VEYYYY.
      Because the tribe says so, that’s why.
      “You can rape, murder and mutilate all the Goyim you want, you invading, conquering animal hordes, but don’t fuck with any of us Heebs, or your non-kosher bacon will be cooked.”

  21. “They (the politicians) want to grant the blessing of your town to the world, because they feel righteous as they watch it play out from their guarded communities”.

    The money quote, right there.

  22. I’d be curious to see what job Ryan has arranged for himself when he leaves office. Virtue signaling is too easy of an excuse but then again the cocktail party invites have been a suggested excuse as well. The cucks always seem to be paycheck whores and about the drive for self-enrichment whatever the cost.

    Frankly I believe the Uniparty knows that things will be even worse for them in November. They’re determined to do everything possible to ram through their agenda before the elections. CoC types only worry a year or two down the road and not generational/legacy costs.

    Anyone else for bringing back the Tory treatment of tar and feathers? I’d suggest rope and streetlights but I’d rather see that reserved for the Lugenpresse and Commies.

    • By the time Trump finishes his first term, none of the gope cucks will be able to make a fukkin’ cent. They will be persona non grata and no one is going to help them and risk incurring Trump’s wrath.

  23. I always thought the goal of politicians was to get re-elected. Ryan’s not running, but most other House Rs are. Why give the middle finger to your constituents when you need their vote? They don’t call it the stupid party for nothing.

    • Because they can make about the same amount of money out of Congress or sometimes more is why.

      You get elected, do what the elite want and than screw the people, they get rid of you? You still take the money and run.

      Often as not, the next guy is push to shove exactly the same.

      Also Ryan is from really White Wisconsin and that is a super cucked state in many respects. Too many Scandinavians

      There are legal peaceful solutions but we are fast running out of them and in the end if these fails its going to come to civil war

      Happily the forces are rising for that and the Right Cucks are slowly painfully getting the message delivered via a reality based clue bat.

      You can’t really convince them , people always double down on emotion driven ideology rather than change but they can and will change themselves

      It only requires maybe 10% of the population, 1/3 of Whites or less to win if they can learn to organize and develop and ideology. The latter two are in some respects the hardest part of all

  24. It’s because many Reps are working for the Dems. Ryan’s district is a swing district; it voted for Obama in 2008 for example. So why don’t the Dems run a viable candidate against him?

    • “Ryan’s district is a swing district; it voted for Obama in 2008 for example. So why don’t the Dems run a viable candidate against him?”

      There is no Democrat in the universe capable of generating such chaos and dysfunction within the GOP as Paul Ryan has managed. It seems clear that the Dems understand this and are intentionally standing down in the 1st Congressional District if they’re not outright supporting Ryan’s reelection campaigns on the sly.

  25. Yes, these are the acts of people gripped by religious mania. There are many examples of this in the past – Christianity is full of stories of people who abandoned everything to follow Christ. Remember St. Francis of Assisi, stripping himself naked and renouncing his father and his inheritance so he could follow the Lord. Then you have the end-of-the-world cultists, who will divest themselves of all their possessions as they expect to be carried off to a happier fate as the rest of the world perishes.

    These politicians are immolating themselves for the glory of… something. They don’t seem to expect that anything physical will happen to them as a result. Gated communities, and all that. They and their families are set for life, and they clearly don’t foresee any end to that. But I think that they expect that “History” is preparing a great reward for them. For people with no real religious faith, this is a semi-return to the ways of pagans, where the memory of later generations was the only form of immortality.

  26. You credit overly much the public. They were taught to worship the other by the same class that won’t relent now. As always I will remind you that the upper class decides the fate of a people and nation. Prole sentiments couldn’t stop Hart-Cellar and they won’t repeal it either.

  27. For the right, opposing illegal immigration, but being in favor of legal immigration is where support for “law and order” meets their number one ruling principle, “non-discrimination.”

  28. This will prove a tough nut to crack because it’s not just about the sacred immigrant, but the sacred place immigrated to. Americans love Magic Dirt theory because it makes us the land of Magic Dirt; the place where literally anybody can come from literally anywhere without a dime to their name and end up rich, just like Andrew Carnegie (or his animated avatar, Scrooge McDuck). That’s a powerful myth; it tells us that we’re a special and magical country. Admitting that we aren’t so magical that we can accept unlimited immigrants from any low-IQ Third World shithole and turn them into top-hatted millionaires with a vault full of gold coins to swim around in is a bitter pill to swallow. It involves putting aside ego; admitting that a myth about our own greatness really isn’t true. That’s hard… very hard.

    • “Magic Dirt” theory is a wholly-owned subsidiary of “Blank Slate” theory. I’ve never understood why so many people are invested in it against all the evidence to the contrary. I suppose for them it is better to be nice than to be truthful.

      • People love their illusions and will fight tooth and nail to keep them… Even to, having everything they love and care about destroyed in front of their eyes…

  29. It’s certainly possible that Repub pols such as Ryan have smoked the hopium. But I always tend toward the old cop show maxim, “follow the money”.

    • Yup. Billionaire money. Ask such mediocrities as Eric Cantor or Kelley Ayotte. Even a single term in the Imperial City pays off like winning the Lotto.

    • Of course it’s all about money. To say a politician is doing anything, except for money is naive in the extreme.

      • agreed–politicians do things for money…and the money comes from the rich, from big why is zman dispensing all this goop about political parties and party affiliation and how politicians want to do the right thing? And why are his readers here eating it up?

  30. Becoming a politician to line up a lucrative future career as a lobbyist or fixer or corporate board toady makes sense. However, why do some people run for office when there is truly no chance of victory? Is this just self-destructive ego or a religious impulse of the kind Zman describes? Why, for example, does anyone run for California governor or senator, as a Republican? At least any given Democrat has a nonzero chance of winning. Might as well have Fred Phelps run for mayor of West Hollywood.

    • “Why, for example, does anyone run for California governor or senator, as a Republican” . who was govenor before ole jerry?

    • I lived in LA in the early 90s. Had a Republican Mayor and Govenor and they were desperately trying to stem the tide of illegals. But the writing reason the wall.

  31. Suicidal altruism may be the motivation for some politicians and citizens, but many of the open border folks are motivated by a deep seated contempt for the USA – it’s history, political and economic system.

    And the best way to destroy what remains of our Constitutional Republic is to allow millions of illiterate ethnic Mexican and Central American Amerindians as well as assorted third world types.
    (Note that “european looking” type Mexicans/Central Americans – like Vincente Fox or Jorge Ramos – need not sneak into the USA; these types are the elites/ruling class of Latin America).

    The scheme is to immediately allow these illiterates to vote – for leftist democrats of course – which in turn will allow the likes of Shumer/Pelosi or worse to gain control of the Congress and White House.
    The ends justifies the means.

    Australia has the correct idea; allow entry only to those whose skills and education are needed by their nation. This is why they have turned away, literally at sea, thousands of “immigrants” from mostly nearby S.Pacific islands.
    The Aussies may soon allow in white S.Africans – farmers in particular – as a humanitarian policy. S.African whites are being targeted for extermination by the blacks there as that nation rapidly pursues the Zimbabwean path into hell.
    But these white farmers will bring with them a “westernized culture,” and should readily acclimate to Australian values.

    People always bring their culture with them even if their culture created the sh*thole they are leaving; this is no secret (Thomas Sowell has written extensively about his).

    The open border types know this , which is why they know these illiterates will vote the “correct” way and why the open border lefties make sure they themselves live and send their own kids to schools far removed from the third world detritus they welcome into the USA.

    Like all elitists, irrespective of political ideology, they will “hang” with their own tribe of elitists and inhabit the institutions of the elites. Open border elites just see the illegals as a mechanism to seize power and allow them to “transform” the USA into a socialist paradise (with themselves, of course, ruling the roost).

    • Ah yes, the “native Hispanic peoples” like blue-eyed Jorge Ramos and Vincente Fox. With their Conquistador Basque/Iberian genes they lord over the indigenous brown Indios & Squats, and pretend they are one and the same with the people.

  32. Any time the immigration question comes up, there are people who will blurt out “I’m not opposed to legal immigration. it is illegal immigration I oppose.” That’s why the political class is working to legalize every conceivable form of immigration.

    Ugh. I try to explain this on “conservative” sites and so many just don’t get it. It’s incredibly frustrating. One thing I always say is, “The problem isn’t that they are illegal, the problem is that they are here.”

    • “Legal good, illegal bad” was even part of Trump’s campaign speeches about The Wall, which he said, “will include a big, beautiful door.”

      • Yup. He hat-tipped to the immigrationists.

        Having said that, there was a time — before the end of the 19th century — when immigration was a net-benefit for this country. We should have closed the doors at that point and encouraged people to reproduce.

        That’s the answer to low or declining population growth, isn’t it? Instead of destroying our society with immigrants that can and will never fit in, we should — and still can — provide moral, financial and social benefits to young couples having children. We should idolize these families (not the kids, but the families). Perhaps, give huge tax breaks or a per kid bonus to working families with kids. Something like that.

        • Problem being so many American born females don’t want the lifestyle impact of children, nor do they want to ruin their hot little bods in the production of offppring. The left — our intellectuals, creative class, academics etc — have won this branch of their warplan. It’ll take tremendous, culture-wide effort on our part to overcome this deficit.

          • That won’t happen until it all comes tumbling down sad to say…Once on easy street very few have it in them to get off of it until they are forced to…

        • Or how about get to the root of the problem and do away with all income and property taxes, all forms of welfare, the federal reserve and a whole host Gov. Jobs…

          • I don’t understand how you can believe the “root of the problem” is taxes and welfare when we are being invaded by non-whites. If you want small government and lots of non-whites, Somalia beckons to you.

            Taxation and welfare were at most a minor problem in the Scandinavian countries when they were white. How can you libertarians think economics is the root problem?

          • Well how about let’s give my way a shot and if it doesn’t work then we can do it your way and go for broke and burn it all down…

          • LOL.
            Who the hell is paying for the importation?

            Did you miss the earlier post about NGO’s being paid BILLIONS of dollars by THE GOVERNMENT – to act as “resettlement” agents?

            Where is all the welfare going? ZMan already covered this quite a while back – with a reference to a VoxDay column about how much the typical black costs in welfare and other forms of support payments. It was something like $700k lifetime if I remember correctly. And that was coming directly out of the pockets of WHITE taxpayers.

            Pop quiz: what happens when Shaniqua can’t get more welfare payments and WIC cards for having another kid? Does she:

            A) have another kid anyway and get a job to support it

            B) Have the kid anyway and get the baby daddy to pay for it

            C) At least consider the possibility she should stop popping out kids.

            The fact that you don’t understand that economics rules most of the decisions that humans make on a daily basis in a “modern” society is not an indictment of people like Lineman who point this out – it’s an indictment of YOU and the fact that you don’t understand that a good part of the reason why we’ve got both an immigration problem AND a problem with the inner cities – is because we KEEP FUNDING THE PROBLEM.

            What you subsidize – you get more of – is an ECONOMIC RULE – that completely explains this problem.

            Taxation and welfare were ALWAYS a problem in Scandinavian countries even when they were all white. Government is ALWAYS a problem – the people who founded this country knew that – and they were all white. Adding races just compounds the issue – it doesn’t introduce it.

            One thing that is plainly clear to me reading thru sites like this and watching some of the comments – is that there’s an awful lot of leftists who apparently are peeved off about the darkies coming along and horning on their nice little progressive welfare state. Now they’re calling themselves “civic nationalists” or “alt righters” – but in the end you can wash the red out of them.

            The reflexive defense of “Scandinavian welfare state” and comments like ” taxes and welfare are not a problem” are like watching Men in Black – where the aliens just can’t keep the disguise going for too long – sooner or later the lizard comes out.

            Lefties leaving their sinking political ship are like Californians leaving for Texas. They carry their sickness with them. They’ve already infected the libertarian side of things so badly that everybody thinks libertarians are a bag of retards, they’ve infected the Republican party – as pointed out in ZMan’s column. Now they’re scattering like rats and showing up in places like the comment section here.

            Economics are ALWAYS an issue. Given the choice between affluence and living with darkies – or living in poverty and an all-white community – guess which one people are going to choose?

            The answer shouldn’t be too hard to figure out – because people already chose it – and the results are all around you.

        • Was it even a benefit then?

          Much of the leftist stupidity we have in this country originated from European immigrants from the post-Civil War era.

          Communism and socialism are not native-born philosophies – they were imported by European immigrants in the latter half of the 19th century.

          Without all of that immigration – and importation of corrupt European “ideas” – we’d likely have a VERY different country right now if the natives who were already here had worked double time to populate the country instead of importing more people.

        • The revalorization of the family, honoring the traditional mother and father who sire children and then raise them, will take a return to the time when a man (or single mom) could support a family at a middle-class level on one income alone. That hasn’t been possible, for the most part, since around 1970 – almost a half-century ago. It has been that long since a man could graduate from high school and get a good-paying blue collar job down at the factory, job site or union hall.

    • Ever since immigration surfaced as a political issue, the stupid cucks among us have delivered (half-)witty quips like “What part of illegal don’t you understand?”

      By channeling the increasing misgivings about the immigration invasion into a sterile argument based on legality vs. illegality, the cucks have played directly into the hands of the pro-immigration mafia. “We agree with you! Illegal immigration is a real problem. We want to solve it by making all the latinos and Africans, present and future, legal. Presto, no more illegal immigration!”

      Vizzini has it exactly right. The problem isn’t that they’re illegal, it’s that they’re here. Stop making this an issue for lawyers to settle and make it an issue for patriots.

    • One unfalsifiable argument you hear is how much immigration has enriched our nation. Really? Can you show that this nation would, in fact, be less enriched by its own native population over the same course of decades or century? Remind me how Classical Athens (or Sparta) needed enriching? Or Renaissance Italy and Europe and the Rom,antic period of England. Not much immigration but some of the most creative and dynamic periods of history (also the Industrial Revolution and rise of science). All White and native to their countries.

      One of the most creative and inventive periods of New England (Hawthorne, Melville et al) came at a time of some two hundred years without any significant immigration into New England. Exactly what did they lack?

      • “Some party hack decreed that the people had lost the government’s confidence and could only regain it with redoubled effort. If that is the case, would it not be simpler, If the government simply dissolved the people and elected another? – Marxist playwright and author Bertolt Brecht

        The Democrats – finding traditional Americans and Americans unsuited to their purposes, dissolved the people and “elected” (imported) another.

    • Especially with the 40 and older strain of Conservatives. You just want to strangle the life out of them.
      Instead, I inundate the ones that are left in my Twitter timeline w/charts & graphs on a near daily basis. The craziest part, they seem to be completely inured to the havoc and injurious effects that their virtue-signaling for legal mongrels, causing on their own children/grandchildren and society as a whole.
      They also really get off on adopting those little pet negro “shields against racism” that they will whip out pics of, every time they get into an argument w/ anyone left of center. Another one of their bids for confirmation of their virtue and selflessness is when they post pics of their 3rd world missionary trips to the 3rd world.
      Oddly enough, they never seem to go to inner cities and help Tyrone and LaQuisha, let alone the white poor right here in this country. How many schools and houses have the Evangelicals built in Appalachia? How many billions have they sent to poor folks in MS, KY, WV?
      Do they get super angry and want to go to war over heroin & opioid makers/dealers? Push for laws and hold rallies,bombard their Congressman?
      Are they even remotely interested in the genocide of the Boer?

  33. If you are a politician you are by nature a creep. You lie all the time, you suck up to the people above you and you detest those below you. When you retire you know you will make millions at lobbying and law firms that continue to screw dirt people at the expense of your elite masters. Deep down you know all this and really detest yourself. Being pro-immigration is your one shot at redemption, at being able for once to call yourself a good person. Think of Merkel, Ryan, Pelosi et al. Sickening.

    • That’s exactly why it’s time to make an inventory of the strongest lampposts in every city. It’s high time to rid ourselves of ALL the bastards.

      • They should put little certificates on lamp posts, like they do with elevators, showing how much weight can be safely carried.

  34. It is all related to western egalitarian and universel values. After de-colonisation a new “normative-empire” replaced it. It legitimised itself with stories of the crimes of the “old empire” and the new empire would make it good again. 3.rd world migration is a part of “normative empire”. There is a belief of a new human being realised that transends old boundaries with migration. It a moral mission and to reject it is immoral. It is “racism” to not have humanity as a family value.

  35. Part of what what we’re seeing with Immigrant Worship is, in the eyes of the elites, more along the lines of “Honoring the Troops”. Destroying nations is a big job – and a job immigrants are “willing to do” – in numbers and impact not unrepresentative of a military.

    • In recent decades, two streams usually separate – immigration and the military – have sometimes touched, such as when a number of elected representatives raised the idea of forming an American Foreign Legion, based upon the French concept, i.e., foreigners who enlist to fight America’s wars, and after a specified interval of service – perhaps 10 years – would be rewarded with citizenship.

      The monster’s got to be fed, and if they run out of U.S. bodies to feed into the maw, foreign ones will do.

  36. I always thought the “Blue Dog” Democrats were a farce. They pretended to be moderate but at crunch time always did whatever Tip O’Neil or George Mitchell instructed. But at least they were honest about their party affiliation. And while they might be tougher on Defense and slightly less tax and spendy than your average lib, nobody really counted on them to do anything right.

    “Republicans” like Ryan, McConnell, and Corker would probably be Blue Dogs if the Democrats hadn’t gone insane. So you are right, the left half of the GOP is just a dumping ground.

    • Similarly, those who identify as “Independents,” vote NINETY PERCENT of the time as Democrats.

      As for Paul Ryan, I’ve always loathed that little smarmy peckerwood, especially after learning that he was a huge devotee of that narcissistic, cuckolding, shekel worshipping Jewess, Ayn Rand, and was the “mentee” of Jack “Bleeding Heart Conservative” Kemp, who Ryan said he deeply admired, and was his idea of a “model Congressman.”

      For those of you not alive or up-to-date on your Jack Kemp lore, he was a HUGE supporter of gibs to blacks, loved Affirmative Action, a major pusher of immigration & educating illegals, founded the committee to have MLK day made a holiday, eschewed balanced budgets, big pro-war guy, wanted to reform the free markets in Africa, pushed for electronic surveillance, and later in life was on many boards, two of which were the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Committee, and the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.
      He also was an early supporter of his close friend, John McCain, for Pres. Some of his other close buds were Joe Lieberman, Trent Lott, Lindsay Graham, Arlen Spector, Charlie Rangel, and lest I forget, his close, long-time friend, Al Gore.
      Knowing his affinity for Rand and Kemp, (along w/his love of far-lefty band, Rage Against The Machine), told me everything I ever needed to know about Paul Ryan.
      I thought he was peacing out to go get the big gibs on K Street, why is he still there? Is he just making sure to seal his legacy with one more FU to the GOP voting base, with this amnesty bill?

      Oh… I guess I just answered my own question.

  37. I wonder if something else might be at work here, too. Something even dumber?

    Consider our social programs. They’re all ponzi rackets. I remember Beck and the tea party crowd making big political miles on the fact that back then, every man woman, and child – legal and illegal – currently owed in excess of $250k in unfunded liabilities for them. It’s probably over $300k now. My retired parents were career civil servant bureaucrats.

    The argument they made (to stupid people) that we need this immigration to bolster the population so that it could pay for all those freebies our parents voted for themselves 40 years ago. Of course, as a politician pushing that argument, you would have to ignore all the obvious problems with it. So they go along making the right noises, filling their pockets with cash, and hope like hell that this time bomb doesn’t blow up on their watch. Kick the can down the road, and hope like hell Gen Z doesn’t hang the elders responsible for robbing them of any future. When I hear my geriatric parents bitching about their gold plated snivel servant pensions and how they deserve more, I just want to beat them to death with a lead pipe. When they beaked off about immigration I told my mother that what she really needed was about 95 Somali families to move into HER white bread upscale neighbourhood. When Mom recovered from the vapour lock I was unpersoned, branded a fascist, and hurled into the void. I don’t think my hatey fascism got me banished, I think my true crime was pointing out that she was clueless, and kinda sorta proving it. It is my conviction that any politico that tried to do the right thing about immigration… would get treated the same way by his electorate. There are real consequences to defying the clerics and engaging in political dissidence.

    Timing is everything. Immigration problems are coming to an end in Europe one way or another. They will in America too. Eventually.

    But whadda I know. I’m just one of those hateful, deplorable Trumpkins.

    • It goes both ways, dear. I’m a “hateful, deplorable Trumpkin” with twenty-something kids who vote themselves privileges, benes and refunds. My kids hate Trump. Irrationally.

      Interestingly, I’ve told them your line about having to live nearby hundreds of Somali families … they said I was racist.

      My best to your mum. And you.

      • Your kids will get the last cry, when they get to their 60s and all the transfer programs are bankrupt.

        • LOL. “Your kids will get the last cry”.

          I’m 54 and I fully expect the the shitstorm to hit right around the time I’ve reached retirement age. I’ve been telling the wife for like 20 years now ” I don’t expect to be able to just retire and go golfing like you see a bunch of people these days doing – I’ll have to keep working – all I ask for is a job that doesn’t completely piss me off every single day”.

          That pisses her off – because she apparently has some fantasy of living out the golden years in some cute little house on the shore.

          • Just a curious question to you and anyone around our age range, at what age were you when you came to the conclusion that you would most likely never see a cent in Social Security?
            I remember a boss I had when I was 17, (he was not quite 30), who “red-pilled” me on the SSQ (Social Sec Question), and from that point forward, I’ve always ignored most discussions about SS, assuming that it was a thing, like Medicare, that would most likely run dry sometime around the period when the last half of the Baby Boomers began hitting retirement age.

          • I think I’ve probably been working under the assumption that Social Security would not be around for me at retirement age for maybe 18-20 years now. And for as much as ZMan and some other people here bitch about “libertarians” – it was the LewRockwell site that really opened my eyes to how bad the US government’s financial position is. You never read that kind of thing in the mainstream media.

            I also remember being told in my late teens or early 20’s by my grandmother that they screwed Social Security when they put the money into the general fund and spent it. So now you’re talking about the early to mid 1980’s.

            So I don’t think people were unaware of the problems with Social Security even back then. My grandparents were deeply affected by the Depression and I don’t think they ever really trusted things after that. I do also remember reading books written during the 1930’s when the FDR administration put in Social Security – that pointed out it was a Ponzi Scheme and would ultimately collapse. So……… even at it’s inception there were people that could see the handwriting on the wall. The FDR administration was apparently pretty ruthless with critics – and engaged in the same sort of media whitewashing that we see going on these days when people questioned orthodoxy.

            Just read this the other day on


            I think Unz must have something wrong with him to hold Paul Krugman in such high regard – since I think Krugman is a damn retard …… but Unz’s point about how journalists like Flynn were “purged” because they questioned what FDR was doing – has direct relevance with the things that are going on currently.

      • I hope their indoctrinations at Cult Marx U wasn’t funded in any part by you, that you’re not housing, feeding, or paying for the live style/upkeep of these people in any possible fashion, financially.

        Because, if you are, then you’re reaping what you’ve sown, and I don’t have an ounce of pity for you.

    • Don’t forget that that there is a huge bureaucracy engaged in administering to all the immigrants. The public sector will always push for legislation that benefits them.

      • There’s not only a huge fed bureaucracy engaged in immigrant issues, there are also major bucks to be made for ‘refugee resettlement’ in the US. The 3 major NGOs engaged in US refugee resettlement are taking down over a billion a year in payments for this service from the US taxpayer. 2 of the 3 NGOs are church-affiliated groups that have wisely changed their names to disguise their origins. Any of you Lutherans out there should be aware that your donations for ‘refugees’ does nothing more than bring them straight into the US for resettlement.

        • Re: “The 3 major NGOs engaged in US refugee resettlement are taking down over a billion a year in payments for this service from the US taxpayer. 2 of the 3 NGOs are church-affiliated groups that have wisely changed their names to disguise their origins.”

          Social-engineering as a racket on a massive scale, paid for with someone else’s money! How is that in any way, shape or form legal, let alone ethical?

          When the real-world effects of this treachery manifest themselves – and they always do, as reality always gets the last word – there will be no place to hide for these turncoats and profiteers who have enriched themselves while helping to destroy the country.

        • Don’t blame the Lutherans, Catholics, Mormons, Evangelicals or any of the other variant of Zio-Cucked faiths.

          The best funded, most aggressive NGOs, world-wide, in their bid to remake the white Western countries, are all Jewish.

          #3 on my list of most important things to accomplish, is revoking tax-exempt status to *ALL* religious organizations, no exceptions, and preventing them from engaging in these governmental schemes.

          This should help prevent Evangelicans from sending tankers full of Ameri-bux to Israel, stop the Saudis from finanacing mosques in previously all white flyover country, and stopping those ludicrous airplane purchases/mega church constructions & all those retarded virtue-signaling missionary trips to Africa to dig wells and build schools.
          There should be about 300,000 schools, and about a million wells in Africa, by this point, yet, hardly anyone can read, and they’re always at Zero Days, in regards to running out of water.

    • and they say Boomers are shit. Lots of deplorables everywhere.

      Immigration, among other things, is ethnic cleansing. Main targets are a certain class and a certain race. This is war and they use the aliens as a form of shock troops.

  38. This wanders from the main theme a bit, but does a good job of trying to explain what exactly the Republican Party is and where it came from…

    An example: “The Republican party has had to live with a large gap between what it says and what it does. Deceit has become a habit and a fixed policy. Republican leaders always, and I mean always, act as if truth is the worst possible strategy—always opt for the gimmick instead of straight talk.”

    • The 19th century building of the transcontinental railroads was a massive corruption scandal, and one of the first things the GOP did as a party. We got our first dose of mass immigration as a result.

        • I think he is referring to the influx of immigrants from the 1880s through about 1920. That was a period of Republican control for the most part.

        • The Chinese laborers brought in to California to work on the railroad line from the Pacific to Utah.

  39. For years I’ve thought I should start something like Immigrant Protection Services, Inc. The way it would work is anyone engaging in activity they wanted “protected” would simply rent an immigrant and the immigrant would do things like answer the door and telephone. Upon seeing the immigrant and understanding what they were anyone coming to investigate the “activity” would immediately stand-down. Who was that football player who was convicted of dog-fighting maybe ten years ago? I’ve said since that incident he should have just hired several immigrants to have answered the door and make themselves visible… Bingo!… authorities gone. Kind of like a laundry detergent commercial from years ago. For my close circle, “Little Brown Gods” clearly communicates who is being referred to.

  40. It’s exactly the same type of behavior exhibited in the 1850s by the radical abolitionists who sacralized the negro from their upper class all white Boston neighborhoods. They brought on the first civil war imposing that worship on the nation.

    Resetting the timeline, we’re about at the point where the proxy war in Kansas starts heating up in 1856, only this time California is the contested battlefield. We’ve yet to see politicians start hitting each other a la Preston Brooks, but that’s the next milestone. When the modern John Brown hits right before the 2020 election, then the slide to open conflict will accelerate, because neither side is going to accept the other winning an election.

    • For the first war there were land grants given to successful commanders who raised their own units, have a buddy whose ancestor did just that.
      I’m planning here… The Ohio Blue-Tip Friekorps. Because that worked pretty damn good last time and we should give it the old college try on the Left coasts and the NE Yankydoms. All else failing, gray makes a fetching uniform.

      • Begging your pardon, but PLEASE do not lump everyone in the NE in with “Yankeedom”. Once you get north of Dutchess County NY things change a great deal, it’s deplorable country and yes we are making our own plans to deal with “Yankeedom” in the upcoming unpleasantness.

  41. Our political classes are so divided now that any true conservative is going to be ostracized and abused and so are his or her children. The societal pressure to conform to the dominant ideology is immense. Only the strongest and the best will resist. Try to be the best

  42. What Ryan needs is a Magic Immigrant movie… maybe a Green Mile remake with Michael Pena playing Juan Coffee.

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