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I have returned from the land of the perpetual 70’s. Newark is a strange place, in that it feels like it is trapped in a 1970’s blacksploitation film. Walking around the city, I saw lots of shucking a jiving. I saw people dressed like extras from a movie on the great heroin dealers of the period. Atlantic City has the same vibe. Maybe the 70’s was the peak for these places, at least for their current demographic, and they still have a residue of the era hanging over them. I had the theme song to Shaft in my head for the last week.

This week I wanted to do a show on politics. I have not been doing a lot of political stuff, so I thought it was a good time to swing back and do a show in political topics. In Newark, I was around some northeast Progressives, so hearing them talk about Trump got the juices flowing. There’s also been a lot of big stuff this week. The Korea summit and the IG report are a month’s worth of content for each event. Whatever you want to say about Trump, the guy is a man of action. He’s doing as much as he can, despite the opposition.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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21 thoughts on “Pure Politics

  1. Little late to the party but it seems Waltham has a lot of rainbow Flags or maybe it’s on the Newton line.

    anyways maybe the queers could celebrate over there. 🙂

  2. Trump is bafflingly terrible at being President.

    Declaring you oppose something only to eventually say you misunderstood after you staff wears you down is the sight of a pathetically weak man.

  3. Yeah, Ol’ Sparky…. Watching the FBI director’s excuse-fest yesterday, and all his talk about training, I thought that what they really need to do is throw some people in jail. Gee, we didn’t know we shouldn’t be corrupt, we need training! No, you need prison, and if you ever do get out, no pension.

    • Jail? Don’t be a wimp. How about stout pieces of rope for the lot of them? Castration would be an appropriate additional punishment for the adulterous Peter Strzok. Toss the corpses somewhere for wild animals to eat but no one can recover to bury.

  4. Just popping in to note that, while I tried to remain neutral about Ben Shapiro, I’m now convinced you are right about his overall disposition. You usually are! Happy Friday.

    • I have a similar ambivalence about Shapiro. Was there one incident that changed your mind?

  5. All of the supposed “Red Baiters” grossly underrated the threat coming from the left, McCarthy included. If Victor Suvorov is right (and I think “Ice Breaker” is on the money) Stalin was prepared to take over the entire continent, and would have, if Hitler hadn’t created a bulwark to tie them up. Yes, more people would have died if Hitler and the Nazis hadn’t existed. The pro-communist elements in Germany were very eager to replicate the Great Experiment consuming Russia. U.S. Capitalist (and supposed anti-Semite) Henry Ford was supplying Lenin with Fordsons and the US was supplying Lenin with grain as soon as the NEP was underway (this wasn’t done for the good of the peasants, who were starving, but for American businesses and the Politburo in Russia). A lot of people don’t understand why wealthy powerful Westerners would support communism, but it’s simple: In a communist society, the people at the top still live quite well (Lenin and co. had bacchanalian orgies with drugs and women in the palaces of the people they deposed), but you also get to kill or disappear someone for the smallest infraction, without consequence. Zuckerberg, Soros, etc., would do just fine.

    • Here is something everyone should read and heed…
      6. I learned that Stalin’s «triumphs» were possible because he slew innocent people: had there been an organized movement, even one-tenth in number, but organized, it would have swept Stalin away in two days.

    • I’ve read some of that nonsense. Hitler was a complete ideologue and blind to reality that didn’t fit his own world-view. Sure Stalin had big plans – all those early commies did.

      But to argue that Hitler saw it coming and Barbarossa was nothing more than a spoiling attack was just silly.

      • The available evidence does not support the argument that Hitler was acting defensively. Stalin was warned repeatedly about Hitler’s intentions. German soldiers, sympathetic to the communists left their posts to warn their Russian counterparts of their preparations for war, and the Russians refused to believe it. They executed them as spies.

        Stalin was every bit as wrong as Hitler, with regards to war between the two countries. Hitler thought he could knock out the Russians with one big haymaker. Stalin was sure his army would stop the Germans at the border.

        • I would say their actions don’t match a defensive plan either. You don’t impose thousand mile + supply lines on your army for defense. You don’t sacrifice an entire army corps trying to take a city (Stalingrad) a thousand miles from your border because defense (or even offense). You do not declare war on the U.S. to defend yourself from the Russians.

          You do that stuff because ideology has clouded your judgement beyond repair.

        • Check out Unz’s latest American Pravda on the issue, then let me know what you think. I’d encountered the subject before, but it’s still nuclear, so he has balls for even entertaining the theory. Someone once said the people in charge aren’t so much interested in controlling what we think, but rather what we think about. That’s definitely the case with World War 2.

          • “Not what we think, but what we think about”. This morning, Bloomberg has been wall-to-wall coverage of “Trump campaign manager” Manafort going to jail to prevent witness tampering. This guy who is being investigated for things done in 2005, which had nothing to do with Trump? Meanwhile, the IG report is completely ignored? “What we think about”, indeed…

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