Defending Our Own

Wishful thinking says that the various tribes in the coalition of the ascendant, the people we call the Left in America, will turn on one another. The laws used to punish white people for being competent society builders will be used by the new tribes against the coalition and the whole thing will collapse. Then there was the point that the people leading the coalition are the most tribal people on earth. This is now playing out in the lawsuit against Harvard.

Harvard is not about education. It is about credentials. When you major in math at Harvard, or any elite college, you are not learning a different math from the math majors at UMass/Boston. Look through the course catalog of an elite college and it is noticeably less rigorous than most state universities. Entrance to an elite university is both an IQ test and social proof. If you get accepted to Harvard, you are smart and you have the right temperament to be in the ruling elite.

What is playing out in this Harvard lawsuit is that the dominant tribe in the coalition is fighting to defend its position against this insurgent tribe, which has figured out how to game the admissions system. In order to prevent Harvard from becoming 50% Asian, they have rigged the system. The trouble is this is just the same sort of discrimination that Jews argued against last century. Instead of WASP’s blocking Jews from admission, it is Jews blocking Asians on cultural grounds.

It is important to remember that this is not about access to an education. Exactly no one thinks you learn more at Harvard than at UCLA or the University of Virginia. In fact, land grant universities, like Michigan or Wisconsin, offer vastly better education facilitates than the Ivy League colleges. What Harvard has is a credential that opens the doors to the nation’s ruling elite. At Harvard, you are with the future rulers and that has value to the current rulers.

The most probable outcome of this is the court eventually sides with Harvard, by fashioning some ludicrous exception to the laws that govern everyone else. After all, the current Supreme Court is made up of nine Ivy League graduates. Look down at the roster of the Federal bench and you will not see many guys named Wong who graduated from Cal State Fullerton. The whole point of having power is to use it to reward your friends and punish your enemies.

Now, this is amusing from the dissident perspective, but it is also useful, in that it proves an essential point. That is, individualism is a sure way to get trampled by a motivated identity group. The people on top of the regime got there by sticking together and working for their common good. The people suing them over admissions practices are doing so as a group. In the world of progressive politics, group identity is the top-level domain, it trumps everything else in the fight for position.

The same thing is happening to America as a whole. As of 2011, America was 60% non-Hispanic white. A majority of school aged children are non-white. Given the endless flood of migrants into the country, the die is cast. Within the next generation, whites in America will be a minority. Given the level of nastiness we see towards whites all over the popular culture, while whites remain a majority, imagine how aggressive and violent our new overlords will be when we are a clear minority.

This proves the other point about the multicultural creed. It inevitably must lead to lawlessness and group identity politics. Lee Kuan Yew was right, “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”  Look at majority-minority places around the world, or even cities in America with lots of diversity. Everyone puts their tribe above all else.

For generations now, white people have been bathed in the poaching liquid of individualism. Subversives like Ben Shapiro still preach this stuff, even while he sports a yarmulke and fingers his two passports. The frontier mentality is part of the romantic mythology of an America most white people cling to like a life raft. Libertarianism is really just a weird romanticism for a past that never existed and future that has been foreclosed by multiculturalism.

This will change as reality becomes clearer. The general lawlessness we see among our ruling classes is noticed. When white people enter “white couple” in a google image search and it returns all race mixers, a white identitarian is born. This battle between our would-be over-class and our current over-class is the sort of thing that opens the eyes of white people about the reality of America. Eventually, those words from Lee Juan Yew become a habit of mind.

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  1. That is, individualism is a sure way to get trampled by a motivated identity group.

    Someone named Salerno or something at Mises, in arguing that nationalism is a libertarian virtue, argues that nationalism is the means by which individuals secure their rights.

    You can’t have libertarianism without nationalism. The rabid and extreme individualism that dominates modern libertarianism is anti-thetical to everything they claim to want.

  2. It’s hard to feel sympathy for Asians when they voted 80% for Clinton (and 90% for Asians born here). Screw ’em. Hope they lose the lawsuit.

  3. I hear this place is restricted, Wang, so don’t tell ’em you’re Jewish, okay?
    – Al Czervik

  4. Dear Z,

    Likely I probably shouldn’t bother with this issue, irrespective it’s been chewing away at me, but will you please correct the record as follows: my alma mater, multiple, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, is and it never was a land grant college. Perhaps you had been thinking about Cow College up there.

    Michigan became an acknowledged public university in the “Michigan Territory” year 1817. Long before land grant was a widespread phenomenon.

    It’s a school that has given rise to many, many on the political right despite the bad press. My fraternity brother at Michigan reposes on President Donald Trump’s top 40 list of SCOTUS appointees and he is the third youngest direct appointee to a federal appellate court for example. Our ilk have always existed and prospered at top schools.

  5. Z Man, I’m not sure I agree with your prediction that Harvard will somehow win the case. Some of the methods used to reject Asian-American applicants are very similar to those used by Southern States to prevent black from voting during the Jim Crow period. The judges have to be fully aware of this parallel. Allowing Harvard to get away with this would be tantamount to ruling that a lot of anti-discrimination law that has been passed since 1965 is no longer valid. Lets just say the implications of this are profound and that they are not going to go this way.

    Instead, they might try to let Harvard snake out of this by claiming that, since the actual educational content offered at Harvard is no different than any state schools (as you said in your post) that discrimination against Asian-Americans is not really discrimination because they get the same “product” elsewhere. The problem with this one is that it sounds lot like “separate but equal” that was used to discriminate against blacks in the Jim Crow South. Harvard would then have to show that Asian-American graduates from state universities that were rejected by Harvard had the same career trajectories and earning power as if they went to Harvard. As Glenn Reynolds put it on his blog: This is not a defense that Harvard really wants to use.

    Stephen Hsu at is keeping us up to date on the discrimination lawsuit.

    BTW, you’re not buying a credential by attending Harvard. You’re buying a rolodex.

      • Max Boot is arguing that it is OK to discriminate against a particular racial group on the basis of personality stereotype. This is no different than the residents of an HOA not allowing a black couple or family to buy a home in the HOA because of the tendency of blacks to have a lot of drama and criminality. I think Max Boot and others will make the judges very much aware of this parallel.

        Its not the court’s job to determine if any rational like Max Boot’s is valid or not. Its only job is determining if racial discrimination took place. However, the court can consider the intent of racial discrimination within historical legal precedent. That is, the court could consider that arguments such as that offered by Max Boot are analogous to similar arguments offered as to why Blacks should be subjected to Jim Crow laws in the south. If the court does recognize such parallels, it will only weaken Harvard’s case.

        The subjective personality evaluation is one example of a screening method that is similar to methods used to deny blacks the vote in the Jim Crow South. So, both the intent as well as the methods used constitute racial discrimination by any meaningful historical and legal precedent standards. This does not leave much wiggle room for the court to rule in favor of Harvard.

        In fact, I believe that allowing Harvard to get away with it will encourage other private entities to do the same thing. This will result in a massive proliferation of racial discrimination cases over the next few years that will necessitate a SCOTUS ruling. A SCOTUS ruling in favor of Harvard will gut essentially 50 years of anti-discrimination law.

        • You are presuming the SCOTUS will look to precedent and the facts, and then apply reason to arrive at a conclusion. That is bass-ackwards. The SCOTUS will look to (((who))) is impacted, what result would benefit that (((group))) and then justify that result by whatever machinations are required.

  6. I don’t think we can defend our own, as Whites in the West are riven by class warfare layered on with regional and sexual warfare. After all, with women single from say 15-45 or even beyond, the primary urge of women to separate the True Alpha from the pretender beta gets turbocharged. Better to flood the West with the Third World because then by definition all successful White men will be Alpha — its the handicapping principle like a Peacock’s tail.

    Moreover I think we are seeing a forced preference cascade. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was booted from some restaurant with the approval of celebs and the media, also ICE is being shut down nationwide by Anti Fa blockades, and Admin cabinet members and staffers have Anti Fa outside their homes blaring crying kids. All of this to convince most Americans that Trump and borders are an affront to all decent people and we must remove Trump and have Open Borders. Because crying kids. We saw this with Merkel and the dead toddler in Greece leading to the Merkel Jugend.

    I assume the plan is this: A. The UN or some NGO charges Trump’s comments and actions defending the border are “crimes against humanity.” B. Mueller runs with the charges and arrests Trump with the help of the Deep Stage FBI and Secret Service (who are no different than the FBI) and also Pence. C. Hillary and Harris stop their fighting and one of them “reluctantly agrees” to become President with the approval of Cuck-Ryan and Turtle McYertle. [The only thing that has saved Trump so far is the infighting between Hillary! and Harris over who will be President — the #METOO takedown of Weinstein was to remove Hillary’s fundraiser on the part of Harris allies.] D. Hillary opens the borders “for the kids” (or its Harris, bet on her she’s more scarily competent and less drunk all the time). We get 100 million Mexicans and Central Americans with the help of AMLO in Mexico in a year. D. President Harris (or Hillary!) orders all guns confiscated (but only from White dudes not Gang bangers) for the children! The Children! E. The Purge of White guys becomes formalized, with no end in sight. F. Mandatory labor by White dudes to provide wealth for both elites and the mass of permanently rioting MS 13 and Cartel types is the law of the land. With a few White dudes in the military, Corporate leadership, and other institutions retained to have enough force to enserf White dudes.

    Lets face it, 100 – 150 million new Instant Americans with the skills of a Sicario or Aztec human sacrificer is a recipe for disaster unless massive amounts of money by White Male Slavery is injected — Bill Gates and his minions will see calls by DeFacto Presidente AMLO to seize their money hoard.

    That’s why I pray for War, a real WAR, a massive one with either or both China and Russia. Only in WAR are White men so needed that the anti-White animus driven by Women, Gays, non-Whites and our elites put aside because we are needed. The Japanese fleet was not stopped at Midway by mincing gays and a “fierce” person of color fashionista.

    The only other alternative I see is Political Judo, start encouraging NOW Mexicans to demand California, NV, AZ, TX, NM, LA, AL, MS, FL, OR, WA, MT, WY, KS, etc. all be annexed by Mexico, and all wealth from people earning or owning more than $1 million in assets being taken from them and given to the Immigrant Poor! Start a movement among Mexicans to seize Malibu and house the Mexicans in Malibu mansions.

    The Salem Witch trials abruptly stopped when the wife of the Governor of Massachusetts was accused of witchcraft. It was all well and good when Puritan deplorables (mostly needy old women without lots of family members to avenge her) were victims.

    • (((The Tribe))) is a criminal gang, a mafioso by psychology and self-advantagement hosted off productive others. Collective efforts to diminish the Italian mob were largely successful and borrowed from military lessons learned. So let’s learn, apply, and migrate (((The Tribe))) somehow.

      Vet local and form up.

  7. So here’s a pertinent life. I’m a patent lawyer, Michigan grad. My spouse is a Harvard prodigy, even by Harvard standards and hyperbolic MSM benchmarks.

    Two chinese firms approached me by separate referrals to represent them in defense of claims they hire, for cheap, a chinese student to take a standardized test and memorize a question completely then regurgitate the question for perfect answer. Allegedly completing the host of infringements, chinese families, living here and there, pay for test courses with up-to-date “answers for questions likely to appear.” (I did not represent them.)

    So I happen to hang out with the Harvard-educated crowd. Superior lexical invocation – speech that sounds clever plus observance – and invariably a powerful ambition combined with a unique, promotable talent. Aside from these attributes, Harvardians tend to disappoint in majority aspects of life, I’m not going to delve into my personal situation except she’s smart enough, very pretty, trim and likes conventional sex more than I do.

    It’s just a game until it isn’t.

    • I used to work in the trademarks section of a big NJ law firm and was told that the Chinese would steal an American product, copy it right down to the packaging and then sell it as the real item. The Chinese courts didn’t care.

  8. Trump needs to take a leaf out of the Kennedy play book and open the doors to the many many European right thinkers who would happily flee Europe. It worked for the Dems in that they have imported a left voting third world populace… should cut both ways and the inevitable coming of a minority majority can be reversed.

  9. “Harvard is not about education. It is about the credentials. ”

    The other thing about that is that Harvard isn’t going anywhere. Its nice to dream about developing some sort of alternative but in the end Harvard is always going to be a factor. My guess is that the really striving part of the growing Asian bloc in America is going to start pointing their daughters to getting a Jewish boyfriend or just outright pulling a Whoopi Goldberg. Jewish intermarriage is high after all; I don’t see why Mark Zuckerberg’s wife would be the only one to take advantage of it.

    “Subversives like Ben Shapiro still preach this stuff, even while he sports a yarmulke and fingers his two passports.”

    Before 2016 election twitter, I’d never heard of Ben Shapiro. I’m honestly sorry I know who he is now. But it didn’t escape me that he’s just another grifter; he was mildly pro-Trump until word came down from on high from his sponsor to get in the line the other way and he expected that anyone paying attention was supposed to forget about that. To be fair, career-wise its a good move but the dishonesty of it has me block him out whenever his name comes up. I’d say he’s absolutely insane if he thinks that the breathing room Trump won in 2016 is worse than the 2nd Clinton presidency we were all quietly resigning ourselves to but its pretty obvious he’ll bend whatever way his patron’s tell him to bend.

    “Those notions about individualism and a frontier culture are giving way to a sense that it is time to defend our own.”

    Defending our own is a part of frontier culture. What’s defines defending our own more than circling the wagons?

    • Yale grad here. Green-eyed, very blonde, Protestant woman — yes, some of us sneak through!

      Having admitted this, I must say that the elite/elitist potential of Ivy grads is real, but exaggerated. Perhaps the Supremes are Ivies, and the CIA shuffles through Yale, but plenty of corporate CEOs, scientists, etc., are NOT Ivy grads. Seems that an Ivy education matters most among educators and the legal/juridical elitists.

      I agree the Ivies function as IQ sorters. And I agree that the education received there is often wanting. Law grads at Yale, for example, are expected to pass their bar exam on their own. It’s Yale’s snobbery to never “teach to the test.” Ditto in the softer humanities. Much student work is self-directed.

      If I could do it again — particularly if I had been born around 1940 when education was still Western — I’d go to Oxford. The tutorial system.

      American second- and third-tier institutions produce better engineers, for example. Purdue is a second-tier institution with a great engineering school. Berkeley, ditto. The Ivies? Not so much.

      • I can’t remember where, but read a study a few years back that the income advantage proferred by the Ivies lasts about 2 1/2 years. After that performance matters more, and things even out. If the IQ sorting was that significant, I’d think that it wouldn’t even out that fast.

        Most of the Ivy trained surgeons I’ve known have not been outstanding by any stretch of the imagination.

  10. As for a Harvard degree being a proxy for IQ, once on Lawrence O’Donnell’s program an alcoholism expert said that the etiology of alcoholism was mainly genetic. O’Donnell immediately went nuts saying it could not possibly be genetic because he knew many families where one sibling was an alcoholic but all the others were not.

    O’Donnell is a graduate of Harvard College but did not understand high school genetics. (Or simple common sense: some families have a single red head and hair color is determined by genes.)

  11. Bu…bu…But Horatio Alger! The CoC cucks and lolbertarians need to wake up to the truth of “stand together or hang separately”, before it’s too late(if it isn’t already).

  12. A slight quibble re: Harvard vs. UMB (having experience of both institutions’ physics departments). At Harvard your instructor (for lecture) will be a full professor who speaks flawless English and gives a d*mn. You don’t usually encounter the grad students until “section” or as lab TA’s. They too speak English. At UMB you’re lucky if you can understand the foreign grad student who is teaching the course (who will take offence if you ask him to repeat something). The other issue is that if you are not enrolled full-time Harvard is actually more economical because you’re only paying tuition and lab fees. UMB is structured such that the *mandatory* fees are much greater than the price of tuition and ultimately make for a higher cost.

    • Speaking from direct experience, land grant universities don’t even offer clean glassware for chemistry lab courses. They’re price controlled, so in addition to the general much lower lower instructional quality you mention, they ration spaces in required courses, so you might not be able to finish in 4 years, which also adds to the opportunity costs of going to college.

  13. Getting Normie Whites to act and think as a collective is a big hurdle. Punching Richard Spencer or attacking Alt Righters in Charlottesville is one thing, but kicking nice, respectable non-racist women like Sarah Sanders out of a restaurant or harassing Kristin Nielsen in public is another.

    The shrieking, aggressive left is now letting us know loud and clear they hate us and want us dead. They’re converting more Normies than all the Dissident Right/Alt Right articles, podcasts, videos, speeches combined. Thank you Left. Don’t ever change.

    • Indeed. Even Scott Adams is saying that in his latest podcast.

      “And I’m feeling like the best reason for Republicans to vote is they’re coming for you next. And they’re not hiding it. They’re coming for Trump right now, but they’re making it pretty clear they’re coming for Trump supporters next,” he said.

      “The one and only way to protect yourself is to make sure they lose the election,” he concluded.

      This is all true. He’s saying once we lose power, our goose is cooked. He’s in fact far ahead of some of the alt-right thought leaders who still don’t see what is coming down the road or if they do they think it’s a joke.

      It’s not. Even guys like Jordan Peterson sees it and it scares the shit out of him. He’s studied the Left and knows full well if they get power, a bloodbath follows.

      • Peterson is happy to cash the checks for supporting open borders (see his UN work), although I will give him lots of credit for standing up to to tranny freaks, which took real courage.

  14. Just remember, the Ivy League doesn’t send it’s graduates into the officer corps of the military. The guys out there commanding infantry battalions don’t have a thing in common with the ruling class. And sure as shit the rank and file grunt doesn’t either…

    • The service academies are converged. There was an open Communist officer at West Point who was indoctrinated by at least one leftist professor. Affirmative action is commonplace in order to increase the success of the football team. Rampant feminism in response to the sexual assault crisis of the last decade. No wonder the ships are crashing into each other.

        • The GOP has control of Congress, they could conceivably purge the leftist academics and bar the use of affirmative action. By contrast there is little that can be done about the Ivies as long as the donations keep coming in. You shouldn’t be allowed to hold socialist views and hold a government job in America. There are no shortage of socialist countries that need their talents.

      • West Point and Annapolis grads are a drop in the bucket compared to the majority of OCS officers who hold the military together. Mattis didn’t attend a service academy

        • Part of the justification for the service academies is that graduates are more likely to become generals/admirals. The service calls it “ring-knocking”. Most officers come from ROTC, which as hinted by its name is supposed to be for the reserves. The permanent warfare since 1945 has reduced that to a historical curiosity.

    • They may not have “… thing in common with the ruling class …”, those battalion cdrs (bde, squadron, wing, destroyer etc), but they clearly understand that to make flag or general officer rank, they have to fully sign on to the elitist program. If you’re not singing the diversity song, and don’t make it an evaluation bullet for self and subordinates, you’re not going to see brigade command, nor will you get the helm of a first line vessel. Been there; seen it up close; watched the rot, hypocrisy and degradation of effectiveness it has imposed.

  15. Tribalism is an evolved ancient, and now endemic, social trait within our species. It exists because it works; as in, it helps us to survive and thrive. This innate bias is as foundational as bicameral vision or opposable thumbs. The primary advantage of tribalism is that enables greater trust based upon immediate visual or auditory queues. Within the tribe, you don’t have to be constantly on-guard against potentially lethal threats and this allows greater opportunity for productive labor.

    • It’s certainly true, in group out group preferences are a necessary part of any coalition or society. It’s an inate part of the human experience that had served us well in the past, you can’t discard it. What annoys a lot of people on the Alt/Hard/Dissident Right is the noticing that tribalism is great for the (((tribe))), but horrific if practiced by White Americans or the European Nations.

    • Yeah, tribalism is so great, explains why Tribailst Europe made such enormous strides in the Dark Ages. Also explains why the Tribalist Balkans and sub-Saharan Africa are a beacon of wealth and prosperity. Oh Wait….

      The central assumption of tribalism is that you can trust a fellow tribe member more than an outsider. History has proven time and again that it is total bullshit. Africans were sold as slaves by their fellow tribal chiefs. The total number of whites killed in intra-tribal conflicts from 0-1945 AD probably runs in the hundreds of millions. Just a single rogue member who puts his interest ahead of the common good is enough to sink the tribe, and this has happened time and again

      BTW, the biggest killers of black urban youths are other blacks. So much for the “tribe”. Black Americans will sink into obscurity by 2035-2040 and will account for less than 10% of the population. If Trump is able to build the wall and cut legal immigration from 1.1 million to 200k per year then whites will be majority till 2060 at least.

      Tribalism in a country with 500 million firearms is a recipe for disaster. It will make the 1990’s Yugoslavia look like a Sunday picnic.

      • Legitimatly not disagreeing with you. Nationalist signalling spirals shot Western Europe twice in the head in the 20th century and have left us in the terrible situation we are in. But instead of learning from history our elites decide to detest their history, ignoring any context or acknowledging any blots on others copy books eg islam’s slavery trade dwarving the trans atlantic, Tamurlane, Geneghis Khan and the mongol conquests, the Ottoman/Arab conquests, Aztec brutality, Jewish involvement in slave trade. Ancient Greece never united around Hellenism, and declined. We knocked the shit out of each other during the Middle Ages but as Christendom we had an understanding of who we were. We need something similar, sorely and soon.
        I’m not enthusiastic about identity politics, but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to passively except me or my decendents becoming some contempted minority within the ruins of a once great Civilization. If Europe was forced just to unite around ethnic similarities something precious would be tragically lost. But it would still be functional and far more acceptable than third World hellhole status or islamization which is the same thing. I’d take White China over eurabia any day.

        • Totally agree with you on both points. Which is why it is very important for white America to kick out the CoC bums and “moderate” traitors like Heller, Flake, McCain, Corker and Romney and get Trump Mini me’s elected. White America needs to cut legal immigration to about 20% the current level and eliminate illegal invasion. If and only if this is done in the next 2-3 years will America survive in its present state.

          Frankly, America is (was?) different from anywhere else as tribalism, while present was not overriding like Middle East, Asia, Europe etc. Which is why everyone did and still want to come here. But sadly, the ones that did come here did not leave their third world tribal thinking behind and now the dormant white tribalism will be awakened. If and when that happens, God help this great nation. Like I said, Milosevic will look like a piker once white American tribalism is awakened. Hence, limiting immigration is an urgent priority.

          • Why do we need immigrants at all? Do we have a labor shortage? Do we have a wide open frontier that needs populating, to the detriment of American Indians? I think that the only immigrants we should accept are spouses and the rare individual who possesses a rare talent that we can use.

          • Break from the idea that any legal immigration at all needs to happen. It is the next step after stopping the illegal immigration, and our version of the Overton Window needs to be moving.

  16. I am in the NIH grant game. The way it works; ~30billion$ pie exists. research grants are 1-2 million $ over 4 years and it is better if you have 2 grants simultaneously. Many researchers are on soft money, which means that up to 100% your salary is paid by the grant. No grant=No job. Hard-core tournament system. Grants pay for workers and equipemnt for research too. Grants are submitted to study sections made up of 30-35 scientists but essentially the grant is reviewed by 3 study section members and given a score.
    What has happened over the last 50 yrs as far as i can tell. Wasp ran the game fairly well and show the most even-handedness among the groups (i think this assertion is almost generally acknowledged among the competing groups BTW). Jews are smart AND they tend to be tribal so they became very over-represented in the NIH money game (and the nobels too). Asians entered the game in the past thirty years in a big wave. they were the hands in the lab and currently dominate many graduate programs. The chinese are handicapped by a language barrier, ABCs (american born Chinese) don’t go into science very much- fukk that, they want to be dermatologist! But the Asians have certainly not been coddled and they have legitimate grievances IMO. Anyways it is starting to get tribal- Asian study sections are starting to occur, the indians (dot) really look out for one another. Corruption is not rampant as yet, but i worry. The poor blacks are well… i will leave it there -If you still interested after my rambling rant gotto the comment section of this link to read. Me and skeptic team up again.

  17. I used to ask this question half in jest. Now I’m as serious as cancer: If the elite were actively, openly TRYING to start a second civil war, what would they be doing differently from what they’re doing now? I know that history begins anew each dawn for rank-and-file SJWs, but Soros et al aren’t stupid. They MUST know where this is going. So why do they do it?

    • South African whites have accepted the loss of all meaningful influence on government power. Crime rates are the worst in the world, worse than Baltimore and New Orleans. But you don’t see gangs of Afrikaner vigilantes, the upper-middle class whites continue to hire cheap black domestic servants while going on vacations abroad. The Orania settlement was founded with the idea that it would have a population of 50,000 and be the capital of its own country in the irrigated desert. Current population is 1,500+. If they won’t revolt in far worse conditions, it speaks badly about us.

      • Also worth noting the “white squatter camps”. The common refrain from the black left is that these people won’t work as domestic workers, and that the upper-middle class whites wouldn’t hire them even if they would take the jobs. Another case of us being our own worst enemy, a parallel to working class US whites destroying their labor market value with drugs, leading to replacement by Latinos.

        • It happened the other way around: Latinos were hired for less money and the whites were then out of a job. The drugs came in like gangbusters when whites began to despair at not working at all or working the rest of their lives for illegal immigrant wages and struggling to get by. Disincentive.

          • It is unusual to see an employer outright fire its workers and replace them with cheaper immigrants. Employers (Disney) that do this with H-1B take a lot of flack. Liberals are correct to note that “dey took yer jerbs” doesn’t happen all that much. Liberals are wrong when they deny the effect of immigration on wage stagnation and real wage decline in certain sectors. The working class was formerly employed in manufacturing, which has not returned to its pre-recession job numbers, let alone its peak number. Lower paying service jobs both delay family formation and create unstable families. The decline and replacement has to be measured in decades rather than four year electoral cycles.

          • Here’s how they do. Business owners hire illegal immigrants cheap. Maybe not all at once, but over time. At the same time, white guys either move on or are fired, not all at once. Or maybe the business owner closes his shop then re-opens with all new cheap illegal immigrant labor. In the blue collar world of jobs, it is not hard to do this and get away with it, it’s been happening for decades. The press does not report on it for the most part, but I’ve seen it myself. White men and their families destroyed.

            In media/entertainment world, they bring in foreign workers (H1B type) who will work for much less; as you noted, like Disney did, with some notice and outrage. But again, this crap has been going on for decades, in conjunction with our leaders crafting crippling trade agreements that sent lots of our manufacturing jobs to China and third world countries.

            You may recall the University of California technology workers’ plight where the workers were required to train their Indian replacements:

            University of California hires India-based IT outsourcer, lays off tech workers; Affected IT workers in San Francisco are expecting to train foreign replacements

            After pink slips, UCSF tech workers train their foreign replacements

            How the University of California exploited a visa loophole to move tech jobs to India

            What happens is that when one technology job is replaced with a foreigner who will do the job for 1/4 the salary of the white native, the labor market is affected and all the other technology jobs in the area will have their salaries decreased because employers point to the firms hiring the cheap foreign workers and say, ‘See, this is what the market bears and we salary the jobs we’re offering accordingly.’ This lower-wage trend spread out across almost all industries, the effect being 3-4 decades of stagnant wages.

            My life has been adversely affected by immigrants destroying wages. The effects are felt by employees in most industries and has been going on for decades. If you were in an untouched industry, I congratulate you. I sure wish illegal immigrants would flood the media pundit and NGO arenas.

          • One major area that was affected by immigration was the 2000s housing construction boom. Laid off industrial workers in the Midwest were reluctant to move and take construction jobs in the South/West. Illegals captured the job market due to the absence of E-Verify. The migration of Hispanics to the rest of the country is not always due to illegal immigration. More of it has to do with blue state housing costs and declining white fertility and the loss of underclass whites to drugs.

          • It’s difficult to relocate if you don’t have money or if the decimated local economy makes it impossible to sell your home and you don’t come from wealthy people. I can tell by how you describe it that you’ve not been badly impacted by this because your comments have an air of, ‘They don’t have bread? Well let them eat cake.’ Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy your comments. Cheers.

          • That’s a valid criticism, I do write with a “disinterested” tone. Most of my interactions are with the left-of-center and I’m nervous about my sentiments being seen as whining. Liberals don’t have sympathy for those they feel are “voting against their own interests” for cultural reasons.

          • Maybe.

            But there’s still the issue of people sticking that needle in their arm. A person who is TRULY motivated by personal preservation doesn’t do that to themself no matter how badly their life is going.

            I was just down in Kentucky last week – drove down from MA to pickup a machine I bought thru auction.

            Talking to the people there was informative. I like to look at local real estate prices to get a sense of the area when I travel. It seems that down in that area – you can buy a decent ranch style house in an acre or so of land for around $80k. The guys I talked to said there’s tons of jobs available in the area for $15-$20 an hour – big plastics plants and other large manufacturing plants. Problem is: nobody they try to hire can pass the drug tests. We’re talking about white people here – not a bunch of beaners. Two of the guys I talked to – both white men in their 50’s – had kids who had been thru rehab. ALL of them talked about how it seems like nobody wants to work – they all feel like govt. assistance and drug taking is a legitimate lifestyle choice.

            So what do the factories do? They’ve got investments they HAVE TO capitalize on. So along comes Juan and his brother Valdez – who WANTS to work – and actually shows up every day not stoned – so his ass gets hired.

            Who is actually to blame here? I look at drug taking as an entirely VOLUNTARY exercise. The fact of the matter is that it takes MORE effort to move your arm up and stick the needle into your other arm – than it does to just leave the arm by your side and do nothing. How many people would be shooting up drugs if you just cut their freaking arms off? Once you realize that people with no arms can’t shoot themselves up any more – you start to realize that people are personally responsible – and why Islamic countries cut of thieves hands. You can’t steal shit with no hands can you?

            If you can’t fix white people’s self destructiveness – you’ll never win the racial war. Core values must come first.

          • You’re right, calsdad, and I don’t make excuses for people choosing to stick needles in their arms. The U.S. has always had a robust drug culture and now that use has gone off the rails with the opioid epidemic. It’s one of the many reasons more church and Christianity should be prominent in our society. I’m convinced that with presence of Christianity in their lives, some people would not ever consider drugs because their faith would give them strength and the teachings would direct their energies in more constructive ways. Some people would be saved, though not all, unfortunately.

      • The Afrikaners have held one major protest action since the end of apartheid. The Black Monday protest last year against farm murders. Roads were blocked with trucks (bakkies). Rather than eliciting sympathy, blacks reacted in envy when they noticed that whites had cars and they didn’t. They also hated that the farmers weren’t shot at by the police, as some striking black miners were killed a few years back under Ramaphosa’s orders before he became President.

      • Those in the upper middle-class are very soft people. You don’t draw soldiers from that class. They are the ones most likely to either flee or be slaughtered by their servants and die with a look of surprise on their faces.

        The other whites are just in a state of disbelief. They can’t believe their country and way of life are gone.

        • South Africa’s right-wing also has its share of blame. The Conservative Party (KP) didn’t participate in the negotiations for the new Constitution, allowing F.W. DeKlerk to capitulate on federalism and a potential white state/province. They repeatedly warned about a bloodbath when the ANC won in ’94 or when Mandela died, and got egg on their face both times. It has actually taken 10 years for the Afriforum organization to be taken seriously. The upper middle class is where you usually get your military officers from.

    • Because (((they))) have ridden our bus to the global top, and now it’s time to get off.

      Time to get one’s enemies to kill each other, enshrining one’s order at that top.

      They financed Cromwell’s Roundhead Puritans- (and so many, many more, from Joseph’s Egypt to WWII)- giving us the Ivy world of piracy, propaganda, debt bondage, war finance, chattel economics, and ‘colored’ revolution.

      This one’s for the win.
      The Tribulation, the Kali Yuga, is here.

      Ba’al teshuva- return to the God!
      This is the cry for lapsed ((())).
      Note the name.

      • I hesitate to write this.
        At one time, the abortion industry here was nearly all (((ahem))). In Asia, however, abortionists advertised with foetuses in glass jars in the windowsill- but the Easterners know that the local gods, the blight contained to this prison, are insane.

        There is war in heaven- and we embodied are trapped here with madmen. This is the battleground, the quarantine.

        They must be held, the blight must not spread. The Whites, that unique mutation, are the point of the spear. No one else seems yet capable of doing anything right, anything at all.

        • Aha, a simpler way to explain.
          This is not a matter of malevolence, but of infection- and the Whites have developed a resistance to that spiritual infection.
          But rabies cannot be reasoned with.

    • When a culture begins to spiral down into angry tribes, people don’t think, they react. That was the run up to the Civil War….before the shooting started, there was a long period of national civic groups, churches, etc. fracturing apart. I think that’s what we’re going through now. Tim

  18. “Then there was the point that the people leading the coalition are the most tribal people on earth.”

    “Instead of WASP’s blocking Jews from admission, it is Jews blocking Asians on cultural grounds.”

    “Subversives like Ben Shapiro still preach this stuff, even while he sports a yarmulke and fingers his two passports.”

    No matter how hard someone resists & NAXALTS & natters about “Puritans”, if they pay attention & tell the truth they will eventually have to name the Jew.

    Welcome aboard, ZMan.

    Let’s take it further tho. Ivy League schools aren’t just where individuals set themselves up for influential lives. They are where our culture’s standards of what ideas are intelligent, moral & high status are set.

    At some point, the Dissident Right is going to need to create an alternative status system & a way to social climb by demonstrating healthy, normal, sane, white-friendly, civilization-building values.

    • I don’t anybody who is white who would put UMass Boston on their top ten list. They’d go anywhere but there.

      Everybody knows who goes to UMass Boston.

      White people ARE racially aware – when it comes to things like going to UMass Boston

  19. A friend of mine from Iowa majored in music and graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago. He said that he would have gotten a better musical education at the University of Iowa. He also commented that a person wouldn’t be better off going to Harvard for an agricultural degree. As you wrote, it’s about making connections and joining the elite, not getting an education.

  20. Whites are in a tough spot: Boomercon sensibilities will never embrace white identity but when the Boomercons die off, we will be a 40-50 percent white country. If White America has a snowball’s chance in hell, it will be to try to get them to think about their own people for a change, which is a tall order. Maybe if they had more white grandchildren, they would start thinking more about them rather than crying Hondurans. This is where millennials are failing. Instead, their white children are working barista jobs in their 30s and have “fur babies” instead. Hard to care all that much about the future of white children if your kids look to be bouncing from low wage job to low wage job, despite a Masters Degree in 18th Century French Literature.

    Long story short, I agree that the die has been cast and viable and realistic solutions are a day late and a dollar short. So the question is do you run away to a country that has a better outlook? Do you fight a futile battle where minorities and (((the tribe))) make the rest of your life a living hell? You won’t be able to run away to whiter enclaves because as we saw with the rape of a child by “refugees” in Twin Falls, Idaho, multiculturalism is being injected everywhere in America; can’t run away from it.

    • Random Dude on the Internet – looks like we’re thinking along the same lines… I appreciate that the focus of The Z Man and many readers is “how to turn this all around”. Oh brother – wish them well but ain’t gonna happen. Way, way, way too much damage done… we just want to get through our remaining days. And when the day comes there’s little left to lose while just sitting on the porch….. I believe I’ll see Mad Max times as strangely entertaining.

      • I don’t see a lot of hope for a “turnaround” happening – mostly because I don’t see much recognition from ANYBODY (and that includes the vast majority of the posters here) – on what the mechanics of the issues are.

        I see people bitching about immigration – but is anybody getting out there and arguing the point that we should have NO immigration at this point in time? I’ve been doing it for years – and all I get is shit from both the RIGHT and the left.

        From reading thru the posts here on ZMan’s blog – it seems to me that most of the people who comment here are fallen away lefties – who can’t shake big government disease. They seem to think they can regain control of the reins of big government – and make sure that all of it’s social programs go towards benefitting white people (as originally intended) instead of funding the darkies. As ZMan likes to point out about a lot of things: that ship has sailed.

        So what are you going to do? Fight to regain control of the ship – or just sink the damn thing? If you fight to regain control – you’re stuck with the issue of what to do with the crew. If you recognize that the ship is going down – AND HELP IT ALONG – the ship sinks with the crew and if you’re smart you took to the lifeboats long before it went down.

        In my viewpoint – white men DON’T NEED BIG GOVERNMENT telling them what to do. I know this gets seen as a “libertarian” viewpoint for not wanting big government – but this country was founded on that premise – and the original founding stock recognized that their experiment likely would not work if other racial stock got involved. The way I see it is: if you try to play the big government game – you’re INHERENTLY going to lose because you are attempting to play somebody else’s game. Whether it’s righties trying to cozy up to lefties by playing the game – and constantly losing (as pointed out by Zman) – or white men trying to compete in a world of big government – dominated by his racial rivals – in either case you’re going to LOSE.

        Again (IMHO) – there are no other racial groups that can compete on an even playing field – when that playing field is NOT dominated by big government. The white man has demonstrated this over and over and over again thru the pages of history. Individually – and as a group of white men will win. Socialism and big government is a mental disease that has infected the West and is killing it – AND inviting in it’s invaders – AND supporting them.

        You can’t fix the problem – if you can’t recognize the disease.

        The fact remains that the West took a turn for the worse somewhere around the time of the French Revolution – and then proceeded to cut it’s own throat during both WW1 and WW2. It’s not hard to make the case that when you take a few million of society’s most young and viral MEN – and fill their bodies full of bullet holes and then dump then into holes in the ground – you’re likely affecting said society for the worse in the long run. The fact that feminism has run rampant thru Western societies – and Western women seem to have some deep yearning for real men to screw the hell out of them (as pointed out by sites like Chateau Heartiste and others) – would seem to lend some credence to this theory.

        Again – can’t solve the problem if you can’t recognize what the problem is.

        And I don’t see much recognition at all of what the roots of the problem are – since most right wingers I know – and a good many alt-righters and white nationalists – will likely pull a fit the next time there’s a big terrorist attack and insist that we invade the MidEast again – even though that has proven to be a fool’s errand.

        Until the West gets over it’s lust for suicide – you’re NEVER going to solve the problem.

    • If the economy cracks, and it probably will when Medicare and SocSec run out of money and a tax hike is passed, the foreigners might stream back home voluntarily. The Third World’s living standards will probably be higher in 2030 than they are today. The counter-possibility is another Sahelian famine that moves half of West Africa into the West.

      The Saudis are proposing major construction projects to move the economy away from oil. That could suck up a lot of workers from the Third World. The Middle East will be in a downcycle of violence during the 2020s, but I expect the return of socialist violence by the 2030s. If NK denuclearizes, Trump might also get Iran back to the table for a better deal.

    • White awakening is spreading like wildfire. In terms of the country’s demographics, they probably only need 20% to take back every inch of the country. This repossession is now inevitable weather that be through electoral politics or through the emergence of a genuine strongman. The cat is out of the bag and there’s no going back. The only thing that is yet to be determined is the precise time frame and whether it is going to happen peacefully.

      • The immigration shibboleth fell away for me, just this weekend. What is wrong with no in-migration, legal or illegal? Get your own national house in order, and we will take care of ours. The idea that legal migration is a sacred thing needs to be broken.

  21. About education, years ago I read somewhere if you read three books on a topic, you would be an expert. Looking at the syllabus for most majors in a college catalog, that may be right. Except in Economics. I’ve read dozens, beginning with Wealth of Nations, and I’m still as confused as Paul Krugman. One thing I learned is that “GDP Growth = Sales + Productivity Improvement + Inflation” and in the past, population increase tracks sales growth well. Unfortunately, the Dow Jones Industrial Average also correlates closely with GDP growth. Without population growth, the GDP growth slows. This is universally acknowledged to be a bad thing, for a company (Grow or Die) or a nation, and I’ve often wondered if that perspective is informing the immigration policies of our rulers. I also wonder if that paradigm is accurate. Can you have a successful company, or nation, without growth?

    • “and I’m still as confused as Paul Krugman.”

      That’s because much of economics is an intentional con – and a good bit of rest is rhetoric and psuedoscience, more and more of which is exposed as wrong every year. The very roots of most of what is taught as economics today are rotten for a variety of reasons, and everybody making a buck off the enterprise knows it.

      I say that as someone who received a degree in economics a few decades ago.

      Still, some of our denser rulers do indeed justify immigration among themselves on that basis while they’re pocketing payoffs from various corporate interests who benefit.

      • “…much of economics is an intentional con…” Economists are only needed if the intention is to cook the books. Just sayn’

    • “Can you have a successful company, or nation, without growth?” Japan has strong borders and negative growth. Depends on one’s definition of “successful nation”. Japan is either the most successful, or the least successful, depending on the definition of “success”.

      I would like to live there, in some ways, but as a non-Japanese, that is not an option. Which appears to be a significant element of their “success”.

    • Can you have a successful company, or nation, without growth?

      Probably difficult when corporate value is based more on things like market share, Q2Q profitability, and sheer speculation rather than actual productivity. Who really buys a stock for the dividend income?

  22. It’s no loss to Noah Smith that white conservatives lose their self-determination. His people have a state specifically for them if (when) things go south here.

    Anyone that discourages immigration, or (gasp) encourages higher white fertility is hit upon by the Eye of Sauron that is the media and academic elite. And if you try and organize against it you are infiltrated by police informants to keep you marginalized.

    • Gentrification is bad
      Immigration is good
      Colonization is bad
      Zionism is good

      “tradwifes” are bad
      higher immigrant fertility is vibrant

  23. I’ve seen Asians with perfect scores and straight A’s in high school get turned down on applications to elite schools go on to make straight A’s in college and get turned down for med school.

    They are getting fucked over by blacks, Hispanics, women, and Jews more than any of the rest of us.

    Don’t think they don’t know the score.

    They’ll be the best allies we can have in the end.


      • Dave’s post is an example in miniature of the problem we face in growing our movement. His post is indistinguishable from what an enemy would post to discredit us, with the caps lock and violent language. When you persuade groups, you persuade some that are either not very smart or are reckless.

        Is it better to delete posts like this? I’m surprised that Z doesn’t delete, given his belief that the Dissident Right must patrol its members. I’m undecided but this is a distillation of the problem.

    • One possible outcome is young Jews turn on the whole thing as impossible to defend and bad for Jews. With 60% out marriage and a TFR of one, Jews have all the same demographic concerns as whites, but an order of magnitude higher. Regardless, America is heading for a caste system. We know who will be on bottom. The question is who will be on top.

      • Jews turning on multiculturalism won’t happen. Like Ahab spitting his last breath at Moby-Dick for hate’s sake, the Jews will do what is bad for the goyim above all else, right to the bitter end.

        The most likely outcomes, as I’ve been saying for years, are either the coming of Caesar or disintegration. Probably the latter. And it will work this time. What – are a bunch of East LA gangbangers and San Francisco homosexuals going to charge the next Little Round Top to keep North Dakota in the Union? We’re probably going to have to write off Aztlan, but to be truthful, 1846 was a dishonest land grab anyway, and we probably deserve to lose what we gained in it. We’ll get by.

          • As a Georgia native and current resident, I’m aware of this and I hate it. My hometown of Atlanta was lost long ago. We spent a few years in East Tennessee where they weren’t yet and it was great. Currently, our county is 90% Republican and 90% White which is good but it’s one of the fastest growing and it can’t last. The county next door is 30% Black and 100% Democrat. The Georgia county we previously lived in was (and is) one of the fastest growing and is now the only county in the state required to print ballots in Spanish. It’s coming here but we’re too old to move again.

          • Legitimatly feel sorry for you. I have a Cousin who few for Kiwi airlines. The kids have all left North as it’s spilled out into the suburbs. They live in a lovely fine house, but in a gated suburb where all their neighbours are increasingly elderly. All are passionate NRA members, commited to the 2nd ammendment.They have to be

        • Pray tell, what part of the settlement of what is now the US was not a ‘dishonest land grab’? The island of Manhattan, perhaps?

          If you think Texans are just gonna’ go along with your write off, you don’t know anything about the people born and raised in that great state. Try again Mr. Strategist. FFS

          • Utah will never yield to the Mexicans either. This is our promised land and we will defend it, come Hell or high water.

          • It would be ironic, for Mexican illegals to risk life and limb to leave Mexico and get to Texas . . . only to turn into Mexico.

        • Nah, let us white people breed like crazy and push the beaners down to Central America and take Mexico for ourselves. Reparations for all blacks who return to Africa and renounce their U.S. citizenship. All People of Color who want to live with the white people have to have tubal ligations and vasectomies. Conquer or perish.

          Back to my pipe for more dreaming…

          • They’re too busy screaming “End Whitness,” “The White Race is a Cancer,” “Whiteness must be destroyed” to return to their commissar and gruppenfurher roots.

          • If you’ve got an implacable enemy – and you eliminate ALL of them – you solve the problem – don’t you?

            You might not like the method – but the fact remains that the results speak for themselves.

          • Exactly. Old school. Wipe them out completely and take their land, property and resources for our people. Since the Latino Reconquistadors reward our altruistic gringo willingness to share our society with them by having their sights set on taking the U.S. from us and expanding the Latin Americas, we should give up on these fantasy ideas of sharing our society with the world and expel them from the U.S. and keep chasing them all south until the European descendants have captured all of the Americas for ourselves. After that, the whites and asians can set about clearing Africa for whites and asians to take over. Israel is trying to do this in the middle east by causing chaos and destruction via their American military tools/intelligence ops/money. Soros and his NGO’s swoop in to assist the Muslims with migrating to Europe or the U.S. With many of the young Muslim men either dead or taking over the Western white Christian countries, the weak, destabilized middle east countries are there for Israel’s exploitation. Instead of wasting our money and military on Israel, we should be using it to make the entire American continent ours so that we actually gain something from the effort for our people and our continued existence.

        • AntiDem: “Jews turning on multiculturalism won’t happen.” If Jews were as suicidal as the Right says they are, they’d all be dead by now. The Jews will open their eyes to their real enemy in due course. The sooner we stop bad-mouthing them, the sooner their vision will clear.

          • What part of “jews were kicked out of every decent country, in some cases more than once” eludes you?

            If they could tame their socipathy and goy hate they would not have that track record.

          • Jews, as a group, are master manipulators, and I don’t mean that as an insult. Talk about punching above your weight class. They have been doing that rather successfully for millenia. Their eyes have always been wide open, they know exactly who their enemies are, and they skillfully play them off of each other much to their benefit. Hard not to admire them.

    • Comments like this always make me wonder whether the author has ever met East Asians in person. I deal with them a lot given my field of work, and I don’t think I have ever met one that didn’t absorb some of the insularity of their cultures.

      Not to mention, Americans tend to view them all as one homogenous population of slant eyes, but outside of things like the Asian Caucus, each ethnicity is pretty insular towards other Asian ethnicities as well.

      I will be very surprised if whites and Asians ever have anything more than the occasional alliance of opportunity down the line.

      • I agree. Whites are continually fooled by their inability to see the tribalism inherent in all other groups. Ironically, the reason that we build the most high trust societies is because of our naive universalism, yet our strategy only works when almost everyone shares this naive universalism. We are pathetically easy to manipulate.

      • If we’re talking about tribalism – then there are tribes you can get along with – and tribes that the evidence of history shows : you cannot.

        Whites have been able to get along with Asians it seems far better than they can get along with Jews in their midst – or with blacks in pretty much any situation that I know of.

        I have worked with a number of immigrant Chinese – and on a daily basis can get along with them just fine. Especially the ones that got out of commie China: They come here and at least make an effort to understand the roots of this country and absorb some of the lessons. I’ve found more commonality with Chinese – than I could ever find with a ghetto raised black – or a progressive left leaning Jew. None of this means people won’t stick with their own when the SHTF – it just means there isn’t an INHERENT and deep seated incompatibility. The way there appears to be between some other groups.

        I also think that whites at least have some root understanding of tribalism. You can see it in the sympathy expressed even to this day for the “roof Koreans” during the LA riots. There’s plenty of white gun owners out there who look upon that episode and think “YES!” when they saw the Koreans banding together and defending what was theirs – from the rioting black hordes.

      • Same thing with Hispanics. I think the difficulty is that the overwhelming majority of hispanics in the US are Mexican, so they come across less tribal than they really are. Just watch a World Cup match between two hispanic countries.

      • Many Chinese people in my (affluent urban) neighborhood: Intelligent; dead serious; zero political correctness. THEY will own the US one day.

    • Asians get petty harassment from the City in my part of So Cal , Blacks also unless they own property , Whites and Hispanics much less

      This I suspect is the future in many areas.

      That said as much as I like Asians , many of them are carpetbaggers from China or wherever and should go back home.

      Also as far as a White awakening, its already happening but moving to action is another matter. Nearly every White other than a few old line White Nationalists want to exhaust every other option first/

      I can understand this. Many people think the result of enough direct action would be a continent wide multi ethic and political civil war with causalities in the hundred million or more range

      Most people want a system to fix Harvard not eminent domain it and demolish it as political reprisal which is what happens in wars like the one that is building

      Such a war might not happen of course but it almost certainly won’t happen till the Boomers die off in enough numbers anyway , The general zeitgeist if it happens says the 2030’s and I’ve heard it from people all over the spectrum.

    • I’ve said this previously, but what bothers me about the entire scenario is that whites are being crushed by a growing Asian group from above( fair competition here) against an admantium floor of affirmative action groups below. As Ron Unz demonstrates, most of those “whites” are in fact tribal or of mixed ethnicity, yet are labeled white for counting purposes, together with a few inbred legacy admissions. It’s we fly over American whites who will be successively squeezed out of these institutions altogether.

    • This is classic cuckservatism 101. Asians, while not monolithic (Chinese consider themselves superior to Vietnamese who look down on Cambodians and they all envy and hate the Japanese), are all highly ethnocentric. They may respect certain White accomplishments, but even the rank and file consider the average White an uncouth barbarian enjoying unearned privilege when Asians ought to be the true preeminent power, by virtue of their ancient culture and high IQ.

      While a certain percent of the women want to marry White men because they epitomize, still, the Western power center, their faux submissiveness covers a ruthlessness that will try to destroy anyone in her way and will unhesitatingly trade-up in her quest for money, power, and prestige/face. You really think Asian men consider you an ally? You truly believe they will happily share power and control once they’ve vanquished the Jews? By sheer numbers alone they are already swamping the West. Visited Hongcouver lately? Checked out admissions in Australia’s best schools? Looked into the ethnicity of the majority of America’s government and/or industrial spies?

      They are colonizers, and no matter his paper citizenship, an Oriental is not and never will be an Occidental. DNA matters.

      • The Chinese went from genocide to bicycles to a toxic waste dump in two generations. They stole some tech, and sneer at the western barbarians who gave it to them.

    • I recall reading that a majority of all the high IQ Asian ethnic groups prefer the Democrat wing of the Uniparty, at least in Presidential elections. Reading posts by Asians, it is pretty clear that many of them view whites as Yesterday’s People. Often they are quite arrogant about it. My Republican state senator is Chinese, born and raised in the United States. He even has a soft regional twang in his voice. He is married to a white woman (happily no children), and is probably a nice enough fellow. However, his contempt for white people is rather obvious, if one speaks to him for any length of time, as I have.

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