The Dissident Right

This week I thought I would try something different and do an entire podcast on just one issue, rather than pulling segments together from stuff that caught my eye during the week. The reason is mostly variety, but I have also been seeing the phrase “Dissident Right” turn up around the internet. Before some millennial tries to define the term into some bespoke sissy philosophy, I wanted to put some markers down about what the term means.

I am not sure if this will be a regular thing. If I get a good response, then maybe I will do other podcasts on single topics like this. If people hate it, then I will forget the whole thing and pretend it never happened. The goal here was to put together something that people could think about, but also send to their confused normie friends and family to help them make the journey to our side of the great divide. I will be doing some posts on the topic as well.

I have one special announcement this week. Tomorrow I will be on the Happy Homelands podcast hosted by RamZPaul and Tiina Wiik. It is a censor friendly live show about the news items of the day. Someone named Junes Lokka will also be on the show. He is a Finnish activist. You can post questions in the YouTube chat window and maybe someone will answer them. This is my first live show, so we shall see how it goes.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Prevailing Orthodoxy
  • 12:00: The Dissident From The Orthodoxy
  • 22:00: Race and Ethnicity
  • 32:00: Sex and Gender
  • 42:00: View From The Right
  • 52:00: Our Mt. Rushmore
  • 57:00: Closing

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53 thoughts on “The Dissident Right

    • I was looking forward to forwarding it to some normie friends. But the part with Zman getting pissed about mixed couples in commercials would make them think I was trying to turn them on to some KKK dude. I don’t think Dissident Righters realize how normie normies are.

      Z kept it real though. That’s important too.

  1. Great podcast. Can’t wait to hear more on the general topic of what it means to be Dissident Right. Especially discussed in comparison to other Right groups, e.g. Alt-Right, Alt-Light, Paleocons, White Supremacists. Understanding a group’s principles is necessary. Understanding the contrasts between groups, is when one gets a meaningful feel for a group.

    Personally I fear I’m helplessly Alt-Light by nature. But I realize it will take a stronger, meaner movement to defeat the enemy.

    As for this latest podcast serving as a recruitment guide for “confused normies”. It was excellent, save two things. I’d have toned down the criticism (disgust) of mixed race couples/families. And the hard-line on abortion. Most normies feel the need to be sympathetic to these things. It’s not the time to push them. It makes the Dissident Right seem too mean and racist to a newcomer.

    • Frip, how can you be a metal guy and be so squeamish? “Kill ‘Em All,” after all.

  2. “We shall soon be in a world in which a man may be howled down for saying that two and two make four, in which people will persecute the heresy of calling a triangle a three-sided figure, and hang a man for maddening a mob with the news that grass is green.” -C.K Chesterton

    • Yes! Also a standing O for this week’s other Chesteron gem, “Conservatives conserve the liberal fads of two generations past”

  3. This was your best podcast so far. Not sure if other single topic podcasts would be as good; this one was right in your wheelhouse.

    • You should consider abandoning Instapundit and moving over to Unz. IP has been assimilated by the neocon, blank slating horde.

  4. A key element of those of us on the Dissent Right is simply recoginizing that people are different and that you can’t just drop people from Russia, Iran, or Nigeria into Japan and expect society to function the same way and for the low crime rates in Japan to remain.

    Cultures have their strengths and weakness, but sometimes those weaknesses are so much that they hinder a culture.

    We saw this with the Italians when they came over, as well as the Irish. We got things like the mob, as well as big city machine politics from the Irish – something that is still arguably evident in our largest Urban cities. Goverments are us.

    Places like Britain and welfare states like Denmark demand a high trust society to function. Without that trust, we end up with the corruption rife in places like Brazil to Russia to Nigeria. That high trust takes a culture generations upon generations to build as well as a culture willing to go down that road.

    One other thing the Dissident Right realizes is that we need an identity – one that isn’t based on what we consume and the stuff we have.

    With the speed of travel and communication rapidly changing beyond imagination even 200 years ago just in the 20th and 21st centurys alone, many of the traditional elements of “who” and what you were have changed.

    We – those of us in America for 200+ years may have come from Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Spain, Greece, etc, but if you aren’t around fellow “countrymen”, tribesman, or villagers and, don’t speak their language, have nothing in common with them culturally, and haven’t lived near them for hundreds of years then one ends up needing to forge a new identity.

    For those of us mixed like myself, the Dissident Right is a realization that to build society, we must acknowledge history, the various differences of race and ethnic groups, and build from the tradition that was given to us by our various forefathers. Only then can we become the beacon on the hill that others can look to for a path forward.

    Any identity we build has to be based on what we can become, the legacies we can build, and the continuing of old culture and traditions as well as the foundations of new ones. We must have one that is positive – rather than negative.

    • The thing is though that positive can have negative traits depending on your outlook. North East Asian nations such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong are very economically prosperous, they’re all very ethnically homogeneos. That is pretty exclusionary to other ethnic groups. But I certainly don’t think any of those countries particularly care about other countries feelz. Their concern is their nations prosperity and future. That is isolationist, but its honest.

  5. groan…you go on and on here about nature vs nuture and how the “Left” is always pushing the idea of “it’s all about nuture; we’re a blank slate; we can transform humans through ideas”…yet you ignore the elephant in the room…and every other pundit in the WORLD does the same…yes, the “left” pushes the idea that we are a blank slate…this is true…obviously…but you completely ignore the fact that the so-called Left has dramatically altered the culture of america via propaganda.

    Hello? The so-called Left has been pushing anti-white/pro-nonwhite/white-guilt-propaganda onto whites for decades …and what has been the effect of this propaganda? It has created tens of millions of whites who are filled with white guilt and hatred for their own race…

    So if the “nuture” theory has no validity, then how has the “Left” been able to create all this white-guilt-riddled whites and thus transform the culture?

    The fact is that it is BOTH nature and nuture….and this whole schtick by Dissident Right pundits is hollow and shallow…

    And by the way, there is no Left. The Left is simply one arm of Big Business…and that should be obvious, too.

    • Yep both sides.

      Nurture certainly has a role, why do you think the Left focused on gaining control of public schooling and higher ed and why PR firms are a $200 billion a year business. They all know that opinions can manufactured.

      Ed Bernays figured it out a long time ago.

      Hell the founders of public education in Prussia knew g-d damn well you could shape people if you got them young enough. Stalin knew it too.

      There’s a reason why public schools were initially modeled after factories – because industry needed docile, barely literate workers for their factories. Not citizens.

      You can be a high IQ smart guy and still be a total Marxist thug as well. Silicon Valley is full of them. The fact is once you thoroughly imbibe a ideology., it filters reality for you.

      You see this in action when you hear a progtard or RINO being questioned. What you get isn’t their intellect, it’s their dogma. At that point you are dealing with a cultist/religious zealot.

      And yeah the Left is a arm of big business. It’s certainly obvious when the richest men in the world promote Leftist political thought, even though in their personal lives and business they are ruthless SOBs that won’t hesitate to crush people.

      • These ideas/facts are not determinative on their own. Nothing is, really. It is a matter of where one’s emphasis lies in both describing and driving the sociocultural machine in the direction desired. In a way this is a take on the is/ought dichotomy. We see things they way we think they are and because of that vision decide on the way we think things ought to be.

        This is the psychology behind just about every revolution in history. Our ancestors did thus and so and we are going to return to this vision of the past and make it our future.

        These things are always caricatures of a sort. But when one comes along at the right time and has the most attractive selling points for itself, it becomes successful.

        Varieties of the nature/nurture arguments have always been with us, but the nurture side has been more successful for the past seventy years or so, in part because of mass media propaganda and the fact that research institutions have been in the hands of those for whom the nature side is anathema.

        When you consider the fact that this side of the argument has only been as successful as it has with total control of all media and the amount of spending taking place in its support, it is no wonder that the nature side would make a bit of a comeback now and then.

  6. Z-Man, a little help please.

    For reasons that we don’t need to discuss, I can’t watch podcasts. I would love to read a transcript of your podcasts though.

    Do you know of any speech to text programs that I might make use of?


  7. Z – what do you think of a sort of “modified feminism” that that redice chick has talked about? Sort of the “you can be anything but not at the same time” school of thought. It sounds a lot more realistic to your average woman than the “have it all” bs that is true only in the 1%.

  8. The “Dissident right” will go nowhere because the majority of people do not want to hear what Nazis have to say….we punch them.

    Blacks are against you

    latinx are against you
    homosexualsare against you
    Asians are against you
    muslims are against you
    the trans community are against you
    jews are against you

    You guys are finished

    • Punching is truly not what your kind does. Back stab, undermine, mob up in a mask? Sure. But to actually punch someone is to take a real risk. And Asians? 1.2 billion Chinese think we are insane to not exterminate your kind, and they are right.

    • I always find it amusing to see progs that think that 1) western Europeans have a long history of ruthlessly conquering, repressing, and enslaving other peoples, and also that 2) trying to overthrow them is a good idea.

    • And none of the above groups are antagonistic to each other. Just randomly google European Jews relocating to Israel due to up take in anti semetism and it’s not from the natives but islamic migrants 99% of the time. Blacks and hispanics detest each other, in the 90s south central L.A was the home of gfunk rap, just check the demographics. It’s totally hispanic now and effectively ethnically cleansed. The coalition of the fringes mentioned above don’t have anything in common and will cannibalise each other. Don’t take my word for it. Take this biologist Brett Weinstein from Evergreen. Have a listen from about 5.34 to 9.40. The left can’t troll, can’t meme. It’s easy to use the Nazi name calling shtick as it’s a hammer down term to prevent any legitimate debate or criticism. I’m no fan of identity politics, but one thing we do have in common here is a growing realisation that if you don’t play identity politics you’ll be steamrolled by others that do. White or otherwise.

    • There once was a Duck name of Tiny-
      Who was fun as a boil on yer hiney.
      He would poop and he’d yack
      Like a media hack-
      Till his bunghole was polished and shiny.

    • We’ll make sure to not trigger you or you’re wife’s son ever again. Those various disparate groups you’ve mentioned above. They don’t have any mutual hostility to each other? Just randomly google European Jews relocating to Israel due to up take in anti semetism on behalf of muslims. Take Bibi Nethanyahu’s call for diaspora return at face value. Blacks and hispanics detest each other. In the 90s south central L.A was the home of gfunk rap, check the demographics now. It’s effectively ethnically cleansed and utterly hispanic. The Han Chinese have contempt for you in particular, the term baizuo has you in mind pal. Truth be told if the left are a combination that if given power would consume each other. Don’t take my word for it, here’s Brett Weinstein, biologist from Evergreen. a look from 5.34 to 9.30.
      I don’t like identity politics, but thats all the left is. And if you don’t play identity politics you’ll be steamrolled by others that do. White or otherwise

      • Heck Hispanics hate each other. I’m 40 and a Dominican friend told me this in HS. In my 30s I talked to a very nice Puerto Rican woman. Legal. Her hubby ran a successful business. They were church going folk. She agreed that Hispanics are the most racist against other Hispanics. Dominican and Haitian hate each other. Puerto Rican and Cubans hate each other. Everyone hates Mexicans. I don’t care that the Japanese call me giajin or the Chinese call me baizou. I’m not trying to invade their country

    • Jeff, I’m just going to say that if I am being judged by who my enemies are, I am feeling pretty good at the moment.

    • Call us Nazis and you will be punched from people like myself that include a large racial and ethnic mix in ancestry including Armenian and Jewish.

  9. I think you said “… Garden of Even” when talking about the leftist view of evolution. Still laughing.

    • Well “equality of outcomes” is very much part of the Leftist ideology and his been for a long time. I first came across it in the Army where it’s called “gender norming” where physical training standards were horribly compromised to allow females to pass.

      You have that in Fire Departments where the female firefighters just stand around and do nothing because they are incompetent and too weak to do what is needed. Even the female Paramedics do nothing.

      I’m already hearing horror stories about women getting socially promoted in the STEM fields as well.

      • Equality of outcome was a bait and switch done on “equality of opportunity.”

        Equlity of opportunity was a fairly easy sell back in the 50s and 60s. It sounded very fair. But none of us young Boomer rubes would have taken equality of outcome seriously as a political proposal. We would have thought it was a misprint or a satire.

        How naive we were.

      • This is why you now see a firetruck dispatched on every ambulance run in most larger cities. One reason is that firemen mostly sit around twiddling her thumbs and the other is that you are lucky to see one man in an ambulance these days, let alone two, and there are still more male firemen to do the heavy lifting.

        • The firemen can also then claim that they were called out dozens of times a week, instead of one or two. Good for the funding and fireman job creation.

      • It is criminal that women are allowed in the male domains of military, police and fire departments. They emasculate men and women cannot perform to the standard of men. And endanger everyone while they indulge in their fantasy that girls can do whatever boys can do. It’s like the affirmative action air traffic controller hiring that Tucker Carlson spoke about recently. Good God, we are insane to insist that incompetent people are placed in jobs that are critical to literally saving or maintaining lives. Here’s the segment in case you missed it:

        These days, with job scarcity and our unraveling, degenerate society, we really need to be urging women to marry while young and healthy, have kids and raise intelligent, productive citizens. This way the jobs can go to the men, ideally white men who are the world’s most talented humans when it comes to creating optimal civilizations. Start teaching kids at a young age — girls with excellent home-making skills in addition to a cultivating their minds with a Western canon education that renders them well-suited to educating their children; and boys should cultivated in masculine physicality as well as top-notch, rigorous education. In other words, we should go back to what our ancestors did and reinforce the classic roles of men and women. Along with Christianity! Because it works.

  10. Still listening, but the thought strikes me — Perhaps the LEFT(?), or it’s hard-core adherents, actually accept those things you lay out here — HBD etc. If so, likely this just is malignant intellect, or human madness, trying to work toward eternal, delusional social constructs created in their minds. In other words, they accept the same things, but are just fighting desperately and deceptively to put it into chains.

  11. This may be the best podcast you’ve done (not that many of the others weren’t great too). The issues you discuss really do boil down to whether one believes or rejects Blank Slate Egalitarianism. I, for one, have no idea how anyone can fall for such deluded insanity. All a guy has to do to dispel the myth of equality is open his damn eyes. No two individuals are equal, let alone different sexes and races. This would be obvious but not for a blindness — often willful — that plagues most of this denialist species of ours.

    • The Blank Slate thing turns up in unexpected places.

      When an Ayn Rand devotee tried to evangelize me some years back, the Blank Slate seemed to be a central article of faith for him. Not that he would have used terms like “evangelize” and “faith.”

      • It bears worth repeating…everything is a social construct? The universe is just brute matter and everything else is a construct of the human mind, in particular the process of abstraction and categorization.”

        Race is linked to biology; ethnicity is linked to culture. Race is a biological and social construct. Ethnicity is a social construct. Ethnicity is the term for the culture of people in a given geographic region, including their language, heritage, religion and customs. To be a member of an ethnic group is to conform to some or all of those practices. In a nutshell, race refers to a group of people who possess similar and distinct physical characteristics, while ethnicity refers to a category of people who regard themselves to be different from other groups based on common ancestral, cultural, national, and social experience.

        Furthermore, natural science consists of mental constructs, created with the objective of explaining sensory experience of our world. Human beings affix labels to make sense of our environment. For example, the California spotted owl is an animal, i.e. biological construct. The scientific name of the creature is a human designation—strix occidentalis. That is, binomial nomenclature refers to a formal system, developed by people, to name species. The California owl was not a “California owl” until someone actually and specifically labeled it.

        Men and women had sought, and continue to seek, to explain sensory experience of our world. Thus, we affix labels to make sense of our environment. Race, biology, ethnicity–all are concepts created by human beings as an organizational tool to offer a consistency about the natural world in which they observe. “Canis” refers to a real thing, but human beings designated that term—canis, which means “dog” in Latin, and also refers to their prominent teeth used for killing their prey. Dogs (like cats) did not magically appear as those animals automatically to human beings. People described the characteristics in a manner that made sense to them by developing criteria to differentiate the species in their natural habitats.

        Breeds are manufactured through selective breeding (artificial selection). A Boston terrier is an explicitly defined animal: the AKC ultimately decides which dog meets the criteria. I am probably stating the obvious here, but geographic isolation, and natural or sexual selection, have resulted in some alleles in human beings being more frequent in some groups compared to human beings, and ancestry determines the distribution of some genes. As far as I know, the major genetic clusters consisted of Europeans/West Asians (whites), sub-Saharan Africans, East Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans with a discrepancy rate of only 0.14%. It also seems to me that this debate over race as a biological construct–I happen to believe that race is both a biological and social construct–originated in the desire to establish the genetic inferiority of some races compared to others.

  12. Did I miss something? There was no mention of comprehensive tax policy and tax cuts, not to mention our foreign policy in the Middle East. Woefully negligent Z.

    At any rate a very good primer and education that should be forwarded to someone we know who may be ready to accept this.
    (By the way, for the dense among us, sarcasm in the first paragraph here)

  13. Is it my imagination or is the sound quality better …?

    At the risk of a wedgie from the cool kids I might include a caveat that might be seen as a sop to the progs – but really isn’t. I think that informed and intelligent dissent has to accept and make allowances for the exception to the rule. We are talking about the community minded black that is intelligent, peaceable and respectable. Or the strong women that have earned their respect, and not the dumpy stupid feminists that demand it. Or the Jew that sees the malfeasance of his tribesmen and refuses to partake in it or white wash it.

    Maybe I’m full a beans, but I think anyone that accepts and strives for merit and common sense -should have a place among us.

    • Thats a reasonable point to an extent and it does appeal to what you would say are the better Angels of our nature. But when those better Angels becoming pathologically suicidally altruistic they leave you incapable of seeing the lack of an outcome, or a massive negative outcome. Lee Kwan Yew was a civic nationalist but experience made him take a harder Han Chinese nationalist stance. I think the quote is once the migrant population goes above 25% all politics becomes identity politics. I think Vox Day ran the numbers on a dark stream. The average black American recieves a net benefits of about 8000 approx per year from Government, the average hispanic about 6000. The average white American pays -2000. When you run that over the course of a persons life span you get an eye watering figure. The default expectation in the U.S is that White America’s expected to pay for everything, maintain everything, be blamed for everything and sacrifice it’s own self interest for everything. How is that sustainable, or even rational? The Anglophone World did it first in the 60’s and Western Europe followed suit. Mass migration changes the character of a nation regardless, late 19th century America, but when it’s the most dysfunctional peoples possible it makes a difficult situation untenable, France, Britain, Holland post 1960s. An interesting documentary to watch is Empire of Dust that one clip alone sum’s up the Western experience and in particular the American experience. You will never change DeSean, Juan, or the muslim Orkish hordes as there is a limit to how much DeSean’s nature can change. There is a gap in cognitive ability that won’t be denied. There are incompatible natures and cultures. Throughout Europe there has been large scale Eastern European migration. That has had a negative effect on working class wages, but similarities of a broader cultural traditions and ethnic similarities make it fairly workable. But the next wave isnt coming from Eastern Europe. Steven Sailer has a graph Z has referenced. Think he calls it the most important graph in the World. It’s the birth rate of Sub Saharran Africans. Where do you think they’ll go en mass. They’re going to head north. I’m 37, I’ve two kids, I’m increasingly dreading the thought of what kind of future they have bar a pan European Reconquista 2.0

      • to me there is nothing – absolutely NOTHING – wrong or radical about Z’s dissidence. It’s all simple, common sense. We have a black family at our church. They are respectable, honest and fair. They are not hoods, they aren’t race whores that have been educated beyond their intellect like somebody like, say the Obamas. They are the kind of people the progs envision when they say diversity is our strength. Z says it better, but boiled down, we need the right to make the distinction between black people and niggers good people and bad – for ourselves. It used to be that the word ‘discrimination’ was a good thing – where one examined the things that were good for him, and discriminated against those that were not. Discrimination kept the tards out of college and reserved for the elite that could do the work. Discrimination at social function kept the freaks and degenerates from hijacking the function as a PR stunt to push their kinks failures. I think most of us are smart enough to discriminate fairly, and in a good way. We will lose credibility and moral authority if we start lashing out at otherwise good people. That to me was the failing of the Alt-Right. They struck at the wrong people for the wrong reasons – and vindicated every dung eating social justice warrior and race whore on the continent.

        To me all the Dissident Right really is, boiled down and distilled – is common sense in a world of lunacy.

        • I guess that the black family in your church would exclude you from their black community without a single pang of conscience. Yet whites agonize over a similar exclusion. Reply?

    • Thats a reasonable point to appeal to the better nature of our Angels, but when those better Angels become pathologically suicidally altruistic they leave you incapable of seeing the lack of an outcome or an overwhelmingly negative outcome. I’m not sure the exact wording but Lee Kwan Yew made the statement that once the minority groups number 25% of the population all politics become identity politics. He was originally a civic nationalist but experience with diversity made him take a firm turn towards Han Chinese diasporan Nationalism. Mass migration changes the character of a nation regardless, late 19th century America. But when that migration involves some of the most dysfunctional peoples possible it makes a difficult situation untenable. I think Vox Day might have ran the numbers on a dark stream but here’s what I remember. The average black American recieves approx 8000 dollars per annum of various Government subsidies all in all, a hispanic about 6000. The average white American pays 2000 to Government. When you run that over the course of a persons life span you get an eye watering figure. The default expectation in the U.S is that White America’s expected to pay for everything, maintain everything, be blamed for everything and sacrifice it’s own self interest for everything. How is that sustainable or even rational. The Anglophone World did it first in the 1960’s with ethno masocism and the rest of Western Europe followed suit. There’s a fascinating documentary Empire of Dust but this clip is the best summary of it from a Dissident Right perspective
      The harsh truth is that DeSean, Juan Pablo from El Salvador and the muslim Orkish hordes have limitations in cognitive ability,and in the letter case an antagonistic culture that make it totally unrealistic to expect anything other than conflict or mutual hostility. In Europe in the 90s there was large scale migration from Eastern Europe. Now this did have an effect in depressing working class wages, but the social costs haven’t been high as theirs historical cultural and ethnic similarities that make the situation workable. But the next wave isnt coming from Eastern Europe. And thats what is the concern of any rational European person.

    • White people, and generally white people only, feel bad excluding someone over a trait they didn’t choose. So, we’re always looking to make exceptions for the few non-whites and Jews who agree with us, (“the based”).

      Would the based tolerate virtually no immigration of their own kind, given that their own kind has been so clearly opposed to us?

      Would alt-Jews accept the dismantling of the psychologically abusive Holocaust studies in middle school and high school?

      • Instead of giving 2 billion in military aid to Israel every year, we could pay that 2 billion out in relocation assistance for American Jews to move and renounce U.S. citizenship.

    • No, you’re exactly right, on both the practical facts and also on the politics. There’s no inherent conflict between acknowledging the bell curve while also understanding that there are outliers. Some alt-right types talk as if 99% of blacks are violent morons (and also as if IQ was the only worthwhile human trait). That’s just as observably wrong as blank slatism, it undercuts the claim to realism to sound like that.

  14. Superb piece!

    People should be required to listen to this before they can listen to any other podcast or read any essay. It lays the foundation for the logic presented in your work.

  15. I think another interesting heritable trait is the different skin color amongst black siblings. It can really run the gamut from really light skinned to very dark. So even when black people have children with other black people it doesn’t guarantee that their children will look like them

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