Waiting For The Spark

I was at lunch last week when I overheard a couple of young women talking about the coming revolution. I thought it was a joke, at first, so I eavesdropped for a little while and sure enough, they were talking about revolution. The bossy looking one was going on about something Trump did, I missed that part, and how it was going to be the thing that “woke people up about what’s happening.” My guess is the part I missed had something to do with Russians or maybe the Manafort Trial. The Left is obsessed with that now.

Since the election, the Left has been dreaming up scenarios in which the results of the election are overturned. For a long time they were sure Trump would be impeached, but that seems to have faded. Last year my left-wing office manager was deep into the impeachment scenarios. Now the talk is of revolution, which probably fits better with their conception of themselves as the heroic resistance. They imagine Trump as a strong man, against whom they must resist until the system cracks, and then the revolution begins.

Most of us think of revolution in the sense of people flooding into the streets to protest the government. Either the government makes an error, causing the mob to turn violent or radicals use unrest to foment a full-on revolt. The two models in the Western mind are the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution. Given the make up of the anti-Trump forces, it’s hard to imagine either scenario. The “resistance” is mostly girls and non-whites prone to committing violence against one another. It’s hard to see them leading a revolt.

There is a another model of revolution, that may be what our current rulers have in mind for us. That is the Cultural Revolution unleashed by Mao Zedong fifty years ago. This was a revolution from above, where the revolutionary elite enlisted the masses at the bottom to purge the middle of bourgeois traitors to the proletariat. Mao purged the party of rivals and then used subsequent protests to advance a lurch into radicalism. The complaints about party leaders and administrators were an excuse to start a cultural revolution.

The most famous aspect of it was the Red Guards. This was a student movement aimed at unleashing “a great revolution that touches people to their very souls and constitutes a deeper and more extensive stage in the development of the socialist revolution in our country.” Sinophiles hate the comparison, but this sounds a lot like our billionaire class financing the various radical groups and social justice warriors we see rampaging through the culture today. We are not being sent to the rice paddies yet, but there is still time.

Another point of comparison is the war on the “Four Olds” which were old customs, culture, habits, and ideas. This was both a war on the past, as well as a war on the culture itself. For example, the Red Guards pulled the remains of a Ming dynasty emperor out of his tomb, denounced him and then burned the remains. They went around renaming streets and toppling statues. This should strike a familiar cord. Today’s radicals do the same thing and preach against racism, sexism, homophobia and antisemitism.

No historical comparison is perfect. Again, Sinophiles really hate the comparison, but people are conservative about what they think they know best. There’s also the fact that Chinese culture is remarkably strong and it was largely able to resist the ten year campaign to obliterate it. American culture appears to be brittle and falling apart under the weight of a fifty year planned invasion of aliens hostile to the founding stock. The Chinese did not fill up their lands with hostile foreigners, armed with a ballot by the ruling class.

On the other hand, there are limits to everything. As the outrages from the Left stack up, the average white person in American grows more angry. Talk to anyone sympathetic to this line of thinking and they will tell you they have grown far less tolerant of their remaining liberal friends. I know I’ve lost touch with quite a few former friends, because I will not tolerate their nonsense. I have friends who just a few years ago thought Ben Shapiro was edgy and now think the alt-right is too soft. There is a reaction brewing in the country.

The question is what would it take to move people from yelling at their televisions over the latest liberal outrage to marching in the streets. This is never easy to know. Sometimes, the smallest spark sets of the biggest fire. The reaction to Alex Jones getting purged from the internet has been surprising, given that he is not a serious person. I got questions from people, who never heard of him until yesterday, angry over his banishment. My guess is the percentage of people thinking fondly of Pinochet is at an all-time high right now.

As far as the spark, a move against Trump is good bet. The glue that keeps things from flying apart right now is middle-class white people, who still have faith in the political system. These are the middle American radicals Sam Francis wrote about 30 years ago during the Reagan moment. They will tolerate just about anything, as long as they think they can fight the other side within the system. An effort to remove Trump or even silence his advocates, could be a spark that gets these people into the streets.

Extra-political efforts to ban guns are another possible spark. The coordinated efforts to cut off gun makers from the financial system is not unnoticed by the 2A people. They follow this stuff and there are a lot of them. The pink pussy hat people think they have numbers because billionaires will bus fifty thousand of them into DC. The NRA could get a million people in the streets if there is ever a real threat to gun rights. A big part of gun culture is the idea of the patriot bravely taking up arms to resist tyranny.

It is tempting to think this will all blow over. I was in the camp until recently. Now, I just don’t see how it will ever be possible to make peace with the Left. They hate us and will use any means necessary.The lack of code is the critical part. How does one make peace with someone that will never abide by the rules? Whether this results in revolution, counter revolution or civil war is hard to know, but the number of people thinking the gap cannot be bridged is growing every day. Now we wait for the Cossak’s wink.

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  1. yes peace will not come to this nation at any time, as long as our wicked and evil leaders decree unrighteous laws against the most high, peace will not come, it will be war. My God tells me not to listen nor respect ungodly decrees , it is quite the opposite and when this war goes hot then i will jump in to remove satans children which are many now. in the scripture there is a thing called a just war and in these times we have the right to remove them from our sight these wicked doers, and I mean all of them including our evil leaders along with there protectors of wickedness , the judges. yes, it will happen and very soon.

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  3. Not terribly worried about a civil war. The cities may burn but thats what they wanted anyway. The current processes of the government is to keep a lid on the cities with just enough cash to keep the population restive. Once the money dries up, then the fun will begin. As another note, it amuses me that the “leaders” of the revolution think they will still be around to lead us into the socialist nirvana once the war goes hot. If anything, they will become the first targets.

  4. ”If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
    come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.“

    Winston Churchill

    Every day that our numbers shrink we move further down this list of options

  5. Oddly, this is the first time I’ve seen someone writing out what seems obvious…people keep talking calmly about how the House will try to impeach if the Dims win; nobody mentions that there are millions of us out here who might have something to say about that.

  6. For some reason I decided to check in on what Cerno was doing today. Whatever he is doing is a good idea to bet against. He tweeted something along the line of “the left is hungrier than us and that’s why they will win…” Stupid man. The left is a mess and while they might the battle while we are at work and teaching our kids how to tackle, they aren’t going to win the war. The white normies are going to run to our side before very long and the trick will be to not them punch right. Their women will panic with fright and attach to the alphas, all of whom are part of our thing. Bring on the fight, the enemy is garbage and had a glass jaw. The thing is that a lot of minorities will run our way too. Whether we like it or not, they will be our duty. This will be one of Zmans next posts – how to deal with the blacks and browns who run to us from the lunacy.

  7. I would like to believe people are getting tired of the left, but how do you explain Trump’s low approval rating and the close Congressional race in Ohio? Left still seems more motivated.

  8. Not just a spark, you need an accelerant. Fuel + Arrangement + Accelerant + Spark = Fire. You have the first two – Diversity + Proximity but you need to fill in the gaps on the last two. In my old neck of the woods that was Economic Recession + Power Vacuum.

    Leftisim is not a position. It’s a process. A process for the establishment of absolute power and a totalitarian system of government. Don’t be surprised when they don’t care about anything else. It’s the only thing they objectively believe in. It’s right there in their so-called philosophy, open for anyone to see.

  9. Look, I’m as appalled by what the Khmer Rouge did as anybody, but let’s be honest here – if you haven’t dreamed about hauling all the urban numales and cat ladies with soft hands out of their offices at digital media companies and corporate HR departments and forcing them out into farm fields to do real labor for their daily bread, you’re not really on the right.

    2018: White Sharia
    2019: White Kampuchea

    • Go spend a month in Cambodia before you start talking that shit. Farmers are still getting their legs blown off almost 40 years after the Khmer Rouge were driven into the hills (UXO and land mines). Cambodia times 20 is what you will encounter if any sort of insurgency kicks off here.
      White Sharia my ass…Why the hell would you ever seek to emulate dune coons??

  10. Dear Mr. Z:

    How about this for an interesting post:
    “Ten [or however many] things our side can do to advance the agenda [or something like that].”
    Talk radio [and blogs] are entertaining.
    But what can we DO to walk the walk?
    Or are we in fact doomed?

    • I cannot answer for Mr. Z as I’m kinda wasted. So I will leave it to Judas Priest. Theme: Be patient. Don’t show all your cards. Payback WILL come. Your fellow Dissidents are your only brothers…fuck normie and all the rest. The world is, and always was, savage. So don’t get hung up on the morality of our means.

      “You wait it out and bide your time
      Rip off that straight jacket gotta break that line
      Everyone who wins in the great escape
      Leaves a thousand more who suffer in their wake

      I don’t talk about it, but that’s alright
      Table’s turned now, there’s a revenge in sight
      If it takes forever babe, I tell ya, I can wait
      Send them screaming back through hell’s own gate

      We are screaming
      Screaming for vengeance
      The world is a manacled place
      Screaming for vengeance
      The world is defiled in disgrace”


  11. The leaders of the left that want to forment revolution think that they and their families will be above it all if it goes hot. That is a bad assumption. They will be the first to be targeted. The soviet model of the intelligencia co-opting the revolution will not work here

  12. The revolution already happened. The Left has control of the establishment and corporate America.

    Right now they are just getting ready to take out the garbage(that being working and middle-class whites) so as to consolidate their gains. That should come after Trump is either impeached or leaves in 2020.

    So we have at best approx two years before the Left really drops the hammer on us. Until then the Left and Big Tech will continue to ratchet up their control of the Internet and MSM so as to render us invisible and without a voice.

    • No, (((they))) will have him win in 2020, because (((they))) need people to have faith in the system.

      My prediction is that a Dem wins in 2024, and they’ll install some Republican in 2028, so that Republicans will gain a renewed faith in the system, after a demoralizing four-year stretch. After 2032, they will go full speed ahead, unimpeded.

  13. yo “Z”, ya got my ire up on this one: ” . . . [Alex Jones] he is not a serious person”. What in the HELLo is in your mind/what drugs are you taking?! Good thing you remain well “cloaked”, cuz I’d be in your face big time. The Man’s got four children and is putting them and his life on the line. And look at the org he has built – withOUT being compromised to big corp money! How the ‘F do YOU measure up to that?! Well, talk is cheap, especially when remaining “cloaked”. Where’s your [attentuated] balls, soy-boy?

  14. If the left was serious about political dialogue, it might work itself out…but they are not. The truly want us dead. There is only so much talk of murder, genocide, enslavement of ‘white, Christian males’ that you can rationalize away before you realize that one day, they really will come to do you harm, and will gladly murder anyone associated with you.

  15. I’m hoping they can get excited enough to at least vote in November. So far enthusiasm on the right has been lousy.

    • How could you tell? I don’t believe most of the news. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dems lose seats in both Houses in November.

  16. I imagine ANTIFA will abandon their revolutionary camps when they are forced to dig 57 latrines (one for each “gender”).

  17. Reading the comments on this post, I can’t help but see this blog’s readers as overconfident of victory if or when this conflict goes hot – “we have the guns”, “we’re men and they’re effeminate boys, screeching harpies and transsexuals” etc. This is dangerous and wrong thinking, IMO. The left is in a much, much stronger position than the right is. David Hines had a brilliant tweetstorm on this last year, which was put on Storify but now the only available link to the tweetstorm is here: https://pastebin.com/MTSDYPBJ . Not a great format, but it’ll do.

    I highly recommend reading this if you havn’t read it yet. It was discussed at length among the nationalist blogs back then, but it is worth re-reading.

    • That is quite good

      The take away line 459


      and note while the Left is better organized, that can change fast , very fast. This is partially why the censorship push. Organized Whites are very scary and keeping them atomized, disorganized and divided is the Lefts trump card .

      In any case if it goes to war, we win our own land or we all die in a camp and if it means the US is in ruins for a hundred years so be it . Such a war will allow for no mercy or reconciliation for any one of any age as Leftists have no such thing .

    • Most wouldn’t even need a gun(outside of dealing with the Lefts Anti-fa and vibrant youth), a trip to Home Depot and some local shops would be all that is needed.

      People know damn well not to openly resist the state with guns. But do it selectively and covertly as possible. It may be as simple as repeatedly dumping boxes of roofing nails on the freeway at 3 AM. to screw up truck delivery. Knocking out the power grid for major cities. Dumping rapidly inflating concrete into drainage systems, setting fire to Fiber optic underground junctions. wrecking pumping stations, Sabotaging cell towers, etc.

      What happens when cell towers go out of commission and fiber bundles get torched? Business grinds to a halt. Few have land lines anymore. Personal communication is DOA. Imagine not being able to check on little timmy and sarah, Or you just got a flat on the freeway and can’t reach anyone and a carload of bald headed Mexers pull up.

      Even better EBT/SNAP cards will stop working. And you know what those brown skins will do when their cards are dead, They will burn down those white run blue hives.

      The point is our system is very delicate and any systemic sabotage of it will result in the mass deaths of millions within a week and tens of millions within 2-3 weeks.

      No one with a sane mind wants this. But the white elite in businesses and the political class are pushing us towards this.

      • @Rod
        9 Subs and a few choke points and the US goes dark…Oh and just a friendly reminder SoCal is not the place to be if that happens…

        • I’ve heard that the transformers are specially manufactured for each sub station. The power companies and manufacturers don’t keep them in inventory. They are manufactured in China and Korea. The lead time is over six months. That’s a long time without electricity and many people will not survive.

          • The really big are 2 years to make and then a long sea journey… Which is why I tell people if the US grid goes down because of sabotage I wouldn’t expect it to ever come back up…

        • 20 guys with power grid maps and hunting rifles punching drain holes in in the right transformers could put 90% of the country in the dark overnight. 72 hours after that and the police and military are stretched to the breaking point just trying to keep order in the cities. 10’s of millions would be dead within weeks. Just in time logistics is great, until it isn’t. Rwanda x Bosnia indeed. Horrifying to contemplate.

    • Superb summary. Reading it did forces my impression that the right is deluded due to the 2nd amendment. I am a strong supporter of it but the 2nd gives the right a false sense of security and strength. A civil war plays into the left’s organizational and monetary strength. Just thinking of how much greater the crackdown would be – and encouraged by almost all republicans – if antifa was a right wing group should be able to dissuade the right from thinking we can out fight them.

  18. I’m really too old for revolution, so if it’s going to happen, it needs to happen before I’m bedridden permanently. I’m running out of patience. There is nothing worse than having a glorious revolt going on and you’re just too sick to do anything. Life is so unfair.

    • I agree with everything you said. I’m in my mid-sixties and my have another ten to twenty years left. I would gladly give up my remaining time to keep my grandchildren from fighting a second civil war.

      “If it now, ’tis not to come. If it be not to come, it will be now. If it be not now, yet it will come–the readiness is all.”

      • Don’t worry about being old. There is work in war for every man and even a note passed on, a bag of cookies and some water or an old box of ammo you no longer need may make the difference.

        It enough of the very old find out they are dying and are willing, well there is room for certain kinds of missions too.

  19. I have given up trying to reason with liberals. As Jonathan Swift said almost 300 years ago: “Reasoning will never make a man correct an ill opinion, which by reasoning he never acquired.” The question is how the police and military will react. No doubt the NRA folks would crush the tinkerbell SJWs and feral thugs in the streets in about 2 seconds. But the big city police forces, national guards and US military will be used by every leftist politician in charge to put down local rebellions. I doubt weak-kneed Republicans would use their offices to join the fray. Whether the rebellions would be able to organize under a national leader is the question.

    • Drones, don’t forget about the drones. Too high in the sky to see as they launch their targeted missiles at dissident homes, businesses, workplaces. Who will be manning the drone stations? Maybe some of those migrants from Africa, middle-east, Latin America who are serving in the military in order to get their citizenship and don’t like white Americans.

      • The kids in Pakistan and Afghanistan have learned not to play outside on clear sunny days because of the drones too high up in the sky for unaided human eyes to see from the ground that have excellent visibility for their bombings in clear conditions. They venture out when they have some cloud cover. Read about the things we do abroad so you are ready for when they are applied to us here.

    • Local police forces are vastly outnumbered by gun owners, and after a few confiscation raids end up with dead police officers, they’ll lose whatever enthusiasm they had to begin with. (And besides, even in big cities most cops are reflexively on our side.)

      National guard units are made up mostly of people like us, and they’re not going to follow orders if politicians try to use them to clamp down on the same rights they themselves enjoy in their civilian lives.

      And as for the military, nothing at all will get done without the enlisted personnel, who are mostly made up of patriotic young men who are, once again, reflexively on our side.

      Leftist politicians can issue whatever orders they want; there are no good reasons to believe those orders would be willingly carried out, and many good ones to suppose they wouldn’t be.

      • The evidence says otherwise.

        How about Charlottesville?

        How about Berkley?

        How about Ruby Ridge?

        How about Waco?

        How about Iraq?

        How about Afghanistan?

        How about Syria?

        How about Libya?

        How about Yemen?

        • Waco and Ruby Ridge begat McVeigh and there hasn’t been anything much since that. Lavoy Finnicum might qualify but he was acting like an idiot

          Charlottesville and Berkley are nothing but 60’s lite and the rest are foreign nations.

          Also the US military while it can be a threat cannot stop a real civil war and any mistakes in COIN and boy are we good at mistakes make things worse. They know this and we know this,

          • You may be downplaying Charlottesville.

            Almost all of the violence was initiated by antifa and their side. The cops failed to protect white protesters.

            Nevertheless, the state of Virginia prosecutes a number of whites, but very few blacks.

        • Patience. The balloon hasn’t gone up yet. It will be a much different world for the cops and the military when it’s no longer a motley clown-college carrying tiki torches, but millions of Joe Averages carrying ARs. When–if–that happens, most of them will realize the time has come to start ignoring the politicians.

      • Anybody remember Obama’s trial runs using urban tanks in places like St. Louis?
        Oddly, Ferguson followed that “preparedness scenario”.

        I saw one of the damned things (an urban tank) on the road in Portland OR. What were the other cities he pulled that chit in- wasn’t Galveston one of them?

        I also saw the drones where they are made and tested near the border, as well as a strange ‘something’ openly hovering for weeks above Utah’s NSA fusion center.
        Goshdamm we are so outgunned.

        • Recall also the robot that was dispatched to shoot the black BLM shooter in Dallas after he shot several of the police who were out protecting the BLM marchers. Precedent set. In this case, I was glad the shooter was killed without additional officers being put in jeopardy by confronting him in person. But we can only hope that future applications of the weaponized robot will be so justified.

          Remember back in the Obummer Administration when Rand Paul insisted that Obummer declare publicly that he’d never use a drone on our people here on home soil? It took a long time for Obummer to finally respond that he wouldn’t drone us. Rand Paul at the time sat on multiple committees, among them Foreign Relations and Homeland Security. He knew things and was worried about the drone use here in the U.S. It’s something creepy that stuck with me.

          • Ursula, I just saw that somebody tried to take out Venezuela’s Maduro by two drones carrying C-4 explosives. Wow.

            (How soon before our kids hide from the skies. Total plausible deniability. I didn’t know that about Afghanistan. Again- wow.)

    • Only the combat arms of the Army and Marine Corps really matter. They are the most loyal types to their oaths to the Constitution. If it goes down during a Dem administration, they will break up pretty spectacularly.

      • Doubtful. Loyal to their oaths to the Constitution, eh? Didn’t work so well r in that go round circa 1865. Certainly wouldn’t be the case today. The military is pozed just like every other .gov institution. I wouldn’t count on that brittle piece of parchment to save my bacon or what remains of the FUSA.

        • I speak from experience as a former Infantry Marine and National Guardsman, not an armchair basement warrior.

          • Yes, but what does the evidence, such as I posted above, demonstrate?

            It tells me that when push comes to shove, cops and soldiers obey their orders.

          • My best buddy is the Command Master Sergeant for one of the Brigades in the midwest and when asked this question insists that 90% of the field NCOs and field officers are on our side, and virtually ALL of the SpecOps community. What about the other 10%, I ask. “They’ll be taken care of (raised eyebrow), believe me.”

          • Just want to clear up that fact that I am not slandering you or your experience…However given US history and what I’ve seen with my own eyes…No one in the military will do a damn thing to save your bacon in the upcoming festivities. The Gun confiscations during Katrina come to mind being the most glaring recent example. Perhaps you are more optimistic than I am.

          • There were National Guard units that completely refused to participate in the confiscation citing the Constitution and calling them unlawful orders. Others went along with the cops but refused to participate.

            It’s the cops who are going to be in a rough position if things get hot. They’ll have decide what side they are on and make it very clear.

        • Marine Drake said “break-up”; I suspect this is a quietly white-hot topic amongst our servicemen and LEOs right now.

          • We talked about it. Some guys were quite vocal about not obeying those kinds of orders, others not sure. Some might wait until the political officer unlocks the armory are issues ammo before shooting him.

            I can’t imagine going through my own neighborhood confiscating my neighbors’ and my guns.

          • Do you think they’ll send you into your own neighborhood? I’d take a gander that when/if a gun confiscation scenario unfolds that .gov forces would not be deployed in their home regions for precisely the reasons you describe.

          • An officer of the Party.
            A commisar, a political appointee given total authority to denounce or promote anyone in a unit.
            An open spy for the Party as well, that’s his official function. His word is final.

            Our Social Justice Warriors are self-appointed civilian political officers. They seek career opportunities in telling everyone what they can and cannot do.

          • In the Private Military there are those discussions. Western PMC,s recruiting heavily Eastern Europe ex military and I am one of them. Actually this is the reason, why I begun reading western nationalist websites and hit this blog. We have also discussion, that they ramping up Private Army, s to deploy in Europe and all our Middle East “jobs” are only to get us paid until right time.
            They make so called Close Protection Course before hiring us. This is approx 2 weeks skill test but not only. For example they teaching us 2 hours how to put properly child seat into armored B6 car. I we never heard that somebody will take his child when he going to Iraq or Afganistan.
            We think that actually they want us to evacuate hostile elite when things turn ugly so we reading western websites to keep eye on events and discussing what we supposed to do, when they want us deployed for example in the UK soil.

  20. Wow, good blog, just discovered .

    Anglosphere is in the “Nazi Trap” like we call it down here in the Eastern Europe. Nazis are the ultimate evil and to stop them, all means are justified. You can kill 1 yo child and later claim that if Hitler was killed in childhood, then…..

    We had this before , in 1917. We had millions of guns, millions of WW I vets who knew how to use them and we still lost because we did not had the symbols and cause what would unite us all.

    So our liberals won until average gun owning war experienced guy just decided to avoid all the mess and sit out crazy times.

    Psychology is important, not manpower or guns. Guns are mostly toys. This problem is even in the army. I my home country we had pathetic event in the army back in the 2003. Bunch of soldiers considered army a well paid Government job and freaked like hell when they heard that they may be sent on the real battle in Iraq…:D

    Average gun owner is just normie . When asked, he will give up his guns and will not die in the firefight with police. And police will confiscate the guns, because they are scared to lose their job. And so on.

    I think that the shit will hit the fan from Economy what is nothing more that money print, both here in Europe and US too. My personal world end scenario is eurozone crash after what diversity loses their benefits and then the 50 million dark horde rises up and all the hell breaks loose.

    • Thanks for chiming in. But you have no knowledge of the American spirit. We run towards the gunfire, not away.

      • Thank you too. I honestly disagree. I predict that the guns rights go the same way as the free speech. You will get some kind of “Weaponized Correctness” After few bad incidents everybody agree that N thing is as bad as N word so despite free whatever , every sane person should stay far and away from free N whatever to remain employed , got invited to the party and so on.

        • The evidence demonstrates that American men who volunteer to wear a state uniform will do what other men do who wear their states’ uniforms:


          It is human nature.

          Of course, there are exceptions. Those exceptions are men who recognize that they were ill-informed and brainwashed when they chose to don Caesar’s clown costumes. They grow to learn that one is not courageous because one does Caesar’s killing or because one becomes acquainted with firearms or that masculinity is, in any way, tied to serving the King.

          • Caesar was followed because he was an extraordinary leader. From Claudius’ time, the Praetorian Guard protected the leadership for only a bit of time after each donative (one time lump sum money payout). Poor leadership can only buy loyalty, not earn it.

            Furthermore, the Roman experience showed that good leadership involved bravery, freedom from intimidation, consideration for others, and the ability to rally your troops. Bad leadership can only buy allegiance with money, and only for a short time. At the end of the day, most of our leadership is not very good. But it sure can wreck things.

    • We’re on to that last possibility here, too. The EBT system goes dark and millions of vibrants burn down their cities.

      I don’t think you’ve sufficiently thought through the gun confiscation scenario, though. Many cops will indeed be quite happy to confiscate guns, and not only because they want to keep their jobs. But even in the extremely liberal city that I live in, gun owners outnumber cops probably 100-1. If only one out of that hundred is willing to fight, that means before gun confiscation is finished all the cops are dead. And long before that point, the cops are going to stand down, because they’d rather keep their lives than their jobs.

      In fact, though, most of the cops are on our side. Even here.

      • New Orlean’s Katrina illustrated the problem of vibrant Affirmative Action hiring policies; the black cops confiscated white people’s guns, and then proceeded to rob them.

    • Juri, interesting to know about the “Nazi trap”, I did not know that there was a term and a clear definition. Over here, we know about the trap and roll right over it. The right answer to such an accusation is the equivalent of “So what? I don’t care”. We have a President who expresses that sentiment, in a fashion, every day. Otherwise expressed as “BFYTW”.

      • The successful smearing of the dissident right via the Charlottesville debacle does appear to have been a trap that the dissident right did *not* “roll right over it.” The media is mighty and determines how many people think of us here in the U.S. as well as around the world. We are considered by mainstream people to be Nazis and White Supremacists. We’re losing to them so far. We need to build our own media, institutions and get more organized. I’m not advocating hive mindedness, but realistically, we will be snubbed out if we don’t organize in some fashion.

        • Ursula, I believe C’Ville was a learning experience for many of those who didn’t understand a “set-up job” beforehand. We have quite a few quick learners on our side.

          • Yes, we have some very smart people who are quick learners, as you said. They’ve been disillusioned about politics and perception after that experience, for sure. Looking forward to rallying around future dissident right events that have sympathetic news outlets lined up in advance, keep out the NAZI LARPers and torch marches, and talk simply about a few major points that we stand behind and much of the public supports, starting with immigration control.

    • Exactly right, Juri, we too await the Zombie Apocalypse, when the EBT (‘benefits’) and state/municipal employee pensions crash.

  21. “How does one make peace with someone that will never abide by the rules?” There it is. The only thing that stops people from using a successful tactic is guaranteed retaliation in kind. Some of the more obvious grifters on the Left seem to be getting this, now that a few of them have been hit in the pocketbook. The True Believers, though? It’ll take more than we have to hurt them enough, I fear, short of actual peine forte et dure. Where would we disemploy them from, Starbucks? The local college?

    • How true. If i express my opinion with a bumper sticker, my car will be “keyed”. My only recourse to negate their opinions by keying theirs. To bad they don’t wear “TAIS” hats we could knock off. (Turn America Into a Shithole)

    • “The True Believers, though? It’ll take more than we have to hurt them enough, I fear, short of actual peine forte et dure. Where would we disemploy them from, Starbucks? The local college?”

      We could start with the courts. How about kicking things off with retiring ‘the notorious RBG’? Followed by that skank Sotomayor and Kagan. Then the 9th Circuit. DOJ. FBI. And so on.

  22. Speaking of busing, did you read about the thugs arrested at Berkeley? One of the things that stood out to me in the report was how almost none of them were actually from Berkeley, or even particularly close by. And some of them were way too old to be students.

    I don’t think the radicals actually have the numbers people think they do. It’s just the same people being constantly bused around their various states and maybe even across state lines. I’ll bet that a competent government could kneecap this “grassroots” “activism” by simply cutting off the supply lines. (In fact, since a number of recent lefty protests have had pathetic turnout, maybe they’re already doing it.)

    • My experience is that everything on their side is fake and staged, except for the silly people, and there are a lot of them, who either believe in their stories or fall for them.

    • Definitely “organized” in the classic union sense. Obama’s old network of ‘non-profit’ ACORN and ‘public servant’ SEIU/AFSCME unions, co-ordinating with Madison university/NEA unions, tried to bring down Wisconsin governor Scott Walker when he pushed through a literal pennies-on-the-dollar contribution by their members. (Most school districts, after 6 months, were in the black for the first time in decades, revealing the sheer volume of effect those mere pennies have.)

      This trial run of overthrow, resetting an election they didn’t like, was followed by years of Stasi-like retribution. The media ignored months of Occupation in the capitol.

      This was explained to me at the time by Central States Teamsters, who were bussing in junior members from 10 states around to get paid employment as protestors. That from just one union. The entire union network was activated and involved. An attack against one is seen as an attack against all.

      The Industry has an astonishgly deep bench.
      Activist trainers, federal employees on ‘working sabbatical’, have been a big career track for decades now. The revolving door includes far more than corporations. We’re seeing a parallel economy/civilization that operates by different, unrecognized rules.

      I fully expect Pete, above, is correct- we’re going to get another 911-style false flag with a dirty bomb or ‘neighborhood nuke’.
      Choreographed- By Any Means Necessary.

  23. “Alex Jones is not a serious person”? LOL. That’s why they’ve been after him for years and finally just said “screw it” and dropped the mask. Alex Jones is the most serious person in media today. Nobody has done more to expose the Globalist Marxist agenda than he has. Love him or hate him, that fact is undeniable.

    • Alex Jones is annoying to listen to. He pushes all the buffoon buttons, sorry to say. But he has good ppl on his show. My person favorite is the occasional co host Matt Bracken.

      And obviously, the cyber campaign against him is crossing some kind of Rubicon.

    • Alex is a serious person. But he’s just not part of the alt-right cool kids club.

      The alt-Right is making a serious mistake throwing him under the bus though. Big Tech is watching our response and Trump’s on this. If we do nothing, they will slowly shut down one conservative site and blog after another.

      Then one day they come for the kool kids like 4chan, Sailer, Derbyshire and you won’t find them on Google search results or any mention on social media sites.

      After that they’ll will wage economic war against us.

    • Joe Rogan had something to say about Alex Jones that got my attention because it got the attention of a leftoid I know. “What if 20% of what he says is true? Holy shit, you really need to know that 20%.” Or words to that effect.

  24. Thomas Wictor, who posts odd and provocative Twitter threads, has a theory. Sarah Jeong at the NYT, the removal of IntoWars from the internet, the attempt going on to dismember the NRA, and Antifa in Portland are all part of a strategy, to blindly turn whites against non-whites. Their problem is that quite a few non-whites are warming up to Trump, and they need to stop that in their tracks, by ginning up blind race hatred. As you stake out your positions as to the people in your neighborhood and the people you meet, keep this in mind. Don’t throw away your inner convictions, but keep the channels of communication and goodwill open, when and where you can. Most people are fundamentally good, and want what is best for everyone. They want peace and domestic tranquility. That may not be possible, but make our side the one that appeals more reasonable to the normies. It may make a difference.

    • If nothing else that sure is machiavellian as…. Im agnostic about whether there s anything to this theory but it’s worth looking at

    • Most people are NOT “fundamentally good” and that is not why they seek “peace and tranquility. They seek those things for purely selfish reasons – because it’s what they want for themselves. They don’t particularly care if you have it, as long as they do. The thing is, peace, like freedom, is only something one can have when you give it to other people. If you’re expecting people to be “mostly good” when what is coming finally gets here, you’re in for a big surprise.

      • Jim, I agree that people are also fundamentally selfish, too. What this country has always taught us is that we can do well for ourselves and our families, and at the same time be good neighbors and good citizens, and make the world a slightly better place, by aligning our own needs and preferences to those of the others around us. That is what the “American” system has done better than any other (though certainly not perfectly). Every other system is much more blatantly “grab what you can”. What are we actually defending here? Not only the Republic and our places in it, but also the ability to go out the front door and not get mugged for your stuff, or have your door knocked down at midnight in a raid. We are dangerously close to losing all that now, and “winning” in such a scenario without actually remembering what we are fighting for would be a hollow victory indeed. I am kind of a loner and I live in a nice neighborhood and I appreciate that my car doesn’t get broken into and I can walk the neighborhood without looking over my shoulder. That is what I want for people. What is the point in being “right” in a future conflict if you don’t get to go home and raise kids in a safe place, in the end? Tolkien’s LOTR had that part right, even though it is a sappy ending. The ‘50s in the US was some sort of high point, in part because the soldiers came home, got married, bought homes, and had kids. There is something to it, and an important part of the deal is thinking the best you can about the people around you, whether it is a true thing or not. Keep your guard up.

    • Another white man blind to the tribalism in the hearts of most non-whites. Most of the non-whites you feel you have a bond with would discard you without a pang of conscience in the support of their racial brethren.

      • LineInThe Sand, non-whites with families and homes and jobs may not be particularly interested in things other than maintaining their quality of life, and making things better for themselves and their families over time—and not necessarily doing so by screwing the rest of us. Give them the benefit of the doubt, until you know otherwise. They could revert to race tribalism, and if you scratch the surface, it might be there. But in the meantime, maintain an easy—or uneasy—peace. And keep your guard up, and your convictions in place.

  25. The Chinese Cultural Revolution model has similarities with what seems to have been going on here, albeit on a much softer, lower level scale (so far), yes. What’s been going on here, with billionaires and elites building up things, guiding the activism, firing the rabble up, is the same old crap, too. Look at the 1960s, etc. We know that Trump becoming president is the novel event that puts us in interesting times mode. God be with us and the President.

  26. There is another model, which I happen to think is far more possible. People will continue to give up any aspect or sense of liberty for the here and now. Then it’s a fait accompli.

    • Yes, maybe so. I imagine most all middle-class normies will keep their heads down and stay quiet so they may keep their jobs and homes.

    • This fight is for the future anyway. baring life extension few of us will get to live in a real Conservative society our children and maybe grandchildren will. This is for them.

      Until we get that, we can’t win.

      Also the middle class is mostly gone now and it takes one tiny bump to end the whole thing. One little tax increase, one Waco one anything and its boom like that

      People know this and if they didn’t you couldn’t buy prepper stuff at Costco

  27. When it comes to hot civil war you know the deciding issue is which way the military goes. If it is significantly divided then which side of the military beats the other side would decide the outcome. The military is full of red blooded American men but it is not entirely manned by real American stock anymore – and more crucially it is lead in part, if not nearly entirely, by corrupt D.C. Swamp beings…
    Many of you believe you’re worth at least 20 “Resistance” scumbags. That, good sirs, might very well be the case for some percentage of you that are trained or in great possession of manliness and god given talent! But that would not be enough. And for those of you that wish for civil war, may god have mercy on your retarded soul.

    • I also worry about who would be in control of the nukes during a civil war. Do people really think that they wouldn’t come into play, that it would just be “boy scout rules”? I don’t know.

      • The USSR was as crazy and evil as we are now and managed to not use nukes.

        Also the only good targets are blue cities so what are they going to do nuke Wichita? Even the craziest most cucked military won’t follow that order

        Also with the tritium production issues, we will be out of tritium in a few years and the half life in 12 years. In a few decades they may not even work.

    • The generals and staff-grade swamp beings will support the government, whatever orders it gives them.

      The field-grade officers and enlisted personnel will, for the most part, support us. And nothing gets done without them.

    • 60% of the brass voted for Hillary. They are careerist SJW. If a civil war breaks out when the democrats have the presidency, the military will be on their side. Don’t kid yourself

  28. We see the division now better, and indeed are more divided because of the Internet and the breaking of the information monopoly that the left used to enjoy. But this seems tenuous — already they are trying to retake it via the control of the big Internet fora.

    Even given more division, I don’t think anything much will happen. People do believe in the system, and the system is a brilliant frog slow-cooker. There is a feedback mechanism built in that prevents the temperature from rising too fast, or even to dial it down just a little if the frog starts getting jumpy.

    What will happen is normies will rule the nominal government. That is, Republicans will control Congress and the White House, and perhaps (tenuously) the Supreme Court. They’ll get some little victories like the tax reform last year. Maybe even the Wall — it hardly matters except as a symbol anyway. Who knows, Roe v. Wade could fall.

    If lefty tries to grab our guns, boom — election fail. It won’t happen. At most they’ll pick around the edges a little. Perhaps they’ll ban printing guns on 3D printers.

    Of course the left will not lose their control of the Cathedral: of the institutions that really count. The schools, the universities, Hollywood, the permanent government (excepting the military). The Red Guards will continue to be created en masse, and will continue their assault on the vestiges of the family and against corporations.

    • Leftists fill our media, government, courts, institutions, schools, think tanks, military, police. We cannot move forward with so many of them “resisting.” We have Trump and that’s it. The Republicans in Congress are part of the problem as almost all are part of the globalist Uni-party with the Democrats. Even if supporters of the MAGA agenda are voted in come November, we may face as much trouble and instability as if they weren’t because of the problems the anti-Trumpers will make either way.

  29. “Gun rights” have nothing to do with other political issues. It’s a no brainer issue—every civilized country has outlawed firearms. What keeps guns legal in the US is pencil necked white men who realize they could never win a fair fight with a real white man, let alone a black man. By definition %50 of you are on the left side of the bell curve physically, and that settles the vote. They cling to their “god made man, sam colt made them equal” logic, even at the risk of another sandy hook or Florida. The pro gun demographic would not even be able to get wives and reproduce if they had to stand up to other men and fight to keep their girlfriends!

  30. The title brought this piece of writing to mind. It’s from a novel called Lost Causes by RH Nichols. The protagonist is contemplating the possibility of such a war….

    ‘He sat there, staring into the distance for a long while; then drew heavily on the cigarette. Perhaps it was inevitable, he concluded at last; all a part of some great cosmic cycle – like the seasons, with winter giving way to spring. He thought about forest fires, and how, though superficially destructive, they played an essential role in the life cycle of the forest. Perhaps, a society was like a forest, and the deadwood, the weeds and the rotting matter had to be allowed to accumulate until they started to strangle the very source from which they had sprung. Until eventually they reached a state of such combustibility that the tiniest spark could trigger a massive fire, thereby purging the forest of its burden and ensuring its continued health and survival. And the only trouble with that, he reflected soberly, was that this time it wouldn’t just be the furry little creatures that died screaming. It never was.’


  31. I don’t think that it’s necessarily that middle class white people have inherent faith in the system – it’s that middle class people NEED some sort of stability in order to get thru their lives. It’s hard enough juggling demanding jobs, with raising children, with taking care of their homes – and then fitting in some sort of social life or hobbies or whatever. Any cursory familiarity with the media should be enough to inform people about what this is like. Plenty of movies and TV shows out there about the harried suburban housewife or the overworked husband or whatever. So they’ll put up with whatever system is in place as long as they *perceive* that it’s enforcing some sort of order.

    I know plenty of middle class people who simply don’t have time for politics. At least not the kind of time that being fully informed demands. The definitely don’t have time for SJW type bullshit. If the left starts really pushing the horseshit they seem to want to push – I think you’ll see a lot more middle class types saying ” I don’t have time for this shit “. And if they continue to push it – well then you’ll see people do something about it. We’ve still got a ways to go on that one though.

    The lower classes on the other hand – seem to live in a world of chaos and disorder. I know a number of people who are what would classified as “poor” or lower middle class. Their lives seem to be a non stop constant shit-show of chaos and disorder and coming to strange conclusions about the way the world works. There’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing going on here – but I tend to think that doing less well has a straight line relationship to how screwed up you are as a person. That’s been my experience with people over and over and over again. No self control. No discipline. No morality. No thrift. Over and over and over again. And typically the results they reap – are blamed on others.

    Now I’m in MA – so the lower end idiots I’ve been exposed to might be substantially different from say lower end idiots in southern states as far as their politics goes. But I know trailer park living “poor” down in Florida – and their lack of control over their own lives mirrors pretty closely the behavior of the idiots I know up here.

    If there’s going to be some sort of revolution – then it’s going to happen in one place before it happens elsewhere. Unless it’s driven from the top. Then you’ll see things happening similar to the sudden (seemed sudden to me anyway) prominence of race mixing TV and media ads which suddenly took off a few years back. The media will be chock full of revolution messages – that’s how they’ll signal the useful idiots that the next stage is here.

    It will still happen in once place before it happens somewhere else though. Even if the government tries gathering people up – I still think they’ll be some sort of whiff of what’s going on out there in internetland. Those who are paying attention will know – and when their turn comes – then the shooting will start. The truth is that there just aren’t enough government boots out there to grab up everybody in one fell swoop. They’re gonna have to tip their hand to get the whole thing started.

    Fiction – but a good read:

  32. When things get hot, the internet will go down and the blue cities will burn down. Those are the only two things you can count on. The rest of it is up in the air.

  33. If the civil war turns from cold to hot, it will be only one side fighting: the Left. Not only will they have the protection of the police and courts in blue states and corporations nationally, we need to remember that we were a patriarchy during the revolutionary and civil wars. Now we are matriarchy. Few married white men will do anything without their wife’s approval and few women will approve her husband participating in anything that risks her safety and economic well-being. Freedom simply isn’t as important to women. Things will need to get a lot worse before women will give their permission.

    • Ehhh…..you say “freedom simply isn’t as important to women.” I have to admit that I thought my wife was sorta neutral about all this…until she volunteered to go to the range with me the other day. She NEVER volunteered to go to the range.

      Something’s up and it’s not that she wants a birthday present.

      • That is probably more to do with safety than freedom. plus women married to non liberal men vote more conservative and have a different outlook. The Resistance is mainly filled with single women

  34. *They came for the Daily Stormer and I said nothing*

    Alex Jones is a serious person because his audience is large. His de-platforming will result in fewer normies embarking on the red-pill journey, with vital mid-term elections approaching. Flagging his videos for “hate speech” is entirely run by the Anti-Defamation League, as they were publically anointed by YouTube to do just that. The SPLC makes the lists of those on our side who can then no longer use various banking services or alternate funding mechanisms. SPLC and ADL are Jewish organizations working against us every day using huge endowments. The editorial board of the New York Times is now undeniably anti-white.

    It is time for white people to stand up, say “enough!” and deport (((them))) to Israel. Or we WILL have to kill each other in the streets.

    • Judeophobes (Jew-haters) eager to find scapegoats won’t like to hear this, but the ADL & SPLC are populated with self-hating Jews who do not identify with decent, respectful, conservative (with a small “c”) Jews with solid family values.

      Despite their theological differences, truly religious Jews (some of whom are solid members of the NRA) are morally much closer to conservative Christians. As soon as I heard about the gay attacks and Chik-Fil-A boycott, my first thought was to eat there whenever possible.

      I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind, but it bears mentioning that the world is not black and white.

      • “Truly religious Jews” study the Talmud, don’t they? The Talmud that instructs how all non-Jews are sub-human beasts to be utilized by the chosen people? The Jews from Jesus’ time were in several factions. The ones that followed Jesus Christ are Christians. The ones that we know of as Jews today followed the pharisees, the original separatist extremists. Please stop propagating the “Christian-Judeo” myth. There are Christians and then there are Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. Judaism is actually closer to Islam — the two sides of the semitic coin.
        John 8:44

        • Ahh…”Judeo-Christianity”… the Mother of all false flags.

          Tell it sister! But let me condense a bit.

          More simply put: people who identify as “Jews” today are those who practice the religion of Judaism AND/OR follow their ancestral lineage through those who DID practice Talmudic Judaism. However (paradoxically perhaps), their identity is primarily ethnic and secondarily religious. That’s the reality. But the term ‘Non-Practicing Jew’ is a front. If they don’t “practice” Judaism but still call themselves a Jew, we know they are lying. Because any functioning human who is generally aware of the tenets of Judaism and specifically those of the Talmud, and renounces and abhors that philosophy, would therefore never refer to himself as a “Jew”. He’d have no reason to. That’s because the “Jews” of today are predominantly not even descended from Abraham, and certainly not Jacob. In fact, ethnically, they are not even Semites (descendants of the Biblical Shem), but rather Japhethites. And they very well know this… Hear it from their own mouths; read their own Jewish authorities on ethnicity. (A plethora of scholarly books written by Jews themselves over the recent centuries confirm this; peruse the extant Jewish Encyclopedias—you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it but their own).

          They do not claim to be descendants of ancient Israelites… they do not share any ancestry with Jesus Christ. None. Their religion—and they have it, consciously or not—is 100% ANTI-Christian. Very telling—and ominous—is the fact that Judaism is not particularly *Anti* anything among all the other religions of the world… EXCEPT Christianity. They INVENTED ‘diversity’. Everything goes…EXCEPT the Christ, who is Yahweh in the flesh. Biblical Christianity is an abomination to the modern Jew. The genetic heritage of those men and women who carried the Word of God (the Biblical God) throughout the last two millennia is not Jewish, but Anglo-Saxon… The ‘Sons of Isaac’. The modern White Man. If only we would understand who WE were, we would know who THEY are. And We’d know our God and His Name. And we’d know the Game Plan.

          Revelation 3:9

      • If we were to propose that the ADL, SPLC and other such organs of Judeo-left power be regulated or de-platformed out of existence, would we find allies in the J-right?

  35. Going to be interesting once it gets hot. Will it be country wide? Will it be small to medium events? Will there be political assassinations? Will people start targeting people that they know (think of all the shitlibs you know)? So many interesting aspects to this presumably going hot.

    • I think it will be a sniper war and lots of politicians, “reporters”, some Silicon Valley types, and their bodyguards will get ventilated.

    • It will take something like assasination of Trump to make it get “hot” and when that happens it will be easy to find the lefties. They’ll either be glued to the toilet or literally cowering under the covers.

    • The Left has already started in Vegas and against Rep. Scalisi . It will be a lot more of that and even more atrocious

      It mostly won’t get reported though, the press is a primary target and its not that much fun to read of a teleprompter if you risk maiming or death

      The revolution will not be televised

      The only question is will the Feds be able to put out the fire . I doubt it.

  36. I don’t think the left will be able to coordinate a trigger for a civil war. I see the Mueller thing and the banning of Alex Jones as rear-guard actions of a dying movement. Every day entire families that have been fence-sitting are being red-pilled. The left cannot shut this down, and every move they make to do so exacerbates their problem.

    I live in a liberal hotbed. If things go hot this place becomes a ghost town overnight. They have no stomach for what guys like me salivate over.

    • I live in a conservative city, but work on campus. It will be fun to come to work with a carbine slung over my shoulder and a sidearm on my hip.

        • If it does come to the point where carrying a carbine is normal , the campus might not be open but if it is no one will be saying a damned thing as anyone too mentally weak to go armed won’t want to leave home.

          In any case the Right is slowly but surely ditching its reflexive respect for law and order and cops and all that and coming to realize that so long as they take Leftist orders, they aren’t our friends

          We won’t need to be doing much though the Left and the wide range of people whose lives they’ve fucked over rightly or wrongly will be giving them hell enough to deal with

          I suspect the various mediocre police will stay home and mind their own affairs.

          This won’t be a street fight anyway it will be raid and escalation and atrocity , think hundreds of Scalisi style attacks, hundred of Vegas massacres and more random attack, collective punishment on and by both sides facilitated by numerous databases

          as Western Rifle Shooters put it Rwanda X Bosnia

          This is why though we want these people gone, the Right is so chary of war. They aren’t quite sure how they’d want to run things and are aware of the awful cost.

          • They aren’t quite sure how they’d want to run things and are aware of the awful cost.
            Maybe they just haven’t put out a plan yet…There is a saying that says the mind is like a field and has to be prepared/cultivated for a seed/idea to be planted and have it grow…

        • The real question is once these cops realize they are expected to man the streets and repel the angry hordes while their own families are left outside in regular neighborhoods, how many will show up for work? Not many, I’m guessing.

  37. That Vox article is magnificently ignorant. They worry about strong-man rule in the form of Trump, then hearken back to the good-old-days of FDR without catching a whiff of the irony.

    • That is a feature, not a bug. One advantage of no longer teaching history but instead, deductive “{xxxx} studies” courses is there is no irony to catch a whiff of. They are blissfully ignorant.

  38. Sparks. Even little ones are cool. I’m hoping a popular white quarterback like Brady or Aaron Rogers says something un-PC and gets a 5 game suspension. Anything to get normie’s attention at this point. Popular figures have to act out and willfully get punished. That’s how you show who really has the power and how easily they’ll use it. It’s hard though, when the system controls everyone’s paychecks and careers. Boy the Lefties rigged this shit well. They’re a lot of things, but stupid they’re not.

    • Idiot savants. They know one thing — evil — very, very well. With everything else, they’re morons.

        • So…? So, evil and stupid beats lazy and stupid, I guess. But stupid is still stupid. The Left essentially wants to drive the bus over a cliff. Somehow, they’ve convinced a lot of people that they ought to be at the wheel. And they may actually succeed in the end…but would you call driving over a cliff the act of an intelligent person?

          Everything the Left wants to do is dangerous and stupid. Their only talent is lying and shamming in order to convince the even stupider voters to get with their program.

    • Tom Brady, the guy who is championing a boycott of plastic straws and is exhorting all of us to do the same?

      Tom Brady, the guy who promised WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan to disclose for whom he voted after the election and subsequently reneged?

      Tom Brady, the guy who, some six or seven seasons ago, apologized for hoping that Patriots fans would come to Gillette “all lubed up” for the game?

      Tom Brady, the guy who is married to a virtue signaling progressive diva?

      • True enough. You illustrate a sad point I make a lot. Which is that the real Right doesn’t have a single “star” in pop culture. A big name to help Overton our views. Not one rock star, athlete, pop star, actor, or author. Kid Rock and Nugent have no real currency. We should at least have a comedian, as they pride themselves on telling truth to power. But they’re about as helpful as the fake rebel rockers.

        • Good point.

          There aren’t even any “stars” who are hard core paleo-libertarians who happen to be race realists.

          If they exist, they keep their thoughts to themselves.

  39. The next few election cycles are going to be very dangerous. The Left could go violently nuts if they lose in November or in 2020 (I think they lose badly in both). Or there could be a real crisis if the Dems win enough obviously rigged elections to get power.

    If and when the Democrats in their present condition get real power again, it will be on (whether legitimate election wins Washington state style rigging). They’ll move quickly to make war on the middle class and the shooting will start.

  40. ” I have friends who just a few years ago thought Ben Shapiro was edgy and now think the alt-right is too soft.”

    This could be my story. I am something like a Johnny come late myself. My views, premontions and thinking keeps moving. This week’s red pill is ‘wow, is that really so’, last week’s red pill is purple next week. My latest red is women and politics. Very rarely have I had to review or reverse a position b/c it was ‘too extreme’ since I ‘woke’. It’s like a video game where each red pill is a new level unlocked. So far no sense that this gradual escalation has a solid limit set in stone.

    Also, I increasingly have no patience for soft-headed blue pillers firing off their idiot platitudes. I used to believe some of that. Now I can hear the shallow BS permeating it and it makes me sick. Survival, darwinian survival. It is the law that overrides all others. And that includes their equality malarkey. Pretty pissed off over how big this mess has grown. Pretty darn pissed off to be honest.

    • Pretty pissed off over how big this mess has grown. Pretty darn pissed off to be honest.
      You and me both Brother…It’s when I looked at my kids and know that they will see war in their lifetime that brings up that cold rage…It doesn’t help either that people are still chewing their cud while the predators and vultures keep killing us off…I have to ask why are people so f*cking retarded that even the most simple things like banding together slip right on past them…Sad That…

      • You certainly make sense to me. Once the scales dropped from my eyes I guess that’s the kinda men and views I started looking for, to compare notes with and go ‘do you see it too??’. Coz I can tell you, there aren’t many like that on campus. Yet….

  41. Only thing you left out of the post was what you touched on in the beginning: women. Educated women make great useful idiots and the new split can also be viewed as women versus men. Educated women are fueling the possible blue wave. They feel they were owed Hillary and, as any man who has ever been married can attest, women hold onto grudges when they are denied something they feel entitled to getting.


    • They overestimated women supporting Hillary, particularly married women. Women with families want nothing to do with the fringe loonies.

      • Incorrect. Only white married women voted Trump. White single women and uni educated white women overwhelmingly voted for Hillary as did women of all other races – something like 80% of them for Hillary. There was an interesting map. If only men voted Trump would have won all but I think it was DC and CA. If only women Hillary would have won almost every state.

      • If marriage makes that much of a difference, then do everything you can to support traditional marriage. At this point, only conservative religious people are vocal about it.

        This is important on both a personal and a political level.

        Sadly, I have to admit that we spent much more time and effort preparing our daughter for college and a career than we did preparing her for marriage.

        Many red-pilled people do not recognize the importance of efforts “at the margins.” It’s a little like compound interest. An apparently small difference in rates can have a huge effect over time.

        So instead of fixating on possibly catastrophic “butterfly” events, do the sensible, daily things that may be out of style. It can’t hurt, and it’s probably not too late for it to help.

    • Along that vein I’d like to raise a tangential issue. We always hear how “illegal immigration drives down wages and destroys the middle class.” So in theory, how does women entering the workforce not drive down wages and destroy the middle class?

        • At the same time it destroys the family circle. No mother to stay home and keep kids in check with the threat of ” Wait till your Dad gets home” No home cooked meal to keep them all healthy and strong.

      • Because if you can hire folks – male or female – that can increase productivity everybody benefits.
        As productivity increases, the overall economy becomes more robust and more job openings appear.
        This leads to greater employee mobility as they now can seek higher paying wages.
        Also, as the economy improves, demand for labor increases and wages rise to attract the needed labor.
        In fact, you may see labor shortages in certain industries – which usually forces an increase in wages to attract new workers.

        The key to the above is that those hired are QUALIFIED, are beneficial to the firm for which they work and thus productivity improves as well.

        This is entirely different than claiming illegal immigrants are a net positive for the US economy.
        They are not because they have zero skills, many if not most immediately go on welfare, become a huge burden to the USA and worst of all, they bring with them all the social pathologies that make their country of origin total shit holes.

        Those that do seek work find employment that requires zero skills.
        And why is this bad?
        Because we have hundreds of thousands of American citizens on welfare – black or white, male or female – who should be working and should be working at the very same jobs taken by illegals.
        If you hire an illegal, you pay them less and provide them zero benefits.

        So the illegals not only drive down wages, they REDUCE the demand for American workers, many of whom are on welfare.

        Illegal workers are, for all intents and purposes, are economic indentured servants and by virtue of their lack of any skills are literally taken advantage of by employers seeking to pay rock bottom wages and zero benefits.

      • Yes, labor has a supply side. A fact that the left and libertarians ignore. More people in the workforce makes the overall economy larger but does depress wages. Stop the inflow of immigrants for a few years and wages will start to climb – and businesses will howl because it will cut into their profits.

        • And the cost of farm produce might go up 10%.

          Nah… better to just throw away the whole country, and screw the legacy population.

  42. Looks like there will be background checks, licensing and waiting periods for internet postings soon.

    • Facebook is now trying to get people’s financial information. They say it’s for targeted advertising, but we all really see it’s yet another encroachment into our private lives for the sake controlling dissident voices.

  43. Most on the “Right” that I know are ready for the shoe to drop, but patiently waiting.
    We are more disciplined and better trained than the lefty moonbats. If they outnumbered us 10 to 1 I wouldn’t be concerned. Any one of us could take out dozens in seconds.
    They thrive on irrational emotion, like a child in permanent tantrum, so most of what you see and hear is fluff.
    But, if that spark does ignite, the whole thing will be over in a week. This is nothing like any other past revolution. We are not disarmed or dependent on the elite for our survival like others in the past.

    • Yes, I don’t see the Reds going violent in most places unless they can disarm their enemies…But any such attempt would trigger events…

      • That is their conundrum. They want to disarm us to prevent a counter-revolution from the right, but can’t do so without sparking that revolt.

        • Drake, the sick thing is, the war industry folks won’t mind at all if we remain armed, it’s an excuse for them to arm the other side and fight us. That’s the U.S. foreign policy being brought home: the business model based on weapons and dead human beings. Very lucrative. Bombs and bullets keep the GDP at a respectable level.

      • Or they go to places like NRA office or Military recruitment centers to smash up because everybody is home for the weekend. That’s a safe play for them. Or when they outnumber the Trump supporter by like 50-1. When they meet forces out to oppose them, they usually get their asses kicked and are sent packing.

      • that is why you see the worst antifa violence in places like Portland , California , and new york where state gun laws virtually guarantee unarmed victims.

    • The worst thing is to underestimate these people. The Leftists have control of the media and much of the government backs them. Media will present our side as villains to the world. Like the U.S. does in other countries, a festering issue will be cultivated and extremists (many from outside the country in question) will be imported and armed. In the case of the U.S., they won’t really need to import any extremist fighters because our government has been flooding our country with God-knows-who for 50 years, among them plenty of hostile people who don’t like the white founding stock or our culture, so they need only be armed and pointed in the right direction. What will their reward be for wiping us out? Keeping our homes and property? I wonder. Also, don’t forget about drones. You can have an arsenal at home but you and your arsenal will simply be vaporized by an armed drone if you cause trouble. Short of ending your physical existence, they can also shut your bank account and completely disable your life if they choose.

      • Bingo. Long time ago, in another context learned a little system called “PACE”. Primary, Alternate, Contingent, Emergency. Four layers of planning. Think through as many scenarios as possible and assume one you didn’t come up with is what will transpire.

      • Indeed….we cannot presume that because we are armed that we are prepared. Antifa actively trains for urban warfare, and they’ve gotten good at it.

        The government has the military, which is full of brown skins and subversives. And yes, drones are also a factor.

        The military has many many more weapons that they can use against us than we have can know or understand here. Would that it were an easy fight, and hope springs eternal, but I don’t see an easy path.

        I’d prefer to just split into two countries.

      • Short of ending your physical existence, they can also shut your bank account and completely disable your life if they choose.

        Which is why Community is so damn important…So when that kind of shit happens you have others that have your back and can get you back on your feet or if its a big enough Community you won’t even have to worry about it because everyone you live around has the same goals as you do…

      • Uh huh. Do you know anybody who’s half seriously pissed off the IRS?

        Your bank account goes to zero and your paycheck goes to minimum wage, MINUS your various deductions.

        Once they getbyour number, they never forget who you are or where you live.

        • @Cowboy Dan
          If that was directed at me then I would just say if you have a Community then who knows who is making what and who for… Think outside the box they have you in…

    • Count me in the “patiently waiting” column.

      One thing I realize, and I hope everyone else does do, is that we cannot shoot first. We don’t need another Ft Sumter.

      Unfortunately, this means that things are going to have to get a lot worse. It also means that there are going to be false flag attempts. The enemy is not stupid.

    • Ned, I’m not trying to mock you. But how do you identify targets? If you were to see on the news that Feds were confiscating guns door to door in New York City … where do you go to start the revolution?

      It might be that the Feds (or the Dems out of power, but that’s hard to imagine) overreach, they run into a Bundy Ranch situation and get their butts smacked, and then they back off. In which case they’ve shown their hand but failed to win, the worst of both worlds for them.

      • I honestly think the Feds will not be overly involved. We’re talking about full blown civil unrest, much happening on the local level.
        Feds don’t have the resources for something like this. It will escalate so quickly, the whole thing will be over before they can deploy. And that’s after/if they can convince Congress to pass emergency overrides of all the complications regarding posse comitatus etc…
        I’m envisioning urban/suburban riots quelled immediately by armed citizens. All the lefty moonbats will wet themselves and run home to Mommy.
        Targets are easy. We know who they are.

          • It still takes men to enforce laws and when they stop going home, they’ll stop coming out

            Also the same technology is a huge risk to them . remember the OPM database reach back in 2015 — 22 million security clearances leaked probably to Chinese . All that personal data is out there and can be had with ingenuity

            Every single person on any database anywhere is at huge risk , millions of names, occupations. addresses and leaks happen all the damn time

            The bad guys aren’t going to want to fight if the fight follows them home . Gangs will be targeting Cops, Right will be targeting Left and so on.

            Its going ti be ugly but the hell of it is tech will drastically increase the body count of all sides and move this from a modern atomized society to a far more primitive one, The fake veil of privacy lifted and its Bosnia X Rwanda

    • Will we choke , when we realize that we will have to kill a lot of women, relatives and acquaintanes in this war ?
      I believe the Left will have no problem killing me.

    • Pinochet is going to be recognized as a hero on our side. The Pinochet model is what you grap for if the Trump model (final attempt to save the system inside its parameters) fails.

    • The rape dogs were a bit over the top, but other than that, I fail to see the basic objection to Pinochet given the time and the scenario he appeared in.

      • Sure, I dont know all the details. But look at Chile and look at Venezuela. One had a Pinochet, the other didn’t. Where’d you rather be?

        • Look at Chile and look at Argentina. One had Pinochet and the other had two Perons and a succession of Clintonistas.

          • Chile: 120,000 Haitians admitted since 2014. Another 200,000 immigrants from ¿quien sabe? Total population 17 million.

    • My kids gave me a “Pinochet’s Helicopter Tours, est. 1973”. And Lord it is fun to wear it around Proggie land.

    • I remember playing soccer on suburban Santiago streets in front of bored guys with machine guns. I asked my friend who they were and he said military guards for government officials. I guess we’ll get to that point too, where our politicians’ homes require 24/7 protection.

    • The guy in the chopper.

      A little fash might be just the thing though and least the General is a useful model for an authoritarian right wing state

      Just don’t loose and make sure you have nukes to punish whoever thinks they can take you down. Otherwise you end being made an example of like the General was

  44. The thing that gets me is the symmetry. Politicized people on both sides are apocalyptic. They think we’re the Nazis, we think they’re the Red Guards.

    Zman is good on political psychology, I wonder what he makes of that. Could it simply be that both sides are right?

    • Were “both sides right” in Mao’s Cultural Revolution, asshole? Back to National Review with you!

        • I don’t. For a long time I sucked up that Nazis are worse meme that the progressives in this country have pushed. People like Pat Buchanan opened my eyes quite a bit to what some of the untold history was behind the Nazis vs Commies fight during WW2. The reality is that the Germans had real reasons to be pissed. And a large component of the Nazi effort was to destroy communism, seeing as how communism had been attempting to destroy Germany.

          Was Germany “wrong” in targeting Jews for extermination? By classic morality – of course they are. But with a deeper understanding of how one people can manipulate and try to destroy other people thru constant subterfuge and subversion, it starts to make some amount of sense why you would just say ” screw this – we need to just kill them all”.

          The thing with morality is this: if everybody is moral it works pretty well. Once somebody starts trying to take advantage of others by skirting the rules or worse – by acting like 5th columnist – then past a certain point “morality” is not much more than a slow motion suicide.

          A high trust society only has a few options to deal with a subversive element within it’s ranks *if* it wants to remain a high trust society. And one of those options is killing off all the subversive elements.

          One of the questions I think that people have ask themselves in the here and now is: would we have been better off if the Nazis won?

          At this point – with the near constant commie subversion going on all around us – which is driven at least in some part because the Soviet Union was alive for as long as it was – I think the answer is:

          Yes. In the longer run we would have been better off if the Nazis won.

          Of course we would have been even better off if Wilson hadn’t intervened in that European war – going against the advice of the founders – and tipped the power balance so that the following events brought the Nazis to power in the first place.

          But Wilson was a “progressive” – which is mental curse that we’re still dealing with in the present day.

          • So you don’t think the Nazis would have done us as much cultural damage? Hm. Not the SAME sort of damage, sure. And of course, what we really have hurts worse than anything we imagine.

        • Actually, not entirely. Do you realize that upon German surrender Patton petitioned Eisenhower to have the Germans join the Allies to wipe out the Russians?

        • The Nazis came to power precisely because the alternative was the communists, and Germans had seen what happened under the Bolsheviks…

      • If one is a devotee of Richard Spencer and embraces what he has expounded, one is a Nazi.

        D’inesh D’Souza contends that Richard Spencer is a Nazi. The evidence? Spencer’s admission, on film, that he loves him some socialism and that he loves him some nationalism.

        Can one embrace nationalism and socialism but yet not be a national socialist?

          • In other words, you got nothing.

            If one embraces nationalism and socialism, please explain how one is not a Nazi.

            Your employment of the word cuck is supported by what?

            Did I write that I support D’Souza?

            Did I write that I am an admirer of D’Souza?

            Did I write that I don’t think D’Souza is a cuck himself?

            If you embrace nationalism and socialism, you are a Nazi. Embrace it. Own it.

            As for D’Souza, his new movie is fraught with falsehoods, many of them being lies by omission.

          • I dont know enough about Richard Spencer. I know Im not into socialism, national or otherwise.

            If I did you wrong by calling you cuck, I apologize. If I didnt do you wrong Im happy I said it. Im a little cranky right now thinking about how much we ve thrown away in the last 40 or so years.

          • I am not a fan of D’Souza.

            I think he is a cuck, for many reasons, including his worship of Lincoln. The central theme of his new movie is tying national socialism to Jacksonian Democrats, the late 19th century and early 20th century Progressives, FDR and the New Deal, and the modern democrat party.

            D’Souza excoriates Jackson for being a racist who exterminated native peoples and who was admired by Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini for having the courage and the stones for so doing.

            Meanwhile, he paints Lincoln as a savior who championed our founding principles. Not a word about the blood bath Lincoln wrought. Not a word about Lincoln’s insistence upon “total war” in which 50,000 southern civilians were slain. Not a word about his plan to wipe out the Plains Indians. Not a word about his embrace of crony-capitalism. Not a word about Adolph Hitler’s admiration of Lincoln. From what I have read, Hitler admired Lincoln far more than he admired either Jackson or FDR.

            Nonetheless, his interview of Spencer was effective as far as communicating his brand of cuckery. He knew that Spencer had publicly embraced national socialism and he was able to get Spencer to cop to it.

            The salvation of white folk is not going to be through love of national socialism.

            White people must eschew all forms of communism, crony-capitalism, fabianism, fascism, Leninism, labor unionism, Maoism, Progressivism, socialism, unionism, and totalitarianism.

          • 1st Nazism is a left wing movement Democratic Workers Socialism. The ,Alt right is a Right Wing Movement .

            2nd what it actually is for is very simple. Paleo Conservatism using rules for radicals

            Even if we were Nazis we are still the good guys and truth be known, I don’t care and this point. I want the future I remember we are going to have back whatever the cost

          • “Nazis” were German National Socialists. We’re American National Socialists – like Jack London for example. Different land, culture, people and time. But yeah, race matters. Some things are universal – or should be.

        • In 1994, the Washington Post hired Dinesh D’Souza to sneak into American Renaissance and spy on Sam Francis. D’Souza wrote the following, which got Sam Francis fired from his job:

          A lively controversialist, Francis began with some largely valid complaints about how the Southern heritage is demonized in mainstream culture. He went on, however, to attack the liberal principles of humanism and universalism for facilitating “the war against the white race.” At one point he described country music megastar Garth Brooks as “repulsive” because “he has that stupid universalist song, in which we all intermarry.” His fellow whites, he insisted, must “reassert our identity and our solidarity, and we must do so in explicitly racial terms through the articulation of a racial consciousness as whites… The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that the civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people.

          Sam Francis was a prophet and D’Souza was a Judas.

          • I thought I knew a lot about Francis, but this betrayal was by D’Souza eh? One more reason to hate that creep.

          • Spencer is controlled opposition. The cartoon Nazi that always makes sure to sig heil when the cameras are rolling.
            He is also one of the people who led the alt right into Clinton mobster terry maculliffs well laid trap at Chancellorsville.
            I got dragged to dinesh’s godawful movie this weekend and
            there was Spencer hamming it up for the cameras and telling the world ” yep, we’re nazis” . He has bee involved in almost all of the alt right disasters . When there is a disaster for the alt right , you can be sure Spencer was involved, but somehow , just by luck, he never gets hurt or arrested . strange coincidence that. His televised nazi salutes during the campaign of 2016 had trump calling the alt right ” Nazis ”
            and disavowing any link.
            the person who insisted we go apologized afterword. So at least it opened her eyes to the bankruptcy of the “conservatives”

          • Spencer isnt “controlled opposition” you midwit. He never once gave a “Nazi salute,” on tv or otherwise. He also had nothing to do with the planning and organizing of UtR.
            That was done by Kessler, Eli Moseley and a few others who need their anonymity.
            You really shouldn’t flap your trap about things you don’t really know about.
            In addition, Spencer has *NEVER* identified as a “Nazi.” Spencer identifies as an Identitarian.
            Are you sure you’re not “controlled opposition?”

          • Interesting story. Did not know. It does reinforce my wish that the Dissident Right wouldn’t be so literal about the real-life implications of their philosophy. That goes for “private” forums like this, or in “public” forums like AmRen conferences. When Francis voiced his anti mixed marriage opinion, he handed D’Souza the knife to use on him. We do the same with open talk of repealing the 19th. I wish the D-Right wouldn’t disparage mixed marriage. It can go without saying.

          • What evidence do you have that D’Souza “[snuck] into [the] American Renaissance [convention] to spy on Sam Francis?”

            According to a February 22, 2005 letter to the editor of the Washington Examiner, penned by Lawrence Auster, there was nothing “secret” about the matter. To wit, according to Mr. Auster:

            “Far from being hidden or secret, Francis’s developing views were out there for anyone to see. D’Souza attended the 1994 American Renaissance conference where Francis spoke (I was also a speaker there), and Francis’s speech was later published in American Renaissance.

            Mr. Auster proceeds to rip D’Souza for smearing Francis and for lying about what Francis said. Mr. Auster also criticized D’Souza for penning falsehoods such as the conference participants shouting “chink” and “nigger.”

            As for D’Souza being a Judas, when was he ever in the camp of the Dissident Right? He never claimed to be.

            White folk can ill afford leaders or spokespeople who are not ferocious about getting the facts straight.

        • And BLACK African Nationalists are “BLack Nationlists” but no one seems to care. But White Nationalists? Whole nother story….

        • No. It makes you a national socialist. There haven’t been any “Nazis” since the end of the War. Time doesn’t flow backward, or stand still, you silly dumbass.

      • Because we disagree with them. That’s all it takes.

        – They support open borders, we don’t so they call us Nazi’s.

        – They support 40 year old men waking up one day and saying “I feel like I am a 15 year old girl today so I am going to run down to a public women’s restroom and go find other 15 year old girls to compare pubes too”. We don’t support that so they call us Nazi’s.

        – They support Govt stepping in to set minimum wages against the laws of economics, we don’t so they call us Nazi’s.

        The list is endless. Even if you agree with 99 out of 100 things they support, you non support for that one item will make you a Nazi in their book.

    • Ideological battles are always absolute. Inevitably, both sides have to see one another as the embodiment of evil, because both sides are the nullification of the other.

      • Great maxim-style phrasing. The key word there is “inevitably”. Which is why it’s not always currently obvious. I’ve been arguing with a normie friend in emails. He asked me what I meant by “zero sum game”. I’ll have to quote your comment.

    • We’re not the Nazis. And we don’t want to do to them what the Nazis did to their domestic targets, including the Communists.

      • That’s a minority opinion. I just want to win and keep the costs to my side within reason.

        By the end of this if I participate, the choice may after all not be mine, I want to be able to stand to look at myself in the mirror and be proud of what comes after.

    • Nazis and Commies were allies for the big part of the WWII. They both attacked Poland in September 1939. When Hitler turned on Stalin the progress was so fast, because Stalin has put his army at the border preparing for the offensive as well.

  45. My wife and I recently crossed the Canadian border and, I assume, were asked the standard questions by the young attendant. We are Boomers from the heartland and look the part: gray hair, glasses and denim. His last question kind of threw us when he inquired if we owned any guns. After listing our long guns and my 1911, my wife chimed in with, “don’t forget my 9mms…” The look on the young man’s face was classic as he mumbled “It’s a different culture…” I just winked, put my Hummer in gear and drove north.

      • Exactly, why would the Leaf ask if they owned any guns, like that’s the queer Canadian government’s business?

        • Join the discussion…Remember, in case of civil disobedience or invasion, there is a treaty of mutual aid. And within a hundred miles of the border, they may have other rights, at least potentially. North American Union stuff….

      • “Did he ask if you were bringing any syrup into the country?” Not sure if that’s an old joke, but it’s the first time I’ve heard it and it made me LOL. That’s right, I LOL. Gotta problem with that bitches?!

      • The Canadian Border Guys also retain a record of your response to their “guns inquiry” and (possibly) have access to carry permit records of some states.

        I live near the border, cross it several times per year, and the last time I crossed their question was not “do you have any firearms in your vehicle?”, or even “do you own any firearms?”, but… “where are your firearms now?”

        • My A: “Golly. Mr. Canuck-in-Charge–I lost them in the lake (pick the nearest one) when I was last fishing here. Wanna see my minnies and night crawlers I brough?”

        • My reply would be: “My guns are in the United States and not in this vehicle.” Other than that it’s none of his business.

  46. Yes, it will go hot. And we can’t ask for a better enemy. Consider:
    – the left no longer controls public opinion or can moderate it. The media as a weapon of propaganda has been neutralized by the internet.
    – their leaders, like most of the followers, are arrogant, stupid, and weak. People talk about the right losing the culture war – but we haven’t fired a shot yet.
    – the cannon fodder of the left is going to be queers, ugly, unhappy women, and marginal vibrants. That right there, has been their greatest strength – we are raised chivalrous, to not pick on retards and marginals, to tolerate and abide with our women. If the time comes, it will take a force of will and hate to turn our guns on people like that.

    My family are all leftist progs. They are all retired snivel servants that did Freedom 55, they have gold plated pensions, and they sneer at me because I missed the boomer bubble they all cashed in on. When the culture war started the SJW’s in my family rose up and I got excommunicated because I don’t drink the rainbow koolaid. They know damned well if this goes hot, what side I will be on too. The fact that I am a shooter and a prepper makes them hate me too. I no longer care.

    When you get politics dividing families like that – chit is gonna happen, and the weak are going to be killed and eaten. If Lefty was smart – and some of them are, the cagey bastids – they’d STFU and stand down. We’ll see what happens I guess. I am good with whatever they decide.

    • They ridicule you because they are afraid of you. That means we’re stronger and they know it.
      Any revolution/civil war will be over within a week of the first shot as the left doesn’t have the stomach for it.
      The gun banning has been a failure and I think the internet regulation will also fail. Banning someone on twitter just gives them more credence. It’s free advertising for the Alex Jones’ out there.

      • I’m afraid you’re likely to be wrong there. It’s not only the fight that matters, but what comes after it. If someone could ring a celestial bell for round one and get everyone on both sides into the streets, the fight would end with a clear knockout in about 12 seconds. And then reconstruction starts, and there are thousands of hateful, bitter sociopaths who do very much have the stomach for it. It would be a matter of bombing campaigns and reprisals, checkpoints and swatting, and hatred running through the culture like acid. It would (will?) last a generation, and in the end America would not be anything at all like the country you were born into, even if our side wins–which it will. But what will our side be by the time it’s over?

        I’m tempted to ask, does anyone really want this? But what we want isn’t relevant, only what’s coming.

        • It won’t begin that cleanly. It won’t end until the leftists are dead or surrender unconditionally. it will be horrific.

        • “… does anyone really want this?”

          We don’t. The Left does. And in war, it only takes the vote of one side to get it started.

          When it comes, it will take the form of mass shooting of Leftist insurgents and assassinated Democrat politicians in small and medium sized towns along with blockades of larger cities. The trigger will, as zman points out, either an attempt to remove Trump from office or an attempt to confiscate guns.

          Yes, it will be very ugly.

          • Right now Im cranky. But yes, my brain tells me its gonna be ugly as hell if/when it rolls. It’s gonna be ugly as hell.

          • Been to/in war and I have to say in my life since it is the last thing I’d want to be… but not so much now… the more I see of these assaults on good folks, innocent folks, “judges” giving tremendous breaks to all but “guilty verdict” crooks, outright in-your-face lies and then calling you the liar…. well, frankly speaking as for me, my gun needs oiling. enough said. pray, prep and protect ’cause hell is coming home.

        • I think the more astute among them think they can prevail politically in the aftermath, building their nirvana on the ashes. They ignore those will be their own ashes.

          Its also quite possible the elite think they can hide through it and use their money to be in charge of the rebuilding. It is this second possibility we must guard most carefully against: meet the new boss, same as the old boss. This worries me more than anything. “Embrace, Extend and Extinguish” was deployed very effectively against the Tea Party.

          • This.

            The conflict, when it comes – and that’s “when,” not “if” – will be ugly beyond belief. Most of it will be over in 10-15 days, neither side will find it enjoyable in the slightest, and “trailing events” will continue for months; there a lot of people, and groups, with lists of scores to settle and cancers to excise, during which a tremendous amount of “jockeying for position” will occur among those not directly in the cross hairs.

            The real challenge will be the reconstruction: who decides what, with which resources. Bush 43 easily won the war in 2003, just as his father did in 1990, but neither had a solution, or even a plan, for what came next.

            Leadership today, on both sides, is very fragile and entirely suspect as to quality, integrity and motive, and heed that “trailing effect,” for being in a leadership position will be no guarantee of maintaining that position, or even of pulse and respiration. Reducing a 50-state democratic republic to multiple regional coalitions, some feudal in nature, is not out of the question.

          • Leadership on both sides ! Preposterous, wìhere is the leadership on our side? PDJT is a stand alone. Being an outsider he either had to bring in a trusted team to assist him or relie on the Civil Service careerist to respond to his command. Those who he worked with in business were either too inept or too easily corrupted by the illusion of power and very likely public money. The bureaucracy was and is disloyal and rooted in past practice and prerogatives. He has no bench.
            Which governor can be counted as an asset for the President or our side? During the campaign his most enthusiastic Senatorially booster was Jeff Sessions of Alabama. No more needs to be said.
            Few congressional candidates even in states where MAGA racked up significant victory margins show any fervor toward the President.
            I see and feel the popular discontent and revulsion with the media, entertainment, legal, academic and public service cultural traitors.
            What I don’t see is any kind of articulate coach or quarterback to bring us back into the game.
            I have a limited circle of contacts and have yet to meet anyone who voted for Trump or the harpie who wished they had voted for the other. But I have met several Trump voters who say they will not vote ever again.
            More distressing, I have never talked to anyone under 35 years old who supports the President.

        • I’d like it understood that I identify as one of the thousands of sociopaths who have the stomach for it

    • Our family is divided as well but we are able to keep it pleasant for now.

      It took me a while but I now fully see that there can be no reasoning with these people. There is no “misunderstanding” with progressives. There are no values that we share. A mountain of indisputable evidence about an issue could be spoon fed to them and all it would do is enrage them and lead them to commit violence. How can a chasm that deep be bridged in a way where we maintain a functioning society?

      An illustration: a few years ago I was talking with one of my family members. She is quite progressive and lives in the center of a major urban area, and she knew my husband and I, who live in the country, stock pile supplies so that in the event of an emergency or civil unrest, would not need to leave the house for a while. We aren’t prepping for the apocalypse-this is just good common sense planning that everyone should do.

      I explained to her that exact point and that it is critical for all people, particularly in dense, urban areas, to prepare like this. Her response: “Oh no. We wouldn’t need to do something like that because unlike you, we have grocery stores nearby.” And just like that, the scales fell from my eyes. I realized that there is a distance, a fundamental difference, between progressives and us and there is no point wasting time trying to get them to see reality. They are not wired that way.

      • When the balloon goes up, you couldn’t pay me to live near a grocery store. Once the diversity is through with looting and burning the store, they’ll start on whatever there is that’s closest…like your family member’s house.

        None of this is new, though. H.G. Wells wrote about this attitude in 1898.

      • Yeah, saw glimpses of that after Sandy. And that was just inconvenience of the power being off for twelve days. The level of helplessness, as demonstrated by your family member was staggering around here.

        • Saml Adams, my bugout area lost power for almost two weeks due to the California fires taking down the lines. People in the (spread out) neighborhood were mostly prepared, pulled together, and didn’t miss a beat. Lots of generators going, all around the valley. People rallied and became better neighbors out of it. Two months, it might have been a different story. But the experience depends on the neighborhood.

        • It’s a learned helplessness that they have erroneously conflated with a smug sense of moral superiority.

      • Its interesting to see these divides occur among family and friends. Recently I went on a trip to with my fiances extended family to the shore for about a week. The amount of Trump bashing and general exultation of lefty politics was very much in evidence. Especially after a few drinks. On occasions like these I really go out of my way to not bring up my views on much of anything. There is no point. In my eyes its a family occasion. I would also just as soon enjoy the beach that we were staying at and whatever book I happened to be immersed in.
        I’ve known many of these individuals for close to a decade. 10 years ago many of them were essentially “blue dog democrats” or fairly doctrinaire liberals of the live and let live stripe. Really almost apolitical. The change is palpable and more than a bit jarring. The entire time I had one guy try to goad me into arguments about politics etc. I think he did this because at some point during the election (after one scotch too many) I partially spoke my mind on the Clinton creature. I didn’t take the bait…
        What this time spent among the more left wing elements of our polity made me realize is: The window of reconciliation is rapidly closing. A scary thought indeed

        • Liberals speak as if everyone in a social group agrees with them or that the dissidents are too polite or scared to disagree. The number of times I’ve seen this play out at work is too many to count. If I stated my views, my career would be harmed. They are demonstrating their cultural dominance.

          • It’s hard to know but I will say that the people who think that the military or police will support us are deluded. Most of the military and police will slaughter us to collect their pensions.

          • Line in the Sand

            In two sentences you made more since and offered more truth than anything in the posting or comment thread (mine included).

          • Stop it already with “most of the police and military will slaughter us to collect their pensions”.
            1) Most police/military have our outlook on things.
            2) There isn’t going to be any pensions when things go sideways.

            The only ones you have to avoid are the bosses. They are political animals.

            Get to know your local beat cop/policeman neighbor. You might be surprised.

          • I think people here and elsewhere on the right are way too confident. The left controls all the institutions including the deep state. In blue states the judiciary just rules based on leftist ideology. The right thinks it will win because it has so many guns. So do the army and police forces and, for the most part, they won’t be on our side.

            Plus, we are a matriarchy now and men don’t foo anything without approval from their wives who value safety and cash flow. Women do not value freedom as much as men

          • M_C, the confidence you hear on the Dissident Right is more belligerence than anything. They do get what they’re up against and that things look dark. You’ve heard of the black pill right? Anyway, if you’re not talking tough then you’re signaling defeat. Don’t know if you’ve noticed but the guys on these sites aren’t the submissive type.

          • @My_Comment. Yes, women most certainly do value freedom as much as men. Not sure what type of women you associate with, but they are definitely the wrong kind. I know a ton of women who have more balls than some of the men out there in this world.

          • @My_Comment
            All it takes is a handful of military officers to “accidentally misplace” some nuclear warheads to end urban prog Amerika. Several years ago, a few Airforce officers accidentally flew a few nukes on board a cargo plane.

        • I was like that for years. Kept my mouth shut. Don’t rock the boat, don’t spoil the mood, everyone has a right to their own opinion.

          Until they don’t. Then, their morals, ethics and politics are just too important and must supersede yours. When the time comes you will bow down and accept it or be exiled from the tribe.

          Good luck, Baltimore. I hope your outcome is better than mine.

          • Thanks Grandmaster filthie. I more or less try to not argue politics with anyone. Especially in the real world. I might discuss things with people….but those on the liberal end of the spectrum at this point are well past the point of discussion. There is one man of my acquaintance who is a dyed in the wool Bernie Bro with whom I can discuss most matters of import frankly (the racial stuff can be a bit touchy). Im his token weirdo rightwing/anarchist/Menckenite wingnut friend. He’s my token Socialist/Unitarian/Universalist friend. All of the other liberal types I know…forget about it. What I see happening is that people are pulling away from one another and balkanizing. I have seen it in my own life. I might occasionally hang out with liberal types at Christmas parties or birthdays…but in the day to day my socialization is with the men (and their families) whom I box with. These guys skew right wing even the pepper colored fellas…

        • That window has been slammed and nailed shut. Lefties have written for themselves an epitaph of infamy.

      • Join the discussion…Some studies have been done – apparently their amygdalas are smaller. They just can’t see danger. Reality is social and they have good social skills more often than not. And they hate people who interfere with their warm fuzzy…..

      • I haven’t had a face to face convo with a leftist in probably 20 yrs. I genuinely have no idea how I’d react to it, but it seems so absurd to imagine, I guess I’d burst out laughing.
        Maybe I need to find one and test this. Surely someone I know knows one I can use for a guinea pig…

      • I guess you need to have lived through a hurricane in Florida or thereabouts to really get how quickly all the Walmart, home depot, lowes and huge grocery stores are emptied of everything but spaghetti-os for a good while. A war? What truckers are gonna deliver your pampers when the SHTF? They mostly believe in the 2A and don’t care to serve the enemy during a civil/political war with guns, bullets, blood and death.
        Btw I checked. Jeff Sessions has 10 grandchildren. Could that explain his “reluctance to engage”? I searched the number of grandchildren because the threat to conservative or just Trump supporting families is real and protecting the lives of 10 grandkids and parents etc is probably close to impossible. I just wondered why he appears so useless to the POTUS in his defense.

    • As one of our (white) ancestors said, “Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

      I think we’ve been fired upon.

    • The part of the country that makes iPhone apps and subprime mortgages vs. the part that produces all the food and energy and has all the guns. Who will win, I wonder?

      • So true.

        The Dems has Hillary at 97% to win the election.

        We saw how that turned out.

        I wish the Repubs would stop predicting a trump win in 2020.

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