Every political philosophy starts with a set of beliefs about the human condition that are claimed to be universal and timeless. Based on these assumptions, there is a critique of the present state of affairs and the political organization responsible for it. What comes after that is an alternative. The claim is that the alternative will more closely correspond to man’s natural condition. Usually, there is a list of principles put forward that are intended to increase the good and diminish the bad.

Communists, for example, assumed that human beings are naturally cooperative, but that private property creates conflict. The greed of a few, exploiting the many, results in conflict between the classes. Eliminate private property and you eliminate that social conflict. They argued that the move to industrial societies meant scarcity could be eliminated through collective ownership of capital. The elimination of private property would lead to the equitable distribution of production.

Libertarians see cooperation as the result of the diversity of talents among humans and their rational self-interest. Once two people figured out that they could increase their output by combining their efforts, the foundation of society was set. People soon figured out that combining diverse talents increases collective productivity and material prosperity. Because humans are motivated by self-interest, they naturally cooperate with one another to increase their material prosperity.

The people who currently rule over us, start from the assumption that all humans possess the same natural raw material. The differences we see in people are the result of racism, poverty, inequality and the legacy of white supremacy. Otherwise, people come into the world as amorphous blobs that can be shaped into whatever society makes of them. Whether the rulers truly believe this is not important. Public policy is based on the blank slate and extreme egalitarianism.

If the starting point for a political philosophy is a set of universal truths about the human condition, then it is necessary that those truths be based in reality. Marxism has been a bloody disaster, because it assumes things about man that are contrary to the reality of the human condition. Marxists tried to remedy this by killing off the inconvenient, but it turned out that you just can’t kill enough people to make it work. Transforming society into an abattoir lowers productivity, rather than producing plenty.

Similarly, but without the bloodshed, libertarianism has been a complete failure as a political movement, because homo economicus is not real. Material self-interest is certainly part of the puzzle, but humans are motivated by all sorts of things. More important, the assumption that people will deal with one another in good faith, once the monopoly of the state is removed, is false. Every society has some portion motivated to rule over the rest. Someone will always be in charge.

Much of what vexes the modern West is that the people in charge have embraced a political philosophy based on invalid assumptions about human nature. People are not born as amorphous blobs that can be molded into model citizens. Instead, they are the genetic result of thousands of mating decisions that came before them. Further, nature does not distribute her gifts equally between individuals or groups. The diversity of man extends to all aspects of the human animal, not just the superficial traits.

The main reason the West is struggling to square what it believes about humanity with what is happening in the world, is that the core assumptions of the West were formed in the Enlightenment. The great debates about the nature of man were between Europeans, who were primarily concerned with how Europeans would organize themselves, manage relations between groups of Europeans and conduct commerce between and within groups of Europeans.

Another issue is that Western style liberal democracy is a creation of an age when smart people knew very little about the human sciences. Their speculation about the evolution of settled society was a work of imagination. They may have had some sense that humanity progressed from savagery to civilization, but they had no understanding of genetics, evolution or the interplay between culture and biology. They had no knowledge about what we inherited from our simian ancestors.

The big flaw is the assumption that there is some reason, beyond the material, for why humans are the only intelligent species on the planet. We’re special. As such, there must be some reason for it. The very notion of human progress assumes there must be a reason for our existence. After all, to what are we progressing if there is no purpose to our existence? What is the point of the arc of history if it does not have a beginning, middle and end? There must be some reason for it.

Current events are a good lesson in the reality of the human condition. Humans are not relentlessly pursuing their self-interest or naturally cooperative. The engine that drives humanity is the need for safety. We see that all around us as people meekly hide in their closets because they are told the bogeyman is outside. The great panic would not be possible if people were driven by self-interest. Why would the overwhelming majority sacrifice for the one or two percent vulnerable to the virus?

The fact is, people have gone along with this because down deep, in the store of man’s oldest desires, is the urge to huddle in the cave with the rest of the tribe, as the storm rages outside. That is man’s oldest desire as a social animal. To bind together in a shared fear of the natural world is what makes us human. The great motivator of mankind is the desire for safety. If there is a point to our existence, it is to shelter with our cave mates trembling in fear at the great danger outside.

For sure, people do more than just shelter from the danger, but it is the desire for safety that drives our actions. We will cooperate with one another to defeat some threat and will profit greatly from saving people from a threat. Safety and its traveling companion comfort are the great drivers of human progress. A great way to get rich is to eliminate a danger from life. The most popular way, however, is to make the sheltering from the dangers of life as comfortable as possible.

If there is to be a new moral philosophy for the post-Enlightenment age, it will have to be based, at least in part, on man’s nature desire for safety. In fact, the neo-liberal order may very well be the moral philosophy to first root itself in safety. The legion of schoolmarms and harpies monitoring our speech and making sure we have no unclean thoughts are all here for our collective good. They even say their role is to create safe spaces for every conceivable type of person.

The Enlightenment was as much about observing what was happening on its own as crafting blueprints for future societies. Marx, for example, had plenty of examples to draw from to form his ideas. Maybe that is what we are seeing today. As the custodial state forms up, what we call the neo-liberal order will become more formal and get a new name that captures its essence. Perhaps we are living at the dawn of Custodialism, the politics of keeping everyone safe from any possible danger.

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  1. Safety. Cooperation. Self-interest. Embrace the healing power of *and”. Accept that all these factor into the human equation. Pick just one, make it into the fundamental explaining principle of your ideology and Hello! Abbatoir!

    Your best bet in organizing a society is to assume PEGLAWS is the common denominator. Allow for the opportunity that humility, contentment, self-control, charity, lovingkindness, and hard work are all possible, but barring a miracle, cannot be relied on.

    We got the miracle – it can be seen in different times and places. Three guesses what it is.

    Happy Easter.

  2. The enlightenment was the dumpster fire of the vanities.
    Democracy dies in darkness as it well should, or be euthanized by the same crowd that murdered Terri Schiavo.

  3. The custodial state will always be a necessity.
    Clean Up in Aisle 4!
    The problem is it is more fun to be the proactive Nanny governess than the Janitor that has to clean up the defecation or regurgitation of the errant.

    • Haven’t listened yet, but it’s gotten to be “why bother” at this point. Covid really broke them.

      • their in-depth look at alexander hamiton was great. I grow very tired of the sniping of our side. need to change the equation dissident=bitch.

  4. Here’s what’s coming next:

    Worries about food supply grow as Smithfield closes two more plants

    Apr. 15, 2020 10:23 PM ET|About: WH Group Limited (WHGLY)|By: Stephen Alpher, SA News Editor

    “The closure of our Martin City plant is part of the domino effect underway in our industry,” says Smithfield (OTCPK:WHGLY) CEO Ken Sullivan. “Our processing facilities are the bottleneck of our food chain … For the security of our nation, I cannot understate how critical it is for our industry to continue to operate unabated.”

    Smithfield over the weekend closed its Sioux City processing facility after employees there tested positive for coronavirus. Today’s closings of the Martin City and Cudahy plants are for the same reason.

    Comments189 | + Follow
    Who cares about food if you can print unlimited amounts of money?
    15 Apr 2020, 10:25 PMReply2Like

    Comments142 | + Follow
    @oeconomicus : Yeah, that’s the real pork.
    15 Apr 2020, 10:27 PMReply3Like

    Comments371 | + Follow
    better get to Publix tomorrow…
    15 Apr 2020, 10:26 PMReply0Like

    Comments399 | + Follow
    if you’re smart like me, buy excess food now to store in your pantry. at least a month worth of supply
    15 Apr 2020, 10:26 PMReply0Like

    Comments52 | + Follow
    or learn how to hunt 😉
    15 Apr 2020, 10:35 PMReply0Like

    Comments2864 | + Follow
    Excellent! Post it on Facebook so there isnt any meat tomorrow!!!! Yea! The social media world is killing itself!!!
    To the bunker!!!!
    15 Apr 2020, 10:28 PMReply0Like

    Comments126 | + Follow
    It’s all fun and games until the food stops arriving on store shelves. I’m really going to thoroughly enjoy watching all the meat eaters bitching and moaning about having to eat beans on social media in the coming days.
    15 Apr 2020, 10:28 PMReply0Like

    $Das Kapital
    Comments833 | + Follow
    I think we’ll do fine without Smithfield’s products, in fact we will probably be better off, although I do love bacon.
    15 Apr 2020, 10:31 PMReply0Like

    ding dong
    Comments1184 | + Follow
    Smithfield owned by China from where the virus came.
    hmmm. China seems to be everywhere.
    15 Apr 2020, 10:32 PMReply0Like

    Comments1284 | + Follow
    Enjoy your lawsuits Smithfield
    15 Apr 2020, 10:33 PMReply0Like

    $Das Kapital
    Comments833 | + Follow
    “…I cannot understate how critical it is for our industry to continue to operate unabated.”
    Doesn’t he mean to say “overstate”?
    15 Apr 2020, 10:33 PMReply1Like

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    Sweden and Brazil looking smarter every day
    15 Apr 2020, 10:33 PMReply0Like

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    Except, Sweden is about to declare national emergency. Sure, you’ll have your Swedish cafe houses open with a couple of customers, but the global supply chain affects Sweden and Brazil pretty much the same way as any other country. We could argue that it would have been economically more beneficial for all nations to keep running, but then again, we will never know what would be the final outcome if we were to choose the ‘herd immunity’ path. In any case, the decision has already been made.
    15 Apr 2020, 10:38 PMReply0Like

    Tom Luongo
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    I can tell you the private, local processors here in North Florida are booked until July.
    15 Apr 2020, 10:36 PMReply0Like

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    Sure would be nice to get the city right. It is Sioux FALLS, not Sioux City. Different state.
    15 Apr 2020, 10:37 PMReply0Like

    Winds Research
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    I’m sure Americans will be fine not eating pork for a few months.
    15 Apr 2020, 10:39 PM

  5. people are willing to give up a lot of their “freedom” for the comforts of so called security. I am on a camera literally all day long in private (elevators, lobbies,garages, doorbell ring bugs) and in public. most of the people in my family have cameras in their bloody homes ! I asked one, “what’s with the nest system?” its for security they said … I don’t go there anymore. I was in my home workshop the other day and caught myself checking for cameras before I tucked my shirt in my pants. I’m not wearing a mask when I’m walking down the street in SOCAL ! and man you should see them jump out into the street and get into the car a drive off with their mask on. I have seen a big uptick in posters mounted on front doors of apartment buildings with pics of blacks wearing masks and helping themselves to parcels that don’t belong to them with WE PRESS CHARGES AND HAVE ARMED RESPOND SECURITY PERSONEL . that will be there as soon as their done stealing parcels that don’t belong to them as well.

  6. I was doing alright until I got to “The engine that drives humanity is the need for safety”. That just ain’t “it.” We, and all sentient life forms, have dual existential motivations; Seek pleasure, avoid pain. Circumstance elicits the prominent motivation and response. It ain’t always a cave.

    • i’d add that circumstance isn’t always genetic, could come from above or below.
      and the fact that there’s an engine in the first place. and caves.

  7. the desire for safety is natural, and that is why we continue to progress alongside the several cave systems with each of our tribes, as we continue with the history arc stumbling towards God, the ultimate safety.

    • also, progress not the materialist kind, simply the natural continuation of the species, thanks to the Lord who allows it. He is supernatural, not antinatural/unnatural (those are the fallen) nor preternatural (unexplained stuff, whatever). He supersedes nature, while being the root of it, ergo intimately connected to it, while allowing it to run itself. watchmaker and all that.

      better than exterminating boars and trees and virgins for Arminius or Priapus, or burying the Vestals alive if a (wrong) man touched them, or hexing Trump…

      (speaking of witches, women love religion, but even more so degenerate paganism – it allows them to create their own pantheon to spite men with – thus Catholicism had to come in and give them the Queen of Heaven to follow, both as cute iconography to make them feel safe, and as an example of total obedience to the patriarchal authority of God…)

  8. Not quite Z’s topic today, but the term “Custodial State” appears in the (in)famous book “The Bell Curve.” Here, it is still a nanny state to take care of the underclass. Of course any country that has a sizeable population of ne’er-do-wells and gives them any type of support is custodial. More chilling is that their numbers seem to be ever-increasing. Will our custodial state of the future resemble the dark humor seen in thriller movies like “Robocop” or “Escape from New York?” Much more appealing to me, and no doubt to readers here, is the vision of the ethnostate. Imagine a world separated not only by race but also but social values. Why can’t we have a country for white supremacists, a country for Blacks who actually have some civilized values and can support themselves, as well as preserves for those who wish to live in the stone age, and also for Whites who wish to mix with/”help” the downtrodden? And, not to forget, heavily defended borders between these incompatible peoples.

    • Genuinely curious if you can point to a black country (or even majority black area of any size) that is the second case?

      • probably only the wealthy elite ones who have to be educated enough to run nations. even then, civilized is a strong word.

        at any rate, the fourth case is much more likely, just send missionaries and crusaders over there if they wanna mix it up so much. after all, in segregated regions ruled by whites and/or in Christian countries of any color them darkies seem to do better. at least they would quiet down enough so whites didn’t come and squash them. likewise darkies would also not feel ignored by whites and thus seek them on boatlifts (you know they love attention). then again, we could also research more into seawalls… just in case.

  9. OT. Someone who is not me has a telecon ongoing with a large company board. The telecon concerns how to restructure company compensation in the wake of covid 19. For majority of the conference a reedy-voiced queer has been lecturing “pay equity” – how to compensate women and minorities more for performance versus straight white males. They are going to implement a new regression analysis model so that past injustice and inequity will be retroactively addressed by paying employees more money from now on for a given level of performance if the employee identifies as LGBT, female, minority, non-Christian religion etc. (the growing litany). It’s straight up anti-white Christian male discrimination and all employees are to be bound by a non-disclosure agreement not to divulge their compensation to fellow employees at any levels. The next topic is C-level compensation increases for having implemented these new, powerful pay equity policies in the time of coronavirus. If you didn’t hear what I’m hearing you wouldn’t believe it.

    • parasites just never let up.You have to force them to let go.

      For leeches, cigarettes applied to the body seems to be a good way to remove them.

      As proverbs points out:
      “The leech has two daughters. ‘Give! Give!’ they cry.”

  10. Dear ZMAN,

    The thought I keep having is that the people in charge aren’t afraid of this bogeyman. This whole COVID reaction is simply an instinct (uncommunicated) among the elite to burn it to the ground because the anti-globalists are winning or at least not losing e.g. Trump will probably beat the dementia patient in November. Thoughts?

    Incidentally, the wife and I enjoy your podcast every Friday.

  11. In regard to Marxism and human nature, it sorta sounds like you are repeating Prager U and NRO talking points. The Soviets had very competitive Olympic teams ,for example,so you cannot say that communism and competitiveness are mutually exclusive. I don’t think there is a single ‘human nature’ or ‘human condition’ that can be generalized to everyone.or explain why some counties or economies are more successful at certain things than others. Everyone wants to come up with their pithy armchair expansion for why communism doesn’t work. But it’s not that it didn’t or does not work, but that it does not work as well as alternatives at certain things,. If you want consumer goods and consumer culture, then capitalism all the way. non-white societies tend to be more collectivist than white societies, but high-IQ non-white societies are more successful than low-IQ ones, regardless of economic system.

    • Communism can’t work, because those at the top are empowered to make decisions on behalf of others, who don’t have the agency to make their own decisions. Human nature being what it is (a combination of greed and selfishness, aligned with the opportunity to take extra for oneself, without being called out on it) dooms communism on any large scale. When those without agency figure it out, the tools get put down, and the sand gets thrown into the gears.

    • I want to amplify your suspicion of a single human nature. Certainly there are some feelings or inclinations that are common to all humans, maybe a predisposition to love your mother or to feel sympathy to those in your in-group, but not much more.

      You don’t have to climb the tree of evolution very high to see that many of the finer feelings that we posit to be part of general human nature, for example the longing for liberty or the valuing of truth for its own sake, are not imprinted in most human hearts.

      • idk, it’s not eat sht and die for most either. although certainly for some more than others.

    • Any system can work if the constituency is both willing and able. Chinese Communism works to the extent it does because it’s Chinese enough. The system is shaped to the people more than vice-versa.

      I don’t think you could ever make Communism work at any appreciable scale in a White/Euro society (I do not count the 70-year troubled imperial history of the USSR as a success). We’re not wired for that level of collective scale.

      We’ll see the limits of what Chinese collectivism vs. relative Western individualism are in our ongoing competition throughout this century. I think we need some radical changes to match the challenge, but simply adopting Communism won’t work for us.

      • Communism, per se, doesn’t exist in China, nor has it ever existed. Practically speaking, communist states are, and have always been, just oligarchies. The various systems just create their own flavors, depending on the culture.

      • the Chinese are 30s fascists in all but name. they even support neo-Confucianism (of course, their approved version). yes, they can be more collective due to their deep biocultural ties, but even then the party chairman changes on occasion.
        ideally we will leave the Anglo-global paradigm and go back to that old-timey nationalism too. a world of ethnations and alliances/empires made of them (some are too weak on their own, and/or have run in packs for a while), but without the postwar global bureaucracy.
        basically what Putin wants. domestically, not necessarily strongmen rule, but definitely less democratic, whether based or sjw. if based, less technologized, more fertile, more prosperous, less (((neurotic))).
        economically Hungary may show the way, although idk if Orban should declare himself Caesar just yet. the modern states are so powerful and so vast in many material ways, that no matter IQ (some faster, some slower), it’s eventually impossible for even popular parties who take power not to engorge themselves and become corrupted in a few years.
        which is why the next step for Orban after the coronahoax is done should be at least some degree of freedoms, so the Fidesz party doesn’t hold too much power, while keeping enough so Hungary stays strong under him for some time; hopefully enough time so that when he is inevitably found wanting in some way and replaced, at least some measures stuck and became national tradition. or who knows, maybe the best know when to quit.

    • Getting that dacha and some steak makes doing laps in the pool worth the effort, notwithstanding the weekly steroid shots and the need to shave your tits every morning.

  12. “Humans are not relentlessly pursuing their self-interest or naturally cooperative. The engine that drives humanity is the need for safety… If there is to be a new moral philosophy for the post-Enlightenment age, it will have to be based, at least in part, on man’s nature desire for safety… Perhaps we are living at the dawn of Custodialism, the politics of keeping everyone safe from any possible danger.”

    Self-interest, collective action and safety are all basic needs and “social technologies” that government has to account for if not expressly provide. Every tribe and sub-group has its own preferred degree of freedom, cooperation and safety.

    Regardless of which is objectively “right” at any given time (in a greatest-common-good sense, for purposes of discussion), the number and size of America’s tribes now makes consensus impossible.

    What Z calls the Custodial State is the preference of the Wahmen Tribe and the Old Tribe. Given America’s demographics, it’s no shock that Custodialism is ascendant.

    Those still thinking in terms of national offices and reform from within have to beat that demographic curve. How do they propose to convince a mostly female and mostly old electorate to sign on for more adventurous risk-taking, manly competition and putting things and ideas ahead of people?

    Those of us inclined to walk away and start from scratch, within America but no longer with it, have accepted (in clarity or in error) that personnel is policy and biology that should strongly inform personnel choices. We remain unconvinced that persuasion will sway enough Custodials to storm the Cathedral.

    Will America let us? Will other dissidents let us?

    We’re going to find out because we prefer that risk to what we see as the certainty of catabolic Custodial failure. To each tribe their own.

    • to be fair, many Custodials are ignorant of dissident views and sometimes even their existence, other than “oh yeh theres like, 5% of natzees in the population, ugh America #shakinmahead”. plus there’s been some converts since 2016.

      but yeah, most won’t be saved. we can only build an Ark.

  13. On the issue of safety, I am reminded of something that Jeff Cooper once wrote, which I am paraphrasing from memory.

    “I am convinced that crying ‘safety first’ is more than a little obtuse. Life is not safe and if one were truly to hold safety first in regards to firearms, one would never pick up a gun, which would put him in more danger from adversaries willing to do so, than he would otherwise experience. This is exactly the course of action that some people have chosen, which is their privilege, as long as they do not seek to inflict it on the rest of us.”

    The original Cooper quote was doubtless more pointed and persuasive. If you don’t know who Jeff Cooper is, best find out.

    Safety is and always will be the balancing of risks. Some risks have to be accepted to avoid risks with greater consenquences or greater likelihood of occurring. In the present COVID-19 panic/hysteria, many western countries are running colossal risks of future economic dislocation or even collapse, and the attendant public health consequences, in order to avoid what probably always was the risk of having an exceptionally bad flu season. The balancing of risks is an important aspect of leadership, which is sadly lacking in many countries.

  14. The Colorado Department of Health is only reporting cumulative death data to the press, and appears to be aggressively reviewing and reclassifying deaths over the course of the last month to drive a grossly overstated Coronavirus death count that fits the desired bell-shaped curve. There were 3 reported deaths on Monday; they reported an increase of 21. There were 9 reported deaths on Sunday; they reported an increase of 14. And so it goes back through time. Their data appears to be so bad that we’ll never know the truth.

    It’s a complete farce. Governor (((Polis))) justified a lockdown of the state using predictions of 33,200 excess deaths from Coronavirus. They are going to pull every trick in the book to get the actual number up to 600.

    Not a single reporter has asked the Governor to explain the vast discrepancy between the model used to justify a lockdown and reality. Reporters are worse than sheep.

    • In the same way the left has been constantly redefining the second amendment in our “living constitution,” I would LOVE it if we started redefining the “freedom of the press” part of the first amendment to destroy the conventional media. The left’s battle tactics work and we should use them!

      I fantasize about a world in which “freedom of the press” was gradually redefined by the right in a way such that individual expression on all forms of media/technology was strengthened, but corporate/state/nonprofit expression could be undermined in a way in which we could shut down newspapers, seize and destroy printing presses, pull radio and TV licenses, take down billboards, remove non-individual accounts on social media will-nilly, throttle mainstream websites, etc. under the argument that these were no longer valid instances of freedom of the press. In this world people like Maggie Haberman could still “build their own platforms” and pontificate on their own blogs or print and distribute their own personal leaflets or personally-hosted livestreams, but the ability for people like her to do this with institutional support should be undermined and eliminated somehow.

      Even though the social media platforms and the people who manage them are evil, the peer-to-peer information that trickles through them, even with all the censorship, is eye-opening in a way that makes me shudder to think how locked down our narratives were before the internet, when you could only turn to NBC Nightly News and the NYT for official narratives. I’m also using a very broad definition of “social media platform”: I’m not just referring to Twitter and Facebook but to blogs, BBS forums, comment sections like this, dissident and independent websites, unlocked phone apps, webzines, email threads, and all the other peer-to-peer methods that have begun to slowly kill traditional media.

      That first-hand account of the American expat in China shared by The Great Fear from an independent website ( is a case in point. While it would be a mistake to develop a world view from just one such account (and most of us don’t do that anyway; we develop world views from digesting and interpreting multiple such accounts), it’s shocking to realize that level of insight into Chinese society would NEVER be discussed so frankly and so comprehensively on any mainstream platform like the NYT, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC Nightly News, NPR, Breitbart, or other such sewage. So many of us are beginning to learn about the world from hundreds of accounts like this, despite the censorship from the dinosaurs above, and that’s what has the dinosaurs so scared!

      Imagine it was still 1972 when the “fourth estate” was still considered holy and set the narrative for the whole country. The only way I could REALLY learn what was going on in China was to know that expat personally and write them letters. Now I can go to thousands of sites like and gradually fill in the truth.

  15. Yes, but I think that safety is mainly a girl thing. The girls huddle in the cave while the men go out to fight the foe and thereby make the girls safe.

    It was not an accident that Shakespeare’s chappie boasted that he “boldly did outdare the dangers of the time.”

    Give us a couple of weeks and all the men will be outside the cave.

    • Chris – First they’ll all have to take off their masks. I tried to glare at all the masked p8%4sies today but they wouldn’t even meet my eyes.

      • I work as a food delivery driver and one of my coworkers (who I’ll admit to intensely disliking) showed up to a restaurant wearing a mask so ridiculous that I involuntarily laughed at him and said “Seriously?”. It looked not far off from having been constructed out of used underwear, seriously unprofessional to the point that I felt embarrassed to be associated with him.

        He was genuinely taken aback at which I explained to him that wearing a mask with a huge beard is completely pointless, at which point a bystander (apparently a former nurse) piped in and thanked me for mentioning this, telling my coworker that healthcare workers who actually use masks have to shave for them to work. As a super obese smoker with sleep apnea he’s at some level of risk from the beer virus but I guarantee he won’t give up the beard.

        After he left the woman and I had a polite conversation about how everyone’s going to get this virus anyway so we might as well get on with it so we can move on and how the public wearing masks is almost entirely pointless given that they won’t wear them correctly anyhow.

        • but what if the beard keeps him safe and manly in his head? lol. by comparison, at least a prayer won’t itch, nor incide in his self-image ask for blessing against virus, ready up to receive whatever comes, ponder briefly, move onto natural action as possible: shave the beard. heck, i will get one good shave when this is over.

      • The Tranny (really) in charge of Pennsylvania health policy has now decreed that all must wear masks or be turned away from stores. This thing practiced as a *Pediatrician* (and a *Psychiatrist*). I’m ready to write off the entire medical profession for allowing such a thing.

        Warning, you cannot unsee the picture..

    • the equivalent of “safety” for man is access to sex so he can spread the seed, propagate the species, bless the Lord.
      or in few cases, some may geld themselves (or be born gelded, or half and half) for God.
      it technically can be physically unsafe to mate though, specially for women. and yet it is truly right and just and needed, if you are able to fathom that there is more to human life and personality and wisdom other than your personal “eat sht die” routine. same happens for other necessary unsafe things, like fighting – it is quite unsafe, but you must learn to defend yourself, for you know humans have wicked spirits/unbalanced hormones all the time. yes, some more than others, some in varying ways than others, some have more future time orientation, all that caveat. but, it seems, struggle is one of those few universals. i mean, is going to the Moon safe? or lower in the IQ scale, is traveling the Sahara on camelback safe? and yet…
      for these tasks, you can cherish the agons in itself, but you could become a sterile addict to it. you can get over the agons, but you can become a sterile hedonist addicted to avoiding agons. or you can simply deal with it efficiently like a man, look into the faithful traditions of the past and the unseen future as best as possible, and offer the struggle to the unseen God (and His seen Son), the only safe source of manly freedom.

      • Don’t you know, they changed Eat, Shit, Die, to Eat, Pray, Love? Where the wahmen’s feelings are supreme. You go to italy and eat, then to india for magic feelings time, then to the south pacific to sleep with your brown lover who will use you to get a green card. Then you become a lesbian.

  16. pdates:

    • Veteran Testing:
    o We received 5 COVID-19 test results today; 5 negative and 2 positive. (the 2 positive were retesting of a current known COVID-19 positive patients)
    Total tests sent: 205
    Positive: 9 (+3 repeat test)
    Negative: 193
    Pending: 3

    • 6 COVID-19 cases to date; 2 in inpatient/ED, 2 recovering at home, 2 deceased

    • Employee Testing:
    o We received 0 COVID-19 test results today; 0 negative and 0 positive.
    Total tests sent: 15*
    Positive: 0
    Negative: 15
    Pending: 0

    It seems kind of confusing but I think what they are saying is that there are now 9 positive tests but that 3 of them are patients who previously tested positive, so still only 6 positive patients.

    • Roberto, given your direct experience, where do you fall in the continuum of “it’s just the flu bro” to “lockdown for the next year?”

        • I’m starting to hear that more and more from the doctors I work with as well, who almost without exception were in lockdown camp initially.

  17. Z, I hesitate to draw sweeping conclusions of a historical nature based upon current society, which, for me begins roughly in 1965. In my opinion, postmodern society is ideographic rather than nomothetic. It is a bizarre historical oxbow rather than a part of any rational historical progression. Our age is an outlier. A curiosity. And it will collapse in less than 100 years, quite possibly less than 30. Thus, just as the relatively brief Soviet period is quite inconsequential in the context of Russian history, so too postmodernity will prove little more than an odd blip in the grand sweep of Western history. The Custodial State (Prophylactic State, Therapeutic State), if it actually exists, is a historical bauble far too atypical to serve as the linchpin of a political philosophy.

    • No. Its roots go back at least to the Enlightenment, of which the French Revolution was one of the more perfect reifications.

      • I disagree. The shrieking relativism which is the sine qua non our present age only began manifesting itself powerfully in the mid-60s. But, it you wish to find the antecendents, you can go back to the Frankfurt School in the 1930s.

        • Rosseau has nothing to do with what’s happening today? The 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury’s “people are basically good” idea? Even (to some degree) Montaigne? This sickness has been with us far longer than the Frankfurt School.

          • There are, of course, individual examples of various intellectual pathologies such as relativism and blank slate theory far back in history. Hell, go all the way back to Protagoras if you like–“Man is the measure of all things.” But the concerted MOVEMENT that plagues us today begins with Adorno, Marcuse, Benjamin, Horkheimer, et al.

  18. Z Man;
    Outstanding essay_! You are right-on re. fear as a motivating element in human behavior. Well known to the ancients.

    Can’t get much more basic than Thucydides (required reading in War College) who attributed politico-military behavior to Fear, Honor (reputation/prestige) and Interest (i.e. $$$). IOW, man *is* acquisitive by nature but that’s far from being all of it.

    The weights one can attach to the three various factors are the subject of endless debate, but there can be no doubt that fear features prominently.

    For anyone with too much ‘Branch Covidian’ (love it) imposed time on their hands, here’s a ‘summary’ reference.

    PS: I expect Honor (broadly defined) will kick in pretty soon against the incompetent custodians as people get increasingly tired of being pushed around by morons (sorry Ace).

  19. “We see that all around us as people meekly hide in their closets because they are told the bogeyman is outside. The great panic would not be possible if people were driven by self-interest.”

    Z, I think you underestimate the extent to which irrational paranoia has taken hold in society, and especially among the womenfolk. These people are not hiding in their closets so much because they relish being part of the Cowardly Collective, but because they really do see it as being in their self interest. These fools, knaves and dunderheads actually believe Coronageddon is real. Should they set foot outside without their masks and hand sanitizer, sure as shootin’, they will contract the Black Death and die hideously. Refraining from doing so is the very soul of self interest.

  20. “Marxists tried to remedy this by killing off the inconvenient, but it turned out that you just can’t kill enough people to make it work.” Great line! I’m definitely borrowing that.

  21. Perhaps we are living at the dawn of Custodialism, the politics of keeping everyone safe from any possible danger.

    If so, count me out.

  22. This is another terrifically discerning essay. “The engine that drives humanity is the need for safety.” This is true. It is based on biology—just like everything else once you burn away the extraneous. Another way of saying it is, “The engine that drives humanity is the desire to continue as a biological entity and not die.” The problem is, human needs and desires are mediated by choices. And choices are driven by reason, right? BZZZZZZT—wrong, get the hook. Next.

  23. I’ll ask again for a definition of a word that many people use but few define: neo-liberalism. At the risk of offending the sensibilities of our host, the only definition that I can find for “neo-liberalism” that fits all the ways in which I see it used is: removing barriers for the wealthy to extend their wealth, the elevation of women and racial and sexual minorities, and the protection of Israel.

    What does “neo-liberalism” mean?

    • Line to me it means the convergence of libertarian capitalism and kumbaya liberal White Man’s Burden and their rejection of overt socialism and communism. Fuikyama’s End of History is their manifesto. Neo-conservatism is just a sub-flavor and cadet-branch of the larger concept of neo-liberalism.

      Fast forward a few hundred years and the 1400-2000+ era will be know simply as the Age of Liberalism.

    • I simply see it as the diabolically driven merger of the two strains of liberal materialist thinking – marketism merged with blank-slateism, with a class of people who see themselves as Mustapha Mond ruling over us.

  24. “Transforming society into an abattoir lowers productivity, rather than producing plenty.” Gee, you’d think they’d notice that at some point. But they don’t. What a puzzle. But wait: What if communist rulers have hidden, unspoken motivations? What if, at the very foundational rock bottom, they’re motivated by a desire for safety instead of the provision of equality and plenty for everyone? Certainly killing millions of people who might otherwise pose a threat could be seen to enhance safety, right?

  25. We’re in the custodial state, which is very very expensive to operate, and only could have come about from the generations of surpluses, including massive surpluses in social capital to allow for such organization to begin with. So if you have a business that involves standing on ladders some bureaucrat will come in to count the rivets on your ladders and write a nice letter with fine attached about the missing rivet that was found, and the potential danger to employees (not making this up, I have a friend who was visited by Cal/Osha). The fine is a formula involving the number of ladders owned by the business multiplied by number of times this was found. Where do you go from there? You go to an insolvent state devoid of any industry other than a corner bodega and a liquor store. Maybe someone selling oranges on the corner, as long as they’re not white.

    • It’s a weapon the State can dictate on businesses it finds distasteful while looking the other way for ones who give the correct financial contributions.

  26. Great essay touching on a number of philosophical issues. A few random thoughts;

    As for the communist / liberal dogmas and their ardent practitioners – seems they need reminding that whilst they may deny reality – reality will not deny them.

    Maslow Hierarchy of Needs comes to mind as it relates to safety.

    Z Man asks:: “…to what are we progressing if there is no purpose to our existence? What is the point of the arc of history if it does not have a beginning, middle and end? There must be some reason for it…” Well, if the reason is solely to bring forth the dawn of the Custodial state – I think I’d prefer to hop off that merry go round.

    • If men were angels, the custodial State would be fine. But if men were angels, we’d not need it would we.

    • The Chinese have the equivalent of our schoolmarms and harpies too, and this section of the post has some wisdom on why they are what they are and how to deal with them:

      “Although I knew this before, the adage that my friend Louis heard from his dad has been cast into sharp relief: “never try to separate a functionary from his function.” Village government officials are tasked with very menial jobs and not paid well, and so only bossy people without prospects for real advancement in the world (or otherwise people who plan to profit from the office, like one village chief who got canned for scalping masks during the lockdown) are attracted to the job. My big lesson here has been to figure out what their area of jurisdiction is, and what they care about, and to either avoid their area or pander to them if I must wander through their area. They should be directly confronted only in cases of dire need. If you know what they care about, it becomes extremely easy to avoid their controls so long as you appear to be doing what they want. Some of my friends, mostly Chinese ones, got into screaming matches with local officials during the crisis for irrational measures, which God knows I wanted to do, but thankfully I walked myself off that ledge every time. Leave them their functions! It’s all they have!”

      • If you look at the struggle sessions during Mao’s revolution, they are almost universally the most fanatical parts of the crowd.

    • Thanks for the link. I’d completely forgotten about Kunstler, hopefully this has cheered him up somewhat after his disappointment over the failure of Peak Oil to show up on cue and put an end to Western Civilization.

      • Probably not, because the collapse in demand has ensured the world will be awash in oil for the near term.

        The collapse in tax revenues ensures that there won’t be many improvements or rearrangements in our infrastructure in the near term.

    • Another verity of our existence is the physical imperative of food, which is difficult to obtain while huddled in a cave.

  27. Hi Zman, now that the great corona panic of 2020 looks like it’s running out of steam, do you have any thoughts on how that other computer model generated panic, global warming will be affected.

    • The alarmists will always be with us. If there was a way to bet this, I’d bet that the warmists will claim the great lock down lower the earth temperature, thus proving their models correct! They actually have said this in a different context. They claim the Little Ice Age, which is a huge problem for them, was the result of the Black Death. Fewer people in Europe meant colder temperatures. No kidding.

      • There is also the classic cow farts and raising global temperatures. Not even regarding its veracity, just farts.

      • I hadn’t heard the one about the black death, I had heard that the Little Ice Age was caused by Whitey taking smallpox to the New World and wiping out 99% of the Rocket Scientists. Probably the best we can hope for is a new adage, “Beware of experts bearing forcasts”.

        • Remember Al Gore’s book? “Global Warming” was such a disastrous thing we needed to react NOW without waiting for facts. Then came the skewered facts, hockey stick charts etc. from the “experts”.

          We had to shut down the economy before the facts were in to combat kung flu. Same game.

      • After 9/11 and the complete shutdown of all air traffic for three days, I saw a graph/plot of atmospheric temp’s. Almost 2 degrees centigrade *higher*. This was said to be due to the lack of high atmospheric sulphur pollution spewed by jet flights across the world. (Sulphur particulates reflecting sun light back out into space.)

        The implication was two-fold; global warming was real, but suppressed due to such action, and that man could ameliorate such warming effects through programs such as this atmospheric “seeding” (another is to salt the ocean with iron). In light of the current slow down of air traffic for such a long time, I’m wondering if we have another “experiment” in the making.

        • Short-term many normally polluted cities report unaccustomed clarity due to near zero traffic. Of course that is land pollution. For your air traffic claim, I am skeptical. The best counter argument is this: Jet travel has only been widespread for perhaps half a century. Surely if it had a large impact on the climate, this would have been noted in a dramatic before/after comparison of the Jet Age? Having lived during (most) of this time, I have never heard a claim that our world got notably hotter or cooler.

          • Ben, I don’t know whether this is BS or not, but it is not my imagination. Here’s an old reference with a number of other citations at the end of the article:


            As far as air traffic effects before/after jet age, I’d say that’s not reasonable. Jet traffic took decades to get where it is today, and that was long before Climate Change became a big deal.

            The temp measurements are not ground effects, but atmospheric effects measured from satellites. The temp’s from satellites as vs ground temp’s has long been a big dispute between the climate deniers and the warmists. The deniers claiming no temp increase based on satellite measurements and the warmists relying on ground measurements. But if the atmospheric measurements have been artificially masked, then that is something interesting in the debate.

      • I tend to agree that the evidence suggests that the planet is warming due to human activity. It’s so obvious though that the “solutions” offered will either not work at all or are naked Leftist power grabs that I oppose all of them. The problem is already being solved technologically anyway.

        I wonder if the Covid panic is partly due to the fact that the warming narrative had topped out at a relatively low level of panic and willingness to sacrifice rights and pleasures. If so, I don’t think it’s that some smoke filled room full of media moguls and politicians engineered the whole thing. It’s more that the elite was tramping along together down the road in the hot sun after their Warm-mobile overheated when Fauci and the Covid crew rolled up in their Lamborghini and yelled “need a ride?”. Tyrannyville here we come!

        It seems clear to me in any case that the arc of the 21st century, unless we manage to wrest control away from these people is going to be rule through crisis with government and corporate power expanding after each one. The century started with this in 2001 and Bush’s security state, staggered on to the banking crisis in 2008, and is now demanding even broader sacrifices for the Wuhan-19 panic. There WILL be something after this. They WILL do it again, and again until they are stopped.

        The result in the long run will be the global spread of what might be called the third world malaise. It’s been noted that the economic and technological stagnation of many poor and chaotic nations is partly due simply to the fact that smart and productive people there have no real reason to invest, take risks, or invent things. If the next wave of violence or political madness is going to sweep away everything you have, why bother building it? It’s a twisted variant of the saying in Field of Dreams – If you build it, they will come – and destroy it all.

        • I don’t claim in prior posting that global warming is “man made”. It is entirely possible that this is mostly a natural phenomena—outside of human causation. We are after all, in between historical glacial periods.

          For the record:
          —Global warming is probably real, but not man made.
          —Global warming might be ameliorated via some reasonable actions to sequester CO2 gases, or reflect sunlight, albeit that seems to contradict first point.
          —Global warming is not going to be nearly as bad as the scare mongers say.
          —No climate agreement so far discussed or signed has caused as much fundamental change as the normal technological progress made in the US under capitalism.

          • Another Alisa Rosenbaum gem. “Property Rights” are neither universal nor absolute, and are the result of negotiated and/or traditional arrangements between people, in society. Historically, when a right was conferred, it came along with many duties. Atomized Individual Rights to “My Stuff” is a modern invention.

      • Well, that is logical. The dead no longer exhale Co2 (greenhouse gas) and their bleached bones reflect sunlight back skyward 🙂

    • This was sent to me yesterday by daughter #2 who asked me what I thought. She of course knows I am right wing but her social circle is anything but. This clearly had impressed her and I was shocked it could have appeared in her orbit of friends.

  28. I was a custodian once. My job was the cleaning of shitters and cleaning of messes left behind by others.
    I know that is a different kind of custodian but
    the age of the custodian may be coming into it’s own but there will be societal messes left behind.
    When we are always protected the few who may be brave enough to wander out of that protection may gain real power simply by having the courage to do it.
    A small example is that I can see a time coming where a handshake between normal men will be like a gangster sign as the weaker watch from their safe distance and clutch their pearls.
    Ultimately the strong rule.

    • In my limited experience at work recently the people to step up and shake my hand since virus 19 appeared are people who immigrated from the Soviet block twenty to forty years ago. They are not easily impressed with bullshit.

  29. The desire for safety is indeed a strong and deep one, but an equally strong one (especially in the young) is to do something stupid and dangerous to risk one’s life, thus giving it more meaning (if one comes through the ordeal). This is usually channeled correctly into rites of passage (ten boys jump off a cliff into a pool of water surrounded by rocks in some remote tribe; the nine who live become men and the one who shatters on the rock failed the test and was harshly but fairly weeded out). Even Eastern Bloc countries had young knuckleheads who did things like ride on the tops of train cars or secretly pass between forbidden zones. I guess that’s my working theory for why so many people are overreacting and pretending they’re brave and living through a great ordeal: they missed having an actual formative experience that would make this thing seem trivial and put it in context. I’m only in my thirties and feel like I’ve had a good, long life and while I’m not courting death at this point, I’m not going to lose all my dignity being terrified of it. Maybe, in fact, these people are showing their terror not at the specific threat posed by this disease (which is negligent unless you’re in the correct age cohort). Maybe it’s simply that they live in this lukewarm bath of nonstop entertainment and self-esteem and can’t deal with the human condition, their own death that’s coming one way or the other.

    • Have to disagree with you, Nancy. There are lots of things that are “dangerous”, that are not “stupid”. And those very things, from getting past Smith’s Reef to go bluefishing in the dead of night, handling a crosswind in your Bellanca Viking, coming in hot to a corner, straightening up, applying brakes evenly, then leaning over again … change the chemistry of your brain. Handling extra innings at your position and WANTING the ball hit to you. Free falling as long as you can. I could go on and haven’t even touched soldiering – really not needed to get all the interior work done without selling your life to a bureaucracy or killing random Arabs for no reason..

      Cowering, being as “safe” as you can be ALSO changes your brain chemistry. It makes Ned into Nancy.

      • You’re not responding to my comment. You’re flexing in the mirror. And you’re trying too hard.

  30. Maybe. I keep reading that the Neo-liberal theory is more or less a dualist anthropology – that the purpose of your life is to achieve your individually-defined highest good, however you define it. The reason you might not be able to get there is the Patriarchy or whatever, and so the purpose of the State is to remove those barriers to your spirit being free.

    In that reading, the role the harpies are playing is less that of attempting to make everyone safe so much as it is to identify those patriarchs, racists, religionists, or anyone who stands in the way of everyone having total freedom. That’s why they are at war with the family: the family is a patriarchal institution that limits the freedom of women. That’s why they are at war with religion: religion limits freedom of mostly everyone. The nation, being simply another expression of an extended family as the word itself suggests, is also a target.

    In this view, the reason we want to huddle in the cave and wait out the storm is not so much because we like safety so much as we like communion. It’s the same reason London during the Blitz was so special – a people were in a special communion with each other while waiting out the storm. They certainly were not safe.

    If this desire for communion is central, then globohomo cannot ever deliver it. It keeps trying with ersatz forms but it will keep failing, even for those it champions, like trannies. The political philosophy for the next age is the one that restores genuine forms. It will have to recognize the American project was built on flawed thinking and restore something older. It won’t be offering safety, it will be offering communion with your family.

  31. >If there is to be a new moral philosophy for the post-Enlightenment age, it will have to be based, at least in part, on man’s nature desire for safety.

    Careful with that. Hobbes essentially founded Enlightenment political philosophy at this exact spot 400 years ago, and yet here we are.

    Stepping back from that, I wonder if maybe we need to break the Western habit of trying to concoct and impose ideals in an inorganic manner on finite beings in a natural world.

  32. VDH would quickly point out the bloody history of mankind as a counter-point to your theory for “safety”. Almost as importantly, the betterment of anyone’s condition will require a lot of struggle and sacrifice. It is what defines us.

    The kind of safety and comfort you espouse is probably more akin to the sluggard and the coward. Of which America is sadly filled with too much of.

    • My counter argument to VDH (whom I greatly respect, while not always agreeing with) would be that gynocracy is a new phenomenon on the world stage.

      • Gynocracy is a prehistoric phenomenon, if the myths about how men threw it off and finally began establishing civilization are to be trusted. Even Herodotus has some fascinating stories about different towns that have succumbed to that form of tyranny and how it is solved.

        • I’m not sure to what extent those ancient Gynocratic societies actually existed; your typical Female leader of the ancient world is someone like Queen Tomyris of the Massagetae, who was hardly an Elizabeth Warren.

          Awesome story about her putting Cyrus the Great’s head in a bag of blood, though…

    • Let’s say you were overlord . excluding a civil war from the options, where precisely do you plan to invade and for what reason?

      There really isn’t anywhere to go to war that would benefit anyone but a few defense contractors and there is no good reason for high levels of aggression since outside the hood it is of no social or material benefit.

      As far as bettering ones condition, its pretty easy to have everything one wants and needs with a little self control and effort or just luck.

      Without going into production crisis theory or consumerism or any of that, while modernity is not some Star Trek post scarcity utopia., its is a very prosperous set up if a bit fragile, a fixable condition I’ll note

      Frankly how we deal with those who cannot be happy with this but who are not criminals is how we sustain the system.

      Too many people with no limit on their greed or just an inability to get along and be happy is a problem and if we want to keep this prosperity, we had best figure out a solution.

  33. Z, this is one I REALLY hope you’re wrong about, because we men will be vestigial if things turn out this way.

    Contrarily, I think the desire for safety is what has created the present mess. Fight fire with water.

    • Desire for safety vs. desire for meaning. I guess seeking truth takes guts. Makes sense because the truth is some things don’t seem knowable.

  34. The really funny thing is that in a tight, well defined nation, you can actually get libertarianism and some form of communism co-existing with little effort, more or less. Meaning they aren’t quite the opposites assumed.

    Those two governing forms can only exist within a people group that cares about one another and is invested in the group’s overall success… like a family is!

  35. Yeah smart people today think changing your mind is a evolution.
    My theory is that cavemen are the most conservative but from the cave to the pinnacle of civilization we are always moving leftward until we reach some steep unstable peak built on a foundation of air and lies that will come tumbling down depositing the ones that survived the fall closer to the cave were reality will once again have a role…. and then the march leftward starts again. This really only applies to our nation. Other people’s will do it differently. I mean, heck, Africa is the home of some of the greatest matriarchies still existing

    • Oh no, socialism returns in it’s guises time and again no matter our deadly experience with, and why? Because it is in fact our original code. The cavman was a fighting lefty, the original socialist. Even the Neander fellow was that, only more so, a small communitarian society. A solitary man was a dead man, always. The world could be, had to be, understood entirely within his own experience, always guided by his evolved instinct. After a couple hundred thousand years the human world became more complicated but his instincts never caught up. Civilization is anything but natural. It exists contrary to every ancient instinct.

      • Bottom-up local socialism, like bottom-up capitalism (and likely even local, bottom-up libertarianism) can work just fine in a small, cohesive community. Scaling it up and making it top-down wrecks all of these things, especially in a polyglot culture, with all the pulling and tugging at things.

      • James;
        Scale is another way to look at the innate attractions of communalism. Most of human existence, so far as we know, was in smaller scale groups, no larger than tribes of no more than a few hundreds of people.

        In the bad old days there was selection pressure from other human groups as well as from nature. A group’s culture was the mediating ‘shell’ between the individual and extinction. As you say, a lone man was a dead man. So the culture had to balance the interests of individuals and the rest of the group to assure survival against other tribes as well as nature.

        The smaller the scale the more the attractions of Socialism. A nuclear family could be nothing but a Communist Dictatorship, patriarchal or (rarely) matriarchal, say 10 members. Spouse gets an advisory say, kids never. An extended family could be nothing but a Socialist Dictatorship with individual personal property (tools and weapons), say 50 members. Likewise a clan could be nothing but a semi-Socialist oligarchy with the family heads being the oligarchs, say 200 members. Tribes were usually a collection of clans, again run as a semi-Socialist oligarchy, say 1,000 members, the clan heads being the oligarchs. Ordinarily there was private property, clan group property and tribe group property. The culture was the rules about who got to run what. Individualism was largely suppressed.

        But it was (mostly) OK ’cause you were all related by blood and marriage and the oligarchs couldn’t push too hard lest the sub-groups split off. Current theoreticians seem to suppose that one can bring back the happy (they think) communalism, without social hierarchy, among completely unrelated individuals. This is completely against human experience, hence it is against human nature.

      • A system that requires you to transcend your “original code” requires a qualified re-coder. Lifestyles that integrate the original coding are time-tested. Nothing else has ever worked for long.

        Defining civilization as something entirely at odds with and transcendent from your previous monkey-self is a form of “human exceptionalism.” I see no evidence that these exceptional humans exist in numbers large enough to make such civilizations sustainable.

        • Yeah, I’ve always just though that civilizations were just byproducts of sentient, biological collectives over long periods of time. I don’t see that any of it is “at odds.” And you can re-code yourself like you can pick yourself up by your own collar. It’s why true “self improvement” is so hard to achieve. We have a thousand yesterdays to content with.

        • Good point. Are you speaking purely of genetic code? I’ve mentioned this before, stealing the idea from Dawkins (“Selfish Gene”) and/or Dennett (“Darwin’s Dangerous Idea”): one view of life/evolution is that life (represented by the genome of an organism) has the sole “purpose” of reproducing itself. Taking the materialist view, this means no guiding intelligence is allowed. I can’t say it correctly, but evolution “designs” organisms due to random mutations and “rewards” certain innovations by letting more organisms survive. Worse, the “designer” can’t revise his prior design (short of killing off the entire branch of a “tree of life”); read:

          Alas for the creationists out there, if your God is an ace coder, you’ll have the trouble explaining why this vagrant vagus nerve of the Giraffe must go brain->heart->back to larynx, rather a detour wouldn’t you say?

          Dawkins (or Dennett, they’re fellow travellers 🙂 ) points out that, even though genes determine a lot of our living bodies, at least as humans, we have the free will to choose our actions at least at times. My favorite quote of this is (paraphrase Dawkins): Genes tell us that sweet and orgasm are “good” because sugar or sex has survival value; but Nature did not consider the innovations of saccharine and masturbation 😀

          • Ben I’m referring to coding in the sense of things like the natural affinity that infants show for their own co-ethnics, pattern-recognition in infancy, etc… Jon Haidt and the HBD guys cover a lot of this – I’m in general agreement with most of what they say. The man who is not swayed by considerations of kin and race has yet to be born, although this can be subverted with sufficient effort over time.

            A lot of Dawkins stuff seems teleological to me and he’s drawing positivist “God does not exist” conclusions from too little evidence. He wants a materialist world and he’s thumbing the scales for it weighing his evidence. Dogmatic atheism is no more scientific than purely faith-based religion. My personal NDE experience tells me he’s taking a Procrustean view of the “supernatural” (aka the tech we have yet to discover).

            As far as evolutionary theory goes, I still believe there are deeper-level factors at work than merely random mutation and natural selection that explain how complex mutually-dependent structures like eyes evolved, but this in no way reaches the level of an argument for ID.

  36. This is a post for the ages. Great insights explained with simplicity and clarity. Now go one level deeper. What persists is what “works.” Huddling in the cave waiting out the raging storm is a behavior encoded in our genes because the survivors of the storm lived to reproduce. The idiots that stayed outside likely died young before they could reproduce. We are descended from the people who lived to fuck another day.

  37. There is an interesting observation by Goethe made during his travels in Italy which refer to man’s propensity for self-improvement. I quote:

    “Speaking for myself, I too believe that humanity will win in the long run; I am only afraid that at the same time the world will have turned into one huge hospital where everyone is everybody else’s humane nurse.”

    Nietzsche took this another step:

    “Christianity is drawn to disease. In its attempt to help mankind it will eventually turn into a tyranny of compassion.”

    I think we’ve arrived.

  38. Z – before you start counting Chickens make sure there’s eggs to hatch…

    AMERIKAN WAHMAN; V shaped Collectivization Blue Screen of Death;

    “Does anyone have any eggs for sale?”

    Shortest communism relationship ever
    America too much
    “Its complicated” anyhow

    Still, a mere month?
    Hell – 3 weeks.


  39. I enjoyed this essay a lot. I finally realized why so many here hate people like me who would call themselves “libertarian”, even though I go with Rothbardian style anarcho-capitalist as a description. Z describes the fussy little soy boys of the Libertarian Party or of Reason. It reminds me of those who worship the NAP. I believe in it, but if you fuck with me I’ll try to really fuck you up. So, how do i define you messing with me first? Subjectively of course.

    I often get the feeling that very few people on the right have ever read von Mises, Hoppe, or Rothbard. I get the feeling at times that we don’t understand that the value we place on things, cars, women, food, or safety is subjective. I value food much higher than a hot chick — because after 45 years of marriage I am not looking tor some young gal.

    I am afraid I am just rambling. I am a right-wing populist and lets leave it at that.

    Again Z, I really enjoyed the essay.

    • I subscribed to the Rothbard-Rockwell Report in the 1990s but never read any of Murray Rothbard’s books.

    • Just yesterday a libertarian YT channel put out a video extolling the virtues of legalizing opiates. I got into a back and forth with a particularly stupid libertarian who thinks without prohibition we wouldn’t have fentanyl killing 10s of thousands of our people.

      It makes you just want to punch them right in their smug little faces.

      • Prohibition is one of the things I agree with libertarians on, but only because you can look back a century and see the possibilities. You used to be able to go to the town apothecary and get cocaine! That tells me addiction is a spiritual problem, not one of supply and demand.

        Maybe prohibition is a necessary evil today, but it needn’t and shouldn’t be the endgame

        • I agree generally and am against most of the prohibition for things like Marijuana. But Fentanyl specifically is not really applicable if the Chinese were to enforce the law.
          Unlike Opium, fentanyl is extremely difficult to produce from scratch and requires millions of dollars in plant and equipment and highly trained chemists. Drug dealers simply cannot raise that kind of capital because it would be seized as soon as it was discovered.
          But without prohibition, lots of these dangerous drugs could be manufactured with relative ease with the right equipment and god knows what evil drugs would exist without prohibition.
          Unlike alcohol, there is no real social use of opiates, not even when it was legal.
          The 10s of thousands of white people who are dying from opiate addiction are not what were the dregs of society who were going to find a way to destroy their lives with or without opiates. They are previous working and lower middle classes.
          The same is true with meth. Meth only exists because the precursor chemicals are commercially produced. You just can’t create meth from scratch without very expensive plant and equipment and chemists who are able to make a lot of money without the threat of prison.

          • It’s the drug pushers in suits and the dealers in lab coats imo. And in a larger sense a society that dehumanizes. Treating people like human resources, regular people acting like it. Take this pill so you can keep going.

            Anyway that’s enough talking like a hippie 🙂

          • Some other additions: I hear no mention of the enormous illness and death that tobacco and alcohol cause. Or junk food, for that matter. If people wish to risk their health with legal drugs, why should it be any different for (currently) prohibited ones? If we lived in a more libertarian world, one often-overlooked option would be the right to associate, specifically here, to shun or banish people who used drugs. In an similar way, of course you should be free to try and “rescue” or “prevent” people from this bad behavior, but in no case should you be free to force their choices by laws and regulations. Free choice vs. coercion, which shall it be?

          • Coercion, preferably with a bullet.
            I’m not defending anyone’s so called “right” to poison people. This is ultimately the problem with libertarianism. You end defending all kinds of BS in the name of so-called “freedom.” Yes, you have to defend selling fentanyl from vending machines. You also have to defend allowing someone putting a fertilizer plant in the middle of your town.

          • And when your kid gets hooked on amphetamines? Just free choice, right? Your beautiful ‘libertarian world’ is as much (or even more) a myth as the New Soviet Man.

          • I’ll go along with the libertarians. Those that remove themselves from the gene pool, improve the gene pool. Also go along with dropping guns on the street in cities like Detroit. Have at it, boys, thin out the welfare rolls.

          • Ironically, South Park’s Tegrity Farms episodes, where Randy becomes a pot farmer, over the past few seasons presents as pretty good argument *against* legalization and normalization of weed (and other drugs as well). Not sure that’s what they’re aiming for, but it’s what they end up with.

            I don’t want to live in a society where ‘my next door neighbor having a crack house is just freedom of association, NAP man…’ is considered a moral attitude. Even pot, I’m not convinced. I used to be of the libertarian view. Not anymore. Hell, I’m happy about the banning of tobacco. Disgusting habit. I’ll leave alcohol alone, but strict limits and strong drunk driving laws are not bad ideas.

        • If they don’t hit bottom and change, yeah, it’s hard to argue against letting them go.

          • That’s what prison is for. Ideally, it would best to keep them from going down that road in the first place.

      • Tars, the problem you had was timing. The bow tie libertarian bunch are always talking about going back in time and stopping drug prohibition before it started and before the damage was done. Right wingers are always talking about “right fucking now”. You are talking pass each other.

        And then neither side factors in the biggest drug pushers in existence — doctors and prescription drugs. I bet 25% of the people who post here take statin drugs. Take a look at the admitted side effects on those bad boys some time.

        In Tennessee when my Grandmother was young (say 12), her mother could send her to the local druggist to get some heroin and bring it home. (on credit no less). So, were there addicts everywhere? Of course not.

        The nanny state always starts with people who are “trying to help”. and I guess you know what HL Mencken said about that.

        • The term “Junkie” is from the period that Heroin was legal and refers to Heroin addicts collecting scrap metal to sell to the scrap yards to buy their fix.
          Opium has been around for thousands of years. One of the compounds in Opium is Morphine which is on par with Heroin. Bayer was highly embarrassed when it was learned that Heroin was metabolized into Morphine inside the body. They had initially marketed it as a non-addictive replacement for Morphine for suppressing cough and as an analgesic.

    • Mark, my disagreement with reasonable guys who call themselves libertarians is that they assume that most people in the world can apprehend and respect the NAP, that is, behave like an average white person. That assumption is false and therefore libertarianism is only possible in a predominately white country. Theoretically, the Asians could adopt libertarianism but they seem to disposed towards collectivism.

      • My dear line in the sand,

        I strongly believe that an anarcho capitalist society can exist as history records one. But I also believe that it would have to be one nation. (the real definition of nation) And there would be governance and private security and so forth. Will it ever happen? I won’t live to see it. I am not even going to live to see the US as free as it was in … say … 1850. Right wing populism is the only way forward as far as I can see.

        Democracies are evil and they are really evil in a multiracial, multicultural, feminist hell hole like the present USA.

        But as far as the term “libertarian” goes, it was coined just to replace “Classical Liberal” which was needed because the GD “progressives” stole the term. It was just supposed to mean the sort of political thinking like that of the founders.

        Or course, classical liberalism failed also — look where it led to.

        I look at potential allies and simply ask one question: “do you HATE the present US government?” Those that say yes are on my side. Those that say “sort-of” might become allies someday.

        Damn, I am rambling again.

        • Mark – rather than debate the definition of political terms, all I need to know is someone’s priorities. Mine is ensuring a future for White children. All else is negotiable after that.

          • 3g,

            The biggest enemy of the future of white children in my long lifetime has the State. The federal government if you prefer. I could go on and on about laws passed and court decisions that have ruined the family, but if you don’t already know that we are not going to get anywhere anyway.

            In 1952 there was little worry about the future of white kids. From then to now? Holy cow, what a change in the prospects for white kids.

            Just freedom of association and defense of private property rights would have gone a long way to preserving the culture and the family.

    • I tried to read Hoppe, but his writing was beyond me. Reminded me of Nixon hiring Kissinger. Someone ask if Kissinger was a good writer, and the dude responded that he wasn’t sure, but anyone who got through his books was a damn good reader.

  40. I would push back against the notion that Enlightenment era thinkers didn’t have an understanding of “genetics, evolution or the interplay between culture and biology.” It is certainly true that our science books now are filled with much more information than similar science books in 1750, for example.

    But as a culture, or societal thought, goes I think they would look at us now and see our denial of obvious truths as quite backwards and ignorant of basic science. The Enlightenment era thinkers would have through their readings and basic observation known about animal husbandry and how such things relate to humans. They certainly understand the biology/culture connection than our current society. I suspect if you asked any random Frenchman in 1750 about Englishmen and English society you would have gotten a rather lengthy dissertation on innate inabilities of the English to appreciate the finer things in life that the French are more attuned to.

    Of course, Enlightenment thinkers touched many different areas of thought. I won’t pretend to be an expert in any of it, but I find the Enlightenment thinkers in the realm of political thought still very relevant. The slide from Patrick Henry to what you term “custodialism” will not end very well, I fear.

    • It’s called “empiracle observation.” That’s how stereotypes begin – they’re based on observation and experience. Like any educated person at the time, the Framers knew their history, as well.

    • I was thinking the same thing. In many ways, we know less than we knew then. We have come to the exact opposite conclusion that the science would lead the rational person to believe.

      • As someone said, the problem is that now we know more and more, about less and less; referring in particular to the over-specialization in the science, the academy, etc.

  41. Yes well Z – on my TL this morning is (very Intelligent, nice, non- political) Woman asking “Does anyone have eggs for sale”? This is a competent (most women in America aren’t) at her technically demanding job, has worked in Eastern Europe, is of course American. She’s quite “Intelligent”, despite all that time in Eastern Europe and being a kind person fell for Kavanaugh rape farce hook, line, sinker….apparently didn’t connect Soviet policies with food shortages…

    “Does anyone have eggs for sale?”

    Comrades; The Wahman are noticing Eggs not on shelves.

    Lenin asks; Wat iz 2 bee dun?

    Comrades; In decades nothing happens, in weeks decades happen…but comrades decades can unravel in a few weeks if women keep asking “Does anyone have any eggs for sale”?

    7 words that may save us: Does anyone have eggs for sale?

    • Until 2 weeks ago, eggs in NYC were $1.50 – $2.50;
      for the past week they’ve been $6.50 – $7.50.
      The better quality brand “Eggland’s Best” isn’t available, only the cheaper brand “Sunshine Farms”.

        • My local ag/feed store sold out their 200 chick shipment within two hours of store opening. I suspect some of these new chicken “farmers” will be shocked when they discover they won’t see an egg for six months or more.

      • I stopped by the store to attempt to buy butter today – shelf totally bare at 10:15 AM. Stocker confirmed that they got plenty in, but all the seniors (of various ethnicities) bought it all out. He said the ‘seniors’ clear the shelves every morning. If I want to buy anything without running into bare shelves I’ll have to do the senior run at 6-7:30 AM, but I’m weighing whether I want/need anything badly enough to risk that environment where the possibility I get arrested for hate speech is extremely high.

        • Maybe they can remake the movie, “Falling Down” and the Michael Douglas character can shoot up a supermarket and grab butter and TP from the graspy old people!

    • “Does anyone have eggs for sale?”

      Yup. HEB (a regional grocery chain here in south Texas) does and in plenty. Last evening on the 6 o’clock news it was announced that HEB is no longer rationing eggs, bread and a couple of other items. They’re still rationing toilet paper and a few other things, though. They also have plenty of bottled water on hand. (Never understood what the motivation for that was.)

      I hope our political masters see fit to release us from house arrest soon. I also hope that ZMan is wrong about the rise of the custodial state. A world dominated by Talib’s Precautionary Principle is not a world I particularly want to live in. C.S. Lewis described it best:

      Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.

      (‘Nough said.)

    • Logistically this is interesting.

      Premise 1: Eggs keep well, but not forever — you can only hoard so many eggs for so long.
      Premise 2: Presumably all the many factory chicken farms are still running and still cranking out eggs at the pace they usually do. There was no mass COVID-19 chicken die-off.
      Premise 3: Peoples’ egg consumption hasn’t been markedly affected. They haven’t been compelled to suddenly eat enormous amounts of eggs.

      What can we take from that? Either
      1. The shortage is fake — $6.50-$7.50 eggs are a pretty good motivation, and the egg producers are going to ride that as long as they can.
      2. It’s a temporary supply blip caused by panic buying and a whole bunch of people are going to feel pretty silly with their refrigerator full of spoiled eggs in a couple months.
      3. One of my premises is wrong or I’m missing a premise.

      • 4.?? the delivery drivers are out sick ??

        I cant get Tostitos corn chips at any of the stores around here because the driver has the virus.

        Breyer’s ice cream is only $3.00 for the 48ounce box. Kudos to them for helping out.

        • There are simply not enough sick people of working age to actually dent the labor pool, and agriculture is designated as an essential industry in every state, as far as I know,

          A driver or two would cause spot shortages like yours, but not large ones. The factory (Tostitos or eggs) would simply assign another one under normal conditions.

          • Big business has been arbitraging wages for years now and a side effect of that is ins some places very lean staffing.

            A couple of guys get sick and viola, no goods.

            Things here in California are on hold, the State is rambling about keeping at least some of this nonsense up for a couple of more years which will destroy the remaining economy especially in L.A. and anywhere else that depends on tourism or visits.

            People aren’t going to bother with things like MOMA if they have to limit entry and mask up.

            This will also basically kill Disney but good riddance I guess.

            If they don’t do this and end this nonsense in a few weeks we’ll half ass a recovery , maybe. Its going to interesting though when we aren’t getting back to work as the State won’t allow evictions or utility shutoffs

            Essentially we’ll be bankrupt in a short and as its a state, well we can issue bonds I guess. Take on a few billion more in debt we can’t pay.

            No idea what will happen if there are no buyers though. I guess they figure institutional buyers will fill in in but they are going broke too.

            Good times.

      • Eggs at the Walmart in my neighborhood are a little pricier than usual at $ 1.50 a dozen, no limit. Not sure what New York is doing.

      • Aren’t eggs used in the manufacture of flu vaccine? Perhaps the scientific arm of the Branch Covidians has diverted the supply to hasten the arrival of Fauci’s all-holy vaccine. The Chinese can’t eat bats and we cannot eat eggs. Damn you Wuflu, damn you!

      • Vizzini – Both 2 and 3 are correct, plus a further suggestion. Although eggs are perishable, for all the non perishables that are or have been unavailable (paper goods,canned goods, etc.) I’ve read that Dominicans routinely buy excess food on their EBT card, pack it in those big blue barrels, and ship it home. Just like that Han woman in Florida who bought up all the masks and tittered she left none for the ‘Americans.’ So typical ethnic aggression + hoarding + greedy globalists = shortages for consumers and profits for producers. Win-win, as far as our rulers are concerned.

        • Guys; I am not interested in eggs.

          I am pointing out The American Woman has just noticed she can’t get eggs.

          That’s the Blue Screen of Death/ Fatal Error for MS COVID Epidemic.

          If the Statists lose the women they lose the war. That’s their entire bet.

          The American Wahman – especially with hubby trapped at home – not getting what she wants….and the support for Operation Gulag from home collapses.

    • Toxic, I want to know exactly what kind of revolution you’re talking about. How would you even expect it to effectively pan out? Realistically, trying to intimidate the government just means we go squish.

      • No one is ready for that

        Right now though have a golden opportunity to figure out how you will do it better. I don’t mean on this issue though that is part of it but in managing extreme complexity and 21st century tech.

        The DR is not big enough for the ride and if they want power, they had best get grown up. Take power and the results are on you.

        And note if you don’t do this, baring a total collapse, you will get flattened elections or anything else and even people like me who are in theory on your side will help do it.

        Lack of adulting by the Chinese and us is what caused this outbreak and there are far worse things that can happen from a foul up.

        Even a lousy system we know is better than bungling morons in charge and right now as a group the DR is a bunch of idiots.

        Its the WRSA problem too, great warriors or smart men, organizational skills of a kindergärtner on red Kool Aid

        Learn to organize or lose every time.

  42. “I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love.”

    Leo Tolstoy

    • For every one of those guys, there’s 1,000 more who want a calm course of existence and a chance to sacrifice $15 to order B-dubs and watch Tiger King

        • The story of a poor white man railroaded by the justice system, and of a woman whose female privilege allows her to get away with murder?

          There’s plenty of opportunity for us to reach Joe Normie there.

          • Tiger King–predatory people, Carole, Joe and Doc. Each in his own way. All fascinated with big cats, who are also unadulterated predators. I feel quite pervy watching it (Lovely Daughter insisted). All three are surrounded by people who live in their three hives, complete with beta hive-mindedness. It’s actually fascinating to watch this, with all of the things we talk about here in mind, about human nature and relationships, in super-exaggerated form.

          • To be fair, Joe was on a lot of meth and had a messed up…well…everything. Baskin’s just a bitch.

      • Tolstoy’s epigram is an insight into what drives men to do more than simply sit around chewing on a piece of meat while staring into a camp fire. We are driven to movement by a noble love for family and community to see it do more than live a hand to mouth existence passively subjected to all the elements of nature. The Western male mind aspires to an idealized state of being. Almost all of our art puts this characteristic on display.

        Movement adds risk, risk adds danger…But to make that sacrifice in service to an ideal greater than one’s self is what has laid the foundations for civilization and drive us ever onward to add to that that foundation. Corrupt the ability to dream noble and great dreams and men will muddle themselves with the mundane. This will drive them to boredom which will drive them to degeneracy.

        Siggy Fraud, blind to the great beauty of Vienna, saw only sex as civilization’s motivator.

        This spirit is dormant not dead. It is still part of who we are.

      • You’re nuts if you think Carol Baskin didn’t kill her husband. And holy crap, did you see that tiger rip that lesbian’s arm off?

      • Tolstoy was like most artsy types a little nuts, the vast bulk of us, me included want a nice contiguous peaceful and prosperous society with little excitement.

        This doesn’t make us bug men, hard work isn’t foreign to me, just a regular guy.

        Problem is that shutting off society means no one can get out to make new episodes of Tiger King and even if they could, the poverty rate means they may not be able to get anyone to pay for ads to make the show.

        No one can afford B-dubs either as most luxury goods are just gone and odds are 90% of the 1000 guys is not essential as a worker so he’s broke.

        Quoth Jayne from Firefly

        Ten percent of nothing is—let me do the math here. Nothing into nothin’. Carry the nothin’…

        or as some wags like to put it “Its a trial run of Communism”

        No doubt that the current people in charge want this to go on as long as possible whether from risk adversity or power hunger or both but it will end in some places sooner than later.

        We already have push back in Tennessee and Michigan and Texas will probably reopen soon

        Now California acts like wants to keep this up for a few more years, they will not find this a pleasant idea as all the money they are using to buffer the effects will dry up.

        There are far to many businesses, more than even I would have though , larger ones too that simply haven’t the reserves to stay open.

        Once dead, they stay dead.

        Some cities are already near broke and unlike the last time the State was so spendthrift they had to issue IOU’s. Its not sovereign though and this time people may not take them.

        The assumption is that the state will get bailed out is questionable or that it can survive with-everyone just buying on Amazon that is charitably insane.

        Of course it is possible this could be our Chernobyl and the US just strops working after this , falls apart, separates, goes boog whatever.

        China can take Taiwan at that point and Japan and maybe Korea too and unlike the current situation with our elephant walk , not a thing anyone can do about this.

        God help us all

  43. Perhaps, but I’m not sure how even the most sheltered fool will continue to believe in the Custodial State if statists keep doing such a crap job at it.

  44. “The big flaw [of Western Civilization] is the assumption that there is some reason, beyond the material, for why humans are the only intelligent species on the planet.”

    Wow. Z Man the atheist. Let the ‘discussion’ begin….

    • He’s right, though. The history of Western Civ is the history of the quest for transcendent meaning. The Enlightened were quite correct to point out that we always come up short. Where the Enlightened went wrong, though, is that they assumed this — the need for meaning — was a correctable error, rather than a fundamental part of the human condition. And since they, the Enlightened, were also humans, they didn’t see that the need for transcendental meaning applied equally to themselves. So they committed the opposite error — they assumed that there’s NO reason other than material that humans etc. Which meant that heaven on earth can be achieved by material means, i.e. politics, and here we are.

      • Modern Pop Culture sums it all up:

        “Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?
        Ooh, heaven is a place on earth
        They say in heaven love comes first
        We’ll make heaven a place on earth”

      • Sorry to keep disagreeing, S… but point of order: the Vatican reached the height of its powers as a moral and ethical authority. It made sense: the clergy spoke for God, and who else was better for the job?

        One of the truths of the human condition is that wherever you have money and power… you will find corruption, greed, and all the other sins.

        I think it might have been our esteemed blog host that said it, but… our current problem as nations is not necessarily right vs left. We have a people problem. If you change their rules, they will merely change the way they try to cheat them. We have a people problem, and we need new rulers. That probably means some necks will need to be stretched soon. Possibly a lot of them. At this point I’d say it’s inevitable, the only question is when and how many…

        • We’re not disagreeing. It’s a matter of emphasis. We’re always searching for transcendent meaning, but we’re always coming up short. The struggle — the “always coming up short” — simply IS the meaning of life. It’s that agon stuff the Greeks (and Nietzsche) kept going on about.

          Organized religions don’t fail because there’s no God. They fail because organizations are made of people. Politics works the same way. Marxism is 100% true, given its premises. But the premises are false. Both politics and religion are the “giant, organized forms of self-righteousness” historians were warning us about back in the 1930s. Both require human beings to be something other than they are, in order to be true. (Jesus admitted this; Marx didn’t; which is why Marxists have a 10,000x higher body count).

          Politics is the art of the possible. You have to work with the human material you have. Obviously our “leadership” isn’t up to the task. The question is, how to reform or replace them? You could go out in a blaze of glory (hypothetically, NSA goons, hypothetically), but that wouldn’t accomplish anything. Trying to redirect Karen in her hysterical purity spiral is something we ALL can do, right now, today, without even getting up from the keyboard.

          Why not try it? What the fuck do we have to lose?

          • I haven’t. But I clicked over there, and the title of the first essay I saw was “Zionism and the Power Elite.” I need another one of those like I need a hole in the head. We may have pissed away our last opportunity to actually do something out in the real world, but at least we put a lot of (((parentheses))) around (((things))). Good conduct medals for all!!

          • To be fair, it’s not all ((())). Take Bauerlein’s essay on America needing a national literature. And most of the folks writing there are academics and artists. Agreed that we need more real action, but we need art too.

          • We have Jack London and Christianity. Thank God the government didn’t tell old Jack to “quarantine” for his self-diagnosed ‘anal cancer’ … turned out to be hemorrhoids.

          • Isn’t it hard for dissident art to see the light of day? Typically, it’s assumed that anyone with artistic merit is associated with the left.

          • Christianity admits you are flawed and always will struggle. falling in love with the physical struggle itself, for its own sake, that’s very De Sade. the Stoics would be today considered useless self-help gurus. Marcus Aurelius, aside from some nice tips, gave us Commodus, literally.

            if we have to beg our women for help, there’s nothing we can do.

        • In the 1400’s one could escape to the New World. Where the strong could survive via their physical and spiritual strength.

          In our Lame New World, that escape is closed off. This world has been structured FOR the WEAK. The chinless. The feminine. But think of the honorable rat. The most dangerous rat is a …..

          But neutered men do not have the strength, nor the cunning of rats.

      • “ Where the Enlightened went wrong, though, is that they assumed this — the need for meaning — was a correctable error, rather than a fundamental part of the human condition.”

        They were materialists. Reducing God’s will to natural law, for instance. The romantics understood that and rejected it. So did the hippies, in their confused way. They were bad for business, though.

        Old themes, old rivalries. The pendulum keeps swinging…

      • all the Enlightened wanted deep down was divorces and not paying tithes and getting their own noble status. but when they reached power, they believed their own propaganda crap about becoming the new human gods. of course, they dressed it up as universal humanism, but behind the scenes they knew they were both priest AND god of the new faith, given that they were “rational philosophes” (barf). thus they didn’t abolish meaning, they just made up a new one to suit their denatured bourgeois selves. some like Jefferson had a compromise Deist position, but in practice worked the same way. they didn’t have “natural religion” or whatever: just make a model based on whatever is happening at this Enlightened time and place and stick it up against the genes and traditions, even if it hurts.

        ergo, the meaning we need has to be both earthly-natural and heavenly-natural. both a close up look and an aerial picture. human and divine. Flesh and Word. happy Easter.

  45. The harpies and schoolmarms aren’t doing it for “us,” though – they’re doing it for them. This is the first time in their entire lives that cat ladies and bugmen have felt truly effective, truly important. They’re literally saving the human race through nagging!! Y’all, they really, truly believe this, with all their hearts and souls. They’ve gotten religion — if you watch their reactions to the Wuhan Flu, it exactly mirrors a religious conversion. The only effective counter-propaganda will give them a way to channel that conversion experience into something productive. They can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with, they can only be diverted.

    • All correct except that last one, S.

      Women will deliberately destroy themselves and their families too. They are doing it right before our eyes. One of the classic female power plays is emotional blackmail. How many times have you seen low women try it? Where they bring about a situation where they can say, “Do, say, and think what I tell you to do!!! Or I’ll hurt myself!!!!” It worked like a hot damn on me for years until one day… it wasn’t worth it any more. I told the women in my family to “go ahead, make my day…” and they did. The family fell apart, and then they all started posing as noble victims. They will do it to their families, and they will do it to their communities, their states, and their nation… and they will not be diverted…

      • That’s why it’s important to divert them early. As you say, they’re going to martyr themselves for “safety.” It’s unavoidable. All we can do — all we MUST do — is change the definition of “safety.” Right now it’s “stay at home.” Change it to #CancelChina. Post pictures of yourself in a medical mask throwing some “Made in China” crap in the trash can, and shriek that you’re doing it “for the children.” Direct the purity spiral towards “buy American.” Do it right, and she’ll happily sit in an American-made yurt, on a dirt floor, wearing sackcloth and ashes… an American-made sack.

        You’ll never get this type of person to “normal.” You’ll never get them within 12 parsecs of “productive citizen.” The best you can do is “useful idiot,” and the fastest way to get some use out of them is to turn their impulse for martyrdom into a crusade to stop buying Chinese crap. Once that’s established, we’ll get to work on other safety measures like “closing the borders.” It’s chess, not checkers; a war, not a battle.

        • I like the idea, but – forgive me for being obtuse – I just can’t see that working. The current panic, in its present form, allows unlimited drama. Women can pose as heroes and brave, noble victims with the scenario as it now stands.

          #CancelChina would be an excellent tactic to use with men because you can make a case for it. With most women, all you’ll do is ruin their fun.

          At the very least… that is going to be a very tough sell. When you add in the fact that women are socialists and fascists by nature, and many have no problem with them at all… Not trying to be a dink… I just can’t see that working. Am I missing something…?

          • Ok, maybe, but it’s something. DO SOMETHING. The reason the alt-right, “Our Thing,” whatever never gets anywhere is because we just sit around pulling our puds in blog comments. Either actually DO SOMETHING, or just sit back with a drink in your hand and watch the magnificent spectacle of human folly that is Current Year America. Either one is an honorable choice. But crying “won’t somebody do something!!!” while refusing to even think about trying to do anything is classic chick behavior. If you’ve got a better idea, I’m all ears! You lead; I’ll follow. I don’t care who gets the credit and the rank and the shiny medals at the victory parade; I just want meaningful action.

          • Sorry, S! No disrespect meant. I am an old Yesterday Man, and the gynocracy dispensed with me 7 years ago. But I fought and died on this hill so I do know a bit about it.

            I think you are on the right track. If we could offer a scenario to them that allows them to put their histrionics and drama to good use… it would be done like dinner…

          • Gentlemen….I was once a brainwashed fringe of the early gynocracy and offer an insight. Or incite as the case may be. I believe that womens’ biggest moral challenge is our emotionalism. We think with our emotions. The ability to self-discipline, to temper our emotions and step back and view them and the world from 30,000 feet is our greatest challenge. There is no facing this. We live in an age where the fires of drama and emotionalism are fed and fanned. Whatever solutions you come up with will be trampled for the addictive stimulus of high drama and buckets of emotionalism. This not only works against you but works against women as they turn on each other. Hence we witness the wahmyn tyrant pols hitting The People harder and harder. They’re getting off on this. Personally, if I could repeal our vote I would. There were early suffragettes that worried about women voting with their emotions and not their brains, and concern women would vote emotionally as a herd. They were right.

          • In my experience, women with a level-headed man in their lives are themselves pretty level-headed.

            Weak or non-existent men make for the situation we see now.

          • Yeah, and women do better when there are clear power discrepancies between themselves and their husbands. It reassures a woman to know she’s married a man whose status is greater than her own. Divorce rates corroborate this.

            That dynamic is getting harder to achieve, though. More and more (mostly nonessential) companies, eager to augment their social image, are hiring women for cushy, high-status but low-function positions.

          • Being a chauvanist 🙂 I tend to agree that women in general should not run things. Fatherless homes don’t seem to turn out very good children. Perhaps man-less administrations turn out poor governance?

          • I’d say yes. Unmarried and childless persons should be prohibited from public office, elected or appointed. No skin in the game, no political power.

          • Yes…But…how many of you men went ass over teacup for a Pretty only to find the mask slip and a harridan emerge. Than came the divorce. We live life, experience and learn. Finding a level headed man with a level headed woman is, if learning took place and a bit of luck, is the end stage and rare as hen’s teeth.

          • Range, part of the dilemma is that our standards are grossly distorted by Hollyweird & advertising among many things. It sounds basic-tier but both men and women over-rate appearance and expect their mates to be unrealistically “pretty” given the real distribution of 10’s vs. 5’s. Anything less than a 6+ feels like “settling” to both sexes.

            I’m all for making the most of appearance and particularly with being physically fit, for health as well as aesthetic and social reasons, but the legendary profiles of plain-Jane feminists with 3-page “don’t bother messaging unless” lists are a cautionary window into the over-plumped expectations of the internet & advertising generations.

          • yep….from another angle you made my point. Think of all the nipping and tucking and injections of fillers many women undergo, mostly to compete with other women. South Korea is crazy into cosmetic surgery. A couple hundred years ago, women looked “normal,’ and to find a woman with symmetrical features was a bit rare. Not to mention teeth crappy after age 20.
            After this tangent, my point was we don’t take the time to get to know the one we date. It takes time and only time to go through some ups and downs with that loved person to see their true nature and character. With time you can find out if, when the chips are down, she will cover your back, work together to get through tough times and not have endless temper tantrums in the process. Then you will know the mettle she is made of. And visa versa. Then it’s time to put the full court press on.

          • Modernity selects for weak men simply because the conditions that breed stronger traits are fewer and farther between.

            Hell we barely need men to make goods instead relying on process automation.

            This shrinks the class of men who need to work hard which would seem to build a paradise but instead turns out to be poison

            Consider also its no life any of us would choose but its quite possible to live a comfy life as a bugman , its safe, clean, orderly and until recently had a decent level of material cxomfort and distraction. And if you mind, body and soul rebel, better living through chemistry baby.

          • Remember what R.L. Dabney wrote in Women’s Rights Women (The Southern Magazine, 1871):

            What then, in the next place, will be the effect of this fundamental change when it shall be established? The obvious answer is that it will destroy Christianity and civilization in America. Some who see the mischievousness of the movement express the hope that it will, even if nominally successful, be kept within narrow limits by the very force of its own absurdity. They “reckon without their host.” There is a Satanic ingenuity in these Radical measures which secures the infection of the reluctant dissentients as surely as of the hot advocates. The women now sensible and modest who heartily deprecate the whole folly, will be dragged into the vortex, with the assent of their now indignant husbands. The instruments of this deplorable result will be the (so-called) conservative candidates for office. They will effect it by this plea, that ignorant, impudent, Radical women will vote, and vote wrong; whence it becomes a necessity for the modest and virtuous women, for their country’s sake, to sacrifice their repugnance and counterpoise these mischievous votes in the spirit of disinterested self-sacrifice. Now a woman can never resist an appeal to the principle of generous devotion; her glory is to crucify herself in the cause of duty and of zeal. This plea will be successful. But when the virtuous have once tasted the dangerous intoxication of political excitement and of power, even they will be absorbed; they will learn to do con amore what was first done as a painful duty, and all the baleful influences of political life will be diffused throughout the sex. …


          • agreed, however the flaw in S’s argument is that he tries to convince them. no. the scenario, or drama script they need to be given to follow, has to be painted as the only option and therefore imposed. heck, if they cry too much, shame them and show them blacks on welfare going hangry “because no jobs, because you’re acting like an entitled little girl who wants to save the world from nothing, a scrappy doo”. but impose it. show the power differential. no more clownmanship game. no more mister nice guy. “let the wife fear her husband” says the Apostle.

        • Post pictures of yourself in a medical mask [made in China] throwing some “Made in China” crap in the trash can [made in China]

          It’s ironic. Or should I say ubiquitous?

    • Not my term – but, “Branch Covidians, ” is an apt description for these folks.

          • Thank you both, but I did not originate, “Branch Covidian.”

            I think I first ran across it on iSteve in a post by one of the few doing a yeoman’s work fighting back against the hysterical cultists entrenched there.

          • I like Steve, but he’s sounding more and more like a foggy old man every day, and tiresome to read as a result. Sorry, bud, you’re stuck as the originator in my mind for this one.

          • In any case, most asuredly that will win the award for “Most Stolen Meme’ – at least for the week.

          • I first saw it on Aesop’s Racantuer Report in the comments.

            Its probably like the term bugaloo. no one exactly knows where it came from. I know I’ve used a variation of the term for years so who knows.

      • while the term “Branch Covidians” is absolutely brilliant just by acknowledging the fact that I find it so I am showing my age 🙁

    • Agreed × 10. I do not agree with the broad brush of the post today, that it is “man’s” need for safety. IMO it is WOMAN’S NEED – and if you add in effeminate men (or perhaps more accurately, “effeminated males by birth”) you are still speaking of the same cohort.

      So the grand social experiment is long underway. We handed over the culture to women and, ahem, these “men” and now are seeing how that goes. Sure, we have “tough guys” out there like the serpent, er, Cuomo brothers – but they are just singing the song of the wimps and are their bretheren. Trump got caught out by the “experts” – an exploit we all are paying for.

      I mean, REALLY – this wuss mad doctor Fausto, hm, Fauci WANTS TO END HANDSHAKES FOREVER because my money is on HE HAS A LIMP HANDSHAKE.

      We’ll see if this “dissident” thing transcends the crop of ‘our’ internet-y bugmen, their ghey ass “conferences” and fellow travelers in the ‘yack-o-sphere’ …. time will tell if the ‘talk brigade’ is just a form of performance art for $$$.

      It is already trending tl;dr, with navel-gazing galore. I am sure everyone was hand on pitchfork … then Steve Munchkin’s $12 dollars showed up and they canceled the march on the local tax collector’s office. And like the character Emily Litella, said, “never mind..”

      Slave laborers did more for their own by throwing sand in the gears of production in armaments plants. French maquis paid with their lives, the lives of their townsfolk for their acts of resistance. Current year, we post shit on the internet.

      • The other thing that really bothers me is Fauci and other Establishment wags being absolutely certain that a vaccine is the only possible treatment.

        How did they arrive at this conclusion? Why the absolute certitude that a vaccine is the best path forward?

        If this situation really is such a crisis, shouldn’t they be saying things like, “…the CDC is already working to coordinate studies on multiple promising anti-viral medications.”

        • Please, all propaganda. Our local tabloid rag, the New Yawk Compost is running a mix of fear porn and porn. If they ran a grid of deaths from all causes …. yeah right.

          Their lead photo story, that ugly slut Chelsea Handles-it, main page. Not allowed to not see if you look at that rag, one of the “free” papers in NY that has not gone behind a paywall like our local paper.

          Agitprop, porn for the incels, and a $12 dollar check from Steve Munchkin, another goofy fucking nerd. The Gynocracy is certainly assisted by their footsoldiers, nerd-o-crats.

          The Phyzz, boys. The Phyzz does not lie.

          • I’ve been watching the Cuomo updates on the TV the past few days; each day he reported the number of deaths in NYC …. 750 on Thurs, 760 on Fri, 770 on Sat, 650 on Sun.. yet he did not tell us the daily death number for Mon or Tues.

          • Just reported to the Occupied Territories of New York (look it up, 65 out of 72 Counties did not vote for Cuomo in the last Gubernatorial election):

            “Emperor Cuomo orders all New Yorkers to become masked men and women. Minorities expected to agree without complaint”

            Ok, that is NOT the headline. But this is:

            “Cuomo Orders All Residents To Wear Face Masks Or Covering In Public”

            >>> yet their story says:

            “If you are going to be in a situation, in public, where you come into contact with other people in a situation that is not socially distanced you must have a mask or a cloth covering nose and mouth,” Cuomo said during a press conference.

            There are obvious questions of constitutionality, but when Cuomo’s brownshirts – the New York State Police – have you against the trunk of a car – not time for talk. But the statement is curious – is it masks when one cannot be six feet away (i.e., the anti social distancing)? Or always.

            Whatever the case is, I expected more power grabs in the waning days of the “crisis” and on cue, this cue-ball, Section 8 governor of ours stepped up to the plate like Casey at the bat.

            I will stuff a mask in my back pocket if needed – as in show it to Ernst Roehm and his boys. No plans to kowtow at this late date, even if the flying courts martial begin.

        • Why do you think that?

          They are just saying things that they know will never be true. Stop interpreting their words as honest.

          They might as well say we can all go out when they discover the last unicorn and we could organize a special expedition and follow televised as the noble scientists search for the Covid cure of the unicorn horn to the ends of the earth.

          Its like a macguffin in films. They did it with ventilators for this current phase, they do it with systemic racism all the time and lots of other plot devices.

          Its all a Macguffin. You think people would have spotted the tell by now. But it seems not. Look at their objectives and actions.

          Do not treat the words as if they were informational. When they use this they are distracting from the actual thing they are doing.

          • true that. first it was the masks, stay inside til we get them. now that we have masks, that’s not enough, we have to look for ventilators, stay inside til we get them. now that we proved ventilators useless and death rates plateauing or falling even with less restrictions, well still stay inside because we need the vaccine.

            no wonder videogames got full of fetch quests. no wonder all the “Mario, your princess is in another castle (banging Bowser obviously)”. no wonder all the soyboys today paying onlyfans. we have rejected the Shepherd who knows us all by name and lets us be masters of our domain, and instead follow purely materialist panflutists into fetch quests for the evil (((rulers))) of the world and their simps… then when we are tired and confused, the tune changes to lead us into dark places with a sexy beat to camouflage the danger… turning into what we have become today – like rats dancing to whatever tune is louder, instead of naturally subsuming and strengthening our wills in Our Lord – the Word of the Father that is reflected through the Holy Spirit in the wisdom of the material world. which of course includes hbd and all that fun stuff.

        • Howard;
          Many have noticed that flu vaccines only sorta work some of time. But Faucci et al plug vaccines because they are high level practitioners of The Art of The Swamp. IOW, vaccines are a deliverable that Faucci et al don’t have to deliver themselves. Rather they can critique how well others (Big Pharma) delivers one.

          The Iron Rule of the Swamp is to arrange things so that the justification for your budget line becomes the responsibility of someone else so that you may then critique how well they do your job. There is no better example than the IRS.

          • There is also the issue that, barring a 100% effective vaccine (like those could even exist), breaking the lockdown involves weighing the trade-offs between the number and circumstances of incremental deaths versus some sort of base line or level of acceptance of such a thing, of which many people view as “> 0 as unacceptable”. People such as Gates and Fauci are trying to avoid the trade-off rather than coming to terms with it. The sad thing is that they are buying into a nonexistent unicorn (a 100% effective vaccine) as some sort of army that can magically appear on the horizon and slay the corona dragon. There is no such army.

          • [whistle blows] Foul! Your argument is generally correct. This is normal organizational behavior. Look up “passive agressive personality disorder.” The IRS isn’t doing anything not imposed upon it by the U.S. Congress. Come to think of it, that also supports your assertion! 😀

          • Hahahaha in re the flu “vaccine”….

            After Obamacare was rolled out, my GP asked, nonchalantly, “you want the flu shot, right…? while I was in there for something else.

            I asked, “how much is that gonna cost me?”

            GP: It’s free, right?

            Me: Nah, don’t think so. My crappy new Obammycare doesn’t cover it.

            GP: No way, let me check!

            Comes back, sheepish. Wow, you’re right.

            Me: So how much is it gonna cost me?

            GP: $250.00.

            Me: Nope, I have had the flu once in my life, it might help against last year’s flu. I’ll take my chances.

            GP: Yeah, I would do that too.


            Bill Gates: Men, hold. Him. Down! Doktor, come here. I order you to come here! Stick that needle in his arm!

          • they regrouped and rethought strategies this decade it seems. then accelerated after the Reaction started in 2016. the vegan Swedish girl was the last failed stunt before they said feck these goys and pulled the switch.

        • That Fauci would reach the Munchausen policy was already known from his long record of doing exactly that from the 1980s to now.

          He becomes nobody when it ends.
          Who wants to go from Assistant President to has been?

          He has incentive to make this last as long as possible, and a record of doing this with HIV.

          That’s how they arrived at this conclusion.

        • not to mention, vaccines for viruses are usually ineffective and have to be repeated periodically, because viruses mutate forever. couple this with the joint initiatives of digital id, microchips and/or code-like tattoos instead of cash or cards (“bcuz germz!!1!”), and gps tracking of infectious patients, and you got (((their))) control plan figured out.

          also, if you google enough, you could see a certain incredibly powerful wasp nerd in love with birth control and his lovely (?) wife, spearheading the efforts.

        • How did they arrive at this conclusion Howard?

          I think it may be in the content of their stock portfolio that helped them in their decision making process.

          Why treat with a $40.00 therapy,(Hydrochloroquin), when you can use a $1,000.00 vaccine!

          Follow the money.

      • it’s a version of the classic dynamic that men use money to get sex, women use sex to get money. With money being a proxy for safety.

    • But Severian, they’re unaware that they’re doing it for themselves. Schoolmarms reflexively attribute their obtrusiveness to social altruism; for them, their self-image is paramount. You can call me defeatist, but trying to discourage them from their grandstanding is futile and probably counterproductive.

      Gay as it sounds, maybe what these people need is some indication that they’re valued as more than just a mechanism for social justice. It’s like doing something nice for the cranky neighborhood crone. In what other way can we help people who are so chronically insecure?

      It doesn’t always work, but when you give people a little reassurance, they might just come around.

      • Depends on the person. The hive-minded feminine person is not interested in facts and ideas. They instead look for signals as to which way the murmurations of the herd are going. Reassurance simply gives confidence in going in that direction. Programmed people do not respond to cues as ordinary people do.

    • Trying to convert those on the other side reminds me of the final scene of the 80s thriller “The Day After.” After the nuclear attack, one of the protagonists has finally found the burnt-out shell of his home. A vagrant is inside. “Get out of my house!” the hero uselessly cries. The vagabond silently puts his arm around the not-quite-disillusioned hero to comfort him.

    • or just put her in her place. en masse if needed, so they can’t run to their enabler girlfriends. eventually, when men stand their ground, women cave. eventually, someone has to do the lifting.

      trying to reach them through their channels will just make globohomo boost their feminist signal more. whatever you propose will be met by “you misogynist” because of the balls and dick your father gave you. sure, have good optics, like pictures of American babies playing outside. but without enforcing, it’s more of the same kulturkampf spin-the-cuck cycle.

      ugh, North Sea Whites, y’all gotta stop your historical cucking to women. oh wait, everything’s genetic so y’all can’t help it right? lol… after all, the Vikings had divorcees and warrior females… and Wasp and Jew values match nicely at times… it had to be the Romans and their silly Christ and His stance on monogamy that made your women* stay home… hopefully y’all keep breeding so the tendency strengthens and perhaps becomes genetically imprinted as those who disagree don’t mate…

      (and if one couldn’t or wouldn’t get women, well the cloister served as an escape valve for incels and sodomites… when you abolished those, larger than before numbers of Oscar Wilde types, as well as unstable weirdos who raped or mistreated or couldn’t handle women, and of course secular lesbo-feminism, started spreading among Wasps and Prots/seculars/”classical liberals” elsewhere…
      that said, periods of relaxation in the Church also led to Michelangelos and pedopriests. and of course ngl, Medis and their descendants are more rapey… plus sodomites can sometimes make good art, imagine Tchaikovsky never writing anything because he was doing penance for his sin in an Orthodox monastery lol… and well lesbians make for interesting catfights making money for Joe Rogan and Dana White lol…
      but of course, the accompanying decadence brought by all of these is probably not worth integrating them into society in the long run… thus maybe by cleaning out this societal gunk and other ethnationalist policies, Bosnians and Spanish and Hungarians and Norwegians would remain different, but still allied in a based white Christendom)

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