A Bridge Too Far

The other day, I witnessed a Korean complain about whites using “WuFlu” or “Kung Flu” to describe the Chinese flu. He claimed that he and his family have been the victims of harassment, because angry whites are blaming China for the flu. Because white people are raging racists, we cannot tell the difference between Koreans and Chinese, so Koreans are getting the business from roving mobs and angry whites. It’s all nonsense, but not surprising. Hating white people is the national pastime.

This event happened on a message board, so I took the opportunity to remind the Korean guy that many white people lost family members saving his people from the clutches of communism. If not for white people, he would be standing in a rice paddy or pushing a wooden boat along a diseased river. That assumes he would be alive, as the life expectancy of Koreans was quite low until white people arrived. In a sane world, he would spend one day a year thanking white people.

If there is to be just one line to describe the history of white people on this planet, it should be “No good deed goes unpunished.” White people literally pulled the world out of the dark ages, but the world remains an ungrateful place. Asians in America are now working on their grievance tales, about how the round-eye was mean to them during the great yellow pandemic of 2020. The fact that they would be eating bugs and living in huts if not for the white man is conveniently forgotten.

One has to wonder if this is a bridge too far. Whites can tolerate ungrateful blacks, because of slavery. There’s also the fact that left to their own devices, blacks revert to a Neolithic lifestyle. Without white people, Africa would look like a Tarzan movie. This is something even the most far-left person knows, even if they refuse to admit it. White people feel obliged to help Africans, despite the lack of gratitude. It remains to be seen if the same dynamic can hold up with Asians.

Asia is not Africa. After the war, Japan rebuilt itself with the help of America and joined the modern world quite quickly. Korea took a lot longer, but once they found the right strongman, he pulled his people into the modern world. Again, massive help from America made it possible, but they eventually made it. Other Asian societies have joined modernity in fits and starts. Even Vietnam, which is one of the most backward places in Asia, has slowly modernized over the last few decades.

China, of course, is the elephant in the room. It was a backward, barbaric madhouse through the 1970’s. Before Deng Xiaoping dragged his country out of the dark ages of Maoism, it was one of the most dysfunctional societies on earth. Even so, she went from barbarism to modernity at a remarkable rate. China is still very Chinese, but China is not Africa. In fact, all of Asia has the human capital to avoid being Africa, even if the West turns its back on the continent. They don’t need us.

The same applies in America. Asians have never suffered much in the way of discrimination in America. The Japanese internment always gets brought up, but that was thoroughly justified. War is never pleasant. Otherwise, white people in America have welcomed Asians into the country and allowed them to make what they will of themselves and Asians have done quite well. East Asians have a median household income of $85,349 compared to $57,865 for whites.

Without the burden of slavery or low human capital, it seems like a hard sell to convince whites to feel guilty toward Asians. In fact, the result of such an effort could very well be the opposite, a resentment toward an ungrateful minority of visitors. Asking Africans to head back to their ancestral homeland is unreasonable. Asking Asians to go back to their homelands is not so unreasonable. Korea is a sparkling first world country, so if Koreans are unhappy in America, planes leave daily for Seoul.

Then there is that China problem. It is highly probable that China poisoned the world, causing massive damage and suffering. Maybe it was an accident. Maybe it would have happened anyway, but the evidence is clear that China lied to the world about the nature of this virus and where it started. No amount of special pleading can cause white people to overlook this. Western politicians, despite their lunacy, will have no choice but to address the China problem, even if that makes the other Asians sad.

It is not just the virus or the lying about it. People forget that the Chinese tried to poison the world’s pets a few years back. In 2007, many brands of cat and dog foods had to be recalled due to contamination with melamine. The Chinese also poisoned our toothpaste with toxic chemicals. Go way back and we have the expression “sand bagging” from the way dishonest Chinese tea merchants tried to cheat their European customers. This is what’s called a pattern of behavior.

To Westerners, Asian habits are barbaric, but not primitive. Again, Asians are not backward people like Africans. Asians know better, but choose to eat dogs and cats and turn pests into bizarre delicacies. They choose to poison our pet food. With choice comes responsibility. If Asians choose to do these things, then the West has no choice but to turn its back on Asians. As we see with the virus pandemic, as a matter of survival, the West will have reevaluate its relationship with China.

That’s what makes the effort by Asians in America to play the victim card seem like a bridge too far. They can file their complaints with the office of grievances, but that line is very long. The reason the line is especially long is social distancing means everyone has to stand six feet apart. That and half the staff is working at home in order to avoid being too close to one another. No, there will not be a pogrom against Asians, but whitey is in no mood to hear their complaints.

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341 thoughts on “A Bridge Too Far

  1. The idea that some trans national Asian racial identity exists is complete and utter bullshit. The Korean claiming such has been thoroughly assimilated into American progressive culture.

    The reality is that Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese. Khmer, Thais, Laos, Hmong and innumerable other East Asian nationalities all hate each other, especially those closest to them geographically. The only thing they hate and fear more than their neighbors is th Han.

    • The reality is that Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese. Khmer, Thais, Laos, Hmong and innumerable other East Asian nationalities all hate each other, especially those closest to them geographically.

      Truer words have never been written.

  2. There is absolutely no reason for there to be Koreans or Chinese in the US. No reason at all. Koreans in particular are humorless bug people. The Chinese are no better and will evidently eat absolutely anything. At least the Koreans just eat that horrid kimchi.

    • At least the Koreans just eat that horrid kimchi.

      Hey! Speak for yourself! I happen to love kimchi. I spent a great part of 1980 in the ROK and ate a lot of it. Ate a lot of bulgogi, and yakiman-du too. FYI, kimchi is the ancestor of saurkraut. My understanding is that Marco Polo brought samples of it back with him from his travels in the East and it caught on;especially with the Germans. I always knew when we were entering Korean airspace. Aircraft are pressurized by pumping in outside air. I could smell the kimchi at 30,000 ft riding in the belly of a C-141.

      The Koreans are some of the hardest working people I ever encountered. They’re a whole lot more “honest” (in the Western sense) than the Filipinos. Flips will steal anything not tied down – SECURELY! While in was in the Philippines in ’79, they dug up and stole over 100 ft of buried phone cable running between the RAPCON and the receiver site on Clarke AB. Did it in broad daylight, too.

      One thing about Korea. I am convinced that the words “flat”, “level”, “square”, “straight”, “true” and “plumb” have no equivalent in the Korean language. At no time while I was in Korea did I ever come across a floor that was either flat OR level, a square corner or a wall that was straight, true or plumb.

  3. Just a minor tidbit. I get a legit body massage from this nice Chinese lady. I had a temporary ailment, so she gave me some “special” tea sticks in a baggy, for me to take home and make tea with. She said it would help. Next time I saw her she asked expectantly if it helped. Out of politeness, I said, “Yeah, I think so. A little. Thank you.” So she handed me another bag of sticks. I said “wow, thank you so much.” And she says, “fi dollah”. Nothing horrible. But I think from the start a Western woman would have slipped in something like, “So I sell these on the side, you want to try them?” Or something. Just to let me know that selling is going on. It kinda felt like she was exploiting her sympathy and my corresponding politeness. I think she was truly concerned. But culturally she didn’t know she should’ve been up-front about the business part of it, otherwise she could be mistaken for being fresh.

  4. One wonders why the words “Well fuck off back to Korea then” didn’t spring to the lips.

    The insolence of some foreigner trying to tell me what words I can use in my language doesn’t usually go unpunished.

  5. “Whites can tolerate ungrateful blacks, because of slavery.” -Z-man

    Hell no, I can not tolerate the ungrateful bastards. I had noting to do with slavery nor did ANY of my people. Besides, Dr. Sowell has pointed out more white people went as slaves to north Africa that did blacks go to North America.

    I am f’ing tired of listening to the ignorant bastards. They get welfare and special treatment and jobs by quota. Affirmative Action is an abomination. We need to send them back. There needs to be a place for white people. I say let it be here.

    • Name a patch of territory in the US where all non-black denizens would yield their homes and relocate so their former communities serve as the new home for all blacks. There isn’t one. Other than biological warfare, and be careful for what you ask, there is no possible way to physically remove blacks from our midst. While we still retain demographic majority and wield some levers of power we need to formally weaken the political power of blacks, which is the sole source of their influence excepting our largesse, however, in order to accomplish this weakening we must first improve our share of culture, control our females, and accelerate the dilution of the small hat-wearers in this country. We can only do this by reinstituting crusading Christianity, not churchianity, and its accompanying cultural influence.

  6. It looks like the media is ready to lasso all of the lockdown protesters with the “tea party” label, and by extension, “far right.” Tea Party heads — yes, they’re still around — are wetting themselves at the possibility of reinvigoration.

    For most of these people, politics has little to do with it. But I suppose losing your business and griping about it is now a “far right” activity.

  7. In 2007/8 China killed 80 Americans using counterfeit chemicals to make the anticoagulant drug heparin. The US still gets 60% of the chemical ingredients for heparin from China.

  8. I so damn racist that I just finished cutting the grass in my Korean neighbors yard. Then I invited them over for a Crawfish boil & fish fry Saturday. I’ve got to change my ways.

    • Let’s all pause for a moment and acknowledge that Bob is a better human being than the rest of us racists, who would never be kind to our non-white neighbors. Bob, you’re literally the best. Enjoy your special moment.

      How would the dynamics of your neighborhood change if the white and korean demographics were flipped?

  9. Zman sorry you are fundamentally misreading the situation. What White peoples want is totally irrelevant.

    Already cops as a matter of course arrest Christians worshiping at Easter. Even in their cars. Most states have outlawed Christianity.

    White peoples will be forced to kneel and grovel. Governors and Mayors like Judge Dredd are the law.

    Cuomo seems intent on ruling by emergency for a few more years. Northam and Newsome are following suit.

    Governors have cops ready to arrest and fine you on the spot for not groveling. To your betters. Which most definitely includes Asians.

    • Despite growing up in the South and hearing Blacks referred to a “Niggers”, Hispanics referred to as “wetbacks”, “meskins” or “pepper bellies”, the worst racism I have ever encountered originated in and continues to originate in so-called “people of color”.

      I have also observed that so-called “people of color” seem to be vastly more susceptible to the activities of demagogues than whites. Where are the white equivalents of Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton or their ilk? I once expressed this observation to a black friend of mine who shook his head and agreed with me.

  10. Certainly the Asians are wrong to lump all whites into the same line of thinking, just as whites are silly to think that all Asians have the same world view.

    “the evidence is clear that China lied to the world about the nature of this virus and where it started.” China can’t lie or tell the truth. It’s a geographic area inhabited by a variety of people. Not every resident of China agrees with the policies of the Chinese government but individually they’re not in much of a position to do anything about it. Just like “white people”, their main goal is to keep body and soul together and feed their families. In fact, the same is also true about many Yankees, who have no love for the machinations of their government but still have to go along with the deal.

    The argument that the Asians and Africans should shower blessings on “whites” is actually funny. The whites, too, are reluctant to take responsibility for many of the sad, sick things they’ve perpetrated on their technological lessers, like this . Maybe killing the majority of an ethnic group so the survivors have no choice but to adopt the killers’ culture is a good thing but it’s doubtful. Oliver Cromwell worked hard at exterminating the Irish, maybe they’re better Englishmen now but they probably wouldn’t agree.

    • Go tell the jews that they are wrong to celebrate their legacy because everyone is just an individual with no tribal ties.

    • Oh for f-cks sake, there’s always one super smart boy who thinks he’s making a clever point by saying dumb things like “ China can’t lie or tell the truth. It’s a geographic area inhabited by a variety of people”. No sh1t, a$$hole. That’s not what Z meant, but you knew that. Just couldn’t resist the urge to prove to us all what a clever little boy you are, could you?

    • There may be a “variety” of people in China, but 92% of them are Han.


      There are a variety of dogs in every shelter, but pit bulls make lousy purse dogs and K-9 units take a pass on poodles.

      PS Why do “Asians” and “Africans” merit capitalization, but not Whites – they’re just small–w “whites?” You can’t argue that outliers invalidate general observations then grant “A” listing to every race but Whites.

  11. I’m in no mood for the sort of whining and sniveling described here, and not from any “group” or anybody at all. And when I say I’m in no mood, I mean zero tolerance level not in the mood. In any event, when it comes to me, our “Korean” friend need not worry. My preferred name for the (alleged) virus is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Stay Puft Sniffles for the “pandemic” illness. This is because all this nonsense is about as real as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man character from the Ghostbusters movie, and equally as funny when I stand back from what’s now afoot. My only question is which politically correct, self-identified, and of course SWJ-identified identity group is going to be gravely offended by my reference to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Even though I can’t now imagine which group, it will be one of them … or several …

    Unfortunately, the fact that so many sheepishly believe the hyped up fictional narrative (so-called).in the end isn’t funny at all. Tens of millions of Americans are suffering from this crap, and it tends to be the minority of us who still contribute anything worth anything at all, which is small and medium sized business owners, self-employed individuals within all subcategories, etc. It sure is something else how all the “help” and “caring” and “consideration” doesn’t seem to ever quite reach us. All we experience is headaches, serious problems, and an overall enormous clusterf*!k. I’m completely sick of it, beyond sick of it. It’s fitting that the term “narrative” is so in vogue now, because the term derives from fictional stories, from fiction, which most every proclamation from on high as well as pretty much everything in the MSM is now.

    • You may like to imagine that you don’t belong to a group but most of the world disagrees with you.

      • LineInTheSand posted

        You may like to imagine that you don’t belong to a group but most of the world disagrees with you.

        LITS, you keep posting the exact same thing over and over. WTF does it even mean, anyhow?

        • What it means is that most non-whites feel a deep connection to their racial tribe that supersedes any ideology, especially an ideology of individual rights that was created by white men.

          You may have a non-white friend or a pleasant interaction with a non-white neighbor, but for most of them, most of the time, they will side with their tribe over their relationship with you or some cherished Enlightenment philosophy.

          Outliers are a misleading mirage.

  12. I will give Asians this: unlike blacks, they won’t beat you in a mob, rob you naked, and leave you to bleed out in the hospital. For now, whites can still walk through Asian neighborhoods.

  13. Re:
    ” Asking Asians to go back to their homelands is not so unreasonable. Korea is a sparkling first world country, so if Koreans are unhappy in America, planes leave daily for Seoul.”

    “Asking Africans to head back to their ancestral homeland is unreasonable. ”

    First off I’d say that *maybe* asking African descended Americans to go back to their ancestral homeland is unreasonable – especially because they’ve been here so long – and also because many of they truly do support this country. I’d agree that unreasonable is a term that can possibly get applied here – because blacks have been here since before the country was even founded.

    But then I’d also say this quote applies:
    The Difficult We Do Immediately. The Impossible Takes a Little Longer

    The massive immigration from China into the US is a relatively recent phenomenon. And the Chinese have a definite habit of congregating together wherever they go. There’s a lot of cities that have a Chinatown. I don’t know of any that have an explicit Africatown.

    So yeah – sending all the Chinese home might be difficult – but it’s also something we could likely do immediately given the right political winds. You might think that sending all the Africans back is impossible – but I’d argue that there’s a lot of them that have decided to vote themselves off the island (so to speak).

    Let’s start with all the ones wearing African tribal dress – and waving red, yellow, and green flags……. since they’re already signaling they want to get sent back.

    • IIRC, we tried “repatriating” blacks to Africa after the War of Northern Aggression. The result was Liberia (average I.Q. 80?). IMS, Sierra Leone is the result of the Brits doing the same thing earlier. I always was a big fan of “America. LOVE it or LEAVE it!”

  14. Asian liberals will occasionally try to earn points as a victim group, but it’s laughable to all sides. American culture ignores (nonarab) Asians as much as possible because they are a living counterexample to the Woke SJW paradigm. How can we live in a white supremacist society when yellows and reds in fact do better than whites on all academic and wealth measures? Asians are in fact the most discriminated against group in academic and professional systems, only just more so than white males. Asians form proportionately the smallest percentage of prison inmates.

    Most Asians are deferential and appreciative of white society, not critical or complaining. The only subgroup that might have a legitimate fear of certain Asian groups might be the feline population. ; )

  15. One gripe I’ve heard from Asians, mostly Asian females, is that they graduate with perfect GPAs from top tier Universities, have all the right test scores, and still end up working for white men. Asian culture has this semi-autistic element to it, if I do A+B+C+D I should get E. That’s why they have this lock step uniformity towards pedigree degree programs. Your average CEO was a solid B- student, and probably hated school, hated their professors, thought they were morons (and most of them were) and was there for the parties. We live in a world where social skills count for way more than knowing how to calculate permutations. It’s who you know and who you blow. It’s about pleasing the customer and liking people. That’s how the world works, and Asians get frustrated by that.

    • I went to college (engineering) that was heavily Asian.. especially in the graduate programs. I have commented to my wife, in the 25+ years I have been out in the working world post college, never once have I been interviewed for a job by someone like them.

      They don’t create or build anything. I see a lot of them in the labs my job takes me through (especially Asian women), running experiments for some head research guy (who is rarely Asian).

      I have been very specific with my wife that I don’t want my kid “raised Asian” (he is a Hapa) as I have seen the result of Tiger Mother homes and it is not for my kid. I want a son with critical thinking skills and an active imagination that will gradually grow out of my control. I don’t want a robot. The Asians I went to school with were (with a few notable exceptions) robots.

    • East Asians do. South Asians (at least those of a certain class) play the game. Heck they’ve taken over Microsoft and IBM.

  16. Not like us in many ways, just take a look at this vid and ask yourself if this would happen in a European country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nH5g_YWiRM
    If you were unsure that the Wuhan Flu really was Chinese then the news from the UK NHS that it has been viciously targeting Black healthcare workers (70% of fatalities) should put the matter beyond doubt.

  17. Look, as for these “feelings” – whatever their genesis – slackademia, agitprop …

    Here’s where I sit. My father and that of my high school best buddy (and still buddy) were Korean War veterans. My father had this bright idea to join the reserves right before the Vietnam War was escalated. Years ago he told me he “got this here letter” declaring him a Korean and VIetnam War Era vet. He goes to the VA for medical care without complaint and is still kicking.

    I had a good friend that was older than me, and part of a brotherhood known as Frozen Chosin Marines.

    Since I am aware that the modern day frogs are not exactly kissing the ground where Americans once trod, and liberated their Vichy collaborationist asses …. I am not surprised if Koreans of the freedman variety can be made to become yet another victim group….

    And if so, fuck them. But generally in my experience, I have known some Korean Americans and they were cool. On my youth hockey team we had a Korean kid as a goalie – whenever play got close to him, you could hear him in his accent, “ooooh nooo, oooh nooo!” He was hilarious, but could stop the puck.

  18. ANY grievance, complaint, injustice, offense, or disservice is marketable by Asians, blacks, or other subset of the non-white poulation – so long as it’s couched in terms of Orange Man Bad.

  19. It is irrelevant whether Whites like Asians playing the racist guilt game. The country no longer belongs to Whites and our opinions don’t matter. All we do is keep the wheels turning, pay for our replacements, fight the tribe’s wars and serve as bogeymen to keep our replacements motivated and slightly cohesive.

    The fact that we built the country and are still a majority yet are inconsequential is why Asians take so much glee in copying the tribe by mocking us and treating us like chumps. They would never willingly let people do to them what we have and continue to allow people to do to us.

  20. Guilt as a control mechanism only works on the weak. Weak minds acquiesce to false ideas and narratives. It is easier for them than dealing with realities. Crazy Rich Asians are not white. Crybabies and manipulators come in all races. I am white. They are not. It’s OK to be white without a false guilt boat anchor to carry around. Unwarranted guilt seems to be symptomatic of a deeper illness. Progressivism perhaps.

  21. I am starting to think that the main reason for the differences in deaths between countries is the amount of lying to inflate the numbers. This is done to justify whatever the rulers want to do.
    Italy, Spain and the US are lying and reporting vastly inflated numbers, while the Taiwanese or Korean autists are tracking everything more-or-less accurately and thus their numbers are much lower. Their societies are also already semi-authoritarian, so they don’t need the trickery to justify more repression

    Edit: Apparently, I mixed up two articles. The point still stands. NYC just invented 3,700 WuFlu deaths: https://wmbriggs.com/post/30407/ Add that to the other sketchy numbers.

    • Hun, I agree that a major component of the variance in rates is the goal of whether to inflate or deflate the hysteria. However, Taiwan is not an authoritarian country. I lived there for years. It is one where people do follow the rules. The more salient characteristic is that it has a population with a great sense of personal responsibility to other people. You see that in the business world, when you hire a handyman and even in government. Unlike places like Mexico, neighbors also expect you to be considerate of your neighbors. In many ways it is the type of society our better hate the most

    • Hun said, “I am starting to think that the main reason for the differences in deaths between countries is the amount of lying to inflate the numbers.” AP headline on 4-17-20: “China’s virus death toll revised up sharply after review.”

  22. Any minority in a very small percentage can be integrated into a majority. Allow any minority enough people to form a group pursuing group interests and you get multiculturalism which means group conflict. It is the sort of conflict than can never be ameliorated until one can force their will upon the other. Genteel integration is a dead end.

    Blacks lack the ability to do any more than chimpout or follow simple directions from non blacks. Hispanics are more organized but if things get rough most will herd themselves back south of the Rio Grande. As their numbers increase Asians will function and serve as the Janissaries for the Fagins and what’s left of their WASP towel boys. And they will excel at it. As their numbers increase they will have less and less reason to integrate and stay the model minority. They will become even more insular and more aggressively pursue group interests at our expense. They see themselves as eventually running it all.
    They have zero interest in power sharing. Whites are the only fools who believe such a thing is even possible.

    The Little Hats are a very serious problem and need to be removed from the West but they are small in number. Imagine a people as capable but who have boots on the ground in much greater numbers. Just go and ask the few old white families who still live in San Francisco,Seattle and Vancouver how things have worked out for them.

  23. My family lost a cat to those chi-com bastards from melamine contaminated food. Had to reevaluate pet food from then on. TBH it was an early redpill for me regarding processed foods.

    • Was that about the strangest thing? They poisoned us, deliberately, and all our leaders could manage was a “lol thems the breaks”.

      • Yes, yes. I lost a beloved dog to their poison. Vet agreed, after the fact. Young, healthy dog – total kidney failure, death in a matter of days. Irreversible trajectory.

        Our FDA protected the Chinese suppliers. Thousands of pets died like ours.

        That was a wake up call, never a dog treat, toy Made in China. Sure, you pay almost twice as much for a lousy pig’s ear. Fucking FDA sold us out.

  24. So Jews are just Asians with Kosher rules so they don’t eat strange things? They are the most successful and most ungrateful minority. China may cause unwanted light to be shed on the priviliged “victims”.

    Harvard managed to slip out of its Chinese Exclusion Actions, but they may appeal the decision.

    China needs to have the whites do a Holocaust on them so they can lay a perpetual guilt trip.

    • Or they could follow the obvious example and just make it up and then create endless fables and media to enlarge the lie. As if by magic it will become a defacto truth even if it never existed.

  25. “Asians in America are now working on their grievance tales”

    Well, maybe not ALL the Asians in America.

    ” the evidence is clear that China lied to the world about the nature of this virus and where it started”

    We knew it was from Wuhan from the beginning. Everybody suspected either the lab or the market, so there were no real surprises there either.

    There is an awful lot of “pot calling the kettle black” these days. If some idiot released a virus from an American lab, would the authorities have been any more forthcoming? Politicians lie. Bureaucrats lie.

    “China” did not do squat to us. A few Chinese in positions of power or authority did some bad and stupid things. And yes, some small fraction of Chinese eat dogs; but most of them prefer beef if they can get it.

    “If Asians choose to do these things, then the West has no choice but to turn its back on Asians.”

    The collectivism is strong in this post. But what does this mean, “turn its back”? Nixon opened relations with that murderous bastard Mao; but we are going to turn our back because some bozo in a lab let the virus out and some other lowlifes lied about it? I don’t think so.

    China and Chinese are no angels, but the same can be said of the west. After all, globohomo is a western invention. Marxism was a western invention that caused the death of tens of millions of Chinese. Socialism still infects Europe, causing its demise through invasion.

  26. Waiting for gratitude is waiting for Godot. Non-whites see our spiritual weakness, lack of tribalism and inability to stand for own interests as a weakness to be exploited similar to how our predecessors in the 18th, 19th and part of the 20th century exploited their technological, scientific and, in part, cultural weaknesses to impose our rule on them. All the points about whites building the modern world notwithstanding, and with which I actually agree, they have a point there.

    History shows very few instances of gratitude lasting more than a nanosecond. George Washington was not grateful to England for removing the French threat to the 13 colonies, without whose removal the American revolution would most likely not have happened. France’s gratitude for being liberated by Americans, and a few Brits, Canadians etc here and there, in WW2 did not exactly last very long either and I suppose chauvinistic Frenchmen could argue that America’s very decisive help in the world wars against their Teutonic neighbors was little more than historic repayment for Lafayette and company when the power equation was the inverse of what it became in the 20th century.

    Blacks do not show gratitude for whitee Americans sacrificing 350,000 northern men to liberate them in the civil war or for Britain abolishing the slave trade and then slavery before that and setting the planet on a global course to abolition. And it is not just true among nations but individuals as well. When I was a very young doc, just out of med school, a friend, also a doctor, mother fell ill with cancer. I had a lot of knowledge about experimental treatments for cancer then. He used me extensively for advice about clinical trials and second opinion about the disease because, well, I’m smarter than he is. A few years later he became insufferably arrogant as IQ 105-120 Dunning Kruger types often do. Gratitude expires swiftly. Humans are not particularly attractive moral creatures and I think that is an important red pill to swallow.

    • “Humans are not particularly attractive moral creatures and I think that is an important red pill to swallow.” Very true Moran. Thus, the sticky problem of how to establish a polity and culture that will keep them in check while allowing civilization to happen. Every effort seems to have failed so far, in the long term at least.

  27. A few years ago, a friend in the paper industry went to China to buy large amounts (many trailer-loads) of paper because it was less expensive. The Chinese seller told him he manufactured the paper and my friend asked for a tour of his plant. As the Chinese man showed him the giant rolls of paper at the facility, my friend continually asked to see the machinery used to manufacture the paper. The Chinese man kept stalling and my friend persisted, until finally the Chinese man said, “I admit, I’m lying to you. I’m just a broker, not a manufacturer. But that’s what we do in China. We lie.” True story.

    • The Chinese themselves regularly complain about being scammed. They are well-aware of this facet of their culture. They also are aware that capitalism has hollowed out their culture. Taiwan, the most capitalist of Chinese peoples, are widely stereotyped as the worst bosses. Furthermore, Chinese have stereotypes about other regional Chinese: “Jiangsu people are the Jews (youtai ren) of China” and so forth. This is not said with any respect.

  28. Overall a good post. Just some usual criticism: “White people literally pulled the world out of the dark ages.” Broadly agree. Left unasked is, “Did white people plunge the world (Europe at least) into the dark ages?” Yes, damned right they did. Unless you are a Caucasian with an unusual amount of body hair, it is extremely probable that your ancestors were barbarians from what is today North Europe. Now, the rise and fall of a civilization’s causes are complex, but it is safe to say that the barbarians had no trouble supplanting Roman rule as the Roman empire pulled back. Is savagery only a non-white phenomenon? Explain the millions of deaths in the 20th century in Europe and then-Soviet Union. Were not virtually all of these perpetrated by Caucasians?

    Another counter-argument: White people are perfectly capable of living in the stone age too. The fact that we once did, is proof enough.

    Finally, I am all on board with the return people to their native (or ancestor’s) land idea. Heck, even I would go, but since I’m Irish-German, which do I choose? 🙂

    • The Roman Empire, great though it was, was a permanent impediment to the advance of civilization. Extend they might but advance they couldn’t. Their great invetions were concrete and property law. After many centuries they still used letters to represent numbers. There were no further advances in science or engineering.
      Europeans have always been at war with one another, long before their was a Europe. That is so everywhere in the world. The difference is that Europeans advanced through war by change while others didn’t. The descent of the European man greatly accelerated when the possibility of European war ended and life was secure, so don’t crow about European war. Make war not peace.

  29. This was a very timely and clarifying column. Thanks Z-man.

    “No good deed goes unpunished.” Just so—no need to elaborate. I’d like to see “NGDGU” join the pantheon of abbreviated phrases (TL;DR, IMO, OTOH, NSFW, LOL) that instantly consign a given article or action to a useful category.

    For example, lately Steve Sailer has been digging up editorials written by Asian chicks venting their anti-white animus. Why waste time arguing with such people? Type NGDGU into the comments of their little tirades, and move on.

  30. At the great risk of being downvoted and my day destroyed, let me stick up for East Asians here:
    1) They have souls. That’s a ridiculous slander.
    2) They have deep, spiritual cultures. The last few decades have wrought havoc on their traditional values, but which country except Bhutan has NOT been subverted by capitalism?
    3) They absolutely have a morality. Yes they prize the community over the individual, and tend to be xenophobic (as quite a few commenters here are being) but that doesn’t mean they’re amoral monsters.
    4) The bat-eaters are nouveau riche peasants. Educated & middle-class Chinese or the bourgeoisie don’t do that. In fact there’s a popular & active animal rights movement in China.
    5) East Asians do have a predilection for being dishonest businessmen, but so do most every other people. Ever done business with an Arab? Yes, whites are generally more honest in dealings, but don’t let that be the reason to smear Asians.

    Z is correct that Asian-Americans should shut the F up about perceived racism by the peoples that house them and protect(ed) them. Despite this, East Asians are and can be our natural allies and partners in building world civilization.

    • Maybe, but we should never forget that they are a different tribe.

      Do business with them when it suits us; otherwise, let them live in the world that suits them and let us live in our world. No need to slander or praise other groups. They aren’t my family, so they have no say in my family’s affairs and can’t live in my house.

    • They absolutely have a morality.

      When their morality is not our morality, that’s functionally equivalent to immorality, because we absolutely should judge the world from the perspective of what’s good for us.

      • I agree that we can and should judge outsiders, but I’m more of a relativist when it comes to morality.

    • East Asians are and can be our natural allies and partners in building world civilization.

      Exactly wrong, they are our most dangerous rivals. As others have noticed, islam could be handled if the gloves came off, blacks would be helpless in a world of hardnosed northerners, either whites or East Asians and Hispanics fall in two categories, those practically while like Greeks and Sicilians and those just a cut above blacks. The Chinese could be dangerous even to non-infantilized whites.

    • As someone who has lived in a variety of countries in Eastern Asia, including China, I agree. We just have to realize that they have strong cultures and will never be one of us so we should not flood our countries with them. Chinese, in particular, will always have more allegiance to their traditional tribe than to the citizenry of their adopted country. They have no inherent loyalty to Americans but can cooperate if it is to their mutual self interest.

      The good news is that even though Chinese sometimes see themselves as the Asian Jews, they don’t hate us and see us as a threat to be demonized and diminished as does a certain tribe

  31. If they’re here, the Koreans ought to be thanking white people every single day. Every minute. And praying to whatever gods they pray to that we don’t ship their raggedy posteriors back to Korea. Which we ought to do. But which we won’t do, because far too many of us are filled with self-loathing for having created modernity.

  32. Now is the time, y’all! Get on social media. Use their stupid fucking #hashtag things against them. #CancelChina. Put it everywhere. End your emails with it. Make it the “Delenda est Carthago” of a new generation. Get *that* ball rolling, and stuff like closed borders naturally follows. They call you a racist, you say “no, I’m just concerned about the safety of our children. You obviously aren’t.” For extra effect, point out all the Chinese-made crap they have right now on their person (e.g. smartphone).

  33. Ah, Z? The Chinese didn’t just try to poison our pets. They used the melamine trick (it made the product appear to have more protein than it actually had on the tests the U.S. importers used) in pretty much any food-type product they made – including BABY FORMULA!!! That’s right. They adulterated several brands of non-milk-based powdered baby formula. I remember because one of my grandsons was still taking a bottle and word about the recall of several national brands was all over the news. I made damned sure my daughter wasn’t using any of those brands! Turns out she wasn’t so my grandson (he’ll be 10 in September) was never at risk. The upstart of it all is that I, to this day, do not believe the never-to-be-sufficiently-accursed bastards intended to “poison” anybody. They were just following an old and honored tradition of cheating their customers as much as possible and for as long as they could get away with it. The Japanese are the same way with what they call “Gai-jins” (literally “foreign persons”). If you can get away with it, in Japan, it is considered somehow better to cheat a customer than it is to deal with them honorably.

    In ’84-’85 time frame I was working at a little Motorola R&D facility in Austin when we heard about some trouble the manufacturing facility in Seguin. Seems a small percentage of LCD displays made in Japan were failing one of the final test steps. Motorola had paid extra to have all units tested at the point of manufacture to reduce losses post assembly. The manager of the plant had his QA techs (augmented by a couple of us from Austin) test 100% of all such units received. We found a significant percentage failing the test. MANY phone calls, letters and months later Motorola sent a delegation to Japan to hash it out with the factory. It turns out that when the contract was originally negotiated the Japanese got Moto to agree to have the units test and certified according to (something like) the “standard formula”. Since everybody “knew” the standard formula nobody on the Moto side was concerned about an otherwise ambiguous wording in the contract. What nobody on the Moto side knew was that the Japanese had a slightly different version of the standard formula. It had a fudge factor built into it from when they were transitioning from an older tech version of the primary test instruments to the newer – i.e. the one everybody in the rest of the world was using. Using that formula allowed the factory to ship a couple per cent more units than they otherwise would have. The bastards were cheating Moto and counting on us gaijins being too stupid to realize it. My understanding is that the principle that the Japanese used on Motorola is pretty much SOP in Asia.

    Oh and Motorola had to hire their own – AMERICAN BORN – Japanese speakers as stealth interpreters because the Japanese born interpreters were 100% in the pocket of the Japanese manufacturer. They had no qualms about cheating the gaijins. Apparently, then the Japanese were talking amongst themselves, they were even poking fun at the “clueless gaijins”. They were very embarrassed when it came out that the gaijins had figured out their scam. Japanese ethics is based solely upon the family. You do not do anything to bring dishonor upon your family. Unfortunately that means that if you are somewhere where nothing you do can possibly reflect back upon your family then you have no constraints upon your conduct. The Japanese equivalent of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” goes something like “A man away from home has no family.”. That’s is how they can commit such horrific atrocities. They’re away from home and nothing they do can reflect upon their family. There is also one other factor. In classical Japanese (and, I suspect, all Asian cultures) thinking “foreigner” does not equal “human” so whatever is done is not done to a person. Not really.

    • The Japanese are the same way with what they call “Gai-jins” (literally “foreign persons”). If you can get away with it, in Japan, it is considered somehow better to cheat a customer than it is to deal with them honorably.

      The tech startup I used to work with never had to worry about software licensing protection at all until we got into the Asian market. Our American and European customers simply would never dream of stealing or reverse engineering our product.

      But as soon as we started doing business in China, we got calls from our NIC supplier about our Chinese customers attempting to order our proprietary NIC from our supplier so they could reverse engineer the product and/or implement additional appliances without paying licensing fees.

      Just fucking bastards.

        • What most people would find shocking is the utter casualness of the corruption. Years ago had to dispose of what I’d term a “reverse Biden” problem with one of the state owned enterprises. Graft is a fully developed industry with surprisingly little effort made to put “cover” on the gambit. It is simply expected.

          • Also expected–lying. It is not offensive because it is normal, a cultural thing. Everybody is expecting everyone else to lie and if you don’t get it they don’t figure it’s their fault you are not Asian.

          • Worked for a company that was expanding in China – maybe 20 years ago. It was right in their ppt. presentations: Benefits to {the company}: tax breaks, etc. Benefits to the executives: cash refunds, etc.

            Our U.S. company reacted like you’d expect.

          • The whole reason I was drug into that particular problem was because the local guys had gone a bit “native” and the only way to get out of the problem was for the “bad guy” from the States to swoop and kill the deal so they saved “face” for future dealings. But the deal looked too good to be true in the pro-forma, and it was. Once you factored in the “consultant” that emerged at the last minute and the cut he was going to take for vague “services” it became much less attractive. And the money was then going to be funneled to the kids of the guy that ran the state sponsored enterprise we were dealing with–they were the shadow shareholders of the consulting firm. Hence “reverse Biden”.

        • Many cultures/peoples consider it your job to avoid getting ripped off. In their minds, only children or idiots let their guard down.

        • That is true, but forgive me for being a class-over-culture guy: the Chinese were laid destitute by the late Qing Dynasty, then the long civil war, and then the CCP, and lived a hard life for many generations. That tends to turn people into thieves. No middle- or upper-middle class Chinese steals, and some of them may even do business in good faith. You see the same thing among our white brethren in Russia: that’s a country of thieves too, and it’s because their government is rotten, and most Russians are lower class.

          • I remember reading that prior to the revolution in Russia there was sizeable portion of ethnic Germans (that all left). However there was also a saying from the time along the lines of “as honest as a German”.

            Perhaps there is a bit more genetic influence on this than one thinks of.

          • I am a descendant of so-called White Russians who fled the Bolsheviks. Some didn’t make it. Anyway, I never heard them say a bad word about the Germans or be anything less than proud that they had German blood themselves and spoke the language perfectly. I wasn’t alive during WWII so I am not sure whose side these people were on then, although I’m pretty sure they were not cheering for the Japanese! That was hate, even years after the war, probably b/c the J.s whipped their butts in 1905!

          • Anyone who has fought the Japanese will hate them forever and do all they can to pass that message along to their progeny. They are cruel beyond Western comprehension.

          • So it’s not their fault, it’s the government that They themselves created that is at fault…In other words-it IS their fault.

        • They may but they hardly need to as long as the West is happy to give them our wealth creating industries.

    • To this day, you will notice Chinese tourists buying up baby formula abroad and bringing it back for relatives….they know not to trust themselves. The difference is that they are self aware on that point. We are not.

    • Yeah – everybody in our thing likes to throw shade on Christians. But there is something to the innovation that outsiders are not outlaws. The Amerindians, pagan Europeans, and the rest would typically hold the opposite view.

      The Church suggested one might love his own people and still manage not to be at war with all the rest of humanity. +1 for Christcucks, I guess.

    • I’ve heard that in SE Asia, if someone is not from your village or region, then they are “bho”, “ghosts”, and you can do anything you want to them, since they aren’t really considered human beings.

    • The melamine milk scandal actually involved dairy products. A number of domestic (Chinese) infants died. It virtually destroyed their nascent dairy industry. The Chicoms executed a number of principals involved. That aside, my thoughts were what sort of mentality adulterates products in the baby food chain. Hard to imagine Westerners doing that.


  34. I’ve been arguing for years that Asians and Indians were a bridge too far for whites. I live in Northern Virginia suburbs of DC, which have very big Asian and Indian populations, so I’ve seen this up close. The look on liberal white faces when an Asian or Indian starts spouting off about racism is very different than when blacks or Jews do it.

    Cuck whites – especially white women – get no tingle from the guilt whip held by Asian or Indian hands. (It doesn’t hurt that these whites recognize Asians and Indians as a threat to their lives in a way blacks and Hispanics would never be.) When even DC whites push back against being called a racist, you know that a line has been crossed.

    • Blacks and Hispanics live mostly in different neighborhoods, go to different schools, and work in different jobs. Asians and Indians often live in the same neighborhoods, and compete directly at school and at work. Different kettle of fish, from Karen’s point of view.

      • The private school our kids attended (3rd generation) in a large Midwestern state also had a contingent of Asian kids, and affirmative action minority kids who could afford to go there w/ limited scholarship aid in the younger grades. Twenty-five yrs ago, these seemed to be mostly dot-Indian families, where BOTH Moms and Dads were working as physicians in the big medical centers nearby. Not as many Chinese/Japanese. Probably different now. I know some of the younger generation old-stock families have been invaded/intermarried with this group who want the social status-climbing involved with this type of thing. Not sure if it will “work” with the rest of the community as the offspring still resemble the outside blood line more than anything else.

    • Did you mean “a threat to their livelihoods”? That would parse more coherently. Unless I’m grossly mistaken, I’ve not heard of an Asian or Indian crime wave targeting others. Conversely, nor have I heard of blacks and “Latinx” competing for white jobs (ex-quotas).

  35. My old man, two uncles and a great uncle got to spend “holidays” on the Korean peninsula from ’50-54. It changed all of them. Great uncle got yanked back to active duty at the outset, since apparently guys who managed to survive D+6 to VE in a Sherman were considered “talent”. Never recall any of them getting a thank you card. Though, to their credit, the Koreans made the most of the blood contribution. I’ve always found societies that manage to maintain their identity when surrounded by great powers interesting–think Korea and Vietnam interesting. Have to hand one thing to the old school Koreans, they are tough and they do everything harder than any one else.–and take pride in it. Believe they hold the highest number of Guiness records…just because. Good friend of mine is a half-Korean law partner–early in his career he invested heavily in the Korean “self help” societies that provided start up funds to immigrants to start businesses. Never had a default.

    • In the U.S. Marine Corps there is a lot of respect for ROK Marines. Hard little bastards who are fully prepared to fight to the death.

      • My understanding was that in Vietnam the NVA would deliberately avoid contact with Korean units for that reason. We had a guy owned a dry cleaners in town and used to march in the Memorial Day parade every year and was a member of the local VFW post, though he had served in the Korean Armed forces–and in Vietnam. Didn’t find out until after he died recently that he was “grandfathered” into the org because he was apparently one of those “badasses”.

      • Ooh-rah! US Marines, Royal Marines, and ROK Marines. The featured exhibits at the Hall of Bad-Assery.

  36. I have lived cheek and jowl for many decades with East Asians. I find most to be good neighbors, colleagues and friends. That being said, I am aware of some underlying tribal resentments. A person of Asian background recently told me about being accused of racism after admonishing a young Korean for doing something anti-social!

    I strongly suspect that certain Asians (especially the younger ones) are being agitated by our wonderful media, such as the New York Times, and academia. They are same people who turn our women against us. As such and light of this current lock down, I am beginning to believe Trump when he says that the MSM (populated mostly by upscale Good Whites) is the enemy of the people, not just of Trump and Republicans.

  37. “whitey is in no mood to hear their complaints.”

    Z-man got that right in spades. I have had more than enough of grievance peddling, period. Not for one second will I entertain a complaint from an Asian about their treatment here. As Z-man points out, planes leave almost hourly for Asia. Don’t like it here? Easy solution – take the next flight out. I wouldn’t confine this advice to Asians either. Don’t like it? Too “racist” for you? Go to where the grass is greener, the people more tolerant. Not an appealing option? Then Shut TF up. (Like I said, my patience with this stuff is at an end.)

  38. A note on Japanese Internment:

    Not all the Japanese were interned, which was focused on the West coast due to the threat of Japanese attacks and possible invasion (Imperial Japan decided to not get any closer than invading some islands in Alaska).

    My Dad grew up in Fort Lupton, Colorado. At the time, the population was nearly 50% Japanese at the time (brought in pre Great Depression as cheap farm, railroad, and mining labor).

    No internment was done. A lot of friends of my Dad (2nd generation Japanese) volunteered for service and after some delay, were sent to the European war theater.


    • Nisei father, huh? I bet he had some interesting stories. I wish more of those guys wrote memoirs of their experiences.

      • No.. Dad is White. He was headed for the Pacific theater (Airborne) for the invasion of Japan (Operation Downfall). Thankfully, Japan surrendered after getting nuked twice.

        The initial invasion plans for Kyushu was going to use 7 nukes in the opening salvo followed by chemical weapons. Dad’s chances of survival would have been questionable at best.

        • “The initial invasion plans for Kyushu was going to use 7 nukes in the opening salvo followed by chemical weapons.”

          Judas priest, somebody wanted to genocide those people like they wanted a full genocide of the Germans.

          No, I don’t think that somebody was us, but then I’d have to explain that whole ‘spiritual war and genetics’ thingie.

  39. “White people literally pulled the world out of the dark ages.” And please remind us who put them into the dark ages in the first place. Pretty sure it was white people. Last time I checked, the Chinese didn’t sack Rome. Fact is white Europeans are their own worse enemy, just like most black Africans are their own and most Asians are their own worse enemy too.

    • Please, Herr Kraut, try not to hate yourself TOO much. It gets tiresome. The occasional genuflection in front of a candle-lit photo of St. Churchill is all that is necessary.

    • Fuck off. The rest of the world never had a Roman flowering of knowledge to begin with. China’s own culture wasn’t affected appreciably one way or the other by the Western Dark Ages, and Africans were stone age before and after. The Western enlightenment spread around the world and benefited the whole world.

      Nobody said we weren’t our own worst enemy, but we have also been the best thing to happen to the rest of the world.

      The lack of mobility back in those times prevented much else from being the case.

      Then again, Ghengis Khan was an Asian and the Mongol invasions were one of the worst things to happen to anyone unlucky enough to be in their path.

      Bottom line: Letting yourself be overrun by people of a different tribe/race/culture always ends badly for the indigenous people. Never let yourself get put in that situation.

        • Uberwurst. 🙂 Well, yes. We did bring Rome to it’s knees.

          In 476 C.E. Romulus, the last of the Roman emperors in the west, was overthrown by the Germanic leader Odoacer, who became the first Barbarian to rule in Rome.

          This would explain why we’ve never really gotten along with the Italians ever since.

          • There wasn’t even a “we” back in that day, just a great number of Teutonic clans who took their turns barbarianing each other as well as others. The Visigoths chased the Vandals through France and Spain where they escaped to Africa. How bad do you have to be to chase Vandals anywhere?
            I am amazed to see how thoroughly America inc. has pozzed the Teutons. With the assistance of the borderless alien tribe, I guess. I know I wasn’t smart enough to do that.

    • The Classical Age did not end with the fall of Rome. It continue for a century and a half with the Gothic Kingdoms in the west and Byzantine Empire in the east. It collapsed when the first round of Bubonic plague arrived from China with invading Muslims right behind it.
      The Dark Ages began when Muslims took out the North African Christian kingdoms and brought economy of the Mediterranean to a halt with piracy.

    • Intra-family squabbles are one thing. Inter-family fights are another.

      If you can’t understand the difference, you’re an idiot.

      • 1177 BC Bronze Age Collapse – that date get you oriented search-wise if you are looking to get into it. And what better mood-elevator in times like these than to remind yourself that we aren’t the first civilization to collapse?

    • Byzantine empire continued for centuries after Rome was sacked.

      Look at modern medicine — it’s mostly white, with some Arab flavoring. And even then, most of the great “Arabs” were kurds.

  40. In Taiwan and Hong Kong, the virus is referred to as “Wuhan Flu” (武漢肺炎). Remind them that Chinese people themselves are using the term.

  41. “many white people lost family members saving his people from the clutches of communism” after many more white people died in a war that liberated his people from the clutches of Japanese imperialism.

    Make that 2 holidays thanking whitey for their independence and current prosperity.

  42. Thanks for bringing up Internment, as our national myth about it is one of my pet peeves. In a typical American High School US History class it is often the centerpiece of the World War II unit- that and how we dropped the big one on the unsuspecting DINDU Japs.
    I tell the kids in my classes that while reasonable people can disagree as to the necessity of internment, they are to avoid any comparisons to concentration camps. In addition I disabuse them of the following myths: 1. No Germans nor Italians were interned. False. 2. Huge numbers of US citizens were interned. I guess it depends on one’s definition of huge, but the vast majority of US citizen internees were minors. Were the kids to be left to wander, in the words of Buck Owens, the streets of Bakersfield? 3. They were prisons. False. Many internees worked in the local economies- there was a labor shortage, you know. 4. Internment was extralegal. False. Roosevelt’s EO was upheld in TWO court cases. 5. There was no reason to suspect the loyalty of many Issei and Nisei; False. See the Niihau incident. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niihau_incident
    And, most of the camps were closed by end of 1944. There was injustice in the process, many lost property, and businesses, but compensation was paid, more or less right after the war, not just during the Reagan Administration. I’m guessing it wasn’t enough in most cases, but 80 years on, (and BTW I was taught about the horror of internment when I was in HS in the late ’60s early ’70s, so this is nothing new ) we forget that we were at war with a vicious and determined enemy. One thing I always wonder about is why almost no Japanese were interned from Hawaii, where there were many.
    Thanks for letting me rant- I figure most of you probably know this stuff, but I’m in deep “work avoidance ” mode.

    • They weren’t interned in Hawaii becuase the territory was a warzone with a military governor. Martial law was declared on the morning of December 7th and remained in effect for the next two years.

    • History footnote. During WW II the USA feared that Hawaii might fall to the Japs (based on how the war started, not an unreasonable fear! 🙁 ) US currency for Hawaii was so marked, so that if invaded, the currency would be invalidated.

      Another footnote to economics is that the USA is one of only two nations that have never repudiated its currency. The other is the UK.

  43. Re: ” After the war, Japan rebuilt itself with the help of America and joined the modern world quite quickly.”

    I would argue that Japan REJOINED the modern world quite quickly – because technologically at least they were pretty well integrated into the modern world well before the war. The Japanese made huge advances in a relatively short period of time after their initial exposure to the Western world.

    The Russian Navy learned that in 1905. There’s been allegations that the Japanese were experimenting with nuclear technology in Korea during the WW2 time period.

    Battleships like the Yamato are not the product of an neolithic society like we still see in Africa.

    • In Victorian Anthropology, it was a acknowledge that the Japanese were almost the equal of the white man. But they correctly pointed out that if China united they would dominate the world again.

    • Japan is a unique case. They’ve always viewed history in a Western-style linear fashion, as opposed to the cyclical nature of Confucian lands.

      It’s probably not a coincidence that Japan is the only place left producing non-POZ television entertainment.

    • I shake my head in wonder watching WWII South Pacific naval battles between US and Japan. How did the Japanese do this? Amazing. They got over their hurt feelings, too, after the war/nuclear bombs and were sending teenagers to our high schools as part of exchange programs. Great kids and additions to our school. Our classmates are still in touch with them!

  44. It’s disappointing everyday to see formerly rational people fall for the coronavirus nonsense. All the most discredited organizations and professions all telling us about a threat in unison, and people who normally understand they’re all liars swallow it while.

    There is no pandemic. It’s cool if we can use this to separate from China, that’ll be great. But there’s no reason to pretend this exists, and it only helps people who want us enslaved.

    Li Wenliang was probably an American agent. Who knows why a ton of people died in China, maybe because China is a toxic shithole, maybe because of a virus, although that sounds pretty fantastical. Are we also supposed to believe AIDS is a magical disease that targets gays in the United States and poor miners in Africa? Or that 10,000 dollars of Facebook ads turned the 2016 election more than the entire media pushing the opposite direction?

    Let’s just think independent of the media and Bill Gates’ NGOs like usual on this one.

    • I notice that all the posturing is starting. There was virtually no push-back on any of this until the good news started being reported. Now the cucks are doing a “social distancing” “protest” in Michigan and other places. Now that they feel relatively safe because of both the good news and lack of bodies, they are taking to the streets pretending to care about liberty.

      This is why I know that if/when the gov demands their guns, they will bitch and moan and dutifully turn them in.

      • The 2A is a red flag for the bull.

        While flapping the 2A flag in his face, the other amendments were taken- the ones the 2nd was meant to protect.

        • It took just two months for “The land of the free, the home of the brave” to turn into the totalitarian land of the flea, the home of the plague with nary a whimper from the “Second Amendment is the guarantor of the First Amendment” crowd.
          Bit sad really.

          • If they were going to do something, they would have done it a long time ago. They have retreated from “an armed society will prevent tyranny” to “they can take my guns from my cold dead hands,” but they forgot to add “that is, as long as I die of natural causes”
            Besides, they have ridiculous fantasies of bravely fighting the US military like a Taliban. Not only do they have a completely unrealistic view of what it would mean to fight the state, but even if you tell them what is so obviously already happening, they deny it.

  45. Without white people, Africa would look like a Tarzan movie.

    Well, but without the heroic White Tarzan to save the day.

    Actually, in what way does Africa not look like a Tarzan movie? Except in real life the White saviors are better dressed.

    • Would make (probably already is) a good bumper sticker, at least for a pickup where “open carry” is legal: 🙂

      “If you’re so proud of where you’re from, why don’t you go back there???”

    • That Japanese-American guy I’d read way back in the day reflected at times that, even though he was 100% genetic Japanese, they he may as well have been a red-headed Irishman in Japan due to his American accent. It’s as with much else, it’s projection.

  46. American Blacks and East Asians living in America seem to dislike each other at a level that appears to be pre-conscious. Based on what I have heard from men who have served in four different countries in East Asia, this is a universal phenomenon, varying in intensity (or at least obviousness) depending on the locale.

    It would be malpractice not to exploit this and similar friction between the other tribes contesting for this continent. But the hall monitors and den mothers of purity always wet themselves when I bring up engaging nonwhites to achieve our own objectives.

    • Hear hear. Drives me nuts. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. POCs buy the most Chinese crap out of anybody. They’re also the most viscerally racist people in America (as the Chinese are the most viscerally racist people on earth). #CancelChina first, then address the problems of our former allies in the ‘hood. As a wise man (of Color) once said, this shit’s chess, it ain’t checkers.

    • Some of that is probably just tribalism. On the other hand, I’ve never heard that any ethic group likes the Negroid. And, to judge by violent crime statistics, Blacks don’t like Blacks either. “Gotta keep ’em separated!”

      During the emergency, please remember to keep racial distancing! 😀

    • I get what you’re saying. Just remeber that while you’re going all Sith Lord channeling the hate, you’d do well to consider how using visas to import Indians with a dot to drive down the cost of tech labor worked out. Or importing Mexicans to do the agricultural stoop labor that enslaved blacks used to do. The solution is not to dabble with engineering non-white gladitorial contests; but for whites to roll up their sleeves, come together as a people, and get her done for ourselves, by ourselves.

  47. The fact that they would be eating bugs and living in huts if not for the white man is conveniently forgotten.

    Thing is, they still eat bugs.

    • Insects can be nutritious. That said, I’ve only tried chocolate grasshoppers. Meh. We all eat a tiny amount of bugs and other stuff: I remember in middle school a teacher said (correctly so far as I know), that the US government allows a certain number of rat droppings in chocolate bars. Sounds gross, but it is impossible to make the product 100% pure. Many of these differences are merely cultural preferences: billions of people would be sickened at the thought of what millions of Westerners eat for breakfast everyday. I class this as “irrational” (as are many — but not all — mandates of a religion) but not nearly as destructive, say, as believing that rhino horn is an aphrodisiac. And we’ll not even delve into the hopefully infrequent problem of cannibalism, which unless I’m horribly mistaken, is mercifully rare in the modern world, and when done it was often for non-food purposes (capture your ancestor’s spirit or whatever.) I’ll take a ham on rye, thanks. For a Chinese cannibal, I guess that’d be Han on rye? 😀

  48. Perhaps we’re reaching a tipping point on globalization? Yesterday on twitter, something called the George W. Bush Presidental Center (@TheBushCenter) posted this: “When the crisis is over…we must be ready to come together around a new strategy for globalization that secures its benefits and cures its ills.” And linked to this article: https://www.realclearworld.com/articles/2020/03/25/globalization_and_resilience_responding_to_the_pandemic_487506.html

    The “like to reply ratio” was more lopsided than I’ve ever seen on twitter. Thousands of replies, 99.9 percent along the lines of “hell no,” “globalization is what got us into this mess,” “STFU,” “hard pass,” “Pat Buchanan was right,” “enough with globalization”…..and so on….

      • Buck Fush indeed. It was his neo-con infested administration’s cynical response to 9/11 that started this era of endless crisis and government/corporate expansion at the expense of freedom and sanity.

        There’s a synergy between the state and the corporations in these things too because no matter how insane the latest panic a big enough corporation can always position itself to scoop up some of the profits from whatever mad crusade the political class is pursuing. Corporations in turn “make suggestions” (written on packs of hundred dollar bills) to the politicos about what the next crusade should be. This vicious spiral of mutual influence is what is destroying all of our lives and making planning for the future a fool’s folly.

  49. A key aspect of the problem with dealing with the CCP is that they began bribing and blackmailing US politicians, business executives, and media power players nearly two decades ago. And that effort has borne much fruit. Much like the Mafia of yore, they own a lot key people in important positions. And this is worldwide, not just the US. As an example, Joe Biden (and his kin) are owned lock, stock, & barrel by the CCP. And half the country wants to make him the next president.

    • TomA, you are correct and you highlight a very large roadblock, if not the largest roadblock, to “American Reform”. Unless and until people swing, nothing changes.
      One thing, my use of the term “American Reform” is not meant to allude to any group or think tank or whatever that might exist now. It’s simply two words I put together for the purposes of communicating a supporting comment to what I consider a prescient observation by the aforementioned commenter.

    • Tom;
      Actually, it began earlier with, who else, The Clintons. For sure with their fundraising for their election efforts, both first and second times.

      • Investor’s Business Daily ran a series indicating that the Clintons in Arkansas were China’s #1 spies in America.

        1000 Chinese intelligence front companies in that unnoticed, backwater province, out of the 4000 operating in the US before the most-favored-nation fast-track.

        • Indeed. the whole Lewinsky impeachment was a complete set up from day one to cover the Clinton’s selling top secret tech to the Chinese. Bill and Hi decided that to be known for a sex scandal was a great cover to drown out the stories that were peeking through, provided a long running impeachment cover and no one in their circles really gives a shit about that stuff. So who cares.

          It was manufactured from day one and nothing about it was real.

  50. Asians know better, but choose to eat dogs and cats and turn pests into bizarre delicacies.

    Not to mention that they use endangered animals in their folk remedies. It is, in fact, an established principle in Chinese “medicine” that the rarer the animal, the more potent the medicine.

    A family friend is geologist and related that sometimes in the mid-seventies, he was at one of the first international academic conferences in China after the Cultural Revolution.

    “See, this rock looks like a tiger, which must mean that…”

    Aghast, it dawned on him, that their classification was based, not on chemistry or crystal structure, but the shape of the samples.

    Western science will always define the ceiling for Asian achievements.

    • One more Chank anecdote.

      A friend of mine works in wireless network encryption and is often in Singapore on business. One evening, he is taking beer with his colleagues and an American guy remarks that Chinese are unable to think in the abstract. A Chinese colleague of theirs protests vehemently.

      “Fine”, the American says, “explain what a computer is.”

      The Chinaman stares at him for a few seconds before pointing to his laptop “That is a computer”.

      • “…an American guy remarks that Chinese are unable to think in the abstract.”

        It’s true though! East Asian art demonstrates it. Traditional paintings from various countries’ “old masters” looks more or less the same across the spectrum. Auction prices for a handful of Chinese artists apparently worth collecting don’t really approach some any number of individual Western artist’s entire bodies of work.

      • I’m trying to think of something handy they’ve invented in the past 100 years. Not having much luck.

        • My less sardonic reply. Read this book:
          The Man Who Loved China: The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kingdom.
          Story of a Cambridge professor named Joesph Needham. From his perspective – China essentially invented everything that was ever worth inventing.

        • All innovation is in the area of better espionage – which makes it not so visible. Of course, they probably steal most of their espionage techniques too.

      • GK Chesterton said the lack of theory is why the Chinese were able to develop some engineering but never suspected the existence of physics. Theory gets a bad rap, but it’s necessary for the really big leaps.

      • Chinese are unable to think in the abstract.

        Abstract thought may be the secret blessing, and curse, of Caucasians.

    • I was going to relate several anecdotes but will only point out the obvious that books could be written on the self-imposed obtuse idiocy of the Chinese language.

      • Always wondered in the phonetic structure of Western Language was a huge advantage in proliferation of new ideas, as you can easily go from the spoken word to writing by following < 100 phonetic rules.

        Chinese, on the other hand, requires memorizing an entirely new symbol for new words/ideas.

        • I’ve read the same thing. Certainly plausible. Similarly, “Arabic” numbers (I guess nowadays the PC crowd should call it “numeral system of Indian subcontinental origin”) replaced the Roman not least because it introduced the zero, which is essential for math. Nonetheless, the Romans still did quite well, if you consider many of their engineering and other achievements.

      • The Chinese invented the typeset press 500 years before the Europeans. And for five hundred years, they used it for printing paper money – a fact they’re extremely proud of.

        Two decades after Guthenberg, there were more than a thousand print shops in Europe, and Europe was in the throes of political, philosophical, scientific and religious revolutions.

        Same story with gunpowder. In the space of time it took the Chinese to develop artillery rockets into slightly less ineffectual artillery rockets, the Europeans went from stone cannonballs to machine guns.

        • The European story is the perfect storm, and a storm it was. Different cultures shared the same or similar religion. Different languages with a common root and the very same alphabet connected different cultures just enough that an intra-mural competition was on and the result was unique. Now that the European man is tired and done he’s reverting to the Asian love of uniformity which is man’s default position.

          • Now that the European man is tired and done he’s reverting to the Asian love of uniformity which is man’s default position.

            I trust that genetics will triumph over indoctrination, once the metal meets the flesh. We slaughtered 100 million of our own in the last century alone – I cannot conceive how stupid you’d have to be to think it’s a good idea to make the white boys angry.

            Never mind nuclear weapons, but the Belgian army could probably wipe out every Moslem on the planet in a few weeks, if they took the gloves off.

          • That made me laugh. But I hope the truffles are full of surprises, they should be ripe by now.

          • We can hope, Felix. But genetics is a two way road and apparently traveled at higher speeds than we were led to believe. Ed Dutton demonstrates that we have been traveling the wrong way for several generations. My great grandparents won’t be in this fight. The current crop will be, and they are not inspiring.

          • Moshe Dayan’s answer to the question of how was it possibly that the Jews beat the Arabs in a few days:”Because we were fighting Arabs”. That may end up very differently with the Persians, they are not Arabs but still mohammeddan.

          • Literate Chinese speakers should have had even more of an advantage with the written word. Even when their dialects are mutually unintelligible, they can make themselves understood with writing.

        • Orientals seem to be very good at extrapolating and detailing once someone shows them a concept, but seem to be very poor at inventing new concepts, or extending old concepts to a different use.

          Then again, their genetic culture values conformity, and new ideas are the antithesis of conformity.

          China: You can’t do that. It’s impossible.
          Chinese: Okay, I won’t do that.

          Europe/USA: You can’t do that. It’s impossible.
          White dude: Oh yeah? watch me.

          • Henry Ford wrote in My Life, My Work, that he’d fire any guy who started to consider himself an expert. Experts were experts at telling you what couldn’t be done.

            For the same reason, he kept no records of the experiments made in his factories because records mostly recorded failures and thus closed off avenues of innovation. Just because some method of iron casting had failed in the past, didn’t mean it wouldn’t work if another guy tried it.

          • There was an excellent post a few years back by a veteran airline pilot who retired and worked in Korea, China, and one other Asian county I don’t remember hired to re-training their pilots in order to reduce the tremendous numbers of pilot error. He failed in every case. They will not take correction of the ways they have been taught because that would disrespect their teachers. And that is how you get Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, and Ho Lee Fuk crashing their 747 short of the runway at San Francisco when every passenger with an aisle seat knew they were too low.

            He stated that he never had that problem with training Asian-American pilots.

            Breaking the mold has it positive and negative points. Anti-social levels are necessary higher among creative persons. Among the unintelligent theeffects are clearly adverse.

      • I don’t know any spoken Chinese so I cannot comment but I’m not so sure about their written language. While on the one hand one must learn a different symbol for each new written word, that symbol is the same irrespective of which dialect of Chinese the reader may speak. So a Cantonese-speaking writer may pen a novel which can be read by a Mandarin-speaking reader without any translation being necessary.

        Japanese is very similar. Their written language (Kanji) is based upon the Chinese written language. In fact a reasonably well educated Japanese person can read a Chinese newspaper with only minimal difficulty. But the written language is so cumbersome that a Japanese public school student spends roughly HALF of every school day learning to read and write. Compare that to here in the U.S.where we spend part of the first grade learning the basics of reading and making our letters (and never more than an hour or so per day) and are reading on a low level before the end of the first semester. In my day we spent time in the 3rd learning to read/write cursive (they don’t even teach cursive these days) but aside from practicing reading and learning to recognize/spell new words we did not spend any more time learning to read or write.

        To graduate from High School a Japanese student must be able to decode and legibly write TWELVE HUNDREDseparate characters! That includes basic Kanji, two syllable-based character sets (kata-kana and hira-gana) and the full Roman alphabet (which they call Romaji). To graduate from college a Japanese student has to be able to decode upwards of FIVE THOUSAND characters, so they spend half of every school daydoing things we did a portiion of the day back in grade school. A Japanese typewriter has over 1,200 keys and covers a whole desk! (The upside of that being that a typist can type one keystroke/second and still churn out 60 words/minute!) To produce readable Roman letters one needs a mere 8×8 matrix of dots (greater resolution makes it easier to read but 8×8 is a working minimum) whereas to make a minimally-legible Kanji character requires a 32×32 matrix of dots./pixels. Of course to encode the information even to transmit even a single character requires multiple bytes. Contrast that to being able to encode the entire Roman alphabet – upper and lower case plus punctuation marks and even a blank space) in just a single 8-bit byte. Bringing Asia into the computer age was a herculean task!

        • Let’s not forget our educators were talking about the superiority of the East and pushed Whole Word reading, essentially stripping Western languages of their phonetic roots.

          Because who wouldn’t look at what you wrote and say “yeah, let’s copy that.”

        • Since their rise to developed status, the Koreans, wisely perhaps, abandoned most use of Chinese characters, hanja, and use their own hangul alphabet almost exclusively.

        • In my very, very limited experience the written Chinese is somewhat divorced from the language, as you allude to. Chinese itself is probably one of the easier spoken languages to learn (apart from the vocabulary being completely foreign apart from some one-off coincidences) since it has no conjugations (noun or verb). Where it shares a trait with the written language then is that context is everything. A single kana is almost meaningless.

          I could bore you with asides, but in the many times I’ve inquired about the meaning of some piece of written Chinese to a Chinese friend I’ve never gotten a response that didn’t start with “hmm…”. Reason being, they have to translate it into spoken Chinese in a way that makes sense and then into English, which in total can be a long road.

          It was kind’a humorous in one of the Three Body Problem books, whose author is Chinese, he points out that in the distant future the kana form of writing wins the day since it is so efficient. Never minding the fact that even now no one has reason to care if a sentence takes up less space on a screen than a different version.

          • The problem with spoken Chinese, Mandarin at least, abandoning the use of characters is that it uses only a limited amount of phonetics. There’s an insane amount of homophones, although that’s somewhat ameliorated by the use of tones. There’s no way in Chinese to make new sounds or accurately create phonetic representations of sounds that don’t already exist in the language. Yes, you can read a romanized version of the language, or use the zhuyin fuhao characters that they use to teach children in Taiwan, but if you learn the actual characters, you’ll understand the written word much faster than a phonetic representation.

        • Young Chinese are rapidly rejecting the old written system to the despair of their elders. One sees the advantage of one written system understood in all languages. On the other hand anything that makes 1.3 billion Han Chinese less uniform is an improvement for them and for us.

          • ” On the other hand anything that makes 1.3 billion Han Chinese less uniform is an improvement for them and for us.”

            Really? What’s in it for me?
            What’s wrong with the current meet one and you’ve met em all situation?

      • Mitch;
        You’re *assuming* a Western frame here. The *point* of the Chinese written language (actually a vast set of ideographic characters) was to maintain elite control of Imperial China. In order to become a ‘Mandarin’ (state official) one had to pass a series of exams where you were tested on your knowledge of traditional Chinese literature and also on how well you formed the characters of your written answers. This knowledge had little practical use except being the entry ticket to the arena of intra-elite competition for the usual prizes of sex power and money. But it had many socio-political benefits to the then current elite.

        Obviously, your family had to have the resources (connections and money) to free you from the work that ordinary Chinese males had to do from boyhood to keep their families fed in order to spend years on exam-prep study. Equally obviously, a considerable IQ was also required to memorize the characters and the material written in them. Besides screening out bumptious commoners, there were actual utilities in administering The Empire: Among them that you could read the archives of previous dynasties and communicate with provinces that spoke otherwise unintelligible dialects. And, any conquering barbarians still needed you and your fellow elite members to keep the cash flow coming.

        Once one became a Mandarin, it was expected that you’d help your fellow elite’s offspring as well as your own, just like here and now. Passing the Imperial exams was the equivalent of an Ive League BA today, except that you actually had to pass the Imperial exams.

    • Do you mean that they struggle to effectively verbalize complicated processes? If so, yeah, that’s a common issue with spergy kids too. I’ve read that, despite superior memory and mathematical reasoning, they have difficulty processing metaphors

  51. Back when they had a measure of good sense, white Americans didn’t always welcome Asians; there was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and efforts to keep out both Chinese and Japanese from the U.S., and especially from California. The AmRen site has had an article on this subject in the last day or so. But, as the Z-man notes in the case of internment of Japanese in the U.S. in World War II, the efforts to keep Chinese and Japanese out were totally justified. I know someone who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and she says Chinese dislike of “round eyes,” is quite real and undisguised.

    Like Z-man, I too am hopeful that white Americans will push back against Asian complaining, but I fear whites are just too far gone in racial self-loathing to pull back now.

    • I’ve been to Manzanar; those interred there weren’t thrilled to be there but they understood.

      If you’re ever in middle of nowhere California, be sure to go. The museum is actually pretty even-handed and not over White-hating.

      • When it comes to the Japanese internment you will see an awful lot of screaming from leftie types about racism and tyranny and so forth. I don’t recall actually seeing all that much complaining coming from Americans of Japanese descent themselves.

        The thing that anybody who complains about the internment conveniently forgets about is that spying by Japanese agents was a real concern in the US as well as a number of countries south of the US border. My mother in law has a newspaper from 1936 that has a page 5 story in it about concerns of Japanese “enemy” agents conducting spy operations in the US. So it’s not like the internment that just “came out of nowhere” – as portrayed by many people.

        The concerns over spying were obviously something people had been noticing for YEARS prior to the opening of actual hostilities.

        The Black Dragon Society was a real thing – not a figment of white racist’s imagination.

          • That’s because, for all intents and purposes, there weren’t any. The Germans and Italians looked like “us” and so were not singled out like the Nisei were.

          • No, the aftermath of WWI led to the crushing of most things German in the US. The gov’t came in and put an end to things like worship services in German, etc. They had a reason because there were serious acts of sabotage during WWI. Which by the way, is why the gov’t wasn’t taking chances in WWII.

          • No one heard Joe Dimaggio complain either that his dad’s fishing boat was confiscated for the war.

        • You want to check out Magic: The Untold Story by Lowman. He goes through the intercepts the gov’t had to explain why it chose internment. Oh, and yes the Japanese did complain a lot. One reason he wrote the book was to counter the restitution folks.

        • Directly after Pearl Harbor, thousands of Japanese in America renounced their US citizenship. Make of that what you will.

        • Cal;
          In the standard book about Pearl Harbor, namely At Dawn We Slept, it is obvious but very carefully understated that local Japanese in Hawaii materially aided the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) espionage that made that attack so effective. So, yes, US concerns about Japanese residents having dual loyalty were not unjustified.

          Although it was true that by far most Japanese were loyal US residents or citizens, it only took a few to make a big difference in the case of Pearl Harbor. So you can imagine how it might look to US decision makers before it became clear in late 1942 that the IJN was not going to be able to invade California.

      • Manzanar was only one of the camps. One of my Grandfathers was a carpenter and helped construct the Japanese internment camp outside of Monahans,Texas.

      • “The museum is actually pretty even-handed and not over White-hating.” That is a miracle almost on par with the immaculate conception.

    • One time I went to the Chinese grocery in our little Chinatown and a Chinese lady was very nice to me and helped me find what I was looking for. I ❤ my Vietnamese dentist and Korean dental hygienist. They always send me an email on my birthday! Lol, it’s true.

        • It is, but I actually do like my Vietnamese dentist, who is really not a likeable fellow. But I drew out of him that when he was 14 his parents were off being re-educated and he took his 12 year old sister and left in those awful boats, picked over twice by pirates, quarrantined etc. That type never play the hate whitey game. Maybe their kids do.

          • Ha! My tailor once upon a time was Vietnamese, fought for ARVN. Love the Vietnamese, like Cubans, zero sympathy for the commies.

    • The funny thing is we always had a strange “love/hate” relationship with the Japanese. The industrialization post Meji restoration was one of the under appreciated economic miracles of the time–frankly the Chinese look like pikers under Deng. Japanese immigration always had a “special” status compared to Chinese–including Roosevelt’s “Gentlemen’s Agreement”. Plus they were accorded Great Power status at Versailles and the subsequent international agreement (Washington Naval Treaty, etc.). The 1924 Act caused a break, when Japanese were fully excluded from entry.

    • I don’t think white people are self-loathing in any real way. I think the problem is that white people don’t think of themselves as white, they do not have a white identity.

      • I like that about us. Many different national and regional flavors. But then some of us take that idea of diversity too far. It’s another one of those paradoxes.

    • I disagree that the internment of the Japanese-Americans during WWII was justified. Anyone who knows much of anything about Japanese culture knows that Japanese who emigrate become solid citizens of their adopted nation. With few exceptions, there were no more loyal citizens than the Nisei. While there may have been sleeper agents among them, the vast majority of Nisei were every bit as loyal as any other Americans. I would have been much more suspicious of German or Italian immigrants – even 2nd or 3rd generation born here – than of any Japanese-Americans. You see, I took the time while I was stationed in Japan (3.5 years) to actually study Japanese culture and history. If a Japanese family elected to pull up stakes and emigrate to the U.S., they were burning their bridges and knew it. There was no turning back. If you look at the war record of the Nisei you will not find any greater courage or valor among any group.

      • A long, long time ago, spent quite a bit of research time on the origins and Congressional debates on the 1924 Immigration Act. Despite historical revisionism, Congress was taking a gimlet eyed stare at what was importing itself from Europe and rightfully concluded that stocking up on leftist radicals was not a good idea. Unfortunately, the Japanese got tacked on for exclusion, mostly due to Valentine McClatchy and his newspaper chain stirring up resentments and convincing reps from CA to tack on that language.

        • So Sam, you are pro democrat voting, asian immigration then..
          Like I said before, even many of our ‘racist nazis’ are cucks…we are f’ed.

      • No one is saying every Japanese-American citizen would betray the US. However, history showed that good proportion would.

        1. If a Japanese family elected to pull up stakes and emigrate to the U.S., they were burning their bridges and knew it. There was no turning back.
        Every person of Japanese descent born in the US was considered a Japanese citizen and encouraged to register with Japan.

        2. Their children were encouraged to get an education in Japan and a significant number did.

        3. The Philippines and China showed that once Japanese troops showed up, the local Japanese population immediately set out to help them. For an example on US soil, a Japanese pilot downed in the Pearl Harbor attack was helped by several Japanese in an attempt to avoid capture.

        4. Japanese business associations were known to be avenues for espionage activities.

        5. Once the war started, the US required the Japanese to turn over their firearms if they lived in a restricted area. Several did not and were found to have large caches of weapons and in at least one case explosives.

        6. Technically, the Japanese were not interned. They were excluded from certain sensitive areas and could move to other parts of the country. Most chose internment because they didn’t know anywhere else to go.

    • I worked for years with a lady from Carmel who was interred with her family in 1942. She obtained her high-school diploma at 16 and wasleft free to go directly to college in Chicago in 1944. She said her father, a very tradidional Japanese man, sat them down when the order came through and told them that no matter what happened now they would be all right, America was a good country, life would straighten out in time, and that they must be eternally grateful they were not in Japan.
      A member of the Tamiatsu family here in Las Vegas (the elder was a major desert horticulturalist) received a visit from the Sheriff who told him the government wanted him to keep an eye on him heh and bought two dozen eggs.
      The internment did not apply to Japanese in the east. It is thought among the Japanese that the interrment was accomplished, in addition to security concerns, because the Grange wanted to steal Japanese land in California. Which they apparently did.

      • Mom befriended two California Japanese girls in a Nevada camp.

        A handsome young man showed up.
        He fell for one of the sisters, and she for him.

        After the war, he returned home to take up a good position in the Occupation government.

        It turns out he was a prince from a family of minor royalty. Some sent their sons to America for internment so they would be safe from the war.

        When settled, he called his fiance to him in Japan and married her, making her a princess! A true-life Cinderella story.

        • ps- one of my high school chums in Nevada- white dad, Korean mom- also married a Korean royal in an arranged marriage.

          He came to our 10-year reunion, to show us his gold golf clubs in the trunk of his Porsche.

    • The USA had best re-learn how to do its own manufacturing again, before we clamp down too hard on our yellow cousins across the western sea 🙂

      • No worries! if things get too difficult for our manufacturing interests, we might not have any surplus food to ship to our yellow cousins across the western sea….

    • My several experiences in Vancouver was not so much active dislike, but more that whites were simply invisible.

  52. A colleague of mine is a Korean, brought to this country and cared for by white parents who adopted her. A few years ago she changed her last name back to her ancestral Korean name. Honestly, not a big deal, as where one comes from still matters, even if adopted. Unfortunately it’s slowly progressed to your usual prog victim bandwagon, complete with hectoring people who call COVID19 The Chinese flu and is trying to bask in those sweet, sweet, victim points.

    No good deed goes unpunished indeed.

    • Funny thing is, most of the “anti-Asian” incidents of the last couple months have been by blacks, in the typical black way. The Asians have to pretend that it’s mostly whites doing it. They understand that they cannot bitch publicly about Africans lest Jews accuse them of white supremacy, even though they are yellow.

      I wonder what their dinner table conversations are like. “Can you believe how crazy white people are?”

      • “The Asians have to pretend that it’s mostly whites doing it.” How true. A video was very popular among single women a few years back of a woman walking New Yowk collecting 94, I think it was, minor to major cat-calls and physical interventions. Four offenders were white men. None of the complaining is made to the offending groups ever.

        • Yes, I remember that video. Most of it was black men saying mostly unoffensive things and feminists kvetching about it. There was a later video of a guy getting attention from women and they were way more aggressive.

    • Was she adopted at/shortly after birth or was she a toddler or even older? In my experience non-whites adopted as infants tend to be less likely to follow their biology than those adopted as toddlers or older. I speak as one who raised a “full-blood” Japanese infant (8 days of age) and who knows people and has family who have adopted non-whites – both infants and children. I have occasionally observed my Daughter affecting certain classic Japanese mannerisms. I have also observed her acting very much like either my wife or myself. Intellectually, she is very much my daughter.

      I have also seen the (not terribly encouraging) results of whites rearing non-whites adopted as children (3 years and older). They seem to present a mixture of biology and rearing. I have come to the conclusion that it is not so much “nature vs nurture” as a synergy between “nature and nurture” with both elements playing a role in shaping the resulting adult. While I believe that all should be equal before the law, I am entirely cognizant that the Creator does not equally bestow His gifts – either among individuals or populations. The only equality I believe in is equality of access. And even that is always tempered by the circumstances of one’s birth. An infant born into or adopted into wealth has a whole range of opportunities not available to one born on “the wrong side of the tracks”.

      • > Was she adopted at/shortly after birth or was she a toddler or even older?

        A good question I do not know the answer to.

      • There’s also the current fashion for Whites to adopt Black babies. A loving family and healthy environment can only do so much to overcome a negative genetic inheritance. The offspring of a welfare mamma and gangbanger isn’t going to grow up to be a Rhodes scholar. The pull of biology will probably pull the adoptee back into the Black world.

        • Romulus and Remus were raised by an adoptive mother of a completely different species, the results were mixed.

        • You saw the adopted black daughter’s boyfriend who killed the 2 adoptee white liberal UW Madison professors?

          Raised in a world white as rice, still ends up with a gangbanger boyfriend and then they end up dead.

          Genes create the culture, not the other way around.

      • Adoption and twin studies show over and over and over that biology trumps nurture. That is not to say biology isn’t at least somewhat plastic. However, like real plastic, there are limits. Also, nurture can do a lot more damage than it can do good. Like starving a child can make them really dumb, but feeding it properly isn’t going to make it smarter. Depriving them of school will make them ignorant, but putting them in school will do no good if the biology isn’t there.

      • Bill, with all respect, your daughter may well be as you say, but unicorns are still rare and nothing to base generalized assumptions on. Even two children from the same biological parents and identical environment can be dramatically different – ask me how I know. Environment is a transient and far secondary factor to genetics, always.

      • Untaught physical mannerisms are inherited. We see this very strongly in purpose-bred dogs — frex lines of pointing dogs that exhibit a particular style of point, and this mannerism is predictable if you know the pedigree.

        I just had an old mannerism crop up in my line of working Labradors (14 generations now) that I last saw in the late 1980s… and have traced to a terrier crossbreeding ca.1940.

        Next time you attend a family reunion, watch folks who are related by parentage but did not grow up together. You may discover a lot of family mannerisms, once you know to look.

    • Chet – I’ve read stories online about Korean adoptees here returning to their homeland and finding they don’t quite fit in there, either. So they reject everything their adoptive parents and country did for them, but remain in a sort of limbo in Korea, associating only with other pseudo-westernized Koreans. Pace John Derbyshire, Inter-racial/inter-cultural families/adoption generally does not end well for the children.

      There was a Korean (paper-American) working at the embassy in Singapore. His wife (described by him as a ‘fanatical’ Christian) had just had their second daughter, to his great disappointment. I was expecting our first at the time and neither me nor my husband cared what sex it was. When our son was born, the Korean was ranting about how we had a son when we didn’t care, and he hadn’t had the son he desperately wanted. Culture goes deep and lasts generations along with the DNA from which it springs.

      • Japanese professionals, working abroad in the west discover that upon returning home after more than one year abroad that their school age children are not accepted by their peers. All that despite westmania among the young.

  53. Never underestimate the level to which normie Whites have been conditioned to hate themselves.

    • Five hundred years of being on top and a very clever 5th column minority pushing their agenda can lead a people to believe very stupid things.

      Don’t worry, though. Nature – that wonderfully unmerciful bitch – hates wimps and will not put up with silliness for long. Whites either grow a pair and become tribal again, or we will blend into a strong group.

      • I dunno, nature’s incomplete without man. And wimps have been doing better lately. Look at how many strong, principled men were torn down by crowds of effete punks.

        • Trust fund kids can act very stupid for a long time, but sooner or later, the money runs out. Nature works over generations, not decades.

          • There’s also the possibility that the strong can make power inaccessible to the currently weak, curtailing their chances of social mobility.

          • In fact, I argue that this is exactly what’s happening. Throughout western society, various forms of social and personal weakness are being encouraged — and sometimes even touted as virtues. The problem is becoming perennial to humankind itself.

  54. Asians are another thing that the quantitative types on our side of the aisle get wrong. I don’t care what the Chinese mean IQ is. They don’t have souls.

    • “Are you stupid, Uriel? Japanese people don’t have souls!” – South Park, Season 9 Episode 4

      • Maybe I’m being a little too harsh on them. In the same way that certain insects collectively have a mind once they’re in a herd formation, the same could be true of the Chinese. One-thousand of them taken together perhaps have a soul.

    • I used to laugh back in the 80s when a friend of mine would often refer to the “immorality of the Asian mind.” Now I don’t laugh.

      • To my way of thinking the Asian mind is not so much IM-moral as DIFFERENTLY moral. For good or ill, we of European descent live under an ethos and morality that is HEAVILY steeped in Christianity. Asia remains – TO THIS VERY DAY – profoundly pagan.

        • Bill, once again, religion and culture are downstream from genetics. There are plenty of putative Christians in China – and in Korea. And tons of them come here, buy buildings from formerly White churches, repaint the roof and door in keeping with fung shui and various superstitions, and worship in their own language and still manage to retain their ethnic identity and ‘different’ morals – despite their pastiche of Christianity. Re-read Zman 13 April on Integralism and its fatal flaw.

          • Not really no. I have met many Asian Christians and while they still have some cultural hangovers (my own Celtic and Germanic ancestors took centuries to fully Christianize), they are almost a different species from their pagan brothers and sisters. They are intelligible. They are my brothers and sisters and far closer to trustworthy than the apostate liberal American white.

            Genetics is being used like some sort of augury here. If it’s all materialist determinism, then even this conversation doesn’t matter. You really can’t prove religion and culture as downstream from genetics, at all, the science isn’t there.

          • the thing is, Asian Christians will probably remain a minority in their countries, at least for a while, unless they can keep growing and take power (could happen, at least they attempt to breed more than secular Asians). added to the probably slightly different genetic makeup (because populations within a race are similar, but not the same), they are stigmatized as pro-Westerners too. ergo both genetics and culture interplay, as culture tends to be controlled by the genetic (sub)group in power.

            i agree that this blog is pretty much more sober NRx talk, but still has the slight drawback of “everything is material, so we can’t decide anything!” NRx talk. yes, the world is of nations, but some (ideally few) nations will never be monoracial. i understand that most dissidents come from either pure white communities or heavily brownified ones that never needed a single brown person there in the first place. however, some nations are not like this, due to geography and history and breeding patterns they have at least some minorities. either they have serviceable or easily avoidable minorities in small numbers, or a more complicated and potentially unstable racial hierarchy that can only be held by segregation and strongman rule.

            either way, the genetic (sub)group within the nation that can hold power is the one that creates the culture, and effectively using power isn’t always a function of high-IQ if said IQ makes your society less fertile. ergo, some unifying culture must arise for all genetic (sub)groups society, usually better if monoracial, but in practical terms not always possible. Vietnam for example gets props as being based, but it has tons of little tribal ethnic groups that it has to keep under control – yet it doesn’t exterminate them either, they still hold some use (serfdom probably) or otherwise would be a chore to do so. of course, the larger the genetic distance the less common culture created, for example East Asians usually find black repugnant. but idk, there’s still enough universals it seems, otherwise each race wouldn’t have its own pastiche Christianity (and by extension, their own pastiche “democracies”, which to a degree work better than the rice paddy kingdoms of the past). the Korean Christians (well, those few who remain non-pozzed) with their yellow slant eyed Jesus are still friendlier than the NK atheist ones, even if some rural/humble/grounded secular NKers must be nice, and probably have less plastic surgery lol.

            but yeah, sure tons of focus on comments and stats and memes, but no natural, fertile culture created by materialist determinism. if anything, it’s all very reactive and (((existential))), while simply concluding “the Chinese must be genetically inclined to eat bats and aborting girls, we can’t do anything about it”. why? simple, just like the pozzed Christian’s faith without works is dead, well works without faith stay in blogs… while (((they))) keep pushing their own perverse antifaith on all other genetic groups and their natural cults (of which Christendom is the ultimate fulfillment).

          • the Christian/Western pastiche or whatever, makes some Others easier to deal with than the pagan Others. and less willing to hate us, too. see Imperial Japan when it got too high off of Shinto. it’s not like Westerners were occupying Japan as they were China (which is the excuse the Chinese have for imperializing over Westerners right now, “remember the martyred Boxers!”); and yet the Japanese simply got high off their pagan faith, combined it with secular irredentist nationalism, and didn’t stay within their national borders. contra all the folk religion nationalists here, they tried to enslave other Asians by pretending to kick the whiteys out.

            although now that they are living alone for years and being replaced by robots, maybe secularism, or only paying attention to Dutch Christians, wasn’t a better choice…

            but again, we just need some Francis Xaviers over there, and less yellows over here. no more immigration otherwise, including denying Westerners who miscegenate the right of return. the Jews do it in their main enclave, why wouldn’t we. in the African case, the missionary helps them darkies stay and avoid storming the Mediterranean or Atlantic. in the Asian case, they allow for yellows not want to imperialize – goodness knows they have the IQ, and specially the materialist-pagan lack of guilt and love of power, to do so.

            we’d also get rid of a lot of incels. maybe they can feel less threatened by a 4’11” me love you long time if they go crusading. as long as they do whatever over there, on their own pocket, and NOT return here, win win.

      • I had a boss from China once. He told me there are parts of southern China where eating live baby mice is a delicacy. Hearing the squeak and getting to the crunch was part of the experience. It was one of the cruelest things I’ve ever heard.

        • Do you realize that if you did that, the mouse would shit in your mouth, as you ate it? I am not saying it is untrue, but I think that is worth pointing out.

    • Seriously, they are the perfect citizen for 2020, raw consumerism on steroids. Their attempts to graft themselves onto the civil Rights religion is just an acknowledgement that they have even less culture than the oppressive white man.

      Think of the typical tiger mom and dad, what do they actually DESIRE for their children? To become a doctor, yes, but not with the goal of saving lives or bettering the world. Only to increase the amount of vulgar materialism they can practice. The culture doesn’t really emphasize art, beauty, sadness, or joy. That’s why they fit so well in upper middle class America; a world where you teach your kid to play the piano for the sole purpose of increasing their odds of being admitted to the right college.

      • This is what the HBD crowd means when they say we are different and not interchangeable. They may be smart, but they are NOT us.

        • Nonsense, the HBD crowd is essentially the white version of Asian culture. They only care about quantifiable traits and outcomes.

          Do you think Steve Sailer looks at the Sistine Chapel and is in awe of it’s beauty and expression of devotion on the part of Michelangelo? Or do you think he is impressed with the material effort it took to create it, the man hours, the scaffolding.

          I’d say it’s the latter.

          • As a longtime reader of Sailer, I’d say he’s impressed by both. He started out as a movie critic for UPI, and regularly reviews movies at Taki. He’s an appreciator of the aesthetics of art, music, and of course, golf course architecture.

          • his cultural tastes are of the typical white boomer with silly baseball and golf addictions.

          • You must be right. Not like it matters in the long haul, the HBD guys are aging out and in 10 years will be gone entirely.

            They seem fine, just a little too autist for my taste, and I don’t think anyone needs another generation of graphs and datasets.

          • My impression of Sailer is as the kind of person who looks at a Renaissance painting the same way they look at the Hoover Dam. Maybe I’m mistaken and there’s a deep romantic side of him but I just don’t see it. I don’t see that in much of the HBD crowd.

          • Protestants preferred dry still-life paintings to actual images of the Saints. that religiocultural tendency, based on Luther’s iconoclastic reading, might have got then imprinted through selective breeding in Prot societies. they did always love their fir trees, however the religious aspect makes the genetic imprint stronger over time.

      • Anecdote: during a very brief career ca 2000 with a tiny firm with HQ in DC (It was a sub-sub-contractor), 8A firm Chinese owned. I had some contact with Chinese workers. Those with children would send their kids to “Chinese school” (no idea of percentages). In a way that’s good: Even in the affluent DC area, you’ll probably get higher quality at the average private academy. They want to teach their offpspring some of the mother land’s culture. This is both good and bad. Good to remember traditions, bad in the sense that it hinders assimilation. Still at the end of the day, I suspect the Asian private schools will teach the kids more useful skills than, say the Hasidim who apparently value learning Hebrew, studying the holy books above all else.

        I will take a boat load of Chinese engineers any day over any of the filth from Africa or other shit hole countries!

        • Far better to hemorrhage population than to fill the US with low trust competitors who have a completely different civilizational model .

          Son on those grounds how about a near zero or net negative immigration policy restricting everyone save for a few Whites who share our world view.

          And note if you are unwilling to pay the cost to a solid well educated workforce than well do without.

        • see? atheists can’t be based.
          not to mention, blessed Confucius and Lao Tse would like a word. even the hardcore CCP allows them now. much more so the Chinese emigre schools, half of which want to even teach traditional Chinese letters. they realized Mao wasn’t god enough.

    • I spent quite a bit of time in Japan back in about 2000 for work. What I came away with was that the Japanese are indeed a very soulless people. Their “religion” is merely a quaint series of traditional practices rather than a moral guide, and most young Japanese don’t even practice that. The kind of horrific degenerate hentai pornography displayed right out in the open was frankly embarrassing to me: pedophilia, bestiality, torture porn, you name it.

      The society is overrun with rampant consumerism to a degree that is parodic. They take the forms of Western holidays like Christmas — Christmas is very big there, but reduced to their secular consumerist ideal, just like the Western media has been pushing on America for decades. In Japan, the ground was utterly fertile, so it took no effort at all.

      I don’t think the Japanese share the same conception of human morality as Westerners in the Christian tradition, which is why Japanese practices during WW 2 were so horrific to American sensibilities.

      I experienced sabotage of my project by Japanese engineers. They had no remorse at all. Honesty didn’t matter, only face did. It was better to lie than to lose face or cause another to lose face.

      • I believe it was Roger Scruton (I could be wrong about the source) that spoke on why East Asia never developed classical music with the level of complexity seen in Europe.

        I think it was attributed to Christianity, the idea of sin, repentance, forgiveness. And that it adds something to you. I think it’s that plus the concept of the individual which is missing in East Asia. Take those two things away and you end up in a sterile, if still materially successful, world.

      • I was traveling on business in Japan years ago. Visited Kyoto (think it was) and Shinto shrines were everywhere. Asked my Japanese colleague / friend to explain Shinto dogma / tenents. Apparently that’s not posssible.

        • there’s no tenets, just little shrines you drop a coin into for good luck, collected by the God-Emperor. in return, God-Emperor gives them tentacle hentai and robots to keep them company in their incel-room. but you better not say anything, save face, wear the mask, work 15 hours daily, be a model Japanese. based, right? yeah, but maybe too much… more like, stuck…

          here some want whites to go back to that… guess that the Platonic pedo-Academy, the Saturnalia, the Coliseum, Eleagabalus, Hypatia, Norse divorced warriorwomen, drugged up herbalists, and the Germanic polygamist cousin-marriers setting fire to ancient pines are presented as “cool” on the (((media))) and (((educational system))).

      • well we did firebomb and nuke them. Whatever the problems are with the japs, they haven’t fallen for the trap of welcoming in the world. We, inexplicably have.

      • “I spent quite a bit of time in Japan back in about 2000 for work. What I came away with was that the Japanese are indeed a very soulless people.”

        You mean you absorbed every last bit of left-wing MSM and redditor anti-Japanese propaganda, and rationalized it as your own ideas because you “spent quite a bit of time in Japan” like every other know-nothing who hasn’t ever had an original idea in their lives. The hentai part is the absolute dead giveaway: it has recently become a memetic obsession among the anti-Japanese, even though it is of no consequence in Japan and isn’t even of any real importance in the context of anime. But what about the Jewish-American porn industry? Oh, we don’t talk about that. We’re too busy practising our great human morality by giving sex change treatments to prepubescent children, before introducing them to drag culture and fucking them in the ass. #JustAntiPedophileThings.

        This braindead fucking drivel got 46 points, and then the likes of Trapped on Clown World try to upstage it with more cutting edge stupidity, like the Japanese can’t understand classical music, even though today they are more accomplished composers than Westerners and have a very rich music industry that far surpasses ours (because the Jewish cultural rot that we gleefully enable and export to the rest of the world has arrived very late in Japan).

        Fuck all of you shit-for-brains retards and fuck this blog.

    • Who cares about IQ.

      They are not my tribe, my extended family, so they should live in their own community. Simple as that.

      Let them live as they wish among their own, and I will do the same. It doesn’t need to be anymore complicated than that.

      • Regarding IQ, it’s arguably worse to be overrun by a high IQ culture than a low IQ one. An elite minority of high IQ Asians has done more damage to middle class White wages than Blacks or Hispanics (Hispanics are mostly a threat to lower class wages — in the same numbers as Asians, they’d be no threat at all). And they very quickly move up in society like sweet Sarah Jeong at the NYT where they shower us with hate and condescension. And that’s not even mentioning a certain stealth minority guilty of the same thing, even much more successfully.

        As you say, they’re not my tribe.

        • In the DC area, Asians and Indians are on the rise. Whites don’t like it. Jews really don’t like it because the Asians and Indians play their game.

          Whites – even liberal whites – don’t like being lectured by Asians and Indians. It just doesn’t fly. Personally, I like Asians and Indians bitching about white racism because it wakes up a lot of whites,, especially upper middle class whites, who are realizing that this will never end and that their jobs and kids’ futures are threatened by these groups.

          • Would love to see/hear the Mothers Club/volunteers at DC’s Sidwell Friends School (elite private school) discussing the latest Asian outrage — like whose kids got into Harvard. Although they can’t be doing that now cuz school’s out for . . . a while. Wonder if that means that Harvard won’t be welcoming First Year students in person in the fall?

      • What Vizzini said. I despair of my fellow Scandi nationalists when they argue that we should import Chinamen rather of Arabs.

        Middle Easterners’ low IQ, repulsive cultures and despicable religion are their greatest assets – it ensures they’ll never hold any job beyond kebab-pusher, cab driver and token Mohammadan in government jobs. The moment the welfare state collapses, they’ll be remigrating in droves: why starve in Kuffarland when you can starve at home?

        • That is not the way it happens. They vote as a block and once enough numbers you are going to see a lot more decision makers in your govt. Look a the UK the number of English in the Cabinet is declining rapidly. (the top 4 are hindu (previously muslim incumbent), jew, hindu and Johnson who is Turkish/Jewish).

          If you do not stop it and repatriate Denmark will end up the same.

          • The number of Mohammadans is still less than 10% in Denmark, and talk of repatriation is already starting to pop up in mainstream media.

            In 2015, the Danish People’s Party won the election by a landslide and were in a position where they traditionally would claim the prime minister’s office.

            They turned out to be managed opposition, stealth globalists, and declined even to participate in government. In 2019, their vote was cut down to a third.

            The black pill is that the current parliamentary system has been utterly subverted, but the white pill is that the vote is there. The comment section of a Commie MSM newspaper like Jyllands-Posten makes Breitbart look like the SPLC.

            We’re a referendum on circumcision away from solving the problem – both problems, in fact.

        • Felix – Because even chaos in Kuffarland is more affluent and comfortable than chaos at home – plus there will remain the gullible kuffars to cheat and steal from. None of America’s various ‘enrichers’ have left due to corona – they’d much rather be under quarantine in their suburban houses paid for by the government and various charities than under quarantine in their home villages.

          • Because even chaos in Kuffarland is more affluent and comfortable than chaos at home

            Not if they don’t get freebies – they’re not here because of the weather. They hate it here, not just because it’s Kuffarland, but because they are intensely aware how little even their most fanatic champions think of them. They get zero-point-zero respect, they’re beneath even Jews and homos.

            Here’s what Swedes really think of them:


      • Successful assimilation is most highly correlated with IQ, agreeableness, and openness. Chinese tend to be disagreeable, and Jews even more so.

        • I don’t want assimilation. I want separation.

          I couldn’t care less if one group is better at acting white than other groups. They aren’t my tribe, my family. They can take my family’s name and speak in our accent, but they will never be us. (That’s no insult to them. It’s just reality, in the same way I could never truly be one of them.)

          Assimilation is just another word demographic suicide. I want my people to survive.

          • That goal is unattainable. We might feasibly reduce immigration, but the fix is in. The best we can hope for is a smaller influx of the “right” people.

            I agree with what you’re saying, but if the state is anything like a human life, we’ve got a long way to go before government will even consider reducing immigration. For example, imagine that you barely get out of bed for 30 years. Changing that habit is not just a matter of waking up and saying “I need to exercise.” You have to incrementally become a little less lazy every day to offset the indolence of a thousand yesterdays. With immigration, we’re working in the opposite direction, getting slowly worse, slackening the powers of government agencies even to detain suspected illegals.

          • Assimilation done right is conversion. It’s a legitimate means of growth. But good luck finding any immigrant, no matter how “assimilated,” that’s willing to say our culture is better than the culture they came from. “Your ways will be my ways. Your God will be my God.”

          • You are not in reality. It is impossible for people who are a different race to ever fully assimilate. Look at hyphenated american’s voting preferences for one thing…

    • No one has souls. Their problem, so far as we’re concerned, is that they don’t have trust. They don’t trust us, they don’t trust other Asians. Anyone outside their immediate circle is a mark to be cheated. You simply can’t do business with them.

      • Good point. Today I did some research (ok, two articles) about “Social Credit Theory.” Most of this probably from Wiki: I am surprised to learn that China is a low trust society. Social Credit sounds like a good idea, but always always, the devil in the details! The idea is nothing new, just a high tech version of reputation. In “the old days” say, you were a member of a church where you were known over a period of years, perhaps your whole life. To the extent you remained in a community, your neighbors had an excellent idea of your character, or lack thereof. This is one more thing America has lost over the years.

        • Ben, you nailed it. Real community and high trust go together. China has no community. From our end of things, it makes it easy, because “cancel China” is directed at the CCP, and you don’t get the sob stories of the poor guy in a factory, somewhere, out of a job because you bought domestic. I’m sure the CCP will generate those stories, but they shouldn’t get much traction over here.

          • Only blaming the CCP is what the globalists want and it’s already working like a charm. Normies are jabbering on and on about how they “don’t have a problem with chinese americans” bla bla bla…As a whole, White Society is totally indoctrinated with the idea that races are interchangable and that everyone has a Right to come here because the normies ancestors “did too”…

        • Actually social credit idea is quite different.

          Reputation in the old sense was social control/expectations placed upon you by your own people. People like you. People immersed in the same expectations and unalterable traditions you were immersed in.

          You knew the game. Behaved like a whore you were labeled a whore. A liar a liar. A cheat then you were the dishonorable. Those restrictions also reflected the greater prohibitions of Christianity and the Western tradition so they lay within an even larger framework.

          Social Credit is imposed by people that don’t reflect your own people and is subject to change or a change in the latest whim of the ruling class. If it’s bad for big business then the rules will be changed. If the latest iteration of Progressive madness mutates, then you’ll be held accountable. If your rulers want to manipulate something in their favor, they control your social scoring and will compel your adherence.

          Social Credit practice is nothing more than the application of power by the few or the “They” to manipulate you into performing as per whatever benefits them. Reputation and standing of old provided structure, continuity and managed folks for the the benefit of the whole or the “We.”

          Saying they are on a continuum is like saying laying an egg and playing football are really similar because they both involve ovals.

    • Hmmmmm. No.

      I was past the last bridge quite awhile ago. The chinks, the noggers, the queers, and the left in general can go collectively suck a fart.

    • Nah. Honesty too many of these comments here are looking down on Asians for my taste.

      They have their own traditional culture and traditional values. Fine. I don’t care whether they are “soulless” or not.

      They are not my people so we should be separate. Frankly I don’t care whether they have ‘souls’ or not and probably they think we have weird personality traits they can’t understand.

      We’re all different, but not inherently bad. Not even Africans. I just want to live with my own people, though.

      • UFO, nothing says we’re f’ed like coming to a so-called nazi hate white supreemacist website-and Even Here seeing seeing the virtue signaling…
        Those who don’t think Western Civilization is superior are about as useful as a football player who doesn’t think his team is any good…

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