The Warning Signs

An axiom of this age is that the Left always projects onto others the things that it is either doing or planning to do. A good rule is to listen to what they are saying, assume the opposite and then try to piece together what they are doing. It is the Opposite Rule of Liberalism and it is an iron law of modern life. An obvious example is their howling about election interference. As soon as they started howling about Trump colluding with the Russians, you knew that it was the Left colluding with someone to rig the election.

This is due to something Eric Hoffer noticed about people who join causes. The fanatic is driven by self-loathing. They are attracted to causes, because it allows them to swap their hated identity with that of the group. It’s also why they tend to jump from cause to cause, often contradicting previous opinions. Progressivism is a secular religion that is really just a dog’s breakfast of causes. Today it is all about trannies, non-whites and the never ending vagina monologue from white women, held together by a hatred of white men.

The point is that you can often get a sense of what the Left is up to by watching where they are casting the accusatory eye. That’s why this story is interesting. Fake twitter followers is a well know phenomenon. It’s fairly obvious that many B and C level media personalities buy twitter followers. It would not be shocking to learn that lefty sites like the Daily Beast and Estrogen Post buy followers for their contributors. Are there really close to one hundred thousand people following this person? Seems unlikely.

Anyway, the fact that the NYTimes is focusing on fake YouTube views when their cult is waging an all out assault on dissidents on-line, probably means that the view counts for lefty YouTube stars are fake. Just how fake is hard to know, but given the “by any means necessary” attitude of the Left, there’s no reason to think they would be restrained. Keep in mind that the NYTimes was buying traffic from Chinese click farms around the same time they started reporting on the phenomenon of fake followers in twitter.

Perhaps more ominously, this post from the Carlos Slim Journal, demanding Trump be dragged from office and hanged in Lafayette Park suggests the Left’s war on civilization is just getting started. Most people will focus on the rank hypocrisy and dishonesty, but the real focus should be the warning. The Left organized a wide scale conspiracy to rig the last election. The FBI and DOJ are currently running a wide scale conspiracy to hide their ongoing efforts to remove Trump from office and stonewall Congress.

As much as our side jokes around about Pinochet, it is the Left that may be plotting a coup in order to install an authoritarian government. Just look at the organized effort to ban people from the financial system. David Horowitz has just been un-personed by MasterCard and Visa. In the modern age, if you want to wage a civil war, gaining control of the banking system is the first step. Then you take over the internet. Without money or a means to reach a mass audience, fighting back in a civilized way is impossible.

That last bit is important. Most people are willing to fight the good fight until it means coloring outside the lines. That’s the water’s edge for most of the people the Left sees as their enemy. It’s why the Left is always trying to provoke or invent a backlash. It provides them with cover to scare the normies and use any means necessary to “defend our democracy!” As is always the case, the Left seeks to turn civilization’s virtues into vices they can exploit to undermine society. Your reasonableness is their best weapon.

The thing to understand with the Left is that they are reactionary. Team Obama came up with the scheme to rig the last election and when this became apparent to Team Clinton, they reacted by howling about “Russian hacking.” In other words, they immediately began to project their own hated activities onto others. Remember that it was the Left that started the Fake News idea, only to have people point out that the lefty news organs were nothing but fake news. The same was true of the AstroTurf chants over the Tea Party.

What all of this most likely means is that the Democrats are quietly working on their plans to impeach Trump as soon as they gain control of the House this fall. They have upped Pelosi’s Thorazine dosage so she does not blab about it during interviews, but the Left can’t help but get ahead of themselves, hence the NYTimes post. The plan is to impeach Trump in 2019 and then count on the NeverTrump loons in the GOP to join in and force the Senate to remove him. Given the nature of the GOP, this is a good bet.

This is a bit of a meandering post, but the basic point is that it is a mistake to take the Left’s chanting at face value. It’s not just that they lie. Ideologues always lie. It’s that they are psychologically incapable of concealing their actions. Again, that old self-hatred gets the better of them and they start dropping hints via projection. For two years now, the Left has been trying to convince us that Trump is a dictator, who plots with foreign agents to “harm our democracy.”  That should be read as a warning about what comes next.

That’s what puts the Left’s howling about a civil war in perspective. They have been waging a civil war on the rest of us for a couple of years. They have normalized the idea of using public companies to strip people of their right to participate in public debate. They have normalized the idea of stripping people of employment due to their politics. They are now the proscribing people because they hold the wrong opinions. Banning people from using breathing is next. The only thing missing is a coup and a dictator.

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  1. On the money. I’ve said for decades now that plastic money, and now the move to digital money is the most dangerous thing imaginable. Example, if we all got paid in cash and had to pay our (their) taxes, cash in hand every week there would be a tax revolt in a month’s time. If you don’t see it, you don’t miss it, with digital money you’ll never know what hit you or you bank account. Cash is king. The rest of this article is also “on the money” The leftist are if nothing else, at least predictable.

  2. Without reading all 151 replies, would anyone want to speculate as who the supreme leader would be,

  3. Two-thirds of the Senate to vote to impeach? Not happening. Both of my Cucknators (the traitors Burr and Tillis) will probably vote that way, but I doubt it will get to two-thirds. And then it will be a red wave in 2020.

  4. The next boycott might be the ruling class college system. It’s a rigged filter ruled by the accredation tyrants anyways.

    Military and PC/poli.sci university are the bottlenecks. We should focus on practical trades to keep the lights on- with the ability to turn them off.

    Let the rulers play in their own sandbox.
    They want us gone, really? Fine.
    We’ll even help. Who needs who?

    Civil war is what they want; they’ve planned for a reaction followed with a reset.
    Let our movement be turning their table sideways, or flipping it over.
    No militant coordination needed.

    • The education system is set up to encourage everyone to go to college. It’s a perfect system:
      1. Go deeply into debt to the federal government itself which now makes the loans directly and whose laws forbid the discharge of that debt in bankruptcy
      2. Get indoctrinated into Marxism / Leninism
      3. Graduate with no marketable skills, and so become an advocate for wealth redistribution and free stuff

      Thus the system cranks out committed young Commies

  5. The first place to boycott? The military.

    No, we won’t fight your wars for you, or be part of National Guard actions against citizens.

    Keep your VA, keep your college credits, those aren’t helping us as a whole much anyways.

    We know the troops will be more easily encouraged as an occupation force that way.
    Let us see how competent and effective they are.

    The Federal Government’s greastest strength is the implied force of it’s standing army.

    • Boycotting the military is a good idea.

      In order to achieve fruition, it will take a change in our culture, a culture which has glorified service to Caesar.

      Our culture has also glorified the concept of being part of, or contributing to, “something that is bigger than you.” You swallow that, you are not only a loser, but easy prey for progressivism.

      Another cultural problem is our conflation of male independence and courage with military and / or law enforcement servitude. A real man would never, ever don Caesar’s clown costumes. Why would a man prostrate himself to the Crown?

      You don’t find heroes in the public sector.

      • Respectfully, Mike, I would say this is not entirely so. Many years in the military, two services, from the bottom enlisted rank to the top of the field grades. And I worked in just this arena prior to and following 9-11 … for the remainder of my service. Many men holding strong traditional beliefs, and an unflagging devotion to liberty, do chose to challenge themselves from within the military system. And many NCOs and officers make fostering awareness a strong part of their training and educational programs. Yes, at the higher reaches, they become fully politicized, shade their former principles (if they had them … there certainly are some wretched examples of humanity in higher military leadership) and work for their own self interest. And yes, many will direct military forces to act against Americans resisting tyranny. But please don’t paint them all (or even a majority) as being of that ilk. And often it just boils down to leadership …

        • P. P.

          Agree. And, it is your peers in direct command of actual combat units instead of those of higher rank in command of higher HQ units who are only in actual command of lines on an org chart that will decide the issue, should it come to that. We should be proselytizing those people. How_?

          • When I retired it was getting pretty bad. The previous administration was incessantly working their vile schemes to totally subvert the military ethic and ensure compliant leadership at the upper reaches. Never wanted to be a GO; stunned a non-conformist like me made it as far as I did, but I can say I was nauseated by the political butt-humping and outright un-military behavior encouraged in the higher NCO and officer ranks by the selection and survival processes. This is certainly a generalization open for contest, but, from what I saw, I think the real corruption begins as an officer starts to think he might just get to the field grade ranks. He starts making those little compromises as a matter of structure. It then accelerates as he sets his sights on those eagles, and by the time he gets his certificate of eligibility and is vetted for General or Flag rank, he’s either had to compromise himself, or do a damn good imitation thereof. Don’t know if Mattis et al have been able to change this, or if it’s even been a priority. Certainly, the ones at that rarified level I dealt with were infected with the DC plague. — more on your actual question after a bit of thought.

  6. Clausewitz’s observation that war is a continuation of policy by other means implies that when other means of conducting policy (for example, funding a cause, or simply speaking on its behalf, or even just making a living) are blocked, the only means remaining is war.

    Think the progressive left understands that?

    • “I’ll tell you what war is about, you’ve got to kill people, and when you’ve killed enough they stop fighting.”
      – Curtis LeMay

      Do not imagine the “other side” doesn’t know this as well. The deep state continues and has accelerated its efforts, and as it has done so it has had to come out of the shadows. Financial repression, surveillance and censorship are not hallmarks of a free society, and everyone knows this, yet they do it anyway.

      They are all in. This truly is a seminal moment.

      • Curtis was one scary dude. Back in my college days, my thesis adviser did the last extensive interview with him for the seminal history of American air power and policy that he was writing. Got to see most of the transcripts (about 16 hours worth). His recount of how he developed the low level incendiary campaign against Japan made your hair stand on end.

  7. Permit me to interject with a dissenting view but I happen to believe that the Democrats will get their clocks cleaned in the mid-term elections. Trump will emerge stronger than ever. Impeachment is not going to happen and never was going to happen but the Dem leadership has no other red-meat to throw to their zombie supporters.

    As for these “opinion polls” showing that Democrats are poised to make massive gains, well, I think you can safely wipe your arses with them.

    • KangT, haven’t thought about you since Steve Martin culturally appropriated you on the old SNL show (the one that was funny).

      You might just be right–certainly hope you are. If not, Acceleration here we come!

    • I also am highly doubtful that the Democrats gain anything in the House – and they almost certainly lose seats in the Senate. Then Trump fires the entire DOJ.

  8. Of course this will go violent. Did somebody really hoped that Global Elite is like bored CEO who just gives up and goes away…..::D::D
    What we see now is 4th Generation warfare gearing up all over the planet. deplatforming, definancing, false flags, everywhere is a war and everything is a weapon. This thing goes really ugly. 100 million of communism victims are proof that those people do not hesitate.

  9. RE: Fighting back and the financial system.

    This is exactly why a week or two ago I brought up the issue of them (the lefties) trying to ban currency (cash). Once everybody is shoved into the *electronic* financial system then their option to de-person you is almost absolute.

    Bitch all you want about the hard core libertarian types over at places like – but that is one subject they are all over. The fact of the matter is that we ALL are part of the overall economy in one form or another. And the further and further we get away from having the freedom of conducting our business outside of the “approved” financial conduits – the closer and closer we get to that tyranny you’re referring to.

    Hoarding cash is an important step towards monkey wrenching the system. If they take away cash we’re probably screwed.

    Debate all the ideas you want, but sometimes resistance is going to boil down to actually DOING something, and if you can’t even do simple things like support a cash economy by even occasionally engaging in it – you’re really just a cuck of a different stripe.

    • The hard-core libertarian types, i.e., those who frequent, and regularly read the likes of Bionic Mosquito, Eric Peters, the late, great William Norman Grigg, Tom Woods, Hans Herman-Hoppe, et al, have been engaged in the battle opposing the war on cash.

      It was the libertarian community which first urged folks to either abandon the tax-deferred retirement racket altogether or at least make use of self-directed IRAs with physical gold and other precious metals as the underlying investment.

      It was the libertarian community which first exhorted people to obtain multiple passports and to internationally diversify their wealth.

      It was the libertarian community which first sounded the alarm regarding the war on cash.

      They were on top of it long before the dissident right.

      • I really don’t think the dissident right is “on top of it” at all. They started out being focused on other issues (immigration, racial differences, feminism, etc) – and are only running into these other issues because they’re now realizing that the lefties are shutting their shit down.

        As Bruce Willis said: Welcome to the party pal………..

        I personally believe that the reason why they weren’t really paying attention to liberty fundamentals like this – is because they really didn’t give two shits until it became blindingly clear the darkies were taking over.

        Before that – all indicators are that most of the “dissident right” were perfectly fine with out of control government power. Seems like most of them even still are fine with it – they’re just pissed it’s being used in service of the darkies.

        Some people are really slow on the uptake………………

        • Carlsdad,

          “I personally believe that the reason why they weren’t really paying attention to liberty fundamentals like this – is because they really didn’t give two shits until it became blindingly clear the darkies were taking over.”

          Do you remember when the kid shows on Nickelodeon and elsewerhere were running programs where the ‘cool/smart/helpful/trustworthy male kid was depicted as being either black or brown and the white boys were depicted as either uncool/clutzes/untrustworthy and that the direction of the program was to have the white girls ALWAYS be relying on or hanging out with the black/brown kid?

          Guess WHO funded/promoted those shows and others…and what their long term/long range goals were and still are!

          The zionists/talmudics HAVE declared war on white Western Civilization and it’s peoples via the brainwashing and indoctrination of the ideals of miscegenation/racial mixing via ‘education’ and ‘entertainment’..there’s no doubt about it.

          Add to that their efforts of importing wholesale large numbers of blacks and moslems to use as a weaponized demographic…what more needs to be said?

          Study the Kalergi Plan for a further understanding of what’s happening here and abroad.


    • Re: fighting back against the financial system, or frankly fighting back in general.

      It is worth restating the fact that modern cities sit atop the most fragile and complex group of systems ever assembled anywhere. Electricity, communications, food distribution / transport (road and rail), fuel pipelines (petroleum finished products and nat gas), water, sewage and waste. None of these systems are hardened, none of them are hardenable, none of them can be truly monitored 24/7. They all rely on a fundamental gentlemen’s agreement of universal cooperation. They were all built in a time when virtually no one could imagine the political strains we see today, or the extreme wealth concentrations in the urban areas and the dismissive attitudes so prevalent there for “deplorables” in “flyover country”. The cities have been the beneficiaries of federal policies for decades, and were especially the beneficiaries of the Obama reflation and deficits.

      A civil war in this country would be unlike anything before in history. The cities are larger and utterly reliant on the outside for their existence. Fucking the urban-hosted banking system would be child’s play. I think a revolution’s first goal wouldn’t be taking it over (hard), it would be turning it off (easy).

      All of this must be known, so now we must consider motives. The elites are pushing the narrative anyway, so they want shit to start; it’s impossible to conclude anything else. This means they have a plan, maybe they want to “not let a good crisis go to waste”. It means they think they can win, and that they mean to win.

      So once it starts, it would be in for a penny in for a pound. Once it starts, it would be all-out, no-holds-barred.

      • The dustbin of history is full of those that were certain they would win. Few have the intellectual honesty to first think through all the ways they could lose. The Left has an abundance of hubris. That is the weapon to use against them. You are right about urban centers. Had a little side career in emergency services—mostly routine stuff—but also went through Sandy, a few tropical storms, one long blackout, and a few ice storms. From the inside you see just how stretched the system becomes dealing with infrastructure problems in one area—but still with the ability to get aid from other locales. Take that away and shit will get froggy, fast.

    • Sorry but hoarding cash might not help. Following past practice (eg the conversion to the Euro) the U.S. could just declare that in order to combat drugs or terrorism or whatever, effective in three months existing U.S. currency (starting I suppose with hundred dollar bills) would no longer be legal tender. You’d have three months to bring in your old Benjamins and exchange them for new tracking-enabled Obamas. After the deadline your Benjamins (a fiat currency, remember) would be officially worthless.

      Or maybe you’d still have the option of exchanging them at the local FBI office provided you also gave a satisfactory explanation.

      Z’s policy of paying cash just to avoid participating in Database Nation makes sense but that’s really about as far as one can usefully go.

  10. Things happening NOW weren’t anticipated till 2020 at the earliest. The Hive media is dropping their cloaking device. Their insignia reads: USS Bolshevik.
    Battle cry by the hatch door, “Die Whitey Die!”

  11. >Most people will focus on the rank hypocrisy and dishonesty, but the real focus should be the warning.

    …is the most important sentence of today’s post. As Vox mused the other day, calling leftists hypocrites is like calling them godless. They literally do not care.

    I’m sick to death of all the pundits and alt-media continuing to wag their fingers and point out leftist hypocrisy. We know. And we know what they’re planning. The question I have for them is, what are you going to do about it? Whining about problems while having no intent to take any concrete action to solve them is the domain of schoolgirls. We need to be better than that.

  12. Rush just made a good point: if Repubs win the midterms, the Russians did it. If Trump wins, Putin helped him.

    If the Dems win, see- these valiant patriots stopped the mighty Russian onslaught!

    If God really does have a special fondness for drunks, fools, and the United States of America, then Herself will run again!

    • If the demoturds are willing to nominate Herself again, I think she’d be more useful to us as candidate than Leavenworth inmate. Sometimes winning beats justice (a leftard would be puzzled at the ‘sometimes’ but otherwise agree).

  13. I never joke about Pinochet. I’m deadly serious when I say that he did a great service to his country. Unlike most of South and Central America, Chile is a now relatively stable republic with a solid economy precisely because Pinochet killed the Marxists and crushed their movement. Marxists are zealots not subject to reason or compromise. The only way to deal with them is to kill them. As the old saying goes, if you want to make an omelette, you have to crack a few eggs.

    I give the Trump Presidency less than a 50% chance of surviving impeachment proceedings if the Democrats take the House in November. Trump made two key errors that may prove fatal to his Presidency. The first was failing to appoint a Trump loyalist as the Attorney General. Sessions has been a complete and unmitigated disaster for Trump. The second was failing to completely purge the DoD brass of the Obama era Generals. As a result of these errors Trump’s administration does not have the complete support of the military, intelligence agencies, or domestic law enforcement. He will find himself powerless to fight back against an attack by his political opponents.

    • Yes he did. And though I like to wear a “Pinochet’s Helicopter Tours” shirt to the gym, he kept Chile from becoming a shithole. My old firm did business all over Latin America—the only two countries worth a damn were Chile and Columbia. Thankfully, one of the of old school LA hands made the call to dump the Venezuelan business when Chavez got elected—he’d seen these guys before and knew where it was going. Argentina was only viable because we could hold capital outside the country and dollar denominate everything to avoid currency risk.

    • If the House falls, what is the probability of a state of emergency declaration followed by a night (or two) of long knives. It may be the only thing to stomp out Mule-er and his traitorous band.

    • I wonder how many zionists were running for the tarmac at that time as they’re historically the ones that helped birth and nurture the marxists into what they’ve become.

      Mordechi Moses Levy ring a bell with anyone?…

      Too bad that some social benefactor didn’t push
      him and his fellow jew Engles off a cliff or out of
      a sufficiently high window for the good of the world.
      Or pop a couple of rothschilds when and where necessary…..


    • Im going to pop my head above ground and ask a question. If it seems silly to everyone, please bear with me. MBlanc46 prompted my direction of thought.

      Is there any way to fabricate/generate/build, a system for banking, and communication, that would be separate from the current system. What I mean is, other than the obvious logistical hurdles, is it legal to make a new/different, Facebook?

      I can understand a copywriter for the name, but it’s just an algorithm. It would be like trying to monopolize post hole diggers. It’s just a tool.

      Same for banking. It’s just a clearing house for transactions between parties.

      If anyone can explain, or show me the error of my ways, I’m all ears.

      (Finally, I want the regulars to know that there are many people in the ether that appreciate your back and forth, and insights. You guys and gals have no idea the impact you are having)

  14. It all gets overwhelming and monotonous. And if I’m honest, hopeless. Having depression to begin with, I really don’t need the added anxiety. I sometimes seriously think about having a psychiatrist using hypnotherapy to make me believe I’m a Leftist. Life would be so much easier that way.

    • If you ever get a chance to watch the Matrix what you are asking for is to be reinserted into your pod.

    • Frip, you are among friends here, and you are here for a reason. The only person who can keep you on track is you, so hang in there. There is tremendous value in seeing what is really going on, you do not want to give that up. Giving it up is not in your best interest.

    • Frip, you are a Ring-Bearer. As are we all. Nobody wishes it when they’ve seen better times, but it is your burden for this age.

      Frodo: I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.

      Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you…

      I’m more of an Aragorn myself. A leader of men, so I welcome the battle of good & evil. The spirit cries out for purpose. But I understand the ‘Frodos’ of the world just as Aragorn did and sympathize with the heavy burden.

  15. We’re dancing around the question of “what do WE DO now?”

    Two things mainly. Help your friends and relatives move rightward (most will not) and avoid impeachment of the President.

    I think Z said previously that we need to red-pill as many people as possible. (Sorry if I’m putting words in your mouth, Z.) This doesn’t require a declaration on your company’s email about how much the institutional political correctness of the company sucks. That’s obviously a way to become un-personed. You have family and friends. Talk to them. A hard sell is not effective and may result in the people closest to you shutting off the sound. So be smart. Perhaps most will be unaffected. Count the ones who begin the journey as a big plus.

    Distasteful as it may be, it’s important to get as many Republicans elected this fall as possible — especially for national offices. I can rant along with you about the perfidy of the Rs. Fact is, the more Rs there are in the House and Senate, the lower the likelihood of Trump being impeached. Lukewarm as Trump may seem to you, you know that any alternative will be much worse … unless you are angling for total collapse, which I am not and hope you are not.

    Recently, the President has sharply criticized the recent deplatformings. He has also spoken about the plight of White South Africans. You know his position on illegal aliens (which has been judicially and locally thwarted at every turn). You can say that talk is cheap. But it is in the right direction and it’s coming from the most important office in the country. And it may lead to action if the President remains in office and and gains more legislative and judicial support.

    We’re in much the same position the Left found themselves in as they began their long march through the institutions. It’s probably harder now, because the people who own the institutions know about long marches and don’t intend to leave. We’re in a cold war — which I hope will remain cold. That is the fight that needs to be fought.

    There are at least two things that need to happen. I’m sure you can suggest more. One is “consciousness raising” among the people. It’s hard to say whether the behavior of the donks and the media is helping or harming that effort. The other is help from the top, in the form of politicians, interest groups, institutions, businesses, and sympathetic leaders. They are both necessary. I suspect help from above will occur only when the noise and numbers at the bottom are large enough.

    So do your part. Red-pill some people and help elect the politicians least likely to try to impeach the President. It is not the time for a hissy fit about the Republicans, soothing as it would be.

    It’s not easy and it’s not exciting. But it is necessary.

    • I’ll add one thing. Be of good cheer.

      The opposite is not going to gain you any followers. It’s not going to get you closer to your goals. And it’s not good for you.

      So get some followers. Move toward your goals. Be good to yourself.

      Be of good cheer.

  16. Projection is how the Hive sends out it’s marching orders. The queens point and shriek, and the drones begin swarming.
    Virtual drones augument the swarm, encouraging more.

    These fake followers, the virtual drones, account for 100K ‘likes’ of some sheboon Killin’ YT with the strength of a million slaves.

    Note the poke in the eye is some gut-strength imagery, or trolling, or accusation, enticing reaction so the troller can take action. As Dutch said yesterday, these trolls want an excuse to shut you down.

    This keeps the ball rolling left, protecting the Hive, justifying it’s projected image of gathering strength, righteous indignation, and the need for further vigilence.

    In a normal homogenous society, this would reinforce moral standards and public decency. The Left works by inversion.
    They flip the story upside down.

    How can this become so widespread?
    It’s the pogrom mindset. The soyim are always avenging some pogrom in their minds. Some detail is exaggerated or simply made up to justify a blood libel of the opposition.

    Slavery, Indians, social injustice, oppressing the trannies- these were all pogroms committed by YT’s innate evil.

    A defense mechanism has been inverted into an attack program. The Leftist ball isn’t just rolling, it’s snowballing- becoming larger and larger as it gains speed down the hill.

    They seem self-organizing, but every revolution has outside help. Lafayette was ours. We’re trying to defend our personal freeholds; which flank to defend first?

    We can’t reach the paymasters. The drones are firing from fortified walls and castle windows.

    Military guys, we’re going to need your help on this. You’ve stumped insurgencies. How do we start one, instead, without burning the barn down? The Quiet War.

    • ……. Tremendous sadness on my part, realizing your last statement is likely all we have left. My father’s generation were all WWII era citizens — the men all served. The last intelligible words spoken by my WWII Air Corps, post-war Air Force uncle, sitting in his wheelchair watching TV news in the nursing home five years past — he had not spoken or conversed for months when he said clearly: “Our country is in bad shape.” This from a man who was also a naar-40 yr school teacher, 50 year Scout leader, church leader, old-school political moderate and quiet patriot. Stunned his 90+ year old wife. It was the last thing he ever said.

      • Thank you for sharing that, @Primi Pilus.
        I have to wonder if a few brave, well-placed men with an 80’s-era Ford pick-up truck, some Ayy-Are Fifteens (or similar) and some blankets, together with good comms (think: burnie flippy fones), could upset the apple cart of a Left ist party by using said Ayy-Arrs and practicing with some melon heads.
        They’d have to be willing to sacrifice themselves, but if the other side started to live in fear of losing their noggin’ during a “party,” things may start to shift.

        Is anyone picking up what I’m putting down?

        • Part 1

          Carrie: Certainly, that’s the template our Antifa “friends” are working off of. But none of these things are appropriate, or will even work, unless a group is willing to go to the mat. They are right now; we are not.

          I have a sense that on our side, a majority who see what we see still hope things can be resolved throught the accepted mechanisms. It just takes alot to make relatively good folks into people who can effectively execute what you reference above. Now, the LEFT has no problem with that, as they have had a long time to 1.) see us as fundamentally different; 2.) judge us to be evil and morally diseased; 3.) develope the needed level of hatred to dispassionately, or even enthusiastically dispatch us.

          Stumbled onto one of their “intellectual” discussion boards on IQ … Tech industry hangout, I think. It was pretty clear they view those of us “normals” as sub-par humans. Frightening, in a way, what I saw.

          Now, the left really aren’t “good” people, by our concept of good, nor are they the real “who we are as Americans” population our former president often referenced. However, I don’t think that we’re yet at the point where we could widely implement what you describe above, and limited things like that would just be condemned by the media, our elites et al as terrorism. It’s unwise …..

        • Part 2

          … you see, to stop them, likely requires that we break the whole damn thing. And that thing is the essence of what we love(d). They know this, and it is part of their strength.

  17. Yes they hate themselves,
    Destroying their bodies with tattoos and piercings so that they barely resemble anything that can be loved or desired.
    They can’t stop,
    They can’t stop themselves from loathing themselves, but they can destroy that thing that reminds them that they are not authentic people.
    They must destroy every vestige of the society that calls bullshit on their inauthentic, fake little lies. Fake genders, fake social sciences, where does it end? Our destruction.

  18. People understand the world as a narrative, a series of stories. The story of the wisdom and glory of multicultural and multigendered socialism has been boxed up and wrapped with a bow very neatly. The story of Trump and the deplorables as perverts, thieves, and all-around ne’er-do-wells has also been carefully assembled and told. Breaking the narratives will be exceedingly difficult.

  19. I hesitate after the futurist article, but I believe technology will be turned against the federal government and corporate interests. The eye opening book of my late teens was the “Army of Davids”. Using the Roman Empire Analogy, at some point edicts came out of Rome, and were promptly ignored. Are they going to try and starve the people in flyover country? Not very likely. Are they going to march into Tulsa OK? Again, given that the flyover country is heavily armed, unlikely. Energy? Flyover. Manufacturing? Flyover. There’s a reason the rabble rousing is contained to the coastal elite area. What happens when a court ruling is, not fought, but ignored?

    • That’s what I was thinking, a civil boycott.
      In the Warsaw Pact, the people turned their backs and ignored their demands.

      So we’re told. How did it actually work?
      Who goes first, and what should they expect?
      This needs looking into.

      • In Yugoslavia, Tito, like Hitler, was a socialist gone rogue, so his country was torn apart.

        A Slav explained their financial system.
        It was called “public shares”.

        One didn’t buy electicity from a local monopoly or pay for a school or sewer bond. You bought shares in public infrastructure (say, the electric utility), and paid a monthly fee for facility maintenance and operating costs.

        It seems like a co-op or credit union system. That’s how Tito kept the corruption down and the citizens invested at low inflation.

        This may be a viable alternative to the Debt Eye of Sauron.

  20. Quite ironic that it is the left trying to squeeze our people out of the banking system. These are the exact same people that complain about the “unbanked POC” that aren’t served by the “institutionally racist banks”. (like food deserts). Our leaders should consider forming a Right-Wing Credit Union, as that places a stronger legal firewall behind it. Otherwise we are going to be reduced to postal money orders.

  21. Btw, if we werent in it and it wasnt for real, current times would be one hell of an action-thriller novel or flick. Most interesting times since the Cuban crisis or maybe even WW2.

    • Things may get real sporty – 1862 without the convenient Mason-Dixon line. Roman Social War / French Revolution sporty.

      • Not to mention that the rest of the world largely depends on the US keeping sea lanes open, keeping China out of Taiwan, Europe dependent on US security guarantees etc etc etc. It could be quite a show… Preppers arent nuts, they just pay, in investment and time, a very different sort of insurance, that is cashed by reality itself, not a corporation. And one that, if to be realistic, is expensive in time commitment in particular I think.

      • Just two days ago I was discussing the possibility of a civil war on the US with a friend and she asked “does civil war mean that I must worry about my neighbor shooting me?” I replied “yes.”

          • Right-wingers have one big advantage – among civilians, we own most of the guns and know how to use them. Gangbangers are hardpressed to hit the proverbial broad side of a barn when they shoot. Same thing is true of the police, for that matter.

  22. Good insight in this post. Perhaps our side needs to spend more time thinking about what the terms “civilized” and “civilization” mean, as well as what the term “barbarian” means. Western civ was not imposed by our forefathers without the use of force. Best thing that ever happened to Afrika was colonization by western powers. it took 400 years of British rule to make India less of a shithole. Ok – so this is a life long struggle. Currently, the barbarians (leftists) are inside the gate. Time for us to start rolling back the darkness. Again. Carthago delenda est.

  23. It is becoming ever more clear: someone is going to take the Julius Caesar path. Each side is nervously watching the other. Republican forms of government evolve into empires. Empires produce emperors.

    Since the beginning of the Clinton administration, the left has been making strenuous efforts to turn the military into a reflection of their social engineering goals. With a top-down structure to implement their racial/sexual revolution, they succeeded in transforming the military into something our fathers and grandfathers would not recognize. I believe they did this to ensure that large portions of the military would side with them in case of a coup d’état. A military dominated by conservative, white males would definitely be a nuisance during a leftist revolution.

    • Empires produce emperors. And emperors produce bread and circuses, including feeding undesirables to the wild animals in the stadiums. And most people in the Roman Empire became slaves over time, due to debt, currency devaluation, and loss of income for the more menial jobs. Sound familiar?

    • A few weeks ago Z-Man had an article on what would trigger a civil war. A coup or obviously rigged election is high on my list.

  24. “An axiom of this age is that the Left always projects onto others the things that it is either doing or planning to do.”

    Sorry to be such a math logic hard-ass but I believe there is a point here: it should not be an axiom, it should be a conjecture or hypothesis. B/c, and this is why I am being so annyoing here, the latter are things one can prove (whereas axioms cannot be proven b/c they are the a priori assumptions of the system we then discuss). And I believe that is exactly what we should try to do. Find examples of exactly when the left has done this. There are several off the top of my head:

    – Racism; ‘white privilege’ anyone?
    – Sexism; man-bashing freak shows
    – Russia; Uranium One, tons of other stuff others probably know better than me
    – Police state/’fascist’ (whatever that exactly means) tendencies; censorship, perjury entrapment, illegal wiretapping, using federal agencies against opponents…….list goes on and on

    So maybe I was wrong as well. It seems, in the statistical sense, that it can, probably is, proven (‘scientific’ as opposed to ‘mathematical’ sense of ‘proof’). And that is the difference between a ‘conjecture’ and a ‘fact’. Which it then is, a fact that the left does this.

    • Btw, I am absolutely also a fan of Eric Hoffer. ‘True Believers’ is a must-read IMHO

    • “it is the Left that may be plotting a coup in order to install an authoritarian government.”

      Unquestionably the case I believe (‘a very strong conjecture’ if you will, but I ll turn off the faculty lounge venacular now).

    • ““An axiom of this age is that the Left always projects onto others the things that it is either doing or planning to do. Sorry to be such a math logic hard-ass but I believe there is a point here: it should not be an axiom, it should be a conjecture or hypothesis.”

      If it’s an axiom, we act on it. If it’s a hypothesis, we set about trying to prove or disprove it. Which is more appropriate?

      • My geeky side probably ran off w a digression on ‘proper semantics’ there. But an axiom cannot be proven, it is an a priori assumption you cannot prove (within the system you then develop or analyze). If you KNOW it to be true, it is a ‘fact’ (or rather, if it IS true but then the issue is whether you ‘know’ it or not but again Im OTing). A hypothesis/conjecture is a suggested fact that has not yet been proven.

        I consider the statement, ie what the left accuses its enemies of doing is what it itself is doing or planning to do’ sort of a behavioral fact. B/c we know so many instances where it IS true. But, not an inch of ground is gained or lost over whether it is also an ‘axiom’ or not.

        • So how would you categorize the following statements?

          — There is something out there within our populace that hates “traditional” American — culture, values, mythos, history etc;
          — This force or ideology has captured almost all of our cultural, technological, media and political organs, and turned them on us;
          — That “thing” (LEFT, elites, political class or whatever) is engaged in an existential struggle against this traditional, or “normal” America;
          — This hostile human force is successfully marginalizing traditionals, depriving them of elaborated rights and working to extirpate normals’ reality, and if necessary, their very being;
          — They are winning.

          And as a follow-on, depending on how one categorizes this (admittedly hastily set out) list, what does one do?

          (NOTE: Not sure I’m asking you to elaborate here, due to obvious reasons.)

          I think of late 1941, and a US looking across the Pacific at Japan’s actions in East and Southeast Asia over the preceeding decades. Should we have waited for continued confirmation, even after Pearl Harbor? No sarcasm here; real question that vexes and troubles me.

          • I think you re misunderstanding what I meant w axioms vs conjectures or facts. An axiom cannot be proven in the context that it is used. A conjecture can (not counting weird Gödel logic and stuff) and a fact has been proved.

            Take something like the JQ. The ‘brown pillers’ treat the JQ, or rather their answer to it, as an axiom. They simply believe it is true. And then they start explaining FROM that. I consider answers to the JQ conjectures and then I try to see which ones have corroborating evidence. Same w SJWs and white privilege, treat a (very factually weak) conjecture as an axiom. Get insane results as consequence of starting from idiot axiom.

            To make a loop to Hoffer’s true believers, I believe one could say a fanatic treats what he/she/ze is fanatical about as an axiom whereas a sceptic would treat it as a conjecture.

            Most of your statements I could consider either facts or conjectures. I agree w them (implied inthat I consider mostof them facts.

            roo_ster is right though, this is not an applied math seminar and I kinda had that hat on, due to work, when I started reading the OP. It’s not that I think I m wrong in what I said, I think I m logically right. But it distracts from the kind of discussions one can have here. Hence I thought ‘wrong hat on when I typed’ 🙂

          • Thank you for your comment. Actually, I was writing in haste prior to an appointment and I didn’t present my retort well. My point is: We already know what’s happening out there. How much more evidence do we need before we realize we really do have to do if we are to survive?

            Some things are critical right now. They might include:

            1. Define and draw a clear line around just who we are and who’s on our side (NOTE: We have to have the attitude of Iceman in Top Gun talking to Maverick: “We might not like each other Mav, but whose side are you on anyway?). Lock it down;

            ASIDE: I submit that arguments about who hates Jews and why are irrelevant right now. That one is done; the bad guys are inside the perimeter wire and they are killing us in our foxholes. The fight is going to entrenching tools and any other sharp or heavy implement at hand.

            2. Stop sniping at one another over inconsequential differences, or beliefs not central to the definition (and survival) of our group;

            3. Conduct a thorough analysis of what we are facing — There’s endless, continuous and detailed chatter across countless platforms about what the “LEFT” is doing. Do we really need more to understand what we face (see note)? Time to lock the definition and description in place, and move on to another critical phase …

            (NOTE: Yes, it’s critical for situational awareness; but you can overload yourself with too much info)

            4. Identify our immediate survival objectives; develop short, intermediate and long-range plans;

            5. Identify those with critical skillets; allocate taskings — Coordinate — Coordinate — Coordinate …

            6. Implement a non-(existing) social media communication and dissemination mechanisms.

            I know, I know …. who’s going to do all this? Well, we’ve seen what happens when we rely on our ostensible political leadership (Republican party …. hah!!) It fails entirely in it’s role. So it’s left to us … and Trump.

            The LEFT has totally weaponized our society against us … who are likely a majority, still. Finance, employment, politics, media, entertainment … they have it all.

            We are being burned to the ground … I’m not an eloquent or pithy writer like many who post here or at other sites. But dealing with things of this type in another time and place was exactly where I made my career. As I’m aging, my detailed recollections of history and the like have bleached out a bit. But as I recall, after the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor, the Philippines and Malaysia, we pretty much just accepted that they were a mortal threat, quit exclusively tracking atrocities and actions, and fielded six Marine Divisions. It’s clear once again that if we don’t move on to the next levels of preserving our culture, our nation, our history, mythos … our very reality, then we WILL be exterminated this time.

            Our opponents now are much more threatening. Daily they are advancing their cause, however lunatic they might seem to us, and however much we might resist accepting that our own countrymen and people have turned so violently and resolutely against us. Most on this site know this — indeed, many of those I talk to in many different venues know this — our opponents are relentless, remorseless, implacable and intractable. if we don’t make some movement soon, we will be too far behind to push through the iron cordon they’re placing around us.

            Some above suggest long-range infiltration of the organizations the left has taken. OK … that’s one course of action. But it’s likely insufficient. Others recommend existing political mechanisms as the main effort. I just don’t think our political actors have the heart, will or ability. And as evidenced by the ongoing anti-Trump coup, the LEFT controls the critical levers of govt.

            So what I’m suggesting is that at some level we have to dispense with the primary effort of tracking and responding to the latest outrage, and just categorize them as ENEMY, so we can allocate our energies to the next critical tasks … whatever those might be to ensure our survival. Respectfully ….

          • Small disagreement; the JQ is not an axiom. Those of us who rave, foaming, about it used to believe in the Holocaust with all our hearts, like everyone else.

      • I ODed on nerd logic in the beginning, I agree. But my point was substantiating that the statement, whatever you call it, is actually true. Z then does the same in the OP so, maybe not the ‘uber comment of all times’ 🙂

        • BTDT.

          My job requires such spergtastic attention to detail. I have had to learn to moderate it. Was not easy, but it has made me a bit more effective since I ditched the “all dialectic, all the time” approach and embraced the power of rhetoric.

          Of course, when I come across a fellow quant and we exchange the Crypto-Quant Handshake, I can let my inner sperg run wild over the plains of Nerdvana. But not in front of the straights. I gotta work with these people.

    • Since a theory is a body of proven laws, are you a theoretical nazi? (Grammer nazi doesn’t cut it.)

  25. Sometimes I wonder if government is just a front for corporations and bankers and if all our politicians from both parties are merely puppets. Then I recall Bill Ayres craved a race war. Next I think of Prof. Panarin’s prediction of collapse, civil war and the break up of the U.S. I wonder if Russia really lost the Cold War or if it just went underground. I start thinking about propaganda and social engineering and online hate and fear mongering and talk about a strong man and muh constitooshun is useless and Pinochet and one side taking out the other. Then I ask cui bono? All this because I’m prone to conspiracy theory. But it does occur to me.

  26. The media is pushing the false narrative that Peter Strzok was fired from the FBI because of negative comments he made about Donald Trump. The reality is that only right-wing dissidents are punished for their opinions.

    • Strozk still works for the CIA, by the way.
      He had dual positions, no kidding.

      That may mean he still has his security clearance.

  27. Yes yes! That’s exactly how it is! That rule is also true of individuals. Certain people, typically those trying to maintain an illegitimate authority in professional settings, project in this fashion also. I find it useful to observe it in professional settings, but it’s usually just frustrating because you can’t do much about it. In addition to simple psychology of a thief always expects a thief, I think it has a preemptive quality of “if I am accusing you of this, how can you accuse me of it?”

  28. The ongoing coup to remove Trump is driven by a cabal of Progressives, Deep State politicians/bureaucrats, major news media, and social media technocrats. They are playing for keeps and, as with all Collectivist insurrections, they will go violent fast and furious once they have seized power. This is why the 2nd Amendment remains their greatest obstacle. However, there are better ways to meet this threat than a hot civil war. Remember, they are bullies, not warriors.

    • Become a Progressive, infiltrate, gain power, “grow” in office. It is a slow process, but it worked for them. No reason it can’t be reverse engineered.

      • If you have ever encountered a serious pathological bully in your life, you may have learned that what works best is to treat the attack as an immediate and personal existential threat. Imagine that you are hiking a remote trail somewhere and are assaulted by a hungry and aggressive mountain lion. Anything less than the best you’ve got means certain death.

        • No we do not. we had 40 years back under Clinton. That was 25 years ago.

          The general assumption I’ve seen shared on both left and right seems to be mid 2030’s the US has a crisis that either results in separation or a shooting war

          I’ve heard this from many people some with military and similar backgrounds and its is roughly 15 years away.

          if somehow Trump is impeached it can happen sooner but its roughly 10 years after Trump which should sober anyone.

          It might small chance be avoided and its worth fighting to do that but every day should be spent learning to organize and making lists and coming up with what they hell you will do if you win .

          That’s more important than bullets and beans right now.

          Win or die in a camp is the only options right now, The Left are religious zealots and can’t be reasoned with any more than a suicide bomber can

          So get ready.

          • The more Trump succeeds in hanging on to office, the angrier and more desperate the globalists become to get him out of there so they may preserve the status quo until they regain power and finish building the one-world utopia Hillary was supposed to. To me, that means *escalation and acceleration* on the part of the globalists (“By Any Means Necessary!”). They don’t want him around to get re-elected in 2020, just 2 years away. So the game is on and awaits a spark. And globalists like to prolong armed conflicts, even regional guerrilla style fighting, because it’s so lucrative and because of the opportunities that arise during chaos.

    • They bet on total Chinese style content and surveillance. Camps for 20 million White Male deplorable and no ability to buy anything, get in a bus, plane, train, have a driver’s license etc. Think Xianxing Province as the model. Most of it is in place courtesy of Zuck.

      The hammer is anarcho tryanny. All crime agains Whites is legal aka the Purge. The Atlantic is already pushing this see Peter Beinart.

      • The Atlantic is owned by the widow of Steve Jobs. How exactly was that fortune built…Chinese slave labor and the transfer of technology to the Communist Party police state.

      • Good to see you back here, Whiskey.
        If you’re referring to Beinart’s diatribe yesterday, about “the corruption of America’s traditional identity”, I think that you’re over-reading him there.
        I don’t see him here as insinuating for utterly open-season on whites, altho I’d *not* be shocked if he has that in mind.
        I’ll guess that we can find clearer examples, of Lefties insinuating for utterly open-season on whites.

        • And, Whiskey, your stuff about technology and culture, esp. on MadAve and 15-35 single women, is *super*.

          • Thanks too busy to write now. At AWS summit Anaheim. Whites a mere 35% of attendees though majority of presenters. Most attendees Asian or Indian. Saw 3 total Black dudes. Also modern pop music blows. Chunks.

  29. “Today it is all about trannies, non-whites and the never ending vagina monologue from white women, held together by a hatred of white men”

    Vagina is no longer an inclusive term. It should be” the never ending front hole monologue”

        • Gaping Axe Wound better? Chin up sugar tits, genitals are pretty odd looking, let’s be honest.

          Not defending PF he is a pig, but doesn’t make his point invalid.

        • Well, then there’s ‘snatch’ ‘hootchie’ and ‘cunt’….

          I’m definitely NOT PC and I’m all out of fucks to give!

          “Ain’t I a stinker”
          — B. Bunny


  30. You’re average normy still doesn’t get how much these people loathe us. There is no reasoning with them and unfortunately most of us don’t have any real defenders.

    Trump has done far more than anyone else could possibly or want to do but it isn’t much. His first public deportation is a 95 year old German guard. On the deplatforming and attack on peoples finances and livelyhoods, just lip service. Hey Sessions, where are you?

    The culture has to be captured and realigned. For us little people, small insurrections is about all we can do. From there new movement leaders need to follow.

    • Stuff like the OJ verdict, or murders by illegal aliens, sway people. The riots would, too, if they were honestly reported. But the media got Obama elected twice; they’re not as strong as they were, but they still have great power. Why don’t we have a media?

    • Trump has rolled over in regards to Big Tech stomping on us. By all rights he should be using the bully pulpit to tell his supporters to withdraw from Facebook and encourage their friends to do as well. Stop using Goggle. have them call up MC/Visa and read them the riot act. IOW use the same pressure tactics that the Left uses.

      Trump will regret not doing this. Even if he survives the mid-terms, He may find his base locked out of the internet for all intents and purposes.

      Right now BigTech is going after oddballs to test our response, but sooner or later, just watch, they will take down the big sites. Then they come after us.

  31. “Without money or a means to reach a mass audience, fighting back in a civilized way is impossible.”

    But of course, people will fight back when their existence is threatened, and if “civilized” means are blocked, we know what that leaves. Peaceful division of the United States is the only way to avoid Civil War. People who say that this “can’t” happen need to be aware of all the other “impossible” things, both good and bad, that have happened in the last one-hundred years. It’s either peaceful seperation or civil war. There simply are no other alternatives. By 2020, almost everyone will agree, if not sooner. I’m still optimistic, but we will probably have to go right to the brink to make it happen.

    • The left will have to be the ones that decide to leave (Catalonia, Scotland) a right-wing secession will be far more difficult. For all of the anti-white hatred among South African blacks, black opinion is virulently hostile to partition. Nor does the South African government appear to be interested in getting whites to leave, given the capital controls on foreign exchange. What they appear to want is whites reduced to a “high class serfdom”, where BEE ensures you can’t get a job, and if you start your own company you have to give free majority equity stakes to black managers and employees.

      • “What they appear to want is whites reduced to a “high class serfdom””

        To be honest, I hope that you’re right, but I personally think that the Left, through “Virtue Signalling/Holiness Spirals” is pushing itself into something much darker. I mean, not to be all inflamatory, but whites are basically High Class Serfs in the US right now, let alone South Africa – and the Left is still pushing. I agree, a Left wing secession would be optimal, but we may have no alternative.

        Once again, I don’t want to go overboard, but read this, and tell me that some of it doesn’t sound awfully familiar…

          • I know, it’s creepy as Hell. Mind you, I don’t think that we’re facing this anytime real soon, although whites in South Africa are. The Left in the US still hasn’t worked themselves up to it yet, and whites are still a majority, and heavily armed – Lefties don’t like victims that shoot back. But once whites are a minority, and if they are ever foolish enough to allow themselves to be disarmed? Don’t think for a minute that the bastards wouldn’t try it. As David Wright points out below, there is no plumbing the depths of our adversaries depravity and hatred.

          • Toddy Cat, these lefties don’t think ahead. I think if they see an opening, they will grab it with all they have, and not run the risk of the situation moving away from their advantage. Which means if the vote is settled in their favor on Tuesday, things will be put in motion on Wednesday. They are too desperate and too emotionally invested for it to be otherwise.

          • Bear in mind it’s American whites who are driving this here …. minorities are, at bottom …. only one of their means. Minority or majority status for whites, I don’t believe, figures in.

          • There are certainly Leftist whites who are advocating genocidal viewpoints to obtain Leftists Pokemon points, or because they think it’s all some kind of way to troll the hicks. They will find, when the time comes, that the demons that they have invoked are not biddable, but it will be too late. There were Jews and Socialist who thought that they could “use” the Nazis in 1930’s Germany, and Old Bolsheviks who thought that they could “use” Stalin. I’m sure that they all had second thoughts once they were in Treblinka, or the cellars of Lubyanka. A bit too late..

            I respectfully totally disagree on the effects of white loss of majority status, if it was of no consequence, our adversaries would not desire it so much.

          • @ToddyCat:
            You are totally right in saying that Leftist whites espouse genocidal viewpoints.
            I’d just like to add to that, that I do believe that “the hordes” of white Feminazi women who agree with these viewpoints, really don’t realize that that’s the “end game” of what they espouse.
            I am a woman (NOT of the Feminazi or Pussy Hat persuasion [shudder]). And based on the FB posts as well as occasional presence in teacher lunchrooms, I can tell you that these women simply have NO idea what the ramifications of their viewpoints could be.
            They are just totally based on FEEWINGS.
            Seeing as how the majority of commenters on here are men, I just wanted to offer another perspective, since I am often around (or reading by way of FB posts) Feminazi women in a major metro area.
            It’s frightening.

          • I’m sure that you’re right, and by the time that they realize their mistake, it will be too late. We however realize what’s going on, and can take steps. Also, in a few years, whether you can buy “insurance”, or who you sell it to, for that matter, is going to be the least of anyone’s worries. Things are moving very fast now, be mentally and physically ready.

          • This is why there are so many sites where white *men* are engaging in discussion about these things – because the women are unreliable at best.

            MGTOW, Chateau Heartiste, Return of Kings, 4Chan, /pol , video after video on Youtube……….. all talking about how WHITE women in general are fifth columnists at best and are likely enemy combatants at worst.

            I’ve been saying to women I know that the end result of the “feminism” is going to be women put into the burkha and stuck there for HUNDREDS of years.

            These things even get debated by the likes of Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia ( a lesbian feminist) – go lookup the videos on Youtube. They might be worth spreading around to some of these out of touch women you run across.

            This is no small thing: I believe that these white women who have gone full feminist are playing with fire. There appears to be an awakening coming from the “manosphere” – and the conclusion they’re reaching is that for the problem to be solved – women must be thought of as part of the problem and not part of the solution.

            The recent Mollie Tibbetts murder by an illegal alien took all of a day or two to become just another case in point. Once it was revealed she was killed by the illegal – it got pointed out VERY shortly thereafter she had tweeted on Dec 12. : I hate white people.

            Comment after comment after comment I see across numerous sites now read: Eff you Mollie, glad your dead, got what you deserve – see I told you so……. etc.

            I believe Trump put himself directly on the path to the Presidency when he called the illegals murderers and rapists. Everybody went ballistic – and then something like one week later Kate Steinle gets murdered in broad daylight, thereby proving his point.

            There’s nothing like being able to say “See – I told you so” – as a legitimate retort just before you tell them to shut the hell up.

          • Carlsdad,

            Black Pigeon Speaks did a couple of great videos that cover exactly your point about that:

            ONLY Patriarchy Builds Nations * / & other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS


            How Women Dismantle NATIONS * / & other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS


          • Carrie, it is mind boggling to me how ill-informed so many women can be. “The Handmaid’s Tale” is a shorthand for all of this, and front-and-center to their thinking on the matter. It blows their minds when I point out that Margaret Atwood herself claimed that she modeled the story after the Iranian experience as the Mullahs took over in ‘79. She had written the book soon after. The book is about the fundamentalist Muslims, not about us. You can see the rapid eye blinking and looking away that it generates. Complete narrative meltdown. Eventually, the response is “it could be us”. To that, I say, “but it’s not is it? It’s about someone else”.

          • Even so Gilead is behaving sensibly

            In that setting infertility is putting the entire species at risk and while polygamy is bad idea, if a few fertile men have all the fertile women and the women have no rights at all, oh well.

            Survival is paramount and niceties like women’s rights have no place i

          • except that such zionist/talmudic filth NEVER identify as “white”, except when they have to be ‘accepted’ by their host/prey.


        • The ANC loves sycophantic white leftists, they’d be thrilled with more of them. Julius Malema is apparently protected by white bodyguards. While there is evidence of an eliminationist position among South African blacks, it is a minority that would require an economic collapse to unleash. The farmers are being targeted on the basis that they are the “rich” Afrikaners that formed the bulwark of support for apartheid. They also prefer to hire pliable illegal foreign black workers rather than the locals that routinely strike and burn. The goal is to squeeze the farmers out through harassment and occasional violence, drip by drip, rather than the Congo style collapse that exists in popular imagination.

          • “While there is evidence of an eliminationist position among South African blacks, it is a minority that would require an economic collapse to unleash”

            Well, I hope that you’re right. But if a confiscation of white farmland leads to an economic collapse, as is likely? Remember, the Belgians in the Congo and the Arabs in Zanzibar thought that they were safe, too. Where are they today?

            You’re there and I’m not, but never underestimate what the Left is capable of. And honestly, you might want to read that link I posted. Stay safe.

          • I just have an interest in the place, I’m actually from Ohio. Afrikaners typically wouldn’t positively identify with De Beers, as it was founded by the Anglo Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschilds. I recommend following Willem Petzer and Ernst Roets. Also worth following Max DuPreez to get the insane white leftist view.

          • My mistake, I assumed you were Afrikaner. Thanks for the recommendations, although, to be honest, I have enough insane white leftist viewpoints domestically produced for my consumption – most certainly not a job Americans won’t do.

          • African history says otherwise…Maybe a few pet whites will be kept for awhile, like Gary Player’s clan…

      • That’s where the ANC (calling them a Government is absurd) started, but the trend clearly shows that it will end where it always ends in Africa, with all out genocide.

        • There are small, but substantial, Chinese and Indian communities in South Africa. Both of those countries have nukes, and aren’t subject to white guilt. Polling data also indicates that South African blacks have a lot of anti-Islamic sentiments (The Dutch brought in Malay slaves, also some recent invaders from Nigeria/Somalia) as well, but any attack on a mosque is quickly condemned by the state. If the West mentioned the phrase “freeze assets” and “travel ban”, they ANC would give up the land confiscations.

          • “To be fair, serfdom was not that long ago, so if Stalin decides to remediate this with collectivization…”

            As if uncompensated land seizure wasn’t enough of a human rights violation. And this guy is supposed to be a conservative? Good Lord…

  32. Z – You have discounted the Trump effect. Unlike all the other players, he has no motive IMO other than restoring our country to its pre-60’s swing left.

    None of the usual suspects on the right and/or left know how to deal with him. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I think he can do it, especially since the left have no bench. Their “leaders” are all doddering and the younger set are wild-eyed hysterics.

    Love your take on things.

    • As I read the post, Z is predicting where the left is trying to go and estimating that they have a real chance of pulling it off. But it does not say that they will succeed. I dont think Trump is made of the real dictator stuff (helicopter rides, firing squads, barbed wire camps etc). But I do believe he’s a brawler and he has many brawlers with him. I think our side has decent chances as well. That might actually make hot CW more likely, that neither is in a position where they obviously have to back down? But we ll see. The tone of the post seems fairly ‘brace for the crash coz we re all out of happy ends’ black pill feel to it. But I like that frame better than the complacency of ‘we ll clean this up in no time flat’.

    • There is no “bench” on any side of the fracas. When one side falls, it will be swift but messy. Nature and politics abhor a vacuum.

      • Im not so sure about the swift thing when differences are so entrenched and we are talking about hundreds of millions of people.

        • M y S;
          Have to agree about maybe ‘not swift’. Resolving Coups or Civil Wars takes bringing out competent hard men who can command the loyalty of other competent hard men, at least on the ultimately winning side. As Civil War v1.0 showed, it can take a couple of years just to identify them.

          So where do we see any competent hard men on the Left today_? The question answers itself. IF the Progs thought about it, their hope would have to be that there’re some hiding in the ‘3 letter agency’ deep state. But if Brennen is any example, the real danger is that person being able to persuade The Cloud that they’re the one to do this while they’re actually not. Almost nobody on the Right wants CW II. But wars break out all throughout history by one side (or both) greatly misunderstanding the actual correlation of forces, So Z Man is right to worry.

          On the Right there may be a hard, competent general or two but they,ve had to disguise that. And, they’ll have to sift a lot of Prog introduced chaff out of the way first.

          BTW, I can’t be the only one noticing that P. Trump is assiduously cultivating the The US Military. It would be truly impressive if he had someone emulating the future 5 star General Marshall who spent his pre WWII US Army years doing his best to ID who was competent regardless of rank so he could tap them if he made CoS and if war broke out. Even so, Marshall made mistakes. But one reason we won, starting almost from scratch, was that he was also ruthless in weeding those mistakes out, (just like a certain flamboyant POTUS is know for doing).

        • Upwards of half the men in parts of Europe died during the 30’s Years War, 3/4 in some places

          It was so bad only men 50 and up (in the 17th century so elderly) could take the priesthood in parts of Germany

          This is exactly the same kind of war , one of religious and economic domination

          The Right must dominate , must have and use authority and have a view for the future. If they don’t the left who does all these things has already one.

          If you want Christendom than you’d best be willing to expel non Christians in your borders

          As such this war probably going to have about the same chance of being stopped once its starts. That is zero . It will burn out in time when there is enough death to make everyone come to the table

          The upside is modern life is quite fragile and as such it won’t take 30 years ,probably, No one will last that long.

          Frankly the sooner the Right gets ready and willing and able to do whatever it takes to win the better. That resolve might just be the key to a non violent victory.

          As John Adams said

          Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

          Once we do a combination of getting rid of the worst of the people who aren’t moral and religious and decent and make the rest of the population fake it till they make it we can have our Constitution

          Otherwise boots on necks all the way down

    • I don’t know if his jump to the Israel First agenda is courting strong allies, or trying to save an outgunned ship.

      If- IF- the Dems and Nevers get him, we need a plan B. Or Z.

      We may need to prepare a Copt strategy, a way to coexist. That means reorienting from WN to surviving the poz. I’d rather grit my teeth and keep the lights on a bit longer.

      Reality means unpleasant truths- the truth is we might not win this round.

      • Copts are virtually extinct and subject to regular pogroms that aren’t widely publicized or cared about. Without the limited US support they had it is likely they would have been exterminated during the late 20th century Islamic revival.

        The course of action for white Americans with some means, should the Trump reforms totally fail to materialize, is to find the best way out or into the hinterlands.

        • Known a few Copts here in PA. One day on a job site in Harrisburg an Egyptian Copt whom I got to know saw a few chicks in burkha’s passing by. He just shook his head. I asked him what was up. He said “Your people are fools…importing this into your country”. He went on to regale me with blood curdling tales of the kind of hell his family lived under/through. No offense to this good man…but the last living situation I’d want to emulate is that of a Copt.

    • Stop with the worship, it’s disgusting.

      Trump is hated by both sides. They already have him isolated in the WH. They won’t promote his agenda, etc. And they will impeach him when the Dems win back the House. This is a given.

      The GOP Senate will side with the Dems. This is a given. They hate Trump, especially the GOP leadership.

      And both sides have made it clear, they have declared war on whitey. That means you MAGA types especially. They’re going to stomp on us like the way we stomp on cockroaches for having the temerity to elect a outsider.

      • Stop with the defeatism, it’s disgusting. And it makes you sound like a pussy, I mean front hole.

      • @Rod
        Both sides of what exactly? The Progs and the neocucks? The only difference amongst these people is one set are true-believers and the others are there to feed on the corpse. They’re all the Uniparty.

        What proof do you have Trump is isolated? Because the Chaimstream Media tell you that it is so? Cohen has already admitted it’s only his word versus PDT’s. Yup, Mueller and Co. gave the Nat’l Enquirer guy immunity. Probably another nothing-burger like everything else. Trump has outmanuevered the Left at every turn. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt here.

        I doubt the Dems flip enough seats to take the House and the Senate probably goes more for the GOP. No doubt there will be an October Surprise this year but who will be “surprised” is the question. Dont forget Sleepy has his prosecutor and sealed indictments.

      • They’ll make sure no outsider gets close to power ever again. Can’t control a man that has everything.

  33. The “unpersoning” of Alex Jones and David Horowitz, the firing of James Damore — it’s all very disturbing. Unmistakable portents.

    Oh they have plans for us. Does anyone remember when Prince Charles let slip that he believed the vast filthy shanty towns of Mumbai represent “ideal neutral carbon-emission communities”?

  34. Despite this being an ideological age, our leaders are pretty non-ideological. People today are merely gravitating towards the strongman who reflects their beliefs, even if that person is incompetent.

    This pretty much is like what happened towards the end of the Roman Republic, as both sides gravitated towards violence and rulers increasingly ruled less by civility and more by strength. Who now comes as a Julius Caesar to finally wipe out the Republic, whether left or right remains to be seen.

    • There weren’t two sides toward the end of the Empire, which started in Tacitus’s time…There was just a brutal and confiscatory government, and a population that was fleeing it…

    • If the conflict is not ideological, why have open borders and anti-whiteness become quasi-religious campaigns? I grant that evil Republicans want cheap labor but that need is insufficient to raise these causes to the level of a religion.

      Consider that there may be a group with great media control that hates traditional white men and really wants to snuff them. Think of the Kulaks in Bolshevik Russia.

    • I think we are going through another Fourth Turning, and this one will be internal. If so Trump would be the strongman or”The Champion”. Our last internal 4th Turning was the Civil War, and that one had semi-clear lines dividing the sides.

  35. “A good rule is to listen to what they are saying, assume the opposite and then try to piece together what they are doing.”

    I get that, but are they really that smart? I recognize there are true conspiracies, but for the most part leftist & conservative blather is just that … blather. So when we listen to Ocasio-Cortez we can’t assume there’s anything to piece together. They’re playing checkers, not chess. (Apologies to checkers players.)

    • You should probably have read the rest of the post. Banning people from the banking system is not blather. It’s real. YouTube has threatened Stefan Molyneux’s ability to make a living. That’s very real.

      • In the old TV series “Max Headroom”
        season 1 episode 4:
        “Carter arrives at his condo tower to find his credit tube inoperable in opening the door. He’s been locked out, charged with first degree credit fraud, and is wanted by the Metrocops.”
        The biggest threat to freedom in the future will be the inability to use anonymous cash for transactions.
        Thirty years ago, this program nailed it.

        • All you have to do is watch episodes from the Netflix series Black Mirror. Many show how the Progs will implement even more control and mete out their form of justice in the near future.

          • True that. And, he wanted to disappear Charles Lindberg for his involvement with the AMERICA FIRST COMMITTEE. You can always tell who and what the Leviathan fears the most, by the restrictions on your First Amendment rights.

          • You got that right Dweezil!

            From what I’ve researched, a lot of anti-American dirty business has been committed by the zionists/talmudics and their goy enablers…not good, not good at all!!

            Lindberg and others were definitely awake to what these perfidious vipers have always been!


        • Elimination of cash has been seriously on the table since the post-9/11 USA-PATRIOT Act required all banks to screen for and report “suspicious activity” for all transaction types. Comprehensive data is kept by banks and available to the government on all non-cash transactions but cash is trickier. Currently only large scale cash transactions ($10K+) are routinely reported to the Feds. Apparent attempts to evade routine reporting of large cash transactions (for example multiple same day transactions aggregating $10K+) are reported as “suspicious activity” and can trigger criminal investigations. That’s what got Denny Hastert in trouble.

          Large cash transaction reporting requirements under USA-PATRIOT apply not just to banks but to other businesses where such transactions are not uncommon such as casinos, car dealers etc. So no loophole there.

          Enjoy the anonymity of cash while you have it, probably not for much longer.

      • I have in my hands a memo and accompanying guidelines from last week on the exclusion of any firm engaged in the manufacture of firearms, firearms parts (no matter how inncocuous), lobbying or any advocacy on behalf of 2nd amendment rights, sponsorship of any events that involve firearms or shooting of any kind from purchasing insurance. Now, since it is a foreign owned, they were not satisfied to simp;ly present these as “underwriting guidelines”, but rather had to preface with a long homily on the “social responsibility” of doing everything possible to diminish the firearms industry.

        BTW—it’s now “front hole”

        • Could you scan that, and post it somewhere?
          The normies need to see it, along with pertinent commentary.
          But protect your anonymity, of course.

        • It would be a shame of that memo were to get into the wrong hands. Imagine Breitbart and Tucker thumping it for a week.

          • I’m working on that right now. Distribution is limited at this point. Once it gets wider distribution as the policy is implemented would be easier.

          • Imagine if somebody looked into my login info here on ZMan’s blog and found my email address. And then said document somehow magically showed up in my email inbox…. and I then casually posted it on a gun site I frequent.

            It would then spread – I guarantee it.

          • Like I said, right now there is such a short list who have it, would be a problem. Once it implements, then much easier.

      • The attack on cash is also very real. And it potentially affects EVERYBODY who doesn’t fall right in lockstep behind their agenda.

        Some people need to wake the eff up.

    • They don’t have to be smart (if they were, they wouldn’t be leftist). They just have to be successful.

    • O-C isn’t that smart but someone else has put together basic rules of engagement. She is what I would term a “useful idiot”. The minute she becomes a liability, they will jettison her.

    • Smart they are not, it is the hand of the puppet master that is making the big decisions for them. Look at their heros they show on TV, would you trust Chuckie Shoomer with a lawn mower? Maxine with a knife to cut vegetables?
      The big win is the cleanup after the civil war, that is the winner. Yep conspiracy 101, but if its true that makes it sedition not a conspiracy.

  36. The assault on David Horowitz really makes it clear that “the war on cash” is really “the war for total control”.

    • Total control is required to maintain the empire containing both ethnostate Israel and open-border anti-white America.

      • They want the Brazilian style Amerikwa to be a colony of Israel. A large outpost for resource extraction & slave labor

      • You have Jews on the brain if you think Netanyahu had anything to do with Visa and Mastercard banning donations to Horowitz.

        • Nope, it’s called being awake to the continued actions and aggressions of the zionist/talmudics that advance the issues of the rothschilds corporate/military colony known as the [terrorist] state of israel.

          You seem to forget that it was israel and moshe dyan that were responsible for the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, that David Ben Gurion and other zionists were responsible for killing Americans and others via the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1947 and that israeli agents were responsible for the rash of firebombings in Cairo, Egypt in 1957.

          Is it any surprise that israel via their Mossad IS responsible for the 9/11 attack?

          Christopher Bollyn – The Dual Deception: 9/11 and the War on Terror

          America has been under quiet foreign defacto occupation and control at very least since JFK was murdered and the zionist asskisser LBJ took over afterwards.


          • Oyvay, what a schmuck I’ve been … all this time I thought the Jews wanted their kids to become doctors and accountants. They also spend a lot of time earning Nobel prizes in all major disciplines. They also let Arab Muslims live and work along side of them. … how horrid is all that.

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