Summer World Tour

As we head into the last week of summer, at least for most Americans, I thought a survey of the world scene was a good idea this week. Here in Lagos, it is the final week before the kids go back to school, so most everyone is getting in some outdoor fun before it is too late. I’m taking next week off so a show on lighter topics seems appropriate. Plus, the political scene in America is so ugly right now, I need a break from it. I think I will take a week off from consuming any news, with regards to politics or current affairs.

I think the plan going forward will be to mix up the format each week. One or two weeks will be the single topic type shows and the other weeks will be the variety shows. The feedback on the format has been about evenly split. Some prefer one style, while others prefer the other format. You can’t please everyone, but mixing things up works for me, as content is always a struggle. Sometimes the world is just not that interesting, while other times it demands out attention. This way I keep it interesting for me and for you.

I am looking forward to a bit of break. I don’t know about anyone else, but the censorship, the deplatforming, the barking at the moon insanity of the Left, all of it has really started to wear on me. I hate these people. I hate them mostly because they force the rest of us to share in their hatred. They could stew in their own juices, but instead they demand the rest of us pay attention to them. While thoughts of the day of the rope bring some pleasure, I really wish it did not have to come to that, but that’s the future and we all know it.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I’m now on Spotify, so the millennials can tune in when not sobbing over white privilege and toxic masculinity.

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70 thoughts on “Summer World Tour

  1. Migrant swarms make perfect sense.

    Here’s a sample:
    “Spain to accept 50,000 more North African refugees. They will boost an economy that currently has a 34% unemployment rate.”

    How will retrogrades boost a crippled economy?

    The socialist government of Spain- or Sweden, or Germany, or France- will spend billions providing for them.

    Those governments, already strained, will be forced to borrow said billions. And borrow, and borrow, and borrow.

    Who from? Why, the central banks, the IMF, from global institutions created after WWll.
    From Globohomo Inc.
    Debt is listed as an asset, on their balance sheet.

    The migrants aren’t ‘cheap labor’ or ‘replacement workers’ for a declining birthrate.

    They are debt shackles.
    This isn’t about capitalism at all, excepting their picayune consumption.

    Increased government spending will show as a boost to GDP.

    FDR changed GDP accounting to include government spending, to hide the deeply negative effects of the war on the supply/demand economy. We were bankrupted and didn’t know it because the books were cooked. The USA remained in recession through 1954; until the Korean stalemate was pushed through.

    We ‘paid back’ 120% of our GDP. To whom?
    Who loans war debt, in that amount?
    Globohomo got rich funding that war, and providing bridge loans for the reconstruction.
    Globohomo used their war loan profits to buy up the vastly discounted assets, whether rubble-covered land, defunct factories, scrap, resource futures, or governments themselves.

    The artificially “boosted” GDP will enable one thing- the ability to borrow even more.
    They’ll need to, to deal with increasing unemployment, policing, and repairs due for declining and inadequate infrastructure.

    There will be many middlemen necessary- administrators, clerks, police, providers, and contractors. Housing, energy, medical care, and benefit plans will inflate, “lifting” the real estate and assets of the Globohomo conglomerates.

    Globohomo will gut and wear the economy’s skin, and continue lending itself the money to do so. Bustouts, asset-stripping, put options, and cartel monopolies are leveraged on migrant inflation.

    The migrants are being shipped in.
    Lagrange of the IMF has said she will be happy to loan as much as they need, so long as certain conditions are met.
    It’s the humanitarian thing to do.

    • So sorry, that’s tl;dr, expired; here’s a recap.

      *Bringing in migrants means more govt spending.

      *More govt spending artificially “boosts” GDP.
      This boost is inflationary, inflating costs, provision, govt jobs… and the assets of the 1%.

      *Boosted GDP and costs means… more borrowing.

      The migrants are debt shackles.
      Social spending is a debt spiral.

      Debt payments charge interest.
      Whole countries (Greece) are going in hoc to pay for them.

      When the Mafia makes your restaurant a loan, the Mafia ends up owning your restaurant.

  2. Apparently, McCain’s health is getting worse. I’d like to take this opportunity to rehearse for what I will say when he dies:


    I’ll dance on your f*cking grave you g*dd@mn open borders Israel
    -First traitor!

  3. Off topic but of interest

    Anyone who tells you that London/UK is an example of a successful multikult, note these hategraphs.

    That big drop in homicide/crime numbers was due to a massive increase in both the number and power of the police. If the UK police state ever cracks, the hellhounds will be back. I’d advise the British patriot that may be reading here to adopt an accelerationist mindset and never report any criminal activity to the police. Police resources largely appear to be overspent on investigating various nationalist groups, even to the point where the UKIP party leader was actually working for MI5.

    • I understand vigilantes are beginning to be out and about in the UK. One of the tabloid dailies recently reported a dust-up between some white guys and a dusky guy throwing acid around. The dusky guy pulled a knife to get away from the bat wielding guys. All of it on posted up video from passersby. No police record of any of it.

      • Dads with bats ended the Lebanese/ Morroccan beach gangs. Australian daughters can go to the beach again.

        I met a British former immigration officer.
        Oaths in Latin tatooed up and down his arms, no decorative “body art” trash.
        The Templars have returned and are quietly massing.

  4. There might be a connection between Bolsonaro and the Afrikaners. South Africa is one of the BRICS countries, a Second World talking shop that occasionally LARPs as an anti-NATO. Bolsonaro as President could re-align Brazil into the Western bloc, or isolate South Africa from the BRIC. In the case of a military intervention in SA, he might even participate to give it international cover. If Trump is serious about stopping the landgrab, he should deploy one if not two carrier groups, and the Marines might be making their first amphibious landing since Incheon.

    • They landed a Regiment in Kuwait in ’91. Not sure if Somalia a couple of years later counts since it was unopposed.

    • Much as I loath what the Blacks are doing to White South Africans, I’ve had quite enough of U.S. military adventurism and “spreading democracy and the American way of life” by the gun. Let’s get our own house in order before we even think of telling the rest of the world how to live.

      • I will firmly disagree. South Africa is the future the globohomo elite intend for us. A world in which white conservatives are stripped of self-determination, privilege and cultural identity. If Ramaphosa succeeds in passing the Expropriation Amendment, the PRC, IMF, World Bank and the EU will prop up his economy. The threat of sanctions, travel bans and military action is a must. And I don’t think the West will get its house in order until it stares down the abyss that is South Africa. We need not tell the blacks how to conduct themselves, but the Afrikaner must be ensured their self-determination.

        • First we need to stare down the abyss in Detroit. I would suggest another ATF operation, drop off assault weapons and ammo in downtown.

          • That’s a dated response. The loan shark (((Dan Gilbert))) has taken over Detroit, constructing a private police state in order to induce gentrification.

          • The problem with Detroit is too many socialist, Democratic voters. Ask Steven Crowder or Dinesh D’Souza! If only those Africans would embrace the free market then they’d be as prosperous as Liberia!

        • De Beers, maybe we would be better off going to war with the IMF and the World Bank, and let the PRC and the EU have SA. Cheaper, easier, and we would be getting involved in a foreign entanglement we could actually win.

          • Now THAT’s what I mean by going around the rules laid down by the Left!

            Agree strongly with deBeers, this must be an unmistakeable declaration of interest, and with Dutch: go after the paymasters. A two-pronged effort, involving extreme physical risk for both Globohomo and it’s minions.

            Remove the velvet glove, let show the iron fist.

  5. Krav Maga is useless for what the Boers face. They need guns. Lots and lots of guns, or GTFO.

    • I was thinking the same. Though there are some forms of Krav that do incorporate firearms. I still cannot believe the white population allowed themselves to be disarmed all of those years ago. God save them. Then again Im from Baltimore and a fair chunk of whities there are fucking eloi of the highest order….God save them…I guess?!

  6. As Erdogan is so concerned about Turks losing the majority to Kurds, I propose a solution. All of the Turkish invaders in Europe will be financially compensated to return to their homeland. Those Crimean Tatars that our so-called human rights lobby is worried about can also be paid to move. This is a very generous offer, Erdogan should take it or else see Armenia and Greece restored to their historic boundaries and his people sent to the Central Asian steppe.

    • They could also carve a Kurdish homeland out of Northern Iraq, Syria, and a token amount of Turkey – then ship all the Kurds there, ridding themselves of the problem. But they seem adamantly against that idea.

      • Lots of Kurds in the diaspora could go there as well, instead of engaging in street battles with Turks on the streets of Frankfurt and Nashville.

  7. I found this browsing on a site where one of Z’s links took me:

    “Ahead of the 2018 election, Big Tech companies are gathering for a secret meeting to discuss information control tactics.

    “According to BuzzFeed News, ‘representatives from a host of the biggest US tech companies, including Facebook and Twitter, have scheduled a private meeting for Friday to share their tactics in preparation for the 2018 midterm elections.’ ”

  8. Yes, thanks Z, later today I hope to bring up some positives we can do, focusing on the trades and providing self-sufficiency. Yesterday I speculated about negative defensive possibilties.

    Rod1963 is right. The movement needs to offer something. Other ethnicities here bootstapped themselves into autonomy, so we have working realtime models.

    We’re not the frickin’ IRA. All Sinn Fein achieved was a cushy MP seat for Gerry and a gay binti as President. We can’t operate by the Left’s rules and expect to win.

    • Instead of trying to slog our way back through ruined institutions, let us ignore or tap them only as much as we need, and build our own Althing, our Thing.

      Carving out a civilization amongst savages, after all, is what we do best. A Future for our posterity.

  9. Love your closing remark Z about womyn SJWs. Like I’ve said before, all Trump has to do is order the Park Service to construct fully functional gallows at the steps to Congress and he would be elected President For Life. Imagine all the lefties going bonafide berserk and being hauled off to the loony bin.

  10. It is amazing how they force us to share in their meltdown, and they say the most foul, eliminationist things, without batting an eye. Yet when we expressed insignificant criticisms such as Obama’s public preening, or Hillary’s scolding public speaking style, conversation would stop and the Earth would appear to fall off its axis, followed by the “how could you be so rude as to say things like that?”. We weren’t even speaking of the routine criminality of these people, which was significant, and would get us the fingers-in-the-ears “lalalalala” response.

    • Not only that, the first response I get is “why are you bringing up the past?! It’s over already, we’re talking about Trump’s crimes today!”

  11. Looking forward to hearing about your trip to dystopian Europe.

    I visited the UK in 1986. I don’t recall seeing a person of color the entire time after leaving the airport – and they pronounced my very English last name correctly. I think I’d rather hold on to that memory than go back now.

  12. The Sweden segment was jawdropping. Gaslighting turned up to eleven. So Google pushes a story to the top that claims all — ALL — of the (dubious) GDP growth there can be attributed to sainted brown migrants doing Jobs Swedes Won’t Do. Yet Z found an official Swedish government report that only a few percent of these holy invaders actually work. Seems like a rather lambent and glaring contradiction, yet that doesn’t prevent the media from publishing what can only be called a deliberate and obtuse narrative of lies. They aren’t even trying to hide the deceit any longer. Note how the article tossed in all of the low-rent pieties about what these migrants do. Berry pickers and coders. I guess without itinerant Syrians, Sweden would have no lingonberries and Pirate Bay would be off-line.

    • Once you commit to the idea that everything you hear from any source not highly trusted is fake, and not only fake but attached to an agenda, and that most of those agendas involve the obliteration of you and yours, everything not only makes sense, but is actually very predictable.

    • I’ve posted versions of this comment many times and in many places before, but… I know Sweden pretty well. I speak the language, and have many friends and relatives there. My friends and acquaintances are mostly teachers and people work for the government. They are mostly in the tank for the “new Sweden.” They do nothing but make excuses for the migraines, (voice recognition software read migrants as migraines – appropriate somehow) how the Swedes don’t treat the immigrants well, how difficult their lives are etc, etc. My relatives on the other hand Are mostly ordinary people with ordinary jobs. They are less excited about the “new Sweden”. They’re going to be the ones voting for the Sweden Democrats in the next election.

      • Is naive universalism a fatal flaw in whites or can it be overcome? Are we predestined to sacrifice our inheritance and societies in trying to uplift various out-groups? Sweden seems to be the purest example of this question.

        In early times naive universalism was not fatal to whites. What changed?

        • Line in the sand. Good question. Could it be some sort of cosmic plan or reaction to humans(especially whites) advancing too far too fast? A regression to allow morality to catch up with technology? I don’t know. It is all so puzzling.

        • In early times, naive universalism had a different bent. Whites were armed with the best weapons, and weren’t afraid to employ them early and often. I think it sort of shifted around the results a bit.

          • Holocaustianity. Our moral instincts were redirected against our selves.

            We blame ourselves first.
            Those guys, oh no, they are holy, blameless, the divine instument who taught us and brought us the One True, the Highest.

            They would not, could not lie about such a thing. We are born sinners, it must be our fault. They are blameless in all things.

          • “Holocaustianity” The most important term for understanding the post WW2 world.

            Listen up.

  13. In South Africa white residents, who make up about 8 percent of the population, own roughly 70 percent of the private farmland

    Conveniently ignored by people like you are the atrocities that took place against the black populace in order for white residents to obtain such an egregiously unequal share of the land. Everyone wants to scream “reverse racism” but no one wants to acknowledge the vicious colonial history that led to this land dispute.

    The fact that opponents of the plan have to lie about widespread killings when there were actually only 47 in the fiscal year 2017-18 (none of which were proven to be racially motivated) shows that they really aren’t interested in justice, they just want to maintain their unequal power.

    • You want to know what’s going to happen in South Africa when they take away White farms? The exact same thing that happened in Zimbabwe . That’s your version of Justice: millions of black Africans starving.

      But I suppose you’ll just say that Whites outside of Africa should send them aid so their populations can continue to explode, and they can export “refugees” to White countries. We know your game plan: whatever Whites do, we’re evil and should be punished.

    • Put your money where your mouth is. Go to South Africa and help along the redistribution of wealth. The black Africans will welcome you with open arms [ha ha ha ha! loser]

    • I know I’m replying to a troll, but what the hell.

      1. The White population is 8% because the black population has exploded like a bomb. In the 50’s, whites were over 20%. Prior to that the white percentages were even higher. SA was very sparsely populated when the Boers showed up.

      2. The Boers were literally the only force in Africa in the early 19th Century that could stop the Zulus from murdering their way across the Continent. December 16th is a national holiday in South Africa because the Boers and their native allies defeated King Dingane at Blood River – saving themselves and the natives from that faction of Zulus.

      3. You actually believe the South African police?

      • Excellent points. I dont know what the archaeological evidence is but there are claims that the Boers encountered largely empty land and what they ‘took’ they largely bought from blacks in the early 19th century. That the land could be largely empty may sound ‘unbelievable’ but Africa was extremely sparsely populated until the current population explosion began, blacks were in the early iron, if not stone age when Dutch whitie showed up in the 15th century or thereabouts. Combine low population density, zero indigenous agriculture (more or less if there are any archaeology experts out there) with the VASTNESS of Africa and empty lands, where maybe a tribe would pass through every blue moon, is not at all unrealistic;

        And yes, dont feed the trolls, they live on attention 🙂

        • The concept of turning dry land into farmland via irrigation and well-digging had not occurred to the natives.

          • Before whitie, south of the Sahara ie ‘black Africa’, had not invented two-story buildings or even the wheel. Compared to Europeans and Asians, Africans must have been in roughly the iron age by the time Europeans arrived.

            ” Fractal geometry, the binary system, were used in Africa before the West got a conception of them. ”

            Btw just googled; apparently Africans understood fractal geometry, something Europeans didnt discover until computers and chaos theory in the 1960s, before Europeans arrived……SJWs will say the most idiotic things to ‘prove’ that ‘there is nothing special about whites’…..when estro-testo ratio gets too high, masochism, the pathological exaggeration of the feminine instinct to submit to a strong, dominant leader/partner, explodes…..

        • The Boers began migrating eastward from the Cape starting in the mid 1600s. In the early 19th century along the Great Fish River, they came into contact with the Xhosa who had been migrating southwest. Unpleasantness ensued along the frontier.

          In the 1830s the Dutch farmers called the Voortrekkers migrated north in order to escape British rule, and came into contact with both the Zulu, who under Shaka and later Dingaane had terrorized and destabilized much of Southern Africa, and I believe the people who became the Ndebele led by Mizikkaili ( sp?) whose depredations engulfed a large part of the same territory. Writing from memory here…The Mfecane, as it was called brought unheard of misery to many, mostly blacks. It’s just nonsense on stilts to claim that the Boers took anything away from anyone.

        • The Cape was empty because a local warlord had recently completed a total genocide.

          (Twitter keep shutting off Based_British, who maintains history threads of such topics as SA, WWII, or Jewish banking in England from the 8th century on, so I don’t have the warlord’s name to hand.)

      • More like December 16 WAS a national holiday, no? Have they torn down the Voortrekker Monument yet?

    • Is Kellen a [social construct] or a [social construct]?
      Omigosh, another example of the Opposite Rule of Liberalism

      • Normally I’d assume it’s the ubiquitous Tiny Duck but it actually quotes (bogus) statistics and fails to instruct us to read some Moron of Color. Not typical. So maybe TD is also going on vacation and this is a summer replacement….

    • The ANC has stolen enough in its quarter century of dictatorial rule (it is not democracy if the outcome is known in advance) to have legally bought every white owned farm, under their rule far more died than under the four decades of National Party rule. The greatest killings in South African history was the Zulu Mfecane, the Boers occupied the territory emptied by the Zulu. As whites probably pay at least half of South Africa’s taxes, they certainly deserve half of the seats in Parliament. If blacks want these farms so badly, they must be fair and grant a volkstaat to the Afrikaners.

    • In the U.S., less than 1% of the population owns nearly 100% of the farmland. When’s the redistribution start? I want to have a welcome ready when you come to my farm. This Kulak ain’t goin’ quietly.

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Go die troll. The fuck kind of name is Kellen anyway?

      • Kellen Winslow Jr

        Anyone from Northeast Ohio will probably remember how useless he was before he recently re-appeared in the news again.

    • Kellen …When two groups of people meet, history proves that the smartest most dominant group always wins. Should the Blacks of South Africa or the American Indian of their time prevailed against superior civilized people? The color of skin is not a factor in either case. It is the fact that the superior intellect prevailed. Such is the case. Stones don’t match up well against rifles. Superstition doesn’t match up with facts. What should have happened, did.

    • “none of which were proven to be racially motivated”. Proven by whom? The ANC government? Their courts? Their police? No, of course not. The African immigrants have posted clear notice of their intention to ethnically cleanse the white natives. We all know it.

  14. “I hate them mostly because they force the rest of us to share in their hatred. They could stew in their own juices, but instead they demand the rest of us pay attention to them.”

    Same here. Hey nutjobs, it’s a (nominally) free country, you can go over there and do whatever the hell you want, just make sure you’re downstream and downwind from me. But, oh fuck no, that’s not good enough for them. I will be MADE to participate in their insanity. The world is full of shit-hole countries that have been following the Left’s game plan, why don’t they go there and live in paradise? Because no single individual will be allowed to escape their “utopia”.

    • What I hope will wake up “Liberty guys” like you is the realization that you can’t retreat from racial conflict because your opponents won’t let you. You may fancy yourself as an abstract individual but your opponents are a large group with the common goal of dispossessing people who look like you. You can’t opt out. You may not be interested in race, but race is interested in you.

  15. That is the closest to rage I’ve ever heard you come, Z. I totally get your hatred of them.

    I love them. My family are progs and faithful virtue signalling members of the hive. For me it’s like being one of the characters on The Walking Dead. My family would happily kill me for no other reason than mindless loyalty to the hive, without any thought or remorse, and then step over my dead carcass and go after you. Even with all that it’s better out here in exile than it is in the hive with them. I’m serious: I am stocking up on beans, bullets, beer and popcorn because I think those zombies will eventually destroy our nation the way they’ve destroyed their families and children. Yours is a voice of hope and inspiration for me because I see others out here in Exile that have the intellect to rebuild once the flames of insanity burn out.

    I like all the podcasts. Single topic or mixed bag, it’s all good. I don’t do podcasts generally but haven’t missed one of yours. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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