The Encirclement

If something gets lodged under your skin, the body will react by trying to push it out, which involves swelling and inflammation, due to the presence of microorganisms on the foreign material. Along with the normal renewal of skin cells, the object will move closer to the surface and eventually, with your help, be expelled. If that does not work, the body summons cells call macrophages that surround the object to isolate it from the body and eventually dissolve it. Sometimes you just end up with a calcified object there forever.

Human organizations work a similar way when they are infiltrated by something seen as hostile or even just foreign. The foreignness is automatically assumed to be hostile and treated as such, until it can be assimilated or expelled. Instead of macrophages, the organization finds  a way to isolate the interloper, so that everyone knows it is unclean and he knows he is not welcome. That’s what we are seeing with Donald Trump and the American political class. They have surrounded him and are trying to isolate him.

The effort to isolate Trump started early, when anyone who took a job with his campaign was treated like a leper. That turned out to be a stroke of luck for Trump, as it forced him to hire outsiders, who were not locked into old thinking. The only establishment man to support Trump was Jeff Sessions and he is looking more and more like a mole for the political establishment. Even into the general election campaign, Trump was forced to use outsiders and washed up insiders like Kellyanne Conway, hoping for a second chance.

Once he won the election, the political establishment adjusted its tactics. Paul Ryan rallied the dweeb army inside the GOP to basically ignore Trump’s agenda. That’s why nothing happened on the border wall, immigration or infrastructure. The point is being made that working with Trump would be death for any Republican. In fact, the leadership went out of its way to make sure nothing Trump wanted was in the last budget. The message was being sent that the people in charge saw Trump as a hostile outsider to be resisted

Even as the evidence of a sedition plot to alter the 2016 campaign mounts, you’ll notice that the grandees of the House GOP are stone silent on the matter. If this sort of thing had happened to Obama by Bush people, sniveling wimps like Paul Ryan would have been sent out on every talk show to condemn Bush and apologize to Obama. Instead, the only guys pushing the story are back bench types like David Nunez, who has come to terms with the fact he has no future in the party. He has nothing to lose so he can talk about it.

This is part of the planned isolation. It’s not about policy or ideology. That’s the mistake many make when wondering why Trump’s own party hates him. Certainly the greedy bloodsuckers who bankroll the GOP hate his immigration stance, but they love his trade and regulatory positions. Trump has done more for the wallets of Silicon Valley and Wall Street than any president in history. No, the reason official Washington hates him is he is not them. He is an outsider, the nullification of why they claim we need them.

Then you have the phony-baloney Mueller operation. The original point of the thing was to cover-up the malfeasance of guys like Rosenstein, Comey, Strzok and the rest of the conspirators in the effort to subvert the last election. It has quickly become a weapon to attack anyone associated with Trump. The whole point of going after Michael Cohen, for example, is to send a message to everyone in the private sector with ties to Trump. The Manafort case is the modern equivalent of the show trials during Stalin’s purges.

It is a bit ironic that the the Left is now trying to paint Trump as Nixon. It’s almost as if it is a coordinated narrative. This and this are surely coincidental. After all, the Left ran Nixon out of town for just mentioning stuff that we now know President Obama was doing in the final years of his presidency. But, consistency and accuracy are not the issue. Like Nixon, the Left hates Trump because he dares speak for the dispossessed. He may be a billionaire, but he talks like a commoner and speaks for the forgotten white American.

The result thus far is a stalemate. Unlike Nixon, Trump is not careless in his dealings and he seems to know what he is facing. Team Trump are like defenders of a city, surrounded on all sides, but strong enough to repel an assault. Official Washington is the besieger, camped outside the walls not entirely sure how to proceed. They think they can wait it out, but supplies are not infinite. They also have to spend time and resources policing their berserkers, who keep rushing to the walls. Both sides make noise, but nothing happens.

What should worry the establishment is they have thrown everything they can at the walls, but Trump remains popular. In fact, he is more popular now than when he took office and more popular than Obama and Bush at similar points. It’s why the Democrats are trying to tamp down impeachment talk. They know this is exactly the sort of thing that will motivate Trump voters in November. It’s why the Prog media is full of blue wave stories. They are hoping they can gaslight the typical GOP voter into staying home in November.

For those still clinging to the idea of old America, with the orderly resolution of disputes through orderly elections, the only good result is one where Trump folds and decides to sign off on the neoliberal agenda. If Trump gave up on the wall and his immigration push, his base would abandon him and the great replacement could accelerate. There is no scenario where the people in charge peacefully go along with doing what is best for heritage Americans. There is no reasoning with fanatics and hired killers.

The fact is, the ruling class of America despises Trump and see him as a traitor to their class. His willingness to speak for heritage Americans, people the rulers now see as hostile and foreign, is unforgivable. He is the foreign object in the political body. That’s why they see him a cancer on modern politics. There’s no living with cancer, at least not for long. It is either killed, removed or it kills you. That’s how our rulers see us and it is how they see Trump. The siege continues until it is broken or the walls are breached.

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  1. Excellent article, Z! It’ll be interesting to see what happens in November. Yet another election cycle of having to hold my nose and vote for cucked republicans.

    • Mine is the worst. Senator Dean Heller. I am sending his office emails guaranteeing his nauseating cuckolded traitorous candidacy my unqualified support against his Pelosi clone opponent. If Trump does not crush his enemies Heller will look for a party switch.

  2. There’s a lot of things going on I think us dirt people owe ourselves a pat on the back. With everything, its sometimes hard to see the forrest for the trees.

    The #1 biggy is 11-9-16. Do you understand we had an orange revolution. We threw a big number of the bums out. We did it as a natural spontaneous insurgency. Nobody simply said to everyone lets flush the pundants and the margin of vote fraud and gerrymander down The Crapper. But somehow we began to connect, something real special and unique happened.
    Another thing is at least I’m seeing it, what is referred sometimes as the great awakening, its more than that, too. Dark forces are trying to silence us, but its already too late. You see it all the time, there’s a dirt people grapevine, it encompasses every digital medium including meat space. Something goes down and you can find a myriad of sources writing and linking a myriad of thoughts insights comments facts and snark. Who needs Faceborg Goolage and Twatter? I dont, never once used either of these platforms.
    So I see my info and intelligence sources without the lense of highly controlled media. I even use straight desktop links, rarely ever a search engine but for the first log on to a site or blog to get the address.
    And all across the blogsphere, from Zman here to WRSA, Ace of Spades to Jims blog, Burning Platform to ZXero Hedge, Dirt People to Revised History, there is this incredible abundance of straight unadulterated honest posting writing and linkage.
    We won already. And they dont know it. The forces of darkness are completely barn blind.

    Within an hour the dirt people grape vine is humming with news and info. There exists no media medium like it. And it hides in plain sight.
    We did this. Like natural primal easy peasy it litterally evolved and to stop it they will have to turn the Web off.

    Pretty cool shit.
    Slap on the back my fellow dirt persons.
    Just think, we have only begun.
    Imagine “they” try some really nasty overt tyrant crap with us.

    • You were obviously on acid when you wrote that, but well done. “We did this. Like natural primal easy peasy it literally evolved, and to stop it they will have to turn the Web off.” lol

  3. Trump was elected without the massive portfolio of IOUs that every President since Teddy Roosevelt had to promise in order to get the seat. He represents a real and present danger to the trillion dollar industry of graft and corruption that has built up around Official Washington™.

    Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse has covered this in depth. There are trillions of dollars at stake, and everyone knows it, including Trump.

    • “There are trillions of dollars at stake.” You must be right. I follow a lot of stock market guys who have always felt the need to play-against-type and show what goodhearted people they are. “Sorry guys, can’t post today. Going to such & such charity event. God bless the forgotten (fill in the blank).”
      Always making a display about being at one with the common man. Then Trump gets elected and actually does deals/breaks deals to help the common man, and these same stock guys are pissed as hell about it.

  4. “They think they can wait it out, but supplies are not infinite. They also have to spend time and resources policing their berserkers, who keep rushing to the walls. Both sides make noise, but nothing happens.”

    That sword cuts both ways though. They need to breech the walls around Trump. But, we also need to wear them out before they find some phoney thing on Trump or just wait him out and then continue their ‘replacement therapy’ w Obama 2.0 in 24 or whenever. Leftie and their insanity needs to be broken. The demographic clock is ticking…

  5. I largely agree, but I think Trump has this more under control than many think. I believe Sessions and Huber are working quietly, building federal cases, and the Trump/Sessions friction is just kabuki. Trump wants to succeed (out of patriotism and ego), and knows he has the win the midterms for that to happen. So, I expect The Storm to hit before then. Trump has many good cards to play: FISA abuse, Clinton Foundation, Hillary emails, Project Cassandra, Awan, perhaps Antifa funding.

    The Democrats might have their own October Surprise planned, but I doubt it will amount to anything. If they had anything substantial on Trump it would have been used or leaked by now. The DNC/MSM will come up with something minor they can hype.

    One thing I am worried about: Trump’s economy has been excellent, but there are numerous billionaires who hate him. I would not be surprised if Soros, Steyer, Bezos, Geffen, and/or others intentionally tried to tank the economy to hurt Trump. They really are that desperate.

    • I doubt this. IThatrequires an extraordinary commitment to the long game. I have a high opinion of Trump. Higher all the time. But if you are right and he is playing the players, I will become an idol worshiper.

      • I think he *is* playing a long game. The NY Times wrote about him in 1984, saying he’d make a good President. He’s been thinking about this for a long time.

  6. Ah, but Trump isn’t your typical foreign body. Rather, he’s a foxtail. Barbed so it can’t be easily dislodged, and the more you thrash around trying to get rid of it, the deeper it goes and the more damage it does.

  7. Dancing on that fVck3r’s grave! He hated you, your ancestors, and your progeny! I wish I could have had 5 unobserved minutes with him.

  8. ” Now that McCain has joined the ranks of the voting Democrats ”

    My favorite line in this thread. President Trump is a New Yorker. A billion dollar real estate development New Yorker.

    That’s a tough town and you have to have your wits about you if you’re going to do business in the Big Apple.

    Considering the odds he’s up against think he’s done pretty well so far.

    Maybe he’s just giving the rats time to scurry away.

    • Maybe he’s giving the rats time and opportunity to scurry into the trap.

      He’s known many of these conmen/women for years. Attended lavish parties with them. While they imbibed the latest fad cocktails, he drank diet coke,and listened. Imagine what he’s learned over the years about them. Probably enough to want to run for president,and wrench the power out of their sordid,greedy hands. Their orchestrated unhinged lunatic response to his presidency proves he’s right over the target.

      • “While they imbibed the latest fad cocktails, he drank diet coke…” I didn’t know that. Well then, that’s one more reason I have for not thinking he’s clinically narcissistic, as they very often have drug/alcohol dependency, especially when under stress.

    • Now that McCain has joined the ranks of the voting Democrats.

      That’s a good line. I feel a little mixed about ol’ McCain. He spent 5 years in a place worse than the devil’s ass. Maybe it broke him??

      • Thorough accounts of McCain have him born that way, a bantam rooster. He dressed his defects in different clothes, but he is that rare individual who otherwise never changed in the entire course of his life. Little wonder his best friend was Teddy Kennedy.

  9. Worth remember that being a white South African doesn’t have much correlation with being a racial realist. In reality most whites are still in Stockholm Syndrome and are in no mood to push for self-determination. It is not the best idea to led them move to the US, Australia/New Zealand is a better fit, we’ve no need of more white liberals. The linked story has consumed their news cycle for a few days.

    • Right on!
      People got to grok how important, vitally important our Consent for Trump is. It is withdrawal of our Consent which is so destructive to those we voted Trump to dispose. The most powerful weapon ever devised.

  10. Theres something going on with Sessions, and I cant but help have this gut feeling it isnt what we see publicly. He is like the dog that didnt bark in some ways. The whole thing is out of character regards Trump himself, who has a very high standard of expectations, standards that is, for his choices of people who work for him. Or he fires them. Trump is a great deligator, like a top notch combat officer, he sets the overall strategic or tactical goals and lets his subordinates figure out the details and bring them to action. OIr they dont last long.
    In sessions case its kind of looks like misdirection. Its a set up. Cant say what that is, but it isnt what it seems at first blush.
    And that goes for the executive branch actors like Mueller and his Flea Circus, why are they still at this asinine witch hunt?
    Maybe I’m missing something here but isnt power of the chief executive Black Letter Law? Tump can shitcan any executive branch actor he wants. Period. No must no plaster dust. Boom! Your fired!
    Either Trump is ignorant of this power, he is naive, or there is something else happening.
    Or, The Dog that didnt bark right?
    Something don’t add up.

    • I agree, there’s something ‘different’ about this Trump/Sessions interplay, like there is much more going on that we can neither see nor discern. The QAnon followers (believers?) think the Trump/Sessions interplay is just a big rope-a-dope designed to paint Sessions in a very favorable and sympathetic light with the Dems and the Left. And then Sessions lowers the boom, or something along those lines.

      • Remember Sessions appointed a federal criminal investigator named Huber who is a criminal DA out in Utah? Last spring maybe? I think Sen. Nunes made mention of appointment of an official who can bring actual criminal charges against executive corps regime members.

        Then who is or what is generating 42,000 sealed federal indictments listed on the fedGov website?
        If anything thats far past an unrelated outlier statistic of average yearly indictment of approx 1000 + or -. Curiouser and curiouser.
        In this political time there are no unrelated spontaneous innocent events or outliers.

        • “Then who is or what is generating 42,000 sealed federal indictments listed on the fedGov website?”

          What website? Reference please?

    • I’d like to think you’re right and there’s something going on below the surface that we’re not aware of. Unfortunately, I think there’s a simple explanation for Trump’s behavior. The Senate has made it clear that not only will they not confirm another AG if Trump fires Sessions, they’ll also run around shouting that the firing is “obstruction of justice” and openly start talking about joining with the Dems on impeachment. Sessions knows he’s untouchable so he’s going to do his own thing regardless of what Trump tells him. I hate to say it, but I’m starting to become convinced that Sessions is not the guy we thought he was. He’s a swamp thing through and through even though he was good on a couple of important issues.

      I don’t know Trump’s plans, but I’m wondering if he’s just trying to keep his powder dry until after the midterms. After those, he’ll really be in the position of having nothing to lose by firing Sessions, Rosenpenis, Herr Mueller, et. al. The GOP is the stupid party, but even they aren’t stupid enough to brazenly stab Trump in the back if he helps them win. If the Dems win, they’re going to impeach him no matter what so he might as well shut everything down and try to win in the court of public opinion.

      • Yeah, the congress can stymie Trump on appointments. But Trump can hire lower tier executives not needing Congress, move them up in “temporary” leadership positions till the swamp dries up.
        Be surprizing as you say if Trump wasnt waiting till after MT’s to spring all sorts of payback.
        One thing sure, everyone who has messed with Trump has ended up caught in all sorts of real actual compromising self created problems.
        There wont be any impeachment either. Mueller and his media flea circus cant keep the news cycle stuck on it too long. They are like the classic of old elites with fingers in the damn, and have run out of fingers, then there is the hoplophobes and their dis-armament agenda, the brown invasion, stopping the Wall, “the blue wave”, antifa, all the endless dirty stinking commie BS with a fake media nobody watches.
        These guys got their hands full. Plus Trump owns them and their 24 hour news cycle with every tweet.

        Im thinking winning the midterms sets up a second Trump term no matter what it takes. The uniparty is toast anyways. Does it matter if they help Trump or not?
        Could you imagine the lame duck stuff Trump could do in 4 years?
        They dont know what to do with the guy after 2 years.

  11. “This is part of the planned isolation. It’s not about policy or ideology. That’s the mistake many make when wondering why Trump’s own party hates him.”

    But of *course* it is. *They* wish to pursue policies that replace, diminish, silence, and impoverish Americans; he wishes to see that stopped and reversed. They do indeed follow the State Religion — that of multiculturalist nonsense, feminist insanity, white guilt, etc, at least to the extent they can *impose* it — and he does not. He is a heretic who must be destroyed.

  12. Another way that the swamp encircled and isolated Trump was through the appointment process. I had a passing first person experience with this, but learned a LOT more about it watching two people I know attempt to get appointments (one successful, one not). At the highest levels, e.g., cabinet positions, the President and his inner circle has substantial influence and input, but at the lower levels the swamp monsters take over, in particular the big D.C. law firms (read: lobbyists with law degrees). Various of these law firms function as gatekeepers, with resumes all being processed through them. The result, as a quick review of the successful appointees reveals, is an over-abundance of lawyers, and in particular lawyers with significant ties to big D.C. law/lobbying firms. One such firm was quoted in the Imperial Post prior to the election as saying that they had ” a deep bench of candidates regardless which candidate wins.” There were different people seated on these two benches, but they were two sides of the same swamp coin, i.e., left leaning and right leaning members of permanent ruling class. (Albeit, with the ones leaning left leaning WAY more…) Trump’s agenda needed a team of insurgents and outsiders not a team of swamp creatures, but there was no way to get him such a team due to the keepers of the gates. And this doesn’t even consider the true permanent government, with the Foreign Service providing arguably the swampiest set of swamp creatures imaginable. In fact, that is a wild understatement. From the many members of the foreign service I’ve known, given that I live just a few miles from their headquarters, VERY few of these creatures are right-leaning members of the permanent ruling class. Rather, they are by and large radical left wing progressives, at least on any issue important to Trump’s agenda. This is why Trumpists (like me) need to temper their expectations. He is not only battling an opposition party, is is also battling the vast majority of the permanent government. And this doesn’t even consider the substantial portion of his own party that is fighting against his agenda. This a Gordian Knot, and it can only be untied with a sword.

    • Thanks for the insights. Why is Trump so blind to the “keepers of the gates” that prevent him from getting loyal partners? Is it just the problems of delegation?

      (I must state how much hostility I feel towards conventional Republican politicians.)

      I suspect that the single greatest threat we face is Ivanka’s liberal tears.

    • That image came to mind from a late comment yesterday by carlsdad, one that left me reeling.

      Carlsdad asked, “what if we had made Saddam OUR bitch?”

      Other commentors pointed out that spec ops had already handed the Taliban their ass.

      We had Kharzai in place running the oil pipeline deal and his brother running the drugs. (Bush1 had done the same with Carlos Salinas and his brother Raul in Mexico, so Dubya had a model.)

      We could’ve had a firm bootprint in the region using existing political infrastructure. The implications are stunning.

      • In the first hour of the war, Batchelor in NYC was reporting on a 45 mile long convoy of limos, the “Russian ambassadorial fleet” heading for the Syrian border. Saddam’s generals were fleeing. Other details showed that Russian military ran the Iraqi Army.

        We would’ve been taking territory, Iraq and Afghanistan, from a weakened foe. The rules of that game are well understood. It could’ve all been different.

  13. Wait until Trump calls for a 20 Million Supporter march on Washington. then you will see just where all the pieces are on the board…

  14. “David Nunez” was probably meant to be Devin Nunes. Portuguese guy from a farming family in the Central Valley.

    • I have a ton of respect for Devin Nunes. Doing the work others won’t do. (A little farm worker joke).

  15. Is there a future where I see the Russians providing logistical and material support to the Dirt People? Putin hates these frauds even more than we do.

    • I shocked my normie conservative brother when I told him that I’d rather that Trump collude with Putin than Paul Ryan or John McCain.

      “Vlad is a brother and we have more in common with him than we do with most of Trump’s cabinet.”

  16. Whatever else you want to say about the Trump years, they’ve been…informative.

    Seriously. “If something gets lodged under your skin, the body will react.” That reaction has taught me so much about the political left, the “conservatives”, demographics, and the media.

    But I wonder how much the normies are learning. I mean, the media is just outright LYING about so many issues now. To us it’s plain as day, because we’ve been honing our sight for years. Like practiced birdwatchers, we know what to look for.

    But is normie just swallowing the establishment media lies? Or just not paying attention because of sportsball or Generic Telly Series #52871?

    • Normies do not learn, they obey. That is why nationalism and patriotism must be aggressive .
      Left discovered this long time ago. That is why we have weird boogeymen like witch kulak racist homophobe bigot and so on. Dealing with normies is like training a sheep. Do not even try to explain this animal something, just make sure that sheep will react to certain voice orders accordingly.

      • Juri, the view that
        “Dealing with normies is like training a sheep. Do not even try to explain this animal something”
        is quite an unwise over-generalization.

        The Left didn’t handle all Normies that way.
        Rather, Lefty profs *did* explain (often in much detail) the “reasons” for Leftism, to the cadre of would-be proselytizers (Lenin’s “vanguard”), who then fanned out to pitch Leftism to the dumber Normies (e.g. via the MSM).

        Had these profs tried to bulldoze the would-be proselytizers, the latters’ backs would probably have “gotten up” a whole bunch.
        It took clever TLC, and pushing of buttons, to build an army of proselytizers.
        It happened that, during the Vietnam War era, the available buttons were particularly plentiful.

        The above is not to say, that you should try explaining our views to *all* Normies, some of who may fink you out to the Thought Police.
        Rather, our job is to try to make judgements, about which Normies have relatively open minds.
        Those who have relatively open minds are disproportionately likely to be the smarter ones, who’d be well worth our efforts to recruit into our “vanguard” of proselytizers.

        • ^ This. ^

          It’s an investment. Most investments — family, training, home, finances — take time and planning. This does too.

          Sometimes people strike it rich — little planning, little time, great results. More power to them, but that’s the exception, I think.

          • You bet, Cerulean.
            When you rush to strike it rich, you’re quite likely to get spanked.
            And, good investments need calculation, about prospects, bennies, and costs, of each available option.
            And, like in family “investments”, judging what the traffic will bear takes coaching or experience, and often some experimentation.

            But, it helps to have a sort of plan, to address the inevitable standard talking points, which Normies will throw at you.
            In most such situations, I first lay rather low, unless I know myself to be in the *mood* to be tactful, and be able to imply that it’s my general policy, to extend to others the respect that I *demand* for myself.
            If you show that you’re willing to carefully listen, you’re more likely to get the Normie to listen to you with an *open heart*.

          • If your Normie interlocutor has social status clearly above yours (like Trump is seen by the Establishment), you’re *often* better off “retreating” (until you can marshal the sort of backing that Trump is building, or until you can think of a promising angle), rather than banging your head against a solid wall.
            These social status aspects can really be tough, esp. in *group* situations.

          • But, if you can tell that your interlocutor will give you a fair chance, first hit ’em with how horribly irresponsible the *whole* Establishment has been, about Trump and “Russian hacking”, for damn near *2 years* now.

            If s/he seems to know some history, you might first hit ’em with:
            “Show me one historical case, where any Establishment anywhere has been so horribly irresponsible, for so long, about such a grave issue.”

        • Well, you did this at least 50 years and some how your borders are open all over the West and closed in the East. Sweden was not in the Vietnam and somehow after one month 80% of swedes votes for open borders because they do not want to be racist. Poland had also elections and they voted for closed borders because poles don,t want to be tsicar.
          Normies does not think. normie obey the commands and votes because normie want to feel good and not called xz189 or whatever word you like. It is your choice to understand or keep losing until you end up like South Africa where normies voted for genocide just to feel good.
          Do not argue with sheep. Control it or lose it.

          • Juri, who is this “you” who did *this* at least 50 years?
            I was too young then to effect boo, that long ago, and my efforts since could only be spits in the ocean, compared to the power of wheels in DC, MSM, etc.

            Nor do I see how Sweden vs. Poland pertains to my argument on this.
            I’ll wager that Polish Righties had a stronger hand to play, rather than that they did less of what I recommend, than did the Swedish ones.

            It seems like you’re operating off of some caricature of my views.

      • I’ve found that just asking why they believe what they believe is usually enough to end the conversation

        • theRussians, if that ends the conversation, fine.
          If you gave them a *fair* chance, you put a bee in their bonnet, that they may tell others about, along the lines of:
          “this one (unlike *so many* bratty Lefties) shows confidence that his views will stand up to *fair* scrutiny.”

          You may never know how much good you did.
          Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    • @ Babe Ruthless

      Re: “But is normie just swallowing the establishment media lies? Or just not paying attention because of sportsball or Generic Telly Series #52871?”

      The game the powers-that-be have mastered is walking the tightrope between going overboard and hurrying up their agenda so much that the sleeping “Normies” are awakened and start asking inconvenient questions, and going so slowly that their program isn’t advancing.

      Speaking as one who has tried, it isn’t easy penetrating the prosperity bubbles and denial of those who will not see. Reality will get through to many of these types when it busts into the living room and knocks Joe or Jane Sixpack off of his/her couch – and not before. Bread and circuses – “sportsball, cable TV, social media, consumerism, etc. – are potent narcotics, and not by accident.

      If the elites too-quickly tighten the screws economically, that would do the trick – which is why the Fed and other organs of the deep-state are working so hard to convince the average American that things are A-OK.

      The old phrase applies – “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Our side has to figure out how to make more of those “students” ready to be red-pilled, ready for the truth.

      • Yeah, Georgiaboy, we do indeed need to figure out how to make more of them ready for the truth.
        We can start this process, by facing that “Bread and circuses… are potent narcotics”, instead of by *sneering* at Normies for being “sheep”, as some here apparently do.

        The Left made its gains, *not* by venting with such sneering, but by (1) *patiently* constructing an array of addictive Circuses which subtly espoused Leftist premises, and by (2) rigorously weighing how fast is too fast, for Normies to absorb.
        Yeah, this sort of tightrope-walking requires patience and discipline.
        Seeing as Righties pride themselves on being more disciplined than their foes, Righties should be able to show here the requisite discipline.

  17. You really wonder what the flashpoint will be? They certainly have time and resources on their side. But their own pride will not allow them to wait.

    The ascension of Trump has accelerated the fleeting timeline for civil conflict. The enemy has been successfully flagged and identified. All the pieces for a ghastly 4GW scenario are in place. Now we wait……..

    • Now that McCain has joined the ranks of voting Democrats,we’re about to be treated to a shitlib show of epic scale. The Dems are tripping over themselves to canonize him,& the Rinos are in lockstep. This week-long funeral show will be a subtle (or not so) opportunity to undermine PDT under the fake bipartisan cover. GW Bush & BHO will be giving eulogies. How fitting. Let them continue to reveal how much they hate us for electing The Iconoclast. Their entire world is at stake.
      McCain’s simpering mini-me,Jeff Flake,spent August in Zimbabwe “overseeing” their elections,when he should have been in DC doing his job,voting for Trump’s judicial picks. His FU to the people in AZ who elected him is why he’s one & done as a senator.
      Why Zimbabwe? Uranium. They have it,and want to sell it to Iran,and anyone else with sweet,sweet cash. Rio Tinto Mining,which donated to Flake and McCain,wants to help get that yellowcake out of the ground.
      Remember Uranium 1? Mueller was up to his baggy eyeballs in that bag of shite,along with the drunken hag of Chappaqua.
      All of our ruling class are connected in what Rising Serpent calls the “Circle of Filth”.
      Z-man,you’re one of the brightest minds on the web,with a real gift for articulating complex issues,but I have to hope you’re wrong about Sessions being a mole. It flys in the face of his entire very public career. If there were some blackmail worthy scandal,surely it would have been unearthed by now. Gaslighting works both ways,and I believe Trump and Sessions are doing it to the shitlibs,R & D alike. Sessions is not a Miss Nancy Graham of SC,who loves the camera,nor is he a Grassley,who refuses to allow FBI whistleblowers to testify under subpoena. (He feels his Whistleblower Protection Act protects them. It doesn’t.)
      We’ve got to have faith. Unravelling and prosecuting decades of corruption isn’t going to be easy or quick.

  18. Since it is not a real siege, as they actually progress, Trump won’t starve inside the walls as long as his popular support remains. The way to break a siege is the way they did it in olden times. When the cavalry( I don’t know who that would be in this case) appears on the horizon, the forces in the besieged castle sally forth to attack the besiegers at the same time, and the besiegers, caught between two determined forces, is defeated, or at least must break the siege. Sometimes the besieged force is stronger than the enemy outside, and all they need do is sally and counter-attack. All I do know is that the besiegers have to remain active, as just sitting outside the walls only works if starvation and sickness inside the walls is doing their work for them. The GOP have actually shown their true colors in all this, a piss yellow flag of cowardice and corruption. I rate them right up there with the same bunch of assholes that handed Joan d’ Arc over to her enemies. Z-man, your perceptions are as incisive as your intellect. Great post.

  19. Ocasio Cortez and Harris and Ellison are the future and leaders of the Den oarty. They can smell and taste the future. Unlimited wealth and power for themselves. Serfdom at best for Whites if not genocide. The nyt and pbs have people calling for the latter with approval.

    Trump and Pence impeached and convicted. Likely a done deal at this point. Hillary or possibly Harris appointed … Only their infighting over who gets the throne has saved Trump fornow.

    But the what? Like South Africa the expectations of non Whites is to kill it enslave Whites and take their stuff. There is no money otherwise to pay for all the gibs that non Whites demand and see as their due date taxing the oligarchs

    So Genocide it is. Will Wgitesfight? Or go passive to the gaschambers? Will the military break apart and fight? Will their be a counter coup? Certainly elites figure genocide is an easy task. As A noted never been in a fight in their lives.

    I can say the Colors of Benetton is dead. The new dream is pure genocide.

    • >Ocasio Cortez and Harris and Ellison are the future

      Future figureheads only. Deep state neoliberal types are going to run the show.

    • Agree with Abcd.
      Ambitious figureheads don’t need to be weathermen to figure out which way the wind is blowing.
      Mark Twain: “Stupidity and confidence combined are a sign of sure success.”

      McHungus yesterday said that Obama’s career was in following orders, since he was bored with anything beyond parties, drugs, and watching gay porn (the NBA).

      I replied:
      “F*k, McHungus, Obama was a renta-boy.
      He let old white golfers at Punhaou pay to suck his d*ck. He did the same in politics.”

      The gibs must flow!

  20. “The only establishment man to support Trump was Jeff Sessions and he is looking more and more like a mole for the political establishment.”

    Sessions was a pretty solid conservative prior to becoming AG. I am convinced the deep state (possibly from Brennan surveillance) has some damaging secrets on him, and has told him to sit on his thumb while Rosenstein runs the show.

    • The denizens of the deep state prefer morally-compromised people in positions of power, because the oligarchs – the people who actually run this country – can control them from the shadows by threatening to expose whatever dirty little secret it is that particular individual doesn’t want made public. And if the “targeted” individual is clean and has no vices, they can be manufactured and planted digitally and via other means. Which is to say, if genuine dirt on you can’t be found, they manufacture some. The technical specialists down at the CIA and other three-letter agencies are very good at that sort of thing, as you may know….

  21. TYPO alert for Zman:
    should your last sentence about
    “The siege continues until it is broken OF the walls are breached”
    have been
    “The siege continues until it is broken OR the walls are breached”?

  22. Every day it strikes me Trump’s remedy if his enemies, (us dirt peoples enemies also no less), cross the line they are standing over is to instantly declare Martial Law. He will have to if they are not stopped politically. And just who will stop them? And how? They believe they are the only supreme power, and I think it is us dirt peoples awareness of them and our guns which stay their hand for now. What ever this beast is we been calling the deep state, we know one thing and that’s when they can’t get rid of someone or a leader of a people thru subterfuge and political means they become brutally violent. They do not back down. Syria and Libya are the most recent bloody examples. The war of northern aggression for another. That circular feature of history keeps rearing its head.
    Those who forget its lessons end up taking the dirt nap first.

    There is hope. 65 million people who waged color revolution in November 2016 is no small number. And this insurgency constitutes the majority of the armed people who aren’t afraid of the deep state. They know it sure as the sun rises we are a force which they can’t risk causing to take out our rifles and wave them in their tyrant faces, otherwise Mr. President Trump would be lying in State like McCain before now.

    We have to wait see where this all leads. Got a feeling it ain’t good. They got to stop Trump before he becomes more powerful. There’s a time limit on all this somewhere for the deep state.

    As a test if I was Trump I would fire the worst of them from the executive en mass all at once when they are at some retreat cooking up some new scheme and none of them where minding the rape and pillage/spoils store back in their lair by the swamp.
    All you got to do is nab the key ones, don’t let them back to clean out their desks. Perp walk those keeping watch, shut down the digital networks, And of course yank all secret clearances and access to their secure command and control network.
    It’s the leaders and psychopaths you want to deny access.
    At least it puts a serious dent in their style. And they look ridiculous on CNN and MNBC whining how meanie Trump stole their lunch.

    You also have the benefit of watching who and how the stay behinds attempt to regroup so you can get them at your time and place of choosing.
    It’s really power 101. Ol’ Trump has not yet taken full power. When he does the only way to stop him is to JFK him and or start a war or perpetrate some massive calamity on his dirt people faithful.

    Like I mention there, this scumbags know only one thing: Raw Naked Power which never backs down for nothing or nobody.

    You have to deny them their levers of that Raw Naked Power. Something very difficult at first. But once it begins they will fold like a cheap suit.

  23. Reading your account of elite reaction to Trump, you could make an argument that trump is an equivalent to the Gracchi brothers. Well, we know what happened to them. What’s the modern equivalent to a slaughter in the forum?

  24. IMHO so much of this is not just about Trump, but a dire warning to any “populist” who opposes the one-world globalist agenda: “This is what will happen to you if you oppose us.”

    It’s the electoral equivalent of the horse head in a bed.

    • People generally don’t mind gangsters when they keep a low profile. When they hurt enough innocents on the street, or start going off on the common man… the gloves come off.
      We could very well see a re-incarnation of Elliot Ness and the untouchables.

    • NITZAKHON, so true, the horse head in the bed. The problem is, once you put the horse head in the bed, you must back it up. At that point, there is no walking away. Ask the Mexican drug cartels about it, they are all-in. So are the lefties. There is no backing down now, on their side. We have only one choice on our side, and that is to see this through. Which is why things are much bigger than Trump now, because the challenge has been accepted on our side. Here we go.

  25. An apt comparison with cancer.

    Fascism, antisemitism, racism, homophobia and all the other bads are pure poison.

    But so is chemo.

    • Antisemitism is the chemo. We here in the 99% white Eastern Europe know this….:D
      When you remove the cause of the problem, then the problems also seems to go. Fences are rising, homosexuality is not normal, guns are legal and so on…:D

        • ‘Neuton bomb’ was my first thought too.
          That could’ve changed the calculation, including the possibility of it being used on us, the citizens.

          • The US will not be a nuclear power in a few decades.

            We no longer have the ability to make tritium for triggers triggers and the stuff has a half life of twelve years . Once supplies are out, we’ll scavenge enough to keep the arsenal up for a while but after a while no nukes or apparently do to other related problems nuclear powered ships either

            We also do not have neutron bombs and cannot make them under current circumstances .

            Immigration and replacement if the weapon of choice but this too won’t work well, we are running out of places to get them from and one screw up from Africa could create an Ebola epidemic which would kill all US cities dead.

            That’s the Left’s power base as the old style Wobbly Reds are gone.

          • You just cant make handy dial o yield or predictable multistaged devices without Tritium. You can always produce gun or implosion fission weapons.
            We have to build the suitable reactor for tritium I believe, which we dont have now.
            You can make Lithium fission to fusion devices though. And Cobalt devices. Very nasty those. Ultimate area denial devices.

            I worked on the exothermic re-entry vehicle system in its inception. That is one mind job of a weapon. Small yield nuclear level power with kinetic energy. 25,000mph or higher velocity if in Geo Stat orbit in a depleted uranium flying crowbar. The energy created vaporizes targets, turns everything to plasma state for a brief time.
            Its got tiny teeny little steering thrusters using super compressed nitrogen as propellent, millimeter wave guidance. Nothing like the lastest generation hypobaric weapons either.

            What man makey man figure how breaky.

          • Could technically? Yep. All great points.

            The current USA? We can barely manage first world utilities like roads and gas . The US Infrastructure is a D+

            A lot of state of the art equipment like the F35 for example is laden with graft and far from war ready

            The reason we might not recover is the same reason Mexico can’t put a man on the moon. Its not resources or even brains , it is after all late 60’s early 70’s tech , no its a failing society

            Again I could be wrong here but I don’t want to risk the US on patched together nukes and dubious space weapons against Chinese laser tech and supercomputers or Russian ASW and nukes either.

  26. The sedition and insurrection are actually worse than you have described. They will force a hostile overthrow if necessary and are planning for the civil backlash that will inevitably follow. Their plan is to use false flag catastrophes to instigate green on blue conflict (LEO vs patriots) and then use the ensuing violent confrontations to weaken the ranks of real citizens. They are well positioned to fight a militia counter-movement, but other strategies will work just fine against these bullies.

    • When you have 300 newspapers trying to prove they are not “Fake News” by coordinating and printing anti Trump letters all on the same day they instantly prove they are Fake News, they are the Enemy of The People as well as the Truth and it’s not merely collusion but has become conspiracy. Furthermore, when every news network repeats the very same exact words every day against Trump 98% of the time the conspiracy is metastasizing.

      God help The Republic, us and all real Patriots should the democrats ever again gain power in this country.

    • it’s possible that the only thing stopping them now is the continued support in the polls for P45, obv, not for lack of trying.

      • Ummm, I would not use that as a barometer. Back in the early ’70’s a little over 67% of the voting public did not want him to leave office – even after all the Watergate stuff came to light. The economy was in decent shape, he was pulling us out of Vietnam and cracking down on the out of control left. The senate still sent him packing.

  27. What exactly would the articles of impeachment be? We don’t like him or our guy didn’t win? Before Trump was sworn in impeachment was already on the table.

    I know, his enemies are just nuts or totally corrupt. Just had to say it.

    • I wonder if the Democrat leadership understands just how much they have fed their own sides paranoia and fanaticism. The only people into the Russian collusion stuff are liberals and lunatics. If the Democrats don’t follow through with impeachment hearings, their own side will burn down their house.

      • But if they do attempt impeachment based on the Russian collusion narrative they will soon find Obama, Hillary and a whole gaggle of leftist Deep Staters drawn into the corruption. That may prove to be suicide.

      • Democrats have similarly convinced the illegals that they are somehow at least as entitled to all the benefits of citizenship as genuine citizens, and more importantly that whites who disagree are racists and Nazis, and by the way punch, kick, stab, shoot a Nazi. Next they’ll be hunting down ‘Nazis’ with dogs. The South seceded for a lot less than that.

      • Yes, the Old Whites running the Democrat party are losing control, and anything could happen….

        • I’m curious as to how they’ve educated their replacements, the a-historical nature of the current breed surely cannot be their source but the child like nature of their actions/behavior indicates it is.

        • This is a big part of the issue.

          Rahm Emanuel almost lost his office to a Hispanic Janitorial Superintendent who was really good at networking

          Once this happens, the entire raison d’ etre of the Democratic party changes to an ethnic spoils party with a few self hating lunatic Whites

          This will basically end the game right there and it could end the union.

      • I’m not buying a blue wave. But that makes me wonder if a Rat Congress is the best thing for Trump going into 2020. Speaker Nancy, with Maxine and Olivia chipping in.

      • Z

        They are “all in”. It’s one of the most bracing aspects of this, makes it worth watching closely and being prepared to respond to. They’re serious.

      • “If the Democrats don’t follow through with impeachment hearings, their own side will burn down their house.”

        That just might be Truimp’s “long game” after all.

        One may hope….

    • Impeachment offenses are whatever a plurality of the House of Representatives says they are. If there is a trial in the senate, Trump’s lawyers will have a field day with evidence of Hilary’s and Mueller’s and the FBI’s crimes. It will be a spectacle beyond belief.

    • I know, his enemies are just nuts or totally corrupt. Just had to say it

      You can say that again. I mean, pardon my French but for F’s sake, these are people who can’t tell a guy from a gal and wants everyone to share in their F-d up lunacy.

  28. Perfect example of a diseased patient rejecting a cure. Applying cow dung to a wound was the chosen remedy of Medieval doctors. Now it’s the preferred method of the Left and Media with respect to American & European politics.

    • Karl,
      The global Media & Marxists use manure to ‘cover their tracks.’ They are lying, filthy pieces of excrement themselves. Each and every one–including Frau Merkel. They can be described as snow covered dung hills. Their constant broadcasted stream of Imputed righteousness is like fresh, white snow–BUT, it still covers the DUNG HEAP.

      QED: “The Sh*tocracy & Donald Trump”

      • All y’all do go read the inestimable Robert Gore in that link the Good Centurion so thoughtfully provides.

  29. The only establishment man to support Trump was Jeff Sessions and he is looking more and more like a mole for the political establishment.

    An alternative explanation is that Sessions doesn’t want to interfere with a lawful investigation. Constantly shouting”conspiracy” isn’t helpful or illuminating.

    • The split between Trump and Sessions may be illuminating of where we stand in this historic moment. Sessions is unquestionably a hero on the national question, but his belief that he could pursue it under the usual rules of a man of honor has been crippling in his executive role. Trump sees that this is a knife fight, and anyone on his side who insists on playing by the Queensbury rules is a liability.

    • Or, he could be a magic leprechaun sent to guard the pot of gold hidden in the DOJ. There are lots of possible reasons for why Sessions has sidelined himself. Some, like yours, are less plausible than others.

      • Join the discussion…I’m hoping Trump and Sessions are playing ‘rope a dope’ with Trump’s opponents. That’s the only reason I can imagine Sessions is taking the verbal abuse. I really can’t see him ‘guarding the honor of the FBI and Justice Department’ since they’ve no left.

      • I think Sessions is Old School’; lost in another era of honor, etiquette and decorum. This is a war.

      • I think the time is very near when enough people will have said to themselves “This has got to stop”. I think Trump is an incredibly patient man; I could certainly never put up with what he has gone through and remain as calm and collected as he has been.

        I figure that a collision of events that culminates in a political explosion is very near. One stream is the ongoing jabberwockery of the Mueller investigations and related media circus. It just can’t be allowed to continue. The President has got to take control of the Executive Branch. Another key element is the next budget. Trump said he would never sign another budget bill like the last one, and I believe him. So there’s going to be a government shutdown. And these things will hit the fan just in time for the mid-term elections.

        There will be interesting times.

    • Another alternative explanation is that Sessions *is* the insurance policy against the Trump Presidency referred to in the infamous Strzok text referencing discussion in the meeting of top FBI officials, including McCabe.

      On the upside, last week Grassley and Graham both gave the green light for Trump to fire Sessions. This was a clear signal to Sessions that he needs to resign. The Supreme Court confirmation hearings will be over this week. If Sessions doesn’t resign I would look for Trump to fire him soon, possibly Friday.

    • Rosenstein wrote a memo recommending Comey get fired then led an investigation into whether the firing was interference. There’s nothing legitimate going on.

    • Obama turned the DOJ/FBI into criminal organizations and the evidence of this has become overwhelming during the past year. Sessions now presides over this criminality and has done nothing to clean house or even countermand the ongoing criminal activities within these departments. He is an utter failure at leadership, honor, and integrity. No one will ever again trust these institutions because of his failure to right the ship.

      • Both the fbi and the doj should be shut down, all top hands sent to Gitmo for interrogation and the rank and file all vetted. Some of them were at Waco killing men, women and children. The fbi has offices all over the country. When pig season begins, there will be big pig roasts, all over the country.

    • Re: “An alternative explanation is that Sessions doesn’t want to interfere with a lawful investigation. Constantly shouting”conspiracy” isn’t helpful or illuminating.”

      Perhaps Sessions received a “night letter,” a threat to his safety or that of his loved ones. Or, perhaps, as Matt Bracken has suggested, he is being blackmailed or otherwise coerced into inaction.

  30. I find this time in history so incredibly stressful that I have retreated into reading about empires of the past. Somehow it calms me just watching the ebb and flow. Though they’re definitely better and worse times to be alive in the lifespan of an Empire.

    I’m going to recommend Bernal Diaz The Conquest of New Spain. He was a soldier with Cortez and it’s essentially the most exciting adventure story ever.

    • Reading about empires of the past will tell you that there is nothing new under the sun. The open question is who prevails, and how they go about putting down those on the losing side who refuse to yield.

      • That is very true, but there seems to be on thing that most people I have ever run across never have pop into their minds as a question :

        What chance does this lunatic leftist empire have of succeeding? And what do they measure “success” as?

        The way I see it is: the US empire (largely a leftist enterprise) – is running on fumes already. The deficit that has been wracked up to fund this whole leftist structure is ALREADY so massive it threatens to implode the entire country. We can’t win wars any more (whether they actually want to is a good topic of discussion) – and the areas under the US elite’s orbit seem to be chafing at the bit to get away.

        The thing with leftists IMHO -most especially the ones of the current age ….. is that they don’t BUILD anything. Their “empire” is purely an extractive enterprise. As much as the lefties bitch about the Nazis – at least they built things. In fact I think this is a good part of the enduring fascination so many people have with them. In historical terms they were a shooting star that had some high achievements for the amount of time
        they were in power.

        The way I see it is that the left has been sucking at the tit for so long and concentrating on bringing down western civilization for so long – that they simply don’t know any other way to exist. The right has been holding them back for a good long time – and now they want to be let loose. But let loose for what ends?

        I’ve often felt that the most time effective way to solve the leftie problem was to just stop standing in their way – and let them run rampant. Then (hopefully) – a critical mass of people would wake up to the realization that the only solution is to Pinochet their stupid corrupt asses right out out of power. At that point maybe the government gets run thru with a chainsaw and is completely gutted of any power centers that enabled the leftist virus to spread.

        After that the cycle starts over again – but at least the lefties would have spend a couple of centuries corrupting the government all over again to regain the power they had.

        • calsdad, I have no doubt the leftists have no plan to “succeed” in overseeing the economy. As you noted, they operate in a “extractive” capacity, not a productive one (Venezuela, anyone?). But they know how to play the political game very well. They play a game of offense, and the right plays the defensive game. That is why Trump has been so successful—he is about the only example of the right playing a game of offense. So is Trump the U.S at the Battle of Midway, or the Germans at the Battle of the Bulge?

          The Left can’t run things worth a darn, but they could capture the flag for a while. Outcomes are not preordained, not completely binary, and the outcome isn’t certain. We try to assume outcomes in something that is, at its base, a probability play (with a relatively unknown probability set). Tough to make a bet on the outcome here. History is full of examples that have gone in both directions, and of outcomes that turned in the late stages of the conflict.

        • The left (i.e., totalitarians) have no interest in running anything. Their only goal is absolute power that once obtained will enable them to live like kings.
          Absolute power and living like a royalty are the ONLY things that motivates and informs the left (see Castro, Honnecker, Chavez, Maduro, the USSR Bolsheviks, Ceaucescu, Tito, Hoxha, Kun, et. al.)
          Leftists hate anybody that does not agree with them, which is why every leftist nation has been a giant prison.
          And running a horrible prison requires no ideas, no insight, no knowledge, no plans, no experience.
          Just contempt of the masses and copious use of mass terror and murder.

          How many times does one need to witness this to understand what the left is planning for us all??

          • You’ve just quite succinctly described why Islam and the Left get along so well. The Islamic world – in particular the Sunni Arab oil monarchies – don’t built or invent anything either. Like the Leftists, they see themselves as rulers, as conquerors – they do not dirty their hands with such trifling things as invention and technological advancement.

            The skeptics point to the gleaming modern cities of Qatar, and such structures as the Burj Tower – the current tallest building in the world – but these modern marvels were designed and built by non-Muslims. Designers, engineers and architects from the West; skilled and unskilled labor imported from elsewhere. Only the money comes from the Muslims (Arabs), and they have that as well only thanks to western technology and innovation.

            The only exports of significant from the Muslim Middle East are petroleum products and the violence of jihad, and of those they are really only responsible for the latter, since without western aid, the oil would still be in the ground.

        • I understand your point, but let those people get unrestricted power and they won’t stop until it’s Venezuela.

    • Thanks for the book idea. It was $.99 on my Kindle, and it is very interesting. So was “Two Years Before The Mast” by Dana, and several other $.99 old books.

  31. The thing about this that is fascinating is there is no predictable endgame. Trump isn’t going to moderate his positions because he has nothing to lose and it’s not in his nature to do so. The cabal in DC, the media, academia have their very identity invested in the status quo. They’re cornered rats, vicious and rabid. It should be an interesting next couple of years.

    • A Dem Congress will pursue impeachment, perhaps later rather than sooner. What they will certainly do is overwhelm the administration with investigations, far in excess of the weaksauce the GOP gave the previous Regime when it armed the Mexican cartels and attempted to entrap FFLs. Trump may decide to pull a Sarah Palin and resign, but he’s facing criminal charges from New York state prosecutors as well, so only exile to a no extradition country would save his hide at the cost of his assets being seized. So he will fight.

      • Let me make this perfectly clear. If President Trump is removed from office, REGARDLESS of how it is done, I consider pig hunting season to be open. With no bag limit. And it is open season on their spouses as well.

        “Law Enforcement” and the “Legal” system are neck deep in the fraud, corruption, treason, and sedition that is trying to overthrow that election. They – and their families – had better understand that, when there is no Rule of Law, it works BOTH ways.

        • 1953- CIA/MI6 remove Mosadegh from office
          1979- Khomeinist Revolution

          2019-CIA/MI6 remove Trump from office
          20XX- ???? Revolution

        • I don’t think they do understand that. They do not see that undermining a legitimately elected President of the United States means the end of the Republic. They think they are the embodiment of Truth and Light, and that once the nasty irritant in the White House is gone, business will go on as usual. It does not occur to them that they are undermining the fundamental institutions and laws that make this country what it is. They actually think that once Trump has been driven out of the White House, a President they elect will be meekly accepted by those who supported Trump. I am sure they are wrong about that. I don’t know exactly what will happen, but it’s not going to be a return to business as usual. It’s not going to be good.

        • It’s nice to think that we’ll march on the ‘Manor Farm’ when the truth is exposed. I’m not optimistic, but I hope you are on to something here.

          • There is no need to “march on the Manor Farm”.

            Do you know where the Only Ones live in your neighborhood?
            Do you know their schedules?
            Do you know their spouses’ schedules?
            Do you have a plan to deal with the problem?

            When “Law Enforcement” spouses have to worry whether the doorbell is merely an evangelist trying to save her soul, or the Angel of Death come to send her to hell, she’ll have second thoughts. When she can’t be sure if the minor fender bender was a result of her distracted driving, or if instead it is her final stop on the highway to hell, THAT will realign the dinner table conversation about the appropriateness of “Law Enforcement” as a career. When those discussions occur within a “Law Enforcement” organization, it won’t be long until said organization does not have enough personnel to guard the donuts in their headquarters break room.

      • Trump still has considerable weapons he has not used. One of the reasons he has not fired Sessions, Rosenstein, and everyone in Justice who is a holdover, and has not opened the intelligence document vaults, is he perceives he has something to lose. If the Dems impeach, he might as well start a purge, declassify every document the swamp is hiding, and claim executive privilege in every congressional or NY investigation and pardon everyone they indict. What are they going to do, impeach him twice?

        • No, the fifth columnists within the justice dept will destroy any documents Trump demands be made public or simply ignore his orders.
          This is really simple to do; the documents have been “lost” or “accidentally” destroyed; and this excuse will work perfectly because no one will come forward and spill the beans and no one yet has had the cojones to indict

          Lawsuits will be used as necessary by the traitors to counter Trumps orders to release documents or defy any of his orders.

          The Quislings within the govt., will not and CAN NOT be forced to do anything unless they are arrested (in the manner of a common criminal) by Federal Marshals and face imminent and severe (i.e., long prison sentences or , if real justice was to be had, EXECUTION.
          As long as real punishment is not on the table, the traitors will do as they please.
          Note that a Congressional “contempt of Congress” citation is a total F’n joke (e.g., see Eric Holder).
          Also, getting fired is even a bigger joke because these traitors will easily find employment within the propaganda arm of the deep state – the mainstream media- and earn incomes several multiples of their present taxpayer paid salaries.
          In some banana republic the coup d’état plotters dispose of their target with a few well placed bullets and declare marshal law.

          In our FORMER Constitutional Republic the traitors (the democrats, many republicans, the Clintons, the Obamas and their fellow travelers within the deep state) have to feign they are following the law as they carry out a coup d’état, American style.

          The deep state traitors have successfully stonewalled and defied congress going on two years now and not one individual has been indicted.

          Given the above, it is highly unlikely that anybody will ever be indicted , much less hanged by the neck. As long as the justice dept is headed by the useless, incompetent Jeff Sessions we can expect the present state of affairs to continue.

          An impeachment of Trump will provide a pseudo-legal justification for the traitors to ignore any of Trumps directives.

    • The game has changed. The mass media has collapsed and no longer controls or even influences public opinion. Hell – they cut their own throats more often than not: who can forget Joe The Plumber – being lectured by a black baboon in a suit about how he didn’t build his own company… and the media clowns bobbling their heads in agreement.

      The left may win a few more battles but that will only escalate the tension. If Trump is sidelined, the next guy down the road will be the kind of man that makes Trump look like a choirboy. Then the blood and flames will start.

      • While it is true that the legacy media has lost its influence, these days relying upon billionaire subsidies, the new power is in the Silicon Dons. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon wield a level of power unseen since the days of the East India Company. And all of this power can be used at the discretion of the Anti-Defamation League to destroy the livelihood of anyone they oppose. Whenever any of our people get banned, it only seems to lead to impotent whining and infighting.

        • We are at the point where we are in need of our own domain host, web servers, payment processor, possibly even our own bank/credit union. In other words, we need our own government. The law provides some protection in terms that telecom providers are still “public utilities”, but this will in the coming years likely be subject to tremendous espionage.

          • “THEY” know this, I believe this is why bitcoin and blockchain are under attack. Just because I’m paranoid that they’re out to get me, doesn’t mean they’re not. The gift of the internet to the UN from P44 will not help us.

          • Cant put the cat back in the bag. Too late.
            Sucks to be them.
            besides, dirt people Win this time.
            None of this horse shit poses for .gov and the “elites” who are neither, can ever be made whole like it used to again.Too many Americans have withdrawn Consent and are metamorphosing into the type of plurality nothing can stop.

            Repeat after me:
            We. Are. Not. A. Banana. Republic.

            Those trying to overthrow this Republic constitute the very essence of it. But not us dirt people.

      • Unfortunately, the MSM still retains a lot of power. They gave up making profits, and have doubled down on their base. They have lost influence with 40% of us, but have reinforced the crazy 40% that still follows them. The problem for us is the 20% that has not yet crossed over to our side. They still listen to the MSM, even if they don’t totally trust them.

        • The Right is caught in a bind. A position in the mainstream media requires cucking out to get the “strange new respect”. But a position at Fox or a lesser right-wing outlet is a ghetto where one has to toe the line on neocon foreign policy and billionaire tax cuts. It doesn’t help that Fox is staffed with alleged rapists and proven thots.

          • Just remember:
            We Don’t Care.
            That simple thing changes everything.

            Alt-Right. Dissident-Right. Hard-Right. Men of The West.
            We all do not care what the cucks, the whole lot of them think.

            There is no weapon or politics that can change this in ones mind. It is always down to ones choice no matter what.
            It is why they are all terrified of Alt-Right and the right thinking and fighting Right’s which have risen up out of the zeitgeist.

            Freedom begins in the mind before its Liberty below the feet.

          • FOX et al jumped on the bandwagon of the Sacred Gay as well . It’s 24/7 flag waving “ Thank You For Your Service on your 94th deployment to Afghanistan “ etc.

        • Just because the MSM still have an audience doesn’t mean they have power or influence. Even those who nod in agreement when they listen to CNN are nodding only because CNN agrees with them. The media can’t change minds any more; the media aren’t taken seriously as a source of information even by their remaining audience. They have become useless as propaganda organizations.

          Facebook, Twitter, and Google are the new Minitrue. The only problem is that they were built on the promise that everyone can participate in the conversation, and they are having a very hard time controlling what people say. Moreover, their attempts to control the public conversation are very obvious. Deceiving the people has become much more difficult than it used to be.

      • I’ve always wondered how deeply that “you didn’t build that” comment pissed off other people (besides myself). The Democrats had a definite theme going on that one for a while.

        I’ve worked a white collar job in tech for more than two decades now. But I also spend a huge amount of time working with my hands and have built a couple of houses, restored cars, poured concrete – etc. . Whether it’s white collar tech work or “blue” collar dirty work – I’m pretty sure there are NO politicians that ever uttered that comment who ever did any real work.

        Bernie Sanders was supposedly a shitty incompetent carpenter. This is probably typical.

        When some leftist twat starts yelling at me about how I “didn’t build that “, it makes me want to get up, hit them in the head with a brick, and then go back and casually place the brick in the sidewalk I was busy laying down.

        • Neoliberal rhetoric about “job creators” has never worked. The public is increasingly skeptical of business, Obama rode the beginning of this wave to re-election. Many people might aspire to be a small business owner, but few will ever achieve it. People want higher incomes, they will choose either a tax cut or a labor union. As a gaffe, it wasn’t Obama’s worst (If I had a son; they bring a knife). It didn’t help that Romney told outright lies about a Jeep Factory in the closing week of the campaign, causing him to underperform in Ohio.

          • “People want higher incomes, they will choose either a tax cut or a labor union.” Or they could massively cut immigration and deport illegals. That would have the added benefit of relieving pressure on the housing market and the school systems (not to mention the criminal justice system and the hospitals.) But as long as those added costs come at the expense of average citizens and benefit the elites, it’s all a win/win in their eyes.

          • Discourse on immigration rarely factors in “quality of life” issues, and few people in the US are concerned about housing costs (this is quite common in the other Anglo Four). The main concerns are healthcare and higher education spending, the left has solutions (single-payer, tuition free) but never mentions that it would require middle class tax increases. What polls well is ICE going after the GOP farmers like that guy in Iowa that employed the murderer of that leftist college student. But, well, you know, lobbying.

          • Really? Where the heck do you live? Housing costs (including rentals) are the big obstacle to getting ahead (and dare I say family formation?) in New England. Of course the subsidized have no worries in either regard.

          • Northeast Ohio, Cleveland/Akron were actually tearing down abandoned houses during the recession.

            In both my anecdotal experience, and from being a news consumer, I’ve never heard anyone link housing to immigration in the Affordable Family Formation model. I have read about it in the UK, OZ, NZ and CAN. But I’ve never heard even a “foreign buyer tax” which is found in all four of those countries, being proposed here.

          • No, here they give foreign buyers citizenship along with the house they bought in the U.S.

            I don’t know anyone who is *not* stressed out about the high cost of housing. Anything related to the high costs borne by the U.S. taxpayer related to hosting 10s of millions of immigrants is *never* to be found in the news. But many people on the street can tell you lots of immigrants mean low wages and high rents.

          • Most of the polling data (Gallup) indicates the public is on board with immigration romanticism. Our position of an immigration moratorium has never been tested in a national poll to the best of my knowledge. In my experience people tend to blame rising rents and low wages on capitalist greed. There just aren’t a lot of Millennial and non-white “Blue Dogs” that are persuadable to adopt our position.

          • De Beers, “our position of an immigration moratorium has never been tested in a national poll…”. Perhaps that’s because they are afraid of the answer. The real world is nothing like what the media pretends it is.

        • Amusingly years ago Bill Clinton and Al Gore showed up at one of Jimmy Carter’s Habitat for Humanity projects. The dumbasses were confounded with a cordless drill.

    • first time reader… interesting article and site.
      i still can’t understand how people with any intelligence can listen to the orange clown speak at an event, or in a taped conversation and think “that’s my guy.”
      i just can’t wrap my mind around it.

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