The Wrong Stuff

A regular feature of the news, going back decades, is how the military is struggling to meet its enlistment goals. One reason for this is the Left’s antiwar past, which is a big part of their origin myth. The geezers in the cult still carry on about how they protested the war in college. There’s also the fact that the Left needs to believe the tide is turning their way and the people are rushing to their banner. That means the sort of white men who join the service are in decline. The result is regular stories about the lack of recruits.

The thing is though, volunteer armies don’t have a great history. In the French Revolution, there were lots of people ready to fight for the revolution, but nowhere near enough to man the massive armies required to fight the rest of Europe. Wide-scale conscription was necessary to meet demand. The same was true during the Napoleonic Wars. In the 20th century, both world wars were fought with conscripts. For example, 70% of the US soldiers were drafted, despite massive public relations efforts to get men to enlist.

America has been running the world with a volunteer army for about fifty years now, but the cost has been enormous. Official spending numbers put the defense budget at about $600 billion per year, but lots of stuff is off-budget. The microprocessor has also been the great force multiplier. The United States has the most technologically advanced war machine in history and a fighting ethos to go with it. That just raises the cost of operations, relative to the overall fighting strength, in terms of manpower and material.

As a result, there is a general consensus that the current US military configuration is inadequate to continue ruling the world. This is a big part of Trump’s push to delegate some of the task to Europe and Asia. There really is no reason why the EU countries need any support from the US to police the Continent. The Russians have nukes, but the bear is poor and the people are in no condition to fight a war. In Asia, the Japanese and South Koreans could do much more to help deal with Chinese aggression.

There is another problem though, one that the Europeans have, but are not willing to acknowledge. That is the lack of men willing and able to fight. This is a problem American warmongers are beginning to notice in America. Right-wing Progressives are noticing that the struggle to meet enlistment goals are not just rhetorical. The military is struggling to find young men willing and able to do the work of a modern soldier. Those with the talent are wising up to the reality of this age and the rest simply have the wrong stuff.

For starters, the sorts of men excited about taking orders from a girl are not the sorts of men you want fighting your wars. That only works in Hollywood propaganda. That propaganda, however, has had an impact on the culture. As a result, a decreasing number of men are physically able to meet the minimum requirements. A boy who spent his formative years playing video games and being asked if he would prefer to wear a dress, is unlikely to have the ability to make it through basic, much less be a good soldier.

Then you have the fact that white guys are starting to figure out that the government is their enemy, so signing up to fight for the government is not in their interests. Part of it is the fact that the public has figured out that the neocon response to 9/11 was a scam. They did not care about keeping the country safe from Islam. They only cared about keeping Israel safe from Islam. Importing millions of Muslims after 9/11 did not go unnoticed. A volunteer army relies on patriotism to fill the ranks. Fighting for strangers does not cut it.

There’s also the fact that whites are getting wise to what’s happening and public trust is plummeting. A volunteer army not only relies on patriotism, but it relies on civic duty. It is why we still call military service a duty. Some still call politics “public service” even though no one is so naive these days. The point is, like patriotism, civic nationalism is a social contract. Both parties have to uphold their end of the deal in order for it to work. It’s why blacks lack patriotism and they have never been willing to join the military.

The black issue is one to understand. We are constantly bombarded with propaganda about the heroic blacks in the military, but blacks have always been under represented in the services. Blacks, of course, are leading the charge against the  national anthem. It’s not just a stunt by coddled athletes. Blacks in America have never felt a sense of duty to the country, which makes perfect sense, given the nature of black identity. If you see society as dominated by the people you hate, why would you feel loyalty to society?

Then you have the much celebrated browning of America. As of the last census, the majority of people under-18 are non-white. By the next census, it will be distinctly non-white. War fighting is a young man’s game. A military built to run on smart white guys with a sense of duty is not going to function when it has to rely on non-whites, who despise their host population. Inevitably, the military is going to start looking like a Chicano version of Stripes. No one says it, but everyone in charge sees the problem.

The response will be a greater reliance on high technology, but the cost of the robot warrior goes up faster than his effectiveness. No one bothers to notice that the space age war machine of the Unites States has been fought to a standstill by cave dwelling archaics in Afghanistan. Trillions have been spent trying to outsmart the locals and the graveyard of empires is going to win anyway. In the end, there is no replacement for human capital and there is no way to replace the premier human capital with cheap knockoffs from overseas.

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  1. I was in the USAF in the ’73-89. I had the opportunity to work with and for women. Taking orders from one is like taking orders from any other officer. So your premise is wrong. Also, many young men & women will step up to protect America when called. 9/11 proved that. Heroes All!

  2. It’s hard to “win” when you are reluctant to utterly destroy the enemy. I’m for leaving Afghanistan alone, I’m aware of the fact that the greedy Globalists have selfish motives for trying to subdue it militarily. But if someone were to kill everyone who lived there, there would be no one left to resist, right? It’s a political problem, not a military problem.

  3. It’s apparently an article of faith that America has done so much militarily for Israel. I keep waiting for itti happen.

  4. Until recently, I worked with new US Army recruits. Nothing was and is more disgusting to me than to have 17-19 year old males, unable to do even 3 push-ups !

    When I was growing up my friends and I were playing organized sports, Little League baseball and high school sports. When we weren’t doing that we were riding our bicycles 10 miles round trip to find an unused, baseball diamond. In the winter we were freezing our asses off playing sandlot football in the snow and ice.

    In your travels observe how many of today’s youth are playing sandlot baseball or football. I see none at all. As summer draws to an end, the empty fields and few public or school ball diamonds, remain empty. Just as they had throughout the summer.

    Zman’s essay was, sadly, spot on. As always, the truth is painful.

  5. I have some knowledge of how the military engages with today’s youths (under 18).

    By and large, the programs I’m familiar with are good and useful for both girls and boys. There’s an emphasis on personal responsibility, and (locally) a Christian overtone. Discipline is enforced, but youthful forgetfulness tolerated and worked around. The programs made available to the kids are quite amazing, and very cheap for the price.

    The nature of the programs I’ve witnessed will select for a certain subset of kids. They trend very male, but I’ve interacted with girls in the program barely older than my own kids who fit the mold. This doesn’t prove anything, but it says something.

    Possibly it means that the military is so feminized that females can find a home there. Possibly it means that some females can find a home in the military when it doesn’t actively discriminate against them. I have no frame of reference on this, and cannot say definitively it’s either way. All I can attest to is that the kids I’ve interacted with were professional and considerate. My takeaway was positive.

  6. It’s interesting to witness sophisticate Right elites like Roger Kimball and Victor Hanson defend Trump. Our intuition equates them with the NR, Weekly Standard, Kristol types. But they’ve managed not to be. They’re what the Kristols COULD be if the Kristols of the world were true to their proclaimed cause…hating Lefty. Roger Kimball has to attend the proverbial Washington cocktail parties too. The difference is he’s got the balls to not give a shit what the pretty ladies and their cucks think as he speaks well of Trump.

  7. China has its own problems. Running out of smart people, running out of Han, running out of smart Han people, as detailed in VDARE today. Uighurs, Tibetans, and various other minorities are not going to power the Chinese Dream and Xi knows it.

    Plus Xi and China are terribly exposed in South Africa. Suppose Malema topples fat old rich Ramphosa and starts a general killing spree of not just Whites but Chinese also? Xi is screwed if he does not move as his many enemies would sure to leak to the Chinese people his failure (no collective leadership means nowhere to hide from enemies at the top) and screwed if he does as it would cause most of Africa to explode in anger against his people there, and put fear into everyone investing in the Belt and Road initiative that they could be next with the next anti-Chinese riot.

    And inevitably it will occur to some smart young officer that the doddering fools like Pelosi, Waters, Hillary, McConnell, Feinstein, and the young idiots like Ocasio-Cortez, Keith Ellison-X, are a clown show waiting to be replaced by a man of real energy and and ambition. Suppose the Dems remove Trump and Pence and replace them with say, Hillary and Maxine Waters, and those two with the connivance of McConnell and Cindy McCain who is inheriting her husband’s duchy of Arizona start removing the White troops and seamen, airmen in favor of diverse people of color and gender identity?

    Historically troops have led coups for less reason. The rush to purge Whites and particularly White men (the BBC is now demanding it be a White male free zone) has the corollary of radicalizing White men with no where else to go. Its one thing to un-person Josh Hader for tweeting Jay-Z lyrics (while Jay-Z is a frequent guest at the Obama White House). He’s just one guy. Its another to purge the entire officer corps of White men — and the clown show at the DemoRep Party is just stupid enough to do that in one go. Because feelz. And Hillary hitting the vodka at 3 pm, and getting a rage-on headache, and Waters off her meds again.

  8. “blacks lack patriotism and they have never been willing to join the military”.

    Two days in a row you stepped on your dick. Most of the arguments in this essay are exactly correct, but that statement about blacks shows you know almost nothing about the US armed forces. Take from those who’ve been there, the population of blacks in the armed forces is huge. In actual numerical fact they comprise 17% for males and 30% for females (all forces).

    This statement is categorically false and factually incorrect:
    “have always been under represented in the services.”

    So in actual fact they are over-represented (over-volunteered you could say) in relation to their population in the US (12%). If you look at the individual (less technical) branches like the Army they comprise an even bigger percentage. Those who’ve been there know it can be 40% and you’ll be guaranteed to be bunking with and working in close proximity with blacks. And you will encounter a broad range of attitudes and aptitudes. Some are born leaders, mature, intelligent, righteous and equitable. Some hate whitey and shuck and jive their way through. I am disgusted by Ivy Tower think tank types who operate purely on theory and know very little about the subject they opine on.

    • You won’t find blacks in combat units, they really can’t hack it and are only there for a paycheck. You generally find them in administration and logistics where they keep easy hours and don’t have to bust their asses. And it’s a rarity to find blacks competent enough to be electronic , fire-control and EM techs as very few have the aptitude for it. Blacks just don’t to do tech. It’s seen as a white man’s thing.

      The Army takes more of them in because their standards are much lower than the Air Force and Navy/Marine Corps. Basically their intake of Category III and IV personnel is a lot higher – that means more blacks. They are not the sharpest tools in the shed. Hence their grouping in MOS’s that are meant for those who score low on the AFQT. Truck drivers, loggies and admin types.

      It’s not to say that a branch like the AF won’t take them. They do. But generally the smarter ones. They can afford to be picky since they don’t have issues meeting their recruiting quotas. So no warm body policy.

      As far as black females? God help us. They are mostly walking time bombs of entitlement and arrogance that go off like IED’s. Many are obese and incapable of passing the physical. Officers dread dealing with those creatures because can and do play the race and sex cards.

    • I have to say in the late 80s – early 90s, blacks were over-represented in the active duty Marine Corps. They are about 12% of the U.S. population – and probably double that in the Marines when I was in.

      More so support units than combat.

  9. I joined the Marines in the 80s. Still had lots of Vietnam Vets in and some real senior guys who fought in Korea. They were hard men. In Boot Camp and Infantry School they would openly challange the manhood of anyone who didn’t keep up.

    Race relations were better then than now. Volunteering for Marine infantry, recon, combat arms jobs was what crazy middle class white kids did. Poor Whites and Blacks signed up for tech jobs that would make them money in the real world.

    • This is very true. Race relations used to be much better. In the military, most blacks either hung out with whites or at a minimum partied with them. Only about 30% of blacks were racist and refused to associate with whites. Everyone, black white or brown watched Cosby, What’s Happening, Good Times, Fresh Prince, etc. Today you can’t even look each other in the eye. I blame the start on race baiters and agitators like Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton. Then Rodney King happened and exposed racist cops. Then the globalists starting with Bush (maybe Clinton) allowed the invading hoardes who were easily agitated into hating whitey. Finally degenerate and dysgenic whites cowered and dumb Nazi LARPers sealed the end.

  10. At this point, the main reason for a young white man to put a few years in the military is to learn warfighting skills for that theoretical future day.

  11. The backbone of the US military is the NCO cadre, and the best of that class of warrior is not currently in the armed forces, but instead are largely middle class white males leading normal lives in the backwaters of Red State America. Although their ranks are dwindling, they still number in the hundreds of thousands and would be a formidable resource if a serious fight were to arise (either foreign or domestic). Our biggest threat is poor leadership. If things get real in Europe and the men there have to fight for their lives, my guess is those women leaders won’t last another day in office.

  12. Zman, this is one of your better posts. Additionally, the ballooning federal debt is also going to start cutting into the defense establishment. I suspect our interventionist foreign policy will largely end by the mid 20’s.

  13. Damn you, Z!
    I have been trying to convince my daughter to join the Navy when she graduates HS this year.
    Now you have got me all confused!

  14. At least one of the recent ship “collisions” was the result of a female OOD who was not on speaking terms with the senior female officer in CIC. Of course that didn’t show up on CNN any more than does the Navy’s actual pregnant-at-sea rate. Young guy thinking of enlisting has second thoughts when realizing that at some point he’s going to have a lesbian telling him what to do.

  15. McCain’s last tweet was a shoutout to a fallen soldier in Iraq who was on his *9th* deployment. That really just says it all.

  16. I would disagree that the Jewish neo-cons (and others) invaded Iraq for Israel’s security. I believe they did it to advance one-world-ism. If a throwback dictator like Saddam Hussein could be removed (and the Arab world democratized) then the new world order would advance a step. At that time, most conservatives agreed and did not know any better. Including me.

    • Please. A bunch of Saudis (15/19) and other Sunni muslims murder ~3K Americans (New Yorker’s, if you prefer). Then, instead of going after the perps we follow Richard Perle’s plan (commissioned many years prior by Benny Netanyahu) to invade Iraq. Now we actually have Generals saying Americans should be willing to die for Israel and they wonder why we don’t get top recruits? We could shut down half the bases in Europe and probably a third elsewhere and still have an elite force. And save money. The Banksters and the Open Borders crowd would, of course object.

    • Why do you think we’re still in Afghanistan and Iraq?

      Is the primary motivation still the advancement of one-world-ism? Or is it about enriching the defense industry? These explanations seem insufficient.

      (I supported both wars for about ten years.)

      • Well, it’s complex. On the surface it’s a one worlderism. Hence why the neocons were so strong on the interventions in the Balkans.But the point is, Its a philosophy to go to war over any perceived human rights violation or whatever. It’s a formula to go to war in the Middle East at the drop of a pin. “This is what we do.” This is How America always behaves, it’s like setting precedent. But it just so happens that most of the big expensive wars have been in the Middle East for some reason which is not a coincidence.

          • Political truths and objectives tend to be simple. Added levels of complexity are window dressing constructed for deception purposes. Or to broaden their coalition in someway for some reason.The political objectives of intelligent people reflect the dreams to desires of their narrow background class. Eg white working class, Jewish middle class, etc. There are joiners, this sort of peoples Z talked about previously, who I have a low self-esteem and go from movement to movement, Or opportunists, like the WASP neocons for example who exploit an existing power struggle to further their career, but the architects of the political philosophies will have very simple objectives.

    • So I went to this little cafeteria out in the bad area of town, which is near the outskirts of a military base around 2008 or so. They’re all these military guys eating there with a sergeant. I approach them and started telling them about the book by meatshimer and Walt. The Sergeant jumped up and intervened and said that has all been debunked! It seems like there was not a person above IQ 90 among them. From the way they talked. Never did they come to that cafeteria again. I never saw them there again!

  17. I am doing a lecture series on Alexander and the Hellenistic period, and it seems many large armies back then were mercenary armies, so the idea of fighting for pay, not patriotism, is perfectly viable. Greeks fought as mercenaries as far away as Persia and Egypt. I suppose when martial things are a way of life, people tend to market the skills they have. One always reads about Israeli mercenaries, here, there and everywhere in Africa.

    I was talking to a woman who has some administrative position at one of the military academies, and she complained that any black or brown with requisite scores immediately shoots to the top of the stack for admissions. Surprise surprise.

    Anyway, I believe a strong barrier to white guy entrance into the military is the smoldering middle eastern wars. During the 00’s, reservists had their tours extended almost indefinitely in some cases to meet the man power needs without resorting to a draft. We are not out of those conflicts, with new engagements in Syria and Africa, but media coverage has dwindled in an effort to keep them going without stirring up political opposition. no one wants to have their feet blown off for zionists.

    • Against whom? A non-nuclear country? Means every country more functional than Somalia will now be scrambling to get nukes and arguments against this will be ignored. Against progs at home? I dont think nuking Berkeley sounds like a winning move. Against a nuclear power? What do you think they would then do? Nukes aren’t very powerful in practice b/c you cant really use them to attain positive outcomes. (Hiroshima is not an argument against this, it motivated Stalin like crazy to get his own nukes and if Japan had had them back then, they would have filled their last bomber with extra fuel tanks and gone for the nearest place with a lot of Americans… Hiroshima made sense only b/c the enemy didnt have nukes and couldnt get them on a relevant time scale.)

  18. A lot of people seem to want to give up on the military and I can’t argue too much against their reasons why. It’s headed south and their are better opportunities for white men then signing onto an organization that increasingly attempts to repel them.

    However the long march of the left across the institutions was successful because they increasingly went into hostile territory and chipped away at them. We may need to change our motivation from patriotism to insurgency. We don’t hold a lot of ground anymore due to the left’s success at infiltration.

    We need to be willing to fight for institutions the way our enemies did. While the military might not seem valuable now, losing it could be catastrophic.

    • “change our motivation from patriotism to insurgency”. You’re going to lose that battle.

    • To fix the military we need to fix Congress who makes all the insane social engineering rules the branches have to follow and funds organizations like DACOWITS that push women into combat roles and tell the brass to gender norm the test results so they pass.

      Fixing congress at this stage is impossible.

      How do you think the Army got female Rangers? They were given all sorts of special set asides to make them pass. Same in the Marine Corp officer course. All coming down from Congress. Those that went along got nice promotions.

      Mattis is good, but he’s PC/MC on having females in combat MOS’s. He’s part of the problem. Sadly he’s the best we got at that rank. The fire breathers never make it past Lt. Col.

      • You won’t “fix Congress” – without first fixing all the idiots who vote for them.

        This is why I keep saying over and over and over again: the real game is on the ground convincing all the idiots around you to stop electing dimwits to Congress.

        The solution is bottom up – not top down.

    • If you can’t even convince people to stop funding their enemies – then calls for insurgency are just a little bit premature and quite frankly probably downright retarded.

      Go try and have a conversation with the average person who claims to be on the right and ask them where their head is at in regards to cutting taxes drastically, eliminating the Federal income tax, welfare, multiple federal agencies – etc.

      Arguing for insurgency among even the majority of Trump voters borders on retarded because they SUPPORT all the pieces of the power structure that oppresses them.

      This type of argument (insurgency is what we should do) is typical of why the right wing CONSTANTLY loses.

      The typical right winger needs an insurgency INTO THE STUPID SHIT CONTAINED IN HIS HEAD.

      If you’re not willing to fight that battle – then how the hell can you expect to win a shooting war?

      • Fight what battle? Your entire rant is about quitting and doing nothing. You sound like the typical loser who accomplishes nothing.

      • I agree. We are simply not the same people who fought for our freedom in 1776. We could become such people again, but it would require massive religious reforms. Our system of government is for a moral and religious people. We are neither.

        Start going to church, reading your Bible, and praying. Otherwise, forget it.

  19. The “real” military now still lives in special operations command components …. though, yes, our progressive friends are intent on cracking that one, too. But I think even our lunatic leaders realize they need a cadre of capable, well trained men and real killers at hand. Bill Clinton’s program (actually, it was Hillary’s) to transform the military into their progressive wonderland was nearly brought to full realization under Obama. While the non-elite units contain many dedicated and capable personnel, that organization overall has been crippled by progressive dictates and leftist-contaminated leaders. Score another one for progress.

    • The tendency to let ‘experts’ and ‘specialists’ (not in the military vocabulary sense of private but of being actually specialist) is seen in the military as well as civilian life it seems. Spec ops guys do a disproportionate part of the fighting and the regulars have less and less to do. Maybe the military of the future is something like national guards for occupation, order maintenance, etc and special ops for most of the fighting and not a whole lot to do for regulars inbetween??

  20. Once I’d have been happy for my boy to take the Queens shilling as generations of my family fought in the Kings Livderpool regt but now… boy isn’t going to die nation building for savages nor defend an imported class of thieving traitors, we will defend our own.

  21. I think that obesity is a central issue here. Not just in reducing the number of military-qualified guys. But also in reducing the general self-respect of people. When you go outside and see all the fatties, you think, “is this a country to be proud of? A civilization to be proud of?”

    A self-respecting people would be more likely to stand up for themselves. And more able to.

    Also, more in-shape guys AND girls would probably lead to more and better marriages, and more kids. Chateau Heartiste made the insightful point that more married women means more conservative women, therefore better politics.

    • Yeah, George, the spike in numbers of fatties is the pits, all the more so since, it was *Establishment propaganda* which helped obesity skyrocket in recent decades.
      See Nina Teicholz’s book The Big Fat Surprise, and Ian Leslie’s “The Sugar Conspiracy” (in the 7 April 2016 edition of The Guardian).

      • When I was a child the “fat kid” was an anomaly. Now… but of course a single McDonalds hamburger, a small envelope of fries and a 10oz Coke was both a treat and a full meal. Even my parents, who were well off, knew that a steady diet of that shit, whether you could afford it or not was not good for you.

    • The fattness and overall lack of fitness for service is due to low T in all these little pansies.

  22. Part of the problem is that we’ve simply worn our volunteer force out. I’ve worked with a lot of active duty cum reservists over the years and the call ups post 9/11 were simply brutal. All did multiple deployments, including one general officer, despite having professional careers. All had stories of the NCO ranks being filled with guys who were just trying to get to the retiremement age before their bodies wore out. See the same in the Navy—preventable ship driving accidents, cannibalizing boneyard F-18s to keep the current fleet flying. My family has fought every war since the Pequot and the longest one prior to this was the Revolution—but there the stakes were existential. My Dad, uncles and grandfathers were otherwise engaged for no more than 3 1/2 years at most in WW1, 2 and Korea. Here our soldiers are, to borrow the epitaph of the Confederacy, “dying of a theory”. Afghanistan should have been constructed as the classic punitive expedition. Blow shit up, kill a bunch of guys, flatten some villages and leave with admonition that “feel free to live in the 7th century, but if we trace any shit back to you in the future, we’ve got some guys itching to try out a few new tactical nuclear designs”—Curtis LeMay was not the bumbling fool he’s made out to be in the books today.

    • The preventable ship accidents had nothing to do with a worn out volunteer force. The other point Z made comes to bear. Putting the wrong people in charge for the wrong reasons.

      • The Navy issue is a bit more multivariate. The feedback I’ve gotten (including from two ex Burke class sailors} is that the push to put women on board ship has a two fold problem. 1) you turn the ship into a “pound palace” which has morale issues but 2) the women know getting knocked up when on refit gets them out of the next sea deployment—so the remaining sailors fill the gaps. You go to sea missing critical ratings and everybody stands more watches. Then the paces of sea deployments are up which is a vicious circle—see point 2. There’s a “kid” (he’s 26) who is an incoming freshman at my son’s school (NavArch/Marine Engineering) who thought he would be a career nuke NCO, but for that very reason invested his last enlistment boning up on calculus, chemistry etc to get out. Couldn’t do it any more.

        • A friend’s boy stayed on the submarine while his buds went off to see the world with the Navy. He learned everything he could and now makes $400,000/year working in nuclear power. (Before the Navy he was driving forklift in a packing house alongside unfriendly Mexicans.)

          Your son’s associate is another critical skill worker lost. We built these things from scratch, but pretty soon we won’t have enough people left to even keep them running.

    • I got out of the National Guard when they took away our tanks and started sending guys to MP school. Hell no.

      Sure enough they were guarding a prison in Iraq a year later.

    • Re: “Dying of a theory” and Afghanistan as a punitive expedition.

      The Afghanistan War seemed to be something that was going to “work” when the special forces guys were in there. I’ve read a number of accounts that say the whole thing went to shit as soon as the regular military showed up. The bug eaters forte’ is understanding their environment and accomodating to that to get the mission done. We would have been way better off if we just left it as a special forces war fought in the shadows (if there was any war to justify in the first place that is). Once the military bureaucracy showed up and the regular infantry started kicking in doors – it was destined to go bad. As soon as that first wedding party gets blown up by a drone strike any claims to be winning hearts and minds or instituting democracy are pure bullshit.

      Now way back before we even went into Afghanistan Ron Paul brought up something that (of course) was summarily dismissed. He pointed out that an attack by Bin Laden and his people (if that is even what actually happened) – does not really rise to the level of a legitimate attack by a state actor. It falls more in the realm of a criminal enterprise. It should therefore be handled as a crime normally is handled. The fact that we blow up houses during the drug war – and make entire families homeless because of the actions of one resident – is similar to how we invaded Afghanistan because he was *allegedly* being hidden by the Taliban.

      But if we believe in some sort of world of morality and law – then war against an entire nation is not justified in the name of capturing one man and taking out his criminal enterprise. The war in Afghanistan is therefore a pretty damning indictment of how far this country has fallen down the rathole of immoral behavior.

      And even if it is a real war – then where the hell is the Declaration of War?

      (this is yet another one of those things that pretty much ALL conservatives I know argued against at the time – if you brought up the subject of no declaration)

      If you want to trace back the moral corruption of the current day – the timeline travels directly thru the actions taken before during and after the events of 9/11 IMHO. And a good many people on the right – swayed by Neocons – have thoroughly contributed to this shit house mess.

  23. Afganistan is Graveyard of Empires for a reason. When some country attack Afganistan, it means that Country is rotten to the core. There is nothing to fight for. And when nobody dares to stand up and say this obvious fact, it means that entire Elite is gone mad or corrupt. It is like accepting homosexuality. When army leadership is too afraid to fight back, it means that they accepted also wrong war plans, useless equipment , wrong training , wrong enemy wrong allies and so on. Currently Germany modifyng their tanks to fit for overweight women and there is nobody in the army who dares to stand up and say that this is absurd.

    • put those fat kraut bitches outside on the front of the tank, where they can do some good. probably would be an effective tactic against muslims…

      • I was told about an American woman working in the Mideast for Aramco.

        She was described as 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

        Every morning she had a crowd waiting outside her door. Romeos with flowers, gifts, declarations of undying love, all vying to win the hand of this great beauty and her abundant charms.

  24. And that’s how empires end. Rome, England, and now us. Once the republic was abandoned over a century ago, this was an inevitable result. There was an interesting work, callled “Republic, or Empire.” It was written in 1898 during the debate over our taking the Philippines from Spain, by a Republican speaker of the house, Thomas Brackett Reed. So, here we are.

    • I am not well versed in history, but I will submit to your recollection, whether liberty has been destroyed most often by the licentiousness of the people, or by the tyranny of rulers. I imagine, sir, you will find the balance on the side of tyranny. Happy will you be if you miss the fate of those nations, who, omitting to resist their oppressors, or negligently suffering their liberty to be wrested from them, have groaned under intolerable despotism! Most of the human race are now in this deplorable condition; and those nations who have gone in search of grandeur, power, and splendor, have also fallen a sacrifice, and been the victims of their own folly. While they acquired those visionary blessings, they lost their freedom.

      – Patrick Henry, 5 June 1788, at the Virginia Ratification Convention.

  25. The football-to-army pipline has also been broken.

    Minnetonka Mean Grrls vs Austin Autistics, this weekend! Goooo, Spergs!

    • As I’ve said before, the growing white disenchantment with football is one of the best things that has happened in the United States for a while. When future historians dissect why the Left failed in their attempt to destroy the US, the BLM Anthem Protests are going to be more important than people think. It shoved our current situation right in the normies faces. Channeling white pride and aggression into football was one of the great triumphs of the managerial state in the 20th Century, and the SJW’s blew it all to Hell, because they couldn’t stand to see the white man happy, even if it benefitted their cause. In the end, like the Commies, their hatred will devour them.

      • Hopefully, serial television will be next. It’s amazing the number of decent, hard-working white normies for whom TV series serve as an opiate, the political content of which is virtually 100% left-wing.

        • Right you are, Babe. It’s annoying to read about audiences “binge watching” a series or a show described as “bingeworthy.” Another weapon of our overlords to keep the citizens placid while feeding them propaganda with the video drug.

      • You bet, Toddy.
        And, it “helps” that Obama crapped all over cops in his 2016 Dallas pro-BLM speech, and that the whole Establishment is either supportive of, or covering for, the NYT’s retention of Sarah “extinction” Jeong.

  26. Have my sons fight and die so ben shapiro can call them racist? for nancy pelosi? for the millions of shit heads that voted for hillary? fuck no, i want it all that to burn down, not be protected. the real place to send your sons to fight, is your own front yard — and not one inch further.

    • Word. I believe it was Smedley Butler who opined the only time you go to war is to defend your home or the Bill Of Rights. As far as the observations of others as to the gender/sexual component of our modern military, I would offer a tired, old saying: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR ENEMY. And, IMHO, the active and reserve military and “law enforcement” components in Amerika contain way too many Orcs, Orcettes, and Sellswords.

      • The “Fighting Quaker” wrote a book late in life called “War is a Racket”. He was also one of the original COIN experts in the Marine Corps, when it was the primary force used to do pacification. He wasn’t theorizing.

    • There’s nowhere better to get the training than being in the actual military. When the SHTF, I’m going to be glad my oldest son has spent his entire adult life either either in a war zone or training for war.

  27. If that analysis is right (and I see no reason to question it) yikes.
    It’s Rome, replacing conscription at home with foreign mercenaries bearing no abiding love for the Empire, just for the bennies they could milk from it.

    And we know how that turned out.

  28. From Hillary Clinton herself, proof the Syrian war was for helping Israel:

    UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05794498

    Date: 11/30/2015 RELEASE IN FULL

    “The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.”

    • Double-dealer is a double-crosser.
      Iran got a deal too.

      Funny how her husband gave “peaceful nuclear power” to North Korea, who supplies enriched plutonium to Iran.

      When will these people work in the best interest of the United States?

  29. O/T from Israel Shamir’s great article at Unz…..Uri Avnery was one of the best of his kind. But he was not a liberal, nor a non-racist, neither a leftist by a long shot. As Ron Unz made a point in his widely read piece on Jews and Nazis, he was a living example of a Jew informed by Nazi Germany. He was brought up there; and upon arrival to Palestine, he joined a fascist terrorist group that courted Nazi Germany. He wrote in fascist newspapers, he actively participated in ethnic cleansing, and he freely admitted that.

    His attitude to Arabs was similar of Adolf Eichmann to Jews in 1930s, mutatis mutandis. As Unz correctly stated, Eichmann was a big fan of Jews and a top liaison with Zionists at that time. He wanted Jews to prosper, just not in Germany. Avnery wanted Arabs to prosper, but on the other side of the border.

    • Israel Shamir is a strange dude with a peculiar angle on things. Not that I always disagree with him. I’ve been reading Avnery forever. A great man. Unfair and grossly simplified article.

  30. The Russians have 16k nukes, but no interest in another empire. But the Brits and France also have nukes, so there is plenty of defense against a conventional war. NATO is a scam for the deep state.
    Conventional war between peers is obsolete anyway, the carriers would be sunk, and the weapons are far too powerful.

    • AQ Khan, nuke proliferator, stole the blueprints when working at a Dutch nuclear power plant and took them back to Pakistan.
      El-Baradai was director at the IAEA, the agency that limits nuclear proliferation, so six more nations got the tech.

      The Muslim infiltration of Europe was recon, before the refugee onslaught.
      I see a wave of doctors, lawyers, and nuclear engineers, don’t you?

  31. Same thing in Europe. Since mandatory army service has been abandoned a few years ago the former „peoples army“ (probably somewhere between 10 and 20 million German men have some military training) has quickly deteriorated into the standard moonbat racket that state institutions are today, where ideological ends are far more important than the supposed function of the institution. The German minister of defense, a woman, does not appear to even know what an army is and therefore has turned it into just another employer. There is no ethos left whatsoever, apart from some elite units I suppose. It is obvious what kind of people are attracted by a state employer with a diversity agenda and the recruitment ads they use show that they actually prefer these people. I remember one from a few years back with three model soldiers: a German soy boy, a muslim soy boy and a girl. The populace our rulers dream of.

    Modern institutions for the most part need only very few functioning parts to fulfill most of their duties. For an army that means that it doesn‘t really matter if most of it is comprised of outdated trash manned (or womyned) by useless idiots. As long as you have enough eggheads for absolute technological superiority and some few intact combat units for when you absolutely can‘t avoid using boots on the ground the army will be useful enough for our elites. Not strong enough to build empires or fight serious opponents but easily capable of scaring the rulers of third world shitholes.

    The European rulers neither like their armies nor do they need them to reach their goals, so they cut military funding before anything else and use the armies as employment opportunities for otherwise unemployable rabble from the streets and ambitious minorities looking for diversity positions higher up in the hierarchy.

    I could see that in France. When riding some provincial train I shared a carriage with soldiers of some naval unit. They looked like the scrawny, 50 shades of brown dumb ghetto trash that loiters around on welfare in every European city. On the other hand: the multi cultural units patrolling Paris because of the religion of peace look as if they could very well hold their own against any enemy: stern white, brown and black faces, strong bodies, very controlled and calm behaviour and no women at all. The reason is obvious: the French Rulers don‘t need a competent navy, but they desperately need competent soldiers to celebrate diversity in the capital so they throw the navy to teh dogs but keep elite units in shape.

    • A co-worker once told me how his end-of-DDR era unit, after constant troubles with basic supplies, went on strike. I laughed, and I laughed: a unit of Wehrmacht on strike! Then I remembered – wrong Wehrmacht.

    • Europe has a shorter tradition of “civilian control of the military”. Coup threats were common into the 1980s. The EU leaders have the institutional memory to recall what a powerful army disconnected from the leadership will do (see Pinochet, Augusto). Keeping the military small, fat, and weak will work until they can be replaced with the Sons of Kalergi. Actual forces can be maintained in Eastern Europe and Turkey. This is the insidiousness of NATO, for the only think that will save Western Europe is military occupation by the Russians followed by a purge of the Third World settlers.

  32. Z: “Blacks in America have never felt a sense of duty to the country, which makes perfect sense, given the nature of black identity.” When I got to “which makes perfect sense, given…” I KNEW you weren’t going to say “given our history of enslaving them.” “Whites only”. “Fire hoses”. Etc. You could’ve at least nodded in that direction. Damn it, the Dissident Right gives no quarter. Hard core crackers to a man.

    • The Civil War ended 153 years ago. The Civil Rights Act was passed 54 years ago. We have had welfare and affirmative action ever since. Time to grow up and get over it.

      • He has no choice if it comes to it. He will play by the rules of those in power whether left or right. Bet on it.

    • Most blacks instinctively separate from whites. No one forces them to speak with a black accent, regardless of in what part of the country they grew up. No one forces them to give their children ridiculous non-Western names.

      • It has been a major failure of Cuck Inc. to condemn self-segregating behavior by blacks, the left never makes this mistake as they are confident in their ability as white/Jewish/Asian middlemen to make multikult work. The success of the Wakanda film indicates a deep desire by blacks for a nation-state of their own, which if ever realized would do more for the Right than anything by Buckley and his ilk.

  33. This is why I beg people in Our Thing who are so eager to see Civil War 2.0 to reconsider. We assume the army will break our way. But will it? Lots and lots of “adjacent-Americans” in the service, “commanded” by Millennial lesbians cosplaying as platoon leaderettes. We’ll get the effective combat arms… probably… but — and I’m sure this is just a coincidence — they’re all overseas. It’s not going to go well.

    • Actually, the ex-military, which numbers in the millions, is heavily white Trump supporters, and is presumptively a lot more competent than most of the present military. The girls, gays, and diversity don’t scare anyone…

      • Does the ex-military have tanks? Artillery? Air support? Those are scary, even in the hands of girls and gays. I *really* wouldn’t bet my life on the notion that an ad-hoc militia will charge tanks… even lavender ones driven by cosplaying panzer commanderettes. (I’m betting we’ll see a test of this here pretty soon. I’m surprised riots haven’t already broken out in Germany, in which the pussified former Wehrmacht is ordered to fire on its ex-military citizens in the name of Diversity. If/when that happens, we’ll have an idea of how it might go here. I’m not optimistic).

        • The ex-military has people who have more experience in personal and specialized weapons (stuff you paid for yourself) and tactics (all that reading and practicing that you have been doing since you got out of the military).
          You don’t charge tanks and armored vehicles, etc. You attack the supply / logistics / infastructure used to support those weapons of war and miltary operations.

          • “You attack the supply / logistics / infastructure used to support those weapons of war and miltary operations.”

            How do you organize, communicate, plan, etc. without being found out? Where do you train? Maybe you can pull it off once or twice successfully. But, sooner or later any large scale organization will give itself away. And then come the laser-guided missiles and drones. Thousands of them. The insurgents will be systematically vilified to such a degree being slandered as a Nazi, racist, sexist hater will seem mild by comparison. How are you going to fight the propaganda war?

          • “Dupont Circle” your name says it all. For those not in the know, this is fag central of the Sodom on Potomac DC area.

            Take your black-pill defeatist bullshit back to HuffPo. We have -already- lost the propaganda war. So what?

            You organize, coordinate, and plan the way all good 4th gen insurgents have. LOCALLY. Local. Local. Local.

            Are you a paid shill? You come off like one. Tanks, planes, drones, etc. need to ‘eat’. Be that fuel for the platform or ‘fuel’ for the pilot in the form of food.

          • What does sexual orientation have to do with my questions? Your handle is silly by the way. How old are you?

          • A.P. Your name cracks me up everytime. Ridiculous. But funny. But yeah, pretty silly. You’d better be a badass in real life.

          • Apparently you don’t frequent the sites that have been covering this for awhile now, esp the one you’re on now. This information is readily available, apply yourself and answer your own questions.

          • Other than insults I’ve never seen or heard anything. You all seem to be watching Hollywood movies or playing video games. I’ve been around for quite a while myself..

            I’d expect there’ll be a few McVeighs and Breiviks but I don’t believe any concerted effort will arise. Sorry. I do believe this kind of talk is counter productive though.

          • No one will be following you into combat and relying on you for tactical advice. Just saying.

          • If you mean me I don’t expect so. I knew a man who was shot during the Hungarian uprising, 1956. They were squashed like bugs. The surveillance/military state has advanced way beyond that primitive level.

          • One of the smartest comments here. Those who have been part of SHTF civil wars (No American has any clue what that’s like) know that chances are slim some kind of rebellion will work or anyone in these forums has the capacity to wield power or command armed legions. The real power brokers command divisions of troops and deadly hardware, and wanna be rebels will get first villainized then squashed like bugs. Little cockroaches. If the US devolved into a civil war I’d say 90% of the commenters here will perish. Glassy-eyed nationalists will face a brutal end. Soldiers will follow orders and exterminate them. Those who don’t will face firing squads. Any existential challenge to the power structures will be met with the force you’d expect under those circumstances. No holds-barred extermination of any threats to their power.

          • I appreciate your comment. Would white soldiers kill white men on orders by non-white officers/commander-in-chief?

          • Burner Prime. Thanks man. Good pep talk.

            Sorry for the sarcasm. Seriously though, all we have is our guts to fight to the bitter end, in hope of victory. Why do some of you have to quash even that hope. As things look now, violence seems to be our last refuge. What good does it do for morale…for our movement, to insist we’d surely lose.

            Fuck it though. Reality is reality. You and Severian and others go on and speak your truth.

            Dupont asks a good question. Would military whites really turn on fellow whites?

          • Hell yes the military would turn on their fellow whites. They know where there paychecks and internet porn come from. Think back to the Indian Wars. My question. How were Geronimo and his renegade band of Apaches laid low?…..By using Apache defectors as scouts and trackers. In the event of Civil War 2.0 whites will most certainly slaughter other whites for three hots and a cot. Just sayin

          • Dupont, Apex, Wendy, others,

            This is an interesting discussion. It has two elements; the loyalty of the military. And how the military would fare against white rebel patriots.

            As to the first, loyalty, it is impossible to guess. Following orders is SO ingrained and many are going to do just that. There is a reason the military doesnt like mavericks. Except for tactically, they dont want you to think for yourself. Look at Adm McRaven who showered ‘Her’ with praise. I d say it s a bit of a wildcard, the military.

            As to the second, it is in a way sort of related to the first, loyalty. B/c there may be serious loyalty issues once those laser guided missiles land in Oklahoma or Montana. But also, the US military isnt all that big anymore, 1.2 mill active duty, all services. Then there are the reserve components, maybe another 1.5 mill or so. That’s not a lot to cover most places more than 100 miles from the coast or big cities, where liberals tend to live.

            And one cant fail to notice that all the expensive hardware hasnt performed very well against insurgents abroad. Why would it work in Utah or Alabama when it didnt in Afghanistan or Iraq or before then, with 500,000 men in Vietnam in a conflict with decidedly rough rules of engagement? It is far from obvious that it would.

            Finally, there is one, maybe minor, wildcard, state military forces. The Texas State Guard is not part of the national guard or reserves, it cannot be federalized. Its sole commander-in-chief is the governor of Texas. I dont know how good it is but probably no worse than many national guard units. And its ranks might swell w exmilitary men.

            And where would China and Russia stand? Would they supply either or both sides via air drops or Canada or Mexico? No one knows? Maybe China would support the ‘legitimate’ leftist gov in DC and Russia the ‘patriot rebels’, that would be an interestig idea (unfortunately, for this case, China is FAR stronger than Russia).

            The only conclusion I can make is that no one really knows how a hot civil war would go or who would win it. When people who are dying by the thousands daily in open combat, ambushes, attacks, assassinations etc, famine and food supply will set in and everything go to hell. It is impossible to tell how exactly such a thing would go. When Chicago, New York and Atlanta have been without water, food or power for 2 weeks it is possible that the leftist C-in-C would agree to mutual separation between the coasts and heartland. Or maybe not.



        • Now you’re scaring me.
          “…Wehrmacht is ordered to fire on its ex-military citizens in the name of Diversity.”

          Not kidding, that actually raised the hair on the back of my neck. Muslims would flock to the recruiting office.

          Update: just saw John Haase’s comment below. Aww shit. Shitshitshitshitshit.

          The Diversity Army. Soon recruiting Crips and Cartel in the US; hardcore unemployables need a job, right?

        • It would be ambush, sniping, supply line cutting, and guerilla warfare to destroy the water, electric, and pipeline systems..Very hard to stop. Not to mention capturing enemy weapons…

        • First off, the most of the lavender mafia and butch lezzies in the green machine are in staff or supply units. They are little more than Wal-Mart clerks. They are not soldiers.

          You cannot turn these creatures into CQB specialists without lots of intensive training in which most will quit. They joined the military for a paycheck, nothing else.

          As tankers? That takes many month to make a crew a competent unit even if they want to be tankers. Secondly tanks are basically worthless in urban conflicts. Put a Abrams on our streets and most would crush the underground water and gas lines. (that’s why the Army can’t use them in parades)

          Secondly no white soldier with a CIB is going to listen to some socially promoted bimbette in a fire fight. They know she will get them killed assuming she doesn’t just curl into a ball.

          Third. Our Army is so small it cannot occupy more than a few cities at best. We cannot put very men into the field. Falluja showed that. This is a result of having very high tech military that is support intensive. beyond belief.

          In regards to Germany. They are a beaten people, they are far from being able to even throw rocks at Merkel at this time.

        • I’ve had the shit scared out of me by obsolete T-72s, so you are right. But tanks have very limited applications and are worthless in an insurgency except to support infantry.

          The M-1 consumes vast quantities of fuel and require constant maintenance. Almost as important, they don’t have a “crap-hatch” like the old M-60. So eventually the crew has to get out and make themselves targets for snipers.

        • You make an important point. White racists think just because they own some hardware they will prevail over the left wingers in a head to head. But they will face a rude awakening (and an early grave) for several reasons. The least is that many hard-core left-wing radicals have nice HW too and train with their decked out ARs. Second and even bigger, the massive number of blacks and Hispanics (30%+ of the enlisted ranks) ALSO have combat training. So in the combat ranks, tanks, artillery, infantry, the POC population is close to 50%. And if the left controls the military there won’t be any kind of woke white rebellions, NO they will follow orders and wipe out any groups of white nationalists to the core, after they use effective propaganda to villainize them. Add to that the millions of seasoned black and Hispanic veterans who will not stand idly by while Spencer and Vox and Heartiste try to rally whites to their cause. Has anyone here even spent 1 day in the military? Is anyone here remotely in touch with reality?

          • So. Like. Maybe. While there’s still a chance of white Generals seeing what you say is true…they come together with Trump for a white overthrow? Maybe that’s possible. yes? I need to go to bed.

        • I swear most people don’t pay attention at all.

          We’ve been fighting in Afghanistan for how many years now?

          How many years was it that the US military fought in Iraq before we finally pulled out? BTW – I call the Iraq war a loss – not a win for the US.

          Did the US win the war in Vietnam?

          Now show me on the doll where all of that US air support, artillery, and tanks – won any of those wars…………….

          Seriously – why doesn’t this lesson sink in when the examples are right in front of people’s faces?

        • Respectfully, I just don’t think you are absorbing the nature of what would happen in this horrible conjecture …. Did the Taliban charge M1A tanks, Bradleys or hardened facilities? Did Moctada al Sadr’s people? How about Fallujah?? This latter was fought in a tight, urban wasteland — door to door. They knew something our military (of which I was a part) forgot — flow to the enemy’s points of weakness. And still expect to lose a lot of folks. No one in their right mind would charge an Abrams tank … have you ever stood next to one of them, or seen the main gun traverse your direction. They have flechette rounds, my friend. Things like that are the Dragon.

    • Where the Hell do you get the idea that most Alt-Righters are eager for a Civil War, Severian? Most that I know think that it’s a last resort, better than simply being subjugated and genocided, but still a horror. Quit spending so much time over at Stormfront.

      • Look upthread. Any number of discussions here seem to assume that any serious political violence will be over before it starts, because “we” have the guns. I don’t think “most” alt-righters are eager for a civil war, but I do think very few people have thought about the probable outcome of even *mild* political violence… which is why “we” are so blase about it. (PS I take being called a Stormfront reader as an insult).

        • Most right wing gun enthusiasts wouldn’t fight back against tyranny because it would get them in trouble with their wives.

        • No the right does not “have the guns”, the US military does and that is manned by 30-40% POC, depending on branch and job. Following derp right nationalists is the road to disaster.

      • AltZero. The Zblog is pretty much the only rightwing forum I frequent, and eager talk of armed conflict/civil war is common here. Almost a part of the scenery really. I’m not criticising it. It’s understandable. We’ve got to have our hopeful scenarios.

    • In the actual combat arms, not so much, My son is career army, most of his career 101st Airborne Air Assault. He has never had a female commander or subordinate. It’s also mostly White guys — with just a few Blacks and others sprinkled in.

    • The military is still filled mostly with white guys who laugh through the silly inclusive presentations sent down from the pentagon. Gays, women, and otherkin are not going to make a big impact though their willingness to join. They like the idea of joining- for someone else. As of now they are just a few wrenches in the machine. Most people know that if there were to be a more combat intense conflict all the women would get pregnant and dissapear and the faggotry pipeline would dry up. Even now a set of orders to Afghanistan seems the most potent fertility drug in the world.

      But Z is right that white men realize they are not wanted and the longer the leviathan limps along with those parasites the more of them it gets. I’m not sure when, maybe 20 years or so the whole organization will cease to have any status for whites, and they will find it beyond their trouble. There is a point of critical mass. At that point you’ll get a minority run military that is little better than a welfare program. As dysfunctional as that military would be it would probably mark the loss of the last great weapon of the dirt people.

    • “This is why I beg people in Our Thing who are so eager to see Civil War 2.0 to reconsider. We assume the army will break our way. But will it?”

      Start with history. Look at Civil War 1.0. The U.S. Army as such remained the Army of the U.S. government. However, many individuals left the U.S. Army and joined the new Army of the Confederate States. Among those individuals were nearly all the good officers, who were from the South to begin with, because military tradition was important in the South. The primary motivation for changing sides was the loyalty of the individual to the State of his birth. Not every Southerner joined the Confederate Army, but loyalty to one’s home State played an important part in each individual’s decision.

      The problem I see with any hypothetical Civil War 2.0 is that there is no nucleus around which you could organize a new Confederate Army. Remember that back in the 1860s, the individual States were much more important to their citizens than they are today. Do you think of yourself as a South Carolinian or Virginian–or even a Texan? Really, at an emotional level, where a call to arms by your State’s government could move you? I don’t think many people care that much about their home State. They are much more focused on what is happening in Washington D.C.

      Is a modern Robert E. Lee going to say, “my home State of Idaho is a Red State, therefore I’m heading to Boise to join the new Red Army?” That seems to lack a certain…realism.

      Even worse, there are no administrative structures around which an opposition army could coalesce. I don’t see the State governments taking on this role, as they did in 1861. Local militias also played a big part in the formation of the Confederate Army. There are no local militias in the U.S. to speak of…at least since the Oklahoma City bombing made them look bad, and they faded away in a fit of embarrassment.

      Sure, we’ve got lots of Guys With Guns. The Second Amendment, hurrah! A lot of them blog resolutely about what they’re going to do when hostilities break out. Few of them have a clue about the difference of a Bunch of Guys With Guns and an Army (or a squad, for that matter). The difference is huge. If a mob of armed men turns out for Civil War 2.0, even the girlie U.S. Army will massacre them.

      Here’s a clue. If you really think that armed insurrection is the way to go, then you’ve got to organize your own damn army. The government is not going to help you overthrow it by supplying its Army. You have to build the New Model Army squad by squad. You have to establish not just a militia, but a network of militias with a command and control structure that can’t be trivially compromised. This will take years. And you’re going to be opposed every step of the way.

      No, I think a Second Civil War is impossible now. If it becomes possible, the signs of preparation will be obvious.

      • Sidehill Dodger, a bit wordy, but you have the essentials right. The US armed forces will not “break our way” they will exterminate any armed rebellion, especially if there’s an existential threat to the current order. They might use kid gloves early on (like the FBI handled the Oregon Bundy ranchers) while there’s little threat, but with 100% certainty if any serious threat emerges they will take off the gloves and butcher white rebellions, giving zero quarter. The military consists of a large percentage of POC, not to mention millions of black and Hispanic vets who will not stand by while Nazi LARPers wreak havoc. Soldiers will follow orders or face firing squads.

        • You sound like a member of some US government bureaucracy paid to do psyops. Stop advocating violence. Like a lot of people on here, you don’t sound like you have any experience in the military. Civil war 1.0 was fought under entirely different rules and assumptions than Civil War 2.0 is being fought even now, though it’s in its early stages. People thought completely differently back then about most things. One thing is for sure, distance between the factions in this country is increasing.

          You talk about technology and how this or that faction will be “vaporized” as a result of it and their army of “POCs” who you think will magically break for the USG and start shooting at people they served with if they did, in fact, serve in a combat arms unit. This just proves you people believe “POCs” are a mindless minion army at your beck-and-call rather than real people. People are far more complicated than you imagine. The POCs who serve in combat arms tend to be pretty patriotic and not at all down with the Swamp program of ruination. You sound like a typical Beltway swamp creature believing technology and ideology win wars, which is why we keep losing them.

          BTW, ZMAN, WordPress is now de-platforming right-wingers too. I hope you back-up this site and have plans to host it yourself.

          • “Stop advocating violence.”
            To say I advocate violence is a purely imbecilic statement, and I hesitated to even respond other than to point out this is exactly how left-wingers and women argue. It is orthogonal to the points argued and bears no basis in fact.

  34. There’s an excellent book discussing the problems throughout every Western Military by an Israeli Military Historian Martin Van Crevald “pussycats”. Hits on a lot of topics worth considering, some mentioned here but being from an actual Ethno State doesnt consider the factor of being expected to serve but detested and mocked by the elite and the media Narrative.

    • Martin van Creveld is a treasure. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read one of his books but the essays he posts at his website can be very interesting reading.

  35. A volunteer army relies on patriotism to fill the ranks. Fighting for strangers does not cut it.

    Yes. Also recall that the Vietnam war was fought NOT to prevent Communism in SE Asia, but rather to protect the SE Asian market for US exports. (I spent a very short time discussing this with a major industrialist before I simply exploded in his face…)

    Don’t pretend for a second that LBJ was an anti-Communist.

    • LBJ was probably the most ignorant man ever to sit in the White House. Though Obama was undoubtedly close…and the dumbest.

      • On the contrary, LBJ was one of the most cunning politicos this country has ever known. You can’t really maneuver as LBJ did through his long political career in the House & Senate by being ignorant. Can’t say that I admire the man, but he wasn’t a dummy. Have to agree about Obama, who mostly let others do the work, thank God!

        • Johnson was an Alcibiades of sorts. That is, he was a ruthless and cunning politician, but he was an entirely amoral man. That’s what eventually ruined him. We have been lucky to have avoided another Johnson. Clinton was close, but his appetites got the better of him. The neocons tried to make Bush into their Johnson and they did a lot of damage, but Bush was too dull to make it work. Obama tells me that the politic class is running on fumes. He managed to do nothing, despite have the game rigged in his favor.

          • Obama was the most empty suit ever to be POTUS. He had mastered the art of ‘sounding adult/responsible/moderate’ from a podium or on TV but I think literally nothing, aside from a little SJW noise, was going on between those Dumbo ears of his.

          • His feral cunning as a ward heeler is impressive.

            After using early software in 1991 to lead the “housing discrimination” lawsuits in Boston (making way for the CRA expansion and billion-dollar payouts), he was given charge of 30 aging hippies in Arkansas.

            He ‘organized’ that 30 into 300,000, and changed the name from “Arkansas” to “American Community Organizers for Reform Now”, or ACORN.

            He and Bill Ayers then stole $150 million from a dead Republican’s charity fund in the Annenburg Challenge, so was tapped to become an Illinois congressman.

            That brought him to the attention of 11 Silicon Valley bubble billionaires, who arranged a meet in Palo Alto in 2006.
            There, they told him, “We’re going to make you President.”

            They did. His Panther gangstas beat up the PUMAs at the conventions and forced his old boss Hillary out. Contracts for the surveillance state and rewiring Wall St for HFT (high frquency trading) has made our Silicon overlords rich and powerful beyond avarice.

            Not bad for a noobie, really. Can’t match the criminal mastermind of our age, ol’ Lex Luthor himself, G.H. Bush, of course, but still a rather impressive effort.

          • Hmm, maybe I underestimate him? That’s possible. He just seems an empty figurehead to me

          • it wasn’t obama doing any of that. he is lazy, dull, and prone to using drugs. mostly he just looks at gay porn.

          • F*k me, he was just following orders, the pretty-mask-for-hire.

            I should’ve thought of that, because he is shallow, lazy, filled with low cunning, not smarts. Like his former boss Hillary.

          • F*k, McHungus, Obama was a renta-boy.

            He let old white golfers at Punhaou pay to suck his d*ck. He did the same in politics.

            His frequent golf trips were always routed to a course beside a gay Democrat donor’s home, where they could talk in private.

          • ZMan – Have you written any pieces about Obama’s legacy. During his regime, there were people running around calling him a secret Communist. But he turned out to be just an inconsequential President. I’m sure he wanted to go further Left but he didn’t seem to bothered by it.

          • He did it out of sight, capturing the enforcement arms for the Party.

            A radical faction (the DSA), captures the Parliament, then the Throne; they now salt the Church, the Ministries, and the Army.
            They hold a gun to the banks and merchants.
            This has all happened before.
            (Congress 2006; Obama 2008; Media/University, the Cabinet, the Pentagon)

            Side note: most all of the anti-Trump conspirators are married, yet most of the women have different last names than their husbands. That hides the working connections between them.

            If a career marriage is part-and-parcel of this cabal, then they’ve been at this a long time.

          • is there any more extesive writing about this?? If not, it needs to be fleshed out, and in some format disseminated. Basic Intel Opns.

          • Shoot- can’t remember the links where the wives with different names were discussed in extensive detail. It mapped several careers across decades, illustrating that the co-conspirators are a small, tightly knit cabal.

            The full org chart and crosslink web are out there.

  36. There isn’t anything in my life as a practical knowledge/skill self educated self made self employed Man of flyover nation that is as creepy and disgusting as The Brave New Worlds example of the tofu eating faggot.
    There’s not words to adequately describe this emasculated sub species of men. Seriously. All you can do is shake your head. And that there is an entire class of them who have gamed the system which elevates the Bezo’s of the Western Hemisphere to the exemplar of “manhood” and “leadership in the economy” is a statement which boggles my mind and makes my testicles wince. Makes my trigger finger twitch something fierce for some hind brain reason. I turn away in some kind of primal disgust.
    They intimate at class war and social justice.
    OK. Careful what you wish for.

    Theres no replacement in war for small unit infantry solders and the superb application of small unit infantry combat tactics.
    Nothing replaces this fundamental action of waging war whether it is 4th generation war or fighting with the latest whizzbang invisible direct link to the brain fighter jets. The fundamentals are the same. Hard experienced men who have survived the trials of combat will always end up on the sharp end being the ones who have to attack take and hold territory. WWII is rife with accounts of companies of small unit infantry combat trained solders who time after time where thrown into battles to make up for the lack fighting ability in most of the US Army.
    Read the true history of Roger’s Rangers, the effective precursor to all successful small unit infantry combat tactics.
    See Colonel Byodd’s OODA Loop.
    Ask the NVN
    The Taliban
    King George’s Military.
    The French and their N. American Indian allies.
    Ask The Confederate generals who surrendered.

    And fascinatingly, the Neo-bolsheviks and their deep state marxists overlords are going to end up having to learn the brutal absolute lessons of small unit infantry tactics in 4th generation warfare if they are to hold dirt people land under their jackboot of tyranny, because out there, is where the real combat solders come from and those who are or have been combat solders. Dirt people land has always been a steadfast source of the most consistently proficient accomplished deadly warriors in America. Period. You can make every kind of argument imaginable, doesn’t change this essential truth. Those same “smart white guys with a sense of duty” are the ones who make the finest fighters in or out of, having or having not served in the .mil, which in contrast with the exception of the police forces of The State, the deliberate campaign to ween out warrior ethos, emasculate and effeminate the men in metro and urban society has been extremely effective.

    • The reverse is that it makes no sense to waste lives in costly urban warfare, for the cities held by our enemies you can “replace” small unit tactics with nukes or simply destroying a handful of critical electrical transformers.

      • Cut off the cities from food/power/water for a few months, and see what happens. Make the OpFor do a Berlin Airlift to Sacramento.

    • The Brave New Worlds example of the tofu eating faggot.

      Yah, well, the Roman Catholic church in the US is discovering that as we type…..

  37. Then you have the fact that white guys are starting to figure out that the government is their enemy, so signing up to fight for the government is not in their interests.

    I really hope you are right about that.

  38. Imho the best option for a young white man who wants to live the warrior life, is to get training in the military, then go to black water.

    • Mercenaries are even more expendable than rank-and-file military since no government has to acknowledge them. “Use up the mercs, they cost nothing (politically).”

      Blackwater is training Chinese troops by the way. They’re mercs. A contract is a contract. Loyalty to nation doesn’t figure into it.

  39. Three things. One, generally speaking, ZMan is correct. Two, it’s been going down for a while but the decent accelerated during the BHO administration with their doctrine of “inclusiveness” – allowing /encouraging transgender(s) and every other form of degeneracy into the military ranks and then PAYING for the cost of that degeneracy. And, while not a “force” number, when you start to name your ‘man o wars’ after homosexuals from San Francisco, well that really doesn’t lead to an image of deterrence or anything that might multiply force strength.

    Finally, and this last is continuously pounded upon by Michael Scheuer on his blog at “non-intervention2(dot)com”, America has not fought a war to achieve a MILITARY VICTORY since WWII. This very sorry state of affairs has been, unfortunately, aided and abetted by our General and Flag officers as well as their “comrades” in the federal legislature who are more interested in corporate profits and cushy jobs after retirement than defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. When you make the decision to employ the military it should only be made with a fervent desire to kill, maim, and destroy the enemy to such a degree that he wants to stop playing the game – unconditionally. If you’re a young man/woman of some inclination and desire to fight, and all you see is one inconclusive (at best) result after another, then would you really want to be a part of that ‘loser’ team??

    “War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it”, Major General William T. Sherman to the Mayor and City council of Atlanta, September 12, 1864. (from one of, if not the, finest letters ever written in the history of mankind. )

    • The will to fight and destroy the enemy is part of military effectiveness. Part of it was the consequences of the ideological wars of the early 20th century. In the nuclear age, total war had to take on a new meaning. Another part is the slow death of the American culture that the parasitic ruling class exploited to make America into an empire. Eventually, the host grows weak.

      That said, the military becoming gay and girlish is not going to be good for us come the revolution. Females are vastly more cruel toward their enemies. Just look at the leaders of the Antifa mobs. All girls.

      • You are overlooking the fact that girls and gays are really not interested in fighting and are terrible at it, for genetic reasons in the case of girls…So it would have to be white males obeying their orders, which I would not count on. Girls and gays also destroy unit cohesion, as the Pentagon well knows.

        • Yep, pyrrhus, a mob is not an army. Girls may be fearsome at close quarters in a riot, but that doesn’t mean the pussyhomo Army of the Future is going to be in any way effective–against another army. Of course, the right doesn’t have an army at all. The right is just a bunch of people with guns…and that is most definitely not the same thing as an army. So no matter how you slice it, we’re in trouble…

      • They are vastly more cruel when they are in control and giving orders once the opposition is captured and contained.
        Guys will have to get over their reluctance to engage females in the same manner as they would males if the females are an active part of the enemy forces (this includes if their only weapon is a cell phone and/or radio for detonating IEDs or for observation, coordination and control of their forces).
        MoldyLocks didn’t do so good agaist the guy she threw a punch at.
        I would say some Patriot women would be good fighters in the field. The commie progressive SJW types not so much.

        • I’ve known a few female fighters but a society that has fertile women in battle in any numbers is doomed

          Every fertile women who does is long term many casualties, 1, 3, 5 or more sometimes

          That said in war men will have no problem killing female combatants and I suspect that all women including the good ones will suffer payback for what the feminists and leftists did .

          Its a good reason to try and avoid this thing . A lot of women need to be turned over their mans knee and spanked a good one but they don’t deserve what will happen to them in a dirty civil war, even the SJW probably don’t

      • On the women being vastly more cruel, check out two recent tweets from Thomas Wictor. I got to them through a link at “Director Blue” blog spot this AM. There’s two there through the “thread reader app” both on the genetic influence of the Aztecs on the Mexican mentality. Brutal, they (the Aztecs) were, and now through interbreeding, so are the current occupants of that territory. First one is currently his most recent post and it starts, “As many people know, my mother CeeCee was Mexican.” The second one starts, “(at)GrammaYayam164 asks . . .” This one specifically stating “more Mexican women are becoming involved and they’re even more violent than the men”.

        • Women cannot bludgeon their opponents into submission so easily so their go-to tactic is mutilation. Their aim is to ensure that that particular opponent cannot hurt them ever again and, also, to terrorise other potential assailants.

      • So long as the nukes work, large scale war between peer powers is a very limited possibility. Being the curious game it is the only way to win is not to play.

        The danger comes as the US can’t get its head out of its ass to make tritium and in a few decades no longer have nukes and a few decades after that, no nuclear powered watercraft.

        If the crop of dangerous morons is still in charge they may decide to use it or lose it at that point.

        Thus the degradation of the US armed forces is for the rest of humanity probably a good thing and probably a good thing for any revolution as well since baring Chinese or African mercs, the biggest threat to the insurgents is lower

        That said the general consensus is that upwards of 1/3 of the US population will die in a civil war anyway mostly do to famine and disease, so its probably moot though its good that the more histrionic 90% die off predictions are likely bosh

    • Well said. If you are going to fight you must have the people trained and WANTING to fight. To kill, maim, destroy, and lay waste to everyone and any thing in their way inorder to win. No ROE. War is not a game. You can’t be surgical about anything in war. War is something to be feared and loathed and to be fought as such. War is meant to be fought by men, not women-no matter how butch they are, queers, trannys, gang members, minorities et al. Men who can be fierce, cold hearted, and are in it to win it.
      Read Sun Tzu .

      • Continuous, low level conflict keeps GDPs “rising” with war inflation. The Roaring 20s came in with all the dollars returning from WW1. The 1929 Crash was a result of the boom-bust cycle of war economies.

        Remember how Bernanke feared deflation?
        That affordable homes for young or single-earner families are our worst problem?

        This ain’t our grandaddy’s war.
        We can’t stop. We dare not win.

    • America has not fought a war to achieve a MILITARY VICTORY since WWII

      That’s because we haven’t engaged in a conflict where our national interests were under serious threat since that time. If Korea had gone down under the North Korean invasion, how would that have affected us? Vietnam did go down, and the material effect of this defeat on the United States was nil. Yes, we could have fought harder–much harder in both places…at the risk of bringing on a nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union. We did not do what was necessary for military victory because these “conflicts” simply did not represent a mortal danger to the United States. The game was truly not worth the candle.

      The Vietnam and Korea conflicts were Kabinettskriege intended by the respective Washington administrations from the beginning to achieve limited goals. The objective of both wars was to preserve borders at the peripheries of our interests, and nothing more. Because of the democratic nature of our government, it was necessary for the government to pretend that vital national interests were at stake (thus the “domino theory”), so that Americans would vote to send their sons to fight and die in these conflicts.

      With the advent of the “all volunteer” Army, popular enthusiasm has become less important to fighting such Kabinettskriege. That’s why we still have troops in Afghanistan without even a fig leaf of justification. But somewhere along the way, we seem to have forgotten that even minor wars ought to be justified by some sort of raison d’état. To put it plainly, you ought to have a reason why you’re going around killing people–and getting our soldiers killed. Even in a Kabinettskrieg.

  40. I can be a little “asleep at the wheel” , but soldiers in high heels as serious business was like smelling salts to me. The decline of the western soldier since WWII (not only American) would be as profound a study as any other out there.
    And referring to Afghanistan particularly as the “Graveyard of Empires” is brilliant.

    • “In the Graveyard of Empires” is the title of a book published back in 2009, and was a fairly common phrase among military-analyst types for the prior decade or so.

  41. No one bothers to notice that the space age war machine of the Unites States has been fought to a standstill by cave dwelling archaics in Afghanistan.

    The issue there isn’t an inability to win, it’s an unwillingness to do what what would be necessary to win. What would be necessary would be to virtually exterminate the native Afghan population, because today’s friendly villager is the guy detonating the IED under your MRAP tomorrow. It’s a guerrilla insurgency that is indistinguishable from and often interchangeable with the ordinary population. There’s no stomach for that in Modern Western nations, even though there is definitely the capability. There’s also just not a good enough reason to do that.

    Given that, we should mostly just pack up and go home. There’s nothing to be gained by wasting another minute there with a major military force. There are some valuable mineral resources, and we should just deal with the local warlords and governments and make the corrupt leaders very rich for continuing to allow us unopposed access to them, with the understanding that the alternative to very rich is very dead (and then we offer the same deal to the next guy).

      • I also agree. If we aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to win then just claim victory and leave. We have more important wars to be fought against the Left at home.

        • We’re losing, and we are going to leave if Trump can escape the control of the military for long enough.

        • True- but “win”, what, exactly?

          Some bacha bazi, maybe?

          (I know you’ve asked, all here have asked.)

    • But who will guard the poppy fields to ensure the opiate crisis continues? Intoxicants are forbidden in Islam. If the Taliban retakes Afghanistan, they’ll destroy the poppy fields, again.

      Can’t have that…

    • But if we exterminated the Afghans, who would raise the poppies for the deep state? And who would provide the excuse for the next trillion dollar budget?

    • An enraging observation is that while our military fights muslims with exquisite delicacy and self-defeating rules of engagement, it will go full Dresden on us when the time comes.

      • We kill muslims in the middle east.

        We import muslims to our homelands in the west and support them in comfortable lifestyle with our tax dollars.


        • It makes no sense. But OTH, why would immigration or strategy make sense in a country where significant numbers suddenly believe your gender is a choice?? Leftie is not working from a master plan ‘ze’ understands. Leftie is nuts, utterly nuts. But PC MAY be a master plan, to Titanic all of our asses (Frankfurt school and all that)

          • Lefty whites and non-whites are 62% of the population. They are the majority now, yer darn tootin’ it’s a Plan

          • I doubt non-whitie will spare leftie whitie when they are the majority. So while there may be a plan I dont think leftie whitie has really thought this through. I think they re just cultish nutjobs. But, so are we in a way, for letting them do this w/o us raising hell.

          • When the war with Iraq started most of the right wingnut people I know argued incessantly about how we needed to fight the war to defeat the Muslim terrorists.

            When I asked them the simple question of why then the border wasn’t being sealed tight as drum to prevent said terrorists from getting into the country – the typical response was something along the lines of :

            ” because we’re going to fight and defeat them over there!!”

            This was LONG before gender confusion was a mainstream thing – and this was ALL coming out of people who call themselves “conservatives”.

            So – even THEN (we’re talking the 2002-2003 time frame) – people were totally cucked on the topic of border security. And again – repeated for emphasis – these were RIGHT wing people – not left wing nutbags.

            The stupidity runs far far deeper than just the lefties

    • We don’t need a Genghis Khan approach. Afghanistan, like many countries is filled with very stupid people. Our country thinks a place with very stupid people can have a democracy. It is their only idea.

      What it needs is a ruling elite, or a feudal system. Partition off economic sectors where the rulers have a vested interest in their allocation of idiots being productive. Ensure they have the means to keep them in line.

      South Africa is filled with some of the dumbest most violent people on the planet and still became a first world country through a ruling elite model. Before they gave it up to win at soccer.

      This time in history is unique in that the obvious solution is so heretical it is never considered.

      • They had a peaceful dynasty until 1973.
        The king actually used ham radio every night, calling each province, to check on incidents such as traffic accidents.

        (Peaceful, because Queen Victoria had sent wave after British wave of attacks in retribution for the Khyber Pass massacre, 1853.)

        Then the Afghan Marxist Party (USSR) overthrew the dynasty. It didn’t lead to the stability of Ba’ath national socialism.

        The Nasser movement stabilized the region; the ummah can function under pharoahs- strongman socialism and tribal parliaments- but it’s not ready for “democracy”.

        1973 led to 1975 (Beirut), then to 1979 (Iran and Afghanistan). Ayatollah Khomeini was a British Indian agent held on ice in Paris. When the Shah proposed a peaceful, non-Arab Muslim trading bloc, the Arab League revolted because non-Arabs outnumber Arabs 3 to 1.

        (The bloc was Persia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Madagascar, western India, and Sri Lanka, if memory serves.)

        Carter betrayed the Shah, and GHBush of the CIA betrayed Carter. He sent Khomeini in revenge because Carter had fired 800 CIA cowboys- probably Bush loyalists.

        “SAVAK brutality” was a lefty fraud; Islamists had murdered over 20,000 citizens, while SAVAK killed 500 insurgents over 20 years.

        An Iranian admitted to me that the little people and middle class still loved and adored the Shah. They remembered the freedom and prosperity, good wine in fine restaurants.

        In Khomeini’s first two years, over 100,000 girls were strangled by slow hanging for ‘indecency’. He had warehouses with with wire nooses, milk crates to stand on, and big drains for easy cleanup (they shat themselves, strangling), where the girls were hung in bunches of ten to 30 at a time. Plus, of course, from the cranes used for public hangings.

        I learned of that from a now-defunct blog that displayed Persian newspaper clippings. A Catholic woman ran it under this unfogettable banner:

        If you can read, thank a teacher.
        If you can read in English, thank a soldier.
        If you can read without lifting your veil, thank a Catholic.

        • Mullah Omar and his Taliban were a puppet regime emplaced by Pakistan.
          Not a shot has been fired in Afghan that the ISI didn’t know about. Pakistan pulled a milk-and-bilk strategy of pretending to fight the fictional “al-Qaeda”, while splitting the American funds with their loyal gangs.

          (Al-Qaeda, “the base”, started as a list of missing and wounded fighters; it became a database of payoffs and recruiting. Bin Laden was the US weapons middleman for the mujahideen; wives complained to him that they didn’t know where their husbands were, so he started a list.)

          Omar was bin Laden’s maternal uncle.
          Sudan, birthplace of Laden’s mother, fleeced him; bankrupt, he fled to family, where he raised funds from Saudi royals at their million acre falconry ranges in Afghan. Doubtful he was ever at Tora Bora, the old tunnel complex built by the CIA; he was probably in a luxurious air-conditioned tent talking about birds.

          I don’t know what the Pashtun Taliban had to do with 911. That was a plot hatched in Arab Sunni mosques in Hamburg, Brooklyn, and Florida, funded by ‘Bandar Bush’.

          The Taliban were our special friends against the Northern Alliance until Cheney and Ken Lay’s Enron ‘offshore cost accounting’ scam in Afghanistan was uncovered, and Omar stole $43 million in ‘drug interdiction’ money. (The Taliban destroyed rival’s opium crops, as did Mao. They aren’t against drug sales, any more than Khamenei is, they want control.)

          Enron went belly-up, Ken Lay died in prison, Cheney became invisible.

          911 happened after Bush had shut down 23 FBI prosecutions of Atta’s crew and Able Danger data mining of their activities , his first act in office.
          The Taliban became our enemies and Northern Alliance became our allies.

          (Atta and his boys lived 30 blocks from the Murrah building when the Oklahoma bombing happened, a cell of 3 were in Atlanta during the Olympics bombing.)

          Long story short- W.T.F. are we doing in Afghanistan?

          Using war inflation to boost housing and oil prices, that’s what.

          Look at what happened from 2001-2009. Guess who had long-term LEAP option positions and collected on them in the 2006 oil shock and then the Mortgage Meltdown.
          Yeah, pretty much everybody at the top.

          It took GHB 20 years to set up this heist, beginning with the tranches he created while protecting son Neil and buddy McCain in the S&L ‘crisis’. He used Desert Storm to protect his holdings in Q8, the Kuwaiti state oil company. He and Soros were the co-founding partners of Carlyle Group, the world’s largest equity fund.
          911 was the final setup for GHB’s last, greatest caper.

          Yet the US and the Taliban are still in Afghan, blocking China’s Belt, I guess.

    • What would be necessary would be to virtually exterminate the native Afghan population, because today’s friendly villager is the guy detonating the IED under your MRAP tomorrow

      Yup. One interesting if uncomfortable (at least to me) red pill is that genocide works. Compare South Africa to Australia; in one place the non-whites were allowed to breed to their hearts content, in the other they were moved to the most desolate desert outside Sahara. And today, whatever Australia’s problems, Down Under whitie is not about to have his land, rights, etc taken by the Aboriginals.

      But I agree, we re not ready to do what it takes and Im not ready to kill every Afghan for……well I have no idea why that would be a good idea.

      (Never mind that Oz never actually did deliberate genocide on Aboriginals, the principle still stands, they gave the indigenous ppls the business, kinda like America did too. Then both decided to, hey, let’s bring in a lot of ppl so they can do the same to us.But thats another story)

      • I DO NOT want whites to own another genocide Narrative.

        (I know you don’t either, even with it’s record of success.)
        Pushback and Quarantine are the way.

        Deportation? HA! Out of the question, with the Holocaust Narrative still firmly in place. That narrative can be recycled forever.

        • I agree about not owning another genocide narrative (although we re probably gonna get one anyway, facts not being leftie’s strong suit).

          I think deportation is sometimes necessary, especially at home. In Afghanistan, honestly WTH are we doing there? What is the end goal? Unless we deport all the Afghans to, say, Yemen and deport all the Norwegians to Afghanistan, it will remain a shithole whatever we do or dont do. And Yemen would then be a double shithole, the Yemen SH and the Afghanistan SH. But, maybe we should try to move all SHs into one place, then seal it the hell off lol

        • Not worried about genociding others. Sometimes, it’s part of or most of a good plan. Worried about Western Civ.

        • What about the genocides that the zionists committed and still commit to this day in service of the rosthschilds corporate/military colony known as the terrorist state of israel? Not to mention the madness of the talmudics?


      • The Soviets …almost…. found the solution to Afghanistan: kill all of the Afghans, level the villages, poison the wells, drive survivors to Pakistan. Then, Congressman Wilson decided the Pashtun were like Geo. Washington and just needed some good weapons like the Stinger.

    • We’ve sent an army to Afghanistan that is logistically supplied at great distance from abroad. Instead of rotating people out on a tour of duty, we could have instead left them there for the duration of the conflict and had them live off the land. The villagers will start obeying when you threaten their livestock. It hasn’t helped that Pakistan, China and Russia are backing the Taliban. The US can’t win the war unless Iran becomes an ally rather than a co-belligerent “frenemy”.

      • Also worth mentioning that we are not in Afghanistan to interrupt the flow of drugs, rather quite the opposite. Opium can be spotted from the air and destroyed with napalm. The geopolitical strategy of destabilizing Iran to complete the Yinon Plan is why Iran is burdened with millions of opiate addicts.

      • Iran is the lynchpin of China’s Belt.

        The proposed Mediterranean Union- Southern Europe, the Levant, North Africa and the Horn- is the Belt’s terminus.

        I think this pot’s going to boil a bit longer.

    • The wars in Afghanistan AND Iraq were stupid and were so from the beginning. But that didn’t stop people from jumping onboard with both of them post-haste. Which of course begs the question of how stupid people are in this country that they would just sign up for that shit without much protest.

      Way back before we ever even invaded Iraq – I pissed off pretty much all of my so-called conservative friends by predicting that we were going to :

      A) Lose the war
      B) Elect a Democrat lunatic as our next President (this was long before people had even heard of Obama)
      C) The war was going to cost exponentially more than Neocon shitheads like Richard Perle were claiming.
      D) In the end the net result was that the entire thing was going to screw the country up just as much or worse than Vietnam did

      As a peripheral question I also asked why – if we were actually in a war – the goddam border wasn’t being closed. Explain to me the logic of going to war with a porous border over which “terrorists” can relatively freely enter the country? (and there were plenty of reports at the time that they were doing just that).

      None of A,B,C or D was all that hard to predict. I did it by simply being an amateur reader of history over say the last 100 years (never mind the rest of recorded human history). Combine that with a half-assed understanding of US politics – and you could pretty accurately predict the overall trend of where the Iraq war effort was going to end up.

      The typical answers were along the lines of “we don’t need to seal the borders if we take the war to the enemy”. When asked why we were invading Iraq – and not Saudi Arabia – when the majority of the hijackers were Saudi – most people just got pissed off and told me I was a Jew hater.

      The US would have been better off if we went to Saddam Hussein and offered to support him financially and militarily on the level that the Soviets did – on the condition that he invade both Saudi Arabia and Israel and take BOTH of them out. Tell him that once he has the Saudi oilfields under control we’d buy oil from him just as we did from the House of Saud.

      Iran would have had a counter weight. The House of Saud and Wahabbi financed terrorism would have been gone – and Israel would have been removed as a “foreign influence”.

      Saddam was a bitch – but we could have made him OUR bitch – and solved a whole bunch of other problems.

      • “Made Saddam our bitch”- simple, ‘brilliant’, well within established order and precedent. Now my mind is spinning off into all sorts of might-of-beens.

  42. Protect Israel my ass. Israel can and do protect themselves. They have a COMMTIITED military that knows if they fail they all die. Get off your jew hatred bullshit. They don’t need us.

    • They didn’t do so well against Hezbollah last time it came to straight up fighting. However, Israel has a huge advantage in high tech weaponry and air power. They seem to be sliding toward the same reliance on technology as ourselves.

      • They fought a deliberately limited war killing lots of hezb and crushing Lebanon…nary a shot from hezb since so yes not a push over but a result.

        • Olmert shut the IDF down when they wanted to finish the job; President Olmert is in prison a year later.

          It still cost Iran $5 billion. The IDF destroyed their front line network of fortified bunkers and tunnels on the territorial border.

    • So you don’t object if we stop sending Israel 3+ billion per year in foreign aid?

      Patrick Little had a hilariously inspired idea: Offer the money that we would give to Israel to blacks as reparations. Of course, reparations are illegitimate, but the blacks would vote for the gibsmedats. A dissident white candidate could ride that wave.

      • Any “reparation” that blacks (think they) deserve has already been paid — in blood — by the thousands of white Union soldiers killed in the Civil War.

      • Entirely besides the money issue: people very conveniently forget that Israeli spies have been caught numerous times pilfering US state secrets.

        It all very conveniently gets swept under the rug. Which I see as a sign of how corrupted our political class is – because when they do that they’re essentially acting as foreign agents.

      • Stop being israel’s/zionists/talmudics whore either economically or militarily!

        Yes, it’s that simple!

        • And remove bases and defense from every European country that allows mass goat fuh…er…”refugees” in. Move them from Germany to Poland or Hungary.

    • Apart from its air force, Israel’s military is terrible, and has been embarrassed in its last couple of adventures against the likes of Hezbollah and Hamas…And Israel is well aware of that.

      • Neither. Israel sent unsupported tanks against entrechments and lost most. But learned a valuable lesson. Their arty is first rate. Service in the military is a ticket upwards assuming one survives.

        • I’m glad they figured out that unsupported tanks is a bad idea. That’s only been known since WWII.

          I read an appraisal of the conflict by a US Army officer. His main points were that Hezbollah upped their game from a guerrilla force into a quasi-small unit force that could handle small, stand-up fights. Meanwhile, the Israeli army was soft from years of border maintenance. Equipment wasn’t well maintained. Soldiers didn’t know how to actually fight. One soldier mention that Hezbollah wasn’t running away when shot at but actually fighting back. Add on that the head of the Israeli military has implemented some new concepts that no one understood and in general the army was pretty inept in the fight.

      • How good does your infantry really have to be if you are a nuclear power? I agree that the quality of Israel’s Army has gone down drastically over the last 20 years, but why does this matter? Israel’s neighbors are well aware that if they attack Israel and start to win, then Israel will have no reason to refrain from slagging their population centers. That’s why the actual violence against Israel comes from non-state “entities”–including their own Moslem subjects. There is no credible external military threat to Israel.

        Even a nuclear-armed Iran would only mean that Iran can play the MAD game with Israel. This would give them political parity, but no military edge.

        • IRAN Is mad. They sent child soldiers in mass waves against an entrenched Iraqi
          army during the iraq/Iran war in the. 1980’s.

        • What if they simply recapture territory lost in 1967? Let’s say they announce that as their aim once the shooting starts. You think Israel can simply nuke them? Or let’s say Israel is losing and decide to nuke a few Arab cities. They still lose the war and now no one is going to take the refugees.

          Relying on nukes for territorial integrity is a risky proposition. It puts you into an all or nothing stance. How much are you willing to lose before you pull the trigger; one yard, a mile, two miles?

    • True. But if we’re stupid enough to die on their behalf instead of them, think they won’t accept it?

    • Israel does good when it has to kill a bunch of Palestinians in a camp or go up against Arab armies in the 1970’s.

      There’s no way in hell that Israel was ever going to invade Iraq and destroy the country. That took the US military. And if Israel doesn’t “need us” – then why do they continue to receive massive amounts of US taxpayer’s dollars?

      Despite Israel being a relatively prosperous country – it continues to be funded by extracting money from the pockets of US taxpayers to the tune of billions of dollars.


      As I have to CONTINUOUSLY remind idiots on numerous forums when the topic of US aid to Israel comes up – and they pull out the dumbass : “but they’re the only democracy in the Middle East!!” argument………….

      The US has no mutual self defense treaty with Israel.

      Pat Buchanan has it right when he brings up the topic of how the US has entangled itself all around the world with countries that offer little to no benefit to the US as “strategic partners”. They’re partners only to the ruling class – and it’s the taxpayers that foot the bill as money gets sent to those countries to buy the loyalty of elements within their ruling class.

      The case of Israel is slightly different – in that there is what amounts to a fifth column in the US that really doesn’t have the interests of THIS country at heart – but seems to think of Israel as some sort of 51st state.

      If the lefties worship diversity – then there’s a sizeable element on the right that worships Israel. Both houses of worship are selling out the country and destroying it IMHO.

      One of the biggest and worst effects of Israeli influence on the US is the pernicious affect they have on trying to actually get US politics to benefit the United States.

      When Walt and Mearsheimer (of Harvard amazingly enough) published their paper on the Israel lobby back in 2007 – they were attacked viciously.

      That tells you all you need to know about how much the self interest of the US – has been corrupted to mean the self interest of Israel.

      • Exactly!

        Ever since JFK’s murder, America has been under quiet foreign occupation and domination by the fifth column that is zionism/talmudics and domestic jews that have NO love for this country!

        America needs to declare it’s independence from israel and kick out all such fifth column vermin asap!!


    • shlomo says, “You’re a good goy!!…here’s a couple of shekls..keep it up!”
      If you’ve never heard of or cared to see what the “Greater Israel Plan” or “Yinon Plan” is; you’ve been indoctrinated very well by the zionists/talmudics.

      israel was born of terrorism (the bombing of the King David Hotel), nurtured on terrorism (Cairo bombings in 1957 and assassinations before, during and after) and matured on terrorism (attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 and the attack on 9/11 via the mossad/domestic helpers/concealment).

      With “friends” like israel, we DON’T need any enemies!! israel is and has ALWAYS been nothing more than a rothschilds corporate/military colony in the Middle East, and America has been her compliant and dutiful economic and military whore (at very least since the murder of JFK and the agreeable lapdog LBJ took over).

      Read “The Talmud Unmasked”, “Hidden Tyranny” by Benjamin Friedman and related texts and watch “The Greatest Story Never Told” and “Europa – Last Battle” if you have the courage to take the most important red pill.

      israel/zionism and it’s talmudics can FOAD!!!

  43. Paul’s use of military imagery in the church is useful here. The military is having the same problem that the establishment churches have and it is responding in the same ways. The ultimate result is going to be the same.

    You start out with needing an organist and song leader. The answer is to pay people to do the job. People who might have been able to do it less ably but were never asked are discouraged and leave, and those against the use of their money do the same. The church is left with even fewer donations.

    So, needing more money it tries to attract new members, rather than by simply trying to make things more attractive to people who are wavering or have already left. Besides, those people are bellyachers, anyway, and newer members usually don’t cause trouble. They’re naive. Instead of the old style evangelism of knocking on doors, which is hard work for a shrinking congregation, the church advertises itself according to constituencies. They begin taking out ads showing how inclusive they are. They appeal to women by giving them prominent places in the church hierarchy that were previously reserved for men, and do the same with minorities. Everybody loves having a three hundred pound black woman as music director. That’s simply the way things were meant to be, right? And she has such a sense of rhythm.

    So things keep sliding downhill. Time for a woman pastor.

    We’ll know the military has hit rock bottom when there’s a woman at the head of the joint chiefs of staff. Already got one as secretary of the air force. Just wait.

    • Germany and other European nations have women leading their government defense departments. They are definitely reaching critical pussy mass.

      • Read somewhere that an all-female group of engineers is redesigning the London sewer system,choked with “fatbergs” caused by people either too stupid or ignorant to not pour grease down the drain. Surely the influx of diversity has nothing to do with this.
        Hopefully they will have better luck than the all-female group who designed the pedestrian bridge that collapsed in Florida. That group had won civic awards and contracts for their “diversity”. Too bad they had no awards for engineering capability.

      • Truth is though unless they have a really dangerous power adjacent to them, no body needs a military budget more than 2.5 GDP anyway, about half what they US spends .

        Europe isn’t hugely below that and in truth other than the Turks, its problems can be solved with border control and maybe a militia .

        This peace isn’t a forever peace but a population with low fertility and even Turkey is getting there (its at replacement) is not a serious threat

        There is no Napoleon, Stalin or Hitler or Kara Mustafa Pasha out there only idiots who import kebab who could be arrested in a single night and all repatriations done in a couple of months

        Longer term a nation has the stones to use them a budget of 2.5% GDP max plus nukes isn’t a bad way to configure the national defense

        Its strong enough to stop a sudden invasion, build up for defense and not enough for much mischief

        • Only the Dead have seen the end of War. This strategy was tried before, and it came within a hairs-breadth of total nuclear War. Ike’s Operation Chrome Dome and gutting the military save Air Force and missiles meant many near misses for global nuclear war. Truman tried that also before Korea and how did that work out?

          Having nukes only means … nukes only. It means every and any serious threat to the nation must be escalated to nuclear warfare. If the aggressor has nukes that is very bad indeed.

          Cheap defense like cheap labor is no savings. Its like buying a cheap self defense gun instead of a pricey one with a reputable manufacturer with a history of quality products and an extensive warranty.

  44. The neocons will just have to trim back their desire to dominate the world. They still have economic manipulations and the CIA, though. Until the debt-addled economy crashes…

  45. By the 2030s, China will be the largest economy. Ain’t no outspending that. Plus, America’s main weapon in a war, its immense industrial base, is already gone. (to China).

    Funny how everything the Republicans did destroyed our military even as they abused it for Israel.

      • PNTR = Permanent Normal Trade Relations with and for the Communist Chinese, implemented in May of 2000 by Bill Clinton and the Republican-controlled, 106th U.S. CON-gress.

        Look about….the results of that treasonous legislation is everywhere. However, the longshoremen on the ports of Amerika’s Left Coast thank Bill and the 106th CON-gress.

    • And if Albania’s economy had kept expanding like it expanded over the year 1990, we would all be ruled from Tirane by now…
      The fundamentals of an economy, in short, matter. The rule of law matters. The demographics of the young matter – in China no less than here.
      I am not seeing the Dragon dominating the planet. I just see a twin to the Russian Bear doing a better job covering things up.

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