Denmark Diary II

The whole point of this trip was to attend the Scandza Forum, which is a series of conferences organized by someone calling himself Frodi Midjord. He is originally from the Faroe Islands, but he now lives in Norway. Greg Johnson spoke at the previous events and he suggested I should attend if possible. For those interested in knowing more about Frodi, should listen to this excellent interview he did with Counter-Currents. He is an interesting guy and I’ll have more on him later, but the interview is a good start.

The event started around noon. The location was near to where I was staying, so I grabbed a taxi from the hotel for the short trip. I recognized that the driver was Afghani right away. He was listening to a sermon in Pashto. He was surprised I knew he was from Afghanistan so we struck up a conversation. His first question was about Trump and the Middle East. Having been around these guys enough, I pivoted on that to talk about how Trump needs to get the troops out of the “graveyard of empires.”

He was pleased that I knew this about his country. Everyone loves flattery, even when it comes from the infidel. He then wanted to know if the Jews would force Trump to go to war with Russia. I got the sense he was very interested in the end times. He said that in the end, Jesus and Mohamed would return together. Admittedly, I’m not up on all the strains of Islam, so that puzzled me, but his obsession with the end times was what concentrated my mind. Our rulers don’t have a clue about who they are importing…

The event was like the others I have attended over the last couple of years. The crowd was young. The median age was around 30. There were some grey beards in the audience, but there were a surprising number of students. Frodi Midjord, the guy who organizes these things, is very charismatic. He’s a working class guy, at least in his sensibilities, but he is well read and has an appreciation for learning. I think that is why he is building up a following. He’s easy to like and even easier to respect.

During the Q&A, Frodi took the opportunity to make a point that I don’t think gets made enough. What he said was that one crazy person in your movement can chase off hundreds of normal people. Therefore, the top duty of any political or cultural movement is to guard against being associated with crazies. This seems obvious to me, but our side of the great divide has struggled to get this right. The endless purges from the Buckley Right has somehow made policing the ranks, at least on our side, a taboos subject…

Tiina Wiik is even more beautiful in person than on YouTube…

A funny thing that struck me is just how far ahead the Euros we are with regards to identity politics. Jared Taylor made the point that normally, the more you do something, the better you are at it. Americans have been dealing with a multi-racial society since the beginning and we just seem to get dumber at it. The Euros got a good look at multiculturalism and immediately started forming a political opposition. We’re not even allowed to talk in public about these issues, much less campaign on immigration moratoriums and repatriation.

I think one reason for this is that Europeans have been dealing with tribalism for a very long time. Just because the tribes are all white does not change the fact that the history of Europe is the history of tribes jostling for space. There’s also the fact that the space in which European national identities developed was a finite space. America was founded with a frontier culture. If you don’t like things where you are, just move. This mobile character of Americans means we feel like we have less skin in the local game.

There’s also the fact that tribalism among whites in America has always been spiritual, rather than ethnic. Northern whites come from a public Protestant tradition, the Southern whites come from a private Protestant tradition. Then you have the old Roundhead versus Cavalier issue that has defined our white identity. Compounding it, of course, has been the moral dimension of black-white relations since the middle of last century. The Europeans don’t have the sack cloth and ashes of slavery draped over ever public discussion…

In his talk, Greg Johnson made a subtle but important point that really needs to be used more often on our side. That is, the Holocaust is a great example of where diversity and multiculturalism can lead. When a majority population feels threatened, it can and will turn on minority populations. Put another way, the Holocaust could not have happened without a foreign population living in the heart of Europe. It could not have happened if there had been a country, or even a province, the Jews could call their homeland…

Jared Taylor pointed out that whites must be gods, because we just have to think about non-whites and it causes non-whites to harm their own interests. When you think about it, that’s the argument behind the claims of “whiteness” being the cause of all social strife in America. Whites just need to show up and their whiteness radiates off them, causing non-whites to go bonkers and ruin themselves. Whitey shows up and blacks start committing crimes and destroying their neighborhoods. Mighty whitey indeed…

The thing you always see at fringe political events are books. In the old days when I had nothing to do I’d go to commie events at the local university. There were always people selling books. At lefty events today it is women sharing their lived experience as some bespoke weirdo or maybe talking about their autoethnographic research into how they felt sad over a TV show. At dissident events, the tables are full of books, old and new, on all sorts of topics. No tackle-faced harpies screeching about their feelings…

Scandinavian women are haunted by rape fantasies…

Finally, there is a great shadow that hangs over Europe. That shadow is the American colossus. Much of what bedevils Europe is lunacy hatched in America and exported to the Europeans. They certainly make it their own, as we see with the feminization of Scandinavia, but America is the creator of this great threat to the West and European people everywhere. Even though they know this, they still look to use for the tools and language to fight the plague. It makes our fight even more important…

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  1. Obviously not replying to above.
    I understand nothing of this lunacy business.
    But perhaps the lunacy of high crime in Africa (Ghana 6.1 murder rate, 2000 a year for a 30 million population – what planet is that?) driving us into Europe (much earlier post with comments closed) should perhaps educate me …

  2. “That is, the Holocaust is a great example of where diversity and multiculturalism can lead.”

    I get the point that you’re making but the thing is though that if Germany had stuck to its 1937 or even post Anschluss borders, it would have almost completely had been successful in not having any Jewish population. By the start of WW2, the Germans had been largely successful in getting rid of their Jewish population. The problem Germany had was that they kept expanding into territories that had large Jewish populations in them. It wasn’t diversity or multiculturalism that drove them east.

    “When a majority population feels threatened, it can and will turn on minority populations.”

    While Germans are not a foreign population living in Europe, this point can also apply to the expulsion of Germans from Eastern Europe at the end of the war.

    “Put another way, the Holocaust could not have happened without a foreign population living in the heart of Europe. It could not have happened if there had been a country, or even a province, the Jews could call their homeland…”

    This isn’t a new argument; “If only Israel had existed in 1938…” is a lament I’ve heard more than a few times in conversations.

    “Much of what bedevils Europe is lunacy hatched in America and exported to the Europeans.”

    Western Europe has been an undeclared American colony since the end of WW2. And Eastern Europe rushed in to join them as soon as the Soviets pulled out and collapsed. Colonies deal with what the Mother Country sells. If Europe is suffering from American fads and ideas then they need to try becoming independent again. But it doesn’t look like that is really going to happen anytime soon.

    • Scholars of fascism argue that expansionism was a defining feature of the ideology. In practice this was true of Italy and Germany. In theory there is little to point to to say fascism was naturally expansionist. But, your point is a good one. Still, one has to wonder how things would have developed if the Ashkenazim had their own homeland to which the could have fled. Similarly, if the neighboring countries had been mono-ethnic, how would that have changed German behavior.

      • Hitler and Mussolini were nostalgic – trying to recreate the Roman and Holy Roman Empires. Looking at Nazi propaganda, what the really created was an EU.

      • “In theory there is little to point to to say fascism was naturally expansionist.”

        I suppose the issue is that there hasn’t been a fascist state (or a series of them) in an area where several mono-ethnic states exist. If the Visegrád Group all went fascist tomorrow, I’m not so sure they’d be expansionist. Even with a desire for territory, if you don’t have your own people there, it would take a lot of effort to get people worked up over it. (Maybe Hungary over Trianon but the issue there boils down to the fact that there are still ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania; it would be an issue of an incomplete population transfer causing friction.)

        “Still, one has to wonder how things would have developed if the Ashkenazim had their own homeland to which the could have fled.”

        It seems pretty clear that if Israel had existed before WW2 (or alternately if there were somewhere else that was open to mass Jewish immigration) then there wouldn’t have been anything near the scale of the Holocaust.

        “Similarly, if the neighboring countries had been mono-ethnic, how would that have changed German behavior.”

        Even if Eastern Europe had been just a series of mono-ethnic states as they basically are today, I think the Nazis would still have looked to conquest. Danzig and the Polish corridor alone would have come to a war between the two states sooner or later even if all the Germans had been thrown out in 1919. And the Germans considered Eastern Europe their backyard regardless of who ran the government.

  3. “Scandinavian women are haunted by rape fantasies…”

    I still remember laughing my way through the novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I was sufficiently red-pilled at the time to already see the absurdity in this Leftist virtue-signalling author trying to convince his readers that the real threat to Scandinavian women was … wait for it … White neo-Nazi sex criminals!!

    Sadly, 99% of his readership nodded vigorously in agreement with him, as their women continued to be gang-raped by Muslims…

    • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is the best selling Scandi novel abroad since Karen Blixen, so apparently it’s not just Scandi women.

  4. I’m leaving to visit my parents in Santa Monica. My dad blasts CNN on his 65 inch all day and night on high volume. I have to sit on the Lazy-Boy next to him and endure Don Lemon’s fairy face all night while my dad yells about Trump. Taking a valium now. I think they keep a bottle of Absolute in the freezer for guests.

    Sorry, just had to tell someone. It’s always a difficult visit. I try not to let him draw me in. Otherwise, we fight. Just gonna nod and mumble “yep, agree”.

  5. It’s funny you mention Europeans not having the burden of slavery hung over their heads. Have had liberal-minded cousins and friends over there tell me they won’t have the same problem as America because their blacks came into their country as free men.

    Even though some had attended University in the states and got my personally guided tour through the ghetto they still were convinced somehow their situation would be different.

    What they failed to realize is Wherever you have Africans you have Africa. Sometimes with education comes arrogance.

    My favorite line . . .”””No tackle-faced harpies””” . You definitely have a flair for the sort of thing. Keeps me coming back all the time 🙂

    • The “tackle”. I always thought those things looked like jig hooks stuck through lips and noses but never said so. Great expression.

    • I suspect you misunderstood your friends and family: not only did the blacks in Euroland come as free men, they came here in the last thirty years, hat in hand, seeking either asylum or work. We can righteously tell them to fuck off if they don’t like it here.

      American blacks were brought against their will, so heritage Americans don’t have the same moral clarity when it comes to repatriation.

  6. Public protests are a fools game. Anti Fa will always be out there backed by the police and feds and prosecutors and press. We should copy the Civil Rights movement in the 1920s and 1930s, when they could not stage public rallies or protests for the same reasons.

    We should leverage the vast network of retired or under-employed lawyers who have passed the bar exam but are not working as lawyers to file lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit, in a distributed and non centralized manner, aka a swarming attack like bees after something disturbing the hive. So whenever a White male is fired, or does not get a promotion (but a diversity person does) or is arrested or is shot by the police, there should be an automatic lawsuit. Warfare by legal attrition, the process is the punishment.

    In a multicultural society you as a White male individual will get only the rights and privileges that your ethnic group will fight for, and to the extent it is feared compared to others. FEAR should be our goal, and one that can be realistically accomplished. Black men are feared not because they are super men but because the NAACP, Urban League, SPLC, etc. all are on speed dial to the former US President and Attorneys General and so on, with serious legal consequences.

    As a practical matter, having a huge cohort of lawyers working for White male rights and anti-discrimination is a plus in and of itself. If that existed Trump would have had people to hire instead of Never Trumpers who totally dominate his administration.

    • The IFS study, IIRC, indicated that “alt-right” sympathies are highest in divorced men that don’t belong to a church. That’s not a group of people that will attract public sympathy, as society tends to view divorce as the fault of the male for either cheating or not performing enough emotional labor.

      The tendency of whites, and particularly of Appalachians, is to resist collective action in favor of individualism. South African whites are said to place more political investment in wildlife conservation than in their own cultural preservation.

      Kyle Bristow was trying to start something like you were proposing, but as far as I know he was scared out of politics for good.

  7. I’ve thought about the “Lebensraum” point you made in this piece a little bit earlier, when you were talking about Hispanic immigration into the United States on that podcast. It’s true that we’re being swamped at a greater rate than the Europeans (much faster than official counts) but America strikes me as more like Russia, vast and capable of devouring encroaching enemies, rather than small, (mostly) landlocked like Germany and easily hobbled by external blockades. I think that Hispanics could easily reclaim the Southwest, but outside of that they could be very much out of their element in a hot war were they to venture farther North or East. Also, it’s starting to look like Jared Taylor’s theory of communism ironically protecting countries from Western degeneracy was right. When you see Germans in front of the giant stone Karl Marx Olmec head in Chemnitz telling the Muzzies to get the hell out, it’s kind of hard to argue against Taylor’s point, at least in general.

  8. I think it is vital to understand that all modern tribalisms are “fake” tribalisms.

    The tribe is the community of the kindred, humans closely related to each other by blood. Humans are profoundly tribal.

    Ever since the dawn of agriculture, we humans have had to invent ways to come together, usually for defense. The solution has always been to invent a tribalism, a fake way of imagining the “us” as some kind of tribe.

    The Roman Republic was a fake tribe. The Franks were a fake tribe. Harry, England, and St. George was a fake tribe.

    Nation states are a fake tribe. The workers are a fake tribe. Lefty identity politics is a fake tribe.

    The “white race” and the “black race” is fake. White nationalism is a fake tribe. Diversity and inclusion is a fake tribe.

    The only question is how to invent the next fake tribe. I’ll tell what it is when it is all over.

    • “The only question is how to invent the next fake tribe.”

      You won’t have to invent anything. The other tribes will tell you who you are.

  9. I liked the last part about the influence of American culture on Europe. I had this thought too about how the psychopathology of Europe is merely an imitation of that in America, an export product of American cultural imperialism. I noticed in Spain that they have the same worshipful stance towards blacks, with a sub Saharan face in almost every add and sports poster. Yet Spain has its own traditional race problem in the gypsies and its amusing the difference with how non PC they will be towards the gypsies. You are constantly warned about gypsies and their scams, to the point where tourists are terrified of the gypsies. Ok, some gypsies are pickpockets, but I’ve never heard of them hurting anyone. They are quite friendly when you interact with them. Blacks on the other hand… what if we constantly warned people as soon as they deplaned “watch out for blacks, they rape murder mug etc!” Unimaginable. Yet there is this huge disconnect about how the different groups are regarded. Didn’t sarkosy deport all these gypsies about a decade back? What would happen if they tried to do that with Muslims?

    • My point being that there is this grossly discordant political attitude between different problem groups, and that this must arise from spiritual and not pragmatic considerations.

  10. Why did Z say “Scandinavian women are haunted by rape fantasies…?” Is this a reference to the frequency with which women seem to support refugees? Or is it something that I can assist them with?

  11. Was Vox (as in Vox Popoli) there? He lives in Italy and talks a good game. Is he putting his time and effort where his mouth is?

  12. “Our rulers don’t have a clue about who they are importing…“

    True enough, but what about our own “we must rain fire on Gag and Magag” W Bush? Seems we don’t have a clue who we are making rulers of a nuclear empowered superpower!

    Agree that was a great counter currents interview with Frodji. I also recommend his own podcasts that come up on counter currents from time to time.

  13. Your Afghani taxi driver seems to be able to say what even the conference speakers won’t about who influences America. I should say an undue influence.

    Euros have a much better chance or hope of reversing all this madness, for America I fear a breakup is the only chance for us.

    Canada? I have know quite a few and what the average Canadian says he believes publicly is not quite the same as privately. That “nice” you hear about is a protective mask. What Kevin Michael Grace said about the difference, Canadians are nice but Americans are generous. Of course this escalating poz is going to show what all of these traits mean nothing when push finally comes to shove.

  14. The German writer Gunter Grass (‘Tin Drum’), a typical German post-war leftist, used to quip that “the dark night of fascism is always falling in the United States, but only lands in Europe.” That, of course, was him paying homage to his dark inner-Teuton, always roiling just below the sedate surface of the modern German, kept in check only by physical totems such as Holocaust Museums and films. But Grass was on to something true, that the Europeans, once a sufficient number wake from their EU-induced slumbers, will turn with great enthusiasm to their appointed task of kebab-removal. A bit of renascent Christianity and ancestor-voting, and et voila: Hugo Boss, check your email.

    America? We get the soft, sloppy taco-cheese kiss of Herbert Marcuse, the globohomo velvet glove clamped tightly over our communal mouths, lest anyone utter blasphemy against the goat-god Poz, that uses his media outlets to crush the deplorables who stand opposed to his rule. Poz is about in the land, he inhabits our television screens, our schools, HR, corporate boardrooms; we saw Poz in action in the recent Google video. Who dares question Poz? Beanie hats for acolytes! Our moral arbiters the Captains of Social Media are desperate to police our conversations, lest people begin noticing that America in 2018 has become a diabolical inversion of Lake Wobegon, where all the women are tatted, all the men are soy, and all the children are gender fluid if not simply aborted.

    • Indeed. A lovely and charming woman as well. She had a friend with her whose name escapes me that was just as beautiful, but hilariously frank. Nordic women are very pretty.

      • Truth. Hungarians too, one of my long term exes was Magyar and she was a stunner.

        But sadly, especially in the case of Nordic women they are the primary kool-aid drinkers as you’ve astutely noted. That needs to change before they can be judged on any other metric, IMHO.

  15. Dump a few similar actors into the alt right and you have Charlottesville. They will do it to the dissident right too – count on it. So far I have not seen any real defence to this.

    You can prevent it using anonymous activism. The “It’s OK to be white” flyer campaign was perfect: you have no idea who is doing it so everyone is suspect, even people with leftist sympathies. We need to encourage red-on-red violence as much as possible.

    • All of /pol/s well-known trolls fit the bill. Turning the “OK” sign and whole milk into white supreeeemist symbols made a complete mockery of the so-called “anti-racist” movement, and the ADL declaring Pepe as a hate symbol was a low point for the ADL.

      Meme-based cultural activism is far more effective than some lame demonstrations would ever be. There are still too many right-types who can’t distinguish between cause and effect; a successful protest is the carrying-out of a powerful entity’s agenda, or sometimes a kind of audition for elites with revolutionary aims, but it is not a useful tool for acquiring political power or changing public opinion.

      I’d go so far as to say you should be automatically suspicious of anyone on the right who wants to hold a rally or protest of any kind. They’re either incompetent or malicious. Exceptions made, of course, for anyone who can fill entire stadiums, like Trump – but he keeps his message very mainstream as well.

      There is simply no rational reason for anyone on the dissident right to publicly identify themselves as such. Right-wing politics by definition do not operate through democratic activism, they operate by private empire-building and seizing of control (often by popular demand).

  16. One point about crazies: they can be used to devastating effect by your opposition and not all are legit. Some are plants. Lefty is a master at this. If the tea party is having a rally a few ‘crazies’ show up waving poorly spelled out placards demanding an end to women’s rights or death to Jews – and their mass media has the means to discredit them. Dump a few similar actors into the alt right and you have Charlottesville. They will do it to the dissident right too – count on it. So far I have not seen any real defence to this. About the only thing I can see that would work is a universal policy of contempt and refusal to cooperate with them… but as you say everyone loves flattery.
    We need to establish our own bastions from which to approach the public. Whether it’s gab or some other forum, if we are to engage with Leftyon his terms we are dead before we ever get started. We need our message where the public can see it without Lefty editing it and twisting it.

    • That’s why you need a core set of ideological principles by which to decide who is “in” and who is “out”. Being anti-Left just doesn’t cut the mustard.

    • This is the essential weakness of Plan A, which is the attempt to talk our way out of the mess we’re in via erudite discourse in the public square. Subversion is easy because of Fifth Column and False Flag ops aided by the selective and distorted reporting of a corrupt news media. At the end of the day, the only thing accomplished is that you have painted a target on your back. Once you wake up to this reality, other options become more worthy of your time and effort.

    • Exactly! I am convinced we allow ourselves to be infiltrated. It is clear the FBI is a crooked organization that set’s up anyone who is opposed to the Bolshevik state. Yes there needs to be more group discipline but the guys popping up with klan outfits or Nazi flags are feds. We are too trusting, tradition Americans still don’t deal well with people who lie for a living.

    • “If the tea party is having a rally a few ‘crazies’ show up waving poorly spelled out placards demanding an end to women’s rights or death to Jews – and their mass media has the means to discredit them.”

      Therefore rallies and demonstrations are counterproductive for the Right. They work for the Left because the media cover left wing ones favorably. It’s the opposite for the Right.

      • The Right’s political base is made up of retirees. On paper they have lots of free time to go protest, but their age limits their energy to do any protesting.

        Currently working Rightists often use the excuse that they can’t protest because they need to be at work. The left has the benefit of having many gov’t employees that are usually guaranteed weekends and holidays off.

        Part of the utility of a protest is in having a large crowd, but that requires both paying the organizers, and compensating the protestors with a box lunch and a bus ride. This is the origin of the “paid protestor”, though it would not surprise me if the organizers do pay some protestors in cash.

        • The urban nature of the left also reduces the transactional costs of protesting. You can usually find like minded people in the same apartment building, and the same city block.

          By contrast, suburban and rural lifestyles accord a higher degree of privacy and distance. Rural leftists (Indian reservations) also have this problem, they solved it by simply busing in protestors from the cities.

          For the same reasons stated by earlier posters, the NRA has never put a lot of stock in protesting. They prefer to encourage writing/calling congress and campaign donations. I think this is a mistake, as the value of 1 million armed rednecks in the Capital is well worth the logistical difficulties of organizing such an event.

          • If we could put a million protestors in D.C. on demand. We’d have the Wall already built and a new AG.

            Seriously, put a million pissed off people ready to get into the face of GOP congresspukes would terrify them into going along with the Trump agenda.

            Imagine irate protestors outside of McConnell’s home everyday. He’d get the message real fast. Same with that whore McCarthy who is owned by Silicon Valley and CofC.

            We don’t and neither do the MAGA types because we can’t be bothered.

          • The demonstrations against the travel ban were highly effective. Held on the home turf of the left, we were unable to mount an effective response. Inconvenienced business travelers were probably nudged towards a “woke capital” stance. It greased the skids for the judicial activism that followed.

    • Salvation for the community as opposed to salvation for the individual. It’s basically dead now, having metastasized into atheistic leftism during the sixties.

      I think he’s referencing American Nations by Colin Woodard. Pretty good, if anti-southern while still defending the scotch-Irish.

  17. Buckley had his faults, and in the end he sought respectibiltiy over principle and guess that’s why Whittaker Chambers parted company with him. But the central issue of the RIght is where to draw the line. Buckley misjudged it at the National Review but so did the Alt-Right at Charlottesville.

    • No. Almost everyone at Cville was a good comrade. You are deceived by media distortion.

      The fact that the participants are blamed for the failure of the police to keep order is beyond irritating.

      I get angry when people on our side denounce Cville because they want to agree with the media, who hates us anyway. I’m sure the media will treat you fairly slumlord.

      • Cville was a PR disaster even if you ignore the aftermath. There were numbnuts with actual Nazi regalia and shouting “clever” variations on their slogan like “Jews will not replace us.”

        Of course the media won’t treat you – or your movement – fairly. There’s still a substantive difference between printing up lies and half-truths with plenty of “scare quotes” vs. publishing actual photos of you sporting swastikas and giving “Roman” salutes. Live by the larp, die by the larp.

        If you really can’t see the distinction here then you’re part of the problem. “White supremacists” and the dreaded KKK are 99.999% fantasy, but a few hundred do exist in the USA, and you don’t want them anywhere near your demonstrations. It’s not Buckleyism, just quality control.

        • In conversations with blacks, I’ve heard that they think the KKK is far more present than it really is. Any cursory look at “black twitter” will confirm it.

          In spite of the large number of “hate hoaxes”, Jews are quite united on the belief that there has been a surge in anti-Semitic violence since the election of Trump, who “emboldened” it.

          Dissident politics also has the tendency to attract social misfits. Just look at the Libertarian Party. And it is social misfits that are the easiest for the government or the ADLbb/SPLC to turn into informants.

        • There were no Nazis or KKK members in the Charlottesville march. Those were leftist infiltrators who stuck around just long enough to have their photos taken. Then they disappeared back into the leftist ranks…sans flags and t-shirts.

  18. Years ago I had the opportunity to work with a Canadian for quite a while, and the main insight from that experience was that Canadians are about 90% like Americans and 10% different, but that 10% was huge. I think something similar exists with Europeans, but the percentages are probably about 75% to 25%, and the 25% difference is enough to make mutual comprehension almost impossible. The value of Europe to the USA is that they are a leading indicator of the chaos waiting around the corner (canary in the coal mine).

  19. Off topic, sorry. But below is a link to Francis Fukuyama’s intro to his new book. It just strikes one how boring these supposed seers seem, when you’ve read the top thinkers on the Dissident Right. On the subject of tribalism, which seems a new thing for these guys, it’s as if they’re writing in slow motion. The gratifying thing is that they’re so obviously playing catch-up, and following the lead of the D-Right, Sam Francis, etc. Of course, they’re sugar coating it all so heavily that you hardly know what they’re talking about. I’m no one to criticize top minds like Fukuyama, his “Trust” was great, but I’m allowed to compare. And when you compare one single post of Zman to Fuk’s “deep” book intro, it seems laughably dense.

    • IT was unfair of me to judge his book on his necessarily generalized book intro. I just hope his book gives…not just a typically PC “balanced” view of whites/Trump supporters, but a sympathetic treatment. A guy with Fukuyama’s reputation and weight, explaining working-whites, identitarians, nationalists, etc. in an understanding and non-condescending way, is how the Overton Window moves.

      Most likely he’ll just pull a Neocon move and lump us in with BLM and other radicals. Understanding us, but warning against us.

  20. I live in Denmark, but in Jytland. Denmark was the first country to have a organised intellectual oppression against multiculturalism from the beginning of the eighties and it might also make the difference from the other Scandinavian countries. It had it most profound critiques among a group of protestant priests who are the right wing within the church. The leader was a now 80.years old priest called Søren Krarup -the left calls him “Black Søren”. Prior to that he was know for the critique of the state as a educator of the people of how they “ought to be”. His criticism was expressed in a book from 1968 called “Democratism”. He said “democracy” had become an ideology for the left to educate normal people though state because they were not reel democrats- but clients who has to be raised to be democrats. So, one the left then said most people wasn’t capable of raising children and should be educated to be parents. He was very outspoken against communism and after is
    its fall he saw that “human rights” was the new utopia of the left and he said they had nothing to do with the “state with rule of law” where power and rights was connected.They were pure metaphysics. With human rights the state juristriction became global. The whole world could come to Denmark due to them. He was against the UN too. He had a weekly column in the largest boulevard paper form the eighties and 15.years on until it got a new editor and became PC. He made the fundation for the “Danish people party” and was in the parlament for them for 10.years until 6.years ago . He and many of the priests are today very critical of its line.People who was influence by that group also got all Christoffer Lasch´s book translated to danish more than 25.years ago.”The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy” was the mostly read and also discussed among people on the left. People on the “dissident right” has also had access to blogs in national conservative papers.Several of them have published books. Many from Norway and Sweden regarded Denmark as place with a more open and vibrate debate until recently. The internet and a very establish alternative pres has changed that the last decade, especially in Sweden. There is now a younger generation coming with a more activist approach with can reach younger people. There is limits too how many people one can reached with an intellectual approach.

    • “There is limits too how many people one can reached with an intellectual approach.”

      You said a mouthful there.

  21. I hope Trump follows through with removing our troops from Europe and defunding the UN, EU, NATO and all the rest of it, so we can stop being a colossus and they can cough up for their own needs.

    • A bigger effort should be made to remove military bases from the South (so they can rise again) and from California. Assuming there is something to the global warming phenomenon, the Arctic will supposedly be ice-free. The naval base in San Diego should be shut down as punishment for the state’s leftist politics, and a new base should be built in Anchorage, Alaska.

    • So do I. For the dosh we’re obliged to had over to US arms manufacturers in order to be under the US nuclear umbrella, we could make our own nukes, take care of our own security.

    • We do not need America. Really. If you just pull out of Europe, it will make things better. America and Europe have enough own internal problems. We should focus on them and stop sticking noses to others matters.

  22. Your last paragraph made me pause and consider. Have I been laboring under the false assumption that the Europeans were the ones who infected us with the lunacy? Maybe in a future post you can expand on this subject.

    • Just one of the many red pills you get on the journey: that to maintain American hegemony, we did a lot of unfortunate things to our friends and allies.

      Of course this backfired on us because now Pax Americana is crumbling only after just a few decades. Meanwhile we are effectively paralyzed in stopping other countries like China, who seems to be ever expanding their grasp, especially in Africa and South America. Our left wing neoliberalism will be the ruin of us in many ways.

    • Part of the Marshall Plan aid was diverted to CIA funded “cultural activities”. This meant paying off local communist intellectuals to become “social democrats” instead. At the same time we were paying the far-right to act as militia in case of a Soviet invasion (Gladio). Some allege that the DIA was behind a Neo-Nazi plot in Germany just a few years ago. The Marshall Plan should have demanded that the right to keep and bear arms be added to European constitutions.

    • We (Europeans) were the ones that infected you (Americans) with the lunacy (Enlightenment), some centuries ago.

      However, the last decades you (Americans) are the ones who are infecting us (Europeans) with the lunacy. When I see some sh*t appearing in America, I know that it will get to Europe some years later. This has given me the role of prophet among my family, friends and acquaintances.

      • Yes – we got the commie infection long ago from Europe. Our elites and entertainment experts refined it into an even more idiotic mass-marketable brand of stupidity and sent it back.

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