Denmark Diary I

I’ve always thought you can tell a lot about a people by their airport. I’ve been in a lot of airports and while they all of them follow a similar design, form follows function, no two are the same. For example, the Reykjavik airport reflects the utilitarian sensibilities of the people, but it also has the funky charm of a people who spend a lot of time in the winter darkness. That’s what probably explains the weirdness of Iceland. They are way out their where the winter nights are long and the people have lots of time kill. The results follow.

Copenhagen airport is the most trusting place on earth, I think. I saw little in the way of security and the staff is extremely nice. For example, I did not have to go through customs despite coming through Iceland, which never checked my passport either. I did get checked at BWI before getting on the plane, but the basics of security say you first eliminate single points of failure. It appears the Danes trust their brothers in Iceland who in turn still trust the world is a sane place. There is something appealing about it…

My first day in Copenhagen was uneventful. I don’t speak Denmarkian, as our former president would say, but I sense the language is easier to acquire than Icelandic, which is close to impossible, unless you have some foundation in Old English or Norwegian. It does not matter as English seems as common as the native tongue. In fact, the buses have advertisements in English on the sides of them. Even commercial companies use English on their business signage. English is the lingua franca now.

At the airport, I bumped into an old acquaintance. Another reminder that it is not a small world, It is a claustrophobic one. A half dozen years ago we worked a job together. At the time, I was working with a client and I noticed something unusual about their exchange accounts. By unusual I mean they did not add up. It turned out that the CFO was running a scam on the owners using the foreign exchange accounts. It was the old game of stealing a penny from a million different places a thousand times a year on a regular basis.

It was enough money involved that they called in guy who did corporate security. He had worked for a government for a dozen years and figured out that companies would pay much better for the sort of things he enjoyed doing. With corporate fraud, the companies often prefer to settle things privately, rather than bring in the government. This guy’s service was to put together the information so the other party in the situation was willing to make a deal. That meant he spent his days spying on the servants of rich people.

We hit it off while working together, mostly due to our shared realism about the modern age. It’s been a year since we spoke, so it was good to see a familiar face and to have a drinking companion. There really is nothing better, in my opinion, than drinking beer and talking shop. It’s like a poetry slam for people with a purpose in this world. My advice to those thinking they can steal from their corporate masters is to stay off of social media and never discuss your dealings in public places. The walls have ears…

When you live in Lagos, you get used to the urban landscape. No matter how hard you try to keep your mind right, your mind becomes habituated to the day to day. For example, I’m jotting this down at midnight and it is stone silent here in Copenhagen. In Lagos, it is never quiet. On a Friday night the sound of sirens are the lullaby of the just. When I was in Newark over the summer, the people I was with struggled with the cacophony of the ghetto. They were all suburbanites, so they were not used to vibrancy of the ghetto.

That does not mean Copenhagen is not without its vibrancy. Most of their vibrant are North Africans, with some blacks. I had a great cheeseburger from a place called Bash that was run by Moroccans. The cook was Danish, so maybe it does not count, but the staff was all Moroccan. One of the bartenders we experienced was from Bangladesh. He was glib in both English and Danish and said he had married a Danish women, which is why he lived in Denmark. Everywhere, the door to vibrancy is opened by women…

Tomorrow I meet the secret handshake society. I have no idea what to expect. Frankly, I doubt I will meet any of them. It is a mysterious lot. Of course, this is a necessity of nationalists everywhere. The hotel where I am staying is hosting a Muslim wedding tomorrow, but people who think Denmark should be a country for Danes has to meet under a bridge in the middle of nowhere, lest they be accused of being un-Danish. I don’t speak the language, but I’m sure the rulers here have a phrase for “it’s not who we are.”

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  1. “This is not who we are” has replaced “You’re on the wrong side of history.” It seems the degenerate Left always has some pat phrase that they think will effectively silence dissents.

  2. It’s like they don’t know, it don’t show or they don’t care whats goin on in da’hood……..or could be a couple of trillion later and the penny has dropped, rebounded, and shattered with an echoing scream.

    • It’s like they don’t know, it don’t show or they don’t care whats goin on in da’hood……..or could be a couple of trillion later and the penny has dropped, rebounded, and shattered with an echoing scream.

  3. Not sure about Copenhagen but Helsinki is definitely getting more “vibrant” by the day. If you walk through the shopping malls during mid day you will see large groups of so-called immigrants hanging around.

    Mostly muslims, but what the blacks lack in numbers they make up for with their obnoxious behavior. Most locals don’t see this because they’re busy working.

    There is a small amount of backlash. The Sons of Odin come to mind.
    Not sure of their numbers. Just hope for Scandinavia’s sake opposition to this invasion continues to grow.

  4. Z, I look forward to whatever you can tell us about your mysterious conclave.

    I used to flly through Copenhagen frequently. It is one of my favorite airports, for reasons you state.

  5. A little further south there is Belgium. Belgians have a reputation for being slow. As in slow-witted. I’ve had a few conversations with some, and they had a slow manner. Anyway, does anyone know if the reputation is warranted? Are they more Kraut or Surrender Monkey? Should they be taken over again? What is the point of Belgium? Thanks.

    • The point of Belgium is to be a buffer state between France and Germany (Prussia). Anglo geopolitical strategy has always been based on the recurring fear of a Continental hegemon. It also divides the major Rhine ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam) between two countries. Imagine if Louisiana was carved up on a linguistic barrier (Cajun French/English), a new port could be built on the Atchafalaya.

        • Much of the Netherlands is built on reclaimed land that was formerly something akin to swamp or estuary. Blasting a channel from Baton Rouge down the Atchafalaya would be an excellent idea in an authoritarian system.

          • No need for blasting anything. It cost millions a year to keep the mississippi from flowing into the atchafalaya naturally. Google old river control structure.

    • Belgium has always been Europe’s unhappiest country, the reason being they are two peoples, with nothing in common but mutual animosity. Curiously, the best thing about Belgium and the one Belgians are proud of is school choice, unrestricted school choice.

    • Actually Belgium is a delightful country. They have some beautiful cities, excellent food and they make some of the finest small arms anywhere in the world. Sadly, though, parts of Brussels resemble Tangiers.

        • Agree. Ideally the country would split into Flemish and Walloon regions (Dutch Protestant and French Catholic reapectively historically). The problem is with reference to Molenbeek etc., where does Kebab go?

          • Belgium was historically Catholic, as it was a Habsburg possession. The Netherlands revolted (1568-1648) because it was Protestant. Both territories ended up as the Netherlands after the defeat of Napoleon (1815), this is also how the Dutch got a King, previously they had an aristocratic republic like the UAE of today. The Catholic south revolted (1830) and was given its independence as Belgium thanks to Britain.

          • I believe that, historically, there has been a lot of talk about splitting the country along the Dutch Protestant/French Catholic lines but the split never materialised. It may be that failure to answer the “who is going to get the kebabs” question which may prevent it from ever happening.

  6. Society will be in for a major structural adjustment when the Grim Reaper of automation comes for service industry jobs. The steel mills of Cleveland today only employ around 4,000 people, when at their peak it was something like 50,000, yet production is higher in terms of tonnage. If similar achievements happen in restaurants, janitors and retail, the economic basis on which the Third World moves to the First World (or the Gulf Arab states) and remits money back, will collapse.

    • This transition is already accelerating. Walmart with a revenue of 500 billion worldwide, employs 2.3 million (217K/employee). Amazon with a workforce of 560,000 achieves a revenue of 178 billion (318K/employee). Alibaba of China is even more productive, a revenue of 40 billion off of 67K employed (600K/employee).

    • It depends. If a robot costs a million dollars to do the job of a human and has a annual maintenance cost of say $40k. It won’t happen.

      Automation works in certain industries where the cost of automation is justified in terms of productivity and efficiency improvements.

      I don’t see it in the service industry like say restaurants or janitorial work for the simple reason is cost and loss of flexibility. So far I haven’t heard of a robot chef than can do more than one thing and that’s flipping burger patties. BFD.

      And what happens when the robot dies during the lunch or dinner crowd or worse starts making undercookerd or overcooked food? That spells doom.

      When the nerds can make a robotic chef than can make a dozen menu items from say the Olive Garden or Claim Jumper and do it for under $100k and $30k annual maintenance and support. It’s getting close.

      Janitorial robots? Same thing except it the robot has to cost say $10k and do everything a human worker can. Not happening in this century.

      • The first shifts are already underway, mostly in delivery. Flying drones are probably still far off, but ground drones are in service, unsure if they are profitable. In the states where min. wage is being raised to 15/hr, it could be feasible.

        Shifting to a delivery model rather than a table model makes more efficient use of expensive bicoastal real-estate. Perhaps drones function as ATMs did, increasing the number of bank branches (restaurants) and employment. That increase in employment is actually now on the downswing as cash declines and mobile payments are increasing. The number of ATMs is in a slow decline.

        The cost of automation goes down with the increase in chip capacity.

  7. I thought your visit to Denmark was 2 weeks ago or so. Was it to lose the DS tail on your little subversive visit to the cold north? Anyway, if Im calling attention to unwelcome shite, pls delete haha

  8. While living in Atlanta, I visited Denmark in the early 1990s. While Atlanta is a very new city, in Copenhagen, every building looked like it was 50+ years old. My hotel was probably 100 years old; the shower must have been designed by a masochist, as the water temperature oscillated between freezing cold and scalding hot with a duty cycle of about 30 seconds.

    As a car guy, I got to talking about the price of cars while riding in a local guest’s car that was Toyota’s local equivalent of a Carolla. He paid $40K for the car due to import duties on a car that would have cost $18K back home. I thought to myself, the duties must be in place to protect the massive Danish car industry.

    • >>>My hotel was probably 100 years old

      I do wonder which hotel. worldwide, is the oldest. Hotel Copernicus in Krakow claims that the esteemed gentleman made celestial observations from its roof…

      We residents of the western hemisphere miss out on the physical continuity of Old World civilization.

    • I thought to myself, the duties must be in place to protect the massive Danish car industry.

      On the contrary. The duties are there to protect the balance of payment. In countries that don’t have their own money press – i.e. everybody except America – you have to earn a dollar before you can spend it, so for every car bought, you need to export produce for a similar amount or your currency crashes.

      If Denmark made their own cars, this wouldn’t be a problem.

  9. The thing I hate about women is they love being do-gooders. Their whole M.O. is to appear morally angelic. But they also love complaining about how society has an unfair expectation of them to be good. So they throw on graphic T’s declaring themselves “BITCH”, “BAD GIRL” and “SLUT”. Take THAT society! They truly are unsatisfiable beings. (I’d say insatiable, but they don’t deserve the sexy connotation anymore).

      • It’s a fantastic turn of phrase. Quote all of the Wikipedia (lol, clear bias demonstrated; global warming, anyone?), Bianca, or again the scientifically questionable social “sciences” that you like. I’ll believe the empirical evidence of my eyes. Others have noted it here as well. Like Z, I live outside Lagos. It is all around me and has extended to the exurbs. At one time, it was only landwhales and obvious head cases; now it’s even infected the divorcees and career women.

        Advertising targets women, pure and simple. Miscegenation is the Narrative. The overwhelming number of portrayed couples are white woman/black man. The only white couples are homos…

          • Lineman, most people date before they marry and while they may date and cohabit with one another after marriage, they do it as a married couple. Dating and cohabitation come before marriage, if marriage takes place. I’m not making any assumptions about white men being more willing to date and marry interracially than white women are, it’s in the stats. You may not like that fact, but there it is. Are you thinking white women date interracially less than white men, but somehow end up cohabiting interracially more? Pleased to meet you, let’s cohabit? Yes, I do know black people personally.

          • Okay, Lineman and Sim1776, I must admit you are right. White women cohabit interracially more than white men do, per Audacious Epigone’s table.

          • Bianca a lot has to do with the EBT and other benefits and them working the system…And I don’t care about being right I just want people to wake up before it’s too late…

        • “Who said anything about marriage? Rates are in decline. Cohabitation is the order of the day.”
          It’s difficult to locate statistics on interracial dating and cohabitation, but there was this tidbit:
          “Of the 2.4 million heterosexual interactions researchers reviewed, the findings show:
          *Women get three times the interactions men do.
          *Black men and women get the lowest response rates to their messages.
          *All women except black women are most drawn to white men, and men of all races (with one notable exception) prefer Asian women.”

          Again, I know, it’s NPR. But one would have to guess that people who date interracially would have roughly the same stats as those who gigabit or marry interracially, since one thing leads to another. At any rate, men overall date and marry interracially more than women and white men do so more than white women. It’s just a fact.

          • But one would have to guess that people who date interracially would have roughly the same stats as those who gigabit or marry interracially, since one thing leads to another…

            Ahh Bianca do you actually know any black people personally or do you just get your info from the “news”…Let’s just say your way of base when you use marriage as a base for your assumptions…

  10. I hope you get to shoot the shit with Jared Taylor at least.

    Maybe the Lord does work in mysterious ways. On your way to a white ethnos conference you learn to embrace diversity. Of course being from Lagos you are already well groomed for it.

  11. So what you’re saying-“parity from the female side between White and Asian female”-is everywhere, the door to vibrancy is opened by men…?

    • “The study also observed a clear gender divide in racial preference with regards to marriage: Women of all the races which were studied revealed a strong preference for men of their own race for marriage, with the caveat that East Asian women only discriminated against Black and Hispanic men, and not against White men.[5] A woman’s race was found to have no effect on the men’s choices.[5]”

      • Who should I believe? My own lying eyes or the results of social science which can be fairly characterized as one huge, ongoing replication crisis?

    • We need to scorn and shame white men who choose Asians. I live in a red state and it is fairly common to see the white man-Asian woman pairing. I understand the appeal. Most men just want a woman who is not fat and not a feminist bitch and unfortunately, more Asian women meet this standard than whites, per capita. My message is you are damaging your people for your personal satisfaction and that’s wrong.

      • It’s very definitely not just a matter of looks.

        East Asian women come from a culture with an uninterrupted, multi-millennial tradition of intact families, emphasis on personal responsibility, filial piety, frugality, willingness to work hard without complaint, a tradition that meshes very well with Biblical values.

        Such women will inevitably pass some of these traits on to their children. If they happen to be Christian, so much the better.
        The Left has been using churches, the school system, the MSM, the courts and the government to poison people’s minds for multiple generations. We need all the help we can get.

        Rather than succumb to narrow tribalism, isn’t it better to form strategic partnerships? Asian women are our allies against the leftist juggernaut.

          • And your daughters will love you because white/asian hybrid women tend to be rather striking across the board.
            So its a 50/50 split, innit?

  12. Thats a fair point about the female role. I do think the PUA’s and manosphere types are on to something regarding sexual market place value. It’s been a regular feature on gossip mags in the UK, usually some aging spinster who finds love on an exotic location usually the Caribean, Middle East. When you look at the dating stats the most desired groups tend to be White males, there’s a parity from the female side between White and Asian female. The bottom rung of desirability is taken by black males/females. If you’re 3 or a 4 out of 10 within your Ethnic group, you raise your status by checking out and searching in the less desired pastures. To take two random celebrities Melissa McCarthy is overweight and unattractive, but put her up against Leslie Jones and the flaws don’t stand out as remotely as much. And there’s always thirsty men in all ethnic groups. And the chance of moving to a permissive welfare state and you get a nice bit of cash into the bag.

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