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My dentist is located on a side street in a professional building. It’s one of those generic commercial buildings you see in business parks all over America. It’s not a big building, just two floors and half a dozen suites or so. It’s an odd stretch of road as there is a public library and a school on the street, along with my dentist, but the rest is a residential neighborhood of nice single family homes, most of which were built in the middle of the last century. It’s a nice little neighborhood where everyone knows one another.

On one side of the dentist was an old house that had fallen into disrepair, but after a series of mysterious happenings, the building was condemned and knocked down. The last time I was at the dentist, the old house was just a pile of debris and a front end loader was putting it into a dumpster. My assumption was that whoever took possession of the property had decided to start over and build a new house. After all, even though the lot was near the professional building, it was a nice little neighborhood on a quiet street.

This trip to the dentist saw a beehive of activity on the lot. The lot is on a steep hill, so the houses along the street are on terraced plots, with one side of the yard being a steep incline to the terrace up the hill from them. Every driveway has a four wheel drive vehicle, as it would be impossible to get up the street in the snow otherwise. By the looks of the foundation and some of the excavating, it looked like the plan was to build another office building on the lot. It had that cheap, slapped together look you see in office parks.

I asked the hygienist about the construction and she told me that the plan was to build three townhouses on the lot. Keep in mind that there are no townhouses in this area and the lot is the size of a postage stamp. Once the thing is done, each townhouse will have a strip of grass about twelve feet wide and ten feet long to call a lawn. It’s going to be a monstrosity that is completely out of place in the neighborhood. According to my dentist, no one had a clue as what was happening until construction had started.

This an example of the modern economy. The builders are not adding value to the land or to the neighborhood. You can say the value of the land they bought has been increased by their activity and that would be a true statement, but their activity is the process of stealing the social capital of the neighbors, in order to increase their property value. All the houses within eyesight of this mess will now lose value, as people looking to move into a nice neighborhood like this one, don’t want to be near townhouses or renters.

That’s apparently the other thing. According to my dentist, the word is the houses may not be sale, but instead they may be rentals. The scheme is to tap into a low-cost housing program to put blacks from the city into these townhouses via the miracle of Section 8 housing vouchers. Not only will the neighbors have their home values decline because of the aesthetics, they will now have to contend with three houses full of rampaging blacks from the city. I noticed several “for sale” signs on the street already.

Of course, it will not just be the immediate neighbors who pay for this. The school will get much worse, if it is Section 8 renters going into the houses. The local stores will go into decline, as crime will become an issue. This killed off a mall on the west side of town. It started as a very nice, upscale place that mostly served the Jews, who live west of Baltimore city. Then it was overrun by blacks and all of the businesses closed. The last time I there with a friend, the place looked like the end times. Total bedlam.

Again, this is the nature of the American economy. Sure, there are still people coming up with ideas to solve old problems, but most of what is called economic activity is just organized theft. Some clever guy figures out how to monetize the social capital of a part of society and then proceeds to sell it off. Amazon is an obvious example of this. There will be no little league teams sponsored by Amazon. There were always little league teams sponsored by the local store owners. That’s all gone because Amazon cannibalized it.

The internet economy is pretty much just the monetization of existing ideas, along with the artificial creation of bottlenecks. Apple and Google control the mobile space, so they now operate as toll takers. Neither company does anything interesting, in terms of technology or innovation. They just rob helpless travelers on the internet. PayPal is another example of a firm that adds zero value, but gets to operate as a gate keeper. None of this would be possible without the massive tax payer subsidies to build and maintain the internet.

Cost-shifting is obviously true in real estate. I’ve joked for years that the builders name developments after whatever it is they bulldozed to build the houses. It is a strange, unintentional mockery of culture. They knock down the authentic, to build a synthetic town, so a bunch of strangers can move through it. The argument is that there is a demand for new houses, so the old must give way to the new. No one ever bothers to ask why there is a demand for new houses or wonder from where these people are fleeing.

That’s just the thing. America is just a continental sized pump and dump right now. Millions of illiterate peasants are moving in, turning modest neighborhoods into squalor, so those people flee to somewhere else. Of course, the affordable housing for them is plopped next to nice organic neighborhoods, so those people flee to an upscale planned community a little further out from the city. On and on it goes, all financed by credit and perpetrated by people who hate us. The result is a land of strangers with no social capital.

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  1. Talking to a guy that rents property in the city. First floor tenant called up saying he’s got water coming out of the living room ceiling. Landlord finds this usual since there’s no water pipes. Goes to check it out. Knocks on the second floor, looks inside. The tenant had put trash bags on the floor, hauled in dirt from the back yard to make his own “garden”.

    How’s that for vibrant ? Miss my old neighborhood in the city. Moved out to the burbs and now the black plague has followed us. When will the madness end ?

  2. How to measure this social-capital though? Ethno-cultural wealth is largely qualitative. There’s no index and no nightly news report on how it dropped 10 points today because some cockroach did as you have described. No figure to point to and show how the activity has actually been a net negative for society. No way to say ‘hey guys financial wealth only increased by 8 points due to said activity, therefore leaving us with a ‘net abstract wealth’ figure of -2 points.

    How to get over that hurdle?

  3. I was ruminating this morning in the shower about the wildfires in my part of northern CA that have destroyed air quality for thousands of square miles. I’m no forestry expert, but I can’t help but think that if this state were properly managed, these fires could have been prevented. Then in occurred to me, since we continue to import Mexicans, who probably think CA is paradise, the state really has no incentive to be any better than Mexico. And that’s what seems to be happening.

    • Imagine if we had spent a fraction of the $77-$98 billion to be spent on the high speed railway that no one wants but Gov. Brown and his friends, i.e. the contractors who will build it, on better management of public forests and grasslands, state and federal. Do you think we’d be experiencing such intense fires every season? We know that in California our prevailing weather pattern since time immemorial means that every year we get at least seven months of no or very little rain culminating in a fire season that hits its peak risk in October/November. Yet we do little to nothing to actually prevent these fires or ensure when they occur that they will not have the fuel to .

  4. Late to the party so many won’t see this, but an observation: The big complaint is demographics, and the ‘demographics is destiny’ bit. But most of the comments I see are desperately in search of a structural solution to the deterioration they see.

    Anyone encouraging their kids, grandkids or relatives to have more kids? When someone says that they are waiting until they can afford kids, do you ever jump in and say that you’ll help out with expenses? Let them move in for a while so they don’t have to worry about house or apartment payments? Start 529 plans for grandkids? I know we like our lifestyles and all, but I read these comments and see retreat across the board on our side while we describe the winning strategy of the other side over and over again with disgust. They fucking breed and crowd themselves up so much they have to expand, and we don’t.

    And that is where demographic success comes from. Pick up a set of the Penguin maps of various ages by Colin McEvedy. Look at the population patterns. Where you see growth, success follows, whether it be by conquest or discovery.

    All of this searching for structural solutions is a rear guard action. If you are going to fight a demographic war you have to adopt the strategy of the historical winners of such wars.

    If you arent breeding sit down and shut the fuck up, or at least make it possible for others around you to breed.

    • It has been my observation, across my extended family, that the couples that want to have kids dont wait for the money to do so; they genuinely want children, and will sacrifice their singles lifestyle to do so. The ones that dont have kids “yet” really dont want kids, i.e., they are unwilling to make the sacrifices required to raise a family, e.g. give up their present lifestyle, which generally revolves around themselves.

  5. I’m convinced that the stable suburban Atlanta county I grew up in during the ’70s and ’80s was destroyed over time by the uncountable apartment complexes that sprang up there during the ’90s. What was once a solid conservative, desirable area for homesteading and raising families has become a “majority minority” deep blue place that I want nothing to do with. It matches what you’ve described perfectly. When I visit every few years, family and friends who’ve lived there all their lives are like the proverbial frog in boiling water: they just can’t understand why the change so jarring to me.

  6. The selling off of social capital is entirely congruent w the marxist idea that humans are one-dimensional economic units. Culture, race (except evil whites), even gender etc, do not exist. That is also why supercapitalists, ie Amazon etc, are culturally aligned with marxists. I, and probably others, have made this point before.

    • It’s also aligned with the capitalist model that also reduces humans to interchangeable and replaceable cogs.

  7. Reading the comments about how nice white neighborhoods have one by one by 1000 become vibrant with the tax money of those very same whites, makes me glad that I moved out of the US over 5 years ago.

    I was tired of the destruction of the culture and couldn’t see a light at the end of the multicultural feminist tunnel (except for the old joke about the light coming from an approaching train).

    The rot is so deep and all pervasive, the majority of white people – with any grip on power – so clueless, all the institutions so controlled by globalists who are usually cultural Marxist, I see no happy ending.

    This is what happens when a high trust society lets a small tribe who feels threatened by the majority become the dominant power brokers in the country and turn the society into a third world matriarchy.

    All I could see as an option was to redpill my son then get the hell out.

      • I have lived in a variety of Asian countries and Mexico to try out different cultures and work. I ended up in Thailand. It is a society where, unlike Mexico, shit works but, like Mexico, locals and expats prioritize highly enjoying life. But all of the countries I have lived in throughout Asia have provided me an opportunity to see what life is like in a patriarchy that doesn’t seek to replace its citizens and genocide its culture.

        In Eastern Asia, societies are not matriarchies and, especially in countries like Thailand, cater to the pleasures of middle class and affluent men. The plethora of beautiful women and lack of divorce rape, shift the power to men unlike in the West.

        There are a variety of other reasons I like it here: food, cost of living and a quirkiness that has been largely erased from middle class life in the US.

        Americans have fortunately, by in large, bought the feminist lie that Thailand is a large brothel filled mainly with whores and sex perverts. Consequently, it hasn’t been flooded with liberal women who have poisoned the expat culture in Latin America.

        • PS. I spend part of the year in Eastern Europe and, if I was married, may have based myself there. It provides a dose of white culture that is low on vibrancy and etnomasochism.

          • Extremely interesting comments. Can I ask how you’ve supported yourself on this path (be as broad as you feel the need to be)? What lines of work would you advise people pursue to live likewise?

          • Supporting yourself can be an issue. Key factors are age, skillset and location. There are digital nomads and remote workers scattered all over. Being a remote worker or on an expat package from a Western company can be very lucrative given the reduced cost of living.

            If you have a background in high-level finance, real estate sales, programming (some type of heavy lifting and not simple web design) or corporate sales and are under 40, it is possible to get a good paying job in many countries. Knowing the language of course greatly helps. Real estate sales can be done in Thailand even if you don’t speak Thai because so many of the condo sales are to foreigners

            Teaching/training is another way. Someone with a teaching certificate (not simple esl) can make very good money in expensive private k12 schools and ok money in government schools. I know one man in Thailand who makes 100k usd per year plus a housing allowance and two free meals per workday teaching accounting and economics to highschool students. He saves most of his income. Corporate training is more competitive but can be a good deal.

            I have taught business at a private university, trained workers and consulted to execs in various jobs.

            University gigs can be especially cosy if you have a PhD and are 45 or under. Masters degrees in things like business, economics, tech and math can get you a good university job in China.

            Even English teachers can get a nice cash flow with a little experience and willingness to be flexible in where they live. Korea, China, Vietnam, Taiwan (outside of Taipei) and Japan (although, I have read Japan isn’t as good as it used to be) are good locations in Asia for English teachers and trainers.

          • Thank you, I’ll be saving this comment. Congratulations on seeing through the morass and accomplishing escape from it.

  8. Short universal heuristic:





    Not to say literally Every Single Time alone, mind you, nor every single specimen. But nevertheless, with something very much like the mathematical clarity of a fully functioning heuristic: Every. Single. Time.

    How many f!cking examples do you actually WANT?!!

    There’s already more than enough, overwhelminglingly enough, to establish a very clear, very solid, more or less irrefuteable basis for Permanent Pattern Recognition.

    For the luvva Pete, how much more data is it really going to take?

    Partition: it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now and going forwards. Until mission accomplished.

    The previous goyische system is officially permanently co-opted and dead. It will not be coming back to life to save you. Unless you act deliberately and vigorously, with a clear-eyed plan to your own self-preservation, and with a strong-minded dedication towards the distinct and uncompromised preservation of the most valuable human phenotype in all history, you’re gonna be dead and gone — fully replaced by Guptas, Ching-chongs, Amerind helots, and rape-ape enforcers. Except for the female White specimens kept alive in zoos, rape-camps, and Uni-Party rape resorts.

    You think that’s paranoid and crazy? You don’t know history then. You know nothing about Moslem slave camps for their White female and child rape-toys, and industrial-scale Jewish procurers for same. You know nothing about mass-scale Jewish practice of mass-castration of African and European slaves for the Moslem market. You think that that trade won’t re-assert itself itself once you’re critically too weak to stop it? FFS, it’s already happening, right now. Make a note in your diary or something. This is simple biology, not even aspiring to the level of any sort of advanced ideas about politics, religion, or ethics.

    Grow the f!ck up.



  9. Herr Doktor Zman’s Apothecary: a black pill a day helps you mourn your civilization’s decay.
    Please, for the love if God, give us a cheerful, humorous, light-hearted essay with a bit of good news to dispel the unrelenting gloom and doom. Sometimes the troops need a morale booster.

    • Perhaps Reason Magazine has an article on the improvements in inner city school systems from education vouchers and charter schools. Or progress made in legalizing ownership of ferrets. The latter effort seemed to be a high priority of several Libertarian Party candidates in CA a few years back.

  10. The easy answer is to just burn it down. The cops aren’t really interested in solving crimes anyway, so as long as you don’t threatened to do it before hand, or brag about it afterwards then you’ll be fine.

  11. Or as I forgot who originally came up with the idea, today’s economy:

    Wealth extraction is NOT wealth creation.

    If the construction created wealth, the neighboring homes would go up in value. If outsourcing created wealth, the cities with the closed factories would be better off. Instead, Mitt Romneys and Bain Capitals get more and more, but everyone else gets less and less.

    • But I thought that they were the “job creators” who also enhanced “shareholder value” while “wringing out inefficiencies in capital allocation” in order to benefit the “stakeholders”.

  12. The action you described with the townhouses was, and may still be, illegal. It was called “Blockbusting”. Sounds like a modern version of blockbusting to me.

    • Oddly enough Baltimore was site of some of the earliest efforts at blockbusting. Like late 19th century early. It ain’t “blockbusting” when “they” do it. It’s called smart housing policy.

  13. Z,
    I think I know the mall you speak of…Owings Mills. It was recently demolished. Your readers
    might enjoy the visual.
    The Mall in its twilight
    Owings Mills prepped and ready for the wrecking ball.
    Owings Mills was a case study in why “we can’t have nice things”. Long story short Owings Mills was a high end spot in its day. Public transport links were opened up in the form of the Baltimore subway…with predictable results. A couple of high profile murders took off some of the shine. There were various attempts to save the mall over the years but to no avail.
    Look at that last clip.What a colassal waste of natural resources, human capital and effort. That devastation wasn’t caused by a B-52 strike. It was caused by a lack of free association.

    • Here in San Diego, studies have shown that crime clusters around the trolley stops at the end of the lines in the middle class suburbs. The bad guys simply ride the trolley (streetcar, we call ‘em trolleys here) out to work and back home again. The crime stats have been massaged to hide this fact.

    • Oh wow! I didn’t know they demolished Owings Mills mall. Not surprised, but glad to have the updated info.
      I live on the Old Dominion side of the greater-Sodom-on-the-Potomac area, and would occasionally hear about Owings Mills / the mall.

  14. “I’ve joked for years that the builders name developments after whatever it is they bulldozed to build the houses. It is a strange, unintentional mockery of culture.”

    I made the same joke when I lived in Floriduh. “Eagle’s Nest” or “Palmetto Preserve,” where there were no more eagles or Palmettos. Just rich White bastards who needed to import half of Haiti and Latin America to have their third McMansions’ lawns mowed and their arses wiped on the cheap. Of course they have big beautiful walls while the White working class gets to either live in a formerly nice White neighborhood swamped by die-versity, or for the better off, two to three hours of commuting to and from new developments deep inland in the swamp.

  15. Its more than just pump and dump. Section 8 vouchers transform the politics of an area as well. I lived for 16 years outside of Woodstock, IL where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed. During the Obama Years HUD came in with Section 8 vouchers to ship the ghetto rats from Chicongo out to the “country”. Suprise! Suprise!, all the things you predicted came true. More crime, including gang activity, the schools got worse requiring more tax dollars, etc. In the recent mid terms Lauren Underwood, a fake nurse and Democrat , unseated a RINO Republican in a close race. Her margin of victory came from Woodstock. No surprise there. Add in an openly gay mayor and weekly leftist protests on the Woodstock square and you now have Ned Ryerson moving out of town for whiter pastures. We left two years ago to await the zombie apocalypse from more remote digs. Man I hate liberals.

    • Our college-educated women are largely driving these “transitions.” End their student loans except of course we need nurses. Another cohort, and we suck, are those of us who will actively vote and work against RINOs. Although I live in Chicago proper, and therefore my far right vote scheme never registers, and the local Republican party leadership are all queers and/or star trekkies and co-opted flakes, I actively work politics in districts like southern wisconsin and my native michigan. I would sooner install a communist than a two-faced paul ryan. We need a cleansing and it will come.

  16. If Trump had any balls he’d have CP’d land in Malibu, Chappaqua etc and dumped section eight housing in the heart of the liberals enclaves.

  17. Great (but depressing) post.
    Nothing is going to change until we start kicking ass (literally).
    Bezos needs a good ass-kicking from the “neighborhood welcoming committee”.

    • A few years ago, Bezos made a large donation to an organization that provided scholarships for the “Dreamers”. He did this to “pay back” for the assistance the US government gave to Cuban refugees which included his father. Of course, if he wanted to pay anyone back, it should have been the American taxpayer. But some of that money might have gone to the “wrong” people.

  18. In the old days it was called blockbusting. Put obnoxious renters in a neighborhood and then buy up the surrounding houses on the cheap as people flee. The whole country is being blockbusted.

    • I waited too long, several years ago, a few bleggs started moving in my neighborhood, then a few Mexicans, we finally paid our mortgage off.
      TWO MONTHS later my neighbor of 25 years sells, sure enough bleggs buy and move in next door, I’m sure my house just lost at least 25%
      The nog tax will never end at least I got my kids raised right before this happened. in another ten years the neighborhood will be a full on ghetto.
      only hope now is cleansing nuclear fire.

      • This is a good place to live. Housing is comparatively inexpensive the vast majority of homes would sell for under $80,000. there is a grocery, bank, insurance agency, body shop, gas station, restaurant, sale barn, dollar general and 3 gas on goes. There is a transfer station for the 4 county solid waste agency, trash is picked up weekly there is no sorting with the exception of lawn clippings and the like, there is a brand new fire hall. there is a k-12 school. There is a clinic with an RN and PA on duty M-F. The town is wired for Fiber Optic internet. The local economy is diverse but the job pay is low. There are some railroad jobs, jobs associated with a school, there is a county and state road departments, jobs with the city, the sale barn, the largest state park in Nebraska is 3 miles away with both full time and seasonal work. 25 miles away there is a small 4 year Nebraska state college, , a Walmart, and 15 year old hospital.
        The community is close to 95% white, maybe 5% hispanic last names

  19. In addition to making “America into a place to exploit and make money” by soulless corporations, developers and banks, there’s also a social engineering aspect to this.

    When I was a naive young man, in my twenties, I spent a lot of time agonizing over the thought that there was so much poverty among blacks, and how could this problem be solved. Back then, in metropolitan areas blacks were mostly contained in ghettos and I thought being surrounded dysfunction, low achievement and crime was the reason they were the way they were.

    My bright idea was to move them out of the ghetto and sprinkle them all over the country, into white suburban and rural areas, so being around successful and flourishing folks would turn them into the same. I was a believer in the magic soil. (although shortly after, I discovered the Bell Curve, then Sam Francis….yada, yada, yada…here I am reading Zman.)

    This is what the left (and many on the right) believe. That we’re all interchangeable, all malleable. There’s no difference between white, black, red, yellow, and brown. Under the right conditions, we’ll all achieve equally. And at the same time we distribute 3rd world people into white communities, we can weaken the dominance and influence of problematic white folks.

    This is the mindset and the plan of the left and the elites. Flood the suburbs with blacks and Hispanics and Indians. Send refugees and immigrants to “too white” rural places like Idaho and Maine and Vermont. Even publish articles in the New York Times about states that are too white.

    Their idea of Make America Great Again is to make America look like a TV commercial, where your dentist is black and every other couple is mixed race. And if you complain about the loss of social capital, it’s your fault, bigot. What are you afraid of? Why don’t you make friends with your new Muslim neighbors? After all, we’re all the same.

    • So where are others like you? Why can’t they grasp the reality of this the way you did? I guess those of us who were red pilled at a young age can’t figure out how to get the red pill down liberal throats.

      • I think most lack inquisitiveness and since we’ve all been indoctrinated to believe there’s nothing worse than being racist, why go there? I have to admit, I was disappointed when I discovered the racial genetic information. I really wanted to believe the egalitarian lies.

    • Did you grow up around them? I recognized from a very early age that the differences were biological, almost as if it were an unspoken understanding in my cohort. Just how they behaved in school, and performed. The way they always speed up to cut you off when trying to change lanes on the highway is just too consistent. They could not all be in on some great conspiracy, it’s got to be innate.

      • I got caught up in the forced busing ‘crisis’ in public schools in the 70s, and saw first hand the differences. That was the ultimate red pill, going from my 95% white school to one that was 50/50.

      • I grew up in 95 percent White suburbs. I also watched “To Kill a Mockingbird” in high school (entire school watched it), saw “Roots” on TV, and was taught about that nice teacher who divided up her class into blue eyes and brown eyes. It took a lot to overthrow my training.

        • I think every school in the country had to watch To Kill A Mockingbird. After seeing it, most kids were probably forever redpill resistant.

      • When they shipped in some kids from a dark neighborhood to my elementary school, trying to “even things out a bit”, their manners and behaviors taught me what I needed to know, all at about age 8 or so.

    • I call this the “Lego Brick” theory. That any group of people can be snapped together to build a functional society regardless of apparently “superficial” differences. AKA “Paintjob Theory”.

    • Your comment reminds me of the story about the boy who comes home from school and asks his dad to help him understand the difference between segregation and integration. Dad sends him to the freezer to get the vanilla ice cream and then out into the back yard to gather up some dog turds. Taking each into separate hands, he says to his son “this is segregation.” He then smashes the two together and says “this is integration. It didn’t hurt that dog shit a bit, but it damn sure fucked up that ice cream.”
      The point is such actions don’t bring one side up, only the other side down.

    • You seem to have been quite within the American tradition. Benjamin Franklin, who became president of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, believed blacks simply needed to be freed and properly advised. He sought “Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage”, and “daily progress of that luminous and benign spirit of liberty, which is diffusing itself throughout the world”, and addressed the following to “the friends of humanity” :

      “To instruct, to advise, to qualify those, who have been restored to freedom, for the exercise and enjoyment of civil liberty, to promote in them habits of industry, to furnish them with employments suited to their age, sex, talents, and other circumstances, and to procure their children an education calculated for their future situation in life; these are the great outlines of the annexed plan, which we have adopted, and which we conceive will essentially promote the public good, and the happiness of these our hitherto too much neglected fellow-creatures. ”

  20. Speaking of naming things after what the developers bulldozed, I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Newark, NJ. About 5000 of us lived in tightly packed two, three and four family houses with larger apartment buildings scattered here and there. Everyone knew one another, shopped at the same stores, went to the same family restaurants, etc. I couldn’t walk down the street without five ladies sweeping their sidewalk saying hello to me by name. This all ended in 1957 when the federal government condemned ten square blocks in the middle of the neighborhood and put up 12 ten story communist bloc style apartment buildings. These “projects” were called “Columbus Homes.” That was the second insult. The first was that it was two Italian American politicians who were behind this. One of them later went to jail for taking kickbacks from the contractor. Everyone moved away and the neighborhood became a high crime no go zone. In 1994 I watched on tv as the Columbus Homes were destroyed with explosives, by the same federal government that put them up.

    • I dunno, kind of feels like Karma. Italians immigrate, take over neighborhoods, bringing their own culture in and pushing out the heritage Americans. Now the same thing is happening to them!

      • To my mind the people in my neighborhood were heritage Americans. They or their parents immigrated legally, started families and businesses, learned. English and taught their kids to respect America and the freedoms it offered. In any event I am not talking about the natural movement that occurs with succeeding waves of newcomer’s, but of mid-century government- initiated “urban renewal “ projects in Newark and many other cities that resulted in the elimination of thriving neighborhoods and shopping districts, and large tax bases, destroying the city. There was nothing natural about this. It was stupid incompetent social engineering at its worse.

        • I worked @ Pru on Broad Street, live for a year in Kearny, just across the Passaic, another year or so in Rutherford. Early 90s. Kearny was having none of what Newark had to offer. Even as late as the early 90s it was still pretty much a sundown town.

      • BadThinker, a bit of diversity is good. We’re supposed to have a problem with Italian Americans from 70 years ago? Whatever you say Wonder bread.

  21. When looking at the economy, one notes the rise in healthcare as the most important factor in the last quarter century. Far more important than deindustrialization. Particularly in my home region of Northeast Ohio, the hospital systems are by far the largest employers. From a tax standpoint this is a giant hole. As almost every hospital is a “non-profit” they don’t pay property tax, nor often do they pay sales tax on anything purchased. Sales tax on services is still uncommon. Worst of all, the city imposes income tax on those commuting in, but commuters can’t vote for city elections.

    • Note that health care and higher education are two sectors that have consistently had much higher than average inflation rates since the 1960s. I don’t suppose that federal intervention (Medicare and the post-Sputnik education programs) had anything to do with this.

      • Hospitals are rather monopolistic, three chains control almost every doctor in Northeast Ohio, and that’s rather large. Pittsburgh only has one system (UPMC). Medical education has also become hideously expensive, and the AMA has acted as a cartel using Medicare to restrict the number of residencies, and restrict what PAs and NPs can do. One loophole is that a hospital system can import an unlimited number of foreign doctors if it is in an “underserved area”, as long as the institution funds their residency.

  22. True Dat. This is yet another example of how our environment has become, not just dysfunctional, but actually renders harm and degeneration to us as species. And it’s not just social capital, but also evolutionary capital. Productive and self reliant people tend to favor single family homes because it is their personal homestead and domicile. The people being shoehorned into the new little townhouse boxes will grow into hive-minded worker bees and later be well adapted for living in a prison cell.

  23. A couple of years ago, at a fairly decent long-stay business hotel in Dallas, they took in two “at-risk” youth, a.k.a., teenage Latino gang-bangers. Subsidized by you and me, of course.

    The crazy thing was, they were treated like kings. A young Latina, with a business skirt, a business file-planner thingy under her arm, a Secret Service style earpiece, and an unmistakable air of importance, would escort them everywhere. And these two little thugs acted like they deserved to be ferried around like heads of state, peering thuggishly and gloatingly at all us working suckers. In the lobby they always talked very loudly on purpose, and every third word they used was the n-word, even though they were not black.

    And then I found out that the mid-range “business” hotels in our area were almost totally Section 8. Which made going outside into a moment-to-moment test of alertness and situational awareness. Oh, and the noise. The incessant noise.

    The “human capital tax” is higher than any ordinary financial tax.

    It’s a total inversion of values, where the worst in society become the de facto aristocrats, gobbling up the working people’s money for a coddled, vicious, vulgar lifestyle. This sort of thing is a victory for CultMarx clownworld–whether an intentional or accidental victory I’m not sure.

    How long can it go on?

    • South Africa has staggered on for a quarter century of ANC theft and incompetence. As chaotic as it looks, there are two giants known as China and India that will step in to stabilize it even if the West decides to stop underwriting the multikult prototype.

    • Speaking of hotels, I was on business travel in NJ and had my running shoes stolen by the hotel staff. The proud black lady manager claimed that they were simply mistaken for trash. NJ is a “ban the box” state which forbids considering a job applicant’s criminal record until after they are offered a job (when it is much more difficult to turn them down and survive a lawsuit). Since then, I don’t allow hotel staff to make up the room in my absence.

  24. Within a two mile radius of my house in So Cal there are literally thousands of as yet unoccupied new rental units. Recently a failed medical park was converted into a thousand plus unit complex. Every failed shopping center is being converted to high-density “housing”. A chiropractic college took over my old high school, and put more than a hundred “Town Homes” on the old athletic field. This sort of strip mine development is burgeoning out here like a teen age fad. And it’s taking place all over the Southland, but especially right in the middle of the town I grew up in. It was once a sweet little corner of north Orange County. The local streets are now parking lots. There are negroes here now where there never were before. On more than one occasion I’ve had to forego my morning smoke in the park because of sketchy looking ghetto rats hanging out there.The remaining little strip malls are all car title loans, check cashing shops, and Korean nail parlors. Nothing of value is sold there. Everything that is built makes everyone’s life just a little shittier. This ain’t the future we were promised back in the space age.


    • I live in Irvine but returned last year after working out of state for four years. My absence sharpened my senses to the staggering increase in vehicle traffic accompanied by numerous rental complexes under construction. Much more vibrancy and a sharp uptick in property crimes.

  25. There was once a plan to build some Section 8 housing in the Hamptons, where New York’s rich liberals all keep mansions. It was called off after a species of endangered fish was found in a pond on the worksite. The odd thing is that this particular fish is listed as endangered by the NY state EPA, and not the federal EPA, because although it is rare in the northeast, it’s plentiful in Virginia and the Carolinas. So plentiful, in fact, that rumor has it someone in the Hamptons could easily call up a bait shop in North Carolina, have a bucket of live fish of that exact species overnighted to them, and then take the bucket for a little midnight walk out to the pond at the Section 8 construction site. An anonymous call to the state EPA in the morning, and, well…

    The rich and clever will always be able to figure out creative ways to not have to live with the chaos that their own favored policies visit upon the common people.

  26. In the late 80’s, we retired to a small community in Florida full of middle middle class and semi-upper class houses. Some million dollar plus condos and houses on the beach, but all in all a safe, low density place to live very comfortably on a reduced income.

    The area was developed in the late 60’s by ITT who held it in its firm grip for almost 40 years. When they were ousted (long story), the literal barbarians were at the gate and now our little town’s former sleepy beach front looks like a low rent Coney Island with all the attendant problems.

    Another unwanted addition are multiple “affordable” housing projects with many more on the way. Builders are subsidized by us taxpayers with generous sharing with local pols to build these for the downtrodden and oppressed. Add to the mix, legalizing short-term rentals in residential areas and another little bit of paradise destroyed.

    Not surprisingly, smart investors are not only refitting existing single-family homes into rentals, but building them that way.

    Progress — not.

  27. Another reason why I’m not a real libertarian, it assumes every transaction happens in a hermetically sealed container, and that everyone is in it for the long term. Short term bastardy is more than capable of wrecking people who had nothing to do with the original transaction and by the time the market “works itself out” you’ve destroyed long term capital.

    • Libertarianism is one of those things that works great in theory, but has no place in reality. Its assumptions are simply too wide of the mark of human experience.

      • I’ve always resorted to libertarian arguments as a counterweight to the constant drumbeat of pro-socialist and pro-communist arguments I’ve been subjected to my entire life from government, school, and just the “mainstream” in general.

        It’s not like I REALLY thought they could work in the “real world” – it was that the libertarian arguments HAVE worked in certain constrained conditions – as opposed to the leftists who’s “theories” never seem to work out anywhere – and instead fail catastrophically every single time.

  28. This is where a sane community would when construction was 80-90% done throw a neighborhood party while a few brave souls burned the structure to the ground, afterwards giving the perpetrators alibis that they were at the party the whole time.

  29. The section 8 BS really revved up under obozo. I lived in a nice little condo grouping of 8 condos. The first year was great, nice white neighbors no crime or problems. Year two a mudshark moved in thanks to sec. 8 shortly thereafter 2 more condos went sec. 8. Next thing I know groups of dindus loitering in the parking lot at all hours and it was downhill from there. I’m gone now but last time I drove by the place had gone to hell.

  30. The self-destructive tendencies by white people is of constant fascination to me. Why does a culture that defined the Protestant Work Ethic turn around and open the larder up to the Vibrant Diversity that had no hand in its construction, and whom tear it down as quickly as possible?

    Unlike some commenters on this blog, I don’t think its an external pressure (“OMG THE JOOOS..!” as some here like to say) but an internal contradiction in the ethical/moral foundation of Western Civilization created by Christianity. The strident, militaristic Christianity prior to the Enlightenment would not have stood for this and actually fought it, but the days of burning heretics at the stake is long passed. That expression of Christianity though was also contradictory to the foundational teaching of Jesus (“Love thy Neighbor”, “cast the first stone”, etc), but served to preserve and expand the faith.

    What we have now is a timid Christianity, one that seems to encourage not just its own destruction (have you been to an Episcopal service recently?) but also the destruction of the culture that it came out of… to immanentize the eschaton as it were. Modern Christianity, if not corrupt like the Roman Catholic Church, has been either taken over by Cat Ladies or has embraced the great unwashed and is used as a springboard into the West by this Vibrant Diversity, either on foot or by boat. Nowadays, to make an argument against this immigrant importation is not just wrong from an economic or cultural standpoint, but will result in you being cast into the fires of Hell.

    Perhaps this is a glitch in the simulation, but I am starting to be convinced that the future of Western Civilization will depend upon casting off Christianity as the source of moral thought, and we’ll have to find something else that doesn’t have the internal contradictions that will result in the seeds of our own destruction. Perhaps I should just go back to my ancestors’ religion and embrace Woden. He seemed to think white people were okay.

    • Not really. The same banking system that operates in the USA is also operating all over the Anglosphere and Europe. That system craves a growing population. It needs warm bodies and displays no discrimination about where they come from. That banking system is a parasite that has infected politics, culture, and government. The fact that leftists and (((others))) like the results of mass migration is incidental to this shitty fractional reserve system we are enslaved to. Libertarians keep saying it will collapse any minute. Don’t hold your breath. Meanwhile, we will drown in a brown sea.

    • I don’t think it needs to be that complicated. I used to believe all the lies too but reality beat me over the head after I was exposed to diversity long enough. White Americans haven’t been exposed nearly enough to have a response but they WILL get there eventually.

      • It isn’t complicated. Money drives politics. It makes the leftist world go round. George Soros made his fortune by arbitrage and borrowing cheap money to bet against the pound. That cheap money came from the fractional reserve printing press. He now uses that money as a weapon against us. That template has been used over and over again since the inception of our modern banking system earlier in the 20th century. It powered the Europeans to self destruction in WW1. Follow the leftist money.

        • “leftist money” LOL!!!!!
          (((Who))) do you think is fundamentally responsible for the entire sham financial system you describe based on unaccountable central banks? That apparatus was invented by, and is fully staffed by, the Self-Chosen hostile alien elites. It’s absolutely comical at this stage in the game for people to still pretend the Left/Right divide is not just Jews and their Proxies vs. Gentiles of Good Moral Character. That’s all it is. You are a liar.

    • The Christian churches are run by the upper middle class, college educated, white wives of hard working husbands. They are the only ones with the time and the interest. As they have been thoroughly assimilated by the Liberal borg, that is what you get from the churches these days.

    • Alex, you’re not alone in thinking this way, friend. Many of us who were once very active in churches are now saying things, thinking things, and reading books that we never would have gotten near just a few years ago. I don’t know what the answer is, but it perks me up every single time I realize that someone else is wrestling with the same issues. And as you pointed out, discussing this with someone entrenched in organized churchianty will get you confutatis maladictus before you can say “heretic.”

  31. The bard wrote “first … let’s kill all the lawyers.” Me, I’d kill the developers first. When I lived in a nice CA coastal town, I attended many meetings to oppose high density housing. We always lost even when the polity agreed with us. My guess is that the developers paid for the campaigns of all the politicians.

    My argument, that our town was at capacity and didn’t want any more inhabitants, was dismissed as mean-spirited by others on my side.

    I moved to a red state and now watch the same scenario replay.

    • It’s the same on the national front with the bi-partisan Open Borders crowd. Nobody asked for this. Nobody voted for it. And yet it goes on despite the cost (which is passed along to you in both monetary and quality of life terms).

      • Similar numbers along the Front Range in Colorado for the past 5-10 years. The answer to your question is not more than 5 more years for TX.

        Colorado was solid red in the early 2000s, but is now a solid blue state. The Democrats control all branches of state government. The Governor-Elect is a far-left (((special))) gay advocate. We have our first trans state representative. Mike Coffman, one of the most moderate Republicans in the House, just got destroyed in the 2018 election. Corey Gardner will lose his Senate seat in 2020. There’s no future for the Republican party in Colorado.

  32. I’ve noticed that about the life of a mall. It tends to be under ten years here in the southeast. First, a swanky new mall opens and all the white people go there. In a year or two blacks catch on and start to come as well, using it as a mall ratty hangout,with the result that a lot fewer whites go there. It’s almost as though they are roving, chasing us about, trying to figure out where the white people are congregating. This hurts the smaller stores with less deep pockets bc the new clientele doesn’t have the money for the high ticket items and steals them blind on the low end items so they can’t show a profit. The small stores close but for shoe stores and nail salons.

    Then after a while a big anchor store collapses . This is the death knell, although the mall might hang on in unlife for another ten years, it’ll be mostly vacant. I’ve seen it happen over and over. My point of reference is the southeast, but I imagine it’s similar anywhere there is such a population.

    • Back when I kept an office out in the far suburbs, there was a guy with a truck and dog that our firm would pay to come chase the now year-round Canadian geese away. All he did was move them to some other office park, then get hired to move them again. We’ve become the geese.

  33. Normally, such atrocities would be prevented by zoning, but it has become increasingly easy to bribe or intimidate zoning commissions..Interestingly, the creation of cheap minority developments, with 5% down mortgages, began with the Nixon Administration..There was one in the area where I grew up. The mortgages all defaulted during the first recession, but most of the people stayed in the houses because they were unsaleable…Wrecked the local school system, of course.

  34. This summer when visiting my parents in Boulder, CO a saw a new law proposing it to be illegal to discriminate against “immigration status” or “sources of income” for prospective rental tenants. Boulder is now high profile enough it’s attracting the diversity industry at rapid pace. Affordable housing projects are already in the works.

    I made the case that this law will be a disaster and begin to fill the city with undesirables and the 3rd world hordes but I’m a racist of course so they didn’t care to listen.

    The next month it passed handily and now, so it begins. At least they can’t say no one warned them!

    • Boulder sort of deserves it you have to admit. They claim it is what they want then will move to Coorsville when it happens.

    • One of the advantages of living in these leftist towns is that they are often beyond the financial reach of the dark undertow because of the taxes (that went for schools, parks etc.) and high property values from zoning laws. So they could preach diversity all they wanted but not live with the consequences. Oh well, they found a way to screw that up.

  35. A decent mayor and town council might have been able to resist it with proper zoning laws. In NJ, the state and lawyers for victims groups often clash with the towns on this topic.

    My town is far enough out that it isn’t an issue yet. The other card up our sleeve for zoning – we don’t have town sewer or water outside of one gated community. So, the town won’t allow lots smaller than an acre because they all need a well and septic system.

  36. As with everything in life, always follow the money. Where is the money made when a neighborhood flips? A loan for the person moving in, and, because the homeowner lost equity due to the neighborhood going to shit, a loan going out. I can’t even begin to calculate the cost of desegregation. If it wasn’t the most expensive government program in the history of man it has to be close. Two things I encourage everyone to look at before buying a house are the FEMA floodplain maps, and the Census data on race.

    • The problem with the census is that it quickly becomes outdated with the rapid demographic changes forced upon us. I use demographic data from the local schools obtained from a site called Local school districts actually boast about their diversity and the data is updated annually. An added bonus is that it provides data on students elligible for free/reduced cost lunches.

      The other day I was driving by a local elementary school as the students were being let out. I was surprised by the diversity of the students was so different from the demographic results of that city from the 2010 census. When I checked the greatschools site it confirmed my observations.

      • I have a kid on the way. So a few months ago the wife and I took a tour of local day care centers.

        These were all located in a town that is about 35,000 people – has been population stable around that number for decades – and (according to the numbers I’ve been able to pull up online) – is something like 94% white.

        Yet the daycare centers are chock full of Hindus and even had a definite population of Dindus. I actually said “WTF” to the wife as we were leaving one of them. Maybe it’s because the Dindus and Hindu couples have to BOTH work to afford to live here – while the white families are more likely to have a high earner husband so the wife stays home – I don’t know. I do know there’s a decent amount of stay at home white women raising children around here. Maybe it’s the effect that Zman has talked about before where the blacks have to migrate out to where the whites are. I know I’ve seen quite a few more black faces around town than I noticed just a few years ago. And I’ve lived here for almost 20 years.

        • Another advantage of local school demographic data is that it serves as a leading indicator of demographic change. Many Section 8s try to get rentals in areas with “good skools for the keeds”.

          • As a former renter (so I have some familiarity with finding rental property) – I don’t think there’s too many rentals in this area – but they are definitely shoving thru more rental property – with some big developments going up that I know have 40B housing within them.

            When I see them exporting the poor out of the city into the suburbs – it just seems like the stupidest thing on the face of the planet. No bus service (usually) , rental properties NOT located near shopping (usually), no jobs for low brain power people (lots of teenage kids to take the low wage jobs) – etc.

            They get dumped into the suburbs and they wander around the streets during the day where they’re very conspicuous because they’re the ONLY ones walking

  37. I think it was the neo-reactionaries that called it ‘the dark enlightenment’. That one has ironic racial overtones in this scenario. But so it goes. It won’t be too long when white Americans dream of the land of their ancestors when – if this had happened to them – a handful of guys wearing sheets and cone-head hats would go over one night with a jerry can of gas, and a zippo – and bye-bye liberal social experiment.

    Were I Donald Trump – I’d be all over this like flies on chit. I would prove how much I loved black people by funding similar projects – in the neighbourhoods of George Soros, Diane Feinstein and other champagne socialist enclaves.

    I won’t be surprised at all if we see a combination of the two approaches in the near future.

  38. *If* the place is going to be rental condos full of section 8 voucher recipients – then you can (once again) point the finger of blame directly back at the commie left and in particular the Obama administration and their efforts to push all the poor out of the cities and into the suburbs. I think you may have even covered this before – but HUD programs foster this shit.

    Broken record time again: This is yet another example of why I think the bedrock of fighting back against the leftoid fuggernaut and all of it’s various and sundry programs – is to attack the funding. No money = no government programs.

    What we’ve got going on now is that the government industrial economic complex – which is run by the left , has a myriad of schemes to direct money into it’s coffers. It can then afford dozens of government agencies – which employ diversity hires by the millions – to go around and incessantly screw with your life.

    They’re screwing you – and you’re paying for the screwing.

    You can yell and scream and fight dozens of small battles – or you can just kill the monster in it’s cave by shutting off the money supply.

    The fact that so many on the right have just given up on this is a sure sign of defeat IMHO. It’s also a sign of the sellout that you yourself have brought up numerous times. The right wingers who refuse to attack the money train flowing into the government are just protecting their own largesse.

    The money is extracted from your pocket under threats of force. It then flows thru the IRS to some government agency – who sets up a bunch of rules and regulations that are unaccountable to any elected official. Those rules and regulations specify certain things like diversity levels and “affordable housing” mandates for your local town. Some builder comes along – and forces thru a project that the town might not approve of , but they want their government funds too – so they’re forced to approve the project. Building throws up 3 condo units intended for section 8 “diversity” residents – and is able to make a buck. A Catholic charity refugee NGO then goes for government funds and resettles 2 Somali families and some black family out of a major city into the newly built “affordable” housing. The Somali families and the black family “identify” with each other because of their “blackness” – and the Somali kids learn from the US raised black kids – and so by the time they’re 12 years old they’re stealing all those 4WD vehicles parked in the driveways of those houses on the hill. The local cops don’t do anything about it because when they keep arresting the black kids it makes the stats look bad and the State AG comes down hard on their ass because they’re now “discriminatory”.

    And it’s all because YOU kept funding all this shit.


    That’s the root of the problem.

    Absent government funds much of this entire leftoid universe boils down to a variation of that comment made by Andrew Jackson :

    ” the leftists have made their decisions and have their beliefs – now let them pay for it”

    • “They’re screwing you – and you’re paying for the screwing.” I’ve never seen their Mission Statement described so succinctly.

    • The money is extracted from your pocket under threats of force.

      Given the above, how do you propose to stop giving them money? Stop working? I suppose barter where you can is about the only thing – that, and cut all unnecessary spending (cable TV is probably the best, given that they collect obscene amounts of gov’t taxes and fee through it).

      • When a power plant construction project I was working on was cancelled, I opted to retire at 58. I realized how much money was taken out for taxes as well as the expenses involved with working out of state, commuting etc. and decided it was not really worth it. Particularly as much of my tax payments either go towards my replacement or for defending a biblical theme park in the middle east. My emphasis now is minimizing expenditures, more self-sufficiency and selective purchasing.

        • I was blessed/cursed with longevity in the family tree. I knew all of my great grandparents well and this ain’t come trailer trash ghetto pregnant at 14 bullshit. My mother’s mother’s parents lived on a medium sized farm and only went to town about once a month. They basically bought coffee, sugar, tobacco, flour, and cloth. They had an electric bill (ran the well and a few lights), a party line phone bill, and a propane tank. The actual farm land was rented out at this point, but on the marginal land they had a huge garden, an orchard, cows, chickens, and hogs. They did this into their mid nineties. They lived well and died wealthy. If I want to buy a can of peas I have to pay a 30% tax on income, another, what, 15% tax on “entitlements”, and around a 5% sales tax on the peas. I have never in my life eaten so good as when I stayed with them on that farm one summer, as a “learning experience”.

    • Revenue enhancement takes a back seat to creating a weaponized demographic consisting of Hindus, Dindus, and a menagerie of other assorted illiterates, junkies, and derelicts to vote Democrat. Whether or not they contribute anything is irrelevant since TPTB will just continue to extort the requisite tribute from the productive sector of society to cover the tab.

      • It only takes a back seat in that they’ve maxed out what they can take. I’ve seen it explained by a number of economist types as well as some on the Paleocon right – that the US government is basically taking as much as they can take out of the GDP of this country – they’re right on the hairy edge of pushing people over into that place where they’re taking so much that the cost/benefit analysis tips over for a lot of people into the “I’m better off to just start shooting them rather than pay any more ” … side of the scale.

        So the only way they get “more” money – is by massive dollar printing by the Federal Reserve – and deficit spending by the government (these two go hand in hand). This is part of the reason why the interest rates are pushed so far down – and why they don’t even bother passing a budget any more. What’s the point? – might as well just print and spend.

        That weaponized demographic you refer to – is propped up by all the massive spending. Stop feeding dollars into the money hole – and pretty quickly all those Dindus and Hindus and assorted other oddities of the left – lose their money tree – and are suddenly face to face with some pretty hard cold reality.

        You think we’d have nearly as many Antifah protests if all those turds weren’t being supported somehow? Go work a REAL job – and you’re pretty quickly going to lose any energy you have go out protesting on a Friday night.

        Re: How do you propose we stop giving them money?

        This is the typical response. How about first becoming aware of the problem? That seems to be the biggest issue – as the MAJORITY of the right – will scream bloody murder about losing their roads, and their military, and their schools, and their Social Security – if any mention is made of cutting back taxation or shrinking the government.

        To me this is the REAL root of the problem – far moreso than any cucking done by boomer conservatives thru agents like William Buckley or any of the other members of the pundit class that most people have frankly never even heard of.

        The boomer cons (and most of the rest of the “right” ) have been merrilly shipping their dollars off to the Federal government for decades now – because they thought it bought them all those roads, and schools, and the military – and their Social Security.

        They just simply ignored the “2 for me and 1 for you” action that the lefties were engaging in while they merrily siphoned off those tax dollars for their own purposes.

        Life is pretty easy when somebody else is paying for it all – and not having to actually work and compete in the real world means you get to believe all manner of nonsense – and not suffer the consequences.

        If people on the right can’t get it straight in their own heads that their hard work is funding their own demise – then no suggestions of real world action are every even going to be worth making.

        • We’re not going to “save” these other people, or “white culture”, or America as it was — culture, geography, etc. We need to start real thinking of and planning for how we can save our selves.

          Been doing some reading this morning about the Red Guard and Cultural Revolution. Sister in law is from Mainland China. Landowner family pre-48; family members were victims of oppression, humiliation and rustication 60s and 70s.

          Pretty scary social parallels. Sister-in-law has been warning about danger from American left/progressives/elites/intellectuals for years. Sobering when it comes from one who saw it first hand in another place.

          She does not foresee a happy ending here.

          • The thing that makes me most pessimistic about the future – is the complete inability of those who should be my allies – namely those on the right – to comprehend the problem in front of them. Right under that – is the fact that so many of the right are just cucks for the left – whether it’s in the commentary class – or among the “people” – who will yell and scream if you try to even make an argument about cutting back spending, taxation, and the government.

            A good fight would not make me pessimistic – if I saw the odds at least evenly stacked. But a fight where I think half of my cohort is going to cut and run as soon as somebody waves candy in front of their face makes me very pessimistic about the future.

          • My fear is that like with economics, humans — our betters — just might be ablke to keep this thing afloat indefinately.

          • That’s the core issue. I am nearly at the point where I don’t give a damn. The problem is white people. I’ve been talking about this stuff literally for fifty years. Most whites didn’t, and still don’t, want to hear it. They are clueless and intend to remain so – not to mention the ones who sneer and virtue signal. I am particularly fond of that.
            Most of these regulations and laws were put in place when whites were the overwhelming majority. The Immigration Reform Act was passed when the population of this country was 90% white. I begin to think that such magnificent cravenness and incomprehension should be richly rewarded.

          • The Glenn Beck crowd will still be going around with their Tricorne hats and Constitutions as the cities and suburbs burn down around them.

          • If South Africa is any indication, most whites are incapable of waking up and realizing the truth in bad thought. While the Boers are being killed and the country turns into your typical African mess, urban whites talk glowingly about muh multiculturalism. Unfortunately, the bill is going to come due for descendants of the current whites who weren’t responsible for this mess.

          • Primi – Taking to your SIL would be fascinating. Actually an interview with someone like that who sees the parallels would probably open the eyes of many who are so convinced “it can’t happen here.”

        • Re: How do you propose we stop giving them money?

          This is the typical response. How about first becoming aware of the problem?

          The “typical response” is a serious question and you aren’t looking it in the eye. I’m aware of the problem, and if the upvotes for your comments are an indication, a fair number of people are.

          Things will have to get a lot more dire before a major percentage of the population goes Galt. And they will suffer for it long before the government bureaucracy feels oxygen starvation.

          I sense a mood of frustration and even borderline hopelessness moving in on the alternative right, and I’m reluctant to reinforce it, but a wave of tax refusal and such isn’t a likely fallout from “awareness.”

          If anyone has practical suggestions, this is the time to put them on the table.

  39. HUD gives developers cheap 30 year loans to build rentals. It’s the main way developers make money, one tod me.

  40. I’m in the same predicament as BadThinker.

    I’m in very new housing and much like him I just assumed (wrongly) that cost was a barrier because it always has been in the past. I assume (wrongly) assumed that lending had stabilized after the 2008 fiasco but apparently our memory isn’t even 10 years long.

    My neighborhood is a mix of single family, townhomes, condos. The townhomes sell for half a million dollars. This is a suburb of DC in one of the richest counties in America.

    So I felt ‘safe’ being one of the first people in this neighborhood. Wrong. Wrrrrooooong.

    Now that it is fully occupied I just fucking marvel looking around. How do they do it? I’m being dead serious, I still cannot wrap my mind around it. Although with Die-Versity hiring quotas I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. My neighborhood looks like a goddamn United Nations symposium.

    Lots of muslims complete w/ the pious headscarfed women. This is mainly african muzz btw w/ a smattering of middle eastern muzz thrown in. African blacks (non-muzz), indians, asians, and pinch of caucasians. It shows how woefully behind reality I am because I saw a half a million dollars as at least SOME barrier to entry. It is not.

    And I have all the commiserate problems. Loud ass fucking kids banging on my walls (I’m in a townhouse), loud ass kids screaming in the street, 20 people in a house built for 5 max, you know the drill.

    The problem is, the ‘places’ even in a country of this size are growing smaller and smaller every year as they breed geometrically compared to us. There will come a day when your 3-5 year white flight has no landing pad. Tick tock…

  41. Ever wonder why suburbs seem so soulless? Its because suburbs are refugee camps for white people. They are fleeing the chaos and violence of the urban barbarians. And like refugee camps they are full of people moving in, moving out, never setting down roots because their neighbors are transient strangers with whom they share nothing.

    The urban barbarians can set down roots because they dont need to pursue work. They can squat in the squalor of thier ‘hoods and barrios for generations living off the plunder extorted from the fleeing serfs.

    • If the suburbs are soulless – it’s because it’s residents are too busy working to spend any time with their neighbors.

      Living in a decent house in a decent neighborhood costs real money. As does driving a decent vehicle. Since the alternative is to go live in a shit neighborhood full of dindus and immigrants – most white people choose the work your ass off and live in a nice neighborhood route.

      When I was a kid in the 70’s and 80s’ – there were poor white neighborhoods. I grew up outside of Boston – you could go into Southie and meet poor white people.

      What happened to all of them? You would think by the portrayal of the mainstream media – that poor whites simply don’t exist any more unless they live in a trailer down in Kentucky.

      Working my ass off = I have no time.

      I know I don’t have much time to socialize with my neighbors – and they don’t spend hardly any time outside. The men disappear off to work every day – mow the lawn and do some work outside – and then go back to work.

      If there’s any “socializing” being done – it’s the women , if they stay home to take care of the kids (some still do). Get some leftoid cat ladies stirred into that mix – and “society” becomes toxic pretty quick because there’s not much male influence around.

      • Did you see a couple of weeks ago that the BHA (Boston Housing Authority for the non-locals) sent out a letter suggesting the denizens might want to move out to the ‘burbs where there’s less crime and the schools are better? The outcry was hilarious. The non-working class is squatting in some pretty valuable real-estate. The suburbs can never meet the arbitrary “affordable housing” quotas. So they build high-density zoning-exempt (40B) housing without regard to infrastructure (water supply, schools, etc.) See: Middleton, et al. Now imagine the same situation without Prop 2 1/2. It’s bad enough as it is.

        • I missed that – but it doesn’t surprise me.

          The rich getting richer – and wanting that in-city real estate, is yet another facet of the money tree that this country has turned into.

          If they’re actually coming right out and suggesting that everybody move out of the projects and into the suburbs – that’s EXACTLY what I’ve heard some of the efforts coming out of HUD during the Obama administration were designed to do.

          I can remember when the cities were shitholes. Go watch some movies from the 1970s or early 80s. I remember Boston as being a bit of a grungy craphole. We would travel in from the suburbs – go to Fenway during the day ( skip school) – and when we got a little older – go in and take in the Combat Zone.

          Now I only go in when the wife wants to – and when I go I want to get out as quickly as I can. We went in last weekend – and the Common was covered with big pictures of Holocaust survivors – and the place was crawling with all sorts of people who looked like anything but Bostonians to my eyes.

          I also stopped reading the Boston Globe probably somewhere around 7 years ago. I just couldn’t take it any more. The cat lady columnists and the total makeover into some sort of left wing lifestyle rag just made me give up on it. The fact that the news was all yesterday’s news today – was the final straw. So I don’t really pay much attention to what happens in Boston any more.

        • Gay men couples are real estate pioneers. They don’t care about schools, but can see a good neighborhood-of-the-future when the poor and renters are pushed out in favor of the 1%. There is real money to be made with cleaning and painting.

    • “suburbs are refugee camps for white people”

      True. Increasingly suburbs will instead resemble the mobile camps of Roma Gypsies. As whites settle a suburb, the government ships in blacks and other vibrants to get them away from wealthy urbanites and help turn the suburb blue. Whites then simply move to the next place. Unlike the Roma, whites will eventually run out of new places to move.

      • I’ve decamped several times. At each location, I fought massive immigration and high density development, but it was clear that the majority of the people there did not want to resist, or even see the problem. They were my people, but they were hopeless for the foreseeable future. Of course you are right, we will run out of places to run.

  42. When you combine Section 8 housing with our fractional reserve lending system, the potential for mischief becomes infinite. There is no stopping this until you stop our monster money power. The fractional reserve system needs lots of warm bodies, and it doesn’t care where it gets them.

    • So does a growth based economy.

      The thing is this is a finite planet and with finite resources and finite demand for labor.

      Something has to give, in the case of the West, the fertility rate went into free fall as urbanization increased and wages as percent GDP in the US declined

      My opinion is that there is a social carrying capacity and the West maybe the industrialized world as a whole has reached this.

      Trying to bring in 3rd world types to prop up the system just kills it in a more violent way , like a man with cancer taking speedballs basically

  43. I expect the local urban governmental authorities have a lot to do with this. In their ignorance they presume they’ll improve their plunder via taxation … to their way of thinking, an occupied 3-unit townhouse is a much better deal than a deteriorating bungalow. Neighborhood and social capital be damned, the aldermen get more revenue with which to further the progressive agenda.

    “Revenue enhancement” is THE driving force in local politics, whether urban or rural. Couple that with ignoramuses in government, and the general buffoonery in the voting public, and it’s no wonder we’re experiencing social decay. I used to think it was all a progressive conspiracy to deconstruct society, until I got to know and gain first-hand knowledge of their antics. Generally, the people who are responsible for our decay are too damned stupid to pull off a conspiracy.

    Couple an uneducated democracy (mob rule) with the god of Mammon, and you get progressive urban planning and the complete collapse of rural community.

    • “too damn stupid to pull off a conspiracy”.

      But yet – they still get funded – don’t they?

      This is why I CONTINUALLY say : the money supply is the problem. That’s what is keeping this all going.

      • Really the money pump just is the weapon of mass destruction, isn’t it? It’s voracious, out of control government that’s the problem.

        We need to kill off about 80% of the government at all levels, and put the remaining 20% under permanent restriction.

        • And in so doing you’ll promptly crash your economy and create a myriad of other crisis.

          Humanity has no frontier and the “small state” mentality of that era is superfluous and maybe outright harmful these days

          Technology, innovation, resource limits and complexity mean more government.

          On top of that old assumptions re: saving more means growth are also nonsensical. Saving more means a global cash glut since the same forces that drive innovation enure than all gains go to the tiny cognitive elite

          Maybe some T100 or C3P0 won’t be taking you job but you can be damned sure that a lot more work can be done by the successors of Baxter, Big Dog, Software or a Toshiba automation system and you wages are on the line

          Its already down by half as percentage GDP and with all gains going to the top 10% , basically you live in a shrinking economy propped up by 40% of the GDP being government .

          Getting rid of that 40% won’t unleash capital as is commonly assumed nor is demand isn’t held back by taxes

          Technology and culture are time are the limits

          There are places for cuts and plenty of dead weight and with of course the Presidents tax cuts being a stimulus but long term, you are going to see the growth of the State

          A caveat , a minimalist closed system with limited trade, expatriation and basically no immigration with a small State could work. This system will have a perpetually declining population and resemble Russia somewhat but if 80% White will be stable .

          In I don’t know 2-3 generations the population will have shrunk enough to raise wages , maybe.

          This will stabilize the population a bit

          Otherwise with urbanization and technology you no longer get free religious capital to make people act against their rational economic self interest and as such decline is inevitable.

          There is no road back from this either, not a single State in the West even ones with increases religiosity is above replacement and most less developed economies are getting there as well. Brazil is , its a TFR of 1.8 and some say Mexico is or is near .

          Puerto Rico is 1.3 children per couple

          Without and increase in wages which will never happen without intervention, that’s your future

          That said a nearly entirely White USA with a population of a hundred million or two most of whom come from more religious stock would be immeasurably nicer to live in, well unless you run a toy store

  44. The problem is not just on the low-end. In my neighborhood, 1/3 of the $400k+ houses have been filled up with H-1Bs. I still don’t quite understand the logic of a bank making a mortgage to someone whom, theoretically, will no longer be a citizen once their temporary employment is up. Of course, we all know that the temporary visa is all pretend and they’re here permanently. But the nice kid’s playground and park that is a short walk from my house is now overrun with Hindus, and they always seem to have mom, dad, 3 uncles, 4 aunts, and 8 cousins with them. They also all drive luxury cars. Our banksters have figured out they can get the Hindus to take on even more debt than Americans, after all, those folks are used to slavery since their day job operates in the same way…

      • I never get drugs from a pharmacy chain anymore. All Dindus & Hindus behind the counter, usually with limited English skills. Trust my helath to them? Hell you say!

    • We had that too. A farm that was zoned for six “estate” properties somehow was developed into a 42-unit cookie-cutter, subdivision ($750K). Peopled almost entirely by the executive-level of the H1B visa mills.

    • Yup. Our suburb/city has more H-1bs than LA, with more arriving daily. The previously ‘excellent’ public schools are now barely half White. Traffic has become gridlock, with construction and repairs on every block. But repuke wheelchair gov keeps boasting how many companies are moving here from California (bringing all sorts of people and attitudes with them) and how terrific our growth rate is. Qualify of life? Affordable family formation? What are you, a socialist or something? No, actually I call myself a fascist, quite unironically.

  45. We’re seeing this in our area. As the city migrates north to escape the terrible schools and poverty in the central part of town, builders are throwing together a huge number of apartment complexes about 1.5-2 mi down the road from us. These are mostly empty now, but over time they will become overrun. Traffic will swell. Schools will continue to decline as the good kids with stable families are unseated by bad kids with no discernible family structure. That’s why we left our old neighborhood. We had a nice little cottage in town. It was a pain to keep it maintained because it was an older home. Then we had a tribe of 13-24 year olds move in about 4 houses down the street. There were no parents we could see, and the older ones were low-20’s. It was just bedlam. We never had a theft problem until then. We never had trash on the streets until then. We never had police and helicopters shooting beams of light into our back yard until then. So, we moved.

    We’re already making plans to move again in about 3-5 years. I figure that’s how long we’ve got. But, by then, our kids will be out of the house, and we can go where we please. Something with 3-5 acres in a place I can put a big damn fence around.

  46. “Millions of illiterate peasants are moving in, turning modest neighborhoods into squalor, so those people flee to somewhere else.”

    And yet, the “fleeing” Whites continue to vote for their own self-destruction. From the “top” to the very bottom, America is the “Idiocracy.” As for “freedom,” in the case of the Millennials, etc., you don’t miss what you never had.

    • There is an element of pathological altruism, an element of ignorance/ stupidity, and an element of quite justifiable fear of losing everything because you hold a belief that was damn near universal in granddad’s time.

    • Thank the teacher’s unions-they’ve achieved their goal of destroying our traditions, history and culture

    • The (((media))) and (((education))) systems (owned and run by a small cosmopolitan elite that are ethnically hostile to whites) have people thoroughly brainwashed.

      When social prestige and upward-mobility are tied to anti-White, anti-Christian, self-destructive ideology, the result is hordes of petite bourgeois Whites clamoring to win brownie points for tearing down their own civilization.

    • The American (pseudo) “right”, under the system their forebears created and which they’ve essentially maintained, has naturally evolved into a race of spiritually dead, morally retarded Last Men, who will crawl into a hole somewhere and let the West die, if only to prolong the consumerism and status signalling a little longer. They are compromised by their most fundamental principles, to which the left has been able to constantly appeal, and which has led our “right” to constantly capitulate, then swiftly embrace the left’s positions.

  47. Back when still in the Fire/EMS business (on the side) got to see the rather limited stock of Section 8 housing in our otherwise wealthy district, up close and personal. And all the dysfunction that came with it. Down to little details like jumps in EMS calls because these people literally cannot put a bandaid on their own finger or can’t find a ride to the ER so they call 911 with “difficulty breathing” so you’ll have them transported. Or just get 40’d up every fucking weekend and beat on each other. And as some landlords I knew who made the mistake of taking the vouchers…you think you are getting a family of three, until the 39 cousins start camping there… Yeah, it’s barrel of monkeys.

      • One with a newborn calls 911 to report a “funny noise coming out of the electrical socket”. We get there, do hear the noise. I put my hand on the dresser pushed up against the wall to move it…it’s vibrating. Weird. Open the bottom drawer and in the back is 10″ vibrating black dildo that has somehow turned itself on. “Ma’am, I think we found the problem”

      • My college roommate liked to tell the story of when his father was starting out with ATT back in the 60’s. He gets a service call that he can tell from the address is in a bad NYC ghetto. He gets there to a Fred Sanford type griping that the “phone don’t work nomo”. As he steps inside the stench is overpowering. It’s an old house with the wiring tacked to the walls and baseboards so he starts following the wiring, looking for breaks, from the outside box into the house and up the stairs. The stench is getting worse and worse. He follows the wiring to a bedroom and eventually behind and under the bed. As he crawls under the bed he comes nose to nose with a badly decomposed dog. Hence the stench. As he bolts out of the house he tells Fred “You’ve got a dead dog under your bed!” Fred replies, “That’s where he went! I thought he ran away!”

    • One of the things that lolbertarians love to complain about is bureaucratic code enforcement. Can’t get in the way of our heroic captains of industry, don’t ya know! Code enforcement is one of the best tools the nationalist movements have towards unwanted migration. Housing code prevents overcrowding, the only thing that keeps cheap labor viable. Health code can be targeted against certain vibrant restaurants importing their relatives as cheap labor.

      • Code enforcement has really played a positive role in keeping the blacks and the browns and the third world hordes at bay!

        Code enforcement is, itself, a progressive construct which has been a beehive of corruption and inefficiency.

        If you want to build a tree-house for your kids, no sir.

        If you your kids want to have a lemonade stand, no sir.

        If you want to have a yard sale, no sir.

        If you want to paint your house, no sir.

        If you want to put up a basketball hoop, no sir.

        If you want to cut some of your trees, no sir.

        If you want to hang a confederate flag, no sir.

        If you have you a commodious, nice home, and you want to have a B&B, no sir.

        If you want to be able to do any of the above, you have got to grease the palms of the building inspector, the electrical inspector, the plumbing inspector, and you have to take care of their fellow Fabians: the historic commission, the planning board, and the zoning board.

        Code enforcement is code for progressive cat lady. Period.

        Those in code enforcement do not make or produce anything of value. Their exorbitant salaries with all of their bennies, are paid by those of us who are in the private, non-crony sector.

        The contention that they protect social capital is pure non-sense. They rob it.

        • According to de beers, one of the resident progressives here, zoning officers, planning board members, historic commission members, building inspectors, and the like, are the real heroes and the folks most indispensable to civilization, and not the people who make and create.

          Yeah, to the extent white people buy that putrid progressivism, we are cooked.

          • Slumlords don’t add value, they are exploitative of the welfare state, and of the cheap laborers. Hiring your fresh off the boat relatives illegally destroys the social contract between the generations, who expect that legacy populations that paid in have the first claim on the resources of society.

            Enforce code today, or see untamed favelas rising tomorrow.

          • Why would you want to conflate the landlords who opt for Section 8 and other welfare schemes with legitimate developers and landlords who eschew such cat lady progressivism?

            No Section 8, no welfare coupled with no admission for Jamal and Jesus, is the answer.

          • Again with the LOLs.

            There is no such thing as “resources of society” – the same way there is no such thing as “government money”.

            Responses like this are exactly how I know the right is infested with a bunch of leftists.

          • The Right is infested with Leftists , we call them economic liberals or libertarians

            Real Conservatives you know conserve things which often means regulation. Pat Buchanan is a Conservative. The usual Austrian ? Not so much.

            Also frankly speaking anyone sane likes things like the Pure food and Drug act. I like knowing the milk I buy almost certainly doesn’t contain chalk or melamine or rad waste because some piece of filth wants a higher profit margin and doesn’t give a shot about me. Absent boots on necks everyone ends up worse than big tobacco and you have a corporate state

            These laws exist because enough people have no ethics that those unethical people force a race to the bottom.

            hell I’d argue the only reason we have any prosperity and aren’t in a favella is massive state intervention in wages , work hours, work conditions and the like

            Without that you get paid slavery and atrocity especially as automation continues to erode the value of labor

            That said this economic gap, between the populists like myself and DeBeers Diamonds and the Liberty people is probably insurmountable

            We share some social values (intact families , no poz , pro gun , anti immigration) but on the issue of economics and regulation ? we don’t have enough in common to share a polity

            This suggests that if the Left is booted from power there will have to be a split . The Libertardians can go happily poison each others milk and duplicate the Satanic Mills/Jungle they so crave and trade with people stupid enough to trade with them

          • “Don’t you understand that Wall Street is Marxist?”

            As Jonathan Bowden said, “communism kills the body, but liberalism rots the soul”, as Julius Evola wrote:

            “Some time ago I wrote that of the two great dangers confronting Europe — Americanism and Communism — the first is the more insidious. Communism cannot be a danger other than in the brutal and catastrophic form of a direct seizure of power by communists. On the other hand Americanization gains ground by a process of gradual infiltration, effecting modifications of mentalities and customs which seem inoffensive in themselves but which end in a fundamental perversion and degradation against which it is impossible to fight other than within oneself.”

            The Critical Theorists were first welcomed in, then given complete freedom of action, then rapidly embraced. According to Paul Gottfried, many critical theorists criticized the working classes (those evil Hoffa, et al men) and the communists as “authoritarian personalities” opposed to pluralism. The thinking of the Frankfurt School, and America’s denazification/deprussianification, and today obviously, dovetail very nicely.

            The way was well prepared for today’s neoliberalism/”cultural marxism” by good old American individualism, “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”, et al. The freedom of Wall Street, Hollywood, other corporate entities, the Chamber of Commerce, agribusiness, etc. to subvert the culture and society via mass propaganda, to use their concentrated wealth to shift government policy (plutocracy and capitalism go hand in hand), to open the borders and outsource the American working and middle classes’ economic well-being, all of this goes straight back to thinkers like Adam Smith and Bernard Mandeville, who told us that individuals were to be left free to pursue their private interests, as this would indubitably benefit the whole. Capitalism left free is central to how we’ve arrived here. In practice, the Marxist movements of history were far more nationalistic, far more culturally, socially, and spiritually traditional, than the world neoliberalism and bourgeois “freedom” have wrought. We’re rapidly arriving at a point in which Brezhnev’s USSR will seem greatly, greatly preferable.

            All of liberalism, classical liberalism and Americanism included, have to be destroyed. I would happily ally with old-school Marxists to drag the capitalists who directly led us to today from their gated communities, and brutally and mercilessly make a giant step forward toward fixing our problems.

        • What about ‘voluntary’ code enforcement? Things like HOAs sprung up to try to protect folks from the sort of thing that ZMan describes. Are all efforts to require people engage in some decent, civilized behavior doomed to failure because of the slippery slope (and capture of the enforcement by progressives with an agenda)? Asking that you not keep cars up on blocks on your lawn for more than a week has somehow morphed into ‘your house must follow the pattern book exactly, only these 3 colors permitted, and the paint must be sherwin-williams, not that cheapo Home Depot junk’

        • Yes and no. Go read VDH and he will give you the skinny on codes. They are for white people, since the invading horde simply doesn’t pay attention to them, and they generally aren’t enforced against them because they have no money to pay the fines, so why bother.

      • LOL.

        So your argument is that letting the barbarians thru the gates isn’t an issue because when they can’t find a place to live they’ll just turn around and go home?



        • Code enforcement is an easier political sell than mass deportations. It turns one end of the administrative state against the other end.

          Things like housing affordability, wage theft, and environmental preservation are very important to white liberals.

          • Again.

            “code enforcement” puts the cost of all those hard to adhere to regulations directly into the laps of those who *actually pay the bills*.

            Code enforcement also means if you’re not building a low income home in your neighborhood – then you’re in violation of said code. So now the administrative state is coming down hard on your ass.

            They’re NEVER going to come down hard on the diversity – simply because their housing doesn’t adhere to “code”.

            Ever rising bureaucracy from the administrative state – of which code profusion is but one symptom – is nothing more than the state being used to screw over the white man using death of a thousand cuts methodology.

            The white man did just fine back before there was big government intruding into every nook and cranny of our lives. The absences of big government is what kept the diversity at bay – because there was nobody telling the people who already lived here ” take these diversitoids – or else”.

            You’re making a desperation argument.

          • The administrative state is, itself, a progressive construct.

            The whole body of administrative law is a repudiation of creativity, invention, and individual initiative. It is designed to wrest decision making away from the marketplace and give it to “experts” and “technocrats” whose judgments are, courtesy of the courts, to be accorded great “deference.”

          • Eh, if the Right gets real power it will probably be by force and as such deportations are perfectly doable

            Always remember TINVOWOOT

      • My county was ground zero for the Obama administrations effort to Federalize zoning rules for housing to effectively let Section 8 and multifamily units to be built anywhere regardless of neighborhood make up. It was one of the under appreciated results of Trump’s election that those efforts have been abandoned.

      • Reality vs Spergitarian Fever Dreams

        DeBeers has a point that, in reality outside of Ayn Rand’s sphincter, has worked.

        The way my city ended up removing all the illegal alien bunkhouses was by passing city building/residence codes and enforcing the ever-loving heck out of them, such as “no more than X number of residents per bedroom.” And “no garages to be converted to living space without first building equivalent garage space at the back of the property along the alley.”

        A report on a code violation would bring out the code inspector and a city police and their drug dogs. Lo! and Behold! it turns out those here in the USA illegally tend to use illegal drugs, too. Arrests, citations, ICE…don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

        So, the libertarian horrors of code enforcement and minuscule drug possession arrests & incarcerations had the following effects:
        1. Made running an illegal alien bunkhouse unworkable
        2. Got illegals arrested on picayune drug charges.
        3. Lowered the rates of crime in the neighborhoods
        4. Made neighborhoods more livable to young families, which have started to return.

        The city also has passed home/property maintenance codes and enforces the crap out of them. This is a first-ring suburb, the sort that usually decay as Urban Proggie dumps the blacks and browns in our town. Turns out that Black & Brown don’t like being made to meet Whitey’s living standards. Oh, there are still some B&Bs, but they keep their stuff wired down tight like the rest of us.

        A nearby town tried to do the forthright thing and outlaw renting housing to illegals and such and were shot down in court due to the usual Talmudry. Well, you eventually emulate the tactics of your enemy, so our city fathers have engaged Advanced Talmudry in self defense and it is working for now.

        • Historically State and Local governments had these powers and used them all the time.

          Now these are properly in most cases anyway not Federal matters so if referring only to Federal overreach I can where guys like Liberty Mike is coming from

          Otherwise, if you want society, you have regulation

        • Pray tell what city it is you describe! It sounds exactly like the kind of place I would want to live. Using legally sound regulations to squelch the rise of the diversity sounds like effective defense against cries of discrimination.

    • The Uncle was a fireman with a local left-leaning municipality for years, and thus had plenty of ghetto stories (although a caring college town, said muni still prefers its vibrants contained in several public housing compounds rather than dispersed – for now). They almost all came down to some version of 1. someone smells smoke; 2. runs into the front yard and dials 911; 3. fire service shows up, walks into the kitchen and removes the forgotten pan from the hot stove eye.

      It’s like they reach a middle-school level of emotional and mental development, then stop there. Literally not intelligent, curious, or self-sufficient enough to do a quick look-around before calling the man for help.

      • Sadly – Intelligence, Curiosity, and Self-Sufficiency are highly correlated. It’s all tied up in g.

      • These primitives have no business in a first world society, none. Their IQ and culture makes them a destructive element that turns everything to shit.

        That said, now imagine the response of these people to a extended period of no electricity. Say 48 hours or so in a major city like Los Angeles or Chi-town.

        You want to shut down the urban cosmic whites and their financial flim flam operations. Just make sure the lights stay for a week or so in several major cities. Their precious vibrants will do the rest.

      • One of our most common variants of that was the “pass out while drunk/drugged cooking” in apartment buildings. Neighbors call 9/11, you force the door and find the occupant passed out with a flaming pot of now boiled off spaghetti blazing on the range. Though the mother of all stupidity was a woman who spilled a bunch of fat/butter onto the bottom of her electric oven. Decided putting it on clean was better than sopping it up. Arrived to a flamethrower coming out of the oven vent. I could go on…

        • I honestly think that one of the major failures of our current day society – is it’s seeming complete inability to deal with stupid people in a productive manner.

          Re: the cooking fires. When I was in college I had a body builder roommate. He would put eggs into pots on the oven to make boiled eggs (protein). Then he’d go up to his room and just leave them to boil off the water – and explode all over the kitchen. So he did it one day – and the girlfriend of one of my other roommates was there cleaning up the mess. Plus I was the guy who had supplied the pots and pans – and he was destroying them all.

          She was pissed off – and started yelling at him for making a mess. He started giving her crap – so I piped in and told him:

          ” Look – it’s obvious you’re not competent to even boil an egg – so from now on – if I come into the kitchen and find an egg boiling and you’re not around – I’m shutting off the heat and throwing the egg and the water down the disposal – because it’s far easier for me to clean up the mess that way – than it is to clean it up after the egg explodes”

          He was pissed…… but he never blew up another egg in the kitchen.

          The solution to stupid people is probably pretty straighforward. ANY time you hear them turning on the stove – just burst in and douse the whole thing down with a fire extinguisher. Sooner or later they’re going to get the hint.

          The solution isn’t the problem – it’s actually finding somebody with the balls to do it that is the problem.

        • Common incident in NYC is the black drunk who comes home, puts up a pot of eggs to boil, then falls into such a deep sleep that he doesn’t wake up until the firemen whom the downstairs neighbor called (once or twice that was me) pound on his door, or knock it down.

          Twice I experienced that in the same building from upstairs neighbors (one was a youngish man on disability) on either side of me, where I woke up to smoke in my apartment. A third time I overheard one black college student telling his buddy about an identical situation, whereupon the friend commented on how drunk the eggman must have been.

    • Yes my husband and I had some rental property on section 8: you r right we rented to a single black female with 2 children, next thing we know at least 8 were living or staying in a small 2 bedroom house. Another time the sink was stopped up and the rent checks stopped until it was fixed. Turned out she was pouring grease down the drain. We asked her to stop and she said she didn’t do it. Section 8 housing is rough for the landowners. We had to get out because clearly we were too soft hearted.

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