The Between Age

One of the things people come to realize, when they make the journey to this side of the great divide, is that America lacks an authentic Right. In fact, it may have always lacked an authentic Right, as the country was formed by people who explicitly rejected the ideal of inherited rule and a hierarchical society. That’s certainly debatable, but what is not debatable is the fact that modern America lacks an authentic opposition to the prevailing orthodoxy, which is founded in radical egalitarianism and the blank slate.

Since Gettysburg, Progressivism has been ascendant, first controlling the federal state, then slowly and methodically taking total control of the culture and politics. It’s opponent, what Robert Louis Dabney called Northern Conservatism, what we just call conservatism, was never an authentic Right, but “merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition.” Instead of offering an alternative vision of society, the American right offers a series of tweaks and modifications to the Progressive vision.

The result is that the Left comes up with some new radical idea, conservatives throw their dresses over their heads and a make big deal out of opposing it. They rarely offer an alternative, in the case of a real public policy debate. If they do offer an alternative, it is one that accepts the morality that is driving the Left’s interest in the subject. The result is the “opposition” to every radical idea is just a different radical idea, that is rooted in the radical morality of the Left. The obvious example is homosexual marriage.

In this age of media saturation, the phenomenon described by Dabney a century ago can be seen playing out in compressed time on the internet. For example, the Left is in the process of stealing the Florida election, by use of wholesale fraud and rule breaking. The response from the so-called conservatives is ridiculous nonsense like this post at the American Spectator. To quote Dabney again, “The resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism.”

The tone and content of the piece is so stunningly obtuse that it seems contrived, until you step back and think about how this has been the pattern for as long as anyone reading this has been alive. It is why the alt-right coined the term “cuck” and why it stung so-called conservatives. It perfectly describes the so-called opposition. Their first instinct is to come up with some way to explain away the latest Progressive outrage. Their obsequiousness to so repugnant, it suggests a total lack of the very essence of what defines a man.

Of course, there is the philosophical issue. An actual opposition would note that democracy has to result in the sort of circus we keep seeing in our elections. They would also note that a system designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator must always result in the worst possible answer. At the minimum, an authentic opposition would point out that the Left sees democracy as a bus they can ride to power. Once in power, their goal is corrupt and destroy it so there can be no legitimate challenge to their rule.

Another example of this instinct to grovel is from Joel Pollak at Breitbart. We now live in an age where the federal courts says the President cannot decide who gets a press pass into the White House, but the court is perfectly OK with big banks shutting people off from the financial system because they hold the wrong opinions. An authentic opposition would immediately point out the absurd contradictions of the dadaist legal system constructed by the Left. Instead, the response is to argue this latest outrage is a conservative principle.

The debate about where to place fascism on the modern political scale is mostly pointless, but it does underscore the problem of today. The people feverishly arguing that “the liberals are the real Nazis” do so by first accepting the Progressive moral framework. As a result, like someone trying to build a ship in a bottle, they are reduced to working within arbitrary confines in order to achieve something with only ornamental value. They don’t even notice that they are doing it, because that habit of mind has been institutionalized.

That said, the debate does open the mind to the idea of there being no authentic alternative, because it was killed off in the Enlightenment. As a result, the great debate, the great ideological competition, has all been within radicalism. Bolshevism, liberal democracy and fascism were all competing with one another. After a bloody century, liberal democracy came out as the unchallenged political philosophy. Because it evolved as a response and now lacks an authentic challenger, it is slowly spinning out of control.

In the mean time, we live in this between age, where liberal democracy is universal and unchallenged, but decaying into madness. It’s why the aesthetic resembles the inside of a mental ward and the players carry on doing the same thing over and over, but in an increasingly bizarre fashion. Perhaps Fukuyama was not completely wrong. Instead of it being the end of history, maybe it is just the end of liberal democracy. It was something that could only exist in opposition to the more depraved variations of Rousseauism.

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  1. We search for what is going on while yet right under our noses Mueller’s army of 10,000 shadow government officers deeply entrenched in DC aka deep state subverting us from within thinking they have the upper hand destroying this republic from within and sending us our way right into the New World Order.
    These 10,000 shadowy figures led by none other than Mueller have been able to achieve their goal one act at the time. They are the SES executives who can not be fired as Hussein did his part serving Mueller and his gang.

    What would you all say if you were finding out that Mueller acquired the election encryption keys for FL and OH? What would you say if you were to find out that the Clintons also acquired election encryption keys for other states like CA, AZ among many others? What would you say if you were to find out that the Clintons own the patent of QR11?
    Having this patent and ownership of QR11 enabled all the recent military plane/jet crashed and the numerous aircraft carriers in Asian waters to collide.

    What would you say if you learned that Mueller and Chertoff organized 9/11 and if that weren’t enough investigated themselves after 9/11. Now you see why we were lied to and bamboozled.

    Mueller is the leader of the 10,000 strong shadow government executives holding important government positions throughout government subverting us from within. These 10,000 are all SES that can never be fired and Hussein on his way out colluded with Mueller to do just that.

    Here is the link where you will be beyond shocked to learn details in what many of us wanted to know:

    Hold your jaw because this is what our president is dealing with while Mueller is hellbent to destroy and remove the president. Mueller wants to be the king of the world. Working with the Clintons began all the way in AK.

  2. Progressives are trying to make the world their vision of a better place.

    It’s hard to compete with that without something better, and with the growing skepticism of heaven’s existence, selling heaven is not likely to happen.

  3. The state of “our thing” reminds me of mid-19th century tsarist Russia. The vast ignorance and brute indifference of the Russian masses, combined with total suppression from above by the imperial system, turned thoughtful and well-intended liberals (in the JS Mill sense) into hopeless, neurotic “intellectuals” without audience, without program, without any real grasp of reality. ‘Theory’ became the meat and drink of isolated Russian intellectuals, who yet strove to preserve their middle-class incomes.

    Being “hurled into the void” meant life in a Siberian hut in those days.

    Then peasants started tossing bombs into imperial carriages, and the whole system began to look weak. Guys like Lenin – who’d never throw a bomb into a carriage himself, took to explaining in long, polemical treatises the importance of suppressing such bomb-throwing, from his Switzerland hideaway, of course, with annotations from Marx and Engels, etc., as deviation from party discipline, or contrary to the natural development of the historical imperative, or whatever.

    Yet Lenin ended up winning power, despite being almost irrelevant until the February Revolution, and despite having no control of events – but he had prepared himself for power, and that was decisive; no one else had a program – he did.

    What’s our program, should events fall into our lap? And who are “we”? A rabble united only by hatred of the Leftist enemy, yet for all that a vomitus of atheists, Christians, libertarians, racists, neo-monarchists, bird-watchers, and God knows what.

      • “The proposal for Quayside includes a centralized identity management system, through which “each resident accesses public services” such as library cards and health care.”

        Yup, the elites are prepping to run. Modern latifundia. ‘Safe spaces’ is psych-shaping young members to fit into the fortified enclaves.

        Seascaping- floating autonomous states- is also in the cards.

        How long before we have literal Cloud cities, since we already have a Cloud economy forming?

        We are *this* close to Zardoz-
        and then to Zed.

    • It would be interesting to see a word frequency timeline graph of Orwell/Orwellian in Lefty publications. I bet in the last 5 years it’s declined sharply. It’s got to be an embarrassing, troublesome word for them. (I mean, if they were normal humans capable of shame.)

    • “…what one critic has called “a colonizing experiment in surveillance capitalism attempting to bulldoze important urban, civic and political issues.””

      I’m reminded of the nefarious/deadly ‘Weyland-Utani Corporation’ in the ‘Alien’ film franchise. I’ve only seen the first three, but apparently at some point it’s revealed that their slogan is “Building Better Worlds”.

    • Yes, it sounds horrible. But consider: existing civil governments in big liberal cities are also horrible, in a somewhat different fashion. Given the choice between an elected city government that can’t stop people from pooping on the sidewalk and Government By Google, which would you rather raise your kids in?

  4. I think it could be argued that the only true conservatives are barbarians and soon as a civilization is formed there is a constant movement towards progress, novelty, liberalism, modernity.

  5. To quote my favorite living pessimist, John Derbyshire, “We are doomed”. Our betters are driving civilization over a cliff and the only choices are regarding speed, not direction.

  6. I just got this from FIRE. It’s one of their victories. Basically they got the courts to agree it’s okay to say I hate being white. So radical.

    VICTORY: Rutgers reverses finding against professor who posted about resigning from the white race on Facebook

  7. It is my belief that what we’re seeing in Florida and several other places, is the left trying to steal elections. This means that there is ZERO change that the losing side in 2020 will accept the result. If Trump loses, who here will believe that illegals, dead ppl, ppl voting multiple times or mystery ballots they just ‘suddenly found’, didnt make the difference? I dont think any of us will really believe that. If he wins, well, that may or may not be a 4 year reprieve before the next Obama like guy. What then? And it may not last that long, Trump will probably be impeached in his second term, not b/c they think he ll be convicted but b/c this is about power, and total political war. Anything to obstruct the enemy (ie us) should be done. I cant see a happy end to this.

    And I dont know whether to laugh or cry when I read cuckservatives saying ‘oh look, this recount is b/c they REALLY respect democracy……’ I might be redflagged for saying this but I think it is time to get more ammo, more canned food, bottled water and medical supplies, as much of all of this as you can. And to link up w likeminded ppl in your area. You got 2 years, well, almost. B/c the losing side will NOT accept 2020. And the last time that happened, for real, was 1860.

  8. HEY!! That’s not “The American Spectator.” That’s the British “Spectator”–always a Lefty rag. Please fix that in your copy!!!

  9. A certain uncle, for whom I have a fondness, denied a certain group control of the mass media. I invite you, dear reader, who are undoubtedly philosemetic, to imagine what would happen in our country if we adopted similar policies.

  10. A few points that I believe are worth making: 1. If Donald Trump achieves nothing else, he has opened the floodgates to Causa Nostra and not just in the USA but worldwide. He has opened up the cracks that we can continue to lever. Moreover, he has forced the proggies to come out and show their true intentions. 2. More and more people are being red-pilled on a daily basis. We don’t have anything like a critical mass yet but our numbers are growing and the evidence for this is not just anecdotal and, once you’re red-pilled you never go back. There is no swing in Out Thing. 3. Countries in Central and Eastern Europe are rejecting the poz and the Great Replacement and don’t underestimate the impact of this. 4. I am aware that our side is being subjected to a ruthless campaign of doxxing, censorship, deplatforming, lawfare and threats of financial ruin. This brings them dividends in the short term but it never works in the long term. Never. 5. Yes, the enemy now controls all the commanding heights of our civilisation but their ideas are stale, their rhetoric is empty, their morals are fake, their emotions are manufactured and their art is empty and meretricious. They have power but nothing else. Nature abhors a vacuum.

  11. Somebody please slap me, I desperately want to wake up from this imaginary cosmos I dreamed into existence last night when I fell asleep.

    And don’t spoil it for me, by telling me the waking state I’ll be returning to is currently being invaded by alien pterodactyls from star clusterfk Zig Beta Cuck, who are rounding up humans onto their spaceships and passing out a cookbook titled “To Serve Man”

  12. Dictatorship is by it’s nature, masculine. Democracy, is by it’s nature feminine. Both are instinctive to human beings, but dictatorship is the dominant trait.

    If democracy was allowed to go on, in perpetuity, it would eventually become a full blown matriarchy. Almost exclusively females and gay men. So we’re not that far off.

    Democracy will end like a single mom in Section 8 housing. With the kids growing up to be little drug addicted gang bangers who end up in prison. The prison will be some future dictatorship that lays down the law. The yin and yang will continue. Human nature is unchanging and unchangeable.

  13. Here’s a white pill if you’re feeling depressed:

    ” Building on that, support for it [splitting up the US] among those under the age of 40 with advanced degrees is a staggering 54.8%,”

    Let’s push those numbers even higher. And encourage people on the other side to think the same way. If everyone agrees then we can do it without violence.

    If this ever happens, unsolvable problems will become solvable.

    • Holy geez, man, if that happens I’m stuck in northern NY. I mean it’s good here, mostly white and rural, but I’ll be in a “country” where the sanest politician is Andrew Coumo.

      • First would have to field the “American Free Counties Movement” …. It’s gotta be done by blocks of counties — We’ve right now got data on them: who lives there, how they vote, infrastructure, other demographic trends etc. This is obviously a course the LEFT / Elites fear given that Soros is now moving into funding projects targeting election of county sheriffs. If he’s looking there, then they see that as a vulnerability, and likely an opportunity. We need to get there ahead of them ….

        • From State Secretaries certifying elections to sheriffs independent of Federal police?

          When they think they’re done with us, the demon-possessed special people will have forged a force more terrifying than their wildest nightmares.

  14. This point can’t be emphasized enough:

    “The people feverishly arguing that “the liberals are the real Nazis” do so by first accepting the Progressive moral framework.”

    Nothing pisses off the Left and the Cuck morons more than refusing to argue within the framework the Left provides.

    • Arguing is the problem. It accomplishes nothing. Zero. Jack Squat and Squat is on vacation.

      Unless you organize, form a battle plan with murdering the opposition the objective, and attain directed goals you will achieve zero change except probably to enable the opposition to learn more about you and more efficiently defeat your aims.

      Even if you were to murder large numbers you will likely fail in your objectives. Internally you know that already because you just keep on talking – talk talk talk talk ad infinitum. You do nothing.

      Me too. I just keep talking because … the temperature is slowly escalating.

      /s/just another frog like you

      • I agree its frustrating that “arguing” seems to get nowhere, but you have to consider the alternative. Working within the current political structure is required, unless you think a shooting war is the better path. I’ve got immediate family experience that says a shooting war ain’t the path to go unless all other options are closed. I know it seems they are right now, but there are a few peaceful options that need to be explored first.

        • It’s too late even for the shooting war. We lack means mathematically to kill enough of them. The negro, latinx, female, asian, and especially the jew clings to your belt. Where you go they follow. You cannot destroy them without ruining yourself. You cannot shake them free. Your predecessors enabled them to become healthy enough so the grip can never be shed. They control you and own you and your future generations. Not a single effective thing you are going to do about this. Period.

          • True, so we must recalculate.
            We even have an example; let us learn from the Masters.

            Outnumbered, we will learn the greatest trick: of getting our enemies to kill each other.

  15. It seems that the situation we have today is the ultimate outworking of the so-called ‘enlightenment’. Radical egalitarianism and blank-slate-ism arose to power in the West out of the French Revolution which, in turn, arose out of the ‘enlightenment’. These (obviously false to any open-minded observer) quasi-religious tenants must be rejected for any ‘progress’ to be made in getting out of our current trajectory towards chaos and the collapse of civilization as we know it.

    It therefore follows that it is the so-called ‘enlightenment’ that must be rejected. This can be done by re-instating what the ‘enlightenment’ itself rejected, namely Christianity.

    Easier said than done, because it is *God* that must act to create revival. The good news is that this has happened at least three times in American history. What we can do now is pray for revival, be open to it if it comes in our lifetimes and, whatever your religious status, stop acting as though Christianity is irrelevant on our side of the river. Nothing could be more relevant_! It is part of the DNA of Western Civ.

    At the very least Christianity can give one confidence that Progs. are not just wrong but, as demonstrated by their results, their prog-ram runs towards evil, even if unthinkingly so.

    • I’m sketching some biz presentations on concierge services for home health care provided in-house by churches for their elderly members.

      The young need serious jobs, not fun palaces, and the old need visiting caregivers that won’t steal all they can grab. Home health agencies are hiring min wage dregs and have cut off training to “save costs and boost the bottom line.” (Thanks Obamacare and EEOC hiring policy.)

      The church needs to return to it’s core mission of working with the greatest Healer of all time.

      Of ministering to their own, not feeding Africans and building temples to the egos of Cadillac preachers. Some think God is all about making one feel better about oneself, as if He’s a cosmic shrink.

      I’m hoping this might rescale up into a template for fraternal benefit societies and skills fairs, what we had before government-corporate “assistance”. The churches are a bare-bones skeleton of organization; we must reclaim them as redoubts.

      • A commentor chastened, corrected, and convinced me that Constantine was indeed devout enough to convert an Empire.
        (I had thoughtlessly repeated a quip that he was a pagan politician, as it agreed with my biases.)

        Christians have become soft, assuring themselves that their God will come and do all their work for them. “The cavalry’s on the way.”

        No. You Christians ARE the cavalry.

        Constantine was the tool in the Hand to forge a mighty weapon, but the victory is by no means certain, despite speeches to rally the troops.

  16. Black pill indeed! So the token conservatives/GOP are just an everlasting and eternal bum of the month club, or a variant of the Washington Generals who have absolutely no hope of ever winning consistently or at all against the Harlem Globetrotters.

    My dad used to rail against the Hugh Scotts, Everett Dirksens, and Gerald Fords on the “right” as being as useful as t*ts on a bull. As a crabby old man myself, I now appreciate his wisdom. He always said the GOP stood for the exact same things as the left, just “not so much right now and not quite so fast “.

  17. The Patrick Allitt article is actually in the American edition of the UK Spectator, not R.E. Tyrell’s publication.

  18. That Allitt article at the AS was jaw-droppingly stupid and even offensive. If “getting the results right” were a concern we’d have secure voter id, secure ballots, and true voter rolls. The fact that many places have more registered voters than adults eligible to vote should have clued him in. And a demonstrable crook like Brenda Snipes wouldn’t wouldn’t be allowed to empty a wastebasket, let alone run an election.

    • BestG;
      one reason for more voters registered that enumerated adult population is simple bureaucratic incompetence by timeserving local officials in sinecures.

      As an example, all of my kids are still registered to vote in our locale despite having been launched over 15 years ago. We tried once to do the right thing and have them removed from the voter rolls. The local geniuses removed my wife instead. After she got reinstated we gave up any efforts.

      • Al, when our dad passed I needed to get copies of his death certificate from an office at town hall. Two windows down, certificate in hand, I tried to get him cancelled from the rolls. They wouldn’t do it. (Of course this is MA, where having passed has never been an obstacle to voting. ) It doesn’t mean it’s either impossible or undesirable. It means someone wishes it to continue.

    • I mentioned below to Z-Man that the piece is NOT in “The American Spectator,” but rather the British “Spectator.”

      Tyrrell has been slandered.

  19. The only source of optimism I have for western society is that this severe solar minimum, which has already caused almost 1*F of cooling, may well make the Maunder Minimum look like a walk in the park…It will be particularly devastating for the Democratic northern States, but will generally cause starvation and the collapse of the current system.

    • Not with cheap energy and modern construction techniques. We can grow enough food to keep the system from collapse, although some will die, i.e., the least able to hold those responsible for their demise to account.

    • Nice thought. Might work. We don’t have the numbers or the influence on our own. I also doubt we can “win over” people who don’t think like we do, who are all about intentions and making things over, rather than thinking in terms of results and coming to terms with what is.

      We may be forced to wait things out and allow things to go as they go. That is, to allow the left to eat its own. Keep in mind that Trump emerged not from any broad call for him to rise, but from his own initiative and sense of the opportunity available to him. We may need to also be opportunists, to pick at the carcass of leftism after it devours itself. Full frontal opposition just does not look like the way to go.

  20. “At the minimum, an authentic opposition would point out that the Left sees democracy as a bus they can ride to power. Once in power, their goal is corrupt and destroy it so there can be no legitimate challenge to their rule.” – This is word for word how muslim fundamentalists use the electoral process to take over countries, (Turkey and Egypt before they were removed by the military). I’ve always suspected that the radical left likes radical islamists because they play by the same rules and use the same tactics. Both have their own theology, but the experience of conveying that theology is the same, right down to publicly shaming a judge who may have, although unproven, touched a breast while in high school in 1982.

    Conservatives are generally like this kids on the short bus. They’re the last ones to get it as they walk around the school with kick-me signs on their backs. Process (including electoral process) is used for deriving outcomes, it’s not the scientific method.

    • Leftist liking of Islamists is wrapped up in their belief that they are “people of color”, even though Iran, which means Aryan, and Chechens exist. Even a white convert to Islam is seen as “renouncing their privilege”. The irony here is that this is the very “Orientalism” that Edward Said wrote about.

      The true jealousy of the left can be seen in the faculty lounge of academia, where the broker no opposition and Right-wing figures can be counted in the single digits, with some major institutions not having any at all.

  21. The true conservatism that America lacked from the beginning is dead as a doornail in Europe, too, and has been for a hundred years now. Its remnants are still here, the castles, the nobles, and even some reactionaries, but conservatism as an ideology (if it ever really was one) lost all political traction after the First World War. For a while they still could score some victories in elections. The most famous one of course was President Hindenburg in Weimar Germany. But even then conservative politics were out of the question, instead the question was: whom would they cede their power to?

    Ever since then it has been as you describe. Essentially the beef conservatives have with leftists is that leftist policies very often do not bring about the results desired by leftists and conservatives alike. In other words: in the mind of the conservative, he is the better leftist, since his policies would make the shared goals real. With his education vouchers instead of leftist bussing, black SAT-scores are set to go to the moon. His tax reform will help the poor via an increased incentive to work / trickle down economics / voodoo instead of the leftist minimum wages, who are putting people out of work. To use an example from German conservatives: letting refugees in is bad, because it is inefficient. Have you any idea how many brown people you could help with the same money in their own countries?

    How is a civilizational turn around achievable when most people think like this? If one is honest, at least 80% of our compatriots shouldn`t have voting or other political rights for that reason alone.

    We live in 500 a.D.. The empire is dead, just not everyone has noticed yet. Whether it will take us 300 years to the founding of a new civilization or 50 we cannot know. Everything is supposed to go faster these days, especially history, but I have my doubts about that. Anyway, the current system or a workable variant thereof is probably unsaveable.

    • With regard to “refugee importation” as inefficient. In a system of universal suffrage, “let them die” is not likely to win elections. Paying the refugees to return is a viable solution. And in the mind of many voters, the West has collective responsibility for its Middle Eastern wars. Of course, this usually isn’t connected to Israel, which has never paid reparations to Lebanon.

      • True. Whether that view can be called conservative is another matter. Paying foreigners to leave would be a viable option, yes, if it were combined with other measures, i.e. closed borders, harsher dealing with renitent foreigners, less or no gibs and the like.

        Still, he who pays the Danegeld, never gets rid of the Dane.

        • Decadence will be paid for in due time. The Afrikaner tried to maintain a system of extracting surplus value from cheap black labor, and then gave up the chance for self-determination in exchange for retention of existing property. And neither proved a lasting settlement.

  22. “….to follow and know of.
    Cast round.
    You seekers of the truth
    Accepting that reasons will re-live
    And breathe and hope and chase and love
    For you, and you, and you.”

    — Jon Anderson, “The Revealing Science of God,” some of the best nonsense ever put to paper. Rivals William Blake and “For I shall consider my Cat, Joffrey” for sheer blissfull nuttiness. I guess R. Hunter / Grateful Dead “China Cat Sunflower” deserves an honorable mention, too. Man, what a great guitar lick. Everybody should be forced to write at least one surrealist nonsense-poem based on their observations of the behavior of a cat. Very good discipline. Proves you’re human.

    More on the Machine Age, and what it has to do with this discussion, later.

    • Love 70s Yes. Tales is brilliant, difficult, and flawed. I wish they would have edited it down to a single album. Nonetheless, “Nous sommes du soleil”

  23. Z: “Their obsequiousness it so repugnant, it suggests a total lack of the very essence of what defines a man.” (“is”). I only point out typos if they’re in a crucial sentence. This was so great. I’m tempted to make a photo collage of all the Con. Inc. cucks, frame it, and have that sentence inscribed below. Also, “The result is that the Left comes up with some new radical idea, conservatives *throw their dresses over their heads* and a make big deal out of opposing it.” LOL

    • I’m actually going to make such a collage. As black-pilled art therapy. I’ll gather a bunch of Z’s best cuck disses and work them into a naturally flowing paragraph, and display it on a bronze plaque next to the giant framed collage. Like they do in museums. I’ll title it, “Feckless Airheads”, another great Z phrase. I’ll post a photo here when it’s finished.

  24. Modern political theory exists to legitimize a Modern state. Modern states require mass conscription to protect their physical security, which requires “democracy” to be legitimate. But: We live in a Postmodern state. There will be no mass-conscription wars, because the loser in any conflict between industrial states would resort to nuclear weapons long before we got to mass conscription. As a legitimating principle, therefore, “democracy” is a category error, so we get what we have now — a kind of late Imperial Chinese system, where the mandarins administer a shrinking pile of tribute while the barbarians mass beyond the wall. As all rational thinking about legitimacy seems to end with the barrel of a gun, my money is on irrational thinking: Someone starts going on about how he’s the true prophet of so-and-so. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked to see a variant of Islam become the Left’s organizing principle here before too long, especially when the White folks on the Left realize just how outnumbered they actually are.

  25. With the continued decay of America into just another Latin American country, the two largest economies will be India and China by 2050. If trend lines hold, I know that’s a contentious idea around here.

    What comes after liberal democracy will probably be decided above the Himalayas. India is, arguably, an english speaking nation and a democracy. China is a post-stalinist dictatorship. They are competing from Africa to their expatriates taking over silicon valley.

    The future seems to be a highly stratified idiocracy (India, US), a totalitarian state (China), or Detroit(Europe, Africa).

    • The future will involve about 9/10 of the human race dying. The population of Africa and Central/South America exploded because of western science, medicine, and charity. When the West goes, so does the science, medicine, and charity. Do you think China will give two hoots about famines and plagues sweeping Africa? Speaking of which: China will implode when we stop buying their goods and 9/10 of their workers are laid off.

      • China owns Africa now, but when it all goes down, it will be the West’s fault, because our “betters” will tell us that it is so…and a bunch of Westerners that can’t find Africa on a map will buy into it.

        • The Europeans once owned Africa too, but where are they now? Their African nations fell because they wished to utilize the cheap black labor, and in the end it cost them their countries and sometimes their lives. They should have picked their own damn cotton. Do you think that Asians are any less susceptible to greed?

    • Pal, you don’t know what are you talking about

      China is Feudal State

      Western Technology surprise them but that doesn’t change their nature
      A Tribalism

      It’s British imperialist and Liberal wet dream of Civilized/Enlighten African to transform into Good British/Liberal subjects

      We all know that teaching English or give them smartphone/social media account doesn’t change them as Anglo American or Liberal

      They are still black

      has been that way quite long time

      Chinese and eastern Asian are no different
      Chinese and eastern Asian override logic when it challenges their tradition

      China persecute Christianity it actually they persecute Liberalism
      They want ethnic identity moreover tribalism
      They want Nationality, border, Patriarchy, Femininity etc
      which Trotsky thought as “расистов” a “racists” and traitor to the communism by loving their kind not the communism

      China’s new model of governance is actually just a Re-skinned version of the old Imperial Chinese dynasties.

      China isn’t Lenin or Stalin’s dream, it’s Confucius’s old debating grounds.

      And India case, pretty sure you didn’t read India local news
      Muslim student are missing after fought with ABVP (Hindu extremist organization support by Bharatiya Janata Party )
      Bharatiya Janata Party are ruling party of India

      India is very multi-ethnic empire thanks to the British
      majority population only hold 72% of entire population
      Hindu and Sikhi/Muslim conflict Killed two prime ministers

      South Korean/Japanese holding 99% of their entire population
      Han Chinese holding 90% of their entire population
      That’s what homogeneous nation look like

      Many Non-European nation will return to feudal society
      Many privileged whites will live good life while their society are dysfunctional

      Horror is near and we don’t want to live that kind of future
      White Men must choose to fight
      That’s our only hope remain

    • The left seems to be working on a “Chinese model,” whereby they immediately try to shut down any organization or signs of civil society among their opponents. Many aspects of our social-political system are already functionally totalitarian.

      We’ve just got to keep doing our thing as the “dissident community” to keep draining their legitimacy, but at the same time hope for (or engineer) some kind of accelerationist “event” before the demographic clock ticks down too far.

      • The left does have useful function for conservatives, that of being the “dumb stupid animals” of which Kissinger described. When the communists rose up against the SPD in 1919, it wasn’t SPD members that put down the uprising. It was the right-wing Freikorps. Much of the current leftist angst is that conservatives should “know their place”.

    • Welcome to the world of dissident politics. There is very little of consequence that you can do in public that won’t get you fired from your job or indicted. That’s the world as it is.

      Your mission, our mission, is to overthrow the current system with cleverness and force and rebuild a world that more accurately reflects human nature (race realism, sex realism, ethnonationalism).

  26. One fatal weakness is the shyness of American “conservatives” about using power. Look at Hungary about kicking out the Soros wreckers and shutting down the female studies departments. Future generations are going to be thanking Orban for that. See this excellent video by a rightist on the pussytarians:

    Meanwhile, we’re not even sure we’re going to have future generations here.

    That part of the problem of not having a real right. Our “right” has been so libertarian-cucktarian that they don’t think they’re allowed to use power or something.

    A real conservative president would just shut out of the White House whatever journalists he wants to shut out. But American cuckservatives have such a long tradition of defeat that genuinely evil leftists (correctly) feel that they can bowl over cuckservatives with no habit of standing up for themselves or winning.

    We need more people–millions more, unfortunately–to have that “Lindsay Graham moment” when they realize that our opponents are genuine sociopaths and simply have to be smashed down without apology.

    • There aren’t a million females living in the US who will experience a LG moment — ever. This nano percentage will only diminish over time. You are an exceedingly rare woman.

      Our males are being estrogenized to the point that only a few million of them would take the red pill today. Their number shrink over time as the number immigrating, and their offspring, increase.

      The future is blackpill for most here.

    • The US is a big country by land area, so the normal practice for anyone so aggrieved by politics is to simply move. The pluralist nature of the US leads to a politics driven by a desire to be left alone, Utah is probably the only exception.

      Orban has the benefit of winning about 50% of the vote, which translated into 2/3rds of the seats in Parliament, which resulted in an entirely new Constitution.

      • The mainstream right also has a concept that grabbing power is wrong, because of the risk that the other side could one day wield it against you. A principle that works with most whites, and minority of non-whites. But when confronted with an opponent with a zealotry towards the elimination of what it sees as the “wrong side of history”, it is self-defeating.

    • It’s important to understand the almost complete failure of the soi-disant Right in this country — among other causes, its eagerness to engage in its own kind of virtue signaling (immigration is great, we’re all for it as long as it’s legal). Particularly needing study is its inability to mount a political challenge. Even dhimmi U.K. and France have serious red-pilled parties, something American alt-rightists can only dream of.

      And that suggests the other half of building, at long last, a successful strategy for caging the proglodyte beast. We need to look under a microscope at those few countries that have held the line and even counterattacked against Soros Disease … Hungary, Poland, Russia, and increasingly Italy. They have different cultures, of course, but surely some of their politics and actions can be applied here.

      As a first step we could form official institutional alliances with others we can learn from, sharing platforms, seminars, and rallies — eventually joint international demonstrations and strikes.

      By all means let’s analyze what we have been doing wrong, but let’s give far greater attention than we currently do to what has worked for our pro-Western, pro-national, pro-white contemporaries.

      • It’s too late for USA. We let (((them))) in already. We can never be Hungary or the polities referenced. A dollar late and a day short. Every proposal involving thought or persuasion is moot.

        You simply fail to realize your defeat. Everything you do provided you don’t live off the grid is tracked, analyzed, stored and it will be used against your interests soon enough. Please feel free to spread this message or its rebuttal via email, texting or social media. More tracking and analayses for future prosecution. They know you.

        Talk no longer matters. Action no longer matters. You have lost. I have lost.

        • You may be right that all is lost but life is surprising. The only certainty is that you lose when you don’t try. Look for opportunities. Resist. Fight.

    • Poland’s on the same track as Hungary, although various ‘sources’ are spreading lies about the Polish being “anti-Semite.” It’s the same crap that the Bush-men spread about P J Buchanan after he massacred the old man in New Hampshire.

  27. Precisely. We are fighting inside the enemy lines using their weapons and tactics. Not good. I was involved in a conversation with a policeman the other day and it was evident the poor fellow simply did not understand that we are in a culture war. He kept on referring to the military and its traditions as being the main thing we needed to rally around and protect. I could see how he might get this idea because of his army service in Afghanistan. But even he knew something was wrong. Without even realizing it, he was simply parroting the arguments of the people who disdain him. It is very frustrating trying to get across our ideas to people who have yet to be red pilled and who get all their information from enemy sources. One bright spot: he did not trust the schools his children attended. His instincts are conservatively patriotic, but with limited knowledge of history and political philosophy, his progress will be stunted.

    • Redpilling the armed and organized “normies” seems crucial. The Chinese revolution of 1911, for example, was carried out by government soldiers who were radicalized in situ.

      I confess I don’t know how to do it, myself. I don’t come into contact with many soldiers or policemen.

      We’ve got to develop a “redpillology,” i.e., a science of redpilling, for different ages, genders, IQs, etc. I’m not sure you’re really going to get a policeman to read James Burnham, or lecture a kid in Afghanistan on the nuanced implications of bell-curves, time preference, or r/K. We’ve got to find the language to bring those guys over.

      We’ve got to be missionaries for the truth, if that makes sense.

      • Start with a goal first. What does a red pill society look like and what is a red pill future is like like? Normies don’t care about much else, they haven’t the time, interest or IQ for it in most cases

        You also can’t convince normies especially younger ones who never lived in a Whiter Righter America anything till they see how it benefits them.

        Now so as to put up or shut up what my vision is like 10 points

        1 -Repatriation till the US is 80% or more European White and a long term, maybe indefinite reduction of immigration. This includes an end to birth right citizenship and a clear definition of natural born

        2 -A return to heterosexual patriarchy , that is default male custody and to an assumed lifetime man woman marriage with fault only divorce . This does not need to apply with couples who have no children.

        3- Economic regulation to allow couples to get married early and have steady work. This can be quite draconian BTW and I know the Libertarians will scream but f&*% them . An economy that supports families is more important than economic liberalism

        4-An assumed moral and at least somewhat Christian public culture. I don’t care what people do it in private but as my Gran often said “Don’t do it where it scares the horses”

        5- A return to En Loco Parentis for under 21 and an outright prohibition on publicly funded colleges or any school for under 21’s promoting Cultural Marxism or degeneracy . This does not include birth control which is science.

        6- Reduction in the cost and scope of the administrative state

        7-Partial isolationism as foreign policy

        8- Removal of gun control, gay marriage and other unconstitutional acts by federal state and local governments

        9- gradual return to balanced budget and sound money

        10 Return to a restricted franchises , 21 and up , own property and low fraud elections

        Show how this or whatever else is decided would be better and fight for that.

        Until than, its all carping and complaining with little or nothing accomplished other than buying time.

        • You were outvoted at #1. And you will always be outvoted continuing down the list. Persuasion against their self-perceived interests won’t work. Next.

          • Well yeah. None of these things are doable with elections . I assumed everyone knew that TINVOWOOT

            Now if you have an idea for something that the Dissident Right , Leftists, Conservatives Whites, Civ Nats, Aztlan Mestizos , various Asians rapacious greedy Country Clubbers and Normies can agree to vote on or work together for well we can try votes. I’m all for that

            There is also a tiny possibility that after a collapse or a succession, maybe but even than its a power grab but otherwise its going to come down to having the power to take what you want

            The thing is unless you have something to fight for a core idea, you can’t fight period.

            And yeah these items are hard, let me remind you that a handful of fanatics can achieve a lot. Be ruthless, be willing to sacrifice and make tomorrow belong to you and yours

            Now if you think you have better goals or something anyone would fight for post them.

            Otherwise there are only three people wit coherent ideas, Vox Day, Harold Covington (the Northwest Front Guy) and just now myself

          • I hate to attack people on our own side but that really was the underpants gnome bit come to life.

            Phase 1: Come up with a top 10 bullet point list

            Phase 2: ?

            Phase 3: White America!

            I really do appreciate the desire to do something, but the best thing you can do now is to prepare, and wait for an opportunity. How much ammo do you have? How much emergency food? Are you a member of a militia, find one but try not to end up in jail.

          • Ha! Phase 2 in the 90s:
            “Beat the kids and jail the potsmokers! That will solve… everything!”

            Such genius. The 90s are why I’ll never be a conservative. Conservative brilliance leads us to such logical outcomes as the War on Terror and Broward County.

          • I’m not trying for a White America or a revolution. I’m offering the barest bones of a public manifesto, a package of ideas to fight for and to build on. That is doing something than few are doing.

            Hell though its a shit example, without Mein Kampf there would have been no Nazi Germany . Without Marx or Critical theory we would not have the troubles we have today . Hell without the Deceleration or Independence no USA

            I’m pretty sure my ideas are sounder than Mein Kampf as I’ve read the sucky thing, more reality based than Marx and Time Cube is saner than Critical, Theory so not much there . I don’t touch the later since by ideas aren’t that good or original but anyone can take them and build them

            Big change starts with ideas and as much as I love my Dissident Right brethren, they suck at packaging ideas

            I probably do to but something is better then nothing and can anyone here tell me they don’t think this is what we want ? A Hallmark Channel Country

            Fighting legally for some of these things is 100% fine and might even yield some results

            As to you last advice, I agree that its the best approach right now, for now but without something to organize around , all that you get is chaos

            Assuming an opportunity arises you can snatch it . A last bit, you had best give your boys something to fight for beyond leave me alone.

          • Greg Johnson just wrote one. You can read a review on or order at his site, Counter White Nationalist Manifesto

        • Read part 2 of Mein Kampf. This is a step-by-step “how-to” book on overthrowing a leftist, decadent democracy. Ford translation only…the others are unreadable.

        • It’s very simple to get back to at least 80% white.

          Shut down the redistribution mechanisms. No EBT, no welfare for unwed mothers, no birthright citizenship, no Social Security disability, no WIC, no affirmative action, no paying for abortions or birth control thru healthcare plans – NOTHING.

          Live or die by your own two hands and the work you produce.

          Do that and this country would go back to something like 80% white in probably a 5 year span as you would see massive out migration occur.

          It’s going to happen anyway when the Federales can’t fund all their spending by debt bucks any more. So you either do it the hard way thru Weimar – like collapse followed by some sort of tyranny and genocide – or you can just start shutting off the spigots and let it happen “naturally” as people go back to where they came from.

      • The average person isn’t going to understand or care about R/K selection, but they will care about blood and soil. This has all be done in the past. I shudder to use the examples, because they’re all bad, but I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. How did they do it?

      • Bit of a non-sequitor …. anecdotal — but relevant to the “we don’t have enough people on our side anymore” … a statement I make to myself frequently, by the way.

        I’m primarily a westerner (as in western US), lived on outskirts of a moderate-sized city which I abandoned this fall — selling my house of twenty years and leaving a state in which I’d been a resident for forty years. There were just too many Californians streaming over the mountains, and I suspected (correctly) that the state was about to go full blue politically, though not geographically.

        Observation I wanted to make: Currently am on extended visit to the east. Here in rural Virginia this past Saturday it was opening day of rifle / deer season. I have not seen so many hunters in over 45 years of watching this on both coasts and in the northern plains. In this very remote county, heading out to PA on Saturday, I saw numerous hunting parties staging at rural homesteads on the small single-lane road heading out to the main two-lane highway. Groups of from four up to about ten — young guys, mix of beater and new trucks, good equipment, and groups that were exclusively white, some that were all black, which surprised me, as you don’t generally see that out west, and some that were mixed … all prepping to get into the woods. Not just a few. Oh, and they were mostly young — early twenties to thirties.

        Along the two lane highway, I saw numerous other guys with gear staging to get into the brush … alone or in pairs, and along the four lane US hwy I fed into, in this rural area, hunters were visible getting gas, stopping for food or just meeting an parking lots or at abandoned commercial structures — all in camo and orange.

        I was on these feeder routes for nearly two hours before I made the interstate, and I saw a tremedous number of these folks. This along just one small area of one state. I see the same thing, and in strong numbers, in states to the north when I go there annually around T-day for family gatherings. Used to hunt there myself. And the impression I got on this drive was of focused, knowledgeable, well-provisioned and serious men going out to get something “manly” done.

        Point is … there are lots of people who participate in traditional activities and rituals, and who likely are inclined to support efforts to blunt and deflate the LEFT’s efforts to dispossess us.

        Just an observation …. The follow-on to this, about how to reach them, coordinate action, inform, cajole, influence, energize, and the efficacy thereof …. that’s been pretty heavily addressed above. But I thought what I saw was interesting, and as a non-native, with this problem on my mind, it immediately stood out to me as some thing important.

      • I know a number of police and prison guards. All of them are pretty red-pilled from what I can see, simply because they see an awful lot of crap up close and personal. What they typically are not – is big intellectuals.
        And I’m talking about law enforcement up here in deep blue MA.

        Droning on about esoteric theories and writers that nobody has ever heard of before – is never going to pull these people over to the “correct” side. You need to relate theory to reality – because reality is what these guys have spent an entire career dealing with every single day on the job.

    • I can’t think of a state worker here in Southern California that sends their kids to a public school, this includes teachers and not more than a few have their kids home schooled.

      No one trusts the schools, they are just holding pens for the brown skinned orcs.

      Problem is with our side, is that we do a very shitty job at getting the word out. Our side can’t even compose a pamphlet they can leave on a car window or college campus that at least gives a prospect what our side is about. I do think we need a modern day version of Paine’s “Common Sense” in PDF and print.

      No you can’t tell them to “read these dozen texts” written by a bunch obscure spergy cases. There isn’t a single blog I could refer prospects to that in 15 minutes they get a decent overview of what the alt-right is, etc. Many specialize in just one area. Others are so obscurantist you have no idea what they’re really trying to convey. The worst ones just black pill prospects and they give up.

      • Yeah, maybe we need something like “Redpill: the Video,” a single 15-minute digest of all our main points by a more likeable alt-righter and with follow-up links. And most importantly, making it an important part of our thing to send out the link to any and all possible converts. A lot of these sites do have a sperg-club, echo-chamber feel to them.

        • OK, I’m in. Time to push in all our chips. I am not at all tech savvy, so I can’t set it up, and I can’t be the face of the thing (I don’t want my family threatened, plus I’m ugly), but I’ll contribute an essay or two. Use Romeo Charlie myusername at opposite-of-electron male dot com. I think we can use a VPN (whatever the hell that is) on that site to coordinate. Maybe Z Man will promote it on his podcasts. (And hey, if I get a “greetings fellow teen!”-type email from an FBI guy, we’ll know the Feds assigned a real human to reading the Z Blog comment section, not just a bot.

        • This youtube video does pretty good job in tearing down the whole leftist oppression narrative in 30 minutes:

          Very normie-friendly, no Spencerian race mysticism mumbo-jumbo, holocaust revisionism or any other such nonsense. It’s been watched over 450 000 times in just few months, so it’s probably pretty effective propaganda.

      • Z has written and recorded pieces that could be your pamphlet. Also, Derb, Jared Taylor, and Greg Johnson. The real problem is that we reject the civic religion that rules the West and this rejection cannot be mitigated.

        Pamphlet says: Race is real and matters. Sex differences are real and matter. Tribal loyalties are stronger than shared values.

        Your prospect will be running away from you screaming “Heretic!” There is no way around this reaction when we introduce our ideas.

        • The Pamphlet in 3 sentences.
          The whole Movement, right there.

          They will scream and run, but then, they will repeat it themselves.

          Those 3 meme darts will do more than all the diatribes in the world.

        • Most people will run away screaming “heretic”. But once in awhile someone will have a light go on in his head. Many of us started off normal or even Leftist.

      • The “It’s OK to be white” poster campaign was a thing of beauty. Minimalist posters with a message that would be met with a shrug 20 years ago, but is met today with frantic calls to police, security camera footage being reviewed to catch the perps, and hysterical editorials in the papers.

        And it makes normal people ask “why is this controversial?”

        Much more effective than a series of 5000 word blog posts.

      • Our side such as it is has no vision of a future or anything like an ideology or set of core beliefs. Its reacts to things, old school reaction, NrX and so on but it does nothing in the way of saying “here is how you would live with us in charge.”

        And note “back the past that never was.” is not an ideology or a useful value set. You cannot assume that everyone will start believing in Jesus again and packing those pews anymore than the Romans could count on people believing in Jupiter.

        That day is over.

        In theory the Deus Volters if they had enough power could take a nation for themselves, maybe but they don’t and they don’t speak for the normies or even most of the Dissident Right so they aren’t getting any help .

        The Libertarian/Patriots are no better since these guys willfully refuse to understand the world they live in , that’s worse than the false understand the Deus Volt crowd has by far.

        The fracture eternal frontier mindset or its sick Libertarian cousin “The market knows all and I could get rich if I could just work children to death in my cat litter mine” ethos is worse than the Left in many respects and worse than the Deus Volters as well.

        It also shows a complete lack of understanding of people, technology, the world we live in too.

        The Dissident Right needs to embrace power for its ends which I assume are a sober, moral, homogeneous society

        Until it does that and it can project what that society would be like , it will fail and deservedly so.

          • Soon Brother are you on Freezoxee because I am and would be able to give you a heads up when I am… Which to be honest everyone here should be on that site…

          • I’ll check it out, Thanks. We on the Dissident Right will need to develop our own com channels to avoid some of the censorship

          • You can admit the truth. You’re an ATF agent aren’t you?

            Back when the Bundy’s were held up in Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and it ended up with just 4 of them left occupying the place I made jokes that it was 1 ATF agent, 1 state undercover cop, and 2 FBI agents. They didn’t know the others were agents because the government is inept and the branches didn’t communicate. I imagine they were all sitting around trying to talk each other into rushing the cops with guns blazing.

        • “The market knows all and I could get rich if I could just work children to death in my cat litter mine.” LOL, I’m going to save this one.

          I hear what you’re saying, but keep in mind that alliance between disparate groups can happen. The alliance between Catholics and Falangists in the Spanish Civil War comes to mind, and Iran seems to unite disparate groups. Germany once allied “beefsteaks”, “brown outside and red within”, with business owners (mostly small, but some large). It’s not that unity isn’t infinitely preferable, it’s that I don’t see us attaining too much of it any time soon, and I don’t want people overly “blackpilled” because of this.

          We need a pure, abstract case for white nationalism like the one provided by Greg Johnson. At the same time, I think “add-ons” are vital to address deeper, widespread sicknesses. I’m for an array of different, mutually respectful “add-ons”, united by their acknowledgment that the overthrow of the Western/Global System is the overriding priority (this sort of hearkens back to Dugin’s 4pt and Eurasionism). As an example of this, Eastern Orthodox writer Mark Hackard once wrote for Nietzschean Richard Spencer’s website (Hackard now has his own project here: , here’s one of his more memorable articles from his days of writing via Spencer (the article originally had an image of ‘Biff’s Pleasure Palace’ casino/hotel from ‘Back to the Future 2’, lol): I really, really hope that Greg Johnson’s next two books are in-depth rightist overviews/guides to Nietzsche and Heidegger, as a means of addressing deeper issues among Westerners.

          We can all agree on one thing, however: libertarians go to the wall. \sarc

        • Wrong, There are too many Jesus freak and Democrat in our world

          “Oh, Jesus will save us from poverty and disease, crime”
          “Oh, Jesus is so good and every body should believe him”
          “If any person disagree with me are satanist, inquisition time!”

          No one knew or expected possibility that Church the representative of Jesus will behave completely differently

          Church the one declared Crusade, witch-hunting, taxes on the people

          “Oh, Vote will save us from poverty and disease, crime”
          “We will abolish border, take mass immigration, every body should get a voting right because voting is so good”
          “If any person disagree with me are mentally ill Nazi, Lock him up !”

          Nobody understands nature of government is power hungry monster and it can behave unexpected way

          Jesus or Government going to save us all is always popular among the Normie

          When wise man talking about how every body has flaw like God, Hero, Humans literally every body and certain people probably not save from cruel Reality

          Normie will kill him because he tells the truth like Socrates

          White men has one simple task, Protect border and restrict immigration

          It would be limited citizenship itself and it has created limited government

          Now it too late, America is multi-ethnic empire now
          even unstable than previous ones

          American people today don’t understand proper function of government is stability and balance not the fucking produce wealth or providing people

      • Our side can’t even compose a pamphlet they can leave on a car window or college campus that at least gives a prospect what our side is about

        Sure we can. It’s just that more than a decade ago printer manufacturers accepted a font system which enables a code unique to each and every printer to be visible along with a time and date stamp within a character series and associated with the buyer for ever page printed. Almost nobody resells their printer, so if we print a pamphlet the FBI can easily track us down.

        Ditto for any medium digital. This used to be conspiracy theorist realm. But not for the past generation nearly.

        Oh and every urban or other populous space is under surveillance, video and oral even though oral recording are illegal here and there, it’s just done.

        You young people, under 50, want hope. I don’t blame you. That doesn’t mean you can hope realistically. Find God or atoms or whatever if you want.

        • “Almost nobody resells their printer, so if we print a pamphlet the FBI can easily track us down.”

          Easy alternative, run down to your local recycling center. I don’t know about where you are, but here we can walk in and recycle at no cost just about anything that has been tossed.

          A lot of serviceable printers and laptops/desktops hit the recycle bins because people have upgraded to the latest/greatest and just toss their old one.

          A variation, just organize a neighborhood recycling drive on a Saturday. Offer free pickup to a couple of neighborhoods for computers/printers/electrical etc. Drive around, pick the shit up and then high grade a couple of serviceable printers, purchase some ink or toner (brick and mortar store, pay cash), take the rest of the load to the recycling center and you’re good to go.

          Printing without a trace.

        • Great intel. So somebody scary was seriously thinking about this.
          Scary and powerful enough to make it international policy. Egads.

    • It was only a few short years ago when the British believed, with utmost sincerity, that our police were “the best in the world”. Decent, fair, tough when they needed to be and informed by good old-fashioned common sense. No politician of any stripe could hope to get elected without offering up gushing praise of “the boys in blue”.

      Fast forward to 2018 and those same guardians of British decency have been transformed into an occupying army who will bustle you into a paddy wagon for proclaiming that there are only two genders or reading from a bible in public (yes, true). And woe betide you for declaring that diversity is anything but a strength.

      Hence I despair when I encounter US conservatives exalting “our military and police”. I understand that they are expressing their patriotism but they seem to be unaware of the dangers that lie ahead by investing their alleged guardians with uncritical praise and a higher moral purpose.

    • The “military tradition” that this country was founded on was militia service (an ACTUAL militia – not the federally run National Guard).

      And the founders specifically warned against a full time military (Army especially) . They had no problem with a Navy – because we are in many respects an island nation that can separate itself from the world simply be enforcing borders – and sinking anybody that tries to breach them.

      But try extracting that understanding out of the average normie – or telling them that the National Guard is NOT the militia.

      Rallying around the military – and sending hundreds of thousands off to die – is also something all good collectivist societies tend to do.

      And it’s collectivism in general that is destroying Western civilization.

      Try asking one of these guys some time what they think they actually defended by their service OVERSEAS. And then ask them to prove it.

      I guarantee you that you’ll probably really piss him off.

      I know it works for me every single damn time.

      • @calsdad
        Amen Brother…
        I know if I was king for a day I would get rid of the Army completely…We would have the Navy which the Marines and Coast Guard would be under and the Air Force…The National Guard would be turned back over to the states and would only be able to be used in a war on our soil…All males would be required from 17 to 20 to serve in their States Guard…

  28. Seriously, though, this is a very black-pilling post. Basically, the “leftist” position goes back back 250 years, and it vanquished the last viable opposition to it in 1945 (in theoretical terms, not just who gets to stick their flag on top of the Reichstag building). As suggested in the OP, Fukuyama may well have been right in that for the vast majority of the populace, the fundamental premises of the Progressive world view are now reaching fruition, something like three generations after the fall of Berlin.

    All of the squabbling on the “alt-right” about optics really boils down to whether there is any viable way to present a reasoned and plausible alternative to the now dominant ideology of egalitarian blank slate-ism. The deplatforming of various sites and the closure of the means of financial support to certain prominent advocates of such sites serves the function of not just shutting up those voices but (perhaps more importantly) of de-legitimizing such points of view and intimidating anyone else from either disseminating or even considering them.

    Not to be a prescriber of black pills, but does anyone really think that conversion of broader society is at all feasible. If there is a way to change the minds of the broad mass of the populace before demographic change makes the whole exercise moot, I’d be glad to hear it.

    • No redpill media content, not even under the most personally stressing circumstances, will ever persuade leftists to change their positions. Their mindset is genetic.

      We will never have the numbers in this country to persuade vancouver, seatac, portland, california, future arizona, future florida, future georgia, eastern seaboard, detoilet, chicago, madison milwaukee, minneapolis st. paul, et al. In fact, after 1965 we can never have the numbers to _compell_ them to change their behaviors.

      You would have to snuff them out along with their genetic progeny. This is not physically possible anymore. Demographics is destiny and we’ve lost.

      • So are you willing to even save a remnant or you just going to wait for that final bullet to enter the back of your skull… Because if we have already lost then why would you even fight and not just kneel in front of the ditch…Fuck that we haven’t lost until the last swinging dick goes down swinging and with guys like you on our side who needs enemies…

        • Name what you’ve actually accomplished forwarding the cause for us all. One. Effing. Thing.

          Kids? No matter how fine a job you’ve done raising them, they are corruptible.

          Tell us about your general, effective leadership accomplishments, please.

          Neither can anybody else here.


          • Ahh did I hurt your feelings…I don’t owe you anything because you are a defeatest and my kids are none of your damn business either…You turn in your guns yet since you aren’t going to use them…

          • Likely neither are you. No one on the Right has done anything but passively resist other than Tim McVeigh and maybe the Malheur clowns and a couple of others like Randy Weaver . That is in what 30+ years.

            The Right are too risk adverse and can’t organize, some of this is FBI interference of course but a lot of it is bullshit individualism.

            More importantly the Right has no goal to work too, no vision of a a better future so they can’t fight.

            Now I am NOT telling you to go and so something illegal or stupid,. In fact I state publicly in this open forum do not break the law

            What I am telling you is that I don’t have to tell you, your semi autos and other guns will banned and slowly confiscated just as people are having guns seized in Oregon and a guy was killed in Maryland and no one even says a hell of a lot

            And granted the Oregon and Maryland are I suppose edge cases but a pro tip, that law has no legal foundation in US jurisprudence that meets Constitutional muster

            My advice is to than go home, no worry about guns and decide what you would be willing to die and probably sacrifice the wives and kids for

            Have a future vision of America and when you’ve done that, than come back and talk about guns because until than you won’t use them.

          • You aren’t going to use your guns either. Fake. Claim. Contrary.

            Most here can appreciate what you’re going through. Been there, done that. It’s just a thought crime.

          • I’m not the one giving up and saying we lost now am I…You by your statement that we have lost are giving up… Anytime your up for a chat f2f let me know I always enjoy talking to people…

          • The whole “gun” discussion is a classic example of letting the left control the conversation. The point is not the guns. The point is that 2A, which is a human right, not a privilege, allows you to protect yourself and your loved ones —by any means necessary—. It just so happens that guns are an effective way to do so. What the gun grabbers are saying is that you DO NOT have the right to protect yourself by any means necessary. Submit to your “betters”. It is much more basic than guns. And we are losing the argument, because we are losing track of just what it is we stand for. We can believe anything we want. 1A says we can talk about it freely. We have freedom of association. We can protect ourselves by any means necessary. But all of these freedoms are in jeopardy, because we have lost the thread. Instead we talk about what constitutes offensive language and what kind of guns we should be allowed to maybe own. I have no answer for how we get back on track, as a country or as a civilization. But I darn well understand what we are having taken away from us by our “betters”, and it is every part of the whole enchilada, piece by piece. I intend to ooze 1A and 2A and every A from my pores for the rest of my life, because all those A’s represent the best representation of freedom and means to personal and societal achievement that humans will ever see. The A’s are all going away quickly now, and mankind will not get back to where it has been until all the A’s are reintroduced to the equation. Because they are not privileges, they are human rights.

            The next time you get into an argument about guns, ask the people on the other side whether they have the right to protect themselves? And by what means? The correct answer is “by any means necessary”. Guns are simply beside the point. They are part of “by any means necessary”, and to take the guns away means that the right to protect yourself is a bald faced lie. Which, knowing the left, is exactly what is going on. You will submit. It’s all about submission now. Your human right to protect yourself is gonzo.

            Sorry for the long rant. Hopefully there is some value in it.

          • Exactly.

            The typical right winger always seems to fall back on some sort of “gun” argument.

            “Conservatives” :
            What good are the guns – when you don’t even know what you’re defending?

            You sold out on Social Security, you sold out on income tax, you sold out on the “War on Terror” (the stupid name should have been a dead giveaway – but you bought into it anyway) , any time I talk to a conservative about shit like shutting down the money spigot – I get some sort of Rainman-like rant about how we won’t have roads or schools or a military to defend us against the ISIS blue water navy – unless I continue to accede to all the levels of government extracting something like 60% of my productive capacity every year to fund all that shit.

            I’ve started telling all the wingnuts who constantly fall back on a 2nd amendment argument that they had better realize that they’re actually very logically eliminating the very foundational argument for even having a 2nd amendment in the first place – every single freaking time they give into some incursion by the left into civil rights – or into their wallet.

            Hey dummies: when you give up all the civil rights, and you concede to the government taking all of your money – and you concede to letting the country be overrun with foreigners (As Lind says – classic 4th generation warfare invasion) – well then guess what ……


          • Spot on. Even an animal will fight to defend it’s home and young, the very definition of “natural” rights.

          • Both you and flyingAnvil are right. We have lost, but what comes after the loss? Do you think the the insane people that are running the world now can keep it running? There will be an opportunity in the collapse, and that is when we or our descendants will have a chance to act. The world as we know it will end, and another will be born. The question is who gets to shape that new world.

    • The masses of people will only react if a critical point of their lifestyle is threatened. So that’s why we see the French mad at Macron for raising the tax on diesel. But we saw no French vigilantism when the Afro-Arabs rose up in 2005. In most cases, the public has not had to pay for the costs of multikult in the form of higher taxes, instead governments have been running a deficit. But attempt to impose the US Labor Law model on France, I guarantee you’d see revolution.

      • I think this is true but the vast number of people in the US from less developed nations , the threshold to revolt is higher. They’ll tolerate a lot more since even what Whites would called bad government is far better than what they have at home.

      • Define the difference between “lifestyle” and “survival”.

        Because for an awful lot of people – there really isn’t much of a difference.

    • I think it’s too late to change minds at this point. At least on a mass scale. Still there is a place for flyers and pamphlets distributed at colleges, video game conventions, military bases, gun ranges and shows, bars frequented by whites. We can recruit on the fringes.

      You’ll know when you have a good pamphlet by how much screaming and media attention it elicits. If they call the cops and MSNBC does a segment on it, you got it

      In general we can’t convert the mass of whites until there is a economic upset like we had in 2008. Whites just don’t care as long as they have a wad of cash in their wallet, a nice job and new car.

      • “Whites just don’t care as long as they have a wad of cash in their wallet, a nice job and new car.”

        And a place further on out from the Diversity to flee to. We’re conflict-averse, on the whole. And so we just run away again and again. And bury our heads in the sand while we’re at it.

        It’s been going on for decades now. It’s just the way it is; who we are. We’re slow to anger and violent action, until there’s no other recourse. And we’re steadily getting to that point. So be it.

      • Low interest rates are the white man’s EBT card. Once long rates go up, we can count on big changes.

        • I don’t think that’s the correct formulation. It’s nothing to do with chickens or eggs. It’s a question of who holds these ideas, and why. In simpler terms, follow the money.

    • Those are merely the means by which the left seeks to control the money (the ledgers of power, control and destruction of the individual)… as one plank of the communist mani fester.

      • What money? Once the hyper-event happens it won’t even be a factor. Zimbabwe and soon SA are examples of what happens. Its not a trivial question. The new Rep Cortez is an example of the type of Prog that will advance the worthlessness of the money supply. Conveniently Progs will preside over the collapse.

      • I’ve come to think of it in an entirely different way – that is much more “basic” – and originates from much further down the power pyramid than the level that all the eggheads and pundits reside in.

        It originates with people’s basic understanding of how they’re going to stick food in their stomach and put a roof over their heads. I believe that I need to actually WORK to get these things. My house didn’t build itself – I had to spent thousands of hours pouring concrete, pounding nails – and falling off ladders. The village didn’t do a goddam thing and neither did any college professor, National Review writer, or SJW protestor. Absent me doing the damn work – nothing would actually exist to fight over later.

        The same thing applies to my car every time it breaks, the work I need to get done at my job (else I don’t get paid) – the lawn that needs to bed mowed – or pretty much every single other goddam thing in my life.

        No workee = no roofee and no eatee.

        It’s extremely simple.

        On the other side of the equation we’ve got a huge mass of people who make a living by doing nothing that amounts to anything of real long lasting consequence – and an entire political class that exists to come up with laws and regulations and all manner of other means of force and excuses – to pry that REAL productive work from my grasp. I know these people. They live their lives scamming, tricking and generally telling themselves all manner of fairy tales to justify the simple fact that they are NOT productive – and rather exist in this world at either the benevolence of others or by extracting the results of actual work from other people by force ( which is usually hidden behind multiple layers of obfuscation and long winded philosophical screeds justifying the whole thing)

        My other simple way of viewing the world – is dividing it up into the group of ” people who would make my life better if they were just dead” – and everybody else.

        The mechanic who lives down the street who fixes my car and doesn’t live on the dole – he’s in the “everybody else” group. Pretty much every single Antifah member – in the “better if dead” group. Entire swaths of Federal government employees – in the “better dead” group. All the immigrants who come here and get on the dole – definitely in the “better dead” group.

        You can layer on all sorts of esoterical talking points and philosophical arguments on top of this – but in the end I can’t eat the National Review – and there’s not one single goddam thing that I’ve seen come out of the left in at least 30 years that has ever been beneficial to my actual daily life.

        • Much truth in what you say there. But, to take a near-to-hand example, what about Zman (the blog-writing Zman not the Zman who spends 40 hours a week doing whatever it is that he does)? Would we better off if he were just dead?

          • *whispering*
            Mel, Zman takes or demands nothing, and gives his effort away for free. He’s a volunteer.

    • Economic consolidation. That’s how it fits in. We shall have a single world economy because no alternative or resistance. This will require confiscation by The Central Bank. The elite will forfeit nothing of course. Even the future Russian leadership will appreciate the advantages and fold.

      And none of us gun owners will assemble effectively, so you can get that notion out of your heads. Your own household will turn you in to the surveillance apparatus over a mere domestic spat, saying “it’s better on their side anyway.”

      • Which is why I say people gravitate towards power and that’s why the alt right has a poor showing…It why Islam is defended by those who will be killed as soon as it gains power over western civilization…

    • I understand the quandary. Our fractional reserve banking system indeed enables the worst predators in our civilization. And ripping that creature out of the body politic may well entail destroying everything.

      • Catherine Austin Fitts is good on this.. faced with a big red button that would eliminate the central bank predation, everyone balks because of their 401K.

    • I think I’ve got a take on that. The culture war depresses the economy, and you see that now as business begins to take sides. The NFL is losing millions and now Star Wars and probably the MCU is going to follow the same path. The culture war destroys commerce, but the problem is that we live in a polyglot, and all that holds it together is money from Uncle Sugar both direct and indirect. Miss even one check and this all comes crashing down.

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