Radical Disorder

A mistake often made when analyzing the actions of the Left is to assume everything they do is driven by some master plan. For example, there’s a touch of conspiracy mongering in all of the George Soros stuff. While there is no doubt he is an evil person, much of what he finances is unknown to him.  Left-wing activism is full of grifters and scammers attracted to the free flow of cash. More important, it is a bug lamp for the mentally unstable, whose activism is based on pure instinct. They don’t think about what they are doing.

The attack on Tucker Carlson’s house is a great example. That’s the sort of escalation that a subversive mastermind would not approve. The reason is the Left is far more vulnerable to this sort of thing than the gentry conservatives. Progressive enclaves are made up to look like 1950’s America with a limited police presence and no surveillance cameras. Then there is the fact that the ever-so-slightly to the right talking heads all live in Progressive enclaves. All their neighbors are barking at the moon lefties.

Now, the people responsible for the “action” against Carlson were certainly just acting on a  whim. The people financing them are similarly acting from emotion, rather than strategic thinking. They feel like they are doing something and they somewhat envy the people who get involved in street activism. A major part of the Antifa performance is exactly that, a performance. It’s aimed at the bourgeois bohemians who write checks to operations like the One People’s Project, one of the financiers of Antifa.

This has always been a part of radical activism in the United States, at least since the 1960’s with the rise of the New Left. Read the biographies of people like David Horowitz or histories of groups like the Weathermen, and two things always shine through. One is the activists were often seeking attention from their parents. These were kids raised in bourgeois opulence, but desperate for attention. That’s the thing that turns up over and over in 60’s radicalism. Most of it was just an effort to scandalize their parents.

Then there is the fact that almost all of it was financed by middle and upper middle class people. Radicalism in America is a bourgeois enterprise. People often get this confused, thinking that the Left is just a bunch of hypocrites. After all, the most liberal places on earth are the wealthiest. Today, all of the politically active billionaires are throwing their money into causes that claim to oppose neoliberal capitalism. George Soros is a billionaire, yet he pours money into groups that swear they are going to murder the rich.

Even if you put aside the puerile emotionalism of what’s going on with the Left, the general plunge into lawlessness is far worse for them than it is for the dissidents. The rules, as currently written, are designed to protect the Left. Antifa gets police protection at riots, because the cops know the dissidents would tear the spaghetti armed Antifa boys to shreds, if given the chance. Everywhere you look the system is rigged to protect the Left and make it difficult for dissidents to mount a challenge.

A big part of that is keeping middle-class whites thinking they have to follow the rules, because that’s who they are. By convincing white people that they have to scrupulously follow the rules, the Left maintains an institutional advantage. If whites come to think the rules are for suckers, because the game is rigged by their enemies, the Left loses its most important advantage. Put another way, if the cops decide they don’t have to follow orders and protect the left-wing rioters, we will see our final left-wing riot.

If the Left was really controlled by a super villain, as the talk radio type of conservative insists, they would not be promoting lawlessness. The people in charge always benefit the most from order. This is an iron law of life. That was obvious in communist countries, where the revolutionaries leaders quickly turned into stone-faced defenders of order once they assumed control. The radicalism of today is entirely self-defeating, as it a top-down assault on that which keeps the radicals in power. It’s suicidal.

One possible reason is Continental radicalism was always material in nature. The communists believed their system, if implemented, would result in plenty. Once in power, they needed order so they could figure out how to make their system work. Before long, order became an end in itself, as it provided plenty for the ruling party and insulated them from the masses. The Bolsheviks became an ugly, delusional version of that which they replaced. Their materialism ultimately made them into conservatives.

In America, radicalism has always been spiritual. The Puritan notions of salvation, coupled with an outsider’s hatred of the majority population, has made for a radicalism that can never be satisfied with control. The point of the march through the institutions was not simply to replace the WASP ruling class. It was to gain the high ground in a never ending war on the white majority. The war on whiteness is an all consuming reason to exist. If it takes destroying everything to get whitey, then our radical rulers will blow up the world.

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  1. Please explain Soros. You are suggesting what he is not but I don’t know how you know that. The simplest explanation is that he is funding the radicalism because he stands to gain from it. Maybe he delights in the chaos he is causing. Maybe he is an ideologues who wants to hasten a new type of society. Why don’t you think he is a super villain? Your only argument t is that elites love order?

  2. I have to disagree with one aspect of this analysis.
    The relatively few people in power are funding the Leftists, in the expectation that THEY will be left strictly alone to pursue their financial aims.
    Facebook and the other social media giants, along with Google and the information-gathering entities, are siding with the AntiFa with the idea that the Leftists will leave their enterprises alone – for now.
    It’s about milking the system for some protected money/wealth, and keeping alternative escape destinations for the inevitable end-game.
    It’s a holding action. If it lasts, well, expect the AntiFa to be slapped down – harshly, and with sufficient vigor to ensure that they will NOT return to bother their financial overlords.

  3. A mild observation of the 2 revolution rule —
    * The first revolution sweeps away the old order, by chaos.
    * The second revolution installs the new order, by consolidation.

    The street thugs that ushered the first are deemed too troublesome to keep around by the second, excepting a small cadre to do wet work as needed. Even the US did not escape that rule, Revolutionary war was the first, construction and ratification of the USC was the second.

  4. A couple of points backing up your main theme about the disparate elements of radicalism.

    In ‘To the Finland Station’ Edmund Wilson engages in literary criticism of a sort of the older histories of the French Revolution that would have been available to Lenin. He makes note of Hippolyte Taine’s determinism having an effect on him searching for a primary mover of the revolution causing him to search for and find conspiracies that may not have been there.

    Another would have to do with the idea that residua of Puritanism helps drive radicalism. Turns out some of the most radical of the revolutionaries in France were Huguenots taking revenge for two hundred years of persecution. Not quite Puritan, but pretty damn close, which would also explain why so many Catholics would see that revolution as a conspiracy between Huguenots and Masons. Problem is, that the revolutionaries were much more diverse than that.

    One thing I’ve been reading up on is the criticism of the classical Marxist interpretation of the revolution, both from a social historical point of view, the political point of view, and the problem of Marx’s interpretation of the revolution as being driven by a change in mode of production from feudalism to capitalism. In the 1960’s the Marxist interpretation began falling apart when people turned a critical eye on the very books the Marxist writers themselves had written and began noticing contradictions within the narratives. Then when those critical historians themselves began reviewing monographs that technical historians had written upon gathering information about specific areas and ideas, and comparing these to the Marxist narratives, those traditional Marxist drivers of the revolution turned out not to be the solid blocks of a foundation underlying a well-put-together explanation, but a foundation cobbled together in support of an ideology. They suddenly realized that if one approaches history with an idea as to what is the primary driver behind it, that one is likely to find evidence to support that primary driver in whatever evidence is discovered.

    The same thing can be said of conspiracy theories in general. That is not to say that there are no primary drivers and no conspiracies, but facile reasoning is called that for a reason.

  5. Re: “A mistake often made when analyzing the actions of the Left is to assume everything they do is driven by some master plan. For example, there’s a touch of conspiracy mongering in all of the George Soros stuff. While there is no doubt he is an evil person, much of what he finances is unknown to him.”

    Couldn’t disagree more, ZMan, and I rarely disagree with you….

    You don’t become one of the richest men in the world – a billionaire many times over – without having drive, focus and laser-like attention. Whatever else he may be, Soros isn’t the kind to make things up as he goes along – and neither are most of his allies in the globalist movement. These are people accustomed to bending and shaping reality – the world around them – according to their desires.

    It sounds comical, but unfortunately it isn’t – Soros is the nearest thing we the human race have to a real, come-to-life James Bond villain – our very own Dr. Evil. Soros is that most-dangerous of men – a high-functioning sociopath, driven to get what he wants, no matter the cost. Monetary or otherwise….

    Soros just gifted a cool $18 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundation, his front for globalism and many of the other pies in which he has his fingers. With that kind of money, the foundation is all-but-a-nation-state in terms of influence and clout. Part of the deep-state – our unelected shadow (parallel) government. So, the man puts his money where his mouth is, as the saying goes.

    Nor does Soros hesitate to break eggs to make an omelet, as his sponsorship of the de facto Muslim invasion of Europe shows. Soros and company – Macron, Merkel, Juncker, May, et al. – have the blood of countless innocents on their hands, i.e., the victims of Islamic jihad across Europe, those raped, assaulted, robbed, intimidated, even killed. Soros doesn’t appear fazed in the slightest.

    The left as a whole may be disorganized at times, and have the attention span of a gnat – but not men like Soros. You under-estimate him at your – and our peril. The man is capable of anything – and I do mean anything.

  6. misses on some big points.

    lots of exaggerated claims, no evidence. be assured that while soros may not know how every dollar is spent, his intentions are surely understood by the people working the purses. if not, lots of the effects he buys would end up working across purposes. the dancers he buys seldom step on each other’s toes.

    i’m sure the accidental view of history is comforting, but is the comfort in truth or safer credentials for the analyst?

    radical activism to scandalize you parents only works when you parents have some standards. we’re looking at (roughly) the fourth generation subject to the dumbing down of education and culture, and the result is tar baby of cultural degradation – la nostalgie pour la boue – a taste for mud, degeneracy for degeneracy’s sake.

    the story of our education system is key. read some charlotte iserbyt or john taylor gatto. it didn’t happen because we were lazy, it was done to us.

  7. The communists have been active in this nation from the 1920s. I’d argue that their ancestors were active in New England in the 1850s, seeking to create a earthy paradise that required a strong central government.

    Make no mistake, a war is approaching rapidly. We no longer have shared values. We no longer speak the same language. The social fabric has been destroyed so we see girls in men’s rooms, women killing their children and state sponsored discrimination.

    We are told that queers are worthy of respect. We are told to embrace them, and transgenders, and the 89 other genders. We are told that climate change will destroy us every ten years since the 1970s. We are told industry, self reliance, self respect, discipline, and freedom are dog whistles.

    I served oversea for 29 years. I know how this will end. It will not be pretty, but if the Left continues I will hoist the black flag and wave it till they are gone from my ancestor’s land.

  8. “…an outsider’s hatred of the majority population.”

    Hmm, I wonder what kind of “outsider’s hatred” (((Zimmermann))) is talking about here 😂😂😂.

    But anyway, it doesn’t matter, does it, (((Zimmermann)))? The problem is not the Jews, it’s Leftwing Jews, right? After all, unlike Muslims, Blacks or Gypsies, Jews should never be trashed collectivelly, specially in racial/ethnic terms and even more specially when you’re a crypto Jew pretending to be White, right (((Zimmermann)))? 😂😂😂

    • Kindly fuck off.
      Well not kindly- simply Fuck. Off.

      We’re in a fighting retreat.
      We need every soldier- like Horowitz’ “dicoverthenetworks”, or our echo-posters here, fighting the demons in their midst (as do we)–
      or our Achilles, the Zman.

      I could give a fuck less how “White Right Hub” wants to classify its blogroll. They’re no-talent amateurs who think they have a nifty idea.
      An aggregator site, sha-zam zowee.

      I’d rather not know any thing about our host- only his ideas.

  9. Broke: Trump is our Pinochet.

    Woke: Trump is our Gorbachev – a pragmatist who tried to save a dysfunctional, sclerotic, doomed system with a package of reforms that were ultimately too little, too late.

    • Damn. That is a truth punch right there not that I though Trump was Pinochet .

      A hotelier isn’t that kind of guy, you need the crazy of an artist or the ruthlessness of a soldier or both.

    • Here’s a thought experiment: like Gorbachev, Trump has made continual concessions to his enemies (the Republicans, and those they actually represent), for which he has been provided nothing in return. At the end of their incompetent rules, their peoples’ suffering massively worsened, as a collapse into a long state of chaos, of horrendous poverty, violence, misery, unchecked oligarchic looting, et al resulted. They both evidently had a similar valuation of walls. The one tore down a wall that had protected Eastern Europe from the West’s positively deadly late-stage individualist democratic-capitalist mind-virus (which has kept East Europe relatively healthy to this day, let’s hope it continues), the other failed to build one up, as promised, to give his people a small reprieve from absorption into the Third World (but, at least we’ve gotten some great tweets, a tax cut, and now prison reform). I’ll be honest, I don’t know which of these two guys is worse. My impression is that Gorbachev was “played”, while I’m increasingly thinking Trump is a con-man.

  10. The White man, being human, has sinned, as has every other demographic group. He has oppressed the weak, as has every other demographic group. He has waged aggressive war and sold the conquered into slavery, as has every other demographic group. We are deeply flawed, as is every other demographic group.

    But that’s where the similarities end. What the other demographic groups have not done is invent the rule of law, individual rights and universal suffrage; vaccines, antibiotics and anesthesia; indoor plumbing and electricity on demand; planes, trains and automobiles; the printing press, telegraph, telephone, radio, phonograph, copiers, computers and the internet; and, well, just about everything good and useful you can think of. Without the contributions of Whitey, we would all be living in mud huts, picking lice off each other.

    • The case has been made that white man is “evil” precisely because of his ingenuity; his relentless energy and progressive urge has reshaped the world in a way that is unnatural.

      White man gives us nation states in continents like Africa where the ‘nation-state’ is incomprehensible to tribal peoples;

      White man gives us medicines that disrupt the natural cycle of life in primitive societies, where the life expectancy is 35, yielding chaos in time-hewn social structures;

      White man builds nuclear reactors – and nuclear-tipped ICBMs – in total disregard of the opinions, thoughts and emotions of ‘lesser breeds without the law’.

      White man produces lunatics like Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Ivan the Terrible, Marquis de Sade, Caligula, and Abraham Lincoln, dedicated to the proposition that the enslavement and degradation of whole peoples is “good for humanity”.

      White man produces high-end pornography, massive aircraft carriers, ‘Leave it to Beaver’, as well as syndicalism, atheism, quantum physics and massive symphonies, indiscriminately and carelessly, totally disregarding the ‘fairness doctrine’ among peoples.

      White man – and this is no joke – has come to hate himself, and he has the means to take everyone with him when he’s had enough, when his creative energies run into brick walls. From ‘going postal’ to ‘going nuclear’, we’ve got it all.

  11. Got to see the forest for the trees, Z. Yes, the left is spontaneously organized rather than hierarchical; opportunistic rather than conspiratorial. Right-wingers project their own preferences onto the left, just as left-wingers do to the right.

    But this type of organization does not equate to randomness. It is not the same as having no strategy. Islamism is organized the same way, and it has been very effective at achieving its goals. All it requires is fanatical devotion to an ideology and tolerance from the host society.

    The left seems amorphous if you try to drill down, but that’s not the correct way to model the left. Instead, think of it as a collective Intelligence with collective strategy, like an ant colony or bird flock. The individual behaves mindlessly, sometimes appearing to go against its own interests, yet the collective is highly resilient.

    Leftists are fragile, but “The Left” is quite anti-fragile.

  12. I agree w the central conjecture here, that this is less centrally controlled by a Bond-like villain than run on emotions and instinct. I think it is more like a flock of birds or school of fish that move in coordinated ways but w/o a leader. How this happens is pretty fascinating, Im not sure anyone knows for sure

    As for possible explanations, I think ‘biohistory’ and the ‘r/K selection’ proposals may be on to something.

  13. From Grand Hotel Abyss, a somewhat sympathetic account of the Frankfurt School, I learned that nearly all the founders grew up in well-off homes: their fathers were doctors, factory owners, etc. Guilt over that seemed to have been a major driving force.

  14. I appreciate that the Zman probably gets more than his share of, shall we say, “enthusiastic” correspondence about the Illuminati and lizard people. But reading today’s column, I think he may be letting that color his thinking.

    Just yesterday we have a column that includes mention of the well organized, well funded election stealing taking place on multiple fronts. An operation involving parallel efforts of local operatives, the media, the national Democratic party, affiliated lawyers, etc, etc. Today we have a column that starts out by admonishing those who would think such things are the result of certain individuals and organizations working together towards a common goal.

    Yesterday we are told that we clearly can’t win if we start out by accepting the paradigms of the progressives. Today we are told to start out by accepting one of the progressive paradigms. Those who notice that there are well financed and organized groups behind the nut jobs like those who showed up at Mr. Carlson’s house are unbalanced “conspiracy theorists.”

    Z has often written of the insane things our elites believe. But today we are told that the same folks who drive the importation of untold numbers of 3rd world criminals, would surely recognize promoting lawlessness could create unfortunate blow-back for them.

    Most of us who notice things don’t believe that there are some kind of super villain team meetings going on, or marching orders handed down directly from Soros to some street thugs. We recognize that much like certain criminal organizations, and non-state actors, the coordination and organization of our foe is deep, loose, and informal. We also recognize that our opponent’s ability to organize and coordinate is a strength, and something our side sorely lacks.

    Z mentioned David Horowitz. Mr Horowitz runs a website designed to provide a look into the deep network of connections and organization (https://www.discoverthenetworks.org/ ) that exists on the other side.

    It’s is extremely important to our side that we acknowledge and seek to emulate this type of organization. We do ourselves no favors by thinking that there is anything organic about it. It is the result of decades of work on their part. When our side can provide buses, bail money, and lawyers for a “spontaneous” protest, we will have taken the first steps towards leveling the field.

    For now, it would be a good start for influencers like the Zman to not to promote the progressive narrative. Even if it means that he will continue to receive updates from the hollow earth crowd.

    • The “progressive narrative” isn’t even a narrative anymore. Narrative implies a story, a goal, an ‘Oz’.

      Now it’s just “we rule, you obey”.

      Pretty boring as narratives go. Still, you have to wonder if the Cold War was a pyrrhic victory; Khrushchev bragged “we will bury you”. As a Russian he was wrong; as a communist, well, he may still be right.

  15. Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, and Brendan Behan are three of the foremost dramatists and legendary comedians/wits of the English-speaking past century. Their contributions to the English art of comedy are beyond compare. They all spent a substantial amount of their time living and working in England. If the British Isles were nuked tomorrow, and all evidence of the English language were to be destroyed with the exception of Wilde, Shaw, and Behan, you could reconstitute pretty much the entire English language, using only their work, in a matter of months.

    Not one of them was an Englishman.

    Goes to show how foreign influences can work. Some of the major Latin poets, if I recall correctly, were ethnic Celtiberian Spaniards. Grand Marshal An Lu-Shan was a Turk, and that certainly worked out great for the Han. Oh, wait…..

    Like Morcheeba used to say, Who can you trust, when you…. neeeeed to?

    • Joseph Conrad was a Pole, Vladimir Nabokov was a Russian, Jacques Barzun a Frenchman, Simon Leys aka Pierre Ryckmans a Belgian. Stretching the point – if only just – Eric Hoffer grew up in a German-speaking household, and spoke with a decided German accent his whole life – a kind of Lawrence Welk of American political philosophy.

      All wrote splendid, expressive English. As much as I’d miss Wilde and Shaw – Behan not so much – I’d prefer the works of the men listed above as a basis for recovering our lingo from the nuclear ashes.

      Somehow, comedies of manners wouldn’t seem so useful or clever in a post-apocalyptic scenario. For the same reason I guess I’d choose Sophocles over Aristophanes, if choosing had to be done to preserve ancient literary Greek.

  16. I would say that in some ways, “the Puritan notions of salvation” are what drives the Antifa rabble. Purtians believed in predestination, and they spent a great deal of time and energy in self evaluation, looking for signs of their predestined salvation. In much the same way, leftist losers and nobodies, with nothing more than useless college degree, a twitter account with 5 followers, and a total lack of intellectual capacity, use Antifa larping as a means of detecting signs of progressive salvation in their lives. This, of course, involves (self) hating whitey, celebrating diversity and mass immigration, and bashing the Fascist. The more aware of this crowd must hope that our future (non-white) rulers will come them last, but I suspect that instead they will be the low hanging fruit, the weakest and most easily dispatched during the clean up phase…

    • I take the opposite opinion. The Puritans believed in limited salvation. It was up to God who was saved. The real busy bodies have always been the Methodists. Always trying to fine tune that perfect moral system that would save people.

      • Well, I certainly don’t hold myself up as an expert in comparative religion, but an internet search of “Puritan predestination” brings up countless pages about the Calvinist/Puritan views on predestination. So…whatever.

        On the question of self-examination for signs of salvation, the “predestinationists” (whoever they were) considered it a sin to manufacture signs of salvation, so I don’t want to confuse anyone with my above claim. What these Antifa jackasses are doing, were it translated to the context of the “predestinationists,” would be considered a sin. In the current context it is simply self righteousness and virtue signaling, and it shows a complete lack of ability to and/or interest in critically examining one’s own beliefs and actions. In modern terms: NPC.

  17. These people aren’t confident of their power. That’s why they encourage chaos. They can’t just order Tucker Carlson arrested. The bad guys have, in a disorganized way, tremendous power, but people can still defy them openly and walk free. They couldn’t even dictate who got elected president in 2016. The NRA exists and collects dues. Millions of Americans own Nuclear Grade Militaristical Assault Clips complete with Shoulder Thing. And pickup trucks!

    Within the law, they can’t do much about any of that, at least not right now.

    Also, you can forgive them for thinking whitey will never wake up.

  18. Modern elites tend to be suicidal. Rousseau spent most of his intellectual life being paid to tell nobles that they stuck and the nobles housed and paid him for the privilege. Of course, a few years later the french revolution happened and they all lost their heads and lifestyle.

    He was so influential, Marie Antoinette had a log cabin behind Versailles to live out his back to nature lifestyle.

  19. The real conspiracy is Not that the Left will *win* – what could that even mean?

    It is to damn more souls in the spiritual war for evil by creating the kind of society which encourages evil.

    Leftism is based on, and in pursuit of, net-evil – by means partly of pursuing (ever more partial) specific Goods (kindness, empathy, relief of suffering etc); and partly by encouraging a general atmosphere or envy, spite and fear.

    But the effect of Leftism goes beyond the self-identified Left. For example, materialism (positivism) absolutely dominates *all* mainstream public/ political discourse – such that life cannot now be considered as anything but utilitarian-hedonic in its core nature.

    The mainstream conspiracy theiorists mostly suggest that Soros and the like on the Left are working with the primary aim of justifying Western totalitarianism – causing problems, demand for action, and implementing solutions based on first total surveillance and then total control; and I think this is broadly correct.

    However, I believe the ultimate goal of the Golbal Establishment is spiritual harm; not wealth/ power/ lust/ sadism etc.

    • Mr. Charlton…thank you for your blog and thought provoking words. “The ultimate goal of the Global Establishment is spiritual harm”….is here now and growing the death march. By using wealth-power-lust-sadism to appeal to the appetites,etc…the walking evil create Distraction-Addiction-Destruction. The walking evil aren’t above dipping into the aforementioned distractions themselves, although some are like the drug kingpin who never partakes in his wares. From my vantage point this is rarely an “either/or”, often an “either/and” for the ultimate goal of the eating of one’s soul, soul cannibalism. I witnessed the night of the living dead first while working in downtown Oakland and it has since spread everywhere, including my small town in southern Utah. Frequently now see living dead people….look in their eyes and their soul has moved aside inviting in something that is ghastly and terrifying, and their actions/thoughts are turning their body into Gollum.

  20. RE:

    “The people in charge always benefit the most from order. This is an iron law of life. That was obvious in communist countries, where the revolutionaries leaders quickly turned into stone-faced defenders of order once they assumed control. The radicalism of today is entirely self-defeating, as it a top-down assault on that which keeps the radicals in power. It’s suicidal.”

    Yes …. but….. many of these left leaning spaghetti armed weenies are running around telling themselves and everybody else that they’re living under some sort of capitalist – fascist – racist – right wing tyranny.

    There’s also that long standing commie tactic where they tear down the existing order – thru chaos – so they can assume control in the new order that follows afterwards. The dummies on the streets that bring about that new order are expendable – hence the term “usefull idiots” – and those useful idiots are usually the very first to get sent off to the camps as the new hierarchy assumes control and puts in the new order – with THEM in charge.

    So yes – the people in charge always benefit the most from order. But when you’ve got a new group of people that want to be in charge – they need to get rid of the old group of people somehow. Since the old group of people (in this country at least) – did at least have some claim to power in that they actually DID things – and our new group seems to have little to none of that present in their ranks ………. I’d argue that we may well be going thru a period of chaos as one power group tries to replace the other one.

    • While it may be true that people in charge always benefit the most from order, it’s also true that sowing chaos can be used as a weapon in the internal power struggle among the people in charge. After all, that’s what the Chinese Cultural Revolution was essentially about, if I have understood it correctly.

      After the disastrous Great Leap Forward Mao Tse-Tung’s authority was greatly reduced, and riling up the young fanatics to attack the old power structure was a way for him to get rid of his rivals in the ruling class. Now, the whole Cultural Revolution business got seriously out of hand, to the point where the country was at the brink of civil war, and Mao eventually had to send the army to crush the red guards and restore the order.

      So while fomenting chaos from the above to attack your enemies within the establishment is definitely a risky strategy, it’s something that has been done before. I don’t know if that’s what’s going on in America today, but it’s not impossible.

      • The middle class wouldn’t have done as well as it did in the 1950s and 60’s had the elites not been scared to death of Communism in that era. The middle class was bribed with tract homes and new cars to be perfectly obedient, and they were. It wasn’t a given in the 1950’s elite opinion that capitalism would win. They even gave air time to their puppet, William Buckley to do his schtick. But when the John Birch society came around, oh, no, that wasn’t acceptable to them.

      • The difference between Maoist lunacy in China and present-day lunacy in America is that Mao was Chinese, and his enemies, guys like Deng and Lin Biao, were also… Chinese. And despite the Marxist-Leninist theoretical pretensions, they were all fighting, as is always the case, over which team of Chinese people were going to have control over the other Chinese people in China.

        Charles Schumer holds a seat in the Senate of the United States of America. Charles Schumer is not an American. Rod Rosenstein is not an American. Diane Feinstein is not an American. Barack Obama is not an American. Eric Holder is not an American. Keith Ellison is not an American. Srimrata Dhrumshrata or whatever that Sikh Chick in the UN calls herself, is not an American. The guys who run Google and Faceberg are not Americans. The guys who run CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo, Slate, NYT, WaPo, you name it… none of them are Americans.

        Back in the 80s, when South African divestment was the Big Campus Moral Crisis, back before Holocaust Inc. and Slabery Inc. were publicly-traded corporations, Apartheid was The Most Evillest Thing Evah. I knew a bunch of grad-student South African Jews who made a huge hand-wringing public fuss about how trrrrrrble apartheid was, and all the heroic things they’d done to resist it. The moment the regime fell and Mandela/ANC were installed in power, they all moved their entire Jewish extended families to the USA.

        I expect their children will form a human battering ram to get into New Zealand, once they’ve finished burning this place to the ground. It’s that old frog/scorpion thing: they can’t help it. It’s just What They Do.

  21. “By convincing white people that they have to scrupulously follow the rules, the Left maintains an institutional advantage.” – I’ve seen this first hand with healthcare. All of these middle class and upper middle class white people angry that they HAVE TO PAY these massive health insurance premiums and get no healthcare from them. Okay, why are you paying them? Seriously, the Congress even took away the penalty to pay them. The only good thing they did last year. Even when there was a penalty for two years, I would have taken it.

    I’ve known immigrants from Eastern Europe who would never think of paying that. They pay cash for service at 50% less. If they end up in the ER, that bill isn’t getting paid. If they happen to get sued they just put the house in grandma’s name. If they lived by the rules in their previous countries, they would have starved to death in a ditch.

  22. The antifa circuses, the pretend police reactions, and uncertainty of the right all remind me of a Mitch Hedberg joke:

    “I’m against picketing, but I don’t know how to show it.”

  23. Florida is the next California.
    Arizona, Georgia , Texas, North Carolina are long gone.
    Congratulations GOP, the seeds sown by Reagan and Bush are benefiting the Democrats now.
    2020 is going to be a Blood Bath.
    Astonished that Total White Deaths are projected to exceed White Births by at least 35,000 this year.
    GOP is done.
    I want to see what 2050 is gonna look like.

    • When Africans or Mexicans run things, things are run like Africa or Mexico. Then think about both groups competing to run things. Be careful what you work for, you might get it.

      • Fenton is probably Tiny Duck BTW , He seems to share a similar very distinct posting “hand” . I do like the new tact though. Its refreshingly gloomy compared to the usual Left wing claptrap.

        That said Hispanic TFR in the US is below replacement now (2.0) as is Asian . So is the Black and they have a higher morality rate.

        Areas are also exporting less migrants as general fertility is lower everywhere except in Africa and parts of the Middle East

        I expect to see some push for the later groups if the Left and its rapacious greedy global-corp allies get power but time is not on their side and even globalists are leery of those groups, we’ve raided Nigeria for its quality people already

        Long run Whites need a small population increase and a bit of ruthlessness and they can take back everything they’ve lost.

        However they have to de-cuck first and they will require a bit more die off of boomers and economic hardship.

        They’ll also need some though about populism and nationalism but that is where we come in.

      • As a rule in Latin America, the elites were for the most part white, even in countries where whites were a minority, such as Mexico. Imagine what Mexico would be like if the elites were the lower IQ mestizos.

        • Mexico is a solidly 2nd world country, with civilization mostly in-control. Agree that the reason they have electricity, clean water in hotels, telephone/TV/internet, supermarkets, PEMEX, and silver mining are the Spanish-speaking tall/light ethnic German/Spanish men who run the technical and government parts.

    • Your politics and mine are diametrically opposed but I agree with you. A major reason that your side is winning is due to the stupidity and timidity of Republicans and conservatives like Reagan and Limbaugh. Your side has had a greater insight into human nature, especially racial tribalism, than my side and you have reaped those rewards. But that is changing. I hope we meet in person someday.

      • What is your side anyway? I’m an omni nationalist with traditionalist leanings. The only reason I’m on the Dissident Right is that movement such as it is took over from the pro American Democrats who would normally get my vote

        Those donks are long gone so i’m stuck with the Republicans who have to cater to the country club, neo cons and the religious nutters none of whom I have anything in common with

  24. Maybe Tucker wouldn’t have been “attacked” if he didn’t engage in racism. Ever think of that?

    I thought you conservatives liked free speech and free assembly?

    With Whites at a lower percentage of the population in the west, the battle is clearly lost. The resulting scramble of White Nationalist furies in the US is something like Hitler’s last stand, doomed, as the Allies closed in on him (sorry for the bad analogy). New Zealand is probably headed in the same direction as the US.
    My message to you guys is “You Grandchildren will be Brown.” Leave everything and pray to the new Majority that they be nice to to you and your children.
    There will be Zero White Gentiles left after 100 years.

    • Uncle Bob thought the same in Zimbabwe. But his people will be taken over by the Chinese, if not the Indians.

    • high testosterone / low I.Q = Sub Sahara
      low testosterone / high I.Q. = China S.E. Asia
      low testosterone / low I.Q. = India
      high testosterone / high I.Q. = whitey
      The booking window is now open. Place your bets.

  25. I think the wealthy Lefties, if they are honest with themselves, know that they have no real solutions to offer with what they profess. But they have this angst, that wealth perhaps has intensified, owing to their wealth not making them any happier, and they just need to do “something”. A monied, powerful primal scream. Which means that outcomes and side effects are not really part of the equation. It’s all about “getting the anger out”.

    Which goes back to Z-man’s point about the American version of spiritual radicalism vs. the Europeans. The American version is impervious to reason or satiation. Similar to the apocalyptic Iranian Shiite version of Islam. The Saudi Sunnis might be able to be reasoned with, because their wants are largely material in nature, but the Iranian leaders just want their Imam to rise out of the ashes. They just want to burn it all down. Sound familiar?

  26. In this essay, more than most here, I agree with half the assertions and reasoning and question the other half.

    I question whether Lefty leaders would really disapprove of chaos as a tactic against their enemies, so long as they themselves are in congenial surroundings. Similarly for this: “Even if you put aside the puerile emotionalism of what’s going on with the Left, the general plunge into lawlessness is far worse for them than it is for the dissidents.”

    “The point of the march through the institutions was not simply to replace the WASP ruling class.” I’m not sure there was a single motivation for all involved in that march. I wonder if the mix of motivations changed over time.

    “Antifa gets police protection at riots, because the cops know the dissidents would tear the spaghetti armed Antifa boys to shreds.” No, I think they just want to keep their jobs. And an increasing number are progressives themselves.

    “In America, radicalism has always been spiritual…” Agree mostly.

    “A big part of that is keeping middle-class whites thinking they have to follow the rules…” Agree.

    Unrelated: I keep seeing someone’s law that says don’t ascribe events to malice when they can be explained by stupidity. I don’t think that’s a good rule of thumb.

    • Agreed on the protection of rioting Antifas. The cops know that the thugs are in league with very expensive lawyers, who will shred the LEO’s careers if they step in against the Antifas.

  27. >> “The people in charge always benefit the most from order.”

    Well, only if they have to stay in the place where they create disorder. In South Africa, for example, a lot of the people who promoted the end of apartheid simply did a runner when things started to go bad. Those people are doing fine now. The native whites were left to face genocide alone.

    One suspects that George Soros will not lack for a place to go if America goes kablooey. I suspect that’s part of the fun for sociopath globalists, finding new luxury mountaintops to live on after plunging whole countries into chaos. But maybe I’m just paranoid.

    It’s a basic skin-in-the-game problem. Mao Zedong couldn’t move to Lichtenstein or Israel. But a lot of the contemporary chaos-makers can. It’s a special and problematic feature of globalist radicalism.

    >> “The war on whiteness is an all consuming reason to exist.”

    Notice the hysterically angry reactions to talk of white separatism and ethnonationalism. Nothing seems to infuriate them more than the idea of white people living happily, in their own way, in their own countries.


    >> “If the cops decide they don’t have to follow orders and protect the left-wing rioters, we will see our final left-wing riot.”

    Our job is to bring that day about.

  28. Ancoms (anarcho-communists) what is colloquially referred to as Antifa (which should not be used) are mainly a reactive (QRF) group, rather than a “hunter-killer” group. In their own imaginations, they act as “community self-defense” against far-right demonstrations. On their own turf, they enjoy some sympathy from the elected District Attorneys, judges and potential jury nullification. These activities would attract more scrutiny in a rural conservative area. The federal DOJ is compromised, and cannot afford to appear “soft on the nazis”.

    • Their ability and willingness to engage in “search and destroy” is mostly limited to online doxxing. Otherwise they leave this to the better funded ADL and SPLC, that along with law enforcement can afford to recruit informants. Gavin’s Boys can avoid most legal trouble by simply holding unannounced private events on someone’s private property in a rural area. But that means not getting to play victim.

      • Do not underestimate the lethality of Antifa. See the article at American Thinker about the demise of Richard Morrisett if you think they are not playing keeps.

  29. Imagine for a moment a counter factual 20th-century China — one where China retained relative parity with the West, where the Opium Wars and the Unequal Treaties and the Tai-pings never happened, where the Japanese never invaded, where a reasonable guy like Sun Yat-sen stayed in power and nobody ever heard of Mao or Marx or their crackpot theories.

    So, imagine you’re just a regular Chinese schmo just getting along with his Chinese life in China. But somehow, despite all reasonable indicators to the contrary, you can’t help noticing the whole country is going to hell. China is in massive debt when it shouldn’t be, China is involved in endless pointless wars in the Phillippines and Peru of all places (I mean, Peru?! Why the fuck are us Chinese fighting in Peru?), there’s this ongoing problem of the Turks and the Uiyghurs and the Tibetans constantly raping and murdering Chinese women. And if you’re an ethnic Chinese, you somehow can’t get into a decent Chinese university, because all the spots are reserved for Italians. That certainly seems weird, right? And because of all the Italian immigration, it appears that the actual Chinese will become a minority, in China itself, before too long. There isn’t a second New China you can bug off to; if China is finished, then the Chinese are finished too.

    Then, for the first time, you notice something weird. The small minority of Koreans who live in China are all laughing and gloating about the situation.

    Then you notice that somehow, the Koreans own all the newspapers. And all the TV and radio stations. And the Internet. And they are a majority in the universities. And, now you come to notice it, you can’t really remember the last time you heard of a judge or a professor or a columnist or an opinion-maker who had a Chinese name — they’re nearly all Koreans, or else the seeming best-buddies of the Koreans, the Gujaratis, the Italians, and the Tibetans.

    And every time you turn on the TV, there’s some Korean guy telling you that China must go to war to defend Korean interests in Peru, anything less would be anti-Koreanism, the worst sin of all sins; and every commercial shows a Chinese girl dating a Gujarati man.

    You might find that weird, wouldn’t you?

  30. I would have liked to have seen Tucker’s wife come out the front door with a 12 gauge, blasting away if the crowd refused to leave.

    • Much much better that she should have come outside unarmed and gotten red pilling video of the thug left abusing nice white ladies in their own homes.

    • The left went into damage control mode, claiming that Tucker was lying about the an-com mob trying to break in. They were especially triggered that the DC police referred to it as a “hate crime”. Normally an-coms are rather disciplined, as they have “advisers” from the leftist National Lawyers Guild that limit them to misdemeanor vandalism, at most. Breaking and entering is a felony, which represents an escalation.

      • Walking up to the front door is trespassing. Never mind the the beating on the door.

        One of the first things that popped into my mind when I saw the videos of that incident was: why the hell do you have a house so close to the street?

        Tucker needs to move – to a place where the house isn’t so close to the damn street that it’s a simple skip up to his front door.

        • Tucker is a yankee. They live close to the street. Amerikaners live ensconced in their property. This is one of those “all whites are different” things

        • He’s a city boy, he grew up in Studio City, CA, Like most homes in Los Angeles area, they are very close to the street.

          IOW that’s normal for him.

  31. When you compare the development of Chinese and Western civilizations, which have roughly equal parity with respect to pre-Science Age technology, political organization, cultural ambition, and philosophy, you see certain structural similarities and differences.

    For instance, in both cases there was the central reality of the Empire: the key weird difference was that the Roman Empire was based around a central sea with a peripheral land-mass on all sides, whereas the Chinese Empire was a solid land-mass with peripheral and not-very-important coasts. Makes a difference.

    Both of them had a weird foreign religion that took over a big chunk of their culture (Buddhism, Christianity respectively), and a more or less unending external threat from the endless seething hordes of internal Asia: Hsiung-nu, Khitai, Huns, Goths, Vandals, Bulgars, Mongols, Manchus, Moslems, Turks, (in the New World Roman expansion, it’s Squatemalans) — it more or less never stops. There’s always going to be some shitty pauper factory living next door who always figure out that it’s a cheaper, easier route to the Good Life to invade and plunder, rather than to painstakingly build.

    So far, so good. Right? (to be continued…). Cue warning bells of doom.

    • Yeah, but as I pointed out before, mongol/Manchus in the east and Viking/goths in the west were relatively high iq to the populations they barbarized. So although there was a temporary setback and calamity, in the long term civilization was genetically strengthened. The third world masses being let in by Europe and the US are not only lower in iq, they’ve never created sustainable first world civilizations anywhere. That’s the important difference. The Mongols and Vikings were actually militarily superior to the people they conquered(at the time). Squatemalans could not confront the US military had we the spiritual will to use it.

  32. The growth of Progressivism is a symptom of our decline. It exists largely because there is no antidote in society to cure this defect. As such, it will only grow worse over time. LEOs are now complicit in the destruction that Progressives cause rather than a remedy. As an example, the Spygate coverup is about to succeed and all the DOJ/FBI/CIA culprits will get a pass for numerous Class I felonies by persons in a position of trust. This means that we are in the terminal phase of disintegration. The Good Guys are wisely remaining on the sidelines for now because LEOs will attack them first when the wheels come off.

    • “LEOs are now complicit in the destruction that Progressives cause rather than a remedy.” Yeah, yesterday I wondered in a comment thread here about how to redpill those guys, but when you look at the police in England, how they carry out the will of the totalitarian left establishment, and how they’re in on the anarcho-tyranny injustice, pozz, and just general socio-moral perversity, it’s really very depressing indeed.

      • LEOs are paramilitary and personnel are selected based upon reliability under command (they really can’t function otherwise). Many hate being misused by their political masters, but it’s a job and they will get fired if they disobey. The Progressive cancer corrupts everything it touches.

  33. The elites want to provoke the right into a riot so they can crack down with martial law on everyone, including the stupid lackey they use to do stuff like this on the left. I don’t know how well that would work in execution, but that is the plan. They want to come up with a way to become a permanent ruling class through government force.

    • Earlier this year I watched the Netflix series “Narcos”. Although the series is based on actual events – I believe they do take some license with certain details.

      The series is interesting – because it makes the point pretty clearly that while Pablo Escobar was running around unchecked, people were dying left and right.

      When Search Bloc, Los Pepes, and the other various anti-communist para-militaries all started really going after the drug cartels and communists …. the violence finally settled down.

      Cartel members and commies kept turning up dead, and eventually there were none left – because……….. they were dead.

      Every time I see another incident where Antifah shows up in front of somebody’s house – or blocks traffic in some city and assaults drivers who are on the roads they paid for – I can’t help but think that the same methods are eventually going to have to be employed here.

      Waking up in the morning and realizing I just had another dream overnight (notice I didn’t say bad dream) – of being blocked by a bunch of black clad weenies while driving down town – or having a bunch of protestors in front of my house – and then having to beat a bunch of them into unconciousness with an iron pipe ……….. is probably a bad sign that I’m starting to fully accept the inevitability of this turning to violence as the only long lasting solution.

      • Remeber Bernie Goetz? He took things into his own hands and simultaneously became a hero and a scapegoat. It took another ten years 1984-1994 for Giuliani to become mayor of New York and start to clean things up.

        • Tax Slave: Yes, Bernie Goetz. And also, Son of Sam. Those bad times in the city hit my family personally, with the loss of my grandfather to a mugger The mugger got 5 years for Manslaughter, because the elderly witnesses were too fearful to testify and NYC was too broke to pursue Murder 1.

      • When I hear, as in the Portland incident with Antifa attacking old people in their cars and the police being seen gathered nearby doing nothing,not to mention the same thing in Berserkley, et. al,, how long will it be before the police become the target for their inactivity/refusal to protect the citizens/criminal collusion? How long until someone decides that since they side with the criminals that they deserve the same response? When they start getting ambushed? When *their* families start having ‘incidents’? Unlike the young, rootless Antifa members, a lot of LEOs have families and live in working-class or middle-class neighborhoods, not gated enclaves. I hope they come to their senses before it starts getting personal.

    • The oligarchs are, effectively, an insular ruling class an they are cracking down on the right without even such an excuse. Z is right about many of the worst actors being instinct driven, but that instinct isn’t a holiness spiral. It’s often a calculated attack made by someone with imperfect information. I don’t believe it’s a mistake for the left to so fully intimidate the right if their goal is to win 2020 and slam the shackles around the neck of the white American remnant. They demoralized the right immensely when Trump essentially declined to defend his most strident supporter on cable and appeared oblivious to the fact other civic nationalists were being railroaded by his own DOJ.

      A violent backlash might work to their advantage, but a demure and pacified white right is just as well.

      • That’s looking to be Trump’s greatest flaw, starting with General Flynn: not protecting his own people, be they part of his Administration or his base. Results in snakes taking the place of loyalists, and the base dissolving.

        • Indeed, Trump had better wake up to the fact that he hasn’t done anything for his base, and he hasn’t done anything about vote fraud, or his days are numbered.

        • Trump greatest flaw as a politician is not understanding that he needs to show loyalty. He wants people to be loyal to him without showing loyalty in return.

    • Maybe. But I don’t see them brawling in Indianapolis, Dallas Panama City, Kansas City… the places where Antifa would get the hell kicked out of them by red-staters.

      Too lazy to get out to flyover country? Too smart or too chicken?

    • They don’t need to become a permanent ruling class through government force. They are already a permanent ruling class through brown, black and moslems at the ballot box. We just haven’t accepted it yet. Hey, I’m a Trump supporter but we just lost the House. How? How is there so many idiots voting for commies, socialists, moslems, homos, wife beaters, rapists and thieves yet Trump won?

      Now they’re even trying to turn white women against white men thereby splitting the “majority/minority” even further. And guess what? It’s working! All one needs do is watch the commercials on TV and the messages the programs espouse. We better start thinking about founding a New America cause this one is a goner.

      • You know it’s an obvious agenda when even my husband – sigh, an old liberal – notices it.
        In fact, he’s been the one pointing it out for the last year or so.

    • This explains why they push race buttons so hard; they want an explicitly ‘racial’ reaction. They spit on us, laugh at us, insult us, on Twitter, in the NYT, on CNN, etc. We lose either way: If we smile and refuse to engage, we are pathetic and weak, and get more of the abuse; if we crack, and react along the racial line they themselves have drawn, then we “prove” that racism is alive and flourishing. The cops will arrest us, the cucks will condemn us, the tech oligarchy will expunge us, and – what is saddest of all – our guy, the Donald, will tweet his opposition to us.

      It’s where we are. The good news is that we are alive. There are birdhouses to build, gardens to be planted, books to be read, women to be embraced and wine to be enjoyed. A dog and a cat don’t hurt, though it makes travel difficult.

      I’m fed up with “caring” about the world. It’s too big for me. I married my wife until death we did part; we have children and grandchildren. That was my “vote” on the future. The rest of it is up to events.

      Last month I ran into a person who wasn’t going to vote. She said, what difference does my vote make? I asked her in turn, what do want? Two votes? Five?

      • Not for me. I may be a weak and old woman, but I’m NOT ready to just give up. I realized that my aging body will not be “on the line” – too old and tired, I’d slow them down.
        But. I write, blog, give money, and am working on losing weight and developing muscle – not enough to be a soldier, but sufficient to tag along for the fight.
        As for my help, I’ve gotten a ham license, and am working on developing my skill set. An army always has to have communications, don’t they?

  34. Again, without whitey there’s no civilization, and with whitey there’s no Viva la revolución. The “left”, it seems, is willing to give up civilization. They have no idea what bringing electricity, sewer, water, gas, and all the accruements entails. Furthermore, they are unaware that it’s not only whitey that brings these delights to their front door, but it’s that evil of all evils, the white male that provides. They have to know at some level because they uproot from their hipster paradises with the quirky bars and walkable communities and move out to crackerville the moment their children are born. Where does food come from? The grocery store, duh.

    • I shop at a big Sprouts health food grocery store. They have these grocery bags of food at checkout. They ask you if you want to buy a bag of food for our “local families in need”. If you do, they ring a loud bell and people around clap. I’m in SoCal. The bag of food is going to the brown side of town to feed illegal aliens and encourages more to come. Next time the cashier asks me I’m tempted to say, “Are they white?” Her: “Is what white, the bread?” Me: “No, the families.”

      • Frip: I ocassionally shop at Sprouts–mostly because the fruit at Trader Joe’s is aweful. The constant hectoring of shoppers at check-out to “Give to This” and “Give to That” is an annoyance and an imposition. At Walgreen’s shoppers are assured that a portion of their hard-earned dollar will go to vaccinate imporverished children (i.e., not your children). The managers “running” these retailers apparently never have to go shopping at their own stores.

      • This happened to me. I said ‘F— No, they need to move somewhere else if they can’t afford to feed themselves.’ The cashier looked at me stupefied and just finished the transaction.

        I’m brown.

      • Over the last eighteen months I have experimented living ‘sans’ credit card; I pay cash for everything, often working through my pocket for the correct change. I’ve noticed a rapid decline in requests for ‘special collections’, usually appended to credit or bank-card transactions.

        It’s like when you pay cash for stuff, the simple-minded girls working the cash registers see only the actual money, not some digital addition to your bill; they react to cash as a “flash of golden fire”; hand them a fifty – never mind a hundred – and they become tongue-tied and confused; it’s almost erotic.

        Requests to take money from you, paying in cash, vanish.

        • “Requests to take money from you, paying in cash, vanish.”

          That works because you broke the script that they had been trained for. Mass retailing does not look for the best and brighest behind the register. They look for smart enough to run the machine, dumb enough not to get bored and become surly to the customer.

          But breaking the script works in many places. Trouble call to your ISP. Tell them right up front that you have a laptop connected directly to their gateway box. There will be a long pause. Get stopped by a PoPo. When he is approaching the window have your license and registration ready to hand him. It breaks their script of ‘did you know….’ and moves them on to part two. (and saves you testifying against yourself by the way)

          We all do this. Our mind attempts to look for ways to achieve routine so as to not have to constantly recalculate a familiar scene.

        • I like that idea – I may try it.I already live the Debit Card lifestyle. Seldom use a Credit Card, mainly for the occasional unexpected expense (medical, car repair). I pay off the card immediately, before it’s due.
          Honestly, at the moment, using my credit cards is so seldom needed, I generally leave them at home.
          I didn’t reach this point quickly – there were a lot of years when I white-knuckled it from paycheck to almost-time-for-paycheck. As soon as I had a small amount of breathing room, I set up some savings to handle small emergencies. And, I made DAMN sure to stay within my budgeted means.
          The kids I taught used to laugh at my aging car and thrift-shop wardrobe.
          Who’s laughing now?

    • That’s why liquidation of the subversives…that is, you and me… are high on their list. It is not a matter of controlling the chaos; it is a matter of seeding some elements of it in order to maximize the conditions that will lead to it. Who knows where the next David Hogg or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will spawn from? But the conditions for them to spawn were part of the overall movement that was seeded by actors such as Soros and the like in the first place.

      The liquidation plan is probably already in place by the Deep State. It is not a specific group of assassins or processes of putting conservatives in ovens, yet, but rather the plan exists as a necessary step to ensure the TRUE independent resistance never germinates past the embroyo stage.

      In short, the “plan” is already in place; but it is impossible to micromanage it at this point. I’d give the US another two years of relative “normalcy,” then if the Dems take the White House and both chambers of Congress, they will never let the Republicans have any chance again, and that’s when the Boiling Frog has reached its Event Horizon to leave the pot before the boiling is done.

      • I believe resistance by the right hasn’t grown because nobody wants the pushback and immediate suspension of rights and means of self defense that will happen. People won’t want their actions to be fuel for a crackdown, as they will be hated by the right and the left.

        However if those rights are curtailed via proclamation as a pre-emptive move by the leftists after obtaining complete political power, then at that moment there will be nothing to lose except ones life, and I feel a great many leftists and their families will become regular targets of murder and assassination, and maybe deservedly so.

      • They don’t have to liquidate us. Just grab our savings and 401Ks (it’s a TEMPORARY glitch!), and install some nasty little “guests” in our houses – it’s a TEMPORARY emergency – you wouldn’t want them to be HOMELESS, would you?
        Guilt the wifey and kids to get you to agree to bringing in JUST a homeless mother and ONE child.
        Then, after they’re installed, the boyfriend/pimp moves in, with his drug operation. You’ll use the basement/garage for YOUR family, and like it. Still paying the mortgage, of course. And, to be fair, your family feels safer when they’re located at some distance from your “guests”.
        3rd Amendment? Oh, it only stops them from putting SOLDIERS in your home. These aren’t soldiers – they are needy families.
        Oh, they’re carrying guns? Well, since they haven’t legally registered them, we can’t take them away, now can we? It would violate their rights.
        Have a good day, taxpayer.

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