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Something I noticed putting together last week’s show is I have fallen into a pattern as far as material and format. That’s a good thing as without order, there is chaos, but the orderliness of the show has left out some things I like doing. I had not done a Xirl science in a while, for example. When I started this, I was just grabbing random stuff that I found entertaining, without thinking about how it fit together.That’s how I stumbled into the whole Xirl science gag and the black science gag and the libertarian bashing.

Anyway, I decided that once in a while, for variety, I should put together a podcast the way I used to do it. That way I can mock libertarians, which I will henceforth call NAP-bashing, and do some Xirl science. This also helps when I am short on time or stumped for ideas, as it is easy to surf the Reason site or the twitter feed for New Peer Review for material that I can use for the show. To do a one hour podcast each week probably consumes about ten hours of time each week, spread out over the entire week.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I’m now on Spotify, so the millennials can tune in when not sobbing over white privilege and toxic masculinity.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Tranny Troubles (Link)
  • 12:00: That’s Not Funny (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: Race and Ideology (Link)
  • 32:00: Hitler’s Revenge (Link)
  • 42:00: Xirl Science (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 52:00: Forever Cuck (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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58 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. The Globe ? Do they still print that fish wrap ? Can remember growing up in Dorchester, white, safe, everybody knew their neighbors.

    But the black horde kept marching up Dorchester Avenue. We moved several times finally making it over the bridge into South Boston. Held the line for many years but the feds wouldn’t have it.

    Now the place is overrun with yuppies and their little pets. My hometown is gone. It only lives on in memories.

  2. File under life is cruel.

    Picked up the new Camry lunchtime yesterday. Hit a deer at 6:16 this morning. It’s totaled. Did less than 30 miles in it . Deer had to be shot. If anyone wants it there’s a couple hundred pounds of nice venison on the Hampstead to Mexico road in Carroll County MD.

    Let the games begin.

  3. On the subject of the libertarians, I do wonder if they appear to have run out of steam due to the fact that they have pretty much achieved their goals? With the benefit of some distance, I believe that the entire “free market” movement was nothing but a foot-stamping demand for lots of yummy stuff to eat and endless toys to play with. I think there is at least an arguable case that the libertarian movement was really nothing more than a rationalisation for the cupidinous appetites of 12 year-old boys who just wanted to be left alone with all their stuff.

    And that’s pretty much what they’ve got now; tasty treats, toys, games, interwebs, pr0n are all on tap and inexpensive. Why bother continuing the fight when there is nothing else they ever really wanted to fight for? They’ve arrived at the end of their rainbow. Job done.

    • You live in a fantasy world.
      In what way do we have free markets?

      They are regulated, subsidized, rigged and suppressed. I can think of no time in American history during which they have been less free.

      The so-called robber baron’s of the late 19th c, could only dream of such a world.

      • Um, where did I say that we have free markets? I said the lolbertarians have what they want. May I humbly suggest you review?

  4. ENB LOL Here’s a fraction of the lore Reason commenters found when she was hired.

    Here she is failing at whoring.

    “He smelled awful… Oh, gawd, it was too much. I can abide bad x-rated talk from someone sexy, but this just would not do. Unfortunately, Ralph was much less understanding than Dave. When I tried to politely excuse myself from the situation, I was met with more pawing and a side of guilt trip. I am probably going to regret admitting this, but I gave him head because it just seemed like the easiest and quickest way out of the situation. The whole time, he talked about my cheerleading uniform and Catholic school jumpers.

    Afterwards, he gave me $300 and asked when he could see me again. I told him I would be out of town for the next two weeks (true) and would get in touch when I got back. I never did.”

    She’s recently married to a mound of soy at The Daily Beast called Asawin Suebsaeng.

    In case anyone thinks The ederalist is something other than controlled opposition:

  5. Re: Hitler’s Revenge, why assume that Stephen Miller is unique? As for whiteness, a high-pedigree WASP would find little to distinguish between a Pole, an Italian and a European Jew. As to religion, there’s little to distinguish a WASP (usually a godless Episcopalian) from a reform Jew. As to voting patterns, white ethnics in blue counties all vote the same. The Jews are no exception. Lots of people are wrong on the immigration issue. I’d prefer not to make enemies of potential friends. The Jews shouldn’t be faulted for permitting themselves to be used for an eschatological experiment by the most fervent Christians in our midst.

  6. Good podcast as usual. I have one little correction though. Women do not sit around talking about our private parts. However we do sit around talking about your private parts. Sorry guys

    • If you’re a lone guy in a group of women they will sometimes talk as if you’re not there. Women are as filthy and dirty as men—probably more so.

      • I so enjoyed working with mostly men in water treatment and distribution. Two engineers, two sr. treatment operators, an instrument tech, and a maintenance mechanic where standing next to me as I ran the system discussing the construction of the new chlorine injection system when their brains flipped in a nanosecond and I heard, “But if she had Susan’s legs…don’t forget Nadine’s tits..well add Michelle’s gorgeous face….how about Karen’s ass” all in 15 seconds the perfect woman then right back to construction planning. Didn’t say a peep and lightly smiled as delightfully amusing and glad I could witness the inner sanctum! Guess I was accepted! It was nice to step back and savour the difference. A co-worker said he had more in common with a guy who wears a fig leaf in the jungle than with his wife. Ahh…The great divide!

        • As far as DNA is concerned, you have more in common with a female chimpanzee than you do with your husband.

          And he knows it….

  7. Thought experiment: take a five minute break, have a cup of very good coffee, then sit down and actually read the original text of the Declaration of Independence. Read it with a clear head, as a serious text, not as a series of exciting rhetorical flourishes (which it also is), but as a text reflecting the sober, serious-minded judgement of well-educated and reflective men: men who had looked about them, surveyed the landscape, and drawn the necessary conclusions.

    You have to make a few minor contextual adjustments: for “the King of Great Britain” you should read “Hawaiian Federal Judge” and/or “Goldman Sachs”; for “the merciless Indian savages” you should read “the dindus”; and for “swarms of officers… who eat out our substance” you should read “H1-Bs, student visas and Squatemalans.” Otherwise, with a few other key-changes, it scans pretty clear.

    Pay particular attention to your own hermeneutic take on what exactly is meant by words like “we,” “our,” and “ours.”

    Soooo…… whaddaya think?

    • It would have been more accurate for Jefferson to have written, “We are your equals” rather than the universalist sentence he wrote. However, doing so would have been even more confrontational. He went for the universal rather than the particular as a way of appealing to natural law, which would have some domestic appeal in Britain, hoping to raise up a little bit of antiwar sentiment there.

    • John Cheese is rabidly anti-Trump, recently making disparaging remarks about him. I guess, as much as I enjoyed Monty Python, they have turned into limousine liberals and thus must be ignored.
      Speaking of our cousins across the pond, the last few posts have featured comments from some Brit’s previously unheard. I, for one, enjoy reading these and get a kick out of their slightly “tilted” point of view. It is very enlightening to hear what the rest of the civilized world thinks about us in “the colonies”. Bear in mind, cousins, that the only perspective the average American gets about your opinions of us is heavily filtered thru the Globohomo-Trump-is-the-devil media.

      • Please, please, please don’t assume that manufactured pablum you read in the British press is either (a) true or (b) representative of ordinary Brits. Our MSM is as bad as yours and maybe worse; a 24/7 poz-machine. Our culture is similarly entirely in enemy hands.

        When DJT came to the UK the media was turned over to blanket coverage of the anti-Trump marches. The following day there were massive pro-Trump rallies all over Britain. Media blackout.

        Our TV “debates” are hilarious. 4 globohomo diversitoids and one quivering, sweating, babbling cuckservative for “balance”.

        Anyway, trust me when I tell you that Trump has a massive wellspring of support in this country. We are an army in the dark.

  8. Sorry guys but I just have to say this: if any of my male friends ever say ‘I am getting a new vagina next week’ that had better mean that he intends to get laid next week. That was one really, unusually messed up story, even for an age where every kind of freak and pervert, and many new ones that no healthy brain could ever conceive of, seem to crawl out of every hole and even orifice. These ppl are not just sick, they are PROFOUNDLY perverse.

  9. I’m a listener since the podcast started. I often skip past the xirl sciences section. Nothing personnal, I can understand the humour in it. I just find it a total black pill. You think of the humanities and its contribution to The West and Humanity in general. And then you hear that shit, and it feels like a kick in the stomach. The horrible thing is that it’s spreading like a malignant cancer from the Anglophone World to the rest of The West. It feels at times like we’re a civilization with a shotgun buried in it’s mouth with an itchy trigger finger. I’ve a son 18 months old, sometimes my wife and I dread his future. But you see those young lads in the class photo doing a Roman salute and it makes you a bit more philosophical. If we survive, the way out is true. What we become at the end of it is open to interpretation. The Visigoths lost almost all of they’re home. The Spanish took it all back and drove the Orkish hordes back to the desert. I look forward to your moral philosophy Z. We need a new religion. No pressure 😉

    • It’s funny, but the people either love or hate the Xirl science stuff. People with college age kids really hate it. I’ve had more than a few college professors write me to say they had no idea this lunacy was happening for real.

      • I love the xirl xience stuff, I find it tragically hilarious. And it reminds me why our side has to win, b/c they are total pervs.

      • I can confirm that the author of that ground-breaking scholarly masterpiece “‘We swam before we breathed or walked’: able-bodied belonging in popular stories of evolutionary biology”, Touko Vaahtera, is indeed xim:

        Besides critical disability studies xi seems to be intrested in gender studies and feminist theory, and judging by the picture, probably consumes large quantities of soy, so it is understandable if xone mistakes xim for a xirl.

      • Can’t believe I live in a time of mass insanity. Even the granddaughter in Oklahoma is a tyranny, from a girl to a boy. It’s in the air. It is like They Live. You never know if you’re talking to a dangerous creature. I’m having a difficult time…. so hard to accept that this is part of the human nature to drift into civilisational insanity then collapse. I sometimes daydream that we all woke up and discovered it was mass ergotism causing hallucinations and attendant irrational behaviour,…the little spores drifted around western civilisation. And then we all woke up. But no.

    • Shane, I am inclined to agree with you because the laughter induced by the ridiculousness of xirl science is insufficient to dispel the bitter sorrow I feel at the degradation of the Humanities. When I studied for my A.B. in rhetoric, I gloried in the wisdom of Aristotle, Quintillian, Erasmus, Castiglione and Mirandola. I loathed the post-modernists and the corrosive influence of Derrrida and Foucault. It was easy to see that even in the mid 80s the academy was tainted beyond reformation; so I and most of my peers found ourselves studying law with varying degrees of reluctance or enthusiasm. One thing that never occurred to me at the time, or anyone else that ever admitted as much, was the utter lack of any serious female paradigm of rhetorical practice or theory. Plenty of women professors in the academy, but no remarkable female master (mistress?) in all of Western history. No doubt the feminists have retconned the field to find a few since the Enlightenment; but I’d wager those would be mostly xirl rhetors as risible as the others in Zman’s xirl science hall of shame.

  10. Love the blog, and have begun listening to the Podcasts. (For a bout 2 months now). One technical complaint: the music is MUCH louder than the speaking. This is jarring in the same way TV commercials being 800 times louder than the program itself is jarring.

    I get the need to spruce the show up with some fun audio, but the YUGE volume increases are tough to slog through.

    Keep up the great work.

  11. It’s true what you are saying about the sex change surgeons, that they are making false promises to mentally ill people. Not all medicine is benevolent of course, and there is a significant business component. The snake oil salesmen are still with us. You see a similar phenomenon with the neonatal surgeons who are “saving” ridiculously premature, brain dead crack babies for we the tax payers to support(in some cases.) neonatal surgery and organ transplant(who do great work btw) are the two most expensive branches of medicine.

    these transsexuals are low iq people or delusional who really believe, are deceived that, that they will become women in all respects, which we realize is physically impossible. The surgeons play to their deep, delusional desires, and then the patients/victims discover that they are not true females, but rather born on the forth of July men with their Phalluses chopped off. A ridiculously high percentage commit suicide.

    What we need is psychiatrists who suffer with the same mental defect to develop treatment and coping mechanisms that will help these people, who are after all a microscopic minority of humanity.

    • Long ago I met my friend’s-parent’s-friends, a nice couple from the north shore of Long Island (Plandome Manor actually; a rather upscale area). The wife was a blonde British woman, the husband was a verrry genteel British-raised Pakistani. He was a urologist of the highest caliber, worked at the most prestigious hospital around .. North Shore University Hospital. They also had two beautiful well-mannered mixed race children. Belonged to the Lutheran church. Lovely people.
      You would never suspect that his main work was chopping dicks off.
      Ah, Dr. Hashmid. Also authored a great textbook “The Penis”.

  12. Xirl…… I just found this blog a few days ago and I have already learned enough new insanity to explode my Old White Guy head……where have I been??

  13. “…written by a human calling itself…

    I’m going to need evidence of that. I am not comfortable claiming that as the same species as me.

    • Darn right! We should sue Z for our hurt feelings. All we need is a sleazy lawyer with no scruples or self respect! Wherever will we find one of those?

      Great show as usual, both in the presentation and the comments! Keep up the good work boys!

  14. Yeah I follow power line. They two jews and 2 gentiles. Got shadow banned for criticizing J Goldberg there. To be fair i was warned. Anyways I can comment on PL now so i went over and helped you troll a little. BTW I have truly enjoyed observing all the cuck sites that have been forced to shutdown comments- Taki’s and NRO.

    • NRO closed their comments because they could not take the criticism. I was a regular commenter there and I know the NR writers loathed me. In fact, at various times Rich Lowry, Kevin Williamson, Charlie Cooke and some other guy I forget called me “loathsome.” John Podhoretz looked up my e-mail and sent me a note telling me how much he detested me. That said, the reason they had traffic was the comment section. Once they closed it down, their traffic collapsed.

      Taki is a curious case. I suspect that Jim Goad just closed it out of spite. He’s one of those middle aged guys whose politics have curdled into a general sourness. It happens.

      • I heard that Taki’s daughter was the cause for no comments. Too much anti-semitism was leaking out and she was taking heat on the cocktail circuit. Ahem, Taki’s got FY money and probably doesn’t need the headaches.

        • I got redpilled on the JQ from the Taki’s comments section way back when. Life was much simpler before that!

        • I thought that you had to pay to comment at takis now. A while back when radio derb was still at takis, he put it behind a paywall. Seems like he has a little bit of a financial motivation. Just inferring

          • Ya know, there has been a general quelling of comment threads of late, and now that you mention it, (shock scream) antisemitism seems to be the uniting theme. Seems like just a year ago I was reading lengthy, sometimes fascinating comment threads at occidental observer and related sites, and now only a paltry few nutty sounding comments appear, and they update the comments maybe once every couple days. Do you think there could be some sort of trump justice department led crack down on anti Semitic and anti Israel forums? Similar to what’s happening to the proud boys, etc?

          • There internet has been the Wild West for a couple of decades, but it’s only a matter of time before they figure out the choke points and levers and we are little better than the msm!

      • I doubt Goad had anything to so with it, he thrives on such.
        McInnes wrote a whole column on why he hates the comments but nothing to do with him either.
        Yeah, I heard Takis daughter did it, maybe just easier for them to eliminate.

      • Getting a personalized hate note from John Podhoretz is a sign you are doing something right.

        When I was a normie conservative, I could not understand JPod’s hatred for Derb’s views on immigration.

    • I enjoyed reading Goldberg’s article last week criticizing Max Boot for being to cucky for even their cuck site. First time in a while I really wished the comments were open – that would have been fun.

      • Having Goldberg call you a cuck is kind of like having Hitler call you anti-Semitic, you knw that you’re way, way, way over the line…

  15. I don’t listen to the Xirl science parts anymore.

    I fell as I’m listening to a mental retard person that has gone criminally insane while taking angel dust and meth.

    My brain wants to go sideways.

  16. The only people threatened by confident experienced women are loser incels.

    Mia love is exactly RIGHT. How come non-whites and white women feel the same way about things and white men are the only outliers.

    That tells you something right there.

    • I haven’t even listened yet and I already know you’re FOS. What’s the $PLC paying you, (((Mr. Golden))), or is this just a hobby?

    • Because non-whites and white women think with the part of the brain that DIDN’T build Western Civilization?

    • “The only people threatened by confident experienced women are loser incels.”
      Then I take it you feel threatened by them?

    • “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
      Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
      The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
      The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
      And, superiority excites envy.
      Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”
      Joseph Sobran, April 1997

      Anything else you need to know?

  17. ENB is among the dumbest writers at Reason and why so many people exited the place. There used to be some adults in the room there, not any more.

  18. “NAP-bashing.” A little twisted, I love that. Once again, ZMan coins a phrase. Do that enough, and you’ll have your own “Devil’s Dictionary”, a la Ambrose Bierce.

  19. On the subject of “thots”: Caring about a woman’s “number” says more about weak scared men than anything. Who is threatened by a confident experienced woman except of loser man.

    Here is best selling author John Green on the subject, the relevant part is at 0:50:

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