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Over the last two plus years, the prevailing assumption has been that the Trump phenomenon is part of a greater populist backlash against the corrosive effects of cosmopolitan globalism. Trump’s alleged populism is linked to nationalist movements in Europe, where natives are rebelling against the migrant invasions. Despite the superficial similarities, what’s happening in America may not be analogous to what’s happening in Europe. Instead, the Trump phenomena may be the last echo of old stock America.

If you look at what Trump has actually done in office, versus what he has said, his presidency has been rather conventional. He has cut a lot of regulations, which is pretty standard Republican stuff. He got a tax overhaul passed, which is also standard issue Republicanism. His judges are all right out of the Federalist society. Otherwise, the Trump administration has been what we would have got from Jeb bush, except the marketing of it has been much more entertaining than what you get from standard issue conservatives.

What Trump’s presidency looks like is an echo of the Reagan presidency. Reagan ran on a platform to roll back the cultural revolution of the 60’s and 70’s. He did not explicitly say it, but that’s what everyone assumed. He talked about shrinking government, reforming taxes, rolling back the cultural excesses like abortion and affirmative action. He also talked about economics and foreign policy, but the people who voted for him were looking at the domestic items. People really believed the Reagan revolution was a rollback.

That last bit has been understandably forgotten by the current ruling class. They don’t even talk about the Reagan Democrat phenomenon. That was the great re-alignment in the 1980’s that carried into the 1990’s. Working class whites, who had always voted Democrat, changed parties over the culture issues. Things like taxes and regulation were nice, but what got them to change parties was the culture war. They voted for Reagan because they believed he would fix everything broken in the 60’s and 70’s.

Instead, Reagan delivered a huge military buildup, massive deficits, bigger government and a debt fueled economic boom. All the talk of entitlement reform ended, for example, when it threatened the military buildup. Despite the enormous support from social conservatives, Reagan delivered nothing on that front. Of course, the currency reforms in the Reagan years made today’s debt boom possible. Then there was immigration reform, which is turning out to be the Gipper’s most important policy achievement.

Reagan was the Baby Boomer’s ideal president, in that he delivered to middle-class boomers exactly what they wanted. They were in their prime work years, so they got low taxes, a roaring economy and booming investment climate. Their parents were getting old, so they got assurance the government would pay for all the entitlements. Of course, the boomer kids were in school, so we got a boom in education spending. Boomers have always been socially liberal, so nothing was ever done to address the cultural stuff.

The way to look at the 1980’s is as an echo of Eisenhower’s America. Watch movies from the period, like Star Wars or Indiana Jones, and what you see are remakes of the wholesome action films middle-class boomers grew up on as kids. Even the foreign policy stuff had a whiff of Eisenhower’s era. Instead of kids hiding under their desks at school, kids watched movies like Red Dawn or The Day After to get good and scared about the the Soviets. The 1980’s were a Spielberg remake of the 1950’s.

Trump won election as a remake of the Reagan election. It’s not a perfect analogy, but people forget that the Gipper talked pretty tough on the campaign trail. The tone police followed him around too. As much as Trump gets cast as the white nationalist’s president, he’s pretty much just standard middle American white guy, in terms of his politics and delivery. Like Reagan, the white working class voted for him thinking he would roll back the last three decades of excess. Just as with Reagan, none of that is going to happen.

Instead, he is delivering what the middle-class boomers want. They are heading into retirement, so keeping the stock market humming and making sure inflation is in check is their top priority. Of course, entitlements cannot be touched. As for immigration, nothing is going to change, because this is not important to them. They live in nice safe suburbs and rely on the little brown guys to mow the lawn. Maybe the visiting nurse is from Trinidad or perhaps the grand kids nanny is a nice Guatemalan woman who is teaching them Mam.

The trouble, of course, is that middle-class boomers are a shrinking block. The invasion plus the actuarial tables are making them less of a factor. The remnants of the old Reagan coalition came out of mothballs to shock the pollsters and the political elite in 2016, but they are not making that mistake again. As we saw in the midterms, they can manufacture all the foreign votes they need to win the 2020 election. This echo of old heritage America, is going to be weaker and shorter than the Reagan echo. It will be the last.

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  1. The only similarity I see between these two presidents is they both were elected after the country endure the two worst Presidents ever.

    President Reagan was already part of the system as governor of California. It was completely different time and I was definitely a different person.

    Still thought the media was on the level. Perhaps a bit bias of course and the people in DC had America’s best interest.

    Despite everything else if the only thing President Trump did was reveal the unhinged lunacy of the left then I consider this election a success.

    What our grandchildren do with this knowledge remains to be seen Let’s hope they were smarter than us .

  2. The elephant in the room of 70s and 80s that everybody has forgotten about was crime. That was the issue that got republicans elected at all levels, including the presidency. It’s easy now to laugh at the thought that Dukakis lost in 88 because of a response to a hypothetical question about the rape of his wife. But he did and for good reason. And here’s the thing, the republicans did deliver on that issue, although it took a loooooong time for policy changes to impact people’s daily lives. Eventually they did however. Crime began a multi decade decline in the early 90s. As that issue faded from consciousness, the republicans reverted to losing again.

    Trump isn’t some kind of political outsider, at least not to the extent he’s portrayed. More like there is some kind of “war in heaven” between factions of the deep state and Trumps faction is deeper black than the Trump opposition from the Clinton-aligned opposition that’s visible.
    My prediction is that Trump will bring in substantive “gun control” legislation that will reveal his true colours.

  4. That read like an obituary for historical America. I thought the Thanksgiving broadcast, w its ‘maybe in some muddled way we ll be okay’ was strangely optimistic. Now Z is on the doomside of me again….. And he may be right…. :-/

  5. A big part of Reagan’s appeal was his optimism and love of the populace and country. Americans had gone through a horrible war, Nixon’s travails, an economic slump and Carter’s trying to get American’s to lower their expectations. Heritage Americans like being optimistic and don’t like to lower their expectations.

    Reagan’s Cold War spending was more popular with the elite than the populace. In many ways, Reagan was populist face for a globalist agenda.

  6. The legislative coalition comprised of communists, feminazis, black-caucuses, lefty-lawyers and rinos comfortably outnumbers republicans, thus Trump never “had” both houses of congress; he has been on his own from the get-go. By his very nature, he is incapable of identifying good staff and loathe to delegate authority. In this setting, he would have been more effective had he adopted a Godfather rather than a P.T. Barnum style of leadership.

  7. Trump will win in 2020, but after that the question is whether he will merely be the last Republican president, or wether he will be the last president at all. Most likely, he will be the second or third to last. Either way, he’s almost certainly going to be a transitional figure. The question is… a transition to what, exactly?

  8. ” All the talk of entitlement reform ended, for example, when it threatened the military buildup.”
    It may have been lame but there was some reform. That’s all the entitlement reform there was going to be in the 1980s.

    “kids watched movies like Red Dawn or The Day After to get good and scared about the the Soviets.”
    The Day After was in support of the nascent Nuclear Freeze movement, thus in opposition to Reagan and exactly the opposite of Red Dawn.

    Trump is no Reagan; Trump is far more disruptive. Reagan was part of the system. He had been involved in politics for decades before coming to Washington. He may have been an outsider to DC but not to politics and the political class.

    • Yeah? What’s Trump disrupted lately?

      The Mueller probe? The record-high border crossings? The Democrat takeover of the House? The U.N.? The mass purges of badthink on social media? The campus rape hysteria? The endless procession of poz in popular culture?

      Go on. Can’t wait to hear this.

      • He disrupted the culture, threw open the Overton Window. Politics is downstream from culture, hence Trump’s effects are most important there. There was no serious discussion of immigration before Trump because it was raaaaciss. For Jeb, immigration is an “act of love.” Thank Trump for spreading the great awakening to the national question beyond the bounds of Vdare.

        I appreciate the sarcasm, though. It’s a useful tell for cognitive dissonance.

        • Psychoanalyzing your critics is a gamma tell.

          There was serious discussion of immigration before Trump. AmRen, VDare and CIS aren’t new.

          You’re literally praising the subject of criticism: he’s talked a big game but accomplished nothing. Immigration awareness is up, but you’re confusing cause and effect. Did Trump also “throw open the overton window” in the UK, Hungary and Poland? Before he even became a candidate?

  9. “I am a LINEMAN for the county
    and I drive the main road.

    Searching in the sun for another overload.
    I hear you singing in the wires,
    I can hear you through the whine.
    and a Wichita LINEMAN,
    is still on the line.”

    Glen Cambell

  10. At least I’m starting to understand certain other historical epochs better. I always wondered, for instance, why certain folks didn’t just pack up and leave a country that shall not be named starting in 1933. I mean, the writing was on the wall, right? So why didn’t more of them leave?… Then I started actually writing down all the stuff I’d need to do to get my family out in the next ten years. Sell the house, pull the kids out of school… ok, those I guess I can do, but leave the kids’ grandparents to the tender mercies of the Obama old folks’ homes? Can’t do it. Plus learning a new language, converting all our assets, getting them out of the country, the rigamarole of applying for Polish citizenship (and renouncing American)… it’s overwhelming.I hope I’ll finally get a chance to meet some of y’all in person in the reeducation camp.

  11. Today’s Zman’s post is about comparing Trump to Reagan, and they do get more alike each day.

    For me, Reagan’s legacy was converting the FedGov from a tax & spend to a borrow & spend entity. And Trump has no problem with this, it’s Reagan on steroids.

    The only difference was that Reagan’s first two years were about dealing with inflation and a deep recession. Once that ended the borrow & spend party began, and it got RR an easy re-election in 1984.

    Trump hopes for the same in 2020, party like it’s 1984. The good old days.
    But he won’t get my vote this time. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…

    • The Right preoccupation with fiscal solvency is a distraction. The US has spent 90% of modernity without a balanced budget and a good chunk of the past as well

      Americans hate paying taxes always have I mean with a decade or so we sent troops to collect taxes on Whiskey

      More importantly they hate paying good wages, if wages had kept pace, we’d either have single wage earner families or take in a lot more revenue in taxes and be fine

      We do need to fix this but its not as critical and note you can’t voluntarily just cut everything off. 40 Million people get SNAP all of them in cities and half of kids get free or reduced price meals

      That is a national security threat waiting to be weaponized by someone who want the country destroyed

      Right now though the problems are immigration. It has to be reversed and Leftism has to be quashed

      we can worry about the budget after we have a country

        • That’s not even really satire

          Something like that actually happened to me and I stopped feeding birds after that

          However a few pissed off birds doesn’t really equate to 40 million people on SNAP or the spillover consequences of say getting rid of state funded retirement schemes

          A detailed explanation is far too much for a blog much like someone else’s however the gist is we have far too low a demand for decently paid labor for our population

          Now the problem is self correcting, less babies and we see that but Capital if you’ll forgive the Marxists term would rather commit civic suicide than let wages go up or deal with the medium term profit declines

          Automation has really screwed up the labor markets and with urbanization made it too difficult to have stable enough employment to raise a family

          Yes there is a moral issue but the problem started in 1972 when many states were still hard mode divorce and we see a precursor to it during the depression , Stable decent jobs or no decent babies

          However if the Dissident Right were to get political power, they can pretty easily deal with the issue through massive repatriation , trade control and the fact that Capital will not have political power to encourage the usual shenanigans

          They’ll either increases wages or double down on automation. If they chose the later which means that the population will keep shrinking till the Interregnum if over

          Oh well. So long a society stays homogeneous it will adapt or shrink enough till there are job or just get frustrated enough to cut work weeks and control automation

  12. Bang on. Agree 100% with everything here.

    I’m tired of the sad and pathetic lists of Trump’s accomplishments floating around. They’re full of items that are boring, transient, and generically Republican: corporate tax cuts, higher stock markets, economic growth, judicial appointments, military spending, etc. What he’s done differently has been lackluster: watered-down tariffs, token resistance to warmongering neocons, and a whole lot of bluster that’s achieved nothing but enrage the left and drive up their voter turnout. Parts of the retard faction of the alt-right think that MUH TRIGGERING is a good thing, but talk is worthless without action, and the left was curdling into openly anti-white/anti-male hatred at least a year before Trump went on the scene.

    By contrast, look at what he’s failed to achieve: The Wall, ICE expansion, ending DACA, ending anchor babies and birth tourism, repealing Obamacare, resisting Islamic entryism, cleaning up the Academy, regulating Big Social, breaking up Big Tech, putting AntiFa and its backers behind bars, remittance/border-adjustment tax, etc. He couldn’t even put a stop to the Central American invasion and Democrat election fraud; in fact, they’re more blatant than ever. But he’ll tweet lame boomer memes about the latter, to the shouts of “best president ever!” from the terminally deluded.

    I forget who said this, but he talks like a hardliner and governs like a moderate. That’s exactly the reverse of what we needed and what Q fantasizes about the administration actually being.

    “But the cucks in Congress! The judges! The media!” Yeah, and? To each respectively: Lincoln would arrest them, Jackson would ignore them, and Putin would shoot them.

    I’ve spent the past 3 years being consistently and enthusiastically pro-Trump. Once or twice I’ve criticized, but never flipped. But looking back on it all, every time things were going badly and he seemed to pull a rabbit out of his hat to get everyone fired up again, it was really just more talk. He’s great at persuasion, and at misdirection; we *know* that’s his primary talent, and yet aren’t willing to face the possibility that he’s also been using them on us, his base. We’re sure that he really cares. Why?

    In hindsight, there are really only two possibilities. Either he’s a bullshitter who was only ever loyal to his ingroup – Yankee Boomers – or he was so naive that he honestly believed that the establishment could be led or reasoned with. Either way, we lose.

    Suck it up, buttercup; honeymoon’s over. No prince is coming to save you. But in a way, this should be liberating; your future is in your hands, and those of your family and your most loyal friends. We can finally stop hoping and start planning.

    • I forget who said this, but he talks like a hardliner and governs like a moderate.

      A reptile in wolf’s clothes.

  13. Even the Trump theme – “Make America Great Again” – is looking backward toward a more Reaganesque America. It’s too late. The left – what used to be the Democrat Party and still goes by that name – is now a progressive revolutionary party that openly espouses dismantling what’s left of American as a constitutional republic (which isn’t much) and replacing heritage America with something else. The Republican Party role in this is to pretend it isn’t happening, because to notice is too frightening to contemplate, and hence mentioning unpleasant facts is “just not who we are.” The right in America will only be relevant again when it can directly confront the progressive revolutionary project and present a plan for countering it. This will not be easy, as the right will have to recognize that it can no longer be a “conservative” party, because its task must be to create something new out of the ruins of the old America rather than any attempt to salvage it. Before this can happen and before the American right will be willing to accept this, the old America will have to be decisively killed off first, and it will be ugly and violent. But you can bank on the fact that the progressive revolutionaries will aggressively run on this agenda in 2020. From then on, there can be no turning back.

  14. Z-man, I am curious. Is the thread title referring to the Phyllis Schlafly book “A Choice Not an Echo”?

  15. I believe there is more going on here.

    Reagan was sworn in on January 20, 1981. Bush family friend Hinckley shot Reagan on 30 March 1981, barely two months later. Message delivered: you can be “president” and do some of the stuff you want, but only if that stuff also comports with what WE want.

    We go what we got with Clinton and Bush because they were insiders. Obama was easy, already a commie. The legal threats to Trump’s family began immediately after his election. Message delivered: you can be “president” and do some of the stuff you want, but only if that stuff also comports with what WE want. This is confirmed by the recent awarding of some BS award to Jared Kushner. “You are being a good boy and so your family’s future is assured”. You gotta learn to see the forest, not the trees.

    Elections are a sham. There IS a deep state and it runs the place. TINVOWOOT. Generation doesn’t matter, control measures are adopted to each generation. If you look for trial balloons you will see them all the time. e.g., the public is being prepped for a Mars mission, and everything that entails spending-wise; this is a multi-decade endeavor. It also means there will be no global war, all the sabre-rattling Re China and Russia notwithstanding, those things merely suit to enable more MIC looting. Russia releases info about its “hypersonic weapons”, and the US mil guys say “we can’t defend against this”, and next thing you know….”we can’t allow a mineshaft gap.”

    • You have an interesting point. If Trump was allowed to go “so far” but no further, wouldn’t it look like today? I have been mystified by how he steps out to go in a direction and then stops in his tracks, even as the rhetoric from him keeps flying.

      • ” If Trump was allowed to go “so far” but no further, wouldn’t it look like today?”

        It would look exactly like today.

    • Last week (?), Jared and Ivanka’s helicopter suffered an engine failure.
      Somebody must be scrimping on the routine maintenance, right?

  16. I never had much faith in the wall, since the next Democrat can just open the gates and refuse to prosecute Visa overstays, which are a major source of illegals. But I do appreciate the sea change in how we view immigration that Trump has brought in. Before Trump, Repubs were as bad as Dems. Alas, it will be a short lived effect, as there is no stopping the brown wave. At least Trump has secured the second amendment for the next generation. Had Hillary won, we would now have a 6-3 liberal majority on the supreme court, and 2A would be a memory.

    • This is about as much as Trump or anybody could accomplish under present circumstances. It’s more than his tuffgai detractors will ever get done.

    • IMO the media is being fed distractions and when Trump reveals his hand, we’ll see who wins and IMO it will the We, the People. Support the president. He’s all we have.

  17. Every day when I access the Z man, I assume that dark forces are specifically monitoring this site and reporting on activity. I fully expect it to vanish unexpectedly
    someday (maybe soon?). It will be the ultimate silencing and will make all of what this site has warned us about absolutely real to me. I am dreading that day………….

    • Well you can tell by a lot of defeatest comments that they are on here but they haven’t disarmed us yet so they won’t go whole hog yet…You need to get yourself into a Community Brother…

      • Hard to do for many Lineman. You know as well as I do that much of Y/T doesn’t do communities anymore.

        Also the dissident right is pretty diverse. Its going to be hard to make a coalition of leave me alone people, We Must Have Christendom Again busybodies and generally pissed off secular sorts like me.

        Its not exactly a new problem though , the Founding Fathers who were far better men than us could barely make the Republic work and with slavery and with Marbury vs Madison arguably it failed out the door

        It certainly did not survive the civil war as the forces of Modernity under Lincoln was able to defeat the South

        That said if some kind of compromise can be reached, a grand idea of a new Republic or Republics , we can have it even if we have to take it back inch by inch

        We can win if we are willing to kill and sometimes die but in order to do that we have to know what we are fighting for.

        Call this your white pill for the day .

        • Well like I said before everyone that can do it are still too comfortable and those that are suffering and want to move don’t have the means to…But I’ve said before I will help any decent person out as much as I can if they want to better their lives…

  18. Christ almighty …. why don’t we just take the hemlock now? (no sarcasm)

    Endless energy is expended on our side and in these forums capturing, dissecting and analyzing what’s happening. We already know ….ok.

    The LEFT / elites / social democrats etc claim we’re some monolithic, oppressive cultural force warranting them jettisoning all their fundamentally compassionate impulses to combat. And extermination is their approved endstate for us. They claim Trump, and us by extension, is/are the mechanics of the new Gleichshaltung. Check the word out in their Wikipedia entry and at some hipster / lefty site called Quartz ( It’s us ……

    I knew a man who received the MOH for actions as a young Marine lance corporal in 1966 … poor kid from the Stockton, California area. While on patrol with his unit, the forward elements were trapped in the kill zone of a prepared ambush. He was safe a bit farther back, in the defensive position and out of direct fire range. Up ahead, they were dying. For some reason, he got up, grabbed a machine gun, and plunged ahead into the kill zone. There, he did the only thing possible, and turned into the oncoming fire.

    The cound of the dead he left is astounding.

    The citation is sterile; what he actually did is horrific. He personally broke the back of the ambush, lived, and paid for his actions for the rest of his life …. every day.

    We are now in the kill zone.

    We know where they are, who they are, and what they are doing.

    ADDENDUM: This is not some moronic screed urging all “Iron Mike” style to pick up their weapons and charge ahead, or to go on lunatic killing sprees (for you hard heads or lefty monitors); rather, we need to begin to take some action beyond what we’re doing … as appropriate to the conditions ….

    Look at the dems and the left …. they do it every day.

    • The GOP had the Presidency and both House of Congress for the last 2 years. Tax cuts and some decent Justices are all they have to show for the trouble.

      • @Drake
        He gave us more time which we should be making full use of but it seems like all it has done was put most back to sleep…

      • Talking about us …. not the Republicans, GOPe or Conservative Inc …. us. It’s up to us now. Our own betters won’t and can’t do it,

        • @PP
          Exactly right but I think people keep hoping they won’t have to put skin in the game for it to change..,Hence they only keep voting…

    • Thank you.

      Yes the constant black pilling that our side does nothing for us, just nothing.

      Bottom line: We know what’s coming for us , the Left/elites have been very, very explicit in that they want us dead and gone. And our side does nothing. We can’t even generate a flyer to put on college campuses to expose and mock the Left.

      But we’re really good at self-loathing and blaming boomers and democracy for our woes,etc. You can read between the lines of the alt-right and figure out they want a dictator to fix things for them. They themselves don’t want to lift a finger. They want some Napoleon or Pinochet to magically appear and fix it all.

      • Not so much.

        1. Right now whitey has everything arrayed against him, to include the gov’t. Acting out results in a quick crushing. Whitey can’t even gather peacefully to speak. See Charlottesville 2.0 if you want an example.

        2. Seeing liberal democracy/oligarchy in a multi-ethnic empire for what it is and its late-stage failure is not longing for a dictator. There are arrangements between and beyond both current arrangements and dictatorship.

      • The blaming boomer thing is reminding me of how everything bad can be attributed to the Jews. Is this what our side is devolving into, at least the left knows how to maintain an alliance, as crazy as it is.

        Maybe intramural fighting is all that we are allowed to have. Pity.

        • It’s ridiculous the amount of hate aimed at a group of whites who weren’t particularly bad. Selfish, yes, but humans are that way in general.

          The fact is they had no real say in political decisions anymore than we do. They were only given one of two nasty choices. The few times a outsider tried to run they were ganged up on and driven out like Ross Perot.

          The Boomer critics refuse to admit the game is rigged by party insiders who dictate who can and cannot run for office.

          That said, the alt-right needs to knock this shit off if they want to grow. Or then again maybe their “thought leaders” just like shooting themselves in the feet for sport.

  19. People always overestimate the domestic authority of the President. During the Reagan Presidency, the Republicans never controlled the House. They had the Senate for a few years. So he was never going to get significant spending cuts. Tip O’Neil was willing to deal on taxes and defense, but not entitlements.

    Paul Ryan was probably less cooperative with Trump. That worthless cuck went along with tax cuts but blocked everything else of any significance. Wall – nope. National reciprocity – nope. Significant budget cuts (or even a budget) – nope.

    If Trump thinks he’s getting a wall or any significant reform, he’ll have to do some serious offroading.

    • Trump let himself get led around by the nose and now he will be a one term president. He was totally outfoxed by Ryan and McConnell.

      It’s a pity, but it is what it is.

      • I don’t see McConnell and Ryan being able to outfox the guy. He may be compromised from some other direction, per swrichmond’s comment below. Trump’s family is everything to him.

      • Many of his personnel decisions (hiring and firing) have been indefensible. (Haley? Pompeo? Bolton?) But I think Javanka deserves at least some of the credit/blame. Or maybe Draining the Swamp is an impossible task in The Current Year. Candidate Trump > President Trump. Bat that’s always the case.

  20. This is exactly right. People don’t even know that to the founding fathers, even a standing army was controversial. They only agreed to it because they feared a British reconquest.

    The military is the biggest blind spot of the generic standard Republican. They can’t spend enough on it. It’s this sacrosanct institution of purity that cannot be challenged. In truth, the military is a green-collar welfare program full of people who actually should be mowing lawns instead of (insert imported brown person). Living “on-base” is living in the actual welfare project, living “off-base” is the Section 8 house.

    And don’t get me started on the commissaries where they get 20% discounts, may as well be a WIC card.

    Standard stock response – “These people are securin’ the homeland!” “how dare you!” They’ll get red faced if I say these things. As someone who grew up a few miles from a massive military base, I’ve always detested them. Entitled people who walk into the small businesses of the area looking for a free lunch, looking for some military discount. Their attitude is “you should pay me to shop here.”

    The best thing to happen in some future debt crisis, is that the politicians will sacrifice them over actual retirees on social security and Medicare. The military is nothing more than a gym membership with a welfare check. The best thing Costa Rica did was get rid of theirs entirely.

      • Oh yes, the whole “Russia will invade us/China will invade us” schtick. Red Dawn sucked. We’re being invaded now. Just keep re-playing Lee Greenwood, “Proud to be an American” with a tear in your eye.

      • Don’t the Russian’s and Chinese already own the payday loan centers that surround your average military base? Maybe they already won. Giving payday loans to our “heroes.”

    • JRW;
      Do you *really* think politicians in a debt bubble collapse scenario are going to screw over the military instead of the geezers_?* Particularly if you’re actually right about how over-entitled the military is right now_?

      Man oh man, are you ever naive_! Not to mention short-changed in actual, non-pozzed historical education. This is a bit of black-humored fun to write but I actually take no pleasure in seriously considering this situation.

      To break this down for you, under those circumstances, much of the military would no-doubt *love* to hang a politician from every one of the many lamp-posts along the Key Bridge in DC just for bringing about this sorry turn of events in the first place. And if the pols didn’t know it right then, they’d get some pretty pointed reminders PDQ. Even George Washington had to focus the pols of his day on this eternal historical reality at the end of the American Revolution.**

      The geezers at the time would complain bitterly, all right, but all they could do in the end would be to bitch and whine until the newly installed military dictator’s*** rule solidified (after some ‘interesting times’) and he told them to put a sock in it. The smarter of them would realize that there are a number of ways broke rulers have of dealing with excess obligations, some of them distinctly unpleasant to the obligee.
      * And I’m one of them geezers, for now, anyway. No doubt noises would be made at the time about the sacred pledge to those who served before, but that old infernal engine of inflation would be deployed once again against us too, just more slowly (and that’s if we’re lucky). After all, we’re just geezers who *used* to have guns.
      ** Troop commanding officers: ‘So, let’s see, we have the all guns and these thieving scum have all the money. But they won’t pay us. What, oh what ever should we do about this sorry situation_? How about you pay or I take_?’
      *** Hard to see any of G Washington in the current batch of PC-selected empty suits on top of that 5-sided monument to mediocrity that sits across the Potomac today.

      • Politicians are only scared of two things, voters and people who have money to manipulate voters. I’ll never forget a scene from around 1989 where they tried to cut Medicare, and the geezers surrounded their house member at a gas station and chased him off. They will side with the geezers, especially the Democrats in the house who control the purse strings. The silver lining of a Democrat victory.

        • JR;
          You may be right about pols right now, but that’s because today’s pols are stupid and don’t even know our own history of military – civil relations, much less that from earlier times and other places.

          You are right about the controversy over a standing army at the time of the founding. And you are right that there were some good arguments against it *at that time* (that don’t apply anymore and haven’t for 100+ years). But there was also another, far less noble, motive in play too: They wanted freedom and protection from the Brits but didn’t want to *pay* for it. Just like NATO right now: Nothing new under the sun.

          But in the end, the founders did pay for a standing army. And today’s pols will too. See above for why.

          • I think the pols will pay both the geezers and the military. Just crank up the ol’ printing press. Ask Hugo Chavez and his buddy Maduro how that works.

  21. … except that Trump isn’t Reagan and the latest generation and not all Millennials are buying what their elders are selling, i.e., globalism.

    We can hope and support the president because there is no other choice if we don’t want to become the Borg.

    • Most millennials are buying it though, especially the darker ones. Most boomers did not buy into the direction the country has taken but our opinions and voters didn’t really matter in the end.

      I wonder to what extent voting has mattered in the last 100 years or more? The main sin voters, including boomers, have committed is re- electing politicians who do not follow through on campaign promises. It seems like one of the few things Trump has helped with is many Republicans have turned against reelecting cucks who don’t fight.

  22. I grew up in the 1980s and I still remember it with a great deal fondness and sadness at the same time.

    I was raised in Alabama and I lived in a wonderful middle class neighborhood that was remarkably lilly white, filled with fathers who worked at the steel mills or other plants in the area and mothers who were teachers, librarians, nurses or stay at home moms. We played war with our plastic guns (imagine the shrieking from the more unhinged among us now) and sports. We were boys, rough and tumble, with nary a bit of diversity in our little clique. We played sports, got into fights, caught fish and crawdads in the creek and kissed girls when the opportunity arose.

    Our neighborhood was blissfully free of crime that was confined to the “darker” areas of our city where we never went.

    The trees were beautiful oranges, yellows and reds in fall and at night on the Christmas season, every house was decorated with lights. We even had the candles in the bags one night and our neighborhood was packed with cars filled with families wanting some of that holiday glow.

    There were no BMWs save an old 2002 restored by a neighbor. Our parents drove Chevrolets, Fords, Toyotas and other reasonable brands and we kept our cars and trucks for 10 years or more. Air conditioning was an option, as were power windows.

    Now, every house in my neighborhood has a $50,000 F-150 in the driveway with leather and chrome, the few kids that are there have all of the gadgets and I wonder why we’ve become so materialistic as our civilization fades away like the last days of autumn.

    Now I know my four teenaged children will never experience the peace and tranquility we did at that age. They are entering a world where they’re on the road to minority status with all of the problems that brings. There won’t be any set-asides for whitey. It will be revenge time for the browns, whipped up by their cultural marxist white masters who hate themselves.

    The infrastructure of civilization that these low-IQ pirate invaders want to luxuriate in won’t and can’t be supported by them when the white race is but a mere shadow of what it once was.

    Every time I see white couples with dogs treated like the children they’re too lazy and greedy to have, I feel sadness and alternatively want to punch that couple in the mouth for their failure to obey God’s will that they go forth and multiply.

    Trump was an aberration of our downward trek into multi-ethnic hell of our own making. I think he’ll win in 2020, but what after Texas and Georgia and Florida turn permanently blue? It’ll be open borders forever after that and what was once the United States will fall like a tree with a mortal wound from a lightning strike.

    These midterms showed that the ability of the white party to hold seats in the House is minimal at best as the evil billionaire puppet masters flood the zone with campaign cash both on and off the books.

    I was watching a recent show about a live exorcism and the demonic rage in the woman’s unnatural voice made me realize what we’re up against in this fight for our civilization. The hissing evil I heard in the shrieking of feminist harpies in the halls of the Capitol during the Kavanaugh show trial was the same as the demonic. Coincidence? I think not.

    I think the only way out of this predicament is prayer and preparation. Voting definitely isn’t going to solve this problem that is years in the making.

    • Even if you had a plan laid out for you that has worked for the left time and time again you wouldn’t follow it because you are to comfortable yet…You will stay until your kids hate you or they are divided up into parts by diversity…If by some chance you do have a head on your shoulders and want to have a better future for your children get on Freezoxee and message me over there…I won’t hold my breath though…

      • Insulting me is no way to ensure contact. And there’s no way my kids will ever hate me. The die was cast decades before my birth.

        • Nope your probably right…I shouldn’t have been so harsh…Its easy to do with all the shit going on right now…Sorry Brother…

    • I see the people around me adapting to the new reality, while I (mentally, at least) stand in the front yard and tell them to stay off my lawn.

      They have no idea of the lives we led as kids and young adults. Our lives exist as stories in a story book. I suppose one could argue that the fleeting moment of time supporting such a life was an unsustainable confluence of events and circumstances, but we (the culture in the larger sense) didn’t even try to perpetuate it. There were too many presidents to pull down and too many dragons of inequity to slay.

    • It seems to me that this cult of consumerism and worshipping money came of age during the dotcom era. It is sometimes hard to remember that Americans have not always been so materialistic and didn’t always need the newest gadgets.

  23. Problem with the analysis — interest rates are too low. Many retirees are into fixed assets low risk class stuff. The usual tripe in that class are yielding less than 2%. You have to have several mill to live off that kind of yield and most do no have anywhere near that nest egg.

  24. So what is an aging old white man to do? Just sit back and watch the fall I guess, and probably watch it alone. Where I live there are fewer and fewer white men, let alone old white men, as each day rolls by. Maybe my new Muslim or Indian neighbors would like to come over for a bbq……

    • My cousin purchased undersubscribed YWCA/YMCA and motel buildings, refurbished them into campuses, and he lets out the entire space to a major chemical manufacturer so its foreign (MENA and Africa) “engineers” can live there free of charge while learning how to replace the Americans who made the company a success. A recurring problem is the replacements continue roasting animals, mostly goats, on their livingroom floors. The floors are all carpeted. So cousin keeps going back to the company for restitution often enough they have introduced a new category on the form relating only to scorched carpet due to cooking fire. No joke.

      • Housing gimmiegrants is big business. Here in Denmark, it works like this: you rent your hotel to the government for triple the room price and a guarantee of full house for, say, a year.

        Then you have the government pay to refurbish your hotel inside out due to the devastation wrecked by the vibrancy.

        Rinse and repeat.

          • We get that on the south coast of England where large hotels get used by the government to house all the families who come to the UK with no job, no intentions of making a contribution and nowhere to live. Consequently the streets of former seaside resorts are full of families passing the time as best they can before going back to their free accommodation.

            The exception is London, where vastly over-priced multi-bedroom property is bought by the local government to house ‘refugees’ who would like nothing better than seeing Britain become a second Crapistan.

      • The wife and I own our home outright. We pay for everything in cash and have no debt. We never did have kids and we’re age 50 because our families did not pay for our rather advanced educations. Our annual income exceeds $1million USD and our net worth exceeds $10million.

        Despite taking measures to avoid taxes and we still clip coupons and negotiate, always, we have a fuckload to lose. Prepping doesn’t cost us much but the ultimate loss, if we cannot prevent it, is going to hurt bad.

        • So are you using any of that money to help out any right wing organization since you don’t have any kids to help out…

          • Guess what. Even if you have had or will have children, and they are yours biologically – an assumption – they are not going to experience prosperity and security and they are highly unlikely to survive what occurs here soon in which instance they do survive their lives are going to be favela. Congratulations on your little prizes.

          • Oh shut the fuck up you mealy mouth little troll…Just cause you didn’t have the balls to have kids and were so focused on making that almighty doesn’t take away from any of us that did…Sick and tired of you defeatest cucks and that goes for the bitch that only has the courage to down vote me…

          • Lineman, I don’t know who has a hard-on against ya, but please don’t be like that. My kids are stepkids, as the missus was talked into a hysterectomy.

            Wish it was different.
            Wolverines is reporting honestly, just another bloke trying make it work as best he can. We’re all working on partial information here.

          • Wolverine is a troll Alzaebo and I am treating him as such…Look at his screen name and then look at what he writes…Does it match up… Would a true wolverine actually be saying such things…It’s rat detecting 101…

          • I am not a troll. I am just reporting my actual opinion combined with select facts. Biased, just like you are. I have long been involved on the dissident right. I see no way forward for those of us in the states other than favela with most. The robber barons went full robber baron, and for longevity you should never ever go full on robber baron. But they did.

            p..s chaoticneutral: $20million doesn’t guarantee safety; I represent Switzerland, the government, and they won’t grant me legal permission for permanent residence there; I’m still trying, it’s my only Plan B

          • So you work for the gov. but your a wolverine how does that square and to boot your plan B is to escape to Switzerland…Hmm just like the elite are planning on doing…But we should believe you why???

          • Guys like you will not achieve the results you argue for. You will only get more of us killed. If we believe we can make it out, we will and you get the A+ award for providing the worst alternative possible. Your kids are favela rats, you simply don’t appreciate it today. Which is understandable.

          • Sorry bud you don’t know Jack shit about Jack shit…You are the running kind and always will be…But hey if you ever want to set down and chat f2f that can be arranged…I doubt though you will take me up on that…

          • $10million+ USD in Switzerland is worth less than a million units after taxes, conversions, transfer payments and liquid money which must be invested within Switzerland. You need double that amount to stand a reasonable chance of obtaining permission for a long-term stay in Switzerland. Citizenship requires de minimis 18 years consistently living next to your Swiss neighbors, who will vote on you and since I visit Berner Oberland I can ttell you those folks are not inclinded to add more old people to the roster. So I continue to work and invent and sell my engineering abilities.

          • Assuming 10 mil liquid assets and no debts or mortgage , at today’s paltry 2% safe return you pull 200,000 for doing little or nothing

            This is more than enough for anyone to live on

            More likely the lack of a family means you pour yourself into your work as many people do

            Its understandable

            That said White running away from conflict and responsibility for building a cultural and spiritual future something I’m guilty of is exactly why the West is screwed up

            The are huge numbers of reason for this but big picture is the key one i is fear of taking power and giving orders.

            That alone was enough.

            Stop running, start thinking about what you want outside the material spectrum, what’s your Hallmark Channel future ?

            Once that’s done, things can change

            Your boots , their neck or damnation. Choose wisely

    • @OWG
      Well I guess since you have watched it happen for quite some time now thats the only option you have left… Hopefully it will be quick for you so you don’t have to suffer but I wouldn’t count on it…No wonder the Commies are winning…Sad That…

  25. Another analogy is Pete Wilson in California. He understood the peril and tried to stem the tide of immigration with Prop 187. Remember, it was named the “Save our State,” or “SOS,” initiative.

    But of course an unelected court simply nullified it, after it had passed with 58.93% of the vote in 1994. The state got swamped by third-worlders and became a perma-blue shitholigarchy.

    Needless to say, the left didn’t want to “Save our State.” They wanted to destroy it. And so they did. And now they want to do the same to the whole country.

    • One possible future is North America becomes South America where a foreign elite controls everything, pitting various groups against one another. Look up the richest people in Latin America. Not a lot of Latin Americans on the list. Jews, Arabs, Castizos. I think the richest guy in Honduras is Jaime Rosenthal. Carlos Slim Helún is another example. There’s a Palestinian who runs Guatemala.

      • Z-man, I’d say we are Latin America status right now, given the distribution of wealth in the USA right now. The upper 10% of the population possess 80% of the wealth. The upper .1% buy politicians, the next 9.9% buy stocks and bonds. The rest are happy to make it from payday to payday or collect a welfare check.

      • For all practical purposes, we have a foreign elite controlling the country now: Jews and Asians. Neither are heritage Americans. Asians biggest influence is now in tech but eventually they will be challenging Jews in the other areas. Already China is starting to dictate things in Hollywood.

  26. The 2018 midterms were a massive black pill. I’ve been writing here and on other sites that the wave of demographic change washing across America would hand the Presidency to the Democrats on a permanent basis by 2024 or 2028, but I was wrong. If the midterms are any guide the wave has rolled over us and is already here. Trump can’t lose any one of (TX, GA, FL, NC, PA, OH, MI, or WI) and still get to 270 in the electoral college. Florida’s felon vote will likely turn the state blue, and that’s game over for Republicans in the white house, permanently.

    Further, given the number of swing state governments that went to team blue redistricting will tend to favor Democrats in the House. It’s difficult to see a path for Repubicans to retake the House after redistricting in 2020. The Senate will likely stay red for a long while, but squish Republicans will gladly sell out on any significant issues in exchange for tax cuts for billionaires. American is heading into permanent one-party rule.

    Trump is largely irrelevant in Washington now. With Democrats in control of the House he has little ability to advance legislation. He’ll spend the next two years battling House investigations and calls for impeachment, with little support from Republicans. He’ll have no record to campaign on for 2020.

    The Trump agenda is dead in the water and his actions are of little consequence. There’s no point in building the wall when Democrats will simply throw open the gates in 2020. You can turn back this caravan, but they are going to keep coming, and Democrats will let them in gleefully and give them a fast path to citizenship and voting rights. The game is over.

    • Currently, California is our near future, Detroit our mid, and South Africa our far.

      The voting game is over, but our future isn’t set.

    • Yeah so just give up y’all and bend over cause our goose is cooked…Fuck That How much they paying you again…You better get to spending it because you don’t have much time no matter who wins… Quislings are the first to go…

      • Go get ’em, tough guy. Let’s see, Lineman vs. (FBI, CIA, NSA, Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, IRS, etc.). At least you can post occasionally from prison.

        • So that’s the only thing you can think of is take them head on…It’s call strategy for a reason…It’s ironic that all you trolls instantly go to that scenario…I recall someone else doing the same thing recently…Maybe your real name is Eric Swalwell…

    • Yeah, the midterms were a cold dash of water in my face as well. I had hope that enough people would have seen the light over the last couple of years. What I see instead is that the other side is refining their methods. The voting thing is so 2016. Take a look at Orange County, CA. On the recent election night, most of the Repub house candidates were winning by 8 to 10 points each. A week later, after counting “all of the (absentee and other) votes”, they all lost. Every one of them. Meanwhile, the Repub governor candidate won the county by over 200,000 votes. We will not vote our way out of this, because of who counts the votes. The Al Franken trunkload of ballots thing is the model.

      I do not plan to spend the rest of my life railing against the tragedy of it all. People get what they ask for, and what they deserve. Karma rules. I am carving out some little happy places for myself, and if they find me, they find me. So be it. In the meantime, this site helps me realize that I am not alone, and there is a lot of interesting discussion to be had, even if it is mostly fruitless in the larger scheme of things.

      I like to think that I have a much better understanding of what is really going on than the people around me. It is a consolation, but a small one. I also believe that quite a few people are going to be really surprised and shocked by what comes to pass over the next few years. Me, not so much.

        • No, he is lost. But I have an adopted teenaged Siberian Russian nephew who is stuck in a soyboy family back east. He is chafing at the bit. We are going to do a roof and some fencing next summer, and I plan to help him come to terms with his inner self and the world he is stuck in. My goal is to send him back east with an understanding that his heritage is tough and resilient, and has always gotten the short end of things. But that he is smart and capable, and can get out there and build things and create things. Money in his pocket for a job well done. He can stand up for himself and doesn’t need to deny who he is. He is a person who wants to do things and build things, not play video games and preen on Facebook. We are going to make some good things happen. Maybe he will be a lineman someday. We need good linemen out there.

      • Agreed that we will not vote our way out of this. I thought we had a few years to put some legal roadblocks in place to impede the advance of the communists in the Democrat party, but I was wrong. Yes, the next 10 years are going to be shocking.

        It has got me moving into the accelerationist camp. Bring on universal health care, a universal basic income, and retirement security payments. Nothing is going to change until the dollars collapses, so let’s spend this empire into dust.

      • Dutch and Lineman… bet you are not alone! Carve out and grab that happy place come hell or high water. Jesus, it’s depressing out there. Basic husband and I cut the news and incoming stimulus by 0dark00. If a really bad news day, we say F it we’re done and jettison the world. Find some individual people you can enjoy, as for me the macro human race mostly sucks. Occasionally, some individuals do wake up. As to the previous discussion re whose generation sucked worse creating the current world, I am a Boomer. We set about to destroy the structure of civilisation, it was all about us, our poop didn’t stink and didn’t trust anyone over 30 because they might have some wisdom, and I PERSONALLY DESTROYED CALIFORNIA SINGLE HANDEDLY BY THE WAY I VOTED FOR YEARS! Yep..The Pottery Barn..It was me!.I broke it
        -I own it!. So there you have it! End of discussion.
        As for Commies, my parents were Commies, I was a red diaper baby, and never let your guard down. They did not go away at the end of the cold war. Commies have been shape shifting for the past 100 years and they’re shape shifting right now. Evil is on the march, and I know a lot of you cringe when that term is used, yet it is true. It should make your skin crawl. Communism ain’t my daddy’s Communism, whether the Alinskyites, African Marxism, Latin American Marxism (think the Pope). When the Soviet Union collapsed, some of the Commies joined forces with the western environmental movement, turning it into the Watermelon Environmental movement, red on the inside and green on the outside. This has been incorporated into the Globalist movement and Yes…the UN Agenda 21. So this shit shape shifts and is spreading like wild fire.
        See book by Rosa Koire, Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21.
        Rosa is a lesbian Democrat of all things (that must be difficult to be woke) and awakened to discover the mess the local Planning Commission had in mind for Santa Rosa, California, from a pyramid of regulators.
        So the left has shape shifted the language Agenda 21 into a conspiracy theory nutter case. Toughski shitski!

    • Agreed that a Republican will never win a statewide election in Florida again. Three reasons:

      1) As you’ve already pointed out, the Felon vote: consider that 40% of the population of black males could not vote prior to 2018. We’ve now enfranchised them. What party are they going to vote for?

      2) Wait until Democrats can ramp up registration efforts and complete the conversion/indoctrination of all those wonderfully productive Puerto Ricans who fled their island for Florida post Hurricane Maria;

      3) Second order effects from passage of Trump’s tax bill. When you hem back the SALT deduction, you give wealthy Yankees a reason to move south. It would not shock me if traditionally blue jurisdictions became more competitive, but not nearly enough for Republicans to ever win. Conversely, the entire south is becoming competitive territory for the communists – they’ve already flipped VA, NC, and they’re a cunt hair away from flipping GA, TX, and obviously FL.

      None of us are sufficiently prepared for what’s coming.

      • Giving the felons the vote wasn’t so much about voting. They don’t need the felons to vote; they just need the ballots printed. The Broward County Election Commission will take it from there.

  27. I’d like to see someone break down the nostalgia for the 50’s during the 80’s. Today we have nostalgia for the 80’s. In both cases many don’t even remember or weren’t even around for the era they miss. Trump is Mr. 1980’s. It’s hard to imagine anyone missing the the early 21st century. I expect that pattern to be broken.

    Trump was the last gasp of Heritage America. Sadly he has the same blind spots and goofy beliefs about race, “American Exceptionalism,” and magic dirt as most people of his generation. We expected too much from a narcissistic boomer.

    • All I expected of him was he wasn’t Hillary… People it seems always want someone else to do the work so they benefit…No one is coming to save you…

      • Amen to that. The other benefit is that he makes people I despise apoplectic. That amuses me far more that it should.

      • “He wasn’t Hillary” is a low bar. Jeb isn’t Hillary either. Trump was the only candidate who could have convinced me to bother voting again. I forswore voting for President after the 2000 election, but I gave Trump a chance. I didn’t expect him to save us, but he hasn’t done diddilly beyond boosting some of our memes. In fact he’s managed to make things worse. We’re assaulted by Antifa and his DOJ puts our guys in prison! If you see me voting again assume I’m a pod person.

        • Trump’s DOJ isn’t actually “his” you know; it’s trying to destroy him. Why would you expect them not to put “our guys” in prison? The 5th Column is doing just fine, undermining everything Trump tries to do, and they don’t like you or me either!

  28. It isn’t easy staring at the inexorable locomotive while you are tied to the tracks. Many of us have realized our inability to escape for a decade or more. Our own women, effete males, sociopaths and personal weaknesses have bound us down. There will be no St. Vartan who sacrifices himself to free us. Best case Brazil with most of our posterity doomed to the favelas.

  29. It must get worse before it gets better, but it will get better. Trump’s presidency is slowing the rate of decline, but the tipping point was passed decades ago and the easy way out is no longer on the menu. Be smart and you can predict the moves of the Progressives/Elites/Globalists. They are doing exactly what is logical from their perspective. And they are preparing for the conventional backlash after the host wakes up. Do not fall into that trap and confront their strength. They and their plan have many weaknesses. Focus there.

  30. Personally, I voted for Reagan so that someone would stand up to the Soviets, which he did. Looking back on it, a lot of us overestimated the overseas Communist threat, and underestimated the domestic Communist threat, but that’s 20/20 hindsight. A huge country with 50,000 tanks and nukes up the wazoo just seemed to be a lot more threatening than a bunch of dirty hippies. If you had told me back in 1980 that the Commie superpower would collapse without a shot being fired, while the dirty hippies would end up destroying America, I would have thought that you were insane. But as Chiang Kai Shek might have said, the Soviets were a disease of the skin; the domestic leftists were a disease of the heart.

    • I must’ve written a million words on that exact topic over the years. It’s just impossible to take domestic Leftists seriously — those dirty, smelly, noodle-armed, soy-enfeebled hippies — and that’s how they get you. You can’t help but laugh at a pink-haired land whale in a pussy hat who looks like she stopped a grenade with her face… and then she brains you with a bike lock. It’s one hell of a trick, really — got to give credit where it’s due.

      • ” You can’t help but laugh at a pink-haired land whale in a pussy hat ”

        It is a mistake that the right keeps making. When Antifa first appeared on the US scene, for example, the right just dismissed them as a bunch of soy boys and deviants that the right could easily beat. I tried to tell people that Antifa was dangerous because they had the police and courts on their side. Now the right sees what had happened to the Proud Boys and any other group that has had the temerity to fight back against Antifa.

        And those pussy hat wearing females delivered the House for the Democrats.

    • The painful irony is that poverty-inducing Communism protected those countries from mandatory anti-whiteness and sexual perversity. Although the Communist countries endured economic hardships, they retained cultural sanity.

    • Because unlike soviet Slavic commie….. those yuppie -hippie doodle shit was member of white family

      old and tired silent majority have to watch their kid burn America into the ground

      they don’t want to act against their own bloods

      In this case, Chinese Communist are better than white people

      Because they told Chinese that if Someone’s parent/brothers/sisters/children are reactionary then kill that person

      American people can’t shoot at hippies instead of Vietcong

      Now 49% white women voting Anti-white Dem and nothing we can do about it

      Only option is white reclaim “Minority status” just like black did in 60s

      “White Majority will not harm the Black Minority” is now “Liberal Majority will not harm white men”

      starting “New civil right movement for white minority” is only way to save white people

  31. Say do you guys find my comments embarrassing?

    Anyhow, I was having thoughts along these lines too, with Hillary Clinton’s recent embrace of “nationalist” politics in Europe. What I think is going on here is co opting. Elites are realizing that nationalist policies are turning into a major political force that’s not going away, and I do think the trump supporters in America are akin to the nationalist upswellings in Europe. But elites also realize that they can use the talking points to win votes without actually delivering much of anything! Trump hasn’t really delivered much of anything, be that because of lack of will, fecklessness or insurmountable political opposition—its all the same to we little peeps on the ground. The political force can cynically be harnessed by anyone.

    • I wouldn’t call her Johnny-come-lately criticism of mass migration an embrace of nationalist politics. I suspect it’s the opposite. I think she believes the EU superstate wont survive without a plurality of actual Europeans who are EU enthusiasts. And it’s apparent that for many Europeans the “Camp of the Saints” scenario promoted by official EU policy makes them want to leave.

  32. Reagan, Nixon, and Trump were outsiders. They went to the wrong schools, had the wrong jobs, came from the wrong backgrounds, and the first two took on the establishment and lost. You go to the right schools to run for school board to run for city council to run for state legislature to run for governor/U.S. House to run for president/Senate. That’s the order and the line starts here. Don’t get out of line, pay your “dues”, and you’ll be taken care of. Even if you fall by the wayside we’ll find you a cushy little gig with a pension. I wasn’t alive, but the old man says the Republican establishment hated Reagan and was 100% behind Bush.

  33. Wait ain’t voting ourselves out of this. If we do get out and manage to have a posterity, it will be over heaps of gore, shattered infrastructure, and pyres fueled with obsolete Enlightenment notions.

    • Voting ourselves out of this was never a option, at least on the national level. As Sundance at CTH likes to say, “There are trillions at stake”. So they(the elites) make sure things continue on as they are.

      What we have are two sides of a uniparty. We first saw obvious signs of it when Trump began his run and politicians unified across party lines to oppose him as well as generals and businessmen. It culminated at Sea Island where the top GOP anti-Trump people, Silicon Valley billionaires, top Democrats all got together to oppose Trump.

      Instead of noticing things like this, it’s cheaper and easier to beat up on Boomers.

      • Born in 1963 myself. Missed the real fun of the 60’s, 70’s, and was still a little too young to make the big dough in the ’80’s.

        Now, after paying for college for the kids and 8 years of basically sliding sideways financially under Obama (I’m in construction) I’ll be working until I’m in my 70’s.

        So what’s the benefit of my Boomerhood again, exactly? Or can I pose as The Grand Old Man of Gen-X, and crap on the Boomers instead?

      • Amen. There is lot’s to despise about the boomers — lots. I know, I’m one of them. I could not stand their self indulgent dirt-baggery in my teens and twenties, and after, for that matter. But unlike Dave above, I do know many moral, selfless and balanced boomers who are themselves appalled by what has happened to our nation, culture, people.

        See, we didn’t have the benefit of hindsight to guide our understanding and actions. We were eyeball deep in what happened, strapped into the seat on a roller-coaster ride few of us understood. It took years …. decades for many of us to see through what was going on — too many vested interests were pushing that reality (most of whom were older than boomers proper).

        It was wild — beetle boots, free love, anti war protests, the Summer of Love, the Beatles et al, some experience in mountain communes living in tee-pees with hairy pitted college age hippie chicks. I was a bit too young, and steered clear, anyway. Many didn’t.

        Then they decided to cut their hair, bathe, get their graduate or law degrees and a BMW, take the institutions and accumulate power. And here we are. So yes, they were and are a vast, destructive and disgusting cohort. But many others contributed their part, too. This didn’t start in 1967 … it was already moving along smartly in the late 1800s. Ever heard of Herbert Croley or Randolph Bourne. The Boomers just accelerated it …. terribly, yes.

        But it does no good to fight among ourselves over issues such as this. There is too much to do, and we need all good Americans, of whatever generation, in this desperate fight.

  34. Last note on Oilboy. He murdered a Secret Service agent, Tim McCarthy (if I remember), and caused permanent brain damage to James Brady. (thus engendering the Brady Bill, an early anti-gun law). But they let him out anyway.

    • McCarthy is still alive. The bravest craziest motherfer I’ve ever seen. Without bodyarmor, he jumped in front of Reagan, spread out and made himself a bullet-sponge.

  35. Just as Elon Musk, a relic of the apartheid South Africa, and the men who designed and built the Saturn V, relics of Nazi Germany, will be the last great scientists and engineers of white America….

  36. “Among the conditions ordered by Judge Paul L. Friedman: No contact with Jodie Foster.”

    Cruel and unusual!

  37. Trump can win in 2020, but he wont save the senate or the house, or even Texas probably. And what would it mean if he could? Enjoy this while you can and leave a diary for your one grandchild.

  38. Give RR a break. They shot him 5 weeks into his presidency, using the son of a wealthy Houston oilman who had helped fund GHWB’s campaign. RR had the luck of the Irish and, I’m sure to their chagrin, lived, but the message was delivered. GHWB was in charge, just like “Dick” Cheney ran his moron son’s WH.

    This game was over a long time ago. I heard Ross Perot say (after demolishing his opponents on the debate floor) that they had threatened his children, and he pulled the plug on “United We Stand.” They rigged the early primaries to engineer Pat B’s defeat.
    Ron Paul was a Nazi racist, remember? As for Trump, Kushner and or Miller are his Col House, keeping things in check. Or maybe they threatened his kids.

    The owners have a deeper understanding of game theory than we do.

  39. Trump is like chemotherapy to our nation. It works for awhile and drives into submission the cancer but when it comes back, it is with a vengence. Supposedly Reagan defeated communism all by his lonesome. Turns out a rather pyrrhic victory given what the west has turned into.

    As far as the boomer bashing, ok some points taken, but hey GenXers your up next. What did you do in the cultural war daddy?

    • I fully expect the millennials to turn my generation into food paste in order to guy themselves sometime with Team Brown.

    • Gen X, and I’m one of them, were too shattered by the after effects of the Boomer cultural revolution in the 60’s and 70’s to do anything other than get up and go to work.
      The Boomers were spoiled by their parents, the “greatest” generation, who really got the ball rolling with the Hart/Cellar act and the great society crap.
      The Boomers had a twenty year party on mommy and daddy’s dime starting in the mid 60’s, and left their kids to scratch around in the ashes.
      Millions of Gen X kids were hurt by divorce and busing and all the other fun stuff the Boomers tried out for kicks.
      The Boomers and their parents seriously screwed everything up.
      Pat yourself on the back.

      • oh my arms are getting so long with all this self congratulatory patting here. Boomers are the whipping boys now, too easy. As I have said, your up next.

        • Sadly, I took my parents advice when I was young . . . As a white male Gen-Xer, I fought through a mountain of student loans while my separated Silent Generation – Boomer parents burned-through a large inheritance. Then I worked in corporate America for 20 years, flying around the world and dodging bias training before fleeing Megapolis and finding a safe location to raise my children.

          In other words, my contribution to the culture wars was to turn my back on the globohomo world my parents created (and pushed me into) to focus on my family and the town in which I now live.

          So in small ways I am rebuilding the “community” that my sh**lib parents took such joy in destroying.

          Does that work?

          • No, it means you have issues with your parents. My advice to my daughter was the opposite but she wouldn’t listen. Gee, how little power we have even in families.
            Grow up.

        • Interesting. Boomers as whipping boys (we gobbled up all the goodies by indebting everyone else). Wonder how that gels with Bloomberg report that in the next two decades they estimate the greatest transfer of wealth in history (now est at $64T) from Boomers to their children.

          • I assume by transfer they mean inheritance?

            So Boomers are uniquely generous for inventing inheritance?

            They’re going to leave us $64T after handing out IOU’s to the tune of $212T that someone else will have to pay off. Gee, thanks.

            Of course nobody will pay the remaining trillions because that money doesn’t exist.

          • Every single Boomer I know intends to spend every single dime they have. Every. Single. One. When I told my boomer in-laws we were going to give our house and farm to the children with the stipulation it not be broken up or sold, they were stunned. They wanted us to sell it to spend the money on frivolous luxuries like their seven or eight a year trips to Asia, Europe, and Australia. They intend for there to be just enough money to pay the executor.

          • Wow! $64T in FedReserve monopoly money and all it cost me was my society, my freedom and my future.

            You’re the BEST grampa

      • Dave;
        Historical correction from one who was there at the time: The real Boomer party, namely the Boomer spawn of the ’50s – ’60s elites’ self-enrichment one, the in and out of Govt./Wall St one, took place in the 1990’s under the Klinton’s (who else_?) ruse of spending the ‘peace dividend’.

        But it was the GHW Bush clique who started the strip-mining of the American economy in favor of the Oligarchical Globalists once the Cold War ended any reason for economic nationalism in the pre-Boomer elites’ eyes.

        It was great to be in the military in the ’80s and great to be in international business in the early-mid -90s. But then the elite Boomer feminists and other elite Boomer spawn Cultural Marxists started presenting their own set of bills in the late ’90s to get in on the swag and there was no reason for cultural nationalism in the eyes of the now 2nd generation Boomer elite then either. Now we know the results.

        Most of us weren’t in on it, for the little that’s worth.

      • GenX is a “lost” generation. The close, daily contact with boomerness during their formative years was deeply traumatizing. Nihilism, disgust and addiction are the natural result of close proximity to boomers and the “groovy” society they created. GenX did do a good job in shielding their children from the wretched elders, but unfortunately, Millennials reinvented the boomer ideals. Hipsters are just millennial boomers who are going to “do it right this time.”

    • David, you’re forgetting that GenXers came up with “hair gel, hanging out at the health spa and using condom sense”. Pretty important contributions.

      • I think the communists played rope-a-dope with Reagan and all and morphed into today’s democrat party and deep state operatives. Defeated? Not by a long way. In control actually.

  40. I think that if Reagan had faced the mass lunacy that Trump faces today – the loons would have eaten him alive. All Reagan had going for him was common sense, rhetoric and intellect. To survive against today’s left, I think you need to be one mean SOB and Reagan wasn’t that at all.
    I am impressed that Trump could do what he did in the face of the negative forces acting against him. We’ve never seen liberals as degenerate, diabolical and utterly toxic as they are today. To get anything meaningful done – let us face it – they are going to either have to be killed or converted – or they will have to destroy themselves (and most of us with them) on their own.
    Just keeping the nation in one piece in these times is an accomplishment.

      • Hoagie at this point in time I would have to agree but it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way after it’s all broke up…

        • Right. I’ve been saying for a decade that we need a no-fault divorce for the kids’ sake. Within a couple of generations a re-unification, on Team Freedom’s terms, will occur based on the desires of both sides. After a couple of decades of Venezuela-ing their society, Gen Z and what comes after will make it happen from BOTH sides. We’ll need to re-build their whole society and infrastructure after we re-build ours, but it would better if the re-building is only from degeneracy and not armed conflict, but either way we will need to do it.

          • @Reed
            Right on Brother…They wouldn’t last long without our productivity…They wouldn’t have hardly any services if no one else was paying for it…Glad that you can see the end game now we need a few thousand more…

          • Yep, my 18 year old son can see it now. He knows his generation is going to have to do a lot of heavy lifting on what comes, so he went and joined the Army to do an airborne-intel job and get out. We toured some colleges and he said, “Dad, I just can’t do this. I want to get paid to do something worthwhile and hard, rather than pay through the nose for something worthless and easy.” Good kid that one. He could end up as a lineman =).

          • If he decides that route Brother I will do what I can to help him…My 3 Boys are following in Dad’s footsteps…

          • “Within a couple of generations a re-unification, on Team Freedom’s terms, will occur based on the desires of both sides”.

            Except 99% of human history teaches us that isn’t how that will go.

    • That would be fighting the culture war, and see, and that’s not what Republicans do.

      We were all a little naive to believe that Trump could get things done. Instead, we all got a lesson in Washington politics. It turns out Presidential campaigns are worthless without a compliant Congress and there were to many cucks like Ryan. Bernie would’ve had the same problem with a Democrat congress. Trump got it worse though, he was sitting on a corrupt bureaucracy that fought him all the way. He didn’t have enough MAGA men to fill out the executive branch, and he lacked a true ideology and infrastructure that could raise them. So we got standard Republican.

      Lesson: political revolutions require an infrastructure to train lower level executive branch appointees and congressmen.

      Neo-cons have successfully corrupted every Republican administration. Bush apparantly ran as an isolationist candidate against McCain’s hawkish neo-connery in the 2000 primaries. But then he staffed his administration with McCain’s supporters.

      • This sort of thing is the correct manner of thinking going forward. White Americans need to brace themselves for the fact that, starting in 2020 with the inauguration of either President Kamala, President Oprah, or President Michelle, the U.S. Government will no longer be the “American” government as formerly understood. Once Trump leaves town, this country will for all practical purposes be the United States of Post-America, and White people will have no effective say in it, ever again.

        Of course, 160 million people, especially since it’s the 160 million who actually know how things work around here, are not going to forever consent to their permanent political castration. It will take them some time to become fully aware, but “a long train of abuses and usurpations” will be coming down the track, which will only deepen and accelerate over time, and that oughta wake ’em up quick smart. Rest assured, eventually there’s going to be a Wall, or a mile-high electric fence; it just won’t be located in the spot where Trump originally envisioned it.

        In the meantime things like 2A sanctuary cities are the right place to begin: by de-legitimizing the authority of the US Golem, at first conceptually, then later on, in practicality. It’s the place where the Left began, and nothing succeeds like success.

        It’s what the Left has done: they have first rhetorically, then psychologically, then legally and politically refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of a sitting President. They’re the ones who knocked over the chess board and threw the pieces in the air. In 2020 they think they will have won permanently, but of course permanence is a mirage. The Sung could see with their own eyes that the T’ang didn’t last; and the T’ang lasted a heckuva lot longer than the First (pre-Lincoln) Republic.

        The political map of North America has yet to have a good deal more squiggly lines drawn over it.

        Thought experiment: if for some weird reason in 1861, it had been the North which had seceded from the Union, could the South have fought successfully to keep the North in it? As Cthulhu might say, Oryl’yeh?

    • The real redpill here is not so much Trump’s inability to get much done, but the rusty and sclerotic nature of Washington, which results in a general inability to get much at all done there, no matter who’s trying. After all, how much did Obama really accomplish in his eight years in the Oval Office? There was Obamacare and… what else, exactly? In the end, his trajectory was pretty much the same as Trump’s – he came in with big promises, got one big agenda item kinda-sorta done (he really wanted full socialized medicine, not the kludge he got), and then the system ground him to a halt until the clock ran out on him.

      This inability to get much of anything accomplished no matter who’s allegedly in charge is the telltale sign of an empire that doesn’t have much time left. It’s the Roman Republic in 50BC or the Qing Dynasty in 1890. We all know what comes next.

  41. Sad but true.

    The effect of 70 years of mass media indoctrination is real. Bernays knew this, explained what was going on on the first page of his book ‘Propaganda.’ “Unseen men move events.” And Jacques Ellul, in his far-better book of the same title, noted that despite their protestations, it is precisely the intellectuals who imbibe most thoroughly the lessons of media propaganda.

    And thus, here we are: a father in TX who wants his boy to be a boy is probably going to lose custody rights. Trump offers nothing but symbolic acts to thwart the demographic tide. We are likened to Nazi-schatzis for even thinking US troops can be deployed to guard the US border (anyone remember 1957? Little Rock: President Eisenhower sends federal troops to enforce integration and protect the nine students. On September 24, the President ordered the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army—without its black soldiers, who rejoined the division a month later—to Little Rock and federalized the entire 10,000-member Arkansas National Guard, taking it out of Faubus’s control.[8] )

    So it goes. Z is our reverse-Cassandra, warning us of events that transpired half a century ago that sealed our doom. As someone (Nock?) said a long time ago, misremembering the quote, “the armies of revolution have already passed in the night, singing songs of Freedom.”

    While radical changes were being instituted as policy (Hart-Cellar), we were entertained with Petticoat Junction, the Beverly Hillbillies, and, when the blank slate was amenable, All In The Family. The pozzgates were opened, and Bernay’s “unseen men” took full control of US domestic and foreign policy.

  42. As an old white guy, your cold splash of reality in the morning really gets my heart pumping. Then I take my angina medicine, and I’m fine

  43. I think the other thing about Trump is his overwhelming vigor. The guy can do three or four rallies a day in his 70s. He’s had non-stop abuse heaped on him for years and he takes it all in and turns it into energy. It’s extraordinary. I think he’s an extreme case but I also think that’s a real trait of Heritage America. I love to work, I have my own business, it’s small but I love the organization, the efficiency, I love when my clients tell me how wonderful I am. Heck, they don’t even know me, some of them are super liberal, they would probably fire me if they knew me better. I plan to work till the day I die. Some people would say I’m a workaholic and I don’t care. But that’s also what gets things done. When we run out of these people who just want to work all the time then what? Robots?

    • When we run out of these people who just want to work all the time then what?

      There’ll be no-one to foot the welfare bills.

      • I’ve rerouted my work ethic into gardening, learning to work on the house myself, trying to do things that are beneficial, beautiful, good, but not taxable. At work I just do what I’m good at and I have no interest in promotion or advancement at all. I just do my thing and plan for early retirement. Sooner or later I’m going to be fired for being a straight white male, I hope to be able to not work by then.
        This means of course not buying stupid crap and wasting money on cruises which seems to be some kind of religious sacrament to Boomers.
        If they don’t fire me early I’ll retire early anyway. I hate feeding this beast, I’m tired of working hard just so we can breed infinity dindus in a world of perfect sodomy.

        • You can see cruises as a chance to see the world in luxury or two weeks trapped on a crowded boat, fearing leaks with people you probably won’t like.

          I see them as the latter.

      • The US will finish the slide it started into a 2nd tier power, Brazil or Mexico maybe.

        It could also collapse also the USSR or into civil war which would I’d guess resemble the 30 Years War in terms of destructiveness .

        In any case if we remain semi stable given automation , computers and the like, we really don’t need those people nearly as much anymore

        Given how I see my friends with such a work ethic get exploited, I’d tell people to purge themselves of the habit unless of course they are self employed and profit from it

        Its not a functional one in the upcoming labor surplus society. Hell we’d be better off pushing Jetsons 12 hour work week and higher wages.

        Anyway with a White TFR of 1.6 its not like most people are paying for their own family . We are paying for the older Boomers which I can live with

        However we are also paying for the endless warmongering ,Bill Kristol “regime change China.” lunacy, illegals and all the unwed mommies , corporate subsidies and bullshit forced down our throats

        The less productive we are, the less there is to steal and the sooner the US stops being a reserve currency and being able to do this crap.

        Or maybe enough people could figure out what they want for a future and take this bitch back. Who knows?

  44. This is one boomer who has opposed “the agenda” all his life. Assuming I have another twenty years, I keep hoping they won’t be years of despair.

      • Right on GSM; wrong on dollar. There’s no alternative to the dollar. It will increase in value until it is the only currency remaining, then it will disappear. We’ll get a global electro-currency or something like that.

    • Like Epaminondas, I too have opposed “the agenda” all my life. There was always something inside me that began saying “he’s lying” every time a pol, media man or “expert” said more than five sentences. I don’t know why since I’m basically a trusting person with people I know and have always been an honest businessman.

      I also never believed in democracy and over the past ten years have decided our Constitutional Republic can only work for white, working, tax paying Christians as all the others lack the morality and culture to honestly care about anything beyond their own well being and pocketbook.

      So here I am a twelfth generation (yep, since 1752) native American of Prussian extraction finding himself in a foreign land. That burning patriotic heart that made me proud to be in a family whose members fought in every war since the Revolution and caused me to volunteer for Vietnam when it was my turn has turned into a cigarette ash.

      The Zman is correct. The bump from Eisenhower to Reagan to Trump was fun to watch and even participate in but the minute I realized Trump wasn’t going to “build that wall” a week after he was inaugurated I knew once again I’d been duped. The siren song of “the Conservative Male”. When the guy runs on a major promise and has to do only one f’in thing to prove he’s real and just waits and watches as the House goes pinko and won’t build the wall then it is really all gone. That’s all he had to do, build a fucking wall and guys like me would believe again and he can’t even do that.

  45. Aged boomers sound like dragons in myth.

    Dragons guard their caves, where they hoard gold and virgins, and they can’t make use of either of them.

    Dragon just hoards and guards, until he’s slain by the karma of the Universe.

    • The boomer is largely a rhetorical figleaf to cover for the ruling class from the post-war era to present. That the ruling class became more diaspora, more dishonest, and much more aggressive towards the population it governed is explained away as the greed of some ten million or less middle class voters. This, not incidentally, is the very narrative the ruling class now uses, in order to argue at length for the installation of a Beijing themed neoliberal autocracy.

      The sinister nature of blaming gullible voters for the failing of upper class policy makers cannot be understated. Voters can have whatever personal motives they want. What they will be rewarded with is the best the elite can sell or disemble of its own agenda. Hence the betrayal of essentially all populist presidents in your history.

      • “The sinister nature of blaming gullible voters for the failing of upper class policy makers cannot be understated.”

        It is frustrating to see the historical illiteracy in the bash the boomer movement even among otherwise astute people like Z. Not only did boomers not create most of what they are blamed for creating, they never got a say in the dramatic transformation of the country. Not did any other age group.

        Poll after poll showed that amnesty, for example, was unpopular but we got amnesty under Reagan. Politician after politician would talk tough on immigration only to get in office and keep the immigration flow going. All these cultural Marxist changes such as homosexual marriage failed at the ballot so were instituted by the courts against the wishes of the populace. Even Californians were against illegal immigration and when they had a chance to vote against it they did only to have the court rule it was unconstitutional.

        Trump was the first major candidate in my boomer lifetime that actually talked about issues I cared about and seemed like he would actually try to do something about them. Avoiding all these stupid wars. Building the wall. Cutting down on legal immigration. Fighting back against cultural Marxism. Draining the swamp. Penalizing outsourcing. These issues are more popular than Trump. That is why the boomers, more than any other age group, voted him into power. But, once again, it seems we were conned.

        • “But, once again, it seems we were conned.” The 2018 midterms were at least half of the voting population’s statement that they wanted nothing to do with Trump’s agenda. So no, you weren’t conned (by Trump at least).

          • That’s half right. The midterms (the Senate races and the lackluster Dem performance in the House races) confirmed that the Trump “uprising” is real.

          • Nah, the mid terms proved that the media has successfully demonized Trump.

            His broad policies are much more popular than he is. We’re the democrats smart, they’d run as the adult Trump or some such – keep the policies, eliminate the theatrics.

        • Issac, My_Comment, Mr. Wright, your posts are smart and well said. These boomer things are also real: 60’s & 70’s non-violent protests that created violence, drugs, serial divorce, kids suffered when mom took outside work, self-centered sexual craziness, social climbing yuppies. The politicians you speak of came out of the boomer pool, washed in the same water.

          Respectfully all your points are solid, so I believe are my short list. It’s a case where the real picture requires holding these opposing ideas in mind at the same time.

          Even if you agree with me, my dragon metaphor is offensive, all of you have my apology.

          • The Boomers had exactly ZERO to do with Hart-Cellar or Voting Rights Act or Civil Rights Act.

          • My adult life has been witness to a flood of boomer flowing into polity and institutions, they grow the building’s foundations while they rob the interior furnishings.

            I’m a boomer, please tell me how I’m not responsible again, I apparently lack that indoctrination.

  46. Z, this isn’t completely off topic. Steve Bannon has started to get a little airplay on Youtube, and I think it stands up well as a offset to the slanderous accusations that pass for his positions in the mainstream.

    I personally find his story pretty compelling, even if the man himself reminds me more than anything, of one of my irish alcoholic uncles. Smart? Clearly. Well Spoken? Mostly. Disheveled outwardly and inwardly? A bit yes. But there is definitely something there. It’s not your garden variety Cuck-omatic ‘buy in’ to the left liberal moral orthodoxy.

    I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on what the man is actually saying, as opposed to what he’s accused of saying, which of course, is utter nonsense.

    As my past comments have indicated, by disposition I’m an incrementalist rather than a revolutionary. And Bannon’s views have a real appeal to me because I can envision a scenario where ‘acting white’ becomes the paradigm rather than the one drop tests for citizenship that they fantasize about in Cell block D.

    I don’t know your policy on links, but assuming they’re OK, these are the discussions I’m talking about:

    • Bannon is angling for a spot on the wall at Yad Vashem. Should the West go into a tailspin, the elites have an exit strategy. He’s always counter-signaling to no benefit, and he’s smart enough to know it isn’t working.

      Altering the trajectory of current trends will take voices from inside the Jewish community that reject the post-Enlightenment paradigm, and argue for a realignment to “Ottoman Zionism”. Outsiders like us will never have much appeal, so we do what we can to avoid the pitfall traps that many of the people in the Dissident movements have fallen into.

    • Bannon thinks there is a democratic solution to the inherent defects of democracy. He’s not alone. Most white people think the same thing. Thirty years of watching people try to pick that lock, only to make things worse, tells me there is no democratic solution to our problems.

      Sargon is just a gassy moron.

    • Bannon doesn’t have a way to sell, much less deliver, “economic nationalism.” He is a slightly more authentic confidence man than Jordan Peterson. Which is to say, he is being paid to keep the horses from bolting.

    • You are avoiding the truth that race binds people more tightly than common values or material prosperity. Once non-whites achieve a certain number, they have little interest in “acting white.” All non-white racial groups want their race to rule and this can’t be changed. Few non-whites will accept an explicit rule that the USA must remain overwhelmingly white.

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