Exile is a central part of human existence, most certainly as old as human settlement and probably predating it. Humans are social animals. Banishment and ostracism are primeval weapons, wielded by human groups for the worst crimes like sacrilege, murder and subversion. Exile as a punishment is based in the understanding that much of who we are as a human is based on our relationship with others. Our role in the group is who we are, so therefore being forced out of the group is a nullification of one’s identity.

Death, of course, is the ultimate nullification. For a group of humans to decide that one of their own must die is the acknowledgement that the person can never be a part of the group. Who they are is not just out of sync with the group. It is a danger to the very existence of the group. Exile, in contrast, assumes the exiled can be reformed. It offers the exiled at least some opportunity to regain himself and become a part of the group again. Alternatively, he can find a new group where he belongs.

While exile is as old as man, it is also as modern as man too. In fact, we would not have modernity without the prominent role of exiles in the human story. The Bolsheviks, for example, came out of exile to rock the old order and begin close to a century of struggle in the West. The Iranian revolution was engineered by exiles, who ushered in half a century of unrest in the Muslim world. Of course, America was born as an enclave for exiles, men divorced from the old country and starting new in the wilderness.

A useful way to understand the role of exile in shaping the West is to think about the birth of conservatism in Europe. Unlike everything else in modern thought, it was not the result of the Enlightenment, but rather a consequence of the French Revolution. The destruction, terror and wars that resulted from the revolution, created a generation of exiles, divorced from their lands, their people and their way of life. Their struggle to understand the revolution and formulate a response, was the birth of conservatism in the West.

Today, of course, there is never any discussion of how the revolution transformed the aristocracy of Europe. The radicals who rule over the West, like chimps looking in a mirror, can never stop obsessing over their antecedents. The revolution, however, fundamentally altered the elite of Europe. There was the material changes, of course, as they were forced to abandon their lands and flee to neighboring lands. There were also a spiritual and intellectual changes that resulted in being exiled from their homes.

The French aristocrat living in Vienna, for example, suddenly found himself around a new elite, with different habits and different tastes. This sudden juxtaposition gave these aristocrats a new perspective on their own culture. Prior to exile, they had no reason to think about why they lived as they did. It was just the way things were as they entered the world. In exile, they had to examine why it was their way of life existed, why they existed, and why it was swept away by the revolution.

In other words, exile created a romanticism for that lost past, but also an intellectual framework to understand how that old order was lost and how best to respond to the radicalism that was unleashed on society. Further, the restoration cemented the point that the old order was gone for good. The saying among conservatives at the time was that the restored king Louis XVIII was not sitting on the Bourbon throne, he was sitting on the throne of Napoleon. It was an acknowledgement that there was no going back.

In this age, exile explains why northern conservatism was a shabby response to northern radicalism. The conservative was not the result of exile. He was always as much a part of the ruling ethos as the radical. The relationship between the American conservative and the American radical was always as co-dependents. The radical needed the conservative as a foil, while the conservative needed the radical for a reason to exist. Without one, the other could never exist as an independent mode of thought.

The closest America has come to having an authentic conservatism was in the South where the conquered and displaced planter class had to reconcile the loss of their past with a way forward as a regional elite. It never really worked, as there could never be a restoration, even an artificial one. The anathematization of Southern culture has been so thorough and complete in the 20th century, that now the very symbols of it are treated as an affront to public morality. That aristocracy was exterminated, not exiled.

What may be happening in this age of cultural upheaval, however, is the birth of a new class of exiles. White men of the older generation are seeing the world in which they were born slowly succumbing to the darkness of multiculturalism. Theirs is not a romanticism for that old age, but a growing anger at its loss. The baby Boomer conservative takes a lot of grief, and deservedly so, but every day that group inches closer toward identity politics as the only available response to the gathering darkness.

In the younger generations, there can be no romanticism or an angry response to the loss of old white America. Instead, there is an acceptance that old white America can never be restored. There’s also a reconsideration of what created mid-century America and what sent it rocketing into the abyss of self-abnegation. These are the new exiles, divorced from the past, cut off from their culture and hounded by the radicals of this revolution, as the aristocrats of France were hounded by the Jacobins.

The defect in the conservative response to 18th century radicalism was it could never get past its own romanticism. The conservatives of that age were still surrounded by the results of their lost culture. In every city center, in every local village, they were reminded of the glorious past. As a result, the conservatism of Europe was always destined to be a compromise with radicalism. Constitutional monarchy was an effort to retain the spirit of the past, inhabiting the sterile, lifeless body of social democracy.

This generation of exiles will have the benefit of not living in a museum. In a way, the radical destruction of the symbols and language of old white America is doing a service to the exiles of today and tomorrow. Without the ghosts of the past, clawing at the present, the response to today’s radicalism can be independent and new. Today’s exile will not be animated by a longing for a lost past, but instead be haunted by the unrealized present and an anger at the radicals who foreclosed his future.

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  1. Hopeful that the coming white kids are studying at the knee of the exiles. Learning the good things lost with an eye to regaining some measure of control. If whitey disappears, everyone’s for dinner and even the most rad leftoid knows this deep inside.
    As the Chinese say, May I croak before the interesting times get too interesting.

  2. Possibly . . . the Zman’s best to date! I can soooo literally identify/get in to this on so many different levels after a 5-yr stint in Thailand’s notorious max security prison, Bahng-kwang, beginning Feb, 1972. I will limit the digression to wit: Being the first “farang”/foreigner “exiled” there – no legal counsel/court proceeding afforded by a United SNAKES Corp, D[e]C[eit]-supported Thai military triumvirate dictatorship at the time. Being provided the “opportunity” of said exile to do some very serious “introspection” and . . . “life-style modification”, so did proceed! Any gifted literary talents out there that would be interested in collaborating with me in putting this “tale to pen” – including the Zman – are welcomed to respond.

  3. New “exiles” that jettison 2000 years of cultural inheritance because some nihilist WASP businessmen and degenerate navel gazing cosmo white gave them a hard time and wrecked our country and starting over with just the garbage of contemporary society in their veins?o whites.

    These “exiles” will be the quintessential “men without chests”, they’ll believe in nothing, fight for nothing, have nothing.

  4. White men predominantly have quite little problem with being exiles from our history. Many of them are so ignorant of history they’re not truly aware of it (they’ve been purposely kept ignorant, or given false pictures). The New Upper Class of Charles Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ are well off financially, and still have good prospects for themselves. They only need to keep their heads down, mouths shut, and play the game, which is an easy trade-off for most of them, as modernity has crafted them into materialist degenerates, to the extent modernity has not conditioned them to embrace the hegemonic neoliberal/cult-Marx synthesis.

    Even the young, poor, single white males, who have the most testosterone, the greatest predilection for violence, the greatest reasons to be revolutionary, and the least to lose, are thoroughly placated via video games, beer, pot, porn, Hollywood productions, casual sex, and whatever inanities they’re glued to on their smart-phones.

    I do not believe there is going to be a mass “awakening” or revolution without addressing those underlying issues that men like Nietzsche, Heidegger, Evola, and Junger were concerned with. These can only be addressed by men of elite intelligence and independent thought, communicating to intelligent young men, offering them radically new spirituality, morality, aesthetics, etc. Men like Mark Dyal and Jack Donovan, crossed with the even greater philosophical sophistication of Greg Johnson, are what I principally have in mind here. On Dr. Mark Dyal (he has a new book from Arktos, and several impressive essays here: https://www.counter-currents.com/author/mdyal/ ), I strongly urge people to listen to his “Nietzsche meets St. Augustine’s ‘Confessions'” spiritual/moral/intellectual awakening story here:

    Between my extremely large extended family, and my work experiences as an educated but underemployed millennial, I’ve interacted with whites ranging from CEO’s of large bank chains, to rural meth using multiple felons. The idea that virtually any of these people will begin shooting at anyone, whatsoever, they don’t absolutely have to in order to immediately save their own life, I find absurd. The elite have every incentive to prevent matters from escalating that far, and also the means to do so via our massive police state and military. If the elite must, they can return to “boiling the frog” more slowly, and virtually all whites will acquiesce, right until the West is permanently exterminated.

  5. In my descent into shitlordism, I knew that we were never going to restore society to any previous period in time. The 1950s are considered the ideal but it led to the idealism of the 1960s. If we do win, and I am still optimistic that we will (even if it will take a while), our new period will have to be one based off of cautious optimism where we enact laws or a constitution or whatever that prevents the last 70 years from happening again. Whatever society we generate will have to have a “freedom from subversion” clause that gets strictly enforced.

  6. You cannot trust exiles. Machiavelli had this dialed 500 years ago. Listening to exiles, whether Jews, or Poles, or Cubans, or Persians, or Iraqis, had caused us no end of trouble. Of course the first has caused more problems than all the rest combined.

  7. OT, but the Fields story gets worse.

    Heyer was found leaning forward against a front grill, three vehicles up from Fields’ car. His impact was so slight, she hadn’t moved, instead of being flung ass over teakettle.

    Apparently dead of morbid obesity, heat, and overexcitement.

    • Everybody knows that car crash had nothing to do with Heather death.
      The problem is that religious madness does not need evidence. If Fields was not guilty for Heather death, probably he was guilty for some other crimes. Christianity works the same way. Jesus was definitely no threat to Roman Empire but he was delivering anti Semitic hate speeches according to Bible. So real christian is happy that Jesus got what he deserved with other anti Semites like Hitler and Himmler. Fuck Jesus and support Israel. Religious madness is worst thing what can happen with any group.

      • The news surprisingly did…at first. Once the narrative was crystallizing, everything that deviated from the narrative was purged. Nothing can ever be deleted forever and a lot of tweets harvested from various journalists covering Charlottesville were archived before they were deleted. Mike Enoch of TRS fame sent those tweets over to Fields’ (maliciously?) incompetent attorney.

        It’s pretty telling that the best they could do for a sympathetic picture of Heyer is use a 15 year old picture of her whenever they talk about her. Kind of sad that they had to go that far back. Heyer was a very unhealthy woman and it’s not a surprise that Field’s car startled her so much that it killed her.

    • You’re not doing the cause any good by spreading ignorance. The coroner’s report on Heather Heyer concluded that she died of blunt force injury to her torso. Her thoracic aorta was severed. Her femur was broken. Forensic scientists testified at trial that her DNA matched blood samples on Field’s car.


      • You are not doing good by spreading information that people in certain positions can not be communists or just liars.
        I lived 16 years of my life in the Soviet Union so I would recommend a little precaution, when communist college graduate testifies or Richmond Pravda prints.
        Links are also good so I would recommend you to take a free evening and a cup tea with novishock and polonium and think a little bit about those “doctors”

  8. Try teaching in a cult marxist high school. I’ve been exiled my whole life. I’m the Tom Hanks character in castaway. I talk to volleyballs all day named Muhammad, Harshini, and Eduardo.

  9. Good stuff! I like the challenge you have presented with a broadened and well-articulationed historic perspective on the upcoming chaos.

    I gotta wonder though, did France have anything approaching the equivalent of a 2nd Amendment – I don’t mean constitutionally, just from the viewpoint of the widespread ownership of firearms (for hunting or protection) among those being exiled? With no serious counter to the power of the military and law enforcement (particularly when it is entirely controlled by others). But when the populous has their own force of arms, the math certainly changes. Once the major cities become ‘free-fire zones’ and the National Guard is overwhelmed or compromised, those whose only aim is destruction will have some very tough choices to make. It is beyond hypothetical to project if this would have altered any outcomes in France, but should be factored into any equation for modern revolution/overturning dynamics. This thought has often crossed my mind with regard to Venezuela. The example of Iraq, post Saddam, should also give any potential actors extreme caution.

  10. I believe lack of a link to the past would be a weakness, not a strength. It would also disqualify us as ‘conservatives’ b/c what would be we be ‘conserving’?? The link to some common loss is what would keep us all shooting (figuratively, feds) in the same direction. Otherwise, w/o that common loss it will be what rejectionist right groups always become, a dog’s cluster foxtrot breakfast of internal strife.

    • Materialism is not much of a culture to protect. If our Christianity were more prevalent, maybe whites would not have allowed things to progress to this point. But that’s exactly why Christianity was attacked and smeared, anti-church/Christianity being a key part of public school indoctrination.

  11. “White men of the older generation are seeing the world in which they were born slowly succumbing to the darkness of multiculturalism. Theirs is not a romanticism for that old age, but a growing anger at its loss.”

    I can absolutely and utterly attest to this. An outstanding column.

    • Yep – We were engaging in nostalgia for the 80’s yesterday. It’s hard to fathom how far off the rails the world has gone since then.

  12. This is what I’m gonna miss.
    I don’t know if there are blogs in heaven.

    This Olympian view!
    Watching from a distance.
    Gods bless us, I want to live another hundred years to see how it all turns out- and talk about it with others who remember.

  13. I believe that the impact of the two 20th century world wars (which were in many ways one war with a interregnum) is an essential element in understanding self-abnegation and exile in the West. Nationalism was identified as the primary culprit, but the yang of nationalism was religion. Both have been anathematized, with massive help from the, uh, “an intellectual class of rootless cosmopolitans” among us.

    My father, who served in WWII as a young man, would rail at me (a late Boomer) in the 1980’s and 1990’s that “Religion has done more harm that good in the world.” I would try to explain to him the the world we lived in (i.e., the West) would not exist without the history and of impacts of our religion, and that one could not be separated from the other regardless of the “harm” or “good” that resulted. He would have none of it. Though he grew up in a reasonably religious family, he literally came to believe that strong religious faith should disqualify a person from, e.g., serving on the Supreme Court.

    At the same time that the “rootless cosmopolitans” were destroying our national pride and religious faith, they were surreptitiously initiating mass immigration to the West and promoting it not only as a great good (“diversity is our strength”) but also as inevitable (“the browning of America”). What was never said, however, was that non-Westerners (read: non-whites) who are immigrating to the West have not rejected their nationalities or religions.

    The result of the self-abnegation of Western culture and the mass immigration of non-Westerners with different and competing cultures, is an all out assault, from within and without, in the very idea of the West: Western culture = chauvinistic, white = racist, Christianity = oppressive, and so on. Anyone my age who simply says, “I liked the country I was born into, and I’d like to see if we can preserve at least some vestiges of it,” is ostracized, deplatformed, exiled to the land of the Deplorables, denied the right to make a living and feed their families, and mocked.

    • Steve, I must repeat what one of the great rootless analysts (David Goldman, aka Spengler) revealed.

      They learned the secret to victory in America’s civil war:
      One third of two generations of fighting ages males must be killed, and then there will be victorious “peace” (islam).

      WW1- the fathers
      WW2- the sons
      Unwon “police actions”- the grandsons

  14. In a strange way, I am looking forward to the Millenial – Gen Z clash. Sure, it will be horrible and bloody, but it will be fascinating to watch . . . up until the point my Gen-X cohort is pushed into the mass grave.

  15. In a sense, elites are self-exiling into gated communities and prescient whites are self-exiling to rural secure enclaves; both in anticipation of a coming violent revolt. The.elites fear an imagined redneck hoard and the preppers foresee chaotic marauding gangs. The current zombie craze in movies and TV is a reflection of these fears. The more likely Doomsday scenario is the oft-repeated rise of tyranny and authoritarianism from the ashes of the old guard. South Africa will be an interesting leading indicator with a small but well armed minority going up against a large but dependent majority. Europe won’t be far behind, and there are lots of groups that will fight back with seriousness born of desperation. Perhaps another Gates of Vienna climatic battle. The US will benefit from these examples and be forewarned, and the ocean partitions will buy us time.

    • South Africa? The Boers brought their problems on themselves. They shouldn’t have been providing food for those bastards all these years.

      • all I really wanted to reply with was “cynic !” but I was laughing at your comment for so long that the reply no longer seemed sufficient.
        I had a short conversation with a literal Hollywood world saver and I asked him what he was going to do with the flood of “refugees” once the African continental population hits 5B…it was the end of the conversation.

      • One of the worst tragedies of the modern age is the NGO industry providing food and medical supplies to Africa so that its population can swell way beyond their low IQ ability to build civilizations.

        • I’ve recently read that average IQ of 90 is insufficient to achieve a ‘democracy’. The average IQ in Africa I believe is around 74.

          And, while having some of the most fertile land on the planet, the people there can’t even feed themselves, let alone grow food for export.

          It’s a place doomed to failure, and a spectacular one at that.

  16. “younger generations, there can be no romanticism or an angry response to the loss of old white America. Instead, there is an acceptance that old white America can never be restored.”

    I regularly meet young, uni educated exiles and their anger is about Trump (for being a bigot). and boomers for not more aggressively implementing cultural Marxism. They don’t want the old white America to be restored because they feel it was a time of bigotry and white privilege. They want multicultural democratic socialism.

    • And yet, for all their talk, the Millennials are following the Boomer blueprint. Talking one way, and living another. Another round of gentrification and edgy microbrews anyone?

      • Most of the good whites of any generation talk of inclusiveness, see diversity as their strength and denounce bigotry in all its forms while living their personal lives (and when they can their professional lives) as though they were members of the KKK. White neighborhoods, white friends, white schools, white white spouses. Maybe that is unfair to the KKK who are probably more open-minded.

    • And when they get Venezuela, they will wonder how it all came to pass. Must have had something to do with Trump and the white guys.

        • Indoctrinated, yes—but also without an alternative narrative to explain the current world around them—in which much of what they see contradicts the narrative they were taught. It often comes up in conversation, you just need to listen. When the contradiction arises, say in work or social interactions, then the time is right to drop a point or two from the alternative narrative.

          Cognitive Dissonance is a strong destabilizing force, but often slow acting. I speak from experience. 🙂

          • Cognitive dissonance isn’t enough to get through to most of them because there is a well rounded system in place to reinforce not noticing. To notice the disconnect of the narratives from easily observable reality, one risks banishment from the good whites with prestige and exile to the bad whites who are viewed as evil losers.

            Plus there are practical considerations. To be a good white, you keep your social group, your job, your freedom to post nearly anything you want on social media and your freedom to loudly state the approved opinion from the highest mountain top.

            What do we offer? The right to be attacked on the streets and if you fight back the DOJ and FBI will try to crush you. Getting fired for your beliefs. Getting banned from social media. Always having to watch what you say if you don’t want to lose your entire social circle.

            I am comfortable over on the dissident right but I have always been willing to be banished from the herd for being different. Most aren’t like that.

    • They are not the “exiles”, they are merely exiled from their own past and heritage. They are the unthinking robo-bots who willingly buy what is being sold to them, so they can “fit in” and “keep it real” and all that pablum. We are the here-and-now exiles for standing up against all that BS.

      • “They are the unthinking robo-bots who willingly buy what is being sold to them.” The NPC meme (non-player character) to describe SJWs is one of the funniest I have seen. No wonder it was banned on social media.

        • I find that most uni educated whites I meet are NPC no matter the age. Those of us on the dissident right see the newest stupid narrative du jour pushed by the media and see through it easily. Most who have gone to university want to believe the narratives because doing so reinforces their sense of superiority over bad whites.

  17. Yeah, that’s me. I’m 70 and I felt the full brunt of the revolution by the mid seventies. I knew exactly where it was headed back then and have been screaming at “conservatives” ever since. But rather than being nostalgic for my perfect 50s childhood and my wonderful segregated schools, I’m very sad that young whites missed what I took for granted. I genuinely feel sorry for what they are going through. They have been brainwashed and misled. And they must find their own way out of the wilderness. God help them.

    • The younger ones, including my children, have no idea what they missed. I was able to get them into a good neighborhood and good schools through hard work and good luck, but they were still washed over with racial and economic guilt trips, and of ownership of all the unfairnesses in the world. They took it to heart and now walk around denying their own selves. There is only so much I can do, the rest of it is on them.

      I had the white privilege and sunny disposition of just living my childhood with a bunch of other middle class white kids, and not giving it a second thought.

      I think my understanding of what was will die with me. If the people of the future want to suffuse my life with evil and privilege, so be it. I lived it, and loved it, and no one can take that away from me. Suck an egg if you have a problem with it.

          • He was one of those hyperactive boys who liked to do boy stuff like run around and play sports (and shoot guns with Dad). He figured out that most teachers wanted him to act like a girl, sit still, and be indoctrinated. He learned to be suspicious of them instead. He isn’t the only one.

      • for a long time, I wondered why old people became curmudgeons, what I didn’t know is that 50 is old

    • Epaminondas, I hear ya. I’m right behind you age-wise. All you can do is tell the stories. Today I realize how prescient my old man was when I was a teen-ager—do you know, he actually told me about “fake news” over 50 years ago! That from a man who only finished 8th grade. Of course, he was casting his pearls before swine as I “knew it all” as a teenager. The lessons were taught, he just was working with a slow student. 😉

  18. “This generation of exiles will have the benefit of not living in a museum.”

    I think that’s why I, and other people my age (generation X) are more willing to roll the dice on a wide-open future. And are open to the stuff of pamphleteers like the Zman, even though (or because?) it has the air of badthink.

    But speaking of community and exile, the internet is creating a strange new diaspora. Strange and new because it is often people in the same country. Yet often don’t know each other’s names. And because your family might not even know you’re an exile. And at the same time international–I was listening to some YouTube stuff by “Morgoth’s Review” today and thinking about how I (an American) have much more in common with this guy in Newcastle than I do most of the people in America.

    In some ways the sense of identity in this diaspora is becoming so strong that nothing can put it out, implying that this community will survive anything except all-out extermination.

    • Which is why the left, which has no pity and shows no remorse always opts for “all-out extermination”. Why, it’s almost as if it were a feature of leftism itself.

  19. I have come to the point where I look at “constitutional conservatives” and other such folk who long to reset the game and restart it back in 1950s America(1) as if they are a mildly retarded cousin with a sunny disposition. I don’t know if I ought to try to explain that–best case–they merely set up America to walk down the same path and over the same cliff or just smile and hope they manage to buy a clue in the near future.

    (1) Or someplace else along that line.

        • Not to be overly serious, but our blonde Viking/Scandinavian heritage is the kernel from which white intelligence, physical strength and capability, and beauty come from. Chased all the way back to the northern lands by browns and blacks long ago, they had a good thing going until THEIR OWN NEOLIBERAL GLOBALIST LEFTIST LEADERS DESTROYED THEM WITH BLACK SCUM THEY WILLFULLY IMPORTED FROM AFRICA. Deserves the death penalty. Heads on stakes for everyone to see.

          • Right on, all those high IQ’s and knock-out blue-eyed beauties come from white genes. They all trace back to Vikings, white organized Scandinavian culture.

      • from the wise Scott Adams…
        “I’m considering becoming an idiot so I can get the health benefits of happiness.
        It comes with a social stigma, but that’s not a problem if I’m not aware that I’m an idiot.
        I feel healthy today, so there’s a good chance I already made the transition.”

    • I grew up in the fifties. Good times in small town America. Hard to blame anyone who wants it back. It ain’t returning, though, is it? Given our current state, under invasion by feral people who hate us, a governing bureaucracy of Marxist scoundrels, and a Republican Party composed of ignorant mercantile opportunists, it will be “interesting” to see what comes next. At age 70, I probably won’t be able to see it play out. Maybe my giant pile of bolt action rifles, ammo and canned goods will be of use to a relative.

  20. In related news, today it emerged that Verizon, a telecom oligopoly, has booked a 4.5 billion dollar loss on buying AOL, Estrogen Post, and the wreckage of post-Marissa Meyer Yahoo. Yet still further evidence that production of propaganda is more important than even the sacrosanct shareholder value.

    It’s one thing for GOP politicians to be corrupt. It’s a whole different thing when the average middle-class conservative voter to just passively absorb this subversion, instead of putting on their gilet jaune and wrecking Manhattan.

      • Much of the left seem clueless about the dissident movements, often thinking that our platform is blood purity over anything else. They often seem to think our economic views are retrograde from the Ron Paul days. But they are well aware that from Breitbart on down, that what we do doesn’t function without advertiser income and payment processors. What will be interesting is if they can’t shut down Gab and friends via registrar, servers and payments. One would expect the left to turn to extralegal methods.

        • “Extralegal”–well, I consider Antifa to be just the terrorist or paramilitary arm of the left-wing establishment. As if controlling all the institutions weren’t enough…

          Someone already went to the house of Andrew Torba’s parents, turned on their gas grill, let the gas leak out, then turned on the burner.

          • My thinking was more inclined to having the “Anonymous” leftist hackers take the site down, and doxx everyone on it. Even though Gab is only physically located in the US, I wonder to what extent Torba could be prosecuted and extradited to the UK? It also appears that someone, probably Bob Mercer, is funding a competing Kosher App.

  21. Have you guys considered that most people view “white America” is not worthy of preservation and downright evil?

    Just read any twitter of a Person of Color or progressive and get another viewpoint aside from lamentation and despair. (Suggestions: Nikole Hannah Jones, Adam Conover, Marie Lu)

    You will find that most people in the world view “western civilization” as a hindrance to love and prosperity.

    • Shrug. What they view, or don’t view, is pointless. When they enjoy the white man’s civilization, and everything that comes with it, they really don’t have a point. If white males vanished tomorrow, well, lets just say the worlds population problem would be solved in a couple of months. Hell, I’d give it less than a week before the power goes out.

      • Prosperity = work.

        Love = a fantasy.

        For a more realistic take on what “love” is REALLY out there – spend a few weeks reading thru Chateau Heartiste.

        Anybody who is running around preaching love and prosperity is full of shit. It sounds good to the young and stupid – but reality is quite different. There’s quite a few people in the world who seem to run on the operating principle that God will just provide for them – no work involved.

        Pretty sure somebody once said that God helps those who help themselves. There’s no animal on earth that I know of that just crawls onto your plate already cooked and ready to eat. I haven’t seen a house yet that built itself – or a road that magically showed up overnight already paved.

        The problem with hundreds of millions of people in this country in the current age – is that they never had to dig a goddam hole in the ground , so they have no appreciation whatsoever for what it took to build the world they actually inhabit. They think that meat comes from the supermarket, government checks come from a tree somewhere – and that they’re “entitled” to things.

        There’s many days when I actually hope the electricity just goes out and the culling starts in earnest – it gets exhausting listening to the stupid shit that comes out of the mouths and empty heads of a great many of the people I run across.

    • So, elucidate for me, if “most people” view White America not worthy of
      preservation and downright evil why are those so-called POCs so anxious to force their way into the societies created by those demons? BTW, I just loooooove what POCs have done with their own countries as well as bastions of high culture and economic powerhouses such as Detroit, Phila., New Orleans, Birmingham, Memphis, St. Louis….well, hey! just about anywhere they reside.

      • You’re looking for logic where none exists. And just by the way POC’s is pronounced pox. So appropriate!

      • white males stole the worlds wealth and used to it to create prosperity. People of Color built the world and white males for the most part enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

        The only societies worth living in are white societys because those scoeiies were built from the blood and sinew of People of Color

        • “Wealth” is created when value is added to raw materials. When you say white males “stole” the worlds wealth, you are saying that whitey harvested raw materials and used those unused resources to create wealth, or as whitey likes to call it, civilization. Without whitey you would be back to rocks and dirt. Without whitey it’s ashes to ashes, dust to dust, better get back to eating berries and nuts.

          • Mcleod, we bought their dirt! (Mineral ores)

            In Ghana, boys would dive in the river to bring up bushels of gold for the white travelers. The locals had no use for the glittery rocks lining their riverbanks.

            That’s what sparked the 20-year Stampede to Africa.

          • No, Hoagie, TD is not kidding.
            Most of TD’s comments are actually quite accurate repeats of the other side’s point of view.

            “We built it, YT stole it” is a major foundation in the POC worldview.
            Just ask them; I do.

            Thus the rage by that shitty, backstabbing little muslima against the physics student. Reading the wave of tweets echoing her mindset- half of them from American girls- put me in an IRA mood.

          • Interesting—the concept that YT stole all the POC’s resources and therefore are today wealthy. I’m wondering, is there any country of color in the world where there are *no* resources left, i.e., a place of barren desolation that historians can confirm were once paradises of plenty, until the dreaded white plague arrived to impoverish the country—sort of like the plot line from the movie “Independence Day”.

            I think not. Rather, I see countries that, without YT, have not been able to harvest their abundant resources, nor maintain what was bequeath to them when YT left.

          • Capital is a product of the mind. That is why wealth can be created and is not finite . It’s being able to look at the Stream and see a dam that will power the valley. It is the endless incessant tinkering that makes things better bit by bit. It’s not a universal trait

        • People who belive this have spent zero time in central or south America, Africa or the rest of the wolds’ 3rd world shitholes. The West and whites built this country and Europe..period.

        • You are ridiculous. When Michelle Obama said the White House was built by slaves, she might with equal justice have said it was built by horses and mules. Their contribution was equivalent.

        • “white males stole the worlds wealth and used to it to create prosperity.”

          This guy is hilarious! Who says that there are no more good comedians?

    • Just wait till you get to pursue love and prosperity under black, latino and muslim rule — LOL. You want to know what you’ll get? Look at the countries where these people come from. Enjoy the totalitarian hellhole you and your fellow degenerates create.

      • No, it’ll be like this: they’ll keep relocating to upscale swipple zip codes toward the northeast from which they castigate the “racist whites” who cause the problems in the large metropolises. In 100 years or so everyone will be so racially mixed that there is no clear racial distinction anymore, as in South America. Somewhere around 2500, Japanese scholars will publish books about how the decline of the United States was caused by dilution and replacement of the pre 1900 founding stock by third world immigrants. There will be no uselessly gratifying “I told ya so” moment.

      • Stop doing that.

        By “that” I mean validating their arguments about how the “coloreds” built white society thru slavery. Those claims are complete and total horseshit.

        In the US – black slaves picked cotton. Any clothes that were made by their efforts have long since been buried in landfills or consigned to museums if they still survive. What did the slaves on Haiti farm? Sugar? Long since then added to coffee and peed out on the ground.

        Point here is: much of what slave labor was used for has long since been relegated to dust, poop – and pee. The claims that the slavery from 200 years ago somehow gives the diversity of today a claim on your wealth is the same as claiming that because some black guy gave one of your relatives a free hamburger in 1825 his descendants have a claim on your grocery bill for a year.

        It’s horseshit.

        I don’t even care if those slaves were used to build hard goods like roads and homes. Roads need to get rebuilt on a regular basis. If a slave road gang was used to carve out a road in 1825 – that sucker has been repaved 25 times since that day. That means WHITE MEN likely repaved it every time since then.

        The claims of current day diversity to the fruits of labor from yesteryear are complete and totally demonstrable horseshit.

        • Carlsdad, you pretty much prove that we’re under occupation by a foreign value system.

          Debt bondage is dominant in the Semitic world. If Abu’s grandad owed Hajib’s grandad a goat, Abu’s descendants will still be working Hajib’s brickyard for free, seven generations later.

          Just a rough illustration of why we owe the eight (((families))) that own the Federal Reserve 6% off the top and their Third World overseers everything else. It’s a slave system.

        • Actually Cal, there is one product of humans that does not wear out and go away—those products are of the mind. In that case, Western Society is owed a great deal more than third worlders can ever hope to repay.

          • All of the “slavery built this” crowd – are not talking about the world of the mind. They’re talking about the physical world around us – which none of them in my experience know a single goddamned thing about.

            They’ll sit there and tell you that “they built the roads” when the reality is that the roads were rebuilt likely dozens of times since slaves (allegedly) hacked them out of the woods.

            They’ll tell you that slaves built the White House – again – so what? ( I don’t even know if it’s true but lets say it is) – how many times has the White House been rebuilt since the war of 1812?

            I built my own house. I did so by adding onto an existing house. Do the carpenters from 1954 have a claim on that house because they built some of it? I don’t think so – especially because most of what they did got carted away in a dumpster.

            This is the reality of much all of the physical world. Things don’t just get built – and then withstand the tests of time with no maintainence or further input of human labor. So when I see people start ranting and raving about how slaves “built this” or “built that” – I say: who gives a shit? Much of what they did is LONG GONE – worn away by the winds of time.

            They have NO claim on the present day.

    • You make a very strong argument for separation, Jimmy. I say, by all means, let the Persons of Color live how they want to in their countries, and we will live the “love hindering” western civilization in our countries.

    • Yeah so? What’s your point?

      There’s hundreds of millions of people in the world that view Communism and Socialism as great things – even though they CONSTANTLY implode in on themselves and kill people off by the millions.

      Meanwhile – the world as a whole is getting richer because of something approximating capitalism – yet all these people who now have leisure time on their hands think the best use of that time is to go out and protest capitalism.

      I don’t take seriously a bunch of black people standing around protesting “white supremacy” – after they just finished burning down their own neighborhood.

      Sometimes people are just phucking stoopid.

      • Depends on how you view such folks supporting socialism. Dumb is one way, but to me seems incomplete. A more complete view in my experience is that these people are losers and not able by their own means to avail themselves of the bounty produced in a capitalist society. They are ultimately “satisfied” making folks equally poor than unequally wealthy. I believe there are any number of studies bearing such out.

    • Oh hey Duck. You’ve changed your posting style a little. Thanks for dropping by.

      No one on Planet Earth has love and prosperity and people of color were killing, eating and enslaving one another long before Whites came along. White (Latino, the remains in Africa) civilization is about the only thing that mitigates that and it requires either actual Christianity or a lot of Whiteness or both.

      Asians have a civil order of their, they however only see “of color” to them those aren’t people . They only groups they see as people are Asians and some more Progressive ones, as lesser people Whites and other Asian groups

      Truth is people of every race are tribal, Whites right now less so until they revert which happens with shocking speed.

      This means basically no one cares what other groups think or want except fools and racial cuckolds .

      Its healthy and normal and the future

      TL;DR nobody cares very much

    • And alternative is feudal society which whole world heading toward

      Non-white America will look like Smithsonian auction

      highest bidder such as Chinese, Hindu, Arab guy will replace “Evil and Racist White men’s place”

      If you want to join this game at least have to be a billionaire

      Every body else, a House and Person in the USA becoming “Property”

      citizenship and voting rights going to be devalued due to supply and demand

      Awesome, Soon most human being feel like they live in Third world which they are

  22. The boomers were mostly shielded from their beliefs. They went to segregated schools, never had to face affirmative action, and never suffered from their mothers being harridan feminists. I am a late gen X and I got the full blunt of affirmative action, but it didn’t really stop me. I also got the full blunt of desegregation, but it taught reality. White flight had been accomplished by the time millennials went to school, so they went to segregated schools. They got the full blunt of the “lefts” SJW propaganda campaign, however, and they weren’t prepared for it. My nieces, nephews, and my own children are gen Z and they are some evil little racist psycho bastards. Their cool counterculture is to point at the race hustlers and SJWs and laugh. Millennials were the boomer’s kids and gen Z are the gen x’s kids. We will have to wait and see.

    • I think Gen-X was always a bit alienated. We came of age in the midst of full blown boomer nostalgia for the 60’s and Vietnam. I bet most high school grads in the 80’s knew more about Vietnam than their own country. Therefore, we were always guests, but insignificant. Millennials are an interesting cohort. My experience in the business world with them suggests they are vastly more self-absorbed than their parents. They are transactional and superficial. I’m not sure how that translates to politics, but my sense is it will the politics of tantrum.

      • “Greatest” Generation kids – Boomers
        Boomer’s kids – Millennials
        Silent Generation kids – Gen X
        Gen X kids – Gen Z
        It is, I’ll admit, a rough outline of the generations. I have often wondered, given what we know about the genetic heritability of personality traits, if there is something there.

        • I wonder too if there is not a class component. That is, maybe Gen-X was disproportionately lower middle and working class, while boomers millennials skew middle and upper middle class. I have no data to support it, just a hunch.

        • Your generation list makes no sense to me. I believe it should look like:
          Greatest” Generation kids – Boomers
          Boomer’s kids – Gen X
          Gen X kids – Millennials
          Millennials kids – Gen Z
          What is the Silent Gen? Is that another name for Greatest?

          • I haven’t looked up any data, I’m just going on my own surroundings. All of my gen X friends and acquaintances parents are silent generation and the millennials I know have boomer parents. This generation naming is a moving target.

            The silent gen came between the “greatest” generation and the Boomers.

          • Agree with Macleod’s generational list. Speaking from experience, most Gen X’ers had parents from the Silent Generation. My cohort is solidly Gen X and most of our kids are in junior high and high school, which makes our kids Gen Z.

            Keep in mind, most Gen X’ers started family formation in their 30’s (whereas Boomers started family formation in their 20’s). So most children of Gen X’ers skew Gen Z.

            Also agree with Mcleod that Gen Z kids from suburbia are very conservative. It seems to be a negative reaction to their Millenial teachers and educators.

          • The “silent gen” are the ones who came along with Elvis. Too young for Korea, too old for Vietnam. They were in the sweet spot of the 20th century. But totally brainwashed about the “greatest gen”. They’re all WW2 fanatics. And they all have books about Churchill prominently displayed.

      • It already is the politics of tantrum at least on the Left. That can change especially during civil war or collapse conditions

        The weirdest thing about Gen Y is they are the largest generation yet like us Gen X have tiny families, 1.8 or less is typical for the entire period. Many have no brothers/sisters few cousins and so on. Its not a surprise you get wide acceptance of ideas like Fam or family is where you find it

        So you have spoiled little emperors kids, raised in a society that claims to be free but has large numbers of aspects of a Communist police state with even higher levels of BS in a declining economy with massive diversity.

        Its no wonder they are mess trying to navigate that , all they have is socializing. Its also no wonder they are drawn to progressive causes and dystopian fiction. It gives them some foundation, things will get worse but “good policy” can make things better

        They just don’t understand that all Leftism is corruption and the US is as corrupt as the 3rd world but in different ways

        We Gen X had it easier, our society was homogeneous and was a recognizable continuation of the past. Not that we didn’t get shafted economically and by all the divorce, latch key parents and so on. That 1.8 TFR did a number on us too.

        • Yes, though we Gen X still grew up in a better country, we have gone through the painful deterioration and loss of it as well. So we know what we’re missing, whereas the younger don’t have the experience to miss. Having said that, I appreciate that Gen Z reads and sees videos of better times and are rightfully angry at that which could have been but for our leaders who knew better chose to drive it all into the ground, neglect it all, while they grabbed everything they could to feather their own nests.

      • Gen X was the first to experience mass divorce. That trauma was probably more significant than anything experienced by the Silent, Boomer or Millennial cohorts.

        • Silent and Boomer families were destroyed by white-on-white wars. No more white-on-white wars. Whites have differences but we need to put them aside and band together to defend against the black African tsunami coming our way. And the Latino reconquistadors and Asian pioneers as well.

    • One of the boomers’ underappreciated flaws is their shyness. At least the Midwestern boomers like my parents. They went to the U. of Wisconsin in the late 60’s and early 70’s–the height of campus radicalism. Bombings on their campus while they were there.

      But they were just shy Midwestern kids who weren’t ready to stand up to the effrontery and shamelessness of radicalism and its (cough) proponents. And they were too shy to speak out against the degeneracy that followed. We just can’t afford to be shy any more.

      • This is a major problem with the Anglo Protestant standard that all white Americans have assimilated to.
        Maintain a stiff upper lip, don’t be loud or confrontational, don’t call people out on their obvious BS to their faces. This standard works well enough around other middle class whites. It falls apart in the face of the loud, confrontational ethnic chauvinism of black people and members of the 2%.
        “Nice” white people have been getting rolled over for 2 generations, waiting for the ethnic and racial activists to start acting like soft, gullible white suburbanites.

        • Yep, the whites hopefully are learning that other races, generally speaking, don’t do things like white people do. Reading a little on the structure of African families, one can see the blacks do things differently, favoring (among other variances from white ways) polygyny and the fathers not living with any one woman or her children, as well as lack of affection (compared to whites) for black children from mom. One of the many fantasies whites are taught is that black families would be nice, stable, nuclear families the way whites do it if it weren’t for the terrible racism of Jim Crow days or the corrupting welfare state which incentivizes fatherless black children. Well, you can take a black person out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the black person, and they do things African-style. Meaning, African men live with their fathers or other men when not bedding one of many women, while the African moms or better yet the grandmothers raise the kids while the mom works and sleeps around. You can see this way of being continued in modern American blacks, where fathers are no where to be found, moms work (or are on welfare), grandmas raise the kids (i.e., the kids run feral in the streets). Look up famous black Americans and you’ll find many of them grew up this way, the African way. Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, both grew up like that. White people consider it to be an undesirable feral street life, but that’s just how blacks do it. Would love to see reparations paid to black Americans in exchange for their renouncing their American citizenship. Fantasy, I know. But this is what I mean when I say that, in America, stable, nuclear black families are fruits of Jim Crow. Stable, nuclear families is a white thing.

          • Negro families were more functional when they were expected to adopt the European nuclear structure. It was the ending of Jim Crow and the formation of the welfare state that rewards single motherhood that hastened the end of the colored family. Now they’ve reverted to their natural lifestyle.

            Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s “The Negro Family: The Case For National Action” is interesting to look into. I have only read the synopses, but he touches on some of the issues at play.

          • Nathan, I was raised on the crap you’re positing and it’s not true (did you read my whole post?). I’m saying that black people don’t do it that way, never have and never will. The only time they came close to the white nuclear family ideal is when they HAD to, otherwise Jim Crow law enforcement would correct them to act white so as to be productive members of white society. Africans do things African style.

          • Calm down, Mabel. I was trying to agree with you. You seem emotional. Maybe you should read what I wrote before jumping on my shit. I don’t care that Negroes live like Negroes, as long as I don’t have to be around them.

            Wow. Even the good women are too dingy to engage.

          • Nathan, but that’s not what you said, you were not agreeing with me, but offering me the same Moynihan apologist garbage I was raised on. Don’t get the reference to Mabel. I apologize, I am indeed very emotional today. Seeing the field day against Michael Cohen via our completely corrupt legal process upset me this morning and set the tone for the day. Not saying Cohen is any saint, but just the crookedness of our law enforcement and judicial system has me in tears today. Really, just so despondent about the American situation. I am a woman after all. A woman seeking a white male Christian leader. Desperately. I’m sorry I was a jerk to you.

          • p.s. Saw a documentary about a year or two ago about the children soldiers of Africa (can’t remember exactly which hellhole in Africa, Congo maybe). Was struck when an African mother said that when she heard booms and cracks and scary noises of approaching militants, she was scared by the noises, previously unknown to her, so she ran off, LEAVING HER TODDLER BEHIND. Her toddler ended up being captured and raised to be a child murderer/cut-throat/soldier. I don’t know a single white mother who would abandon her toddler to oncoming danger. Quite the opposite — generally speaking, white women will die for their children rather than abandon them to danger. These differences are real. Carl Jung, after a tour of the U.S., lamented the whites being dragged down and made more degenerate by choosing to living among blacks in the U.S. He was right, we adopt their degenerate ways in some degree and are dragged down from them. Today’s U.S. has proudly adopted the black ghetto culture, and we’re all supposed to rejoice about it, this dumbing down and dwelling in the gutter with our lessers.

  23. The only ideology to stem the tide of leftism came from a bunch of Italian socialists. Even then, it wasn’t a remotely conservative ideology until it had to absorb elements of the old order. It wasn’t clinging to the past but forking Progress towards a different future.

    There is too much progressive baggage in the West’s history now that nations can legitimately say they are the products of liberalism. Conservatives have to ask how they can subvert this history. Which isnt really conservative is it?

    • I stopped calling myself “conservative” awhile ago. We need to think of ourselves as radicals. Conservatives today are just preserving progressivism. What else is there to conserve? That means forgetting about the crowd that still waves the flag as if it’s anything other than a relic of a bygone time—people who think they still live in the country that flag represents are idiots—dolts who are still looking for their based Negro and just want to get back to the Constitution. It’s going to be a small number since it’s a rare combination to have traditionalist views but a revolutionary spirit and a willingness to risk internal exile. It maybe impossible in Murica as it stands to assemble that army.

      One thing cucks are right about is that (White) Americans are individualistic. As Z said, we are the offspring of people who abandoned our old cultures and ways. Add in the huge size of America and political repression—how do we get together for real change?

      • America was doomed to the disaster it’s been for decades (since WW2 at the earliest) from early on. Let’s be honest.

        Then again, maybe we should stay civilization was doomed to disaster as soon as the Enlightenment happened.

  24. Correct.

    They scare the hell out of me too. I am not sure the new exiles will be in any position to repair that which they are going to destroy.

    • Yes, will the new exiles create something radical? Will they embrace Christianity and develop a conservative culture from that?

    • Of course not. This latest generation has no useful skills, no sense of purpose, no self esteem … and they’ll go back to the system of the one-eyed man leading the blind.

    • Men don’t withdraw from the world when they realize what a horror it is, they jump in and know how to sacrifice themselves to affect change.

      It’s in us, and it will blow the roof. Change will be affected, but the laws of unintended consequences… The people we fight for may not be recognizable when we come out into the history on the other side.

      • the lack of gratitude in the general public does worry me. The cause being just, is often not enough to motivate everyone, glory seekers need the recognition, who will give it?

    • One man whose sadness shows on his face in an irritating way … is RooshV. In his net-posted, noadvicegivenfree videos, one sees a man starting off neutral and rapidly coming to mourn himself and his surviving self-pity by the end.

      An Exile. Banned by the eternal, unsuccessful and untenable search for poosy.

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