A Glimpse of the Future

One of the things that is never discussed, as it is not permitted, is how non=white tribes here in America feud with one another. It is just assumed that since whites are evil, all non-whites get along in order to defend against the evil white man. That’s not true in the least, as non-whites are much more tribal than whites. As a result, they tend to dislike everyone outside their tribe, not just white people.

For example, here in Lagos on the Chesapeake, Indians and Koreans own the cash businesses in the ghetto. There are some Nepalese in there, but most people assume they are Indians. The Koreans have their own off-the-books financing system to help new comers get a start. They still do the old school sponsorship thing with immigrants that used to be common in the US. The newcomer is sponsored by someone who helps they get started, in exchange for a little interest on the investment.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, 28 percent of Korean-American men and 20 percent of Korean-American women own their own business—the highest rate of entrepreneurship in the country. Indians have something similar, but it is more kin-based. It’s why you see clusters of Indians in an area and they have similar last names. There names mean something. If you know a little bit about the surnames, you can get a sense of where they came from in India.

Regardless, the result is Koreans and Indians own a lot of small retail business in and around the ghetto. These are businesses that are not high margin, like liquor, convenience stores and smoke shops. They are high risk. It takes balls of stone to own a liquor store in the ghetto. Running a gas station in or even near the ghetto is almost a death wish. That’s why they can be had for cheap and that’s why immigrants take these businesses. They have more guts than cash.

There used to be a Palestinian guy, who owned a C-store near the ghetto. He was missing an arm, having had it blown off back in the territories. Compared to dodging terrorists and Jews in a refuge camp, selling smokes and skittles in the ghetto was a good deal. He did all of his business from behind bullet proof glass. Cameras watched the perimeter for locals plotting an assault on the business.

This, in part, why blacks hate foreigners so much. From their perspective, the people exploiting them in their community are all the same. They seem them as proxies or maybe tools of the white majority. Blacks don’t like Jews very much, because blacks are not that dumb. They know the Jews are the most powerful tribe in the country, so they are not fooled by the effort to make Jews intersectional. The Koreans and Indians serving this “community” are just another face of the man.

As a result, the blacks hate Koreans and Indians. The Koreans and Indians are not all that fond of the blacks. East Asians treat blacks with utter contempt, as if they are just talking moneys. South Asians, on the other hand, play the skins game, claiming they too are victims of whitey, despite being well off. Look around and you see a lot of social just types coming from the south Asian community. In time, we’ll learn that dumb browns are better than smart browns.

Tribal conflict will only get worse as the nation becomes majority-minority. When one ethnic group can dominate the rest, the minorities tend to band together. For most of American history, WASP culture dominated American culture and everyone else fell in line with it. The “everyone else” was mostly Catholics and blacks. When no one group dominates, then it becomes a free-for-all. Everyone has a reason to distrust everyone else. Balkanization soon follows.

Suspicion and distrust of those outside the group is a behavioral trait that most likely pre-dates all others. Our own history of race tells us that this is not a behavior that is easily modified. President Obama, who is multi-racial, wears his racial suspicion like a medallion. His attorney general, from Barbados, is proudly hostile to whites. If reaching the peak of society is not tempering these traits, it’s not happening at the other end of society either. Throw in a bunch of of new groups with their own grievances and the result will be a lot of public shouting.

This is the future. America will be a country where everyone gets frustrated with everyone outside their group. The public space, where groups intersect, will be a 24×7 shouting match about who owes what to whom. History provides no examples of a country dominated by a grievance culture. Up until now, people have been smart enough to keep their distance from one another whenever possible. Maybe everything will work out just fine. Or, maybe not. Time will tell.

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  1. Buy you a beer?

    hey Z Man, I think we live in the same part of the world (I live in Sherman Oaks). I have enjoyed your blog for a while now, and to show my thanks, I’d love to meet up and buy you a drink. You can choose time and place. Ping me at my email address if you are up for it.

    • I’m on the east coast and my trailer is no longer road worthy. I do appreciate the offer.

  2. The people behind the counter are Indian, most likely Gujarati, who migrated to the USA from Africa. That explains the ‘my parents were born in Kenya/Uganda’

    • I thought that was probably the case. There were a lot of Indians in colonial Africa. Well, until guys like Idi Amin came along.

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